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  1. got2fishsd

    Bottom paint re move?

    My bottom paint looks like crap. I have no idea how many coats of paint is in the boat. I also have no idea how the boat was prepped prior to paint. The boat lives on a trailer and I would like to get back to gelcoat. Any ideas how to remove it?
  2. got2fishsd

    Garmin - want more Gain

    Garmin 1040xs w/ GT23M I feel like I can’t get enough gain out of the unit. When I turn it on and set it to auto high gain it is at 92-94% depending on water depth and conditions. I only have another 6-8% of gain to add. I am not able to add enough gain to see fish. In simulation mode auto...
  3. got2fishsd

    Sonar pics w/ questions

    I am having a really hard time with Garmin 1040xs GT23M I can honestly say I have never marked a fish. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.
  4. got2fishsd

    TRADE Fathom 15 star

    looking for a penn fathom 12 star drag. 760 715 7723. Oceanside Ca
  5. got2fishsd

    Garmin will not mark fish.

    Looking for some help before I throw this damn thing in the water. Setup Garmin 1040xs. Transducer GT - 23 GCV10 black box Additional transducer for downview. I am able to read the bottom and the transducer seems very accurate. I am not able to see anything when offshore. I can have tuna...
  6. got2fishsd

    Box anchor / Slide anchor

    Has anyone used a box anchor in the ocean. I have one and loved it in Parker on the river. I dont see a reason it would not hold in the ocean. From La Jolla to Catalina. Only thing I worry about is on a rocky/cobble stone bottom. In the mud and sand I thing it would work great.
  7. got2fishsd

    For Sale Kodiak PE 32 bait tank

    Used but holds bait. 125.00 Eric 760 715 7723
  8. got2fishsd

    For Sale Kodiak- 32 bait tank

    Used but works great. 175.00 Call 760 715 7723
  9. got2fishsd

    For Sale Kodiak- 32 bait tank

    Used but works great. 175.00 Call 760 715 7723
  10. got2fishsd

    For Sale Garmin 541s

    Sold I Just pulled it out of the boat. Has all cables with the transducer. 760 715 7723
  11. got2fishsd

    WTB Fiberglass bait tank 32-40

    Looking for a fiberglass bait tank in the 32-40 gallon range.
  12. got2fishsd

    5:25 Back Bay new boat!

    Finally got the Maritime 20D on the water. Picked my 8 year old up from school with my 3 year old. We took his friend, another 8 year old. His friend had never caught a fish so he was the priority. Made the 2 hour drive down to Coronado island to launch. Driving down all three boys were...
  13. got2fishsd

    For Sale 17’

  14. got2fishsd

    Garmin transducer?

    I am set on the Garmin 94 sv plus. Confused on the stock transducers that come with the units. What transducer for Southern California salt water. Inshore fishing 60-300’ and offshore looking for tuna in the top 200’ of water. Traditional CHIRP is more important than side/down view. Thank you
  15. got2fishsd

    WTB Maritime 20 Defiant

    I am looking for a Maritime Skiff. Very interested in the 20 Defiant. If anyone has one or whoever just purchased the last one that sold on here would like to sell one please send me the info. Thanks
  16. got2fishsd

    Poached hard by divers.

    Hooped a local spot last. Ought with my son and boat partner. Got on the water and dropped hoops without bait to reserve my spot. About an hour before dark went. Ack through and baited everything. Just before we started pulling a 26' whaler with SEVEN fucking divers jumps in and picked all...
  17. got2fishsd

    What do you see (tuna or bait)

    Garmin 70s Using both 200 and 50 I split screen Not sure what I am looking at.
  18. got2fishsd

    WTB torium 30 hg handle

    Look No for a torium 30 handle. Anything that fits. Need it by 7/5/17. New style torium. Thanks. Eric.
  19. got2fishsd

    Bait tank mounting on a Whaler

    I am looking for a way to mount my bait tank the my boat. I would like to be able to remove the tank when not fishing and don't want to leave the L brackets screwed in place. I also can't have open holes in my boat because it's a whaler and can't fill the foam with water. If anybody has done...
  20. got2fishsd

    Cabo 11/25

    Fished today w Jamie on his famous panga for a 1/2 day. My son turns 7 tomorrow so I want to spend the day with him. Fishing was good like it always is. He caught grouper, snappers, rooster and needle fish. I will post a full report when I get home. I'm off to grab another beer. Sent from...
  21. got2fishsd

    Aeromexico out of Tijuana

    I am flying from Tijuana to Cabo next month and wondering if anybody has carried on surf rods. They break down to 5'. I like to get up and fish the surf days I'm not on a boat. I have just carried them on with Alaska in the past with no issues. Thanks I will post a report when I get home...
  22. got2fishsd

    Butcher near Escondido

    My dad is on his way home from MT with a dorky forky mike deer. Anybody used Specialty Meats in Escondido? Or any better butchers? The deer is already cut into quarters and he just wants it burgered. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. got2fishsd

    Free tackle box

    Come pick it up I'm in Oceanside 760 715 7723 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. got2fishsd

    Scotty rod holders.

