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  1. Rufo

    Cabo to La Paz

    Week old info but hopefully worth the read. Spent a week in cabo. Didn’t fish as winds were high, seas were rough and the bite was primarily sierra but the marina is always a fun place to hang out. Headed to SJDC for a night then took the dirt road from there to Cabo Pulmo. Was cool drive...
  2. Rufo

    Puerto Vallarta on the Marla IV, Jan 10-14, 2022

    Fun story, good pics and you advice on tequila is SOLID GOLD :)
  3. Rufo

    Cabo on El Diablo Loco 1/18/22

    Suerte 🍻
  4. Rufo

    SPJ For California Rockfish and Rod vs Jig Weight

    I think that set up and line will work fine. I’ve been fishing the slow pitch for rockfish in Ensenada for about a year. Very similar 200-300’ depth with 200g jigs and 30lb braid. As long as the current is not ripping it gets down no prob and my experience has been that the RF bite the jig no...
  5. Rufo

    Asuncion Report

    You are a machine!! Merry Christmas :)
  6. Rufo

    Loreto Luck

    Yes, Capt Valente 011 52 613 109 6340 I PM’d you details
  7. Rufo

    Loreto Luck

    I’ve flown into and driven through Loreto several times in the past on my way to Mag Bay but never spent any time there till last week. Got lucky on weather… and fishing…first day headed south with Capt Valente for nonstop dorado, roosters and sierra with a few pargo, cabrilla, bonita...
  8. Rufo

    Dorado from the Beach

    Really cool catch from the beach and nice quality. Enjoy your surf fishing posts and pics. Keep ‘em coming :)
  9. Rufo

    Cancelled 23' Gordo Banks Panga

    You make a good point Curmudgeon 😁
  10. Rufo

    Fish report for a 1st timer at Cedros Island 10/26-10/30 (Pic Heavy)

    Great report! Great pics! Cool that you made it to navidad. Congrats on a great trip. Thanks for taking the time to share. My mouth is watering for zarandeado :)
  11. Rufo

    La Bocana Questions

    Wahoo going off today and yesterday. Yellowtail too. Typical wahoo trolling lures like XRap 30, Marauders, etc. Other offshore species like yellowtail, dorado and tuna very similar to SD and typically fished trolling, jigging and casting lures. The lagoon is always good and prior recommendations...
  12. Rufo

    Thanksgiving in Gonzaga

    What’s up Jose, sounds like you pretty much got it nailed for Nov. I’ve had great yellowtail and corvina fishing and also gale force winds around Turkey Day. Just depends on what Mother Nature has to offer. As far as bait, I’ve never been able to get anything like mackeral, sardine or similar...
  13. Rufo

    Asuncion Yellows

    Nice report Ross, hope the exotics bother you soon. Denis is gonna be smiling from ear to ear when he reads this. Reading report after report of how the jigs are working for you I think that out of all the people I’ve gifted Dead Head jigs to, you have by far and away put them to the most use...
  14. Rufo

    San Quintin fishing 9/4 & 9/5

    Way to go guys, good to see you out and fishing Chivo 😁
  15. Rufo

    BOLA report, 7/22-8/1, eight days fishing

    Your not only a gentleman but a great writer too. Glad you had such a great trip. Thanks again for dropping off the pumps to Paton.
  16. Rufo

    Need Help Getting a Pump to BoLA

    Thanks Shawn but Jose Caballero is gonna take them. Thanks to all for responding, a testament to BDers.
  17. Rufo

    Need Help Getting a Pump to BoLA

    JC, that’s AWESOME! PM, call or text me and I’ll get your address to send the pumps.
  18. Rufo

    Need Help Getting a Pump to BoLA

    Hey WD, can’t get them there tomorrow but thanks and have a great trip. I’ll look for your report :)
  19. Rufo

    Need Help Getting a Pump to BoLA

    Hey, I have 3 bait pumps that I need to get to Bahia for a friend there. I was going next week but best friend just got really sick yesterday and having lung transplant and I’ll be caring for him for next 2-3 months. If anyone is heading to BoLA soon and willing to take the pumps to Pedro at...
  20. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay Panga?

    Pollo x2
  21. Rufo

    Top 3 fishing locations for Baja Fall fishing trip

    Depends on where you’ve already been and exactly what you want to do but ....Bahia de Los Angeles, Bahia Ascucion and Mag Bay can all be epic in late October. For sheer variety of fishing then it’s Mag Bay, Mag Bay, Mag Bay, hands down!!
  22. Rufo

    Loreto 5/16

    Nice work.
  23. Rufo

    Loreto 5/16

    Sea looks so nice, wow. Looking forward to rooster pics today :)
  24. Rufo

    San Quintin

    Love your report. More pics of food than fish, my kinda of trip :)
  25. Rufo

    Early May at BOLA with Captain Joel Prieto, Jr

    Great report and can’t go wrong with Joel. Might need to start calling him Capitan Huacginango, lol, he crushes them. Cool pics of the mission. As far as getting there, crossing at Tecate and going to the 5 through La Rumorosa is a little quicker than going through Ensenada and Ojos Negros...
  26. Rufo


    Awesome, Gonzaga is sweet in May and fishing Juance or twice on the slap tail is always a treat. Gotta love the Deadheads, they slay. Felicidades por tu captura bueno y más la garropa de un jig :)
  27. Rufo

    Best surf fishing near San Felipe?

    I’ve had best luck with not less than 3/4-1 oz Krocs and prefer the larger 2-4 oz size if water depth/retrieve speed allow it. Length doesn’t seem to deter even the small fish. As far as spots , if your up for hour or so drive south there are some easy access spots below Puertocitos. It’s spring...
  28. Rufo

    Offshore Bluefin on troller

    Old School all the way there :) Congrats!
  29. Rufo

    Rancho Grande Market - Casa Rentals (near Alfonsinas)

    I’ve stayed there lots of times and will be again next week. Some have bay view. All have 24/7 power and AC with full kitchen. I like staying there when I wanna cook and Alfonsinas when I don’t. Price is actually more like $120 per night for weekday. They also have a small hotel there and a big...
  30. Rufo

    Temporary Import Permit cancellation/transfer

    I have first hand info on what a pain in the ass it is! If you have the boat, original FMM, bill for sale and current ownership documents then you MIGHT be able to do it in person, with the boat physically present and all paperwork at the TJ border crossing. PM me if interested in more info and...
  31. Rufo

    Banda Bank on the Gamefisher

    My first time out with Gamefisher but buddys that I went with had fished with him before. Capt Mike is a cool guy and easy going. Super laid back vibe and crew really friendly. Boat is very comfortable and fishable with plenty of room for our whole group to relax inside when traveling.
  32. Rufo

    Banda Bank on the Gamefisher

    When things settle down a bit I’m looking forward to heading to your place in Erindira 👍🏻
  33. Rufo

    Banda Bank on the Gamefisher

    Fish tacos, fish soup, whole fried fish and mojo de ajo. Was yummy, tried the various different fish whole and filleted and they were all good. For fillet they are all about the same but for whole fish either fried or in soup the vermillion are far superior in taste and texture. Got a bunch of...
  34. Rufo

    Banda Bank on the Gamefisher

    Went out with a few buddies and caught a bunch of Rockfish, Lings and big Bonita. Tried slow pitch jigging for the first time and was very productive for salmon grouper. The brown Dead Head jig was killing the reds and Lings.
  35. Rufo

    denis quesnell 1/17-22/21.sq.

    Well, even the best have a slow spell juance in a while :) Looks like a good time with friends and Denis got to put his jigs work yet again!! Hope I’ll be there with you guys soon.
  36. Rufo

    Big trophy on spinning gear!!

    Some Bad Ass catches Carlos. Snook Mafia gettin it done! Big ass Marlin on the popper is cool!
  37. Rufo

    Catalina 12/19

    Nice job Don. Looks like the back is holding up and your enjoying the new boat. Good to see you gettin it done!
  38. Rufo

    Cabo fishing trip Oct 20

    Wow, hell of a trip!! Congrats on epic fishing and great party. Glad your friend went peacefully and you were able to get it all squared away.
  39. Rufo


    That’s a great trip and catch, congrats. Do you have contact info for Verdugos?
  40. Rufo

    Cabo 6/25-6/30

    Good to see your enjoying Cabo again. That rooster is as big as your son!! Good luck on you next trip.
  41. Rufo

    La Salina update

    Cmon share the stories :)
  42. Rufo

    Cabo 6/27-7/5

    Nice Gallos, Gallo!
  43. Rufo

    6/21 tru 26/20 denis quesnel,dead head lures

    Niiiiiice!!!!! Juan day Im gonna go fishing again :)
  44. Rufo

    Jessicasportfishing in Cabo is open, let’s boogie.....

    Ok, thanks for the info. Keep the sushi reports coming :)
  45. Rufo

    Jessicasportfishing in Cabo is open, let’s boogie.....

    Recovery from knee replacement is a bitch but I’ll be happy to read your reports till I can visit. They make the sushi from your fish at Pescador or somewhere else?
  46. Rufo

    Jessica Sportfishing Cabo 6/4

    Great to see a report and pics from Cabo. Go get em Jaime!
  47. Rufo


    Excelent catch. Looks like fun to me :)
  48. Rufo


    There are a lot of places to stay in the vicinity of Puertocitos. Put your question on BajaNomads and you will get lots of info on this topic or you can search on BajaNomads as this topic has been discussed there. Post pics and report when you get back
  49. Rufo

    Something entirely else... Cod off Flatanger in Norway

    Very cool vids, thanks for sharing.
  50. Rufo

    Naples Snook!

    Went out with Capt Justin Napier of Back Country Culture. Had a blast sight casting to snook up in shallow water and flats. All fish CPR.
  51. Rufo

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    I just returned from Rincon de Guayabitos, on the beach a couple hours north of Puerto Vallarta. Went there to chill cause I still can’t fish. They have a cool thing going on the beach serving fresh mariscos of various kinds. Carts with BBQ making fresh Serandiado shrimp and fish cooked to...
  52. Rufo

    Fishing BOLA early June

    Hey Capitan Juan, as always you got the correct info :)
  53. Rufo

    Not BAJA but does affect sports fishing .. do not support countries that allow shark finning

    Sammy, I agree that shark finning is pretty brutal and a waste of a valuable commodity. Shark harvesting is done in Baja. I have personally seen hundreds of kilos of fins hanging to dry in a fish camp. I stayed with the fisherman for quite a while. They told my that when possible they sell the...
  54. Rufo

    Best fishing in March?

    Loreto can be very good for yellowtail in March. Great weather too!
  55. Rufo

    Rincón de Guayabitos

    Gonna be there next week. Got a place on the water at the far south end of the beach. I’m recovering from surgery and not cleared to go on a boat yet :( so I don’t think that’s an option for me. I’m bringing spinning gear that I’ve caught a lot of 1-15 lb fish off the beach in other places along...
  56. Rufo

    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    Partial redemption, lol. Juan will be there in March/April running charters in his Parker!
  57. Rufo

    San Jose del Cabo Marina

    Kevin owner of the Cortez Cowboy is a super nice guy and boat is a yacht but $$$. If your looking for high end this is it IMO. He even had a custom built “fighting saddle” installed. Here is a link to FB page with contact info.
  58. Rufo

    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    Hey Cosmo, while Ruben is a great guy and amazing fisherman, he is in Mag bay about 500 miles south and on the pacific side so would be a hell of a boat ride to get to Gonzaga :)
  59. Rufo

    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    I know a guy down there and info on Alfonsinas. PM me and I’ll give you info if you like.
  60. Rufo

    Cabo Giant 272lb Cow Tuna . Usual Suspects . Captain Jaime Gonzalez On the Porque No!!!

    Lovin your all of your posts. Keep it up. Glad you got It dialed in with Jaime. Looking forward to getting back down to fish.....
  61. Rufo

    burrrrrrrr,tails,reds and lings in sq.

    Must be wide open if Jimmy got em, Jajajaja. Can’t wait to get out on the water with you! I wanted to see if I could post a pic and it worked for me. Bacon wrapped swordfish, mmmmm
  62. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay March

    There can be great fishing and weather in March but Mother Nature can be fickle. Capt Juan from San Quintin has been spending March-April there, has a comfortable Parker and has it dialed like no other. He’s a bad ass fisherman, speaks perfect English and will be able to offer you fishing trips...
  63. Rufo

    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    Niiiice, I love catching cabrilla from the shore.
  64. Rufo

    Mag Bay Inshore

    Those are some amazing fish, trophy’s without a doubt and Im sure they were delicious. MBO is great and Chris has it dialed. Can’t wait to get back and hang out with the Hoyt family again. I believe that’s a Golden Trevally. Golden Trevally:
  65. Rufo

    Offshore Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4

    Damn Don, your very good about being at Colonet at the crack of New Year!!! Sounds like a fun trip. Great write up and pics. After all the delays I’ve faced I see Dr Barnett again at the end of the month. Who knows maybe Zack and I will be seeing you on the water for new year 2021.
  66. Rufo

    Really late Sea of Cortez cruising report

    Soooooo Cooool!!!! Woke up with a new fire burning in 2020 thanks to you. Puerto Peñasco is a great starting point for your next trip. Look forward to your Mainland report as Im still grounded with health issues for another 10-12 months. Or maybe a daytime swordfish report Texas style...
  67. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay (Baja California) Fishing Recommendations

    Trolling, jigging and casting are the primary methods of fishing I’ve used there. Here are the top lures for me in Gonzaga in the order of success that I’ve had over the years. #1 Deadhead Jigs 4oz in mint green, pink, glow and brown glitter. #2 Krocodile Spoon 3-4oz chrome or prizm tape. #3...
  68. Rufo

    Baja Billfish Strong a Yellowfin & Wahoo tie for second

    Where is Black Bass Lodge? Another great day surf fishing in front of The Lodge…Black Bass Lodge
  69. Rufo

    Bola 11/24th & 25th

    Quality yellows! How was the shore fishing?
  70. Rufo


    Great Pic!!!
  71. Rufo

    Too Busy to post. Mag Bay since Oct.

    Good times Joe! Glad your busy and folks are getting to enjoy the fruits of your hard work at the lodge and the magic of Mag Bay :)
  72. Rufo

    Mid November Mag Bay Report - PLM

    Awesome Bill, glad to hear your at it again
  73. Rufo

    Marina Salina Rosarito

    Hey Pete, I’m very familiar with La Salina. I sent you a PM. If you want more input from others try posting the same question in the BD “Mexico Fishing Reports” forum on the “Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion” board. Bob
  74. Rufo

    Offshore Joining the hundo club, quick report Pacifica 1.75 day 11/18-11/20

    What a great trip and congrats on hitting the local triple digit tuna :)
  75. Rufo

    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Big Money already doesn’t give a Shit...about anything but more! Once Rockefeller was asked how much money is enough? His response.... Just a little MORE.
  76. Rufo

    Gonzaga Nov 12-15

    Hey Mike that’s awesome!!!! Sounds like you hit it just right before this storm passes through. Did you use squid? How did it work? How was the current and vis for the spearos? Got any pics?
  77. Rufo

    Anyone Watch 60 Minutes Tonight?

