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  1. Cy Bodden

    Online version of Mexican wristbands?

    Annual can be purchased online.
  2. Cy Bodden

    foam cannon / lance

    I used one that had a bigger container. hated it. the top would pop off. chemical guys. ordered the 20 something one on amazon smaller cylinder works great with pressure washer. I still use a bucket with a little soap to rinse brush of debris.
  3. Cy Bodden

    Offshore Offshore Wed 6/8

    Awesome. Did better than us with the spreader bar
  4. Cy Bodden

    Stabilzed Fishing Binoculars

    I do like my Frasers.
  5. Cy Bodden

    Best deal you ever got…

    Seeker CEX Ulua uncut $100 in 2016 Tranx 500 200$ from Florida
  6. Cy Bodden

    2nd Kite/Spreader Bar Reel Options?

    I went with a Penn Visx 50 as secondary, then went bigger an 80 for the line capacity just in case you want to drop it further back
  7. Cy Bodden

    Boat US or Sea Tow.? Better fir me?

    Boat Us will add a rider to Punta Banda at no cost. Furthest I would go in my 2320
  8. Cy Bodden

    Boat US or Sea Tow.? Better fir me?

    if you have boat US/Geico boat insurance on the water tow is included.
  9. Cy Bodden


    I use the ACR bivy. I like the rollover for credits to text. Also uses iridium network
  10. Cy Bodden

    Enhanced Driver License

    it is not the re-entry to the US but the entry into Mexico to purchase a Visa.
  11. Cy Bodden

    Best Route Towing a Boat San Diego to Monterey ?

    upgrade your towboat to include the trailer membership. when I towed longer distance, I carry better jack 2 spare tires, 2 hubs,tub of grease, and a handful of nuts. Also a piece of 2x8 incase of soft sand.
  12. Cy Bodden

    Sirius XM Fishing Maps

    I used the sst while on the water. it was put me in areas by myself and it worked especially with water edges. the recommendation portion eeegghh haven't followed it.
  13. Cy Bodden

    WTB 150# or 200# braid 800+ yards

    I have white j-braid 150
  14. Cy Bodden

    Seeking: Rod Label Maker

    research decal waterslide rod building
  15. Cy Bodden

    WTB Calstar 90j

    Call Kens Custom in Oside.
  16. Cy Bodden


  17. Cy Bodden

  18. Cy Bodden

    Seeker 1x3 Purple glass

  19. Cy Bodden

    Not fishing related-Homeowners insurance

    best bet is to get a local broker who knows which companies can carry in your area of Escondido.
  20. Cy Bodden

    Haha I can see that grumpy face in the background. I called my mom "where's dad?Fishing". He...

    Haha I can see that grumpy face in the background. I called my mom "where's dad?Fishing". He wasn't the lucky stick today.
  21. Cy Bodden

    Flying fish on the kite

    If you have a boat yes. Kite, balloons, helium, dead flyers, and a extra gaff.
  22. Cy Bodden

    I would say more.

    I would say more.
  23. Cy Bodden


    You have always been kind to me and my family every time we spoke. Thank you.
  24. Cy Bodden

    How do you store rigs?

    I use 8 mil zip lock bags for my pre-rigs amazon
  25. Cy Bodden

    Read if you have AAA for RV Towing (and boat trailer)

    boat us towed my trailer and boat from mission bay to Escondido. Covered. tow truck driver says it would have been $1800.
  26. Cy Bodden

    Permatrim worth it ?

    I had one on my 2016 2120 with a 175 night and day. On plane a lot faster. my 2320 has one as well
  27. Cy Bodden


    Thanks Jerry.Skin of my chinny chin chin!
  28. Cy Bodden

    Trailer help....

    I have the same issue. when hooked on the ramp the bow would be on the roller snug but the ow eye would be 6 inches away from the roller. I would have to wrench it up about 2" away. haven't found the fix though
  29. Cy Bodden

    Transducer installer

    I have the hole saw and the wrench
  30. Cy Bodden

    Got my tower !!!

    curious as well
  31. Cy Bodden

    rod building

    if just black tuna cord Squidco usually has it. if you want the rainbow of colors Atwood as mentioned above.
  32. Cy Bodden

    Buckboard guide on

    PMs Replied
  33. Bunkboard guide on

    Southern California Bunkboard guide on

    Smith bunkboard guide ons. Brand new 30$
  34. Cy Bodden

    Buckboard guide on

    Cy Bodden submitted a new listing: Buckboard guide on - Buckboard guide on Learn more about this listing...
  35. Cy Bodden

    Second annual Christmas light rant

    I gotta a new Christmas light.
  36. Cy Bodden

    Clemens vs renzetti rod lathe

    Yeah I went to Home Depot and I think the one for the pedal is without the ground
  37. Cy Bodden

    Transducer precision collar

    I believe the collar that airmar provides is for a steel hull insulation.
  38. Cy Bodden

    Offshore Where the bluefin are not at least for me

    Was at tanner on Sunday. Left 2am out of Oside smooth as can be. Let my buddy take the wheel just about turning at Clemente woke up to wind and washing machine conditions. Tried the east and south end, smaller packs for sure.. No bites on the kite, called it around 2:30. We burned 130...
  39. Cy Bodden

    Diesel bladder

    Tom, how many gallons are you taking.Have you made the run before? Just ordered a 50 gallon bladder and changed my prop to a 4 blade.
  40. Cy Bodden


    Try ushiP . A lot of those guys are going back and forth and may be able to throw it in the back of their rig after dropping off a boat.
  41. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 542 Reel

    Trini more mono
  42. Cy Bodden

    Bait tank and pump

    I have a 65 gallon tank and use Jabasco Cyclone low pressure
  43. Cy Bodden

    Sent a PM

    Sent a PM
  44. Cy Bodden

    WTB talica 12ll

    Cy Bodden submitted a new listing: WTB talica 12ll - WTB talica 12ll Learn more about this listing...
  45. Cy Bodden

    Southern California WTB talica 12ll

    Line not needed Scratched is ok
  46. Cy Bodden

    Islands 6/12 Coronado Isl Rescue

    I heard it was a medical issue and he was taken by helicopter
  47. Cy Bodden

    Looking for white Atwood butt cord 1/16

    for a turks head or a whole rod? I have some
  48. Cy Bodden

    Help with installing Navionics

    usually the micro sd is in the sd card is the reader. just pull it out
  49. Cy Bodden

    Thru hull transducer location

    let me know if you still want the airmar wrench and the hole saw
  50. Cy Bodden

    Thru hull transducer location

    One down one to go
  51. Cy Bodden

    I should be done this week. So let me know or I just pass it along for the $40.

    I should be done this week. So let me know or I just pass it along for the $40.
  52. Cy Bodden

    Transducer wrench for Airmar SS175

    ill take it! sent a message
  53. Cy Bodden

    Radar mount or not?

    I ordered a
  54. Cy Bodden

    send me a message still want to buy 4 you should have my number in your messages

    send me a message still want to buy 4 you should have my number in your messages
  55. Cy Bodden

    The hollow while in the air will have more drag.

    The hollow while in the air will have more drag.
  56. Cy Bodden

    Hotel Suggestions, Seaforth Trips?

    Hyatt Mission Bay is walking distance
  57. Cy Bodden

    BoatUS Huge Membership Discount

    You can still buy it and they will add the 12 months
  58. Cy Bodden

    are these available still? extended version

    are these available still? extended version
  59. Cy Bodden

    Auto pilot hose and fitting kits.

    yeah straight at the helm was how I installed it
  60. Cy Bodden

    Auto pilot hose and fitting kits.

    basically....the fittings to the pump was the part I couldn't find, but that kit looks good
  61. Cy Bodden

    Best price on Reliable Kill Bag?

    call them they are family owned. Just tell them you missed it and if they will have mercy on you
  62. Cy Bodden


  63. Cy Bodden

    Best price on Reliable Kill Bag?

    there was a coupon for st paddy's day as well 20% off. check insta
  64. Cy Bodden

    Vacuum Sealer at Costco, anyone heard of this company before?

    Bought my dad one through Costco about a year ago. First one was busted. Shipping 60 lbs UPS will do it every time. Returned it to the store, ordered a new one online again, dad likes it.
  65. Cy Bodden

    Fishdope discount code?

    I read that differently? Wow! JK PapaJ:gay:
  66. Cy Bodden

    Reliable fish kill bag 20 x 48

    I think the coupon code is Fred20. Just bought the cow tuna bag
  67. Cy Bodden

    Where are the sales in OC/LA?

    Fisherman Landing ====sorry just saw oc/la
  68. Cy Bodden

    VISX 50 Silver New in BOX

    maybe they need a pic. Just picked one up. Going to spool her up
  69. Cy Bodden

    2019 Parker 2320 For Sale By Owner

    It was in the bench seat when I saw it on boat trader or the Parker FB page. I believe the person who bought the boat is selling the unit here on bd
  70. Cy Bodden

    Bolt Cutters to keep onboard

    they are small and cut through hooks and rings on jigs
  71. Cy Bodden

    Looking for Harnell/Harrington Help
  72. Cy Bodden

    Anal Rona

    today its AMC movie
  73. Cy Bodden

    Clemens vs renzetti rod lathe

    When I got mine a few years ago My first rod was a Ulua, Was shocked it wouldn't fit. Called up and they sent me new jaws. I can't remember her name but she was super nice.
  74. Cy Bodden

    How Honest is COSTCO?

