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  1. ib12fish

    5/13 - the San Diego @ Coronados

    I was about to say WTF 11 I didn't think that the boat changed that much since I worked on it back in 2003-2005
  2. ib12fish

    vail mix bag

    fished vail a few days ago for a mix bag, Bass,Crappie,and bluegill:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  3. ib12fish

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Way to go G !! was Ken wearing his boots fighting that fish :) glad you all had a good trip!!! Arron and Cole are fish hunter-killers!!
  4. ib12fish

    It's Little Johnny Again

  5. ib12fish

    the shad bite at Vail

    No but you can fish the shore if you buy a 10 dollar daily permit.
  6. ib12fish

    the shad bite at Vail

    Hit up Vail Lake and the bite is still going strong, got to the lake around 0700 with Tadpole and friends after tadpole's brother caught some shad the bite was on, they were even eatting the dead shad!!!
  7. ib12fish

    Lake Vail Again!!

    I would say a fair amount is accessible
  8. ib12fish

    Lake O'neil Camp Pendleton

    Shaka Vail is going off right now!!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  9. ib12fish

    Lake O'neil Camp Pendleton

    when i use to fish it there were some big crappie and bluegill in there!!!
  10. ib12fish

    Shoreline fishing a Lake Vail

  11. ib12fish

    Lake Vail Again!!

    Fished Lake Vail again today, got there about 0700 and the fish were on the shad again. I used a shad rap and got about 30 fish for the morning, the bite shuts down from wide opwen to a steady pick and the late eveing it goes wide open again.
  12. ib12fish

    Shoreline fishing a Lake Vail

    nice bass there chappy!!! Hodges is dam near my back yard!!! didnt know you did the freashwater thing, maybe we can get together and catch some green bass!!
  13. ib12fish

    Shoreline fishing a Lake Vail

    No you can buy a day permit to fish the shore only for 10$
  14. ib12fish

    Slab Fishing Lake Elsinore.

    Lake Henshaw should start to bite soon and i mean real soon!!!!! Vail is already going off now!!
  15. ib12fish

    Shoreline fishing a Lake Vail

    pounded the shoreline at Lake Vail for some nice topwater action.
  16. ib12fish

    The San Diego St Patty's Day Yellowtail "whale of the banshee!"

    OUTSTANDING!!!! Hope i can make it ouy this week before boat work starts.
  17. ib12fish

    --------------->WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

  18. ib12fish

    Excel to Clipperton

    jump on it !!!
  19. ib12fish

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    Right on!!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  20. ib12fish

    Why would someone need more than 10 round clips?

    If that AMERICAN is fighting for the other side then he or she is NO american in my eyes!!!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  21. ib12fish

    Women in direct combat

    She would pull her shit down and piss in a bottle just like the male Marine did.
  22. ib12fish

    Women in direct combat

    Thank you!!
  23. ib12fish

    Women in direct combat

    Just got a update and yes they are going to be gurnts!! the 22yrs i spent in the MARINES with 5 combat tours i've ran across many female Marines that i would go into combat with, just to me if they can hang then they should be able to fight, as for POW's a they do some pretty nasty things to a...
  24. ib12fish

    Women in direct combat

    Pentagon to open combat roles to women starting in 2016!! they have been fighting and sheading blood with men for many years now they get to be front line combat troops (female grunts) about time!! :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  25. ib12fish

    Xtra tufs made in china

    Yea the crew and i on the boat i work on said the same thing!!! the ones made in china suck big time they last about three months if that, really need to look into getting something better!!!!ant feed back???
  26. ib12fish

    Pig hunting question

    Thanks I will look into that one!
  27. ib12fish

    Fortune 1/14 squid, who's going?

    I want to go!!! is Bruce running one this Saturday??
  28. ib12fish

    Surf fishing Coronado

    what size were the fish???? thanks
  29. ib12fish

    Relentless Auction Jan 11

    The Shogun that was norm's first charter boat!!.
  30. ib12fish

    Fishing Report Ventura

    Got a time share at club Wyndham and they have a resort up there in ventura, harbortown point. and will be spending a week or so up there sometime in Jan, how far would i be from some surf fishing for some BSP, ect?? thanks!
  31. ib12fish

    Old Glass Calcutta Rod Blanks

    Was it Don's bait and tackle?
  32. ib12fish

    RP Dec 26-31 5 day Roll Call

    If you call the office they can tell you what time. the crew will be there at 0530 !!
  33. ib12fish

    RP Dec 26-31 5 day Roll Call

    I'll be working that trip should be a great trip as always!!!:hali_olutta:
  34. ib12fish

    Taurus Revolvers

    I own a Taurus 608 .357/.38sp 8 shot for the last 10 years and its never failed me yet
  35. ib12fish

    The "one" pistol?

    Taurus 608 .357/.38sp 8 shot
  36. ib12fish

    Video of some hunting on July 4.

  37. ib12fish

    handful YF showing in 2day-ish range

    we got 3 off a kelp
  38. ib12fish

    To the woman who was txting and rear ended me today.....

    Guess i have to put mine back on:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    1 1/2 day on the Polaris Supreme

    yes left Sat and returned mon
  40. ib12fish

    1 1/2 day on the Polaris Supreme

    more pic, what worked 30-40lb test 2/0-4/0 hook med- long soak, with a NICE LIVELY SARDINE!! spend time at the tank guys it will pay off big time!!!!!
  41. ib12fish

    1 1/2 day on the Polaris Supreme

    We just got back in off a 1.5 day trip Drew took her down about 160 mi. for bluefin and yellows first kelp about 10 yellows next kelp 1 yellow and three yellowfin tuna!! next stop on jumpers and got bluefin tuna, nice group of people had lots of...
  42. ib12fish

    2.5 day on the Fortune

    I have a open charter on the Fortune that departs on 31 Jul and returns 03Aug, for 655.00 includes food, it is a offshore tuna trip, the bluefin are bitting and it will be a fun trip, their will be give-a-ways too. come and join us and a tuna trip with Bruce and the Fortune crew. give Bruce a...
  43. ib12fish

    Offshore Fortune 2.5 day July 4-5 2012 (late)

    We had a blast on that trip!!!! The HSU group is always a blast to fish with!!!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta: Had time to take a few pictures
  44. ib12fish

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 2 Day 7/6-7/8

    Guys if you are going out on a trip soon bring a 50-60lb set up, the guys that went in with 25 and 30lb got their ass handed to them!!!! if you get into the big fish go in with 50lb!!! fishing that light line when the big boys want to play is a big no no!!!!
  45. ib12fish

    Shogun 5 trip #2

    So beer bob looks like he was back to his old self:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
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    to do that is a limp dick motha$^#@*&!!!!!
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    Outrider 2-Day Charter to SCI

    Nice going Pam, you have really become the fish killing woman:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  48. ib12fish

    Great YT Fishing @ the Coronado Islands!

    Nice shirt!!!:hali_olutta:
  49. ib12fish

    Back Up set of Magnetic Tow Lights only $9.99

    Where is the the nearest HF from Escondido?
  50. ib12fish

    Intrepid heads for Alijos

    The RRIII was at the rocks a week ago and the indy a few days ago, all the yellows you want a very few tuna, but that could change soon.
  51. ib12fish

    Wild Boar Hunting Report

    Right on J!!! Nice hog!!
  52. ib12fish

    Skinner Stripers

    Yes and caught them on that too, and really dont have to be fresh i know everyone use or say they use fresh dines at DVL, but i got many stripers there on frozen dines, if they want to eat they will eat fresh or frozen, i even got them squid strips! and chicken livers.
  53. ib12fish

    1 Day Open Charter on the Fortune 19 June

    Right on!!!!:hali_olutta:
  54. ib12fish

    Bad Religion 1X3

    Your wife, WOW she is a keeper, the rod is too!!! outstanding!!:hali_olutta:
  55. ib12fish

    Skinner Stripers

    Hit up Lake Skinner Saturday for a few hours, got there around 0700, hit the inlet first for nada, then went over to the bouy line and did the bait and wait, end up with 3 all the same size, all fish caught off chicken livers, flyline.
  56. ib12fish

    Let's Go Fishing on my Birthday!

    I'm working on that now
  57. ib12fish

    1 Day Open Charter on the Fortune 19 June

    Also i talked to Brain "bubba" Porter from Seeker and he will donate a Seeker rod for the trip too!!!!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:Way to go SEEKER!!!!!
  58. ib12fish

    Let's Go Fishing on my Birthday!

    I think i can make this one, might be a little late for boat work but what the hell its fishing by the way do we get back before 8am? if so i'm on it
  59. ib12fish

    Skinner BIG LMB 6-10-12

    Great fish!!!
  60. ib12fish

    My first gopro hero2 video

    Great Vid!!!!
  61. ib12fish


    I'll be there Sat morning going after the stripers!
  62. ib12fish

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    we got to keep this going!!!!
  63. ib12fish

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Found some more
  64. ib12fish

    1 Day Open Charter on the Fortune 19 June

    Have a open charter on the Fortune with Bruce! Leave the night of the 18th, fish the 19th, back home the night of the 19th, 170.00$ max 19 people. WSB time!!
  65. ib12fish


    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:GOOD ONE !!!
  66. ib12fish


    What time do they leave? i might try to make it .
  67. ib12fish

    Fortune to the Islands

    Way to go Pam!!!!
  68. ib12fish

    Just an absolute badass....

    Got to love it, that the Falcon never gave up!!!
  69. ib12fish

    Video - More GT Popping in Oman

    got to love them Ulua's!!!!
  70. ib12fish

    stripper in the surf

    What the stripper or the striper:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::hali_olutta:
  71. ib12fish

    (Video)Hillbilly handfishin' for green bass Salinas, CA

    OMG!!! that was some sick ass shit Shaka!!! got to love that shit sick vid bro!!!
  72. ib12fish

    email re: Q105

    Yo FLAMING HOMO:finger::finger::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  73. ib12fish

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    found some
  74. ib12fish

    email re: Q105

    Yo Homo 11:finger::finger::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  75. ib12fish


  76. ib12fish

    (video)Back at it....

    Shaka sick ass vid yo, got to get me one of them go pro's, got to love them zoom baits yo, keep the vids coming, we need to hook up!!
  77. ib12fish

    First one to the Rocks - 2012

    when i worked on the Shogun i really enjoyed the early spring eight day trips!!!
  78. ib12fish

    Bonefish, Belikin and warm Belizean Breezes...

    WOW !!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! OUTSTANDING!!! Got to love that rum punch!!
  79. ib12fish

    Shogun overnight trips

    if i can get off a day of boat work i'll be jumping on a trip!!!!
  80. ib12fish

    Lucky B - Coronado Island Yellowtail 5/20

    Sweet pic of the yellows on your meter, got to love that sight!!
  81. ib12fish

    (video) First GoPro test....

