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  1. Whalebreath

    Boat neglect drives me nuts, this one takes the cake cake!

    Point taken but not for 6 years running.
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    That's the old sleazebag Dennis Braid remember he's not even 5ft tall so that Dorado while decent sized isn't nearly as big as it appears.
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    Fishing in Mazatlan

    Mazatlan is all about the current if it's good fish are close & reasonably plentiful, if not......
  4. Whalebreath

    200+tons/Billion$ in Gold found in 2 shipwrecks

    That wreck was found back in 2015 and the two other seem to have no connection with it at all-other than the fact it's election time in Colombia.
  5. Whalebreath

    Vintage Yo-Zuri LG16?

    Bought one years ago from a local place that carried a lot of Japanese made tackle/samples & the like- it lasted for two Dorado down in Tobago the screw that holds the wings on wasn't designed very well.
  6. Whalebreath

    sturgeon fishing on the Frasier?

    Here are two top producers I've known for ages.
  7. Whalebreath

    Hair finished into the rod.

    Yes that's exactly what that is.
  8. Whalebreath

    The Hooker Is Back!!

    Available where you shop
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    Downrigger rod Phenix 805 or 806

    This Lamiglas is what works for me here in BC (I like the 9' model) and the Tekota is just about perfect.
  10. Whalebreath

    Panang Curry Halibut

    Welcome Back Patrick!
  11. Whalebreath

    Shooting off my boat in California

    Some cruise ships used to have them on the back deck.
  12. Whalebreath

    Fishing the Wild Coast of Colombia

    IIRC it was February the inshore bite was so/so. You could see where fish populations had been dynamited heavily in the past-schools all exactly the same size- and were only just recovering.
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    Fishing the Wild Coast of Colombia

    A while back just after the area opened up.
  14. Whalebreath

    Fishing the Wild Coast of Colombia

    Well done! I found popping didn't produce all that well and jigging worked with the right lure in my case an old finger sized Luhr-Jensen minnow. I'd love to bridle a couple of those YFT and troll them slow there must be some Marlin around but locals aren't set up for that kind of fishing...
  15. Whalebreath

    Ball bearing swivel failures?

    This is why Corrosion X was invented.
  16. Whalebreath

    Dream lamiglas build! Complete!

    Nicely conceived & executed-a classic look-one of the few split grips I'd actually consider owning.
  17. Whalebreath

    Are we at the pinnacle of reel/rod technology?

    Didn't someone lose his job because he said that out loud?
  18. Whalebreath

    What bite mark is this 2005. 182 area

    Seals have a helluva lotta blood in them-a friend told me that.....
  19. Whalebreath

    Rabid Peluso reel

    Maybe try asking here
  20. Whalebreath

    Watch out! Can an 8 ton Orca Jump 20 feet????

    The pod you want is hanging around the southern Strait of Georgia these days-and as you can see some days they hang out right in downtown Vancouver all kinds of Seals & Sea Lions on the menu so they don't have to swim too far or too fast; also they're having babies like crazy.
  21. Whalebreath

    OLD penn senator 9/0 help

    Quite agree but be prepared to pay a premium those old US made units hold their value.
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    Posted like an ignorant hillbilly idiot-Thanks for answering to type.
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    That makes no sense at all.
  24. Whalebreath

    Brand new rod eyelet ring is gone !?

    Prices where you live are a little nutty it's $C8 here in Vancouver and has been for ages.
  25. Whalebreath

    News From Clipperton-Shipwreck

    Papeete is on Tahiti - Clipperton is rather far from there.
  26. Whalebreath

    Cabo charters cash only?

    'Effectivo' as it's called in Spanish.
  27. Whalebreath

    Salmon Mooching

    Ancient bullshit.
  28. Whalebreath

    Is Aliexpress legit?

    As mentioned upthread many times for minor items and never any issue except slow delivery-much more satisfaction than paying lowlife scumbag Amazon thieves.
  29. Whalebreath

    Campbell River Advice

  30. Whalebreath

    A Freelance story

    Too bad they never caught more fish if they'd have phoned I could have told them there's usually damned little for live bait Cali-style south of Zihuatanejo and I mean all the way down to Ecuador-a person has to change their tactics and change again.
  31. Whalebreath

    A Freelance story

    Very few Wahoo as you head south along the Oaxaca coast when I was there in the early 90's local pangeros didn't know what a Wahoo was-lotsa YFT though.
  32. Whalebreath

    Bluefin with 8" hole caught in NH

    Point taken maybe a Marlin of over 1,000#
  33. Whalebreath

    Bluefin with 8" hole caught in NH

  34. Whalebreath

    Uruguay offshore

    Corbina, Catfish & Snoek inshore I dunno about offshore it's pretty far south for much of that kind of action-I have seen party boats out of Buenos Aires.
  35. Whalebreath

    5 Laws of fishing cattle boat etiquette

    Why does that guy have to sound like such an idiot?
  36. Whalebreath

    Refinishing Hard Plastic Lures

    The issue is that the stuff that takes off the paint also buggers up the integrity of the plastic-at least the stuff I used to use did.
  37. Whalebreath

    Choosing CA King Salmon Downrigger Blank

    Lots of info from knowledgeable people here
  38. Whalebreath

    Choosing CA King Salmon Downrigger Blank

    Heavier blank needed for downrigging to jerk that line out of the clip.
  39. Whalebreath

    Line strength for river silver salmon?

    Coho will hit at just about anything small spoons wiggling in the current, spinners in all colours and bits of antron yarn drifted under a float (my favourite)-various plastics fished under a float work well too anything that wiggles usually. As mentioned the Shimano 300 is lots (I use a 400...
  40. Whalebreath

    Best source/ brand to buy Rod blanks
  41. Whalebreath

    Newbies on Silver Salmon next August

    "Are there bugs to think about? (My wife HATES mosquitoes.)" Too cold at night at that time for mozzies maybe the occasional horsefly or wasp-maybe.
  42. Whalebreath

    2/4/22 Kona Report

    In terms of fishing with Jeff the first thing I'd ask him was 'What's biting' and if he said Blacktip Sharks I'd say 'let's give it a try'-I'm after action and he knows the local cycles.
  43. Whalebreath

    Gently persuading a porch pirate

    Of course it's a phony but people are stupid look at all the asswipes on this forum going 'Hubba, Hubba, Hubba'
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    Amazon mouse trap fishing

    She's Thai and the commentator speaks English with a Thai accent.
  45. Whalebreath

    Amazon mouse trap fishing

    That's For Sure not the Amazon not even close-why are people on BD so ignorant & gullible?
  46. Whalebreath

    ADA/Wheelchair-Bound anglers

    Some real challenges inside some houses in Mexico-a buddy of mine is wheelchair bound and carefully plots out the whole plan of where he's staying/has been there many times but (once he has a few drinks) knows how dangerous even one of those 2" drops Mexicans like to put in floor plans can be to...
  47. Whalebreath

    best online tackle stores
  48. Whalebreath

    Any downrigger hints for Baja....?

    Even back in the 80's Mexican pangeros used a 'submarino' 40' of Tuna cord and a 10# lead ball to fish live bait attached with a clothespin.
  49. Whalebreath

    Fishing Osa Costa Rica

    Better food in Hawaii.
  50. Whalebreath

    Massive Sunfish spotted by Paddlers off Laguna Beach
  51. Whalebreath

    Massive Sunfish spotted by Paddlers off Laguna Beach

    We even have them here in BC-inshore & offshore.
  52. Whalebreath

    Costa Rica, shore fishing.

    No because of the swell- lots of people who fish the Pacific side from shore seem to come from places where there is little to no swell at all and it's caused some tragedies.
  53. Whalebreath

    Islands Deadhead

    I saw a car that colour this morning first one ever.
  54. Whalebreath

    Video rendering of the new Feral

    That's what I was wondering about.
  55. Whalebreath

    Northern Wisconsin Fishing

    If there are Crayfish around a simple Minnow trap baited with bread will catch them as well-if not right off your dock then look for a small creek.
  56. Whalebreath

    Didn't Know They Have Sockeye in New Zealand- 16.5# Caught in Freshwater

    Just a message on Reddit little info available but here's a pic Sockeye salmon create autumn spectacle The Mackenzie Country has a new autumn tourist attraction, with a spectacular run of sockeye salmon heading up the region’s rivers to spawn.
  57. Whalebreath


    I follow Ed Kunze's reports such as they are-little effort/next to no visiting fishermen means little results. For sure fish are there but like a lot of places on the Pacific coast this year water has been relatively cold and that hasn't helped.
  58. Whalebreath

    Inshore Headed to Puerto Escondido in December

    Yes a few months back some poor bastard had his neck snapped at Playa Zicatela. RIP
  59. Whalebreath

    Lack of albacore

    There were lots of Albacore off the NW coast of Vancouver Island all season-bigguns too.
  60. Whalebreath

    What's this thing called

    $12.95 each? WTF?
  61. Whalebreath

    Legality of "splashing" a 24 Open?

    If the boats are no longer produced there's no one to sue you-and if the copies are sold in another country that's where any prospective legal action would have to be taken.
  62. Whalebreath

    Vintage Fenwick Blanks- Values?

    The Yellow glass rods used to be popular in the British Columbia Salmon fishery 60's, 70's, 80's, but bring little money today.
  63. Whalebreath

    Inshore Headed to Puerto Escondido in December

    There are three (3) Puertos Escondidos on the Pacific coast of Mexico-which one?
  64. Whalebreath

    Allied Boats 30’ Wildcat #2 on the books for 2023

    Call it '29 Rod Holders' let people know how serious you are!
  65. Whalebreath

    Sportfisher charter recommendations
  66. Whalebreath

    San Jose Del Cabo

    I can't understand that I've caught them on 25#-using literally Salmon fishing tackle-and had them to the boat in 20 minutes.
  67. Whalebreath

    Scotty brake handle

    Call Scotty they'll ship you one.
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  69. Whalebreath

    Picky Tuna - What to Do? Albacore, PNW Only

    There are all kinds of small swimbaits with leadheads & stout hooks on the market
  70. Whalebreath

    The crew…

    If I paid what you guys are paying per day no one and I mean No One would ever raise their voice to me; if they did I'd have a quiet word with the Captain and that would be settled right there.
  71. Whalebreath

    Interesting Development with BC Ferries-of interest to those thinking of trailering to Vancouver Island next season BC Ferries is just dipping a toe in the water for now but if you're thinking of trailering over next year keep your eye on the schedule it might be...
  72. Whalebreath

    But is was a brand new reel...

    Well posted Mark! I'm not quite as thorough as you but I have faithfully plugged away with a similar routine on my Shimano TLD's for ages-last I was in the Caribbean I mentioned to my guide how old the reels were he said 'I thought they were brand new'.
  73. Whalebreath

    Tarpon in the Pacific?

    Pike are caught in brackish water the Baltic Sea.
  74. Whalebreath

    Tarpon in the Pacific?

    They've spread as far south as Bahia Solano in Colombia
  75. Whalebreath

    ambassadaur repair
  76. Whalebreath

    Winona reels

    Old style river fishing reels-Heddon gear was quite popular back in the day
  77. Whalebreath

    Cedar Plug upgrades - what ya got?

    Sometime heavier leader (200#) can help with twist- that and a good ball bearing swivel.
  78. Whalebreath

    Saltwater WP (no) tuna report 8/5

    Lots of those off Vancouver Island.
  79. Whalebreath

    Atlantic Cod vs Pacific Cos
  80. Whalebreath

    Fishing Charter on the big island of Hawaii Jeff Rogers has posted here for years-no bee ess just straight info
  81. Whalebreath

    Stash of Daiwa Saltiga SK Jigs Found Online

    Jigs arrived today all in good order-'potato quality' pic but Salmon don't care about pics
  82. Whalebreath

    Glow in the dark jig - Strontium Aluminate - experiment

    I've had very little luck with Blue or Purple-Yellow (Chartreuse)/White are the colours that bring action.
  83. Whalebreath

    Last years Fresh off the boat Westport tuna prices

    I've spent months fishing in Fijian waters and never seen an Albacore nor have I ever met a Fijian who caught one or even knew what Albacore was-the ocean there is the temperature of bathwater lots of Skipjack some with white meat but they ain't Albies.
  84. Whalebreath

    BIG butt caps?

