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    Arima Yellowtail

    Pacific coast sportfishing magazine
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    Arima Yellowtail

    PCs has an ad for it, $50k
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    Bluetooth Audio recommendation

    i went with a couple of these: you can pair them for stereo, last all day. i used a bicycle water bottle mount and attach them to railing around center console. bluetooth to phone.
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    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    Can you have a pellet/paint gun in Mexican waters?
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    Any reports for Sunday 10/13?

    Big loop from 302-230-371-425. plenty of skippies. most life in the < 69 temp. marked a few big schools that wouldn't eat. fish are around, guessing full moon has the fish off?
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    279/209/312 80 Mile Loop. Great boat ride

    I know the rule, but not quite sure how to follow it...I tell myself I’m wrong when I leave if that helps. Anyone had success fishing this area when it’s not just instant bendo? Anyone just start drifting for a long time and had success with the fish swimming through (wicked tuna style)?
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    279/209/312 80 Mile Loop. Great boat ride

    i made the same trip on monday also. found 2 paddies, most likely both had been fished given their location and boats around. did see meter marks at 50' for both. had one spot of tuna come through while trying to fish the paddy. eventually drove away and found nothing. what do you guys do...
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    Boating in La Jolla

    Great to hear. Are the buoys easy to see? Anchor anywhere outside the buoys? How close to the caves/cove, 50 yards? Easy swim?
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    Boating in La Jolla

    Is that a rule/regulation or lifeguard discretion?
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    Boating in La Jolla

    between the mpa, underwater park, etc...i'm confused as to whether i can boat into la jolla cove area? i'd like to take the family snorkeling, swimming in the caves and cove area. can i do so? how close to beach? is it marked? appreciate it.
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    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    side effect of the atropine it contains:
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    Epic solo half day 7/8

    how do you fish the stickbait?
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    6/24/19 425/371

    Same day for us same area. South and west of 371 temps read 66 to low 67. Lots of yellow fin boils but not bites. Trolled for hours for nothing. South of 425 had bluefin boiling everywhere. Not massive boils but all over. We’d run up on them but didn’t have a plan to catch one. Through a...
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    Cedros Island sportfishing adventures

    pipe insulation from home depot
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    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    I'd be in for a pair too if it helps.
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    Bluefin Eyesight, Science!

    so does that mean they see blue and green well? If so is there an "opposite" color we should use for fishing line?
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    Flashers & dodgers

    would you ship?
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    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    why *should* decreasing fishing license sales be important to those that buy licenses?
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    Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    Overnight dope would be a great FishDope feature. Keep up the good work!
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    BFT Go Here Saturday

    Yeah, BFT suck. I ran 110 miles for wide open dolphin, those jelly fish looking things with sails, a turtle, and some fins i couldn't identify. Found a few kelps with nobody home. I did mark a bunch at 30 feet, often sticking to the boat, but couldn't make visuals, get a boil, or bite a hook...
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    Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    re: BFT, was the FD report for friday...thursday's dope or? How did you know not to go looking?
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    Just got my first center console boat

    don't forget to trim your motor up when entering/exiting the ramp
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    SOLD N.I.B. SHIMANO TORSA 16...I'll probably regret it!

    Appreciate you taking the time for a thorough explanation. Sounds like a great reel at a good price. Thanks again.
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    SOLD N.I.B. SHIMANO TORSA 16...I'll probably regret it!

    i know nothing. why are the torsa's so valuable?
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    Recommended Clamp for Komodo 471P medium worked for me.
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    Islands 4/24 mixed bag

    thanks for the report. how deep were you fishing in the middle grounds?
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    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    how can they check if an fmm has been used for entry already?
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    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    same here...billy k story brought the emotions out of me
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    Anyone catching mackerel in SD Bay

    meaning you are catching them there now?
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    Long Beach 4/21. A few 3s a 4, a 5, a 6 and Big Moe

    How do you learn how to read the structure scan?
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    Anyone catching mackerel in SD Bay

    Were you using mackerel? Did you catch them near Sd bay?
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    Anyone catching mackerel in SD Bay

    Headed out to coronados tomorrow. Deciding if its worth bring bait, but would like to slow troll if i can't find bird schools. Anyone had recent luck on YT with bait at coronados? Any place to make macs in Sd bay?
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    WTB Komodo Reel Clamp

    No. But it’s pretty universal. As long as it will fit around the rod, it should be able to attach most reels. Doesn’t screw into reel.
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    World Class Leopard Shark | San Diego Bay (Video)

    Thanks. Why do you prefer that setup vs a Carolina rig or just the sliding sinker?
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    I used registration+insurance and a fmm visa
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    Is there a website or source where I can fill a 4/6 pack?

