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  1. jgerken

    2007 Osprey For Sale

    Good luck with the sale!
  2. jgerken

    GREEN Accurate Valiant 500 2

    I'll take it if it falls thru
  3. jgerken

    Cal Football Players Make Demands

    No their water polo program kicks ass too but I doubt they are boycotting, just wishin they could play
  4. jgerken

    Skin Cancer; Need Fishing Hat

    Go buy a Tilley, guaranteed for life ,floats, if you get blood all over it, they will send you a new one!
  5. jgerken

    DP to 209 to Cat 5/29

    Short Story: Go Irish tried to see if anything was at the 209, stopped on paddies, hightailed it to Catalina, crushed Little Gibraltar for 60 calicos and 1 YT Long Story: Got a great crew together to try offshore and see if anything is coming up closer to us. Got to the dock at 4 am. Loaded...
  6. jgerken

    Shimano tiagra 130 & 30W

    Tiagra 130 Sold. Thanks Thomas.
  7. jgerken

    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    great pics and report. Congrats!
  8. jgerken

    Daiwa MP Swordfish Rod

    XH F 7'1" 2 40 - 100 – 6 + Swivel Tip These are the same specs, correct. The 2 is because it's a 2 piece rod. Could this be used as a trolling rod at 40 - 100 lbs? Thanks, John
  9. jgerken

    Bertram 20 Bahia Mar - Rebuild

    Great read, knowledge and fun. Good luck. Looks fantastic.
  10. jgerken

    Fishing Thailand?

    I went this past July and contacted a guy here on BD. He informed me that most of the fishing was in lakes as it is so over fished from years ago. He has pics on here of his lake fishing. He was in Bangkok. When I was in Phuket the locals told me that there was not much fishing. The guy...
  11. jgerken

    Offshore Awesome Bluefin Tuna Fishing 12/22

    Dan, great video and report. Nothing like getting all of us revved up like a true video on the water. Tight Lines. Thanks!
  12. jgerken

    It's elf on the shelf time

    these are over the top. Been on here for dozen years and cannot stop laughing. Great job boys. Hysterical!!! Best is flying cross country and making all of the others watch your posts!
  13. jgerken

    CX80 Raptor for JW

    Fantastic Work!!!!
  14. jgerken

    Avet Pro EX 50/2

    is it right handed? thanks in advance
  15. jgerken

    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    awesome video, thanks for sharing. Great job!
  16. jgerken

    RELIABLE FISH BAG ( 20 x72 )

    I'll take it if it's available
  17. jgerken

    Summertime Baja Fish Finally Arrive

    Great report. Thanks for the effort!
  18. jgerken

    Puerto Vallarta with the Marla Sportfishing! 12/18

    that is a great report and super pics. Thinking Puerto Vallarta instead of Cabo next year. Maybe. Congrats!
  19. jgerken


    super nice, would love it in green
  20. jgerken

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    the new Grundens lightweight gear is tops. You have some great suggestions. The nano tech gets expensive but is worth it
  21. jgerken

    Osprey 26

    there is a 26LC for sale, my old one. It's on here now called side chick $85k
  22. jgerken

    Osprey 26

    bump for an Osprey
  23. jgerken

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    Great post, love the enthusiasm! Keep fishing!
  24. jgerken

    Cool gift from son, by local artist

    Great pic of you and Jack, Happy Birthday again! Nice gift Jack!
  25. jgerken

    Dock side bait pen

    interested but no price......
  26. jgerken

    Really good seafood restaurant in Dana Point?

    Mahe' has great sushi. Waterman's is good as well.
  27. jgerken

    New Melton Tackle website

    way better, super easy to navigate.
  28. jgerken

    BD's official complaint form.

    nice job Mike
  29. jgerken

    Latest Build- - - I am keeping this one

    Doc you never cease to amaze. Great job
  30. jgerken

    july 8th Saturday izor/flats/horseshoe

    thanks for the report. Tight lines
  31. jgerken

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Help!

    Done. Good luck an so sorry for your loss.
  32. jgerken

    AM YT - New Seaforth 1/16/17

    Great report and even better for winter. Appreciate the detail. You'll get them next time!
  33. jgerken

    Engel Cooler For Sale ENG123

    Already purchased for $350
  34. jgerken

    My girl last weekend in Islamorada, FL

    Great report, congrats and on the oil can! Great pic!
  35. jgerken

    Diesel is all I need!

    Diesel is all I need!
  36. jgerken

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Great post, thanks for sharing. Congrats on the good times!
  37. jgerken

    Offshore Took 1 for the team! Offshore 30 miles exploratory trip!

    Thank you as well. Appreciate the look and spending of money.
  38. jgerken


    Thanks, count me in Panthers 24 Broncos 17
  39. jgerken

    Big, Really Big Tuna in Cabo..................

    Great catch, thanks for the report.
  40. jgerken


    I'll take them at $400 and will come get them in Grover Beach.
  41. jgerken

    Bahía de los Ángeles---03-january-2016

    Awesome. Great fishery! Thanks for the post.
  42. jgerken

    Shogun Nov 7 - 12 Guadalupe Report

    Awesome Report and Pics. Thanks for sharing.
  43. jgerken

    Man, Many Men, overboard.

    Mike how do you find that stuff...
  44. jgerken

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    Great report. Thanks for the pics! Great trip!
  45. jgerken

    Giants or Redskins?

    Go Skins!!!
  46. jgerken

    Best day ever without landing a fish!

    Best type of report! Tight Lines and keep her fishing!!!
  47. jgerken

    Huntington Beach / 150 area 6-15-15 Try Bird Feathers

    nice job boys! Happy Birthday Mike!
  48. jgerken

    Need To Replace Raymarine C 120 Transducer

    That is a lot of money for just adding temperature. I had the same problem and the guys on here who sell transducers informed me to just buy another temp not the transducer. The first thing to go on your new transducer will once again be the temp. Good luck!
  49. jgerken

    Dana Point 4.9.15

    Thanks for the report. Happy Birthday!
  50. jgerken

    Bunch of Bassholes at the West End April 3rd 2015

    Great report Mike! Good times were had. BBQ and a swim to cap it off was epic. Hail to the Basshole!
  51. jgerken

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Got my gaff. Excellent work, craftsmanship and quality. Love it!
  52. jgerken

    Nope, redrilling the stainless on the port side. Should be done tomorrow night. Hoping to go...

    Nope, redrilling the stainless on the port side. Should be done tomorrow night. Hoping to go out of San Diego Thursday night. Going for it, maybe Mexico. Will let you know.
  53. jgerken

    I only found dwarren yesterday. Obviously there is a space. Sweet

    I only found dwarren yesterday. Obviously there is a space. Sweet
  54. jgerken

    Bloody Deckers go Psycho!

    Awesome video!
  55. jgerken

    Longest lurker, first post

    Great times! Great first report. Keep reporting.
  56. jgerken

    Chasing Tails 3 Day Report 2/16-2/18

    Rockstars! Thanks for the report.
  57. jgerken

    2/16 Yellows at the rigs

    Thanks for the report. Great pic.
  58. jgerken

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    They all work but green is my favorite. Agree with white on a party boat. Red on a gold reel looks like I am a Trojan fan; thus, I never use red anymore!:D
  59. jgerken


    Great report!
  60. jgerken

    New from Play-Doh...

