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  1. BigJoe

    WSB Gonads wanted in Orange County

    Now that I have your attention :D I was asked by one of the biologists working to determine the reproductive capacity and maturity rate of WSB to ask fishermen to donate heads and gonads of these fish from March to September. Part of determining how to manage species is to determine when they...
  2. BigJoe

    LA Chargers

    Figured I would post this...
  3. BigJoe

    Wanted Tagged BFT

    This year approximately 3,000 6 inch BFT were tagged in the Sea of Japan. A few of these (approx 40) with archival tags. Some of these fish are expected to make their way over to our waters in the near future. If you catch a tagged BFT please return the tag to help provide valuable...
  4. BigJoe

    Ridiculous tuna at 2.5 miles off Cbad 7/17

    Left O'side 4:30 AM with 1/2 scoop of dines, hard to make macs finally found them at Tamarack kelp. Made quite a few then took off for a spot out by the 181. Drove around pulling cedars looking while coming back in at 6 miles off Torrey Pines saw big BFT puddling but could not get them to go...
  5. BigJoe

    New draft Bluefin Tuna stock assessment

    According the the news release I just received the BFT stock assessment looks only slightly better than the last one. The final version will be produced after the ISC meeting in July. With this type of an assessment I would expect there will be a continuation of the regulations on the take of...
  6. BigJoe

    F&G Commission hired a new Executive Director

    The California Fish and Game Commission announced today the hiring of Valerie Termini to serve as its Executive Director. Ms. Termini comes from California Ocean Protection Council staff where she has served as the fisheries policy advisor and as interim Executive Director. “We look forward to...
  7. BigJoe

    Governor Appoints New F&G Commissioners

    This is for information only I do not have any knowledge of these two individuals: Russell Burns, 55, of Napa, has been appointed to the California Fish and Game Commission. Burns has been business manager at Operating Engineers Local Union 3 since 2006, where he has held several positions...
  8. BigJoe

    Raymarine DSM300 (SOLD)

    I just upgraded to a new Simrad NSS9 evo2 unit and it was not compatible with my old equipment. I am selling the DSM300 which was professionally removed. E63069 - DSM300 Depth Sounder Module: $150 Includes: R69053 3m Power Cable, E65010 Network Cable (just purchased), and R69081 Hsb2 4 to 3 pin...
  9. BigJoe

    Anyone know about Peter’s Landing Marina in Huntington Harbor

    Apparently the Coastal Commission is looking for information about adding fishing structures in this area. I am not familiar with that area so I am looking for people that may have information they can use in making a decision that is best for fishing opportunities in that area. Here is the...
  10. BigJoe

    Raymarine DSM300 (price reduced)

    I just upgraded to a new Simrad NSS9 evo2 unit and it was not compatible with my old equipment. I am selling the DSM300 which was professionally removed on 8/7/15. E63069 - DSM300 Depth Sounder Module: $180 Includes: R69053 3m Power Cable, E65010 Network Cable (just purchased), and R69081...
  11. BigJoe

    O'side 8/15 - 8/17

    Short story: Got a guest slip for my boat Saturday and Sunday night in the harbor. Saturday: Found fish about 9 off Carlsbad Power Plant caught 8 YFT most around 25 LB. Sunday: Tried area off Encinitas about 12 miles, saw boats catching fish around us just was not our day. Monday: "Light and...
  12. BigJoe

    Wage Burner going out 8/15, 8/16, and 8/17

    Figured I would put the boat in the water for a few days in a row. Weather is looking like it should be good going out of O'side to look for more fishes... Already have full boat for all three days. Hope not to see you out there :D
  13. BigJoe

    Was Sunday Chinese day?

    Was it just me or was yesterday the day for talking ether real or fake Chinese on channel 72 all day? I usually don't get too hung up on the CH72 air traffic but seriously catch a fish or something :D
  14. BigJoe

    Another nice day 8/9/15

    Short version: Took two friends and ones 11 year old son out. Got to O'side ramp at 4:25 waited to put the boat in, got a parking spot (luckily) got in 30 minute line for bait which lasted all day. Tried joining crowds at paddies no action. Get called in by Lucky Charm shut down chunked put 9...
  15. BigJoe

    Bobcat trapping banned statewide

    First off I am not a hunter I am a fisherman but I thought I would post some information "hot off the press" Today the California Fish and Game Commission voted 3 to 2 to ban bobcat trapping statewide. There was some interesting commissioner discussion that centered around the taking of...
  16. BigJoe

    7/28 Blind squirrel gets nut

    Short version: Turned left out of O’side, multi-function C-80 display went nuts no GPS, depth sounder, radar, temperature, … nada still got 6 YFT 25 to 30 and one 16 LB hen dodo, lost at least 6 more due to a host of issues last fish caught around 11 AM. Launched from O’side at 4:30 AM to beat...
  17. BigJoe

    Tuna regulations effective July 30, 2015

    Just got an email from NOAA Fisheries: July 23, 2015 Good afternoon anglers, This is an advance notice that NMFS will be issuing a final rule that will modify the existing Pacific bluefin tuna recreational fishing regulations. The final rule reduces the daily bag limit from 10 fish per day...
  18. BigJoe

    Went catching 7/12/15

    My buddy Larry and his friend's kid and I left O'side a little after 6, lucky to get a parking spot. Headed for my numbers 8 miles off at 33.05 X 117.29 didn't make it that far. Crashing tuna at 6 1/2 miles got the first one on a Shimano Bait Runner 6500 (don't laugh) on a 130 flat-fall...
  19. BigJoe

    Two new Fish and Game Commission members

    Just read this on the Governor's news webpage: Eric Sklar, 52, of St. Helena, has been appointed to the California Fish and Game Commission. Sklar has been founder and managing partner at Cs2 Wines LLC since 2012 and president at Preslar Ventures Inc. since 2001. He was founder and managing...
  20. BigJoe

    2015 Mexican commercial BFT limit reached

    FYI: In the IATTC/GAC meeting I was in yesterday they announced that the 2015 Mexican commercial limit on BFT would be reached by Friday June 5 at the latest. This should allow some of those BFT that have been seen in Mexican waters to "roam" out maybe?
  21. BigJoe

    IATTC Scientific Advisory Committee meeting 5/11- 5/15/2015

    Well I did not fork over the $500.00 it costs to go to this meeting in La Jolla this week but I did read through the 2014 Stock assessments for Big Eye, Yellowfin, and Skipjack tuna that are posted on the meeting page...
  22. BigJoe

    5/2/15 took a boat ride

    Decided I needed to get the boat out before the season heats up since it had been stored away for a few months. Left O'side at 6:00 this morning pointed the boat toward the 181. Drove through 23 miles of green water, with a little lump on it, until we got to the blue stuff. Put the jigs in...
  23. BigJoe

    Sculpin in 2015

    Since the Sculpin (California Scorpionfish) limit was reached this year and the limit will be less next year the PFMC adopted new fishing seasons for 2015 for this fish. In 2015 the recreational fishery for Sculpin will be closed from September 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015 and you will...
  24. BigJoe

    What is this?

    Can you tell me what this picture illustrates?
  25. BigJoe

    California Scorpionfish Fishery to Close Nov. 15 2014

    Contacts: Joanna Grebel, CDFW Marine Region (831) 601-2279 Carrie Wilson, CDFW Communications (831) 649-7191 The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) will close both the commercial and recreational fishery for California scorpionfish (Scorpaena guttata) on Saturday, Nov. 15 at...
  26. BigJoe

    Oceanside parking lot closed 9.26.14 to 10/3/14

    FYI The parking lot by the boat ramp will be closed from Sept. 26 at 1:00 AM thru Oct. 3 at 5:00 PM in O'side due to harbor days and maintenance. The only place you can park your trailer will be the free lot. Happy Lobster opener O'side peeps! The launch ramp will be closed Oct. 1 at 4:00 PM...
  27. BigJoe

    Oceanside 9/26 to 10/3 Harbor days and maintenence

    FYI The parking lot by the boat ramp will be closed from Sept. 26 at 1:00 AM thru Oct. 3 at 5:00 PM in O'side due to harbor days and maintenance. The only place you can park your trailer will be the free lot. Happy Lobster opener O'side peeps! The launch ramp will be closed Oct. 1 at 4:00...
  28. BigJoe

    Pacific Halibut in Northern California

    The PFMC discusses options for public review of the catch share plan for Pacific Halibut today. This is an important fishery to the small coastal communities in northern California. This fishery has been on the "radar" since 2008 when it started to blossom. Executive Summary: California was...
  29. BigJoe

    Manhattan Beach Pier monitor

    I am asking for volunteers to provide some information about how the city is treating fishing from the pier when it reopens on August 26th (tomorrow). I am looking for information on the removal of the No Fishing signs, removal of the closure signs, and if the police/lifeguards are trying to...
  30. BigJoe

    Manhattan Beach Shark fisherman "Assault with a deadly weapon"

    I was late tuning in but I think I heard a unanimous vote by the city council on the shark issue with an amendment to direct their police department investigate and possibly charge the fisherman with "assault with a deadly weapon"... Please tell me I heard that wrong...
  31. BigJoe

    Lobster Report Card proposed regs posted

    Here is the link: Generally it changes the language for all report cards to simplify the language. There are not any changes to the other report cards except for making it clear how reporting can be done online with the ALDS system and...
  32. BigJoe

    Jim Kellogg's confirmation hearing....