    Heard Jamie from seasons sportfishing say to call him in your situation and they can usually find a charter to fill in. Not aware of a site beyond the landings open charters
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    WTB Komodo Reel Clamp

    Thanks picked one up today at day at docks.
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    Who carries these on their boat?

    ordered a pair. keeping on the boat from now on...
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    what do you use to spool your reels at home?

    Makes sense. I always used the screw driver in vice. I’ll try to add some tennis balls. Thanks!
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    WTB Komodo Reel Clamp

    Need to mount a komodo 471 to a deckhand rod. what you got?
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    WTB How to Read Your Color Sounder

    Looking to purchase a copy of this video by pacific edge
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    thanks for all the feedback
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    want to mirror my Gen3 sonar screen..,

    which app do you use for the mirroring?
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    Season 4 Episode 1 "Isla Magdalena Part 1" FULL

    local knowledge app on apple tv shows season 4 but contains all the episodes of season 3.
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    Local Knowledge Season 4 Episode 1 – Preview

    i can't seem to find it? local knowledge app on apple tv shows season 4 but contains all the episodes of season 3.
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    New HXJ 4.2 Blowout Sale

    Me too!
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    do you have to wind ridiculously fast on a stock 4/0 to catch yo-yo fish?
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    Fathom 40NLD2 or HXJ 4.2?
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    New HXJ 4.2 Blowout Sale

    sales tax in CA? shipping estimate to san diego?
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    Also, just saw this: better than a 4/0 with upgraded drags and SS internals?
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    i can't even recall why i installed the jvariance frame. its been a while. For those that have used a stock 4/0 for yo-yo... do you have to wind ridiculously fast? or is it reasonable?
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    I just want to fish. I’ve got plenty to learn on that front. I guess the unique 4/0 is no longer relevant. I’ll keep looking.
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    Good feedback. Sounds like I’ll look for something already appropriate and sell what I have unless I come across a deal.
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    Appreciate the links. If it’s $80 for just the gears then I guess it just doesn’t make economic sense. I don’t get the market for these parts compared to buying new/used torium 20 as an example.
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    Anyone know best place to get the 4.1 gears and drag stack?
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    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    I'd like to fish my 113h for Yo-Yo. It currently has a jvariance aluminum, narrow frame. Is there anything else i'd need to make it capable for 40lb yo-yo? i've seen some posts about drag stacks and internals, but it seems the cost of those would suggest its better to buy something else. Is...
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    What did everyone get at the Fred Hall shows?

    too many calstars (700l, 700xlh, 800xlh)
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    SOLD Drift Sock - 40"

    have a pic of the carabiners? can they be replaced?
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    RedRum Baits

    Picked up some 4" and 5" tube baits with 1 ounce heads at fred hall. Anyone have any feedback on how they fish or modifications since you have to cut them?
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    Command Link for Fuel Burn on 2014 Yamaha F115?

    if that is the case, then a simple option for you might be to connect a yamaha engine interface cable, nmea network starter kit, and connect to a mfd
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    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    pretty sure i saw it in panama the week before.
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    Sometimes you just want to do something simple

    this is almost exactly what i want with the exception of a reel seat instead of deck hand on calstar blanks. anyone know relative cost to factory wrapped calstar? basically i want the pictured guides on a graphiter.
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    WTB Seeker PH
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    So will this shopping list get me real time MPG?

    so i basically did the same thing as you on a 2016 with the same parts list except I didn't need the Lowrance Yamaha engine interface cable. I also had two round gauges and it turns out those gauges are wired to the same plug that the interface cable plugs into. That plug only has two usable...
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    Looking for Arima boat

    This. I spent a couple years looking for my arima. I'd reach out to buck's outboard in sacramento. they seem to know about good used boats. bay area and north seemed to have the most. Here are the links i'd always use:
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    Sunset Marlins

    happy too. please pm me your number. thanks dave.
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    Sunset Marlins

    I only see the last game plan was from nov 1. What’s going on?
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    Fishing help San Juan Del Sur, Nica

