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  1. reel man

    Everything Newell reels, parts extensive) that I've acquired over 50 years is for sale hopefully

    reel man submitted a new listing: Everything Newell reels, parts extensive) that I've acquired over 50 years is for sale hopefully - Everything Newell reels, parts extensive) that I've acquired over 50 years is for sale hopefully Learn more about this listing...
  2. reel man

    Albacore season

    Well, albacore season is right around the corner, so which boat is going to find them first?
  3. reel man

    Lamiglas heavy 528, 8 ft, blank or wrapped

    As the heading says. They made different versions of this rod, but the one I'm looking for has a lot of glass in the butt.
  4. reel man

    Report on albacore

    Where are all the albacore being caught out of SD?
  5. reel man

    Truline letter designations

    How about a little quiz for the Truline experts? I would like to document all the letter codes used by John Collins on the salt water rods he produced. As a for intense VBG designates Very Big Game, but many other letters or combination of letters have a specific meaning, so that's where the...
  6. reel man

    Truline letter designation

    How about a little quiz for the Truline experts? I would like to document all the letter codes used by John Collins on the salt water rods he produced. As a for intense VBG designates Very Big Game, but many other letters or combination of letters have a specific meaning, so that's where the...
  7. reel man

    Just got home from hospital

    Got a spinal injury from a fall at home, and have been recovering there since July 22. Have really missed following Bloody Decks, and not responding to messages. Don't know how long it will be before I can get back to the reel thing, but will keep you posted.
  8. reel man

    Need a Truline XR7

    Someone out there is ready to part with a Truline XR7, and I'm just the guy that needs one. Someone relieved me of the heavy XR that I had purchased, and had wrapped in my colors, so now I need to replace it. To that someone, let your use of my rod haunt you.
  9. reel man

    Fuji rod clamp

    Do any of you have a Fuji rod clamp #28. I have a TNT being wrapped, and found it needs an extra wide shoe.
  10. reel man

    Rod swap?

    Any of you Truline afficianados want to trade a (real) XR7 for a (real) D7. Must be full 7', and must be a Collins rod. For clarification, I want to trade my D7 for an XR7 heavy.
  11. reel man

    That Guy charter

    Wouldn't it be interesting if a charter could be put together for a group of "That Guy", and have someone video the trip with sound, of course. Could you imagine the fire drill that would take place with maybe some punches thrown.
  12. reel man

    I rest my case!

    Please read the following attachement then maybe there is cause for alarm for our albacore fishing.
  13. reel man


    Damn, it's cold. :eek:
  14. reel man

    Sea Jay 11/9

    Limits on nicer grade calico's, and a few tails on the smaller side, but keepers. Weather was absolutely fantastic, but coming into the harbor the swells were huge with giant waves breaking on the beach.
  15. reel man

    SOA trip 10/19 - 10/28

    Are any of you aboard this trip?
  16. reel man

    Too much!

    After all these years you'd think an old man would be scaling back on the amount of equipment he's taking on a 10 day trip. With all the years of doing these trips he'd have it down as to how many rods and reels to cover all the fishing conditions that are encountered on these trips. As of...
  17. reel man

    Jig bucket insert

    Found this on the web:
  18. reel man

    Sea Jay 8/24

    Went up the back side of Cruz for a few runt tails, a bunch of bigger bones, and limits of calicos. Then down to Yellow Banks to try for the bigger tails, and had them boiling all around us but no takers. Finished off the day outside the olive orchards for nada. Gread weather, calm seas, and...
  19. reel man

    What to do with all those shorties

    Speaking as an oldtimer of the long range era when all the heavy rods used for the cows were 6' or less in length, and spectra/braid line wasn't around yet, or for that matter when it did show up a lot of the long range boats didn't allow it's use. What does one do with all these glass rods...
  20. reel man

    Great albacore fishing?

    So, how's the albacore season going? Good counts in our southern waters? :nopity:
  21. reel man

    38 tails on the Sea Jay

    Started fishing at the west end of Anacapa around 6 AM, and got into a very steady bite of 12 - 20 tails, all on big dines. Six passengers had a blast on them with a few bigger than average calicos in the mix.
  22. reel man

    Shogun 6 day skiff trip

    Who's signed up for the Jun 19, trip?
  23. reel man

    WTB Newell 500 sieries Left Hand retrieve

    Any 500 series will do, but must be left hand retrieve. Please let me know what you have.
  24. reel man

    Refinishing a rod blank?

