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  1. reelconcerned

    New pre-parking payment system

    I guess you could use an older car that doesn't have a catalytic convertor LOLLOL
  2. reelconcerned

    Rigged DTX 220

    quality rigging, is the FC approximately 30 inchs
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    Fuel Surcharge

    soda pop; a friend just told me judy said $30.00 a day...Paul
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    Stateroom near the bow on the Independence?

    I have been in that room at least a dozen times, the Indy rides real good shouldn't be a problem. just get the room as a single....Paul
  5. reelconcerned

    American Angler 14 Day Accurate Trip, Jan 2022

    Thanks Alan760 for the info, leaving on the Indy on the 27th, I'll through in a knife jig and a couple packs of 3/0 charlie brown hooks, will see what happens...Paul
  6. reelconcerned

    INDEPENDENCE - Graftech Rods-Avet Reels-16 Day roll call

    Hey soda I leave on the Royal Polaris March 15th for 18 days, if I remember right you were on this trip but the covid 19 cancelled that trip in 2020, this year everything is looking good I'll try to save you some fish for that custom blue makaira you bought:-). On this trip will probably fish...
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    Indy 16 day

    Cow Man, thanks for the updates really appreciate it...Paul
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    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day... Jan. 15-31 Roll Call (2021)

    John, I forgot this is your annual trip, great timing this year should be a blast, I will follow the trip on BD waiting my turn:jig:...Paul
  9. reelconcerned

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day... Jan. 15-31 Roll Call (2021)

    soda pop, have a great trip, things are looking good right now down there, save some cow's for my March 15th 18day trip on the Royal Polaris, if time permits will be looking for a report on what is working. Had a fun time with you on the Indy in December, you are a good fisherman and was a...
  10. reelconcerned

    Independence 11 day Roll Call ... Dec. 9 - 20 ... Lower Banks/Ridge trip

    Hey Soda I just threw another 50 avet 3 speed in the mix for our trip:p:p...Paul
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    Soft Steel 16x Cyclone Braid

    I decided to order some, if it's no good and lose a good one from the braid on my December 9th Indy trip Soda Pop will probably give me up:oops:...Paul
  12. reelconcerned

    Soft Steel 16x Cyclone Braid

    Does anyone have any experience they can share with me about this line, I am looking at 100lb and 150lb, thickness, supple, threading line inside?...Paul
  13. reelconcerned

    Tiburon SST50T

    Rocket dog; I have a black one bought it new took on a long range trip but never used it , beautiful reel I believe the ratio is 3:6 to 1:1, I don't like where the harness lugs are on the reel towards the back instead on top, for a lot of guys they prefer no harness lugs on top, for me I like...
  14. reelconcerned

    NOMAD TACKLE/SEAGUAR 9 day on the Red Rooster .. Nov, 3 - 12 Roll Call

    Hi Soda, last time I chimed in with you I thought we were on the Royal Polaris 18 day but the corona virus cancelled that trip (I think it was that trip), I am on the Indy trip 11 day in December also, last year in December they got into cow's and the way it's going this year we might get...
  15. reelconcerned

    4 more days

    Jeff, you lucky dog (2) 10 dayers back to back, enjoy enjoy!!!, let us know what's working I have a 11 day on the Indy coming up... Paul
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    Makaira 20II SEa suprise while servicing.

    on my reels I use corrosion x on my reel seat screws prior to fishing or cal's grease works great
  17. reelconcerned


    No CaL Lou; I use my centaur's for #80 lb paired with a raptor HX-3 speed with 520 yds cortland hollow 25ft flour top shot, have several tuna in the 120/150 range, handled it perfectly... 100lb setup I use a raptor HXW-3 speed 100lb spectra paired with a UC Viper have tuna up to 200lb, your...
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    the raptor would be better but the centaur is just fine, I have used both...Paul
  19. reelconcerned

    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    out of the 4 boats you mentioned the shogun would be my choice, good boat 28 anglers $ 245.00 less than the INDY, don't get me wrong I fish the INDY all the time extremely good boat, the trip I would fish is 5/28/to 5/31, right now there is 20 openings you can probably get a better room bottom...
  20. reelconcerned

    Trolling for Wahoo with Spectra

    I saw a 187lb tuna caught on a marauder approx. 3yrs ago, I caught a 200lb marlin 4/5 yrs ago I hooked it in the bill , got my marauder back and it skipped on the surface for about a mile
  21. reelconcerned

    Trolling for Wahoo with Spectra

    I might rethink my position on that issue it's not like I don't have another 50 reel to use, I just try to limit the amount of gear I take, although having a designated outfit for trolling probably would be best, I have a kite set up why not!, ALRIGHT FISHYBUZZ YOU WINLOL
  22. reelconcerned

    Trolling for Wahoo with Spectra

    Hi Fishybuzz; I can see your point but have never in countered that situation yet ( I THINK?), usually after a short strike or bringing in a wahoo I check the line which is only 25ft before using for something else...Paul
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    I know what you mean just different jewelry that appeals to anglers
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    Trolling for Wahoo with Spectra

    I have used spectra straight to the wire leader but normally use 25ft of flouro to the wire because I use the set up in other applications ,fly line baits/ chunk...Paul
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    going back to the depth of troll of the magTrac , I trolled one in January and a guy was trolling a yozuri on the same team on the inside troll with me and it appeared my magTrac was a little deeper in the water column but we both hooked up. the lure that really dives deep is the nomad 220 and...
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    that is true cubeye if it works don't change it
  27. reelconcerned


    needs a little plastic surgery!, lol
  28. reelconcerned


    you guys are correct , pink lady , two other guys where using the pink lady one on my trolling team and we both hooked up twice, and the other guy hooked up on the other trolling team my other mak was the black and red caught a 40lb tuna...Paul
  29. reelconcerned


    Hi no cal lou; I rigged mine with 30", 175lb 49 strain wire with a mc man snap and a rubber boot with a approx. 220lb swivel to the line, trolls straight hooked (2) on my January trip, going to use the same set up on my April trip and see how many of those critters want to be taco's. if you...
  30. reelconcerned

    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    Lupe can really surprise you, I was at the lupe in August 2019, 8 day on the INDY, you had to use trout size hooks to get bit, super line shy, 30/40lb line and had to pull real hard to get through the large great white sharks eating 50% of the fish and pulling or bending out your hook doing so...
  31. reelconcerned

    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    hagridfish; I do not see this trip canceling, I only have one concern if the ridge area's are cold the boat might fish gaudalupe , more money and lose a day of fishing because you have to go to Ensenada for check in, not sure I am for that. Either way we will have a great time...Paul
  32. reelconcerned

    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    This is a new trip but see it being a regular trip in the future. There is a lot of possibilities on this trip you just don't know what's going to happen, like I mentioned water temperature play's a big part in the lower bank and there is a lot of real good area's to fish if conditions are...
  33. reelconcerned

    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    palmer 3317; I've fished the lower zone before in December caught a lot of variety fish, I would have (2) 40lb outfits with short flouro top shots, bring some 30lb line or flouro just in case of those real line shy fish, 1 or 2 50lb set ups with momo or flouro for casting jigs/bombs for wahoo...
  34. reelconcerned

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    Hi Soda; I mentioned on another post earlier last month I was headed out on a 16 day on the Indy 1/5 to 1/21, but will be meeting up with you on the royal Polaris 18 day 4/23 to 5/11. I forgot a 11 day on the Indy 12/9 to 12/20. Hope the cows are around, but will enjoy what ever it brings...
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    Sergio; your bent over big time on that fish save your strength for January:jig:...Paul
  36. reelconcerned

    Upcoming Cow Trips - 16 & 18 day trips

    I soda; my 16 day trip is in January also but on the INDY, but will share the rail with you on the royal Polaris 18 day in April. Have fished with most of the guys before on other boats, a good group of anglers will look forward to meet you ….Paul
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    I'll try my mak trak 10's with (4) different colors on my January and April trip to see if color makes a difference, I'll also put them up against my DTX lures, I'll let this forum know the results...Paul
  38. reelconcerned

    Site for fish recipes

    ironchucker; excellent thread on recipes, thankyou...Paul
  39. reelconcerned

    Tac Glue Questions

    Jerry; also the Q-tip is great for cleaning reels or applying grease in those hard to reach areas, there not to absorbing just apply a little to the tip and apply to your serve. works great...Paul
  40. reelconcerned

    Tac Glue Questions

    Halfprice; I have found if you do not open the bottle by cutting the tip, use a Q- tip the ones you can get at cvs beauty department that comes to a point, regular Q-tip uses more glue. Stand the glue up right in a small tub in case you TIP IT OVER or your wife will never, never! let you forget...
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    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Nice response Jamie, also ill be looking at the JRI Intruder, looks promising...Paul
  42. reelconcerned

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I just received my JRI Hooicde bombs I ordered from angler"s choice today, I really don"t see that much difference in my captain jimmy and JRI bombs unless the weight is a little different, both are direct tie, a very good bomb...Paul
  43. reelconcerned

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Hi Rodless, and Soda pop, sounds like your trip was great, I liked the information about the new lure, ordered a dozen of them assorted colors, thanks for the phone #. Have a 16day on the Indy in April, ill put them to work....Paul
  44. reelconcerned

    XL December seven day- "Guadalupe Express"

    Hi Dan; I am waiting for Jason to get back to me Monday about that trip, should be a good trip
  45. reelconcerned


    one of the best reports I have ever read, great job John
  46. reelconcerned

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Hi Jim; great report , looked like the wahoo fishing was good. you mentioned you got broke off a big fish, that does happen time to time, I try to remember to back off the heavy drag when the fish is fresh. other than that it looked like a good trip...Paul
  47. reelconcerned

    American Angler 14 Day Calstar Trip - Hurricane Bank- Part Deuce.