    Headed there for a day, on march 10 2019. The link to seems to not be fishing related. Anyone have recommendations? Would like to stay inshore for rooster fish, snappers, etc.
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    Quick 1..2..3...Halibut Bounce Ball refresher...Thx

    So you troll or drift?
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    For Sale Channel lock long nose, duckbills pliers and cutters

    they are great. smooth transaction. happy holidays
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    Sunset Marlins

    Maybe something else is going on. I’ve only seen 1 video (been notified) since beginning of month
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    Sunset Marlins

    @Dave Hansen how about some new content on
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    For Sale Channel lock long nose, duckbills pliers and cutters

    yeah. please take my money. cutters and duckbills.
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    For Sale Channel lock long nose, duckbills pliers and cutters

    can you wrap them in arima colors:
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    NEW for 2016, PENN Warfare conventional reels

    @tunanorth thanks for the response. couple follow-ups: are the internals for fathom and squall the same? what is the difference between fathom and fathom II?
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    NEW for 2016, PENN Warfare conventional reels

    @tunanorth i have a couple of the warfare15 and found the levelwind is great for the family. The drags aren't as smooth as i was hoping and occasionally the clicker won't engage (have to turn off and on again) and the same with engaging the spool. But they do seem durable and landed plenty of...
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    Thanksgiving Weekend Skunk (Video!)

    Way cool. I can’t tell what I’m seeing. How were you fishing? Is that a reverse dropper loop?
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    anyone mind sharing where the winning fish was caught? bay? surf? spot? not asking for gps, just trying to get an idea if i should expand my horizon...
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    Hustler & Longboard85

    still learning shorthand. is this spot south of the 302?
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    SOLD Seeker Pinhead D8-8 CT *SOLD*

    Lance sent me a pm at 9:03 and I’m trying to work it out with him. Pending...
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    SOLD Avet SX 5.3 Silver !

    Lovingly used and serviced. $100 OBO. San Diego Pickup
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    power skiff

    i had a 13' calibogie that i understand is the same hull as the powerskiff. I'd fish san diego bay, nearshore, and kelp beds. It is wet when wind is up or boat wakes and/or waves are tall and you run into them. That said, once i understood how it handled i could stay pretty dry, with just...
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    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    yeah i totally get it (and live it). last thing my wife said before we went to sleep...please put sunblock on before you leave. There would be no excuse if he came back burnt.
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    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    I appreciate that but before you least 4 times he told me he couldn’t possibly catch another but I still pinned a bait, gave it a lob, and handed him the rod before an instant bite. Abuse? We’ve had such a good summer fishing dorado and now tuna I don’t think he yet realizes how...
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    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    Wifey, is that you? J/k good looking out.
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    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    I’ve parked a few times without incident. This morning there were 2 cops in lot when we arrived. I understand the park isn’t open all night, but the gates and restroom were open st 5am when we arrived. Only “issue” i’ve seen is with inexperienced boaters and jet skis doing donuts at ramp...
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    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    Not really. There were a couple within a mile of us when we trolled the skippie. Once we found the paddy, and drifted there wasn’t a boat that was close. Took a while to find a boat to pass off the bite. Plenty of traffic south and west of us.
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    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    Started the day o'dark thirty from pepper park. Half scoop lasted all day and much better than what i've gotten from MB this past month. Wind was up at was we left the point and water was green and cold (66) . Cruised through south 9 before it started to warm to 70. Dropped the troll and had...
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    Swimming jig does not swim well

    why so secretive? what's the thought? if everyone's jigs swim right there will be no more fish?
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    Wisconsin loses to BYU at Home?

    Go Bucks!
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    What do you call this “Y” thing?

    line chingas
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    9/3 LJ Dodo

    Really happy with the boat. I went back/forth on center console vs cuddy and glad I went center console. It’s been a great family boat for hanging in bay, tubing, and fishing. Nice to trailer to river lakes and run 20 miles to find Kelp.
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    9/3 LJ Dodo

    Having had success a couple weeks earlier, decided to try again with the whole family if the conditions would cooperate. launched boat, bought bait and picked the family up at 9am. plan was to see if the yellowtail at LJ was still biting, but decided to look outside since the weather and wind...
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    Slow trolled macs or Rapalas and why? 3 2 1 GO!

    Anyone use a swivel for slow troll?
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    Slow trolled macs or Rapalas and why?