  82. ib12fish


  83. ib12fish

    Fishing on the Mission Belle

    Steve P is a old school hard core fisherman that will put you on fish!!! I fished with him when he ran the DD back in the days.
  84. ib12fish

    1 spot 8 day trip INDY $900

    WOW if i was not doing boat work i would jump on this in a heart beat!!!!!
  85. ib12fish

    Shogun Ownership?

    I have worked on the Shogun for the last six years and i've fished with Arron and Cole on the the Legend and the RP, I even worked with Cole on the RP, I enjoy fishing with them and i know that they bring a first class act to the Shogun!! they are the up and coming young guns that fish hard and...
  86. ib12fish

    DVL Stripers

    Yea thats want i ended up doing now i know:hali_olutta:
  87. ib12fish

    DVL Stripers

    Way to go Peg, make sure u post a report!!:hali_olutta:
  88. ib12fish


    sorry but a 7X or tady 45 will catch fish, but if you're a collector of old school jigs then i see why you would pay the price, Bob Willams who ran the 3/4 day boat San Diego and who i worked for four years gave me a few of them i lost one to a seal and never fish the other two.
  89. ib12fish

    DVL Stripers

    Hit up DVL for some striper love and they gave love back, flyline chunck dines did the trick, they were on the bite most of the morning, every boat i saw had fish going, fish avg 3-5lbs with a few bigger units busting me off after a long run, fished in 150ft with most biting on the sink, I did...
  90. ib12fish

    Henshaw Crappie

    hit up Henshaw and the crappie arer still bitting not as wide open as a week ago but if you put in the time you can make a good catch, bobber and crappie jig with meal worm, red&white and all white seem to get to most bites also the catfish are on the bite too. End up keeping 12 or so.
  91. ib12fish

    Stripers are Running

    where u get them at?
  92. ib12fish

    favorite cow tuna blank?

    Seeker 1X3-100lb, 2X4-130-150lb and 3X5-150lb+ where's the beef!!
  93. ib12fish

    Post Spawn Reaction

  94. ib12fish

    took a little stroll - warning Graphic

    That can't be a .308 looking at the brass looks like a big round. anyways outstanding shooting:2gunsfiring_v1: and where were you getting the? not in San Diego?
  95. ib12fish


    What landing does the boat run out of?:hali_olutta:
  96. ib12fish

    DVL- Death in the live well.....4-25

  97. ib12fish

    Letter from MCRD

    what years did u serve mcrae did you ever serve with the 1st Marine Regt?
  98. ib12fish

    Technicality keeps 427-pound yellowfin tuna catch out of record book Read more: http

    Its a world record to me!!! no ones caught anyone bigger %&$# IGFA!!!!!! :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  99. ib12fish

    Stripers are biting...................

    Wow that's some outstanding fishing, now that they are bitting we start boat work monday :(
  100. ib12fish

    Model of Truline

    I removed the buut cap and it did look of a green haze out in the sun, and it's 6 1/2 ft, well i guess go with the 5DT7, anyway I want to THANK all who responed to my post, THANKS AGAIN!!
  101. ib12fish

    Model of Truline

    Well i need some help on this one guys, I got this truline blank from Norm and had it wapped by Big John, forgot the model it was, Norm said it was a T7, he thinks but was not sure since it was a older blank, well i took a few pic and if some of you truline guru's out there can tell me the model...
  102. ib12fish

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Nice very nice:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  103. ib12fish

    My New Baby Is On Her Way Home

    NICE!! wish i could put a rail on mines, here a pic Taurus 608(.357 mag)8 shot:2gunsfiring_v1:
  104. ib12fish

    Wide Open Crappie Bite

    Went there Thusday and got a few:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  105. ib12fish

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Here is a couple of pic of the one Norm made fro me!!
  106. ib12fish

    Wide Open Crappie Bite

    I was there about a week or so ago and big NADA for me i notice the water level was way donw like 30ft or so, is it still down?were i use to fish was high and dry but i did walk around with the GPS and fornd some rock piles and bush that would of been under water, well guess i got to make...
  107. ib12fish

    My first time at DVL 4/9/12

    Nice!! looks likes it time to dry out the boat and headup there!!!
  108. ib12fish

    Silverwood Stripers

    I saw him sitting there on that side street just before you get to the parking lot, Wow that sucks!!
  109. ib12fish

    Silverwood Stripers

    Well to tell you the truth, that was my second time ever fishing Silverwood, I just looked at other people's post and asked a few questions and went for it, if you are fishing from a boat, try the dam and inlet, aslo any major points, they say that the fishing pier is also good, for stripers and...
  110. ib12fish

    Silverwood Stripers

    Right on, when i first came up on you i was metering a few nice schools and i thought you would get a few there, were you drifting bait?
  111. ib12fish

    Silverwood Stripers

    Yes i did, Wow i didnt know that, boy was it good!!!:hali_olutta:
  112. ib12fish

    CHUBASCO II- Homeguards

    Way to go Trevor!! and Ross nice going on the yellow!
  113. ib12fish

    Silverwood Stripers

    Ok here it is
  114. ib12fish

    Silverwood Stripers

    head out to Silverwood Saturday for some stiper action, and I found what i was looking for, it took me a while to figure it out but once i did it was game on for about hour or so, tried everything in the tackle box and bait but in the long run to put fish on the boat had to fall back on my...
  115. ib12fish

    Pride trip this Saturday

    I want to go:)
  116. ib12fish

    Fall River 3/31/2012

    WOW Shelly that was some crazy stuff how you two put the boat in the water, Great vid!! you go girl and stay safe out there!
  117. ib12fish

    skinner 4-1-12

  118. ib12fish

    DVL march 31st

    X2 i think Silverwood is closed on wed & Thus, I'm going to Silverwood Tuesday or Friday.hope his quote was for Silverwood.
  119. ib12fish

    02-04 Skinner shoreline

  120. ib12fish

    Frank filed for divorce?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: good one
  121. ib12fish

    02-04 Skinner shoreline

    Fished between ramp 1 & 2 shoreline for a couple hours and got a nice one, the water is really low, saw a few more bass on the beds but they spooked very easy, need the water to come up more.
  122. ib12fish

    DVL march 31st

    What type and color swimbait you got them on?
  123. ib12fish

    Putting the Hurt on Some Green Bass!! (video)

    OMG that was some sick green bassin!!!!!!
  124. ib12fish

    A little Sumthin (video)

    sick ass vid!!! keep em coming
  125. ib12fish

    Aztec 1.5 Day Colonett

    you go girl:hali_olutta:
  126. ib12fish

    Liver and Cheese

  127. ib12fish

    HODGES 3-28

    Very nice fish:hali_olutta:
  128. ib12fish

    Good green bass at Skinner shore again

    Hit the shore again at Skinner for some good LMB fishing!! fished fron 0900-1330 for nine LMB the water is down a bit but the bass are moving up and saw a few more males on beds, the females should not be far, all fish C&R, about 3lb avg.
  129. ib12fish

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    Right on!!!!:hali_olutta:
  130. ib12fish

    Reel Life Fishing

    nice snapper vid
  131. ib12fish

    Alijos Rocks

    what boat you going on? be prepared for some early season tuna on the way down and 15-40lb school size YFT, with some going up to 60-80lbs at the rocks if water temp is right, also some good yellowtail fishing at the rocks and at Alijos bank!! sometimes you get some really big ones at the bank...
  132. ib12fish

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    Trying to get in as much fun as i can start boat work mid April
  133. ib12fish

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    The ride home was great south wind pushed us home for a nice smooth ride!!!
  134. ib12fish

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    Got back monday morning from a 3 Day cod trip on the Fortune, We got down there early and Bruce let us load our gear, with a 1500 departure we grab some lunch and headed back to the boat, by then most of the passangers were on the boat, 1500 we took off, got bait and headed towards the hot...
  135. ib12fish

    Who's on the Fortune 3 Day this weekend?

    ME!!!!!!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: will take some pictures and post a report :waglleybooty:
  136. ib12fish

    Lake Skinner

    Well fished Skinner today foe a few hours, this time i tok my boat out instead of walking the shore and my target was striped bass, well after a couple of hours of catching nada, saw a fwe nice schools but didnt want to bite, so i went hunting for the Green bass and got a couple nice...
  137. ib12fish

    Snow Day Bassin'

    Outstanding!!!! cold water green bass got to love it!!!!
  138. ib12fish

    Honey Hole

    WOW that is a honey hole!!!! great vid!
  139. ib12fish

    Post storm green bass lake Skinner

    Day after the storm Tues morning walked the shoreline for some green bass fishing saw a few fish on the beds small males, fished from 0800-1400 for 9 bass all C&R biggest going closr to 5 lbs, few days of warm weather and they are going to go off.
  140. ib12fish

    Hodges Today

    way to go nice fish!!!
  141. ib12fish

    Hoopin SD bay Revenge style

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:that's a good one!!!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  142. ib12fish

    Skinner Green bass

    Walk the south shore and ramp 2 for some pre storm bass fishing and i had a good day, caught a total of six LMB with the biggest going around 4lbs or so, i"d say a 2lb avg. :hali_olutta:
  143. ib12fish

    Lucky B TV- Sand Bass in San Diego Bay *Video*

    Sick ass vid, side note did your buddy ever catch a fish you spank that ass!! :)
  144. ib12fish

    Got another one, damn pigs

    Nice hog !!!
  145. ib12fish

    Texas pig hunt

    Sorry it took a while to answer had to worked the FHS all week, yes its fenced and here is the web site
  146. ib12fish

    Texas pig hunt

    Waelder Tx
  147. ib12fish

    New USMC Master Sergeant

    OUTSTANDING:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: OOrahh
  148. ib12fish

    Texas pig hunt

    the shotgun worked great i got my pigs at night and one in the day one was on the cleaning rack, i even got one the the .45:2gunsfiring_v1::hali_olutta:
  149. ib12fish

    Texas pig hunt

    I think a service hunt would be better it was my first pig hunt and i learned alot.
  150. ib12fish

    Texas pig hunt

  151. ib12fish

    Texas pig hunt

    Well guys i just got back from a pig hunt in Texas, We all had a great time and got a few pigs, the blind hunt sucks but the walk and stalk hunt was the bomb!! the biggest was 420 lbs and the little guys were from 80-120lbs, I used a shotgun with 1oz slugs and a 45 Acp, the rest of the guys used...
  152. ib12fish

    Prayers needed....