    Spinning rod holders. 10 each or 35 for all 4 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. got2fishsd

    Scotty power lock rod holders with base

    Never used them. 25 for both Eric 760 715 7723. I'm in Oside Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. got2fishsd

    1.5 or overnight leave wends what boat

    Looking for a 1.5 day leaving wends night fishing thurs. Im not up to date on what boat or landing right now. Been fishing my own boat but don't feel like running that far in a 17'er. Looking for 2 spots for my dad and I. Any favorate boats? Thanks guys
  27. got2fishsd

    Yeti hopper

    I have a brand new yeti hopper for sale. I got it as a gift and have no need for it. Asking 300.00. It still has the tags on it. Eric 760 715 7723. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. got2fishsd

    San Diego bay food

    Taking the wife and a couple of friends to Humphrey's on the whaler this weekend. I have never been to a concert on the boat there before. Is there a really good place to stop and grab food near shelter island? Any idea what time we should get there for the concert to have a decent view of...
  29. got2fishsd

    Perko switch

    Just on/off. Not 1/both/2/off. Cost- A six pack of beer. I'm in Oceanside but will be in RSF this week if that helps.
  30. got2fishsd

    Brisbane Australia

    Any info on who to fish with. I will be there in January. Thanks guys. I have a great trip planned and can't wait.
  31. got2fishsd

    Cairns Australia.

    Any info on who to fish with near Cairns. I will be there in January.
  32. got2fishsd


    Any info on who to fish with near Nadi. I will be there in February. Any gear I should take with me besides the normal stuff I would take to Mexico, hooks, Floro jigs, irons. Also looking to spear fish I might bring my fins mask and gun.
  33. got2fishsd

    Lobster 10/3

    Took my dad and my boy hooping last night. Dropped them in around 6:00 and called it a night at 9:30. First time for my son so I did t want to push it. Long drive home from the LBC.
  34. got2fishsd

    Oceanside Chart

    Looking for a chart that shows offshore oceanside. I have the Baja directions but it does not show the high spots like the 209, it is an inshore chart. I would like a chart that shows from the 181 to the 267. Can I order one anywhere?
  35. got2fishsd

    Oside 8-5-15 7 and 1/2 fish

    Left the dock at 5 with a 1/2 scoop of decent 6-7" sardines with my father n law and my buddy Kevin. Ran out about 12 miles and put the jigs in. Slow running out in 3' swell @ 7 sec. Not fun in 17' boat. But you got to pay to play. Trolled about 1 hour not seeing anything. No birds, kelp...
  36. got2fishsd

    Oside 7/23

    Fish out of Oside yesterday. Launched at 5 and only one boat in front on me at the bait dock. Tipped the dude and ran 10 miles west. Took a buddy who I grew up fishing trout and largemouth with. He has not fished in about 15 years. Funny as hell to watch him fish with the clicker on 1/2 the...
  37. got2fishsd

    Garmin 50s lat long overlay

    Does anybody know how to get the lat long overlay to show up. I'm sure it's there I just can't find it. Thanks.
  38. got2fishsd

    WTB penn trq 25n

    Looking for one to fish on my D8
  39. got2fishsd

    WTB penn torque 25n black.

    If some boa has one they want to get rid of please let me know. Pm me if you don't mind.
  40. got2fishsd

    Truline ID help

    Trying to find out what this rod is. I think it is a truline but not sure. What I do know is. 8'4. Has a truline emblem in the wrap. I stripped the cork and can't make out what was written on the blank.
  41. got2fishsd

    223 ammo 1800 rounds

    I have 1800 rounds of 223 that I am looking to sell at a fair price. I sold my AR and have this stuff taking up space. I don't know what the going rate is. I am in Oceanside if you want it. I would like to sell all of it at once.
  42. got2fishsd

    17 whaler bait pump

    I just upgraded the fishfinder and had to install 2 transducer's. The p66 is on the starboard side and I am still playing with the perfect position. When I pulled the old garmin 178c I just used the existing holes hoping I can get it correct without having to add new holes. The garmin 70s...
  43. got2fishsd


    I have a penn fathom 40 narrow 2 speed lever drag for a 25 narrow 2 speed ld. Not looking to sell just a straight up trade. Reel was fished one day. I'm in Oceanside Call Eric 760 715 7723.
  44. got2fishsd

