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    Limits of YFT on the Poseidon 8/17

    Nice report, fun trip. One correction, bait was sardines the size of anchovies.
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    95 YFT on the Tribute 9/21

    I was on that trip, great time. Amazing how good the crew was at helping us land these fish on light line. I got the jackpot fish on 15 lb line thanks to them, ended up tipping them the pot- well deserved. I'll definitely fish the boat again.
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    Boat fiberglass restoration recommendation

    My boat's gel coat has lost its glossy beauty. Can someone recommend a mobile service that will come to my home in Murrieta and give her a good polishing? I have a 23 foot walk around. I tried doing the deed myself years ago and ended up with a bad shoulder tendinitis. I spent half the...
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    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    I had a sardine cut clean in half last weekend, looked like a wahoo bite. could have been a shark. did not get a visual on any fish. was not a sea lion, we were 30 miles out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    6/23 north 9

    Thanks for the report! Next time they die. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dumb thief? Or just "considerate"?

    There was a woman on this forum last year that flamed a BD boat ho for "stealing" her man's rod. They later found surveillance camera video and it was not the boat ho who ran off with the rod. We all know how to spell assume...
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Well... I ended up buying a tig welder and I'll have to say I'm glad a I did. For a novice like myself it was a lot easier to weld aluminum tubing with tig than with mig- the torch/pedal combination gave me much more control. Here I made a rod holder out of scrap aluminum. In summary, for...
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    9-29 Long Day with Gaf Cam action

    Way to put him on fish. Good looking boat!
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    oside bait 9/26?

    I just re-read your post. I would think twice before launching out of o'side tomorrow. it's Oceanside harbor days. trailer lot is closed for the weekend, this morning launch ramp was closed 4am to 11am. I don't know about tomorrow.
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    oside bait 9/26?

    This morning a mix of 5-6" sardines and pinhead chovies. limit of 1/2 scoop
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    Open water Dorado saves skunk 9-14

    Love your videos, thank you for posting.
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    No luck on the predator- labor day

    Thank you for sharing, you'll get'em next time.
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    9/6 20 miles of ocean side

    Go get'em! let us know how you do.
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    Mexican Permits

    this is the latest website for it (it's actually user friendly now): if a pop-up blocker blocks the pdf or something happens to where you can't print it make sure you email them. this year they emailed it to me in a couple hours just before midnight. he...
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    Oceanside bait this Saturday

    do you have to unhitch trailer for it to fit in a spot if it's a double axle?
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    Looking for fishing boat advice

    I would call the call the landing and ask if the pac queen has ac down in the bunks now. I couldn't sleep for two nights it was so hot and and humid in the bunk room and I was not alone, lots of upset customers about this. I want to say I read the boat does have AC now but I'm not sure. it's a...
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    I hate SKUNK 9/4

    I was out at the 209 also yesterday, saw some boils on some of the pattys. probably yellowtail. Metered lots of bait and some larger fish but no one wanted to play. About six miles past the 209, the pattys had less bait fish and ended up landing one yft and a large dodo. Talked to a couple...
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    24 of 30 passengers get sick/food poisoning on the Independence

    I finished med school 12 years ago and am NOT an infectious disease specialist but I agree with kcarnesmd- definitely sounds more like norovirus and not bacterial food poisoning. There was more than enough time for norovirus incubation period, it's is highly virulent, and bacterial food...
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    Metered fish below, dropped down a camera to see them

    I've been meaning to do this with my gopro. Thank you
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    Saturday August 08 2015

    Thank you for reporting.
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    Paul Hebert of 'Wicked Tuna' facing fraud charges.

    Does this mean the will also be in trouble? Sounds like he was paying Paul under the table and hence dodging his responsibility of paying the employers portion of social security tax, Medicare tax, and unemployment tax.
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    Whaa? Report on 6 over 125 at the 43?

    I think more likely; he's going back and doesn't want to fight boat traffic.
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    Friday Oceanside

    let us know what he says please
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    Friday Oceanside

    Similar outcome for us. launched out of Oceanside at 430 am, bait barge opened early. was 8 miles offshore at breaking light. lots of meter marks, some jumping tuna footballs- didn't even get a bite. long soak, brailed deans, chunk bait, slow trolled. very disheartening. we moved close to...
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    Maximus 2 day 7-17 to 7-20

    thanks for the report. how was the boat? AC in the bunk room? thinking of booking on this boat
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    Bloody Tuna Bloody Decks ( video )

    Great video! You're a badass for multiple reasons. One question, at what speed did you slow troll the 'dines? Thanks for the long video, hopefully there will be more!
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    Question about patching I/O hole to make OB.