    Sorry to hear that bro god bless
  153. ib12fish

    Epic pre-frontal fishing (Video)

    oh yea you have to show me how to post a vid!!
  154. ib12fish

    Epic pre-frontal fishing (Video)

    Outstanding vid hommie, keep it up can't get enough yo!!:hali_olutta:
  155. ib12fish

    pig hunt

    Thank guys!!!:hali_olutta: i'll be sure to post some pic's
  156. ib12fish

    pig hunt

    Going on a pig hunt in Texas, my question is once the hunt is over and all the meat we take back, can you load it in coolers and put it in a truck and drive the meat cross state lines? in other words i'll be driving the meat(pigs) from Texas back to Cailf, Thanks.
  157. ib12fish

    Good Starter Gun for Home Protection

    This is my weapon i use Taurus 608 8-shot .357 I used to use the springfield armory XD 45
  158. ib12fish

    Stolen Valor

    What a limp dick sack of shit!!!:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  159. ib12fish

    Golden tiles 2/19/12

    WOW that's a good one!!!!! Sure wish we had whitefish out here that got that big ; :)
  160. ib12fish

    Pre-spawn bass at my local hole(VIDEO)

    Craig, That was sweet bro, nice green bass!!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  161. ib12fish

    BD 3/4 day trip???

    what boat
  162. ib12fish

    Lake Hodges Poachers

    I was just thinking the same thing:rolleyes:
  163. ib12fish


    WOW!!! way to go on the reds and that's a nice cow!!
  164. ib12fish

    2 outta 3, well make it 3 outta 3

    good going on the bass!!!
  165. ib12fish

    San Diego bay

    I hit up the bay again this morning and once again the bite was on, same as last time, Swimbaits and spinnerbaits got the bites, fished a little deeper this time (40-60ft) and out near the cable crossing and all sand bass, a calico and a sculpin,enjoy:hali_olutta: :hali_olutta:
  166. ib12fish

    took the wife out for first time

    cool give me a day or so heads up and i will join you out there, i sometimes launch out of MCRD.
  167. ib12fish

    Date night with Capt. Dave??

    nice bugs!!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  168. ib12fish

    took the wife out for first time

    Try some spinner baits 3/4oz-1oz, while driffing cast out let it sit until about half your line is out and reel in slow, once you get bit don't swing just reel until the rod loads up, you also can fish swimbaits the same way, try fishing the main channels, 30-50ft for the bigger sand bass, or...
  169. ib12fish

    Epic cool but fail

    So sick:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  170. ib12fish

    San Diego Bay

    Hit the bay up this morning for about 4 hours, mix spotties, and sandies, nothing big but had fun, caught off spinner baits and swimbaits, nice out going tide.
  171. ib12fish


    Thanks Brad!! That would be so cool if you can make the trip I'm sure we will have a blast!
  172. ib12fish


    That would be nice to fish with you again Kerry!!:hali_olutta:
  173. ib12fish


    Thanks Stan:hali_olutta:
  174. ib12fish


    Yes i am:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  175. ib12fish

    Checkered City

    now thats what you call some OUTSTANDING BASS FISHING:hali_olutta:
  176. ib12fish

    Camp Pendleton

    Still here, and how are things whith u
  177. ib12fish


    Kerry, Since the big change of command on the Shogun the old capt's and crew are no longer working on the Shogun, Norm, Bruce, Me(Tommie) Steve, Andy, Randy, and Pat , I think Norm may run a few trips, but other then that the Shogun has a...
  178. ib12fish

    Camp Pendleton

  179. ib12fish

    This is one time we love seals!!!!

    I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!
  180. ib12fish

    Offshore shogun 3 day freezer special

    Steve, I worked on the Shogun for the last six years and I would like to know was i on your trip?? I think i was, from your picture holding the lings i think i remember you, well i no longer work on the Shogun, I dont think i was rude to anyone and if i was please explain, everytime...
  181. ib12fish

    t-bomb and 308 round

    every other week someone gets a clean up crew and rake the place up and get rid of all the old targets.
  182. ib12fish

    t-bomb and 308 round

    Sure you can go I will pm u the next time we go or better yet pm me your number.
  183. ib12fish

    1969 Boston whaler Nauset $5500

    That,sa sick ass sled!!!!
  184. ib12fish

    t-bomb and 308 round

    That's what a 308 round from a M1A1 does to a jar of Tannerite!!!!!:2gunsfiring_v1::hali_olutta:
  185. ib12fish

    t-bomb and 308 round

    here is another one
  186. ib12fish

    t-bomb and 308 round

    went shooting sunday:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  187. ib12fish

    Fishing San Diego Bay (Video)

  188. ib12fish

    Wife's New Ride

  189. ib12fish

    way to start the year off...

    Nice tuna
  190. ib12fish

    Cal DFG throwing Stripers under the bus

    i see nothing wrong with keeping six 12" striped bass hell down here in So Ca the limit is 10 and no size limit they will do just fine.
  191. ib12fish

    last nights catch lobster jumbo crab =dinner cakes

    Wow that looks so good how much mayo, and how mant eggs?
  192. ib12fish

    Pride Bass Trip 1-20-12

    is taht trip leaving tonight the 27th and how much, what time leaves and return.
  193. ib12fish

    Tan-uary Dixon bass

    Craig you should of called me i live about two miles from that lake!!!
  194. ib12fish

    Izorline 11 day Intrepid report

    Nice report and pictures David, what did your fish go? soon i ll be making a trip with you.
  195. ib12fish

    so they pissed on dead what!

    Well said!!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  196. ib12fish

    so they pissed on dead what!

  197. ib12fish

    so what do you do?

    1/2 - 2oz weights will do wonders.
  198. ib12fish

    Anyone have a source for A2Z jigs

    you got it they are about the same size and weight of a tady 45, i call them the mouse jig :)
  199. ib12fish

    Anyone have a source for A2Z jigs

    here is what they look like
  200. ib12fish

    Anyone have a source for A2Z jigs

    i have a few of them Bruce gave to me.
  201. ib12fish

    Anyone have a source for A2Z jigs

    Dont know yet for now out of a job but after the first of the year i,ll start asking around, I still want to do long range, enjoy it very much. but i might end up on a day boat or 3/4 day boat. long as i'm out on the water i'm happy!:hali_olutta:
  202. ib12fish

    Anyone have a source for A2Z jigs

    How many you looking for?
  203. ib12fish

    Anyone have a source for A2Z jigs

    Check with Bruce Smith of the Furtune
  204. ib12fish

    Island girls in Asuncion...and some yellowtail!

    Is Dan the man from MBA!!!
  205. ib12fish

    gun transfers

    Thanks to all who replyed.
  206. ib12fish

    How to Clean an Opah, Picture Heavy & Interesting Stuff

    well tell us how did it taste and how did you cook it.
  207. ib12fish

    gun transfers

    thanks, now whet is the avg cost to transfer, also do the new onwer have to be present when transfering the weapon, thanks again. .
  208. ib12fish

    gun transfers

    Would like to know if selling a handgun how do i transfer it over to the new owner? do i have to go a gun shop or can do it myself. thanks
  209. ib12fish

    QUALITY Lingasaurus, Goats and Reds on the Mirage

    Now thats some dam good codding!!!!!!!
  210. ib12fish

    Swimbait Striper Trip To Arkansas

  211. ib12fish

    Yellowtail Fishing California and Baja (picture thread)

    caught on the 3/4 day boat SAN DIEGO?
  212. ib12fish


    Just man up and GO!! you will have a great time Mike loves to kill fish!!
  213. ib12fish

    American Angler 11-Day Report

    Way to go , looks like you had a outstanding trip!!
  214. ib12fish

    Lower River Stripers

    the limit is 10 but it was two of us each night we got limits oh yea tadpole had one short of a limit one night:hali_olutta:
  215. ib12fish

    more pic

    some more pictures
  216. ib12fish

    Lower River Stripers

    Spent a few days on the river, The striper fishing was off the hook every night (four) i fished got limits!! buck tails and Rat-l-traps
  217. ib12fish

    HR 822 Concealed Carry Gun Bill Passes House Vote

    What about "open carry" is that still allowed in San Diego?
  218. ib12fish

    Don't stab a Marine........

    GOOD ONE!!!
  219. ib12fish

    Happy 236th Birthday Marines

    THANKS Scott Semper Fi :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  220. ib12fish

    Happy Veterans Day

    Thank you guys and we all THANK YOU for your support!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  221. ib12fish

    Cow Town Fishing

    Don't do it you'll be sorry. BAIT SLECTION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS MY FRIEND!!!
  222. ib12fish

    Next Wave to cow town..

    Dave they should be in the zone by wednesday!!
  223. ib12fish

    Son of a bitch fish

    that was some funny shit : 0
  224. ib12fish

    Quick Draw practice in close combat goes wrong.......

    most of the close quarters shootings i saw or been in both shooters were backing away from each other trying to put more distance between them self while firing, JMO
  225. ib12fish

    Thanksgiving 12 day trip

    It will be nice to see you again on the Shogun, It should be another good one!!!
  226. ib12fish

    How about Tim's Reports?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:Love it!!:rofl::rofl:
  227. ib12fish

    "sustainable" bluefin farming/pens

    FYI do you know that there are pens at south island that have 200-400 pounders in them i'VE HAND FEED THEM !!!
  228. ib12fish

    Shogun on the BFT

    yes i will be on that trip can't wait
  229. ib12fish

    Shogun on the BFT

    I just talked to Bruce on the sat phone and the Shogun is on a 3 day trip and just got out of a BFT stop, they landed 7 fish from 18 - 25 lbs , and are seeing bigger fish 40-60lbs they left yesterday and he said they start seeing fish at 39 miles from the point!! they have good weather overcast...
  230. ib12fish

    Half-Day Boat in the Bay

    WOW !!!!! all of that just because you saw a sport boat fishing the bay! I can remember back in the days when riding the DD we would fish the bait bardge and not even make out the bay and would go back with limits of sand bass and catch cuda, bones and butts, even once we got a few yellows!!
  231. ib12fish

    Offshore bft on the AA at 180 miles

    we just back 12 June off a eight day and we got into the BFT at 245-250 miles from the point, we fished them form dawn to dusk, stoped the boat once in the morning and last stop was around 6 pm for 94 BFT form 25-90 lbs jackpot went 90.6lbs good grade of fish, both stops we had them in the...
  232. ib12fish

    June Heat 2011 aka Shark F%*k Fest pt 1

    Great report and very nice pictures!
  233. ib12fish

    Word from Henrys Lake.. S.E. Idaho

    Go get em Shel and make sure you post a report with some pic!
  234. ib12fish

    Offshore Albacore! 239 Miles!

