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  1. Fin Chaser NJ

    Before and After Screenshot of a Local Lagoon

    This is a before and after screenshot on an older Simrad. I love the details in the lagoon. I could only imagine how this will help fishing in the back bay.
  2. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics SonarCharts Shading has been expanded to more card offerings

    Charts below will be able to update with the SonarCharts Shading data. Europe -- MEDITERRANEAN NORTH WEST 5P274XL US Lake Erie & Saint Clair 649 p+ US Lake Superior 647 p+ US California South - Baja & Hawaii - 644P+ US - Maine - 673P+ US - Lake Ontario - 648P+ Europe -- CENTRAL EUROPEAN...
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    Satellite Striped Bass Tagging Program

    Check out this cool video and article we did helping Navionics, Grays Research and The Fisherman Magazine tag a striped bass with a satellite receiver.
  4. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great article on Sonar Shading by Navionics

    FYI i found this article on the new added feature to Platinum+and HotMaps+ Sonar Shading. I am glad the are offering $30 off also. Great value for what you are getting.
  5. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Striped Bass Fishing this year

    A few pics from our latest trips. The fish are taking mostly Mojos and tandems with Maja spoons. Hopefully have a few more weeks left. We are using the Navionics Platinum+ NJ/DE with the SonarShading. This helps us dial in on those small contour changes by looking for the contrast of color. Good...
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    Tournament Striped Bass Strategies Using Mojos Seminar/Webinar

    Join the Fin Chaser Tournament Fishing Team on May 4th @ 10:00 am at Tackle Direct 6825 Tilton Rd, Egg Harbor Township, NJ or participate online with the Navionics free webinar series. When they discuss their striped bass tournament winning strategies using Mojos. Capt Anthony Grassi will...
  7. Fin Chaser NJ

    5 Must Fishing App Downloads

    What do you think about this list. Does anyone use these Apps? what is your favorite one and why?
  8. Fin Chaser NJ

    AC Boat Show Seminars and Demos

    There will be seminars daily at the AC show this weekend. I am doing one on Mojo fishing Friday at 5pm. I will also be demoing Navionics Charts and Apps at the Raymarine booth. Come out and say hello and bring your Navionics questions to me.
  9. Fin Chaser NJ

    What a great day Coastal Waterfowl Youth NJ

    I made a post a few weeks ago that we would donate a trip from Reel Fowl Outfitters. Capt Mike Bell and Capt Anthony Grassi wanted to take some youths out on Youth Coastal Day Feb 9th. I received a message from John that his twin boys would love it. Along with Mike Braden Barnegat Bay Delta...
  10. Fin Chaser NJ

    MoJo and Castnet Seminars at NJ Boat Expo in Edison NJ this weekend

    Just a heads up i will be doing two seminars at the NJ boat show Expo in Edison this weekend one on "Tournament winning strategies using MoJos" The seminar will cover all the basics of MoJo fishing and even have a few tips for the know it alls. Topics includes types of mojos,rigging, rods...
  11. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Opportunity for a NJ Youth Hunter

    Time to give back! After a great duck hunting guide season. Kettle Creek and Reel Fowl Outfitters wants to give back. We are offering a youth hunt, for a youth between the ages of 10 and 15 in the coastal zone NJ on Feb 9th. The hunter must possess a valid Youth License. A parent or guardian...
  12. Fin Chaser NJ

    Limit of Brant

    Had John Achille out Saturday. It was a little slow until the tide bottomed out, then the Brant started to fly. We had a few Buffies mixed in also. There were big rafts of Blue Bills and Canvas Backs but the stayed offshore.
  13. Fin Chaser NJ

    Two Bands Saturday

    My group got two bands Saturday. The tide was important that day looked liked the brant were flying 2 hours before and around two hours after the flood tide. One tag came from Canada the other was local.
  14. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Hunt in Boston

    The Reel Fowl Outfitters team decided to enjoy a hunt in Boston. We hunted with Randy Drago from Cod Father Charters He put in two layouts one for Eiders and one for Scoters. We switched back and forth in the different layouts making sure we all had our limit of ducks by 9 am...
  15. Fin Chaser NJ

    New way to use the #Navionics Boating app

    New way to use the #Navionics Boating app. Pin the locations of the trees you like at the Christmas tree farm. who has a better example other than boating and fishing uses.
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    Great Brant Hunting in NJ