    The Senate Rules Committee just voted 4 to 1 to move the confirmation of Jim Kellogg's reappointment to the Fish and Game Commission. Congratulations Commissioner Kellogg! The confirmation now moves for a vote in the Senate.
  33. BigJoe

    Where can I get WIDE Boots?

    I would like to get a decent pair of deck boots for my 13-4E feet. I have looked all over and all I find are D widths. Sorry but a 4E does not fit in a D :nopity:
  34. BigJoe

    OAC Military families fishing trip

    This year Oceanside Anglers Club worked with Wallace Air Cargo Group, Helgren's Sportsfishing in Oceanside, Pink Fishing, Phil Friedman Outdoors, Ken's Custom Reels and Pat's Bait and Tackle to put together a military families fishing trip on the Oceanside 95 last Sunday. The OAC along with...
  35. BigJoe

    9/29 - 9/30 Oside Harbor Days

    It's a pretty big mess with no parking at O'side harbor this weekend. Would have had a hard time getting to the ramp for a little while this AM. :D Gentlemen thank you for your service!
  36. BigJoe

    Tagged Lobster and Raffle Prizes

    That’s right you can be entered for prizes valued at $25 or more for reporting a tagged lobster you caught, here is the scoop: Local fishermen have been working with San Diego Oceans Foundation (SDOF) to tag lobsters in and out of the MPA areas. They have tagged over 25,000 lobsters in the...
  37. BigJoe

    PFMC might lower depth limit to 50 fathoms

    Due to more interactions with cow cod the PFMC has stated its preferred alternative is to lower the southern California regions rockfish depth limit from 60 fathoms to 50 fathoms. The season would remain March 1 thru December 31. We will find out what happens after the meeting next week. SAC...
  38. BigJoe

    Dave Hansen at OAC meeting tonight 5/1/12

    Oceanside Anglers Club monthly meeting is tonight at the Oceanside Yacht Club in Oceanside Harbor. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM but the doors open at 6:30 to allow you to get started with dinner, beverages, and buying raffle tickets. Tonight we will be handing out the checks for last month's...
  39. BigJoe

    Online tag reporting

    Hunters many of you may not be aware that the DFG is rolling out reporting harvest of some hunting tags via an online system in June/July this year. The internet address for reporting online is/will be on your tag issued via the ALDS system. In order to report your harvest you log on with your...
  40. BigJoe

    Lobster FMP Announcements

    California Department of Fish and Game Marine Region Lobster FMP Informational Notice April 10, 2012 DFG Seeks Applicants for the Lobster Advisory Committee DFG will begin accepting applications for the Lobster Advisory Committee (LAC) on April 11, 2012. All applications must be received by...
  41. BigJoe

    Jim Kellogg reapponted to Fish and Game Commission

    Congratulations to Jim and thank him for providing many years of quality service to Californians :D
  42. BigJoe

    OAC 2012 Haibut Tournament Results

    Here are the official results for the OAC Open Halibut Tournament, we thank all those who participated. We had a great turnout this year with 46 boats with 132 anglers, 14 of the anglers were women. The weather was spectacular with a light breeze and fairly flat seas. We had an on the water...
  43. BigJoe

    Pay attention to AB 2609 Hueso

    Interesting how Assembly Bill 2609 changed form a bill about pesticides and agricultural chemicals to a bill about how Fish and Game commissioners should elect their president and vice president and how they should enact some code of conduct.... something just does not seem right here. I have...
  44. BigJoe

    Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan Meeting

    NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 28, 2012 Contact: Carrie Wilson, DFG Communications, (831) 649-7191 Mary Patyten, Marine Region, (707) 964-5026 DFG to Hold Public Meetings on Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan Process The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) will be...
  45. BigJoe


    I have the opportunity to meet with some regional NOAA Fisheries leaders on Febuary 1, 2012 to review the Southwest Region Saltwater Recreational Fishing Action Agenda. You can find the agenda here: This is an opportunity for...
  46. BigJoe

    New Bass regulations for CA being discussed

    I attended the Marine Resources Committee meeting which discussed possible changes to the Calico, Sand, and Spotted Bay bass regulations. Thought I would point interested parties to that post on this forum...
  47. BigJoe

    California Spiny Lobster Stock Assessment

    Here is the synopsis report the full report is now available online at: You can also signup for email alerts from the FMP process at: The California spiny lobster population off southern California appears to be...
  48. BigJoe

    Marine Resources Meeting (Bass/Lobster/Report Cards)

    The MRC (Marine Resources Committee) met in Santa Barbara on 1/18/12 in attendance were Commissioners Richard Rodgers and Mike Sutton along with Adrianna Shea from the Commission. Several members of the Department were there to present information and answer questions on the topics. I would...
  49. BigJoe

    Kelp Lease for Bed Number 3

  50. BigJoe

    Motorcycle Group Invites PETA to party

    Breaking news Activists missing..... read this without laughing.
  51. BigJoe


    All report cards are due to be mailed/turned in for 2011. I am posting this mainly for lobster report cards but all others are also due. FYI this year there will be a Fishery Management Plan started for Lobster and the results from lobster cards will be valuable in getting the correct picture...
  52. BigJoe

    NOAA Recreational Fishing Action Agenda

    I got this today and figured I would pass it on. Please note NOAA has worked with Oceanside Anglers Club on a couple projects and have been helpful in promoting fishing. Part of the picture missing in the MLPA was how much $ recreational fishing pumped into the economy. NOAA sends out...
  53. BigJoe

    Del Mar attempts no fishing ordinance

    The city of Del Mar is attempting to pass an amendment to their local ordinance to prevent fishing and boating in the San Dieguito Lagoon. Just for the record it is not in the power of a city or county to pass ordinances that prohibit fishing and boating in a blanket manner as this ordinance...
  54. BigJoe

    Commission votes to forward IPA again

    As expected the Commission voted 3 to 2 to forward the MLPA IPA with the addition of the San Dieguito Lagoon SMCA that allows shore fishing only inside the small area of the lagoon that is inside the ecological reserve. With this vote the proposal goes back to the OAL after all comments are...
  55. BigJoe

    Save the seafood?

    Well I guess for some it is not good enough to not eat seafood they feel like they have to set them free to save them. From the latest California Outdoors Q & A email: Question: Instead of taking life by the act of fishing or eating sea creatures, I want to save the lives of those creatures...
  56. BigJoe

    Report Tagged Lobsters

    Lobster season is about to open and we need to help in gathering data about lobster movement. Will lobster really "spillover" as advertised and how far do the really move? Little is know about these lobster habits so this is our chance to help in gathering some important information to inform...
  57. BigJoe

    Sonoma Coast Abalone Fishery Closed

    Today at the Commission meeting in Redding CA DFG said abalone mortality due to the recent die off at Fort Ross was at least 30%, and as low as 12% in other places. (Conservative estimates) The commission just voted unanimously to immediately close the Sonoma coast abalone fishery in an...
  58. BigJoe

    Lobster Stock Assesment Review

    I attended a technical review of the lobster assessment that was prepared for the DFG the last two days. Here is a synopsis of what I learned: <FONT color=black><FONT face=Verdana><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com7 pounds</st1:metricconverter> are rare. Lobsters are...
  59. BigJoe

    What happened to your REPORT CARD?