    Am I missing something here? if you don't already own an I/O then why not buy an outboard right from the get go? the resale value will be higher and it'll save you lots of headaches.
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    Battery Selector Switch - How Long Before Replacing

    This what I have, I love it.
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    I have a helmet on my head.

    Same here, hoped on my buddy's boat. Trolled the nine to the 226. Then trolled back to mission bay when it started to blow. one yt off a mac, that was it.
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    You guys did some damage! Thanks for the report
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    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    I'm sure you know this but you do realize The Onion reports non-existent events meaning fiction?
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    Seeing a pattern...

    You guys are killing it! Thanks for the update, I was about to ask how you all did.
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    Need 1-2 boat Hos for tomorrow 6/16

    "You can get killed walking your doggie" ;) Anyone interested send me a pm first come first serve
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    Need 1-2 boat Hos for tomorrow 6/16

    Sorry, I don't like fishing w 4 on the boat. A quad hook-up can get a bit cramped
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    Need 1-2 boat Hos for tomorrow 6/16

    Depends on how much fuel we burn, I don't like to sit on a paddy too long unless there are good sonar marks so it'll be mostly trolling. Bait is now 35 dollars a scoop at EB +5 dollar tip. It'll be 40-60 dollars per person but I'll cap it at 60 since I don't want to be out there all day.
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    Need 1-2 boat Hos for tomorrow 6/16

    Meet in shelter island at 5:30 am, don't plan to go out too far - the upper 9 or a little past. Fish until about 1-2pm. I have a 24ft walkaround. Bring 2 rod/reels max.
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    Report 5-31....43, 182, 181

    Thanks for the report.
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    Custom stainless and aluminum work

    Beautiful beads. What percent Electrode positive/cleaning action do you use?
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    4/18/15: 371 to Nados for nada

    Late start today. Beautiful deans at about 7:30 am. Headed straight to the 371 but stopped on dolphin about 5 miles shy. Trolled rapalas for zero, not much on sonar. They were moving but not feeding. Didn't see any other boats working the area, water temp was 64. Stopped on 3 patties, 1...
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    Aros Trailers Guys Gone to Escondido

    Anyone know of place near Murrieta to purchase bearings? I always end up driving to pacific boat trailers. I hate the drive. Any help is appreciated.
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    South Nine Yellows 4-11-15

    Thanks for the pics, beautiful yellows
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    Shimano Tiagra 50w LRSA for sale

    375$! Local pick up only
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    Okay another Newbie question, how to yoyo?

    That should work. What I do is get any blue and white yoyo iron and paint the white side with this: sand it a little once it dries.
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    Okay another Newbie question, how to yoyo?

    Once you get bit, don't stop reeling to high-five your buddies. Keep reeling as fast you can until the fish starts to take line. When scratching for yellows glow in the dark has worked well for me on sports boats, when the bite is good any color seems to work.
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    wTB galvanized dual axel trailer 23-25'

    Oh nm, I think my trailer has two 3500 lb axels
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    wTB galvanized dual axel trailer 23-25'

    Send me a message if interested or text me 9514688181, I can give you more info and send you pics. Also has side guides and retractable transom straps
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    wTB galvanized dual axel trailer 23-25'

    I'm might be interested on selling my galvanized trailer. Right now it has a 24 ft walkaround 20degree dead rise. Stainless steel kodiac brakes on both axels
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Finished my hoop rack, the welds aren't pretty but I think it'll hold. I tried preheating with a propane torch but it didn't help much. I think the bottom line is- with my mig welder the first couple of seconds don't penetrate much so the longer I can keep the weld going the better it looked...
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Thanks all for the advise. I took a flap disc to aluminum before welding but did not use a solvent at any point, I will be more diligent about that. I did try different settings on scrap aluminum and higher voltage did cause higher penetration but with frequent burn through, just seemed like...
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    Shimano Tiagra 50w LRSA for sale