    Box Yellows 1/17

    First trip outside the harbor after two shake down trips on the new boat. 17 whaler montauk. Ran to the FD numbers and found the fleet of over 100 boats. Felt like havasu on memorial weekend. Tried to stay over the hard bottom but away from the crowd. Hung one fish around 9:00 on the...
  45. got2fishsd


    If you need them they are yours. I'm in Oceanside.
  46. got2fishsd

    17 Montauk

    So stoked it finally made it. Long story but here it is. 1996 whaler montauk 2006 ETec Just need a new fishfinder. So let me hear what you recommend. I am in San Diego.
  47. got2fishsd

    WTB Kodiak 22 gal bait tank

    Like the title says. Looking for a bait tank would like a 22 gallon kodiak or similar style. I'm in oceanside.
  48. got2fishsd

    Near Patterson? Want to make some $

    I am in San Diego and looking at a boat near Patterson. I dont want to make the trip out there just to see the boat. I am looking for someone to just go to the guys house and take a look at said boat. I just want to make sure the hull is on the shape he says it is. I will have the motor looked...
  49. got2fishsd

    WTB 17 whaler

    I'm looking for a 17 whaler montauk with a clean hull. I am ok with an older motor. Please let me know what you have. I'm in oceanside and willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right boat. Thanks guys
  50. got2fishsd

    Seems legit???
  51. got2fishsd

    The 'Vine

    Fished lake irvine today with my son and my dad. Launched at 10:30 and off the water by 3:30. Trolled all over the lake for 6 trout. My 4 year old son did really well today and did not lose any fish. Great weather And even better to spend it with my son and my dad. We did float power bait...
  52. got2fishsd

    Roller bunks

    I pulled these off my trailer and need them out of my garage. Total or 10 rollers on each side. Everything is still in good shape. 100.00 Eric 760 715 7723
  53. got2fishsd

    Irvine lake

    Made the decision to man up and go to Irvine. Got a late start with a 3 yo who had too much fun the night before trick or treating. Got to the lake around 1000 launched at the "new" launch ramp. Before I used to get really stoked to get up early and fish all day. Kids sure change things. We...
  54. got2fishsd

    223 ammo.

    223 ammo for sale. 50 round boxes 30 bucks. It is reloaded from a company in Montana. I can get as much as you need. Eric 760 715 7723
  55. got2fishsd

    Irvine lake opening day

    THinking about heading up to Irvine on Friday. Has anybody been on opening day before? How packed do you guys think it will be? I am taking my 3 year old son so if its too busy I might hit DVL.
  56. got2fishsd

    Stolen truck need help.

    Walked out this morning to go to work and find out some fucking tweakers stole my truck. Cops said someone called it in doing 95 mph on the freeway. They got off the freeway and crashed it got out an ran. I looked at it today after I had to use vacation to deal with this. Has lots of...
  57. got2fishsd

    San Diego lobster

    How crazy is Mission bay or San Diego bay for lobster hooping opening night? Not sure if I want to pull an all nighter for some bugs and deal with too many people.
  58. got2fishsd

    Leupold golden ring

    10 x 32 HD golden ring. Leupold comes with the lifetime warranty. I used them on one hunt. Great glasses but my sister bought me the Swarovski. Come check them out and take a look at my neighbor with both pair. Not a huge difference between the two but save yourself some serious cash. Unless...
  59. got2fishsd

    Calstar 800XL

    For sale calstar 800XL. 100.00 Sold.
  60. got2fishsd

    .223 ammo

    .75 per round. Yes it is reloaded would like to sell at least 500 rounds at a time. I am in oceanside 760 715 7723
  61. got2fishsd

    15' Gregor anchoring

    I need an anchor for my 15' Gregor with a 15 hp. What would you guys use. Fishing will be in SoCal. La jolla seabass Yt. Thanks. How much rope? How much chain? What style anchor?
  62. got2fishsd

    Lowrance SUCKS

    I emailed Lowrance customer service to see if they had any options on getting all my waypoints from my computer to a SD card. Basically they told me nothing in a shitty email. Here is a copy. I know it can be done but with no help from them. Never will I purchase another Lowrance product...
  63. got2fishsd

    GPS waypoints from Mac to lowrance

    I just picked up an Elite 5 DSI. I know I can add a micro SD card to it. I would like to type all of my GPS #'s on my computer and save to the SD card. It will take way too long to do it on the unit. Lowrance does have a program but it is not compatible with my Mac. Thanks guys.
  64. got2fishsd

    Slower troll

    I just picked up a 15' Gregor and put a merc 15 4 stroke on it. It run great but trolls a little too fast (into the wind 2.8 and with the wind 3.1 mph.) Wonder if a prop would slow me down enough? Right now I have a 8.9 x 9. I can buy a 4 blade 7 pitch. I know other option a drift bags but I...
  65. got2fishsd