    Very interesting. I had no idea that even existed. Thanks for sharing
  78. Rufo

    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Hey Dave, si amigo quiero mucho platicar y tome cervezas! As soon as I’m up and around we gotta meet up in Baja. Prob won’t be till late next year but I look forward to solving the worlds problems with you, jaja. As far as the vaquita, I couldn’t agree more with you. I actually edited my...
  79. Rufo

    Abreojos and BOLA

    Excellent!!! Can’t wait to get up and around and join you on a Baja adventure. Bummer about the grouper but that’s grouper fishing. Kinda like BFT in a way. Gotta go fishing 10 times to get a trip where the tuna bite. Gotta get 10 grouper bites to get one to the boat :)
  80. Rufo

    Gozaga guide

    Well, I got you fooled, lol. Unfortunately Pollo had family issues and had to go to Guerrero Negro. Mike and his crew are actually there now fishing. Pollo got them set up with his uncle Guero. Think they come back tomorrow. Hope they have a report as good as yours :)
  81. Rufo

    Film - Sea of Shadows

    The last few years “save the vaquita” has been all the rage with most of the blame, rightfully so, being placed on the illegal harvest of totuaba but both of these species have been in serious decline for decades. The totuaba was classified endangered in 1979 and the vaquita classified as...
  82. Rufo

    San Quintin, 11/10/19

    Jack, I do believe you are correct in your grouper identification. Thanks for correcting my mistake. By looking at the spots, dorsal fin and tail of the pics it seems pretty clear it was a broomtail!
  83. Rufo

    San Quintin, 11/10/19

    Believe it or not they range as far as north as central cal coast rarely and are caught off so cal coast every year but not common. They are quite common south of Guerrero Negro to Cabo and in the Sea of Cortez all the way up to San Filipe. The population in SQ however is there and they are a...
  84. Rufo

    Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Tandem axle trailer?
  85. Rufo

    dragging me on a cruise, suggestions for fishing please

    I was fishing in Yakutat, Alaska and a cruise ship came by to look at the glacier. Captain Jeff said to us “you know something, every man on that ship wishes he were on this fishing boat right now and every woman on that ship can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to be on this fishing boat”...
  86. Rufo

    San Quintin, 11/10/19

    Jaime is correct. Juvenile Black Seabass Gulf Grouper It’s a grouper, one of a blossoming population of gulf groupers in the SQ bay. And yes they are DELISH :)
  87. Rufo

    Loreto Fishing Trip Report November 3-7 2019

    Well, Loreto has had its growing pains and that’s what has kept it the quaint little town that it is. ”If“or maybe I should say “When” it blows up like cabo because the customer demand dictates the money to be invested then baja will lose another of its treasures to “progress”.
  88. Rufo

    San Quintin, 11/10/19

    Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing. Cool grouper, congrats.
  89. Rufo

    dragging me on a cruise, suggestions for fishing please

    Most of the Cabo panga guys will take you for a half day for about $250 plus bait and tip. Yo can prob haggle and get cheaper but ya get what ya pay for! They will pick you up at dock whatever time you want. I’ve done a 10am start several times there. Depending on the time of year and fishing...
  90. Rufo

    Loreto Fishing Trip Report November 3-7 2019

    Nothing like a shitty old panga with a bad ass captain, willing anglers and bunch of dead fish :) Where did you stay?
  91. Rufo

    Just got back from Cabo San Lucas 11/4/19

    Fish pics are fine but I’m sure the pics from the Squid are better!!! Oh ya, whatever happens on an “overnight trip” is best for the memory not the camera :)
  92. Rufo

    Asuncion en Fuego

    How was the soup :) Great report. Thanks for sharing.
  93. Rufo

    Gozaga guide

    If you would like to PM me I have a friend there that is a fishing guide with boat.
  94. Rufo

    Killed it in Loreto and Mag Bay 13 for 20 on striped marlin

    Great report. Congrats on the best of both sides of Baja only a couple hours apart.
  95. Rufo

    San Quintin still HOT

    Beautiful vieja. Thanks for all your great reports. Glad you had another excelente trip
  96. Rufo

    Gonna be in Cabo Oct 29th - Nov 4th ... anyone else? body shots :) :) :)
  97. Rufo

    San Carlos Report

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a fun time.
  98. Rufo

    San Quintin

    Hey Scott, hopefully you got some cold beers and good food :)
  99. Rufo

    Vacuum sealing San Jose del Cabo

    Chupa fish cleaning and processing SJDC 624-171-0536 Ha has always done a great job for me.
  100. Rufo

    Temporary Import Permit - TIP - Question

    If you join Discover Baja that can take care of the whole thing before you go but gotta have time to get it in mail.
  101. Rufo

    Got my 50

    QUOTE="rossman, post: 4967959, member: 2325"]That's the one I use. I find it accurate within 5% if the measurements are accurate. Length on a yt should be made with mouth closed to the fork in the tail, not the total length. The girth measurement I use on a YT does not include the bottom...
  102. Rufo

    Got my 50

    Congrats on checking off that box, not many people do. That’s an awesome fish!! What formula did you use to tape it out. It seems very accurate and usually when I use the GxGxL/800 for yellowtail it isn’t.
  103. Rufo

    Some pics from Cabo fish caught on El Diblo Loco 9/28 - 10/3/2019

    Well I got another surgery in three weeks so I’m still on the sidelines but looking forward to meeting up when I’m better. Keep the reports coming.
  104. Rufo

    Some pics from Cabo fish caught on El Diblo Loco 9/28 - 10/3/2019

    Way to get it! Is that a big ass Sierra? Looks fun, I’m sure the folks at Squid Row are glad your back :)
  105. Rufo

    My condolences to Fernando at daggetts sportfishing

    Loved to visit her every time I’m in town. Always a friendly smile, a warm greeting and the best tacos. Well, she touched a lot of people in a positive way at her taco stand and I’m sure she did at the school when she worked there as well. Maybe a little of her good nature and friendly smile has...
  106. Rufo

    More Cabo action, Oct. 2

    That’s a nice dorado. Looks like your having a good time in Cabo :)
  107. Rufo

    I don’t have contact info. Hookup baits will work great. Bright green, Orange, white and yellow...

    I don’t have contact info. Hookup baits will work great. Bright green, Orange, white and yellow worked best for me but they bit every color. Even better than plastics was chrome rattle trap. Can cast it a lot farther and cover more water quicker. Also catch two fish at once, lol.
  108. Rufo

    Captain Juan has a NEW website... has a cool ring to it. Great site and content. Look forward to seeing the reports and hope to be in one soon :)
  109. Rufo

    Fishing estero at La Bocana

    Morning is best time of day IMO but afternoon can be pretty damn good. The top of the high tide is best time to fish the mangrove edges for lots of small grouper. Some of the guys there specialize in the estero. The right captain/boat can really make a difference but it’s hard to go wrong...
  110. Rufo

    Lots of fish in Ensenada anybody want to fish this week

    Dayum Mark, way to get em. Wish I was healed up enough to come fish with you.
  111. Rufo


    Those sea bass are getting as fat as me...real tankers :)
  112. Rufo

    San quintin seabass

    Great big fat sea bass in jaimes hands! Thanks for the report and nice fish.
  113. Rufo

    No Pasa Nada, from Loreto to Mag Bay. Sept. 1-7

    That’s Awesome. Mag is the coolest. That’s a long ass paddle that you guys did, damn!
  114. Rufo

    Epic Trip - Cabo Magic (8/19/19)

    Epic, that’s a real fishing trip for the books.
  115. Rufo

    Ensenada Yellow Fin

    Niiice! Glad to hear you got out there and loaded up!
  116. Rufo

    First trip BOLA

    What a great first trip. Hope you have many more to come :)
  117. Rufo

    San quintin 9-1 & 2

    SQ is always fun. Looks like you guys did it up right!
  118. Rufo

    BOLA 8/25

    Awesome. The first time in the water with a whale shark is an experience like no other and it just keeps getting better. You won’t go wrong with Cangrejos :)
  119. Rufo

    natulas gallant lady,cleans its bellows in bola.

    There is a lot of ocean outside the bay to do that. I agree Shit goes down but sometimes just gotta wonder if people are doing their best or don’t give a [email protected]$K.
  120. Rufo

    Offshore 9/1

    Ok let’s see pics of the halibut. That’s one fish I never did well on. The tank on mushroom holds 120 gals
  121. Rufo

    Mag Bay Lookin Good

    Nice haul, that’s a fat jack!
  122. Rufo

    Offshore 9/1

    What’s up Jeremy. Good to see Mushroom still killing fish :)
  123. Rufo

    whiteseabass in san quintin,8/29/19.

    Orale’ Capitan. Felicidades!!! How cool, bet the fiesta was awesome as always. Saludos a todo
  124. Rufo

    whiteseabass in san quintin,8/29/19.

    Based on what I discussed with DFG biologist girth x girth x length divided by 800 then add 20% to account for more girth at head and from belly to tail than the GxGxL/800 formula accounts for that fish is true beast at about 64lbs. I’ve checked with a scale on several different species from...
  125. Rufo

    whiteseabass back in sq,8/28/19.

    Looks like pancho is a precision machine!! Good to see the corvina are back. Cheers amigo :)
  126. Rufo

    Mag Bay Report - August 27

    Wahoo killer!! Love your pics and reports. Hope you keep it up for months to come.
  127. Rufo

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    Because he owns the panga why should you not tip? Did you mean $20 or $20 per angler? Not throwing shade just wondering???
  128. Rufo

    Road Trip to BOLA

    That’s awesome Alex. Glad you got some good fishing and a dorito. Sabes algo, cada vez tú regresas ahí la mágica crecer.
  129. Rufo

    Caught last week by Jim And amigo at Cedros island

    Cedros is a blast. As I experienced there the dead head lured whacked em! Nice to see a PB. Hope he beats it on the next trip :)
  130. Rufo

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    Wow, great quality. That’s some freezer fillin for sure.
  131. Rufo

    Offshore 226 bonanza

    Congrats on the firsts and the fat BFT. Looks like you found your own fish away from the crowd. My boat partner did the same in the same area for 11 yft yesterday.
  132. Rufo

    BOLA 8-8-19 to 8-11-19 Chili Pads for All! (many photos)

    Great Report, Great Pics, Great fun with friends :)
  133. Rufo

    Where have all the cowboys gone? Mag Bay 8/9-8/12

    Lookin good. Can’t wait till you, Mark and me can all meet up ar your place. Go get em and please post some reports cause I got another surgery in two weeks and will be out for another 4-6 months. BooHoooooo
  134. Rufo

    Snook biting in Magbay

    :) :) :)
  135. Rufo

    Loreto 8/13 report....

    Looks like your getting in lots of fishing this summer....and catching too :)
  136. Rufo

    Snook biting in Magbay

    Now that’s a cool report. Say hi to Chris for me.
  137. Rufo

    MagBay Wahoo

    Thanks for the report Bob Go Get ‘Em Bill. Love your Mag reports!!
  138. Rufo

    on the water with,'bottom line',sq.

    Glad your on the water. Cool pic of that big mouth full of teeth.
  139. Rufo

    Cedros Advice

    Both months can be great fishing. August is warmer and as mentioned yellows go wild then. 6 days is great, I did it there. If I had my choice I’d go August. As stated many operations there. Rosie is really great host and a friend. Look around and pic the operation that suits your liking and...
  140. Rufo

    BOLA with Phil and Will 7-19-19 To 7-20-19

    Sweeeeet!!! Gotta love the Dead Head jigs and the yellows sure seem to love the blue ones.
  141. Rufo

    the end of my summer season in bola.

    Let’s just hope that instead of a good thing coming to an end moving back to SQ is the start of something GREAT :) Great fotos as always and thanks for sharing your summer in BoLA
  142. Rufo

    Ensenada report

    Catalina is a loooooong way from Ensenada but you are correct the yellows are going off there and so are the calicos. Here’s some from last week.
  143. Rufo

    Ensenada fishing

    Nice haul Mark. Your killin the Hali’s. Cool to see some triggers. Hope to see you soon and give it a shot.
  144. Rufo

    Ensenada report

    Gary, you need this avatar.... Looks like plenty of Calicos and some Cuda have been in the area your going to along with the occasional yellow. As always bottom critters are fairly plentiful around the pinnacles off the point.
  145. Rufo

    Just back from BdeLA

    Wooooodyyyyy Nice report and congrats to your son on his accomplishment. Tacos look good :)
  146. Rufo

    San Carlos, Sonora July 4-6 Mucho Marlin

    That’s super cool. Too funny when that is a slow day, you are getting spoiled :)
  147. Rufo

    BOLA June 30th - July 1st with Captain Joel Prieto

    Joel is a cool dude and great captain. Nice work on the yellows.
  148. Rufo

    Magbay Grouper Bite

    Quite a batch of broomtails
  149. Rufo

    BOLA July 3rd-4th with Captain Juan Cook

    Nice Report and pics. Looks like good times as always with El Capitan Juan :) Do you know the meaning of Los Vientos and why that hotel is named That? It’s because the wind howles down that canyon from the desert above. Often it will be 10 or more degrees hotter there than in town cause hot...
  150. Rufo

    Need Cheap Hotel In Ensenada

    Try next door to Coral at Quintana’s Papagayo. They have rooms and cottages for rent. Some are waterfront and it’s about 200 yard walk to the Hotel Coral and marina.
  151. Rufo


    What a great trip. Sooooo cool that Denis whacked that grouper on his jig. Dead Head lures and The Juan and Only Capt Juan is a deadly combination.
  152. Rufo

    Bola 6.31 to 7.2

    Go get em Woody!!!
  153. Rufo

    Bola 6.31 to 7.2

    Great trip! I’ve sure been enjoying your enthusiasm and reports. Never stop taking pics :)
  154. Rufo

    La bay. With Juan

    Damn I wish. Still grounded from neck surgery. Frickin killin me :(
  155. Rufo

    San Carlos, SON. Bite is on!

    It’s close enough to Baja :) Great report and pics. Congrats on epic fishing!
  156. Rufo

    La bay. With Juan

    Bait? We don’t need no stinking bait. We have Dead Head Jigs :) Looks like you CONNECTED this trip. Awesome!!!!
  157. Rufo

    Nice Flatties Ensenada

    Nice, good eats there and you got a lefty :)
  158. Rufo

    Cedros WSB Sat. 6/22

    Hey Bill, congrats on a great catch! Cedros is a blast and Rosie is great.
  159. Rufo

    Cabo Bite Going Off - Fishing with Jaime Gonzales Jr.

    Damn!! The hull is wrecked or the motor or both?
  160. Rufo

    One more time.Seabass not Tuna

    Damn dude, sorry to hear such a bummer can’t catch yellows or tunas and gotta settle for those silly seabass. :) :) :)
  161. Rufo


    Hey Bob, Thats a beauty. Say hi to Capt Chris for me
  162. Rufo

    Cabo Bite Going Off - Fishing with Jaime Gonzales Jr.

    Looks like Jaimes on fire these days. Congrats on a fun trip. Love the Marina Fiesta and so close to his boat :)
  163. Rufo

    A limit by 7:30

    Súper cool, congrats!
  164. Rufo

    the biggest leopard grouper i've ever seen,bola,6/18/19.

    Órale capitán chingon! That’s not a world record contender it’s the world record holder :) Pretty damn cool that she got to swim free juance again. My hats off to you and Mr Randy!!
  165. Rufo

    Report passed on to me by Terry Troublecock owner of Cage Fighting’s

    Martin is a stud and Dead Head lures always slay!!!
  166. Rufo


    A few rod holders and a bait tank and should make a great new addition to the MBO fleet :)
  167. Rufo

    WIDE OPEN BOLA,6/11-12/19.

    I Juanna go but I can’t. Thanks for the great sunrise :)
  168. Rufo

    BOLA fishing report Memorial Weekend

    Well looks like another surgery and a few months minimum before I’m back on the water but getting there slowly so I won’t complain. Go get em and send pics!!!!
  169. Rufo

    cabrilla fishing,bahia de los angeles.

    I think Capt Juan has turned into Capt Cabrilla!!! Did Gordon say YAAAAAAA!!! Great pics and report as always. Felicidades y maaassss pesca :)
  170. Rufo

    Isla Tortuga 05/25

    Cool trip and report, thanks for sharing. Always wanted to do that one myself but prob in reverse to look for the Marlin. Hope you get em good on the next venture :)
  171. Rufo

    BOLA fishing report Memorial Weekend

    Can’t get em every time Scott even though you almost always do :) Beats sitting at home recovering from surgery, I can assure you of that.
  172. Rufo

    BOLA 5/27-29/19

    Hey, great pics. We met at Pedro’s a couple years ago. You used your scale to weigh my grouper. Once again you guys killed it. Hope to run into you again sometime at Pedro’s.
  173. Rufo

    Bola 5/27-28

    Great pics. Nice job on the groupers. Looks like fun to me :)
  174. Rufo

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Great report. Glad your first trips to Baja were a success. Really nice that people on this board share info with each other.
  175. Rufo

    Deadhead Lures

    Woody that’s such a sweet time. Best of luck. Maybe you can get another fat grouper. Look forward to you report. Nice, Gordon’s livin the dream :)
  176. Rufo

    Deadhead Lures

    What’s up Woody!! When you heading south? I’ve been using the 4 oz Deadhead lures in BoLA for a couple years and they kill it. When iron is the lure of choice they seem to out perform everything else. I’ve caught lots of fish on the surface with them too but you gotta grind em to keep em...
  177. Rufo

    LA Bay 5/13-5/19

    I’m still not fishing cause of injury but buddy just got back and said fishing was very good. Here’s a few pics of him and his wife. Last pic was biggest fish of the trip which of course was caught by Lady Luck :)
  178. Rufo

    Bahía Los Angeles 5/18/19

    Epic! Long ass drive down and back for one day of fishing but sounds like you packed a whole weeks worth of fishing into one day :)
  179. Rufo

    Offshore 5/15 371

    Great report Jim. Super cool pic of that fish, congrats!
  180. Rufo

    gonzaga bay & bahia de los angeles.