    Yes Fuji used to make a 32 I have one here in front of me it's old stock from a local shop who's business is dying.
  85. Whalebreath

    Post your favorite Slow Pitch Pictures

    Impressed by those African Pompano! 8-)
  86. Whalebreath

    40 Days until ICAST 2021!!!

    American Tackle always has the nice toys gear
  87. Whalebreath

    Stash of Daiwa Saltiga SK Jigs Found Online Some where in Spain I've been doing business with them for over 5 years now like all European sources not the cheapest but shipping is fast & easy why not have a look.
  88. Whalebreath

    JBAKER Conventional reels

    Don't expect much the last 3 'mints' sat on the For Sale board for months.
  89. Whalebreath


    Cali googans are so fucking stupid it's not even funny.
  90. Whalebreath


    Victoria Island is a chunk of frozen rock in the Arctic Ocean. You might want to check the status of the border closure it's not changing any time soon.
  91. Whalebreath

    Offshore Polaris Supreme Epic Bite 5-25-2021

    You guys don't know the difference between a Seal & a Sea Lion?
  92. Whalebreath

    Ebing: a Japanese Commercial Jigging Technique

    There was a thread about it a few months back.
  93. Whalebreath

    New Style Fuji Guide Layout

    I've been buying some older (late70's into 80's) Salmon trolling rods and it's interesting to see how few guides builders used then-and these are brand name rods what passed for 'high end' back in the day. The thing is Salmon don't pull that hard so there's no need to change anything especially...
  94. Whalebreath

    A couple days in La Paz

    You're not kidding!
  95. Whalebreath

    Calstar GF800ML is five inches short and has big oversized guides

    Sounds like it's made for casting live bait to cruising fish.
  96. Whalebreath

    Stainless Steel Guides and Braided Lines?

    In the early days there were some Kevlar based 'super lines' that caused issues maybe that was with chrome covered stainless as mentioned upthread but those products are long gone from the market-modern spectra fiber is so slick it's hard to imagine it causing problems.
  97. Whalebreath


    I remember when those were in development some people doubted they'd ever get to market- glad to see they made it and are having some success.
  98. Whalebreath

    Glow in the dark lures.

    The good glo tape has Strontium Aluminate in it I use it for Salmon lures it lasts for hours.
  99. Whalebreath

    Scam website?

    LOL-Just ran across another one 'selling' the Shimano Tekota 300 for $C85!
  100. Whalebreath

    Scam website?

    ^ this. Shimano are the sharpest in the tackle business that way-ask Charkbait about it.
  101. Whalebreath

    Scam website?

    It's a variation on a scam I've seen a number of times I can tell because they always have Shimano Tekotas for less than half price-which never happens in the real world. I actually ordered something from one of these operations last year they never delivered anything and my CC was never...
  102. Whalebreath

    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Bass is good in Tempura batter-better than most people think.
  103. Whalebreath

    Kona Fishing Charters in July - Kid Friendly

    Yes and he posts about Kona bottomfishing all the time.
  104. Whalebreath

    Mystery roller tip..?

    Vintage wire line rod tip top no idea who made them though.
  105. Whalebreath

    Indications of Intruders

  106. Whalebreath

    Offshore anyone have an update on Mazatlan fishing?

    In that place it all depends on local currents which change all the time-pick a nice weather day and Go.
  107. Whalebreath

    Best Customer Service - Which Reel Manufacturer?

    Shimano many times over too many to post about.
  108. Whalebreath

    Guatemala Info Please

    It's possible but prices are stupid high from somewhere locals got the idea that a regular panga is worth $400+/day.
  109. Whalebreath

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Well remote linking still works anyway.
  110. Whalebreath


    Lou's been around a while and he knows how to stir 'em up!
  111. Whalebreath


    You have to carefully uncheck each box and also the bullshit Push Notifications master switch has to be thrown.
  112. Whalebreath


    I went to preferences after clicking on my handle and disabled a bunch of that shit we'll see if that works.
  113. Whalebreath

  114. Whalebreath

    Overnight/Multiday Safety and Bedbugs.....

    No that's the problem-people are bringing buggy bedding from home and don't know it & the boat management are too clueless to figure it out.
  115. Whalebreath

    Tuna Crab plastics?

    Do they work?
  116. Whalebreath

    Weird looking aluminum cat

    That noisy wake would make trolling for Tuna difficult not impossible but a PITA.
  117. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Swordfish?

    Take a glo 12" Moldcraft squid and stuff it with the real thing all chopped up-pin it on a 12/0 hook and drop it down a couple hundred feet-repeat as needed.
  118. Whalebreath

    '64 Garcia Ambassadeur 8000

    Maybe some info here certainly posters on that board would like a look
  119. Whalebreath

    Help with a travel spinning rod base please!! Will pay $50 for a solution that works!!

    FWIW-the carbon fibre wrap as mentioned is So Tough I've seen it used to repair mountain bike frames.
  120. Whalebreath

    Blue marlin lure ID

    Old Sadu lure not the new ones.
  121. Whalebreath

    Costa Rica, shore fishing.

    My friend every rime someone asks about fishing from shore in CR I post the the same thing.... Do Not Turn Your Back on the Ocean.
  122. Whalebreath

    Trolling With Circles

    People here in BC use them for Salmon trolling artificials (much much slower than Marlin) I've started to bend in hook points quite radically for same.
  123. Whalebreath

    Westport's newest Captin on Float 12

    Soon she'll start clearing the float like the little fellow as shown.
  124. Whalebreath

    Tuna Fishing Co-op

    Oh Boy......
  125. Whalebreath

    Salish Sea Killer Whales Have a Surprising New Way of Hunting

    It's all good boys 'n girls a dead Seal is a good Seal
  126. Whalebreath

    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    Didn't one of the older LR boats go to Panama one year? Results were so/so IIRC.
  127. Whalebreath

    Free Manual Penn Downriggers

    Best manuals ever made!
  128. Whalebreath

    Many Rapala (magnum) 20

    Haven't see that Orange & Black colour around for some time now it used to slay around reefs in the South Pacific.
  129. Whalebreath

    Port Hardy BC Halibut 'Poisson Yassa'-a traditional Senegalese recipe ... ish-yassa/ ½ cup peanut oil (or any cooking oil) 4 (or more!) onions, cut up 8 tbsp lemon juice 1 bay leaf 4 garlic cloves, minced 6 tbsp cider vinegar or white vinegar (optional) 2 tbsp Dijon mustard (optional) 2 tablespoons Maggi® sauce (or...
  130. Whalebreath

    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    Clip the top of the bait's tail just enough to impair it's forward gear.
  131. Whalebreath

    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    Try leaving the double wide for a change.
  132. Whalebreath

    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    I've used a 'submarino' as they're called for dragging live bait there's no legal issue involved.
  133. Whalebreath

    Salmon plugs mostly Tomic $50 obo

    Helluva deal for somebody!
  134. Whalebreath


    You do have an eye for colour.
  135. Whalebreath

    Small heavy frame reels - What’s the point?

    Lasts a lot longer under the heavy strain.
  136. Whalebreath

    Want to catch a swordy?

    Interesting to hear about all the different food found in Swordfish stomachs in both places-I was reminded of a few years back when a Florida caught fish was found to have the head of an Atlantic Salmon in it's guts
  137. Whalebreath

    Any guides NOT made in China?

    Buddy I live in a city where 40+% of the population is Chinese and that kind of shit has been common knowledge for a long long time-I could go on & on but have to work early tomorrow.
  138. Whalebreath

    Any guides NOT made in China?

    Yes I remember that too and it's hard to tell younger people that-their eyes glaze over.
  139. Whalebreath

    Pair of Seeker 270-8 salmon rods

    So how much? :confused:
  140. Whalebreath

    Your vote matters...look inside

    No doubt a creative person could combine some of those shades into something attractive but as mentioned upthread give it a little wear add some dried salt and it'll look washed out & bland.
  141. Whalebreath

    Your vote matters...look inside

    Black, always black.
  142. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Swordfish?

    No. That Never Happened. Willie Mitchell caught a daytime sword in Florida a few years back as linked
  143. Whalebreath

    Dogtooth Tuna

    LAX to NAD then a short flight to Port Vila-not easy these days but that will change.
  144. Whalebreath

    Dogtooth Tuna

    They make great Sashimi as shown-this was a Tongan fish who hit a YoZuri plug.
  145. Whalebreath

    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    That's Good News!
  146. Whalebreath

    Advice for Bank Fishing Los Barriles area Dec 7-Jan 17.

    Just about any rattlin' crankbait especially in low light conditions. Just be sure to have a pair of pliers to hand since whatever grabs it is likely to have mouthful of fangs. If the waves are up try putting one of your floating plugs on the back of incoming waves maybe because they can see...
  147. Whalebreath

    Dolphin Motel Update with Photos

    No balconies?
  148. Whalebreath

    Large lot of big trolling feathers. Looking for pricing advice.

    $10 each for the lures $20 for the used Blue Water bag (I have the same one it'll last forever)
  149. Whalebreath

    Mangrove Snapper Peruvian Ceviche!

    That guy needs to learn how to sharpen a knife- the video is downright embarrassing.
  150. Whalebreath

    Where To Take The Family And Fish In CR?

    Quepos-lots of infrastructure/facilities/attractions - a short drive from San Jose
  151. Whalebreath

    Fly Fishing Rod Holders?

    Any of these work?
  152. Whalebreath

    Eating Amberjack Roe

    Make a dip with the rest maybe?
  153. Whalebreath

    Chum Salmon Trip Campbell River

    Still paying dividends!
  154. Whalebreath

    Where has Alan Tani's web site gone to?

    ¡Aqui tambien!
  155. Whalebreath

    Chum Salmon Trip Campbell River

    Fished Brown's Bay & environs Thursday & Friday-seiners vacuumed the place pretty much clean hit three fish Thurs & nothing Friday even quit early as the water was empty not a jumper to be seen and next to nothing on the sounder. A few pics Sunrise over the mainland Some people live right...
  156. Whalebreath

    Gorgeous day catching Haddock in the Gulf of Maine

    Speaking of the 70's single speed Penns w/mono on fibreglas rods.
  157. Whalebreath

    Thrashers or Calstars

    Roger that!
  158. Whalebreath

    Thrashers or Calstars

    When I click on it takes me to Tee shirts. Where is this 'options' function?
  159. Whalebreath

    Double Ooops

    We see it all the time on the beaches right in downtown Vancouver-the wrecks/hulks that pass for 'homeless housing/drug dens' regularly wash right up after heavy westerlies.
  160. Whalebreath

    Thrashers or Calstars

    No finished rods for sale on the site so I guess they've settled that issue.
  161. Whalebreath

    10/12/2020 Dinner- Rockfish Moqueca

    Bit of a late start for lunch so I guess this was dinner-local Garlic, local Habaneros (20 cents worth), fish from Vancouver Island. Onion & Roma Tomatoes simmering in EVOO Vermilion Rockfish marinating in Lime, Habanero & grated Garlic Almost there just added the fish and some Coconut...
  162. Whalebreath

    Brazilian Seafood Stew

    I made Moqueca today with Vermilion Rockfish.
  163. Whalebreath

    Gaff with 4” Winthrop Hook

    Does it float?
  164. Whalebreath


    Finally someone who's workbench looks worse than mine!
  165. Whalebreath

    Loreto, MX – Baja’s Natural Jewel

    It's been that way for over 24hrs and no one bothered to say so-probably because no one here gives a shit about badly written advertisements.
  166. Whalebreath

    Saltwater No Anchovies @ Westport

    I've caught Albacore on small Herring out of Westport but it was more or less an accident it was mixed up with a big tank of Anchovies I grabbed it/pinned it one/threw it over & BAM! YMMV
  167. Whalebreath