    Your LOBSTER REPORT CARD that is....... only 10 out of 100 got returned. Many of you may not know but as part of the MLMA (Marine Life Management Act) the department is undertaking the creation of Fishery Management Plans (FMP)s. The MLMA forces the DFG to create FMPs for all species to insure...
  60. BigJoe

    Look out 23" Lingcod

    California Department of Fish and Game News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - May 9, 2011 Contact: Matthew Michie, DFG Marine Region, (831) 649-2851 Mary Patyten, DFG Marine Region, (707) 964-5026 Kirsten Macintyre, DFG Communications, (916) 322-8988 &#12288; New 2011-2012 Recreational...
  61. BigJoe

    OAC 10LB Test Tourney 6-11 lots of $

    Club members the 10 LB test tournament this year has extra prize money due to the roll over from no thresher sharks in the prior tournament. We are starting with a prize pool of well over $2,000 from that roll over and the club's $250. In addition the Ladies' side pot is over $300. This is an...
  62. BigJoe

    Judge rules MLPA officials must release public records

    Judge rules MLPA officials must release public records - By Ed Zieralski Originally published September 30, 2010 at 8:11 p.m., updated September 30, 2010 at 8:56 p.m. A Sacramento County Superior Court judge ruled Thursday that the Blue Ribbon Task Force and the Master Plan...
  63. BigJoe

    Meeting tonight 9/7/10 for OAC

    Meeting tonight 7:00 PM OYC see you there OAC members. Doors open at 6 PM. Come hungry, once again the OYC will have a great dinner planned for us.
  64. BigJoe

    OAC Calico release tournament

    This year OAC has opened up the Calico release tournament to non-members. The tournament is Saturday July 10th lines in at 6:00 AM back in Oceanside harbor 5:00 PM. All fish to be weighed must be in healthy releasable condition. Fish will be weighed at the courtesy dock of Monterey Bay...
  65. BigJoe

    OAC 10 LB Tourney unofficial results

    We had a great turnout for the members only light line (10lb) tournament on Saturday June 12, 2010. Here are some brief facts about the tournament: 22 Boats were in the tournament 70 Paid anglers 12 Paid anglers were women (you girls rock!) 5 Junior anglers fished the tournament We had these...
  66. BigJoe

    OAC Light Line Tournament 6/12/10

    We are holding our Light Line tournament this weekend June 12th, 2010. This is a great tournament in that any fish (except sharks, rays, and bait) counts as long as you catch it on 10lb (or less) line. Entry fee is just $10.00 per angler with a $10.00 ladies sidepot, $25.00 boat sidepot, and...
  67. BigJoe

    OAC Meeting tonight

    Just a reminder the OAC meeting is tonight Tuesday June 1, 2010 at 7:00 OYC. The menu tonight is spagetti and salad... Prizes will be rewarded for the T-Shark tournament and for the mouth hooked shark. Tony from Vessel Assist will be the guest speaker he will discuss safety, being prepared...
  68. BigJoe

    OAC T-Shark results

    Oceanside Anglers Club annual Thresher Shark Tournament was a great success. We had 31 club boats fishing the tournament and excellent weather with some fish around to be caught. This year we worked with NOAA (National Marine Fisheries) and the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research (PIER)...
  69. BigJoe

    OAC Thresher tournament postponed

    Due to anticipated red flag warnings and high winds and rough seas the OAC Thresher tournament is being postponed to Saturday 5/29/2010. Better safe than sorry. We also have some special incentives for mouth hooking these fish instead of the normal snag and drag tactics. Please look for...
  70. BigJoe

    How easy we have it?

    I was up in Eureka talking to interested people about organizing for the North Coast MLPA process and it gave me a chance to check out some facilities. One day I made my way to Trinidad to check out the boat launching facilities. I am used to the wide open paved launch ramps we have here in So...
  71. BigJoe


    Today the BRTF created some "option" maps to be analyzed by staff for some basic size and spacing information and feasibility. They ran out of time before a "preferred" alternative could be selected or an integrated preferred alternative could be created. They will meet again on November 10th...
  72. BigJoe

    OAC Member does well in Catalina Classic

    Congrajulations to the crew of Reel Nice-N-Easy for taking first place in the Catalina Classic :urno1: Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing the story at the next OAC club meeting on October 6th.
  73. BigJoe

    HELP WE NEED YOU (and all your buddies)

    **** BRTF MEETING OCTOBER 21, 2009 **** *** PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MEETING *** PUBLIC COMMENT on FINAL 3 MAPS in Afternoon and Evening The BRTF will be taking public comment on the final 3 map proposals on Wednesday October 21, 2009 at the Hilton Long Beach & Executive...
  74. BigJoe


    The RSG meeting on September 9th and 10th completes the process of drawing maps for MLPA areas. It is important that public comment be focused on the MPA areas of the three proposals and the take regulations proposed. Please remember the RSG's task is to propose MPA areas, they have nothing to...
  75. BigJoe


    Please give me a couple minutes to try to pull you out of the box. Let me try to post my opinion of where we are in this &#8220;process&#8221;. I am only talking Southern California now not anywhere else because that is what is important to me. If you are interested in my opinion, read on if not...
  76. BigJoe

    MLPA workshops where are you guys?

    Well the turnout so far has been a little weak the further north we go... These are the numbers for attendance so far: Carlsbad - 130 San Diego - 280 Laguna - 180 San Pedro - 90 Marina Del Rey - 80 I was actually at the Redondo City Council meeting last night providing public comment on...
  77. BigJoe

    MLPA Local Open Houses Very Important

    It is extremely important that people come to these open houses. These open houses are held in the evening they are come any time they are open and only stay as long as you want to. Here is some information from the outreach team: Open House Goals The MLPA South Coast Summer Public Open...
  78. BigJoe

    OAC 10 LB tournament 6/13/09

    The OAC 10 LB tournament is tomorrow, looks like it will be a great day for fishing.
  79. BigJoe

    Official round 2 MLPA maps posted

    They posted the round 2 maps today at the official DFG site. The other information on MPA descriptions, staff summaries, and habitat calculations will be added as they are available to the same site. You can view the maps at: California Department of Fish & Game, Marine Life Protection Act...
  80. BigJoe

    MLPA Workshops please mark your calendar

    Part of the MLPA process is to provide the public (THAT IS YOU!!!) opportunities to review and comment on the MLPA proposals that have been developed in round two. This is your chance to see and ask questions about proposed areas that may affect your use of the marine resource. Here is some...
  81. BigJoe


    It is important that you as BD members understand what the MLPA process is and how to get involved. Please read this post for a brief explanation of the process and how you can make a difference. In addition it is important we work together as users of the resource whether...
  82. BigJoe

    OAC meeting Tuesday night May 5th

    We are very lucky to have Chugey and his team from PIER come to our meeting to give us an update on their recent thresher shark research. The timing could not be better with our tournament coming on May 9th. I hope we pack the place as Chugey always has valuable information on catch and...
  83. BigJoe

    OAC Thresher shark tourney May 9th

    OAC members our thresher shark tournament is Saturday May 9th this year. Remember this is a members only tournament where entries are by boat not angler. Only one retained shark per boat however a released shark cannot win the tournament and all releases count toward club points. Attend the...
  84. BigJoe

    OAC Halibut tourament results

    Sorry for the delay in getting these posted, was a busy week with MLPA meetings. We once again had a great turnout even though the weather was not cooperating (5 foot swells tight and a nice brisk wind). We had 46 boats with 135 anglers registered. We also had 6 lady anglers entered however...
  85. BigJoe

    MLPA Information Booth at Del Mar Fred Hall

    Amazingly enough a random survey of people at the Long Beach Fred Hall show found that over 75% of them had not heard about MLPA :shake: Fisheries Information Network (FIN) fealt this was not acceptable and people needed to know some favorite ocean fishing areas could be off limits as early as...
  86. BigJoe

    All 9 MLPA maps are now posted

    You can now see all 9 MLPA maps (6 internal RSG maps and 3 external) at this website: California Department of Fish & Game, Marine Life Protection Act Initiative Remember when looking at the maps red are no take (fishing) at all, yellow is some recreational no commercial, and blue is some...
  87. BigJoe

    OAC Open Halibut Tourney date now April 11th

    Due to the Ironman closing the harbor on our original date of April 4th we have moved our Halibut tournament this year to April 11th. This is our only tournament that is open to the public and we pay back 100% of the monies collected, the club does not keep one dime. It is always a good time...
  88. BigJoe

    Keep the seals (for the children) huh????