  61. jgerken

    Panama Surf Fishing Report

    Awesome Report. Going to pananma in Feb hopefully
  62. jgerken

    180 pounds Tuna!!!!

    Congrats! Awesome, pics?
  63. jgerken

    GF700XH CC038

    Awesome job, great colors!
  64. jgerken

    volvo prop

    Which prop is it?
  65. jgerken

    kick his ass seabass 10/24/14

    Awesome report and catch! Big Fish!!!
  66. jgerken

    Rubber Ducky finds the right kind !!

    Repeat, nice effort. Got rewarded. Thanks for the post!
  67. jgerken

    Yellow Fin Tuna on the Go Irish!

    Short version: Went fishing on Tuesday, caught 10 yellow fin tuna, at 209 Full version: Got back last Saturday and saw the reports of yellow fin tuna, dorado, etc. Started out planning for a trip on Tuesday immediately. Decided to make a run with my Dad, my buddy Andy, his son Tyler and his...
  68. jgerken

    Offshore 302 7/2 afternoon

    Thanks for the report. Next time!
  69. jgerken

    Ghosts on video

    Awesome post and video. Thanks for sharing.
  70. jgerken

    Fished Sitka 6/9-11

    Great report, should post pics. Going in August with my son (13). Kingfisher for us. Thanks for the report.
  71. jgerken

    26’ OSPREY Long Cabin "Go Irish" For Sale

    Bump, 2007 $20k less than any other alike on here, thanks for looking!
  72. jgerken

    Should I trade it?

    To match with the JX an 700h will be plenty. Don't move to the 800 unless you are really comfortable with the 8 ft rod. There tends to be a thought of overkill. Your JX is a badass reel. Like the 700h more than the 800xh. Good luck, a lot of good advice for you.
  73. jgerken

    Why they call it Dope

    Awesome story to start the weekend for me. Funny stuff!
  74. jgerken

    Shamrock 26 pilothouse

    Phat Matt, thanks for the pub. I pm'd him already. She's still for sale. (He did pm me back). Good luck Mike!
  75. jgerken

    Should I trade it?

    Don't move to the LX, if you do, go to the HX. The JX will be enough if you haven't gone long range before.
  76. jgerken


    Thanks for the reports and pics! EPIC stuff.
  77. jgerken

    26’ OSPREY Long Cabin "Go Irish" For Sale

    Thanks Tim, it didn't save when I posted earlier. It is the current hours.
  78. jgerken

    26’ OSPREY Long Cabin "Go Irish" For Sale

    John H. Gerken Go Irish 26’ OSPREY Long Cabin Year: 2007 Current Price: $99,900(4/14) Located in Dana Point, CA Hull Material: Fiberglass Engine/Duel Type: Single Diesel 2007 26’ Osprey Long Cabin Pilothouse “Go Irish!” Purchased: 6/27/2007 Base Package:2007 26’ Osprey Long Cabin Pilothouse...
  79. jgerken

    Dave and I went fishing yesterday, dave caught a fish.....

    awesome, thanks for the report! BiG HaLi!
  80. jgerken


    Very funny!
  81. jgerken


    Thanks for the report. Great pics!
  82. jgerken

    French Polynesia ( Tahanea, Motutunga, Tepoto) Dec 2013

    As the others have said, JEALOUS! Great report, fantastic pictures. Awesome trip! THANKS FOR POSTING!
  83. jgerken

    Rpt-Wed.-12-11-13 Another great Red day at San Clemente Island!

    Cory, thanks for the report. Made my day since I am stuck in the snow in Chicago. Headed home with fond thoughts.
  84. jgerken

    Osprey Owners Chime in

    I own one and love it. It is for sale but as others have noted on here not for cheap. She is a 26LC. She is diesel. Highly recommend the diesel for distance. Get 3miles/gallon. Sometime 3.5. Run her at all speeds. You will love it. If you are still in the market, let me know she is for...
  85. jgerken

    Wtb osprey 26 pilothouse

    I have a 2007 26' Osprey LC with Volvo penta D4 Duo Prop for sale. Much more than your $75k but thought I'd shoot you an email. Let me know, I can always send pics.
  86. jgerken

    Saltwater KONA BABY!!

    Awesome, thanks for the report. Nice weather, good times. Showed the pics to my son (12), he asked is that your son? I said yes but was wondering? Great pics!
  87. jgerken

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Loved the report and pictures. Made sure a lot of people got some good food! Awesome! Thanks!
  88. jgerken

    Ruptured my eardrum

    Mike, get better. Ouch.
  89. jgerken

    12yr old kid gets his first two marlin today using a full stand up bucket harness

    Great report. Just got back fishing St. Thomas with my 12 year old and it was priceless! Thanks for the pics and story! Go Get Em Jack!
  90. jgerken

    5 kidnappings

    Great trip, Fantastic video, thanks for sharing. :appl:
  91. jgerken

    Krusty The Clown Weave.

    Great work!
  92. jgerken

    Pride Seabass Trip 06-21-2013

    Wow, thanks for the report. Well done.
  93. jgerken

    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    Thanks for the pictures and the post. You killed um! Great job.
  94. jgerken

    polarized sunglasses

    Kaenon is the best lens. Only company where the lens costs more to manufacture than the frame.
  95. jgerken

    Rpt-Wed-06-12-13 My Catalina Curse is over-a Trifecta+1

    Cory, great report as always! CONGRATS!
  96. jgerken

    wsb wide open Wed 05-29

    Awesome, thanks for the report.
  97. jgerken


    Awesome, Great report. Keep Fishing!
  98. jgerken

    Need a charter for St. Thomas Virgin Islands?

    Guys, Going on vacation with two families down to St. Thomas USVI in July. Anyone know of any good charters? Want to fish, don't care species but am educating myself. Let me know. Thanks, John
  99. jgerken


    Great report, post that vid when you get a chance. Congrats!
  100. jgerken

    Stock Market

    While everyone here has good advice to be cautious while investing, if it interests you and you want some advice start with LinkedIn. There are several groups on there that allow you to participate with your ideas, trading systems, etc. Expand your knowledge of viable opportunities out there...
  101. jgerken

    Manti Te'o to the Chargers......

    Great pick up. Chargers usually waste their pics.
  102. jgerken

    Big Swords in NZ Too!

    Awesome fish. Nice pic.
  103. jgerken

    Catch a 300# cow or your money Back........

    Sent in my money in 2004 and today! :)
  104. jgerken

    03 / 25 Bassin' on the Ducky w/Tailman

    Great report as always. Thanks.
  105. jgerken

    upper oso resevoir

    I am a Troop Leader and fish it all the time. It is unbelievable. Volunteer your time, teaching kids to fish and you can fish it all you want. Wouldn't try and do it illegally, there are people there 24/7. It is the best fresh water fishery south county. :)
  106. jgerken

    Fishing with Dave Hansen

    Nice bug. Dave does it again. Thanks for the report!
  107. jgerken

    LB Limits AGAIN!!

    Nice, great report.
  108. jgerken

    my son attacked

    Tom, My thoughts and prayers are with your family and son. I hope he gets better soon.
  109. jgerken


    Going Snowboarding. Did think about it, but with 3 days for everyone to see. There are those with more money willing to spend to get em'. Thanks for the report, we all wish we were there.
  110. jgerken

    Rpt-02-23-13 Local Bass and Critters!