    Multiple times would be more than once. I shop at Costco at least once a week. Sometimes twice. And yeah if I buy my kids clothes there and they don’t fit I return them. Anything else?
  75. Cy Bodden

    How Honest is COSTCO?

    No..Ive just been there standing behind them when they return it. Straight rancid when they open the bag. Saw it happen twice.
  76. Cy Bodden

    How Honest is COSTCO?

    The worst return I've seen is Salmon. They eat half and return it cause it smells weeks later. WTF. Seen it multiple times...Free Salmon dinner I guess. If Im ever homeless Im saving up for a Costco Membership..:rolleyes:
  77. Cy Bodden

    If you could only have ONE

    9ft UC Del Mar
  78. Cy Bodden

    Contractor to Building

    Im in Escondido looking for a Contractor to bid on building a Granny Flat/ADU. Could turn into a 2.
  79. Cy Bodden

    Blue Water Tackle - Solana Beach

    I thought I heard he passed
  80. Cy Bodden

    New 2020 Parker 2120 with West Coast Style Bait Tank Mod

    I know Kevin had the idea and when he completed it, wow! Its what the factory should be doing. Awesome boat!Congrats! I loved my 2120.
  81. Cy Bodden

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    I buy ice from Restaurant Depot 20# 1.83$
  82. Cy Bodden

    lets settle this once and for all

    Rap a la Ra pa la ?
  83. Cy Bodden

    Kites and stuff

    if you can get to tanner/cortez blowing up literally
  84. Cy Bodden

    Which Magazine?

    Everything said above and you can add the Bight.
  85. Cy Bodden

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    that might explain my trailer ball hanging on by 1 thread.
  86. Cy Bodden

    Any Realtor here? Temecula area.

    Showed house all day in Temecula/Murrieta today!
  87. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Trinidad 16DC $1,200

    same price if in same condition. I think I like my 16 better than my 20
  88. Cy Bodden

    Need Starboard Material for Project

    MGM plastics. San Marcos. They also do fiberglass repairs.
  89. Cy Bodden

    harnell catalog?

    724 and 542 are probably the most sought after then the 540 and 552. not sure of the tip and butt size of 722
  90. Cy Bodden

    Weather off shore this weekend...

    They have been almost worthless
  91. Cy Bodden

    2016 Parker 2120

    bumpy. cause it was at SCI on Monday.
  92. Cy Bodden

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    I need to get back in the office this working from home is more expensive! First day of Corona (Waiting at my desk to be sent home) I buy a Trini 20 DC. The rest of the List (from memory) Simrad WM3 (Sirus Weather) UC Reaper UC Viper UC Raptor 2 TRini 40n Trini 16 DC Lexa 400 Fraser S250...
  93. Cy Bodden

    Offshore BFT hook up, but lost

    We were in the same area yesterday as well, same heartache. We had 2 eruptions for misses and then the 3rd we were on after 20 mins unbuttoned about 12 cranks from the boat.
  94. Cy Bodden

    Which crimps are you useing?

    I have used Catch All .com. Also my preference is the double barrels. I can check for fit easier.
  95. Cy Bodden

    Go Get a GoPro Hero 8 Black at Costco! Why?

    Go pro batteries do not last long. That's why you buy a few. Try recording a 4 k video from your phone for 20 mins and see what happens. It will be hot and battery will be depleted. I had the 8 ended up returning because I need the max for virtual tours. The max is a fun camera but still trying...
  96. Cy Bodden

    Reel Clamp for Large Grip

    Tiburon and go to Home Depot get some longer SS screws. And some grease to the lugs
  97. Cy Bodden

    25 CC for sale

    Pray for a speedy recovery for your girlfriend.
  98. Cy Bodden

    Rosecrans Roadblock

    I thought the traffic was for the Military Heroes Festival Drive with the ROCK Church
  99. Cy Bodden

    Favorite sun hoody?

    Fishworks. The hood where it meets the shirt is gapped instead of V.
  100. Cy Bodden

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    I use slate wall for shelving and hooks. Works great for jigs
  101. Cy Bodden

    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    get something with a 3 car. one side just for your gear
  102. Cy Bodden

    2016 Parker 2120

    bump cause I didn't catch anything yesterday
  103. Cy Bodden

    2016 Parker 2120

    Aren’t we all.
  104. Cy Bodden

    2016 Parker 2120

    Thanks Papa J
  105. Cy Bodden

    2016 Parker 2120

    Titan is a full-size truck you could pull it pretty easy. I want to say it’s 3600lbs. I’ve never had to use 4x4 and I drive a Sierra 1500. Slow and steady up the ramp.
  106. Cy Bodden

    2016 Parker 2120

    2016 2120 Parker For Sale Was a dream boat for me but some other priorities have to come first. I have taken care of this boat since day one and have installed a top of the line electronics package. I have taken her to the 60 Mile Bank to the back side of San Clemente Island. It has...
  107. Cy Bodden

    Boat seats and pedestals for sale!

    Are you still selling pro pedestals?
  108. Cy Bodden

    Fraser Optics Options

    I have a pair on order, I’m at a month this coming week. I chose them because of the difference in warranty and I think a pound in weight. Drawback I think is the batteries AA and the other is cr-123.
  109. Cy Bodden

    Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS1440

    Good luck out there tuna twins!
  110. Cy Bodden

    Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS1440

    Tick tick tick tick boom 💥 Schedule pickup today
  111. Cy Bodden

    if it falls thru I will let you know.

    if it falls thru I will let you know.
  112. Cy Bodden

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    bought some garlic olive oil for a quick rub down.tried Kinder's seafood blend wifey and kid loved it on the grill
  113. Cy Bodden

    Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS1440

    Will be selling my Stabis. Bought new in Jan 2017. Putting this out there now as I wait for New Binos to arrive. Will take actual photos today. Price $850 Will include Case, Polarized Lens Filters, Lens adapters, and 4 batteries. From the manufacturer The TECHNO-STABI Series offers a...
  114. Cy Bodden

    Starting a 2320 Build

    I have a 2120. 2 trips out with the permatrim has given me a better ride. I also took the bench out and added a yeti 160. Autopilot if in the budget
  115. Cy Bodden

    Bloodydecks gear review

    That sucks, I had the same thing happen 2 weeks ago with a brand new dexter. I got a set from my neighbor that were sharp as a butter knife and 25 year old they never rust.
  116. Cy Bodden

    AC Plier Holsters - great!

    Ordered one for my dad for fathers day, should receive tomorrow.
  117. Cy Bodden

    Offshore Coronados Sick Wide! Mission Belle with 60+ yellows

    66 is a great score with the quality of the islands. and no one is carrying that large of a load these days. Pre El Nino days 66 for 50 guys would fill reservations
  118. Cy Bodden

    Question for you defiance owners I’m a newbie

    call the dealer. not sure who that is anymore.
  119. Cy Bodden

    2 Perko Rod Holders & 3 pumps

    ill put myself in line. in Esco
  120. Cy Bodden

    Rioters are cheaper than protesters? WTF!!

    The only thing I have seen is the guy at the autzone with the umbrella.
  121. Cy Bodden

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    Downtime if you get it in October. renew at Fred Hall and they will tack it to the end of original end date. Basically prepaying for your next year with 0 loss of time. the gold membership at the Show was 99$.
  122. Cy Bodden

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    Yes, because like you said $250 is not going to go very far. also here is the main portion for us who travel to Mexico (Coronado) THIS ENDORSEMENT CHANGES THE POLICY. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. MEXICO COVERAGE Permission is granted for navigation of an “insured boat” in the coastal and inland...
  123. Cy Bodden

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    I was just looking at my policy yesterday. So on my policy im covered for $250 2x's a year. BoatU.S. COMMERCIAL TOWING AND ASSISTANCE Under SECTION IV – COVERAGES, B. COMMERCIAL TOWING AND ASSISTANCE, the following is added: If there is an amount shown on the Declarations Page for COMMERCIAL...
  124. Cy Bodden

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    AAA coverage for Mexican waters is iffy. They didn't have a rider to say I was covered in Mexican waters. The policy was open to interpretation of how many times I fish in Mexico which could be every weekend. Boat US has a rider that includes Mexican Coast and Waterways. And the coverage for...
  125. Cy Bodden

    San Diego full day boats $200

    For the private boaters on here there will be affects on our side most likely. Everingham collects a percentage of each boat that goes out. If that total gross goes down it has to come from some where else. The more the sport boats fill and go out keeps the scoop prices for us down. At full...
  126. Cy Bodden

    Referrals for Bottom Painting

    Looking for any suggestions for bottom painting. Im in Escondido so SD county preferable.
  127. Cy Bodden

    BF Mexico
  128. Cy Bodden

    Fishing license Mexico online?