    Que bueno! Those clouds are super cool. Looks like lots of fun in BoLA but everybody knows Big Bear guys can’t catch fish :)
  181. Rufo

    Fish report Bahia de Los Angeles

    Hahahaha silly boys. Superstitions are fine for you but are you sure you should push them on others or wish bad luck on someone? I choose to let the goldfish go as well but that’s an individual choice IMO. Just like keeping a marlin. It’s perfectly legal. Pedro has been fishing for a long time...
  182. Rufo

    Bahía de los Ángeles 5/13

    Hey hey Capitán!! Baqueta gorda y el jurel es más grande de Ralph, jajaja. Buena pesca con el pollo y rata :)
  183. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay..Pounding nails and fishin . no fish pics though,,sorry

    Well, is the deck and Tiki bar finished yet? I wanna come have a beer :)
  184. Rufo

    San Felipe Consag Rock

    Looks like a great day!
  185. Rufo

    the countdown has begun for bola trip

    Denis’ Deadhead jigs slay in BoLA. Well everywhere I’ve used them for that matter. The dark blue one is my favorite for yellows in Bahia either yoyo or surface. Good luck :)
  186. Rufo

    Not kidding got it done today again!

    Inshore Fishing + Sayulita= :)
  187. Rufo

    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    That’s really cool video and great catching!
  188. Rufo

    Not kidding got it done today again!

    That’s some fun fishing. Both of your reports look like great fishing! Sometimes I think the tuna overshadow the great inshore fishing in PV. Good on ya taking the kid out. Looks like he’s having a blast and that’s job #1 when fishing with kids. Of course catching doesn’t hurt either, haha...
  189. Rufo


    I guess even the fish take a day off here and there :) Cool pics and story about the monument. Les, sounds like a fun adventure. Glad you guys made it and liked the house.
  190. Rufo

    Loreto Yellowtail - April 2019 (Torres Sportfishing)

    What a great report! Sounds like lots of Baja fun. Good times for sure.
  191. Rufo


    Unfortunately it looks as though I’ll be out of commission for months before my neck is healed sufficiently from the surgery. They said 2 weeks and I’d be back to work, 3 months and I’d be fishing. 6 months later I can’t do either :(
  192. Rufo


    Way to go Denis you guys always kill em on your jigs. Glad to hear the new Glo and Pink colors worked as good as I thought they would. Wish I could have joined you for the elk burritos and laughs. Juance again some Juanderful pics El Capitan. Thanks for sharing :)
  193. Rufo


    Must be wide open if an old man from Colorado can catch em on home made lures
  194. Rufo

    Marlin and Snapper Bite Going Strong in Cabo 3/28

    Dude your reports going strong. Your having FUUUUUUNNNN with El capitán chingon
  195. Rufo

    La Bocana info

    If you want to set up a package, have everything arranged and all you do is relax, sleep in a beachfront casita and fish I hear Orchid is top notch and fair price :) Not sure when your going but I see Western Outdoors News is doing a sponsored trip in October with Baja Fishing Convoys which is...
  196. Rufo

    Ensenada and Hotel/Marina Coral

    Thanks for the heads up in the gate. Sounds like some decent fishing.
  197. Rufo

    Looking for someone to go to Ensenda Sunday 3/17 or 3/18

    Holy sheet, that’s a looooong wait. How was the fishing??
  198. Rufo


    Guaaasa that’s a fucking huge cabrilla. Watch out for that Jimm when he gets dirty :) Esperando por tus fotos de el sol en la mañana. Fish Onnnnnnn compa
  199. Rufo

    Súper Panga abailable in Loreto?

    I never thought this would be a concern for me about fishing but you never know what hand life might deal you. Im curious what type of boats are available in Loreto. I understand there are large boats available for $$$$. I wondering about the pangas as I prefer them over big boats. All the...
  200. Rufo

    Snappers and Sierras Cabo San Lucas

    Love those big goldfish :)
  201. Rufo

    Bahía de los Ángeles- March 8

    Otro vez pescado muy bueno. Pienso la capitana Favi te lo dije donde su lugares secretos, Jajajaja :) Mira aquí muy bonita pero poco frío.
  202. Rufo

    East Cape Report 3/2 & 3/3

    Nice Cabrilla, sounds like a great trip.
  203. Rufo

    Jaime & the Jessica - Another Great Trip

    All you need to bring to fish with Jaime is a good attitude and he handles the rest.
  204. Rufo

    Tuna fishing still going strong in Cabo

    That’s a fun day. Your boat looks really nice. Thanks for the reports. Nice to see fishing reports on the Baja board :)
  205. Rufo

    Today at K&M Sportfishng San Quintin: Yellows,Lingcod,Reds!

    Capitan C fuckin em up!! Some fat fish there. Keep up the good work K&M crew!
  206. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    I talked to some friends that live in Gonzaga today. A couple local fisherman and a Rancho Grande employee. According to them the fence and lights are up because the market got robbed in the middle of the night a while back. They hadn’t heard anything about it closing. Then again they were...
  207. Rufo

    Inshore fishing on Danny Gs DHAMAR

    That’s a donkey :)
  208. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    That’s funny stuff Bert :)
  209. Rufo

    Loreto Nowadays

    With the family look into Hotel Mission Santa Maria in SQ and Los Vientos in BOLA. Both beachfront, have restaurant/bar and family friendly.
  210. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    Wow, where was the fence, around the Rancho Grande Market? .
  211. Rufo

    Loreto Nowadays

    Hi Rob, super cool that your gonna get the family to Baja. No place like it on earth! I think Scott gave a pretty fair assessment of Loreto. Although It has certainly grown in the last 30 years, especially to the south, its nothing like the growth in Cabo. Loreto is still a quaint little town...
  212. Rufo

    Slobs & Slabs! Surf/Fish Combo Trip

    That sounds like a cool combo trip! Love the wave pics :) Hope to continue seeing your reports on BD.
  213. Rufo


    Team El Guapo, that’s Juan good looking bunch :) Cool report and pics. Never seen Breakers break like that. Thanks for sharing. That shot of Tito’s boat is really cool.
  214. Rufo

    Los Barriles - Jan 16

    Way to go Don :)
  215. Rufo

    Bahía de los Ángeles january 14 & 16

    Great pics and nice baqueta Joel. Gracias por compartir :) Dead Head jigs are the best!! What is that red fish?
  216. Rufo

    Medical and medical evac insurance for mexico

    Even with some insurances that will cover you in Mex you still may need to pay for it at the time of medical service and get reimbursed by your insurance company later. Here is an article from Discover Baja with some great info on the subject. Not only the insurance but also medical...
  217. Rufo

    Cabo Marlin on Jessica

    Jaimeeeeee is a bad ass! Sounds like a fun day, congrats :)
  218. Rufo

    Cabo trip Dec 2018

    Super cool that you guys are getting in on that bite. Sounds like this season is one for the books. I’m sure Guatemala isn’t gonna suck either. Can’t wait for your reports!!
  219. Rufo


    Chingooooon!!! Que bueno tus fotos y más el primero y último. Juan hell of a way to start the year :)
  220. Rufo

    BOLA january 5 & 6

    Hey Joel. Feliz año nuevo!! Todavía El Capitan guapo sacar los grandes.
  221. Rufo

    Fishing san bruno Dec21 thru Dec31

    Wow, yellows o plenty!! Great report and pics :)
  222. Rufo

    Mag Bay, "Day Two"

    Hey Dave, glad you made it to Mag Bay. Really is a cool place and sounds like once again you found the magic.
  223. Rufo

    Fishing still good at the Finger Bank

    That’s awesome Chris. Seem like for sheer numbers of stripers the finger can’t be beat when it’s happening. I can almost picture eight bait balls with frigates above and marlin below. Sounds like you guys did ok, haha :) Do you ever try fly fishing them when they are on the bait balls...
  224. Rufo

    Aside from iron and plastics, what hard baits do you use

    Like Juan said Denis’ Dead Head lures kill Cabrilla. Get in touch with Denis and get a few of his small size in mint green and blue. Will outproduce any other iron. For hardbaits I like the Coffin Nail. Been using it for years there and when casting to shore/retrieving it has always...
  225. Rufo

    Rooster Fish Invade Mag Bay

    Hey Bob Awesome to see the Gallo’s return yet again! Hoping next year sees the return of Rufo to Lopez Mateos. Hello to everyone
  226. Rufo

    Epic Magdalena Bay trip on the Mi Novia

    Super cool report and some of the best Marlin pics I’ve seen in a long time! When the finger is going off I don’t think theres a place better for sheer numbers of stripers! Congrats on an epic adventure. Now that the bar is set high I hope you have an opportunity to raise it someday :)
  227. Rufo


    Now thats JUAN hell of a trip!!! Never seen a Snook that big and didn’t even know there were permit there!! WOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!! I gotta agree with Jim. With the Dynamic Trio on board the fish just don’t stand a chance. Gracias por compartir tu aventura. Tú haces un sonrisa grande por el Rufo...
  228. Rufo

    On again, Off again Outside Mag Bay - 11/29

    Wow that’s a great catch. Nice to see el lobo solo share the experience with friends too :)
  229. Rufo

    Gonzaga Thanksgiving Week.

    Nice shirt :) How big were the roosters? Sounds like good fishing and water looks pretty nice. A buddy of mine was there over the weekend as well. Had really good cabrilla fishing on the stick baits.
  230. Rufo

    1st annual Baja trailer boat trip a success!

    Sounds like a great first trip of many more to come. Always something to learn when fishing and especially in Baja. Sounds like you got the right attitude to have years of baja fun. Congrats on a fun trip!
  231. Rufo

    Gonzaga Thanksgiving Week.

    Rancho Grande, campo Beluga and campo Sacrificio all have camping available. Depends on what your looking for and where you want to be. Sacrificio is closest to pinta final and has trailers and a restaurant. PM me if you want more info and we can set up a phone call or you can find more info on...
  232. Rufo

    Finger good.

    Well, you were not kidding. The marlin fishing is good. Have fun :)
  233. Rufo

    Dana Point very good

    Strippers are WFO year round in Cabo. Just toss a little chum and they damn near jump right on you :) :) :) Good to hear the marlin are starting to bite! Thanks for the report Dave.
  234. Rufo

    More fish aboard El Matador,

    What a great haul!! I’ve really been enjoying your reports. Thanks for posting. Keep ‘em coming.
  235. Rufo

    San Jose del Cabo!

    Awesome trip, congrats!!! Next time your skipper whacks a marlin grab a piece, cook it right or better yet sashimi it up and enjoooy :)
  236. Rufo

    La Bocana 10/28-11/2

    Great report. Congrats in nice catch and good eats with Joquin. That last pic of the pangas on the beach is awesome :)
  237. Rufo

    Offshore Aztec 1.75 report for 10-22 to 10-24

    Congrats on a fish of a lifetime. Cool to split the fish up between everybody. How did you guys catch flying fish?
  238. Rufo

    Towing big boat home - Best border crossing?

    Tecate always wins!!! Breakfast of Champions :)
  239. Rufo

    Getting fish back

    I think I understand now. Yes mine is frozen but not solid frozen either. The outer layer on most if not all of the pieces gets kinda soft but the inside is frozen solid. So much so that most times I re-vacuum pack it. I even started just freezing it in ziplocks with the intention of vacuum...
  240. Rufo

    Offshore Wide Open Fall Fishing Continues! - Highlight Video

    Bummer you had to deal with those rough seas and wind, hahaha. Great report congrats on your trip. Super video too, editing, music, length, everything just right. Nice job :)
  241. Rufo

    San quintin yellowtail limits

    Go Jaime go!!! Great haul
  242. Rufo

    Bola is going right now!

    Beautiful fish and the pond looks nice too. Oct is a great month there. What a fun duo to fish with!
  243. Rufo

    Towing big boat home - Best border crossing?

    I don’t think you can take a trailer through Sentri. I’ve towed back and fourth lots and I’ve got three words of advice that will echo Nick...Tecate, Tecate, Tecate :) If you not familiar with the route use your gps/map in your truck or phone. It’s very accurate.
  244. Rufo

    Getting fish back

    Well yes and no on fishing Baja for fish transportation. I drive and spend the night near the border on my way home so my travel time with fish in the cooler is typically 28-30 hours and my fish stays frozen. Maybe a better cooler will help or perhaps your fish is not frozen very cold? Well...
  245. Rufo

    Getting fish back

    Shipping in Alaska is very different than Baja, which I assume you are referring to. Mexico is a different country. To the best of my knowledge there is no easily arranged “shipping” from baja. You can however check an ice chest as baggage. Even in a cheap ice chest frozen fish will stay frozen...
  246. Rufo

    Outside Mag Bay 9/28/2018

  247. Rufo

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Don’t kill the Messenger but I believe this is accurate info relating to the biosphere bracelet. This is what was explained to me a couple of years ago when I had a meeting with Jose and Melanie from COA and has been confirmed by other Mexican tour operators. The Biosphere protection is not...
  248. Rufo

    First time EVER.....

    Well, since Dale said he tossed his pocket knife on the seat and they didn’t say anything and he didn’t mention anything about them trying to plant drugs it sounds like a legit stop with a very interesting request by the soldiers. Maybe good info for someone that might have something in their...
  249. Rufo

    Offshore 10 Off LJ 8/18

    What an awesome pic!
  250. Rufo

    First time EVER.....

    Good to know, thanks.
  251. Rufo

    Going to BOLA have a ?

    First response is correct start to finish and from a Baja traveler that knows what’s up to boot. I’ve been going to BoLA with my kids for years doing everything Matt talked about and you asked about. If you want specifics on where to get them and where to shoot them off PM me and I’ll be happy...
  252. Rufo

    San Quintin 8/8 - 8/11: Just like the good old days!

    Wow!!! What a great trip. Fantastic report and pics :)
  253. Rufo


    What’s up Chris, it’s Rufo :) How’s Popeye and it’s captain doing these days? Are you in Mag Bay or traveling back from somewhere?
  254. Rufo


    They are in Mexico and he is a resident. It’s obligatoy to have a few locals that have never been fishing and at least one mother in law on the boat in addition to your family so there were prob 7-8 people just can’t see them in the pic :) Bill the flying tuna pic is awesome!!!
  255. Rufo

    Los Borrilas / East Cape Sportfishing 7/18 - 7/24/2018

    Wow, sounds like a great trip so far. Beautiful pics.
  256. Rufo

    Bay Of LA Report 7/16 - 7/17

    Woody, post up some pics of big grouper and Dorado when you get back cause your gonna get them!
  257. Rufo

    Bay Of LA Report 7/16 - 7/17

    Great report. Congrats on WFO jurel! I’m laid up for a while and as a result no BoLA for me this year :( Please post a few pics if ya got em. Thanks Rufo
  258. Rufo


    Lenguadooooo!!! What a haul of great fighting good eating fish. Wow, what a Juanderful day :)
  259. Rufo

    Need some opinions regarding San Jose and Ensenada

    On the advice of Tony, Apple Harbor on BD, I’ve been fishing with Memo the owner/operator of El Dorado sportfishing in Ensenada for the last couple of years. Great guy, good captain, speaks perfect English. He has a panga (which is actually a Sea Ray so Vee hull for smooth ride) and a he also...
  260. Rufo

    Hotel Recommendations Near San Quentin Needed

    The “Juan and Only” speaks the truth. Hotel Mission Santa Maria is 15 minutes from Don Eddies, real nice and beachfront. Every room has a beautiful ocean view. The hotel has a great bar and restaurant.
  261. Rufo

    32 days fishing in bahia de los angeles.