    Cory, thanks for the report. Great trip.
  111. jgerken

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    Go every year. Weds with the kids and Friday with my dad and buddies. Only Long Beach. Well worth it.
  112. jgerken

    Killer whales killing sea lion pups at alarming rate

    Best laugh all week... Definitely in on transporting the MLPA fans with transmitters.
  113. jgerken


    Ends March 20th.
  114. jgerken

    168lb Wahoo?

    That is one big fish! Thanks for the post. Thanks for the follow thru pics as well.
  115. jgerken

    Dana Halibut 2.6.13 The Window Opened

    Great report, thanks for posting. Nicely done!
  116. jgerken


    Thanks for the post. Nice to see quality fish in the winter time.
  117. jgerken

    new trailer options

    Owned both a Pacific and Trail Rite. Have Pacific now. Good companies. If you are putting in the ocean, galvanized. If not, aluminum. 25 ft. you could go with three axels. Get the ladder put on the side. Good luck.
  118. jgerken

    The room is completed...

  119. jgerken

    Excel Jan 6 - 21st...

    Thanks for the detail in the report. Great times. Looking forward to the pics.
  120. jgerken

    Indy is on Fuego!

    I like 81 tuna. That is a lot of fish!
  121. jgerken

    The important things.

    Awesome pics, story and thanks for sharing. Agree the pic could be your new avatar.
  122. jgerken

    How many batteries

    DO not take it out. All of the posts above are correct. Your house will need the batteries. You might be able to make it on three with only one in the house, but don't do it if you already have the batteries. Those long trips with your fridge, bait tank and lights running...
  123. jgerken

    Old torques

    Love my 100 and 300. Your thumb is the only "control".
  124. jgerken

    Just like Catalina...

    Awesome, great pics. Thanks for sharing. Going to St. Thomas with the kids July 8 - 18, this year. Thanks.
  125. jgerken

    possibility of Melton's leaving Kalifornia

    He's in the Sunday Register. Big article explaining taxation, standard of living, and California's climate. Hope he doesn't go, but writing is in the math!
  126. jgerken

    12-24-12 Last Minute shopping...

    Great report! Congrats. Christmas Eve!
  127. jgerken

    RED HOT MARLIN ACTION! Tropic Star Lodge (8th-22nd December)

    Wish you reported daily. Thanks for the report. Planning my trip for two years from now. It's gonna be a long wait.
  128. jgerken

    NPH Spots and Flats Loking,..

    Great report. Saluki's lost bet is to much!
  129. jgerken site redesigned

    Great site! Thanks for the post.
  130. jgerken

    Calstar GF700L

    Great job!
  131. jgerken

    Last minute TOOL ideas for Christmas gifts....

    awesome, so true!
  132. jgerken

    Lings and Lobsters 12/8 - Double Double

    Great trip, thanks for the report. WOW.
  133. jgerken

    Thanksgiving for my Momma

    Glad this got bumped for me to see. Thanks for sharing. What a blessed family. Thanks for the reminder of what is important. Great pics!
  134. jgerken

    Mikelson Nomad

    Love the company, the boat, and your Nomad's. Have been on Patrick's email list for a couple years. Got his email yesterday while here in Chicago. Bought my powerball ticket this morning just so I can buy it this weekend. Great boats gentlemen. Can't stand the USC name. GO IRISH!!!
  135. jgerken

    Late Nevada Bull Report

    Wow, glad you are ok. Great report. Awesome bull!
  136. jgerken


  137. jgerken

    Got One!

    Great report. Thanks!
  138. jgerken

    San Nick Island

    Dave, great report. Long day. Keep Catchin'
  139. jgerken

    Lobster, lobster, lobster! butt not or us.

    awesome report. Great catching. If you don't finish the fish by tomorrow and need a new buddy to eat it, consider it done. Well done boys. Great pic of you fishing and the background.
  140. jgerken

    800L wrapped by yoyoys

    What are the colors? Pic?
  141. jgerken

    Me and the boy.

    Best times fishing are with your son! Thanks for the post.
  142. jgerken

    Fish Tales from Venice, LA - 10/21/12

    Awesome fish and report!
  143. jgerken

    Mitchfish swimbaits battle Cystic Fibrosis

    ordered on the plane Friday delivered today. Fast service, good luck Mitch!
  144. jgerken

    Mitchfish swimbaits battle Cystic Fibrosis

    Just ordered two packs. Great cause! Good Luck Mitch!
  145. jgerken

    Dan Hernandez

    Dan is the real deal. He is genuine, kind and supports kids. Never once have I seen him not stop and talk to me or my kids. As far as an expert, all of us know it's time on the water. He's logged many a trip. Surprised that this came up at all. Truly a nice guy and fisherman.
  146. jgerken

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    The afternoons are the time. Great report.
  147. jgerken

    Osprey 26' LC w/Folding Tower

    You will love that boat. Great purchase!
  148. jgerken

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    WOW! Thanks for the report.
  149. jgerken

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    WOW! Thanks for the report.
  150. jgerken

    My son

    My prayers are with you and your wife. Aiden is in heaven watching over you. God bless you two. So sorry for your loss.
  151. jgerken

    Offshore 182 ON THE "ON ONE" 9/10/12

    Great report! Great times. Congrats!
  152. jgerken

    Offshore EPIC DAY @ THE 1010

    Great report, epic day!
  153. jgerken

    Offshore out of Dana Pt Labor day 9/4

    thanks for the detailed report
  154. jgerken

    8/26 First post SCI

    Great first post. Keep it up and thanks for the report!
  155. jgerken


    Thanks for the report. Next time.
  156. jgerken

    Saw a tuna breaking water heading to Catalina Island yesterday

    Holding out were ya...Thanks for the report and here's to some hope!
  157. jgerken

    K&M 68water-dodo&slugs on 240

    Great report!
  158. jgerken

    Suburban tow vehicle - new brakes help

    Keep replacing them. Flush with fresh water at the dock every time. Not the biggest fan of modifying the trailer or weight ratio (adding to the tongue, etc.).
  159. jgerken

    First WSB Sat 8/4

    Thanks for the report. Great job!
  160. jgerken

    Downrigger camera bycatch

    Great video, thanks for sharing!
  161. jgerken

    Offshore TUNA & TAILS

    Thanks for the report!
  162. jgerken

    Fisherman III LJ Kelp Beds

    Great report, nice yellows!
  163. jgerken

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    I'll be there. Will give my two cents and will put my tail between my legs and go home. Always fun hanging with the DFG!
  164. jgerken

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    YEAH! Thanks for the report. Nice fish!
  165. jgerken

    YT on the Chubasco 2 5/23

    Great report, thanks for the pics! Nice fish.
  166. jgerken

    Saltwater pocket change

    thanks for the report. Nice pic!
  167. jgerken


    Thanks for sharing. Great times!
  168. jgerken

    Personal Best Tail Nados 5/13

    Awesome. Great times with your Dad! Thanks for the report.
  169. jgerken

    Home owners insurance for tackle

    Just bought a big ass safe to put my reels into. Don't have a solution for the rods yet but homeowners insurance. It should be covered. If not, switch policies. Good luck.
  170. jgerken

    Lady Luck II Finding some yellows! 4/18/2012

    Great job! Thanks for the report!
  171. jgerken

    Anyone in the Health Insurance Biz...?