    Yes you can. Visit and Just renewed licenses and biosphere permit on Monday. Just make sure you save the file if you lose it to reprint.
  129. Cy Bodden

    Complete kite set up tutorial 5$ a month for a bunch of so cal fishing videos including the kite and setup.
  130. Cy Bodden

    Covid-19 and an FMM

    SAC has all the links. If you are needing translation use Google Chrome has a built in translator.
  131. Cy Bodden

    Coronado Islands 5/11

    no Not at launch or retrieve. Oh yeah not my buddy ah fished with my Grandpa.
  132. Cy Bodden

    Coronado Islands 5/11

    Went out with a buddy on his boat (18ft Center Console) SI lot was empty at 0700. It was windy on the way out with some chop. Started at North Island and didn't see much on the up and down while trolling rapalas. Ventured across the middle grounds to south island and saw zippo going across...
  133. Cy Bodden

    Simrad NSS Evo3 & Radar

    Papa J is a good dude. He noted "feelers for interest "
  134. Cy Bodden

    Simrad RPU-80 medium capacity autopilot drive unit install location?

    This is where I installed it on my 2120
  135. Cy Bodden

    Fuji HB, HN guides question, plus guide sizing question

    Most transition from larger to smaller with more of the smaller guides being used. ex: 20. 16 12 12 12 10 10 10 10
  136. Cy Bodden

    Fuji HB, HN guides question, plus guide sizing question

    Look at the pinned threads to this forum. Rod spacing calculator. It comes pretty darn close after static testing. move guides as needed.
  137. Cy Bodden

    Please Delete from here

    Super clean boat! GLWS
  138. Cy Bodden

    BGE, Kamado, or Costco knockoff?

    Im a BGE guy. Slow and low or fast and hot. I will say the accessories do add up. Just bought the wok accessories to make stir fry. Family loves the pizzas.
  139. Cy Bodden

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    I guess you don’t have the original photos?
  140. Cy Bodden

    Guide Spacing on UC Del Mar 1000?

    I still use acid rods spacing calculator. It comes pretty darn close after static testing. Its a good starting point.
  141. Cy Bodden

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    I appreciate the info provided as it is hard to get real world step by step symptoms. I was told by my provider that no fever no cough and no traveling out of the country then no test. I called in because I had scratchy throat and weird back and side pains which some have said that is a...
  142. Cy Bodden

    Online ordering

    FYI Just read an article that states the virus survives 2-3 hours on a copper penny, 24 hours on cardboard and 2-3 days on stainless steel. Interesting since a UPS driver here in SD was positive.
  143. Cy Bodden

    First Shimano 20DC

    I have a 9 and a 10. Right now the 9 is my go to rod. I like the action casting and the bend when pulling on fish.
  144. Cy Bodden

    First Shimano 20DC

    Finally was able to purchase a Shimano Trinidad 20DC. Attached to a UC Del Mar 900 and tossed a few in the street. Pretty cool to hear it hum.
  145. Cy Bodden

    Best Fuel Stabilizer

    Techron Marine..60$ a gallon
  146. Cy Bodden

    Snapped Antenna Help

    I switched also to a morad antenna, but yes a stainless steel mount
  147. Cy Bodden

    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    Maybe not as important but cell phone service can go to pooh
  148. Cy Bodden

    Gonna Try the Kite This Season

    I think the bob lewis kite is the go to or the SFE for light wind and is a little easier to get up. I've heard the Aftco needs a little more wind. also just use rubber bands, no need to tie loops in your spectra.
  149. Cy Bodden

    New format bonus

    If viewing from your iPhone. Settings> accessibility > display & text size > classic invert
  150. Cy Bodden

    Chamber Vacuum Sealer thoughts and advise

    Ive had mine for over 3 years, have not had any problems. I use it daily, just change the oil every year. I did get mine during a blackfriday promo directly from VacMaster Facebook page, but this year I was checking them out again to get my dad one and they have gone up in price a lot. Almost 20%.
  151. Cy Bodden

    Mexico Fishing License

    Not sure. I know the process for them has gotten harder since the office in SD closed and they literally fly down to MX to purchase licenses.
  152. Cy Bodden

    Mexico Fishing License
  153. Cy Bodden

    Talica 12II - Change Line or Switch to a 16II

    If spooled correctly, it should not dig in itself. With a line winder you can make it rock hard.
  154. Cy Bodden

    Not many fishing reports for 12-2

    Maintenance time, Liberty and The San Diego done for the year. Grande tried to go out and not enough heads to go out.
  155. Cy Bodden

    2120 replacement helm

    Not my boat, but I believe this is the one being referenced to. vipertom old boat
  156. Cy Bodden

    Shurhold Boat Cleaning Brushes and Gaff

    4th im in Escondido and work in Sorrento Valley
  157. Cy Bodden

    First time fishing San Diego
  158. Cy Bodden

    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    I’m back...Jaguars
  159. Cy Bodden

    Is this a sport boat?

    Fing horrible.
  160. Cy Bodden

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Can’t find any additional info? CBS LA is saying 5 crew members were rescued
  161. Cy Bodden

    Is this a sport boat?

    34 dead after boat fire near Santa Cruz Island, according to officials
  162. Cy Bodden

    Small boat insurance needs

    I have boatUS (geico) so far so good make sure if you want MX they add in the verbiage.
  163. Cy Bodden

    Full Day Tuna trip?

    They don't get back till about 7-8.
  164. Cy Bodden

    Ulua- 10ft CEX - Pics Added

    is this a blank or a wrapped rod. cause I'm lost
  165. Cy Bodden

    Ulua- 10ft CEX - Pics Added

    don't forget the tip
  166. Cy Bodden

    Increased San Clemente Island Closures

    Iran taking tankers, umm yeah they are preparing.
  167. Cy Bodden

    Airmar Simrad TM275LH-W Transducer

    Have the same duce works great!
  168. Cy Bodden

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    I feel the same pain!
  169. Cy Bodden

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    $50 TIP (good for 10years) $20 biosphere permit (1 year) $42 MX Fishing license (1 year) $112 Total Add $25 per trip per person FMM visa
  170. Cy Bodden

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    Just paid mine. I’ve been some what lucky it’s lowered last 3 years.
  171. Cy Bodden

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Spend 20 for the year and be done with it
  172. Cy Bodden

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    WTF! Seriously
  173. Cy Bodden

    Biosphere Permits?

    No it actually downloads a pdf with your picture. If you didn’t wait you can log back in and should still be there
  174. Cy Bodden

    Epic day on the San Diego

    My dad is still on a high from that trip yesterday. He was prepped to go on the half day. Things change he’s stoked. I packaged it up for him last night. 65 lb and 120 lb.
  175. Cy Bodden


  176. Cy Bodden

    Fishdope VHF Radio

    I've only heard the whale boats.
  177. Cy Bodden

    SD weather?

    5ft at 8 seconds no thanks
  178. Cy Bodden

    Seaforth - The San Diego 05/18

    how prepared you are will increase your chances in catching. I believe the Mission Belle is staying local to the islands for yellows. Grande & Mahalini not sure, San Diego & Liberty are on the BFT but if they pass by kelp with fish im sure they'll stop. All of these boats catch fish. In 36...
  179. Cy Bodden

    Seaforth - The San Diego 05/18

    70-100lb fish on 30-40lb line in 1 day range. Good luck!
  180. Cy Bodden

    AIS requirements

    If you want to know where he goes pay the fare and jump on his boat. Bait, boat, captain included.
  181. Cy Bodden

    406 MHz EPIRB

    and what beer do you drink
  182. Cy Bodden

    406 MHz EPIRB

    where do you want to meet for pick up
  183. Cy Bodden

    Mexican fishing permits at landings

    Roughly. They discount it differently from each landing differently. Ask when you make reservations. I have been on a 1.5 trip and I said told them I had a license they said great it’s the same price wasn’t fair but I wasn’t going to let it stop me. I have not fished a sport boat in 2 years...
  184. Cy Bodden

    biosphere annual pass

    Wow. It’s a pdf just like the fishing license. Save the pdf reprint as needed.
  185. Cy Bodden

    Mexican fishing permits at landings

    Fmm is 28$. (Not the same as crossing land) Daily Mexico license $12 Wristband $5 $45 dolla dolla bills
  186. Cy Bodden

    FMM Visa Fail

    definitely have to turn off pop up blockers
  187. Cy Bodden

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    For the Biosphere web page I suggest downloading Google Translate. There is a camera feature that allows you to point your phone at anything you want translated.
  188. Cy Bodden

    Regulations for children Coronado islands

    Every passenger needs everything you need regardless of age, even if they are not fishing.
  189. Cy Bodden

    Gaff build question
  190. Cy Bodden

    Biosphere Permits?

    That link works. Try another browser. I did not find a English version of the page. I used Google translator on my phone.
  191. Cy Bodden

    Beware this scammer!

  192. Cy Bodden

    Boat transport.