    Shogun - Police

    Well written-no mealy mouthed corporate ass covering bullshit just the facts.
  168. Whalebreath

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Thanks to everyone for all the great info here I've bookmarked every product recommended. FWIW-I know an ex-commercial fishermen who guides on the west coast of Vancouver Island he always has a spray bottle of clorox bleach at hand and uses it regularly.
  169. Whalebreath

    Offshore Sci Supercow 9/3

    Fish of a lifetime! 8-)
  170. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Tuna a tuna, Tuna Everywhere

    Look at that hog on the lower left!
  171. Whalebreath

    Random Pics from Recent Quatsino Sound BC trip/NW Coast Vancouver Island

    Kagoah Lodge Quatsino Sound BC Before After Local Lad The boat Brekkie Sunrise 05:30 Wild hippies camped on beach-best not to approach them too close they can be unpredictable The Outside Inside conditions At last On the job Evening's rest AM...
  172. Whalebreath

    Time to show your skills... 2021 International Rod Building Challenge

    Give the judges some credit they know what they're looking at and how it's done.
  173. Whalebreath

    Port Hardy BC Salmon Fishing July 2020

    Yes I just did today- Thanks for the offer though.
  174. Whalebreath

    We Want To Hear Your Thoughts – BD Survey

    That's because they don't really give a shit what anyone thinks-never did/never will.
  175. Whalebreath

    Newell C533-5.5 Minty

    Honolulu Craigslist is the place for better Newell prices-or was.
  176. Whalebreath

    Measuring Tip Top Guide Size/Broken Rod

    Here in the city there are only a few left and those are marginal overpriced operations-travelling by bicycle out to distant suburbs with a broken piece of fishing rod in hand is So not going to happen.
  177. Whalebreath

    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    Another video about minimising waste
  178. Whalebreath

    Measuring Tip Top Guide Size/Broken Rod

    So how does someone who doesn't own a micrometer measure the size of a broken rod in order to pop on a new tip top guide? No old guides around to try it on and I have to order it online for various reasons. It'a Lamiglas fibreglass downrigger rod CG90DR I left a question on their site but...
  179. Whalebreath


    This same old idiotic bullshit has been posted here for years-always a 'small technical glitch' always 'a minor issue' and yet....No Goods Ever. If you want a US made Wahoo lure then have a look.
  180. Whalebreath

    Albacore Tuna Lures

    These don't work in SoCal?
  181. Whalebreath

    Port Hardy BC Salmon Fishing July 2020

    Headed north to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island thereto catch many dozens of scrappy Coho Salmon-the lodge wasn't much but the action was fast & furious and the countryside beautiful-not much time to take pics here are just a few. Every road trip should start with a tasty greasy meal Double...
  182. Whalebreath

    Salmon Gear for sale

    Those Ace High Flies are murder.
  183. Whalebreath

    Triple fish mono

    It used to be common here in Canada I used the higher pound tests for bottom fish rigs and some Tuna/Marlin stuff for Mexico it's decent/never had any complaints just because it was cheaper didn't mean it was inferior.
  184. Whalebreath

    Does anyone know anything about this rod?!?

    I have one much the same-what can I say it's made by Zebco!
  185. Whalebreath


    Yet another outbreak of stupid on BD-the gubmint should do something!
  186. Whalebreath

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    Holy shit! Wouldn't have believed it without the pics. A terrible development on so many levels.
  187. Whalebreath

    Lure Identification 01

    The long vintage Kona head has the look of a Koga (or something similar), the pointy things are old Moldcrafts-none of it is worth much at all.
  188. Whalebreath

    Calstar grease Shimano TLD15 felt drags?

    Felt or canvas? I remember canvas in mine.
  189. Whalebreath

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    There's no rocket science involved in retrieving a lipped plug-reel it in until it's 4 feet from the rod tip and lift straight up. Do Not slingshot it into the boat-OK? If you're getting plugs in the head/face/arms it's because you are a stupid fuck. That is all.
  190. Whalebreath

    Freshwater Shad fishing on the big C

    Must be a helluva big run this year we're even seeing them here in the Strait of Georgia-not rare but not common either don't know if they spawn locally at all.
  191. Whalebreath

    BC fishing?

    I live in Vancouver and am in a similar situation so have booked a 5 day trip out of Port Hardy with Duval Point Lodge It's a bed, a boat and you're on your own-catch your own fish cook your own meals keep your own hours-did it a few times in the distant past and did OK. I'm also looking for...
  192. Whalebreath

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    That's the $4,000,000 question- those operations are going to need seriously deep pockets to stay closed for a year with no revenue.
  193. Whalebreath

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    Too much death & disease in the USA to open the border-hard words but true-see you next year maybe.
  194. Whalebreath

    43 Donelle

    How does it handle west coast swell?
  195. Whalebreath

    Feedback on "Beyond Braid"

    Looks like the same cheap Chinese made shit that's even cheaper on EBay. 'Ships from Miami'=BFD.
  196. Whalebreath

    Long Range Sea Lion

    Those ratbags are all over the BC coast and that means they are all over SE Alaska. In fact one favourite haul out spot of theirs on the north end of Langara Island has a lovely view of the mainland to the east.
  197. Whalebreath

    Offshore Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    LOL man those people are brilliant!
  198. Whalebreath

    Huge white plane over LB thurs

    There was a Antonov 225 in Anchorage maybe it headed south for a working vacation. Also a giant Airbus A380 here in Vancouver being used for freight it's only a short hop to SoCal for something like that.
  199. Whalebreath

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Much like Newell reels when they first started to become scarce and now there's so much choice at that price point they've faded into the background 'thereto remain forevermore'.
  200. Whalebreath

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Large percentage of unobtainium.
  201. Whalebreath

    Scottie Downrigger

    Just because it's used doesn't mean they don't want it to work for you-give them a call they're a great bunch.
  202. Whalebreath

    Newell 546 454

    deleted because all sold
  203. Whalebreath


    something....something Sealion propaganda/bee ess
  204. Whalebreath

    4/10 Rubbish Kaneohe side

    Real Hawaiian lures!
  205. Whalebreath

    Sending reels to accurate

    What did they say when you phoned & asked? Curious mind wants to know.
  206. Whalebreath

    One and a half that got away

    I saw one that big in the South Pacific just off Vava'u island in Tonga. My captain had worked for the international Tuna commission for decades it was the biggest Shark he ever saw estimated by him to be 1,000 kg minimum. No photos we just stood there with our mouths open as it slipped away.....
  207. Whalebreath

    Some good Puget Sound news - massive herring spawn

    If that's the case then small spoon will be the ticket this summer-3" usually does the job.
  208. Whalebreath

    Freshwater bass tackle useful in Saltwater?

    It's important to rinse the living hell out of everything as soon as you get home. With reels tighten down the drag rinse then loosen the drag and leave in a warm dry place.
  209. Whalebreath

    Fiji - Malolo Island - Namotu Island Fishing Charter questions.

    As you can see from this old pic it's a rough place to be a fish the Bonito who grabbed the B&W Zuker was in turn grabbed by a GT and that's all she wrote.
  210. Whalebreath

    Fiji - Malolo Island - Namotu Island Fishing Charter questions.

    I've never fished stickbaits there just poppers & jigs.
  211. Whalebreath


    The Osunas post here regularly about their success-being local for generations no doubt helps to qualify for a Tres Maria permit.
  212. Whalebreath

    Fiji - Malolo Island - Namotu Island Fishing Charter questions.

    I haven't fished that part of Fiji but one thing that's unique about the place is how clear the water can be-expect trolling lures to be way back in another area code altogether (!) So in terms of poppers you get a lot of follows but not a lot of strikes unless the wind is up and the water a...
  213. Whalebreath

    BC saltwater (MA121) license dealer?

    Bass Pro in Tsawwassen sells licences-less than 10 minutes from the border.
  214. Whalebreath


    Part of the confusion here is from the terrible 'writing style' used by whoever put up the RS reports.
  215. Whalebreath

    Sea lion in the woods!?!?

    That I'd like to see!
  216. Whalebreath

    What is this troller

    The smaller sizes work quite well for Lingcod if you're in their neighbourhood.
  217. Whalebreath

    Advice for Costa Rica?

    Watch the swell it's sneaky and can be huge-you've got the fishing gear you need.
  218. Whalebreath

    Downrigger Upgrade

    I'm sure everyone would like to see an honest (unpaid) review of that all metal unit after several months of hard use.
  219. Whalebreath

    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

    Buddhists at it again!
  220. Whalebreath

    Renting a car in Cabo and tackle tips

    With taxis it's standard procedure to ask the fare before getting in and staff at your hotel can give you an idea too; also if it's early in the AM the fare goes up a little that's standard all over the country. No need to tip Mexicans never do.
  221. Whalebreath

    Downrigger Upgrade

    Penn was/is the Best manual ever designed there's never been any doubt about that.
  222. Whalebreath

    Archer spreader bars, Lure Making and Rod Making

    There are much better spreader bars on the market now than Archer's product.
  223. Whalebreath

    Best fishing in March?

    Not the west coast-there's often a colder current that appears along that coast and puts fishing off.
  224. Whalebreath

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This place is So Fucking Ugly these days it looks like 1998 all over again-frames FFS.
  225. Whalebreath

    Cant post up any pictures!

    Your chronic inability to see past your crooked runny nose clouds your memory-in fact I was the first person on this thread to actually put up a picture-of actual fishing not idiocy as per your SOP.
  226. Whalebreath

    Cant post up any pictures!

    Well if only we had your sainted guidance here more often on the forum we deprived even destitute types would be elevated not to sainthood but something closer to heaven. We Wait, Hope & Pray for counselling Your Fatheadedness. Yes as mentioned it's a POFS that's why posters have deserted...
  227. Whalebreath

    Cant post up any pictures!

    Well that was easy from my computer but the pic is too small and that's supposed to be the 'full sized' version. Everything about this new setup is pretty much a fucking mess that's why so few people bother with the place anymore. Well that was easy fr
  228. Whalebreath

    Trolling with Handlines

    When 'budget fishing' use two clones on the same leader-gives you a larger profile and the lure will run a little deeper.
  229. Whalebreath

    Ucluelet BC in July

    Last year this guy was working out of Bamfield just across the bay-outstanding operation and a helluva fisherman & nice guy
  230. Whalebreath

    Cabo Inshore Bonanza 1/23

    ¡Mas Sabroso!
  231. Whalebreath

    Trolling with Handlines

    Used them a bunch in Fiji-you'll get a helluva workout with any YFT over 30#-and a lotta laughs.
  232. Whalebreath

    Need Help Shore/Surf Cabo, Mazatlan & PV

    They're three very different places in terms of fishing from shore.
  233. Whalebreath

    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    Yes it's been years since Mexicans had to scramble for tackle their stores are full now-the economy has been booming for decades.
  234. Whalebreath

    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    If shore fishing is important then look to Bucerias or Crux de Huanacaxtle.
  235. Whalebreath

    372 Super Cow caught on lower banks.

    Looking at the size of that woman that Tuna weighs 3x what she does-obviously applied physics and mental tenacity won the day.
  236. Whalebreath

    Ahi Assault Diamond Jig Glow lost it's glow?

    Easy to find online & relatively cheap.
  237. Whalebreath


    Great report-Thanks for posting!
  238. Whalebreath

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    Are you short? Is your wife short? Because both the couples I know who did it were 'vertically challenged' one wife was Japanese and one Mexican. Neither lasted past 4 or so years but I gather it was fun while it lasted. edit-one of the funniest things I ever saw when I worked in marine...
  239. Whalebreath

    Howe Sound

    It's all on
  240. Whalebreath

    April and May fishing for tuna

    There's sometime colder water all along the Mexican Pacific coast in April I know it can queer the Sailfish bite- no idea about May.
  241. Whalebreath

    Deal or No Deal?

    I never looked close at the ad and thought it was a good deal for $199.00
  242. Whalebreath

    Huge skipjacks East End Catalina

    Interesting-packs of those larger units are found in many places in the South Pacific.
  243. Whalebreath

    Tuna on whales?