    That first pic is fricken Awesome, thanks. Sounds like a Juance in a lifetime trip :)
  262. Rufo

    Punta Mita or Cabo in November?

    If you get a place at El Anclote in Punta Mita amd fish with Lora you can walk to the boat in the morning and have your fish cooked on the beach when you come back in. Lots of cool places to eat and drink on the beach and super laid back. I’ve been a few times in November and Fishing inshore...
  263. Rufo

    BOLA June 4, 5, 6

    Pics of Denis and his boys with some fish. He says Juan has more pics but bad internet service so will post when he can.
  264. Rufo

    BOLA June 4, 5, 6

    Blue got the yellows best but mint worked too. The cabrilla bit the brown best.
  265. Rufo

    Fished CSL - Late Report

    Aha, you were the reason I couldn’t get Jaime in the 16th, lol. Love fishing with him. I was down at the same time. Fished with Ivan and had good success on the Pargo on the 14th and Marlin on the 16th.
  266. Rufo

    Wrestling with Donkeys

    Way to go on the Reef Donkeys. Really great eating and yes Jaime has it going on!
  267. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay Fish/Road Update

    Mike, do you guys already have a reservation? Weekends can get real busy there.
  268. Rufo

    Gonzaga Bay Fish/Road Update

    Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I love that place but the wind can keep you down. My friend and owner of Alfonsinas, Joquin headed to the golden reef on Sat for the tourney. Wind was up, conditions were crap and they caught nothing. You didn’t miss anything by staying local. Keep at it and...
  269. Rufo

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    Thanks everybody. All set up with a panga :)
  270. Rufo

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    Sammy, sent you a PM
  271. Rufo

    madscad in gonzaga bay.

    That’s the way. Love those Cabrilla pics. Keep em coming. Just ordered madscad last night. Same color as the one in the pic.
  272. Rufo

    Kayak Fishing the Baja

    There are literally 50 miles of coastline and islands to kayak fish within an hour of SF. If your dialed in you’ll catch fish. Prob mostly misc inshore species 1-5 lbs. If your lucky smaller yellows will be present and there are always bigger cabrilla and grouper nearshore. Sometimes the big...
  273. Rufo

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    Hey Bob, he’s still there and great choice but more boat than I’m looking for. If you were coming and wobbling around I’d prob opt for the bigger boat and a bigger cooler :) :) :) Thanks for Dreamweaver rec. I’ve heard good things about them. Looks like Steven had the right answer...
  274. Rufo

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    Thanks for the replies on Gordo Banks but I’m gonna be in Cabo not SJDC. Steven, I’ll text Jaime today and see if he can refer me, thanks.
  275. Rufo


    Damn, looks like you guys are getting so good at the cabrilla that one at a time is just normal. Gotta get two at once for a pic now! Los viejos chingones de Gonzaga :)
  276. Rufo

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    Last minute.....Heading to Cabo in a week and looking for a panga. I usually fish with Jaime on the Jessica but he is only available for one day while I’m there and I’ll prob fish at least two or three more days. It’s not so much the boat, it’s the captain and gear. Just looking for a good...
  277. Rufo


    orale chingon! Some nice cabrilla there :)
  278. Rufo

    Palmas De Cortez Apr 5-9 Tuna Galore

    Congrats on great trip. Nice report and pics. Makes me wanna go!
  279. Rufo

    Favorite eateries in Loretto

    Anybody know the name of the palapa restaurant on the beach about 20 min south of town? It sits on the beach all by itself and has big tanks with live clams. Full bar, killer mariscos both raw and cooked, great Mexican food and right on the beach where you can watch the roosters feed in the surf...
  280. Rufo

    Jurel in Ensenada

    Órale, nice haul!
  281. Rufo

    Hotels in San Felipe

    My friends stay at Hotel Cortez on their way to BoLA several times each year. Or....if your looking for quiet just keep Rollin south and you’ll be enjoying the peaceful tranquility of Gonzaga in less than two hours.
  282. Rufo

    Parker Boat stolen from Alfonsinas GB mooring

    That really sucks! My friend and local fisherman that lives at Rancho Grande and keeps his panga in the water at Alfonsinas had his boat stolen about a month ago. Found the hull up by Puertocitos a few days later but the motor, radio and all fishing gear was gone. He had his boat in the water...
  283. Rufo


    Awesome trip. Better clear some of that elk out of the freezer to make room :) Once again Dead Head lures tearing it up in Baja!!
  284. Rufo


    Nice batch of fish. Did you stay for mariscos on the beach after?
  285. Rufo

    Heading to SQ

    Yes La Chorera only has houses, a little tienda a school and a church. I only mentioned it and Bahía Falsa as reference points. As far as the oyster stand I’m not sure what days or hours they are open. Charter a day of fishing with Capt Juan. He can give you all the details as he has friends...
  286. Rufo

    Heading to SQ

    The jumbos are super good on the mesquite grill. Just toss them on and eat when they pop open, wow. It’s Bahía falsa. There are several oyster farms there in a little town called La Chorera. There are also some little oyster stands there. Enter the dirt road just at the south side of the...
  287. Rufo

    SQ weather update

    If you want a cool trip head to La Lobera. Take a cooler full of beer and your camera. Prob 20 min below SQ and another 10 on the dirt road.
  288. Rufo

    Heading to SQ

    Always wide open! I love the oysters up there and the trip is always fun too. I met some guys that have a farm there and now we go out in their panga and pick the ones we want to eat. Pretty cool to harvest different sizes then enjoy the subtle differences between the small, medium and large...
  289. Rufo

    La Salina 2/17

    Rough day, glad you were able to suffer through it :) You guys tip one for me tonight
  290. Rufo

    Great trip to El Huerfanito.

    Awesome, 30# yellowtail big for that area. Those are some nice cabrilla.
  291. Rufo

    2hrs south of San Felipe, Baja

    Check out Rancho Grande Market on Facebook. Here is contact info if you wanna call but Spanish is necessary to communicate effectively. They book the hotel and casitas at the register in the market which is who also answers the phone. They had rooms with two, three and I think four beds...
  292. Rufo

    2hrs south of San Felipe, Baja

    J June weather is nice prob best of the year IMO Yes there are pangas available and can be reserved. Cabrilla bite can be very good in June. Never tried beach fishing there outside the bay where I’ve only got small halibut and lizard fish YES the Wind can howl in June. Just depends.
  293. Rufo

    2hrs south of San Felipe, Baja

    I was there last week. Fished three days found the yellows on two days. First day found them outside Punta gorda under birds and got some casting Denis’ Deadhead jigs at them before they disappeared. After that dropped to the bottom for pretty good action on corvina. Second day headed south...
  294. Rufo

    Offshore 12-20. New lo-an overnight

    Mike, great report and. congrats on a fun trip. Great report and pics...... BFT are Gay and so is Adam :) Cabrilla however are a different story!
  295. Rufo

    Lopez Mateos - Palometas y mas

    Wow, great trip and what a catch!
  296. Rufo

    great dicember fishing in san quintin.

    Sure looks like nice weather and seas to go along with that great fishing. Believe it or not those Scad Mackerel make really good sashimi. Very similar to Spanish Mackerel that you get in a sushi restaurant.
  297. Rufo

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    That's a long drive from Ensenada to SQ to fish for a day. If your gonna be in Ensenada and are on a budget Google Vonnys Fleet. Ivan's been there forever, his captains catch fish, Beach launch pangas and most budget price around.
  298. Rufo


    Well my good fortune is someone else's as well. I'm in the final stages of closing the deal on a bigger boat for use out of SD and a CC for trailering to Baja. I don't need three boats. If you want a great deal on a solid boat now is the time to make an offer. I was hoping to get 20k but at this...
  299. Rufo


    After I read what I wrote I wondered how long it would be before someone called me out :supergay: Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya, let me know about SQ or BoLA. If I can make it I'll go.
  300. Rufo

    La Salina

    Sweet, love La Salina. Here's a couple more shots from your last trip. Maybe next time I can tag along with you and the mysterious fisherman in the pic below for a lesson. I think he still owes me one, lol. I got plenty of Dead Head jigs cause their my favorite :)
  301. Rufo

    Fishing Punta final (Gonzaba Bay)

    Yes they pull real hard. Most times you won't get one that size off the rocks but I've seen them up to 22lbs on rod and reel, 24 with spear. Don't think they get much bigger than mid 20s period. As for grouper in that area.....ya, they get way bigger.
  302. Rufo


    Ok, I go both ways often. It's always been a little quicker for me on Hwy 1 but I like the drive through the mountains to SF, down the coast to Gonzaga, then through the desert to BOLA better. I don't mind the dirt road either and the Black Chicken is always good company while cruising and...
  303. Rufo

    Fishing Punta final (Gonzaba Bay)

    Great trip, report and pics :) BTW, that 19lb cabrilla is a trophy. They don't get a lot bigger than that.
  304. Rufo


    Nice Nov fishing there. Love those snappers. Why did you go from Ensenada to San Filipe and down instead of straight down Hwy 1 all the way?
  305. Rufo

    Los Barriles This week

    Nice, love the east cape.
  306. Rufo

    Temporary Import Permit - TIP - Question

    Discover Baja is a great resource that can help you with the TIP and all other things Baja including insurance for a $35 fee. Give them a call, well worth the money to streamline the process IMO
  307. Rufo

    Another "need advice on gear thread" for Baja thread.

    Are you driving or flying?
  308. Rufo

    MAGBAY FISHING 11/12-18/17.

    Lopez Mateos never disappoints. Great pics and report but then again expect nothing less from the Juan and Only! Wow, Wow, Wow on the robalo and pargo :)
  309. Rufo

    Santa Rosalia multi-species bonanza

    Nice score and thanks for the info. I love rod/reel-spear combo trips.
  310. Rufo

    DAY 2 baboom on yellows..

    Couple good days there and today your not a baboon, haha. Great report, congrats on some stellar fishing. They look like quality fish :)
  311. Rufo

    BOLA 11.14-15

    China's tacos are the bomb!
  312. Rufo

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Haha, Joe, you know the partying was WFO every night! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: I don't mind drinking alone but rolling solo provides a great opportunity to meet new friends and everyone enjoyed the selection of Tequila I brought. Matter of fact the father/son team in SF were able...
  313. Rufo

    Frozen Squid in PV

    You might get a better response on the Mainland Mexico board since that's where all the PV stuff is but..... I caught this guppy in PV on a frozen Humboldt squid that was caught in So Cal and brought down to PV on the plane. I know that the Humboldt are not around now but maybe you can buy...
  314. Rufo

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Few more pics from the non fishing part of my trip. Mission Santa Maria Los Vientos Group of kayakers taking a three week trip from BoLA to Bahía Conception. The mission and alter for Dia de Muertos in San Ignacio. My yurt at San Ignacio Springs and a full moon rise shot...
  315. Rufo

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Haha, yep the fish destroyed the hooks on my Bass Pro Shops XPS Laser Minnows but they really wanted those lures. Not even a sniff on my favorite Krocs, I could hardly get followed on the Yozuris or Luckycrafts but it was a fish a cast on the XPS. Been carrying those damn things around for years...
  316. Rufo

    Mag Bay Report - Nov. 14 - Robalo, too

    Frank, hopefully Bill is out catching wahoo! Here is the contact into I have for Ruben.
  317. Rufo

    Puertecitos enchanted islands

    I talked to my friend, Pollo, that lives in Gonzaga today. He said yellowtail and Sierra at the islands. Good luck, please post a report when you return :)
  318. Rufo

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Camped solo on the beach 3 days/2nights in SR and 4 days/3nights in SF. The desert was alive, the weather was great and so was the fishing. Couldn't connect off the beach at SF cause the fish were either too far out or moving too fast for me but something big was feeding on the massive...
  319. Rufo


    Yes a killer deal and still for sale. I never got around to putting it up for sale anywhere beside BD but if it doesn't sell soon I'll need to. Stop by and check her out or let's take a test run if you like. She is rigged, ready and waiting.....
  320. Rufo

    Fishing Cedros Island with Cedros Sportfishing Recap Video + Photos

    Nice report. Good job getting on the target species :)
  321. Rufo

    Just back from BOLA

    Woody, where did you got those goodies in El Rosario?
  322. Rufo


    Pretty amazing feat, I hope they have great success. I thought they were gonna capture them and hold them in some kind of pen. Do you have any info on that?
  323. Rufo

    Mag Bay Report - October 19

    Way to go Bill. Solo wahoo killer!
  324. Rufo

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Thanks everybody for the great suggestions. So many cool places mentioned that I haven't visited and a few I wasn't even aware of. Scott, San Ignacio has been on my radar. Sounds great, I'm going. Dave, I'm looking for remote places that I haven't been. All of the places you...
  325. Rufo

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    I'm gonna take off next week for a two week Baja adventure. Not so much a fishing trip but I want to explore some new places that I haven't visited. I'm looking for remote Baja locations. I will be traveling in a very capable 4x4 and fully equipped to be self sustained for days. I love the...
  326. Rufo

    Fish gone stupid @ Cedros

    Great report. Fun, fun, fun!
  327. Rufo


    Sold! Well my good fortune is someone else's as well. I'm in the final stages of closing the deal on a bigger boat for use out of SD and a CC for trailering to Baja. I don't need three boats. If you want a great deal on a solid boat now is the time to make an offer. I was hoping to get 20k but...
  328. Rufo

    East Cape Bite Me report - Oct. 9 and 10

    Nice report Don. You sure get around :)
  329. Rufo

    Oyster Fest 10/9 Ensenada

    Way to go Joe & Co! Sounds like a damn good time.
  330. Rufo

    Thetis Bank

    Cool pic
  331. Rufo

    Dolphin Plane arrives San Filipe

    Here is a link to the article where I got the dollar amount from. It was also in another article but both in WON so maybe incorrect or a typo.
  332. Rufo

    Offshore 1st marlin Solo trip Sunday 10-8

    Solo marlin=Bad Ass. Congrats!
  333. Rufo

    Dolphin Plane arrives San Filipe

    I just read in WON that this is a $4,000,000,000 operation. Unless it was a typo, which I don't think it was because it was printed in two seoerate articles. I'm not sure who is financing it but it appears to be US. According to the articles in conjunction with the dolphins they are closing all...
  334. Rufo


    I believe Steve is correct. Ascuncion is the place and Juan is the guy you want to contact. From what I understand from a friend on the island the fuel at Cedros is not very good. At least one of the sportfishing operators on Cedros goes to Guerrero Negro for fuel by panga each night because...
  335. Rufo


    Gross weight with boat on trailer, full of fuel and fully loaded is about 6000 lbs. Derek tows it with his Tundra. I've towed it to LA, SD, Baja and up to Big Bear with my Expedition (1/2 ton) and my son tows it with a 2004 Dodge Durango.
  336. Rufo


    Here's a link to Dereks report from yesterday. Nice getting the call from a buddy and hearing stories about how good the boat ran, what a great fishing platform she is and of course how good the fishing is.
  337. Rufo


    That's a great score Joe and size is consistent with what the SD boats are producing. Maybe a little bigger :)
  338. Rufo


    Sounds like a fun day to me. BTW Tony, thanks for the referral to Memo last year. I've been out with him several times and everything you said is correct, great boat, good captain and all around cool guy.
  339. Rufo

    Snookmafia surf and fishing!!!!

    Well there's only one thing to say to a report like that.... Fuck Ya :)
  340. Rufo

    Alfonsina's resort at Gonzaga Bay any news?

    My non BDing buddy was there with a group 9/4-9/8. They arrived the day it stopped raining and stayed at the new Rancho Grande hotel on the beach. He said water/sand/mud came over the spit from the tip by alfonsinas to the end of the Rancho Grande palapas and beyond including the new hotel. The...
  341. Rufo


    Less than 500 on rebuild but have't had them plugged into software this year. The motors run strong. All systems on the boat have been professionally maintained and all mechanical/electrical components have been replaced/rebuilt recently. I can give you more details by phone about the hours...
  342. Rufo

    WTB 28-30' boat with twin outboards

    I have a 26' if your interested. Here's a link....
  343. Rufo

    MagBay Bite Continues

    Wow, great fishing there!! Thanks for posting your reports :)
  344. Rufo

    Pensacola Fishing Sunday 9/10?