  193. Cy Bodden

    2011 Chevy 3500 Dually

    its dripping from the tailgate as well.
  194. Cy Bodden

    2011 Chevy 3500 Dually

    looks like a fresh wash
  195. Cy Bodden

    Quad Rod Dryer

    Randy @United Composites-USA had some quad dryers for sale.
  196. Cy Bodden

    3/25 on The San Diego

    Wow my Pops looks grumpy no Yellows for him!
  197. Cy Bodden

    Newport tackle swap meet

    Minnies stopped having there parking lot sale because the neighbors complained
  198. Cy Bodden


    Congratulations to you and the new boat owner
  199. Cy Bodden

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    Couple half scoop vouchers for $25 at Friends of Rollo. Wanted the Curado DC sold out. hoodies at Seasons Booth for $20
  200. Cy Bodden

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    Yes I have BoatUS/Geico and coverage to Punta Banda update so I looked into it and yes you can add unlimited on the water tow for $48 to your policy. I also noticed they removed the rider to insure while in Mexico waters.
  201. Cy Bodden

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    As for Vessel Assist with BoatUS/Geico here is the rider in the policy: THIS ENDORSEMENT CHANGES THE POLICY. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. BoatU.S. COMMERCIAL TOWING AND ASSISTANCEUnder SECTION IV – COVERAGES, B. COMMERCIAL TOWING AND ASSISTANCE, the following is added: If there is an amount...
  202. Cy Bodden

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    they tack it on. and its the unlimited saltwater
  203. Cy Bodden

    Tax lien on boat for unsecured property tax??!!

    I think that’s part of why you are paying property taxes. When registered there was a value of a minimum of that loan amount with DMV. That’s the only way I think they are able to figure out what to assess the value as. I’m not a 100%
  204. Cy Bodden

    Tax lien on boat for unsecured property tax??!!

    Is there a loan? When I got the bill for the first year it was exactly 1% of the loan amount, $54,000=$540. 2nd year $500.
  205. Cy Bodden

    3-1-19 a.m. half day

    nice posting on the water
  206. Cy Bodden

    Local YT

  207. Cy Bodden

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    I have purchased it the last 2 years. Hopefully it’s there again. They have been next to the inside WON booth roughly 3rd isle in near
  208. Cy Bodden

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    The Boat US membership is cheap there. Unlimited tow is I think $100. Bought it the last 2 years at the show.
  209. Cy Bodden

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival ?

    definitely time to get to know people while there
  210. Cy Bodden

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    didn't @ez pick 34?
  211. Cy Bodden

    tranx500HG for 500PG

    Came out ok. Some other pics
  212. Cy Bodden

    tranx500HG for 500PG

    My tranx was not equal hopefully yours is better.
  213. Cy Bodden

    tranx500HG for 500PG

    Damn I got teased. Sent me pics thought I found the one and they backed out. :hali_parkutuli:
  214. Cy Bodden

    tranx500HG for 500PG

    I guess we are not a match made on BD.
  215. Cy Bodden

    tranx500HG for 500PG

    I have a PG I believe with 65# fairly new. Im looking for an HG
  216. Cy Bodden

    Recommendations for small private charter out of Newport harbor

    Brandon Hayward Bight Sportfishing I believe one or both of the Parker boats are in Newport (Daveys Locker) perfect boats if you lil man wants to take a break out of the sun.
  217. Cy Bodden

    Weird Request: Anyone with a Parker 2120 or a Defiance 220

    I was in the same boat except I wanted new as possible and found a used 16' in 16' with 15 hrs. was in my budget so I went for it. This is my first boat.
  218. Cy Bodden

    The hate is real

    the only problem with spinners is there will always bee that guy.:-):-):-):-):-):-)
  219. Cy Bodden

    Weird Request: Anyone with a Parker 2120 or a Defiance 220

    I’m in Escondido with a 2016 2120 your welcome to check out
  220. Cy Bodden

    SOldd Price drop-DC Trini 16

    which Harnell and Truline are you looking for?
  221. Cy Bodden

    Boat insurance recommendation

    I have BoatUS 2016 Parker 2120 Yam175 I pay 440 yearly. They do cover down to Punta Banda with an additional rider. I work at AAA and with my discount didn't come close.
  222. Cy Bodden

    Boat Capsize

    I believe one of the fisherman passed away, prayers to his family.
  223. Cy Bodden

    Local island action 12/23

    looks like fun except the antenna part. did that once switched to a morad antenna.
  224. Cy Bodden

    What’s your porn name

    Seductive Tickler
  225. Cy Bodden

    Favorite Saltwater Fishing Mag

    19.95 1yr and 35 for 2 year I still read western outdoor news as well. Its a weekly paper. the bight is great as well.
  226. Cy Bodden

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    do not defrost in bag, remove to a plate with paper towels underneath to absorb blood and moisture. change towels if soaked. (In Fridge)
  227. Cy Bodden

    Sea Adventure 80 reviews? 2.5 day 11/2

    they owned the Sea Adventure which is now the Mustang (technically the original name)
  228. Cy Bodden

    Tranx 500HG. Pics Up!!!

    Yeah I have a 1x3 but I only saw blanks. I haven’t seen a factory wrapped blue. That’s cool though Good luck
  229. Cy Bodden

    Tranx 500HG. Pics Up!!!

    is there a Factory Blue OSP?
  230. Cy Bodden

    2004 Parker 2120 Value

    get an inspection.
  231. Cy Bodden

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Gofund Me automatically raises once the goal is met. Still a business for Go Fund Me. I believe their cut is 10% so if its trending, which it is, it will keep going.
  232. Cy Bodden

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    I can remember one day decided to go on the New Seaforth for the morning run and they wanted to get in on a crazy sandbass bite at the border. They caught up and passed the San Diego who left a 30 mins before us.
  233. Cy Bodden

    Fishing permits for mex?
  234. Cy Bodden

    SOLD Sabre Grafast Custom 540

    these were prototypes for Sabre? trying to find more info on these.
  235. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 540 11ft rod value?

    never seen a Harnell 540 at 11ft. usually 8'6"
  236. Cy Bodden

    Fuck you, fucking fuck Facebook hackers....

    if its to good to be true DoNot Click. Do Not Click POP Ups not even the X to exit. SHUT it down! Disconnect from WIFI and hit the task manager and shut it down. Even on your phone if some pop up comes up shut the phone down. Don't yell at the phone and keep clicking away. Had to train my...
  237. Cy Bodden

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    SAC posted a bit on there facebook page about where to buy in San Diego.
  238. Cy Bodden

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    I believe they talked about on LTH on the anniversary show. I thought they said 4$ a bracelet And Fishermans, PT Loma and Seaforth are going to have them for sale. Also you could buy a few to save for later.
  239. Cy Bodden

    Paddy Poaching - DP read Western Outdoor News. LOLo_O
  240. Cy Bodden

    Alright, Which One of You

    Women are just like fish, if they're legal they count in the sack.
  241. Cy Bodden

    My Parker 2120

    Whatttt. your not coming back!
  242. Cy Bodden

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Parker 2 this is Parker 1. Not sure who he is but we played well together on Saturday outside oSide. Thanks for the hospitality.
  243. Cy Bodden

    Inexperienced boater

    im still new and constantly learning. If you are going to venture further out pick your day with weather conditions if not comfortable don't go. I would also try to buddy boat with other guys if possible.
  244. Cy Bodden

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    I still watch football.
  245. Cy Bodden

    Small jump start batteries

    yep bought 2 on prime day. never used tho
  246. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 and Harnell 542

    If it doesn't sell, I will probably re-wrap them. I don't think its possible to ship regular, probably freight since they are 10ft long. I love my Harnell rods, I have a 540 (8ft) to refurb.
  247. Cy Bodden

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    ill take the patriots
  248. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 and Harnell 542

    I have had these for a while and its time. The 724 needs to be refinished and its a perfect rod all the original labels are intact since it was a factory built rod. $500 The 542 is fish ready. Was originally a blank wrapped by someone else in orange and black not my favorite colors, but it...
  249. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Trinidad 30 & Super Seeker Ulua

    10 #24 stainless steel I believe they are 1.40 for 2-4 screws.
  250. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Trinidad 30 & Super Seeker Ulua

    longer stainless screws for the tiburon clamp. Home Depot stainless. cant remember the thread size. I can reply in the morning with the size
  251. Cy Bodden

    Let's talk VHF radios I ordered one of these after my dumbass forgot to lower the fiberglass shake sphere and hit the overpass
  252. Cy Bodden

    How to solder solid rings

    Just bought this at Lowe’s to start finishing my own rings. You guys provide a lot of info.
  253. Cy Bodden

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    damn should have gotten on the list
  254. Cy Bodden

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    my biggest fear. bought e. coast boat with an ez loader roller trailer. safety chain and winch stays attached. almost forgot the transom straps while backing it down one time.
  255. Cy Bodden

    Motion Sickness Glasses

    What if they worked? I would be the 4 eyed monster
  256. Cy Bodden

    Motion Sickness Glasses Putting this out there for you guys who turns green. For 80$ I would try them.
  257. Cy Bodden

    What all do I need to fish Mexican waters?

    TIP and FMM
  258. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Trinidad or Talica for calstar rod.