    In case you have been under a rock lately the city counsel of San Diego has decided to promote legislation to change the language of the 1931 trust deed for childrens pool. This legislation has now been submitted in Senate Bill SB-428 by Senator Kehoe. If you want to read the bill in its...
  89. BigJoe

    MLPA meeting 2/26 what you need to know

    If you plan to attend this meeting please get educated first. The next public meeting where you can show up and comment in person is the Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) meeting; Thursday, February 26, 2009 9:00 a.m. Hotel Mar Monte 1111 East Cabrillo Boulevard Santa Barbara, CA 93103 The BRTF...
  90. BigJoe

    OAC Annual Banquet 2/21

    Looks like the annual banquet this Saturday the 21st is going to be another great event. We already have over 100 people signed up to attend. There should be plenty of food, awards/trophies handed out, and a huge raffle. I also hear a David Wirth limited edition sculpture will be up for grabs in...
  91. BigJoe

    Some fish pens to dodge in local waters

    Here is the news this morning on placing fish pens off Mission Beach. Looks like possibly a good plan hope they make them more visible than the ones in Mexican waters. Institute proposing fish farm in federal waters
  92. BigJoe

    Califonia Lobster Card Holders

    I thought this was an important point that even I was not aware of in the latest additon of California Q&A: Question: I have heard that people with the new lobster card are being cited for not writing their lobster card number on their fishing license. Presently there is no provision on the...
  93. BigJoe

    2009 OAC Tournament Schedule

    Here is the 2009 OAC tournament schedule. Everyone is welcome to participate in our Halibut tournament, all others are for club members only. The halibut tournament is a great time make sure to keep that date open! April 4th Halibut (OPEN) May 9th Thresher Shark June 13th Special Light Tackle...
  94. BigJoe

    PFMC Thresher decision

    Let me first say that getting involved and speaking to the council was a very painless and well worthwhile activity. It is becoming increasingly evident that as responsible anglers and people who enjoy the opportunity to fish today and into the next generation we must become involved in the...
  95. BigJoe

    PFMC meeting today

    I am on my way down to the PFMC meeting today to provide public comment on thresher sharks. I would like to thank those whom took time to take my poll and respond to the threads I posted on this subject. I will post a report this evening when I return on the outcome if possible.
  96. BigJoe

    Thresher Closure poll

    For bacground you can see this thread; I am trying to see which of the alternatives before the PFMC is most desired by fishermen. Please take the time to answer the poll truthfully as I...
  97. BigJoe

    86 Lobsters 75 short oh boy

    Since it is lobster season again it is incredible what some people will do. Read Ed's report in the UT one guy gets caught in La Jolla preserve four times and just get a slap on the wrist :mad: Get today's UT or check it out here: > Sports -- Lobster poacher caught with 'bugs'...
  98. BigJoe

    Thresher Closed 2/1 to 8/14 each year

    As we know the number of people fishing thresher shark has dramtically increased. This has prompted the PFMC to consider actions to curb the effect on the population by proposing some alternatives; one is a complete closure from February 1 to August 14 each year. Please read about it in the WON...
  99. BigJoe

    MLPA Last Chance for Input

    Ecotrust is wrapping up the recreational fishing interview process. October 8th was the last day to register and October 11th is the last day to complete the survey. As of now here are the figures they gave me: <SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Courier New'">Activity | Registered |...
  100. BigJoe

    O'side Harbor Days 9/18 - 9/22

    If you know what is good for you do not even think about launching from O'side this weekend. They are throwing the harbor days festival this weekend and most all the parking will be closed and hundreds of people will be mulling about the harbor.
  101. BigJoe

    Ecotrust Fishing surveys

    Just got an interesting email from Ecotrust. They have sent notices to all whom signed up for the online surveys and need people to get them completed. Here are the fact they sent me: 1,050 People signed up to be interviewed only 216 people have completed their interviews. If you signed up...
  102. BigJoe

    Boat parking closed O'side 8/23

    I do not know why O'side decides in the middle of the hottest fishing around there in years (normally there are no fish there) to close half of the boat trailer parking area. Went by there today and they had signs up they are closing half the boat parking lot on Saturday 8/23 from 5 AM to 5 PM...
  103. BigJoe

    08/16/08 YFT are close shhh don't tell anyone

    Decided to stay close to O'side today left at 9:00 AM with Larry one of my normal crew. Was fishing a paddy 13 miles out of the harbor when a 25.7 LB YFT decided to go home with me. Never got more than 25 miles from the harbor and came home with three 20+ LB YFT and a serious ass kicking from...
  104. BigJoe

    8/15/08 Good YFT day

    Short version hit the 43 for five YFT 22-23 LBS then stopped on the way in for one more 23 LB YFT and a 15 LB Dodo. Great Father son team I took out today, thank goodness they caught fish because I did not... Longer version: I am beat after fishing yesterday from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM and back...
  105. BigJoe

    8/14 or 8/15

    Since the boat is in the water Thursday and Friday I will be heading out of O'side both days around 5:00 when the bait dock opens until mid afternoon both days. I only take 3 max on my boat, including me, PM me with you info if you are interested. More than likely stay in US waters PM me if you...
  106. BigJoe

    Wed 8/13/08 Two tuna killers wanted

    Leaving O'side around 2:00 AM getting bait in MB around 3:30 AM. We are heading to the San Clemente Canyon/bouy area to get some of them tuna hanging out there. May be back late afternoon. $140.00 covers your share of fuel/ice/bait. PM me if interested with cell number I will call you after...
  107. BigJoe

    8/11/08 Close YFT and Dodos

    Sort story: one 20 LB YTP on small BP jet under dolphin 10 0ff Del Mar, one 12+ dodo off paddie at 00/29. One gut hooked dorito, little bumpy and some trailer issues. Great day OTW. No pics again.... Long winded version: Got a late start today with my buddy Larry, still trying to get another...
  108. BigJoe

    8/10/08 Two solid hours of Dodos

    Left O'side solo and late (around 9:00 AM) because I wanted a new slip assignment, no go on that, instead found a new meaning for customer "service"... Plan was to hit Clemente canyon where the bouy usually is. Got 15 miles from O'side at 58/28 see massive numbers of small dodos leaping around...
  109. BigJoe

    MLPA meetings scheduled

    The South coast region MLPA process is starting and meetings for the Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) steering commitee, Science Advisory Team (SAT) scientific guidence, and Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) people who draw the lines propose restricted areas are posted at California Department of...
  110. BigJoe

    2008 Calico Bass Release Tourney Results

    The OAC calico bass release tournament was held Saturday July 12, 2008. All fish weighed must be alive and healthy enough for release in O'side harbor. We had another great turnout and very good conditions on the water for this tournament, thanks to all who participated. 57 anglers (42 men, 8...
  111. BigJoe

    I need some expert information

    Not a report I am picking your brain for info please. I am testing the tool for gathering data for the MLPA process and since I am no longer a religious surf fisherman I wanted some expert advice to help get this this right. The questions are basically what are all the species you are...
  112. BigJoe

    Regional Stakeholders for MLPA process

    The request to nominate regional stakeholders for the south coast region has been formally sent out. I have nominated myself as I am very interested in being involved in this process and have followed the process in the other two areas very closely. Now is the time to get involved either by...
  113. BigJoe

    6/21 Third time is a charm

    Short version: Three guys on Wage Burner caught six Albies 20 - 25 lbs around the 238/295 area. Longer version: Left O'side at 1:00 AM with FisinNick and headed to MB to pick up bait and other normal fishing partner. Get bait head to Dana Landing to pick up buddy. He was waiting at South...
  114. BigJoe

    6/19 Nice boat ride

    Left O 'side at midnight with visions of the first tuna flag for the club in my head. Picked up Carlos (Recondoc242) and Nick(HookedOnFishing) in MB at 3:00 AM and headed to the 371. Great full moon, flat seas, and little wind made for a quick run to 10 miles short of the 371 then pea soup...
  115. BigJoe

    Need 2 for Going long 6/19

    Leaving MB 3:00 AM on Thursday heading south to troll for tuna and paddie hop. Will be back late that day, only 3 fishing on my 26 FT boat. Must have Mexican license, and about $150.00 for your share of fuel/bait/ice costs. Smoking/drinking OK in moderation bring your own food, beverages, and...
  116. BigJoe

    6/15 Knuckle beating

    Mods please fix title to 6/14 thanks... Short version: Went long, saw nothing, caught nothing, took one heck of a beating and still had a good day OTW. Long version: Launched at Dana Landing 12:30 AM got some decent bait and headed south to the Knuckle. White caps most of the night should...
  117. BigJoe

    Free fishing day 6/7/2008

    Just a note, tomorrow is a free fishing day in California, no licence is required to go fishing. All the other rules/regulations are enforced. Great time to take the family or a buddy out and get them addicted. Also there may be more inexperienced people out that day so be aware....
  118. BigJoe

    So. Cal MLPA process get involved

    Please Read Very Important: I will be posting this in two places here and in politics because it is very important we get involved in this process. Ecotrust has been contracted by the state of California to collect data on usage and economic impact of recreational and commercial fishing for...
  119. BigJoe

    5/17 Took a nice ride

    Left O'side this morning with FishinNick and I'm Off to take a nice long ride and check out the temp break around the 43. Got some nice dines and were on our way around 6:00 AM. Temp was 65 almost all the way to the 43 with dirty water. Stopped just shy of the 43 to fish a huge paddie...
  120. BigJoe

    Time for me to go OFFSHORE

    OK I have strayed close to land long enough and it is getting to me. Boat is full of fuel, weather looks great and I have an itch. I will leave from O'side Saturday (5/17) morning headed toward the 181, 43, fly, who knows... Wage Burner will be listening to CH72 for the entertainment value, hope...
  121. BigJoe

