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  1. dcarlisle

    440 W solar panel $100

    The panel is on my new ( to me) boat at Sunroad marina. Everything I found online has these at around $265 new, so I figure $100 is fair. If anyone can show me a comparable model ( yes, that means quality too, not just theoretical output), for far less, I’m happy to lower the price.
  2. dcarlisle

    440 W solar panel $100

    Cool, go buy one
  3. dcarlisle

    440 W solar panel $100

    dcarlisle submitted a new listing: 440 W solar panel $100 - 440 W solar panel $100 Learn more about this listing...
  4. 440 W solar panel $100

    Southern California 440 W solar panel $100

    Large 440w solar panel new never used. It came as an extra with a boat I purchased and just takes up space. It’s very large: 82.5” x 41”. $100 cash firm Dave: 310-961-6577
  5. dcarlisle

    Where to Get CAT, MTU, Volvo Diesel Engine Parts?

    You may never get a handle on the price of Volvo parts. They seem even more proud of their products than other manufactures.
  6. dcarlisle

    Outriggers - who is using them?

    I think when the yellowfin or albacore come back someday everyone will still be happy they had them. Also fishing exotics or Marlin to get more lures in the lineup to choose from.
  7. dcarlisle

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    I believe in all technical sense, you need to be three miles offshore to shoot for fun as you would technically be polluting and bullets would fall under an item that can be “discharged” 3nm from shore. Of course if your using it in self defense, who cares. We always went 3 miles outside Avalon...
  8. dcarlisle

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    Legal in US waters as long as you legally own it. I can’t imagine why you would need it at Pyramid. The only people that may bother you out there is the Navy, and probably wouldn’t be smart to pull your gun on them. The place I would actually want it is the Coronado’s (aka the trafficker’s que...
  9. dcarlisle

    Outboard engine question

    Probably just one of the many lower case drains. There are drains all over that assist in preventing water from sitting stagnant in places.
  10. dcarlisle

    Skiff Mooring Help (no stern cleat)

    If you are going to be on “Js” moorings, the guys in the courtesy boat will help you out and it is a substantially smaller mooring line. If you are on a city mooring, expect no help from the Harbor Patrol as to where on your boat to tie off as they don’t want any liability. Those mooring lines...
  11. dcarlisle

    Newbie to San Diego Salt Water Help

    Maybe I misunderstood. If you are looking at the boat in the pic you posted (or similar) I’m sure you would be very happy with it’s capabilities for what you want. Aluminum is nice as well for lots of trailering and unfamiliar lakes that may have rock/ stumps you could hit.
  12. dcarlisle

    Outfitting a non fishing boat - need suggestions!

    Nice ride as well! Most of the Whalers are highly molested by the government and put away wet.
  13. dcarlisle

    Outfitting a non fishing boat - need suggestions!

    I’m sure Shad will chime in here as this is right up his alley. He will probably sell you the motors too.
  14. dcarlisle

    Newbie to San Diego Salt Water Help

    I live on Catalina and our dinghy docks allow for a max of 14’ so we always aim to have the most “fishable boat” in that size range. After running a lot in a 14’, short offshore runs can be done, but comfort in the choppy afternoons may really come into play. You may also find it can be...
  15. dcarlisle

    Fuel line fitting question

    If it’s a 3/8” hose barb (Nipple) it should have 3/8” hose. Double clamp each side. If it leaks I would verify that the barb is not oblong or cracked.
  16. dcarlisle

    35-45 CAT QUESTION with quads

    I can tell you our 42’ Armstrong is amazing in SoCal waters. We do regular runs to SCI from SD and it’s amazing. I usually make it back from SCI ( Wilson Cove) in 3 hours or less with a relaxed and rested crew. Also if you want dynamic positioning, I feel IPS drives, inboard system with...
  17. dcarlisle

    35-45 CAT QUESTION with quads

    For a $mil you can have Armstrong Marine build you an amazing cat with whatever power you want and be 100% custom. Our 42’ cat workboat has Volvo IPS drives with the big D-11 diesels. Exhaust is underwater, handles like a dream, does 32 knots wide open and cruises 27kts and gets the exact same...
  18. dcarlisle

    Info on new Mercury 225 four stroke?

    I’ve installed the new Merc 225 on some Navy boats. I think they are still too new to really tell but it was very nice, quiet just like the old Verado, fuel economy seemed on par with the other four strokes, and good low end torque (not quite as good as the supercharged Verado but still good). I...
  19. dcarlisle

    Sureflo 5.7 Smart Sensor Pump,

    I’m dumbfounded this hasn’t sold? If I still had a boat I’d ditch my 4gpm in a heartbeat for this guy.
  20. dcarlisle

    Angled Lenco Trim Tabs or a hookup with Lenco?

    If you can’t buy them angled, just buy some oversized ones and have the fab shop cut them down to the dimensions. That’s a super easy job for the fab shop.
  21. dcarlisle

    Replacing Mercruiser Bravo trim senders

    There you go, smart idea.
  22. dcarlisle

    Replacing Mercruiser Bravo trim senders

    If the wires “upstream” of the break are in good shape, we would often splice with high quality heat shrink butt connectors and a layer of heat shrink in top of that with good success. Those senders are notorious for rotting out.
  23. dcarlisle

    Stainless steel fabrication

    I honestly think I would start with an “off the shelf” model that’s close to what you want and then get it modified. You will likely save a lot of money as it doesn’t sound like you have a hook up on that kind of custom work.
  24. dcarlisle

    Local Upholstery / EVA Foam Provider

    Javier Lopez for upholstery (619) 933-3562
  25. dcarlisle

    Experienced bracket mounters

    Shit, I guess I should have read your other post before going on and on with this one.
  26. dcarlisle

    Experienced bracket mounters

    There are many types of transom brackets. The easiest type are the ones designed to be an extension of the running surface. With those, you just line it up evenly with the bottom and drill. I recommend whatever type you have that you make a template so you aren’t trying to drill the holes with...
  27. dcarlisle

    How many hours is too many on a Yamaha 150

    1200 is nothing if taken care of. As said before the diagnostic readout will tell you exactly where those hours were spent. Motors with all idle hours and with all full throttle hours may experience internal issues if not addressed (idle hours are not the end of the world if the engine was ran...
  28. dcarlisle

    Feeler : 2019 39ft walkaround cabin with twin Yamaha 300

    40’ at 40kts with only 600hp tells me it’s very light
  29. dcarlisle

    Wood finishes

    A few options: - varnish - urethane clear coat - epoxy with “non-blushing” hardener. probably many others but these are the trend these days
  30. dcarlisle

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    You can buy a coolant pressure test kit or borrow one and pump it up to about 12psi and look for the leak. As said before it could only happen with a hot engine. Those older Volvo’s have a lot of hard pipes with o-rings (vs a hose and a hose clamp). Those prints can fail and create small leaks...
  31. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    And if you guys didn’t get to see Hodor the “shadow Yacht” on the bay, she was a sight to behold. The tender in the back had 5 450hp mercs.
  32. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Final one before I move to the Northwest the irony of the boat on the left actually having their fenders in.
  33. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Tuesday edition
  34. dcarlisle

    1989 Volvo 240 one owner SOLD

    Hey BDers, I’m getting mobilized for the Navy Reserves and have to drop all unnecessary weight. My dad bought this car when I was in 5th grade and it’s been in the family ever since. Clean, no accidents ever, runs good, 250k miles. Interior and body are in great shape (both my dad and I have...
  35. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Two for one And a sweet Yachtfisher (Elliott?)
  36. dcarlisle

    Question for large center console owners

    Yup, I don’t doubt it. A lot of “younger” companies have grown so large so fast that they have issues outside of just building quality boats. SeaVee is somewhat of a benchmark. I also know a lot of those guys in the gulf have sold their Freeman’s to go back to Yellowfins.
  37. dcarlisle

    Question for large center console owners

    There are tons of high end brands that will suit your needs. The reason those larger boats can run faster in bigger water is due to waterline length and weight (compared to a smaller boat with a similar dead rise). The go fast cigarette style boats can go so fast in the chop because the have...
  38. dcarlisle

    Yamaha F80 Water In Oil (Mystery)

    There’s a saying among some Yamaha dealers: A 6000rpm Yamaha will last forever and a 5000rpm one is short lived. I know I always propped mine to hit 6k with a full load.
  39. dcarlisle

    New boat customer service

    I would run. Get your deposit back. There are plenty of factories that do have an appropriate level of customer service. Imagine how well your warranties will go if this is how they treat you BEFORE they have all your money.
  40. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    What fenders 🤣
  41. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    I agree, they get a pass because I know they were heading to the bait barge 🤣
  42. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Round two for this guy. Didn’t care much about the no wake zone either.
  43. dcarlisle

    2015 28’ Regulator Center Console Auction San Diego

    Saw her today, she looks pretty.
  44. dcarlisle

    Window caulking question

    I buy it at San Diego Marine Exchange. Again, call the manufacturers first, because I’m still not sure if you are “gluing” in frameless windows or just “sealing” in framed windows that have mounting screws. As said about, adhesives, sealants, and adhesive sealants are all different and you need...
  45. dcarlisle

    Window caulking question

    The easy answer is Sika Flex. The reality is that there are sooooo many good products out there these days that there is likely a specialty product that’s specifically for your installation. When I was running the boatyard, I would sometimes just call either 3M or Sika USA and talk to customer...
  46. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Monday/ Tuesday edition
  47. dcarlisle

    Evinrude E-tecs are no longer made

    In the long run maybe. This is just like when Mercury secretly did away with the 2.6l Verado motor. The Navy has no warning and they were PISSED. They have a whole supply chain built around their motors and factory trained Sailors, so when all of a sudden those items go obsolete with no warning...
  48. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    I agree, painful to see.
  49. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Thursday’s edition:
  50. dcarlisle

    Evinrude E-tecs are no longer made

    Someone I know already had four motors on order for the Gov’t and the order was cancelled.
  51. dcarlisle

    Buying an LLC owned boat and not paying sales tax

    Definitely talk to your/ an accountant or tax attorney as some find owning an LLC just for the sake of getting around the sales tax to be burdensome and not worth it. The LLC will cost a minimum of $800 per year if it is filed in CA. You may also pay an annual amount to an “agent” in order to...
  52. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Tuesday edition:
  53. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Sunday and Monday edition:
  54. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    The Friday editions best: The reason he wins is because he goosed in inside the no wake zone without a clue.
  55. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    True, but I get bored sitting in one place in the bay and have to have something to entertain.
  56. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Maybe I just have too much time on my hands to care about this. I’m seeing 120’ yachts with them banging around. It has gotten bad slowly over the years, but I think the lockdown made a lot of people forget how to operate a boat. Hailing someone on 16 to tell them that their mooring line is in...
  57. dcarlisle

    Fenders out

    Does it bug anyone else when they see multimillion dollar yachts running around with their fenders dangling and banging around on the hull. I’m in SD bay everyday and would say 1/3 of all the boats have their fenders out. I don’t know why it bugs me so much but maybe it was beat into me that...
  58. dcarlisle

    Looking for shop recommendations for thru Hull ducer

    If replacing an existing one, just bang the old one out, clean up the old caulking, apply new caulking and install new one. Super easy. Don’t pay someone else.
  59. dcarlisle

    Looking for shop recommendations for thru Hull ducer

    Are you replacing an existing one or do you need to drill the hole? If you have to drill the hole, like said before, measure twice, cut once and make sure the inner and outer hull are at same angle (sometimes there are glassed in platforms, etc inside). also, if the bottom is cored (I.e not...
  60. dcarlisle

    First Boat Guidelines

    I’m hesitant to go down that rabbit hole as everyone has different needs. I would recommend making a list of the top 5 things you would like to do with the boat. Then continue that list to ten items. Anyone who has owned many boats knows there is no perfect boat and every boat on earth is a...
  61. dcarlisle

    Standard Horizon VHF issue

    I had that exact problem with at least two of those radios. Sent them back and never got an answer out of them as to what causes it.
  62. dcarlisle

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    Pretty much any modern marine diesel out there (and I mean modern in that it was made after the 1970s) Has a closed cooling system. I’m sure there were a few out there that didn’t but as you mentioned the cost of them they sure as hell should have a closed loop system. Many of the cheap gas...
  63. dcarlisle

    First Boat Guidelines

    I had a 17’ seafox center console and it was a wonderful all around boat. Small and easy to tow, but big enough and safe enough to take 4 guys offshore for tuna (once you know how to handle small boats offshore).
  64. dcarlisle

    First Boat Guidelines

    Go as small as you can go (taking into account how many folks you will be taking out) with the newest best engine you can get. Too many people are blinded by the largest boat they can get but has motors that will need to be replaced within a year.
  65. dcarlisle

    Offshore Red Tide - MdR

    I’ve noticed a major decrease in SD over the last few days as well
  66. dcarlisle

    Repower Guidance

    We used to buy from Central Florida Yamaha. But keep in mind that if you order it online, they will likely PDI the motor before it leaves their shop and the warranty will start. You also need to be real confident on installing it as you may not get much love from your local OEM guy since you...
  67. dcarlisle

    Need to program new DEC controls to a 2012 F250 XCA.

    I can’t confirm the one your looking at on eBay will, but the one I bought on eBay back in 2012 would do that. It wasn’t an aftermarket program rather an actual bootleg of the real program. I think it was from Bulgaria or one of those other Eastern Block countries. Best $36 I ever spent.
  68. dcarlisle

    Anybody have "Sold Boat Comparables" listings?

    You need to make friends with a broker. They pay a lot of money every month to have that access. If you pm me the make, model, and year I can probably get that for you. Remember that geographic location plays a factor into cost as well.
  69. dcarlisle

    Boat insurance for 50+ year old boats??

    Good lookin boat!
  70. dcarlisle

    Looking for Upholsterer - San Diego

    I’ve had 7 boats done by: Javier Lopez: (619) 933-3562 Those will be inexpensive, high quality, and back within a week. If you use him, tell him Dave Carlisle from Catalina sent you. I ran a boatyard and he is the only vendor in my life I was able to get all three: 1. Fast 2. Cheap 3. Quality...
  71. dcarlisle

    Offshore San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

    If three cardiovascular doctors told you that you needed heart surgery to stay alive and you didn’t like that answer and it wasn’t convenient to your daily life, would you attempt to get them fired? My point is that the politicians (as corrupt as both sides may be) are just following the advice...
  72. dcarlisle

    Offshore San Diego City - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    Also, turns out the Lockdown removed all common sense from a portion of the population. Day one of the “reopening” I had 3 different kayakers paddle directly in front of me dead center San Diego bay channel and stop while I’m cruising 28kts in a 42’ boat. Maybe Darwin missed them with the virus...
  73. dcarlisle

    Bottom paint swim step brackets ?

    What he said
  74. dcarlisle

    Offshore San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    Haha, sorry about that! Wrong “quote” replied to.
  75. dcarlisle

    Offshore San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    Maybe! Every situation is different and definitely talk to your tax person. I wrote almost everything off for a few years. A huge advantage.
  76. dcarlisle

    Opinions on stabicraft aluminum boats

    They seem like badass boats, especially the “Sea Legs” versions (if you want to drive your boat on the beach). If you plan on buying new, I would do some in depth research as they were bought out somewhat recently by a large company that gobbled up an insane number of boat companies around the...
  77. dcarlisle

    Offshore San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    To answer your actual question, yes, the commercial guys have gone out. I was out working today. I was amazed at how many sailboats and a few pleasure power boats were out. Granted most of the sailboats were the “bum boats”, but pleasure never the less. I also watched the police boat pass at...
  78. dcarlisle

    Garmin 8600 series WiFi question

    irob2, Have you done this through WiFi? I don’t believe I would be able to load the Garmin app on the TV, so what would be the conduit to show the picture or way to set up? Any help is much appreciated! Regards
  79. dcarlisle

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    As of yesterday the Pepper Park launch ramp was open and quite a few people using it. They had everything but the trailer parking roped off. the launch a ton of government boats there so that may be the reason it’s still open.
  80. dcarlisle

    Garmin 8600 series WiFi question

    Hello all, Our new work boat has the Garmin 8600 series screens. I would like to mount a 24” smart tv in the cabin and display the plotter data on it. is there any way to do this wirelessly (I.e. through the Garmin WiFi network that sends the signal to tablets with the Garmin app), or do I...
  81. dcarlisle

    Safeboat Defender

    Does that one have the sealed bilges (cannot access bilge and no bilge pumps)? If so, there will be threaded holes near the bow (somewhere on the foredeck usually) and stern. Do yourself a favor and do a low pressure air drop test (about 3 psi or so, or call Safe Boats and see what they pressure...
  82. dcarlisle

    Range needed for San Clemente Tuna?

