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  1. Jersey Reel

    SOLD Twin power sw 8k & 14k

    Great condition, both filled with 65lb. $500 for the 14k $485 for the 8k
  2. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Accurate valiant 500

    New Accurate valiant 500. $400 shipped
  3. Jersey Reel

    WTB 2 Talica 16 single speeds

    Looking for 2 talica 16 single speeds. Thx
  4. Jersey Reel

    SOLD Shimano Saragosa 10k

    Brand new Saragosa sw 10k for $OLD.
  5. Jersey Reel

    40lb setup

    Hey guys, looking for some suggestions on a 40lb setup. I narrowed it down to a Talica, Saltiga, or a JX/LX Raptor but open to others. Thanks in advance.
  6. Jersey Reel

    SOLD Ocea Full Throttle 82MH

    Brand new, sat all season. Time to unload. $515 shipped.
  7. Jersey Reel

    WTB Saragosa 8k

    Looking to buy 2. Thanks
  8. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Seigler SGN Blue. WTB TERN 300

    I have a barely used blue seigler sgn and looking to get the star drag tern 300. Will sell the seigler for $225 shipped. Comes with bag and clamp. No line.
  9. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Daiwa ballistic and an Avet sx

    Hard to let go, but I'm not buying anymore rods. Both in great shape. Daiwa ballistic ex 3000 ($125 shipped) Avet sx 5.3 ($120 shipped)
  10. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Daiwa ballistic ex 3000

    Down sized to a smaller reel, not buying another rod so time for this to go. Extremely smooth and in great condition. Line is off. $125 shipped. Price is FIRM.
  11. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Fusion Signature Series LED 230w

    Bought 4 of these from my neighbor last year, only installed the two so i have these 2 extra. $320 shipped obo.
  12. Jersey Reel

    WTB 146 squidder

    As the title says.
  13. Jersey Reel

    SOLD Accurate valiant 300 reel

    One year of use, still like new. $OLD shipped. Will trade for a black avet sx (g2 or raptor)
  14. Jersey Reel

    SOLD Avet sx 5.3 GOLD reel

    Reel is in great condition, i have 3, but downsizing to 2. $138 shipped
  15. Jersey Reel

    WTB Shimano stradic ci4 4000 wtb

    As the heading says...
  16. Jersey Reel

    WTB Shimano Thunnus Ci4 4000

    As the heading says!
  17. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Penn ssv4500ll

    Great condition and works like new, just didn't use it this past season. Spooled with 30lb spiderwire. $90 shipped.
  18. Jersey Reel

    SOLD Avet SXJ 5.3 with a St Croix

    Rod had broken tip and was replaced at local tackle shop. Reel is smooth and has no issues, the clicker isn't loud though. I rather jig with my spinning setups over the conventional, that's why I'm selling. $200 picked up, I can ship if need be. Not splitting up unless I get a buyer for each...
  19. Jersey Reel

    15% off ebay code

    PREGAME15 is the code, ends 10pm pacific time.
  20. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Light Spinning Combo

    Combo took some boat rides but reel and braid never used, that's why I'm selling. Braid is new spider wire blue camo 15lb with top shot. Reel is a Quantum Iron PT 30 and rod is a Duckett ML Inshore Series. $195 shipped Reel Specs...
  21. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Fathom 12 $125

    Bought an Avet sx from another member to replace the Fathom 12, had to go lever drag. Reel is in great shape. $125 shipped
  22. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Sufix, Wind-ons, and CableClam

    2 new spools 450yrds of 30lb ($22 Shipped) New never used JAK Wind-on Leaders made with Seaguar. ($30 shipped for all 3 packages) (There is 2 in each pack so you will get 6 in all) (2) 50# (2) 40# (2) 30# all made with 60lb Seaguar Threadlock BlueSea Cable Systems CableClam #1003 ($15 shipped...
  23. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Couple reels

    Captain chair broke and need funds for a leaning post. (2) Shimano TLD15's with new 30lb Sufix. Reels in great shape and if you buy asking price each reel will come with 450yrds of 30lb sufix. $100 shipped each Shimano tld20 spooled with new 65lb daiwa metering J braid. Reel in great shape...
  24. Jersey Reel

    WTB SXJ 5.3

    Looking for an sxj non mc single speed.
  25. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Silver Avet SX MC

    Up for sale is my avet sx mc, reel is in great shape and come with both clamps and box. Selling because I don't use the mc and bought matching black sx's. $165 shipped
  26. Jersey Reel

    For Sale (2) Shimano Tekota 300's

    Selling 2 shimano tekota 300's, reels are in great shape and very smooth. I do have 1 power handle. Tekota's $130ea shipped or $245 for both. Add $20 for the power handle. Rod is also for sale which is a St Croix Premier PM70MHF for $110 shipped
  27. Jersey Reel

    For the NorthEast boys!