    Just finished stripping a Truline rod, and now want to refinish it, so would like some suggestions on the correct way. I've had rods that were sanded with a couple different grits then shot with a finish that have held up very well, but don't know want grit sand paper to use, nor do I know...
  25. reel man

    Need a couple harness lugs for a Tib SST

    The harness lugs fit all the Tib's SSTs, and I've got a 30-80 that needs the harness lugs.
  26. reel man

    Windows 10

    How do I get the Control Panel on Win 10?
  27. reel man

    End of Sports Chalet

    Looks like they're closing the doors:
  28. reel man

    8' surface iron stick

    This fat, old man can't handle the 9 & 10' jig sticks on the fighting end, so thought I'd step down to 8', fishing a 332 reel. Any recommendations for a blank or rod to fill this nitch.
  29. reel man

    Enough is enough!

    Goddammit, upgrade your servers, or control your greed. This website is getting more and more bogged down from all the bullshit adds that have to be loaded up, and before we go to another string it starts all over again. I've got patience because I'm a fisherman, but this had gotten...
  30. reel man

    Lamiglas label

    What is the color of the Lamiglas rod label? Rod is a 528, 8'.
  31. reel man

    Good old P220-F SOLD

    Had this reel in my inventory, and decided to go thru it completely to sell on BD. It's very well used, but it has the 4 drag system, flushed and lubed bearings greased drags, HT100's, all original parts. I'm going to ask a lot of money for this reel just to see it get back into use again. I...
  32. reel man

    Browning BAR 300 Win Mag

    Up for sale is my Browning Bar in 300 Win Mag caliper. Comes with Leopold 3X9 scope and mounts, has Butler Creek dust covers, and comes with 2 extra magazines in a Plano Gun Guard that will hold 2 rifles. Does not have a sling, does have sling rings. I have some ammo for it, but don't know how...
  33. reel man

    Sig Hansen in the hospital Hope he pulls thru okay.
  34. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Posted this on Chit Chat, but thought would be good on this thread. Am going to tie fluoro direct to some iron, and was looking for opinions of what pound test to use.
  35. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Posted this on Chit Chat, but thought would be good on this thread. Am going to tie fluoro direct to some iron, and was looking for opinions of what pound test to use.
  36. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Any recommendation for fluoro line test to iron for hoos.
  37. reel man

    Est cost to re-wrap

    Just wanted to get an idea of what it would cost to strip a rod, reuse the guides, install a fuji graphite reel seat, X wrap over cork tape, and a butt cap. I would provide the rod, cork tape, thread, and the guides (braced stainless).
  38. reel man

    Looking for a topless frame for an Intl 50T

    Think Baker made these, but have no way to contact him. Tib made them, back in the day, but they weren't too popular. PM me for any leads.
  39. reel man

    Reel fill ups

    For all that are contemplating stripping all that old, stretched out line is a great idea, and well worth the investment for the upcoming season. If you take your reel(s) to your local tackle store to have the line installed please tell them to fill it up to no more than 1/8" from the top of...
  40. reel man

    We get no respect

    The Island Tak was sold at the end of Dec to John Fugua, so Steve Kelly can get some much deserved rest and relaxation. Our charter master tried to contact John to secure our Wed dates for the up coming season. We go twice a month for 12 trips a year plus a couple trips to Santa Rosa. John did...
  41. reel man

    The Artic is warming up

    The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate, at Bergen, Norway Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical...
  42. reel man

    SOA 8 day

    Going on the SOA 8 day leaving 11/1. Anyone signed up for this trip? Just a note: bring dropper loop setups. Water is hot and the bite is deep for the tails. Dorado were MIA on my 10 day, and tuna were small.
  43. reel man


    Trying to find the secret section on how to delete msg's in my inbox.
  44. reel man

    Listen Up

    To all who troll, "USE WIRE"! There's wahoo out there, and they're eating trolled lures right and left.
  45. reel man

    Where to buy X rap

    I understand it's gone thru the roof on price, but would like to know where the best price/delivery is.
  46. reel man