    What’s the 2/3rd rule? Is that a thing? I have always read and practiced a 15% reserve. Some do 10%, but I like to account for loss of fuel suction in a heavy sea way. Seems like a “2/3rd” rule is leaving a lot on the table.
  83. dcarlisle

    Looking for a mobile mechanic for a 3208 320hp caterpillar

    Loved my 3208s. Take care of them and they will outlast you. And despite what Apogee says, there are some very well documented and successful rebuilds on them. If I remember correctly, the 320 hp is the highest rated horsepower without the aftercoolers and additional cooling/oil passages in the...
  84. dcarlisle

    47ft Jeffries custom sportfisher

    Jake, Is she a six pack? I bought Reel Champion from you a while back.
  85. dcarlisle

    Garmin5215 gpsmap

    That seems like a smoking deal! I wish I had a boat.
  86. dcarlisle

    Ex life guard boat 33’ Drake

    Does this photo remind anyone of the stickers people put on the back window of their pickup of Calvin pissing on .....
  87. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    SOLD!!! On my Birthday no less. Thanks for all the kind words and info from those of you that have been on the boat prior to my ownership! I hate to see her go but she will be going to a very knowledgeable owner to run charters out of Ensenada and use her for exactly what she was designed to do!
  88. dcarlisle

    Ex life guard boat 33’ Drake

    Someone’s going to have some fun! GLWS
  89. dcarlisle

    Installing a thru hull. Help

    Haha, WORST MARINE! They are really good at selling shoes if you need a pair.
  90. dcarlisle

    Repair for Aluminum T-Top - San Diego

    He’s great when he or his mom return your phone calls.
  91. dcarlisle

    Installing a thru hull. Help

    Check valves are ok, but there are instances where the slug of the water on the outlet side of the check valve ( when the check valve is more or less right at the outlet of the pump) can create too much head pressure for the pump to initially overcome. Also, check valves can break or the valve...
  92. dcarlisle

    Classic 1976 Jeffries 32' Sportfisher (fiberglass)

    GLWS, I can attest that these are absolute tanks in the heavy water. These ride like a dream when others are breaking your back.
  93. dcarlisle

    Repair for Aluminum T-Top - San Diego

    Also, along with gussets, it may need more bracing to distribute loading. I have seen “repaired” towers fail time and time again because the design just wasn’t adequate for the application. And definitely follow Kindafishy’s advice.
  94. dcarlisle

    Repower to F300 or F250 - estmiated cost

    Spend the extra upfront for more power and all the goodies and you’ll thank yourself later.
  95. dcarlisle


    I used to run an ultra anchor with all chain for serius bottom holding overnights, and have a plow with 30’ chain and the rest rhode for quietly dropping in White sea bass spots early in the morning (mainly to not piss off everyone else that got there earlier). Both those anchors seamed to hold...
  96. dcarlisle

    Instrument Switch Recommendations

    I have had the same “blinding” problem with the hella switches. I think that most brands have the LED on separate contacts so you may be able to run the electronic dimmer to them. I prefer to use the good old Blue Sea weatherdeck panels. They have the boots and get years of use.
  97. dcarlisle

    6 man liferaft

    Damnit, I just bought that model for my new workboat. I scoured the internet for a good deal on a barely used one and couldn’t find. Should sell quickly, GLWS!
  98. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Not yet, I’m horrible about taking photos. I’ll be back up in a week or so and take a bunch more. It’s a sweet ride with twin Volvo D-11 IPS drives!
  99. dcarlisle

    2007 38’ Mediterranean

    Those are QSB 5.9 Cummins and by the size of the heat exchangers are less than 480hp. Excellent motors, easy to work on and find parts for! GLWS
  100. dcarlisle

    ATL Fuel Bladder 500 gallon

    John, Selling stuff’s a pain for sure. Question: how well did folding the edges under work. I need a long slender 200ish gallon one and didn’t want to pay the big bucks for a custom one. I never thought of folding it, and I like the idea of it being sort of customizable with ease and bigger if...
  101. dcarlisle

    28 Scout ABACO $37,500

    I’m really looking forward to fishing this beautiful boat. Unlike most boats, this one is every bit as clean as the photos look!
  102. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Bump her up! Just got back from Washington for the sea trial of “my” (Company’s) new boat!
  103. dcarlisle

    Wanted, Charter Boat

    Wow, If you have “under $500k to spend”, I’m surprised that you aren’t aware that any US built boat can be turned into a 6pax commercial boat with very little effort. Greater than 6 pax (or 12pax if greater than 100 ton) is a different story. For half a million, just build a boat, or give it to...
  104. dcarlisle

    Offshore American tuna

    About 18 off Point Loma, San Diego
  105. dcarlisle

    Kite fishing

    A little different setup. People often run the release clips on the kite line directly and the different size swivels pickup the release clip as they go out. I like that setup because it’s extremely quick and easy to attach the main line to the release clip if the wind is squirmy down low. I...
  106. dcarlisle

    Kite fishing

    Also, depending on the kite setup, make sure the eyes are large enough to pass the swivels through to the reel.
  107. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Bump, She had no problem slaying the yellowfin at the East Butterfly yesterday.
  108. dcarlisle

    Offshore Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    It’s unreal out there right now and the Tuna were certainly thanking the veterans on our boat.
  109. dcarlisle

    Sprung a leak...

    If the hose is 12-13 years old, replace it, don’t just cut it and add the barbed fitting. I try not to add any additional barbed fittings that aren’t required as that is one more place to have a leak and/ or hose clamps to fail. As said above, the raw water hose is the best and you can always...
  110. dcarlisle

    Any Flying fish for sale

    I’ve got what I need for the trip guys!!! Thanks for all the PM’s, you guys are awesome!
  111. dcarlisle

    Flying fish

    I put it there as well. Thank you for all the reply’s everyone! I have what I need for hopefully a late season Cow!
  112. dcarlisle

    Flying fish

    Not a great report but effective as I know everyone reads this thread more than any other. I’ll be sure to report any fish caught with them
  113. dcarlisle

    Any Flying fish for sale

    Does anyone in SD have any leftover flying fish they want to sell??? I’m leaving in the morning for 3 days.
  114. dcarlisle

    Flying fish

    Does anyone on here in SD have any flying fish they haven’t used and want to sell???? Leaving in the morning for a 3 day trip. Thank you
  115. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Thank you, me too and so will the next owner!
  116. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Another great day out on the Soundtracker! Gets us there, fishes amazing, and gets us home safe every time.
  117. dcarlisle

    Sky Dex Sea Shocks helm pad

    That’s a great deal. I just outfitted two boats with that stuff and it was $22,000 per boat.
  118. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Not sure, it runs great, fishes great, and parties great!
  119. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Here she is running back from the 302 today. Perfect weather and a one stop shop paddy!
  120. dcarlisle

    Rule tournament 1600 pump

    That’s a great deal. I already have too many.
  121. dcarlisle

    371 Monday... need Mexican paperwork?

    As long as you stay outside 12nm from ANY of their land (including the islands). You are good at the 371, but if you are leaving Point Loma, you have to travel a bit west on the boarder then drop south to stay outside that distance. It’s a bit of a pain and I know many people take their chances...
  122. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Beautiful weekend bump. Make me an offer. I have a new captain job starting next week and think I’ll be on that boat more than I have time for this one.
  123. dcarlisle

    Offshore Submarine

    We used to always pray that drug runners would get their hands on a real submarine so we could have some real target practice. Looks like that may become a reality soon.
  124. dcarlisle

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    John finally gets his cow next to the Island. Good job guys.
  125. dcarlisle

    Offshore Submarine

    The countries in South America that have working submarines do make patrols up North relatively often depending on their state of repair (or disrepair as it were for many). Chile sends a sub up every year to partake in “Chilemar” sub rescue exercises with the US sub rescue command. It is very...
  126. dcarlisle

    Offshore Submarine

    He is correct, the Dolphin (AGSS-555) is at the San Diego Maritime Museum as well as the old Foxtrot class Russian sub.
  127. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Bump sizzle. For those of you worried about the motors, we came back from the 371 last weekend at 14kts all the way to the slip and fish in the bag. No problems again.
  128. dcarlisle

    26 Osprey Pilothouse Outboard

    That’s a sweet ride! GLWS.
  129. dcarlisle

    Where do you take your boat to have it regelcoated

    Think “Awlgrip”. It was originally designed for the airliners, so needless to say it is tough stuff when applied properly. The “applied properly” is the detail you don’t want to miss. But that’s no different than applying gel coat as an improper gel coat application can turn to shit real fast as...
  130. dcarlisle

    Where do you take your boat to have it regelcoated

    100% paint with LP. Looks better, easier to clean, and stays shinier for longer.
  131. dcarlisle

    New boat plumbed bait tank

    There is no advantage other than a clean look and out of the way. Some would say it’s a disadvantage when it comes time to service or replace. Most of the high end baitanks have the connection on the bottom unless specified otherwise during the build.
  132. dcarlisle

    San Diego area heli-arc

    Seganti Metal works. Little known shop but does amazing work for me.
  133. dcarlisle

    Friendly Reminder

    I was anchored up by the rock cory on the east end of Cat one time and the Sp$&t K&@g rolls up from the mainland and hails on the VHF for me to pull up anchor because that was his spot. After I got done laughing, I asked him why he thought it was his spot. He stated that is where he usually...
  134. dcarlisle

    Current Catalina gas price?

    Shad is correct, hovering just under $7 to just over $7.
  135. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Thanks Will. I have a program of “continual improvement” with all my boats. I have never sold a boat in worse shape than when I purchased her.
  136. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Sorry we missed you will. We had a great race and the boat ran like a champ. The ride back to SD yesterday was bumpy but a great trip overall.
  137. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Need to sell quick. I’m putting a down payment on the 66’ Viking for sale on here LOL
  138. dcarlisle

    2017 66' Viking Enclosed Bridge! A must have!

    As soon as mine sells for $40k I’ll put a down payment on that one!
  139. dcarlisle

    Slightly used Naval boat

    That’s how they look when they come in my shop with only 100 hours on them.
  140. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Will, I’d love to see your boat if possible. I’m usually exhausted once I reach the island after the race but I’ve always wanted to check that boat out.
  141. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Steve, It will only be up in Newport Friday and Monday for the Outrigger race this weekend. I’m a support boat every year.
  142. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Steve, It’s going to have to be you that takes one for the team :D
  143. dcarlisle

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    In light of this incident, I installed two more smoke alarms (one inside the main electrical enclosure and one above the battery banks). I also added a sign on top of the forward escape hatch stating what it is and not to block it. I will incorporate its purpose into my safety briefings from now...
  144. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Bump. Boat will be in Newport Friday afternoon after 5. Cheers!
  145. dcarlisle

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    If that’s the case, do you feel the Boeing 737 MAX series shouldn’t be grounded right now because there were only two incidents? For the record I didn’t say “shut them down”, I said to have a Safety Standdown and reevaluate all aspects of safety.this would typically be anywhere from a day to a week.
  146. dcarlisle

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I think the whole SoCal fleet needs a safety stand down and comprehensive overhaul of safety checks and requirements. It’s expensive and painful for the owners, but there have been too many accidents an the past couple years. This doesn’t fly in any other transportation industry.
  147. dcarlisle

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    This is hitting me deep right now. This was always our greatest fear on Submarines, being trapped below. I sometimes stow items like fenders (only light weight items) over my forward hatch on my boat. I think we should all take this as another learning experience and think twice before we block...
  148. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    It will be at the launch ramp in the back bay. I plan to be there about 4:30-5pm for the night. I have to go to the captains meeting for the cross channel outrigger race at 6 I believe, but other than that I’m happy to drink some beers and eat some sashimi (I hope) and show the boat with anyone...
  149. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Phil, I’ll be in the Back Bay Friday evening. The 1 to 1 is a realistic number for a boat that heavy with that waterline length. The heavy weight and great ride is a trade off for fuel economy (on plane) which why I typically run around at trolling speed.
  150. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    She’ll be up in Newport And Catalina next weekend for the outrigger race.
  151. dcarlisle

    Boaters Lost at Sea

    So sad. My dad used to tell me “anyone who goes to sea and EXPECTS to come home alive is an idiot.” Somewhat harsh words but very true. I often tell that story in safety briefs and explain that it’s easy to take the open ocean for granted when everything is going right, but when things go...
  152. dcarlisle

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    If the others don’t work out, try Seganti Metal Works. We use him for all of our welding at APS Marine. He can do anything! If you call him, tell him Dave at APS sent you as he is a busy guy with our jobs.
  153. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    I will probably be around this Saturday and Sunday morning to show the boat. I think we got most of the blood off :D
  154. dcarlisle

    2015 Thunder Jet Pilot - 26 ft - $112500 (Silver Firs, Everett)

    Badass boat. Is it safe to assume that the aft station binnacle only controls the kicker motor?
  155. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    I could just pull an engine out for you!
  156. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Thanks Will. I think people are afraid of Cat 3208s and it is a slower boat. I’m hoping someone in Cabo or La Paz buys it so I can deliver her myself!
  157. dcarlisle

    Offshore Soundtracker grabs one 8/8-8/10

    Stephen, We actually did 2 person teams 4 on and 4 off. We motored at idle into the swell for a while then down swell for a while. We tried out sea anchor but there just wasn’t enough wind to keep the boat bow into the wind.
  158. dcarlisle

    Offshore Soundtracker grabs one 8/8-8/10

    Left Wed evening after picking up 2 horrible scoops for SCI. Navy had most of the Island closed and was shelling the south east tip. Didn’t matter because most fish were further north. Thursday seemed like a desert and we ended up circling the Island to check out the Makeral Bank and south...
  159. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Thank you sir, You must have been on a different boat because I often admire yours as well and don’t remember seeing it, although I was pretty busy.
  160. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Some new photos. Boat handled two days at SCI flawlessly with 4 on board.
  161. dcarlisle

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Just curious, if a carcass is 10’ down and all the critters are on it, is the smell rising up to the surface, or is there bits of the fish laying around on the dock from the filleting process?
  162. dcarlisle

    Offshore From one day to another like day and night

    Thursday was very dry out there and Friday was game on around 10am.
  163. dcarlisle

    Weather report please for SCI

    Thanks Tustin! I’ll be out of SD, so uphill on the way and downhill on the way home. Primary concern is that the Cove will basically be closed at SCI so we can’t anchor up, therefore drive in circles all night or put out the sea anchor. Not too worried about it being “doable”, rather than...
  164. dcarlisle

    Weather report please for SCI

    If anyone just returned from SCI/ Desperation/ 289/ corner area please let me know conditions. I have poured over every piece of data (Windy, Predict wind, NOAA, bouy data, etc) and looks like it should be crap, but I keep seeing reports with photos that look flat to small bump. Trying to decide...
  165. dcarlisle