    Hows my boys doing in the great northeast? I have been out a couple times for sea bass and did pretty well on every trip wreck hopping. Going to transfer over to fluke now. Hopefully i'll get that 30+ incher soon!
  28. Jersey Reel

    WTB sx or sxj 5.3 RH or LH

    Like the title says. I have a Tekota 300 and a Cardiff 301a I could trade if interested. Thanks
  29. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Shimano Cardiff 301a LH

    Shimano Cardiff 301A in great shape with minimal use. New 125yrd 30lb spiderwire with 20lb mono backing. I also have the box. $80 shipped
  30. Jersey Reel

    WTB Round Lefty Baitcaster

    As the title says, please post reel with price shipped. Looking for 301 or 401 sizes. Thanks Not looking to break the bank...
  31. Jersey Reel

    TRADE Tekota 300 for Avet sx

    Looking to trade my tekota 300 for an Avet sxj. I'l pay shipping.
  32. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Shimano Tranx 301hg & Trevala

    Reel never used, I spooled and rigged it up, only to find that I can't cast these. I have another baitcaster that I used and hate it. Spooled with spiderwire camo (new) with a 30lb flouro top shot. Also have a Shimano Trevala 66M that is used. Shimano tranx 301hg - $225 shipped Shimano Trevala...
  33. Jersey Reel

    WTB Shimano tld15's

    Looking to buy a pair
  34. Jersey Reel

    For Sale Shimano Torium 14 with Upgrades

    The torium has new ceramic bearings and has carbontex drags. The line will be stripped off.SOLD
  35. Jersey Reel

    Shimano TranX 301hg. Rod?

    Well, I bought my first low profile baitcaster and I am already in love with this reel! Can't wait to use it, but i have an issue. What rod to pair it up with? I am thinking of the southeast teramer medium 7ft6in.... I will be fishing off my boat and casting light lures for striped bass...
  36. Jersey Reel

    Quantum Boca 60

    Quantum Boca 60 is very smooth, just don' need anymore. I have 300yrds of 50lb spiderwire camo for this reel new in box. Boca $95 shipped with new line $110 shipped
  37. Jersey Reel

    Getting the itch

    I am very interested in getting a ski and transforming it to fish. A yamaha suv 1200 popped up for sale and it is the perfect platform. Issue is the motor is out of it and i have my concerns, but this is the biggest jet ski that was ever in production, making it great for storage, room, and...
  38. Jersey Reel

    (WTB)Penn Part #513-525SP Gear Kit 4.25-1

    this is the gear reduction kit for the Penn 545 reel. Anyone have it?
  39. Jersey Reel

    Cod Fishing Reels

    Selling my cod fishing reels. I was able to upgrade thanks to BD. All 3 shipped for $145. I would trade for an Avet sx. I also have an Avet SXJ that I would trade for an SX. Pretty much need an Avet SX. 2x Penn 320gt 1 Penn 545
  40. Jersey Reel

    Voyager Cod Trip

    Ok fellas, gear ratio and reels you guys prefer?
  41. Jersey Reel

    Penn International 975

    Its hard to do but I have to do it. Looking to trade my Penn International 975 levelwind star drag for a Pro Gear 545 or a Saltist 30t. Reel is loaded with 40lb PP. I cant use the Penn for cod wreck fishing in the northeast. Pics tomorrow. *Traded Thanks*
  42. Jersey Reel

    Voyager Fishing

    I am looking to hit up the Voyager out of Point Pleasant Beach in January, anyone take a ride on this boat? Looking to do the cod trip.
  43. Jersey Reel

    GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

    GoPro hero 4 silver edition, minimum use and that's why I'm selling. Has duel battery charger, scan disk card, USB drive, etc. $300 shipped
  44. Jersey Reel

    Penn Torque 30LD2

    Penn Torque 30LD 2-Speed up for sale, i just don't need it any more. Reel has been stripped of old line and serviced. Reel is smooth with grest free spool and a ton of drag. $410 shipped obo! PM for pics, my pictures are to large for the server, I will try and resize them later, but in the mean...
  45. Jersey Reel