    Irvine lake

    Fished the vine from 1130 - 400 today. Spent most of the time trolling, just easier with a 3 year old. He went 2 for 3. Both fish came on the Spider-Man two foot rod. Looked like lots of the reds coming from the boat launch area today. Most guys were fishing them on power worms or crappie jigs...
  66. got2fishsd

    4 promar bait cages

    Let me know if you want them or they are going in the trash. I'm in oceanside and work in San Marcos.
  67. got2fishsd

    The 'Vine

    Got a late start, launched around 11 trolled most of the day for 4 and got one on bait in the flats. Had a great time fishing with my son. He is not ready for the offshore shot out yet but he can now cast a zebco almost 30'. Good luck to everyone this weekend. Hope the mayor and Dusty do well.
  68. got2fishsd

    Hoop nets.

    Looking for conical hoop nets. Willing to pay a fair price Call Eric 760 715 7723.
  69. got2fishsd


    Fished two days last week with Jaime on the Jessica. THE BEST panga in cabo. Day one started out making bait (mac's) in 400' of water working my ass off. We were the only boat to on the spot and I was wondering what we were doing. All the other pangas were fishing the inside area and the...
  70. got2fishsd

    Alaska rod carry on size

    Just wondering if anybody knows the length of a carry on 2 piece surf rod? I am headed down to cabo and looking to take a surf rod. I think I have heard of guys taking a 10' 2 piece wondering about an 11' 2 piece. SAN to SJD.
  71. got2fishsd

    Cabo San Lucas 5/21

    Fished w/ Jamie on the Jessica. Jamie runs a top of the line panga w gear to match. Avets on cal stars w new new line. Jamie was waiting for us on the boat w everything but bait. Picked up bait and ran 20 min to the high spots in the Cortez side. Water dropped 16 degrees in 24 hours and...
  72. got2fishsd

    Costa Del Mar Tico 400

    Brand new in the box. I ordered them on line and when I got them realizied they are ladies glasses. I paid 70 so the first 55 takes them. Call Eric 760 715 7723
  73. got2fishsd

    Lake Dixon

    Took my Two year old son up to Dixon hoping to let him catch a few bluegill. No bluegill seen in the shallows but I did hook and hand him his first trout. We fished on the main boat dock, easier to contain him on the dock. The trout fishing is on fire in Trout cove. Talked to a few guys who...
  74. got2fishsd

    Dreamweaver "Jessica"

    I just booked a day on the panga Jessica. If anybody has fished on the boat is there anything you would have brought along with you? Reels, hooks, floro, food, drinks? Thanks guys
  75. got2fishsd

    Montana bucks

  76. got2fishsd

    Montana bucks

    I had a great trip to Montana this year. Two great bucks. I need a GOOD butcher in North County, Oceanside is where I am. After I get done cleaning everything out I will post a full report.
  77. got2fishsd


    Fish for 3 hours this morning. Shit brown coffee looking water everywhere. Fished power bait, crappie jigs and rapala's. No trout. One cat on power bait. The were ALOT of catfish caught on powerbait in trout cove and jacks creek. Most were smaller fish with one nice one that broke the...
  78. got2fishsd

    Leupold gold rings binos

    My sister just gave me a pair of Swarovski 10x42's for my birthday so I am selling my Leupolds. I used them on one trip last year. Glass has no scratches. Comes with case and strap, front and back lens covers. Looking to get 600.00. Sorry I know it is the wrong forum but I dont think...
  79. got2fishsd

    For Sale Leupold 10x32HD Golden ring

    My sister just gave me a pair of Swarovski 10x42's for my birthday so I am selling my Leupolds. I used them on one trip last year. Glass has no scratches. Comes with case and strap, front and back lens covers. Looking to get 600.00. Sorry I know it is the wrong forum but I dont...
  80. got2fishsd

    Volaris Air

    Just wondering if anybody has used Volaris out of Tij. and what your thoughts are. I am looking at going to Cabo or Mazatlan in Nov. I am going to take the wife and 1 year old, does that change your thoughts. Planning on taking the shuttle from the Santa fe train station to the Tij...
  81. got2fishsd

    Halibut Recipes

    Here is a link to a ton of recipes. Alaska Salmon Recipes and Alaska Fishing Charters and Alaska Halibut Recipes from Alaskan Reel Affair Charters LLC"> Hope this helps
  82. got2fishsd

    Want to breed my lab

    Looking for a good bitch to breed My 5 y/o lab Ryder with. He is 5 and a half years old. He stands tall is a lean 100 pounds. No hip issues. AKC registered. He has tons of drive and is a machine with pheasants. I have not hunted him on ducks, just would rather walk a field with him. I...
  83. got2fishsd