    Offshore Wind prediction

    I’m in the exact same scenario. 2.5 days on my boat starting next Wednesday evening. I am watching the “predict wind” app like crazy. The problem isn’t so much the wind speed but the fact that it isn’t calming down at night like it normally does, therefore not giving the water a chance to settle...
  166. dcarlisle

    Fuel bladder

    Allen, I have my old 150 gal ATL (“fuel locker) you can have. It was fine when I put it away 4 years ago in the shed but you would have to check it out prior to putting fuel to be sure. It’s in Avalon so if you want it and are in Avalon with the boat at some point you are welcome to it.
  167. dcarlisle

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    Thanks again for the great thread! A question regarding the FMM. The website states: PRIVATE CHARTERS: Please note that for privately owned vessels, all passengers must purchase and process their FMMs individually. The process remains the same, and you may share this website and steps with your...
  168. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    The engine hatches are very large to accommodate removal with little hassle. If the bait tank were removed, a 5’x5’ tote could fit but would go all the way to the aft gunnel and leave no walk around room at the stern rail. The usable (excluding the deck under the gunnel overhang) is about 10’x10’.
  169. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    It’s about $660/month at pier 32 for a 36’ slip. There are certainly cheaper options, but this one is one mile from my work. Regards
  170. dcarlisle

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Just think, if this guy was behind you, you would have never got this great video for our entertainment!
  171. dcarlisle

    Joystick control for Riviera 37 with Cummins B370

    Jake is absolutely correct. A sportfisher that size with twin screws is going to turn on a dime once you learn the ropes. A much cheaper way to make maneuvering a little easier is to go to dual action levers so that you only have two levers instead of four. That way it acts like the newer...
  172. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Weekend Bump. I’ll be here Saturday and offshore Sunday
  173. dcarlisle

    Offshore Weds's Zip Oceanside to 181/182/42 and Back

    Did the same trip Sunday with same results. Just 20 miles south it was going off!
  174. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    I will be showing the boat this Saturday Before I get it dirty with fish blood on Sunday! Call me to set up a time as I have a few lined up.
  175. dcarlisle

    Offshore Avalon to SD 7/7

    Also saw this. He made it down from Avalon a lot quicker than I did. 140’ of fishing madness!
  176. dcarlisle

    Offshore Avalon to SD 7/7

    Ran from Avalon to SD yesterday hitting all the high spots and temp break. 277- dead 312- dead 209- dead 181- dead Between 181-182 lots of meter marks at 50-100’ 182- dead Between 182-upper 9 lots of meter marks at 100’, dolphins and whales. Upper 9- signs of life. A few paddy’s and birds No...
  177. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Boat is back in National City. If you are waiting on a call and you don’t hear from me by Monday afternoon, please call me back: 310-961-6477 I have misplaced a few of your numbers.
  178. dcarlisle

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    Mike, Could you or someone knowledgeable on the subject post what is needed if staying outside 12 miles from all Mexican land but in their waters? Regards
  179. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    She will be back in SD Sunday evening. I can show her anytime during the week.
  180. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Phil, No issues with the tanks. The “usable” volume comes from the fact that the pickups are not on the very bottom of the tanks. For instance my previous center console tank advertised 148 gallons (which is the actual volume it will hold), but the pickup lost suction with approx 12 gallons left...
  181. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Nice, Can’t get to Newport soon but it will be there in September for the outrigger race if it doesn’t sell by then. She’ll be in SD waiting for you though!
  182. dcarlisle

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I heard this unfold on the radio this morning as I was headed to Catalina from SD. I don’t recall the exact time of the first call to the CG, but I swear (but not positive) it was earlier than the 4:30ish timeframe and it was definitely dark (not grey light) when it went down. Although the news...
  183. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Boat will be in Catalina through the 7th if anyone wants to take a look while they are over there. I’ll also scout the high spots on the way up tomorrow.
  184. dcarlisle

    Charger question

    You should be fine. If AGM batteries are charged improperly, they will off gas through a relief valve, and once the overcharge situation stops and the battery cools down, that one way relief valve prevents gasses (air) from re-entering the battery and thus you will see the side walls caved in a...
  185. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Back from Vacation and can show the boat during the week.
  186. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Robert, Good to know, I was a little bummed we couldn’t swim. I guess that’s why the water is still so clear
  187. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Yes, A bit “touristy” for me, but can’t beat the scenery so highly recommended!
  188. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    A trout fisherman’s dream
  189. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    The yellowfin are on the way up! I’ve easily trolled 6 rods solo on this boat (until I got a quad jig strike)!
  190. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Loren, Alas I find the story. Until now the extent of my knowledge is that it was built by him out of a 32 Jeffries mold. I’d love to hear more sometime!
  191. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Showing the boat today and tomorrow if anyone else is interested.
  192. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Charlie, You can never have too many! (Until you do)
  193. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    I'll be in San Diego this weekend if anyone would like to come take a look.
  194. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Sorry about double posted pics
  195. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    Thanks Neil! I don’t like the thought of letting her go, but the working life keeps getting in the way.
  196. dcarlisle

    32' Custom Pilothouse Sportfisher $40K

    PRICE REDUCTION: $35k Looks like my 30 year old, one owner, trusty daily driver needs to be replaced with something new so the boat may need to go sooner than expected . Just in time for Tuna season, it's time to sell the "Soundtracker". This is a hardcore fishing boat that accommodates three...
  197. dcarlisle

    Need SD recommendation for bottom paint

    Most pleasure craft yards are going to be good at this as this is a major part of their business.
  198. dcarlisle

    Igloo marine 94qt new

    Do you still have the cooler
  199. dcarlisle

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    We aren’t bashing you, we are speaking truths. I would venture to say almost everyone on this forum (including me)that owns a boat or has owned one has made these mistakes in the past because our eagerness to play with our new toys. If the engine surveyor says not to run it, then don’t run it...
  200. dcarlisle

    Cab Windows

    Robert, Have you verified that the weight of all that glass up there won’t be an issue. Never seen the 16 Livingston so I can’t speak to its stability characteristics.
  201. dcarlisle

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    Time to get the boat out of the water. There is so much that can be missed by not hauling the boat. It sounds like your friend wasn’t heeding the warnings of the surveyor on a 46’ boat. That’s going to get expensive quick. And with the one rudder post getting hot, that’s certainly an interesting...
  202. dcarlisle

    Etec G2 experiences

    Bob, I don’t have a ton of experience, but rigged and trialed 4 boats now ranging from twin 250 to 300s. I have quite a bit experience with Yamaha, Mercury, tohatsu, Honda. They are monstrously torquey in the mid range compared to the other four strokes. Top end seems no different between them...
  203. dcarlisle

    Simrad NMEA2000 question

    AIS will come in on your regular vhf antenna
  204. dcarlisle

    2004 26' Twin Vee Hawaiian Fisherman Cat ($5,000)

    I love it, “ turn key project boat”!
  205. dcarlisle

    fishing yacht joyride?

    First that idiot that got himself shot in San Diego at Pier 32 Marina trying to steal the 70’ power cat and now this. Tweeters must be drawn to 70’ boats.
  206. dcarlisle

    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    I live in Catalina and operated charter boats all around the Island and just switched from Att to Verizon. The ATT towers are just too overloaded in Avalon. In the past, ATT was best in Avalon, but Verizon was always better up and down the coast. Now ATT is just garbage in town to the point that...
  207. dcarlisle

    How much to repower my '25 Skipjack to Diesel?

    Take what you think it will cost based on your research, then double that and add another 10%. That should get you in the ball park!
  208. dcarlisle

    Anybody ever pull up your boats deck?

    Or you could use a coring material such as NIDACORE. It will be lighter ( therefore moving the center of gravity down) and impervious to water. Just make sure you use one rated for the loads a deck will see and glass it properly. Jamestown distributors has a lot of good tutorials on this type...
  209. dcarlisle

    Guess the time and date on shelter Island launch ramp opening!

    The day after all of SoCal becomes an MLPA.
  210. dcarlisle

    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    Get a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. You’ll get “it” once you do. As my cousin said when he tried on my Wife’s glasses “holy shit! Your on a whole different vacation than I am!”
  211. dcarlisle

    How do you like this electronics set up?

    I wouldn’t say it’s overboard. These large commercial boats have been inching toward this for a long time. When buyers spend 25 to 200 $mil on a work boat, comfort, accessibility, and convienience is paramount to reliability and sea keeping abilities.
  212. dcarlisle

    I need a Parts Guy in San Diego

    Thank you
  213. dcarlisle

    Looking for I/O mechanic in San Diego

    Cogswell knows their stuff
  214. dcarlisle

    I need a Parts Guy in San Diego

    Hello all, I’m looking to hire another Parts person at my Repair Yard in San Diego for full time work. We mainly repair government boats (mostly Navy), but most boats have “Off the shelf” parts. I have a part time logistics person that can’t keep up with the demand. I’m looking for somebody that...
  215. dcarlisle

    Offshore 4G coverage from Newport to Catalina Islands and beyond....

    In Avalon the ATT tower is completely overloaded. Most days I can barely send a text. The on water is great some days and non existent other days. It used to be that ATT was better in Avalon and Verizon better on the water around the Island. Now I think it’s just Verizon period, but to be...
  216. dcarlisle

    Yanmar mechanic

    What he said
  217. dcarlisle

    1965 33' Owens Brigantine

    I always thought the super cool thing about these boats that when restored, people that don’t “know” this boat have no idea if its new or old and really get blown away when you tell them 50 years old. It is just a great, functional, design with beautiful lines. Mine was converted to a step down...
  218. dcarlisle

    Best price on anchor chain?

    I found the best price in the anchorage right outside of Avalon harbor on the bottom.
  219. dcarlisle

    Best price on anchor chain?

    I found the best price in the anchorage right outside of Avalon harbor on the bottom.
  220. dcarlisle

    Powder coating a T-top

    Yes, and so will the powder coat. We get pipe work tops and arches done both ways and I would go with paint anyday over powder especially if it isn’t new. Either one will start peeling eventually unless you treat its care and maintenance as a full time job. Line-x is also an option that I have...
  221. dcarlisle

    Need advise 32ft weLlc raft to buy or not to buy

    How long has water been sitting in those exhaust risers?
  222. dcarlisle

    Need a new t top canvas

    Crazy, maybe prices have gone up. I always paid about $400.
  223. dcarlisle

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp 9-13-2018 (video)

    Government projects are like overhauling cars and boats. Take the amount of time it is supposed to take and multiply by 2 then add 15%
  224. dcarlisle

    Need a new t top canvas

    I have used Gail (‭+1 (760) 500-8051‬) up in Oceanside since I built my first commercial boat. Tom at PYT used her for all his work until he had some falling out. Quality is bar none and she bonds and sews a rubber backer under the Sunbrella so even when the canvas is 10 years old it still...
  225. dcarlisle

    Japan does not get there way on the tuna quota

    I guess they will have to eat more Dolphin and whale.
  226. dcarlisle

    Offshore 4G coverage from Newport to Catalina Islands and beyond....

    If it’s going to to be any it’s Verizon. Like said before, ATT has a big dead spot in the middle and the tower on Island gets so overloaded that I have trouble sending emails, let alone streaming.
  227. dcarlisle

    Little bit of a Craigslist Nightmare... Asking for a little advice please.

    I don’t know the brand but if you like it, then go for it. First thing I would do if you plan to dump money into it is to pull up that soft patch on the deck and look at the fuel tank, Hull, stringers, deck, for rot and then determine if it’s worth it. Also make sure that transom isn’t rotted.
  228. dcarlisle

    Toothpick at Basin in Newport--What Brand/Model

    What he said. I believe it is the 33’ that has been heavily upgraded at the factory. It’s in Catalina all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a half million into it.
  229. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    The “Pecking order” for “Stand on and give way” as I learned it in Captains school. Only...New....Reels...Catch...Fish...So...Purchase...Some...Often O= Overtaken vessel (regardless of type) N= NUC (not under command) R= RAM (restricted in your ability to maneuver) C= CBD (constrained by draft)...
  230. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    In an overtaking situation the overtaking vessel (whether its a SUP, kayak, sailboat, or whatever) is the giveway vessel to the “overtaken” vessel. So if a kayak is overtaking you, they are the giveway vessel and you are the stand on. Once the “stand on” vessel acknowledges they are being...
  231. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    Doesn’t sound like Paul’s been to Avalon in the summer.
  232. dcarlisle

    I Just Installed A New Icom M605..

    How many hours do you have on the motors now and how are you liking them?
  233. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    Well, you are correct. For those of you that can’t multi task under stressful situations, this advice doesn’t apply.
  234. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    I totally agree that that’s how it SHOULD be thought of and I imagine everyone on this forum does. It’s the folks that have never experienced or lived in our world that many of the rules are written for (and often written by folks that haven’t experienced our world either). I would also caution...
  235. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    You own a big boat. You should formally educate yourself on the Rules of the Road. Common sense is what keeps us all alive, however the court system and beurocrats don’t weigh common sense as heavily as they weigh Laws, Rules, and Regulations. Just the fact that there was a collision at all...
  236. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    The rule numbers don’t come to mind but the rules I can think of off the top of my head are: 1: Safe speed 2: maintaining a proper lookout 3: not entering extremis 4: right of way
  237. dcarlisle

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    “Furthermore, there was no evidence of a crime, and the investigation was ongoing, according to officials.” Says the article? The power boat driver broke about half of the CG rules of the Rules of the Road!
  238. dcarlisle

    Electrical Help Please

    Your fuse should be 1.5 times the normal draw of the pump (or as close to that as you can get). Round up rather than down if you can’t find 1.5 times. Remember the current draw will be higher when you shut down the motor and the “alternator” (stator) isn’t making power. With a charged battery...
  239. dcarlisle

    2001 Ocean pro

    Say what???
  240. dcarlisle

    Gas mileage question!

    I would assume 10-15% less or more.
  241. dcarlisle

    Installing Rails

    Use ample 4200 to prevent crevice corrosion and rust stains on the glass.
  242. dcarlisle

    225-300hp outboard

    I usually don’t recommend government auction motors but with a 3k budget you can probably buy a few and make one nice one. A whole bunch of Verado’s on right now.
  243. dcarlisle

    12V Batteries Combined in SERIES - Different Size/Capacity OK?

    Not sure they were ever that great.A while back I was at one of the Naval Shipyards that installs submarine lead acid batteries. The have a super sophisticated battery tester and we put a few brand new fully charged batteries on the tester. The Blue top optima performed at the bottom of the list...
  244. dcarlisle

    12V Batteries Combined in SERIES - Different Size/Capacity OK?

    Highly advise against it because of what was said before. The small one will likely kill the big one prematurely. Also, Optimas aren’t as great as their marketing program would like you to believe. I unfortunately have to install them on every Navy boat (about 200 batteries per year) and am not...
  245. dcarlisle

    Camping Catalina advice

    I would start with camping at Two Harbors at the “Little Fisherman Cove” sites. They are the ones next to the water overlooking it. You can ask for a mooring in front of it (shouldn’t be a problem this time of year) and either take a shoreboat in or use a blow up raft, swim, etc. I would...
  246. dcarlisle

    Yamaha outboard diagnostic tool/code reader San Diego area anyone have one?