    Alan that was excellent, Thanks ...Paul
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    John; excellent caught on the 20 visx.
  49. reelconcerned


    Hey Steve I did get off track a little bit, I saw Dan's post and started typing, I apologize
  50. reelconcerned


    yellowtail Dan; You doing the 12 day excel trip next year?, I'm restocking my hooks and sinkers I lost on that shark infested spot we fished. I'm back down there Jan 18th on the Indy, I don't know if Jeff plans to fish that area, if he asks me I'll tell him to reconsider :mad:. HB will...
  51. reelconcerned

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Stephen ; Jason at the excel office said its to close to Christmas and will probably be a light load...Paul
  52. reelconcerned

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Dan ; I am on the melton trip, with the big tuna jumping off at the luistaina bank our destination my not be clarion which I originally thought it might be. You mentioned you were scheduled for a ten day on the rooster, I believe this 12 day trip will be geared for larger tuna, add an extra cow...
  53. reelconcerned

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I have both the 16 visx's and the mak 16 sea, both are great reels although I have not fished the 16 visx yet, (a lot of garage time). I noticed I need the larger handle/knob on the 20 visx to fit my hands. I have talked to (Joe) at trophy tackle and hopefully will send me a couple handles...
  54. reelconcerned

    welding rings on hooks

    I can't say enough about this web site, very helpful guys I really appreciate the help...Paul
  55. reelconcerned

    welding rings on hooks

    thanks guys , great help
  56. reelconcerned

    welding rings on hooks

    hey guys I am thinking of welding rings on some of my hooks, can the guys that do this chime in and tell me what is the best ring to buy- welding wire material- propane or butane-mapps gas (ect) , for larger fish...Paul
  57. reelconcerned

    Processing wahoo

    I had wahoo last night, in taco's, I cut one inch strips as long as the taco shell, rub the strips with olive oil or vegetable oil, season with garlic salt or garlic and herbs seasoning with a touch of black pepper, don't over cook, add your pico de gallo salsa and sriracha hot chili sauce (and...
  58. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    I saw where XL 1 quoted the air has been replaced in July and have a spare also. I believe that issue has been taken care of. I usually take a 4" fan with me just in case
  59. reelconcerned


    thanks steve I wasn't aware of that, the 20 visx is already a done deal with pelagic outfitters, ill check with john when I get that need again , which I'm sure it will:D
  60. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    XL 1 ; that is great to here, I like staying cool...Paul
  61. reelconcerned


    John ; you should be a reel salesman I just pulled the trigger on a visx 20 from pelagic outfitters, one penny spooling of 100lb JB hollow, should have it within a month , just in time for my trip on the big X:drool:
  62. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    John; maybe Eric was to tired from catching big tuna, I hope that's going to be my problem:D
  63. reelconcerned


    thanks John, visx might give the mak's a run for the money
  64. reelconcerned


    Hey guys what is the gear ratio on the 20 visx...Paul
  65. reelconcerned

    Cedros Sickness!

    David; nice fish
  66. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    thanks guys
  67. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    thanks Eric for the info
  68. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    HI JIM; I know when I asked about rooms I didn't want the room you had when we were on that 17day trip when it flooded:shake:, I asked Jason for a room upstairs and he agreed to room #3 single so it shouldn't be tight quarters. if I remember right your on the excel in September? 10 day variety...
  69. reelconcerned

    December 10 Trip

    Dan ; I have fished 10day trips in December on the Indy numerous times over the years with good results, usually fish the rocks and the ridge and down below to mag bay. Big tuna can also be caught, one of my largest tuna is 272lb caught at louisitaina bank. with the different temperature water...
  70. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    good memory lew, going to do a 12 day on the excel, melton trip in December, on the Indy in January 15day seeker trip, I changed to that trip from april trying to move the trip up to a different time to see what happens. The melton trip was a last minute decision , no hunting trip this year...
  71. reelconcerned

    excel staterooms

    Anyone been in stateroom #3 on the excel, does the airconditioning work ok in the room, any negative comments ..Thanks Paul
  72. reelconcerned

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    Jim; on basil's web site I believe he has the diameter of different spectra, as of now 130lb thread lock 16 S is the thinnest that I no of
  73. reelconcerned

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    Jim; you sure got a lot of responses, it sure is good to have angler input, now here's mine, Tiburon reels are different from conventional reels, I use 2 sst 8's for wahoo, they charge you and run you around the boat, having a automatic shift changing reel keeps that line tight most of the time...
  74. reelconcerned

    The journey has begun!

    HI JIM; looks like the weather is going to cooperate, like you mentioned if satellite is available and you have the time in between all those cows your catching ,a short thread would be great about what is working and/or any concerns so I'll be more prepared in April on the Indy...Paul
  75. reelconcerned

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    I just noticed Basil it is 6 years old, I guess if there has been no complaints it works
  76. reelconcerned

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    the reel looks reel nice , my only concern is the integrity of the spool with 5 oz being removed
  77. reelconcerned

    Long Range chunking for tuna

    David; your always a good source of information, I appreciate your input...Paul
  78. reelconcerned

    Night fishing for the big guys

    Hi David; I believe I fished with you last year on the Independence, your room was across from me . I fished a flat fall a couple times last year on that April trip, I got 1 tuna about 80/100lbs on a bright color, I did what another post mentioned, I changed the hooks, I used owner hooks same...
  79. reelconcerned

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Matthew; I'm on the #1704 16 day Sav-On trip, I have fished the boat many times, excellent boat and crew, a lot of regulars with good fishing etiquette. If that is the trip your on you will have a blast. the boat has the largest fish hold in the fleet and 700 scoop bait tank. I'll see you on the...
  80. reelconcerned

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Richard; good choice on the 770xxh, I had 2 made by fisherman's depot down by san Diego. The trip your on #1703 I have been on before , good fisherman a lot of regulars. Have a great trip...Paul
  81. reelconcerned

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Richard; What 16 day trip are you on, I'm on the Sav-On tackle trip, good group
  82. reelconcerned

    Don't Look Now...

    Hey Jim; I am glade you got on a trip, I'll miss you on the Indy in April, catch a lot of fish, and most of all have fun...Paul
  83. reelconcerned

    Accurate ATD 12, Mod or Not

    The super 12 is beefed up and great out of the box, I just had cal"s put the shift button on which is a great addition...Paul
  84. reelconcerned

    Drag checking scales and technique

    first test your scale for accuracy, use another scale, hook them together and test pressure, both should be the same. usually someone else has a scale. then like other posts have mentioned pull on the rod at approximately a 45 degree angle. I know some anglers pull horizontal, but was told...
  85. reelconcerned

    Dumb Question of the day

    Jon; use a small rubber band , put it around the line and thread it through once and pull tight. Paul
  86. reelconcerned


    I think when the long range boats got wi fi that's when I saw more posting on face book...Paul
  87. reelconcerned

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 16 Day - 3/29/16 to 4/14/16

    thanks min for the info, I am on the following trip...Paul
  88. reelconcerned

    how much is too much?

    bring all of those 16oz sinkers, last year in april on a 17day excel trip, heavy sinkers were in short supplies because of fast current causing a lot of tangles, and of course, SHARKS!!! Paul reading the posts above mine, the 233lb tuna I caught last year was on a chandelier rig, early...
  89. reelconcerned

    Most Useful Freebies?

    I would like to see the charter master bring a masseuse to ease those sore muscles after a long battle fighting tuna, and of course fluorocarbon :) ...Paul
  90. reelconcerned

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    Rodless; your a good man Jim taking care of family. Next year they changed the april 17day save- on -tackle trip to a 15day trip. Hope to fish with you again next year...Paul
  91. reelconcerned

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    Hey Rodless ; you should go on the INDY 17day next month with us, I know most of the anglers, real good group, and your room will probably not flood like on the excel last april , that was a mess!, but those things do happen. I don't know if you have fished the INDY but I think the boat and crew...
  92. reelconcerned

    sato crimps or not

    I agree using (2) crimps, 80lb and up, I have been using sato system for years with no failures...Paul
  93. reelconcerned

    Hi Rick; are you on the 17day INDY trip in april?, the 16day save-on tackle looks like it 's...

    Hi Rick; are you on the 17day INDY trip in april?, the 16day save-on tackle looks like it 's changed, I would think the regulars switched over to the extra day, I like the idea, if your going to travel that far I like all the fishing time available. I'll be there, hope to see you....Paul
  94. reelconcerned

    kite reel

    I know on the INDY there skipper wants you to use 150lb on the kite rig minimum, although, I have never broken 130lb on the kite, just the boat recommendation. I use 150lb tuff line hollow with approximately 40/ 50 feet 200lb soft steel as a top shot on a 50 wide, approximately 900yds, never...
  95. reelconcerned

    Mak 50 handle on a Mak 20?

    Min ; I have (4) 20's, had okuma put 50 handles on all, work great for extra leverage on bigger fish. The only problem I've had is changing the handle on my 16, I don't think it is a 50 handle but is larger...paul
  96. reelconcerned

    tale of three lost fish at Hurricane

    Hi Jim; I followed your trip and saw there were some nice fish being catch, at least you were hooked up on chunk fish and got a decent fish, also saw the weather was nice, that's a plus. there is always next year. I'll see what I do in April...Paul
  97. reelconcerned

    Any Bloody Deckers going on Indy trip 1601B Saturday Feb 6?

    Wayne; I fish the boat every year for cow town, very good boat and crew, The captains on the boat are great, If Jeff is at the helm you have the best. Food is excellent. I originally booked the trip but decided to do the 17day in april, big boat a few extra anglers not a concern. Have a great...
  98. reelconcerned

    Bob and Jamie's very preliminary Tac Glue testing

    David Choate; Question for you, you mentioned you insert your line approximately 6" now and glue the whole insert, how does the Chinese finger work with the whole insert glued?...Paul
  99. reelconcerned

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    Trust the crew, they do this on all the trips
  100. reelconcerned

    Getting Out Of The Harbor?

    Now that I think of it I do remember you telling me, limited load 18? anglers, SWEET!!!. You to have a great trip, I'll follow your trip on the excel web site...Paul
  101. reelconcerned

    Getting Out Of The Harbor?

    Jim; are you back on a excel trip?. I don't know if I told you, I am on the 17day Indy trip 4/20 thru 5/7/2016.
  102. reelconcerned

    Getting Out Of The Harbor?

    Jim; I know what your saying about the rough water, particularly starting on the trip. I usually like the smooth ride ( most of the time) riding down to the fishing grounds, gives you time to gear up in pleasant weather and get acquainted with previous anglers and make new ones.
  103. reelconcerned

    What do you think of this as a Wahoo Bomb?

    I agree with Rodless Jim, I like the swivel and length of the bomb, I also use heavy fluorocarbon, gets bit alot better...Paul
  104. reelconcerned


    one of the best reports and photo's I have ever read on BD....Paul
  105. reelconcerned

    Sale Alert - Flat Fall Jigs

    I have not used the flat fall jigs before, are the shimano flat fall the jigs I'm looking for...Paul
  106. reelconcerned

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    I caught a 233lb tuna on (3) nose hooked sardines on a dropper loop in April at HB, opened the fish up and found (16) puffers inside. Between the sardines and Puffers we netted the boat put together a good trip. Early morning fishing Hook them in the back of the neck and drop them down with a...
  107. reelconcerned

    Indy staterooms

    looking at the galley makes me wish it was next April, (17 day)....Paul
  108. reelconcerned

    MAK16SEa for cows?