    INFO needed

    Heading out in the morning. Wondering if anybody know if the YT are at the islands or the rockpile? Thanks
  84. got2fishsd

    No report but weather for the week

    Tonight... WNW wind 6 to 9 kt. Cloudy. Mixed swell...WNW 4 ft at 16 seconds and SSW 2 to 3 ft at 15 seconds. Wind waves 1 to 2 ft. Thursday... NW wind 8 to 16 kt. Mostly cloudy. Mixed swell...WNW 4 to 5 ft at 16 seconds and SSW 2 ft at 15 seconds. Wind waves 1 to 2 ft. Thursday Night... WNW...
  85. got2fishsd

    down rigger weights

    Looking for 2 10# pancake weights.
  86. got2fishsd

    Should this work

    8' ROD BUILDING POWER WRAPPER WRAPPING LATHE JIG DRYING - eBay (item 320479531528 end time Feb-23-10 20:55:03 PST) Just wondering if anybody has used this wrapper. Seems like the price is right for a wrapper with a motor. I would build one but by the time I spend driving around running...
  87. got2fishsd

    Jig heads need help finding

    Three Storm Lures - Realistic Jigheads 1/8 oz - eBay (item 270507367486 end time Jan-27-10 08:16:29 PST) Looking for these in a 1/2 oz. If anybody knows where I can find them please let me know.
  88. got2fishsd

    Involuntary Muscular Contraction

    Ahhh, yes........the perfect time of year to pass this on....... Involuntary Muscular Contraction A professor at the University of Mississippi was giving a lecture on 'Involuntary Muscular Contractions' to his first year medical students. Realizing this was not the most...
  89. got2fishsd

    Lake Dixon Trout 11/13

    The wife is 9 and a 1/2 months prego so she was not down with me being on the water if something happened. I had an itch that needed to be scrached so trout it was. Got to the lake at 6 am to find about 20 cars lined up. Shit the derby is going on. By the time I sat in line to pay the...
  90. got2fishsd


    No Lobster in Oside. Hit the Andreason pipe for 10-12 shorts. This is the third time I have hooped the pipe with the same results. Did hear of a hand full of tuna coming off the 209 and 181 (Friday). Weather could not have been better.
  91. got2fishsd

    Want new bino's

    Leaving for a trip to Montana for Antelope and Elk in a three weeks. Looking to upgrade from the POS bino's I have now. Wondering if anybody has a mid ranged par they want to sell. Can't go all the way with the 2000.00 par. Also wondering if there is a shop closer than BPS to look at them...
  92. got2fishsd

    Is this worth the $

    Wondering if this is the answer. I wrapped my first rod by had the old school way. The wrapps came out ok for my first rod but the clear coat looks like shit. I think part of the problem was when I was appliing I was turning the rod too...
  93. got2fishsd

    Spreader bars what do you think

    Just finshed these. Please tell me what you really think in true BD fashion, I have thick skin. I would rather take in on the chin here and fix anything before I drag them around. I think I will add a off color single as a trailer to start.
  94. got2fishsd

    Weather outside today?

    Is there anybody who fished today. I read the weather and it doesn't look too bad but wondering if anybody has a one the water report from today. Thanks
  95. got2fishsd

    Ride share 6/15-6/20

    I will be in Cabo next week. The wife is pregant and I am looking to share a boat. If anybody else is looking please send me a pm. I am leaving on 6/14 so after that I dont know how much I will check the computer. Thanks
  96. got2fishsd

    Juneau Charts

    Does anybody sell charts for the waters around Juneau? My dad will be fishing up there next month and was wondering if there is anything better than a topo map? Thanks guys.
  97. got2fishsd


    Just got my Montana tags in the mail. I got the big game combo. Looks like two trips this year. If I don't pull any of the special tags I will be there the end of Sept. for archery elk. Then back up in the end of Oct for the rifle opener with a antelope hunt the days prior to deer season...
  98. got2fishsd


    Woke up late, hung over and no motivation to hook up the boat. With the wind already blowing I decided on jumping on the half day to see if my head would stop pounding. Stuffed onto the SeaTrek with 26 of my closest friends and the first anouncment was to stay close and fish the AR's due to...
  99. got2fishsd

    PLK 4/1

    Heading out in the morning. I will be in an 18' aluminum. Want to start prefishing for an upcoming halibut tourny. If it gets too windy I will make my way inside and finish off the day fishing bass in the bay. Tides dont look to good. I will be solo and on 72. The Paddy Caddy out.
  100. got2fishsd