    Anyone use a swivel ?
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    8/18 LJ Dodo

    launched from Dana at 5am. Waited for bait for 30 minutes. Small (4”) dines. Stopped to make mackerel outside north jetty. Didn’t have bait or a Sabiki so stopped after catching 1. People with cut squid were catching easily. Plan was to hit 178 to 182 to 181, but felt like change and did...
  97. 57200AAA-DE27-48EC-A80B-B452D12D8E83


    Lj dodo 8/18
  98. 900262A2-E207-4A5E-8D0D-3C634C352BC9


    Boat first dodo
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    7/21 coronado islands, boat first 'tail!

    easy decision. Not many options at 6am. no way i leave the dock without a plan to feed my son. he's constantly hungry and probably consumes as many (if not more) calories than i do. was surprised the market wasn't opened and staffed right at 6 on a saturday...but it is what it is.
  100. Mine


  101. Boat First YT

    Boat First YT

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    7/21 coronado islands, boat first 'tail!

    Rented a slip for a couple nights to have a weekend full of boating fun. Spent friday evening looking around la jolla. water was ugly, no signs of life except just outside the north mpa. Caught a couple barracuda on the purple/black rapala outside the kelp on the way to the south mpa. good...
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    Mission Bay Sat 14July2018

    nice job. slow day for us in the same area, same day. i used one of those monster dines to hook a mystery fish in the channel to the ocean. ran crazy strong and then broke 20' flouro at the sinker. sure wonder what it could of been, burned 50 yards with high drag...
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    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    have a picture of the bait tank on the other side? where does it drain? how do you clean out the tank?
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    FMM?land or internet?

    does anyone get a confirmation reply when they email a manifest? if you don't, do you still go?
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    FMM?land or internet?

    Meaning you don’t email the manifest? Has anyone been asked for the manifest or a confirmation email that the manifest was sent?
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    FMM?land or internet?

    do you email the manifest and the same visa during that 180 days?
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    FMM?land or internet?

    how do you buy it at border? just need a passport? walk over and then stand in line to walk back?
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    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    Roger that... but how? Curious To learn if there is a specific technique people are using to suspend Baits at a certain depth, or if this was 30’ deep water or an approximation. Always learning.
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    Memorial Day almost KILLED ME!

    Crazy. Glad it worked out. Seems no matter how crowded the bay is, the next boat I see always drives within 10 yards of me. Can’t imagine what within inches feels like.
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    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    What does suspended in 30’ mean?
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    Memorial Day almost KILLED ME!

    where is the angel wind? where was the parker coming from?
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Is it ok to anchor in the bay by liberty station and swim/picnic for the day
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    16 Radon

    what number are you on the list? i'm close to doing it myself...
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    To get a t top or not.

    what boat is that?
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    Cedros Outdoor Adventures opinions

    been twice with cedros outdoor adventures. never a bad trip. well run. beautiful accomodations
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    Any Graftech users?

    i fish 30 on 12-20 and like the action of the rod
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    Any Graftech users?

    don't know if the ones i bought last fred hall are the same as what they sell now. either way i bought five of them at the show on special deal. All held up well except for the one i closed in the garage door. happy with them, but feel like they fish better with heavier line that advertised.
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    11/1 San Onofre bonito

    what's the difference between a tuna feather and a bonito feather? pics?
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    Small boat/skiff options

    i have a 13' calibogie i'd let go. below your budget. fishes the sd bay and la jolla all day. shoot me a pm.
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    9/24 LJ Shark

    cut the line, left the lure in the mouth. didn't like it, but really didn't know what to do...
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    9/24 LJ Shark

    Spent the day trying like everyone else for yellows and bonito. Slow day overall, water mostly 67.5. Tried north to the glider port, lots of kelp but no other signs of life. No bonito, no yellows. Scratched a calico and a rock fish... And this shark. Can anyone tell me what kind of shark...
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    Davis 22 Pilot House 04

    what does something like this weigh? how tall is it on a trailer?
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    9/13: 371 Report - Yellowfin & Dorado

    how do you integrate bd maps in navionics?
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    Vessel assist?

    was on a boat that needed it today. 2 engines. if you have a fuel or electrical problem, it doesn't matter. boat us made it happen. just sayin'
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    16ft Radon - 15k

    anybody know what happened to this boat? or where i could find one just like it?
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    Best Budget Yoyo Reel?

    my setup exactly. also my favorite.
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    New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    cut the patch in half. changed everything for me.
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    Rancho Leonero Update.....