  244. Whalebreath

    Tuna on whales?

    Hey it's your country and your shitty attitude toward protected marine mammals- fill your boots redneck.
  245. Whalebreath

    Tuna on whales?

    That'll get you busted where I live-lots of other places too.
  246. Whalebreath

    Donnmar Pliers – Its All About Owning The Right Tools

    When Donmar first started I paid $45 for AFAICT a pair Checkpoint 850's and they have lasted 25+ years always in saltwater and a half dozen different countries-never any issues. Today the same or similar model retails for 4x as much and for that price I wouldn't touch them with a gun to my...
  247. Whalebreath

    yellowtail jigging and popping in Korea

    Great fishing & great meals!
  248. Whalebreath

    Classic fried fish recipe | can it handle fresh carp we caught in US?

    I've had farmed Carp from India that was delicious but the crazy sharp curved rib bones were unlike anything you ever saw from a fish-they give you a dish just for the bones- yet you can tell that fileting that fish to 'clean it up' would destroy the filet it tastes great on the bone and that...
  249. Whalebreath

    How to legally sell charters in Mexico

    IIRC Yes you need a Mexican citizen with Captain's papers-even if he works as cook or deckhand it's his papers that make the show legal. And does he then need to own part of the operation? Not sure about that.
  250. Whalebreath

    Materials that are fluorescent / glow in the dark?

    What you're looking for is material that incorporates Strontium Aluminate. Beads, paint, powder, tape it's all out there none of it cheap probably the powder is the most budget friendly but it needs to be applied to a hot metal surface then cooked in an oven for a while. Just a few...
  251. Whalebreath

    Hotrodding/Improving Reels

    Agreed but don't go near the place for any other reason.
  252. Whalebreath

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    And cleaned using a dull rusty old machete.
  253. Whalebreath

    Unheard of

    Man that website takes me back to the 90's.
  254. Whalebreath

    Hello! Looking for advice and information....

    Braid doesn't deteriorate like mono it should be fine.
  255. Whalebreath

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Outstanding video and Yes there are some monsters there. Any idea what they're feeding on?
  256. Whalebreath

    Yankee Capts The King of Queens 8/19 to 8/22

    Some nice shots of those fish never seen those colours looking so vivid I guess you used a fill-in flash-great work!
  257. Whalebreath

    X Rap Hook Change

    Yeah looks like a Gammi siwash hook. This is the Salmon hook to use if you're headed that way #95170 Rapala, VMC and a lack of others are making hooks like these-haven't tried them yet though.
  258. Whalebreath

    Puerto limo. Coasts rica

    If it's Puerto Limon you're headed to it's not a very appealing place-any offshore action is a very long run. Maybe you could find someone with a panga to hit local beaches for Spanish Mackerel. The town itself is..........well actually it's a suppurating shithole.
  259. Whalebreath

    What kind of baitfish are these?

    These are made in Campbell River, look just like a swimming Saury have fooled many an Albie in BC-trolled or jigged just beef up the hooks & rings.
  260. Whalebreath

    Why modify a Tomic plug?

    Tomics can be touchy-I rigged this bead chain/gammy spoon hook combo thinking it might give it a different look well fish liked it & they hit it -but hookups were few & far between I guess it's time for a regular long point hook.
  261. Whalebreath

    Kenai river sockeye 2019

    Not just more fish but good sized too! :appl:
  262. Whalebreath

    MagBay Wahoo

    A couple great gaff shots there!
  263. Whalebreath


    At that angle it looks like a Tomic 109. Why not email Tomic the pic and see what they say?
  264. Whalebreath

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    As to X Raps it's important to have everyone responsible on the same page when bringing them in-bring them close- leader to the rod tip-then a Straight Lift Up Out of The Water don't let them slingshot into the boat. Easier said than done with some people though and you know your crew best.
  265. Whalebreath


    Check the place has been On Fire.
  266. Whalebreath

    Planning Trip to Quepos, Costa Rica

    That's smart-see things on your own terms.
  267. Whalebreath

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    FWIW-A local reel repair place near me won't work on spinners at all and it says so on his web site he just tells people to 'go buy a new one'.
  268. Whalebreath

    Penn reel service for levermatic?

    For sure there's someone on Tani's website who'll service them
  269. Whalebreath

    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    Not much of a Charkbait fan but I have had them give me the straight goods when trying to buy a reel clamp they figured wouldn't work. EDIT-Reading the website carefully I see the small model does indeed fit Great news for lotsa people!
  270. Whalebreath

    Which swimbaits simulate anchovy

    What about Flying Fish at $35 per?
  271. Whalebreath

    Place to crash at Westport

    You're in the wrong state.....
  272. Whalebreath

    Jet Heads & Spinners

    Helluva deal for somebody! :cheers:
  273. Whalebreath

    Pro-Troll Prochip 8" Flasher Lure Kit @ Costco

    I classify ProTroll as junk because that's what the product is-the shittiest made flasher on the market Source-I used to sell them and they literally fell apart on the shelf. One Guy I met had a great idea his friend had a small commercial troller and they decided to use ProTroll on one side...
  274. Whalebreath

    Alaskan Motel Westport

    That bullshit is all over the place we have it in BC too-10 feet of rain a year and some jackass decides we need to 'save water'-WTH is wrong with this picture?
  275. Whalebreath

    New Shimano Speedmaster II LD 2-Speed

    Nice size for live bait Albacore fishing.
  276. Whalebreath

    Krok or Seastriker swivels

    Without commenting directly on the Sea Striker product I can say with certainty that the 'double ended' swivel is not a new design. I have purchased a similar Chinese made swivel from American Fishing Wire no idea if they're the Brass or Stainless version since I can't access them here but...
  277. Whalebreath

    Plan a billfish safari - every species, one year

    Pacific & Atlantic Sails are the exact same species-they're smaller in the Gulf & the Caribbean but as you head east & south toward the other side of the Atlantic sizes increase significantly. Jeff Rogers who posts here from Kona catches lots of Spearfish in season which I think is just ending.
  278. Whalebreath

    Fishdog jigs

    Outstanding colours!
  279. Whalebreath

    Albino Tuna!

    Appears to be Leucistic
  280. Whalebreath

    Best gutting & filleting knife/knives

    That's some cleaver!
  281. Whalebreath

    Giant Squid run?

    Those big Humboldts are delicious!
  282. Whalebreath

    Did the Vagabond just double their rates?

    That's the hotel business-see it here all the time.
  283. Whalebreath

    Down rigger weight question

    10 pounds minimum 12 to 15 if you have a teenage nephew with arms of steel. Check the cable to see if it's in good shape and post on the Washington state forum for knowledgeable advice.
  284. Whalebreath

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    Beautiful turn of phrase that-downright poetical.
  285. Whalebreath


    The line on that pole is far too long to swing the fish inboard easily.
  286. Whalebreath

    Mustad Acquires Tuf-Line from Western Filament

    Yes some of their mono is surprisingly good stuff-not available here in Canada so I had to order it from Bulgaria (seriously)
  287. Whalebreath

    profile content gone???

    In future this latest bumbling will be seen as the Beginning of the End for BD.
  288. Whalebreath

    Juvenile Great White

    It's carrying a tag of some sort in the dorsal fin.
  289. Whalebreath

    TICA or Shimano

    ^ this
  290. Whalebreath

    Yozuri hybrid line

    I hate that shit. hth
  291. Whalebreath

    Left Turn- Change of Plans---West Coast Vancouver Island

    Butts are hit 'n miss we got lots around Nootka last year but they were all small. Are you flying in? Because rental cars in Canada generally aren't allowed on gravel roads-taking one off road invalidates insurance coverage and the road into Zeballos is an adventure in itself. Of course...
  292. Whalebreath

    Need fishing info for Cancun, Mex. Please

    Catch a taxi down to Playa del Carmen for more options-or see if one of the charter operations there can arrange transportation I know they used to. Anyway that's the place to be.
  293. Whalebreath

    RP - John Collins 16 day trip report

    I remember rolodexes.
  294. Whalebreath

    Sitka Last Minute

    Check for closures before booking-ask some questions and look for straight answers.
  295. Whalebreath

    Thoughts about Fluorescent Paint to Highlight Iron and Troll Lures

    People get glow-in-the dark and UV mixed up. UV is best in low light conditions up high in the water column-GITD is best when bait with Bioluminescsent properties is present-that could be Squid or even some baitfish.
  296. Whalebreath

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    Love the name!
  297. Whalebreath

    Albacore 2019

    Those Velella were all over the BC coast last year-and it was a notably poor year for Albies.
  298. Whalebreath

    Anyone got info on popping in Fiji?

    Yes trolling lures are run so far back most people can't see them it's the only way to get a bite. It's interesting that Tuna aren't afraid of a bird in front of a lure there's lots of seabird life around the reefs.
  299. Whalebreath

    Anyone got info on popping in Fiji?

    Haven't fished poppers at Qamea but have done the shallow island barrier reefs and lagoons as mentioned-fish are definitely interested but the ultra clear water means they're mighty spooky they'll come up/take a swipe and quickly swim back to their hidey hole before something bigger grabs...
  300. Whalebreath

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    Arneson drive-the RCMP boat here uses similar.
  301. Whalebreath

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    What do you use to play that file?
  302. Whalebreath

    BC license info.... Campbell river store

    That's what I thought-the store as linked is a long established tackle/outdoor operation on Vancouver Island/nor is it being sold to Chevron.
  303. Whalebreath

    BC license info.... Campbell river store

    Well posted Tony I see that being fat doesn't mean you can't use Google. But the question remains-why travel all that way for something available so much closer to home? Unlike the washi googans posting here I'm aware that there's a Campbell River on the BC mainland and I have seen a business...
  304. Whalebreath

    BC license info.... Campbell river store

    You drove hundreds of miles and took two expensive ferry rides to buy fishing licences? Or did you hit a store just north of the border?
  305. Whalebreath

    Port Dickson, Malaysia - 4/6/19 - Slow Pitch Jigging

    Queenfish-it says so right on the photo.
  306. Whalebreath

    Fishing in Alaska during April

    There's a guy who posts on Alan Tani's board who does well but it's very weather dependent.
  307. Whalebreath

    Vintage Salmon Gear

    I'd fish those Hootchies for sure.
  308. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Bottom fishing report...Westport

    Probably the biggest Black Rockfish I've ever seen-yet the floor of the boat is paved with squibs.
  309. Whalebreath

    Went Fishing PV last week

    In terms of maintenance-particularly scheduled maintenance I've seen similar in Ecuador-miles offshore in the roiling Humboldt Current an ancient oil filter gives up the ghost so we limp in on one struggling motor. The next day they show us they indeed have a new filter but they don't bother...
  310. Whalebreath

    Alaska Air "tackle box"

    And the closer you are to an airport the more expensive duct tape is-merchants know what they're selling.
  311. Whalebreath

    White Rock, BC

    No I never camp near the city. Crabbing is fabulous right now but will drop off later in the season-males only 6.5" across the back.
  312. Whalebreath

    White Rock, BC

    Mike the two places closest worth trying are off the south end of Bowen Island (aka The Hump) and along the east coast of Vancouver Island less than an hour run from Vancouver area launches-try MacDonald Beach in Richmond or Steveston boat launch both in the Fraser River. Off Bowen 60'-160'...
  313. Whalebreath

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    Yes Tuna are often out there but I've only caught them out of Zihua while trolling standard feathers & daisy chains it's a long haul and most Zihua boats are barely capable of doing it-if super pangas are OK with you it's worth paying the premium for 'mas gasolina'-local cruisers are old & slow...
  314. Whalebreath

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    My own experience is that most Fijian reefs have been hit hard I even heard dynamite being used at night-apparently that's stopped out on the Great Astrolabe Reef near Kadavu. Tongan Dogtooth Sashimi I agree it's unique delicious stuff.
  315. Whalebreath

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    Lots of huge Bigeye out of Salinas in Ecuador but local charters would need to be convinced that Tuna was worth it as is they're all about Marlin.
  316. Whalebreath

    Video - Monster Ledge 250 in New Caledonia

    Video Unavailable this video has been removed by user
  317. Whalebreath

    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    Those were rare as popeshit even before Cousins went out of business.
  318. Whalebreath

    No Sierras this year in South Baja - Pacific Side

    Jansen is The Man he has a store but it's moved since I was there last-has a website too.
  319. Whalebreath

    Beach fishing in Rancho Leoner

    If you're sober enough after dinner trying casting where the resort lights shine onto the water-a rattlin' plug can be quite effective but everything works.
  320. Whalebreath

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    It sure is odd looking, and what is that little cabin for a Kid's playroom?
  321. Whalebreath

    Dispersing a Crowd of Sea Lions the Canadian Way

    Yeah that's over near Hornby Island where the big Herring spawn is on right now. No it's not legal but that's never stopped anyone those fucking things are a plague and a small noise is SFA compared to the spray of lead they usually attract. The pack of commercial boats has to be seen to...
  322. Whalebreath

    Anyone fished out of Chile?