    We have had some solid flocks of brant in NJ with my guys limiting out early then on to divers.
  17. Fin Chaser NJ

    Awesome Albie Fishing Off NJ

    This is some of the best Albie fishing i have seen in a long time off NJ. In fact i have only experienced this in Montauk. A video of the days action
  18. Fin Chaser NJ

    NJ Albie Fishing

    Crazy Albie fishing going on in NJ right now.
  19. Fin Chaser NJ

    Free Webinar Using The Navionics App for Waterfowl Hunting

    FYI this is a free webinar. Using the Navionics Apps while waterfowl hunting Sept 10th at 8pm register using this link.
  20. Fin Chaser NJ

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    Anyone have pics of DIY fillet tables saltwater fish. I am looking to build one for my dock. Or if you know a place that sells them. i want to spend 2-300 tops. Thanks
  21. Fin Chaser NJ

    Color Shading on Navionics Apps

    Hey there everyone! I just wanted to keep you all in the loop with an Awesome Feature #Navionics has added to the Mobile App.. Now when you Update (go intoMenu/ Update All) and after the Update is complete go to Menu / Map Option an then scroll down to Fishin Range, here is where you will see...
  22. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Example of why you should update your charts

    Great example of sonar logging I did on a NJ reef. Update your Navionics charts for freshest data. Take advantage of the logging i did this week.
  23. Fin Chaser NJ

    Community Edits on your Navionics Apps

    Thanks to Community Edits, boating enthusiasts around the World can benefit from edits to Navionics charts made by millions of app users. All kinds of valuable local information, such as seasonal buoys, lights, rocks, moorings, boat ramps and other marine related content and points of interest...
  24. Fin Chaser NJ

    3-4 Day Vacation Ideas

    Looking to bring my 23' Jones Brothers this summer for a 3 day or so vacation with the family. Any ideas. Needs to be child friendly. Ramp for the boat. Hotel or Bnb that has trailer parking. Light tackle fishing would be a bonus. Waterside dining and attractions as well. A few years ago we went...
  25. Fin Chaser NJ

    For Sale NJ 2008 Extreme Marine triple axle trailer

    NEW PRICE MUST GO $4750 In New Jersey 2008 Extreme Marine triple axle trailer. It can handle 17100 lb and boats up to 36 ft it has new hydraulic over electric brakes,bearings, calipers, and discs it is 100% Good to Go
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    First Striped Bass

    We love getting kids into fishing. This is a video clip of Felix's first bass on a mojo. the fishing in the Raritan Bay is great. We are getting bass up to 40 lbs.
  27. Fin Chaser NJ

    Weather at your fingertips

    just wanted to share a tip using the Navionics mobile App. You can access daily and hourly forecasts, get wind, weather buoys and tides & currents. Last few days the wind has been crazy in NJ. Weather updates are location specific and you can see wind patterns when you zoom out.
  28. Fin Chaser NJ

    Striped Bass in NYC

    The fish are in even though water temps are still low. Bass up to 30lbs on Kettle Creek Mojos and topwater baits.
  29. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great start with the Bass

    First charter out we had nice bass in the 20lb class. looks like if we can get some nice weather it should be a good spring. We started doing some new Navionics sonar logging and have found some new areas that formed this winter. Make sure you are updating your charts.
  30. Fin Chaser NJ

    Philippines Saltwater fishing. What tackle should i bring?

    Heading to the Philippines Wednesday for 10 days i will be fishing in Boracay and El Nido. I am bringing a light action 4 piece spinning rod with a spinning reel 15 lbs test line. probably fish from a kayak or go with a local fisherman out to the inshore reef. I will have room for one Plano...
  31. Fin Chaser NJ

    Free Webinar on Fishing with MOJO's

    If you missed our presentations at the shows. This is a free webinar this Thursday night 7pm est "Tournament Tactics using Mojo's". Learn the secrets of catching striped bass using Mojo lures from your living room. Presented by Navionics, Fin Chasers and Kettle Creek Outfitters...
  32. Fin Chaser NJ

    AC Boat Show Seminar. Fishing with MOJO's

    If you are going to the Atlantic City boat show tomorrow Friday. I will be doing a seminar on "Fishing with MOJO's". The Fin Chaser Team will discuss our tournament winning tactics. We will show you how we use our Navionics charts when fishing structure. 5pm space P42. Check out the other great...
  33. Fin Chaser NJ