    I'm headed to the ranch for my first visit in 3 weeks. i'd be grateful for any tips or advice you can provide. pm is fine. thank you.
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    El Capitan

    fish was given to all the passengers (classy move i think). the second captain was extremely fishy, actually hooked 3
  131. N

    El Capitan

    went out with them a few weeks ago. older boat. bunks were wide and comfortable. crew was nice. Included meals were weak. BFT fishing sucks. first and second captain landed 2 of the 3 we put on boat. didn't feel like the crew was working like a well oiled machine (no bait in the hand...
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    Checked out shelter island launch ramp yesterday June 1 beware!

    Can someone confirm the access policy? I did see signs at both locations stating 10:30 closure. However I saw online some sd site that said Chula Vista was 24 hours. Fwiw I spoke with a random at Chula Vista and he said they don't close. I did pull my boat out at midnight without issue, but...
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    big bluefin

    yeah we had a great day of bluefin fishing (not catching so much) that was definitely tougher with the private boats. couple times we had to "race" them to spots. Other times they would sit in the chum line that was supposed to bring the fish to the boat. i can't understand why pbs wouldn't...
  134. N

    big bluefin

    was this photo from memorial day? i was on the liberty. that boat looks familiar.
  135. N

    Does anyone have a Layout for the Tribute

    fished the boat often when it was the holiday. really love the drift. standard sleeping accommodations for short range. i prefer a bunk closer to the stairs to allow for fresh air. i'd try to stay out of the bunks and on the rail.
  136. N

    La Jolla North West Corner

    thanks for sharing. similar outcome for me as well(~10:30). Hit the lj kelp for a bunch of mackerel and a small bonito. saw a spot of yellowtail for less than a minute.
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    San Diego Bay 4/29

    what do you use for bait?
  138. N

    6, 12 and 20 gallon fuel gas tanks

    dimensions of the 20 gallon?
  139. N

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    my doc said they would write the script if i could tell them "how" to compound it. can anyone provide what is on their label that describes how to compound. for example, i think doc is looking for how much of the medicine (grams??) per pill.
  140. N

    Coronado Seaforth Boat Rentals

    i've done it frequently with my kids. head to just north or south of the bridge and drift with a 2oz weight and a frozen anchovy. when the fish are chewing you'll catch your share. watch the wind. if its up that part of the bay gets pretty uncomfortable.
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    San Diego Boat Restoration

    thanks for the responses. if anyone has other suggestions please let me know.
  142. N

    San Diego Boat Restoration

    Are there any recommendations for someone to help with gel coat & fiberglass repairs if i get an old project to be restored? what about anyone who would build a custom console. San Diego preferred. Thank you.
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    FS Pants and Shorts--Pelagic, AFTCO, UPDATED 5/27/17

    any of the clothing companies making water proof pants with thermal liners? i had a pair from about 5 years ago that finally crumbled. couldn't find any at fhs
  144. N

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    shout out to king of the crawl. they gave my son a free hat. he loves it!
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    Five Gallon Bait Bucket

    i'd recommend following this:'s%20bait%20tank.htm i've got a small boat and although i'm probably close to $100 into this i think it could be done cheaper if: 1. buy a 6 gallon beer bucket from amazon 2. the walmart pump is good 3. use 3/4" pvc to bring...
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    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    Smallish sardines and the hi tide seemed to have the fish chewing. Steady bite for an hour. Mostly bay bass and 1 keeper halibut
  147. N

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    Found 70' southwest of bait barge by the sub base. Halibut are north of the bridge also.
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    Advice/Perspective for a newbie in San Diego

    i used the paid app. that app and my fish finder is all the electronics i have. i feel like i have a bunch to learn with both of them. great insight. thank you.
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    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    i've never seen it above 65. i guess i'll have to pay attention. thanks for the feedback.
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    Advice/Perspective for a newbie in San Diego

    i have been using the navionics app primarily. what do use google earth bathymetry for?
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    Advice/Perspective for a newbie in San Diego

    thanks surfgoose. i'm a fanatic about safety, but always appreciate the reinforced message. can you expand on the current direction? so does the inshore current always mirror the tide direction, i.e. low tide will always cause current away from shore? if so would it be right to think that...
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    Advice/Perspective for a newbie in San Diego

    thanks for the thoughts. i think your #3 is right on. i've mostly fished the sd fleet and have been spoiled by how well they find fish. doing it on my own now is actually most of the reason i bought a boat. doing it easily and consistently i'm finding to be a whole 'nother story.
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    Advice/Perspective for a newbie in San Diego