    Well some of the operations use downriggers-tons of info online if you search in Spanish
  323. Whalebreath

    Anyone fished out of Chile?

    Lots of everything-ever heard of a guy from Wenatchee named Clancy? He works out of a lodge there the size of those Spring Salmon has to be seen to be believed.
  324. Whalebreath

    SALAPAR (Rapalas spelled backwards)

    Two are Mirrolures and another is a Yo Zuri-helluva deal for someone.
  325. Whalebreath

    New Salmon Lures

    All by legendary local producer Tomic
  326. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Swordfish?

    If you don't see them sunning/warming up during the day they aren't there at all any time.
  327. Whalebreath

    Parksville, BC - looking for fishing info

    Not much for Halibut on the Inside. Asking on will get you more up to date local info
  328. Whalebreath

    Islas Tres Marias Opening Up as Prison Closes?

    Certainly an interesting development Mexico to close infamous island penal colony Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says he will close a famed island penal colony off the country's Pacific coast By The Associated PressMEXICO CITY — 1h ago Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez...
  329. Whalebreath

    AA Lures Invader

    Words to live & fish by.
  330. Whalebreath

    360Tuna dysfunction

    That site has had 'technical issues' for years and no one seems to give a shit I've heard the same thing about people trying to register at least a dozen times.
  331. Whalebreath

    Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo

    Cabo-hookers 'n blow 24/7. (this is BD after all)
  332. Whalebreath

    "Something new and it's not a Nomad"

    Common in the tackle business.
  333. Whalebreath

    450lbs yellow fin landing on Marlasportfishig

    Not the fish of a lifetime but several lifetimes! Felicitaciones to all involved I'm sure it was a team effort.
  334. Whalebreath

    Roosters - Central America

    I'm thinking of heading to Bahia Solano in early-mid July maybe I'll see you on the water.
  335. Whalebreath

    Roosters - Central America

    Are there none in Bahia Solano? Because I've done well on a flood tide out of Salinas down in Ecuador.
  336. Whalebreath

    Sumbawa , Indonesia : High Fishing Adventure

    Very Cool -Thanks for posting this Brad.
  337. Whalebreath

    New reel for Alaska Salmon fishing, cant decide!

    PS-if you need bait to catch Coho you don't know how to fish.
  338. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Seattle Party Boats?

    In Seattle the term 'party boat' has quite a different meaning.
  339. Whalebreath

    Ixtapa fishing help
  340. Whalebreath

    Queen Charlotte Island
  341. Whalebreath

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    Anyone who would intentionally hurt an animal is capable of doing the same to humans.
  342. Whalebreath

    Tony Pena: RIP

    This is a hard one he was a great educator. RIP
  343. Whalebreath

    Found What I need

    OK this is the other US made operation I was trying to remember
  344. Whalebreath

    tica st reels?

    Not Recommended. Do a search on Alan Tani's forum and you'll see why.
  345. Whalebreath

    Shimano Shimano Reel Covers

    I have a bunch all bought on EBay they were cheap to buy and fast to ship.
  346. Whalebreath

    Found What I need

    I see this outfit bought Cousins skirt making operation (I'm Not Affiliated)
  347. Whalebreath

    Oregon Killing Sea Lions

    Moving in that direction here in BC as well
  348. Whalebreath

    Suggestions for lures for So Cal

    One of each usually does it.
  349. Whalebreath

    Cabo tuna....epic two days!!!

    Beautiful fish/hasn't missed too many meals-until that last one.
  350. Whalebreath

    Surf fishing Costa Rica (Quepos)?

    I'd be Very Careful on those beaches with kids that age-or any age-the swell is sneaky, nasty & can be huge.
  351. Whalebreath

    Cabo Fishing Jan 28th - where can I get on a charter boat?

    Do some searching/see what outfit will do shared charters there are dozen & dozens-you have some emailing to do. Although in then end it might be easier to hire a super panga.
  352. Whalebreath

    $3.1 million tuna

    LOL-wish I knew the Japanese language word for bullshit-someone with that much business experience knows exactly what he's doing and how much he's spending. AND FWIW-those first of the season caught in Japanese waters-are considered the Best there is taste wise- imported product can never...
  353. Whalebreath

    Looks Like the Really Big YFT are in the Caribbean-480#

    The Caribbean fish is definitely heavier in the front end and overall much longer. Anyway you're all forgetting the Ecuadoran Monster.
  354. Whalebreath

    Fishing help San Juan Del Sur, Nica

    Wrong time of year for good fishing.
  355. Whalebreath

    Shimano Calcutta 400D Reel Seat Clamp???

    So who are these people?
  356. Whalebreath

    Looks Like the Really Big YFT are in the Caribbean-480#

    Surprised you YFT fans haven't seen this thread about the world record YFT taken in the DR. Of course spear fishing is against your religion but still
  357. Whalebreath

    481 YFT Casa De Campo

    How old would a fish that size be?
  358. Whalebreath

    Tulum and Belize options in mid April.

    Wait and hit the boats on the beach upon arrival/talk to the people you'll actually be fishing with-no agents or pimps
  359. Whalebreath

    daytime swordfishing

    Roger-this is the Florida forum.
  360. Whalebreath

    Excel 16 day

    Great pics!
  361. Whalebreath

    El Salvador Fishing Recommendations

    If you're on Facebook contact Paco Saca he knows the scene there inside out.
  362. Whalebreath

    Awesome Albie Fishing Off NJ

    Basically inedible.
  363. Whalebreath

    Westport charter questions

    Visited Westport for the first time in decades this past summer-walking the docks I was impressed with the nice looking 6 packs available since I was sort of scouting for next year-I want to go again with friends and I know they won't go for a slow old boat. Looking at the state of business...
  364. Whalebreath

    Stamped Mako Tails

    I'm Old School-Chupacabra.
  365. Whalebreath

    Alberta Deer

    OK they're all showing now maybe it was something to do with this site. Looks cold in any case.
  366. Whalebreath

    Alberta Deer

    Images aren't showing.
  367. Whalebreath

    another dead furbag...

    Dead is good!
  368. Whalebreath

    Any good fishing deals for Black Friday?

    Meltons is 15% off everything bought online.
  369. Whalebreath

    painter pole outriggers

    Bamboo is cheaper works just as well.
  370. Whalebreath

    DR Clips...

    You know you can buy new pads for the end right?
  371. Whalebreath

    Atlantis trolling rod

    Definitely a Sabre look to it.
  372. Whalebreath

    Tofino or Ucluelet??

    Mexicans chased him out.
  373. Whalebreath

    Drone with release clip for fishing line.

    Some use a half cut off hook attached to the drone body and just tip the drone to the side to release the line.
  374. Whalebreath

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    aka the Goat Pen
  375. Whalebreath

    Round ball handles more comfortable?

    Quite agree maybe non-ball people have different shaped hands.
  376. Whalebreath

    Good fishing for El Matador, local fishing is best..

    I've eaten them in Fiji they're good but not as good as Yellowtail.
  377. Whalebreath

    Those huge poppers and stick baits made for GT

    I've seen a Marlin take a Seabird off the surface.
  378. Whalebreath

    Tired of little or big shits showing up with no Halloween costume?

    I read about one guy-a professional hockey player-who told kids with no costumes they had to do sit ups & push ups if they wanted anything. And not just a few either!
  379. Whalebreath

    Bought a number of things from them-no issues at all.
  380. Whalebreath

    Shimano Calcutta 400 Free Spool Issues

    Contact this guy he's been very helpful in the past
  381. Whalebreath

    Cabo San Lucas panga reco?
  382. Whalebreath

    Not all McMahon snaps are created equal

    Good to hear the Leadertech product held up-haven't been too impressed since they went to 'white label' goods.
  383. Whalebreath

    10/7 tuna

    Did you win the lottery?
  384. Whalebreath

    Need advice on trailering my boat up to BC...

    There are five large inlets on the outside Vancouver Island that would work for you-guys with outfits like yours trailer to them & fish all summer long. I know 4 of them well but it's beyond my capability to type up detailed summaries of each that's what a site like Salmon University is good...
  385. Whalebreath

    Paulus Just Fishing

    I read on another site his health took a turn for the worse so he started working on that and has let the site slide-apparently he's feeling better now but cyber concerns don't interest him much-living does.
  386. Whalebreath

    Freshwater moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    Gradys are Very Popular here in BC you'll be Welcome wherever you go. The west coast of Vancouver Island in particular is Grady Country and you'll make it sooner or later.
  387. Whalebreath

    Trolling for Fraser Sockeye

    As slow as possible then throw out a bucket so you're going slower.
  388. Whalebreath

    Help with Wahoo bomb repair

    Maybe I should have said 'Salmon' hooks.
  389. Whalebreath

    Help with Wahoo bomb repair

    He's 100% correct they are Salmon hooks nothing more.
  390. Whalebreath

    Best store bought fillet knife for the money

    Can be bought cheap at commercial fishing stores (not sure if there are any left in SoCal) or restaurant equipment supply places.
  391. Whalebreath

    Salmon Eggs & Trout Dough for California Surf

    Try using a spawn sack so the stuff doesn't wash out so quickly.
  392. Whalebreath

    Whatever Happened to Delta Divers?

    I drove right by there a few weeks ago-should have stopped by.
  393. Whalebreath

    Whatever Happened to Delta Divers?

    The site is still up & running but no answer to emails except some weird spam shit.
  394. Whalebreath

    Fishing in Banff

    It's in a National Park so No Lead and 100% C&R for everything except Lake Trout.
  395. Whalebreath

    Help with Wahoo bomb repair

    That's why people use Salmon hooks
  396. Whalebreath

    Vancouver Island Timing

    Sea Otters have decimated Crab stocks all along WCVI as mentioned it's hardly worth your while now.
  397. Whalebreath

    Albacore Gravlax-Then Stovetop Smoked

    At your service it looks delicious-I notice we both use the same knife!
  398. Whalebreath

    Tuna Charter Help Sept 4-9th

    Call Westport Charters they have a number of boats maybe they have a pots for you-nice people & a great operation Call don't email 360-268-0900
  399. Whalebreath

    Albacore Gravlax-Then Stovetop Smoked

    Something like Albacore flavoured butter and that's probably how I'll eat most of it the secondary smoking was an experiment that turned out better than I hoped. It is important to let the smoked product rest for 24 hours though and it's even better after 48 hrs. Never tried it with anything...
  400. Whalebreath

    Albacore Gravlax-Then Stovetop Smoked

    With the plenitude of Albacore Tuna here in Casa Whalebreath it's time for some new recipes-this one came to me just as the fishing day ended. Albacore Loins covered with cracked black Pepper then submerged in 50/50 mix of sugar & salt & left to cure to for 24 hours Loins fully cured most...
  401. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    The Tornado and it was 10 people not 20. 50-60 miles SW.
  402. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    Over all slow fishing-jig fish, occasionally single live bait fish and back on the troll-overall take for 20 anglers 30 fish. Conditions were Rough As Guts heading out but improved as the day went on. Top notch crew couldn't imagine any better.
  403. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    I'm headed out on the Tornado out of Westport in a few days and things don't sound too promising at all-this board is usually alive with reports but people are awfully quiet for a reason.
  404. Whalebreath

    Sorry flip flops or ??