    Fly Fishing Wing Shooting Expo in PA This Weekend

    Looks like a great show with awesome speakers and clinics. I will be in booth C10/11 if you have any questions about saltwater fly fishing in NYC.
  34. Fin Chaser NJ

    Atlantic City NJ Boat Show

    Who is going? There are some great educational seminars. I will be doing a seminar Friday @ 5pm area p42 on Striped Bass Fishing with Mojos. I will also be doing demos on Navionics Charts and Apps in The Kettle Creek Outfitters booth 632
  35. Fin Chaser NJ

    Free Webinar "How to choose the proper cast net and a step by step easy to learn instruction"

    Free Webinar February 13th @ 7pm est Presented by Guides Secret Tackle and Navionics. How to choose the proper cast net and a step by step easy to learn instruction
  36. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics is down in Marathon, Florida

    Navionics is down in Marathon, Florida, joining fellow boaters in our month long push to make boating safer after Hurricane Irma. You can help #RemapSouthFL by logging sonar and marking debris. Visit our website at to learn more! #NauticalChart #CommunityEdits #SonarChart
  37. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics is down in Marathon Florida

    Navionics is down in Marathon, Florida, joining fellow boaters in our month long push to make boating safer after Hurricane Irma. You can help #RemapSouthFL by logging sonar and marking debris. Visit our website at to learn more! #NauticalChart #CommunityEdits #SonarChart
  38. Fin Chaser NJ

    Help Salt Water fishing in the Philippines

    looking for tips, info and suggestions. traveling to the Philippines for spring break. We will be in Manila for a day or two then doing some Island hopping. some of the places we will be. El Nido and Boracay. Any other islands we shouldn't miss? What should i bring? rods reel? lures what am i...
  39. Fin Chaser NJ

    Your best Fishing theme Elf On The Shelf

    Your best fishing themed Elf On The Shelf pic. I will give someone a one year paid Navionics Mobile App for their Iphone or Android phone for the best pic.
  40. Fin Chaser NJ


    Great quick morning hunt, Client missed a few mallards but connected with these fast moving penguins. The NJ coast Barnegat Bay is looking good this season. If you are in NJ look us up Kettle Creek Outfitters
  41. Fin Chaser NJ

    Another Day at the Office

    We are crushing Bass 30-40 fish a trip up to 40lbs on MajicTail MoJos which would probably work for most species of fish that eat a large profile baitfish. Catch and release charter kept one for dinner a 32 inch fish. Our best results are fishing small contour changes in 60 to 70 feet of water...
  42. Fin Chaser NJ

    Big Fish off New Jersey

    Winning the 2017 LBI Striped Bass Grand Championship. A total of 5 tournaments with up to 100 boat fields, you weigh in only your top 3 fish. With a grand total of 111 lbs. The team easily beat the second place team by 30 lbs. The Fin Chaser team credits their success to their new Raymarine...
  43. Fin Chaser NJ

    Monster Bass off the Jersey Shore

    New Jersey is not only known for the TV shows The Sopranos or MTV Jersey Shore we have a world class fishery. Bass up to 50 lbs not uncommon these past few weeks. The Pic below Jim with a solid 30# from yesterdays charter. Live linning bunker and trolling Magic Tail Mojo rigs makes our job easy.
  44. Fin Chaser NJ

    Updating your Navionics Charts Survey

    I just spent a weekend with a bunch of Navionics Specialist from around the country mostly freshwater bass pros. We were discussing updating charts fresh verse saltwater fisherman. Its seems the bass guys update their chips every week or before every tournament. I wanted to know how often do...
  45. Fin Chaser NJ

    Weather and tides and more using one App

    Get detailed weather forecasts and weather buoy data. See hourly and daily forecasts, wind conditions, tides, currents, temperature, air pressure, visibility, precipitation and sun/moon cycles. In addition, NOAA Weather Buoy data can include wind speed, gust and direction, air pressure, water...
  46. Fin Chaser NJ

    Can my plotter card be updated?

