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    BD Sponsor - Hobbytron

    I see a lot of advertisements about hobbytron on here. Not to bore anyone, but I made the mistake of buying 1 of their items. Long story short I got my $ back after getting dicked around and scammed by them. It was only then I decided to read their facebook page which is filled with about...
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    What shop has the Raider jigs

    no longer needed
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    Making wind-ons

    What size hollow do you guys use to make wind-ons in 60, 80, and 100lb Tried using 100 lb and 130 and can not feed the line after finishing the loop. The 60lb needle gets stuck after about 6"
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    Avet MXJ 5.8 - Green - Brand New

    Anyone need a green Avet, went through my stuff and didnt even know I had this.... Its brand new - never even had line put on it. Pm if you want it and paypal accepted. $150.00 - with shipping and gift paypal.
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    Build A Rod

    Who knows if there is any hope for me but - I am thinking about "trying" to build a rod for the first time. Now here is the problem - once I have a blank in my hand, I have absolutely no idea what the hell to do next .... What is the best way to get started - There is a few books online and...
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    New Spectra Spools & Wind-On Leaders

    Cleaning out some stuff I dont need at this time. Everything is new & stored inside. Paypal accepted, will ship anywhere, send me PM's of what ever you want (easier than looking up the thread for comments). JB Spectra 1 - white 100lb/600 yards - Solid $80.00 1 - white 100lb/600 yards -...
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    Brand New Silver Avet TRX30W W/ Spectra

    Is spooled with 600 yards of Blue 130lb JB Hollow. That reels has been sitting around and never seen water or even made it on a boat ride. Unfortunately, I have no use for this reel any time soon. Price includes shipping - payal as gift or extra 15.00 towards paypal fees. $700.00 Please...
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    NIB Avet SX 5.3 MC - Gold

    Brand new - will ship anywhere - price includes shipping - paypal works best 155.00 If you want it, please send me a PM Thank you
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    Avet SX Raptor - Limited Edition

    I have a brand new Avet Raptor - only taken out of the box to look at it. Gotta admit the reel looks bitchin but already have a couple sx raptors. Looking to sell this and buy a JX Raptor Limited edition... If interested - send me a pm, paypal and shipping available $450.00
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    Big Hammer Swimbaits

    If you are in need of some Big Hammers - might as well get 5 for the price of a 4 pack.
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    Couple Days Left - CA Sales Tax Waived

    saw this on their Facebook page - If you wanna save some money... Click their Facebook logo, click the "like us" button at top, then shop online @ - sales tax will be waived for next 2 days. good opportunity to save some $$
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    Awesome Customer Service

    I bought a case of rigged ambush nets and was going to have them shipped to Mission Viejo. After searching for the best price, I found it right here. To top that off, they dropped them off about 3 hrs after I placed my order. Great job...
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    TRX 30W

    The screws that came with my reel (to secure the reel to the rod via the rod clamp) are way too long. I was told that Avet only sells one size for the trx reels. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Found a place to buy Blams - for those that were looking - only they are made by Ahi/Promar
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    Making pre-made wind'ons

    my question is - it is easy to make the spliced loop - however I am having a heck of a time trying to feed the mono or fluoro up to where the loop beings. If there some kind of trick? I am splicing 130 JB and only trying to feed 80lb mono up there. The daho threading needle keeps getting...
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    Giving Away An Avet

    Just passing on something pretty cool. I just got a newsletter from a shop that I buy most of my tackle from. The newsletter stated that every order (current and new customers this month) will be put in a drawing. On September 1st, one order number will be drawn and that person will win a...
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    Splicing Hollow Core

    I have always used knots. Anyone have any easy to follow video links for splicing hollowcore to mono/fluoro. Here is what I want to do, but can not find an easy video to follow online. thanks
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    Has anyone tried any of these Poppers? If so, any success.
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    Blue Avet SX Raptor

    I have this BRAND NEW raptor - not looking to get ripped off but am going to sell it to get a MXL raptor in a couple weeks. Bought this end of last season - only taken out of the box one time when I first bought it. $400.00 shipped - paypal accepted Please PM if you want it <table...
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    Shimano Tiagra 50 Filled W/Spectra

    This reel has only been used while trolling for mako sharks. Nothing caught on this reel. This reel was purchased new for about 570.00 and another 80.00 worth Jerry Brown spectra was added. The reel is filled with 600 yards of the 130lb blue JB Hollow Core. I will This reel has a...
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    Splicing Hollow to Fluoro

    I cant seem to find anything online. I usually just connect with knots but was thinking of trying to splice fluoro into hollow. I cant find any good videos online. Doesnt anyone know of any good sites to see how to do this. thank you
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    Looking For A Good Civil Attorney - That Also Likes fishing

    Long story short - a contractor was hired to do some graphic work for my business. They hired a subcontractor who came to the business and did some damage. The subcontractor was not held responsible in small claims. I was told the only one responsible was the contractor. They are located out...
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    Jerry Brown Spectra - New Spools

    Have a Few spools of JB Hollow Core - everything is 600 yards 80lb - Blue $106.00 100lb - White $ 106.00 130lb - Yellow $82.00 Solid 65/600 - white - 63.00 80lb/600 - red - $68.00 100/1200 yards - Red $150.00 Send PM with what you want - will ship as soon as paypal is sent. Prices Firm...
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    Unused Salas Pl-68 Lures