    X2-had mine for ages-a quality product.
  405. Whalebreath

    Sockeye at the Mouth of The Might Fraser

    I've heard as many as 15 million are expected this year and early reports show some stupid easy fishing we limited-4 each-in an hour today. Oops that should be Mighty Fraser
  406. Whalebreath

    Anyone know of a good salmon trolling rod?

    Call you local retailer-I got mine at Bass Pro.
  407. Whalebreath

    Anyone know of a good salmon trolling rod? Best I've found yet
  408. Whalebreath

    Pacific Quest crashed

    The Good News is that most of the fuel was removed.
  409. Whalebreath

    Pacific Quest crashed

    And a kicker on the bait tank- I'm sure the Coast Guard would approve.
  410. Whalebreath

    General discussion BB Swivels

    Sasame made in Japan-cheaper from online stores in Singapore or Vietnam.
  411. Whalebreath

    Victoria Island Canada

    Some heavy restrictions on catch limits around Sooke these days-call Roy and see what he says
  412. Whalebreath

    Alaska Rod/Reel?

    For Coho I use a Stradic 4000 and a 9' /15# or 20# spinning rod-currently own Daiwa and Seeker both are excellent.
  413. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Not sure can run 50 miles

    Is that accurate? I had no idea it was anywhere near that effective.
  414. Whalebreath

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Blame Salmon fishermen-they started it.
  415. Whalebreath

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Yes and it's not the first and IIRC not the second time this same drama queen of an operation has ended up roasted in a thread like this. Maybe that's a coincidence but I doubt it. Look for this thread to be closed soon-the deck is too bloody.
  416. Whalebreath

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Maybe next time don't use a Zebco.
  417. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 7/30

    That's a very fishy looking wake lots of prime spots for jet heads, etc.
  418. Whalebreath

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    I was looking to pick up a few of their Salmon rods but couldn't track down a dealer with stock-now I know why.
  419. Whalebreath

    Any love for rapala countdown magnums anymore?

    Especially Cabeza Roja-been that way pretty much forever.
  420. Whalebreath

    Why Not Pangas ?

    If you can find someone who sticks close to the original Yamaha design then you'll have a solid sea worthy boat-sadly most companies cut as many corners as possible-some of the 'pangas' I've fished from in different countries were just short of scary.
  421. Whalebreath

    Victoria Island Canada

    Victoria Island is a chunk of frozen rock in the Arctic ocean. Victoria is the city. Vancouver Island is 500km long, 80 km wide, and has a mountain range down the middle so you're talking about a big place-you'll need to more specific about your plans.
  422. Whalebreath

    Nootka Sound & Environs Report July 2018

    Fished July 16, 17 & 18 mostly around Maquinna and the wash rock near there. Day One-quite slow over all a few small Hali in the blazing sun. Day Two-unbelievable bite Coho & Springs both in the same area-amazing numbers of Humpbacks feeding heavily on super abundant small bait a whale show...
  423. Whalebreath

    Downrigger control system

    Looks like a total PITA.
  424. Whalebreath

    Fishing Tackle Mods, Tips and Tricks

    This I like/been looking for something like it for a while. Sell the old stuff cheap/give it away and buy new.
  425. Whalebreath


    Same with me-no postings/none. Well this site is always under attack that I have noticed.
  426. Whalebreath

    Anyone using owner siwash hood for tuna

    They're fine for fish up to 50# or so.
  427. Whalebreath

    Shimano Shimano Customer Service 877-577-0600 never go through

    Try calling at 06:00 hrs my neighbour's cousin's friend said it worked once for someone he used to work with.
  428. Whalebreath

    Saltwater Epic Neah Bay/Port Renfew Report! Pic Heavy

    There's no dog like a fishin' dog!
  429. Whalebreath

    Offshore Tomahawk 2.5 Day Killing Spree

    Somewhere a vegan is crying himself to sleep.......:nopity:
  430. Whalebreath

    Indonesia information

    Look for info on Australian fishing forums.
  431. Whalebreath

    how to remove a seriously stuck screw!

    In layman's terms what happens to the heated screw- I thought metal expanded with heat but WTH do I know?
  432. Whalebreath

    East Cape in November?

    Poor timing I went once at that time and never again-it's windy/cold and fishing is marginal-you know you're screwed when all the windsurfers show up.
  433. Whalebreath

    Why Aren’t They Going?

    That's why Cali googans wish Albies would come back.
  434. Whalebreath

    Raising Giants Video

    Some nice shots but the 'music' is crap.
  435. Whalebreath

    Cabo resort question

    What about San Jose Del Cabo? Lots of nice quieter places to stay and good fishing nearby
  436. Whalebreath


    You mean Panga fishing out of place like Puerto Escondido & Huatulco? Like most of the Mexican nearshore Pacific coast the area has been hit hard by swarms of small longliners-Dorado have disappeared and Tuna are scarce ditto Sailfish. Never seen a Wahoo along the Oaxaca coast/hooked a few...
  437. Whalebreath

    Where is the Sponsor List?

  438. Whalebreath

    Cuda Destroys a Tuna - Slow Mo

    Must have been 6' long! Very cool!
  439. Whalebreath

    Interesting article on opah

    Long video but well worth watching.
  440. Whalebreath

    Guatemala Volcano.....Casa Vieja?

    In Tonga since the often erupt underwater they spew out a lot of pumice as shown-shitty pic but I wasn't trying too hard- it covered large areas of water on the reef that day.
  441. Whalebreath

    Guatemala Volcano.....Casa Vieja?

    Hawaii isn't in the South Pacific but most of you people don't know that my experience has been in Tonga & Fiji-more places you probably haven't heard of. And when I lived in Costa Rica any Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, or Guatemalan volcano eruption queered the fishing for weeks.
  442. Whalebreath

    Really good seafood restaurant in Dana Point?

    Sad that all those so-called 'high end' places serve shitty farmed Salmon.
  443. Whalebreath

    Guatemala Volcano.....Casa Vieja?

    Erupting Volcanoes always means fishing goes to shit- seen it in the South Pacific too.
  444. Whalebreath

    Gear for Kings and Halibut late June.

    All your Cali rods are too short Salmon give the Best fight on a longer rod-9', 10', 11'. In any case if you're taking a charter they supply everything you need.
  445. Whalebreath

    Anyone else see this article on lost crab pots?

    Are 12,000 a year sold? Call a tackle store you know well and ask the manager how many he sells in a year.
  446. Whalebreath

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Hey look at all the Cali googan tough guys! This must be BD.
  447. Whalebreath

    Fun Fishing at PSFL(Panama Sportfishing Lodge)

    It's been my experience that what Central Americans call 'Albacora' is the toothy white meat Bonito known as Barralette in Mexico.
  448. Whalebreath

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Typical Cali googan can't tell the difference between a Seal and a Sealion.
  449. Whalebreath

    Lots of inexpensive older reels in great shape.

    You need better pics that rug as a background looks like shit-good prices though..
  450. Whalebreath

    No frills downrigger

    LOL-Sounds like me! BTW this is perfect
  451. Whalebreath

    Old fishing lures just found in storage locker! Anyone know the value?

    I don't think you've looked very hard at all.
  452. Whalebreath

    Very cool video about Tuna..

    Well posted-Thanks for that!
  453. Whalebreath

    Coconut Oil Fish Fry

    Less than half that in Canada and I paid around $2/lb on sale-maybe because no one buys it.
  454. Whalebreath

    Photobucket is Back

    Check out your old account if you remember the details
  455. Whalebreath

    Coconut Oil Fish Fry

    It's not flour made from Coconut meat as such it's made from what's left after the milk is removed and it's cheap for a reason it's just not good for much at all.
  456. Whalebreath

    Coconut Oil Fish Fry

    I have and it's nothing too special/wouldn't bother doing it again-actually looks better than it tastes Coconut flour is too dry and sticks in the back of your throat.
  457. Whalebreath

    Baja Island fishing

  458. Whalebreath

    Jansen products on Amazon

    Well he doesn't ship to Vancouver so Fuck Him.
  459. Whalebreath

    Mexico Commercial BFT fishing SHUT DOWN

    No more Mexican boats targeting Bluefin in Mexican waters- for the rest of this year anyway.
  460. Whalebreath

    Fish Head Soup

    Collars are for grilling not soup.
  461. Whalebreath

    761 lb YFT caught by commercials

    I've seen some monsters taken out in the Humboldt Current 100kg fish barely rate a mention and I've seen one that was an easy 150kg-is the one hanging twice that big? Close to it there's a large efficient commercial industry in Ecuador and that fish would be weighed on a digital scale as soon...
  462. Whalebreath

    Fave 30# Mono for Live Bait?

    It'll probably be a longish topshot/have some Maxima Ultragreen but need to fill a couple other reels. No need for Fluorocarbon recommendations not going to use any. TIA
  463. Whalebreath

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    That market is gone it's all moved to the suburbs.
  464. Whalebreath

    New Melton Tackle website

    Yeah I'm viewing on desktop it's great looking site-clean and easy to view.
  465. Whalebreath

    New Melton Tackle website

    Had a quick look last night and found it easier to navigate it's certainly better looking.
  466. Whalebreath

    NFC Canadian King Moocher

    Nice job! Wraps remind me of some of the old Seeker looks and I mean that in the most positive way.
  467. Whalebreath

    Pearl heads

    Rare as popeshit.....
  468. Whalebreath

    Halibut High-graders Caught

    Some long time customers were nasty pieces of work as well.
  469. Whalebreath

    Slow Pitch Jigs for Albacore: Ideas?

    Deadly Dick made in Campbell River is what you want-all sizes but the rings/hooks should be strengthened good for trolling waythehellback too.
  470. Whalebreath

    Westside of Vancouver Island Trip Planning

    There's been ownership 'issues' the past number of years- it's supposed to have stabilised now but I have no first hand experience.
  471. Whalebreath

    Drone fishing equipment set up question.

    It's easiest to use a big spinning reel-open the bail and you're good to go.
  472. Whalebreath

    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

  473. Whalebreath

    Cobia coming to So-Cal?

    You can buy local net pen raised Cobia in Central America & Mexico so they're around already- net pens are always busting up. FWIW-Tarpon made it through the Panama Canal 100 years ago and are now found from El Salvador down to Ecuador.
  474. Whalebreath

    Old stuff..........found in my garage......

    These are Killer Salmon spoons if they're feeding on Anchovy-cut the swivel off and troll off the downrigger about 2.5mph-colours are perfect as is.
  475. Whalebreath

    Ronz Lures for Bluefin

    No need to apologise I appreciate the info- as mentioned they are expensive and reports are mixed.
  476. Whalebreath

    What’s your earliest memory of Fishing?

    '57 or '58 deep in the northern Ontario bush where we lived-that's my Uncle Mike holding a Sturgeon that probably came out of the river behind our house. Note the stack of firewood in the background people still used wood for heat in those days and they needed a lot of it.
  477. Whalebreath

    newell old vs new

    Easier to find parts for a more modern reel.
  478. Whalebreath

    Surf Fishing Cabo Pulmo / East Cape / Punta Arena

    A rattlin' crankbait can work wonders in low light conditions.
  479. Whalebreath

    Killing big bluefin
  480. Whalebreath


  481. Whalebreath

    BEST SPORTFISHING WEBSITE Tackle Recommendations San Diego

    It's all right here in front of you-now the work begins.
  482. Whalebreath

    Need recommendations- Lodges within day drive Vancouver Boat or helicopter access only not much for hiking although there are lots of old logging roads mouldering away in the bush give them a call. Other than that there are all kinds of little operations along Highway 20 west of Williams Lake and your timing is perfect...
  483. Whalebreath

    How old is this reel?