    Trinidad or Torium if wanting Shimano
  259. Cy Bodden

    My New Parker build

    is it possible when you have a chance to take a pic and post. thinking of moving mine
  260. Cy Bodden

    recommendation for sunglasses for a guy with a large head!

    in fitted hats size 8 is tight on me. Costa Del Mar "Rincon" I have 2 pairs Maui Jim Haleakala 2 pairs want to try Big Wave
  261. Cy Bodden

    Best setup < $5k - Parker 2320

    Best $5 Ive spent for an app. Set the routes while sitting on the couch synch up and done. Add all my spots where ever im at. By the chip.
  262. Cy Bodden

    Offshore Late Report: Combat fishing on the Liberty 5/4/18

    The deckhand sounded stressed the f-out. "don't tell me how to do my job,you want to do my job, sign up! Free spool!"
  263. Cy Bodden

    Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    I would pay for some of his trips instead of dumping 15k. My dad is retired and I bought a boat but he enjoys the sport boats and still goes on a regular basis. Being retired he misses the interaction with other old timers shooting the shit. Find out whats his favorite boat. Call the landing...
  264. Cy Bodden

    Squid Boat at Catalina May 2018?

    they got squid
  265. Cy Bodden

    Yeti drops NRA

    My new favorite toy.
  266. Cy Bodden

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.
  267. Cy Bodden

    Bloody decks advertising

    Clean your browser/cache out and stop watching so much pornhub. Your computer has an STD!
  268. Cy Bodden

    Overnighter for Rookie 1st Timer

    For some people its the smells that get to them. You can get green before leaving the dock. Sitting at the back rail waiting to head out breathing in diesel fumes and a couple of guys chilling with their Camels can get you. I always suggest not to hangout in the galley as well.
  269. Cy Bodden

    Kicker quick clips

    which one is on the jig? I bought some from Amazon cause they were out a couple weeks ago
  270. Cy Bodden

    Boat Loan Advice

    I don't think it took more than a 2 days once I gave them the boat info. They don't do preapprovals per say. It was all credit based and boat value. So there was no hoops. Do the application and give them the boat info. Easy. I have heard dealers not fond of them. They used to be the Costco...
  271. Cy Bodden

    Boat Loan Advice

    I used Essex credit. was the cheapest terms I could find. you can see what the rate sheet online simple and easy.
  272. Cy Bodden

    Prowler sold

    Great Boat. Congrats to Buzz on a new chapter and to Markus, Drew, and Andrew.
  273. Cy Bodden

    Used Gaffs and New Gaffs

    Black(Red White Green) basket weave is SOLD. Red (Blue White) Available USED Gaffs SOLD
  274. Cy Bodden

    Used Gaffs and New Gaffs

    Mike I just sold them, they were 6ft.
  275. Cy Bodden

    Used Gaffs and New Gaffs

    2 new Bamboo gaffs with basket weave handles. $85 each 3 used gaffs $60 for all three
  276. Cy Bodden


    Picked up a couple at FH myself Thanks Jerry!
  277. Cy Bodden

    My New Parker build

    I did my install myself and placed it here. For the bleeding if you have some to hold the bottle up or someone to keep turning the wheel should be good. I probably did overkill and turned it for about half hour.
  278. Cy Bodden

    Radar install question

    Heres pic of the pedestal that I installed
  279. Cy Bodden


    Nope. Figuered just busy with the show season
  280. Cy Bodden

    Looking for help picking first boat.
  281. Cy Bodden

    Fred Hall Killer Deals?

    the Boat US is number 1 for the last 2 years
  282. Cy Bodden

    American Airlines Puerto Vallarta

    Dude. They opened it, emptied it, threw it on the ground, parked a truck on the handle and pulled! WTF! No Way!
  283. Cy Bodden

    Garmin autopilot question was reading this when I was researching
  284. Cy Bodden

    Anyone use these cheap deck boots on Amazon

    Meltons has Gills on sale
  285. Cy Bodden

    Dakine Kill Bag Reviews

    All the Reliable bags leaks. The are sewn stitched, they come with instructions to make them watertight. 5200 in the seams.
  286. Cy Bodden

    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    we usually stop at the Hat but just went there Monday and the prior weekend coming back from PCS. I think Roscoes will be on the menu.
  287. Cy Bodden

    West Marine Price Matching

    Tax is 7.75 and you get back 4% in rewards. Small fee to pay to have local customer service and support a local store. You also still have 30 days to price match after the purchase.
  288. Cy Bodden

    AFTCO Throws Back With Vintage Boatbar Shirts

    Thats dress up attire. Bought all 5, came in yesterday. They look good!
  289. Cy Bodden

    West Marine Price Matching

    Thats where I found the windlass, Hodges Marine.
  290. Cy Bodden

    West Marine Price Matching

    Not sure if you guys are aware West Marine will price match online pricing. Just need the website and model of what you are buying. Was told by a phone rep they were bought out last September and they want to change things. Just bought a Lewmar Pro 700 for 729$. WMarine price was $1k. I did...
  291. Cy Bodden

    Hello all. New guy here. I have a mint condition Harnell spinning rod...

    Looks like a beautiful wall hanger to a Harnell collector.
  292. Cy Bodden

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    Go to Long Beach to see everything. Go to Del Mar to chat it up!
  293. Cy Bodden

    Parker 2120 SC and Sea Trail Wanted

    im just trying to keep up with you buddy! :D
  294. Cy Bodden

    Parker 2120 SC and Sea Trail Wanted

    I paid 2K to from Maryland to Escondido last December.
  295. Cy Bodden


    Im in Pats 27 Eagles 17
  296. Cy Bodden

    Old Glory ????
  297. Cy Bodden

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Its funny he is almost at $100. $50 + $15 FOR SHIPPING. Not sure if he was refunding the original shipping if so $15. $80 almost there.
  298. Cy Bodden

    Simrad NSS Evo 3 vs. Evo2

    Jason (Papa J) had A Evo 3 for sale. Not sure if that will help you get to your goal of 2 screens and a newer system.. He can also tell you the major differences since he just upgraded from the Evo 2.
  299. Cy Bodden

    WTB Traeger or green egg

    I have XL BGE. The biggest difference from the Traeger and BGE was high heat. Searing steaks at 600 degrees was the deciding factor, family likes the pizzas. There is a learning curve cause when it gets hot there is no turning back. Had at 700, super hot
  300. Cy Bodden

    Offshore 11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    It was a good trip even though I only landed 1. My first trip on the Outer Limits, if they have any other open party trips I would gladly join the party. Capt. Paul was super informative and the crew worked hard keeping the chum line going all day, freeing the minimal tangles, and gaffing fish...
  301. Cy Bodden

    Offshore O95 11/16

    They have to share with Seastar now and Seastar Gets the Helgrens Building and Helgren will get the ticket booth building down the way. The basically lost.
  302. Cy Bodden

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    same tubes as the open water jig bag. they are not indestructible, its just to separate the jigs.
  303. Cy Bodden

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    Picture of the Tube
  304. Cy Bodden

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?
  305. Cy Bodden

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    made this one early in the year
  306. Cy Bodden

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    I have had 2 of the original yeti hoppers. Amazed at the ice retention in both. Yeti's customer service was top notch as well. Threw a bag of ice in with the plastic bag and accidentally got the plastic stuck in the zipper. Sent an email to Yeti with a picture \, 2 days later they called me...
  307. Cy Bodden

    Blue Glass 80H $450 or trade **SOLD**

    limited amount of blue glass
  308. Cy Bodden

    My Son’s Fishing Addiction is Coming Along Nicely!

    -10 if someone (Dad) for each missed gaff
  309. Cy Bodden

    WTB: Made in the USA Xtratuf boots

    my. china boots are comfy and 3 years old. Squidco cheapest price
  310. Cy Bodden

    need anchor recomendation for Parker 2320

    Has anyone seen this anchor or used it?
  311. Cy Bodden

    Collapsible iron rod for air travel?
  312. Cy Bodden

    Buying East coast boats

    wow what did you say. I think Karma is on you buddy. Shut up sit down and delete your account!
  313. Cy Bodden

    Buying East coast boats

    Not sure why your offended. No inquires made. Shared a video. Don't like don't watch. Sit in your bubble and take your own advice and gobble on sack full. I have family in both states. And its a fact if you are shopping for a used boat be careful.
  314. Cy Bodden

    Buying East coast boats

    A lot of Parkers sitting on the side of road.
  315. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    Thanks for the compliment, the boat is great, the bait tank is eeeegghh, will have to cut it out eventually after my wallet heals from all the electronics added. Went with Simrad Evo 3s, AP, radar, radio, antenna.
  316. Cy Bodden

    Questions, Parker 2120

    I would have to disagree especially with Kevin. He is a one man operation (Sales) who is in his busiest part of the year selling one of the most popular West coast boats. If anything he gives extra attention to customers and its hard to get to the next.
  317. Cy Bodden

    Shimano is smart

    Squidco sells a Megabait version and it has 150lb floro leader crimped on already. I bought one $15 i believe.
  318. Cy Bodden

    Questions, Parker 2120

    Not Sure. Probably. When tanks are added youre cutting holes or even adding a thru hull ducer thats cutting a hole in the hull. so I'll probably be ok. I will need help with fiberglass work most likely.
  319. Cy Bodden

    Questions, Parker 2120

    If you want to see what a 2120 looks like with the silly bait tank stop by Im in Escondido, your wife and daughter will like it since its a bench with a backrest. Fishing wise its pooh. My wife is pissed that I will be cutting it out soon. I have been on a DIY installation frenzy. overkill...
  320. Cy Bodden

    New boat depreciation?

