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    11:30 AM

    11:30 AM
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    Haha definitely not dolphin pods or whale watchers. They were 2 private boats in the middle of a...

    Haha definitely not dolphin pods or whale watchers. They were 2 private boats in the middle of a football field sized foamer.
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    Offshore Newport Boils

    Flew in from Cabo this morning to John Wayne. Two to three miles straight out the jetty there was a huuge spot of boiling fish. 2 Boats were on it. It could have been Bonita or YT but hoping the BFT are up here early. Good luck go get em.
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    New reel purchase with free spectra?

    Longfin did first 300yds free for me
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    WTB Yamaha Outboard

    Looking to upgrade my Parker 2120. In search of 200, 225 or 250HP Yamaha used motor. 25" shaft with low to med hours. PM me if you have something I have cash in hand.
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    Looking for Parker bench seat / also looking for storage tackle station

    Joe I have a 50" Bench that came out of my 2003 21' parker. I reupholstered it 3 years ago its in nice shape. Text me if you want some pictures 949-633-6988. Josh
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    Parker - new electronic package

    don't forget you will probably want to upgrade your battery system as well if you are running all of these electronics. Need 2 house and 1 starter so add another 3-5k on the budget.
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    Boat Pouches or Parker Pouches

    Call Ernesto direct and skip the middle man 100% mark up 949-922-2383
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    Bill Fisher CH-18 Swager

    bought it a few months ago from Melton’s. Excellent condition. $100 firm Possibly open to a trade of some sort.
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    4 Jamo 6.5CS House speakers

    Or trade. These are brand new without box and have never been hooked up. I bought them 3 months ago. $275OBO Text for pics 949-633-6988
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    GLoomis SWBR

    Still Available
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    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    Flown in 100 times and never checked a reel
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    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Amberjack is the bomb and definitely worth bringing some back. Similar flavor to yellowtail with a little more rockfish of a texture. Use fresh Triggerifsh for ceviche and tacos. Not worth bringing back. IMO Remember... no ice in your cooler, they will make you dump it. It's best to bring back...
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    Bolster Helm Chair

    Hi BD, Looking to buy a Taco or Springfield helm chair in used but excellent condition. 23" wide max Must have bolster and arm rests. Let me know if you have what I'm looking for. Please contact me via PM. Thanks
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    Would you turn them in?

    Everyone knows it's you Chad Gierlich
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    SKB 7100 Excellent Condition

    Took this on one long rang trip and has been collecting dust for a year. I don't have the plano trays, but the ones that came with it were junk anyways. $200 Pick up in Costa Mesa or Riverside
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    GLoomis SWBR

    Still for sale
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    NIB NOCO Gen2 Charger 2Bank 20Amp

    Not going to use this, it's still in plastic wrapper new. $160 pick up in Costa Mesa or IE
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    Talica 16II SOLD TAC16II

    I do not have the OG handle. They run about $30 from Shimano
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    Talica 16II SOLD TAC16II

    Thanks but I already have one.
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    Talica 16II SOLD TAC16II

    I tend to downplay the condition so that the buyer is happy. I can send you some pics if you would like.
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    Talica 16II SOLD TAC16II

    Heck ya it runs perfect and smooth. Just serviced by Shimano.
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    If you had one reel

    Yes it's only one mans opinion, but my experience with them has been poor to say the least. I had a handle fall the fuck off the reel on brand new MX. The bolt fell through the scupper and reel was done for the day. Their bearings are cheap and need to be replaced often. Had a handle on a -1...
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    Thunderbird 8/28 swap for Agressor 8/27

    Go without your buddy on the Tbird
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    If you had one reel

    Avets are trash, worst reel out there. Buy a Penn
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    Reel and braid information

    Penn VISX 16 700 Yards JB 80# Solid Penn VISX 50 800 Yards JB 130# Hollow
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    Sold to Tolstee. Thanks BD

    One tiny spot of corrosion on spool side wall. No big deal.
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    Catholic churches are a great source for free bread. They even break it up in to carp size pieces for you.
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    GLoomis SWBR

    Still available
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    Shimano Max Cuatro breaking

    I had 80# Maxcuatro Yellow break. Stuff is garbage IMO. Spooled at Longfin about 6 months ago.. $80 down the drain.
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    Offshore I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    How could you not have interest in catching a monster BFT. :imdumb:
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    Talica 16II SOLD TAC16II

    Just bought this off BD last month. Looking to sell for $360 I would rate the external condition 7/10. Mechanically 10/10, it was serviced last month by Shimano. The oversize handle is custom from Jigging World. The handle shows some wear, mainly scuffs I tried to show in the pictures. Clamp is...
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    GLoomis SWBR

    To The Top
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    Product Dimensions 17 x 15 x 10 inches Item Weight 15.25 pounds
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    Still for sale or trade
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    Fishing the T-Bird...