    HI Rick; I use my 16sea for when it's a slow bite during the day, I use 600yd of 100lb JB hollow, but will take another 50yds easy and still have room for a 25 foot 100lb top shot. you can splice in 130lb if you like, but I want a very stealthy set up, although the 130lb thread lock is a...
  109. reelconcerned

    Mikaira 16 Sea Line Capacity

    I use 100lb (JB), I have (600)yds on mine, you can put another (50)yds and have a good topshot....Paul
  110. reelconcerned

    Mak 15 SEa

    I have not checked the actual pounds lost, a little bit but it's not that noticeable. The drag I use for the line class is not a factor for the amount of drag the reel produces. I have a friend that likes to use the 15sea for (80) line to catch large tuna, and has several tuna in the high...
  111. reelconcerned

    Mak 15 SEa

    I have (3) 15's, an excellent reel, one concern is the drag cam is steep, backs off real quick to free spool. If you use the reel for 50/60 lb your good, 30/40 lb you should call 0kuma and buy a TDC replacement cam, the drag curve is not as steep. Something to think about...Paul
  112. reelconcerned

    cancelled trip

    I've had (3) 16day trips on the Q105 cancel on me over (2) YEARS, I STOPPED BOOKING THE (Q). It can be irritating at the last minute to be cancelled only to rebook and have it happen again. I was lucky to get all of my money back...Paul
  113. reelconcerned

    Making your own Top Shots

    Use a finger nail file/emery board on the tip of the line, file to a point and stick it into the end of the needle so it's secure. Just be easy while inserting line into the spectra...Paul
  114. reelconcerned


    Hey Jimmy; I will be looking forward to purchase some of those new colors, Great Bombs...Paul
  115. reelconcerned

    Some Observations...

    Ok JIM; I know you told the forum about the events prior to fishing (excellent report by the way), now lets talk about the fishing and ALL THOSE TANGLES we had...Paul
  116. reelconcerned


    I learned this knot from John on a 13 day trip in November, caught several fish in the high 100's with no problems. Just came back from a 17 day on the excel, caught several large tuna including a 233lb with no problems. A fast and small knot. It is now my go to knot, Thanks John...Paul
  117. reelconcerned

    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    I take smart water with me on all of my trips, I buy it at Costco, usually take 3 cases, has minerals/electrolytes. keeps you going on hot days...paul
  118. reelconcerned

    Can't Help It...

    HI JIM and rest of the group, I'll be there with you guy's, I haven't fished the EXCEL in 20 years, I usually fish the INDY but cancelled my april trip this year. I kept looking at that (1) spot still available and was to tempting, so I pulled the trigger. I have heard the Mikkelsen trip is a...
  119. reelconcerned

    Big Bait hooks

    Thanks Min for the info, I made up (3) setups using 10/0 owner circle with a small ringed J hook tied with momo, the knot tucks inside the ring, looks slick...Paul
  120. reelconcerned

    Big Bait hooks

    Min; do you hook the bait from the inside top of the mouth through the top?, it looks like that is the way it's done. Also Dave asked if this method worked on your trip...Paul
  121. reelconcerned

    Big Bait hooks

    Thanks Min that looks pretty slick...Paul
  122. reelconcerned

    Big Bait hooks

    Min; What are you using for wire on that connection, does the trailer hook stay where it is...Paul
  123. reelconcerned

    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    ED, is this (WHO"S YOUR DADDY?), this is big Paul, I fished with you on the save-on tackle trip either last year or the year before. I was down at the buffer zone in November, fishing was decent, boat ended up with 12 cows, a lot of 100lbers. Bait catching was tuff, allot of rail time, (you had...
  124. reelconcerned

    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    Thanks for the report Min, I was at the buffer zone in November 2014, 13 day on the Indy, had no issues with the crew, Captain Jeff does not put up with any BS, he stays on top of what's going on. I know the bait issue was a concern on that trip also. The bait receivers had only small and...
  125. reelconcerned

    I finally got approval for a long trip!!!!!!

    I lew; I got that video of our trip, real nice. I booked that INDY trip but 'pricey' like you mentioned for a 15 day trip. 20 anglers with (1) over book is nice. I was looking at the EXCEL 17 day mikkelsen trip, 25 anglers departing 4/15/2015, $5400, instead of $5995. I decided to cancel the...
  126. reelconcerned

    Roller guides or Titanium boat guides

    I agree with Rodless Jim, no more rollers...Paul
  127. reelconcerned

    new mak 30 and 20

    I agree take the 20's, I have numerous tuna up to 200lbs with no issues...Paul
  128. reelconcerned

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    Soda pop; If you can find a tib sst8 that would be the ticket for wahoo, auto high/low gear change. Great reels...Paul
  129. reelconcerned

    Honor Beer and flying the kite up top

    Hi David; I have been thinking about the saltydawg/okuma trip. You are a gentlemen and a excellent fisherman, a great addition to the trip...Paul
  130. reelconcerned

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    Hi Rick; that fish I caught was only alittle over 180lbs, lots of mid range fish. next year I am trying to get back on my 16 day trip...Paul
  131. reelconcerned

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    I thought this was a FISHING forum!!!
  132. reelconcerned

    Indy Veterans?

    The change to the amount of anglers has not changed, still 28, this trip is being televised to be aired at a later date. the extra (2) people are camera crew, not fishermen. I am on that trip, I fish the Indy alot, the biggest fish holds of all the boats, think it is the best boat in the...
  133. reelconcerned

    Indy at the Potato Bank

    I'll be on the Indy also in two weeks, I think the battle plan will be headed to clarion/ hurricane bank, but if the lower banks are kicking off we might head there...Paul
  134. reelconcerned


  135. reelconcerned


    Stay with the mk 10's for 30lb line, only because the drag system is that good...Paul
  136. reelconcerned

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    The fishing so far looks good, now hope the weather holds...Paul
  137. reelconcerned

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    I think it has to do with the (el nino) year, water to warm and hurricanes in the cow zones. I have a trip november 13th probably headed to clarion/hurricane bank. I have some concerns, just watching the weather maps...Paul
  138. reelconcerned

    Excel Get 91 Wahoo at Alijos Rocks

    Dan; wish you luck on your 10 day, looks like you will be in wahoo at the rocks...Paul
  139. reelconcerned


    Great report and pictures, I went into the garage and started putting line on my reels and rigging for my 13day trip in november on the Indy. "It got my blood pumping"...Paul
  140. reelconcerned

    Very Productive Wahoo Bombs-Compliments to the Maker

    you will probably be fishing the rocks and ridge for wahoo, but who knows with this el nino year. wish you luck....Paul
  141. reelconcerned

    Very Productive Wahoo Bombs-Compliments to the Maker

    Halfprice, you said you have a trip in November, the Indy?, mine is a 13day Indy trip before thanksgiving 11/13/2014- 11/26/2014 ...Paul
  142. reelconcerned

    Very Productive Wahoo Bombs-Compliments to the Maker

    I use them alot. I recently ordered another (6), only have lost (2) bombs for about a dozen wahoo's using only 100lb flouro. The (2) I lost was on the sink, the great hookup to gaft ratio is because using (flouro) which is connected to the front of the bomb, the hook is secured to the back of...
  143. reelconcerned

    November 8 day

    The reason I asked is because Stan Vandenburg has been a charter master on the Intrepid for along time and recently he booked a charter master trip on the Indy, a 13 day in November and he said he had some Intrepid guys going on the Indy, and I am booked on that trip, I thought I was going to...
  144. reelconcerned

    November 8 day

    Soda pop, What boat are you on in november?...Paul
  145. reelconcerned

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    How much do you want for your 10's???
  146. reelconcerned

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    Not even close!. The mak's are top of the line for big fish and longevity. Use the andros for fish you would find on smaller trips or wahoo in cow town...Paul
  147. reelconcerned

    Mak 50SEa Low Gear Ratio

    Alittle followup on the 1:1 ratio on the mak 50's. I called cal's, he said they are not one spool rotation to one handle rotation, they are close, maybe because the original gear ratio is 1:3 to one. Cal said there is one extra tooth on the gear. Still a great reel with very little difference...
  148. reelconcerned

    Mak 50SEa Low Gear Ratio

    Jig stick; I know on my accurate that I had cal's do I get one rotation of spool with one rotation of handle. I also sent my mak 50's to okuma and I to get 1:1 ratio. But that is what they advertise, 1:1 ratio, I guess it's not one rotation of spool per: one rotation of handle. I still like the...
  149. reelconcerned

    hook colors

    Black or bronze...
  150. reelconcerned


    mine is silver also, got it at pelagicoutfitters in new york...Paul
  151. reelconcerned

    Upgrade 50w to Sea?

    I had my 50w changed to 1:1,in low and new bearings that I believe are the same bearings in the 50sea for 59.99 at Okuma ...Paul
  152. reelconcerned

    RIPPERS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD- 7 Days on the INDY (July 19-26)

    I enjoyed the photo's and report...Thanks
  153. reelconcerned

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    I think you have to be very careful now with this new law. A declaration form? maybe, I use one coming back into california when I harvest a deer out of state...Paul
  154. reelconcerned

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    I to find this interesting, I just don't want a fine or even "worst", MEXICAN PRISON LIKE OUR MARINE!!!.PAUL
  155. reelconcerned

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    The long range fleet is not going to fish US waters for BFT and then head down to cedros or any other Island in mexican waters with BFT in there holds...Paul
  156. reelconcerned

    Difficult question to answer

    acouple of each color, your favorite , probably no more than 10...Paul
  157. reelconcerned

    High Speed Makaira 16

    I have the 16sea, a great reel for live bait when fishing wahoo when tuna are present, not for jigs unless your on the troll. I use a tib (8), and a 15sea. I tend to use the 15sea more often because of line capacity and casting. I have hooked up tuna numerous times fishing for wahoo, twice I...
  158. reelconcerned

    boat limits

    Nobody puts your tag on a fish that was caught by another angler unless the fish is offered to you and you want It, PERIOD!...Paul
  159. reelconcerned

    Advice on 100lb reel

    I know alot of the posts have stated some real good reels. I have Mak 20's and 30's. My 20's are excellent 100lb reels, I've caught many tuna up to 185lb on the 20's, also comes with a (5) year warranty and great customer service...Paul
  160. reelconcerned

    MK-50 SEa Conversion for MK-50 Owners

    Thankyou Mike; I just sent three 50's to okuma for the change out, and today okuma said your reels are done. I paid the piper and I'll have them in two day. Great service, can"t wait to grind them on the rail...Paul
  161. reelconcerned

    Help- Makaira 16

    I returned from an Indy trip may 9th, caught (3) tuna on my 16 (sea) that ranged from 110lb to 150lb. The reel worked perfectly...Paul
  162. reelconcerned

    any news on the 1:1 ratio on the 50 mak's

    Mike Bennett; Thank you for getting back with us about the gear availability...Paul
  163. reelconcerned