    Tails at Anacapa

    Went on our Island Tak charter today, left at 4 AM and picked some horse dines. Headed over to the east end of Anacapa to coax some YT into playing with us. Four of us ended up with 12 better quality fish in the 15 - 25# range. Quite a few sport boats joined the fun, as well as, some private...
  47. reel man

    WTS Calstar GG 90J SOLD

    GG 90J, 9', custom wrapped, X wrap, fuji reel seat, perfection guides, and I believe it's rated 30-60. Good guy price is, $150. I just can't handle long sticks anymore. Will not ship, so either pick up or mutual meeting place. Please, no low ballers, I don't need the money.
  48. reel man

    Wired flat falls

    Has anyone wired a flat fall for wahoo? I suppose the assist hooks would have to be wired as well.
  49. reel man

    Need a rod wrapper

    Need a rod wrapper, hopefully near Burbank. I have samples of rods wrapped in my colors. Would be good to PM me, or better yet call: 818-848-1112 The only rush is on one rod I need by Sept 27 I have a total of 7 rods to wrap. 6 are 9', and 1 is 7'
  50. reel man

    Need a rod wrapper

    Need a rod wrapper, hopefully near Burbank. I have samples of rods wrapped in my colors. Would be good to PM me, or better yet call: 818-848-1112 The only rush is on one rod I need by Sept 27 I have a total of 7 rods to wrap. 6 are 9', and 1 is 7'
  51. reel man

    Newell ss clicker buttons

    Had a machinist make some ss clicker buttons for the 300, and larger Newells. Will be getting a price to make springs, and pawls, so could be sold as a kit. It would enable getting that stupid plastic clicker out of the reels. Sorry can't post pics (yet), but they look identical to the...
  52. reel man

    Tady 45's

    What's the diff between the older 45's, and the new stuff?
  53. reel man

    Custom built red P322-F Newell

    Decided to sell this reel that is a one of a kind. All components used to build this reel are from original Newell parts (have painted the star and clamp) with the logos from the early 80's. My asking price is well above the going for these reels, but it is very unique. Minimum I will take for...
  54. reel man

    Newell Custom built Newell

    Thought I'd show off a custom built reel:
  55. reel man

    Need some tech help

    I have an old Motorola flip phone, and it will take pics, but I don't know how to review them or better yet get them into my PC. Guy at Staples gave me a USB wire that plugs into my phone, and I've done that with no success in retrieving my pics. Help me please!
  56. reel man

    WTB Varmac NS4

    Looking for a Varmac NS4 reel clamp (seat) for a restoration rod. PM me, or call: 818-848-1112 Not looking for a 2 piece clamp.
  57. reel man

    Monster black

    Was out at Santa Cruz yesterday looking for the calicos, or bigger units that have been popping up out there. Threw a plastic near a kelp stringer and hooked up an nice 3 to 4# checkerboard. Darn thing ran into the kelp so have to tug him out, so got him within 10' of the stern when out from...
  58. reel man

    Flash Drive

    Bought a SanDisk USB 3.0 Flash Drive to back up the useless stuff in my PC, but when I plug it in a window pops us telling me Panda (security system) has scanned my computer, and everything is just fine. What am I doing wrong. Do I have to tell Panda it's okay to use this flash drive?
  59. reel man

    Need Alan Tani #

    Need Alan Tani's phone #. He left me a msg with 2191149, but that's not enough numbers.
  60. reel man

    WTB Power handle for Calcutta

    Looking to buy a power handle (with wood knob) for a Calcutta 400. Let me know what you have, and I'll pay for shipping.
  61. reel man

    Feds may shut down sardine fishery

    Feds likely to shut down sardine fishing on West Coast By JEFF BARNARD Associated Press7:34 a.m.April 4, 2015 FILE This Aug. 22, 2007 file photo shows freshly caught sardines awaiting sorting at West Bay Marketing in Astoria, Ore. West Coast fisheries managers have little choice but to shut...
  62. reel man

    ebay needs competition

    I've bought a number of items listed on ebay over the years, and it is a good source for hard to find items, but I've never sold on ebay. From what I've been told ebay, and their offshoot paypal have become very greedy in their fees, and charges. They are even charging a fee on the shipping...
  63. reel man