    I'm selling my tiagra 50w LRSA reel. Works perfectly and is in excellent condition. Has 120lb braid as shown in the pic but I'm not sure how much. 400 firm. Send me a pm if interested, I'm in Murrieta. Thanks for looking!
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Thanks for the advise, I tried 4043 wire today and looks a little better but might just be that I'm forcing myself to slow down a little. I looked in YouTube for mig welding aluminum round tubing and didn't find anything. I'm making two racks, 5 hoops each rack. I hope the second rack turns...
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    4043 is a great idea, I didn't realize it's available at Home Depot. Will try tomorrow. I emailed miller about 5356 recommended settings- they had none as they do not recommend 5356 with my welder (wish I would have known this earlier). You're a good man kindafishy, thanks for the offer to...
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Okay, I should have gone tig I think. Ended up buying a millermatic 211 mig, used argon and 5356 aluminum wire. First project is lobster rack and the welds are looking uuuugly. But then again, with my inexperience not sure how much better they would have looked with a tig welder. Live and...
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Thanks all for the advice! Will go with mig, just wanted to make sure it was doable.
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Wondering if anyone has welded aluminum tubing with a mig spoolgun? What was the result? Looking into buying a welder to make an aluminum frame for a fillet table (among other things) and I really like the speed and ease of use of the millermatic 211 (a mig welder) but not sure if it can...
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    11/6 Recon 421 to 1010

    Thanks for the same day report.
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    Lobster fishing my boat your gear

    I'm surprised no one has jumped at this offer! Thanks for the advise at the gas station a few days ago! I ended up not going out, blew a bearing on my way to San Diego. I was bummed about not getting to go out, but that's life.
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    Yes, we ate it. Sashimi.
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    Boat's been great, smooth ride and very fishy. Guys at Sea Witch marine talked about you guy killing lots of fish. No complaints only praise. Thank him again for me, still loving it.
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    I'm 6'4 in the pic. That was the consensus weight estimate from my buddy and I. Tried to use my digital scale, but batteries were corroded through. Point is that 2 of the 7 we caught were bigger than anything that we've caught all summer and we were catching 2-3 days a month.
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    Flat water, short long swells. Little to no wind heading there at 30 mph. Took us about 2 hours, including stopping on an empty patty.
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    Thanks, that's exactly what we saw.
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    Left Dana landing at 5:30am with a great scoop of dines. Plan was to hit east SCI. 10 miles shy of the island found a pod and rode the ponies. Quadruple hook up, 2 xraps, one feather, one tuna clone. My buddy and I lost 3 but landed one- a 30 pounder. We quickly hopped on the ponies again...
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    NEW BOAT OWNER! so stoked but so much to learn

    I too was a naysayer- good job! I still think B.O.A.T means Break Out Another Thousand. Did you catch any fish?
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    Techno-stabi image stabilized binoculars

    It's amazing technology, that's for sure. I just wasn't a huge fan of the bino experience. I think I rather climb up to my small tuna tower, with no binos, wind blowing in my face, looking for life.
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    Techno-stabi image stabilized binoculars

    Just bought theses fujinon image stabilized binoculars new two weeks ago. I still have receipt and warranty card for new owner. They are just not for me, work great. 14x40 model Fully waterproof 1000 dollars firm.
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    Pacific Queen 2.5 day 9/9 - 9/12

    X2 If they could cool the bunks a little it would be my go to boat.
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    I was in the corner area today, very snotty weather. Trolled rapalas and feathers from 182 to corner for nothing. Fished a large Patty for some smaller yellowtail and yoyoed one yellowfin . Good luck, weather is supposed to be a little bit better tomorrow.
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    Sea Trek 3\4 day 9\9

    Here we go again
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    Saltwater rods and reels

    I live in murrieta, I'll buy the rods if any left.
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    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Just face the facts: 1. Your head smelled because you only had one deckhand for a loaded boat with limits of yellowtail. Don't blame another ethnic group for your boats shortcomings. I live and work in Southern California and I never see any one ethnic group leave shit outside the toilet...
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    9/1/14 Dana pt BLEW

    First post... I call BS.
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    Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    Great first post. Wish Mythbusters could put tail got clipped in the fish hold to the test .
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    Baby Yellowfin