    I'm arriving PNS Sat 9/10 and have the day on Sun 9/11 to do whatever I like. Well, I like fishing. Anyone in the area want to take a So Cal guy fishing for the day. Of course I'll be happy to cover all expenses or trade for a trip on my boat (inshore or offshore) in San Diego. Bob
  345. Rufo

    Biosphere Permits?

    Kenny, did you get my text message?
  346. Rufo

    18' outrage custom (feeler)

    I have an offer. I sent you a PM.
  347. Rufo


  348. Rufo

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Wow, what a catch. First mate is a Bad Ass for sure!
  349. Rufo


    Boat located in San Diego and ready to show or sea trial anytime.
  350. Rufo

    Bola July 10-12

    A 50-60lb rod/reel set up is fine. Just make sure the reel can be set to heavy drag. I think he is trying to say have straight 100lb mono (in which case you'd prob need a bigger reel) or 60-80lb spectra and 100lb topshot. Fishing can be deep and fish strong with lots of rocks so need heavy...
  351. Rufo

    Contacts for San Quintin Charters

    X 2 on Juan. You need to dial 011521 then the number.
  352. Rufo

    LA BAY Report July 15 to 17, 2017 and road problems

    Great report, sounds like a fun trip. Bummer about the trailer but sounds like it worked out ok and Coco got to make $10, lol. I got rescued by a father/son truck drivers on the same stretch last year.
  353. Rufo

    bola July 16th & 17th

    Que Bueno! Looks like a great day on the water. Good thing your on the Bud Light. Wouldn't want you to get as fat as that yellowtail :) Thanks for the great report and pics
  354. Rufo

    Yellowtail Acuncion and SQ

    Well sounds like you made lemonade. Glad everything turned out ok and you managed a few fish :)
  355. Rufo

    Tow boat to Gonzaga, launch, then boat to BOLA?

    The launch ramp at Papa Fernandez in Gonzaga is fine to launch boats up to 30' just gotta watch the tide. I've launched my 26', 6000lb boat there several times. Don't even need 4x4. No prob in or out. Now for the Gonzaga to BOLA trip in a boat. It's about 80 miles by water. I've tried it twice...
  356. Rufo

    BOLA June 8th/9th Yellows

    PNo I wasn't in BOLA with Pollo, I was in Gonzaga. Here's the pic of the non last call snapper.
  357. Rufo

    East Cape & San Jose - 06/09 - 06/12

    Sounds like a fun trip. Great report and pics. Is that a sierra in the 3rd pic?
  358. Rufo

    Kauai help 7/19-26

    Got a house in Koloa for a week. Buddy of mine told me he had great inshore fishing for small Reef fish nearshore and peacock bass in the fresh water. He was using a small spinning outfit with 6 lb test. I don't have pack Rods so I was thinking of taking reels and buying a couple Rods and some...
  359. Rufo

    BOLA June 8th/9th Yellows

    Sounds like an epic two days but I had to call BS without Pics :) Can't see your pics and by the way I did call BS.... "I saw more than a few bloody deckers down there and even talked to one while we were making bait next to each other. I'm sorry I forgot his name, but he was the dude that...
  360. Rufo

    Fish Processor in San Jose Del Cabo

    I had contact info but lost it. All you need to do is go to the cleaning station after fishin. There are guys that will handle it for you and deliver your fish to your hotel the day your leaving. My experiences have all been good.
  361. Rufo

    Bola June 9,10

    Glad you made it down and got some fish :)
  362. Rufo


  363. Rufo

    Bajas Best Iron?

    I weighed several jigs yesterday on a very accurate scale. With treble hook the Dead Heads weighed 3 7/8 - 4 oz. Compared to the 6X Jrs with treble hook which weighed 4 - 4 1/4 oz.
  364. Rufo

    bola - memorial weekend

    Great report, great pics, great trip! Thanks for the report.
  365. Rufo

    La Salina--- YT, Ling Cod, Fish n chips

    Way to go Bill. The pole holder fish are always the biggest :)
  366. Rufo

    Bahia de los. Angeles fish report. May 23 and 24.

    Cabrilla, Grouper.....cabrilla and grouper at the same time on the same lure, cool! Awesome trip thanks for the report. Pedro knows the spots that's for sure!
  367. Rufo


    I was there last summer and just talked to Rowan from Cedros Outdoor Adventures two days ago and all good. I guess I'll have to give Rosie a call. Been wanting to check out Cedros Adventures. Glad she got settled into another fishing related job. Thanks for the info
  368. Rufo

    Some Do's and Dont's of Gonzaga

    Haha, that's pretty good advice Bert. Since it rained and wind howled for the first five days I was there that's all I did. Then my buddy shows up all excited to fish, the weather cleared up and see what happens, hahaha :)
  369. Rufo

    Sitka Fishing Guide/Charter 6/3-4

    I've got some friends that are gonna be in Sitka for a week on vacation. They have lodging and plans for the other days but were looking to fish, two people, June 3 & 4. Maybe one day on the ocean and one day on a river. My only experience in Alaska has been in Yukayat so not sure about Sitka...
  370. Rufo

    Some Do's and Dont's of Gonzaga

    Ok, how much beer did it take to do that????? Hahahaha :)
  371. Rufo

    Bajas Best Iron?

    Dead Head Lures??? My #1 go to for years has always been the Salas 6X Jr but based on a recent experience that might just be changing. Don't get me wrong the 6X Jr is time proven and will always have a place in my tackle box but..... Ok, last March when I was in San Quentin I met a really nice...
  372. Rufo

    Hey Dennis, I never got a chance to catch any cabrilla on it because that lure caught so many...

    Hey Dennis, I never got a chance to catch any cabrilla on it because that lure caught so many yellowtail. It was catching 2-1 over the Salas. The action on your lures is phenomenal! Thanks so much and I definitely need more. Give me a call sometime so we can talk about SQ sometime. 909-633-8124. Bob
  373. Rufo

    Some Do's and Dont's of Gonzaga

    Yes we stayed at Alfonsinas
  374. Rufo

    Some Do's and Dont's of Gonzaga

    Hahaha, although it did cut short a great day of cabrilla fishing it wasn't my finger. It was my buddy. Look how he is holding the lure like a handle for his fish for the pic. It's a big jerkbait with two huge hooks. Bad idea but you know what they's all fun and games until someone...
  375. Rufo

    Some Do's and Dont's of Gonzaga

    Do this....... Don't do this....... Do This...... Don't do this........ Definitely do this.......
  376. Rufo


    Few more details Raymarine C-80 Color Fishfinder/Chart Plotter and 24 Mile Radar New VHF Radio with DSC and top of the line antennae Two scoop Pacific bait tank Taco Aluminum Outriggers
  377. Rufo

    Carrying rods on a United Airlines flight

    Never too soon, hahaha :) Oh, and the two rod limit is a Mexican rule. Two Rods per angler. If there are two of you together shouldn't be a problem but technically they can charge you import tax. I've never had anyone do more than open it up and look.
  378. Rufo

    La Salina

    I don't think Vic is running charters at this time. I don't think anyone is. To the best of my knowledge you need your own boat to fish there.
  379. Rufo

    La Salina

    Fished La Salina with old buddies Derek (Yellowklr) and Victor (Campos Fishing) last Saturday on Dereks Proline. Killer weather, good fishing, cold beer and great times with friends. Fishing was slow by LS standards but Capt D kept at it until he found the fish. Lings bit mostly on the...
  380. Rufo


    Sold! 2004 Prosport 2550WA 25.5' Walk Around Cuddy Cabin. Length 25'6" Beam 8'6" Twin Suzuki 140 HP Four Strokes 120 Gal Fuel Capacity Magic Trail Tandem Axle Aluminum Trailer with Disc Brakes The Boat is located in San Diego $25,000 Firm, not any more. I'm ready to make a deal!
  381. Rufo

    Whole yellowtail recipe needed

    Once you butterfly them try this zarandeado recipe. Very traditional Mexican way to cook a butterflied fish and yellowtrout work great, enjoy :)
  382. Rufo

    Coco's corner guy died

    Only one word to describe Coco CHINGON.....well maybe there are a few other words but he is a Bad Ass. If you wanna know more about him head south of Gonzaga about a half hour and meet him. He's always there and always ready for company. If you can't make the trip search this forum for "Coco"...
  383. Rufo

    Coco's corner guy died

    Ross, please let us know. Will be a sad day indeed if true.
  384. Rufo

    SQ report

    Very cool and looks like you got to visit La Lobera too.
  385. Rufo

    Bola trip March 18

    Great report. Nothing like last minute fun Baja style!
  386. Rufo


    Very nice. Looks like your getting that place dialed in :)
  387. Rufo

    Abreojos fishing guide

    A day in the estuary and hanging with Manos Frias is worth the trip in my book. Throw in Les' great cooking and it's a wrap. Bummer about no big fish but sounds like a fun trip nonetheless.
  388. Rufo

    San Quintin

    Hey Dennis, Glad you fellas got into 'em. Nice meeting you and thanks for the jigs. Hopefully see you in August.
  389. Rufo

    Fred Hall and SQ

    Oh ya, the food.....:) Jardines Hooked us up on the oysters, clams and especially the Lobster Thermador, maybe the best I've ever had. The Eucalyptus is really, really, really good. We had so many different things from sashimi to cooked fish to lobster to rack of lamb to fillet mignon...
  390. Rufo

    Fred Hall and SQ

    Hit the Fred Hall show on Wed and headed down to SQ on Thur. Fished Fri, Sat and Sun. Weather was great, fishing was slow by SQ standards but all of the boats in our group got yellows on Fri and Sat. On Sunday we only a couple yellows. Bottom fish were hard to find even when targeted but we...
  391. Rufo

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    You might get more response if you posted this on the Baja Board. Go to the Baja Board and search "San Quintin" and "SQ". You will find lots of info. The channel can be difficult at best and deadly at worst. There are lots of high spots nearby that hold yellows. Baja Directions sells a...
  392. Rufo

    El Huerfanito

    Very nice quality too. Congrats :)
  393. Rufo

    Cabo on the Jessica

    Absolutely cause I'm both. Just depends on the day...........or the bottle, haha :)
  394. Rufo

    Cabo on the Jessica

    Jaime/Jessica Panga 624-137-3800
  395. Rufo

    Cabo on the Jessica

    Fished 2/6 and 2/8 with Jaime on his panga, Jessica. First day we fished close and was slow with only two hookups and one landed. Second day we ran all the way up to the Golden Gate to make bait in hopes of finding the cabrilla. No such luck but we did find some nice barred pargo and Jorge...
  396. Rufo

    from blue on blue to gray on grey,sq.

    Yet another Wow :)
  397. Rufo

    beautiful weather in sq,fishing,catching ok 2.

    Great report, felt like I was there. Thanks for the sunrise and that pic of the fin with the sun behind is great. Gotta get down and try Chef Javier's good. Saludos a todo. Ruffo
  398. Rufo

    san quintin,weather,protests & fish.

    Niiiiiice!!!! Thanks for the sunrise :) That pic of you and Jimmy hooked up together is really cool. Un gran día y te lo mereces!
  399. Rufo


    Joe, that is classic!
  400. Rufo


    Wow, wow, wow!! Maybe the best sunrise ever. Or maybe my beer goggles are on after skiing fresh powder with my son this morning and relaxing in the jacuzzi with plenty of cold beer this afternoon. Nope, looked again and that is a quality sunrise there!! Feliz Navidad a tú y familia y La nueva...
  401. Rufo

    Mexican. Car ins

    I use these guys. Easy to do online or they will do it by phone if you prefer.
  402. Rufo

    Chasing yesterday's bite

    Wow, amazing how close they are. Jurel from the beach is pretty cool, congrats!
  403. Rufo


    That's awesome! Based on the relatively small range of Totoaba and the success seen with White Sea bass stocking here in Cali maybe with better enforcement and continued stocking the species will see a recovery. Would be pretty cool to see a success story for a Sea of Cortez species. Hats off to...
  404. Rufo

    LA BOCANA,11/7-13,GREAT FUN.

    Thanks for the sun rises. Looks like another mission complete. Too bad I couldnt make it. I've always wanted to try guys could have given me a lesson for my first time :)
  405. Rufo


    Hey Scott, where is Valle de Trinidad in relation to Gonzaga?
  406. Rufo

    Bahia de los Angeles.b.c/Daggett's sport fishing/27 oct 2016.

    Grouper are Gay :supergay: Jajajaja!!!! Wow, Enrique tú eres el chingon de garopa :hali_olutta: Nice fish Woody, congrats.
  407. Rufo

    Rancho Leonero here We come

    You will have a Blast! :hali_olutta:
  408. Rufo

    Snook season is on!!!

    Nice, nice, nice!!
  409. Rufo


    Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!! You are simply Juan of a kind and so are your pics. That shot of the starfish in the sand is Awesome!! Gonna miss you guys in LB. Sharpen those hooks and have a great trip :)
  410. Rufo

    Two Firsts in Gonzaga!!

    Mark, the Abalone farm is not open to the public but if you go to the entrance, show a little hospitality and let them know that you have a friend that knows the Armenta family you just might get in. It's at the far end of the road just before Coyote Cals, can't miss it. Also if you go just...
  411. Rufo

    Two Firsts in Gonzaga!!

    Leslie, I haven't been to silverwood for a couple years but like fishing there. Are you nearby there?
  412. Rufo

    Two Firsts in Gonzaga!!

    Hey Jimmy, more correctly your son had me on board. Actually we had Franko clean the fish and he was a pro by the end but the answer to your question is, yes they cleaned the fish with the little paring knife and the little cutting board. I think it was a steak knife at one point but years of...
  413. Rufo

    Two Firsts in Gonzaga!!

    Well the first "first" was rolling solo to Baja. I usually go with family or friends or both but this trip was a spur of the moment, solo adventure in hopes of seeing new places and meeting new friends and I did. After spending some time in La Fonda, Ensenada, Erindira, San Vicente and Ojos...
  414. Rufo


    Yes, quite enjoyed the pics! And yes the pic was from the balcony of my room at Alfonsinas. Took it with my phone.
  415. Rufo


    Ching"Juan"!!! Guess I missed you by a day. Guerro said he saw you at the island the day I got there. As always thanks for the pics but "Juan" thing is missing. No worries, I got you covered.
  416. Rufo

    9 Day BoLA trip with my Dad 10/15-10/24

    Happy birthday Compa :) Looks like you and your pops had a great time. Congrats on the Curvina!!
  417. Rufo

    SURFDOC Remembered

    Been in Baja now for just over a week. Tecate's en memoria.... Shari, you have a heart of gold :)
  418. Rufo


    Anthony, thanks for the info. Please keep it coming. Dave, your a wise man. I'd like to join you for the tequila :)
  419. Rufo

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    More like spoiled, wow! Thanks for sharing the great catch.
  420. Rufo

    San Felipe 10/13/2016...

    Very nice. I hear you gotta watch out for crabs when the clams are wide open! :frehya2:LOLLOL
  421. Rufo

    BOLA 10-07 and 10-08- Amazing

    Can you PM me your number too? I can count to 10 (5 if I have a beer in one hand) and always love a good ball sack pic. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  422. Rufo

    Gonzaga report

    Hell ya, glad you had good fishing!
  423. Rufo

    Gonzaga report

    Sweet, that's close. What size yellows?
  424. Rufo


    Wow, those photos take Juantastic to a whole new level!!!! Gracias compa :)
  425. Rufo

    Going to Rancho Leonero soon, any words of wisdom?