  235. ib12fish


    :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I was going to say the same thing!
  236. ib12fish

    Excel metered Albacore ?

    now i remember you came on that trip in uniform(cammies) right? and you were leaving for a deployment or comming back?
  237. ib12fish

    Cuda's anyone?

    Me too!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  238. ib12fish

    Excel metered Albacore ?

    dave, what LR boat did you work on
  239. ib12fish

    Free Padres Tix tonight.....

    do I get the tickets at petco park?
  240. ib12fish

    Pyramid April 4-11 FB

    Wow! Bruce that was a sick ass vid!! looks like you had a blast!! those were some BIG ass C-Throat's Yo!!, looked pretty dam cold for me!!
  241. ib12fish

    Need help with a BD handle for Cyndi

    How about KING FLASHER ?
  242. ib12fish

    Shogun spring 8 day report

    RIGHT ON!!! JEFF do you still want the pic, it's on the post if you want i can send it to you via email sent me your email address via PM. sure hope it get the recored!!:hali_olutta:
  243. ib12fish

    chubasco II

    Where are they fishing the islands or LJ
  244. ib12fish

    The Sea Robin and a Giant Warsaw

    oh i thought they had really long pec fins to be Bulefin tuna but BFT there= Blackfin tuna Nice catch!!!!!
  245. ib12fish

    Shogun spring 8 day report

    Nate got a big halibut at Cedros boy that made his day!!:hali_olutta:
  246. ib12fish

    Yellowtail on the 3/4 day boat SAN DIEGO

    As of 1:00pm today the 3/4 day boat SAN DIEGO out of Seaforth Sportfishing has 5 yellowtail 20-30 lbs on the boat!!! and the are seeing some good schools!! time to get that yoyo gear out!!!:hali_olutta:
  247. ib12fish

    Current info of temp @ Alijos Rocks?

    We just got back Sunday the water temp at the rocks proper was 63.3 to 63.6 and at the bank it was a little warmer 63.7 to 64.0 but when we left there it was 64.0 and climbing. We leave again 15 Apr for another 8days hopefully the tuna are waitting for us, by the way the RP saw signs of albi and...
  248. ib12fish

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    1974 The SAN DIEGO out of Seaforth caught my first yellowtail Bob ran the boat, as a matter of fact he hooked and handed my my first yellow!!
  249. ib12fish

    Shogun spring 8 day report

    more pic's
  250. ib12fish

    Shogun spring 8 day report

    Well guys just got back from our first spring 8 day to the rocks and Sorry to say that the fishing was somewhat SLOOOOOOOW! cold water!!!!! everywhere we hit the rocks, the ridge and cedros. At the Rocks the water temp was 63.5-63.8 at the bank was 63.7-64.0 NO TUNA!!!!but we did get some...
  251. ib12fish

    coast guard bs

    you know i spent over 21 years in the Marine Corps Five combat tours and this is BULLSHIT!!!!!! some young punkass speeding in the bay and takes a kids life and gets off!!!! how many times do we see them speeding around when they dont have too, a cople of times while fishing San Diego bay they...
  252. ib12fish

    Headed to the rocks

    The Shogun departs Sat morn on our first spring 8 day to the rocks!!! looking for that 1st albacore of the year!! will be trolling all the way there!! i'll have a reaport and pic once we return!! stay tune!!!
  253. ib12fish

    Crappie bite

    Sorry guys for the late report, got there around 0730 heavy fog but it was starting to lift, had to get the boat steam wash before putting the boat in, headed to the dam and just to the right of the dam there are some rocks, metered around a bit then found a spot that looked good and boy was it...
  254. ib12fish

    Crappie bite

    Anyone here of the Crappie bitr going on at Lake Henshaw?? well if not the secret is out I'll be hitting it up thursday will give a report once i return, its about that time too
  255. ib12fish

    Offshore 3 Day on the Shogun

    Well it was our first trip of the new season, 3 day cod trip, the weather sucked but we put together a nice trip, enjoy the pic.
  256. ib12fish

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    one that swims
  257. ib12fish

    Snapper Moon!

    OMG!!!!! now thats some sick ass fishing!!!! and the pictures are OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  258. ib12fish

    stripers @ dvl

    Nice!! Waiting for the boat to dry out so i can hit it.
  259. ib12fish

    March 3, Miramar

    Bruce!! NICE!! what i didn't get a call or a invite? I had all the zeke' s we needed:rofl::rofl::rofl:, once again very nice and keep getting them!
  260. ib12fish

    Yellowfin IGFA approval!

    RIGHT ON!!!!!!!! Way to go !!!
  261. ib12fish

    Sorry for the late report.

    Dave other then the nice reds you are holding what kind of rod and reel combo you're holding it looks prety sick! Thanks!
  262. ib12fish

    Don't do drugs kids! Let's review.

    are the fish bitting!!
  263. ib12fish

    EL CAPITAN LAKE 02272011

    Where can i get some of the Capt G lures! Thanks
  264. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    Eric are you going to keep the same name?
  265. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    Not me there buddy, remember I'm on the the high seas at least 250- 280 days in the year, not one 16 day a year like you and Mike:loverz: do:rofl::rofl:next time we go out lets make it a 50$ per person JP, or is that too much.
  266. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    Tadpole I think Mike is feeling a little:supergay::supergay::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  267. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    :hali_olutta:Monday is a go for me
  268. ib12fish

    Unusual Find in Tuna Meat

  269. ib12fish

    kaneohe 2/25

    nice bigeye tuna!!!!
  270. ib12fish


    Those were some sick ass pics!!!!!!!
  271. ib12fish


    Damm those are some big ass trout!!!!!!
  272. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    Eric, It looks like we might have weather window Sunday are you up for some more rockcod fishing so you all can redeem yourself from the ass kicking i gave you, Dave, Heather, And Jose, Give me a call. Oh also bring sure you bring sorry ass Mike along too!!!:supergay:
  273. ib12fish

    Anyone Try These Weights Before

    how heavy can you get them ie 2oz? 12oz 24oz? /
  274. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    Yea your are right about that, as a matter of fact we are going to do a few trips to the lupe/cedros this summer, but he just wanted to do some codding that day, also wanted to use the side scan sonar as a up and down meter to see the differents, you really get good reading, as in hard bottom...
  275. ib12fish

    Rpt-Wed-02-23-11 Limits of Big Reds on the Finger Bank!

    Nice REDS Cory, I always like reading your reports good pics and info, THANKS!!
  276. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    Don't HATE if you got you got it:waglleybooty::hali_olutta: Oh and dont worry we will use it to catch other fish:waglleybooty:Oh by the way it was 50$ for the beer:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: STOP HATING AND ENJOY LIFE IT'S TOO SHORT!!!
  277. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    WE were using both squid and live anchoives, Seem like they wanted the squid and the groupers jumped on the finbait.
  278. ib12fish

    Lake Skinner With Tadpole

    Hit Skinner up 21Feb for alittle Striper action, We fished the north shore for some nice Stripers:hali_olutta:
  279. ib12fish

    taco meat on the Bad Company

    Sorry for the late report, 13 feb went out with Tadpole, The Armyofone, Dave, Eric(tadpole brother and owner of the Bad Company) and of course me IB12fish, we made a day of fishing the lower nine for some taco meat. We left the point around 0830 and after a short run (30kts) and Eric put on...
  280. ib12fish

    Need Help, Bottom Fishing Suggestions...

    The penn 500 wil work just fine fill it with 65lb spectra with a 40 lb mono top shot. good luck and post a report once you get back.
  281. ib12fish

    Boaters Safety Course

    Is this only for Washington State??? I got a buddy that bought the BAD COMPANY and do you need one for CA???
  282. ib12fish

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    So are you saying what I was doing is legal??? Where did you get your info from? I know once I cross into Az i'm legal but while I'm still driving in Ca??
  283. ib12fish

    Super Seeker 3 X 5 is here.

    Steve thanks! I guess i will be looking into getting one.
  284. ib12fish

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    Kurt you are so right about that LE don't make the laws they just inforce them.
  285. ib12fish

    Super Seeker 3 X 5 is here.

    what are the spec on it vise the 2X4?
  286. ib12fish

    Lobzilla in SD bay

    that's a BIG ASS BUG!!!!!
  287. ib12fish

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    right on guys THANKS for the info, now I'll just make sure i lock it up and keep the mags in the boat i tow down with me or bed of the truck out of site. THANKS again.
  288. ib12fish

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    WOW well i guess i better stop it then can you tell me why it's not legal.
  289. ib12fish

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    WOW that was alot to read, maybe someone can answer this I fish the river alot is it leagal to drive to yuma with a pistol in the cab of my truck in a case not lock, not loaded in the back seat of my truck, but have the loaded mags in the bed of the truck. Or the loaded mags in the cab of the...
  290. ib12fish

    Dropper, Surgeon's or three way swivel

    The Roy Rose/Surgeon's it the way to go.
  291. ib12fish

    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    Most if not all YFT over 200# are males so why do we call them cows they should be called BULLS
  292. ib12fish

    2-12-2011 Report: Sheepshead massacre!

    east coast sheepshead
  293. ib12fish

    MXL OR JX FOR 30#

    MXL or MXJ fill with 50lb spectra and you will be fine. 1
  294. ib12fish

    A question for you gun experts.

    the smallest shotgun round iv'e seen is a 410 and a 410 slug it is much bigger than that round that he suppose to of got hit by i'm still calling it BULLSHIT!!!
  295. ib12fish

    Perch'n 2/09/11

  296. ib12fish

    A question for you gun experts.

    look at the attach photo of what BuonaFor Tuna posted all of the rounds you can see the copper case= FMJ
  297. ib12fish

    A question for you gun experts.

    I call it BULLSHIT!! i see no copper in the photo of the round all i see is lead if look at the other rounds you clearly see the copper case, fmj my ass!!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  298. ib12fish

    Wow... Taape snapper made into Chinese-style fishcake is actually pretty good!

    When i was stationed at kaneohe bay use to make the fishcakes with the bone fish and boy were they good eats. now i make the same fishcakes with striped bass very ono!!
  299. ib12fish

    Camo Rod

    That is so sick can you do it in brown camo?
  300. ib12fish

    Miramar 1/29

    Nice going Bruce, the stripers are bitting at skinner!!
  301. ib12fish

    I Got Mine!

    You are a striper killer!! and once that's a sick ass rig you got there.
  302. ib12fish

    Slayed The Stripers Down South

    That is a SICK ASS rig!!!! And some big ass stripers!!! NICE!!!!!!
  303. ib12fish

    I would go to jail

    I'd be right there with you !!!!!!!!
  304. ib12fish

    Perch ID ?