    Opinions wanted

    Has anyone used an Okuma Komodo KDR-273 low profile bait caster, and what is you opinion of this reel?
  64. reel man

    Stripping black tape from butt

    Acquired a Truline with cord wrapped butt, so stripped it off, and found this cloth like black tape under the cord. Stripped it off, but it left a black film on the rod, and so far I haven't found a way of removing it unless it is scraped with a razor blade. Question is, is there a easier way to...
  65. reel man

    Looking for a left handed rod

    Been searching the internet for a couple weeks now looking for a left handed fishing rod. Seems everything produced is for right handed people. I think this is descrimination, and someone in the rod building business should address this. They do build left handed reels, so it would seem...
  66. reel man

    I could use some help

    The following link is to NOAA's illegal fishing practices, and quite frankly a bit overwhelming. I've tried using some of the links, and have sent emails, but as yet, no response. All I'm trying to do is raise some interest at NOAA to further their investigation in illegal drift net fishing...
  67. reel man

    Flouro at depth

    At what depth is flouro useful? If you're yo yoing for YT at, say 280 ft down, does it make much difference whether you're using flouro or straight mono? Seems the invisibility factor goes away at a certain depth.
  68. reel man

    Fuji thread

    I don't wrap rods, but my friend who wraps my rods has just started using Fuji thread, and thinks it blows the doors off Gubrod (sp) and anything he's used in the past. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  69. reel man

    Newell clicker buttons

    My inventory has finally run dry on ss clicker buttons for the 300-600 series Newell reels. If anyone has 1 or more let me know how much you want for them. Just trying to keep the Newell stuff out there running. If you want you can email me at: [email protected]
  70. reel man

    Just Fishing by Pete

    Is he still in business? Can't leave a msg on his phone. Any info would be helpful.
  71. reel man

    Hacked - Software Updater lp - Resolved

    Think BD got hacked. I started getting "You need to update your software" notices while browsing BD. Ran a registry cleaner which found a number of new entries that were malicious. Admin: Confirmed. It was a bad Ad from Google...
  72. reel man

    The price just went up

    A Newell V521 5.5 just sold on ebay for, $485 + $10.50 for shipping.
  73. reel man

    BD site very slow to load

    Couldn't find anywhere else to comment on this, but at least on my PC (66 Mbps + download) BD pages are being loaded very slowly, and yes I've run all the scans and cleanups.
  74. reel man

    Where to buy whams

    Seems the market has dried up for whams. Fish Trap, Barry Brightenberg has stopped production, and the blams are no where to be found. Anyone have some leads for these?
  75. reel man


    Went on a 14 day trip in Nov on the SOA with a great crew, and a great group of experienced fishermen. The observation was that there were 70 -80% Avets, 15% Okumas, and the remaining mixture of long range reels, but no Shimanos, and no Diawas were on this trip, not one. This was clearly a big...
  76. reel man

    Albacore WTF

    Once again I'm going to harp on the absence of albacore off the southern coast. Isn't anyone interested in looking into why they're not showing up? We hear all the great reports from up north, so it isn't like they are totally absent from the eastern Pacific. I don't discount the wonderful...
  77. reel man

    Martin's Fishing Tackle

    Anyone know what's going on at Martin's Fishing Tackle? Tried to get a hold of him for 3 weeks.
  78. reel man

    Lobster pots

    Who was pulling all the lobster pots on the North side of Santa Cruz Is. today? Didn't make sense to me that the floats were all marked differently, but they pulled them all then removed the bait and dropped them back in. Looked suspicious to us.
  79. reel man

    WTB Lamiglass 528

    8', not cut, blank or finished rod.
  80. reel man

    WTB Truline either BH89, or H89

    This rod must be full length 8' 9", and it can either be a custom wrap or factory.
  81. reel man

    Looking for a Fenwick rod label

    Does anyone out there have a Fenwick label? I'm having an old blank wrapped, and would love to put their label on it.
  82. reel man

    Fenwick labels

    Does anyone out there have a Fenwick label? I'm having an old blank wrapped, and would love to put their label on it.
  83. reel man

    Looking for a Fenwick rod label

    Does anyone out there have a Fenwick label? I'm having an old blank wrapped, and would love to put their label on it.
  84. reel man