    O'side Harbor parking May 14/15

    I was just at O'side harbor and the boat parking lot and washdown will be closed from 7:00 to 5:00 on May 14th. The RV lot and other lots next to boat parking will be closed May 15th. There are not any fish out of O'side so nobody should be planning on using these parking lots but just in case ;)
  122. BigJoe

    2008 OAC Thresher tourney results

    This is a member only boat tournament that only allows the retention of one fish per team. You can also win with a released fish (picture to verify length), all fish must be over 100 LB to qualify. We had a great turnout this year of 39 boats. 10 fish were retained and 9 were released for the...
  123. BigJoe

    Doctor says no fishing for me

    Well I know how much you guys like seeing gnarly pictures of us unfortunate enough to have needed a doctors help, so I guess it is my turn to contribute. This one I have to blame on myself and thinking I am still young enough to push myself for days. Launched the boat Thursday around 2:00 and...
  124. BigJoe

    4/12 Still early I guess

    Went out looking for Mr T again today. Left O'side around 8:00 AM to a very flat calm day on the lake. Started trolling in Cbad canyon and trolled to La Jolla Canyon for no love today. Water was still green and cold. Lots of bait in the water, and here are a couple pictures of the water, bait...
  125. BigJoe

    4/11 Mr T was not home

    Left a little late this morning due to some last minute complications. Left around 11:00 AM went north from O'side trolled the area outside the domes for nada. Water temp 59, color green, bait galore out there, no real bird action, it was a nice day to be OTW however. Sounded like there were...
  126. BigJoe

    2008 OAC Halibut tourney results

    Thanks to all who participated in the OAC Halibut Tournament this year. We had 63 boats and 194 anglers in the tournament, the most ever anglers. Weather conditions were OK, a little lumpy in the afternoon. The fish however were not real cooperative with nine called in and seven weighed...
  127. BigJoe

    AB-2712 What is the impact

    I would like to know from the bait companies and long range guys if this bill would have a significant affect on fishing as we know it? This new bill would make pelagic forage species (anchovy, sardines, mackerel, squid and others) a managed species in state waters. Initially it would limit...
  128. BigJoe

    3/26 and No Mr T in O'side

    Looked at the conditions today and decided I had to go give it another shot for Mr T today. Called Stanley and asked him to meet me @ 2:30 in O'side to go troll around for a few hours. We get to the launch ramp and are greeted with the parking lot entirely closed. This was a surprise as all...
  129. BigJoe

    Ford Ironman, Oceanside Closed

    Due to the Ford Ironman event this week, O'side harbor ramps/lots will be closed Saturday 3/29. The washdowns will be closed from 3/24 to 4/4 for this event. Good reason to go to Fred Hall Del Mar next weekend instead of fishing in O'side :D
  130. BigJoe

    Meeting with Richard Rogers

    OAC Members, just to let you know, I will be attending a meeting on Saturday March 8, 2008 on behalf of the club. This meeting in Long Beach is hosted by UASC, ASA, and SAC about the MLPA process which is coming to our region next. The guest speaker is Richard Rogers the current president of...
  131. BigJoe

    California Use Tax

    I just got my taxes done and I get a new question from my tax guy... Do you purchase items over the internet? Then he asks... If you purchased anything were you taxed for California sales tax and if not how much did you buy that you were not taxed on? I guess that you now have to claim and...
  132. BigJoe

    Customs Reporting (The truth)

    OK there has been a lot of discussion about reporting to customs when fishing in Mexican waters. I always try to get to the bottom of things because I like to CYA and make sure I am following the law. The recent posts lead you to believe based on text on the CBP website you do not have to...
  133. BigJoe

    California Gas Tax Refund

    Not many boaters know that the 18 cent tax you pay per gallon of gasoline that is used to power your boat when offshore more than 3 nm is refundable. Even if you buy your gasoline at the marine fuel dock this tax is included in the price. So how do you go about getting this refund? First save...
  134. BigJoe

    2008 OAC Tournament Schedule

    Here is the 2008 OAC tournament schedule. Everyone is welcome to participate in our Halibut tournament, all others are for club members only. The halibut tournament is a great time make sure to keep that date open! April 5th Halibut (OPEN) May 3rd Thresher Shark June 7th Special Light Tackle...
  135. BigJoe

    Lobster Report Card comments

    Attached is the draft version of the new lobster report card. The F&G will be in San Diego on February 7th and 8th for their meeting. They have not released an agenda yet but this may be our time to voice our opinion of the new card. They already voted and there will be a card starting in...
  136. BigJoe

    12/23 Thanks for the help

    Went out to try a new spot at Catalina for bugs instead of hitting up the "secret" spot we normally go to. Big mistake we pulled 12 nets for only one legal. Luckily FishHawk was out there and had already pulled his limits with nets still in the water. He let us pull his nets and they yielded...
  137. BigJoe

    Looks good for Sunday 12/23

    Looks like smooth conditions to hit up Catalina for some fish and bugs. Headed out from Dana Point around noon, hope the moon does not stop the crawl. Maybe listening to CH72 if the Japanese shipping fleet has not taken it over again.
  138. BigJoe

    12/15 Smooth shooting and bugs

    Decided the weather looked real nice for a run to Catalina for some bugs. Two fishing buddies and myself launched from Dana Point around noon, bait pump was shot so we said screw the bait and headed out. Ride out was smooth as glass, could have pulled a skier all the way there, got to the west...
  139. BigJoe

    11/10 Not my day

    MasterCard version: Fuel for boat and truck $430.00 New battery for truck as it died when leaving home $112.00 2 1/2 hour ride out to Catalina 4 1/2 hour ride back on spun prop 2 miles from fishing destination no fishing tackle got wet..... Priceless! Someone did not want us to kill lobsters...
  140. BigJoe

    Late Saturday 10/27 bug report

    Launched from Dana Point for the first time @ 11:30 AM, the new ramp is pretty sweet up there. Took two buddies with me for an overnight to the island. Ran over at around 30 knots on a flat ocean. Had a two day permit so we picked up a can then went off to make macs and scout spots. Found...
  141. BigJoe

    Getting out 10/27 - 10/28

    After last weekends weather and the fires it is time to get in some well deserved fishing. Heading out with the crew for two days of fishing and bugging. Hope to get enough to justify the multi-day permit. Wage Burner listening to CH72 for the entertainment value!
  142. BigJoe

    10/13 Bump/Skip to 302 YFT

    Waited to start this morning until some of the rain passed. Launched from South Shores and got 7-8 inch deans at EB and headed out to some more rain and a pretty good bump @ 11:30 this morning solo. Could only do about 10 knots heading to the 302. Autopilot decided not to work today so setting 3...
  143. BigJoe

    Paddy hopping 7/28 1 spot open

    I am leaving from O'side at around 5:00 AM Saturday to look for YT/Dodo and anything else that may want to bite around paddies. I have only myself and another on my boat and can take one more. May cross into Mex waters so you need Mex license. Total cost for your share of Gas, Bait, and Ice...
  144. BigJoe

    Burn saltwater not gas?

    Seen this on another board, it is amazing hope they can make it happen one day. It takes a couple minutes for the video to get to the point.
  145. BigJoe

    Suggestions for a rod please

    While in Minnesota for vacation I ran across a Saltist 50H at Cabellas and picked it up for $99 new, could not resist. I loaded it with 40# P-Line and now am looking for a rod to put it on. I know for most local stuff the 40# may be overkill but I already have 20#, 25# and 30# rigs. I would...
  146. BigJoe

    7/12 Iowa fishing again

    I have been missing the Albie bite to visit the family where I grew up in Iowa. However that did not stop me from finding a place to put a line in the water. I decided to hit up the Saylorville Lake spillway this morning to see what was biting. Hit the bait shop at 6:30 AM for some chubs then...
  147. BigJoe

    Tuesday 6/26 Albie Slaying

    Finally someone decided to take me up on my $100.00 tuna trip offer and I took Sluester (Mike) out with Herman and myself. Herman and I left O'side 1:15 Tuesday morning picked Mike up at MB around 2:30 then we headed to the area all the reports were from. We picked up one albie then after that...
  148. BigJoe

    One spot open on 6/26 for tuna run

    I am leaving very early on Tuesday morning from O'side heading to the 390, 213, 60 mile bank area looking for some tuna. $100.00 gets you a ride, bait, and ice. I can pick you up in MB as I will be stopping there for bait. PM me if interested.
  149. BigJoe

    6/20/07 Long bumpy run for YT

    Left O'side 11:00 PM on Tuesday with Dan-Niel for a long run south to look for tuna. Ran to MB to get bait and left at 1:30 AM. Ride down was bumpy because a stiff breeze was blowing, but put trollers in at 4:30 AM just south of the 390. Trolled south past the 213 halfway to the airplane, and...
  150. BigJoe