    I was on the Pacific Queen a few weeks ago, the crew was awesome. They worked hard and all seemed experienced. The captain finds fish and has a reputation for this. That said, you couldn't pay me to ride that boat again. No air circulation down in the bunks next to the engine room, it was...
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    Oceanside launch

    They have a washdown area, bring a water hose to keep in your truck and a few quarters
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    raymarine autopilot ripoff

    X2, love my ev100. Easy to install and can't beat the price.
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    Post-op day 2 fishing

    Thanks for the input all. Sounds like a definite no go.
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    Post-op day 2 fishing

    Two and done, scheduled for a vasectomy this Friday. Made the appointment months ago but now the boss won't let me change it despite all tuna at our doorstep! She is willing to let me go out Sunday, post-op day 2. I trailer my 24 ft walkaround and have the routine down. I get 2 three day...
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    Jig Strike Cancels Trip Due To...

    These guys work hard day in day out with very little sleep. Not too surprising this happened.
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    launching at oceanside

    Just out of curiosity, do the guest slips have outlets to plug into?
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    8/9 182

    Thanks for the report
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    8/8/14 DONE BY 9AM YFT,YELLOWS,LEFT THEM BITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was almost my day as well yesterday, 90 minute wait for chovies at shelter island, trolled the 425, trolled up to the 226, hit patties along the way for 1/3 holding rat yellows. On the way back to the point decided to use up the chovies on a kelp the size of my shoe with a bird on top (but...
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    NEW BOAT OWNER! so stoked but so much to learn

    Sell the boat! Be open about what it needs. If you're freaking about a shift cable then you're in for a whole lot of pain if you keep the boat.
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    engine question

    The volvo penta is also a 4 stroke engine. If it was me, I would not make the switch. For one thing, the volvo engine is much louder at idle. Second seems like there is a higher risk of fire (might forget to blow the bilge). I upgraded boats last year, and I love my new outboard compared to...
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    Marine battery switch

    Was in my boat yesterday adding a new direct to battery connection and ran into this on youtube: Is there any merit to this? I have a traditional 3 prong dual battery switch, haven't had any problems with it. My previous boat would at time freeze my plotter when I turned the engine on. I...
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    Selling some nice gear!!!

    Is the saltiga lever drag? And two speed?
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    Oceanside loop

    Thanks for reporting. Much appreciated.
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    NEW BOAT OWNER! so stoked but so much to learn

    I would check compression on all cylinders, easy to do yourself.
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    the bluefin mess in mexico Look at those numbers... Now think about your post, it makes no sense. Aside from Canada, no other country in the world comes close to Mexico in regards to buying American exports. 98 billion dollars of American...
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    I'm surprised nobody has jumped on this . Clear up the fee for me, you keep 1/2 the tuna cans and 2 fish?
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    Question about trolling

    Thanks for the follow up and congrats.
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    Catalina trip on Saturday

    Here's Saturdays weather report, gusts to 20knts and 3ft wind waves. Just giving you a heads up. SAT WINDS VARIABLE 10 KT OR LESS...BECOMING W 10 TO 20 KT IN THE AFTERNOON. WIND WAVES 2 FT OR LESS...BECOMING 3 FT IN THE AFTERNOON. MIXED SWELL W 1 TO 3 FT AT 7 SECONDS AND S 2 FT AT 13 SECONDS...
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    Truck purchase recommendation at $20kish

    South shore ramp in mission bay gets a little slippery. I avoid now because I don't have a 4x4.
  94. Minions

    Truck purchase recommendation at $20kish

    Don't think this is accurate, I get 850 ft lb of torque on my diesel ram and about 23 mpg highway. That said, I towed a 21ft striper with a sequoia 5.7l (based on tundra frame) and didn't notice a bit of difference in towing comparedto my current set up towing a 23 ft striper with a diesel.
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    7-5 at the 209

    Thanks for the recon and report. You're a lucky man, my son hates going out on the boat.
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    Raymarine Radar, c80mfd, sounder for sale

    Selling it as a packaged deal
  97. Minions

    Nados and Rockpile report 05/23/14

    Great report, you'll get'em next time.
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    Fishfinder help, I'm so confused!