    Newell Adding drag pressure to Newells

    I've posted this from time to time, but will do it in this forum again. This mod is for all the 3 drag stack systems. Buy some ground flat drag discs from Dawn at Smoooth Drag that fit the 200, 300, and 400 series Newells. Pull the main gear out of you reel, and install either HT100's, or...
  85. reel man

    220/322 aluminum clamps

    Want to buy these clamps. I have aluminum reel bases, but have run out of clamps. Would appreciate a PM with what you have. Thanks guys.
  86. reel man

    Need some info on an old Fenwick rod

    I have an old Fenwick blank that is yellow, 7', fast shutoff tip. The butt is 1 1/8" with thick glass. It should easily fish 40-50#, and seems like an ideal wahoo rod. Any info will be appreciated.
  87. reel man

    Looking to buy some Trulines

    Am looking for the following unaltered blanks, or rods: BH89 BORD8 6X
  88. reel man

    mono to flouro knot?

    Want to try fishing a short length of flouro straight tied to iron for wahoo. Haven't tried this before so am looking for suggestions on which knot to use for 50# mono & flouro. Have used uni to uni, and seagar knots for lighter line application, but not sure those will hold up to a 50 mph ripper.
  89. reel man

    How hurricanes get their names

    Today, tropical storms and hurricanes are named alphabetically, and they alternate between men's and women’s names. While the National Hurricane Center in Miami keeps a running list of current and future names, it is up to the World Meteorological Organization to maintain and, if necessary...
  90. reel man

    Calstar BTG6480

    Any opinions on this rod/blank. Looking for an 8' rod to throw light irons at the hoos.
  91. reel man

    F/S Shimano Trinidad 40N & GUSA Predator

    Up for sale is my Trini 40N GUSA Predator stick. Reel SOLD The rod is: 50-80lb custom wrapped Heavy Turbo guides & gimbal AFTCO reel seat ARMS-3 Rod is, $200 Enough said.....Take a look at the pictures.
  92. reel man

    For sale Shimano 40N & GUSA Predator

    Shimano 40N, carbontex drags, upgraded anti reverse dogs, adjustable clicker removed, filled with 80# Izor spectra with 50# Momoi topshot (don't ask me how much), gold clamp. GUSA Predator, 7', 50-80, custom wrapped with gimbal. Being sold as a set, and will not separate. This is a wahoo...
  93. reel man

    Shipping a long rod

    I know the USPS, Fedex, DHL, and UPS will not ship a rod over 9', but has anyone used a common freight carrier, and if so, what did they charge you?
  94. reel man

    Need bait receiver at Cedros

    Might be a good idea to contact the co-op at Cedros about setting up a bait receiver for the macks and sardines. Makes perfectly good sense they need bait for the lobster fishermen down there, and now for the sportfishing operations.
  95. reel man


    With no money to do surveys how will they ever know?,0,6844522.story#axzz2rboeEddM
  96. reel man

    WTB GUSA rod

    Looking for a GUSA 90 XH, of course will pick up, and will be paying cash with proper identification.
  97. reel man

    Where's the sardine headed?

    Sounds it's headed for a serious decline. Times posted an article about this, but BD won't let me post it. Saw the info on Yahoo. Population is down by 72% from a couple years ago.
  98. reel man

    Where's the discount?

    As you've seen BD is offering 25% off all swag, so I needed to get a gift for my son. Purchased a cap with a calico on it for, $19.99, shipping $9.87, and tax of, $1.60 for a total of, $31.37. Never got the 25 off, and 9.87 is pretty outrageous for something weighing less than few ounces...
  99. reel man

    Truline rod labels

    Looking for some Truline rod labels. Going to have some Trulines rewrapped, and would like to put the original labels between the winding check and stripper guide. You can either PM me or email: [email protected]
  100. reel man

    Extending a rod?