    Mak 15 question

    Timmyd3853; I have several 15's, no problem putting the reel seat bolts on either side of the rod. just loosen the nuts on the reel and adjust the bolts to slide on either side of the rod and align to fit the rod clamp. My reels are on a 7' calstar rod rated for 30/80lb...Paul
  164. reelconcerned

    any news on the 1:1 ratio on the 50 mak's

    I guess okuma is not going to offer 1:1 ratio on the mak 50, no new information has been offered...Paul
  165. reelconcerned

    any news on the 1:1 ratio on the 50 mak's

    Okuma; any word on the 50 mak's 1:1 ratio or replacement gears for the older 50's...Paul
  166. reelconcerned

    Lacrosse boot rant

    I have the same boot, use shoe goo and repair them your self. All they are going to do is glue the shoe. Save your money...Paul
  167. reelconcerned

    Help- Makaira 16

    Hi Jeff; I followed your trip on BD, looked like the guys did ok. I 'll be departing on the 23rd, but staying on the boat the night before like you guys did. I'll be using my 16sea for the first time also, hope it works ok?. I spooled it with 100lb JB, step with 60yds 130lb JB, 25ft 100lb...
  168. reelconcerned

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Jeff, Thankyou for the up dates, I hope it changes by the next trip. I 'm glad to see the yahoo made a show...Paul
  169. reelconcerned

    Seaguar Threadlock

    My 20sea is spooled with 100#, step with 130lb seaguar threadlock, no problem with inserting line up to 200lb...Paul
  170. reelconcerned

    Long range roommate from hell

    This is old news,worn out, give it a rest. I edited this, I should explain. This remindes me of a bad roommate I had. About 20+ years ago on a well known boat I experienced a roommate from hell. I'll make this short, he was drunk most of the trip, lit up a cigar in the room, I caught him pissing...
  171. reelconcerned

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Donna; Thankyou for the blow by blow reports, It will help me on my Indy trip on the 23rd...Paul
  172. reelconcerned

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    I'm ok with pork, just don't serve "LAMB" for 20+ meals...Paul:)
  173. reelconcerned

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Donna; How are your accurates with the (cal's) special shift botton, I remember you said you would have them for this trip, great option, now you can shift to low....Paul
  174. reelconcerned

    Okuma Customer Service

    Here's some more great service from Okuma, recently purchased a 16(sea), the grip for me was to small, I raked my thumb against the handle, did some research and found out the 20(sea)thru 50(sea) handle and grip fits the 16(sea) perfectly. I sent it to Okuma and within a week I had my perfect...
  175. reelconcerned

    Bellevile Washer Stack configuration for Mak 20 SEA

    I don't know for sure, But look at it this way, you have a 50/50 chance to get it right.
  176. reelconcerned

    2-speed push button for accurate reels

    Jeff; I wondered about that, but I also had it done on my accurates with no problems. Also your short. (18) days and your on a (16) day Indy trip, have a great time...Paul
  177. reelconcerned

    2-speed push button for accurate reels

    I talked to Okuma about the extended shift button. They told me Okuma does not offer that option and if done you would VOID your warranty. It's a great option just do it when your warranty is up...Paul
  178. reelconcerned

    mak's extended shift button

    Warranty issues, Followed up on the extended shift button on the mak's. Okuma states if the option is not available by Okuma then you would void your warranty if done...Paul
  179. reelconcerned

    mak's extended shift button

    Question for Okuma; If I have cal's replace my shift button on my Mak's with the extended button being offered will Okuma void my warranty...Paul
  180. reelconcerned

    2-speed push button for accurate reels

    I love the Idea on the mak's, but with a 5 year warranty and most of the new mak's are less than 5 years old, I would like to hear from okuma if the conversion would VOID your warranty...Paul
  181. reelconcerned

    2-speed push button for accurate reels

    reellady; I had several of my accurates converted to the black (the only color) push buttons by cal's, about 80-100 dollars each. Excellent option...Paul
  182. reelconcerned

    Makaira handle option info...

    Short-range; I contacted okuma, they said the 20,30,50 (sea) models will fit on the 16sea, so off it went to okuma today. Thanks again for the Idea's...Paul
  183. reelconcerned

    Makaira handle option info...

    Thanks short-range...Paul
  184. reelconcerned

    Makaira handle option info...

    I have a 16sea and would like to change the handle and knob or just the knob to the mk 50 handle or knob. Is there a change out to do this...Paul
  185. reelconcerned

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Jeff; I see you have a couple of other BD anglers headed out on the Indy with you, save me some cow's I'm on the Indy after you...Paul
  186. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    darrenforeal; Is the reel 1:1 ratio...Paul
  187. reelconcerned


    I just got my 50/3 avet from chris at pelagic outfitters, he told me that he did get 900 yards of 130lb seaguar thread lock on my reel and still enough room for a short top shot...Paul
  188. reelconcerned

    RP coming in early-filled the boat

    I don't know where you got that info, the Indy and excel has got allot bigger fish hold than the RP.
  189. reelconcerned

    RP coming in early-filled the boat

    I was told the RP has about half the fish hold of the Indy.
  190. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    Jeff, I did a (16) day trip last year on the rooster, used my other tib 50 (1:1), I also set my shift point for high gear, hooked a big one, had the tuna at deep color on the rail for approximately 15 mins, the reel was grinding and working great, then it unbuttoned. It is a great reel...Paul
  191. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    shajcl; Jeff did you use your Tib 50, 1:1 ratio on your Indy trip?....Paul
  192. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    I have (3) mak 50's, I have used a accurate 50wide with a 1:1 gear ratio, on the rail it is a winch, not necesary to pump the rod, just grind. That is why I want to change my mak 50's to 1:1...Paul
  193. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    Jeff, I would love to do a back to back, but I also have a roof to put on my house this year, BUMMER... Paul
  194. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    Jeff, my trip is after yours, post something after your trip and let me know what is working, thanks..Paul . I Also am looking for a converison date for my mak 50's for my trip.
  195. reelconcerned

    Cow reel

    I use a 20sea for 100lb, free spool and drag are as good as it gets...Paul
  196. reelconcerned

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Hi Rick; I'm glad to here about your trip using the 50/3. I just purchased a 50/3 and setup the reel with threadlock 130lb. with the 4:1 ratio for jigging and 2:1 for mid size action and 1:1 for grinding on the rail, I think avet has put together a great big game reel. I'm looking forward to...
  197. reelconcerned

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    I use a jinkai tool and jinkai crimps. I know they are silver but I use a black marker most of the time. I tie a three turn double line uni-knot up to 100lb. I always crimp above that with no failures...Paul
  198. reelconcerned

    Go to wahoo lure?

    I have fished with Rickberg before, he is not lying about welding bar or scrap metal, even a cresent wrench painted flouro. Rick is a very good fisherman and gets results....Paul
  199. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    Your talking about the mak 50sea available first of the year, will the reel have 1 to 1 ratio...Paul
  200. reelconcerned

    What's your favorite thing about long range?

    being at the rail and saying HOOKUP.
  201. reelconcerned

    Mak 50 lower gear's

    Has anyone heard when the mak 50 lower gear change out will be available...Paul
  202. reelconcerned

    Preferred bait hooks for wahoo?

    I use a 2/0, 3/0 solid ring hook, wire won't slip through the eye. not necessary to use a 4x hook, 3x is strong enough...Paul
  203. reelconcerned

    Spooling up my mak 20sea's

    I would use a 16 carrier, seaguar or cortland 100lb hollow for your 20sea, threads alot better. my (2) cents...Paul
  204. reelconcerned

    Does Anyone Else Do This?

    Don't forget sea sick meds
  205. reelconcerned

    Heartbreak on the Spirit of Adventure

    I say atta boy, you still got the big boy in using light line, even without a propeller...Paul
  206. reelconcerned


    thanks Fishybuzz for that info...Paul
  207. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    Thanks Mike for keeping us informed...Paul
  208. reelconcerned

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    I sent a PM today to Mike Bennett about the lower gear for the 50's, nothing back yet...Paul
  209. reelconcerned

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    April 23rd/ may 9th, 16 day on the INDY...Paul
  210. reelconcerned

    Lowest to Water Long Range Vessel?

    The "TITANIC",
  211. reelconcerned

    Independence Sept 7th to 14th Youngs Tackle Charter - Variety Trip

    I love the reports and looking at the back of the INDY with the fish photo's and excellent dinners makes me say HELL YES I'm ready for my 16 day april trip...Paul
  212. reelconcerned

    Help Please....choosing an 80# reel

    mk 16 sea, the best reel out of the box at the best price...paul
  213. reelconcerned

    10 day Long Range trip-rail rod or stand up for 80# set up?

    I have the 16sea and the 20sea, the 16sea would work fine with a seeker 2x4, but I would use the 20sea for the extra line capacity if you get into those larger fish...Paul
  214. reelconcerned

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    Chark bait also has cortland (16) strand, excellent line, not thick like toro.
  215. reelconcerned

    Makaira 15II worthy of 60#?

    I spool my 15's with 60lb JB hollow 400yds, short topshot with 50lb, and 60lb, I prefer a sato connection . The reel has plenty of drag...Paul
  216. reelconcerned

    My Next Okuma...

    Hi Conner; I also have a 16sea I recently purchased from pelagic outfitters in New York. I have only use it in my garage but the reel is very strong and smooth. I'll put it to the test in april on my 16 day trip on the INDY. The russian river brewery is a killer place for pizza...Paul
  217. reelconcerned

    My Next Okuma...

    Conner; I have 3, 15sea's, they are a great reel. I would buy the 15sea with the (TDC) drag cam, alot smoother with less drop off of drag...Paul
  218. reelconcerned

    Look what the MK50I did to one of my hooks.

    Mike bennett; Any word yet after the I-cast show on the lower gear change on the 50 size reels...Paul
  219. reelconcerned

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    I know some anglers have issues with the boats mentioned, because of fish processing (ect), I fish the INDY and use five star. I mentioned the option for anglers that might be alittle older or have a disabilitiy. Maybe point loma will look into motorized carts in the future...Paul
  220. reelconcerned

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    I can't believe all the posts about the ramp, yes it is slippery and steep at low tide. Do what other anglers have done, start fishing the royal polaris, shogun,royal star, you don't pull fish at the end of the trip, the crew,red shirts,and processers load your fish into bins and off they go for...
  221. reelconcerned

    Rod for Mak 16

    I matched my 16 with a 7ft 2x4...Paul
  222. reelconcerned

    Which Makira

    David Choate has got it right, 16sea or 20sea, 80lb or 100lb, perfect for flyline sardine...Paul
  223. reelconcerned

    Makaira 16 clamp stud spacing

    I just received my 16 mak , I didn't measure the distance but it fit on the same rods that I use on my 20,30,and 50 mak's perfectly...Paul
  224. reelconcerned

    Rail Rods...which one?

    the seeker rail boss, 80lb to what ever pound line weight is a good choice if your not looking for a custom rod, a bit more weight but your using the rail and alot less money...Paul
  225. reelconcerned

    Makaira 16 SEa

    OK horsey
  226. reelconcerned

    Makaira 16 SEa

    Look under the san diego long range forum, under mak 16(sea) for pictures...Paul
  227. reelconcerned

    Anyone on Indy 13 day Nov 14?