    PM sent. I can quote every company for you guys. Thanks for the opportunity. John
  172. jgerken

    FREE Catalina Trip REAL - Fished the MOLE !!

    Ron, Happy Birthday! Always love your reports!
  173. jgerken

    80-pound Cobia!

    Thanks for the report. Great fish!
  174. jgerken

    Took some Ese's fiching on the Dolphin!! 3-30-2012

    nice. great report. good job getting more people fishing!
  175. jgerken

    Great Fishing Day HB

    Thanks for the report and getting out there.
  176. jgerken

    VJ got $55,000,000.00 from the Bucs

    WOW, good luck bucs. You can have him at that price!!!
  177. jgerken

    For sale calstar

    What colors are the rod? Pic? Thanks ahead of time.
  178. jgerken

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    Awesome pic!
  179. jgerken

    Long Beach Lobster trip

    Both are nice guys! Thanks for the report(s).
  180. jgerken

    Take 10 Seconds to Support Dan Richards

    DONE! Thanks, JHG
  181. jgerken

    tons of plastic

    Just got back into town and would like to buy some. I know Tommy wants them all but I'm buying for my sons Boy Scout Troop (just started it) so if you have a few bags to spare, I'm in. Tommy was first though.
  182. jgerken

    How high of the cost of fuel till ya stop fishing

    Can't ever give up, just bringing more of my sons friends and handing them each oars!
  183. jgerken

    Date night with Capt. Dave??

    Another good time with Dave aboard. Thanks for the report.
  184. jgerken

    Why Public Ownership of Firearms Should Be Revoked

    Mike, just read this post Holy Sh.t. Buy more ammo NOW!!!
  185. jgerken

    New to BD - Palm Beach

    Welcome aboard! Tight Lines!
  186. jgerken

    Propane outboards

    Mike, Great report. Future applications may let us get off the oil dependency drug!
  187. jgerken

    Rough conditions but we made the most of it!

    Great picture! Great work Dad! Keep em fishing! Thanks for sharing.
  188. jgerken

    AS Good As it gets

    Dave, thanks for the report!
  189. jgerken

    430lb Yellowfin!!!!!!!!

    AWESOME, Congrats to the skipper and crew. Great pics!
  190. jgerken

    Dana Pt. 1/20/2012

    Awesome fish, thanks for the report!
  191. jgerken

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    Funniest question ever!
  192. jgerken

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    Both are great boats. Prefer the Osprey though, I'm biased. Prefer the 64 Nordhavn Nomad too!
  193. jgerken

    MLPA boycott list

    Where did the list come from? I can't believe that the Frog House supported the MLPA. I will call TK and Mike in the morning. Mikey is a huge fisherman. He schedules trips all of the time. As far as the list, let's find out the source and if true... You won't find my money there.
  194. jgerken

    Ok, time to let her go......

    Has to be one of the best deals on here in years! Good Luck, can't believe it's not gone already!
  195. jgerken

    Who's buying a fishing license?

    Agree! They can keep fighting us but I will never give up.
  196. jgerken

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    Signed up Diamond, great idea. Would love to use the logo on all of my emails! People would then hit it and see what I care about!
  197. jgerken

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    Couldn't take it, just signed up for Diamond. In disbelief right now. Hope we find a good candidate to take this up. Guarantee I won't spend a nickle in Laguna until this gets fixed. Wife is gonna be pissed no more dinner or Ritz beach but f'em!!!
  198. jgerken

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    Don't discuss it anymore. Like everyone says, get a boat and she won't bitch about the fishing gear. Like you I'm an addict. Won't stop neither. Bloodydecks is my 12 step group!
  199. jgerken

    another 2011 buoy battle

    wow, thanks for the report!
  200. jgerken

    What Did u get for Christmas ??

    I got a new dinghy for the boat, sea sucker hooks to hang stuff up on the boat and hope all you guys had a great christmas!
  201. jgerken

    Tiger Catches Marlin!!

    Great report, thought the tigers wouldn't travel outside their home!
  202. jgerken


    So sorry for your loss. Try and enjoy the holidays. Paypal sent. Good luck! Thank god your family is alive.
  203. jgerken

    Hard to Believe???

    WOW! Nice report. Thanks.
  204. jgerken


    Great report, nice pics. Don't listen to ...Cambingham1 "i wouldn't want to embarras you with my pics bri dog". What an ass.
  205. jgerken

    rod/reels/misc. cheap!

    what are the colors on the custom 700xl?
  206. jgerken


    Thanks for sharing. Unbelievable. Great times!
  207. jgerken

    lobster under the full moon........11/8

    Western Exterminator needed! Orkin uses only enviromentally friendly bug killer... Nice catch and report, lets have the Orkin/Western Exterminator teams kill the seals!
  208. jgerken

    Sum Fun groupon trip.

    Great report, glad you didn't spend $2k
  209. jgerken

    Long Beach Super Crawl + Malibu BIG BUGS + SMB Wreck

    WOW, WTG! Very nice report. What time is dinner? Good job.
  210. jgerken

    Fishing report for 11/12 & 11/13 for Long Beach

    Dan, Thanks for the report. Love the pics. Keep puttin em on it!
  211. jgerken

    Great Day with a Mixed Bag off Montauk!

    Great day and report, thanks. Monkfish is very crazy looking!
  212. jgerken

    Domes 11/9/2011 Good time, just macks.

    Hey guys, Quick report: Left dana at 2:30 sprinted to the Domes. Put out chum bucket, had current, good weather, no fish. Just macks. Something more with photos from my good buddy Paul in the future. Got to the harbor at 1:30, little wind. 1/2 scoop with mix, nice amount! Headed out...
  213. jgerken

    My Two Biggest Lobsters EVER!!!!!

    That's front page stuff! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  214. jgerken

    5 out of 6 Legal Bugs prefer Mackeral over getting head:

    Awesome, great pics. That's what it's all about!
  215. jgerken

    Problem Solved

    Glad you got it set up, sorry you had to. GO IRISH! Until next year!
  216. jgerken

    Doh! Out for next year

  217. jgerken


    Put it on the front page. Very nice!
  218. jgerken

    Dana Point Harbor lobster fishing help?

    Been a rough year again in Dana. 3 legals this week on Weds. Caught further south. Good Luck.
  219. jgerken

    Our Help is SERIOUSLY needed.

    Prayers and thoughts are with Sylvia and her family.
  220. jgerken

    EPIC! First time hooping....Killed it!!!