    Is it possible to extend the rod tip, and still keep it fishable?
  101. reel man

    WTB: Truline XR7

    Need an XR7. This rod will be used for fishing, not collecting. PM is you have one for sale.
  102. reel man

    What's up with Mojo Fishing Products

    As the tile says, their website is still up, but can't place an order or get in touch with them. Are they out of business?
  103. reel man

    Where's the sport fishing associations in this

    Where's the sport fishing organizations in this I took the time to go on NOAA's web sites, and sent an email to the area that addresses illegal fishing practices about the absence of our annual albacore southern migration. Of course I received no response which didn't surprise me, but got...
  104. reel man

    Chilean Sea Bass

    At one time i thought the Chilean Sea Bass was one in the same as our White Sea Bass, but after doing a little research it turns out the South America bass was originally called the Patagonia Dogtooth, and the name was later changed to Chilean Sea Bass for marketing purposes. These fish do not...
  105. reel man

    International Fishing Commission

    How would I get in touch with the International Fishing Commission (that may not be the correct title)? I have a question that should be addressed to them, if for no other reason than to have them look for illegal netting operations in the mid Pacific.
  106. reel man

    What pound test used on Truline D7

    What # test would you fish on a Truline D7?
  107. reel man

    Something unique

    Someone finally built a bulletproof reel: Fortitude Fishing | Titanium Fishing Innovations by Dave Lamoureux Pricing is not all that bad as well.
  108. reel man

    30 cal carbine

    Sellier & Bellot 30 cal carbine, 110 gr., FMG, 100 rounds NIB. Asking, $60 + shipping if needed. Contact: Jerry Downie [email protected] 818-848-1112
  109. reel man

    Curado clamp

    Is there a clamp out there that will work on a Curado on a jig stick?
  110. reel man

    Give me a link

    I need a link to make my windows 8 run like a windows 7 system.
  111. reel man

    Get the lead out

    Went down to Santa Fe Springs to a shop called Reel Speed, and talked to Aaron about purchasing a bearing puller from him. Gave him the money up front, and expected the product in a couple weeks, tops. It's now 6 weeks and counting, so what does it take to get the lead out of his ass, and take...
  112. reel man

    Lowrance X15 paper graff

    Anyone looking for an X15 paper graff. It's setting on my front porch for the 1st person to pick it up. NO SHIPPING 640 Grinnell Dr Burbank, CA 91501
  113. reel man

    Newell tension springs

    Anyone have some Newell antireverse dog tension springs they would like to sell me? Also need some white, nylon washers that go behind the left side bearing.
  114. reel man

    Reel Speed

    Need Reel Speed's phone #, and email.
  115. reel man

    Long range schedules

    Is there a website that shows the long range schedules for all the SD boats without having to research them individually?
  116. reel man

    Skinny 500 series Newells

    I have some narrowed 500 series Newells that would fill that spot in your arsenal for the surface iron, yo yoing, and high speed for the wahoo. The first model is what I call a 522 which is 1 5/8" wide, topless with surfaced drag discs, and HT100 drag material, aluminum spools and handle. The...
  117. reel man

    P322-F (old school)

    I have an old school P322-F with all correct parts including 4 drag system. Will take, $175 for it. Price is firm, and no trades. I will ship with buyer paying USPS, priority mail unless you want to come to Burbank to see it. Email me at: [email protected]
  118. reel man

    Nice tuna from Guadalupe

    Hope this works, trying to post picture for 1st time. :Pelvic_Thrust: The boat was the Apollo, with 9 passengers, in late 2010, and the tuna weighed 85#. JJ saw them coming thru on the meter, and I had just tossed a dine. Used a Calstar 765L with a Penn 16S, with 50# Momoi, and a 3/0 Owner...
  119. reel man

    Spectra slicer?

    What do you use to cut spectra cleanly?
  120. reel man


    Damn it's cold!!! :repost:
  121. reel man

    Ruger M77, 22-250 varmit controller

    As the title says, Ruger M77, 22-250 with Leupold 12X scope, and tripod. Comes with 160 rounds of ammo. Want $450 firm, no trades. PM me or email: [email protected] Jerry
  122. reel man

    spectra on a baitcaster?

    Who makes the best spectra for casting on a baitcaster reel? Am throwing lead head jigs 3/8 oz. - 3/4 oz. with plastics.
  123. reel man

    El Nino?