    Room for one on 6/20

    Leaving very early on Wednesday heading to the 1010/213/airplane area or inside there. If you have $120.00 to share fuel/ice/bait and would like to go please PM me with your phone # today before 5:00 PM.
  151. BigJoe

    6/10 E. Fly, 390, 425, Nados for Nada

    FishinNick and rbr2000 met me at my house @ 3:00 AM launched from MB headed to the SC Bouy put the trollers in and trolled to between the W and E Fly then turned to the E Fly. Stopped trolling then because there was not temp break anywhere to be found. Water was 61.7 degrees everywhere almost...
  152. BigJoe

    Middle grounds crowd 6/2

    Since there are no fish in O'side and the boat was docked there I decided to drive to the middle grounds where the fish are. Left O'side 2:00 AM picked up buddy at Dana Landing 5:30 AM and hit the middle grounds. Not much action early so went to south kelp. Caught assorted small cudas and...
  153. BigJoe

    5/19 visitor needs fish

    I have a long time friend coming this weekend from Minnesota for some fishing. I will be taking her out on Saturday to try and hook her up. Depending on weather we will be running outside/south to look for holding paddies. I will be listening to CH72 while hunting.
  154. BigJoe

    5/12 181,43, ?? Have room for 1 or 2

    FishinNick and I are leaving O'side 6:30 AM heading outside to look for paddies holding fish. We have room for 1 or 2 more to go with us. If paddies not holding may try for Mr T. Thinking split on fuel/bait/ice will be $80 - $100 for the day. Let me know if you are interested in going by sending...
  155. BigJoe

    Want 2 for Nados/rockpile 5/11

    I will be leaving O'side (don't ask) at zero dark thirty heading for MB to get bait then heading for the area of the Nados/Rockpile to try for some YT. I can stop at Dana Landing and pick up 2 for the trip around 6:00 - 6:30 AM. You must have Mexican License, your own food/beverage, be an...
  156. BigJoe

    5/6 No fish kept in O'side

    Splashed the boat around 6:15 with some help from Gary, thanks, as I was solo again. Had to dick around until after 7:00 when the bait guy showed. He gave me some really healthy bait with nice minimacs mixed in. Drifted for a couple hours until I had to go pick up Larry at the guest slips. We...
  157. BigJoe

    Punk kid thieves

    If this crap keeps up there will have to be a stolen stuff forum, because it was just my turn :finger: Today I moved all my tackle (not much $200.00 or so) to my new WFO bag I bought at FHDM and had it out next to the door of my garage. At 6:00 I went out to take in the digital video camera...
  158. BigJoe

    4/29 Several fish but no dinner

    Took neighbor out today and headed from O'side to LJ with a nice 1/2 scoop of dines. Conditions all day were awsome slight breeze, long rollers, but no sun, perfect drifting weather. Nothing happening in LJ for anyone so went to my ling spot south of MB. Pulled 1 sandie, 4 sculpin, 2 staries...
  159. BigJoe

    See you on Sunday 4/29

    Leaving from O'side early, possibly solo, and looking for something with fins again. Third time is a charm LOL , listening in on CH72.
  160. BigJoe

    4/23 and I still suck

    Was in the water at O'side @6:20 this morning, bait guy shows up at 6:55 and I get a healthy 1/2 scoop of mixed dines/mini macs. When I exited the harbor it was wind blown, all mixed up and lumpy. Decided to scrap going south and headed to the barn. Fished the barn and most of the way back to...
  161. BigJoe

    4/23 an other solo run

    Leaving O'side around 6:15 AM heading south maybe as far as LJ and back. Looking for almost anything with fins, listening on CH72 "Wage Burner". Have to check out this weekday fishing :rolleyes:
  162. BigJoe

    New comfortable seats

    Fishing buddy Larry was tired of long trips in the stock Todd seats in the boat. We have been looking at all the shows and in every catalog/store we could find for some new seats for the boat. We found an ACB boat at the FHS LB that had seats we liked and found out that they were made by HO...
  163. BigJoe

    O'side ramp and lots closed reminder

    The triathelon is in O'side this weekend. I was down there today and they have already started to close the parking lots, ramp, and washdown area for this weekend. Since there are no fish there you won't miss much ;)
  164. BigJoe

    3/24 SCI seal feeding

    Left O'side solo around 6:30 with a healthy scoop of mixed dines and macs, also had some fresh dead frozen. Decided to go to SCI since the entire island was open with no activities. Started at northwest harbor where the fresh dead got me a workout pulling in 3 big rays :( Then every seal on...
  165. BigJoe

    This weekend 3/24 - 3/25

    Looks like I will be making another solo run this weekend, wanted to go to SCI or Catalina but cannot find anyone to go. I will be going somewhere out of O'side Saturday morning, listening on CH72.
  166. BigJoe

    3/17 181, 289, 43 Tour

    Left O'side solo around 6:30 AM with a nice scoop of mixed sized dines. Headed to the 181 where I put out trollers and trolled from the 181 to the 289. Stopped half way and threw some bait at some fish that birds were diving on but no love :( Kept trolling from the 289 to the 43 stopping one...
  167. BigJoe

    3/17 - 3/18 Catalina again

    Since I have not heard enough news to make me run south yet, it looks like another bugging run to Catalina this weekend. Weather looks like it will be good out there. Leaving O'side Saturday morning coming back Sunday be listening on CH72.
  168. BigJoe

    3/10 Slow day on the pond

    Took Larry and Adam (Aclemieux), left O'side after 7:00. Headed south stopping here and there to La Jolla. Flat and little wind north of Encinitas some swell and wind just south. Seen tons of baitfish in the water and a ripping south current in La Jolla. Caught sand dabs, Sculpin (Adam had...
  169. BigJoe

    Pass the beer remote?

    Viral Video Chart - Robotic Beer Launching Refrigerator
  170. BigJoe

    Sturgeon Report Card

    I picked up my Sturgeon report card yesterday from the DFG, some may ask why I did that when I fish in SD county. According to the new regulation you must have a sturgeon report card to record information weather or not the sturgeon is kept or released. Since Lake Cuyamaca contains white...
  171. BigJoe

    3/3- 3/4 Catalina again

    Looks like a nice weather weekend to go to the island after WSB, YT and bugs. Will be able to keep those rockfish now also, only Lings are safe :D Taking the freezer stuffing permit again also, be listening on CH72.
  172. BigJoe

    Buggin Catalina 2/17 - 2/18

    Left O'side with Nick around 6:30 Saturday with a multi-day permit in hand. Great glass smooth 26+ knot ride over to the island. Messed around trying to catch some fish but not so lucky. Set up in the "secret spot" LOL and first pull at 6:00 stopped to count at 8:00 and found 16 in the well for...
  173. BigJoe

    2/17 - 2/18 Catalina bound

    Now I have the boat back from service, I am heading to Catalina for the weekend to check out the bugs and fish. Will be listening to CH72 for where the action is :D
  174. BigJoe

    F & G MLPA meeting

    I have been listening to the F&G meetings today about the Central coast MLPA regions and it is simply amazing. I know they are not coming here yet however they will be. The power and influence of the conservation groups is very evident in these meetings and decision process. Fishing...
  175. BigJoe

    Way to go Tony Gwynn

    He was elected to the Hall of Fame today :appl: :appl: :appl:
  176. BigJoe

    12/30 Slow fishing, great day

    Been too long off the water for me. Launched late from O'side around 11:00. Bait dock had closed early due to slow traffic. Tried to make macs several places finally found them but they were huge, hey more lobster bait. Did not get any love from the fish but it was sunny with no wind, and...
  177. BigJoe

    Ah the Christmas memories!

    Traumatized for life! Hope everyone has a safe holiday season with friends and family.
  178. BigJoe

    North region next MLPA area

    They went to the northern region first, however it will soon be coming south, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contacts: Sandy Cooney, (916) 715-9674 December 21, 2006 Bill Romanelli, (916) 212-1446...
  179. BigJoe

    Eli Manning good draft choice?

    Considering the three picks we got for trading him are going to the Pro-Bowl and he is not :lux: :lux: Nine Chargers going this year a new team record, and also several alternates. Good job boys!
  180. BigJoe

    New limits on tuna for 2007

    In case you have not heard, in the PFMC meeting last month they agreed to place limits on tuna. The CA F&G commission is expected to adopt the same regulations early next year. A summary of the limits is as follows: A daily bag limit of 25 albacore per angler per day in federal waters between...
  181. BigJoe

    Legally blind want to hunt?

    AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas lawmaker is aiming to allow the blind to hunt. Texas State Representative Edmund Kuempel has introduced a measure that would allow blind people to hunt any game that sighted people can currently pursue. He hopes it will be passed after the legislature...
  182. BigJoe

    F&G reg change recommendations?