    Spider crabs

    Hooped out of O side last night for 60 short bugs and 4 spider crabs. Just wondering if they are anygood to eat. Need to bring home something since I suck with the bugs.
  101. got2fishsd

    Need a good butcher shop in N. County

    I am leaving to Montana tomorrow morning at 0300. Last year I took the meat to T and H is San Marcos it was OK but I am looking for something better. If I am not counting my chickens before they hatch and I dont cure myself I should have at least one deer and one antelope. Thanks guys, I...
  102. got2fishsd

    Motor is missing

    I have a 86' Yamaha 50 HP. It is missing at high RPM's. Where do I start. Thanks new boat owner.
  103. got2fishsd

    VHF at home

    I am looking at setting up a VHF radio at home. Are there any radios that are 120 not 12V. I am looking for one I can just plug in.
  104. got2fishsd

    7/30 371 to the 302

    Great day on the water. After reading the reports from the day before we were ready for the weather to blow us off the grounds. You never know until you go. Launched at 0500 got a scoop of beat up bait and ran to the 371. Lots of life on the way out just past the islands. Stopped on one...
  105. got2fishsd

    Mazatlan Dodo's

    Just got back from Mazatlan with the wife for our first anniversary. Fished one day on a panga with a guy named Chelio. Will fish with him again. The other guides down there call him "The Pig". You will have to ask him about it. Got picked up at 05:45, 10 Minutes to the dock. Loaded...
  106. got2fishsd

    2500.00 in the bank.

    First off, Thanks to everyone who made this thing run soo smooth. Team Fish Eyed Fools had a prompt start right from the bar to Dana to launch at 0200. I think there was one other boat on the ramp. Ran over to bait up then back to wait for the check in for "Dash for the Cash". It is so...
  107. got2fishsd

    Anybody tried this

    Talked to them through email. They want a skipper on the boat who has run a boat of the same size and fished SE Alaska waters. Just thought I would through it out there. I have nothing to do with these guys just thought it was kind of a cool idea.
  108. got2fishsd

    Rebuild of the "Paddy Caddy"

    The last two weeks have been a little busy. Started with these: Then moved on to the new project. The "Paddy Caddy" got her home and pulled the center console because under the plywood had dryrotted out after 20 years.Kind of had to see from the pic: Since I was already this deep into...
  109. got2fishsd


    i just ordered the Lowrance 527 and it comes with a free map. Here are the options Map cards available for this offer: Fishing Hot Spots® North Fishing Hot Spots® East Fishing Hot Spots® South Fishing Hot Spots® West LakeMaster® Pro Maps Michigan LakeMaster® Pro Maps Minnesota...
  110. got2fishsd

    New litter AKC yellow labs

    Here is one picture of the mom and new litter. The second picture is of the stud. Puppies were born on 5/26. 6 boys and 3 girls. If anybody is looking for one let me know. I would like to trade one of mine for a black female
  111. got2fishsd

    T shark help

    Looking for some help from the pros. What is the best stand up rod for t shark fishing and why. Lookin to put a Tiagra 30 Wide on it. Glass v/s graftfighter. Thanks.
  112. got2fishsd

    Needed BLK female lab

    Alright here is the deal. Just bread my Yellow male ryder. The female is due May 17-20. Wife wants a new dog, or a puppy. Looking to trade a lab for a lab. Because she(the wife) is going to win this fight I want a black female for trade. i want a lab from a different breed so I can breed...
  113. got2fishsd

    Tiagra 30 Wide

    What is the ideal rod to match this thing up with. I will be fishing T sharks. Never had the gear to go so I am just getting started. I would also like to fish tuna in PV on the same set up if possable. I was looking at the calstar 760M Spooled with 575 yards of 130# spectra and 100 yards...
  114. got2fishsd

    I also got taken by Chris

    Sorry this took so long to post but after a few days of dickin with the pics I am just going to give the report. After reading another post by fredherman about how Chris basicly dicked him over and did not provide the service he was promised I was a little hesadent to book a trip with him. I...
  115. got2fishsd

    Tiagra 30 Wide

    just pick one up. Looking to fish T sharks with it and maybe some of the larger tuna next Nov. in PV. I was thinking of loading it with 800 yards of 80lb braid and 120 yards of 603 mono. What do you guys think. What kind of braid do you recomond? Thanks
  116. got2fishsd

    Worth it??

