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  1. lee337

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    Found a nice one today!!! just over 29 inches. Southwest Colo. Winchester model 70 .270 wsm Zeiss 4 1/2 x 14 Harris bi pod. About 220 yds.
  2. lee337

    My Colorado buck 11/10/16

    This morning I decided it was time to fill my tag.I had passed one up that was slightly bigger on opening day.I live in s.w. Colo and hunt the land around my house. you can't see it but my house is about 400 yds. behind me. Sometimes my hunts are not as exciting as others that post on this board...
  3. lee337

    Shed hunting yesterday! Antlers!

    Awesome day shed hunting today!!! 7 for me and 3 for my dog Cory!
  4. lee337

    White Sea Bass @ golden gate bridge

    This is a picture of my buddy's White Sea Bass, caught just outside the GGB 8-1-2015 the guy holding it is 6' 6". This is a verified report as I just got off the phone with him 15 minutes ago.
  5. lee337

    My kitty is back again!!!

    Not the best pics. But you can tell what it is. This is about 100 yds. from my house!!!
  6. lee337

    yellowfin on the apollo,allready?

    within 1 1/2 day range isn't this really early?
  7. lee337

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    First post for me. Looking to buy a 2 speed 50# class reel 1 for me and 1 for my wife to use on 6 day trip on RR111 in sept. And on other trips down the line. Just looking for what might be best at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance. lee337