    Snorkel the reef out front. It's really great!! Use leftover bait from your day on the boat and night fish the floating dock. Drink lots of cold Pacifico by the pool! Enjoy Tres Generaciones tequila at the bar by the pool. Have fun, fun, fun :)
  426. Rufo

    For You 1 Ola Mas

    Gotta give you something to shoot for, although I imagine the cerveza mark will be fairly high as well, lol. Hey Mark, Brian told me that you and Mike are gonna be there same time as him and Emilia. I guess you guys are on the same cycle.....I thought that was a chick thing, hahahaha...
  427. Rufo

    Variety at the East Cape Oct 9,10, 11 & 14

    Don, there are no fish safe from you, anywhere, haha! Thanks for the great report and pics. Hope you get a cow or two in PV :)
  428. Rufo

    calico fishing in san quintin

    There are no calicos in SQ :)
  429. Rufo

    For You 1 Ola Mas

    Dont usually post pics or reports from others but thought this would just get you even more stoked for BOLA. My friends from TJ fished with Pedro Sat and Sun. I know pics speak a thousand words but here is the report.... "Curvina jurels pargo sardineraa and garropa!" Disfruta descansa...
  430. Rufo


    Music blasting and four anglers on the boat......things are a changin. Must be the Facebook, jajaja. Pretty crazy that you got your hook back. I guess that's proof that they sit in one spot.....and appearany wait for you, lol. Those are some nice lings and looks like the MGs had fun. Sounds...
  431. Rufo

    5 oct 2016.daggett's sport fishing

    Si, es bueno por un caldo muy rico.....y grande, jaja.
  432. Rufo


    Wow, just a little more than I could take. Time for a cigarette and a nap :)
  433. Rufo


    una Reyna y un Cabrilla en el mismo Coffin Nail. feliz cumpleaños for sure :)
  434. Rufo

    Cell phones in Baja

    Some incorrect info here. Verizon now works better than ATT and TMobile. Actually seems to work better now than most Mex cell companies. There was some major infrastructure changes in the cell network by the Mex govt this year and as a result Verizon now operates off ALL cell towers in Mexico...
  435. Rufo

    LA Bay Part 2: The great, the good and the ugly

    Sounds like a blast. Glad you had such great vis for your time in the water. Keep it up and you will get a shot at the big one your looking for.
  436. Rufo


    Looks like you guys found the cabrilla and congrats to Jimmy on the "beeeeg juan". Love your sunrises amigo :) That sitting down fishing looks like my style! Joel is looking good. Nice to see all your pics. Glad you had yet another great time in a Bahia.
  437. Rufo


    It's true. I've seen "The Juan and Only" make a bottle of wine disappear right before my very eyes!
  438. Rufo

    Fishing Guide Gonzaga Bay

    Jesus "Pollo" is a super cool guy. Fished with him several times this year. Sometimes it's easier to get him on Facebook "Jesus emmanuel garcia acre" or What's App. PM me if you want more info. I am in touch with him regularly. Ruffo
  439. Rufo


    Nice batch of good eats there! Thanks for thinking of me amigo. Always love those shots. I was out of SD the last two days chasing bluefin with most of the other anglers in So Cal. All we found was good wine and small yellowfin :)
  440. Rufo

    SJD Wahooooooo!

    Nice fish there. I guess your gonna get a different flavor sashimi too!
  441. Rufo

    9/2 Cabo.

    Always a pain when catching fish gets in the way of catching fish, lol. As for the bicep...apply cold beer orally. Deliver with right hand in order to allow left to rest. Repeat as needed :)
  442. Rufo

    Woooo Hoooo Wahoooo in Bahia Asuncion!

    Wahoo whisperer, that's funny. Nice catch. Should be nice for a different flavor of sashimi.
  443. Rufo

    Increadable week on Cedros Island WOW!!!!

    Hey John, was good meeting you guys at the airport on Cedros and BSing on the plane ride home. Like you we had a great trip. Great report and pics!!!! Sooo cool to meet up with someone as stoked on fishing as me and you were. Hope you make it back for #5 soon. Bob Pat, what's wrong with the...
  444. Rufo

    SJD Black Marlin

    Wow Kevin, great story, amazing pics and what a fish!! If you ask me that's Karma serving you well for your generosity and really a four way win. A win for the community your supporting with your genorosity, a win for the anglers, a win for you putting a fish like that on your amazing boat and...
  445. Rufo


    Awesome, way to go!! We got some curvina at Cedros but nothing like those beauties. You know that you had an unfair advantage cause having Cliff in the boat adds about 150 years of experience, jajaja. Congrats to you both and thanks for the fine pics. Looks like it was once again a grand fiesta...
  446. Rufo

    BAHIA ASUNCION Fishing Report

    Hola Shari, Great report as always but especially thanks for sharing the pic of Izaak, what a cutie. I recently met a guy from Guerro Negro and made me think of Marcos. Say hi to him if you see him and of course what's up to Juan.
  447. Rufo


    Good to hear Parcela 12 is open. After last trip I was worried. That looks like lots of fun, the nap I mean, hahahaha. Looks like great fishing. Those are some fat reds! Sounds like all your charters are catching fish and having usual when juandering in the juanderland of SQ with...
  448. Rufo

    Cedros was exceptional!

    I'm flying from Ensenada. It's a package (flight, accommodations, meals, fishing) that I booked with Cedros Outdoor Adventures. Here is a link. The airline is called Aereo Servicios Guerrero (ASG) here is a link Hope this helps. I'll...
  449. Rufo

    Magdalena Bay Wahoo Bite

    Bob, keep posting reports like this and Ruffo might be sleeping on your couch soon :)
  450. Rufo

    Camalu Fishing!

    Changed your name.......nice, haha Good to see you post. Great report. Haven't fished with Lee for a while but such a great spot. Looks like plan B worked out just fine. C'mon Ken, if you fished with Lee then you went to his house. 'Nuff said :)
  451. Rufo

    Cedros was exceptional!

    Cool, I'll be on the island in a week. Hadn't thought about Benitos. Only done it in a big boat before. Thanks for the insight
  452. Rufo

    Cedros was exceptional!

    Sounds like a fun trip! Congrats on your first tuna :) How long did it take to get from Cedros to Benitos?
  453. Rufo

    Mag Bay Wahoos

    Nice, I gues they never left this year!
  454. Rufo

    Rosterfish inside Mag Bay

    That's a cool pic of the dolphin. Is that inside the bay?
  455. Rufo

    BOLA dodos went off 8/2

    Very nice, I really like Los Vientos and stayed there many times before it closed. I heard they reopened and suspected that's where you were. Nothing better than fresh clams and a beer under the palapa :) Ok couple questions. Is the restaurant open? Do you have contact info for the new owner...
  456. Rufo

    BOLA DODOS report Agost 1, 2

    Way to go Joel! Captaina Favi's good luck must be rubbing off on you, Jaja. Sounds like a beautiful day in the bay :)
  457. Rufo

    BOLA dodos went off 8/2

    Una dia perfecta en Bahía, congrats! I'm curious what hotel your staying at that has a bar, view of the bay and chocolates?
  458. Rufo

    1996 Parker 2320????

    Yep, it does appear that motor is Yamaha and prone to that corrosion. Thanks.
  459. Rufo

    Please Help Parker Guys....1996 2320??

    Ok thanks. Not really sure how to check without pressure test. Any ideas? Thanks Art, I'll check out that link.
  460. Rufo

    Please Help Parker Guys....1996 2320??

    For leaks or if the brackets that hold it are broken or something different?
  461. Rufo

    1996 Parker 2320????

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a 1996 2320 pilot house with a 2004 Mercury 225 four stroke with 336 hours. Not sure of hours on boat before re power. Also has some fairly new Furuno electronics but that's not really my big concern. Really wondering about this hull, electrical, etc at 20...
  462. Rufo

    Please Help Parker Guys....1996 2320??

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a 1996 2320 pilot house with a 2004 Mercury 225 four stroke with 336 hours. Not sure of hours on boat before re power. Also has some fairly new Furuno electronics but that's not really my big concern. Really wondering about this hull, electrical, etc at 20...
  463. Rufo

    I know it's getting boring.............................

    Tom, please keep boring us, wow! Saddle up and keep after em Kevin :)
  464. Rufo

    BOLA July 18/19

    Nice snappers. Looks like the fish cooperated.
  465. Rufo

    Hong kong kong Mag Bay

    Hong Kong.....damn, had me excited for a minute!! Once I saw Mag Bay and not TJ I realized it was a fishing report, haha :) Looks like a great time. Looks like offshore is shaping up early. Might be another crazy year!
  466. Rufo

    Wed at the Nados

    Long story but basically Mex Govt made some changes in cellular infrastructure and forced Verizon to offer cell service on all Mex carriers towers. It's a new thing this year. Apparently Verizon works everywhere in Mex. Better than ATT now as far as I can tell but I only tested from TJ to SQ, SF...
  467. Rufo

    Wed at the Nados

    Got barracuda, calico, rockfish, no yellows. Most life was SKR and ribbon kelp but got fish all over. Reds were biting good inside north island. Water clean green and 68-69 I got Mex cellular now through Verizon and phone service everywhere even at the islands. Not sure if that's a good...
  468. Rufo

    Wed at the Nados

    Got barracuda, calico, rockfish, no yellows. Most life was SKR and ribbon kelp but got fish all over. Reds were biting good inside north island. Water clean green and 68-69 I got Mex cellular now through Verizon and phone service everywhere even at the islands. Not sure if that's a good...
  469. Rufo

    Offshore Big Whales, Big Tuna, Empty Kill Bag

    Thur 7/7. Went from Coronados to 371 back to 425 up the canyon to 302 across the kidney bank to 226 and off the bank back toward the lower 9. Got two small hookups by the 425 but lost both. Saw big bluefin swimming on top of the 371 and lots of birds and big tuna boiling inside the 226. Covered...
  470. Rufo

    CEDROS ISLAND 2nd part of June summary report

    Great pics and report. Just got off the phone with Rowan. See you in August!
  471. Rufo

    ethan,alex&matt,san quintin bay.

    That's a great pic of Matt with una jurel muy azul. Bob Barker really wants to try to get a seabass. Might need to get down there a Ruffotize it soon :)
  472. Rufo

    BOLA 4th of July annual trip!

    Nice, :)
  473. Rufo

    SJD report from yesterday

    Way to go Kevin. You should post a pic of someone fighting a fish from the saddle!!
  474. Rufo


    Hey that's a nice Juan.......
  475. Rufo

    Offshore Last minute Bluefin.

    Vic looks pretty happy :)
  476. Rufo

    Tony Reyes: A trip that internet fishermen dream about

    Wow, great write up. Thanks for taking the time. Felt like I was there. Glad you had an awesome trip!!
  477. Rufo

    BOLA Report

    Love those BOLA reports. Looks like you guys had a great trip. I totally agree about the towing route. Question, how deep was the water that you caught the Totouva and Black Sea Bass? How did you release them. Love to hear the technique the locals showed you. I'm asking cause they seem to...
  478. Rufo

    BOLA 6/20-6/25

    That's some great family fun! Great place to visit every 30 years or so :)
  479. Rufo

    WGO Gonzaga Triggerfish and Wind

    Mike, we caught the cabrilla on Shimano flat fall jigs and Salas 6X Jr's. Steve, you are soooo correct. Truly blessed and thankful for opportunities like this to spend time like this with my son. More than 40 years later, I still have very fond memories of many fine Baja trips with my dad...
  480. Rufo

    Mission Bay or SD Bay slip needed

    Will check it out tomorrow, thanks
  481. Rufo

    Mission Bay or SD Bay slip needed

    Looking for a slip for my 26' boat. Used to have it at Dana Landing. Really like Mission Bay but not opposed to SD Bay as long as it's not to far from entrance to the bay. Being from Big Bear I'm not really too familiar with marinas. Any suggestions??
  482. Rufo

    Chame Chame Chame

    Sweeeet!! Yep, Chame is the man and those bottom dwellers pull hard. Good luck with the heavier line. Looking forward to the pics. Tell Chame that El Maestro says hi.
  483. Rufo

    WGO Gonzaga Triggerfish and Wind

    Hey Bert, I've only been to Gonzaga fishing twice. A month ago and this trip so I don't have much to base the historical fishery on but there does seem to be plentiful cabrilla if you are willing to put in the time and effort and go the distance. Was there a point in the past that they were...
  484. Rufo

    No Recipes.....................

    What do you mean no recipe. Sounds to me like you start in Cabo. Take the boat Extraction. Add in Thomas, Jaime and a dash of Jorge. Stir well for 7 days and you get one healthy serving of.......Pesca Chingon! What a report, thanks for taking to time!!
  485. Rufo

    WGO Gonzaga Triggerfish and Wind

    Gonzaga was windy and rough every day we were there 6/10-16 but each day saw some brief windows when the wind died down. Fish didn't seem to care about the wind and we did well on cabrilla, small grouper, yellowtail, Sierra, Bonita, pompano, all kinds of bass, triggers, parrotfish and a bunch of...
  486. Rufo

    LA BAY,6-9-10.WIDE OPEN.

    Gonzaga was windy and rough the whole time we were there but we did well on cabrilla, small grouper, yellowtail, Sierra, Bonita all kinds of bass, triggers, parrotfish and a bunch of other misc reef fish. Also had some good time with the whale sharks and orcas were there too.
  487. Rufo

    LA BAY,6-9-10.WIDE OPEN.

    Another great BOLA sunrise and the bird pics are super cool. Is that one of the new super rods that jimmy is putting a bend on? Looks like they work. Just rolled back into SD from Gonzaga. Long 11 hour haul and broke the frame on my boat trailer. Glad y'all got em in Bahia :)
  488. Rufo

    any one get a boat permit driving down to baja ?

    I was just required to present my TIP when crossing at Calexico last week.
  489. Rufo

    Calexico/Mexicali West Read This

    Just tried to go south with my boat through the Mexicali border crossing. They won't let me cross southbound at Mexicali west. Mex officials turned me around through a little connector path and now I'm in secondary northbound on the US side. US guys said its a brand new rule Mex Started and no...
  490. Rufo

    Tecate or Calexico East??

    Heading for Gonzaga tomorrow from SD towing a 26' boat. Google maps shows about the same time for either crossing from SD to Gonzaga. I like the Tecate crossing and have crossed North and south there lots but never driven the Mex 2 to Mexicali. I've never crossed at Calexico East but had a...
  491. Rufo

    Gonzaga to Bola

    30 min stop, I do that twice before I get to the border, haha. Mucho Take it easy :) My buddy from Big Bear just went the Hwy 5 route to BOLA a few days ago. He is still there so not sure but he was thinking that he would make it in 10-11 hrs.
  492. Rufo

    Gonzaga to Bola

    It takes me about 14 hours to get to BOLA via Hwy 1 including breakfast, lunch, gas and misc stops. Could prob done in 12 if you wanna haul ass and not stop much but I prefer to make the journey on Baja time! It's about a half hour shorter going on Hwy 5. Prob take you about 1 hour less from...
  493. Rufo


    Partida to Nidos, damn you covered some water! Nice to see Rick and Ellis out there doing it. Looks like the coffin nail is doing its job. Nice cabrilla, wow!!! Thanks for the report and especially the Bahia sunrise!!
  494. Rufo

    Offshore Personal Best BFT on Flying Squirell 6/5

    Funny how a couple fish can put the worst weather day right at the top of the all time greatest list. Nice job, you sure put your time in. Congrats on that pig of a PB!!
  495. Rufo

    In bola right now

    Great report and congrats on a kick ass day. There's grouper around that reef!!
  496. Rufo

    Cabo report on the Jessica

    First rooster and all those other fish. Looks like lots of fun.
  497. Rufo

    San Luis vs Mexicali East for crossing

    I'll be coming from SD in my Expedition towing a 26' boat next week. I'm not familiar with the east or west crossing in Calexico. Is the east crossing easier/faster than the west crossing? I've only crossed there once going north at the west crossing and it was a long wait. What about crossing...
  498. Rufo

    Looking for Midriff/Bajo Norte Info

    Hola Joel. Thanks for the info. Maybe that's the reef that you guys were telling me about when we were talking about Baqueta last year? Muy hondo pero la carne del baqueta es delicioso! Si el mar esta tranquilo tal vez también probamos. ,
  499. Rufo

    Cabo Fishing Report. fishing really starting to pick up. from Renegademike

    What a comprehensive report. The underwater pics are really cool.
  500. Rufo

    Looking for Midriff/Bajo Norte Info

    Doing a multi-day, on the water trip with my son out of Gonzaga in a couple of weeks on my boat. Plan is to fish south to Refugio, fish a day or two at Isla Angel de la Guarda then fish back up to Gonzaga. I've always seen Bajo Norte on the maps but never been there cause it's so far out of the...
  501. Rufo

    Gonzaga to Bola

    If your gonna go that way Coco would love it if you bring him a book.
  502. Rufo

    Gonzaga to Bola

    I've driven it several times over the last couple years. I just drive it a couple weeks ago both ways in my Expedition. My friend followed me in his Acura car. It was no prob. A little bumpy but no prob for 2wd car. Takes about 2.5 hours from Gonzaga to the junction of the 1 at Laguna Chapala...
  503. Rufo

    San Quintin or El Rosario overnight stay

    When I do the trip that your describing I like to stay at Hotel Mission Santa Maria in SQ. actually it's about 15 min south on SQ in Bahia Santa Maria. It's right on the ocean with a beautiful beach. Nice clean, big rooms and also have adjoining rooms if you need more beds but wanna be...
  504. Rufo

    Please Help Coco

    We stopped in to Coco's Corner to visit on our way to Gonzaga. If you haven't stopped by to see Coco, you should. He is a very interesting guy with lots of stories. Anyway, while enjoying a cold beer and swapping stories he asked if we had any books as he has read all the ones he currently has...
  505. Rufo

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    The whale sharks are there. Capt "Pollo" Jesus took some guys out swimming with then while I was there. For cabrilla 80# braid with 80# mono leader. Any rod/reel combo that has good backbone, heavy drag and most importantly that you can cast a jig with will work. I used a Penn Spinfisher 7500...
  506. Rufo

    Gonzaga Military Inspection....Approved!