    [ 4. make sure your spouse or significant other is completely on board and involved in the buying process. Have to agree with the spouse part, ended up with a pilot house. Plus I have to name it after her. Whatever!
  321. Cy Bodden

    New boat depreciation?

    how much is a 2013-14 with the same features?
  322. Cy Bodden

    West Coast Marine Alternative

    If you cant wait, Maurer Marine is down the street family owned.
  323. Cy Bodden

    Mini feathers (fred hall)

    C&H Lures King Buster Skirts?
  324. Cy Bodden

    AutoPilot Install Cost

    I was given a quote for $800 to $1000.
  325. Cy Bodden

    AutoPilot Install Cost

    im installing my simrad unit now, but this is the best video online. First time for everything.
  326. Cy Bodden

    AutoPilot Install Cost

    Video of a lowrance AP install
  327. Cy Bodden

    United Composite Rod Forum ?

    that costs money
  328. Cy Bodden

    yeti hopper review (no stake in it)

    they are great bags, just hate putting ice in it from the freezer. THe zipper is like putting your arm in Jaws mouth. the new square ones coming out will be perfect.
  329. Cy Bodden

    BBQ'S! Who uses gas, Charcoal, or wood pellets?

    big green egg and a 26" weber kettle
  330. Cy Bodden

    Power rod wrapper reccomendations wanted

    alps 400 or renzetti 1200 your choice. both are awesome
  331. Cy Bodden

    Offshore Condor Sportfishing

    I checked in alot of guys at H&M with wristbands and there was a ton of light gear.
  332. Cy Bodden

    Del Mar Fair discount tickets....who's got the scoop?

    costco. 4 tickets, parking, ride tickets, and buy 1 get 1 sodas.
  333. Cy Bodden

    Best boat to buy

    call Kevin at West Coast Marine 949 735 5759. I think he has a 25 and 23 to check out. Tell him I said hello
  334. Cy Bodden

    Synthetic Lawn Sign up for easy turf emails they do parking lot sales all the time. AS for install, I did it myself. 6-7 years I was getting quotes for 17k on 1000 sqft, saved 14k doing it myself.
  335. Cy Bodden


    / Just saying I would prefer not to be that guy for 50$
  336. Cy Bodden


    and Temp Boat Import. I got mine pretty quick, sent on a monday got it the following Monday. I was told the FCC license as well, working on that now.As they say more paperwork to hand over, but more is better, i think
  337. Cy Bodden

  338. Cy Bodden

    AVET customer service?

    Avet does not have your money, J n H does, how could you file a complaint against a company that you are not the customer. JnH should have provided you a tracking number. With the amount of fraud going around you just can't trust anything anymore. You could have ordered with a stolen card and...
  339. Cy Bodden

    Just got my yearly Mex fishing license online

    print at home, save the pdf, can reprint if you lose it
  340. Cy Bodden

    If you take 2 overnight trips in a row, can you leave fish on boat?
  341. Cy Bodden

    Boat towing discount

    best deal i got at fred hall 99$
  342. Cy Bodden

    turks head cord

    atwood / 1/16
  343. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Am I Crazy? Tranx 500 Best Yo-Yo & Rockfish Reel EVER?!?!

    yo yo ing with a tranx is now i have 2
  344. Cy Bodden

    My Parker 2120

    Hey Billy whats the dimensions of the cooler you put on top?
  345. Cy Bodden

    Lami 528

    what is the difference from the "lemon"?
  346. Cy Bodden

    Is this an Amazon scam

    This is the new scam. If they are new seller stay away. Price is too good stay away. I only trust the Amazon fullfilment used/open package
  347. Cy Bodden

    Tax Return Fraud

    someone please scam me and do my taxes and PAY my tax bill!
  348. Cy Bodden

    DIY Jig Box

    Tape them together
  349. Cy Bodden

    DIY Jig Box I made this one
  350. Cy Bodden

    Passport Card

  351. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Fred Hall SD Reel Servicing

    usually no due to space but Kens Custom will be there doing there magic.
  352. Cy Bodden

    Fred Hall 2018 dates

    i thought it was always the first Wednesday of march
  353. Cy Bodden

    TruLine Boat Rescue
  354. Cy Bodden

    Harnell / Harrington 540 ?

    Did it myself.
  355. Cy Bodden

    Harnell / Harrington 540 ?

    i have one and Im going to yo-yo with it and use trini 16 or 20. have not wrapped it yet. tons of stuff to do
  356. Cy Bodden

    FS: Harnell 724

    I did sell it just this past Monday. I have the exact 724 j with the spinning guides as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  357. Cy Bodden

    so what did you get at the fhs?

    BoatUs for $99
  358. Cy Bodden

    Anybody know what was happening this morning?

    i would say first warm weekend, in forever.
  359. Cy Bodden

    New Pay for Mexican Visas Website?

    but it probably was trump
  360. Cy Bodden

    New Pay for Mexican Visas Website? I think has all the links
  361. Cy Bodden

    For Sale sabre 540 full length orange

    uploading pics always helps
  362. Cy Bodden


    besides the easy slide, easy clean up. let it dry and peel off
  363. Cy Bodden

    Build Turk Head

    the first one on that sheet was the one you wanted
  364. Cy Bodden

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    if you are ordering, get the under water lights in now cheap option, the suspension seat is cheaper with the ladder chair from the factory, windlass w/ bow pulpit, west coast bow rail,
  365. Cy Bodden

    WTB Truline RD8

    Thought I had one
  366. Cy Bodden

    Looking to buy a Parker

    i used rapid rabbit on uship/ dennis Omara 3863201656. maryland to escondido in good time 2000 + uship $100 fee. would use again
  367. Cy Bodden

    Sato Legacy shirt

    Shirts arrived today. Damn.
  368. Cy Bodden

    Inside sportfishing gone

    not 100% sure but I thought I read they will be on the Code Group.
  369. Cy Bodden

    Boat loan

    Your almost in the new boat price range. I would talk to Kevin Kelly at west coast and tell him what you are working with. See what he can do to get you there. There's no lower amount of hours than zero. He will be at the Orange County show as well as Fred hall. Kevin will do his best
  370. Cy Bodden

    10 ft rod

    you are right was a lil high as of today, my ups rep quoted 220 from jersey, but that was last year.
  371. Cy Bodden

    Boat loan

    i used these guys in December part of bank of the west
  372. Cy Bodden

    10 ft rod

    Shipping over 9ft requires freight. UPS from the east coast was almost $500. It would be cheaper to fly and pick it up.
  373. Cy Bodden

    FS: Harnell 724

    Thanks but not looking for trade.
  374. Cy Bodden

    LED deck lights

    yeah bought a bunch of them and was going to do the same thing also was my halloween costume
  375. Cy Bodden

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    thats shittyt. trusting other people is a bitch
  376. Cy Bodden

    Winter camping spots needed - family friendly

    Just camped at anza borrego springs with the cub scouts. Was my first time and the sites are really clean, quiet, and fire pits. Was cool hiking to the oasis and looking for big horn sheep.
  377. Cy Bodden

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    was going to buy them from taps so i could get the colored ones
  378. Cy Bodden

    Not an Openwater Jig bag
  379. Cy Bodden

    FS: Harnell 724

    bump with reduction. $550
  380. Cy Bodden

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    no offense taken its 11x6x8. I mostly find myself fishing jigs so this does simplify things for me. It has 2 zippered sections for a couple of packs of hooks a lil lead and finger tape. Mind you im only out no more than a 1 1/2 trips.
  381. Cy Bodden

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    wasn't to worried about it since i carried them the same way for years in the openwater jig bag. the tadys and salas hold their paint pretty well. Lose more paint with a fish on the end of it hitting the deck.
  382. Cy Bodden

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

  383. Cy Bodden

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    So I have tons of "stuff" "ideas to try in the garage. I have been wanting a new jig bag, the openwater bag I've been carrying is beaten too death. I've seen the ammo boxes with pvc pipes but that's a lot of weight before you add your jigs. Hence how popular the openwater bag is even used or the...
  384. Cy Bodden

    "Quiet" boat ramp locations/times - San Diego area

    went out monday afternoon to practice putting the boat in the water for the first time at dana was really empty.
  385. Cy Bodden

    Damnit....we lost a good one :(

    Very Sad... RIP Brent. Fuck Cancer!
  386. Cy Bodden

    Boat loan

    I just got a loan thru which is bank of the west, 20 yrs 4.49. The rates are posted online and was pretty straight forward. Rates probably have change since the fed hike.
  387. Cy Bodden

    Question regarding Alps power wrapper

    when i had an alps I would put a tape arbor at the end of the blank.
  388. Cy Bodden

    My Parker 2120

    looking good!
  389. Cy Bodden

    Cold and Flu...What'a Ya Do?

    if i feel it coming on, i go with the Zicam. Costco had a good deal on it. usually holds it from going full blown.
  390. Cy Bodden

    Need Prayers for my wife.

  391. Cy Bodden

    What uc rod for komodo 471?