    Can my plotter card be updated? Did you know that Navionics has 2,000 daily updates to maps?The pic below is one of our 2008 Raymarine E 120 Classics. before and after pics. Check out the link below to see if you can do this with your plotter...
  47. Fin Chaser NJ

    Bob Izumi on Navionics Plotter Sync Video

    Bob Izumi is preparing to go fishing tomorrow sitting in the living room using his Navionics App...Check out the video This is a great way to prepare your trips.
  48. Fin Chaser NJ

    Cast And Blast in NJ

    Early season Northern zone opener. In the am 2 mallards, a green winged teal and a pintail. In the afternoon we took they guys out for stripers in the Hudson river with fish up to 20 lbs and a few giant bluefish on eels.
  49. Fin Chaser NJ

    Free Webinars! Do not miss out

    Guys there are free webinars hosted by Navionics specialists. Many different boating, sailing, diving and fishing topics. many free prizes given out during the webinars. Here are just a few Tue, Oct 17 8:00 PM Fall Topwater BASS Open Pro...
  50. Fin Chaser NJ

    Is NJ Mid Atlantic or North East

    What do you think Is NJ in the Mid Atlantic region or do you considerate the North East....?
  51. Fin Chaser NJ

    It IS Starting to Light Up In NYC

    The Migration is on. As the inshore waters cool off along Long Island, many species of bait like peanut bunker, sand eels, and spearing start to leave those protected waters. The Striped Bass, Bluefish and False Albacore will bo on their tales blitzing along the coast . Topwater plugs like...
  52. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics iPad App - Create Auto-Route and Waypoints and Sync to Lowrance HDS

    Great Instructional video on using your Navionics iPad App to Create Auto-Routes, Waypoints and Sync to your Lowrance HDS
  53. Fin Chaser NJ

    Raymarine Axiom Updates with expanded Navionics features

    Raymarine releases Axiom Software Version: v3.2.86 for its lighthouse operating system. Wireless Display (Miracast) Streaming Fusion Audio integration (CAN interface only) Navionics Features: Dock-to-Dock Autorouting (Autoroute to Here)* Sonar...
  54. Fin Chaser NJ

    Best Looking Dish of Your Catch

    NY harbor Fluke 50 feet of water two nice flatties. One fish 5 lbs and the other 5.3 lbs. We went to China Chalet in Staten Island to prepare the dish. Fried whole fluke with lemon grass on top. Probably my favorite fish dish i have ever had. Whats yours?
  55. Fin Chaser NJ

    Another way to navigate

    50 Knots! Going that fast in a boat this big is weird for me. Full Raymarine package goes in next week. For now it's an IPad system with Navionics App.
  56. Fin Chaser NJ

    Hollow Core Splicing Demystified

    Free webinar Sponsored by Navionics Wednesday 7:30 est it will teach you how to splice hollow core to braid and mono line connections. Great for adding wind on leaders. Register for free give aways.
  57. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics free webinar will teach you how to splice hollow core to braid and mono line connections.

    Great free webinar June 21st 7:00 pm On how to splice hollow core to braid and mono line connections. Great for gearing up for large fish and offshore. Live step by step instruction. Free registration.
  58. Fin Chaser NJ

    Sonar Chart Event in NJ

    I went out on Saturday to sonar chart a lake (Lake Waywayanda) in Northern New Jersey that had no contour lines using Navionics+ USA and Canada charts. North Jersey Bass club helped me with the event. We spent most of the morning charting and fishing at the same time. We split the lake in 4...
  59. Fin Chaser NJ

    A beast in the Hudson

    The Fin Chaser crew had a great evening with their charter last night fish up to 42 lbs all released. What a view looking at New York at night. if you are in the New York City its a world class fishery.
  60. Fin Chaser NJ

    Pesky Fluke while out of season

    Trying for weakfish and bass we caught a few keeper fluke. Hope they are there when opening day
  61. Fin Chaser NJ

    Colors of Plastics

    Not familiar with West Coast fishing. Quick Survey. What color would you choose for a swing shad if you could only pick one to use in the saltwater? What species would you use them for?
  62. Fin Chaser NJ

    Favorite Color Swing Shad in The Salt

    Not familiar with West Coast fishing. Quick Survey. What color would you choose for a swing shad if you could only pick one to use in the saltwater? What species would you use them for?
  63. Fin Chaser NJ

    The Stripers are IN

    We have been having so much fun catching fish up to 30lbs in The NYC area on light tackle and bucktail jigs tipped off with Kettle Creek Swim Shads. Make sure you release the mommy's Lots of big pre spawn females in the mix
  64. Fin Chaser NJ