    We didn't see any Totuaba but sure they are spawning now. They need protection. Lots of illegal harvest going on. Here is a link to an article about the illegal trade. Im always happy to see the military. In over 40 years of traveling Baja I've never had anything but good experience with...
  507. Rufo

    Mako Friday - DP 5/20

    Damn Don, your a fishing machine!!
  508. Rufo

    Gonzaga Military Inspection....Approved!

    New experience for me. When we came in to Alfonsinas after fishing last week a truck load of military guys were there. Not out of the ordinary in Baja. They were very interested in checking out the fish. Again, not out of the ordinary in my experience. They were so excited with our catch that...
  509. Rufo

    Offshore I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    Nice job Don. Good practice for PV!!
  510. Rufo

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    Robert, we were way offshore but we saw several sharks the days we fished the coast. They just were not as aggressive. Crocodile worked just fine too. I got cabrilla, yellowtail, Sierra and Bonita on them. Curtis, the road is paved and the whale sharks are there now!!
  511. Rufo

    Since you asked.............

    That is Bad Ass!!
  512. Rufo

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    Couple more pics just for fun from Capt A's camera This jig was brand new when he tied it on and it wasn't bouncing off rocks...all teeth. Gonzaga seagulls are not shy Guess what the hot color was?
  513. Rufo

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    After a great birthday in San Quintin Capt Juan SQ, Rosarito Jimmy, Capt Adam SD and myself headed off to Gonzaga via Laguna Chapala. The dirt road from Mex 1 to Gonzaga is about the same as it was last May but lots of work being done and projection for completion is 2017. Stayed at...
  514. Rufo

    anybody have any panga connections for gonzaga bay/enchanted islands

    Biggest around 20. They bit the flat fall, 6X JR and of course the Crocodile!! My biggest yellow came in about 4' of water casting for cabrilla.
  515. Rufo

    anybody have any panga connections for gonzaga bay/enchanted islands

    Yes Jesus's phone is a Mexican cell phone so will need international code. There is no cell service down there so he goes to the market for WiFi a few days a week after fishing. Tell him Ruffo referred you and he will know what your after. We got both grades of yellows but the smaller ones...
  516. Rufo

    Just Another Day in SQ

    Haha, there is a lot of beer between SQ and Gonzaga!! The day I posted this report was my birthday and the SQ crew threw me quite a party. The next day was a bit of a blur but we all managed to arrive at Alfonsinas in Gonzaga and I couldn't figure out how to use the Internet. By the next day...
  517. Rufo

    anybody have any panga connections for gonzaga bay/enchanted islands

    I just got back from Gonzaga and had good fishing with a real nice guy, Jesus. We caught lots of fish. Grouper, cabrilla, yellowtail, White Sea bass, Sierra, Bonita and misc smaller reef fish. He speaks virtually no English so Spanish is a necessity. He is a commercial scallop diver so very...
  518. Rufo

    Just Another Day in SQ

    Headed down to SQ with Rosarito Jimmy on Saturday. Mission was to meet up with Capt Juan and head for Gonzaga. Figured we might as well fish a day while we were here. Juan let us know that it's the May doldrums so don't expect much. Well, a day on the boat with my two amigos is more than enough...
  519. Rufo

    BoLA Fishing Report 4-may

    Hey Joel, we are doing fine. Zack and I are making plans now. I'll bring the sushi stuff :) I'll email or Facebook you when I know for sure. Please tell your dad I said hi. Saludos a todo.
  520. Rufo


    Nuff said :)
  521. Rufo

    BoLA Fishing Report 4-may

    Wow, she is amazing. Takes care of two beautiful little girls while driving the boat and still puts you on fish :)
  522. Rufo


    Yep, I agree. The light does bend. Eddies boat is Wooooooooow! We took it out in 4' sea with 20 knots of wind and that thing ate it up like nothing. When I grow up I want one of those :) Juance again great pics and report. Thanks. Wish I was going cabrilla fishing. Oh, wait a minute...I am on...
  523. Rufo

    BoLA Fishing Report 4-may

    Feliz cumpleaños Favi. Saludos a todo. Once again Capitana Favi kills the fish. Does she have any open dates in late June :)
  524. Rufo


    Hand lining is fun but I'm bringing rods and reels......oh, and a knife :)
  525. Rufo


    Baja at its finest. One of the many reasons it's always an adventure when we head sur de la garita. Sounds like a little more or maybe a lot more tequila would have helped, haha. Ok, now for the $100,000 was the fishing??
  526. Rufo

    Gonzaga bay 5/2 fish report

    Looks like one day did the trick. Congrats on best trip ever!!!!
  527. Rufo


    From what I understand from my friends in TJ that go to Gonzaga often..... Yes that's the "standard" price. I'm paying the same rate next week when I go there and I am gonna be at Jardines this weekend paying half the price for a nicer room as well. Yes it's high because they are the only...
  528. Rufo

    Gonzaga Panga Needed

    Hey Scott, how's it going? Thanks for the info everybody. I was hoping to get something set up in advance. Tried campo Sacrificio but their boat is booked. Trying now to get in touch with Jesus through FB. If not I guess I'll try Alfys or just see what I can set up the day I get there. Bob
  529. Rufo

    cabo Sheephead

    That's a great pic. Cut squid to the rescue....Way to make something out of a tough day Roger.
  530. Rufo

    Gonzaga Panga Needed

    Gonna be in Gonzaga for the first time May 9-13 and need to find a panga. Anybody got a recommendation or info on getting a panga there? We are staying at Alfonsinas, any BDers gonna be around for a cold one after fishing? Thanks Bob
  531. Rufo

    Yellows and Calicos with Capt Juan in SQ

    Those are nice fat bass. Sounds like a fun trip!
  532. Rufo


    Very nice. Looks like something tried to take a bite out of that big Olive.
  533. Rufo

    Quepos great trip (lots of Pics)

    Well I guess that's why you took the boat there. Looks like your settling in nicely. Great report and pics!!
  534. Rufo


    Yep, if you look close you can see that little Jaime has Jimmy's eyes........
  535. Rufo

    AWESOME five days in gonzaga bay

    Damn, looks like it was the week for BDers in Gonzaga. Looks like you guys had a great trip!!
  536. Rufo


    Damn, one YouTube video got you fired up and now a new favorite fishing spot, awesome! Another fine report and pics. Cabrilla, cabrilla, cabrilla!!!
  537. Rufo

    Surgical strike. South of San Felipe, north of Bola.

    Sounds like you put in your time and were rewarded for the hard work. Congrats, that's a beauty. I bet that cheek meat made a great part of the celebration feast.
  538. Rufo

    JASON & BREE,3/28-9,TAILS SQ.

    And that's why you smile every time you say Pilot House!!
  539. Rufo

    Cancun Fishing?

    There is flats and ocean fishing right in Cancun but most info that I've found indicates it's not that great. I didn't go but here is a response that Tony Pena gave me on the subject.
  540. Rufo

    road trip bahia de los angeles&santa rosalillita.

    Yes, that is a great spot. Really spectacular view of the whole bay. I always stop there on my way out to soak in the view one last time before I leave beautiful Bahia. Always wondered what it was gonna be. Well, now I know. Thanks.
  541. Rufo

    road trip bahia de los angeles&santa rosalillita.

    Damn that sunrise just makes me want to be in! Great pics and cool info and pics from the other side. Where is the new hotel in Bahia?
  542. Rufo

    Want to buy oysters on my next trip through San Quintin

    Here is a tip on transporting oysters that I got from a friend who owns an oyster farm in SQ. Fill your cooler half way with ice. Fold and place a couple of bath towels on top of the ice so you have about an inch to an inch and a half of cloth barrier between ice and oysters. Place the oysters...
  543. Rufo

    So Cal Cobia?

    Anybody read about this. Maybe wahoo won't be the most unlikely fish to enter the So Cal Bight....
  544. Rufo

    Karma comes around...

    Poor guy. You worked him so hard catching all those fish he probably didn't have any time to drink beer :) Looks like a reel fun day. Looking forward to pics of the first angler to saddle up on a big one.
  545. Rufo

    Black Magic! Big Black Drums

    Wow, those are giant drum! Looks like your settling in to the "right" coast just fine :)
  546. Rufo

    Temp import permit

    Woody, Brian says hi. We just had a fun trip to Cabo. Hope you have a blast on your trip and looking forward to that one of a kind report that only WoodEye can post. If I'm not mistaken a TIP is required to bring any boat over 14'6" into Mexico, even Baja as of 2013. Kayaks may be excluded...
  547. Rufo


    Once again Juantastic pics and story. Man, I haven't laughed that hard since the trip. Gracias por los recuerdos :)
  548. Rufo

    Loreto Yellowtail Crackalaka

    Great report and pics. Thanks for sharing. Always nice to get some fish while enjoying good friends, cold beer and tasty food :)
  549. Rufo

    7 Amigos and Georges Ghost

    Always a great time in SJDC and especially at La Playita!!! Fished Friday with Gordo Banks Pangas. We had three boats and all fished north. Bob "Boilermaker" Baker and Capt. Juan fished with Tony on The Hooker and got some Pargo, snapper, grouper and football tuna. They went in early cause Bob...
  550. Rufo

    wind 7-9,swell 7-9,water 62.9,clear&blue&SQ.

    Another Juantastic report. Hey, I think I saw my future ex wife on Jimmys next boat :)
  551. Rufo

    On water liability insurance?

    Good info.
  552. Rufo

    On water liability insurance?

    You may want to confirm with DB that they can actually offer you valid Mexican liability insurance for your boat without having a US policy. They may have just quoted you the cost of it assuming that you were carrying US insurance as well. To the best of my knowledge you must have coverage in...
  553. Rufo

    On water liability insurance?

    Ok, not bashing or trying to be contrary just for the sake of argument but after extensive research on this subject as well as consultation from Boat US, Discover Baja and a fellow BD member who is a retired insurance broker now living full time in Mexico, I believe the following is true. Just...
  554. Rufo

    On water liability insurance?

    You are supposed to have it per Mexican insurance requirements. Prob never need it cause literally only covers damage that you cause to other boats or property while your boat is in the water. Some marinas require it in case you damage their property (docks) or other boats while in their marina...
  555. Rufo

    Looking for SJDC Charter Boat

    Tony, that sounds like an awesome day. We got set up with pangas for the first day with Eric and second day gonna go out with Kevin on his beautiful Cabo. Will post reports upon my return. Tony on the Hooker seems to have a loyal following. I'm not familiar with him. Is it a panga of big...
  556. Rufo


    Here is a link to the Coast Guard report of the Fishin Fool accident. If you don't want to read the whole thing look at the pic on page 14 and start reading at page 18.
  557. Rufo


    Gran foto de la cola de la ballena. Gary looks as Mexican as you do :) Wow, wow, wow that shot of the rock looks scary and the shots of the calm water...well, not scary. Never thought I'd say it but I enjoyed seeing a pic of your bone. Looks like a good night at the casa. Some times what...
  558. Rufo

    Surf fishing the Cabo area

    That's really cool.
  559. Rufo

    Looking for SJDC Charter Boat

    Thanks all for the replies. Yes those were the good old days but as we are all aware progress happens. Besides without the marina how could we have access to the beautiful yachts :) Kevin, I'll get in touch. Boat looks awesome!! Bob
  560. Rufo

    Looking for SJDC Charter Boat

    Have been fishing out of SJDC for many years, even before the marina was there. Always go out on a cruiser or my preference a super panga. This time got a group of 6 and were thinking that it would be fun to all go out together on the same boat. We are looking for a charter boat that can...
  561. Rufo

    Drive from Bahia Asuncion to Punta Abreojos Question...

    Yes it's very easy. Search this forum for La Bocana and you will find lots of info or go to
  562. Rufo


    Looks like SQ has recovered after the storm. Those flat seas sure are pretty.
  563. Rufo

    Mucho Rollers...Last Cast Ensenada

    Nice. That fried red looks yummy!
  564. Rufo

    Cancun/Nichupte Lagoon Fishing??

    Thanks Tony. I searched that on BD and Google but no matches. I did find a charter operation offering fishing at Isla Blanca to the north so maybe it's the same area?
  565. Rufo

    Cancun/Nichupte Lagoon Fishing??

    Looking for info on fishing this area. Never been there and was hoping someone has? Or info on some similar fishery in warm, easily accessible, reasonably priced place that within 4-5 hours (or less) flight of LAX. I hurt my back a few months ago and have not been able to fish or travel...
  566. Rufo

    Tuna yesterday at banco

    Nice, congrats. How about a pic......... of the sashimi :)
  567. Rufo

    Great trip to Quepos

    Hey, that's awesome. Sounds like it was a good move taking the boat south. Best of luck. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.
  568. Rufo


    Hey Mark, you getting stripers at Lake Mead?
  569. Rufo


    Cool shots of the Mill. Kinda surprised at the no fishing sign. Hope a no drinking sign isn't next. Nice job once again of releasing plenty of those yellows to fight another day. I know the real reason is your just keeping the waters stocked for me till I can make it down. Thanks for lookin out.
  570. Rufo

    Drive from Bahia Asuncion to Punta Abreojos Question...

    Yes you can make that drive along the coast no prob. You will go by two small towns on your way, Hippolito (about an hour south of Ascuncion) and La Bocana (about 30 minutes north of Abreojos) on your way. I did it a few years ago in my 4x4 Expedition but never had to use 4wd. Only prob is road...
  571. Rufo

    La Bocana BCS 1/13 -1/19

    Awesome, looks like you got about everything LB has to offer from a boat all in one trip! I bet grouper dinner at the Cactus was good :)
  572. Rufo

    Great day out of La Cruz with Danny Gomez 1/22

    First off what a great day of fishing, congrats!! Second, what a great report. Was a fun read and great pics. Sounds like one of those days that you will remember for a long time :)
  573. Rufo

    toldyaaaaaa wide open tails,sq.

    F......k'n sweet. Triple J's whoopin up on the tails.
  574. Rufo

    L'archipel des Chesterfield, Nouvelle Calédonie Jan 2016

    Big risk, big reward. Wow, your reports just seem to get more and more amazing. Truly incredible!! Thanks for sharing :)
  575. Rufo

    Inirida Colombia Peacock Bass 2016

    Wow, that's the most amazing peacock bass report that I've ever seen. Congrats!!
  576. Rufo

    What's the real deal with rental car insurance?

    Wade, I believe your original question was what is the required amount of insurance needed for a rental car in Mexico. I have a little info that you may find helpful. First, most Mexican insurance that you purchase for your private vehicle is vehicle specific and is therefore typically not...
  577. Rufo


    Nice to see those yellows hanging around. Sounds like handsome anglers need ugly jigs. I suppose I'll need a pretty jig, jaja. Those paddle wheel boats are good in shallow water. Maybe you should have guided them in and they could set up shop in the bay :)
  578. Rufo

    Trip of a lifetime on the Success - Jan 2016

    Way to go Don! You are a jig monster. What a great trip and cool pics. I guess the bananas didn't scare the fish off, haha. Glad you enjoyed the Success. Cary doesn't disappoint. Congrats on you all besting your personal bests on the same trip!!
  579. Rufo

    Offshore Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Well Don, you wasted no time getting down there in 2016. Sure sounds like a fun trip. I like fishing with Chris. Maybe Zack and I will bump into you on the boat again this year.
  580. Rufo

    mr larry"hansome"hansen,la bocana,

    Nice, nice, nice!! What great variety of fish, weather, friends.....just a smorgasbord of fun.
  581. Rufo

    Bahía de los Ángeles---03-january-2016

    Ahhhhh, capitana Favi finds the fish again!! Happy new year to you and family. Great pics.
  582. Rufo

    Cabo Panga Marlin Report 12-21-15

    Relax, the Marlin police are on the case :( Great report and PICS. Congrats on a fun day :)
  583. Rufo


    Eight kinds of weather in three days. Kinda like seven different flavors from one kind of fish, jaja. Looks like lots of fun. Super cool getting the kids out and classic that Dale quickly became the hot stick. Gotta love fishing :)
  584. Rufo

    Offshore 43...