    WE bought a bootleg one on eBay for $65 with the usb cable that works great.
  247. dcarlisle

    300 Verado: From 6cyl to 8cyl?

    Shad, That answer was about word for word what we were told by Merc., and hope to see you at the race this year! Rick, Not sure how you could know how badass they are. Have you driven one yet? We can’t even get our hands on one yet because we aren’t a builder. I’d like to hear some feedback if...
  248. dcarlisle

    300 Verado: From 6cyl to 8cyl?

    I believe the V-8 shift is a precursor to them putting out some much higher Hp motors. They aren’t happy about 7marine taking some market share and now Yamaha with a 425hp motor. Once Mercury gets some hours on these V-8s and they dial in the emissions, I think we will start to see some...
  249. dcarlisle

    300 Verado: From 6cyl to 8cyl?

    They are phasing out the 2.6l. What makes it a Verado according to Mercury is the “advanced midsection”. The new 250 and 300 will be naturally aspirated. I assume the 350 and 400 will soon be the V-8 as well when they get it to make the power and pass emissions. I’m a dealer and this caught us...
  250. dcarlisle

    two turns to strb., one to port...steering issue

    Should only take 5-10 min if nothing is seized up. If you can’t get it where you want it, just install a 5 spoke steering wheel and you’ll never notice where “center” is.
  251. dcarlisle

    two turns to strb., one to port...steering issue

    I would first start by disconnecting the system and starting over by following the instructions to the “T”. Instructions are on SeaStar website. Likely the steering wheel wasn’t in the correct position to start with when the cable was installed. The cable systems typically only get 1 to 2 turns...
  252. dcarlisle

    Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

    I went around and around (in my head) about the 795 Marlin. In the end I decided that if I wanted a decent family oriented pilothouse that I could fish off of and put a few hundred hours a year it would be fine. For any hardcore fishing, I would stay away from it. The company is doing good...
  253. dcarlisle

    Bad fuel

    If it’s an aluminum tank, I would pressure test it as well to about 2 to 2.5 psi to make sure there are no holes from pitting.
  254. dcarlisle

    Ball valve or upgrade to seacock?

    WE usually just use any marine non-lithium based grease.
  255. dcarlisle

    Ball valve or upgrade to seacock?

    The Marelon website does say that the valves are compatible with bronze pieces so you are good there. The series 93 ball valves state that they have npt threads and I couldn’t find anywhere about them having nps threads, so unless you can find one it would be best to stick with a seacock. Also...
  256. dcarlisle

    Ball valve or upgrade to seacock?

    I’ve had really good luck with Marelon installs on small boats that have small bait pumps. The thing I really like about Marelon is that the balls don’t seem to get stiff over time like bronze valves. With regular and proper maintenance the bronze won’t either, but most people overlook that...
  257. dcarlisle

    Ball valve or upgrade to seacock?

    Only the Marelon Seacock will have the NPS threads. The Marelon ball valve will have npt. While we are discussing the right and wrong way, ABYC also advises against hooking up metal fittings to plastic (or Marelon) fittings. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice and like the npt to nps thing...
  258. dcarlisle

    Ball valve or upgrade to seacock?

    Typically it is advised not to use a through hull fitting with a ball valve (even though thousands of boats have that set up and works fine). The through hull typically has NPS threads and a seacock has NPS threads on the side that engages the through hull. Your typical ball valve has NPT...
  259. dcarlisle

    24' well craft. How much horsepower?

    I’m not trying to be a dick here, but remember that a 28 year old $1000 motor is going to take care of you and run like a 28 year old $1000 motor. Pay me now or pay me later seems to always be true.
  260. dcarlisle

    Repowering with Yamaha F425 XTO

    I don’t know anyone who can afford a boat, any boat, that can’t afford the difference between 87, 89, or 91 octane. Even with larger tanks. It just isn’t the limiting cost factor, and if it is, how do unexpected repairs get done?
  261. dcarlisle

    18-22 deadrise

    You should also consider weight of the boat. The deeper V will always slice through the water in a cleaner fashion (using more HP as Shad pointed out), but sometimes a 7,000lb boat with an 18 deg transom may have a comfortable ride and a 4000lb boat with a 22deg may not. Different sea conditions...
  262. dcarlisle

    24' well craft. How much horsepower?

    What does she weigh now. I would seriously look into that before making that decision. The more Hp you have the less RPM you are cruising at and therefore the less wear and tear. I went from a 225 2 stroke to a 300 4 stroke and gained 8knots on the top end and cruising at 30 kts went from 1.4mpg...
  263. dcarlisle

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    So I guess to clear the air, besides there being no dead heads, what else wasn’t true so we can all make informed decisions?
  264. dcarlisle

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    When I used to run charter boats (non- fishing) I made it very clear to any free riders that the paying passengers came first, even my wife. She understood that’s what put food on the table.
  265. dcarlisle

    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    A few years back during the El Niño when the YF were actually hitting troll lures consistently, we got hit on the small hoochie daisy chains at least 2:1. That was primarily with the football class. The 40lb and up seem to hit the feathers more often. We always rig our own hoochie and...
  266. dcarlisle

    Honda VS Evinrude

    I overhaul Navy boats for a living (as well as charter boats) and have experience with all those brands. I can only talk with experience from boats putting on super high hours and horribly maintained (Navy more so than charter boats). The Navy has and is currently still shifting all the Honda’s...
  267. dcarlisle

    R.I.P. George Radon

    Rest In Peace George. A pioneer in boat building and a great artist!
  268. dcarlisle


  269. dcarlisle

    2009 68' Little Hoquiam Long Range Yachtfisher - Sold in Just 53 Days

    The price came down $600k since the first time I looked at her. Only two more price drops and I’ll be able to afford her!
  270. dcarlisle

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    There really aren’t any relief valves in the helm. This is why when you rotate the wheel hard into the stop, it keeps building pressure and basically locks up (hydro lock) until you force the wheel the other way. There are however check valves in there that prevent the back feeding (allowing the...
  271. dcarlisle

    First trip to Catalina ... any input?

    Shoreboat actually went down slightly. $4 inside harbor and $5 outside harbor. You can buy a bulk ticket book but I’m not sure of the price breakdown.
  272. dcarlisle

    SeaFox Boats... Offshore capability? Comments?

    I used to take my 1996 17’ sea Fox to the 302 on good weather days. It had a few spider cracks in the gel coat but other than that, never let me down. I think they are just a very well made middle of the (quality) road boat. A great boat for the masses. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one again.
  273. dcarlisle

    1965 33' Owens Brigantine

    If someone has the cash for a bottom up restoration, that’s the boat. It has the largest aft deck of any boat that size without compromising interior volume. It’s a huge 33’ boat. I had 4th of July parties on mine (in the slip) with 35 people aboard and it didn’t phase it. There was a guy in...
  274. dcarlisle

    Paint AntiFoul on Outdrive...?

    If you leave the boat in the water and the paint job is done correctly it makes sense. The prep is relatively laborous if the outdrive has already lived in the water. Verify what primer and bottom paint they plan on using and look it up to verify it’s aluminum compatible. Downsides are minimal...
  275. dcarlisle

    battery upgrade time.

    I highly recommend you have a qualified electrician do this (make the battery cables) or buy prebuilt ones and pull test them well. A bad crimp on your primary power source can lead to a lot of gremlins and frustration down the road.
  276. dcarlisle


    Nema 183 does support AIS data sentences. So the answer is yes.
  277. dcarlisle

    115 hp FICTH

    I remember how happy I was when I replaced my ficht with a 4 stroke and it started every time I turned the key.
  278. dcarlisle

    New Aluminum Fuel Tank

    I can’t recall if there is a standard in ABYC but it is worth a look. You could also check the CFR 46 (CG standards) for inspected vessels to see if it calls out. These aren’t always the best options, but they have done some research to come up with those standards.
  279. dcarlisle

    Satelite phone questions

    It cost a ton of money to put those satellites in orbit. Until everyone has a sat phone (which likely won’t happen), the few that have them have to keep paying off the satellites.
  280. dcarlisle

    Do transom zincs connect to DC negative???

    You are right that you will find 10 different answers on 10 different forums. ABYC and US Navy state that: The answer is yes and yes. The transom zinc should be connected to the “bonding bus” (the one with all the green wires connected to underwater metal (not to be confused with the green AC...
  281. dcarlisle

    Cummins QSB380 Install

    I always drooled over that boat when I was over there. Just in time for fishing season!
  282. dcarlisle

    Trailer repair reconditions San Diego?

    We use FE for all our trailer overhauls. They certainly aren’t the cheapest, but never had a problem with quality.
  283. dcarlisle

    Check out my new cat

    Super nice ride! Good Job!
  284. dcarlisle

    Evinrude question

    It’s the built in Rough Water Alarm!
  285. dcarlisle

    Over Heat alarm on Evinrude

    The alarm is designed to go off prior to doing damage on the motor. You should be fine.
  286. dcarlisle

    32 Albemarle Express or 31 Cabo Express

    Wow, you pose a seriously good question. I have little expierience with either, but both have a great reputation in that category so build quality may not be the factor, rather engine quality and layout. Everyone I know with either one absolutely loves them.
  287. dcarlisle

    king starboard manf

    Just go with Boat Outfitters. They may even already have the size you need.
  288. dcarlisle

    Most stable 25 foot and under boat

    Bob, You will likely need to explain the conditions in which you will operate the vessel to determine what the most “stable” boat is for you. For example, some boats are designed to be “stable” in 3’ chop while traveling at 150mph while not so stable at rest in a beam sea. Some are designed to...
  289. dcarlisle

    Moving my new ride to SD

    Brian, Since I live at Pier 32 during the week and manage a boat yard, I’d be happy to stop by and answer questions and point stuff out to you at no charge. I can help you navigate through the swamp to minimize the rip-offs you will inevitably face. I’m also a licensed Captain and can probably...
  290. dcarlisle

    Moving my new ride to SD

    The public dock is right next to the police dock at Point Loma. You can reserve a slip in advance online at the port of San Diego website. It is only a few minute run to the baitbarge from there. As far as “how long” the run to the bait barge from Pier 32 is, just depends on how much money you...
  291. dcarlisle

    Moving my new ride to SD

    Brian, I’m on 500 dock (used to be on 200). It is a well kept marina for sure. Location is crappy as it is National City and it is a haul to the bait barge and harbor entrance. I usually get a slip at the public dock the night before going offshore. My biggest beef is that they have been...
  292. dcarlisle

    Best Chart software for TZT2?

    You can either call Furuno or Navionics to buy the unlock codes. The charts and photos are preloaded, you just need the unlock codes. If you want special charts or updates, you can either pull out the micro sd in the back of the mfd (that has the charts) or upload to a usb storage device and...
  293. dcarlisle

    Moving my new ride to SD

    Congrats, I have had my boat there for about three years now.
  294. dcarlisle

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    Your first boat can be the difference between a lifelong love of boat ownership or hate of it. Buy a boat the works properly and engine in great shape, if not, it will likely become a driveway queen. Wait until you can afford the right boat!
  295. dcarlisle

    2007 256WA SEA FOX FOR SALE $43,750

    I had a smaller Sea Fox for 10 years. I had minor issues that come with a middle of the road production boat, but can say hands down that it was the most value for the buck. I never had any issue that prevented me from launching or getting back to the dock. It had over 4K hours when I sold it...
  296. dcarlisle

    Acrylic Windshield for Center Console

    Assuming you don’t need a fully framed window (like in a cabin boat) you can have custom window frames made out of stainless or aluminum that hold the sides and lower half of the windshield.
  297. dcarlisle

    Acrylic Windshield for Center Console

    I took my old one to San Diego plastics and they matched it. It was a little pricey at about $380.
  298. dcarlisle

    Here's one for This Tough Crowd...

    Typically 14.2 v (ish) with full batteries and outboard motor “alternators”.
  299. dcarlisle

    Here's one for This Tough Crowd...

    You still shouldn’t be at 15.31v. That will cook your batteries.
  300. dcarlisle

    Need assistance as to where transducer should be mounted

    It looks like right where the blue tape is is your only option.
  301. dcarlisle

    Here's one for This Tough Crowd...

    Why did you have 15.31v at the bus????
  302. dcarlisle

    1999 Wellcraft 230 Fisherman

    For any of you looking, these are BADASS boats. It’s a BIG and heavy 23’ center console with TONS of storage in the console. My wife is still upset that I sold mine with my company three years ago. Mine was the same year and I personally put 4200 hours on her (charter boat service) The new...
  303. dcarlisle

    Need to completely derig and rewire a 25 ft cc and good referrals to a marine electrician?

    Like said above, if you can do it yourself, you will know that boat in and out. Depending on the wireways and number of loads, it could be 10k or more if everything is replaced. The best way to start is to make a schematic of how you think it should be wired (or pay someone to make one), then...
  304. dcarlisle

    To get a t top or not.

    If possible, save up and get a custom one. There is a reason 90% of center consoles have a t-top. A custom one can be configured the way you want.
  305. dcarlisle

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    That’s the “Honey Hole”!
  306. dcarlisle

    How would you do it?

    Use the WiFi setting to display the data on a tablet. Just download the Garmin Helm app and your done.
  307. dcarlisle

    And it begins...Drones!

    Pretty cool tech. So when your fighting a tuna for an hour and can’t stop to land the drone when it’s battery dies after 25 minutes ...
  308. dcarlisle

    27' Northriver OS Twin 200's or 250's?

    I think you should put a single 7 marine motor on the back
  309. dcarlisle

    West Marine Price Matching

    It’s no surprise they didn’t know their own policy, they don’t know anything about boats. You can get a nice set of Sperry Topsiders though!
  310. dcarlisle

    Boston whaler console screws?

    Make sure they are stainless, preferably 316ss. Homedepot hardware is often shit stainless.
  311. dcarlisle

    Best place to re power boat

    If you have it shipped from out of state, your warranty will generally start when it is shipped. Because the dealer is required to PDI (pre delivery inspection) the motor, that’s when the warranty starts. The only exception (I believe) is when they ship to another authorized dealer. If they...
  312. dcarlisle

    Best place to re power boat

    Haha, never heard “Sunset marine” and “good prices” in the same sentence before. They do good work though.
  313. dcarlisle

    Pics of Avalon Disaster

    I was over there that night and the next morning. Two guys died and there were four boats on the beach, but one broke up on the wall at “North beach” and the other trawler was removed before this picture. Now I know what a hurricane ridden area looks like.
  314. dcarlisle

    T-Top and Tower

    Cheap Quality Fast You only get to pick two!
  315. dcarlisle

    anyone know how to run a jet boat on the hose?

    Are you talking about getting water to the engine or the jet? If there is no transmission, the cutlass bearing in the jet must be cooled with water or it will burn up.
  316. dcarlisle

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    I agree with everything you said Dan, but the fact that the announcer so overtly and dramatically said he feared overrevving the Yamaha (a few times) was the rediculous part becaus he didn’t come close to overrevving. Now it would have overrevved when they ran the boat with both engines at full...
  317. dcarlisle

    T-Top and Tower

    The above answers, along with Tom at saltwater specialties are about all you get in SoCal, now that Steve passed (I heard). And the answer to affordable is NO. Well, just to clarify, the price of a nice quality top is inline with the price of a new boat. If you are on an old used boat budget...
  318. dcarlisle

    Profile Boats - aluminum anyone ?