    Calico surf perch!
  305. ib12fish

    Perch ID ?

    2X two
  306. ib12fish

    Former Marine shoots dog owner for dog peeing on his lawn

    See that's what i'm talking about that's was a good one i would loved to see her face once see saw the shit on her hood!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::hali_olutta:
  307. ib12fish

    Former Marine shoots dog owner for dog peeing on his lawn

    He should of shot the dog OOORRAAHHH:2gunsfiring_v1:
  308. ib12fish

    shogun 3 day freezer specials

    On the freezer special is a rockcod trip, but if the spring yellowtail are around we give them a shot. fishing is done in water 200-350ft, 4/0 size reel loaded with spectra and a very short topshot(40-50lb) and a 12oz- 1lb of lead, heavy jigs with a shrimp fly, We start out below San Martain...
  309. ib12fish

    All Members MUST READ... (please)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  310. ib12fish

    Lake Martinez

    No DLV lately but as soon as the weather clears a bit I'll be hitting it up looking for them stripers!!
  311. ib12fish

    Lake Martinez

    If you are talking about the one in Yuma Az, I was there for five days in Nov. I only fished for stripers and the fishing was very good, i fished the lake and the mouth of the river, early morning and at night seem to be the best time, rat-l-traps worked good and also white bucktail jigs, and if...
  312. ib12fish

    Landing a 275 in less than 10 seconds.....

    That was so SICK!!!!:hali_olutta:
  313. ib12fish

    Shogun 12/26-12/31 Roll Call

    Bring gear for both yellows/calico and rockcods, I,m sure you will do some of both.
  314. ib12fish

    STORM HOOPERS 12/17/10

    Nice bugs!!!!
  315. ib12fish

    Striper Report Rudee Inlet

    That's a sick ass rig!!!!! they should them like that.
  316. ib12fish

    Shogun 12/26-12/31 Roll Call

    I'm off the trip this year, I get to enjoy my birthday fishing for some stripers at skinner or DVL!!, it should be some good yellow fishing for you all, Bruce is running the trip and he loves fishing the yellows on the long rod!! good luck and enjoy your trip!!!! :hali_olutta:
  317. ib12fish

    Missed you all- Im Back

    Welcome back Shelly!! Heather said hi and wants to do some fishing.
  318. ib12fish


    Congrats Bro time to fishing!!!!:hali_olutta:
  319. ib12fish

    Angler's got em too. Get on a boat!

    G I will be working that trip look forward to fishing with you once again!!
  320. ib12fish


    We do the same tagging on the Shogun two to three times a year but mostly foe Bluefin tuna, we also tag Albacore, YFT, and DODO's
  321. ib12fish

    Hands off the drag adjustment!

    Steve, Thats one of saying of Bruce, and here is another one, " line is coming off the reel or coming on the reel!!!"
  322. ib12fish

    WSB or Corvina...

    Shortfin Corvina:hali_olutta:
  323. ib12fish

    Hi guys, new poster here

    Welcome Aboard there leather neck, Semper Fi!!!!
  324. ib12fish

    women :)

    OMG!!!!!! That was a good one !!!!!!!!
  325. ib12fish

    Your name on Bloodydecks

  326. ib12fish

    Marine hasn't had sex since 1955

  327. ib12fish

    "Los Monos in San Quintin"

    Way to go Luis!!! looks like you had good times down there, What you getting in shape for the Tagging trip :) look forward to fishing with you again, oh tell Dr.Block we are still waiting for our jackets :)
  328. ib12fish

    Shogun June 19 5-day

    Yes I will be working it, as a matter of fact i don't get off the boat unitl 07 July. then it's river time and:hali_olutta: oooo yeeea
  329. ib12fish

    Shogun June 19 5-day

  330. ib12fish

    Offshore Bluefin Update 6/15

    The seiners were on it before we were, they been the fish for about a week and a half now, they have planes and they know where the fish pop up every year
  331. ib12fish

    Independence 8 day May 22-30

    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! we leave this Sturday on a 8 day ooooohhhh yyyeeeaaa!!!!
  332. ib12fish

    cuda bite is on

    their are many fish that are not for sale or serverd in a restaurant that taste great!! calico bass for one, I think most fish are great to eat as long you learn how to cook them:waglleybooty:
  333. ib12fish

    cuda bite is on

    If you bleed them just like we all bleed our yellows, tuna, wsb, ect. and learn how to cook them they taste great, there are many ways to cook fish just don't get stuck on one way.
  334. ib12fish


    love the Fries!!!!:waglleybooty:and the :hali_olutta: hope i can make it down there.
  335. ib12fish

    The Marine Infantryman

    That's a good one!!!!!!!!!!!
  336. ib12fish

    Roll Call - Shogun Memorial Day 3 day

    I'll be working that trip, talked with Norm looks like we will be going where ever the fish ar bitting, offshore, down the beach, kelp patty, ect. a lot of boats will be out there so there will be a big spread.
  337. ib12fish

    Bad news...

    I leave on thr RP's 17 day this fri and return 10 May you are more then welcome to come down and get some. I only keep one or two tuna and wahoo. I give away or donate the rest.
  338. ib12fish


    Who is on the RP's 23 Apr- 10 May 17 Day, I got a few trips off and i'll be on the trip FISHING!!!!! not working OH YEA BABY it's been a long time that i get to fish a long trip instead of working:gaygroup:
  339. ib12fish

    8 day rocks and cedros on the Shogun

    We did get one YFT in the dark about 0300, but the guys really fished for the yellows in the dark.
  340. ib12fish

    8 day rocks and cedros on the Shogun

    Well guys we got back Sunday from our first 8 day spring trip with a load of 23 passangers, Boy!! it was some of the best spring fishing down there I've seen since I been on the Shogun(5yrs). We got the first sportboat caught BLUEFIN TUNA on our way to the rocks, a 25lber on the troll!!! got to...
  341. ib12fish

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    Here are some more pic's I found of the spring 8 day. enjoy
  342. ib12fish


    I went out on her Wednesday and had some fun!! I have to work a 8 day but once we get back I'll be out there on her again. Can't get enough of that yellowtail fishing
  343. ib12fish


    The back up plan is to fish yellows a little harder LOL
  344. ib12fish


    LOL You can always go for yellowtail rockfish :)
  345. ib12fish


    Looks like they got them again today, The San Diego is reporting 62 yellows!!! today, I hpoe it just keeps on getting better!!! this is the time to go yellowtail fishing and watch out for La Jolla!!! the guys on the New Seaforth said they are seeing big schools of yellows there also, GET OUT AND...
  346. ib12fish

    Fred Hall Del Mar Day 1

    Steve did you see any of them Camo avets? did anyone have them for sale???
  347. ib12fish

    3/4 day yellows today on the San Diego

    It was on bird schools and sonar marks near the rock pile
  348. ib12fish

    3/4 day yellows today on the San Diego

    Well Tadpole and I had to get our yellowtail fix before I leave on a 8 day trip Saturday, So we jumped on the 3/4 Day boat San Diego too get our fix and oh did we, I got 3 and she got 2, hers came on the yoyo and I got 2 on the surface plug and 1 on the yoyo, I think the total for the boat was...
  349. ib12fish

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    here is some more pic's of another spring 8 day' I think this was spring of 2008
  350. ib12fish

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    Mike i'm still looking at putting fire flames on the truck
  351. ib12fish

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    Dan are you making it this year!!!!
  352. ib12fish

    the yellows are bitting again

    the 3/4 dat boat San Diego today got 18 yellows!!! starting to pick up again i will going tomorrow Wed!! yo ho ho
  353. ib12fish

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    Things are looking good at the rocks!! the RR went by there about 20 days ago and 65-66 nice clean water!!! and the RP stop there for some yellows there for about a hour or so and got all they needed for dinner 25-30 lb yellows!! and in Jan of this year on one of our, 16 day trip we got the...
  354. ib12fish

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    It's the Shogun and you can give Andrea a call at 619 226 8030
  355. ib12fish

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    Here are some pic's of the 8 day last year, we have one leaving this saturday only 4 spots left!!
  356. ib12fish

    Malihini 3/21

    I was out on the San Diego, and you are so right SOON!!!! it's going to go wide open!!! the water needs to clean up a bit and when is does stand by!!!, oh we got 8 for the boat, i was one of the lucky ones and got a 15 lb'er
  357. ib12fish

    Yuma Colorado River

    Jacob, Did you do any striper fishing, when i fish down there the mouth of ferguson is pretty good.
  358. ib12fish

    Avet's newest color! Green CAMO!

    I want the green camo one where can i get one, oh a sd 50 size, it willgo great with my camo green ss rod
  359. ib12fish

    Caught this evil looking fish FISH ID?

    Sorry for the thread jack hee are the pic not to good, not a good body shot
  360. ib12fish

    Caught this evil looking fish FISH ID?

    Yea add about six zeros on the end of 40, oh speaking of strange fish we got back a week or so ago from the hurraicane bank(sp)and noe of the passangers by the name of Peter caught this shark that had the head of a shark but the body of a grouper, he said it was a mega mouth shark, but i dont...
  361. ib12fish

    Skinner stripers

    It's great, really good detail and the GPS chart plotter is outstanding.
  362. ib12fish

    fishing the lower river

    Yuma, Az, at the mouth of Martinez Lake, Heading out there again today for a couple days.
  363. ib12fish

    Skinner stripers

    umbrella rig
  364. ib12fish

    Skinner stripers

    trolling the U-rig and tossing swimbaits
  365. ib12fish

    Skinner stripers

    Hit up skinner today for some striper love and it was good caught over 30 fish but only kept 8 for some fish taco's
  366. ib12fish

    fishing the lower river

    Got some time off the boat and made a lttle run down to the lower river for some striper fishing all fish caught off rat-l-traps at night.
  367. ib12fish

    Willy and WahooDad do it Intrepid Style

    OUTSTANDING DAVID!!!!!!!!:urno1:
  368. ib12fish

    Alligator hunting in Florida

    Dam that is so cool, good hunting !!!
  369. ib12fish

    Rasta Rods fo sale.

    Trevor, You got any pic of the rods, I might be willing to take them off your hands, Hows Erine doing these days? are you guys fishing the islands, or running the bass special trips. Tommie
  370. ib12fish

    DVL Finally a big striper!!