    Ask here or here
  484. Whalebreath

    GlassPly boats?
  485. Whalebreath

    B. C. Chinook Salmon

    Butt section looks too long for a single action reel outfit.
  486. Whalebreath

    Owner Cutting Point vs Mustad Ultrapoint for Salmon?

    That reminds me why I stopped using Mustads for river fishing-same reason hook eye imperfections abrading line.
  487. Whalebreath

    Owner Cutting Point vs Mustad Ultrapoint for Salmon?

    Any thoughts on one vs the other? Have used Owner Cutting point for years never thought a hook could be better for Salmon but those Mustad Ultras do look like the Real Deal murderous price notwithstanding. TIA
  488. Whalebreath

    Value rods and reels

    LOL! Just bought two more at Bass Pro last week finally they're selling the ones with pistol grips here-the old ones sure take a beating and while the cork darkens the rest looks just fine-cheap but serviceable.
  489. Whalebreath

    Found an awesome Halibut Charter

    Not if there's a half case of liquor and an 8 ball apiece.
  490. Whalebreath

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Or the kind of business being conducted-a small car rental business for instance is going to be charged higher fees no matter what.
  491. Whalebreath

    best long range boat vs cabo san lucas

    Sounds like you have little experience and a lot of preconceptions so it's difficult to advise you.
  492. Whalebreath

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Interesting to see the fear & ignorance from people who know SFA about bracketing and outboards-not surprising though considering the idiotic bullshit posted on BD daily. FWIW-I live in BC where installing a bracket and popping a few outboards on older boats is common and I've never heard...
  493. Whalebreath

    Giant Black D

    Job Well Done! I've caught those in Central America but nowhere near that size.
  494. Whalebreath

    Rooster fishing captain in PV
  495. Whalebreath

    Tilapia skins for 3rd degree burns on bears

    Finally a use for that crap.
  496. Whalebreath

    Tuna Charter

    I like the sound of that!
  497. Whalebreath

    Anyone have good luck ordering from Mikes Reel Repair

    It's not a well run business and that's being polite.
  498. Whalebreath

    Fishing Canadian waters

    Yes this is important and saves getting a downrigger ball thrown through your windshield by some pissed off Halibut fisherman.
  499. Whalebreath

    Shore fishing Cancun?

    Most beaches in front of hotels are No Fishing zones that's why there's so little info hotels keep what fish are around as pets for tourist snorkelers.
  500. Whalebreath

    Sumo Mini Jets-ALL SOLD

    Those are Killer on Albacore-you guys remember Albies don't cha?
  501. Whalebreath

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    Doesn't the Coast Guard enforce passenger limits? Is 80 people on an 80' boat really happening?
  502. Whalebreath

    WTH is This-Martin Tackle Co Seattle Wash it says......

    I had no idea they were still in business-Thanks for the link.
  503. Whalebreath

    Cool video from the Russian Weldcraft dealer

    Too bad there's no fishing in the video I see someone dragging something on top that's it. Nice to see they stayed more or less sober-unusual for Russians.
  504. Whalebreath

    Charkbait talking smack............. also bad mouths amazon

    FWIW-Charkbait was cut off from Shimano-booted hard & high- for trying to undercut the MSRP which as far as Shimano goes is set in stone. Pulling dumb shit like offering reels full of Spectra as an 'incentive' is what got Chark pushed out into the cold.
  505. Whalebreath

    Thief on the Docks = Splash

    Not long enough.
  506. Whalebreath

    Fishing in Jamaica?

    Don't bother.
  507. Whalebreath

    WTH is This-Martin Tackle Co Seattle Wash it says......

    Maybe some of you old codgers remember your Dad using these for whatever-saw them on EBay in a pile of largely useless stuff.
  508. Whalebreath

    Panama Bocas del Toro freestyle exploring

    The issue in many places throughout Central America and the Caribbean is finding people to fish- my experience has been that most guys are content to sit on their asses day after day watching the trees grow- working for wages doesn't enter the picture much if at all.
  509. Whalebreath

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    That aluminum coloured unit looks like murder.
  510. Whalebreath

    Need a lure I.D.

    Looks like something made by the French company Vivif in the 60's.
  511. Whalebreath

    Manzanillo Panga?

    That stretch of coast has been fished to death by small scale longliners -sportfishing hasn't been worth anyone's while for years now. There's still some boats for charter out of nearby Barra de Navidad but expect to be dodging longlines all day it's a sad sad scene.
  512. Whalebreath

    Help Salt Water fishing in the Philippines

    A Texan of my acquaintance lives in Manila and loves fishing but as Scott says infrastructure is poor and most people fish the reefs for food and don't have the setup ior desire to do anything else-he's always looking for a Panga fisherman setup a la Mexico but hasn't found much. There are...
  513. Whalebreath


    As soon as your Chinese Masters allow you to use it. Anyway why don't you guys start a good old fashioned letter writing campaign? That outta do the trick Huh?!
  514. Whalebreath


    Spy Sat's? LOL! OK maybe this thing called the Internet hasn't reached back into whatever backwoods hollow you inhabit but that fact is that satellite coverage can be purchased on the open market from commercial operations. I know it's not nice to of me troll the special needs adults here on...
  515. Whalebreath


    Since you when is Mexican interdiction capability your specialty? Haven't you seen the anti drug boats being used against unlicensed fishing in Baja? More garbage you're literally pulling out of your ass- you know SFA. Why should the Mexicans cut a deal with the LR fleet when they already...
  516. Whalebreath


    Have you heard of satellites? FYI-it's easy as pie to take constant photos of remote places on the planet from out in space.
  517. Whalebreath

    Summer of 2018 Vancouver Island Tyee hunt suggestions

    Ukee inshore last two weeks of August/Herring only/You're Welcome.
  518. Whalebreath

    Pacific Cobia???

    Tarpon down on the Pacific coast of Colombia now too-been there for a while
  519. Whalebreath

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    I wonder how many here know that Clipperton is French territory? And a permit is necessary to visit? That permit must be obtained from the French High Commission in Polynesia-probably Tahiti.
  520. Whalebreath

    BD’s Cyber Monday Swag Sale

    FFS what a clown show.
  521. Whalebreath

    BD’s Cyber Monday Swag Sale

    International shipping isn't working.
  522. Whalebreath

    Has anyone figured out how to buy from Canada, Canadian made products ans NOT pay huge import fees

    Ship via Post Office never use a courier company they are the ones gouging you.
  523. Whalebreath

    Tuna jigs

    Laugh all you want but that lure does a fabulous job of imitating juvenile Sauries which Albacore feed on-they are also great trolling lures especially in the shotgun position. I've used them for all kinds of Tunas all over the world and they are killers.
  524. Whalebreath

    Tuna jigs

    Replace hooks/rings before using Cast out/count to 5 retrieve at a medium pace Cast out/count to 10 burn it back YoYo as per SOP Colour doesn't seem to matter
  525. Whalebreath

    PhotoBucket Alternative
  526. Whalebreath

    EPIC Marlin Video Nicaragua

    Music is garbage/detracts from viewing the video-what's wrong with using Nicaraguan music?
  527. Whalebreath

    Best glow in the dark paint?

    Oh no it works-even seen Squid flashing lights as they flee a predator? Ever seen bioluminescent baitfish?
  528. Whalebreath

    Help with spreader bar

    Keep the bar out of the water as much as possible for optimum results.
  529. Whalebreath

    Striped Marlin for sale?? WTH?

    You never seen fish for sale?
  530. Whalebreath

    Best glow in the dark paint?

    Anything with Strontium aluminate I use this stuff it's cheap and easy
  531. Whalebreath

    Can Panama be done relatively cheap?

    Busses are cheap all over Latin America and go everywhere don't be a chickenshit gringo cabron.
  532. Whalebreath

    Michoacan spearing

    Yeah Jurel if it's a larger model Mojarra for smaller ones of whatever.
  533. Whalebreath

    Williamson Tuna Catcher trolling question

    #2-Run it behind the whitewash Actual optimal trolling speed depends on many factors see how it looks back there and speed up/slow down depending it's not rocket science and you've caught lots of fish already. EDIT-Everything eats Tuna feathers.
  534. Whalebreath

    Aniak Fishing Adventure

    Some real beauties there-are your flies tied on barbless hooks? I'm thinking of all the fast/clean releases.
  535. Whalebreath

    Overnight Tuna Run

    If you want Swords use (free) Atlantic Salmon for bait that's what they use in Florida and it works.
  536. Whalebreath

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Halibut, Prawns, Crab.
  537. Whalebreath

    Best place to get a penn international refinished
  538. Whalebreath

    Tica Abyss TL vs Kastking

    Kastking is the same Chinese made shit under a different name. Almost bought a TICA rod a few days ago until I realised that both Shimano & Daiwa made better rods for less money.
  539. Whalebreath

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Fijians eat a lot of fish!
  540. Whalebreath

    No memory #20-#25 line??

    Maxima Ultra Green is like that they have few other products that are stiffer but they're harder to find.
  541. Whalebreath


    Bad Bad News All Around FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Charles O. Swanton, Deputy Commissioner, (907) 465-4115 ADF&G Announces Non-retention of Chinook Salmon for Commercial and Recreational Fisheries Throughout Southeast Alaska August 7, 2017, JUNEAU – Due to poor ocean survival conditions...
  542. Whalebreath

    Gulf islands:

    Lots of RCA's-Rockcod Conservation Areas be damned sure you're not fishing in one it's an easy thing to do since the DFO website is such a POFS.
  543. Whalebreath

    What is this sea creature

    They're all over the coast right up to Alaska.
  544. Whalebreath

    Ixtapa fishing help

    South toward Barra de Potosi-take a cab from Ixtapa and arrange to have him pick you up later in the day don't rely on Barra taxis they aren't too motivated. Yes it will cost more but saves a lot of walking & waiting. There is the big Laguna behind Barra but I don't know the situation there now.
  545. Whalebreath


    There's no net deployed.
  546. Whalebreath

    Image Hosting Sites?

    Here we go again.... I'm surprised admin here hasn't pointed out that people can use this site to store their photos.
  547. Whalebreath


    No-if you read the newspaper article carefully (it's not very well written) the decision to put an undercover officer aboard happened after the extra day had been called.
  548. Whalebreath


    Yeah right.
  549. Whalebreath

    Improving an old jigmaster

    A great site and excellent pricing!
  550. Whalebreath

    Improving an old jigmaster

    If you want to do it yourself
  551. Whalebreath

    Tuna buyer shows the 'tail tell' sign it's a bigeye vs YFT

    Those buyers look at the fat in the meat first or so I'm told.
  552. Whalebreath

    Kingslayer lures

    4" is generally the size of those Sandlance where I fish-anything with a little Glow tape is what I like- that & Green anything.
  553. Whalebreath

    Kingslayer lures

    If you want a quality handmade metal spoon that imitates Needlefish well try these He has others but I've only used the Needlefish models.
  554. Whalebreath

    Opinions on trolling depth with downriggers

    How are you going to keep the ball @ 150' when going Tuna speed? Because that ball is going to end up right on top @ 6-8mph. OTOH in WA state literally every boat that heads out for Albacore has downriggers since they all fish Salmon too-you could certainly drag bait or swimbaits down deep...
  555. Whalebreath

    Fillet An Opah With Tommy Gomes

    Poorly made vague video.
  556. Whalebreath

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    Sometime called 'hair clips' and generally only available online from Asia even though lots of other places have small bait-can be both cast & trolled.
  557. Whalebreath

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    Not a hope in Hell of that happening in my country and the last SoCal LR boat who tried doing business in WA state ran home/sold out a few years later crying all the way. More idiotic bull-fishing Mexico with Mexicans is as cheap and easy as ever.
  558. Whalebreath

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    Sounds like the Beginning of the End for the LR business overall.
  559. Whalebreath

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    Very Cool but the Coolest part is the Lucha Libre T-shirt the Captain is wearing!
  560. Whalebreath

    Vakuta Exploration Trip Papua New Guinea

    Nice Spanish Macs-exceptionally nice-now clean up the last few pics Please- ask a Mod's help if you need assistance editing.
  561. Whalebreath

    Asari Titanium High Tech Line Review

    Do Not buy this stuff OK!? DO NOT!! I bought some over the winter because the formulation sounded interesting but my experience has been 100% negative and it hasn't even hit the water yet! That's right just tying a few Hootchies/snelling hooks/Apexes (Salmon fishing gear) the stuff breaks...
  562. Whalebreath

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    I'm always astounded at how much stock the Japanese stores carry- shelves & racks are stuffed a sign of a well funded business with tremendous turnover. Great Pics Josh Thanks for posting!
  563. Whalebreath

    Need help on a charter for 8guests Depoe/Newport

    Drive up to Ilwaco this guy has a big enough boat might have two of them by now
  564. Whalebreath

    Big injured GW on the beach Sea of Cortez

    Is that an injury behind the dorsal fin?
  565. Whalebreath

    Poorly educated boaters (sinking boat)

    It's a sobering video for sure-one thing that saved them was that for all their inexperience they aren't stupid and they didn't panic.
  566. Whalebreath

    Best Replacement Skirts for Zukers?