    I have a few Pl-68 Lures that were not used on a recent trip. Bought them for $9.00 ea, will sell for $8.00 each. All have the single hooks on them. I have White Blue/White Dorado Glow white buy 4 or more will ship for free. Other than that - shipping - $4.00 Please Pm
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    Rod Knobie

    Have any of you used the "rod Knobie" while fishing. What are you thoughts - useful item - or didn't like it - if so why.
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    Blue Avet JX Raptor W/ Spectra

    I have a Blue JX Raptor that is filled with Red 65lb Solid Jerry Brown Spectra (approx 550-600 yards) Got it this year. Only used two times. No damage/scratches on the reel. Looks brand new. - No boat rash! I am not looking to give away my reel, so please no low offers. If you want it -...
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    Anyone done Netting out of Redondo Beach

    Just curious if anyone has done any netting out of/near the Redondo Beach Harbor - if so any luck? thanks
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    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    A buddy of mine went on a T-Shark trip. He caught a 100+ lb shark on the trip. Little did he know that the crew demanded 100 bucks to fillet it if he wanted to keep the shark. Sounds pretty expensive for a demanded cleaning fee... Is this typical
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    Where to Hoop Net

    Is anyone hoop netting near the long beach breakwall. I am going thursday and just wondering what the success has been as of opening. thank you
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    Salas 6x Jr Lures - New

    I have 3 colors and 6 of each color = Scrambled Egg, Green Mack, and Green Sardine. These were all extra lures that were purchased for a Cedros trip. None of them have been used or seen saltwater. I would like to sell these (6) at a time. If you want to mix&match - that is also fine...
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    Jerry Brown Spectra - New Spools

    A few 600 yard spools. Price includes shipping. Please only send PM's, too much time to search the threads to see who wants the lines... Buy any 2 spools and i'll take 8.00 off the total price Here are the New spools that I have. 65/600 yards - White or Red - Solid $60.00 80/600...
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    Wahoo Lures - New

    I have a couple Ballyhood Wahoo Payback lures that I bought as spares. The lures worked great, however I am all done fishing until next year. Here is a picture of what these are WAHOO PAYBACK I have a red/black & a pink lightening 36.00 each - includes USPS shipping
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    Shimano Tiagra 50 W/Spectra

    This reel has only been used while trolling for mako sharks. As luck would have it, all the bites have came from one of the other rods. I have a few smaller reels that I now use and will not be using this one anytime soon. This reel was purchased new for about 570.00 and another 80.00 worth...
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    Big Hammer Baits

    Have any of you tried fishing the new "Sledge" 9" baits from big hammer. Any luck or think those are too big for fishing the calicos? thanks
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    Worst Season in While

    Just curious, when was the last year that fishing (southern Ca/ocean fishing) has been this bad....
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    Good Trolling Lures

    Leaving for a 5 day this coming Sunday AM on the Searcher. Was hoping to get some yellowfin like last yr, but looks like Albacore, yellow tail, and some blue fin. I am bringing my own trolling rod so I can set it up with my own trolling lures. I know black/purple lures work awesome for...
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    Daiwa Saltist STT50 - Standard Speed

    Reel has been sold
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    Anyone ever hear of a passport being needed to fish a multiday trip out of San Diego. I have heard not needed an is needed? Thanks
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    Avet MX Raptor

    Any idea when these are supposed to be released. Looking forward to getting one.
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    Loop-To-Loop Connection

    I was thinking about trying a loop to loop connection after making some leaders. What kind of knot is used for the "loop". I am thinking a perfection knot but not sure? thanks
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    Jerry Brown Spectra

    All Sold - I have a few spools of JB, if interested please PM me. Paypal accepted - Shipping included. Solid - 50lb/600 yards - Red $50.00 Solid - 65lb/600 yards - White $60.00 Hollow - 60lb/600 yards - white $80.00
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    mako shark fishing locations

    Going to launch out of long beach tomorrow. Anyone have any goo locations for making sharks in the area. A buddy has said there are makos on way to Catalina. .
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    Jerry Brown 300 Yard Spools - Green

    This line has been sold - I have the following spools of Jerry Brown that I am not going to use. All were bought a few months ago and never opened. Will ship each spool for free. Paypal would be great.
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    Salas Lures - Christy 2 - $5.00 each

    I have some Christy 2 jigs that have never been used or even placed in a tackle box before. Buy 2 or more and I'll ship free. Buy 1 and the buyer will pay $1.00 for shipping. Paypal accepted and preferred. Here is what I have In these Christy 2's 3 - dorado 3 - blue/white 3 - blue...
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    Kicker Jigs - 25L (surface lures) $5.00

    I have the following jigs that have never been used. Buy at least 2 jigs and I'll ship for free. If you only want 1 jig, I'll ship for $1.00 extra (6.00 total) Paypal accepted. 2 - Sardine Meltdown 1 - Mint Sardine 3 - Green Mackerel 3 - Senorita 1 - Fire Tiger 2- Blue/Silver Ironman # 2...
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    Looking For Good Quality Line Winder

    Looking for a good quality line winder that I can use at home. Anyone have any brands they are willing to recommend? I can only find very expensive one's or line winders that don't look like they work very well thanks
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    Jerry Brown spectra

    I have an extra spool of Jerry Brown Spectra Jerry Brown Hollow Core = 130lb/600 yard White $80.00 bucks and I'll ship it to you - Paypal is the easiest way for me protects both of us. I do have a paypal and USPS shipping account and will ship to you the same day that I get payment.