    Jeff, I actually sent them an email the other day and never heard back. Maybe they aren’t interested in the US market? They seem to be a Stabicraft clone. They are even priced identical. They and the Stabi have pretty thin sheet aluminum, but haven’t read of any issues with cracking at the...
  319. dcarlisle

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    Kind of rediculous, the host keeps saying he “dare not go to a lower pitch prop for fear of over revving the engine and cause damage”. Then on the test with the “lowest pitch” prop, the Yamaha max RPM was barely over half its rated max RPM. If they wanted to give it a chance, they would have put...
  320. dcarlisle

    3870 Bayliner Cockpit Motor Yacht Free to Good Home

    These typically came with HINO diesels. They are a decent motor, just not really popular in the US. These boats actually have a big following so if you don’t donate it, you will likely find it a home by looking for the Bayliner motoryacht blog.
  321. dcarlisle

    Adding a second station Need Help

    Matt, First off I love your 38’ Topaz. Getting the second station rigged up with your “fly by wire controls” is super easy. It’s all plug and play. Hardest part will be adding the second helm and bleeding the hydraulic hoses, but any shop with a sea star power purge unit can make quick work of...
  322. dcarlisle

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    According to Radon it is!
  323. dcarlisle

    2008 Grady-White 232 Gulfstream

    Ditto! I guess if you have to ask you can’t afford it... lol
  324. dcarlisle

    Need a cherry picker for a day

    Mark, Let me know. We are in National City and I’m there mon through thursday.
  325. dcarlisle

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Boaty McBoatface!
  326. dcarlisle

    Need a cherry picker for a day

    Mark, If it doesn’t happen this weekend, you can bring it by my shop this week after work. We have a forklift and all the goodies.
  327. dcarlisle

    Electronics advise on NorthRiver Seahawks OS

    Carl, If you plan to sell the boat I advise, for financial reasons, against an electronics install because you will never get out what you put into it! Also, your boat is a high quality boat that will sell itself without new electronics. Many buyers in your class of boat are somewhat picky about...
  328. dcarlisle

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    Kurt, If you are near National City area and still want to use stainless or aluminum, you can grab a scrap piece from our yard and if you have the CAD drawing, get it water jetted down the street at ICD. Getting the aluminum anodized would look nicer in the long run if you are concerned with the...
  329. dcarlisle

    Divers dream plate

    Steve, If the thru hull doesn’t have an existing attachment, I use these from Home Depot They are bronze, they came with bronze screws (unlike the picture), they are cheap, and work perfectly so far! I think...
  330. dcarlisle


    Are these two batteries in parallel or is one a start battery and one a house battery? Either way the one at 10volts is likely shot. If these two are in parallel, you should likely replace both of them because batteries that are always tied together should generally be replaced together because...
  331. dcarlisle

    Divers dream plate

    Alex, Makes perfect sense about the difference in potential as well as bronze being softer, hence will likely have thread issues after repeated changing of zincs. I would imagine the internal plate the zinc is mounted on is stainless (I only say that because it appears to be a dull stainless and...
  332. dcarlisle

    Divers dream plate

    I was able to find both online. Every boat I’ve owned and has been in my yard had Stainless. Stainless makes sense because the plate that the hull zinc (divers dream) is molded around appears to be stainless. This means that there will be similar metals between the attachment point and the...
  333. dcarlisle

    Simrad NSS-12 x2 Furuno FCV-585 x2 Lowrance HDS-7 Touch. Airmar SB-260 Switch Box FOR SALE

    Tried to make offer but you didn’t answer my PM. I’m not very familiar with new Simrad units so trying to do some research.
  334. dcarlisle

    Selling Old Boat buying New Boat... Need Help

    I just saw a smoking deal on a 26 regulator on ebay.
  335. dcarlisle

    anybody ever heard of or done business with this place?

    I love how often this same thread starts over and over!
  336. dcarlisle

    06 yamaha f-250 4 stroke compression test question

    You guys also have to remember that not everyone’s pressure guage is calibrated. In some shops (or personal gauges) these get tossed around and never calibrated so there is a chance that the pressure reading is not true pressure. However, the cylinders should all be similar reading if they are...
  337. dcarlisle

    Opinions on Grand Banks Eastbay 38?

    That question will certainly garner mixed reviews from everyone. Like any engine run, there are duds and winners. I suggest the usual oil samples and an extremely thorough engine survey by a Cat service mechanic that knows this model. Also, condition they are kept in makes a huge difference. For...
  338. dcarlisle

    Did I score on this Bluewater 21.5 CC ?

    Hard to tell with no pics or info other than what you wrote.
  339. dcarlisle

    Opinions on Grand Banks Eastbay 38?

    They are very nice! As you mentioned, not a hardcore fishing boat. Great “day” boat (technically an east coast “picnic” boat style) with accommodations for short stays on board. Grand Banks has always made a high quality product with quality and sound engineering. They ride nice and have a...
  340. dcarlisle

    SOLD Propellers Michigan Dyna-Quad 24"x27" 1.75" Shaft $700.00 for the pair

    Are those bronze or NiBrAl props? Too big for my boat but they look really nice and somebody will get a good deal. For a few hundred dollars a prop shop can tweak the size if needed for a potential buyer.
  341. dcarlisle

    Yamaha Command link +

    Ben, check out this link
  342. dcarlisle

    New Furuno electronics

    Buy before Jan 1st and get a sweet rebate.
  343. dcarlisle

    Yamaha Command link +

    I’m not a Yamaha expert, but I believe when I installed the CL+ that the dealer told me CL and CL+ are two different languages. He said this is why there are CL square gauges and different CL+ square gauges (as well as the screens).
  344. dcarlisle

    New Furuno electronics

    We Like the Furuno stuff but have had two TZT2-12” head units bad (out of 6) installed so far. Best if you can have the seller test it prior to shipment, if not, please test prior to getting it all installed and pretty. One of the units didn’t power up at all and the other had a bad internal...
  345. dcarlisle

    What’s the theory behind this?....

    The theory is that the NON-marine grade metal will rot out with the bilge water sitting against the internal threads. Then when it breaks off while your doing thirty knots it will empty the bilge really nicely due to the vacuum at the transom. Then when you stop to fish, you take on water and...
  346. dcarlisle

    SKIPJACK bow pulpit questions

    We pulled off my old fiberglass one and custom built an aluminum one and I couldn’t be happier. Saved a bunch of weight and built it exactly how I wanted it to look. I left mine bare aluminum (because my boat already has a commercial look), but it can be painted, powdercoated, line x, or...
  347. dcarlisle

    Awesome idea for launching boats in baja.

    They won’t just sell the “leg kit” to anyone for any boat. The vessel it’s going on has to meet very specific criteria with engineering drawings and more. I’ve chatted a few times with the US rep about doing a build with them. The kit runs about $45k but the commercial possibilities are endless!
  348. dcarlisle

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    If you plan on running that thing up north with all those deadheads and debris, definitely a metal boat.
  349. dcarlisle

    Robalo R265 Problems Brand New Boat

    If your dealer isn’t going to make things right for you, despite the factory, first right complaints on BBB website. Then contact Chamber of Commerce and let them know. Then dig up the CEO email from manufacture and let him/her know. Then let them know they have “x” number of time to make it...
  350. dcarlisle

    Offshore Bites ON! I want to take the boat out, but whats with the weather?

    The colder the mountains are, the harder the Santa Ana blow is. That’s why all the Santa Ana’s that wreak havoc on Avalon are in the winter.
  351. dcarlisle

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    Bob, furuno makes a nice trim ring to convert the space that the 10.4” screen is in to the TZT2 12” with no cutting needed.
  352. dcarlisle

    10 year evinrude warranty... mighty tempting

    Those etech injectors are anywhere from $260 to $420 each depending on year of motor. You can’t buy them on eBay and slap them in. The computer has to be hooked up to input the new injector serial number so that the ECU has the new coefficients. If you send a slug of water through, expect to...
  353. dcarlisle

    Trip to Catalina from Newport Beach

    Channel 12! (Channel 9 gets you the shoreboat) Doesn't matter if you call anyway. Meet the harbor patrol boat (during normal daylight hours) in front of the harbor entrance and they will take care of you. If they are slow and you tell them you've never picked up a mooring, they may come give...
  354. dcarlisle

    iPad as Extended Screen?

    There isn't a lot of incentive for the makers to allow you full (seperate) screen control from the iPad. They would prefer you buy a seperate head unit. I guess the market will feel out the consumer response from the few that do offer it and decide if it will sell more units or not.
  355. dcarlisle

    Need ac's serviced

    I second this
  356. dcarlisle

    Offshore Cat, 277, 14, Avalon Bank - 9/4

    Nice job! How do you like those big Tohatsu motors. First time I've seen the larger models on a boat.
  357. dcarlisle

    Boat Help with non skid stains

    Pure bleach? Every now and then it gets random things off that the Mary Kate won't. Also, try the Magic Eraser (which is just a fine abrasive)
  358. dcarlisle

    Boat Help with non skid stains

    Have you tried "Mary Kate On and Off"? I think it is oxalic acid. Works pretty good for me.
  359. dcarlisle

    08-16-2017 Catalina

    Did you ever reprogram the computers to the XD100 setting from the factory "tc-w3" break-in setting??? Should have only gone through 1gallon on that trip.
  360. dcarlisle

    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    Dumb signs are every where these days.
  361. dcarlisle

    Avalon Shoreboats

    Mainly the new little blue boat with the inflatable pontoons. That is one of the permanent boats.
  362. dcarlisle

    Avalon Shoreboats

    Has anyone out there seen or been on one of the new Avalon Shoreboats? What are your thoughts?
  363. dcarlisle

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    In my boat yard we saturate the adhesive in "Goo Gone" overnight. Then we putty knife the adhesive off and clean up with acetone.
  364. dcarlisle

    EZ GO golf cart. $ 2,200

    Thanks, missed that.
  365. dcarlisle

    EZ GO golf cart. $ 2,200

    Burt, I can't buy your ride because I just bought a new vehicle a few months back. I live in Catalina and think someone would find it a great deal over here. How old are the batteries?
  366. dcarlisle

    Survey provided by broker

    Corey, You can ask Rick to be a "buyer" broker for you. Basically like a buyers real estate agent. He can work with other brokerages on your behalf and wade through all their bullshit so you don't have to. I did find that once the brokers understood I was serious and ready to buy, they were...
  367. dcarlisle

    Survey provided by broker

    Cory, After using many brokers in San Diego, I finally found one I really enjoyed using. Rick Rasomski from Hallmark yachts was great. He used to work for Pacifica and knows his sportfishers. I purchased a custom built boat called SoundTracker from him and he gave it to me 100% straight. He was...
  368. dcarlisle

    Triumph boats discontinued...

    Larson probably got tired of dealing with warranty issues from the previous ownership.
  369. dcarlisle

    Garmin's New GPSMAP Charttploter /combo units.

    Thanks Gil, I didn't think about it overheating.
  370. dcarlisle

    Garmin's New GPSMAP Charttploter /combo units.

    Gil, I wanted your opinion on in hull transducers. I currently overhaul tons of navy 7meter rhibs that have the small 5"Garmin xs in it. The transom mount transducer is glued into the bilge about a 1/4 of the forward of the transom. I never though I would see good readings, but after we put the...
  371. dcarlisle

    Looking for help on where to mount a transom mount transducer

    Gil knows his stuff. On the other hand, in theory you shouldn't knock it on the bunk because: 1: the transducer should not be protruding below the waterline, ie should be roughly in line with bottom of hull. 2: by the time your stern makes contact with the bunks, the boat should be pretty well...
  372. dcarlisle

    Pair of North Star 6100i displays with Navionics chip and 491 echo sounder box asking $800.

    It's a crying shame that Navico picked Northstar as the brand to do away with. I guess it was too closely priced to Simrad.
  373. dcarlisle

    Survey provided by broker

    What you likely have is a "sellers" survey. First, your insurance company may require a "Buyers" survey with your name on it. Second, although they should be the same in theory, the buyer survey may show more detail for the buyer to make an informed decision and possibly negotiate more work into...
  374. dcarlisle

    upholstrey work

    Javier Lopez 619-933-3562. Spring Valley. Best prices I've ever seen. He's done 6 boats for me. Tell him Dave from Catalina sent you.
  375. dcarlisle

    Aluminum Tower Repair ??

    Surprised Tom isn't returning your calls. APS marine in National city can handle as well.
  376. dcarlisle

    Parker SNAPP Fuel Filters

    I put them on all the boats we build now. They are pretty awesome! My one gripe is that the quick disconnect fittings do not seal when released, but if they did, the price would be much higher.
  377. dcarlisle

    About to purchase boat, looking for additional opinions

    Take a good look at that bilge picture. Is that something you trust your life and loved ones life on?
  378. dcarlisle

    Help with new fishing electronics on 29' CC (san diego)

    Boy, End Game sure is an appropriate name for your boat.
  379. dcarlisle

    Prop info

    Prop that Yamaha for MAX rpm. This is a well know thing in the Yamaha world.
  380. dcarlisle

    Re power question

    Keep in mind the potential negative effects of reducing horsepower. I don't know how tired your existing engine is or how much actual horsepower it puts out, but dropping 35 horsepower could cause the boat to plane out much slower and cruise at a higher rpm which will also eat more fuel. Likely...
  381. dcarlisle

    Help with first saltwater fishing boat

    Arima if you have the cash. I had a 17' Sea Fox for 10 years and loved every second of use. Great for the bay and even took it to the 425 on nice days. A lot of good 17-18' sea worthy boats out there. For 20K you should be good to go
  382. dcarlisle

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    Have you considered used boats that are a few years old with a warranty? Get a 75k boat for 50k already rigged with electronics. Happy hunting!
  383. dcarlisle

    2015 Custom Built 21' Center Console Reduced to 15,000

    I'm interested in your boat. I have a few questions though: 1. What makes this boat "Better" than production boats such as Regulator, Whaler, Parker, etc, etc. Isn't that brand a production boat back in the day? 2. Was there any foam around the fuel tanks, and if so was it removed? 3. What is...
  384. dcarlisle

    Need Aadvice fellow boaters...

    Do your homework. Check things like NADA Boats and yachtworld to find what comparable boats are going for. They are cool boats for people that are ok with a plastic boat with somewhat poor fit and finish and "marginal" wiring. First few times I drove one I was amazed at how much the flexible...
  385. dcarlisle

    Sure Would Like To Post Some Good News!

    What did the Evinrude rep say when YOU talked to him?
  386. dcarlisle

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Makes sense, same thing on cruise ships after the Costa Concordia's lame version of a harbor cruise.
  387. dcarlisle

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Makes me wonder how these solo sailors ever get any sleep!
  388. dcarlisle

    Departing cruise ship creates tsunami that destroys docks, boats; video

    Damn shame. The cruise ships are the Walmart of the seas. Big business tramples all over little guys and doesn't give a shit. This won't be the last time. Messina is one of the most beautiful places in the Med. Sea. The cruise ships have basically destroyed Venice Italy and its only a matter of...
  389. dcarlisle

    Update on My G2 Update

    Wow, So sad how places like this can still be in business. Show these pics to the Evinrude Rep ASAP. If the rep gives a shit about the evinrude reputation, they will either square this dealer away or get rid of them. As said before, they appear to have been downgraded from a Platinum...
  390. dcarlisle

    Boat Windows

    Guy in Corona. Can't remember name right now but someone will chime in. He has done OEM stuff for manufactures.
  391. dcarlisle

    Update on My G2 Update

    Apogee, Everyone knows you owned a Yamaha before. You have to be able to read the sarcasm. If you are going to post every little detail for us to read like a soap opera, we are going to light heartedly poke some fun every now and then! Good luck and hope all is resolved in the propper manner...
  392. dcarlisle

    I Know A Guy

    I like the ladders running up the aft part of the top. Prime support for a nice fold down tower.
  393. dcarlisle

    Update on My G2 Update

    Like I said before, contact the regional sales rep. The factory will likely have you contact them and won't care about your problems, the regional rep is where it's at. Get everything documented on emails. Then get your money back and put on Yamaha's
  394. dcarlisle

    Boat Survey

    Wow, hard to beat that deal!
  395. dcarlisle

    Update on My G2 Update

    Ironic how that rusty Allen head bolt is right next to the "approved for saltwater" sticker! I find that very few people have the attention to detail anymore to be in this game. I can say with 100% certainty that out of all my jobs I've had ( Submarines, hard suit diver, charter business owner...
  396. dcarlisle

    Advice about MMSI

    I view the whole international thing like this; If my boat is sinking and I hit the button, if the FCC wants to come after me for not having international permit (which they probably will not), I'm ok with that as long as I get rescued. Just get the free one on boat US and call it a day. I...
  397. dcarlisle

    Avalon fuel prices?