    I am looking to get into rod building. Been lurking for a while and just found this. What do you think? Hope I dont get back doored.
  117. got2fishsd

    One week away

    and I will be in Costa Rica. Still looking for a boat out of Quepos. We are flying into San Jose then a puddle jumper to MA/Quepos. Staying one week at the Costa Verde. Looking to do a little of everything with the wife. Fishing, Whitewater rafting, Zip lines, Horseback. Might have a few...
  118. got2fishsd

    Tru Line D8 Help

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but I just stripped the cork and the only markings I can find on the rod are very hard to make out so I attached a photo. Can anybody I'D this rod for me. I just found this old rod in my dads garage. It says D8 on the thread that is coming up and it is the color...
  119. got2fishsd

    Favorite calico set up

    What is everybodys favorite set up for calicos in the kelp?
  120. got2fishsd

    Who's in

    Just checking on who is in this weekends San Diego Anglers Open Bay Bass Tournament.
  121. got2fishsd

    Cheap tickets

    I just booked Thanksgiving week. Mexicana airline. Direct flights. Lax - PVR 270.50 Used this link Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets, Cheap Airfare & Discount Travel Deals - Hope this helps.
  122. got2fishsd

    Looking for Help

    This is not a report yet. I am looking to do a trip to Costa Rica this April, The 4th - the 12th. How is fishing? Looking to fly into San Jose, Then where, we have no idea. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  123. got2fishsd


    I am heading to Maz in 2 days. What do you guys think about bringing my own gear. Is there an easy way to get it there. I am thinking of bringing an inshore set up for fishing off the beach. I will be at the El Cid Marina. Any other tips you have. Thanks
  124. got2fishsd

    NEED Mazatlan help

    The wife just booked a trip to Mazatlan. I know it is not P.V but it is still better than the inlaws for Thanksgiving. We are staying at the El Cid Marina. Now who should I fish with. Last time I got info on this site it sucked. I was looking for a guide in P.V and I was set up with...
  125. got2fishsd

    MT private land buck

    Here is the buck I took this year. I took this deer opening morning near Fort Benton MT. We were hunting a private ranch, a little different than So Cal. The day before we were scouting the ranch and found six good bucks together. We had a plan for opening day. Driving into the ranch on...
  126. got2fishsd

    MT private land buck

  127. got2fishsd

    Montana hunt in a few hours

    I was stoked getting ready for Montana when I saw the frint page with JT in Mexico. I think that luck bastard has the all time best life. I am leaving for Montana in a few hours. We will start with three days of Pheasants and...
  128. got2fishsd

    Best place for boots

    I need a new pair of hunting boots. I dont want to drive all the way to Bass Pro. I am in North County. Anybody know anywhere close.
  129. got2fishsd

    9/19 Overnight

    on the Samurai 9/19 - 9/20. This was a private charter trip that I set up. Alot of the guys at the fire station have never fished offshore and wanted to give it a go. I was a little nervious with the weather coming up and the fish counts dropping. Prior to leaving Captain Oliver and I...
  130. got2fishsd

    2 spots

    I have two spots on an overnight trip. The Boat - The Samuri The Cost - 160.00 The Date - Sept. 19 and 20. We will be fishing only 20 people on this trip. The boat is set up to fish 24. If you are interested please call me or e-mail me. Eric 760 715 7723 or [email protected] I am taking...
  131. got2fishsd

    Just found this

    I just found this site dont know if it has ben posted.
  132. got2fishsd

    What boat?

    I am setting up a charter for work and wondering if you guys have fished any of these boats. Anybody had a great trip on these boats. There will be a lot of rent rods on the boat. H and M Black peral Diawia Pacific Indian Int. Star Mustang Samari Islandia Dolphin II
  133. got2fishsd

    Charter help

    Looking to charter an overnight in late Sept. Boat size is around 18 - 20 guys. What boats have you been happy with.
  134. got2fishsd


    I will be on the twilight trip tonight anybody else going?
  135. got2fishsd

    Who won

    the YT shootout? Does anybody know what the total weight was?
  136. got2fishsd

    Force fetch

    I have a 2 year old yellow that I would like to force fetch. I do not have the know how. Just wondering if anybody has a trainer that they would use.
  137. got2fishsd

    Aruba in 1 month and need a charter

    i will be in aruba in about one month and need some help. Any info would be great
  138. got2fishsd

    Stop,drop, and reel in 1st and 4th

    First off thanks Ron Tinney for putting on a great time for a great cause. I would also like to thank Jeff on the Semperi Fi. Now the report without the pics yet. Got on the road at 0415 and launched out of Dana about 0500. We started up north for a few rock fish and a few raked baits. We...
  139. got2fishsd

    Aruba fishing

    I will be in Aruba from 7/26 until 8/3 and I am look for some help finding a guide. I have never been there and know nothing about fishing there. Any info?
  140. got2fishsd

    Bug date

    Just wondering when the last day is for bugs. I was hoping someone knows because I am lazy and dont want to look it up THanks
  141. got2fishsd