    What happens when you don't update your charts

    Quick instructional video
  65. Fin Chaser NJ

    Free Webinar Tonight on Tournament Tactics for Striped Bass

    Guys great tips on how to win tournaments free navionics webinar series
  66. Fin Chaser NJ

    Artificial Reefs on Navionics Charts Maryland

    Make sure you are updating your charts and mobile apps to take advantage of all the newly listed artificial reefs. Below is an example of the Maryland area. Look for updates everyday in your area.
  67. Fin Chaser NJ

    New Reefs listed in NY on Navionics Charts

    New Reefs listed in NY on Navionics Charts If you haven't done it yet, update your Navionics charts to get the latest updates on the artificial reefs off New York. Navionics is constantly updating information that will give you the best chances at catching fish.
  68. Fin Chaser NJ

    New Reefs on Navionics Charts

    Make sure you are updating your charts and mobile apps to take advantage of all the newly listed artificial reefs. below is an example of the Maryland area. Look for updates in your area.
  69. Fin Chaser NJ

    Marathon (Keys) Help

    I am heading to the Keys in two weeks for spring break. I am familiar with Islamorada area but not Marathon. My wife rented a small 18ft skiff for the day there because it was a lot cheaper. Any suggestions were to fish, snorkel, swim. I will have a young child with me so i don't want to go far...
  70. Fin Chaser NJ

    How to Throw a Cast Net and Cast Net Basics Webinar

    Next Thursday evening 7:30 Pm est Free webinar teaches you the easiest way to throw a 10 foot cast net. We will cover all the parts of a net, step by step instruction on throwing a net and videos of catching bait.registration below. There will be a Q&A at the end...
  71. Fin Chaser NJ

    How to Throw a Cast Net Webinar

    Next Thursday evening 7:30 Pm est Free webinar teaches you the easiest way to throw a 10 foot cast net. We will cover all the parts of a net, step by step instruction on throwing a net and videos of catching bait.registration below. There will be a Q&A at the end...
  72. Fin Chaser NJ

    It’s not all about making maps, but also giving back to the community.

    I am proud to be part of the Navionics community and this is why. Some of you may know that Navionics created the Navionics Foundation to support the community in which Navionics thrived from the benefits of a large technical community. It was clear that setting up offices in Hyderabad was a...
  73. Fin Chaser NJ

    Free Navionics Webinar Catching the Bug- Techniques for Finding, Catching and Eating Spiny Lobsters

    Anyone heading to the keys this is a must watch Catching the Bug- Techniques for Finding, Catching and Eating Spiny Lobsters
  74. Fin Chaser NJ

    NJ Boat Sales and Expo Seminars

    Guys just a heads up I am doing two seminars this weekend at the NJ Boat Sales and Expo 3:30 pm Friday Feb 17 Using Mobile Device for Fishing Successful local charter boat captain shares his secrets to finding structure and fish using the latest fishfinding technologies from Navionics though...
  75. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics Presents A Free Webinar on MoJo rig fishing

    Feb 9th 2017 Striped Bass fishing using the Magictails Bucktail MoJo system. Capt Anthony Grassi from The TV Show The Fin Chasers will help you score big using MOJO's Guest appearance by Capt Frank Waggonhoffer from Team Fin Chasers, and Dante Soriente from MagicTail Bucktails. 7:30pm est click...
  76. Fin Chaser NJ

    A feature you want to see on your plotters

    Just doing a quick survey what features would you want to see on your plotters?. I would love the ability to access my information(tracks&way-points on multiple devices Plotter/I pad/phone. What would you want/need?
  77. Fin Chaser NJ

    Free Webinar Striped Bass Fishing using the Magictail MoJo Rig

    Free Webinar Striped Bass Fishing using the Magictail Bucktails MoJo System Presented by Navionics & Magictail Bucktails Feb 9th 7:30pm The Mid Atlantic states have been fishing MOJO rigs for years, and recently New Jersey and New York Captains are now using this rig to score big with large...
  78. Fin Chaser NJ

    Now is the time to get a new plotter Big rebate available....

    Get $50 back when purchasing a new 4”, 5” or 7” GPS plotter AND a Navionics+ card! Navionics+ Regions is perfect for any plotter including new 4”, 5” and 7” models because it offers marine and lakes content at only $149, ultimately only $99 after the $50 rebate...
  79. Fin Chaser NJ

    New Jersey Support Status Quo for Fluke in 2017!