    Daiwa Sealine SL20SH

    Reel has been serviced and filled with 40lb braid. Silky smooth and has great free spool $88 shipped .
  46. Jersey Reel

    WTS/WTT Penn International 50tw

    Looking to sell or trade my Penn 50tw. Reel has had the line stripped off and then was serviced. I am interested in a Penn International 12, Penn Fathom 40's, or any lever drag reel in that class. Price is $300 shipped
  47. Jersey Reel

    Penn Fathom 15LD 2-speed

    I have 3, it's time for one to go. Used handful of times. May trade for a Fathom 40NLD single or 2-speed. $176 shipped. FIRM
  48. Jersey Reel

    Penn Fathom 30LD 2-Speed

    Spooled with 65lb braid and 40lb izorline top shot. Line and reel both have never seen the water. Wanted to trade for a 40LD, but had no hits. I would sell for $210 shipped.
  49. Jersey Reel

    Shimano TLD20ii and Avet LX 6.0

    I have 2 shimano tld20 2-speeds that have been serviced and are in great shape, SOLD . I have 2 Avet LX 6.0's that have been serviced this past winter and are filled with 30lb mono, $385 shipped for both.
  50. Jersey Reel

    Penn Fathom 25n

    Thanks to BD, I bought a Fathom 25NLD2 today, now it's time to sell the Fathom 25n. Reels is in great shape and was serviced this past winter. I opened it up to take a pic and she's still looking new. $165 shipped.
  51. Jersey Reel

    WTB Penn FTH25NLD2

    Does anyone want to part with their Penn Fathom 25NLD2?
  52. Jersey Reel

    FS or FT. Penn Jigmaster 501's

    Penn Jigmaster 501's. The one with the black handle has stainless steel double dogs. Both have been serviced. I have the reel clamp for one of them. Line is negotiable... asking $175 shipped. I would trade these.
  53. Jersey Reel

    Penn Jigmaster 505HS with box and paperwork

    This is the High Speed Jigmaster 505HS. I haven't used this reel in the past year so it is time to go. Reel is very smooth. Not many around that look this good and have the original paperwork with the original box. $110 shipped
  54. Jersey Reel

    Shimano Cardiff 300a

    Up for sale is my Shimano Cardiff 300a with new carbontex drags. Reel is clean inside and out. Reel was serviced and had new drags installed during the servicing. $85 shipped
  55. Jersey Reel

    WTB Avet lx 6.0 gold single speed

    Like the title says. Let me know.
  56. Jersey Reel

    Penn International Torque 300X Jigging Combo

    The Penn Torque 300X lever drag reel paired up with the Penn Torque jigging series rod. Rod is rated 30-80 braid 2-5 ounces, these rods are awesome i own 3. Reel is filled with 80lb hollow-core with a top shot of 80lb yo-zuri disappearing pink, line has been used twice. $380 local pickup or $400...
  57. Jersey Reel

    WTB Tyrnos 30II

    Like title says, shimano tyrnos 30 2 speed. Looking for 1.
  58. Jersey Reel

    WTT Shimano Baitrunner 4500B

    Looking for a Penn ssv 4500-5500, Penn conflict 5000, Penn Battle 5000 ll, or something similar. Reel has been serviced and has brand new carbontex drags. Would sell if no one wants to trade.
  59. Jersey Reel

    Penn Squall 40LD

    bought a Penn Squall 40LD on ebay and just got done servicing it yesterday. I was always fond of the Fathoms over the Squalls mainly due in part of the frame, but for the price I got the squall I figured I would try it out. First off, the reel was in excellent shape and I would buy from the...
  60. Jersey Reel

    Torium 14

  61. Jersey Reel

    Avet SX

    what do you guys pair with the SX? I have and love my LX's and just bought a SX from a member on here, reel is in route. Started looking at rods and was wondering what you guys use. Reel would be for deep water fluke, bluefish, cobia, and stripers. I am fishing the great northeast.
  62. Jersey Reel

    Penn Conflict 6000

    Any love for the Penn Conflict's? I have the 6000 series and thoroughly enjoy it, it has great performance, and it looks bad ass. I also have (4) 6500LL ssv's and a 8500 ssv, the Conflict may be my favorite of all.
  63. Jersey Reel

    Shimano Stradic 6000FG

    Looking for a drag knob for this reel. Part # RD 5032