    Set your drags correctly. These yellows are tough and they take you right into the kelp/rocks. You can't give them an inch. 15 pounders mixed with 30 and 40 pounders. A few surface iron fish right now but most are coming on flyline sardine 30lb and a 2/0 hook. Tight Drag and tight lines!!
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    Shimano Shimano set ups

    For me the 1x3 is an 80# rod and the TAC 20 is perfect for this applications. Tac 20/25 fish 80-100# no problem.
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    Sold to Tolstee. Thanks BD

    Good Condition with the box and clamp but I'm keeping the line. $450 Firm Open to trades, I'm looking for: UC Invictus/Gladiator Trinidad 16A,20A Talica 20/25 Located in OC and Riverside
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    DELETE Posted in Wrong Section

    Great Condition. Serviced last year. I still have the box and clamp but I'm keeping the line. $550 Firm Open to trades for a Kite Rod 100-200# Calstar, Seeker, UC. Other rods I'm looking for: 765ML 700XH UC Centaur/Gladiator Located in OC and Riverside
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    Looking for a Talica 16 or 20. This accurate is clean, just a few hairline scratches. Serviced last year and filled w/80LB J Braid. Located in OC and Riverside
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    Calstar 7465ML and Seeker OSP 3x5

    Looking for these sticks factory or custom. Let me know what ya got! Tight Lines!
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    GLoomis SWBR

    SWBR 904-C 12-25lb. 7.5' Fished it once, caught a couple stripers at lake powell. 9/10 Still looks new. $200 OBO
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    OCT Jigs?

    Outstanding customer service right there. You just convinced me to pick up a couple next time I see them on the shelf!
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    Calstar GF765M 80lb rod?

    I use 765L for 50# Yoyo, 765M for 60# Med/Light Duty Trolling. Yes it's capable of fishing 80#, but not ideal. IMHO
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    Japanese Tackle Porn

    The fluorocarbon is CHEAP there. Last month I picked up a 50yd spool of 60lb Seaguar for about $20
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    My New Parker build

    Serg, are you running an ACR or battery isolator to prevent discharge of the starting battery?
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    ViSX16 or Tac20ii

    Penn Penn Penn
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    Shimano Connecting Maxcuarto

    I don't recommend a bimini to cats paw. I had one fail last year on a 200+ lb BFT after 30 minutes of tight drag. It was a crotch break with 80lb yellow maxcuatro and 100Lb flouro leader. FG or RP knot have worked without fail.
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    Backordered VISX

    Yes they are
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    Backordered VISX

    Bought a VISX16 in october from PO, and haven't received it. I talked to them today and they said end of Jan. Good news is I'm next in line.... or so they say
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    Trinidad 12A. Is it enough?

    If it has the line capacity/drag your are looking for, then its all about how it feels to you. 12a works for me with 30#braid with 15-30# leader. I've caught fish to 50# on it.
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    Open Spot on Merritt EXCEL 10-Day trip

    Cry me a river
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    Who like's the Aztec ?

    x10 Great Cap and Crew, Comfy Boat for the size. It will become your go to boat.
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    WTS Accurate Dauntless 600

    Thanks for the reel Greg!
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    WTB Phenix or GLoomis Swimbait Rod

    New or used. 8' or shorter 1-3oz lures. $200 or less Thank you
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    WTS WTT Lowrance 9Ti W/ Total Scan Transducer

    This unit is like new without the box. The monitor was installed on my boat for 3 months.9.5/10 condition. The transducer is new in plastic. 10/10 Purchased New from tackle Direct in Dec and I still have receipt. Open to trades Im looking for a Talica 25,50, Accurate ATD, a 15-18'outrigger...
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    WTS/WTT Trinidad 12A

    $350 Trinidad 12A Been on 2 boat rides caught about 3- 12lb YT. $350 Loaded to the brim with 40Lb PP 8.5/10 tiny little scratches,10/10 Mech. Open to trades Looking for a 20A, 770xh, 909xhj, UC Monster900, whatever you throw out there.
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    WTB 770XH

    Prefer used. orange county or inland empire area thanks
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    WTB 770XH

    I have $250 in my budget, let me know what you have.
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    for $400
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    WTB Trinidad 12gold or 12A

    I have a 12A nearly new, been on a couple boat rides. Filled to the brim with 40# PP. $350
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    WTT TRINIDAD 12A or 16NA for 20A

    Excellent Condition 12A or good condition 16NA. Would like a straight trade for same condition 20A
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    WTB Saltiga 15 old model

    You are a tackle whore!
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    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    What kind of question is this?
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    Wire leader

    The wire isn't necessary. I've caught plenty of sierra and pargo and snapper with no wire leader.....very few bite offs with these fish.
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    Los Cabos fishing store?