    I think I'm going to go with the garmin 840xs, seems to me that the sounder is much better on the garmin than the evo2 (although I do wish it was touchscreen). Do you guys know if the b175 wide transducer is available for garmin ?
  99. Minions

    RAYMARINE releases new A9 and A12 today!

    I wish there was more details about these units on their website, ie the screen resolution and power output for the chirp sounders...
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    San Diego Fishing Question.

    Launch, rent a guest slip at one of the hotels and sleep in your boat if that's an option.
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    Fishfinder help, I'm so confused!

    Is there any reason to be concerned about the only 250w rms output towards the chirp channel in the evo2/sonarhubs? I believe garmin 741xs sounder has 600w chirp. Is 250w more than enough to run the b175wh chirp transducer to its full potential?
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    Raymarine Radar, c80mfd, sounder for sale

    Used raymarine 2kw radar, c80 mfd, dsm 300 sounder, transom mount 50/200 'ducer, and gps antenna for sale. All in working order. Still installed in boat. $1100
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    Seabass twilight tonight?

    Thanks for the report
  104. Minions

    Thresher Report

    Awesome report, thanks!
  105. Minions

    Flying Gaff 4'6" Nice west coast size

    Is this still available ?
  106. Minions

    Fishfinder help, I'm so confused!

    Awesome, thanks for the help. Let me bounce this off you; do you think the B175hw will perform just as well on a sonarhub/evo2 compared to a bsm-2?
  107. Minions

    Fishfinder help, I'm so confused!

    Derby, where did you buy the transducer? Having a hard time finding the b175w with a simrad/lowrance connector
  108. Minions

    Fishfinder help, I'm so confused!

    Okay, sold on chirp. Thanks for the reply! I think I'll wait for the nss12 evo2, the only downside is that I have to choose a single frequency transducer. I agree the b175h makes the most sense, since most of us fish in less than 300 ft of water.
  109. Minions

    Fishfinder help, I'm so confused!

    Any help here would be appreciated, I'm planning to upgrade my current electronics (C80/DSM300/transom transducer) but the more I read the more confused I am. I'm planning to upgrade my MFD to a 12 inch raymarine or simrad/lowrance really more important to me is the sounder/'ducer then I'll the...
  110. Minions

    WTB, complete sonar/radar system

    Also will include navionics gold chip
  111. Minions

    WTB, complete sonar/radar system

    Replied, will show you the package next week. Radar works well, some of the raymarine letters are faded . Here are pics
  112. Minions

    WTB, complete sonar/radar system

    I may be willing to sell a raymarine C80, dsm300 sounder, 50/200 'ducer, and radar for 1100
  113. Minions

    Shelter Island Boat Ramp

    Did you ever find a coin carwash near shelter island?
  114. Minions

    Couple question about storing my boat at home in Temecula

    Just received this warning from the code enforcer in Murrieta yesterday. I've had my boat parked on my driveway for two years. Renters across the street just moved out and the code enforcer came knocking on my door. I'm going to miss her. Code enforcer told my wife if the boat is in the back...
  115. Minions

    Pelican Coolers at Costco

    Which Costco did you find these at? My local costco does not carry. Thanks for the heads up!
  116. Minions

    Rob Sanford, San Diego Boats......Here I am!

    Instead of shutting down this thread as they usually do, the moderators need to do the opposite and make it a sticky- people need to know to watch out for this crook.
  117. Minions

    Shade question

    Maui Jim's are also popular , I just bought a pair at costco. Very comfortable and Costco sells them at half the price as what the go for online.
  118. Minions

    Halibut Tournament…….

    I was told on Sunday by the bait barge attendant that there will be sardines but there may be a markup. Being cured as we speak
  119. Minions

    Fishing out of O-side Sunday morning

    I made my way up to box canyon for a few rockfish and loaded up on san dabs. I spent about a half-hour at barn kelp for a whole lot of nothing. Probably the most interesting news that I have is that chovies at the o'side bait barge are now 30 dollars for a half scoop and 40 dollars for a full...
  120. Minions

    Fishing out of O-side Sunday morning

    I'll be out there, good luck.
  121. Minions

    Should I use Hollow Core Loop in spliced in.