    Is the El Nino condition starting to subside? The info available on most of the sites showing SST makes me believe the warm water has pushed about as far North and West that it's going to get. As many of you know this can really cause a negative effect on calico fishing at the islands.
  124. reel man

    P322-F for a 300 Curado

    Anyone interested in trading a 300 Curado for a Newell P322-F? My P322-F is period correct with all the correct components, and HT100 drags. email: [email protected] phone: 818-848-1112 Jerry
  125. reel man

    OC rods

    What has happened with Orange County (OC) rods?
  126. reel man

    Tip for canning your tuna

    After you put you tuna in the jars pore chicken broth to just over the top of the fish. You can still add a little lemon juice if you want, and of course jalapeno peppers for extra flavor. Pressure cook for 90 minutes at 15#'s You will be amazed how the meat will taste.
  127. reel man

    Newell 300 series side plate

    I need a P or G left side plate, bare is fine, don't need logos, clicker, or bearing cup. You can PM me or email at: [email protected] Thanks Jerry
  128. reel man

    Tiburon N533NK

    I've install a couple of Tib frames in 500 size reels using the narrowed Newell aluminum spools. The frame and clamp weigh out about the same as a graphite reel base and Newell clamp. The Tib 533NK spool weighs in at 4 oz., and the Newell spool narrowed to 522 weighs 2.3 oz.. These were...
  129. reel man

    El Camino for sale

    Have 1970 El Camino that would make a good project vehicle. It has a 305 in it that I know will run, and it comes with a 350 that was running when it was pulled. Color is white with black interior. No pics. Long story on the 350, but turns out all that was wrong with it was a couple of crushed...
  130. reel man

    Stocking calicos

    Years ago Striped bass were introduced to CA waters, and have proliferated, both in salt and fresh water giving anglers yet another specie to target. Wonder why they've never transplanted Calico bass to the east coast? They would acclimate, and proliferate to become another game fish for the...
  131. reel man

    JT Tackle gone

    JT Tackle in Simi Valley is out of business. Tough times, fewer fishermen, are kicking the shit out of our retail community.
  132. reel man


    I have 2, old school, P322-F for sale. All the correct aluminum parts, bridge plates, recessed main gear, and 4 HT100 drags. Price is, $150 + shipping if necessary I'm in Burbank You can PM me, and I'll provide email & phone #
  133. reel man

    Rec for 9' calico stick

    Need a recommendation for a 9' calico rod. I've got a Calstar 900 pre XL rod, Graphtech 9', mfg unknown 9' IM6, and a Graphite 83H. Would like one more 9' for yet another Curado.
  134. reel man

    Who thinks this stuff up?,0,1646485.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Flocal+%28L.A.+Times+-+California+|+Local+News%29&utm_content=My+Yahoo :_diarrhea_:
  135. reel man

    BofA sucks

    Just passing this along to hopefully prevent anyone else from the shit BofA puts people through in securing a home loan, or refinance loan. A little background on my wife and me. Next month I'll turn 70, and my wife is 66, so that kind of tells you we've been around the block a few times. We...
  136. reel man

    Here we go again!

    Leaving bright and early Tues. AM for San Diego. Going on our annual 10 day (except it's 11 days this year) on the Spirit of Adventure. Going to lay waste to wahoo, tuna, yellow tail, and dorado till my arms fall off. Well, maybe, but not till my arms fall off.
  137. reel man

    What's happening for the 10 day trips?

    Any word on how the hoos are biting down on the ridge?
  138. reel man

    Raider jigs are dissappearing

    If you want Raider gold or chrome jigs then I suggest you buy them pretty quick. Brass has risen in price so rapidly China is buying up all they get there hands on, so the folks that make the Raiders have thrown in the towel. No more for whenever.
  139. reel man

    Tough couple of seasons

    Heard there were a number of boats at San Diego landings chained up by the marshals. If true this does not bode well for the rest of the year, and future.
  140. reel man


    Out at Anacapa yesterday and witnessed something that really pissed me, and Steve Kelly on the Island Tak. A pvt boater, with 2 passengers, had limited out on WSB and hooked up another one only to sink a gaff in it, take it out of water, and extract the hook then threw the fish back in the water...
  141. reel man

    New Road Runner cartoon (funny)
  142. reel man


    Helping a friend sell 124#'s of lead ingots. These are about 3" long so should fit comfortably in most lead pots. He wants $125 for the lot. He's in Burbank, and his phone # is: 818-842-0495
  143. reel man

    Anyone else get blown out for tomorrow?