    CE 1000 monster or wahoo
  392. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    She's here! Had to wash here up. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!
  393. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    Thanks let me know if you want his info
  394. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    used U-ship was kind of a pain in the butt since I was waiting to close the deal on the boat and wasn't sure of the closing date. started with open bidding and some of the bids were up to 4k to 2k. That expired before I could accept a bid so i put up another ad but put up a price for 2k and...
  395. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    sounds good to me
  396. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    Cant wait till that first time then the first fish
  397. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    Thank you! super excited
  398. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    yep. left yesterday
  399. Cy Bodden

    New woman is on her way

    It is now more real that its finally on its way. Finally pulled the trigger (Wife finally said yes) and bought a boat. 2016 2120 Parker. Should be here by Monday. It has been a fantasy since the day my dad put a rod in my hand at 6 years old on a overnighter on the china clipper out of ciscos...
  400. Cy Bodden

    FS: Aftco and Calcutta Gaffs

    ill take them where you located
  401. Cy Bodden

    FS: Yeti Hopper 30 New

    Pending Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  402. Cy Bodden

    FS: Harnell 724

    It is actually double braided dock cord.
  403. Cy Bodden

    FS: Harnell 724

    I agree that I hope someone fishes it. I have and landed fish. Tons of fun! I'm buying a boat so need to add a bunch of other fun stuff (life preservers, radio, fujinons, and more.
  404. Cy Bodden

    FS: Harnell 724

    Selling my Harnell 724 for $550. 619634000Zero
  405. Cy Bodden

    FS: Yeti Hopper 30 New

    Selling my Yeti Hopper for $280. (Retails $350) Includes all the warranties, zipper grease, and shoulder strap. I have a hopper 20 that I use for trips with the family. I bought them because they hold ice like no other and they don't leak all over the truck if turned on its side. Willing...
  406. Cy Bodden

    Shimano TranX 400

    maybe a trini a/DC
  407. Cy Bodden

    Washington Versus Southern Cal

    Fight On!:devil:
  408. Cy Bodden

    Fred Hall Show; SD vs LB?

    i live in san diego and always make it to long beach.
  409. Cy Bodden

    10 ft jig stick /truline?.

    I think the title is deceiving.(not intentionally) He describes 2 rods and the truline is 8'1'
  410. Cy Bodden

    Turks head

    what colors did you want
  411. Cy Bodden

    Hard to find seeker uluas

    i have a all white ulua
  412. Cy Bodden

    Blank coloring
  413. Cy Bodden

    My Parker 2120

    did you check out a suspension pedestal ? I only ask cause i'm looking at a 2120 without and was looking to add on. And yes with all your posts Im jelly as well
  414. Cy Bodden

    Seeker rods

    Loomis is rolling the blanks in Washington.
  415. Cy Bodden

    2120 Parker 2003 for sale.

    I just wanted to know if it's been sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  416. Cy Bodden

    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    if the end of the bag is wet or has any moisture you will have a bad seal. I use the plastic wrap trick as well so when i placed the fillet in the bag its not leaving moisture and when its vacuuming the air out its not pulling moisture to the seal. Im debating on vacmaster 215
  417. Cy Bodden

    Lots of used gear for sale

    SD tackle traders.
  418. Cy Bodden

    Seeker SSR810

    believe the ssr's are the same as the super seekers, combo of graphite and glass, but instead of S Glass they use E Glass. And that tiger is purring
  419. Cy Bodden

    Off Topic...Get to Qualcomm?

    trolley is the cheapest or take an uber/lyft
  420. Cy Bodden

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    get a google voice number forward your phone to that number. If you have internet you can check the voicemails from your email or the app, the voicemails are transcribed to text. can also place calls from app for wifi calling.
  421. Cy Bodden

    New To Building

    i agree with the Mudhole class, did the San Diego one 5 years ago as a fathers day gift for my Pops and it was definitely worth it. you get a hand wrapper, spinning blank, guides, and some other stuff included. I would say the Fred Hall show but Batson didn't make it last year, hopefully they...
  422. Cy Bodden

    New To Building

    if you are in san diego check out the bd rod building class. Its pinned to the top of the page.
  423. Cy Bodden

    UC Backorder

    Is there a sea between us and the state Washington.
  424. Cy Bodden

    triangle line winder SC125

    sorry Loyd being waiting a while for one.
  425. Cy Bodden

    UC Backorder

    i know they are in the factory 6-7 days a week. Randy called on a Saturday that my order was ready and was able to pick up on Saturday since i was in the OC.
  426. Cy Bodden

    New Lo Ann?

    he is not afraid to burn some fuel to find the fish thats for sure!
  427. Cy Bodden

    Finish on blank

    to make it easy invest in a dryer. $40 up
  428. Cy Bodden

    UC CE 1000 Delmar

    From catalog
  429. Cy Bodden

    Liberty 3/4 Day (24JUL16) Coronado Islands

    they do have RSW and the bunks are awesome for the 2 hr boat ride.
  430. Cy Bodden

    Epoxy Mixer Issue

    when its mixing i hit it with the heat gun real quick. Ive also found just heating up the bearing helps prior to placing in the cup
  431. Cy Bodden

    Vendetta out of H and M

    Fished with Ray a long time ago. Super fishy and was willing to teach. He will put you on fish. I think the boat has bunks so a nap here and there should help out with the after hour partying.
  432. Cy Bodden

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Tilefish 80 for YoYo'ing for me and my CE1000 Monster paired with a Tranx for surface iron is ridiculous. One of my 724's will probably end up on here soon. Have yet to wrap CE1000 Del Mar (glow in the Dark) and Ce900 monster. The only problem is not enough blanks in stock.
  433. Cy Bodden

    triangle line winder SC125

    i almost drove up there but 4 hours going thru la from SD was easy no. But thats a great deal. When they announced they were going under stopped in my local store and someone picked that one up for $800. I was cool with the 350
  434. Cy Bodden

    triangle line winder SC125

    Just picked one up at Sport Chalet for 350$ was in good condition. I believe there was one more in Bakersfield and like 5 days left till final closing.
  435. Cy Bodden

    WTB: Jig stick

    have you checked out any of the United Composites? ce900 Monster would fit the bill. just another option.
  436. Cy Bodden

    dying sea of cortez

    their was a segment on 60 mins regarding the panda dolphin as well as the bladders selling in China for 50k. crazy
  437. Cy Bodden

    Losing irons during cast

    check inside of guides with q-tip or cotton ball. if cotton pulls then you have a bad guide chaffing your line.
  438. Cy Bodden

    Basketweave handle....
  439. Cy Bodden

    Roddy BR-100 Rebuild

    decal connection for new decals
  440. Cy Bodden

    Xtra tuffs

    Just had to replace my USA pair. bought them from squid Co and they are actually more comfortable then my last pair (they have insoles) I also have a pair of gills and my feet hurt every time. (Vans hurt my feet as well) Just me. I have wide feet
  441. Cy Bodden

    Harrington dilemma

    fish it
  442. Cy Bodden

    Seeker White Tiger 7x

    looks awesome
  443. Cy Bodden

    Harnell jigsticks

    whats the 724 going for?
  444. Cy Bodden

    Harnell jigsticks
  445. Cy Bodden

    rod finish

    Thin coat bullards CPXtra. I believe there is a tutorial on here or youtube from salty dog
  446. Cy Bodden

    3 Shimano Trinidad 40N, 16 DC and 20 DC

    so who bought the 16 DC on eBay.
  447. Cy Bodden

    day at the docks??

    my 6 yr old always wants to go catch mackerel in the pens and love taking a boat ride around the bay for $3 (I think). Some deals will be going on. Always fun to be outside
  448. Cy Bodden

    Hypalon problem

    First I would to say Thank You for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I have been building for roughly 4 years. And if you kept all your knowledge to yourself (which you could) I would still be cleaning the crap off rod blanks. So again "Thank You!"
  449. Cy Bodden

    WTB Phenix Black Diamond

    deckhand wrap or w/reel seat
  450. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

  451. Cy Bodden

    Can I find a decent 40lb stick for under a 100?

    you can PM Gaffs Down (Randy) He has a ton of Used stuff. He's near Arroyo Grande. (I have no idea how far Bakersfield is)
  452. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    I did. Thank you.. I think they came in saturday, but ol lady hides the email so i didn't see them till last night. I have a couple other projects to use them on as well as the Trulines
  453. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    Its thin brass that i got from Michael's(craft store) was trying to duplicate the original.
  454. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    fuji size D NoCP scarlet and golden rod. near the decal is 2 thin brass bands.
  455. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    Thanks! was taught how too at the Batson booth their first year with the rod building seminars with Don Castor (Orca) & Steve Tomiyama from the sd rod building class. Double Braid Nylon Dock Cord
  456. Cy Bodden

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    Just finished this redo tried to get it to original colors.
  457. Cy Bodden

    Landings websites issues?