    Haha, if you have to ask...
  398. dcarlisle

    Sand non skid Sport boat style

    Make sure your sand is clean and dry as well!
  399. dcarlisle

    Catalina Family Trip Hotel

    Maybe try the SeaPort Village Inn. It isn't a great hotel but they have lots of rooms.
  400. dcarlisle

    Catalina Family Trip Hotel

    Anthony, might be better off camping at the avalon campgrounds with a group that big, or at the Two Harbors campground(prettier but less bars/Resteraunts) If you planned on coming in August, weekend hotels for that many people are likely booked.
  401. dcarlisle

    Update on My G2 Update

    If I had to guess(because I didn't look it up) the BW has a lot more dead rise than those Radon's which equals more hull surface in the water (especially to reach plane) which equals more drag for a given beam width which equals more horsepower needed (regardless of prop diameter) to push the...
  402. dcarlisle

    Lowrance HDs 8 with Fuel flow sensor issue

    Chris, Those are notorious for failing. They do fluctuate due to the fuel pumps, VST, etc. it should be higher though at higher rpm assuming the load on the engine is higher.
  403. dcarlisle

    Newbie here: is this 24 skipjack worth it

    Add up everything you think you need to buy, then double that, then add 10%. That will get you in the ballpark!
  404. dcarlisle

    Stupid is as stupid does, more BSB hijinx (Headslap here)

    If I had a dollar for everytime people on the Avalon pleasure pier had TINY calico bass laying around on the pier or in a bucket. Meanwhile, a quarter mile away the DFG is citing someone for a lobster that is 3mm short because the person catching it didn't measure it correctly.
  405. dcarlisle

    Update on My G2 Update

    You are 100% in the right. I don't get why they had to move the switch panel? Every repower I have done where I replaced old analog gauges with a digital screen, there was more than enough room where the gauges used to be to make a panel for the new screen in the old gauges place, WITHOUT having...
  406. dcarlisle

    Pokemon Go Causing Fights to Break Out

    That's some funny "ground turds"!
  407. dcarlisle

    Light Green Plastic Cedar Plug Swerves

    Can it be a cedar plug if it is plastic?
  408. dcarlisle

    Ideas for carry a SUP on the hard top

    You can have a custom "rack" for the top made out of aluminum or stainless. Wouldn't be too pricey as it would just be two bars with footers.
  409. dcarlisle

    Registration for New Boat - Coast Guard vs DMV

    Documentation affords you a few rights that cf does not if you intend to use your boat in other countries, ie Mexico or elsewhere. A documented vessel is considered to be an "asset" of the U.S. if it is confiscated illegally in a foreign country, the U.S. can attempt to retrieve it...
  410. dcarlisle

    Etec 300 G2 Update

    This sort of thing happens everytime there is a "Hot" new engine, electronics, etc. Manufacture starts pushing out product before the proper support network is in place so they can start making a return on their R&D investment.
  411. dcarlisle

    Cover the hole from an external GPS

    Cleanest way besides glassing it may be to take the antenna mount to a plastics shop and have them fabricate a patch with the same cutout and countersunk screw holes with radius edges.
  412. dcarlisle

    Repowering Soon - Advice Wanted

    Their are some articles on "the hull truth" about that site. Total sham so don't bother.
  413. dcarlisle

    Etec 300 G2 Update

    At least the dealer is communicating.
  414. dcarlisle

    Sunset Marine opinions?

    Just make sure they are willing to do the install. Many dealers won't install an engine that wasn't purchased from them. If you need to have it delivered to a commercial loading dock, go find a small commercial place in a local business park with a cool owner and pay them $50 to have it...
  415. dcarlisle

    swith panel reccomendations

    I second the above. I put them on every new boat we build.
  416. dcarlisle

    Need to add rocket launchers to T-Top

    Check the top as well. Many of the Everglades have painted tops. If it is painted, find out if it is Powdercoat or regular paint. If powdercoated and you have some grinded off to weld, it HAS to be sealed at the edges or moisture will get under and it will look like shit in no time. I have Tom...
  417. dcarlisle


    I have ridden in many of them, mainly the 21'. I was always impressed with how soft the ride was because of the flexibility of the plastic hull. I would have a knowledgable surveyer ( one who knows these boats) inspect it. Some of them had systemic detachment issues in the keel/stringer areas...
  418. dcarlisle

    Offshore swell question

    It's more about a combo between the swell, wind, and current. If the swell is short period, and the wind is against it, then you get into the steep stuff. 23' is pretty good size if you have decent height on the gunnels. If driven correctly, you should be safe in the average seas we get in SoCal.
  419. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft reviews or thoughts

    I had a 1999 Wellcraft 230 fisherman. I used it as a charter boat and the only reason I don't own it now is because I sold the company. It was a fantastic boat and I never had an issue with it in the 4k hours I put on it in 3 years.
  420. dcarlisle

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    What he said. If it cracks in a particular place, it is one of two reasons. Either the weld quality wasn't sufficient or the bracing wasn't sufficient. Assuming the weld was sufficient, as most tower builders are very good welders, the bracing needs to be beefed up. Adding and insert will...
  421. dcarlisle

    Need to maintain batteries at anchor

    Do the correct thing and do the math. Figure out your amperage load. Total at night, how many hours you want it to last, have a battery bank that can handle that load and only drain down to 50% (preferably). As stated above, make sure your wiring is squared away with no shorts or high resistant...
  422. dcarlisle

    Offshore Oside 7/2

    Too bad you didn't get some video or pictures of that!
  423. dcarlisle

    Bottom Paint Removal wit Soda Blasting?

    Are you talking about "soda" specifically? Or just a blast media in general? I find that the soda is the finest of media material, which means it doesn't really leave pitting or an abraded surface that has to be filled (unless you sit in one spot for way too long). A lot of places are using fine...
  424. dcarlisle

    Bottom Paint Removal wit Soda Blasting?

    The soda may be too fine. If the paint is adhering properly, the soda may take forever to get off. If you call a sand blast supply place, they will probably be able to recommend the propper substance to use. When we go pick up soda, I am always amazed at how many things are used as blast media...
  425. dcarlisle

    Three dead when wave flips boat.

    The misinformation is already flying. Don't believe any bs you first hear on the news. Wait till real report comes out. One of the rescuers said it was actually a 22' boat, and the boat only rescued 2 out of those 4 that were rescued.
  426. dcarlisle

    There's a new cooler in town!!

    You can fly to the Phillipines and buy one of the huge one from an employee and fly back for cheaper than they are in the stores!
  427. dcarlisle

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6-20-16

    If the water temp keeps climbing, it will be another paddy free year.
  428. dcarlisle

    Wtb fuel bladder

    I had gas, but it will do either .
  429. dcarlisle

    187 FISH is gone forever!

    Sorry about the boat loss and glad no one was hurt. A few years back on Catalina we were warned about these small wood boring beetles and that they would also bore through rubber. We were told they had bored through a few golf cart fuel lines. I went out on a friend's runabout with an I/O and...
  430. dcarlisle

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    Shad, you are probably right. Think I remember some of the older Mercury motors not following the standard pattern ( which I wouldn't doubt since Mercury likes to be different) and doing the repower requires a modification. All the pre verado four strokes were built by Yamaha, so that swap...
  431. dcarlisle

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    If you buy the motor from a distant dealer, that dealer will typically "pdi" it before they send it. That means that the check the motor out and start the warranty. The negative side to that is that it wasn't "pdi'd" while sitting on your transom hooked up to all your equipment, so if something...
  432. dcarlisle

    Wiring diagram for Yamaha Command Link Tachometer Kit...

    I think the problem is the command link system not powering up. If I get a good pic of the back of the key switch and harness between sw and tach I think I can figure it out. I am pretty sure the alarm comes through the main harness to the sw buzzer, and if the command link is energized, that...
  433. dcarlisle

    Offshore BFT tues Coronados

    AR-15's with rubber bullets! It's going to be a shoutout next weekend at the south 9. Scratch that, better stay North of the border with the AR
  434. dcarlisle

    NEED a reliable sat phone

    Jake, there is a sat phone store on shelter island now. They will probably have the different models and be able to explain everything. I have used the Inmarsat ones and they were flawless in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  435. dcarlisle

    Wiring diagram for Yamaha Command Link Tachometer Kit...

    Scott, you have the wrong wires hooked up off the pigtail. I am assuming you are getting power, but the tach is showing all dashes, instead of a "0". If this is the case let me know. I'll walk you through it. If you take a picture of the pigtail splice, or at least let me know which colors you...
  436. dcarlisle

    SeaStar Hyd. ram rebuild?

    Do it yourself and save the money. The hardest part is bleeding the system, which you will have to do either way. By the kit online and go for it. Once the ram is removed, it will take you 20 min to do the rebuild. The kit comes with the spanner tool to remove the end caps. Plus if you do it...
  437. dcarlisle

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    Remember they are still new. Call the guys running commercial 6 pack boats in the gulf such as Alabama and see if anyone is running them. If They are, they are probably the only ones with high hours so far. See what their opinion is and go from there. Everyone is going to love them when they...
  438. dcarlisle

    Offshore BFT tues Coronados

    Always be the smartest one in the conversation. When someone stops you for doing something legal, make sure you insist they take a copy of the regs (that you conviently keep on board for these instances), and when they refuse because it makes them look stupid, you ask them for their email...
  439. dcarlisle

    Offshore Fish movin out!!

    Just made the trip Friday and Monday from sd to Avalon and hit every high spot on the way for nothing. Didn't see any fish. If they are moving north, it must be further west.
  440. dcarlisle

    Catalina bait and overnight bait tank

    How long the battery will last depends on the type of pump, current draw, type of batteries, state of charge on the batteries, among other variables. Chances are that it won't last two days of solid running. Bring your sabiki's and squid jigs. The light boats have either been in front of avalon...
  441. dcarlisle

    boat sinking at west end cat today??

    Everyone was OK. Crew wasn't sure why it sank, too busy catching fish I guess.
  442. dcarlisle

    boat sinking at west end cat today??

    Waiting to here from my buddies, they picked the guys up out of the water and brought them back to Avalon.
  443. dcarlisle

    Avalon to San Diego 6/13

    Heading from Avalon to Sd early on 6/13. Hoping the BFT will have moved farther north by then. I plan on taking all day and hitting the 277, 209, 181, 182, N9 on the way. 33' pilothouse, twin diesel. You would have to make your way to Avalon the day before and find your way back to where you...
  444. dcarlisle

    i learned something today!

    What's sad is that manufactures are pushing the envelope in terms of quality, material type, material quantity to get the minimum product that meets the requirement. Problem is when you skirt the line, there is no room for manufacturing error. Corporate shareholder returns drive companies to...
  445. dcarlisle

    ethanol question, Problems , Problems

    Most of the ethanol issues are coming from the new "low permeation" fuel lines. They have a thin plastic membrane lining the inside that seems to degrade (even though it says that it is ethanol safe). That membrane sludge is what is gumming up carbs, injectors, etc. if you can find some fuel...
  446. dcarlisle

    Wtb fuel bladder

    I have a 150gal atl fuel locker. Probably a bit bigger than your looking for.
  447. dcarlisle

    Catalina - China Pt - Missing boater/person:

    Rogue wave my ass. Waves get pretty steep there when the current goes against the wind chop.
  448. dcarlisle

    Wiring diagram for Yamaha Command Link Tachometer Kit...

    Scott, I think I looked into that 4 pin female to female so that I didn't have to use that long useless run with the 6pin ends and I couldn't find one.
  449. dcarlisle

    boat weight.

    Keep it simple. If you don't tow far, take the thing to a scale, if under 3000, have a nice single axle with no brakes made for you boat (as long as the tow vehicle has good brakes). It will keep the build cost low and maintenance even lower. My 2c
  450. dcarlisle

    Wiring diagram for Yamaha Command Link Tachometer Kit...

    You don't need the bottom left harness. On the 4 pin plug that goes into the back of the guage, there are 4 wires, a blue and white one that are data, and a red and black (or yellow and black) that are power to the guage. Those two power ones are the only two wires that need to be jumpers to the...
  451. dcarlisle

    Cutting 20deg angle in Airmar Thru Hull Transducer

    Just get the transducer out of there. Even 5200 will let go. Mount the transducer post in a vice with a strong nut on it real close to the base and the bottom facing upward. Use a razor to cut around the edge as deep as you can go. Apply pressure to each side of the fairing block in a downward...
  452. dcarlisle

    Splash or wait?

    It's not going to hurt it. Depends on how much you use it during that period and where you are keeping it will depend on the amount of growth. If your that worried about it, lightly sand the bottom to expose fresh paint and that should keep u pretty good for two weeks.
  453. dcarlisle

    The Maximus

    A very good reminder about the realities of ocean travel.
  454. dcarlisle

    "Fearlessly the Idiot Faced the Crowd.........Smiling"

    Two 300's. The 300's are only a little more than the 250's or 225's. As you probably know from your previous repower, the 300 will cruise effortlessly at a lower rpm, thus edging out on economy and stresses. It will also be nice to have the power on those glassy days when you want to run around...
  455. dcarlisle

    New 1st time Boat Owner - What should I do to better be prepared?

    Peter, I recommend hiring a USCG licensed captain that has small boat experience. It will cost you a good penny (up to $1000 for the day), but I promise it will save you more on the back end. There are some guys on here that will probably do it for less. They will show you trailering...
  456. dcarlisle

    Need custom battery cables in SD

    I'm sort of amazed that you need 23' of pos and neg cable for that size boat.
  457. dcarlisle

    Need custom battery cables in SD

    Mark, if you buy what you need I can terminate them at my shop in San Diego for free and show you how to do it for future use.
  458. dcarlisle

    How Much Should I Ask For My Boat?

    Mike, Where the hell did you buy that motor for 28k? Even with rigging, install, and tax it's too high. Please don't buy your new ones for the next boat there. Sweet boat and no doubt the next one is going to be even better. Shad Burke on here is expert on all things Whaler. Good luck
  459. dcarlisle

    I Can buy a 2003 Fountain 31 SFC with twin Yam 150 FS for...

    Always do your due diligence. Test run, hull and engine survey, etc. In my opinion, 300 hp on a 31 footer is underpowered. Even though it's a narrow hull, it probably has a pretty deep v, which needs more horse power to get on plane. Might want to verify what the optional motors were for that...
  460. dcarlisle

    simrad to lowrance talk?

    I would think any of the NEMA 0183 or 2000 sentences should share well over the network.
  461. dcarlisle

    Cogswell Marine - Chula Vista

    I saw your boat down there and noticed how nice it is. Their shop is a little rough looking at first glance, but when you see all the badass performance stuff around, you see they know there stuff. Peter is an absolute wealth of knowledge.
  462. dcarlisle

    Boat Buying Input

    I owned a Sea Fox 17'(Sea Era back then) for 10 years and absolutely loved it. Fished everything from the bay to offshore with it. Put 3200 hours on it when I decided it was time for something bigger. It was cheaper than the other brands, but not quality wise by any means.
  463. dcarlisle

    Long Beach to Catalina Buddy Boat

    A spot reserved in Little Harbor? Do you mean a campsite? Make sure if you moor there, you have two anchors out. Also, make sure it isn't going to be a south swell. A North and Northwest swell will be fine in Little Harbor. Also, since it's your first time, be aware it can get pretty nasty on...
  464. dcarlisle

    New Custom pilot house

    Eric, Have you considered a SharkHide protective coating. We have been stripping the paint off the Navy aluminum Port boats and applying that. Your 5000 series should do fine, but if you want less surface oxidation to show, you should look into this stuff. It seals the metal with resins that...
  465. dcarlisle

    To upgrade or not wellcraft

    This might sound crazy to some, but if you already own the boat, find an inconspicuous place on a stringer and drill a small hole half way into it. That will be a definitive answer on what you have. If rotted wood comes out, then you have to decide what to do with it. If the wood comes out dry...
  466. dcarlisle

    55' Convertible Sportfisher / Twin Outboards!