    First i want to thank everyone who contributes to these forums. i've learned an immense amount. its such a great resource. i've been on the forum for quite a while but recently bought my first boat to fish the bay and inshore stuff (on the right day). i'm a m-f, 9-5'er and try to fish 1 day...
  154. N

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    am i missing something obvious?
  155. N

    LJ Bottom Fishing

    Can you explain what time and tide works well? I've been fishing point Loma every weekend for 2 months and can't seem to get them to chew. Appreciate it.
  156. N

    Help reading fish finder!

    Did they help?
  157. N

    FS: 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    Total length on trailer? Height?
  158. N

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    What do you do for live bait?
  159. N

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    hours on motor? any known issues?
  160. N

    Prowler 7/26

    Mostly self induced backlashes, a few times people ended up in the same corner with fish under the boat, that kind of thing
  161. N

    Prowler 7/26

    Was that day 2 of your trip? It was pretty cool to watch the exchange. Glad you did well.
  162. N

    Prowler 7/26

    I'm not 100% on this, but I believe what I heard was that yes buzz still runs the boat. Apparently jim has been working the boat for close to 30 years. He might be relief ( there was a second captain, young guy, as well), but he was definetly fishy. Did a great job tracking and baiting the...
  163. N

    Cedros Island Mid July Fishing Report

    Jose, Thanks again for a wonderful trip. My son Sebastian won't stop talking about his fish. Looking forward to many more trips. The new lodge is great and the service is fantastic. The finished shot of the hot tub looks amazing. Can't wait to try it out. Until next time... Sent from my...
  164. N

    Prowler 7/26

    Ha! I would get mad if I looked down the rail and saw somebody fishing on "my" side of the boat!
  165. N

    Prowler 7/26

    I just returned from a 1.5 day and wanted to send some good vibes to the captain (Jim) and crew. They ran with only 4 of us which was a treat. Needless to say everyone was super comfortable. It was my first time on the boat and I thought it rode and fished very well. Boat was in great shape...
  166. N

    Open Party Trip Seasons Sportfishing.. 2spots

    When? Sent from my KFSOWI using Tapatalk
  167. N

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    To fish a flat you drop it straight over the rail and let it sink on slack line? What about the retrieve? Fast like a heavy iron? Sent from my KFSOWI using Tapatalk
  168. N


    I went out on it last Wednesday fishing south of san clemente island for blue fin. They ran a 1.5 day for 13 of us. Markus wasn't the captain. I can't recall what the captain's name was but they did a really good job. The weather was up which meant no sleep the first night and tough to find...
  169. N

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Much of San diegos economy is based on tourism. Giving up a tourist attraction is bad business. A nice multiuse stadium will not only attract super bowls but should be part of a larger infrastructure to be viable to host the Olympics. With the business climate difficult we need to double down...
  170. N

    San Diego Boat Storage Options

    I'm interested in this topic also. What are the best storage options and rates?
  171. N

    1994 Stratos 2250 WA Cuddy

    Weight of boat + trailer?
  172. N

    Shimano Torium 20

    Where did you get the reel clamp? Do you like it?
  173. N

    Top Gun 80 2.5 day (9/29)

    we left right at 7pm for the long ride down. the seas were calm and spirits high. we woke friday morning and the offshore weather report was mostly wrong (shocking). the swells were mixed and large as they predicted 10+, but the wind was way up 20+. it was fish-able but not comfortable. we...
  174. N

    Polaris Supreme 09/25

    trip cancelled. next time.
  175. N

    Polaris Supreme 09/25

  176. N

    Polaris Supreme 09/25

    we need 8 more...lets do it.
  177. N

    Wanted: spot on 1.5 or 2 day trip for Friday (9/23)

    or the polaris supreme on 9/25 for 2 days...the perfect balance.
  178. N

    Polaris Supreme 09/25

    for what its worth... i received a call from the polaris supreme office. they fished the "2 day zone" on the way down for their 8 day this week...said it was good, anglers could catch what they wanted. Also said they would run on sunday with 17. that means we are 12 away. from all the...
  179. N