    Dan ,Rick; are you guys booked for the indy next year same time?..Paul
  228. reelconcerned

    Makaira 16 SEa

    Boy that was quick chris...Paul
  229. reelconcerned

    Makaira 16 SEa

    I hope so chris I have (1) ordered with you and I've been looking at a trip for those BIG blue fins in july...Paul
  230. reelconcerned

    Okuma Makaira 50IISEa

    Mike; I have (2) 50s, and (1) 50 wide that I would like the lower gear changed to 1to1, does okuma have a price per: reel for the service...Paul
  231. reelconcerned

    Okuma Makaira 50IISEa

    I called today to okuma about 1to1 ratio on the 50s, they said not available at this time...Paul
  232. reelconcerned

    RP Rocket Launchers

    Thanks for the info...Paul
  233. reelconcerned

    RP Rocket Launchers

    Mexican law states no more than 10 rods
  234. reelconcerned

    Loftus Martin 15-Day on Intrepid

    Ok Rocco give them hell!...Paul
  235. reelconcerned

    Soft Steel and Tony Garza

    Tony, I fished with you on the Indy, I am looking for the 200lb soft steel 1.20 dia, in the 1000meters, remember...Paul
  236. reelconcerned

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    Thanks Min for the reports, I am going out the 23rd on the Indy and your Info really helped in the gear adjustment...Paul
  237. reelconcerned

    Fishing for better grade Tuna with weights

    And remember nose hook baits that you use weights on...Paul
  238. reelconcerned

    Indy questions

    Dave; the rooms and bed's are clean when you arrive. I don't know about extra bedding. As for folding chairs, not a problem, usually when the fishing starts put the chairs away. I'll see you on the boat...Paul
  239. reelconcerned

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    thank's min for the info, I am making some adjustments in gear for my trip that follows you...Paul
  240. reelconcerned

    Q105 follow up

    Scott; very well said...Paul
  241. reelconcerned

    Makaira 16 II

    I just ordered (1) 16 (sea) silver today, from pelagic outfitters, NY. To bad the reel is on back order until later May, not in time for my April 23rd, (16) day trip on the Indy...Paul
  242. reelconcerned

    Q105 follow up

    Jon; My wife was in small claims court that day winning her son's case and your case was before hers , she told me about it since I was lucky to have seen the writing on the wall about the Q-105 and was able to retrieve 3,374 dollars he had of my deposit's for (2), 16 day trips. You won in...
  243. reelconcerned

    Indy is in to some fish.

    Last year in april on the Indy we caught (359), wahoo, limits for everyone, and plugged the boat with tuna. That was one great trip...Paul
  244. reelconcerned

    so who uses gloves?

    I agree with fishybuzz, I use gloves all the time. Paul
  245. reelconcerned

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    the PL68's I have are 12/0, 7691. Paul
  246. reelconcerned

    Makaira 50II SEa

    I can say this, If okuma comes out with a 50wide topless, 1 to 1 gear ratio, that reel will be in my arsenal...Paul
  247. reelconcerned

    Makaira Silver SEa's in Stock, Ready to Ship

    BD"ers, Just to let you know, pelagic outfitters in NY, 631-225-8862 has the silver 20 (sea) in stock, Just picked up (2) for a excellent price 499.99 each, shipping free...Paul
  248. reelconcerned

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    Min, save me some fish, I'll be on the Indy the next trip...Paul
  249. reelconcerned

    TSI 301 oil

    I have used gun scrubber (synthetic), does not harm plastics, cleans and dries fast. Oil I use xtreme reel + micro dry lubricant on spool bearing, works great...Paul
  250. reelconcerned

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    Jeff; your 2014 trip, westcoast again?....Paul
  251. reelconcerned

    Going Long...Which Boat, Which Trip

    Ok Sactotuna I see your back? good to see...Paul
  252. reelconcerned

    whats your favorite mono leader for big tuna

    I use soft steel 100lb and 150lb ultra steel, have caught several large cow's on both, excellent line. The 100lb I think is the same diameter of regular 100lb line, .039, the 150lb slightly larger, ties a great knot...Paul
  253. reelconcerned


    Jeff; I am on the Indy after your trip, use that new 50 tib for that 300lb tuna. now I got you thinking?....Paul
  254. reelconcerned

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    April 2013, (16) day on the Independence January 2014, (15) day on the Independence April 2014, (16) day on the Independence
  255. reelconcerned


    Jim; I have used fishermen's depot, (Moe), at 9836 flower st, bellflower, calif 90706, (562)925-5200. Moe has made several rod"s for me and there outstanding. I have (2) rod's that I am picking up on my way down to san diego for my (16) day april trip on the Independence, 770xxxh cow...
  256. reelconcerned

    Knot's for 100lb + topshot

    Double line (3) turn uni...Paul
  257. reelconcerned

    Fred Hall Long Beach Show

    Thanks David....Paul
  258. reelconcerned

    Fred Hall Long Beach Show

    Does anyone know if okuma will have there mk 16 on sale at the show...Paul
  259. reelconcerned

    Super Seeker 3X5

    If your looking for a rail rod, that is a good choice...Paul
  260. reelconcerned

    Soft Steel Line

    I use soft steel 100lb, 150lb ultra steel that I bought when Burns had it. Great line...Paul
  261. reelconcerned

    j or circle hooks for hoo's ?

    use J hooks 2/0's, don't need 4x hooks, 27lb to 40lb wire, 12 to 18 inchs...Paul
  262. reelconcerned

    Accurate 30T vs. Okuma MAK20IISEA

    I own both reels, excellent all the way. I would buy (2) mk 20's...Paul
  263. reelconcerned

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    I read all the posts, and I like what I read. You guys and gals can fish with me anytime...Paul
  264. reelconcerned

    how do you wash spectra?

    I use the same setup that lew uses for 10yrs, works great...Paul
  265. reelconcerned

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. Late Report

    Jamie; excellent report.
  266. reelconcerned

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    Nick; charkbait, a 15% coupon offering sent to me from charkbait good until Jan 7th, 2013...Paul
  267. reelconcerned

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    I just ordered a okuma mk 20(sea), John told me there toro tamer line you would lose 150yds of line, still needs some refining. I'm spooling with izorline 100lb hollow, 'pricey', but the reel and line was 15% off regular price...Paul
  268. reelconcerned

    Ques re: Cal 12LT

    Darren; The 12lt is a great reel for 60lb. I had a 12lt that cal did years ago, found 24lbs of drag at strike alittle much, and spool capacity challenging on cow tuna. But got bit alot because of the extremely good free spool. (Give and take), that's why the 20(sea), or the 16(sea) would be a...
  269. reelconcerned

    Ques re: Cal 12LT

    Darren, you must really like your 12lt, with the extra money your willing to put in that reel you could buy a okuma 20(sea), or wait until april 2013, and buy the new okuma mk-16, still with the lower gear, and a spool capacity of 600yds of 100lb (JB) hollow...Paul
  270. reelconcerned

    December/May 15 day

    mid november thru april I have had good fishing at HB/ clarion.
  271. reelconcerned

    8 Day Help/Info

    8 day trip, you will probably fish the rocks. mid october/november...Paul
  272. reelconcerned

    Which Reel for a 40/50# Set Up

    I agree!!!
  273. reelconcerned

    Chewed or chafed?

    Circle hooks do help alot when chafing occurs...Paul
  274. reelconcerned

    Intrepid Larry Brown 14 Day: 12/4-12/18 Report

    Excellent report and video, a pleasure to read and watch...Paul
  275. reelconcerned

    Rail Rod for 50 size reel

    3x5 is a perfect rod for the rail for a 50 size reel...Paul
  276. reelconcerned

    Need a little info about Makira 20SEa and 30SEa

    Buy the 20(sea), spooled with 100lb jerry brown hollow, (700)yds. Perfect on a 2x4. That is how mine is spooled, several tuna up to 220lbs...Paul
  277. reelconcerned

    30 size two speed low gear conversion

    I changed 2 mak 30's from 1.7 to 1.3 to 1 ratio, also changed the handle, made a great difference in cranking power. Cal has my acc-50w, changing 1.2, to 1.1 to 1 ratio. I was not aware okuma had the gear to change there 50w to 1.1 ratio. MIke Bennett if your reading this could you verify...
  278. reelconcerned

    Makaira 30IISE

    I have my 20(sea) on a 2x4, 700yds, 100lb (JB). Caught several tuna up to 220lbs. worked perfectly. Also have a 30(SEA), spooled with 600yds, 130lb (JB), also on a 2x4. A 3x5 on this setup would be better , but Worked well on larger tuna for fly line sardine or mackerel in gray light...Paul
  279. reelconcerned

    Makaira 50II SEa

    Mike, I like the idea of 1to1 ratio, either in a harness or rail, the rod pulling up the fish controlled by the crank of the reel instead of the pumping or rocking of the rod I believe there would be a less chance of knot failure or pulling the hook. My 2 cents...Paul
  280. reelconcerned


    I use them all the time, the best swivel made. Make sure the clips stay tight...Paul
  281. reelconcerned

    Suggestions For Makaira Special Color Run

    I like the gun metal...Paul
  282. reelconcerned

    knots v. crimps in 100/130

    I tie up to 100lb, I crimp up from there. I use jinkai crimps with a jinkai crimper...Paul
  283. reelconcerned

    Makaira 16 test

    I need (1) by april. I might have to go to the fred hall show to pick up one...Paul
  284. reelconcerned

    What would you do?

    man you F---KED up, there is always another trip down the road. Get your hand 100%, don"t take a chance...Paul
  285. reelconcerned

    Calstar 760H for Dec 10 day trip

    Since you have the 760h, use it with 100lb (JB) hollow on the 12atd, and the 30atd use 100lb or 130lb hollow on the 770xxh and you should be good...Paul
  286. reelconcerned


    I agree with the 1.3:1. Special edition SEa, how can you go wrong...Paul
  287. reelconcerned

    THAT'S IT!!