    The tournament guys might be into the speed. They'll be hooked up while the others are still leaving the harbor.
  467. dcarlisle

    Catalina Classic escort boat/skipper wanted

    A CG licensed captain would be needed if there were going to be "Passengers for Hire" aboard your vessel. Most paddlers do have a support crew on the boat, therefore, it is a passenger for hire. The boat must also be registered as a commercial vessel, and if it's uninspected, there cannot be...
  468. dcarlisle

    4-13-16 catalina

    The red crab has been stacked a foot deep on some of the beaches there.
  469. dcarlisle

    Seastar Helm Issue

    Are you running the cstar fluid?
  470. dcarlisle

    Seastar Helm Issue

    The fact that it doesnt do it when filling it tells me it may still have some air. Maybe try calling local shops to see if one has the seastar power purge system. We have one at work and it basically rams all the fluid through. You have to still turn the wheel while purging to make sure all the...
  471. dcarlisle

    Seastar Helm Issue

    Is it only when turning the wheel to port (as the video shows)? It sounds like very loud check valves in the helm pump. Was it only to port on the replacement pump as well? Did it make the clicking noise when you were filling the system with the bottle attached and bleeding it ( essentially...
  472. dcarlisle

    Socal boat question.

    It seems like for the expense you might as well join one of those boat clubs, or at least just make friends with someone with a boat down here, or just private charter a six pack everytime you come down. That would still be cheaper than ownership.
  473. dcarlisle


    Wow, Someone got a smokin' deal! Little bit of everything. Marauders and bonitos alone worth more than the asking price.
  474. dcarlisle

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    That "relay" appears to be more like many of the diode only setups. I'm mot positive because I haven't seen that particular model. Instead of a voltage sensing relay, it uses simple diodes to allow a higher voltage (from the alternator) to send current to all the batteries at once. Then when the...
  475. dcarlisle

    Mechanic Reccomandation needed for Volvo Penta

    Just go for great service. Trying to find a good "cheap" price in the world of volvo's is non-existant. Just find reputable place that won't over charge or add unnecessary work on. You didn't mention if it was gas or diesel.
  476. dcarlisle

    Anyone know what boat this is?

    Maybe a Jones Goodell. I think they did a bunch of custom boats.
  477. dcarlisle

    Anyone know what boat this is?

    Paul, Your right. The Marlineer has that forward cabin window area. If you ever get a chance to see the one I'm talking about (I think the name is actually Marlineer), it is drop dead gorgous. The back of the cabin on the one above almost looks like a Bertram, but the sheer line doesn't.
  478. dcarlisle

    Anyone know what boat this is?

    Paul, I think that might be one of the 48' Marlineer boats floating around so-cal. If it isn't, there is one with a very similar paint job.
  479. dcarlisle

    Sport King 3/25

    That's fishier than the fish!
  480. dcarlisle

    Complete 2nd radio or 2nd station remote radio?

    I agree. Redundancy is key. The command mic is cool because it has an intercom feature that allows you to talk back and forth between the stations.
  481. dcarlisle

    Sport King 3/25

    Jackpot must have been a good one with 60 aboard!
  482. dcarlisle

    Outboard Motor Cable Wrap

    Go talk to Caleb at the yard
  483. dcarlisle

    Looking for used hydraulic steering helm and other parts

    Tim, check your messages for my number.
  484. dcarlisle

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    Adam, i can tell you that from a repair yard standpoint, i never want to have seized or stripped bolts. I just want to get the original work done as smooth and quick as possible because time is money and we want the customer to be happy. You can bet that the repair place tried everything to get...
  485. dcarlisle

    Looking for used hydraulic steering helm and other parts

    That could work. I'll contact you monday
  486. dcarlisle

    Looking for used hydraulic steering helm and other parts

    Ill need to see what I can do since I'll be in SD for two weeks
  487. dcarlisle

    Looking for used hydraulic steering helm and other parts

    Ok, if it's an o-ring you will need adapters. When do you need it by.
  488. dcarlisle

    Looking for used hydraulic steering helm and other parts

    Those appear to be the correct fittings for what comes on the seastar system as well. I believe its a 37deg flare if I remember correctly. Those should mate up to the helm pump. If not, a hydraulic shop would have adapter fittings. Now that I look closer, does that top one have an O-ring, or is...
  489. dcarlisle

    Patching holes in transom

    Now days there are many options. Im assuming the holes are 4.5" deep and not wide. These days I use west epoxy for a lot of stuff. Add some filler and shoot it in. I do recommend drilling the hole a little larger to see if the wood in there is saturated. If it is you will need to get that out...
  490. dcarlisle

    Looking for used hydraulic steering helm and other parts

    Ok, I need some better photos. Those look like pretty larger fittings, but its hard to tell. It would be good to see a close up of the inside of the fitting to see the type. It doesn't appear they are the same type as the sea star system. Most hydraulic shops should be able to get you adapter...
  491. dcarlisle

    Looking for used hydraulic steering helm and other parts

    Tim, can you take a picture of the ends of your hydraulic lines so I can see what type of hose and fittings. To PM (private message) me, just click on your name and look at the "conversations" link. You should see the message i sent you. You wont need a reservoir. Those are usually on big boats.
  492. dcarlisle


    Curious as to why you are selling?
  493. dcarlisle

    SD Bay Fuel Dock with quick/ easy access ?

    Harbor island is probably the quickest if you want to go fast. It turns to a no wake zone just a couple minutes from the dock. The one on the other side of shelter island is a little quicker, but not as quick as harbor island.
  494. dcarlisle

    Want to buy Merc Part

    Ben, That part looks like it is $260 and coming from Atlanta
  495. dcarlisle

    Want to buy Merc Part

    I could check on availability tomorrow when I get to work.
  496. dcarlisle

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    I haven't done one, but i can say that a cummins 6bt or qsb and diesel outdrive will add at least 500 lbs to the back end. Keep this in mind. The cummins are a great motor, but for the weight, you may have to go the all aluminum rout with higher rpm.
  497. dcarlisle

    Help with deadrise

    Just from the looks of it, it appears to be closer to the 23deg side. Lools like a true deep V
  498. dcarlisle

    Boat wiring questions

    Before you run out and buy bilge pump floats, verify that you don't have the type of pumps that: A- have integrated floats Or B- cycle every few minutes for about 2-3 seconds to sense if there is water. If you get the make and model and look it up, it may save you a headache.
  499. dcarlisle

    Gluv It?

    JB, I had the same problem with mine. I caulked the entire perimeter of the outside AND INSIDE of mine. I ripped out the inside wall carpet (it was moldy anyway when I bought it). Then i removed the windshield and caulked around the entire helm seem from the deck, up and around the windshield...
  500. dcarlisle

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    Tank, Thanks, way up above. Awsome price. I have seen that and just figured it was some bs deal. Glad to know they are ligit!
  501. dcarlisle

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    I'd like to see an 8d battery for $160 + $48 core charge. Are these the Costco ones or Optimas you are refering to? I know that the Optimas are over $200 for a small one.
  502. dcarlisle

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    I honestly just use the group 27 green top interstates on my charter boat. Im going on 6 years without a hitch. I take really good care of them, equalizing them twice a year, etc etc. wiring needs to be top notch as well to prevent undue drain on battery because of low voltage getting to the...
  503. dcarlisle

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    Optimas are actually a little better than they used to be. In their early days when they were gel (not agm) and the "hot" new item, I was doing some work at a big Naval shipyard in the electrical shop. They had a state of the art battery tester that cost about a half million and was made to test...
  504. dcarlisle

    need help moving 225hb outboard.

    Drew, Do u already have the lifting eye for the motors?
  505. dcarlisle


    Curt, I just saw that too. You forgot the additional mandatory $9.99 service fee too. So what was $100 per year is now $160. Im looking into one of the 406mhz options now. I think Spot just made a big mistake!
  506. dcarlisle

    Re-wiring electrical quote? San Diego

    Michael, Yes, I am the yard manager at a small yard in National City called APS (Adept Process Services)that mainly does Navy boats. We can also do civilian boats as well. If you want to tow it by sometime i can give you my opinions and do a free quote to get you going in the right direction...
  507. dcarlisle

    Re-wiring electrical quote? San Diego

    Michael, It is reallly hard to give even a ball park without actually seeing the boat. I have been a marine electrician for 21 years and cant do it without seeing and testing things. A rewire to one person may have a completely different meaning to the next. A re-wire is one of the most labor...
  508. dcarlisle

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    Marc, Glad you got set up. Let us know how you like the new versus the old! Dave
  509. dcarlisle

    need to buy new prop, no idea what to get, pitch,etc

    Dominic, You will likely get many answers on this. IMO your best bet is to remove the old one and take it to a prop shop (there are many in the area) and they will be able to tell you what size it is. They may also be able to repair your old one for a fraction of a new one, depending on type and...
  510. dcarlisle

    Want to switch recessed flood lights to LEDs

    Nice boat too. I see it in Avalon.
  511. dcarlisle

    Weld on tulip rod holders

    Monty, i cant tell, are they stainless or alu, and what grade. Do they have inserts?
  512. dcarlisle

    Want to switch recessed flood lights to LEDs

    Brad, since there is a good chance you may have a difficult time finding an exact fit, another option would be converting to DC led within the existing housing. Any competant marine electrician or lighting expert should be able to do this relatively easy. There are a few retrofit kits around as...
  513. dcarlisle

    Wow..Garmin just really upped the game with the new update

    Thanks for posting this, looking to upgrade to a garmin this year and this helps sum up the finer features!
  514. dcarlisle

    LA boat show

    Gordon, Thanks for saving me the time. Dave
  515. dcarlisle

    Offshore O'side offshore patties 2/26

    Pretty rare that the Rizzo's would stay with the boat for 20min. Could happen if they got comfortable with the boat and didn't have babies.
  516. dcarlisle

    Whaler Outrage 24' T-top Tower price estimation?

    I know you guys are bashing PYT for failing towers, but i have to just throw the opposite opinion in here. I have had three T-Tops built by him and all three were flawless. The most recent has 3700 hours in 4 years on it and not a single stress fracture. I would say that is some decent...
  517. dcarlisle

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    Jon, You mentioned the "needy" motors, and "lower end filters". Where might that lower end filter be? I had all the required maintenance done every 2 to 3 months since it was commercial. I didnt feel like it was all that expensive when factoring the overall cost of boat ownership and the...
  518. dcarlisle

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    Call around the shops and ask if they have any deals. The last F300 i bought from my source in florida gave me about $1300 off for a counter rotating motor he had in stock for a while that didnt sell. On a single it makes no difference (besides getting used to the prop walk in the opposite...
  519. dcarlisle

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    This is getting stupid. Whether your putting in some $30/gal xd-100 into an E-tec or running RingFree additive in your yamaha fuel (which you should be) is starting to nickle and dime. Regardless of what the manufactures say about maintenance, if you regularly use your motor and put wear and...
  520. dcarlisle

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    Buy the motor at a dealer in Florida, ship it for $400 and save a few thousand on tax. Install it yourself. Fly by wire motors are easy to install.
  521. dcarlisle

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    Doug, Talk to etec ownera that USE their boats. All that 300 and 500 hour maintenance is somewhT of a misnomer
  522. dcarlisle

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    Go with the bigger hp. I am partial to yamaha, but realistically, they are all nice. Most models are the same weight between a 225 and 300. Go with the max allowed by the manufacturer. Insurance won't cover if you are overpowered. This isn't a speed thing either. The higher hp motor actuall gets...
  523. dcarlisle

    custom Bow/Keel guard?

    I think you are going to run into problems with only using 5200 to cure it. There is an immense amount of force acting on the hull when you are on plane that will likely flex and twist that plate on a minute scale. Over time that movement is going to work itself loose. Compound that with the...
  524. dcarlisle

    custom Bow/Keel guard?

    I am currently doing this for a navy boat at my yards, except not the full length of the keel, and don't really want to do another. One thing to think about is how you plan on attaching this. You are either going to have to through bolt it or use fiberglass screw. Of course you'll need to 5200...
  525. dcarlisle

    Service Guys Reccommendations ?

    I second driscolls. I've used both yards (mission bay and shelter island) with good results. Just hire someone to do the first oil change and watch them. The lower unit oil is a little more tricky. You will most likely have to pull the boat for that. I installed a jack plate to the boat (which...
  526. dcarlisle

    I want a fishing boat she wants a cruiser...what do I buy?

    If you go out of state PLEASE go look at the boat yourself. We had a saying in the Navy, "you get what you INSPECT, not what you EXPECT". I just delivered a boat for a customer that had it trucked from Washington to SD and needed it delivered to the slip. It looked great on the photos and the...
  527. dcarlisle

    Why interference on graph on certain trolling motor speed

    Is the interference there when you run the trolling motor out of the water? If so, that would eliminate the propeller speed theory. I would also try removing the assembly from the Alu. Hull to completely isolate and run the motor.
  528. dcarlisle

    Why interference on graph on certain trolling motor speed

    Rick, Where is your transducer mounted? Without seeing the screen, hard to say wether it is electrical interference or water disturbance. Most likely electrical, if it works at all other speeds. Does your trolling motor battery have a ground connection to the boat. If so it is probably shared...
  529. dcarlisle

    Ninja LR Belt w/ harness - SOLD

    I would take it but can't get to Pasadena. I'll pay shipping if interested.
  530. dcarlisle

    Etec owners...

    Hands down Jim at the Avalon Boat Stand in Catalina. Most honest mechanic ever!!! Just have to get there for the service. Vacation.
  531. dcarlisle

    I want a fishing boat she wants a cruiser...what do I buy?

    That budget may make it a little tight. You may have to get creative. Sometimes it helps to find boats that "aren't" for sale and offer a cash offer. The advertised boats for sale get picked over pretty quickly and in your price range a gem will be picked up fast. Looking up estate sales...
  532. dcarlisle

    Good express sportfish for California?

    A good start would be to know your background with boating. Have you ever owned a boat? Do you have power preferences? Drive type preferences? Will the boat stay in the water during the summer or always trailer? Are you inclined to do your own work on the boat? Will you be doing overnighters...
  533. dcarlisle

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    You are getting screwed. Write a yelp and BBB review. Don't bitch in the review, just stick to facts about the mechanic making up bogus stories. People will read those and stay away (if they are smart). 20 years as an electrician and I was a lead acid battery expert on submarines, IT WASN't A...
  534. dcarlisle

    How to remove old, dry marine growth from aluminum?

    Soak the boat in muriatic acid for an hour. I promise the growth will be gone. Lol. So will the hull.
  535. dcarlisle

    Bait tank upgrade help

    What he said. Your 1200 gph pump may be putting out as little as half (and sometimes less) factoring the rise from the pump to the tank, head pressure (the pressure that is exerted back onto the incoming water due to the height of water above the outlet), and system voltage (your pump will pump...
  536. dcarlisle

    Auto pilot

    Dale, Any of the type one units will works well. They will accept the nema 183 signal from the furuno gps to get you where you want to go. I have more experience with the Simrad units with no issues. As a suggestion, if you are using the "tubing" versus the "hose" from your helm to the ram, you...
  537. dcarlisle

    Outrigger repair?

    Yes sir
  538. dcarlisle

    Outrigger repair?

    Call precision. They can probably rebuild them. I know they rebuild there own brand at a reasonable price.
  539. dcarlisle

    Poor Shark

    How did the forward facing Volvo props handle it ?
  540. dcarlisle

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    Congrats, I have mad respect for you kayak fisherman. If I had caught that toad, I would have probably flipped over and drowned
  541. dcarlisle

    How Long to Get Out of SD Harbor?