    Cool they are working now tried all morning
  458. Cy Bodden

    Landings websites issues?

    tried to check what's going on this week with Seaforth, point Loma, 22nd st., hm, and none of there websites are working.
  459. Cy Bodden

    re-finishing old rods

    Which Harnell did you find?
  460. Cy Bodden

    re-finishing old rods

    I use cp xtra. If you go to Oreilly auto they have wet sand paper up to 2000k grit I liked the strip pack, comes with assortment of grits. I then use 3k grit for second coat
  461. Cy Bodden

    Guide spacing

    for the iPad you also need to download "numbers" first since the calculator is a excel program. After the download then you can open.
  462. Cy Bodden

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    use an aftermarket clamp and it will fit (tiburon) with longer screws
  463. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad A 10 or 12 Reel Seat Clamp
  464. Cy Bodden

    Should I take my kids to FH show?

    my son is 6 and I have brought him every year since he was 2. Loves the trout pond, duck races, casting contest, bow n arrow target practice, dog jumping, candy, stickers, and jerky samples. We go opening day (w/ Grandpa) and one weekend day (w/Mom to talk her into a boat) and once to Del Mar...
  465. Cy Bodden


    a hoodie for $20 from Seasons Sportfishing is an awesome deal
  466. Cy Bodden

    1st G-Urushi

    Still looks good.
  467. Cy Bodden

    got crabs

    video from fox 5 SD
  468. Cy Bodden

    FS Trinidad 20a (SOLD)

    Sorry mike I did miss yours. I will pm you now.
  469. Cy Bodden

    FS Trinidad 20a (SOLD)

    Apologize for the slow reply 1. Sorry not looking to trade. 2. Not at this time
  470. Cy Bodden

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    I do. 40 for one dyke, duckbills, or needle nose all are channellocks. I pay for shipping
  471. Cy Bodden

    The san deigo

    check out their Facebook page (the san Diego). they came back finishing their maintenance and found a crap load more to do.
  472. Cy Bodden

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    That was last year with the power wrapper. The boss wanted a custom rod so pushed to 6 foot desks together. He thought it was ridiculous that it would take 2 months for one rod and how could I make any money. Told him its a passion; didn't tell him about the other rods that i was wrapping. The...
  473. Cy Bodden

    FS Trinidad 20a (SOLD)

    Brand new in the box Shimano Trinidad 20a. Didn't take a picture because it is brand new in the box sealed. (No Line) Will ship (You Pay) Your choice UPS or USPS. PayPal is ok (Friends & Family) or you pay the transaction fee (3%). $420
  474. Cy Bodden

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    did it yesterday and the stall. disinfected the phones and door knobs. Cleaned my desk even. Thats a lot of cleaning for an office with 4 dudes and no cleaning service. And Thanks
  475. Cy Bodden

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    So I'm sitting behind the desk at work wrapping duckbills. Now I'm done and I got 6 more hours to go. Bored out of my mind.
  476. Cy Bodden

    3/4 day sd

    Just in time for summer Capt. Taro will be starting 3/4 day trips out of Fisherman Landing on the "Liberty". Im hoping they keep the bunks so I can get some beauty sleep!
  477. Cy Bodden


    Im In Panthers 27 Broncos 13
  478. Cy Bodden

    Trinidad 20a WANTED

    Whats local to you?
  479. Cy Bodden

    Yamaha EF2000 Generator

    must be in store only with the additional 200$ off
  480. Cy Bodden

    Multi colored micro cord

    some of the colors that are from atwood
  481. Cy Bodden

    What do you collect?.....

    One of these
  482. Cy Bodden

    Torq reels that will fit Ulua rods

    see if a tiburon universal clamp will fit
  483. Cy Bodden

    Has anyone fished a Truth reel?

  484. Cy Bodden

    Mexican Fishing License

    online is cheaper and you can save it to your computer if you lose it and print another one.
  485. Cy Bodden

    Charkbait, Midway drive, San Diego

    So you went to Squidco, should have just went there 1st.
  486. Cy Bodden

    WTT Trini 20A for MXJ Raptor

    are you color specific?
  487. Cy Bodden

    Free stuff culligan water softener

    That was quick! Gone!
  488. Cy Bodden

    Free stuff culligan water softener

    Was left by a customer of mine and never picked it up.
  489. Cy Bodden

    I'm still Alive!

    Damn it
  490. Cy Bodden

    Mission Belle 6/23

    They actually have one on order that was supposed to have been installed during their maintenance period. Other than that great crew.
  491. Cy Bodden

    Shimano Torium 20 HG

    tiburon universal clamp. I think it is the large size.
  492. Cy Bodden

    My first.....

    Looks pretty square to me
  493. Cy Bodden

    Toro tamer 50lb hollow 1000 meters

    How much is left on the spool? or is it full?
  494. Cy Bodden

    Got a Torium 20HG...Not a good idea for me!

    i want to say it has the same footprint as the trini 20a and i expected to have to use a tiburon universal reel seat for my Ulua as well
  495. Cy Bodden

    Deck boots gill vs xtratuf

    I have a pair of Gils and Tuffs (US). I like the Gils cause their easy to get on jumping out of the bunk (Wide Feet and large calves) and they are soft. But they seem a lot hotter during the day.
  496. Cy Bodden

    I just want to dance!

    New dance moves for the next wedding i go to.
  497. Cy Bodden

    Aftermarket clamp for Trini 20a

    large for my 20a and medium for gold 20
  498. Cy Bodden

    what reel would you use for 10 foot ulua

    20a with LRG Tiburon Universal Clamps with #10-24x1-1/4in was the trick for my deckhand wrapped Ulua
  499. Cy Bodden

    HEY HOMEOWNERS........

    your escrow account is whatever your yearly tax bill is plus insurance divided by 12 months. If its been short they are going to recoup. It could have happened from your previous refi and they are just catching it, but if you had your house re-assesed they are increasing with values. Also any...
  500. Cy Bodden

    Fred Hall LB

    if you like building your own rods, the Batson's booth was awesome last year. Saw a lot of different builders showing their tips and tricks. Other than that I pick up a lot of T-shirts and my son (5 yr old) still loves the trout pond.
  501. Cy Bodden

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    a lot of skill to maneuver around all those lines "Over-Under-under Over Over". you can cancel your jazzercise class for the Day!
  502. Cy Bodden

    is this to much to ask but can someone

    the guide spacing calculator is pretty spot on for me. Just load the rod to double check
  503. Cy Bodden

    Madeira Garage Sale

    I know some of you use Madeira some don't but received this email regarding a sale next week. Just passing the info along.
  504. Cy Bodden

    Surface Iron Reel to match a 90j

    for beefier handles seeker/calstar i use the tiburon universal clamps. i like the cork puppies on my phenix rods, they are a lot narrower
  505. Cy Bodden

    First Build Completed :: Calstar 90j

    Awesome! My first cord wrap i did the same thing! the Turk Head was even with the rubber rod holders on the boat and wouldn't fit. just get it bloody and wrap #2.
  506. Cy Bodden

    Hypalon saw this online Saw this online. But I've never ordered from them
  507. Cy Bodden

    Chinese Seekers

    they are made in Oxnard, CA.
  508. Cy Bodden

    Atwood Cord

    wish they had it in the 300ft spools. would gladly pay the xtra money.
  509. Cy Bodden

    Which hand wrapper to start

    their is class in san diego weekly thats free hosted at Don's (orcas) house. The mudhole class is good too. Purchased it for my dad and me as gift and it answered a lot of questions.
  510. Cy Bodden

    guide alignment

  511. Cy Bodden

    New SuperSeeker balnks??

    When I spoke to them At Fisherman's Landing Sale this weekend the Seeker Rep said the blanks are the same and they only changed the cosmetics on factory wrapped rods
  512. Cy Bodden

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    hopefully it will get all bloody pulling hooks
  513. Cy Bodden

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    finally remembered to take a picture.
  514. Cy Bodden


  515. Cy Bodden

    Cord Wrapped Pliers (Channel Locks)

    These have been sold but if you want something different let me know.
  516. Cy Bodden

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    he's cool and aims to please. just call to make sure they are going to be there. they are in and out. they are all custom and I think he is about 5 weeks out right now.
  517. Cy Bodden

    Cord Wrapped Pliers (Channel Locks)

    yellow brown orange (OL School Padres colors) cutters still available $35 and I can ship. paypal will be ok.
  518. Cy Bodden

    Messing With Cord

    t They are Turk'sHeads
  519. Cy Bodden

    Cord Wrapped Pliers (Channel Locks)

    Thank You! As for material I copied this from Channel Lock's Website "C1080 STEEL CHANNELLOCK® uses high-carbon C1080 steel for superior performance on the job and specially coated for ultimate rust prevention"
  520. Cy Bodden

    Cord Wrapped Pliers (Channel Locks)

    Pick one or pick all 3! 8" Needle Nose $45 7" Cutters $40
  521. Cy Bodden

    Messing With Cord

    I HEART Cord! I use Atwood as well. My Iphone cords are wrapped as well.
  522. Cy Bodden

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    thanks Cesar! Going to try it out tomorrow!:rockin:
  523. Cy Bodden

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    what size are the molds. I'm interested in trying to pour.
  524. Cy Bodden


    They provide Nordstrom customer service at a tackle shop. Need some water, soda, or a tootsie pop (my 4 yr old now loves going to Squidco imagine that). Walked in after a 6 year vacancy from fishing and Joey still remembered me and my dad, amazing.
  525. Cy Bodden

    Atwood Rope Promo

    Atwood rope has 1/16 x 300ft on sale this month, $9.99.
  526. Cy Bodden

    Basketweave handle

    i like it alot! good stuff
  527. Cy Bodden

    Batson at Fred Hall show in Long Beach

    Thank you Batson for setting up a great booth! Was able to meet great people with a ton of knowledge who were willing to share and teach. Was able to sit in on Brent Ikari's class as well as Don Castor & Steve Tomiyama's class (looking forward to attending SD Rod Builders). Also thanks Eric...