    Great report, good job Dave!
  221. jgerken

    7 days on the Q105

    Thanks for the report, detailed and you had a good time!
  222. jgerken

    Offshore 1.5 day on the New Lo Ann 9-27 to 9-29

    Awesome post both in description and the video
  223. jgerken

    Cowboys vs Indians

  224. jgerken

    32 Gallon bait tank

    I have a brand new kodiak. It was used one time on my old boat and has sat in my garage for 5 years. It measures 24" high, 22.5 wide" it's oval. Might be perfect for what you are looking for.
  225. jgerken

    Bait Tank PF32 or similar

    I have a kodiak bait tank that has sat in my garage for 5 years. It has been used one time on my old boat. I have kept it because I thought I would use it as a back up or on a bigger boat. It is brand new, only dusty. The dimensions are oval, 24" high and 23" across. The 24" includes the...
  226. jgerken

    Bertram 28' Project - What's it worth?

    she's not worth much the way you have her. Way to valuable of a boat to sell, fix her up. If you want to sell the whole thing, $1500. Top, $1250 alone. Part her out if you have to sell. Good luck. You have a beautiful boat there (under the dirt).
  227. jgerken

    At a loss for words right now.... RIP Troyboy

    So sorry for your loss, my prayers and thoughts are with you and his family. God Bless.
  228. jgerken

    So we got a new family member

    Awesome dog, congrats on the new family member. Hank you got a good home!
  229. jgerken

    Jack off in the Box?

    What the Can't believe it.
  230. jgerken

    Catalina report 8/21-8/22

    awesome, keep it up! It will get easier. Thanks for the report, there is no better time than with your children on the water!
  231. jgerken

    Glad Mr. Oceanside UOC didn't run into THIS cop!

    That is incredible. Hopefully that cops job is lost for good. He shouldn't be a cop. The detriment he caused police everywhere is ridiculous. Just get rid of him and move on.
  232. jgerken

    14 Mile Bank

    Thanks for the report! Next time!
  233. jgerken

    ~~For what it's worth a twilight trip proves to be a jackpot! 8/24/11~~

    Great report. Fantastic for those boys, they are hooked!
  234. jgerken

    Brought a knife to a gun fight

    thanks for the report going out this morning, I'll let you guys know.
  235. jgerken

    2 guys that can fish

    Way to go boys, true Pro's!
  236. jgerken

    Fleashlight ID, I mean Fish ID please...(invert ID)

    Mikey, this is no fun so I'll take the bait. YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST HIT IT SINCE ALL YOU DO IS FISH NOW.
  237. jgerken

    Domes and San Mateo Kelp

    I went back out today, hit salt creek. Went out in the morning, needed radar again. No visibiity. Anchored near cattle boats. Had fresh dead squid, chummed tons of liquified dino's and their dead bodies. Got a few bites. Nothing much. Water temp was 62.4 at the high. Came back in, docked...
  238. jgerken

    Domes and San Mateo Kelp

    Shawn, I'm going out Tuesday, I'll let you know.
  239. jgerken

    Domes and San Mateo Kelp

    Went out yesterday for a quick fish caught nothing but cold water. Left Dana at 10:20am, cruised down to the Domes. Warmest water was at San Mateo, 62.5. The morning had a big fog bank, had to use radar to get to the domes. Cleared up pretty quick. Got no bites. Moved to San Mateo. Lots...
  240. jgerken

    Left Dana at 7am

    Thanks for the report. Headed out Thursday, maybe same trip but hopefully with better luck. Thanks!
  241. jgerken

    Wharf Rats

    Great report. Thanks for the post.
  242. jgerken

    Catalina 6-25

    Awesome, thanks for the report. Keep him fishing, he loves it!
  243. jgerken

    What is the WORST thing that has happened to you offshore?

    One of the best bd threads ever!
  244. jgerken

    no baracuda on huntington flats just gayfish

    Awesome Fish! Thanks for the report!
  245. jgerken

    Dana Point Kid Trip

    sweet, great job!
  246. jgerken

    Birthday Present

    awesome birthday! Happy Birthday!
  247. jgerken

    Pending World Record

    Very cool Dave! Good Luck Victoria! Keep Fishing.
  248. jgerken

    In Remembrance....

    Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing. Fish the shit out of that rod. Great memories. Thanks again.
  249. jgerken


    That is sweet!
  250. jgerken

    Well shit...

    Good luck!!!
  251. jgerken

    Boat FAILS Compilation

    Great compilation... a must see.
  252. jgerken


    Go to Costco, they sell sponge boards for $150. Big enough for you to learn.
  253. jgerken

    NEW Dive spot off Dana/ San Clemente (Everingham wreck found)

    Mike, Nice post. Hope we get the other boat too!
  254. jgerken

    The Sea Robin and a Giant Warsaw

    Awesome, great job. Thanks for the report!
  255. jgerken


    I'll sell my copy for $295!
  256. jgerken

    $100.00 Reward for a Lost a Hoop-Net

    I've lost two, had one returned and the other gone. Shawn returned one that floated away to me that night.
  257. jgerken

    Catalina East End report - 1/23/11

    Thanks for the report, going on Friday.
  258. jgerken

    Doctors vs. Gun Owners

    That first post is one of the funniest true stories I've ever read.
  259. jgerken

    One foot in the grave............

    WOW.. Thankful that you are recovering. Good Luck.
  260. jgerken

    Cat bug report 12-8-10 a "new first" for me

    Those are my hoops you lost, I'm coming after you. Great report, at least the hoops are getting used. Supposedly get the boat back this week. Good luck to those that are going.
  261. jgerken

    How mad should I be

    Merry Christmas
  262. jgerken

    Cabin Layout decision

    Keep it secure! Storage is nice but safety is better. Good luck.
  263. jgerken

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    One of the best 20 minute reads in a long time. HUGE BALLS! Someone should put a disclaimer that none of us condones this. Good luck and keep taking photos, we'll need video to see what really happens. PVC, Holy Sh.t!
  264. jgerken

    Rpt-SCI-12-02-10 Slow Start, good ending!

    Cory, Thanks for the report. Glad Dave found em'. Happy Holidays back to you and all Bloodydeckers!
  265. jgerken


    We'll watch for any posts, keep an eye on Ebay. Super sorry. Good Luck!
  266. jgerken

    How many rods do you have??

    Dan, always appreciate the pic of your reels. Guero, wow. Always when you think you are an addict, I find a good friend who tells me it's ok. That is a lot of rods! I usually sell or give some to my friends when I get over 30+. Should start a thread with a poll, over 20, over 30, etc. I...
  267. jgerken

    Canon A-10 Electric Downrigger

    PM'd, if Luke can't close it, I will. Thx JHG
  268. jgerken

    Crushing Swordfish

    Awesome, thanks for the report.
  269. jgerken

    Beagles vs Foreskins MNF blowout........

    That Fn defense s.cks! Fire Shanahan! I could've thrown for 250 yards.
  270. jgerken

    Fake Veterans

    Jesse, To you and all of you who served, thanks. I started reading this thread because I couldn't believe some ass.ole would do this. To read there are so many of them, f'em. Weed em out. Once again, thanks is all I can say!
  271. jgerken

    would you shit in your pants?