    I mean the ZTWF - Large size Tuna Feathers the feathers/skirts on these are shot so I figure a couple new skirts should make them more appealing. Some place with an internet address would be ideal. TIA
  567. Whalebreath

    Are Dorado Coming Back on the Pacific Coast of Mexico this Summer?

    Que piensa cabron? Note-if you're too stupid to enter a vote I understand this is BD after all.
  568. Whalebreath

    Trade Halibut fishing(in my 29' at Homer AK) for fishing in your boat in Vancouver B.C.

    Bill very few guys here in Vancouver use BD- try this one instead
  569. Whalebreath

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    Dorado/MahiMahi with Capt Jona/Kadavu Island Fiji
  570. Whalebreath

    Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl

    It's a fish sales dock and won't be closed- that is not going to happen.
  571. Whalebreath

    Stupid People and Sealions

    What the article doesn't say is that it's a Fish Sales dock and although no fish are allowed to be gutted or filleted by the commercial operators on summer afternoons it's crowded with people and inevitably someone feeds a fur bag something. I was down there just before this happened and...
  572. Whalebreath

    Tuna Feathers

    That skirt is a standard Yamashita pattern a Hawaiian operation like POP should handle it-or phone Melton's.
  573. Whalebreath

    Speed jigs / knife jigs - have you tried them for big BFT?

    You never know what you'll find in a swamp.
  574. Whalebreath

    Budget Sailfish Guatemala?

    I haven't fished Guatemala-they sure charge a lot though. I take my own cushion that doubles as a PFD and if I'm paying $500 for a Panga there'd better be live bait.
  575. Whalebreath

    Lure trolling speed

    16 oz Jap feather should do the trick
  576. Whalebreath

    Lure trolling speed

    Never been impressed with those Mirrolures although they do have their place the speed you're going it's going to blow out of the water especially with the heavy leader. I prefer a Yo Zuri Bonita as shown (a beat up oldie) it stays down well at pretty much any speed.
  577. Whalebreath

    Budget Sailfish Guatemala?

    It's easy to hire a panga anywhere in Latin America-head down to the beach and start talking to people inspect each boat you see and be as friendly and open as possible without making any commitments-ask a lot of questions & compare answers. Deal only with the boat owner and make sure you know...
  578. Whalebreath

    Not your average Seal bomb

    The guy closest to the grenade explosion died of internal injuries.
  579. Whalebreath

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    Interesting info from down south where they seem to keep every little squib-no one here in BC will keep one just too many better fish to eat.
  580. Whalebreath

    Arneson Outdrives?

    The RCMP boats use them here-blazing fast.
  581. Whalebreath

    Shimano Larger Handle Option on TLD25. Who is willing to pay for a larger handle?

    Shimano doesn't give a shit what you want-why would they-millions of those models sold and once people own them they can do WTH they want.
  582. Whalebreath

    Anyone tried emulating pelagic crab?

    There have been pics of a few plastic replicas (+ or -) made by different people but rarely any followup-either they didn't work or they worked really well and someone is keeping their yap shut.
  583. Whalebreath

    Five Years

    Congratulations Patrick I've gathered some excellent ideas off your great website-Thanks!
  584. Whalebreath

    Looking for shoreline guide in Panama

    That guy is always posting when he's drunk this isn't the first time he's embarrassed himself here.
  585. Whalebreath

    Shimano Larger Handle Option on TLD25. Who is willing to pay for a larger handle?

    All kind of options on the market already I doubt you have anything new to offer.
  586. Whalebreath

    Isla mujeres

    Used to be a lot of large Barracuda before the locals ate them all.
  587. Whalebreath

    New Breakthrough Sabiki Rig - Tangleless!

    You have a friend called Google.
  588. Whalebreath

    Mexico Beach Spanish

    Despite the name it's not the same fish in Baja as in Florida-google is your friend.
  589. Whalebreath

    Mexico Beach Spanish

    Use those for bait do you?
  590. Whalebreath

    looking for a licensed tree trimmer/remover

    I saw the subject line and thought 'Since I have a little time I'll look @ some tree fail vids on youtube' and god almighty is it funny! That's if you have a sick sense of humour and think seeing people's houses being crushed/seeing them falling out of trees is hilarious.
  591. Whalebreath

    WTB Qcove flashers

    I've used the Gibbs Farr Better Flasher in the past but found it quite abrasive on the mainline. And for whatever reason it's never caught on here in BC.
  592. Whalebreath

    Ladner Shrimp pots

    1-Traps not P*ts 2-Prawns not Shr*mp
  593. Whalebreath

    125 Pounds of Halibut

    Fishing is a blood sport! Arty-looking shot no idea how this happened Home safe on the dock Now the real work begins!
  594. Whalebreath

    Vancouver BC

    No Halibut locally-I suppose you could fly to the west coast of the island but you'd need to charter a plane ($$$$) Best Salmon charters in/around the city
  595. Whalebreath

    Kona Charters

    Jeff Rogers does a report here every month have a look around and see if his MO appeals
  596. Whalebreath

    How to use this lure?

    They can be trolled but you have to go slow. Used a similar product in the South Pacific birds were crazy for them but fish wouldn't touch them.
  597. Whalebreath

    2014 DodgeRam Mold Issues

    Yeah he should try owning a Dodge truck in a place like Vancouver BC where it rains at least 5 feet a year I had mine for over a dozen years and just fixed whatever best as I could and lived to tell the tale-no lawyer needed.
  598. Whalebreath

    Bloodydecks Apparel 25% Off

    Too bad BD is too lazy/stupid to ship internationally-what a pack of losers!
  599. Whalebreath

    GT's in Oman

    Contact Ocean Active
  600. Whalebreath

    Shore fishing mazatlan mexico?

    Head south & watch for that swell.
  601. Whalebreath

    Shimano blanks?

    Not for ages now No
  602. Whalebreath

    Surreal pig culling video...

    I bet Coyotes in that neighbourhood are fat & sassy.
  603. Whalebreath

    Mexico Island Closers

    They'll hire fleets of local Pangas to fish from.
  604. Whalebreath

    Constitution reports a 413# Ultra cow

    Downrigger balls weigh better. Just sayin'.....
  605. Whalebreath

    Constitution reports a 413# Ultra cow

    Why would a Mexican post his photo on a forum full of pinche uniligual cabrones like you?
  606. Whalebreath

    Jig Paint - white/glow

    I bought this stuff on EBay it works fine
  607. Whalebreath

    Herring teaser

    I've heard that about Steelhead too.
  608. Whalebreath

    Help with Halibut gear...

    Forget those Shimano jigs- Halibut generally don't move too far for dinner although if you hit one the head he'll eat it.
  609. Whalebreath


    I was walking to work in the cold & dark today thinking the same thing I could use a hit of sun & fish.
  610. Whalebreath

    Will the Albies come

    Hey people need something to bitch about-it's BD after all.
  611. Whalebreath

    MMMM.... Dogfish!

    Imagine the reek on one of those boats with all those pissy smelling carcasses!?
  612. Whalebreath

    Herring teaser

    Yes Teaser heads are legal I own dozens both Herring & Anchovy. Yes you can Chum some people attach Chum bag to their Halibut anchor line for instance.
  613. Whalebreath

    The Future of Tuna Fishing?

    That's posted here all the time has been since it came out.
  614. Whalebreath

    The Future of Tuna Fishing?

    That's posted here all the time has been since it came out.
  615. Whalebreath

    29 Marlin in 3 Days - 2017 Whitewater Costa Rican Shootout

    Cool shot of a perfectly hooked fish one of the Best I've ever seen
  616. Whalebreath

    glow paint experiment

    More Green ones.
  617. Whalebreath

    JAck Crevalle Size

    That was no doubt a 'Mexican 50' which is 25-30 in the real world.
  618. Whalebreath

    wahoo jerky

    The worst jerky I ever ate was Wahoo-ended up throwing it up in fact.
  619. Whalebreath

    Not long range fishing... but you have to check this out..

    Delicious eating too those Spanish Mackerel.
  620. Whalebreath

    All Coast Website???

  621. Whalebreath

    Gonna be in Zehuatenjo in feb.

    Prime Time for Sails if you want to head offshore.
  622. Whalebreath

    Best jigs and poppers for fishing gts and reef fish in Fiji and outer islands

    My experience in Fiji that Green isn't too effective unless it's really windy and the water is all stirred up/fish can't see much. Lock down the drag and use the boat to pull him off the coral- if you can. 80# hard mono. EDIT-As far a jigs this Deadly Dick was the most effective I found...
  623. Whalebreath

    Moving to Hawaii..need help on trolling gear set up.

    Look on EBay for older Made in USA Penns-they're more money than the Chinese made newer ones but worth every dime.
  624. Whalebreath

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Now you tell me! :confused:
  625. Whalebreath

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Thanks I just grabbed one we use Glo here too.
  626. Whalebreath

    Long Distance Shrimp Casting Using Breakaway Cannons!

    Or you could use a drone to take your bait out into the zone and drop it exactly where you want it that's what lots of people are doing now.
  627. Whalebreath

    Old freshwater stuff,, Any value??

    No-that Arbogast stuff is still made today and still works I have box full of it too but it's not worth anything.
  628. Whalebreath


    No offshore fishing in Belize (too far to the dropoff) just inshore squibs-take Steelhead gear.
  629. Whalebreath

    what has happened to SOCALReels? - Captain Robb ?

    Yes far too many internet hyaenas here.
  630. Whalebreath

    Why wouldn't this be a great boat to have in Westport?

    It will have seen some hard service in Alaska so should be surveyed very carefully.
  631. Whalebreath

    Lure Candy

  632. Whalebreath

    Have Bow, Will Travel.... AFRICA! 9/24-10/7

    The arrows sure look small when they hit those animals which of course shows us how large the animals are.
  633. Whalebreath

    18" Marauder Like Lure-Your Experience?

    I see that Double A lures is offering an 18" model of their wooden marauder-like units. Leaving aside the eye watering price-$179.95-what has been your experience with extra large trolling lures fished from a LR boat? TIA
  634. Whalebreath

    it happened!

    LOL! You Da Man!
  635. Whalebreath

    New Post

    Yes other people's posts but not yours-the way this software works is that you have already read that thread so it's not 'new to you' so you don't see it as such- it all has to do with cookies.
  636. Whalebreath

    American Fishing Wire-or so I Thought

    We often use rolling baits & lures and quality swivels are a must.
  637. Whalebreath

    American Fishing Wire-or so I Thought

    Thanks for your input Jim I'll keep them for Salmon trolling.
  638. Whalebreath

    Guatemala - 3-7 Nov 2016

    Take your Salmon gear-Sailfish aren't aren't all that strong but the surface fight makes them fun for a while.
  639. Whalebreath

    American Fishing Wire-or so I Thought

    Ordered some ball bearing swivels from American Fishing Wire-typical pack of lying corporate shysters that they are
  640. Whalebreath

    Monster Wahoo in FL

    Old hoax