    Jansens. Hold your wallet at minervas its a rip off.
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    WTB: SKB 7000

    I have a brand new 7100 I'd be willing to trade
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    The Longfin

    bluefin jim.. he's harmless
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    Best captian/operation to fish with out of San Jose Del Cabo

    Cabo Playa with Jesus or Kobe. $250
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    WTB Hobie Kayak

    Must have mirage drive. Price range 1-2k. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Independence 5 Day 12/26-12/31 $1300

    My spot is up for sale, I can no longer go. PM me and we can set up the transfer. $1300
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    Calstar 655XXH

    nice one there
  73. gingervco1

    wtb calstar 700xh

    factory or custom
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    Making wire leaders for wahoo?

    5' of 130# Fluorocarbon with a swivel on one end and a hawaiian clamp on the other. May have a few lost lures but the amount of bites increases exponentially. 100# + wire leader is just too visible and you won't get nearly as many bites. JMO
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    Skipjack Question

    Skipjack Sucks. Period.
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    wtb custom wrapped calstar 875h

    new or used in good condition.
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    $400 for someone's talica 8,10,12ii

    $434 to be exact for the talica 12II. Shipping on reels not free its's $10.
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    WTB Talica 12II

    Looking for one in very good condition $350 range. Thanks
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    WTS WTT DPX 400N

    Just picked up from factory service and has fresh unused 50lb izor. 10/10 mechanical, 7/10 cosmetic. Make me a fair offer
  80. gingervco1

    Dx2-400n applications??

    I was only able to get 240 yards of 50#pp on my 400N. While my 500N I got 340 yards of 65#pp.
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    WTB Calstar 700H

    Factory or custom wrapped. Excellent condition or new. What do you have?
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    WTB Talica 12II

    New or like new condition. Thanks
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    Daveys Locker Thunderbird Overnight Leaves Sun 8/23 Fish Monday 8/24

    can't make the trip and I have 2 spots for sale. $380 for both
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    WTB Talica 8II

    Looking for a new or slightly used Talica 8 2speed.
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    WTB Talica 8II

    Looking for a new or slightly used Talica 8 2speed.
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    Shimano Flat fall Jigs for Sale - SOLD

    LongFin in Orange has a full stock of all colors and sizes. $12/ Each. I was there yesterday.
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    Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo East Cape Report - July 3, 2015

    try winding intstead of so much bullshit. kooks
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    Offshore Bloodydecks Sponsored Aztec Trip A Success

    They mostly bit live bait, maybe 1 or 2 on the flat fall and 1or 2 on other random jigs. I fished a 6x and pl68 with no takers.
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    Custom wrapped? Can you send me a picture?
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    Want to trade or sell Trinidad 12A. Packed with 280yds 40lb Power Pro Braid. This reel has been fished twice in Catalina and pulled on about 10 small fish. Has a couple small hairline scratches, other than that perfect condition. With Box and tool. 9/10 Cosmetic, 10/10 Mechanical. No issues...
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    Want to trade or sell Trinidad 12A. Packed with 280yds 40lb Power Pro Braid. This reel has been fished twice in Catalina and pulled on about 10 small fish. Has a couple small hairline scratches, other than that perfect condition. With Box and tool. 9/10 Cosmetic, 10/10 Mechanical. No issues...
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    old glory H&M

    junior is the man! I fished with him 2x this year. Not the best or cleanest boat in the fleet, but its fast and fishy. you really can't go wrong with the old glory.
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    Los Cabos resort info

    This devastation will take years to rebuild ... Not months
  95. gingervco1

    San Jose del Cabo charter recommendation 10/13-10/16?

    They are predicting power wont be restored until as far out as Oct 20th. Good luck finding a charter boat.Unless you are going to aid in disaster relief,cancel your trip ASAP.
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    Condor Jackpot YFT

    Next BD Fishing Chick
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    Major Hurricane Odile - another one!

    You are a fucking idiot
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    Drag tighten while fighting a fish.

    Ben, I fish between 30-100 yds mono top shot on some reels. What would the length in top shot have to do with the drags tightening? Thanks for the great products you put out.
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    Phoenix 700H and 809H 250 EACH

    Is the 809 a deckhand rod?
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    Trinidad 16NA

    I want it. 9515299077 Send me a text I can pick it up monday
  101. gingervco1

    For Sale Phoenix PSW 808 MH

    Im interested my cell 951-529-9077. Thanks
  102. gingervco1

    Accurate Dauntless Reels

    Sounds like it's the indian not the arrow. I have 10+ accurates and have had 0 problems.