    No Fn Way, I would never do it. Crazy...
  272. jgerken

    24 to 28ft cuddy/pilot house

    I am biased but love my Osprey. Diesel is the way to go if you're going to keep it. Good luck!
  273. jgerken

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    Great detailed report, next time!!!
  274. jgerken

    8/14 DP North - Pretty BAD

    thanks for the report! NEXT TIME!!!
  275. jgerken

    Dusty and dirty

    Willing to be a deck hand... Don't want the payment or the lottery winnings to go to one item. Thanks for the post, it's a very impressive boat.
  276. jgerken

    Offshore We went the distance for the Albacore

    Dave, thanks for the report. Nice trip. Curious too about the price at the coral...
  277. jgerken


    Information on Upcoming MLPA Scoping Meeting email them at: [email protected]
  278. jgerken


    thanks wish that was all it would take
  279. jgerken


    Can't go but they give you a place to put your message, here's mine. Good luck to any of you who can go. To whom it may concern: On Friday July 23rd you are having another meeting in your long line of meetings on the proposed MLPA and its proposed changes on our oceans. I am writing...
  280. jgerken

    How big a boat do you need?

    except his avatars are the best and welcome!
  281. jgerken

    Abu Garcia revo inshore or shimano curado 300e?

    Revo is the way to go!
  282. jgerken

    close call and lj report 7-12

    Glad nothing serious happened. Thanks for the report!
  283. jgerken

    The great name debate

    Lone Shark!
  284. jgerken

    Inshore Coronados July 5th

    Thanks for the report, nice 1st tail!
  285. jgerken


    Paully, thanks for the report. It is of everyone's interest.
  286. jgerken

    BD Fishing Trip Seward Alaska with the Crackerjack Charters Crew

    Awesome, will put them on my list. Thanks for the detailed report. Great trip.
  287. jgerken

    1986 Padre colors??

    Jim great job! Like the colors!
  288. jgerken

    Pilot Whales, Sharks and Rubba Hooks

    Better luck next time! At least you were out on the water. Thanks for the report!!!
  289. jgerken

    Asians Love White Sexy Bitches...

    thanks for the report. Nice fish.
  290. jgerken


    Have plenty of lawyers willing to help. I commend any slowdown in the process. This may not be the answer but praise your step! Let us know how we can help. Again my friend thanks.
  291. jgerken

    W.S.B limits for all on The Outrider

    Awesome! Just extremely jealous. Thanks for the report. GOOD TIMES!
  292. jgerken

    D.P. south = sucks

    thanks for the report.
  293. jgerken

    Saltwater Area 7 Halibut!!

    nice flatties!! Thanks for the report.
  294. jgerken


    I manage money for people. The fees I generate go to fishing, my wife and fishing.
  295. jgerken

    5/20 Catalina Back Side from West End to the Vee's

    Sorry we were to busy with the fishing and waves, no pics were taken. Wish we had one of the guy going airborne!
  296. jgerken

    Newport Bay with Mike Gardner and my family

    Fished 5/21 with Mike Gardner and Jeremiah Short Story: Fished Newport Harbor with my dad, brother and Mike Gardner for 42 fish! Long Story: Had to be at the Newport Dunes launch ramp at 6 am. When I got there Mike, Jeremiah his deck hand and my family were already there. We launched at 6:20...
  297. jgerken

    5/20 Catalina Back Side from West End to the Vee's

    Fished Catalina back side 05/20 Short Story: Fished Catalina from the West End to the Vee’s for a lota shorties and a sculpin. Waves were 6 – 8 feet. Boarded and Checked by Coast Guard. Hurried to Salt Creek to beat the bad weather acomin’ for nothing. Long Story: Left Dana Point at...
  298. jgerken

    South 9 5-13-10

    glad you had the clamp!
  299. jgerken

    Thanks for the report, pics are great. Congrats!!!
  300. jgerken

    Venice YellowFin on Fire

    Great Report, hope it stays that way! Thanks.
  301. jgerken

    Didn't go to SCI either...

    Nice 6er!
  302. jgerken

    Mardiosa Limits

    Sweet, great job, thanks for the report!
  303. jgerken

    Ecos are trying to shut down Dana Point Bait barge

    Thanks, that makes two. Thanks for the post.
  304. jgerken

    catalina sea bass

    Thanks for the report! Nice!!!
  305. jgerken

    Fish report: Limits of Fun

    Great report, CONGRATS TO CASTRO!!! Thanks.
  306. jgerken

    Shark Fishing - Bait and Switch

    thanks for the info as always!
  307. jgerken

    in our 13' Whaler. The legend continues.

    12 ish...... that is amazing. Great report keep going boys!!!
  308. jgerken

    Fishing with my 4 year old son (DP Harbor)

    may he always catch fish bigger than you. It's the only person you won't care about. Thanks for sharing. Nothing better
  309. jgerken

    Very nice Beach Butt!!!

    Awesome, Love the pics of the kids having fun! Thanks for sharing.
  310. jgerken

    First tuna of the Season

    Very funny, thanks for the laugh, Foss too!
  311. jgerken

    Great way to end Lobster season

    Congrats, thank gosh you got out! Great Report! Thanks for going!!!
  312. jgerken

    Check this Dave Sweet out

    Seriously if you like the stick great but you're not going to sell it, then just put it up for show. The old school is great but it's not usable other than remembrance. Sell it for fishing gear. :) sorry for being a sourpuss, don't like your term but those boards I have which I like but are...
  313. jgerken

    Check this Dave Sweet out

    sweet stick for what, remembrance! Come on. Unless you use to use his sticks, junk! Period.. I got sh.t loads of junk for sale.
  314. jgerken

    My kids boyfriend hit the big time

  315. jgerken

    Any Opinions on the Big Game 90

    Good Capt. and crew. deal is great, have used both the deal and boat in the past. If you do have 35+ make sure they're your friends!
  316. jgerken

    Monster Daytime sword 450 pounds

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Don't know if I'd be able to do it without an electric reel. I'll leave it to watching the video. There is so much fish there that I'll agree it's almost like a harvest, not commercial though. Thanks again! WOW!
  317. jgerken

    Never done LR looking at 2 option

    I know guys who need $62/day for beer!!!:frehya2: Try to buy your tackle ahead of time. Call the landing, review the boards. Just go!!! Have fun!
  318. jgerken

    An easy way to clear backlashes....

    Thanks, good info. Not that I'll need it. Just for my brothers' nephews' cousins' sister!
  319. jgerken

    BIG 5 COUPON - March 9, 2010 - Up to 20% off

    I'll use it tomorrow at the one on El Toro! Thanks again.
  320. jgerken

    Spreader bars

    just went nuts and bought all sorts of Fred Archer stuff. Read the ebooks they are great.
  321. jgerken

    Offshore We Killed Whitey!

    thanks for the report.
  322. jgerken

    Penn Torque BD Member Exclusive Drawing

    Fred, I want to thank you for the time that you extended to me and my crew. I sat throught the seminar and loved it. Rob and I bought tons of the bars and look forward to a great season. We'll be passing on the shots to post. Your bars were one of the most intriguing stories of the show...
  323. jgerken

    San Clemente to Dana

    Awesome, love any story which shows the kids fishing. Keep it up! Glad you got out. There is nothing better than fishing with your family.
  324. jgerken

    post your favorite pic of your lady on your boat/fishing

    Mike loved the pic of Deb and your daughter, she is so precious!!!
  325. jgerken

    Penn Torque BD Member Exclusive Drawing

    will be there tomorrow to look at your booth and stuff. Love the post and the offer. Good Luck and sell some sh.t tomorrow.
  326. jgerken

    okuma makaira 50 II rebuild - 2/16/2010

    Awesome, always impressed. thanks again. Safe Travels.
  327. jgerken

    Pray for Dean (Bank Robber).....