    Hey Eric, good last shot anyway. Always better to have a day on the water for no fish than a day on the couch for no fish, IMHO. What I wouldn't give for a no fish day just to be on the water. Haven't been out since Sept. cause of health reasons. Remember me, Bob on the Mushroom. We met at...
  585. Rufo


    Looks like another fun day on the water in beautiful San Q. Great pics as always and a boat full of fish as usual courtesy of El Juan. The boys look happy, even bundled up in the down jackets, Brrrr. El Guapo Pancho sure has hermosas hijas. Smiles like that surely warm your heart even on the...
  586. Rufo

    Help in Clarifying Mexican Water Fishing

    I'm with you Carl. Get the FMM and call it done.
  587. Rufo

    Help in Clarifying Mexican Water Fishing

    Bill, that is very interesting. I've never seen that treaty before but if correct it seems pretty evident that the 12 nautical limit could very easily be from the Coronados. I'd like to share a conversation that I had this summer with the captain of a Mexican Navy boat that requested my...
  588. Rufo

    La Ribera Tripppp

    Excellent report. I love carnitas and tequila. Oh ya, fishing looked pretty nice too :)
  589. Rufo

    PV Journeyman 3.5 Day Report

    Enjoy your SD posts and this one too. Great pics and report, thanks. Funny, almost expect big tuna pics from a PV report on the Journeyman. You didn't disappoint. What I didn't expect was the food porn, very nice. Cool to see a local captain getting out and enjoying a little fishing.
  590. Rufo

    NEW - Please HELP Update *** Puerto Vallarta Fishing and Lodging Info ***

    Glad you got this going again. Hope others will share info. The old one is a great resource for PV and current info will be even better. I agree, so many options for fishing, lodging and food. Fished with several guys there and all great. Got my biggest tuna and rooster in PV. I love all...
  591. Rufo


    Hey Bob, if you bring along a couple young guys to worry about that fishing nonsense it will leave a lot more time for you old guys to drink beer, jaja! Great haul of fish. Looks like your breaking the Aguila in right :)
  592. Rufo

    Los Cabos Report

    Well, I hope you keep the reports coming once you get situated down south. I enjoy your reports and pics. On another note where is Santiago?
  593. Rufo

    Offshore YFT in DEC...

    Nice December fishing. Congrats!!
  594. Rufo

    Offshore Mission Bay out of bait.

    Again, not bashing but agree to disagree.
  595. Rufo

    Offshore Mission Bay out of bait.

    Robert, again I'm not bashing but I don't believe that from a legal standpoint you are correct. Can you possibly provide some legal statutes that support your claim? It is my understanding that business are legally entitled to reserve specific quantities of product for specific clients...
  596. Rufo

    Offshore Mission Bay out of bait.

    Hello all and happy Thanksgiving. Which it appears was an opportunity for many to find some tuna. Wow, in Nov almost Dec and tuna around. What an odd year for So Cal. Think maybe just maybe bait may be being affected by this odd year? Ok, I would like to chime in about live bait for sale in So...
  597. Rufo


    Great read. Felt like I was right there with you. Could put that one in a magazine. Glad to hear you guys found and enjoyed that mayhem.
  598. Rufo

    Fly-In Fishers filled the planes with fish at Bahia Asuncion!

    Wow, that's great. Looks too nice. With the weather we are having it looks like it's gonna be a great ski season.
  599. Rufo


    Saludos a todo. Hardly recognize either one of those guys without a cowboy hat. Not sure how you caught fish in that rough water, haha. Nice work amigo. I guess there is gonna be jurel on the menu at the Palapas :)
  600. Rufo

    LA BOCANA 11/9-16TH.

    Ahhhhhh, that's what I needed. Awesome LB post.
  601. Rufo


    Juan, it seems like you guys covered all the Mag Bay bases but one. I guess it's gonna have to be a Sea Doo tour next. Hope I can make it!! Bobnoxious out :)
  602. Rufo


    What a great island photo tour. Thanks amigo.
  603. Rufo


    And I missed the side trip to San Ignacio, dang. How do you know those Germans are not bums, haha. Man, those chocolates makin my mouth water. Not sure what's up with Bob Barkers tummy but mine loves that place.
  604. Rufo

    BOLA 11/12-11/15 speed run to drop off Baja runner to Martin Diaz

    Martin is a fisherman, father, friend and all around nice guy that lives in BOLA. I'm only a curmudgeon half of the time. The other half of the time I'm an asshole :)
  605. Rufo

    BOLA 11/12-11/15 speed run to drop off Baja runner to Martin Diaz

    Crazy luck on your journey but seems like everything worked out. Another Baja adventure in the books. Super cool about the boat. Martin looks pretty happy. Have fun at the race. Yes let's go soon.
  606. Rufo

    Offshore 371, 302 & 9 - Last chance to dance! 11-14

    Great way to kill it on a Nov day!
  607. Rufo

    Asuncion and Wahoo

    Great place and great time of year to be there but I guess any time is a good time :) Shari and Juan sure are great hosts. Congrats on the wahoo.
  608. Rufo

    Tony Reyes Tours is BACK!

    Great haul there. Congrats on a fun trip. How deep were those baqueta?
  609. Rufo

    The Dream Becomes Reality. #BajaSQ BlueMarlin

    WOW, great 1st post!! Thanks for taking the time to write up the report and post pics. I thought the report got even better after the dead marlin pics!! Congrats on not only your first marlin (and a blue at that) but also a great trip with your dad. I hope you guys have many, many more. Don't...
  610. Rufo

    Trailer boats to baja.

    Sounds awesome. Was supposed to go in a week but can't make it :( Yes, that's my boat.
  611. Rufo

    Trailer boats to baja.

    I'll gladly take a couple blown tires and a little hassle at the border for fishing like that, haha. Gotta love LB and mucho take it easy :)
  612. Rufo

    Trailer boats to baja.

    Thanks for the info. I've always been in the right lane because I stop for FMM but I hear they are now approved for multiple entry so good to know. I've never been X-Rayed that I know of. Is it a device that you drive through? Bummer about the tires.
  613. Rufo

    10 daze SOB

    Sweet pics. Sounds like another fun Baja adventure
  614. Rufo

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    Hey Bob, Comparing cow tuna to big grouper is like comparing a sports car to a tractor. Guess which one wins if you hook them bumper to bumper and pull? :)
  615. Rufo

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    I guess you didn't need that second boat after all? Nice trip, sounds like a blast. My tackle preference.....150 braid with whatever topshot you think is necessary. Might seem like overkill but you can spool plenty on an Avet HX so rig is not too heavy. When you pull one of those 100 lb plus...
  616. Rufo

    Mucho Take it Easy -- LB to BOLA (pic heavy)

    Wow, pics and report. Always fun partying with Manos Frias. That painting by your mom is awesome. Can't wait to see it in person soon. Congrats on yet another epic trip for you and crew!
  617. Rufo

    East Cape/Palmas De Cortez Fishing update

    Great report. Sounds like lots of fun :)
  618. Rufo

    Can you ID this east cape fish?

    Wow, it's amazing how some folks get so aggressive towards others. It's just a fish, relax. If your in the battlefield, I assume your a keyboard warrior. Based on your response that makes perfect sense but if you will notice that kind of behavior is not really what goes on here on the Baja...
  619. Rufo

    BOLA last week

    My friend Brian and his wife Emilia fished a couple of days last week with Joel Jr. Got yellows in 200'-300' up by Guadalupe on dropper loop with live mackeral. Cabrilla casting jigs up by candelarios. Made bait easy first day. Couldn't get a single piece the second day. The rooster was from...
  620. Rufo

    HOWE HIGH IS THE WATER JIMMy,its 5 foot high and rising,SQ.

    Little boat, little water....Big Fish!
  621. Rufo

    East Cape; Rancho Leonero; Los Barriles

    Thanks for the info. Bummer about the Cedros trip. Sounds like Baja :) I'm thinking about going next year with a few other guys. PM me if your interested.
  622. Rufo

    Bay of LA

    Awesome. Always a good time with Pedro and Yoli's cooking can't be beat.
  623. Rufo

    Entering roosterland snookmafia

    Looks like great fun in Rooster/Snook Land. Can a gringo get a combo ticket that's good for both Disneyland/California Adventure, haha. Been a while since we fished in the Maximus but looks like your enjoying all that PV has to offer :) Maybe I can get down there soon and we...
  624. Rufo

    East Cape; Rancho Leonero; Los Barriles

    Great solo adventure. Always a good time at The Ranch. Did you get the quads from the hotel? I didn't know they were still offering them. What happened that your Cedris trip fell through?
  625. Rufo

    Mexcelente Jigging!

    Great report and pics as always! Love the variety of fish. Nice donkeys!!
  626. Rufo


    Nice work Capitan. Not bad after a night of wide open margaritas :)
  627. Rufo

    MAG BAY REPORT, Sept. 8 - Wahoo Limits Early

    That first pic is really cool! Nice catching.
  628. Rufo

    WAHOO...TUNA...YELLOWTAIL....Triple Crown in Bahia Asuncion!!!

    Wow, wow, wow!!!! Now that's a report! I'm guessing the smoker is running 24/7 to keep up and ya'll are enjoying several different flavors of sashimi on a daily basis.
  629. Rufo

    Mag Bay Black Marlin and lots of Wahoo

    Wow, that's awesome Bob. Did you get the new boat down to the island?
  630. Rufo

    Tuna and Sharks

    Great report, cool pics
  631. Rufo

    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    Nice report. Looks like the yellows are there in abundance. I like the stingray bounty!!
  632. Rufo

    Looking for 2 or 2.5 day trip around Aug 22 to Aug 26

    Mike, looking forward to fishing with you guys. Will be a good time!! Shon, trip is full. I have one friend that may not be able to make it. If his spot opens up I'll let you know. Bob
  633. Rufo

    Looking for 2 or 2.5 day trip around Aug 22 to Aug 26

    Hey Mike. I have a limited load 2.5 day charter on the Eclipse. Depart 8/23pm and return 8/26am. You, or anyone that's interested can PM me and I will give you details. Here is a pic of my son with a bft he got on my boat last weekend. Nothing to do with the Eclipse trip but pics are always fun :)
  634. Rufo

    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    Great score, especially fun solo! Would you be willing to share the area that you made the macks?
  635. Rufo

    Offshore Tuesday 7/21 224

    Wow, great day. Little bit of everything, congrats. Thanks for report. Where do you get $7 knock off flat fall jigs?
  636. Rufo

    Bay of LA -- July 12-13 -- YT, Dodo, Red snapper-- Joel´s Sportfishing

    Looks like very good fishing. Did Capitana Fabi take them out? Jajajajaja :)
  637. Rufo

    La Bay 7/16 - 7/20 * warning on Los Venitos

    That's a bummer about Los Vientos. I've had several nice stays there in the past. When I was down in May it was closed and nobody there seemed to know what was going on. Hope you guys get everything straightened out and they make things right. As far as your fishing....being too hung over...
  638. Rufo

    bahia de los angeles.15/16/17 july. daggett's sportfishing

    Are those big yellows still close? Have you seen any more dorado?
  639. Rufo


    Sweet. Sashimi two flavors :)
  640. Rufo

    Ensenada over the weekend

    Holy sheet!! What a haul.
  641. Rufo

    Offshore Sunday Bloody Sunday

    That's the way to do it!! love the pic looking down the bent rod at your buddy with a fish, classic. And bonus to get them all on bait!! Buddy got tuna today at the 226. All troll fish on ponies. Not that far away and totally different game. Maybe we need to put those binocular skills to work...
  642. Rufo

    San Quintin: Excellent as always!

    Great report. Not too long...just right. Great variety of fish, locations and weather. Sounds like a fun trip. How about a pic of the mulita?
  643. Rufo


    Gracias amigo. Necesitaba que :)
  644. Rufo

    Calexico/Mexicali Restaurant Suggestions

    Sounds like I need to look you up next time I'm in town, make sure I don't get lost.
  645. Rufo

    BoLA Report July 8----Joel's Sportfishing

    Capitan Faby catch the big fish again :)
  646. Rufo

    Tony Reyes Trip - 2015 July Fishing Fireworks

    What a great trip, congrats!! Wonderful pics! BTW, this is one of the best composed reports that I've ever seen on BD. great read, thanks.
  647. Rufo

    Calexico/Mexicali Restaurant Suggestions

    If I only knew, I could have had dessert after lunch. BTW, how do you know where all the whore houses are? :)
  648. Rufo

    CABO Restaurants?

    There used to be a place within a short walk from the malecon called La Palapa. About a half a block up from the cigar shop. It was started by a popular chef from another restaurant. Seafood was off the hook, haha. Anyone know if it's still there?
  649. Rufo

    Calexico/Mexicali Restaurant Suggestions

    I just did the same trip home in May. If you like mariscos we had some of the best ever in Mexicali. Cant remember the name but if you turn left on the street just before the bridge (the bridge is just before the border) it's about a block down on the right. If your close to the bridge and ask...
  650. Rufo

    BOLA: Yellow Tail personal best 50#er

    Now that's a yellowtail worthy of a pic. Maybe a fish of a lifetime. Very, very nice. Congrats!
  651. Rufo

    Any special papers needed to drive to SQ?

    Oh ya, you are supposed to return the FMM before expiration. There is an anchored thread at the top of this board with mailing address to send back. Only takes a stamp, an envelope and a minute to do it.
  652. Rufo

    Any special papers needed to drive to SQ?

    FMM is required and free, you should get one. Only takes a few minutes. Super easy where you are crossing the border. Just get in the right lane as your approaching the border. Stay in the right lane and pull in the parking lot about 200 feet after you go under the big sign that says Mexico...
  653. Rufo

    Bahia de los angeles......4/5/6 july..... Daggett's sportfishing

    Muy bien. Mucho jureles = pescadores feliz :) Thanks for the reports. Can't wait to get back to Bahia.
  654. Rufo

    Offshore Bloody Decks 07-03-15

    Great day!! The smile on your sons face put one on mine :)
  655. Rufo

    Baja Road Conditions Too

    Looks like a fun trip. Can't wait to get back there. Nothing like that deep cranking on those yellows. I hooked two big hammerheads in Bahia back in May. First one on 80 braid and 130 leader. Same deal broke off and swam away. Second one on 150 braid and 200 leader. That one came to the boat...
  656. Rufo


    Some fat yellows there. Great report and pics. Thanks
  657. Rufo

    Bahia de los Angeles b.c Daggett's sport fishing report

    Very nice. Looks like weather is perfect.
  658. Rufo

    Fishing Report BoLA --- 6/22 & 23--- Bahía de los Ángles

    Fabi con pescado....professional. Possible proximo capitan :) Jurel y corvina = empeñadas dos sabores!
  659. Rufo


    Drew look right at home with those tuna in his hands. Prob in his belly by now :) Nice job on the pelagics.
  660. Rufo

    Ensenada Report 6-20-2015

    Way to go Jay!!
  661. Rufo

    Good fishing in Bahia de los Angeles b.c

    Hielera llena de peces. No es necesito dije mas!
  662. Rufo


    Thank you for the sunrise puctures. They never get old. Love the toro out of the boat while being pulled out of the water, classic! Did you get the Cabrilla on the coffin nail? BTW, the rod on the rail technique is acceptable for anglers ages 4-94 in Ruffos book of fishing etiquette :)
  663. Rufo

    Fishing in Bahia de Los Angeles on 6-15, 6-16, and 6-17

    Bueno!! Any pics of the baqueta?