    I was just looking at the F&G public recommendations for ocean fishing regulation changes and found these, can you believe? Comment #19 by Michael Mays 1/26/2005 El Dorado Hills Request to outlaw all electronic aids for finding and taking fish and game, including fish finders. In addition to...
  183. BigJoe

    2/30 Long Sloppy MAW day

    Left at 2:30 this morning from slip at SI for 390 area scratched all day in less than perfect conditions for 1 YFT, 2 skippies and Mex dodo limits us three for the MAW tourney, just got home, but had a damn good time doing it for the kids! BTW on my way back in the harbor just before the police...
  184. BigJoe

    9/25 SAT meeting for MLPAs

    Holy crap I have been listening to the SAT meeting from San Jose where the "experts" are deciding what areas to close to fishing in Central and Southern California. It appears by the discussion that local kelp beds, island kelp beds and local artificial reef structures are the focus topic...
  185. BigJoe

    9/23 YFT, Dorado, Marlin show

    Met Paul and mark at south shores, left MB around 5:30 headed to 302 then 230. Five miles due west seen YFT foaming on bait, no birds, mammals. Should have baited them but trolled by them had two on farmed one rest sunk out. Small variety not worth pics. Trolled to SC bouy area nice blue...
  186. BigJoe

    Saturday 9/23 Tuna Scouting

    Heading out of MB at o'dark thirty looking for tuna again. Trying to find spots for MAW tourney so I'm not telling where I find them :rofl: , like I would be that lucky. Give "Wage Burner" a shout on CH72 if you are out there.
  187. BigJoe

    Who know MB area?

    OK I guess I cannot find out by calling my local PD to ask my parking question, they have their head so far... that's another topic. I do not launch out of MB that often but I will for the MAW tourney. Where can I park my truck and trailer, that is relatively safe, for the 2 1/2 days I will...
  188. BigJoe

    9/9 Played farmer today

    Took Nock and Joe (FishinNick and Mr Kaboom) out today. After getting bait we left MB @ 5:30 AM headed to area just SW of 182 put trollers out and trolled toward SC bouy. Met Finattic on the way. We got one dodo on the troll just inside the bouy. Had two other troll strikes one a really big...
  189. BigJoe

    9/9 Need one for Tuna run

    OK they two people that I thought might be able to go cannot so I have one space for a run from MB to around the 43 area where the tuna were. Here is the deal... Need good ho that has Mex permit just in case and has $100.00 for part of fuel/bait/ice. Leaving Vista at around 3:30 stopping for...
  190. BigJoe

    Saturday 9/9 here I go again

    OK my boat has been out of the water for almost two weeks, I am having withdrawls, have to see if I can get me some more fish. Give "Wage Burner" a call on CH72 if you are out. Hold on YFT I'll be there soon :_shopping
  191. BigJoe

    Lucky diver in the UK

    Found at sea after missing for 58 hours and presumed dead...
  192. BigJoe

    9/3 Drove right past the fish

    Nick (FishinNick) took me out on his boat today (Fishing Rose) and our plan was to go outside. We left O'side at 5:00 AM and headed to the 181. We stopped on several paddies out there, clear blue water but no signs of life on any paddy (tons of bait that is all). Was a little rough and wind...
  193. BigJoe

    Out Sunday 9/3 in disguise

    Going out on FisinNick's boat this Sunday giving Wage Burner a break. You can give us a call on CH 72 "Fishing Rose" if anythings up :)
  194. BigJoe

    Seen the Mako article?

    Nice article on local Mako caught on fly here:
  195. BigJoe

    8/26 Found the magic paddy!

    Short version left O'side straight to 181 area found lots of paddies just outside and south, fooled one paddy to thinking we came from MB by my approach scored six YT with 5 lost : farmer : in less than an hour before we ran out of bait came home. Longer version: Met Paul and Mark at O'side...
  196. BigJoe

    8/25 No fish in O'side Part 2

    Had a plan to hit the paddies we left late yesterday afternoon first thing this AM. They were no where to be found, the current is ripping out there! We left O'side just after 5:00 AM went almost to Dana, out to the 267 around the ship parked out there (lots of paddies) back down zig zagging...
  197. BigJoe

    8/24 No fish in O'side

    Just got home from a 150 mile boat ride with no fish. We left from O'side so it figures. Went south first then north and all over the area between 5 to 14 miles out. Only found two paddies both full of dodos that gave kept jumping out of the water to give us the flipper, finger that is. Traded...
  198. BigJoe

    Going again 8/24, 8/25, and 8/26

    Going out of O'side Thursday, Friday, and Saturday again this week hope the fish stick around as I see the water is cooling a bit. If you are out there any of those days feel free to give me a call on ch72 "Wage Burner". Also hope the swell does not get as big as the forecast is now calling for...
  199. BigJoe

    8/18 thru 8/20 OAC tourney

    Short stort prefished OAC tourney on Friday got tow YT and one Dodo. Fished OAC tourney Sat and Sun 5 dorado 14 to 17 # did not place. Anyone going out Monday 33.04/117.29 large paddy loaded with dorado (over 50). Almost ran out of gas Sunday whew close call :( Many thanks to Ambusher...
  200. BigJoe

    OAC tournament 8/19 and 8/20

    Heading out of O'side this weekend both days to fish the OAC offshore tourney. Will also make an exploration run on Friday. So if anyone finds some big tuna, dorado, or YT around that area, call Wage Burner on 72 and let me know where they are... remember tell only me:rofl: Good luck to all the...
  201. BigJoe

    Jr Seau retires webcast

    Today 4:55 PM
  202. BigJoe

    Tournament $$$ question

    OK, I am new to tournament fishing and want to know how most people deal with the $$$ when fishing with a crew. I assume everyone pays there own entry fee, but what about boat side money and if you get lucky enough to win something how do you divide the prize? Entering three tourneys in next...
  203. BigJoe

    Looking for OAC members to fish with

    Anyone in the OAC that would like to fish the offshore tournament that does not currently have a ride, I have two places on my boat available. If both places are filled the most two days of fishing will cost you is $120 that includes bait, ice, and fuel. That does not include the $10.00 entry...
  204. BigJoe

    7/29 No love at the zoo

    What a day, line at O'side bait dock was looooong, ride was OK bit bumpy in the afternoon. Every paddy by the 209 and 267 had 12+ boats on it could not spot any kelp today to save our lives. Met several people at the launch ramp but since I suck at names I will not remember you the next time...
  205. BigJoe

    7/28 First Dodo and lots of farming

    Left O'side 5:15 AM with 1/2 scoop dines mini mac mix. Bait was very green as they just got it in last night. Set a course for between the 209 and 279 about 7 miles out find a paddy at 11 over 32 Dorado jumping all over the paddy. A couple of drifts and after a nice show first bull Dorado I...
  206. BigJoe

    Need one Ho, Saturday 7/29 O'side

    One of the crew decided to take his own boat out on Saturday so I have one open spot. Total three people on boat leaving O'side guest slip Saturday 5:00 AM paddy hoping local banks 181, 209, 279, 14_mile (maybe). Need to bring own food/beverages and $70 - $80 total for gas/bait/ice please PM...
  207. BigJoe

    Local Banks 7/28 and 7/29

    I hope the tropical storm, Emilia, does not have too much of an impact by Friday/Saturday so I can get out on the water again :) Going paddy hoping somewhere around 181, 209, 267, or 14_mile from Oside so I don't get caught long like on June 24 just in case. Already have crew for both days, give...
  208. BigJoe

    7/16 Lightning, rain, and wind too late

    OK I am convinced I bought my boat just to take long rides in it, not to catch fish. Left O'side this morning with regular buddy Larry and Ho Mike (mziadeh) at a little after 5:00 AM. Pointed boat right into lighning storm to the south and headed for 425. Beautiful smooth ride with lots of...
  209. BigJoe

    7/15 181, 182, 181 No Show Ho/Fish

    This is getting a litlle old, all week long I see reports of people catching fish but as I am a Monday - Friday slave I only get weekends and all the weekend reports are less than stellar. Get to O'side at 4:45 AM and launch boat, wait for Ho that is suppose to be there by 5:00 until 5:30 and...
  210. BigJoe

    Oceanside 7/15 and 7/16 Wanna go?