    Sorry to hijack this thread but... In regards to using a finger-trap to connect hollow to mono, how does one know the best match? For example, if I have 80 lb hollow core braid, what lb mono would make a good finger trap connection? Is there a rule of thumb for matching hollow to mono?
  122. Minions

    Brand New Shimano Tiagra 30W LRSA

    If it's sold, you can pick one up (or free shipping) at sports chalet, it's on sale. 397 dollars. It's not the wide version .
  123. Minions

    2014 Wicked Tuna Season

    Feb 16th! There was a season 1-2 recap episode yesterday.
  124. Minions

    FS: BNIB Accurate Dauntless DX2-400

    Where are you located?
  125. Minions

    BIG Jellowtails AND NEW PB'S AT THE ISLANDS!!!

    That was my buddy who caught 3, he used a tady45 blue and white, but the flat side which is usually white was painted glow in the dark "a light green" in sun light. I got mine on a small heavy white and blue lure, not sure of the brand but I think a p-line. Great quality fish, that's for sure!
  126. Minions

    Need a setup for the wife (first timer)

    Where in SoCal does one buy a custom girly rod? I've seen pink reels at charkbait but haven't seen the rods anywhere.
  127. Minions

    Confused On Purchasing Used Boats

    Also, NADA does not calculate in the value of the trailer.
  128. Minions

    Mackerel Milkshake

    My wife would freak if I pull that move in the kitchen!
  129. Minions

    government wants to close ocean to commercial fishing

    The government is shut down because republicans in congress have taken an obstructionist strategy to dealing with Obamacare. That's the bottom line! You're delusional if you think the president is systematically trying to shutdown the government in an effort to suppress commercial fishing...
  130. Minions

    Led light sticks for hooping

    Any chance you can take pic of this set up? Sounds amazing.
  131. Minions

    WTB Parker 2320

    Okay, cancel the search for a 2320! Looked at one yesterday and I'll be damned- I'm too tall for the cabin. I'm 6'4" and my head hit the top. Any idea if the 2520 has more headroom?
  132. Minions

    Bottom pain help... dealbreaker?

    I definitely will get a survey if I decide to bite. It's a 23 foot boat, outboard yam 2006. Can't tell if the hull is blistered since its in the water. Was never kept in a liner. Was wondering if it was even worth pursuing, 6 years without bottom repaint seems like a long time.
  133. Minions

    Bottom pain help... dealbreaker?

    Looked at a boat (pilot house) this weekend for possible purchase. I liked the boat but its been in a salt water slip since 2006 and has only been bottom painted once in 2006. Is this a deal breaker? Monthly hull cleaning was performed. Any input is appreciated.
  134. Minions

    WTB Parker 2320

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll be patient. Robert, that was one hell of a good deal!
  135. Minions

    WTB Parker 2320

    If you have one for sale now or thinking of selling your 23 ft Parker after this summer send me a PM!
  136. Minions

    8/10/13 Tuna Pens

    In which direction where the pens that day? I also went out there and found nothing at the numbers. Saw what appeared to be sports boats in northwest so I assumed the pens were there. Before getting to them we decided to just start trolling north as the conditions were not great. Great...
  137. Minions

    Last minute mate needed (maybe)

    Planning on going out for patties maybe even the tuna pens if weather is nice tomorrow. My friend won't know if he can come until 6 pm tonight. If you want to be placed on my back up list send me a PM. I have a 21' WA. . 80 bucks for gas and bait.
  138. Minions

    Dodo but no bite, Dana pt.

    Did not troll feathers, I should have. Did get a bite on a slow trolled sardine, but the bastard left me the head and hook. DFG back at the ramp said he hadn't heard of anyone bringing in a dodo yet this season. They're out there! Spliff, how did you do today?
  139. Minions

    Dodo but no bite, Dana pt.

    7-20-13: Excellent sardines from O'side bait barge at 5 am. Headed southwest, approximately 12 miles offshore from O'side harbor we headed north about 25 miles then back to Dock by 11am. Water temp was 69-70.5 We found a grand total of 2 patties. Metered lots of fish off one patty offshore...
  140. Minions

    Recommendations for boat detailer...