    Good Luck and get better soon!
  328. jgerken

    best conventional under $250?

  329. jgerken

    Prayers needed for my nephew

    Prayers to the family!
  330. jgerken

    Sea Lions Shot Dead

    Roll the bones (Charlie)... that is the most f'd up avatar I've ever seen. Who could've even staged that. Love threads like these, pure entertainment. SEALS, swim away cause if we're ever able, you're gonna die!!!
  331. jgerken

    Offshore 2/13 -Sniffed around at the 181/182 ridge

    thanks for the report, nice try and good fun.
  332. jgerken

    Local 2/12

    Great job, nice pics!
  333. jgerken

    Best Overall Pilothouse

    Osprey, but I own it.
  334. jgerken

    Fred Hall Show LB Roll Call

    I'll be there Weds with the kids and either Thurs or Fri.
  335. jgerken

    Maximus "New boat @ Capt Hook Sportfishing

    What a nice thing to say! IT LOOKS FANTASTIC, JOB WELL DONE!
  336. jgerken

    1/29 Hawaii Kai

    Nice catch!!!
  337. jgerken

    Just When You Think You Have Seen It All

    Great post of an obviously great guy, CONGRATS CHARLIE!!!
  338. jgerken

    Boat trailer

    don't waste your time and money. get galvanized. if its free use the aluminum one.
  339. jgerken

    Anyone know - who bought the yacht - "Crystal":

    Shawn, don't think we could hoop off of it. Could probably put our boats on top! Thanks for the tour.
  340. jgerken

    Is this rape?

    Stationary rape! The bison looks like it enjoys it. No arm wavings or protesting. Can't believe I read this post.
  341. jgerken

    Avets Rock!

    for the price, dollar for dollar, they are the chosen ones.
  342. jgerken


    This is ridickulous! Thanks for saying so I could paraphrase! I owe you one next time!
  343. jgerken

    Bob Marley weave

    Never have I replied to this type of thread just sat in amazement. This one though, WOW. Great Job!
  344. jgerken

    Ben Weston

    awesome day. thanks for the report.
  345. jgerken

    Heading to Cat-Friday Morning for weekend

    Good Luck Boys, catch only the big ones. How does your boat have the game on?
  346. jgerken

    BSB thread, the story was updated

    Mike, Thanks for the post. I took your word for it and all the others. I won't watch it. I have caught 4 on my boat in the past 12 months. All released. Luckily no serious action needed to release but 25 minutes for two of them to get going to normal. The problem we have is the wrong...
  347. jgerken

    Florida Sailfish!!!

    Quicktake Great Crew, Great Boat, 4 hours fished, 25 bonies for bait, 2 sailfish (1 7ft 1in; 1 6ft 8in) While on business in Miami decided to go fishing. Tried to go three days but with 20 degree weather, high winds and rough seas; Monday was the only day it was a go. Went out with Therapy –...
  348. jgerken


    Noah, Good Luck to you. Don't give up trying to fish but the boat part doesn't come quickly. As far as the advice, I don't think we should be giving you any. Your dad should be teaching you how to write. Like Mike said and others agree, try the pier...
  349. jgerken

    Avet The Avet SX - Tear down and rebuild

    Thanks for the tutorial!
  350. jgerken

    Turners Californian Rods

    Used one in the beginning of my long range career. Caught so much albacore on one trip I thought for sure it would break. Just gave it to a good friend to get him hooked on the sport. It worked great and never broke!
  351. jgerken

    not a yellow but just as much fun

    great post, nice catch!
  352. jgerken

    Harmonica John hospitalized

    The best to you and your family. Hang in there and get better soon! Good Luck!!!
  353. jgerken

    Drifting for Halibut in LB

    Nice try, sorry you didn't get a fish. Shit I'm drinking now after reading that turd's post! I can vouch for the polar frost, used it after pulling 70 pots on sunday. IT WORKS GREAT!!!
  354. jgerken

    Found a little pocket

    Nice job boys!
  355. jgerken

    Fishin' and Hoopin

    Left Dana Point at 1:40 on Sunday afternoon. Crew of 4. We had some of the flatest water I've seen. Beautiful weather. Got to Cat, started trollin little Rapala's. Every 10 feet double hook ups of da bones'. Made plenty for bait, headed to one of our spots. Hooped all night for dozens of...
  356. jgerken

    A man died here yesterday

    R.I.P., best to the family. Shred that boat up!
  357. jgerken

    Opinions on New Boat

    Buy a used Oprey Pilothouse. You'll need to go to the 30' if you don't want an engine hatch. Skagit Orca makes one too. Obviously I am biased. One of the best decisions I have made. If you don't want an engine hatch stay with outboards and you could do a 26'. I prefer the diesel, but new...
  358. jgerken

    USC Tommy Trojan weave

    Great Crafstsman and job. Too bad the team sux! Don't worry so does mine. GO IRISH!
  359. jgerken

    Boat hatred?

    Love it, Love fishing, Love fishing with my family, Love fishing with my family and my friends on the boat!!!
  360. jgerken

    Successful Halibut Fishing 12/4

    Nice fish! Thanks for the report!
  361. jgerken

    Pt Loma w/Dave Hanson 12/3

    Great story with the kids. Keep em fishing, thanks for sharing. Good job Dave!
  362. jgerken

    father son annual Whitetail hunt, Texas 11-09 w/pics

    thanks for the story Mike, Congrats to Jack. Way to go.
  363. jgerken

    Pilothouse on a NorthRiver Seahawk

    Good Luck, great pics. Keep reporting
  364. jgerken

    Bigger than 11 Lbs BITCHES

    NICE RELEASE! Thanks for the pics!
  365. jgerken

    New HX Raptor is Done!

    sweet catch! Gotta get one
  366. jgerken

    How to setup for PV

    Nice Boat. You are gonna have a great season.
  367. jgerken

    new and used fishing tackle

    O gots sh.t for sale and stuff I want to buy. DOH no list of it. just send cash and I'll send you something I think it's worth. Very funny post though.
  368. jgerken

    great story, what a ride it must have been.
  369. jgerken

    My cabinet shop burned last nite.

    Hope it all works out! Good Luck!
  370. jgerken

    Slow day out of D.P. 11-17

    Mike, thanks for the post. Matt is trying to get someone to go tomorrow. I'm going Thurs.
  371. jgerken

    11 # [email protected]

    That bug, glass paddy's avatar, butter for both! DOH!
  372. jgerken

    Offshore Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days

    Way cool, will show it to my son tonight.
  373. jgerken

    New Tuna Tournament Record!!!!!

    Awesome Catch! Great set up and crew!
  374. jgerken

    Heres to Jimmy...and death to the coyotes that roam the land

    Lost my dog of 18 1/2 years this week. She is playing with yours in heaven. Great story of a great dog. Best to your family. GO GET THAT PIECE OF SH.t COYOTE!!!
  375. jgerken

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    Mike and Shawn are not assholes but definitely are crazy(fishing alone). Would like to have you post another pic of the chicks ass though!
  376. jgerken

    Parting out My Skipjack-20

    very interested in your outriggers! how big are they, what type? PM me if not sold. Thanks. John Sorry about your loss.
  377. jgerken


    Deryk, Sorry for your fiscal situation. That is one awesome ride. Best to you. I am in for 10. Add it to Mike's 46, Mike we are almost there. Deryk, kidding aside, good luck.
  378. jgerken

    Lobster Hoopnetting in Long Beach

    Nice trip Dave, thanks for the post of the avatar!!! Great job as usual.
  379. jgerken

    New here. Pic of my boat.

