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    Electric reel advice needed

    I was looking for some advice I was thinking of getting into bottom fishing and wanted to go electric. I'm considering getting the electramate 1380 for my tiagras any other recommendations? I was gona use them while trolling as well. Thanks I looked online for days but wanted opinions from local...
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    Heard the bite was on so headed out this morning at 530 and make the journey to where we heard people were catching big ones on the troll. At about 1030 the reel goes off and we end up with this guy and also luck out and pick up a small Ono on the way in. Nice water today
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    Hilo 1-16 lucky day

    Left the house at 430am with my buddy Ren and headed out to find pepeekeo buoy but couldn't find it come to find out its gone haha so headed further out. At about 20 miles out we take a double strike and lose one off the bat and get one in the boat all smiles especially cause it was the first...
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    The new boat

    Well the search is over I saw this pop up on Craigslist and couldn't resist so I acted fast and yesterday I get the call from YB that your boat is ready to be picked up I was all smiles. I spent the last couple days redoing my fence cause my alii kai was smaller and this one wouldn't fit on the...
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    Anyone fished one of these boats before?

    I'm looking for another boat because I got this illness :rofl: and saw this on craigslist and was curious if anyone has any advice on these. I know a couple of members fish on seaswirls but not sure the models. I was wondering how's the ride in rougher water (5-7ft and 15-25knt winds) and hows...
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    7-18 trip report

    Headed out the harbor a little before 6am with my buddy Reyn thinking it was gonna be a rough ride cause only had 2 trailers at the ramp parking. Once we rounded the break-wall i was only able to hit maybe 7-8 knots due to the conditions so it took a little longer to get to the buoy. Once we...
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    17 foot boston whaler montauk

    BOAT SOLD!!!! I bought a 17 foot alii kai today that i couldn't pass up. So it's time to sell the whaler. This boat is set up for trolling and everything i added to it was done within the last year and includes-rear roll-bar with 5 pole holders and 2 shotgun holders up near console which all...
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    First Ahi's

    I've been reading on this site for a year and admiring all the catches you guys post up. I would be on here looking at posts i had already read the night before i go out just to get pumped up about what's hanging out there in the deep. So my day (thursday july 15) started out by me loading up...
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    Lowrance X50DS fish finder and Garmin Oregon 400C GPS

    I've got a perfectly working fish finder/depth recorder (lowrance x50DS) that comes complete with everything needed to install for $50 including shipping and i also have a Garmin Oregon 400C touch screen GPS with preloaded charts and a ram mount that i'm asking $350 for. The best way to reach...
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    WTB transom mount transducer for furuno 620

    Hello guys i'm looking to see if anyone has a transom mount transducer for a furuno 620. I'm waiting on the unit to be shipped and figured i'd try to find a used transducer to cut down on cost. I would be interested in either a 600 or 1000W one depending on price. Let me know! Thanks
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    WTB 15foot outriggers

    looking into buying a pair of 12-15 foot outriggers with a 1 1/2" base. My number is 854-4484. Thanks
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    Advice needed on rigging

    Fist off i just wanted to say mahalo for all the info all of you've posted on this site, it has definitely given me a better understanding of how to do things. I recently bought my first boat and am slowly in the process of setting it up for fishing. I picked up a 17 foot montauk and the only...
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    looking for 4 stroke kicker

    i'm on the hunt for a second hand 4 stroke longshaft kicker for my boat. I keep getting reminded that i only got one motor so i gotta take care of it. I've been looking for a while and have missed a couple deals so if you have one or know of someone who does give me a call at 808-854-4484. Thanks