    This weeks spots filled, thank you. I will be launching the boat from O'side Saturday morning around 5:00 AM headed to the local banks. Slipping the boat Saturday night then going out again on Sunday around 5:00 AM for the day and putting the boat back on the trailer. I only have my regular...
  211. BigJoe

    7/8 Barn kelp with some kids for fun

    After the long run from 4:00 AM to 3:00 PM dropped off Nick at the dock and picked up regular fishing buddy Larry. He had with him a friends 10 yr old son and a 15 yr old foreign exchange student from Spain. We went to the barn kelp to see if we could pull on some bass. Got one really small...
  212. BigJoe

    7/9/06 181, 209, 182 Almost

    Left O'side solo, as buddy cancelled, late trollers in just past the 181 at 10:45 trolled to 3 nm shy of the 209 metered all kinds of fish. Temp 73.2 at 181, 69.8 half way, 71.2 where I turned around and headed for the 182. At 56 over 52 in 70.1 blue water get a jig strike on the black/purple...
  213. BigJoe

    7/8/06 43, 266, 182 no takers

    Left O'side at 4:00 with some good dines, headed for the 43. Stopped on 5 - 6 boat sized paddies most empty others with lock jaw. Trolled 68.5 to 71.4 degree water from 43 around SC bouy to 266 for zero strikes. Hit three more boat sized paddies around the 182 on the way home for nada. One...
  214. BigJoe

    Out again 7/8 and 7/9

    Going through withdrawls, launching from Oside both weekend days. Headed for 43/Butterfly area. Give me a shout (Wage Burner) on 72 if you are out and find anything interesting.
  215. BigJoe

    Oceanside parking permits

    I just picked up my new Oceanside parking permit and they now have two options, sticker and hanger for mirror. The sticker is for one vehicle only but the hanger can be used in any vehicle. For those who use Oceanside parking quite a bit this may be a better solution.
  216. BigJoe

    6/24 No love from fish or Mother Nature

    Short story went to around the 1010 caught zero fish and got the snot kicked out of us for four hours on the ride home. Left MB at 4:30 headed to the 1010 area. Ride down OK a little breezy got there by <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<font" Minute="0" 19? color="...
  217. BigJoe

    Tuna hunting 6/24 down south

    Leaving MB early Saturday morning headed to 295/double_220 area, not fishing the WON tourney. Anybody else going that way? <!-- / message -->
  218. BigJoe

    6/17 No love at east/west butterfly

    Left MB at 5:00 got some questionable dines, most rolled before we got a chance to use them, went to 43. Found paddy holding but only able to get one rat YT to play and he had a big bite out of him so back he went. Went to the east fly trolled around for all the bonies you wanted. West fly...
  219. BigJoe

    Going out again on 6/17

    Saturday looks like the best day for swell and wind, I hope it lays down like predicted. Since the water turned and cooled up north fishing buddy and I are going to leave MB around 5:00 Saturday and try the fly, 60, and mushroom area if swell and weather permits. If not will stay inside for...
  220. BigJoe

    A little YT action on 6/11

    Left Oside at late around 8:00 with a friend's husband (Rick) who should not quit his day job to fish :rofl: . Got some decent dines and headed to the 181. Found a patty 5 miles short with birds, but could only catch small blue sharks and big bonies (10 - 12#). Got a call from Nick (FishinNick)...
  221. BigJoe

    Going short 6/10 and 6/11

    Fishing the OAC 10# tourney on Saturday from Oside with HolyNets. Then going out with a newbie on Sunday from Oside to find some YT maybe tuna. Hope they are still around. Wage Burner listening on 72.
  222. BigJoe

    1st Albacore for crew and I

    Well it paid off! Left Oside around 5:00 PM Friday with Jeremiah headed to MB to hook up with No Limits (Papa J). Had also planned to kinda catch up with another boat High Times and head to the 1010. Met High Times but did not really hang with them so back to the story. Left MB around 7:30 or so...
  223. BigJoe

    Need a couple OAC members

    I want to fish the next tourney on June 10th, looking for 2 or 3 experienced OAC club members who want to participate. Please PM me with your information, or catch me Tuesday where I will also make this offer at the meeting. Just getting the word out early, need experienced to put me on the...
  224. BigJoe

    Doin' it again Friday and Saturday 6/2-6/3

    The swell looks mixed up a bit but the winds and period look good enough for another long run south. I will be leaving Oside (don't ask) Friday evening with Jeremiah, hanging somewhere that night and heading south early Saturday morning. Looks like the area last week still has a good break...
  225. BigJoe

    Sloppy Yellows 5-28-06

    Short version 200 miles traveled in heavy slop, all three limited on yellows. Launched from Oside 4:00 AM (Don't ask) with FishinNick and his son-in-law Jeremiah, headed to SD harbor for bait. Really good dines and chovies. Plan was to look for tuna and stay at Coral Marina and return...
  226. BigJoe

    Sunday 5/28 Long run need advice

    Launching Sunday 5/28 around 4 AM heading south to fish around the lower 220 all day. Getting a slip at Marina Coral for night then fishing Monday and heading home. Never been to this Marina but all reports sound good. Called today gas $2.45 gallon. Need to know about bait availability...
  227. BigJoe

    295/238/425 5-19 to 5-20

    Short story took fishing buddy Nick's son in law for the trip. One yellow tail, loads of good sized bones, seen tuna but did not get any love. Long version launched from Oside Friday 5:45 PM (don't ask) went to MB for healthy scoop of Dines/Chovies. Dominator was just loading bait wished the...
  228. BigJoe

    Saturday 5/20 going long

    Filling the tank and heading south early Saturday for the first tuna run on the boat. How far depends on the water and if we find anything. I will be on CH 72.
  229. BigJoe

    PL and LJ 4/29

    Launched from South Shores @ 7 AM got bait was going to head south to 'nados but after hearing the half the fleet was there for the tourney, and the other half at LJ decided to stop at PL where there was nobody. Drifted until 2:00 for one nice red, one large sand bass , 2 lings (shorts), and an...
  230. BigJoe

    San Diego Don't eat that!!!

    Just got this notice about shellfish and others from San Diego area: News Release CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Ken August or Lea Brooks (916) 440-7660 STATE HEALTH OFFICER ADVISES CONSUMERS NOT TO EAT SOME SHELLFISH AND VISCERA...
  231. BigJoe

    SCI This weekend

    First trip to SCI for myself and crew, short story loaded up on rockfish got to meet some of the people from the board and had a good time while at it. Left O'side around 7:00 Saturday, met DaGoose and Shitbird at the ramp headed to scout for the tourney next week. Saw Seahag at the ramp but...
  232. BigJoe

    SCI activity report for 3/30 to 4/2

    I just spoke to Tom Soden the SCORE range manager on this weekends schedule. Here is the scoop as of now, he advised to check the website before leaving to make sure nothing pops up. As of now: Thursday 3/30 The SHOBA area (South end of island)...
  233. BigJoe

    Trying Oside 3/3 again

    Hope the weather guys are right and the rain that is pouring right now lets up for tomorrow. Going out of Oside in the morning to see if there are any fish left, now that the season allows more targets.
  234. BigJoe

    2/25 Catalina

    Fishing buddy Larry and I launched form Oside just around 6:30 AM nice ride to west end of island at about 9:15. Fished several spots on the back side from West Cove to China Point. We caught so many sheephead I lost count. Could barely get bait in the water before a sheephead was on the...
  235. BigJoe

    Annual eye candy

    Today is the day I look forward to each year, since I dont have a subscription I have to rush out and get my copy or surf this site for hours :notworthy
  236. BigJoe

    Again on 2/11

    Swell, tide, and wind looks to make a good day on the water for Saturday so I will be giving it a try out of Oside.
  237. BigJoe

    Gettin' ready for SB

    Hey time to break out the Guac, chips, salsa, and HD plasma :High_Five
  238. BigJoe

    Oceanside 1/28

    Left Oside at around <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com7:00</st1:time> this morning got a mix of deans and chovies headed south to try for some butts. Fished from Blacks all the way back off the water at <st1:time Hour="15" Minute="0">3:00</st1:time> with no fish...
  239. BigJoe

    O'side this weekend

    Launching at O&#8217;side Saturday and fishing locally both days this weekend, too fucking cold to stay overnight on the water. Going to try some new techniques and areas for butts around there. Hope the weather dudes aren&#8217;t speaking out there ass and the weather/swell holds up. Since the...
  240. BigJoe

    Groundfish 2006 DFG Press release

    California Department of Fish and Game NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 06:006 Jan. 11, 06 Expanded Recreational Depth Fishing Opportunities Will Continue for 2006 The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) announced today expanded ocean sport fishing opportunities will continue for...
  241. BigJoe

    Nearshore groundfish 2007 regulations

    You can find the latest for southern CA here: 2007 California Ocean Recreational Fishing Regulations
  242. BigJoe

    Nearshore groundfish 2006 changes

    This may get moved but here it is for those interested:<HR style="COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1> I just spoke to Ed Roberts and Debra Nielson at DFG about the 2006 regulations for federal groundfish and associated state managed species, this was their response: An in-season change is in the works for...
  243. BigJoe

    My First Boat

    Actually bought my first boat ever in late August but did not find this site for a while. Boat is 2006 Striper 2601 WA that I launch from mainly Oside or MB. So far it has been a beautiful ride, and aptly named. Also a couple pictures of the custom cover I had made. Now all I have to do is find...