    Jim, I don"t know what this is about but I will miss your post"s...Paul
  288. reelconcerned

    The Cal's treatment

    Wahoodad, well said...Paul
  289. reelconcerned


    sold 1,maybe more!!.Paul
  290. reelconcerned


    Mike, thankyou for the response. Looks like I just got in trouble again for my april 2013 trip. By the way, what is the gear ratio's...Paul
  291. reelconcerned


  292. reelconcerned

    Info on Excel's June AHI Trip

    Lou, I usually take a 40lb, 50lb set up, 6 1/2, 0r 7 ft rod for bait and/or wahoo fishing. I have on several times hooked a tuna on 40lb wire, hopefully a small one landing it. Most of the time seeing your one way top shot going goodbye. Between trolling and throwing jigs on 50lb, either with...
  293. reelconcerned


    This is for mike bennett (okuma), when is the mk #16 going to be available, if you respond, would you answer some of the other replies in your response...Paul
  294. reelconcerned


    If you were using a long top shot I would consider rollers. Most anglers now use very short top shots. Anglers now use rollers mostly because they have them. my 2 cents...Paul
  295. reelconcerned

    I need some help

    I have used power pro, to much memory. I prefer Jerry brown hollow or tuf line plus...Paul
  296. reelconcerned

    ROD FOR ATD 12

    The SS2x4 is a good choice, that is what I use on my atd 12's. have the 1.7 lower gear and longer handle, serious mighty mite reel in cow town. I have numerous tuna at the 200lb mark. Spool capacity can be a problem on a long soak...Paul
  297. reelconcerned

    Carry on bags for reels, recommendations wanted

    I use a shimano reel bag, has great padding and wheels with collapsible handle. Small enough for a carry-on and will hold the reels you mentioned. I'm not sure if you can carry-on spectra, I would call to find out...Paul
  298. reelconcerned

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    Mostly cows and wahoo, clarion, maybe HB. Weather can always change, but normally not bad latter Nov, early Dec. The Indy has a great fishing platform and is very stable. mostly 100lb with flouro top shot, 130lb when the bite is good, 40lb, 50lb for wahoo, raiders wired,or flouro works best...
  299. reelconcerned

    Tiburon auto shift reels

    I have (2) tiburon sst-8 that I use for wahoo fishing. They hold more line, better in larger tuna grounds with several in the 100lb range boated. Quality made USA reels...Paul
  300. reelconcerned


    You don't have to bring jigs or troll, fish for cow's, and if you are lucky enough to catch a wahoo on bait, or in your case unlucky enough to catch wahoo, give it to a angler that would love to have it...Paul
  301. reelconcerned

    Booking My First Long-Range Trip

    Mak 30 SEA, has the outer bearings, better for flyed sardines, and has 1.3 low gear, and comes with a (5) year warranty...Paul
  302. reelconcerned


    Good job Rick...Paul
  303. reelconcerned

    Intrepid or Independence

    Take the 12 day trip on the Indy, that distance you want the extra day of fishing time. Both boats are great. Last year in december on the Indy was a good time to fish, I boated a 275lb tuna and never made any part of the jackpots...Paul
  304. reelconcerned

    Mak SE Open Bearings

    I guy's, I'm going to chime in on this one. I have (3) Mak 15's, I bought (3) tournament drag cams (TDC), from okuma. The drag cam is not as steep as the factory cam, allowing better drag on lighter lines. Simple to change. I found the (TDC) an excellent option...Paul
  305. reelconcerned

    What trip are you booked to go on this season?

    Jim, I know you fish the royal star, but we have room on the Indy for you!..Paul
  306. reelconcerned


    I have fished with most of them, my vote goes to Jeff, Mark, Paul, on the (Indy)...Paul
  307. reelconcerned

    What trip are you booked to go on this season?

    booked on the Indy 4/23/2013, thru, 5/9/2013, 16 day...Paul
  308. reelconcerned

    Okuma 20 vs Accurate 600w vs Tiagra 20

    The mk 20, is by far the better reel...Paul
  309. reelconcerned


    I saw a guy on the Indy use that rod just to set his drag, and it broke. And as noted previous that rod has no lifting power. You said you have seeker rods, buy a 3x5...Paul
  310. reelconcerned

    What was your best wahoo trip?

    April 2012, west coast marketing trip on the Indy, 16 day, clarion, HB, 349 wahoo, raider jig tied to 2 feet of 100,150lb, flouro. If you lost the jig it was usually on the sink...Paul
  311. reelconcerned

    One way ticket??

    I fly back from cabo to san diego and usually costs me $200.00, to 250.00. I fly alaska airline. flights are limited, they sell pretty quick, don't wait to long...Paul
  312. reelconcerned

    Okuma - Great service!

    When is okuma coming out with the 16?, is it going to be a se(a), gun smoke, does anybody know...Paul
  313. reelconcerned

    Transporting Frozen Fish

    Erik, Five star holds my fish all the time, no problem. I drive to santa rosa , approximately 10 hrs. I use (5) pounds of dry ice per ice chest. The ice company is (1) block from Five star processing, (1) dollar a pound. During the summer on sunday they are only open 10 am to 12 noon. My fish...
  314. reelconcerned


    Fishybuzz, good note!
  315. reelconcerned


    Mauraders are to expensive for me to use mono or flouro in wahoo country
  316. reelconcerned


    Jim, I just want anglers to fish the lures right, Ha!. I heard your trip on the royal star was epic, good job...Paul Also, Durango show's it right.
  317. reelconcerned

    Is there a light weight cow reel out there?

    Use a okuma MK-20,(SEa) the best little cow reel on the market...Paul
  318. reelconcerned


    It's called a rosco mcmahan snap, #6. Use the snap in reverse, also use black tubing on the snap, it won't open and runs more true...Paul
  319. reelconcerned

    Conventional Reel Opinion

    I have (8) mk's, they are excellent reels. I'm waiting for okuma to come out with a 50 wide topless?, (kite rig) they did it with the 30 wide...Paul
  320. reelconcerned

    Dropper Loop Methods

    Jeff, I like your modified seaguar knot for a dropper loop....Paul
  321. reelconcerned

    Summer 4-5 day yellowtail trips

    Look at the Independence June 3-9, 6 day trip. It's called yellowtail shoot out, Excellent price...Paul
  322. reelconcerned

    Okuma Special Edition Mk-30II SE question

    The new mk30-sea, is a "COW" reel, spool it up with 600+ 130lb spectra, short top shot, go fishing...Paul
  323. reelconcerned

    14 day workout

    Drink alot of beer several weeks before the trip, learn to correct the stumble if you have rough weather.
  324. reelconcerned

    Accurate and Avet Reels Perfect Condition

    They look real good, well maintained, I didn't see a deal like that at the fred hall show. I don't see you having a problem selling them.
  325. reelconcerned

    Accurate 2 speed upgrade button

    I had cal's upgrade (6) of mine for a Dec trip on the Indy, they worked excellent for fish up to 275lbs...Paul
  326. reelconcerned

    What sort of tuna is this ?

    Most people think it's a "elk tuna", but it branches more up top, I'ts a STAG TUNA only found off the coast of New Zealand. Hard to catch, very soft lip, requires Circle hooks!...Paul
  327. reelconcerned


    All my rods have gimbals, like (sactotuna) said, more options...Paul
  328. reelconcerned

    Changing top shots ever day....waste of time/line?

    I agree with David, every big fish, several small ones. David, one week and it's on!!.Paul
  329. reelconcerned

    Replacing "too big" Penns

    Mk 20's, 30's or 50's. Can't go wrong...Paul
  330. reelconcerned

    AVET SDS 50

    With the use of mostly spectra these day's I would go with ringed guides as long as you use a 5 1/2, 6 ft rod...Paul
  331. reelconcerned

    New Okuma Mak.

    Does anyone know if the 50's will be offered in gunmetal...Paul
  332. reelconcerned

    50lb reel

    Another great reel is the tiburon sst-8...Paul
  333. reelconcerned

    Okuma new reels

    I called Daniel at okuma, he said after the fred hall show...Paul
  334. reelconcerned

    SPECTRA - Need advice?

    I have used all of the brands out there, Jerry brown hollow spectra is the only spectra I use now...Paul
  335. reelconcerned

    Okuma news

    Wahoodad, I'm on the rooster with you feb 10th, I have (2) new 30se reels that I'm taking with me, Is it possible to change gears and the handles on the trip, or just the handles?...Paul
  336. reelconcerned

    Cutting trips short....???

    If it's not a mechanical or "hurricane" issue, I say GO FISH. You can always put a limit size that comes on the boat...Paul
  337. reelconcerned


    I remember a thread you mentioned your going to clarion, and possibly HB. You will need some 4x hooks, 5/0, thru 9/0, (J) and/or circle, a dozen of each should be enough. Several large hooks like mustad 10/0, 12/0, (7691) for large baits, chunks (ect)...Paul
  338. reelconcerned

    Spooling Setup for Mak 50 (or 30SE)

    You can spool 600yds-plus of 130lb (JB) on the (50) topless, and the same on the 30se. on my 30se I use 800yds of 100lb (JB). the 30se is one pound less weight...Paul
  339. reelconcerned

    130# on a 30???

    That's correct Tight Lines...Paul
  340. reelconcerned


    Cmy six, The indy on that trip will most likely fish Clarion, not HB, but fishing November at clarion should be real good for (4) day's with quality yft. Don't plan on alot of wahoo...Paul
  341. reelconcerned


    I have fished the INDY since 2005, I have not had a problem with the captain or crew yet. They are top notch all the way. The boat is second to none...Paul
  342. reelconcerned

    San deigo rod builders

    What is that!!! "TIMES" "GOD ZILLION!!!!!!!!!!
  343. reelconcerned

    San deigo rod builders

    Another rod builder is Moe, Fisherman's Depot (custom rods). I have fished with Moe several times on the INDY. I have seen his work, "Quality", I recently ordered (4) 7460 ex-heavy, ringed guides, for my Feb 10th, 16 day on the Red Rooster. His # is (562)925-5200. reasonably priced...Paul
  344. reelconcerned

    130# on a 30???

    If your spooled with 100lb spectra, you splice in 30yds of 130lb spectra, your top shot should be 130lb, not 100lb, unless the 130lb spectra is mostly for larger mono to spectra connections, or your defeating it's purpose...Paul
  345. reelconcerned

    two speeds

    I bring nothing but (2) speeds...Paul
  346. reelconcerned

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    I know Mark was on the Indy 12/10/11, 12 day trip, He brought his exercise bike on that trip, He also brought it once before 2,or 3 years ago. It must work, He boated the 355lb, tuna that trip... Paul
  347. reelconcerned

    the big gear

    If your fishing the(long range fleet) on the kite using 12/0 hooks with squid, I can see 50lbs of drag maybe straight up and down, but flylined sardines using an 80 sure would be heavy at the rail, and using 5/0, 6/0, hooks, if you hooked up, 50lbs of drag you would most likely pull the hooks...
  348. reelconcerned

    JB & Izor Spectra vs Blackwater Dyneema

    Your right Jason, blackwater is very expensive. I have used JB, and Izor for years with great success, excellent price, great product, no reason to change...Paul
  349. reelconcerned

    What crimps do you use?