    From NJOA NOAA Fisheries is prepared to set an 11.30 million pound acceptable biological catch (ABC) for 2017 which represents a 29% reduction from the 2016 ABC. On top of that, NOAA Fisheries believes that recreational fishermen exceeded their recreational harvest limit in 2016 and that the...
  80. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics Mobile App Android Users Dock to Dock Feature

    Navionics Mobile App Android Users Dock to Dock Feature. I have been using this feature on my Ipad and love it. It is now available for android system users. Now my Galaxy 6 can Auto Route. Check out how in this video.
  81. Fin Chaser NJ

    Using Mobile Apps For Fishing and Boating

    Hey guys i am doing a seminar at the NYC Boat show and a webinar on "Using Mobile Apps For Fishing and Boating". I wanted to update the presentation and survey what is your favorite app and why?. Thanks for your input. Capt Anthony
  82. Fin Chaser NJ

    Favorite Fishing/Boating App

    Hey guys i am doing a seminar at the NYC Boat show on "Using Mobile Apps For Fishing and Boating". I wanted to update the presentation and survey what is your favorite app and why?. Thanks for your input. Capt Anthony
  83. Fin Chaser NJ

    Navionics Mobile App tip How to create a satellite overlay video

    Any coastal fisherman or hunter can take advantage of using a satellite overlay on your Navionics mobile app.
  84. Fin Chaser NJ

    If the winds would only cooperate

    According to my Navionics Mobile App the winds will still be strong today but it looks like it will get better later today. The bass are chewing and it has been the best fall in years. A lot of bait (Bunker) more whales that could ever remember and bass from 10 -40 lbs. If you are in NJ and want...
  85. Fin Chaser NJ

    Big Stripers in NJ

    Check out this video Big Bass off New Jerseys coast. We are using screen shots from the Navionics Web App to prepare for the day on the water.
  86. Fin Chaser NJ

    The USS Zuni to be part of an artificial reef

    The USS Zuni survived the submarine-infested waters of the Pacific during World War II as it towed torpedoed warships to safety and aided in the Battle of Iwo Jima. A half-century later and renamed the Tamaroa, it overcame gale force winds and 40-foot waves to help save seven people off the New...
  87. Fin Chaser NJ

    Stop Wasting Time Snagging

    Why would you harm fish snagging and dropping with heavy treble hooks. learn to throw a cast net and use circle hooks.
  88. Fin Chaser NJ

    Getting Ready For a Tournament

    Getting ready for a tournament? upload the freshest data.
  89. Fin Chaser NJ

    Sea Bass Opener

    Looks like weather is going to put a damper on the NJ Sea Bass opener remember 15 per person 13" min. One spot i like to fish is the Red Church Humps. Post some pics of your Sea Bass
  90. Fin Chaser NJ

    Hackensack River

    Hey guys i was duck hunting yesterday on the Hackensack River and i saw a few bass in the grass feeding in a foot of water. Anyone have luck catching these fish. What do you use?Screen shot complements of my Navionics Mobile App
  91. Fin Chaser NJ

    Hurricane Update Wind Speeds

    Wind speeds on my Navionics app. Weather and Tides.
  92. Fin Chaser NJ

    Benifets of Sonar charting

    I have been using my new Navionics+ Regions. Very easy to use. Only download when you want updates. I have been charting my lagoon to show you the difference it makes. check out this quick video.
  93. Fin Chaser NJ

    New Addition to the Axel Carlson Reef

    The DEP artificial Reef program sinks a 68 ft trawler as part of the Axel Carlson Reef, 4.4 miles southeast of the Manasquan Inlet. Looks like it will hold fish very soon. Screenshot was done on off the Navionics WebbApp.
  94. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Before and After Pics Sonar Charting

    Update your Navionics card and get the most current content of Navionics+ we did a sonar charting of Mountain Lakes in NJ. his is also being done everyday along the coast as well. Check out the before and after screen shot.
  95. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great tutorial for pre fishing tournaments

    Quick tutorial on marking areas using your Navionics Mobile App
  96. Fin Chaser NJ

    FYI for North East Anglers

    Check out Navionics + Regions East if you fish in that area The best part is that it is preloaded no computer skills required to get started. I have been testing one for a few weeks and getting great results Targeting underwater structure with up to 1 ft HD contours to find the best fishing...
  97. Fin Chaser NJ