    Nick on Craigslist at 951-809-0604 polished and waxed my boat in the Inland Empire. He did a great job on the gel coat but didnt touch my cubby despite me paying for inside and outside combo rate... Still well worth the money to me since last year I came down with tendinitis after the yearly...
  141. Minions

    Squid Nest Hermosa Beach Video

    Great video, thanks for sharing.
  142. Minions

    Hawthorne Police shoot Rottweiler

    Was this a mistake on the cop's part, in my opinion YES. Pepper spray should have been used first as soon as that dog ran towards them or as soon as they saw the dog attempting to exit the car... That said, officers have to make split second decisions and even the best of us will make mistakes.
  143. Minions

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    I don't understand how he was dishonest? Did he lie to you? Sounds like his response was sarcastic enough for you to realize he was being facetious. If someone doesn't guide you through life you shouldn't call them liars or dishonest because they choose not to. I've heard nothing but good...
  144. Minions

    @@@@@@@@@@@ACCURATE BX400X BRAND [email protected]@@@@@@@@

    I just bought it. Looks brand new, great price. Thanks!
  145. Minions

    A Weeks Worth of Great Fishing! (Alot of Pics and Fish)

    Great fishing, awesome report, thanks for the pics.
  146. Minions


    Any suggestions on the best way to catch a mako? I've caught them on the drift but wondering if slow trolling makes more sense?
  147. Minions

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    Weather report was off by quite a bit that day. I had my eye on the nooa reports the few days before May 4th including the night before, and it was supposed to be less than 10 knot winds and smaller than 3ft swells. My friend and I were surprised when we got out there.
  148. Minions

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    Thank God they survived. It was rough out there, swells were frequent and from 2 directions, wind waves were up, I was out there a couple of hours then had to call it.
  149. Minions

    Boat storage

    Thanks for the ideas, Nick can you recommend a marina?
  150. Minions

    Boat storage

    I'm trying to find a boat storage facility for my friend who has a 25' pilot house and lives in fallbrook, CA. 100% of the places I've called have no electrical hook up. How do people charge their batteries when they store in a facility? Any help is appreciated.
  151. Minions

    Oceanside 4-5-13

    Thanks for the info.
  152. Minions

    Halibut Tournament open to all! April 13th!!

    I'm new to tournament fishing. How does one sign up for this? Is there a deadline?
  153. Minions

    Tiagra 12 and Calstar Grafighter Rod

    Where is the reel located?
  154. Minions

    Skunked at The Nados

    That summed it up for me also, nothing at skr, middle grounds, or rock pile (except for small sand dabs). Beautiful afternoon out in the water.
  155. Minions

    WTB -Seaswirl WA 2301

    Just a heads up, it was the 03 model and newer that the transom was made from composite and not wood like previous years.
  156. Minions

    Sharks lots of um

    They are delicious as fish n chips, my buddy baked his share of the leopard shark and it was disgusting.
  157. Minions

    2003 Striper 2301WA

    Nice boat, I'm jealous the buyer got such a great deal.
  158. Minions


    I use the app Marine Weather by blufin engineering on my iPhone, uses nooa weather info
  159. Minions

    Marine Power 5.7L

    Just out of curiosity, why did you choose to repower to diesel?
  160. Minions

    Whats better????

    But don't wander off for too long, the dfg regs state you must check your hoop at least every 2 hours.
  161. Minions

    O'Side flatties 2/02/13

    Awesome report. No love in sd bay this past Sat either, got 5 short flaties on chovies (rev dropper loop) just outside the jetty in 30 feet of water. Tried bounce balling and no love. Had called the squid boat before I went out, he said he will be out sometime next month but squid is out...
  162. Minions


    Temecula Speed and Marine on Jackson St. In Murrieta in my opinion is hands down the best and theyre local. The guy swapped out my volvo penta engine left it running better than factory and was very reasonably priced. Boat works in hemet is a bit pricy.
  163. Minions

    looking for mr t

    Makes sense, what do you usually use to chum for macs?
  164. Minions

    05 sea swirl striper

    Thanks for the update, let me/us know if it falls throught
  165. Minions

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Are we supposed to tip the bait barge guy??? Ooops...
  166. Minions

    OSide Squirts

    Thanks for the report. Heading out there tonight, weather seems to be settling down.
  167. Minions


    I would check tomorrow's weather report before you go out there. Forecast doesn't look good for Thursday night.
  168. Minions

    How to catch a damn Thresher??