    I tie 100lb, use jinkai size (Li), alittle longer than (i), 1.04 thru 1.17 for jinkai 130lb thru 150lb, and seaguar 130lb, premier, they hold real good. Also use a jinkai crimper...Paul
  350. reelconcerned

    Which leader gets bit the best

    I use seaguar most of the time, but recently fly lined blackwater 100lb, got (2) tuna, 183lb, 125lb, seaguar 100lb premier broke off once, momoi 100lb flouro, reel good stuff, several tuna at 100lb. my 2 cents...Paul
  351. reelconcerned

    Rollers guides or not?

    I like rollers but with spectra being used mostly with short top shots, I prefer turbo guides on (6) foot rods...Paul
  352. reelconcerned

    Rigging the Kite Outfit

    I know every one has there own way, I use (25) feet (130)lb mono, sato crimped to my spectra, tied or crimped to a escape proof swivel and approximately (6) foot of (200)or(300)lb floro line. Just came back the 22nd on the INDY, Boated a (275)lb, using that type of kite set'up...Paul
  353. reelconcerned


    My 12's last year at clarion got a good work out, the high speed is great for picking up line, but in low was alittle tough on those 150lbers. After that trip I had Cal's change the gears, I really like the 1 to 7 line retrieve in low now. Alot more muscle in a reel that weighs (1) pound less...
  354. reelconcerned


    David!, desk jockey?. Mine have the (30) gears and there great. HA...Paul
  355. reelconcerned


    Well said...Paul
  356. reelconcerned

    Question about 16 day in April on Indy

    Andy, I'll be on the boat 12/10, for a 12 day trip, I have fished the Indy since the boat was launched, The owners, crew,and office (Judy) are the best. As david (Wahoodad) mentioned, your sign in number is your tackle spot number, no hassel rushing to get in line first. April is a excellent...
  357. reelconcerned

    Poll - Small Accurates

    Garry, Not unless you build it yourself. I asked Erick, He said ATD'S only. I would change my Bx2,600'S also if I could...Paul
  358. reelconcerned

    Sato Shifter

  359. reelconcerned

    Sato Shifter

    I have noticed the button on my accurates are alittle bit harder to push than other reels, I think this is a great modification to the atd's. I have a (12) day trip in less than two weeks, Cal said stop on by on your way down, give Erick and me 3, or 4, hours and we'll make the changes. I'm...
  360. reelconcerned

    Sato Shifter

    Thanks Garry, I'll tell the tackle shop they are wrong...Paul
  361. reelconcerned

    Sato Shifter

    Thanks Garry...Paul. I just looked at your last name, someone told me you make crimps out of plastic, is this true.
  362. reelconcerned

    Sato Shifter

    JIM, Is the housing and button plastic or aluminium...Paul
  363. reelconcerned

    RR3 Nov 10-23

    Nice report and pictures, why is jack fishing wahoo with flip-flops, Ouch ?
  364. reelconcerned

    PowerPro Hollow Ace

    Has way to much MEMORY!
  365. reelconcerned


    You guy's are sick, Virginia, It was a whitetail. HA,HA.
  366. reelconcerned

    Accurate ATD 12- in gear when in freespool

    I would contact Matt at accurate website
  367. reelconcerned

    Fishing boots..

    HI Paul, Thanks for the thread, I just ordered a pair, I was surprised they had them in size (14)...Paul
  368. reelconcerned

    Okuma Makaira 30II SE

    Mak 3011se, For fishing live bait, back spooling line, and taking out tangles...Paul
  369. reelconcerned

    wahoo bombs

    I just ordered a six pack, thanks for the post, I'll try them out next month, (5)oz, good price, look real good...Paul
  370. reelconcerned

    What knot to use for tying hook onto 100# or 130# flouro?

    I like the double uni-knot, if one line breaks your still good to go...Paul
  371. reelconcerned

    10 Day Fall Trips

    Everyone got it right about late october. enough about that, I just have to say, What a world series game (6) tonight!!!. Paul
  372. reelconcerned

    Long-Rangers: OPPORTUNITY to Try Before You Buy!

    (Pm) me about the price of the sst 20...Paul
  373. reelconcerned

    Anyone need to sell their late Nov LR trip spot?

    Call the Qualifier 105, I heard they had spots available in november...Paul
  374. reelconcerned

    Indy 10-day Oct. 12-Oct.22

    Excellent photo's and report, I'll be on the Indy december 10th, (12) day, I WANT TO GO NOW!!!!.Paul
  375. reelconcerned

    still more 15 day questions

    If your doing the excel June heat trip, Drop the 80lb set up's, there going to get you in trouble. Have extra 100lb, 130lb, flouro and larger tuna hooks because of sharks. Go have a great time, this way your locked in for next years trip...Paul
  376. reelconcerned


    Larry, welcome aboard the Indy, the boat and crew are excellent. I am pretty sure we will head to clarion, possibly hurricane bank. The last few years this time period has been off the hook for tuna from 100lbs, to 150lb-plus, with an occasional cow.... (sacotuna), to bad your not on this trip...
  377. reelconcerned

    Blackwater FC

    I have noticed with several line makers the same issues. I just use the needle that fits the best into the spectra, sand the line to a point and twist it in tight...Paul
  378. reelconcerned

    It's filling up

    Whoodad, I'm glad your mentioning the trip on (BD), I booked this trip back in may after my accurate Q105, 16/day trip was cancelled. I was looking for a fly/back option, the rooster was the ticket . I mentioned to you before this is the first time on the rooster, I usually fish the INDY, but...
  379. reelconcerned

    Is 100# Seaguar Premier too light for Cows?

    Same as the other post's, I use it on line shy tuna, and also instead of 80lb line. I have caught several sub cow's without a problem...Paul
  380. reelconcerned

    LR rod recommendation

    Hand's down, makaira 10, matched to a calstar 700h, your done...Paul. By the way, I LOVE ALASKA!!!
  381. reelconcerned


    HI Glenn; I talked to your brother alittle while back, he told me you also rebooked the trip again. I've been in contact with JIM, (sactotuna) afew times on this site, he did not rebook this year on the INDY, he returned to the royal star in January, 15day. I'm looking forward to fishing with...
  382. reelconcerned


    #4, know's now, you better listen and not cut off any more anglers!. HAHA.
  383. reelconcerned

    Age limit

    Jim; do you mean last year when we were on the INDY?. BOY THAT WAS AN EXPERIENCE!.
  384. reelconcerned

    Age limit

    I'm pretty sure you need to be 18, without an adult. Check with the landing..Paul
  385. reelconcerned

    Intrepid on them again.

    That's what I say whoodad, just go!, enjoy being out there. My (INDY) december trip, and (Rooster) february trip, is just around the corner. Most likely be at clarion and hurricane bank. Been along wait, COW TIME!!!..Paul
  386. reelconcerned

    Unbelievable Customer Service from Okuma!!!

    Isn't that great!, okuma has got it going in the right direction. 5 year warranty (plus)!!!. I own (4) makaria's, 50's and 30se. Excellent move in the right direction to have hooked up with tiburon's engineers and reel experts like cal sheets.
  387. reelconcerned

    LBFD/Pelagic 7 Day on the Q-105 Sept 3-10, 2011 Full Report

    Thank's for the report and pictures, well done...Paul
  388. reelconcerned

    You have $2800 to spend on a trip....

    fdengine13, Paul Lepore, I am booked on your 2013, Q105 trip, 16 day, I noticed your 2012, trip was cancelled, Is there a concern for 2013?...Paul
  389. reelconcerned

    Techniques for getting past sharks

    On live bait I use a sinker, or anal hook them to get through the surface sharks, if your successful and hook-up, the only way I know of is put some serious boot to them, if you see a shark going for the meal, free- line your fish and hope that works and try again...Paul
  390. reelconcerned

    RR3- Larry Brown/ Wahoodad- Okuma

    Wahoodad, I am booked on that rooster 16/13, trip. Looking forward to fish the rooster, first time on the boat. I have heard very good things about the boat and crew. I like the fly/back option, not offered on the INDY. I Hate GOING UP HILL!!!. Looking forward to meet you...Paul
  391. reelconcerned

    Shimano Talica ll 50

    I have (2), makaira 30se,(2), mak 50"s. I used the 50's last year at clarion for 150lb-plus models with no problems, very smooth drag. I expect the 30se will perform as well at clarion this year. You can buy (2) mak's for the price of (1), 50 talica. Mak's also come with a (5) year warranty...
  392. reelconcerned

    Realistic line ratings and drag settings

    Bill, I set my drags as follows, 100lb line, 24lbs, 130lb,28lbs at strike. when that fish is moving from hook-up I back off another 5lbs to 10lbs of drag, that fish can break you off with no problem, especially when your spool is half gone, your drag pressure doubles. The rule of thumb is set...
  393. reelconcerned

    7 days on the Q105

    Nice report and pictures, I'll be on the "Q" in January, 2013, that's right "2013"!. OMG, this is painful.
  394. reelconcerned

    New Skinny Bombs

    They sure catch the fisherman, they look great!
  395. reelconcerned

    How do I decide on which wind ons to buy?

    Old salt, If your talking about the accurate trip 2011, I was on that trip to, that was a "bummer", I re-booked for 2013...Paul
  396. reelconcerned

    Intrepid Sept.13-21 Video

    I know my trip is in december, and for larger models, but that sure was nice, thanks for the video...Paul
  397. reelconcerned

    Okuma makaira 2 speed reels

    Jim, thanks for letting me know the mak 30se will hold 200yds more on my mak, 700yds is where I stopped...Paul
  398. reelconcerned

    RP 9/17-9/24 Fishing with a Legend

    Very good report and quality pictures.
  399. reelconcerned

    Cabo fly back.

    Like Jim said, the ride from clarion last year in December was flat calm. We were lucky, there was no fly back option on that trip. I usually fly to (SD), Well rested to meet the boat. Alittle more cash, but well worth it if traveling up hill is tuff...Paul
  400. reelconcerned

    Care of fish on the boat

    On the Indy, I mostly see them cut the gills to bleed, and gut wash. The product turns out real good...Paul
  401. reelconcerned

    Circle Hooks

    Outhouse, I use mustad demon ringed circle, mostly 4x, but I mostly fish for cow's. For fish up to 100lb, 3x, hooks would be fine. There excellent hooks, have not broken one yet. Also 5/0,6/0, would be perfect...Paul
  402. reelconcerned

    Red Rooster vs. Excel - June Heat Trip

    I'll say it the way it is, if your looking for June heat fishing, the rooster is full with a waiting list. The excel is just starting that fishing period now. I would book the trip and ensure it for next year. I would book it and get locked in but i'm already on two trips...Paul
  403. reelconcerned

    fly in/fly out?