    Polaris Supreme 09/25

    They'll get it done in 2 days because of the "odd" times. it allows the boat to get to the fish (while everyone is sleeping), to spend an entire day (from sun-up to sun-down) in the zone. afterwards, you go back to sleep and wake up at the docks. This is much more opportunistic then motoring...
  180. N

    Polaris Supreme 09/25

    nothing sounds better right now: 1. watching football all day sunday 2. limiting on bft/yft on monday 3. monday night football at sea, 4. and a good nights sleep before a gentleman's arrival @ 11am. lets get this sled of the docks...jump on the boat. :finger:
  181. N

    cedros fly in

    A few in our party picked them up in ensenada before we flew out. We had plenty of time...not sure how your timing will be.
  182. N

    cedros fly in

    i just got back (7/11) from this trip. jose is a good guy. i'm not sure if there is a specific situation (the flights apparently are very tough to manage, 1 airplane, 2 flights a day total), or if this is similar to the initial feeling i received. in general i chalked up the lack of...
  183. N

    200 reasons why we LOVE our members.... gave me an empty page. worked fine fyi
  184. N

    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 4/22/11 3 Personal Bests Day

    thanks cap'n. we had a great time. For everyone reading the post...go fish with Rod, he'll get it done.
  185. N

    Any overnight boats leaving 4/21

    awfully quiet on the schedules for the landings. any options for fishing overnight thursday/friday?
  186. N

    Steel vs composite guides

    thanks everyone.
  187. N

    Steel vs composite guides

    thanks for the if i read this right, everyone is actually suggesting the "ceramic" guides? what technical impact does the choice have? for all the steel guide fans, the issue most brought up is that the guides break if dropped. not the whole story? Any suggestions for...
  188. N

    Steel vs composite guides

    i'm trying to learn a little about rod making. i'd like to have to rods built: 8' calico stick 8' surface iron/jig stick most i speak with suggest steel guides are the way to go, more durable, worry free, etc. Any arguments for using the composite guides? Is weight the only issue? when...
  189. N

    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 4/10/11

    pretty sure its the same fish in every post. no? Congrats...
  190. N

    Calstar 800XH Jigging rod

    which guides?
  191. N

    10 ft Cobra Kayak $199.00

    where is it located?
  192. N

    Cedros Island Rod/Reel Suggestions?

    thanks for the suggestions i'll check them out. over the course of a 3 day fishing trip, does one typically get to try for yellows/calicos/bottom dwellers or does it really depend? i've got a senator 113h for the dropper loop setup and a torium20 on a 700m for yo-yo. should i bother to get...
  193. N

    Cedros Island Rod/Reel Suggestions?

    check out their website. i have to say thus far working with jose has been great. i'm really looking forward to the trip.
  194. N

    Cedros Island Rod/Reel Suggestions?

    anyone throw iron with a torium 20? Suggestions for 8' stick?
  195. N

    Cedros Island Rod/Reel Suggestions?

    i think the trip after, 7/8-7/11 with cedros outdoors adventures. i'm stoked. seems i can need to find a surface iron setup.
  196. N

    Cedros Island Rod/Reel Suggestions?

    i'm signed up for a fly-in cedros trip in early july. fishing in a panga. i wanted some ideas for appropriate rod/reel setups. i currently have: toro 50 / CSC-70MH senator 113h / sl2050c66 torium 20 / cfgr-700m avet sx / tmc-x76h can i make it work? anything missing that is a must have...
  197. N

    fishing lecense

    where can you buy a mexican license? turners? big five? all the landings?
  198. N

    Report from the Bloodydecks 3 Day?

    25# floro definitely worked on the bait stick, although i did get one on 65# mono when the bite started. Tady AA in all chrome worked well throughout the drift.
  199. N

    Bloodydecks/Intrepid 3-day Trip Report

    The trip was awesome, the intrepid team has a great product.
  200. N

    So, why the Intrepid?

    I just finished the 3-day with the intrepid. It's my first "long range" trip. I took a friend who has never set foot on a sport boat. the experience was so excellent i feel compelled to give them a little publicity. It seems all the relevant discussion points are summarized above. For...
  201. N

    La Jolla report 5/28/10

    Rod, Thanks for the good time. I agree next time we are due. Fish "karma" is yours!
  202. N

    slime sticks on 5/28

    Any half day options targeting slime sticks this friday out of san diego? I have a few things i must do in the am, but i'd be good anytime after 11am.
  203. N

    coronados still biting?

    did the storm kill off the bite? any reports from yesterday/today? thinking about going out on saturday. anyone think its a good idea ?
  204. N

    Intrepid Trip #2 6/4

    Reserved my spot on the boat. Anybody know what to expect in early june on a 3 day? where do they fish? what is seasonal at the time? thanks.
  205. N

    Squid Monday?