    Had a charter scheduled for the Island Tak to fish tomorrow, but wouldn't you know it the wind came up, and will be blowing thru Wed. Haven't been on the water since Dec, and have a serious dose of "cabin fever". :hali_parkutuli:
  144. reel man

    Tim made good

    Just an update to let you all know Tim got paid up, and that's a good thing. All's well that ends well.
  145. reel man

    Dyneema braid

    Have any of you fished with Dyneema braid fishing line? If so, has it help up, and is it castable?
  146. reel man

    Where's the money Tim?

    Sold a couple of reels back in Dec, and all I get is the check is in the mail. You know who you are, so man up, and meet your obligation.
  147. reel man

    For sale Avet JX 6/3

    Avet JX 6/3 series 2-speed reels provide the versatility of 2 reels in one with high speed line retrieve for jigging and casting, and a low gear that provides plenty of torque to turn the head of serious gamefish. About the size of a standard 3/0 reel, the JX can tackle tuna up to 300lbs with...
  148. reel man

    Bino's ?

    I've heard that Swarovski 10X42 are very good binoculars for hunting, but a friend of mine told me to buy Dockter 10X42 that are made in Germany, and are as good or better for a lot less money. Would anyone like to share an opinion on these bino's?
  149. reel man

    More Anacapa YT

    Anacapa is still producing very nice YT. Out on the Island Tak today with a load of squid. Got to the outside of the island before daylight, and let the dropper loop rigs do there thing. Took a little while for them to find us, but when they did we all knew these were the real deal. Ended the...
  150. reel man

    SOA 10 day

    Leaving early Wed morning on a 10 day trip aboard the Spirit of Adventure. Mag bay here we come.
  151. reel man

    P533 4.6

    Someone sent me a Newell P533 4.6 to be narrowed, but they didn't put their name, or a note telling me how narrow they want it to be, ie - 1 5/8", or 2 1/8"
  152. reel man

    Lead price?

    Trying to help a friend figure out how much to ask for about 100# of lead ingots. Anyone out there with any numbers?
  153. reel man

    Offshore 2 day trip 9/25 - 9/26

    2 YT, one on troll, one on bait. Weather and seas were perfect, 63 - 67 water temps.
  154. reel man

    Cold water killing the bass fishing

    Trip on the Tak yesterday showed the same conditions we've had all summer (what summer), and the enormous amount of bait around the islands. A handful of calicos were all we could scratch up, and those were the ones our baits swam into their mouths. We can kiss this year off as a bust, and...
  155. reel man

    Reels eating line

    Have read some posts lately claiming they've had issues with line (loops) slipping over the outer edge of the spools in their reels. This was, and still is for anglers using the old Penn Squidders, and Jigmasters, but with better technology, and manufacturing techniques that problem should not...
  156. reel man

    Offshore 200 albacore on Sat

    Ran down to 110 miles, and 20 of us boated over 200 albacore on Sat. We were on the charter boat Apollo. Seas were a little choppy, but was slowly laying down. We had dines that held up well, and some chovies. Best bite was on 20#. They just about hit everything we trolled. Fish were...
  157. reel man

    Offshore Mexico's Excursion Permit

    Went on a 3 day trip on the Apollo leaving Thur evening. Found out that since it's a 3 day trip Mexico requires us to buy an Excursion fishing license, and are you ready for this, $78 bucks. What a load of caca. A couple of the guys had purchased an annual Mexican fishing license thinking...
  158. reel man

    Passing of a legend

    Was reading Bill Roecker's Current Conditions web site to find not 1 but 2 legends in the industry have passed away. Carl Newell and Dick Helgren both passed recently. The following link will give you the stories: Current Conditions
  159. reel man

    Got my cow tag

    Going to Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico for a 5 day hunt, Dec. 9. Been successful everytime over there. They only issure 100 of these tags, and it's on a draw basis. Just a followup, got a big O'cow on Sat. with one shot from my Weatherby 300 mag. Going to have some luscious steaks...
  160. reel man

    Cow elk hunt

    Just got home from New Mexico, hunted cow elk on the Mescalero Apache reservation. They have two, 100 tag cow elk hunts, one in Oct during the rut, and the second one in Dec. We put in for the late hunt thinking the bulls wouldn't be chasing the cows, and the possibility of snow in the high...