    Nice fish can't wait for the new ramp to open so I can do some DD hunting only limit to Skinner and the lower river in yuma for the sub DD or should I say AA,BB,and CC
  371. ib12fish

    Colorado River license requirements

    I just got back from the lower river and if you fish from a boat you need a river stamp on your CA fishing lic but if you fish any of the lakes on the AZ side you need a AZ lic. The stripers are bitting really good at night on the river.
  372. ib12fish

    Offshore 1.5 day Trip for troops (Any former Vets) 10/23

    I would love to go just to help out but i'll be working a 7 day from 18-25 Oct. Tommie L. Miles jr. USMC RET 1981-2002
  373. ib12fish

    My new camo tuna killer

    The color tan is the thread is what the rollers are wrapped with and the colors black,white, and green are hand painted on then clear coated, looking for a green or black Advet, or a Accurate(spelling??)
  374. ib12fish

    My new camo tuna killer

    It's a Super seeker 6463XXXX The next one will have the EGA on it!!! now i need to buy a reel for it.
  375. ib12fish

    My new camo tuna killer

    ok guys here it is my new camo tuna killer built by Mr. Pat Doyle, THANKS PAT!!!!
  376. ib12fish

    5-17 Chubasco II Report

    Capt. Trevor, Howzit, If you guys have enought to run that Calico trip this thusday I think i will join you!! take care and nice to see you running that rig! tell Ernie i said hello.
  377. ib12fish

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    YES IT IS, So everyone can get on the bite, more pepple looking the better, I thought this site was for passing good fish dope!!! Oh well its good to see that they got some.
  378. ib12fish 17 day aboard the Royal Polaris 2009

    Great Report Brandon I hope to be on the trip next year!!
  379. ib12fish

    Skinner May 4

    Nice Stripers did you get all your fish at the inlet?
  380. ib12fish

    where are my Scotch drinkers?

    Cuda, here you go!!!
  381. ib12fish

    Yellowtail on the Pacific Voyager

    Thanks Guero67!!! I just got off the phone with Mike at Seaforth and he comfirmed pretty much what you said, Thanks again!! hope them yellows move up the line so the 3/4 day and day boats get a wack at them.
  382. ib12fish

    Yellowtail on the Pacific Voyager

    Anyone hear any other word on the Pacific Voyager getting 20 yellows on a 1.5 day trip? Making a few calls to find out the real dope.
  383. ib12fish

    Slickest mono to hollow connection ever

    Steve, Are you going to have any with you at The Day at the Docks? i would like to buy a few and test them out on the Shogun. Tommie
  384. ib12fish

    in GOD we trust...........

    That's a good oneLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!
  385. ib12fish

    Which trip? Fish HB in april or cowtown in Nov?

    you can fish both the lower banks and the HB on a 16-18 day trip, we did it (The Shogun), the Exel and RR did it. there you go, you can have a chance to fish the Buffer Zone too, So go looooong!!!!!!
  386. ib12fish

    Yellows on the San diego

    50 people thats nothing if you got skill, I can remember working on that boat and fishing with 75 people on a stand up tuna trip, so quit your bicthin and go fishing yo!!
  387. ib12fish

    Yellows on the San diego

    Just got word that the San Diego has one yellow on deck as of 1030!! and more spots of yellows around, the yellows are 25-30 lbs with lots of 10-12lb bonita' time to bust out the long rods and the 7x!! :Death_To_Above:
  388. ib12fish

    Big bones commin up the line...

    I just got word that the San Diego are seeing big spots of yellows!! at the islands or rock pile, as of 1030 they have one on deck, the yellows are 25-30 lbers and lots of bonita 10-12 lbs. spring is here!!! hope they land more!!
  389. ib12fish

    Big bones commin up the line...

    Good time to bust out the long rods and have some fun, might jump on the San Diego sunday to try for a few, oh yea fresh bonehead can't beat that.
  390. ib12fish

    Big bones commin up the line...

    They are g them near the rock pile 8-12lbs
  391. ib12fish

    Lake Skinner

    Hit up lake Skinner looking for some jailbirds and i found them, i got to the lake around 1400, put "Iriemon ' in the water and did a lillte trolling around looking for some fish, Really i was getting used to the new meter i got, the humminbird 787c2 is just what i wanted. Now to the fishing...
  392. ib12fish

    shogun 3 day

    Steve, We will mostly target rockcod the first day and the second day we move up around San Martain if the things are right we would look aroung the high spots for yellows if they are not around then we might make a few halibut then fish rockcod again. Gear you...
  393. ib12fish

    Fishing tomorrow

    Anyone can give me some numbers to the IB pipe line, oh yea can i fish US waters and then fish the lower nine I know you can't fish mexcan waters and then fish US waters. THANKS!!
  394. ib12fish

    Another thug bites the dust......

    No blood anywhere,bad guy wearing white tee shirt, and his fellow officer was in his line of fire and also who ever was doing the filming was in the line of fire too.
  395. ib12fish

    I am a beginner when

    look at a XD it's a outstanding weapon here is a pic of mine.
  396. ib12fish

    what's going on a mile or so off Mission Beach?

    Whale watching???
  397. ib12fish

    Anybody catching 40 lb. YT at La Jolla?

    Homestead, homegaurd, mossbacks, what the fuck just call them BIG MOTHA_FUCKING YELLOWS YO!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  398. ib12fish

    Lower 500 12/27/2008

    Nice load on Brown rockfish good eats!!!
  399. ib12fish

    13 day Shogun report

    Merry Christmas to all!!! Steve i'm glad you had a good time on the Shogun, you are a fast learner and fun to fish with you really got it down on using the rail " the rail is your friend" It was a bumer we didn't get that one that broke your line that was a goooood one!!! hope to see you...
  400. ib12fish

    Shogun Dec 10th 13 day

    Yes all 3 wells can do RSW but on a long trip we don't go RSW until after the 5th day or so, can't wait to meet you guys on the 10th. Tommie (The Gunny)
  401. ib12fish

    Thanksgiving on the river with Tadpole

    EZ I retired in 2002
  402. ib12fish

    Thanksgiving on the river with Tadpole

    Tadpole and I hit the river up for the week of Thanksgiving, Boy we had good fishing . We got there Monday around 1500 and by 1630 we were on the river catching nice size jailbirds! We used rat L traps,bucktails and MC Swimbaits. not to much on typing so here are the pictures, enjoy!!!!
  403. ib12fish

    Picking up my new .45

    BTW I've had fun a few times in the LAND of the TWO WAY range and ist' all about POINT OF AIM POINT OF IMPACT!!! Rail mounted lights and laser sights there is a time and place for them and knowing how and when to use them is why you put them on a weapon. If and when I need it it's there, It's...
  404. ib12fish

    Dolphin Sportfishing found a new home

    RJ whats up looks like you and Jason will have fun. what's up with that limp dick fleyeline, I guest he don't know how you roll at Seaforth, Hey Jason Welcome! look forward to fishing with you and RJ.
  405. ib12fish

    Picking up my new .45

    It's an OUTSTANING weapon you will enjoy it. here is a pic of mine.
  406. ib12fish

    Rain Gutters

    Thanks Sal I will give them a look.
  407. ib12fish

    Rain Gutters

    JeffM, Thanks!! I will give them a call. OOORRRAAAHHH Tommie
  408. ib12fish

    Rain Gutters

    Anyone konw of where I can get " HOOK UP" on some new Rain Gutters put on the house. Thanks!
  409. ib12fish

    First String Trip 10/19-26

    Nice trip !!!!!!!
  410. ib12fish

    Intrepid at a disadvantage???????

    WOW so much DRAMA over a boat!!!! I don't know him just a little of him and NO man or woman can judge him only one person can!!! big ups to Kevin for stepping up and taking the job, I'm sure he is learning fast we all have to start somewhere.
  411. ib12fish

    Happy V Day

    that was so funny!!!!!!!!:)
  412. ib12fish

    Just got my BD Captains jacket

    Where can i get one?
  413. ib12fish

    mag cap

    Thanks Fishing Addict
  414. ib12fish

    mag cap

    I have a Springfield Armory XD .45 with Two ten rd. mags found a web site that sell mag extendions that would make it a 13 rd cap. is it legal in Ca.? and what is the max cap of a magazine in Ca. for a handgun? Thanks
  415. ib12fish

    speed loaders

    Just order 3 of them thanks again
  416. ib12fish

    speed loaders

    which one you go to
  417. ib12fish

    speed loaders

    Tom, THANKS!!!
  418. ib12fish

    speed loaders

    oh it's off and loaded, I put it on when i'm trasnporting to the range, thanks
  419. ib12fish

    speed loaders

    tryed tunners they don't have them only for 7 shot
  420. ib12fish

    speed loaders

    oh here is a pic of it
  421. ib12fish

    speed loaders

    I have a TAURUS 608 .357 8-shot can anyone tell me where i can get speed loaders for it. Thanks
  422. ib12fish

    I have lost my Marbles its Pink/Green

    Bob can you do that in a camo colors? I'm looking for someone to wrap a few rod like that but in camo. Thanks
  423. ib12fish

    Military recruiting and lack of class

    Maggie, you hit the nail right on the head, well said and Thank You and your welcome. USMC 1981-2002 1st Mar Div
  424. ib12fish

    5/21 am 1/2 day Premier

    Cuda!! Next time let a brudda know you 1/2 daying it, I might want to tag alone and sling some iron with you I got a green 10ft SS all cammo up!!! ready for a fire fight:) YO!!
  425. ib12fish

    Shogun 3-Day Trip - May 9-12

    Kenney Mac what up yo! :) I'll be working the trip on the 30th fook forward to seeing again it's alway a blast to have you on the boat Curt and Linda got off the boat and signed up for the trip on the 30th! they are good people and fun to fish with. see ya on the 30th, oh is your better half on...
  426. ib12fish

    Hodges 5/14/08

    Hey Brandon let me know if you do go next wednesday I'm off and I might go after some of them big slab crappie!!
  427. ib12fish

    Is it time for a change? this should start some sh#t.

    I'm all in for a 5 fish limit but the slot limit sucks most people throw back the the big ones anyway, but make it a 14in size to keep. just my 2 cents
  428. ib12fish

    Dolphin PM trip gets on a hot bonito bite

    Wow reading all the post i think you just got tooled by a 5lb bone and you want to blame other paying anglers, stick to the shorter rods!!! or pull a little harder!! :) i just had to put my two cent in.
  429. ib12fish

    Wahoodad goes off!

    Way to go David!!!!
  430. ib12fish

    Report and pictures on Friday's Marine Corps charter

    WOW !!!!!!!! looks like you guys had a OUTSTANDING TIME!!! wish i could of been there had to work a 3 day, SEMPER FI MARINES!!
  431. ib12fish

    Bass&Bluegil at DVL

    Hit up DVL today for a try at some stripers and found only Bass and Bluegil First time at DVL in the new boat and the guy at the takle store was very helpful in pointing out the best places to fish for the stripers and bluegill, got there late around 0900 the wind was blowing around 10 knots...
  432. ib12fish

    PYRAMID, Little Trukee, Hot Creek

    Nice fish Lenny!!!
  433. ib12fish

    To my dear wife.....