    I'd like to try for the squid. Any definite options for getting out monday (2/22) evening?
  206. N

    Colnett / Baja Coast 12/18 - 12/20

    if the holiday doesn't go...i'll jump on this trip.
  207. N

    Colnett in December

    thanks for the info and tips. i think i can find edds jigs on a post here somewhere. Is it really a shrimp fly? Any size any color? where do you get them? Suggestions on tying them?
  208. N

    Colnett in December

    I'm thinking about taking an open charter to colnett for 2.5 days (leaving 12/18). Just curious what to expect. -How is the ride? -How is the weather? -What to expect for quarry? -Any other tips/suggestions/advice? thanks.
  209. N

    How's the ride?

    The initial intended use was to fish. However i would like to attempt to balance this with family cruising for 4 people (couple overnights over long weekends, etc). I have been out a few times when it is rough on larger vessels. I am looking for opinions as to whether these same seas in...
  210. N

    How's the ride?

    My sea going experience has been on displacement hulls from 50-85'. i'm considering purchasing a boat in the 25-30' range. Can someone explain how the ride will compare to the larger boats i have travelled on? What mainly effects ride quality, boat length? hull type? etc? any info would be...
  211. N

    Would you support a change in pricing for Open Party Boats?

    couple more points... 1. The way the pricing is setup the charters would still make more the more people would go. Instead of the conventional charter model where ticket price = fixed amount/number of people, in this case the total amount would increase as the number of people do, to offset...
  212. N

    Would you support a change in pricing for Open Party Boats?

    Just a couple of clarifications... 1. truth be told i didn't really think the pricing would apply to half day boats...i guess it was really to make 1+ trips more affordable. It seems most half days are crowded when fishing is good and within price range for many. 2. the 1+ trips are...
  213. N

    Would you support a change in pricing for Open Party Boats?

    If you have an opinion, let it be heard. I'd like to see open charters change their pricing model to reflect cheaper fares for fuller boats. I originally posted this as a suggestion in a different thread (paraphrased below)...
  214. N

    Doesn't anyone want to fish this year?

    The economy definitely doesn't help. Even though 90% are still employed, 75% percent of them are worried they are next. In these times, people tend to hoard cash, and i guess from a family budget perspective, fishing is a luxury (although on numerous occasions i've tried to convince the wife...
  215. N

    New Lo An 5-30 1 1/2 10 ALBACORE

    I was on the boat. I can attest the count was real. I believe 4 came from jig strikes and the rest were bait fish. It was a long/slow 1.5 day. We travel led and trolled for endless miles. we saw numerous patties with no one home, we wasted little time. The majority of the fish came on a...
  216. N

    Weekend Fishing

    Can anyone shed some thoughts on how the weather/conditions/fishing look this weekend? Also, interested in going on 1.5 day tomorrow night 5/29. Anyone able to add something about the following boats: Legend - offshore Aztec - SCI New Lo-An - ?? thanks.
  217. N

    Weather This Weekend

    I agree, great links. BuonaForTuna thanks for the reality check! I'll see you there.
  218. N

    Weather This Weekend

    I'm considering going out on the "holiday" (point loma, 1.5 day) this friday (11/14). I don't have the strongest stomach and wondered if anyone knows what the weather is likely to be this weekend? Also, are there some good resources on the web to gauge the conditions? What are some of the...
  219. N

    Carlsbad Canyon (Ponto)? Any good?

    Anyone had any luck fishing carlsbad canyon off Ponto?
  220. N

    Small Boats (Why does size matter)

    This board is awesome. Thanks for the insightful posts. As a follow-up, when i suggested my first boat, i should have included that i am still unknowledgeable in a good portion of the jargon/lingo. Could someone explain the following or suggest where i can get more information...
  221. N

    Small Boats (Why does size matter)

    I was at the fred hall show this weekend @ del mar, and was tempted to purchase my first boat. Because of storage concerns, i was considering the boston whaler 15' montauk. This would fit both my budget and garage (important). I really want to understand what i should expect when it comes to...