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  1. RichM350

    Seeker WTS ULUA , Seeker 100f

    Very nice. Wish you were closer
  2. RichM350

    Looking to buy Accurate reel

    Looking to buy preferably Accurate Tern 500XN But also will consider Accurate Tern 300X ...located in San Diego. Message me. Thank you.
  3. For sale or trade for jigging narrow reel.

    For sale or trade for jigging narrow reel.

    Located in San Diego. Preferably looking to trade my Calcutta 400D paired with Phenix inshore rod for a conventional jigging reel. Condition is 8.9/10 mechanically 10/10, Will add cash on top if needed. Anyone interested message me to meet up or text pictures. Price of combo is $$365$$.. NO...
  4. RichM350

    Shimano Calcutta 400D for sale

    Great deal solid reel
  5. RichM350

    Talica 12II Like New

    Bump for great seller.. bought his tac8ii of him solid gear Like new
  6. RichM350

    Rods: UC and Seeker

    Interested in the mega. What part of SD
  7. RichM350

    Talica 12II Like New

    Pm sent on tac8
  8. RichM350

    phenix 909h reduced

    Coming to SD anytime soon?
  9. RichM350


    Pics of tac8ii it haven’t sold
  10. RichM350

    Custom Seeker 1x3 SOLD

    Coming to SD anytime soon
  11. RichM350

    Shimano Stella SW8K / Ocea MH 8’2”

    I’m home by 6pm.. I live in Bonita by Bonita high school if your familiar. If that time works for you or any time after 6 that let me know I’ll message you my address.
  12. RichM350

    Shimano Stella SW8K / Ocea MH 8’2”

  13. RichM350

    Talica16ii $440

    $20 markdown.. “changes made” comment as in I made the changes in the post to reflect new price.
  14. RichM350

    Talica16ii $440

    price drop. Changes made
  15. RichM350

    Talica 16 (2-speed)

    Still looking ?
  16. RichM350

    Talica16ii $440

    $$$ 440 $$$. I want to tell you it’s brand new BUUUT I Mounted on rod and took on one BFT trip. Hasn’t seen a fish yet. Spooled with about 350yards of 80lb PP and about 75yards of 80lb XXX izor mono. Reel is 10/10 in every aspect. Like I said it’s damn near new. Comes with box and clamp. FIRM...
  17. RichM350

    United Composite Custom Rods

    Willing to trade for a MINT tranx400 spooled with 50 pp for that 50-80 ?
  18. RichM350

    Bay setup $100

    Reel: Shimano spheros 3000FB Mech:9/10 cos:9/10 Rod: Ugly stick 7’ medium 6-15lb line 2 piece Pick up only San Diego county Cos:9.5/10 $100 Chula Vista
  19. RichM350

    Seeker 6’6” MGC series

    Seeker 6'6" MGC SERIES 25 (30) 40 rating. Great yoyo stick and dropper loop. All guides solid. Two dents in grip from trolling one time. $75 priced to move. Cos 8/10.. PICK UP only Chula Vista, San Diego county
  20. RichM350

    WTS Shimano, Cousins, Diawa, fin-nor

    Coming to San Diego anytime soon?
  21. RichM350

    seeker rod 6'6" 25(30)40

    Still up for sale
  22. RichM350

    seeker rod 6'6" 25(30)40

    Seeker 6'6" MGC SERIES 25 (30) 40 rating. Great yoyo stick and dropper loop. All guides solid. Two dents in grip from trolling one time. Cosmetically 8/10... $100 priced to move. Pick up only Chula Vista , San Diego
  23. RichM350

    UC XTREME Composite

    Coming down south or to San Diego landings anytime soon? Ide like to check it out.
  24. RichM350

    UC XTREME Composite

    Firm on that 250?
  25. RichM350

    WTB: yoyo and surface iron rod/reel combos

    I have a used seeker MGC series 25-40 I used for yoyoing but it just sits now. Located in Chula Vista can text pics of your interested
  26. RichM350

    Saltist 40 / SEEKER (25-40)

    REEL SOLD ... SEEKER priced to sell $125 pickup San Diego
  27. RichM350

    Saltist 40 / SEEKER (25-40)

    Saltist 40 super speed 6.4:1, on a SEEKER MGC series (25-40) 6' 1/2", rod 8.5/10 , reel cosmetically 8/10 mechanically 10/10. Filled with 40lb mono. Perfect yellowtail yoyo setup or dropper loop. $250 located San Diego pickup only.
  28. RichM350

    FS: Calstar GG90j *price drop*

    Coming to sd anytime soon ?
  29. RichM350

    LEXA 400

    Chula Vista. Work in north county can possibly meet up there if need be.
  30. RichM350

    Diawa seagate35 / shimano trevala jigging rod 6'6"

    Diawa seagate35 6:4.1 spooled 65# braid to 25# izor smoke mono. on a shimano trevala 6'6". Cosmetically 9/10 mech 10/10. No trades unless you have a phenix, cousins or UC rod rated between 30-80 anywhere in between that. $175. Pick up San Diego only
  31. RichM350

    LEXA 400

  32. RichM350

    GOPRO Suction Cup mount. (NEW)

    What's shipping to San Diego ?
  33. RichM350

    Shimano Talica 12II. Excellent Condition

    If it doesn't sell by then message me and I'll pick it up from you when you get down here to SD.
  34. RichM350

    Shimano Talica 12II. Excellent Condition

    I have that boss fury 400 2speed but want my shimano lol.
  35. RichM350

    Shimano Talica 12II. Excellent Condition

    Coming towards San Diego anytime soon ?
  36. RichM350

    WTT - Talica 12 - 2 speed

    Willing to trade for BNIB trini 20
  37. RichM350

    WTB Penn Fhantom, new or used or something similar

    I have a penn fathom 2 speed for sale if interested $200
  38. RichM350


    I have a silver boss fury 400 2speed available $325 . Used very slight small scratch on reel and handle
  39. RichM350

    Rods for sale

    if you want message me what you have left before you come down and I'll grab one or two
  40. RichM350

    Rods for sale

    Coming to sd anytime soon ??
  41. RichM350

    Nib Curado ej

    Message me if not sold
  42. RichM350

    Inshore Rods

    What part of sd ?
  43. RichM350

    WTB:phenix black diamond 909xh 25-60lb

    I have one for sale $220 if your ever in SAN Diego .
  44. RichM350

    Coleman Marine 100 Ice Chest

    Searched for coolers .. This still available ?
  45. RichM350

    Lexa 400 hd

    What ratio is Lexa
  46. RichM350

    Daiwa Braid

    Oooohhh tempting
  47. RichM350

    Daiwa Lexa 300 HS-P for sale...

    100? I'll pick up tomorrow
  48. RichM350


    Where are you located? .. I have a brand new one spooled .. I bought but I much rather have the narrow version
  49. RichM350

    Shimano Large Tackle Backpack

    Pics? How much you looking to get
  50. RichM350


    I'm in the hunt for this reel..Great item..I would of bought so fast if had PayPal as option.
  51. RichM350

    Trinidad 16a

    $385 I'll pick up tomorrow or Wednesday