    Mountain Lake Before and After Charting FYI

    Sonar logging for Navionics with a Raymarine A128. This was done on Mountain Lake, in Warren county NJ and as you can see on the Navionics + map this lake was never mapped. This is a before and after shot of photos of the lake and each new outing will yield improved recordings. This was also...
  98. Fin Chaser NJ

    NYC/NJ World Class Fishing

    crazy striped bass blitzes on The Fin Chaser. Fish in the 50's on Guides Secret Pajama plugs yellow and white top water action and live lining bunker end of the incoming tide. The NYC/NJ Raritan Bay is a world class fishery.
  99. Fin Chaser NJ

    Still Great Bass Fishing in The Hudson River

    We are still getting some nice bass in the river. Check out the structure on the Navionics Chart. we are getting fish up to 40lbs on the incoming tides
  100. Fin Chaser NJ

    Two Weeks of Tournaments

    Just competed in three different tournaments two inshore and one offshore in three different areas NYC,LBI, and offshore near the canyons. The bass tournament went well Fin Chaser 1 took third place with a nice 46 lb Bass, the best part about having a Navionics+ Chip is that i get to download...
  101. Fin Chaser NJ

    Awesome Bluefish Takes on Topwater

    Check out this video of awesome top water takes on plugs just off Little Egg Inlet.
  102. Fin Chaser NJ

    Good mix of bass and monster blues

    Got season 2 of the TV show The Fin Chasers off and running we manage some nice bass and big blues. We started in NY then ended up in NJ good thing i updated my Navionics+ so i can get the freshest data fishing outside Little Egg inlet.check out all that structure/shoals. It can be hairy at...
  103. Fin Chaser NJ

    A Little Tournament Pre Fishing

    A Little Tournament Pre Fishing next to our Lady Liberty. A few fish but no monsters.
  104. Fin Chaser NJ

    Any Intel NY Harbor fishing this weekend

    Fishing this weekend and fish up the NY Harbor by he statue or rivers. I am using the Navionics Web App to do some research. Lots of structure to fish
  105. Fin Chaser NJ

    How to Navionics info

    Hey just FYI this is a quick help video on how to designate weather and tides
  106. Fin Chaser NJ

    How to Update Your Navionics+ Card

    FYI A Quick tutorial on how to update your Navionics+ card
  107. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Webinar on Cobia

    Guys just an FYI this is a great webinar do not miss it! Be sure to click on the link below and register for my next Navionics Webinar Series "Cobia Crazy" presented by Z-Man Fishing Products on Tuesday, May 17 @ 7PM EST. You don't want to miss this one. I will have fellow Captain Capt. Jeff...
  108. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Webinar on Spear fishing for Lion Fish

    Check this out from Navionics Specialist Jessica Anderson very interesting webinar. Makes me want to go to Florida and spear these dudes. Also just a note The Electronic packages bundled with Navionics+ offer is extended to June 30th 2016...
  109. Fin Chaser NJ

    Weather stinks but managed a few

    Last week had its ups and downs with the weather and this week same story. We did manage a few bass some big moms and all released. The Fin Chaser Team relies heavily on our Navionics Platinum+ Charts Aerial Imagery to navigate the shallow waters around Staten Islands sod banks.
  110. Fin Chaser NJ

    Best spring yet In the Raritan bay

    Great bass fishing so far check out the Flir video pretty cool. having the Navionics chart and Flir for the night fishing is a deadly combo. Mark with a nice bass
  111. Fin Chaser NJ

    Finally fishing the new Buddy Davis 28

    The crew was out yesterday to get in on the bass in the Raritan Bay. Trying out the new Raymarine electronics with Navionics+ chips and Flir camera. Released a few nice sized bass. Check out the great video link below with the on board cameras. It is not to late to get in on the Navionics...
  112. Fin Chaser NJ

    Electronics Seminar/Webinar Info

    Just a FYI there is a Seminar/Webinar available at D&R Boat World tomorrow night in Green Brook NJ at 6:30 or you can watch a live feed online. If you have any Navionics questions there will some pro staff available to help. Webinar Link
  113. Fin Chaser NJ

    Fishing With Wire Line

    Free Webinar....i will cover a lot of information to get started using wire line for striped bass fishing
  114. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Webinar/Seminar Tonight

    Come join us in person, or tune in for the live webinar tonight at 6:30 for part 2 of the Fin Chasers seminar series. Tonight we will be addressing early season fishing techniques in addition to preparing your gear and tackle for the season. Going to try a live feed at tonight's D&R Fish teams...
  115. Fin Chaser NJ

    What could you catch with these?