    4 for 4 on Hogs

    Two trucks and four guys loaded up and left San Diego at aound 0930 on Friday Feb. 2. Got to the ranch at around 1530. The guide had a few things to take care of before looking for the hogs. This gave us time to unload our gear into the cabin and get the rifles sighted in. Nolan has a great...
  142. got2fishsd

    I can't hit anything I shoot at

    except 1 rooster and a lone dove. I left San Diego at 0430 with the dog and headed east to the IV. Found a field that was not posted and looked good, tall grass with frest cut alfalfa around. Walked the dog throug it and turned up nothing. Drove around for about 30 min and found another...
  143. got2fishsd

    8' fiberglass

    Just picked up an 8' fiberglass dinghy for free. I do not know what the brand is but just wondering what size outboard I can put on it. Just want to run around in the harbor for bugs. Thanks.
  144. got2fishsd

    Off to MT

    I am leaving tomorrow night for Montana, the best part is I dont know when I am coming home. Around a week and a half. Got deer, antolope, and bird tags should be a good hunt. All wild birds on private land. Will post pics.
  145. got2fishsd


    Hunted today at Raahauges for Pheasants and chucker. Next time I think I am going to leave the gun at home. The dog got three birds on his own.
  146. got2fishsd

    Dog shots

    I am getting a few answers. My lab is going to be 2 years old and I know he needs shots. I was told I can not give the shot for rabies? I was also told he needs his rabies every 3 years after 1 year old. I bought his last shots and gave them myself last year with no problems?
  147. got2fishsd

    anywhere near san diego

    to hunt for dove? I would love to get out tonight, dont want to drive all the way to IV. Looking for somewhere near temeculla. Any help would be great.
  148. got2fishsd

    MT tags

    I just got my tags for the great state of Montana 1 Buck mule deer 1 Doe mule deer 1 antelope any sex I will be leaving on 10/17 for a least ten days. Plus the bird tags, should be a great hunt .
  149. got2fishsd

    Training Labs

    Does anbody know of an good trainers around San Diego. I am wanting to take my 1 1/2 year old lab to the next level. I have been working with him a lot and want to see how much farther he can go.
  150. got2fishsd

    Surf fishing/Spearing

    I have been out of Carlsbad with the hawaiian sling and see a ton of fish. BSP corBina, SF and YFC just wondering what ones are the best to eat. I am not looking to fill a sack just a fish or 2
  151. got2fishsd

    Carlsbad lagoon yakin

    Lanched at about 9:30 in the carlsbad lagoon and paddled over to the bridge just under the 5 freeway. The in coming tide was moving alot of water. There was one asshole in a wakeboard boat that felt the need to pull his ride through the 5mph zone and within casting distance of me. That made...
  152. got2fishsd

    Point Loma 3/4 6/5

    Fished the point loma on mon for limits of yellows and sorry no pics forgot the camera. Fist time for the boat this year to get limits. Captain Steve did a great job putting the boat on fish and Deckhand Karin did a great job putting the fish on the boat. Had a great time and will be fishing...
  153. got2fishsd

    La Jolla Mon. yakin

    was wondering if anybody else was thinking of heading out of la jolla tomorrow morning? send me a pm we can buddy yak
  154. got2fishsd

    Kayak fishfinder ?

    I am in the market for a cheap fishfinder for a kayak what do you gus think is the best for the $?
  155. got2fishsd

    LJ kayak

    anybody going out Tues morning, looking to buddy yak
  156. got2fishsd

    Rod holders on a yak HELP

    just wondering where is the best place to mount rod holders on a scrambler for trolling. I have seen both the flush mounted ones just behind the seat and ones in the crate. Looking for a little help thanks.
  157. got2fishsd

    5/22 or 5/23 kayaking

    Looking to go out on Mon 5/22 from La jolla I get off work around 0800 so looking to lanch around 0900anybody up to show a new guy the ropes on kayaking la jolla. i just got the ya and looking for any help. Same story on Tues 5/23 but can leave anytime
  158. got2fishsd

    Hunting dogs

    I live in Carlsbad and I am wondering if anybody knows of Field trials around here. I have a lab he is 1 1/2 years old. The reason I want to find the field trials is so the he can become a master hunter and I want to breed him. He is a great bird dog, any info would help.
  159. got2fishsd

    ghost shrimp

    I built a pump today and ran down to the drink to check it out. I was a couple of hours late for the low tide. I only had a few feet to work in. I got a couple of shrimp in about a 1/2 hour. I did not fish but I saw one guy fishing the shrimp and he left with a bunch of fish that looked like...
  160. got2fishsd

    kayak fishing

    Just wondering what would be a good starter kayak. I have never fished from one before but I fish from a boat and shore a lot. I dont want the bottom of the barrel and not the top of the line.