    Own a 26 foot Osprey Pilothouse myself. Great to have you aboard and great boat.
  380. jgerken

    Does anyone know this boat, because you owe me one!

    Mike, thank gosh you're alright. Must have been scary. Saw three boats running without lights watching divers at Catalina in the fog on Sat. night. Fn ridiculous.
  381. jgerken

    Cat 10-6 lobsters and two lost nets.

    Mike, thanks for the post. If you find the pots give me a call. Thanks ahead of time. My number is on the floats. Great time was had. John
  382. jgerken

    Offshore Rock Cod Trip Gone Wrong SCI Report 10.2.09

    great report, thanks for having a bad day!
  383. jgerken


    going the first week in Nov. Great video.
  384. jgerken

    Wha do you think? got this in an email

    great story but didn't see the pics.
  385. jgerken

    DFG makes public claim that a conical hoop outfishes flat hoop by 58%

    Boys, thanks for attending. Had tickets to the Angel Yankees game with my daughters. Will be at the MLPA long beach as I was for the others. Thanks for going. I'll submit in the morning.
  386. jgerken

    Surfrider Foundation Highly Supports the MLPA

    I just got off the phone with a representative from Surfrider. They have a blog which will answer all of your concerns. They are not in support of closures everywhere. They have been meeting with fisherman all over our areas for over a year to insure that whatever closures end up being...
  387. jgerken

    Offshore There getting closer! YFT

    nice report, thanks for the info. Congrats on your day!
  388. jgerken

    Offshore INSANE TRIP 9/6/09 Late Report

    great report thanks, nice 1st try!
  389. jgerken

    Offshore Light Line YFT @ 302

    awesome, your kid is a natural!!! Keep it up!
  390. jgerken

    Dad & Son "Gone Fishin"

    nice report, congrats.
  391. jgerken

    Break that "grow button" Kennedy's first fish 8-22

    Mike, I wish I could've seen it. We could've fished the tourney then partied with the family. Great Post, yeah I'm biased but look how cute she is.
  392. jgerken

    Great fishing today

    thanks for the report
  393. jgerken

    2009 Offshore Shootout Canceled

    Me too! Would have loved it. Next year I'm in on all of em'.
  394. jgerken

    Offshore Quick trip for 3 YFT

    great report, nice fishing and great giveaway!!!
  395. jgerken

    New SX-Raptor 2-speed, and more

    HTA, WAY TO GO!!!
  396. jgerken

    Long day at the CAT

    See ya thursday. Let us know tomorrow. Thanks, John
  397. jgerken

    Need help with family outing

    Will do paypal from work tomorrow. Have a wonderful trip.
  398. jgerken

    Navigationl Hazzard 209 Bank

    After this weekend, I need to stop eating so many burgers and hot dogs!!! GOD BLESS THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!
  399. jgerken

    My son Caelan Got his first FISH

    Thanks for sharing and congrats to the kids. AWESOME!!!
  400. jgerken

    Catalina 6-27-09

    Extremely funny. I caught a BSB yesterday and will post the pics later. Released and all is well. Second one in a year for me, third on my boat within 12 months. Must have been 165 to 185 lbs. Will post later today. Thanks for the drawing!
  401. jgerken

    SCI yellows - BDYO

    Great job. Fished SCI day before for a few rockfish and a sizeable ling. Great job.
  402. jgerken


    I got one last year by the Domes, must have been 200lbs(released). I can't imagine 30#. Congrats to you and your son. What a picture, please post the others. GREAT RELEASE!!!
  403. jgerken

    "ULTRA" Fun Fishing...Again!

    Thanks for the report. Would love to see the surf picks. Thanks as always.
  404. jgerken

    Daily Double 1/2 day with son.

    Great day for the young man. He's gonna want to go again, and again...SWEET
  405. jgerken

    Possible Line Record Halibut

    Thanks for sharing. What a story. I take my son and his friends all the time and hope to someday be a skipper with the talent to land those for them!!! Great job Captain!!!
  406. jgerken

    My 1st YT

    fantastic. enjoy..
  407. jgerken

    re-post, Father & Son get some WSB

    Posted the first time and this time. GREAT STORY!!! I fish with Blackfin and my son all the time. Mike takes his, etc. My son has yet to catch a WSB, he got a Dodo on a paddy last year at 6! I loved your story. I can't wait for my son to get his WSB!! Congrats to all the guys on the boat...
  408. jgerken

    First String vs. Pacific Queen

    What he said....
  409. jgerken

    White Sexy Bitch Part TWO..

    Awesome pics. What a great time. Where did you fish, when, was it hitting at the same spot two days in a row? Thanks, John
  410. jgerken

    Constitution Sat. Limits

    thanks for the report
  411. jgerken

    Anyone been on the First-String??

    fished several times all with hook ups. Crew was great.
  412. jgerken

    Offshore My first paddy Yellowtail of 09

    Maybe $400/lb:_smack_: NICE CATCH!!!
  413. jgerken

    w s b

    Nice job, thanks for the report.
  414. jgerken

    Dana T

    any pics?
  415. jgerken

    large threasher off laguna

    great job. post the pics when you can
  416. jgerken


    Vessel Assist all the way!!
  417. jgerken

    Who Says Smoking Weed Isn't Dangerous?

    The kid thought it was 420! DUH!!
  418. jgerken

    5/14 50+ LB Cat. Seabass FINALLY!!!

    Great patience. Your buddy will get it next time! Your son probably sooner than him!!!
  419. jgerken

    lower 9 and nados 4/21/09

    thanks for the report. Nice to know we're close.
  420. jgerken

    Missing my brother

    Hang in there. Thanks for sharing.
  421. jgerken

    Scratching Dana Point 4.21.09

    Nice report, soon, very soon...
  422. jgerken

    PACIFIC QUEST 2 day to SCI & CAT.

    Great report, nice pics!!!
  423. jgerken

    Ummmm, WHAT THE [email protected]#k GUYS?!?

    I want to say thanks to Dave as well. His message got me and Mike to attend. I spoke third. Great to give them a fiscal story, but as everyone is finally getting the impression, they don't care. When the guy from Santa Barbara stood up and let his heart loose, I thought I was gonna cry. But...
  424. jgerken

    Ummmm, WHAT THE [email protected]#k GUYS?!?

    I'll be there tomorrow. JHG
  425. jgerken

    Offshore YT dope

    going Friday, will look for the reports. Only saw the Coronados report last week.
  426. jgerken

    10 year old little girl lands 35 pound halibut

    Fantastic, keep up the great fishing. Nothing better than the kids fishing better than us!
  427. jgerken

    Fishing and Hooping Catalina 1/2

    Went out to Catalina on Friday night. Easy getting over, nice and smooth. Hooped all night with 19 bugs to show. My 7 year old son Xavier was the jackpot with a 6.5lb bug. Pics included. We spent the night and came home Saturday. Tumultuous seas coming to Dana, but arrived safe. Pics show Xavier...