    Its survey time? My buddy makes these for fresh water. I would love to try them in salt. What species do you think they would catch, and what would be a go to color choice.
  116. Fin Chaser NJ

    Its spring Update your Navionics charts

    Introduction video to Navionics Updates and SonarCharts it is easy to do. This is my latest update
  117. Fin Chaser NJ

    Striped Bass fishing with live bait

    hey just a heads up on a webinar this Thursday night if anyone is interested free to register
  118. Fin Chaser NJ

    Outdoor Shows in the Northeast

    Any good outdoor shows coming up that i shouldn't miss NYC area
  119. Fin Chaser NJ

    Cast Net Demo

    Hey guys just a heads up if you are interested free webinar this Thursday 7pm on how to throw a cast net. very simple method. This is for beginners.
  120. Fin Chaser NJ

    Fly Fishing Trade Shows

    Anybody heading out to any Fly fishing shows. There is one in NJ this weekend. Lots of fly tying and seminars. whats your fav show.
  121. Fin Chaser NJ

    Boat Shows

    It’s Boat Show Time. What are your favorite shows and why? What are these shows missing?
  122. Fin Chaser NJ

    It's Boat Show Season

    It’s Boat Show Time. What are your favorite shows and why?
  123. Fin Chaser NJ

    December Great Fly Fishing off New Jersey Coast

    December Great Fly Fishing off New Jersey Coast still going great if you are in the area definitely get out. Fish are taking Clousers olive and white tipped with some white marabou.
  124. Fin Chaser NJ

    Great Bass fishing still off NJ

    I love this warm weather. we are still having great bass fishing off NJ. I bet it will go till January.
  125. Fin Chaser NJ

    Bass Fishing Off The Hook in NJ

    What a great weekend off the Jersey Shore bass up to 40 lbs all released "Zero Kill" year for the Fin Chaser Team
  126. Fin Chaser NJ

    Heading to Barataria, LA to Redfish and Trout need help..

    Heading to Barataria, LA to Redfish need help . I am heading down mid November and want to fly fish what would be the best line weight?,and what type of line would you recommend. I need help with fly selection what should i bring down with me for Reds and trout Thanks
  127. Fin Chaser NJ

    Giant Blues in Montauk NY

    Big Blues caught in the rip off Montauk point
  128. Fin Chaser NJ

    Bacardi Wreck still good

    Bacardi Wreck off NJ still holding nice yellowfins up to 100 Lbs great top water action
  129. Fin Chaser NJ

    Bacardi Wreck on Fire

    Fished the Bacardi wreck is great during the day jigging and on bait. Move away from the fleet for better results, I used my Navionics App to find better details.
  130. Fin Chaser NJ

    Heading To Newport RI

    Heading To Newport RI any ideas to fish on the shore?
  131. Fin Chaser NJ

    Bass Still Biting Off NJ

    As long as there is bait pods as large as a football field the bass will be there check out my screen shot of some lumps i fished to find the larger ones Navionics Saltwater Webinar Series Presents “Fishing Structure in the NY Harbor” with Capt Anthony Grassi of Fin Chaser Charters and the TV...
  132. Fin Chaser NJ

    Saltwater Fly Fishing New York Harbor Structure

    Navionics Saltwater Webinar Series Presents “Fishing Structure in the NY Harbor” with Capt Anthony Grassi of Fin Chaser Charters and the TV Series "The Fin Chasers" July 28th 2015 7:00 PM EDT…/7892159591649498113 Get the pro's secrets for fishing this world...
  133. Fin Chaser NJ

    What to do when the weather blows

    Working on my new A Series 12 inch screen and Navionics+ charts so easy to install. I also added the sidevision
  134. Fin Chaser NJ

    Still Nice Bass In NYC

    We are still catching nice bass in the Harbor up to Manhattan
  135. Fin Chaser NJ

    Updated Navionics Card

    I updated my Navionics Sonar Charts to get The deeper contours over 1000'
  136. Fin Chaser NJ

    Nautical Navigation on a Budget Webinar

    Check this out very good Webinar