    You will still have a great time since the 2-3rd are the weekend. Are you going to the Mikelson "raft up"? Not sure if they do that these days, but they used to put on a great raft up for the 4th timeframe. If you didn't know about it, and want to sidetie to a bunch of cool folks, might be worth...
  542. dcarlisle

    Sea Water Temp Gauge

    trans·duc·er transˈd(y)o͞osər,tranz-/ noun a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure or brightness, into an electrical signal, or vice versa. "Transducer" doesn't mean that it reads depth.
  543. dcarlisle

    Sea Water Temp Gauge

    Not really, after that water goes through a strainer, a pump, and the hose, the resistance of those items will add some heat. Then there are other variables within the bait tank that will throw it off. Some systems will be closer to actual temp than others due to length of run and type of pump...
  544. dcarlisle

    Sea Water Temp Gauge

    SiTex. Stand alone, shows trends ( increasing or decreasing temp), high/low alarms, and has a nema 183 output. Before you install, take it to a calibration facility for $20-30 and have it calibrated (to the 100th). Mount the transducer in good clean water and preferably not in a hot...
  545. dcarlisle

    Upsides/downsides? Anchor Question

    This is a great idea, or you could have a nice wear plate made out of 316ss (permanent) or machined "starboard" material (replaceable when desired) that would also protect when you just want to let your anchor down "fast".
  546. dcarlisle

    How Long to Get Out of SD Harbor?

    Why would you leave on the 3rd? July 4th in Glorietta Bay is one of the best boat parties on the west coast!
  547. dcarlisle

    What would you buy ??

    Don't forget to look at the Albin 28TE. The nice ones are right in your price and size range. It's a single diesel inboard and quite a few have bow thrusters. The inboard is especially nice (versus out drive) if you plan on keeping it in the water and real quality build. Radons are bad ass for...
  548. dcarlisle

    Video: Retrieving Boat in Storm Surge

    You must get great fuel mileage with a floating boat!
  549. dcarlisle

    Offshore Stolen gear, wrong forum, I know, but trying

    Sean, My heart goes out to you. That is a horrible thing to happen. I will certainly keep an eye out in Avalon. Was that a "no" on the cameras? Even crappy hotels have them in the garages (probably for insurance reasons). If all else fails, have a buddy set up a mini sting. Figure out when the...
  550. dcarlisle

    Video: Retrieving Boat in Storm Surge

    Some people just deserve what they get.
  551. dcarlisle

    Need a Little prop education!!

    Jeff, I am no I/O expert. But there probably many on here who are. I am strictly outboard and diesel inboard, but the concepts are the same when it comes to propping. You should check with the manufactures recommended rpm range. You always want to be near the top of the range at full throttle at...
  552. dcarlisle

    Need a Little prop education!!

    You first want to make sure your 3 bladed prop is the correct size. You should be getting at or near the engines rated max rpm when you are at full throttle. If you are too far off full rpm, then you are "over propped" and this is one of the quickest ways to wear out your driveline components...
  553. dcarlisle

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    Tom, If you don't mind me asking, where does one buy the raw material (rocket launchers) to build our own. Beautiful work on your stuff.
  554. dcarlisle

    Recommended Prohibition on Mechanical Pullers

    So would they be banned on a recreational boat period. Because, if you were caught pulling up a commercial pot regardless of how you did it, you'd be in trouble. So the only logical thought is that they would be banned from having on board at all so that you don't go potentially commit a crime...
  555. dcarlisle


    AIS is awesome. The VHF ones work ok but don't update as fast as a stand alone unit does. I call it my poor mans radar. All the commercial vessels have to transmit their info so it is easy for you to see their: 1. Name, makes it easier to hail them 2. Speed and course, so you can predict their...
  556. dcarlisle

    Lean Posts in San Diego?

    Another option for a quick turnaround is SE customs out of Florida. When I rebuilt my CC I had Tom at PYT do the T Top and all the other metal work except the leaning post (due to time constraints and budget over runs, not Tom's fault). SE has a 30" wide one and the price is great for the...
  557. dcarlisle

    Help me spend some money

    JB, In case you didn't know, your new boat has a foam cored hull, so if you install a new through hull transducer, make sure you fill in the coring properly to avoid saturating the core. Same goes with sealing any old holes from removed equipment. I think you would love the Garmin or the Simrad...
  558. dcarlisle

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    The key is getting the readouts from the computer. If you know a little about engines, you could have the dealer do a graph for you and then you do the troubleshooting based on what the graphs are showing. This way you are only paying for the graphing and not all the repairs. If I remember...
  559. dcarlisle

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    Guys, Have a yamaha mechanic hook up the data logger or computer and graph the perameters when the problem occurs. You will be able to see things like throttle position, cam position, timing adv/ret, and many others that will narrow down to the system you should be trouble shooting. I had a...
  560. dcarlisle

    Evinrune/ficht diagnostic sw

    On my old 225 ficht, the codes would show right away if they were still valid. You can do quite a few other cool things with the program such as cylinder drop tests and fire individual spark plugs to test them out if they are suspect.
  561. dcarlisle

    Best small boat for SD?

    David, CC's are the best utilitarian boat for hard core fishing with few amenities (as you probably know). Best boat for walking a fish around the bow. 18-21 would work , I used to run my 17' to the 425 on nicer days, but in my opinion, the 24'-25' is the real sweet spot. Of course it will...
  562. dcarlisle

    electronics-electrical-systems need general check over

    Mike, Are you willing to tow it to San Diego (National city)? I do this for my charter boat friends on Catalina all the time. I have 20 years experience. Dave
  563. dcarlisle

    Is this a good Switch Board?

    It should be ok but isn't "bullet proof". Besides those switches not being the best for a weather deck, they are combined breaker/switches. When combined breaker switches are used, vice a switch with a seperate breaker or a switch with a fuse, the breaker aspect of the switch tends to wear out...
  564. dcarlisle

    Bait tank plumbing?

    Jon, It will actually work just fine if done correctly. I had a boat set up like this once. It does create a nice suction at the outlet with the aft facing strainer, when at speed. It is also sometimes nice that the continuous draining sound isn't there as with above waterline outlets. There are...
  565. dcarlisle

    Decisions decisions (Ride share)?

    Might want to play Wednesday by ear. Weather reports aren't looking too great.
  566. dcarlisle

    Newport To Cabo

    I have to ask. Is this a real question?
  567. dcarlisle

    Same thing ... Same place ... New sled

    Dave, It looks like the new boat is working out nicely! I met you at the guest docks in San Diego bay while you were on the way up to Dana. Dave C.
  568. dcarlisle

    HELP !!Removing Snaps buttons

    Like kindafishy said, unscrew if they are screwed in and drill if a rivet. Most are screwed in. It looks like you may run into the issue of them being so rusty that the head of the screw would crumble off when turning. Be super careful and slow when unscrewing (assuming screwed in). The rust...
  569. dcarlisle

    Anyone ever install a new Fuel Filler line? Please give me tips.

    I would recommend a hose barb of the appropriate size. The plastic ones are cheap. It should be a nice tight fit on the new and old hose so that you don't need hose clamps ( because they will catch on stuff). Then push the hose through rather than pull that way you won't seperate the two hoses...
  570. dcarlisle

    Rope lights under gunwale

    I got my lights at Super Bright LEDs. They have a nice selection and good prices. I found the place from reading Bart's thread about rebuilding the Chris Craft CC. I figure if they are good enough for Bart they are good enough for me.
  571. dcarlisle

    Boat stereo recommendations?

    I have had great success with Fusion. Stay away from Boss. Low grade. The JL audio would be my first choice for quality, but price and the fact that not all their stuff comes in marine form may not be good on a center console. If you go with the gauge style I definetely recommend an amp. I...
  572. dcarlisle

    Offshore Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    New boat- ✅ New rod (with wrapping still on handle)- ✅ New Captain hat-✅ 30# straight mono-✅ Wahoo for dinner- ✅ A NEW FISHERMAN FOR LIFE-✅
  573. dcarlisle

    60 pound Catalina wahoo

    Congrats! What did it hit and what time of day?
  574. dcarlisle

    Wanted: Roll and Tip painting guy

    Jake, Keeping searching. They are out there. I had my 40 foot trawler LP roll and tipped from the water line up in its slip in San Diego for 6k. The guy was professionally trained by PPG and did amazing prep. The problem is that it was 12 years ago and can't remember his name and he was getting...
  575. dcarlisle

    New Ongaro Pantograph Wiper Arms

    Can these be retrofitted to wipers with standard arms? Thanks
  576. dcarlisle

    New Personal Best on Local Yellows/ Sport Boat Vs PBers?

    I have never bitched about sporties, but I heard something on the radio a few weeks ago and just can't shake it. It was different than the normal paddy intrusion or pinheads swearing at pb'rs. I was cruising by little Farnsworth by the east end of Cat and there were two sporties and a pb...
  577. dcarlisle

    Cat or SBI???

    East end of Cat. You can see the rock quarry in the back ground.
  578. dcarlisle

    Offshore Wahoo...

    The Wahoo are already up here. Saw a 70-80lb jump three times last Wednesday 9 miles off La Jolla. All 5 of us on board scream "Wahoo" at the same time so I know my eyes weren't deceiving me. Couldn't get him to go, but no doubt they are already here.
  579. dcarlisle

    2012 yamaha F300 4.2l offshore

    Shad, This is correct. I just got back to the Island this evening. I will have the mechanic do all the compressions this week.
  580. dcarlisle

    2012 yamaha F300 4.2l offshore

    I sold my charter boat with a fine running 2012 300hp yamaha with 2450 hours. New owner wants to start with a fresh motor ( last charter boat he bought had the Mercury blow up 50hrs after he bought it) so I will be selling this one with the 15.5x17 sds 2 stainless prop. Meticulously maintained...
  581. dcarlisle

    Used Yamaha F300 offshore

    ShadBurke, Thanks for the reply. The compressions are all even, have all maintenance history, no warranty repair, and 14 overheat alarms on the ECM (used to run the boat at night along the kelp line. always shut down immediately and removed kelp.) We also checked to make sure there is no...
  582. dcarlisle

    Used Yamaha F300 offshore

    I just wanted to get your opinions on a motor I may be selling soon. Wondering what a realistic selling price would be from potential buyers out there, since my motor has more hours than comparable ones for sale. I may be selling my boat soon and the new owner might want to repower with a new...
  583. dcarlisle

    Battery charger..???

    Always, always, always buy a smart charger! smart chargers will not over charge a battery and will have an equalizer feature. They are as little as $100 for a 15 amp portable at West Marine to $$$ for a fixed high amp version.
  584. dcarlisle

    Yamaha 250 repower cost???

    Malibufishandsurf, If you are looking at the new 4.2L offshore engine in a used model, have a qualified yamaha mechanic do a thorough survey before purchase. They are generally great motors but some of them have been plagued with main bearing failures. I have a 2012 300hp model with 2400 hours...
  585. dcarlisle

    "SOLD" !!!! For Sale: 2003 29' Amato (Marlin)

    I guess we know what the new buyer's plans for the boat were. Only 104 bales on a 29 footer!:nopity:
  586. dcarlisle

    B164 Thru Hull Install help

    Verify that the bottom is solid, as I think it is with those hulls. If it is cored, you definitely need to fill in the cored area surrounding the hole with epoxy. Otherwise sounds like you are on the right track. Make sure you use a 3.75" hole saw for your boat (fiberglass), not a 4" hole saw...
  587. dcarlisle

    Latest T-Top from PYT.

    Tom, I'm loving my top as well. I get comments on it all the time. There is a guy in this section of BD looking for T-Top canvas, you might want to hunt down. The custom seating you made is working out perfectly. I still owe you a couple nights at our Bed and Breakfast when you are ready. Dave
  588. dcarlisle

    T-top canvas

    I had a New T-Top done this year by Pacific Yacht Tower (Tom) and love the canvas. He outsources it but he will probably give you the name and number. It is sunbrella with a layer of some type of rubberized material on the bottom sewn to the top layer for an added layer of waterproofing, as well...
  589. dcarlisle

    Check this one off the bucket list

    Are you in Avalon today? Good looking boat!
  590. dcarlisle

    Avalon condo/apartment/hotel?

    Toby, I'm going to PM you my phone number. I'm an ex bubble head and live in Catalina now. Even though you are a coner, I'll take care of you next time you're here.
  591. dcarlisle

    Jabsco 12VDC Standard Water Puppy Pump

    Tim, PM me if you are still looking. I have a 1 year old water puppy fully operational I will give you a deal on. I removed it for a lower amperage draw shurflo mag drive pump. $100 including shipping to your door.
  592. dcarlisle

    Offshore From the 181 182 and back to Dana

    Same thing for us on Monday. We went from Catalina down to 5 mi south of the 209. Trolled the whole way home. Nobody home on the few paddy's we saw. Temp was 72-73 at 209. We heard some folks on the radio saying 76 just north of 209. I was thinking BS until sure enough, about 5-6 mi north of...
  593. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    She's finally in service. All work is done ( well, it's never done). The finishing touch was the 65 quart yeti under the leaning post with slides. That isn't in the pics yet but it fit perfectly without on millimeter to spare! The motor received some nice large stainless backing plates for the...
  594. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    Matt, No problem. I'm stoked to see it is going to good use. I see you reinforced it between the forward and aft legs. Tom at PYT told me it was the heaviest T-Top he ever lifted. Boat looks great too! I'm totally happy with my new top and motor. Just splashed her yesterday and already have 5...
  595. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    Jon, Sorry for late reply, I've been putting in 10 hr days on the boat for the past two weeks. I will post some pics within the next few days of everything. I can tell you about the leaning post though. I feel it was a decent deal based on a few things; - The product looked just as the...
  596. dcarlisle

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Great job Barrett! Ironically, I just hung my new 300 Yamaha yesterday and put the boat in the water today. You will love that engine. CL+ screen is nice as well ( except you cannot input a partial fill on the fuel tank as I found out today). I was a little bummed to see that the forward tip of...
  597. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    Javier's number is 619-933-3562. I just wrote a huge article about all the work done and what went well and not so well, then I hit post and it told me I wasn't signed in (even though I was). So the jist is; 1. Javier did a kick ass job on the cushions, 2. San Diego Boat Detailing sent guys...
  598. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    Good call Sean!
  599. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    Picked up the boat the other day from PYT and dropped it off at MGM Plastics down the street for two days. Now it's at Javier's for upholstery. Tom did a great job with everything and said he went into some uncharted territory on the fab work. All looks great. After a very disappointing call to...
  600. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    Picked up the boat from Pacific Yacht Towers today. Tom did an awsome job!
  601. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    Here's an update. Tom at PYT sent these to me the other day. The aluminum work is just about done. Then to MGM plastics for the seaboard material to fill in the seats and aft footrest, then to S.D. for Javier Lopez to do the upholstery. If you guys haven't heard of Javier, he is the best I've...
  602. dcarlisle

    Leaning Post

    Owen, Check out SECUSTOMINC.COM . They build regular style (no bait tank) leaning posts. Really nice quality, free shipping, and great price. I just recieved mine last week and really like it. The upholstry was really nice as well.
  603. dcarlisle

    Wellcraft 230 Fisherman update

    SLOBSLAYER (Matt), You are more than welcome to have the old T-Top if you would like to pick it up from Tom at PYT. Give me a call within the next day ( I'm on the East Coast right now) and I'll give you the details and let Tom know you are going to pick it up. (310) 961-6577 Rocket Dog, This...
  604. dcarlisle

    Start of a electronic's upgrade to the Sculpin

    John, I recommend testing the accuracy of your new Lowrance fuel flow probe EP-60 repeatedly before relying on it. I originally had the Northstar model which worked perfectly to the tenth of a gallon until it just stopped working after sitting idle for two weeks. It was still in warranty period...