    That was so good
  434. ib12fish

    Shogun 8 day leaving 12 apr

    Steve, Norm, Bruce, Me, Steve, Pat, and Rick and Mark Cooking look forward to seeing you. Brandon, Yea that was me i saw you in the fast lane after you pssed me i just got the boat today but i will thke her out to Skinner tomorrow. Michael, No she not...
  435. ib12fish


    Thanks Greg
  436. ib12fish

    Shogun 8 day leaving 12 apr

    Dave, I look forward to seeing you on the boat sat.
  437. ib12fish


    going out to lake Skinner tomorrow whats the HOT DOPE?
  438. ib12fish

    Shogun 8 day leaving 12 apr

    Ok who is on this trip, it will be a fun one! here is a few pic from last years trip!!
  439. ib12fish

    Insane crazy trail

    oh shit that was sick
  440. ib12fish

    3 thieves busted at docks

    OUTSTANDING!!!! way to go!! you should of knee caped them !!!:)
  441. ib12fish

    Stripped bass beware!!

    Taken her out tomorrow to Lake Skinner to test her out and see whats bitting:)
  442. ib12fish

    Stripped bass beware!!

    Just picked up my new boat from AIM Marine and i;m ready to kill some striped bass! bluegill and crappie, i think i'll put her in tne water after this 8 day, hit the river up. here are a few pics.
  443. ib12fish

    Our Troops......

  444. ib12fish

    Lake Hodges 04 02 08...

    Nice Crappie!!
  445. ib12fish

    They worked pretty well

    EVERYTHING works with a little SQUID on it.
  446. ib12fish

    Break out the toy JeeP pics

    oh yea!!!
  447. ib12fish

    A little family time at Yucaipa Regional Park 3/30/08...

    Fishing with the family thats always a goods thing!!! NICE POST!
  448. ib12fish


    See if it works
  449. ib12fish

    Blythe/Colorado River Grab Bag full o'fish

    nice fish trying to make a trip down to the river between trips.
  450. ib12fish


    can anybody tell me how to resize pictures to post them? Thanks
  451. ib12fish

    Shogun Baja Freezer Special - Mar 31

    Bruce is driving this one i'll be the second, it should(will) be a fun trip!!
  452. ib12fish

    Shogun Baja Freezer Special - Mar 31

    I'll be there
  453. ib12fish


    have to resize some of the pics more to follow
  454. ib12fish


    ok here are some more pic ENJOY!!!
  455. ib12fish

    The GUN at Clipperton

    Scott, Yes Bruce had a blast fishing the fly rod hed caught all the bluestars hed could handle i think his biggest was around 16lbs! and he also got some YFT around 25lbs. oh yea Norm was up to his wood carving of poppers and he really made some good ones but he would only catch one...
  456. ib12fish

    The GUN at Clipperton

    Green jack aka Choppa (spelling)
  457. ib12fish

    The GUN at Clipperton

    Scott, The hotel was not standing but the flag was there and it was torn into nothing by the wind, i think that was the one was put up there in 2000? we had the a few HAM operators from France and they put up a new one but they did give everyone part of the one that was destroyed by...
  458. ib12fish

    2nd Marble ,Completed.

    Can you the marbeling wrap in camo color, if so where are you located. Ive been looking for someone that can wrap a few rods in camo color using the marbeling effect, please PM me. Thanks!!
  459. ib12fish

    Off the Dock - Point Loma

    Shortfin Covina for sure
  460. ib12fish

    The GUN at Clipperton

    Just got back from clipperton HAM radio charter shot report waiting for more pictures hope you enjoy these.
  461. ib12fish

    La Jolla 2/10/08 YT

    Nice going Gary nice yellow the boat looks great!!!
  462. ib12fish

    Equipment for a 5 and 12 day Trip

    Iconpyro, I look forward to seeing you on yor 5 & 12 day trips.
  463. ib12fish

    Equipment for a 5 and 12 day Trip

    What boat are you going on?
  464. ib12fish

    New Marine Corps Commercial

    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARINE!!
  465. ib12fish

    Cuda, your cookies are ready...

    Can you bake me some cookies too, please, Dammmm they looks so good. i know Ron will not share.
  466. ib12fish

    Video report LJ 1/20

    Nice VID DAMMM the yellows were slugs!!!!!
  467. ib12fish

    This guy is a STUD

    That's why they LOST!!!!
  468. ib12fish

    Today was a good day.

    Nice YELLOWS!!!
  469. ib12fish

    Our boys in Iraq

    That AC C130 Gunship f&%#@ing ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  470. ib12fish

    Offshore Epic quality lingosaurus bite on the Legend

    great report sorry you got out voted but the lings made up for it!!!
  471. ib12fish

    Legend 1.5 day 1.14.08

    Should of voted ofn fishing for the yellows the Endv and Pac Vorg got em
  472. ib12fish

    Cows and Moo Moo Mean???

    lil ceez, They don't have tits. Stan, It sounds cool, getting beat up by a cow!! that's like getting beat up by a girl!! it's all good guys :) just thought i would put that out there.
  473. ib12fish

    Cows and Moo Moo Mean???

    Funny thing here over 98% of the YFT over 200lbs caught are Males! so why do we call them COWS not BULLS!!
  474. ib12fish


  475. ib12fish

    Silverwood lake

    Mark thanks for the info!! i'll give it a try.
  476. ib12fish

    tiger quote, announcer suspension

    The BITCH should know when to shut the [email protected]%$ UP!! We all know what she saying about lynching so don't play stupid, and as for AL he is just a puppet.
  477. ib12fish

    Silverwood lake

    Leaving for Lake Silverwood tonight hunting for some Striped Bass anyone got the 411 on how is the bite? thanks
  478. ib12fish

    IB slug perch

    I hit mission beach for a hour this morning before boat work, for not even a nibble dammmmmmm!!!!
  479. ib12fish

    If you're going to Havasu and like striper...

    Anybody know if the stripers are bitting good at the river. I need a STRIPER FIX BAD!!!!!:cussing:
  480. ib12fish

    RP 5 day news?

    RJ what's up? are you guys bass fishing yet now that the rockfishing is done, let me know. Happy New Years.
  481. ib12fish

    killer photos of Fleet Week in SF

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! the pictures are out-fucking-standing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  482. ib12fish

    hooked - moster fish

    At 1700 on the NGC this show should be a good one to watch!!!!!!!!!:urno1::urno1:
  483. ib12fish

    late Xmas present

    Nice yellow!!!
  484. ib12fish

    12-28-07 Seeing Red on Dad's b-day

    It's a Yellowtail rockfish most people might think it's a Johnny Bass but if you really look at it the shape, it is like a red, and johnny has more or a longer slender body.
  485. ib12fish

    Only one species this week

    Nice Yellow!!!
  486. ib12fish

    USMC Active and Vet's

    What about Comm Cheif's with over 20 years with the GRUNTS 2/3, 3/3, 2/1, 3/1 and 1/9
  487. ib12fish

    Show me your BASS...

    Superman and Tadpole's Bass
  488. ib12fish

    another Shogun 13 day trip report ...vids & pics

    Yes I pointed the rod at the fish button the drag down held the spool with my hand and pulled like hell.
  489. ib12fish

    another Shogun 13 day trip report ...vids & pics

    the guy(mike) had bad knees and could not stand up and pull that's how he wanted to fight the fish and at that time he was pretty much done. the GOOD thing is that we got the fish and he is getting a NEW rod from SEEKER!!!!
  490. ib12fish

    stripe bass fishing with Tadpole

    Sorry for the late report but I just got back from two 13 day trips back to back. Well the weekend of Nov 18-21 we went down to Martinez lake in Yuma got a cabin on the USMC side Mike is still there. Great striper fishing late in the eveing and at night, not mush going on in the day, Bait was...
  491. ib12fish

    Royal Polaris Davis Boats 10 day 11/2007

    OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!! Brandon!!
  492. ib12fish

    SPITFIRE 11 11 07 (NO PICS)

    Steve, I was thinking about fishing the Spitfire the week of 12-16 Nov I'll be coming from Escondido what the fastest way to get there? When I worked on the 3/4 Day boat San Diego the Crew of the Spitfire used to come down and fish when the yellowtail were bitting and I always told...
  493. ib12fish

    November 12

    Nice fish Bruce, Looks like the Cane is bitting the RP went down there on a 10 Day Looks like you have been doing alot of fishing on your time off I bet you got some real hot spots up there by now, I might have to give that fly fishing a try soon. take care tell Shelly i said Hi...
  494. ib12fish

    Tadpole Spank ass in Bay bass fishing

    Well she did it again, Tadpole and I spent the morning fishing San Diego Bay to see who would take the all three, First, Most, and Biggest!! Well all I can say is my ass is hurting from the SPANKING she gave me. She took all three!!!:urno1::urno1::urno1: The conditions were great, nice out...
  495. ib12fish

    A-10 @ work-----WARNING GRAPHIC!

    No A-10 but i loved it bad guys smoked got to love it give me more:Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above:
  496. ib12fish

    Sexy Girl....

    LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL OMG that's some funny shit
  497. ib12fish

    Favorite firearms

    1. Springfiield Armory XD 45. ACP 2. Baby Desert Eagle 45. acp 3. Ruger 608 8 shot 357. mag.
  498. ib12fish

    RP April 2007 17 Day Open

    outstanding report Brandon:urno1: :urno1: :urno1:
  499. ib12fish

    YT Slayer Fest 04-30-07 With Pics.

    yellowtail and :pourit: :pourit: :pourit: :pourit: :pourit: you can't go wrong with that,:D got some time off and i'll be back out there on the San Diego ttomorow:drunk :drunk
  500. ib12fish

    Day @ the Smelly Docks this Sunday

    i'll be on a 3 day to SCI
  501. ib12fish

    Post your yellowtail pictures here

    here is a few
  502. ib12fish

    Police payback

    you said it right there Chuam
  503. ib12fish

    Lajolla Blows Up!! today!

    damit i was going to fish with RJ today:imdumb:
  504. ib12fish

    Tadpole 8days aboard the Shogun

    yes it was a great trip,throwing all those fish took a few hours.
  505. ib12fish

    Caught this at the marina.

    wish they had them in San Diego Bay, that's a mean mutha:jigga:
  506. ib12fish

    Tadpole 8days aboard the Shogun

    Well she has moved up in the fishing world, Tadpole steped up to a 8day aboard the Shogun:beerbang: we had great fishing for Yellowfin tuna and Yellowtail down at the Rocks!! the yellowfin were from 25-80lbs and the yellows were 15-40lbs. here are a few pictures, dayuuuumm, the woman got...
  507. ib12fish

    A little strip poker...

    outstanding:beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang:
  508. ib12fish

    San Bay Bass Fishing with Tadpole

    stack'em lets hit the rocks
  509. ib12fish

    San Bay Bass Fishing with Tadpole

    just orderd the nom variety pack trix spin bombs I'm sure Tadpole will enjoy them and so will I. I'll see if she can snatch the pebble fro the masters hand:D
  510. ib12fish

    5 day INFO please

    don't forget about the flylined squid that can be deadly, let it out about 100yds if you don't get a bite put your reel in low and wind in slow.
  511. ib12fish

    San Bay Bass Fishing with Tadpole

    Hit the bay up last week and had some real good fishing, teaching Tadpole the ins and outs of bay fishing and for sure she is learning very well, most days i would spank that ass but today she held her own. :beerbang:
  512. ib12fish

    Marines day out

    To the whole BD family THANKS for SUPPORTING THE TROOPS:beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: GySgt. Tommie L. Miles Jr. USMC RET.
  513. ib12fish

    Blatant self plug

    Bruce, Thats sick, way to go can't wait for the some of the stuff we do on the boat to get on it. you and shelly are doing a outstanding job keep up the the good work and i know bigger and better things will come. P.S. i'll be off a few days from boat work still recovering:D :D
  514. ib12fish

    Camo Marbeizing

    I hiched-hiked this on another thread(the flaming sabre) and didn't get any answers so i thought i would put it as a new thread, I'm looking for someone who wraps rods and knows how to wrap them using the Marbeizing wrap, I have a green 10f ulua Super Seeker, (it's looks olive drab to me) the...
  515. ib12fish

    Flamin' Sabre

    I just got a 10f green ulua ( looks olive drab, love that color) super seeeker and im looking for someone to wrap it but i want it camo using MARBEIZING, if anyone knows a rod wrapper in the San Diego/Escondido area that has some time to do it please reply...
  516. ib12fish

    8 Day Trip Comments And Observations

    Chris, Thank you for posting that !!!!!!!!!
  517. ib12fish

    3/4 day aboard the POIN LOMA

    way to go seems like the little one has his hands full great post , keep the little one fishing
  518. ib12fish

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Love what you are doing monday!!!
  519. ib12fish

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Working a 1 1/2 and then a 3 day, Happy Birthday drink a few for me:)
  520. ib12fish

    Pyramid Lake Lahontan Cutthroat

    lenny i see you are still on a roll:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy keep it it up!!!
  521. ib12fish

    The Perfect Opener!

    Nice fish Lenny you the MAN!!!!!!:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  522. ib12fish

    Long Range Jig Stick

    100J XH or saber 540 10'Death_To_ Death_To_ :)
  523. ib12fish

    Please dont eat Chicken

    Good one:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  524. ib12fish

    SHOGUN 8 DAY MAR31 to APR8

    lenny where can i get one of them there beanies, are you still comming out on another 8 day in june? congrats on the toads!!! you are a 50 lb yellowtail club member, there are not to many people can say they are a member byt to kill two 50 pounders in one trip is kick ass bro!!!:notworthy...
  525. ib12fish

    yeah, lots of fish

    I need to hit that like up for so striper fishing. lenny we need to hook and go kill some stripers.
  526. ib12fish

    New Candybar's?

    yea we all konw that
  527. ib12fish


    That was some funny ass shit:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  528. ib12fish

    grunion run to night and this week!!

    should bring the butts in close.:)
  529. ib12fish

    LNL 3-9-06 BD sighting

    Nice pics i need to hit that lake up.
  530. ib12fish

    Cudakiller,s catch

    Went surf fishing about 3 weeks ago and Ron and A few other BD'ers sorry forgot the names anyway we at sought mission and the BSP were on a slow bite you had to move around to get the well i got a pic to show you all how cudakiller thought he was fishing for BSP but I really think that he had...
  531. ib12fish

    I'd help her out toooooo

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  532. ib12fish

    Barry Bonds* (*doping fiend)

    I say fuck them all, Bonds, Mc Guire, and Sosa, they all are a bunch of over paid candy asses, the money they make should go to all the Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Coast guardsmen that in HARMS WAY 24/7/365 SEMPER FI and much love to all my DEVIL DOWGS out there...
  533. ib12fish

    Messican Style pleez

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :) :) :) :) :) Good one Ron
  534. ib12fish

    March 2nd-DM pre-work action

    nice catch Brent where did you get them.
  535. ib12fish

    Internet photos -Real or Hoax?

    8/10 the face and the cat:finger:
  536. ib12fish

    MB Surf

    like you lemon yellow one
  537. ib12fish

    MB Surf

    locailjsayer, Your girl was checking me out like she wanted to eat me, why was she winking and blowing kisses at me, dayum i konw i'm good looking.:)
  538. ib12fish

    MB Surf

    Red F-150 crew cab
  539. ib12fish

    henshaw crappie

    John, they all were about the same size this is a late report we fished 22 feb, will try to get up there once the cold front blows over.
  540. ib12fish

    henshaw crappie

    Took the little one out to henshaw for some crappie fishing and she got her first crappie of a mini jig tipped with a meal worm we got 8 crappie and two bullheads.
  541. ib12fish

    MB Surf

    Hit mission beach up for a few bsp and my first corb small on but i got one caught all my fish off the grub and gulp camo worm.
  542. ib12fish

    My Tuna popping video... is here!!

    That was the B- bomb!!!!!! gave me a hard on
  543. ib12fish

    Mission bay 2/7

    i'll let you know when i make that trip up there
  544. ib12fish

    Mission bay 2/7

    Ron Had fun the short time a was there, sorry i had to leave but had to be in class by 0800. Friday is test day so after that i'll be hitting the beach more often also up at camp Pendleton there are some un-fished beaches up there i'll be hittting sooon. here is a pic of one i got this...
  545. ib12fish


    Mikey tell him to check out the Fisherman III or the Malihini i know that they are looking for crew.
  546. ib12fish

    Things That Make You Say "DAMN"

    OMG!!!!!! DAAAAAYUUUUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!:eyepoppin
  547. ib12fish

    This is how we do it fellas

    good to go bro
  548. ib12fish

    This is how we do it fellas

    it's good to go!! i thought you knew:High_Five
  549. ib12fish

    This is how we do it fellas

    Ok I'll be there and bring you A game with you:)
  550. ib12fish

    This is how we do it fellas

    Ron thats the way you do it my nizzzzoo!!! i'll be there weds morning in front of Cane's, Dayaaaammm that's some good looking chow!!! in class right now but will be done 10 Feb maybe we can get together and I can show you how it's done like i did on the Shogun's Christmas 5 day:) , nice post and...
  551. ib12fish

    mission beach pt3

    I fish right in front of Cane's bar.
  552. ib12fish

    Big Perch are biting - 1/29

    nice perch!! i'm thinking about going before class tomorrow, i just ordered some of the sand flea's can't wait for them to get here.
  553. ib12fish

    Sunset 1/28 - nice day

    outstanding job!!! nice pic's
  554. ib12fish

    Carolina Sand Fleas

    what i found to be really good is to get the penny gulp shrimp and cut the tail off use the head cut it to the size of a sand crab and they are the bomb!! someone talked about it in a post that i saw, it really works, the BSP bite it full speed, try it you will like it.
  555. ib12fish

    Mission Beach pt2

    corn meal and deep fry just like a bluegill
  556. ib12fish

    mission beach pt3

    Hit mission beach up again got there at 0615 fished the a super high tide, second cast hook up 28 in butt, off the grub, the BSP bite was darn good caught 15 BSP from 7-14 inches with the bigest going around 1 3/4 lbs, all the BSP caught on the gulp worm and the grub with the grub getting the...
  557. ib12fish

    Mission Beach pt2

    The San Diego:)
  558. ib12fish

    Mission Beach pt2

    good day it was, just found out we got a whale trip tomorrow so i'll be there fishing the surf in the morning til 0800.
  559. ib12fish

    Mission Beach pt2

    hit the surf up about 0650 til 0800 caught 15 or so 7-9 BSP and one jack smelt all fish caught of gulp worms, gurbs, and the penney shrimp.
  560. ib12fish

    WFO again!!! with pics

    Nice pic's I also had a great day this morning at Mission Beach, I'm just getting into this surf fishing thing and it's fun, i'll be back there tomorrow if the boat don't make it out.
  561. ib12fish

    mission beach BSP

    hit up mission beach today and it was on!!! caught about 17 BSP and kept 4, they bit the gulp worm and the grub, cleaned them and all were chugged with little tiny clams , anyone know what type are they.
  562. ib12fish

    Giant Squid?

    localLJslayer quit your whining you candy ass fairy:finger: Get out and find the squid so we all can get out Beeeeyach!!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  563. ib12fish

    THIS will Drive you NUTS!!

  564. ib12fish


    I thought Mark was on a overnite, my bad bitccchhh!:nutkick: if you dont make it out are you going? we only have 3 res as of 1800, might jump on mikey's boat.
  565. ib12fish


    Just got word that the yellowtail at the Coronado Islands bit today,As of 1400hrs The pac voyger has 13(overnite), Mission belle has 3 (3/4day), and the mikey on the malihini has 3,so far . no word if the Point Loma made it out, Guys bust out that yoyo rod and surface plug rod and jump on one of...
  566. ib12fish

    Offshore 5 Day Shogun Report 12/31/05

    They caught a lot of ratsfumore
  567. ib12fish

    Offshore 5 Day Shogun Report 12/31/05

    had a great time Bruce, you the man:notworthy you always stick it out and find the bitting fish thanks for a great trip
  568. ib12fish

    Offshore 5 Day Shogun Report 12/31/05

    Room 12 is the bomb, the walls give you pleny of thrust factor:) you can really go deep, it's called hitting the bottom I thought you knew bitch:finger:
  569. ib12fish

    Offshore 5 Day Shogun Report 12/31/05

    Ron, That's TOMMIE MILES bicth!!!!!!!!Death_To_ It was great fishing with you can't wait to spank that ass on the Daily Double. Bro hope the wifey feeling better.
  570. ib12fish

    My game

    Bruce, Everthime I go on a long range trip I bring my long rod sometimes even two, my 540 or my 100jh. biggest so far is a 85 lb YFT at the Lupe on the Legend, and a 46 lb yellow on the RP at Cedros. I'll try until it happens!! Maybe if I make that Dec 6th trip I can get the first...