    Dan, I would fly in on the 4th, there are several hotels next to the landing. One of the hotels, Ramada Inn, 1-619-225-9461, I've used them before the're good. They usually give a discount if you tell them your on a fishing trip. Now about trip insurance, I'm not sure the landing sells...
  404. reelconcerned

    It's almost time!

    Guyrat; I guess he is not a morning person...Paul
  405. reelconcerned

    It's almost time!

    "O" What the hell, Ill jump in, I'm on the Independence December 10th,thru the 22nd. Last year this trip was a smoker on 100lb to 150lb+ tuna at clarion. Also the Rooster Feburary 10th, thru the 26th. I have never fished the Rooster before, I heard the boat and crew are great...Paul
  406. reelconcerned

    Fish and Game Commission Votes to Close Abalone Fishery in Sonoma County

    The red tide killed all the young (abs), They grow only (1) inch a year. I'll bet your looking at years.
  407. reelconcerned

    best reel for yo-yo'ing heavy iron for yellowtail?

    I have used alot of reels for yt, And found that my tiburon sst-8 has excellent line pickup on charging fish. The auto shift makes the fight alot faster. A good reel option when seals and sharks are around...Paul
  408. reelconcerned


    I have accurate 50's, and trx 50's. The accurate is by far a better reel. The accurate is double the money, If that is not an issue, Problem solved. I'm not sure but charkbait had the trx quads on sale. They are good reels, More drag than you need...Paul
  409. reelconcerned

    Helium balloon question

    I would rather you put your cigarette out in your mouth than put it out in the BAIT TANK!!!... Well at least your trying to clean up your act, I'll give you that.
  410. reelconcerned

    Question on Saw Off's and Spectra

    G-spot; Your absolutely correct...Paul
  411. reelconcerned

    Cal's Blueprinting ATD's Why?

    I recently had cal's switch out the gears on my 12's and put the larger handles on. I used the 12's before on cow trips and found the high gear ratio alittle difficult to use. I"ll find out how they work on the INDY in December, 12 day trip...Paul
  412. reelconcerned

    Putting Hooks on a Maurader

    If your going to use a split ring, Only use Owner rings, Very strong..Paul
  413. reelconcerned

    avet and cals

    Since I fish mostly for cow's, I like the 50's best. But the 30's, At 24lbs at strike with 500yds Jerry brown 100lb hollow with 80lb or 100lb top shot works well to. What ever you decide, Cal,s does excellent work on avet reels...Paul
  414. reelconcerned

    avet and cals

    I have sent (2) sds50's, (2) ex30's, to cal's. Blueprinting improved the drags 100%, No start up issues or drag fading...Paul
  415. reelconcerned

    HELP.....which 50 size reel for first cow trip.

    Thanks for your input guy's... Paul
  416. reelconcerned

    HELP.....which 50 size reel for first cow trip.

    I have several ATD accurates, Original ones with the short handles, Atd 30, ATD 12's. Hard to pick up line in cow town. Had cal's change out the handles and gears on the 12's, Made a hell of a difference. Now back to my point. Your b2- 30, and 50 I believe have a 2.0 low retrieve. I have talked...
  417. reelconcerned

    Securing FC Threaded Into Hollow Core

    Sato crimp, 40lb to 60lb use (1) crimp, 80lb and up use (2) crimps, approximately (2) inches apart and glued. Remember you want knotless conection.
  418. reelconcerned

    internet on the long range boats

    I am looking into the "delorme" (2) way satellite gps text messaging unit coming out in October this year. Check it out on the web...Paul
  419. reelconcerned


    Mike; I use to tie a uni-knot connection, Solid to mono, Worked for years, only a few failures. Started to ask questions just like you. You can learn alot from the seasoned long range fisherman and crew. My connection now is Jerry Brown spectra (hollow), Sato system with (2) crimps 80lb and up...
  420. reelconcerned

    80 lb Hollow to 80 Lb Floro

    Tightlinemike; If i'm in those 80 to 100lb fish, I like using 60lb flouro with 80lb hollow. I get bit 50% more. My biggest tuna on 60lb was about 150lb, Handled it without a problem. threading 80lb in 80lb hollow, I do it all the time...Paul
  421. reelconcerned

    Cow rail setup plz help

    ABCD; If your fishing for cow's, Fish nothing less than a mak20, 100lb jb, 100lb topshot Approximately 25 feet, And a 2x4 or something close. The mak20 is extremely well built with very smooth drag.
  422. reelconcerned

    Flourocarbon Top Shots with Jigs

    I know the tackle shops love that idea.
  423. reelconcerned

    Flourocarbon Top Shots with Jigs

    Tightline your correct in most part, I don't use flouro on any of my jigs, especially fishing wahoo. I know people say they get bit alot more on mono or flouro, But I use wire, I like landing the wahoo I hook not losing the (5) or more before the bite is gone. That's my opinion..Paul
  424. reelconcerned

    Am I ready???

    November is a good time to fish a 10 day trip, A variety of fish and 'GOOD' possibillty of COWS. Bring some (4x) Hooks , Circle and J, 6/0, thru 9/0. Enjoy your trip...Paul
  425. reelconcerned

    Two speed or not 2 Speed

    Most boats will loan you a 2-speed, Just pay for the line..
  426. reelconcerned

    Hooks with solid ring vs. Loop knot

    Mike; I use ringed hooks and tie a double uni knot. On 130lb and up I crimp. If you do not crimp, Use a Joe Miller knot. A miller knot is not as bulky, But very strong...Paul
  427. reelconcerned

    Need a Cow Tuna Reel

    The quads are good reels, But for the same price I would buy the makaria 50. Alot smoother drag and as strong.
  428. reelconcerned

    Spooling up

    Tightlinemike; I think on your (5) Day trip , I would stay mostly with #30 and #40 pound line with flourocarbon topshots for bait, Bluefin have been line shy, albacore I use #30lb unless there off the hook, Then I bump up. Yellowtail, Jigs or bait, use #40, or #50. Enjoy your trip...Paul
  429. reelconcerned

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    Ive been told That if your passport was going to expire within (6) months they can deny entry. I would check before going.
  430. reelconcerned

    7-Day Independence Trip - Alijos/Cedros/Offshore

    Great read, The INDY is a excellent boat and crew. I'll be on it in December, (12) day, Can't wait.
  431. reelconcerned

    Best Wahoo Bomb reel?

    I know this is a late post, But if your throwing bombs and using bait for wahoo, I really like my tiburon SST-8. The auto shift is great for charging wahoo.
  432. reelconcerned

    Tackle Shop

    IF your fishing out of fishermans landing, The best place is charkbait at rosecrans and midway, Only a mile or two from the boats.
  433. reelconcerned

    World Record Fish

    I have fished the long range fleet for alot of years, Mostly for cow's, I have not seen yet a person that has boated a cow that did not use a crew member to briefly go around another fisherman, under, get a line off you, go around the bow if your straight up and down, particularly if your on the...
  434. reelconcerned


    I thought about electric carts years ago, But never thought it would happen. Great idea!. One deck hand operating the cart ,All the fisherman sorting the fish on the cones. Alot faster unload.
  435. reelconcerned

    Long Range and Chunking

    Gary ; I just read Jeff's post, He is right on the money about how to hook chunk bait's. Mustad perfect circle, and spro swivels, (550)lb. Not because you need that much strength, Because spro swivels are so strong in smaller sizes you want the eye on the swivel to be approximately the same...
  436. reelconcerned

    Avet Pro EX or Okuma Makaira

    I have (2) makaira 50's, and sds 50's. Both are excellent reels. The makaira has a better drag out of the box. The sds has startup issues out of the box. I had to send the sds to cal's to change from dry drag to wet to solve that problem.
  437. reelconcerned

    Long Range and Chunking

    I love chunk fishing, You know when your bit, CHUNKS DON'T SWIM...
  438. reelconcerned

    Braid "Blade Runner" for Long Range?

    IT would seem there is quite alittle information about these lures, Mostly negative. They do not troll straight and tangle the troll team. They were on sale, They caught me!!. Back to the marauders, Thanks tight lines...Paul
  439. reelconcerned

    Braid "Blade Runner" for Long Range?

    I bought 3, as pictured. I will be using them on the Indy in december. I plan to use the 5 foot slot for the troll. We will see..
  440. reelconcerned

    Big Game Hollow (Any Good)

    I have berkley line and broke it several times. It could have just been me, But now only use it for sewing and tying my wife's plants up. JB is the only way to go.
  441. reelconcerned

    Kite reel/double trouble rigs

  442. reelconcerned

    Kite reel/double trouble rigs

    Nevertrippin; most long rangers use 50w's for kite fishing, And topless designed reel's for flylining baits. The wides do hold more line, But fishing the rocks, 130lb spectra 500YDS should be fine with a 40 foot 130lb leader to a swivel, And 5 feet of 200lb line doubled as a sardine leader...
  443. reelconcerned

    Tib SST Reels

    Tight lines; Thanks for the in-put, I'm looking forward to putting it to the test...Paul
  444. reelconcerned

    June Heat 2011 aka Shark F%*k Fest pt 1

    Excellent report, And photo's. I'll be down there december on the INDY,and the Rooster in feb. I have had shark problems before down there, But not like I saw in your photo's. I hope they mellow out when I'm there...Paul
  445. reelconcerned


    Jim; I use mustad and vmc hooks, I like both. If your looking for mustad 3x, or 4x, fishermans landing has both...Paul
  446. reelconcerned

    What's Your Choice for 130# Outfit?

    Jim; I owen 2, makaira 50's, smooth and strong drag.I spooled them with 600yrds of 130,JB hollow and a short top shot. I have several tuna over 150lb on them with no problems.The calstar rod you mentioned is an excellent choice...Paul
  447. reelconcerned

    Tib SST Reels

    The 8, Is an excellent reel, The new one. One of the post's mentioned having a 50 tib. I recently purchased one for my cow trips later this year, People I have talked to say they are great, Have any pros or cons about them.. Paul
  448. reelconcerned

    First Indy trip 12/8-19

    Jim; I was on that trip,Room C, and your right, It was drunk and loud. Bob and glenn carter and I re-booked the same trip.That same group move to another trip. Your bunky Joe moved his trip to november. Did you have a good tag trip on the royal star?... Big Paul.