    Help a brother out... Can someone post a pic of how they rigged their bait-o-matic? I'm using 250lb stainless steel and two treble hooks but my proximal hook seems prone to breaking.
  169. Minions

    Can I grope a mackerel?

    Last season on IGFA Saltwater Adventures in the thresher shark episode they talked about not touching mackerels with you're bare hands, one fell on the deck and they used a scoop to get it into the bait tank... Does anyone why they shouldn't be grabbed?
  170. Minions

    Mr. T Shark

    Great catch. I was out at Carlsbad canyon Sat (12/8) hoping to catch a T on a Mac/baitomatic but no luck. Congrats.
  171. Minions


    Good looking bugs, congrats. Does Joe's Crab Shack have a docking area for boaters who are stopping in for a quick bite?
  172. Minions

    Where they get those miniture cans of beer to make your bugs look bigger??

    I caught a big one last night too, those giants are strong. Total of 6 legals. Here are just two of them
  173. Minions

    Lobster Report For Long Beach Nov. 11th

    Thanks! I looked at three different tackle shops and nothing. I'll try Dana landing. And thanks to Dan for the tip on his show on freezing lobster with the game saver.
  174. Minions

    Lobster Report For Long Beach Nov. 11th

    Any idea where to buy the promar light sticks in southern ca?
  175. Minions

    More quality bugs!

    Congrats, that's one hell of a honey hole you have. Monster bugs x 2 trips in less than a week. Awesome!
  176. Minions

    Mako sharking?

    I love makos, they taste great and are a fun catch. A buddy of mine wants to go sharking in mid December, does any one know if there are still makos around at that time near the Carlsbad Canyon? What time of the year are they usually biting?
  177. Minions

    San Diego Bay Butts?

    I'm not hating, I'm just being an a-hole. I caught a couple of legal butts along the channel 2 weeks ago- great fight, large steaks, and no worms. I'm just saying inspect the meat before you freeze it to avoid surprises.
  178. Minions

    San Diego Bay Butts?

    Not to ruin your trip but you know 99% all halibut have worms right?
  179. Minions

    Today's Catch

    I was out there today too. You did a hell of a lot better than my bro and I. Mostly fished out by the Sheraton hotel, I cought one 14" sculpin (on a 'deen) which I released.
  180. Minions

    Are bat rays dangerous?

    A couple of weeks ago I was fishing sardines in San Diego bay and I hooked on to something big on 20 lb mono. After a 30 minute fight and a lot of "what the [email protected]&k is this" the line finally snapped. I've caught a large leopard shark before and it didn't fight the same, I'm now I'm thinking it...
  181. Minions

    San Diego weather....

    Thanks, will definitely fish. One more novice question next post.
  182. Minions

    San Diego weather....

    Was hoping to fish San Diego bay with my ole man and two brothers for the first time this sunday (10/21) but now I'm seeing rain in the forecast, nooa says patch drizzle, can someone with more experience please comment.. Is it still okay fishing weather? I have a 21' wa.
  183. Minions

    First T ever for the Hardwire! 10-14-12

    How did you get that thresher out of the water without giving it the gaff? Tail grabbed it?
  184. Minions


    You might have forgotten to dark out a spot between the rocket launcher and blue glass... I think I see point loma
  185. Minions

    Shimano Tiagra 130 reel wtih IFGA rod - $850

    I'm selling this Tiagra 130 reel with IFGA bent but rod (With AFTCO bigfoot rollers) and rip off reel bag. It is spooled with 130 lb test mono. 850 dollars, local pick up only. I live in Murrieta, CA. Call me at 951- four six eight - 8181 or PM if interested in buying. Will consider...
  186. Minions

    Dan Hernandez

    I love his show and always DVR it, I need to get on a charter with the man.
  187. Minions


    I was out last weekend but no luck
  188. Minions

    mission bay fines

    Does everyone on a fishing boat need a fishing license or only if you catch limits? Sometimes friends go on my 2101 seaswirl and I never know if they absolutely need a fishing license since I never catch much.
  189. Minions

    9/27/12 Point Loma Halibut

    I never have luck fishing for halibut, what size hook do you use?
  190. Minions

    Taking my dad and daughter out for the first time!!!

    Just fishing the bay is fun and little to no chance of sea sickness.
  191. Minions

    Couldn't even catch bait

    Excuse my stupidity, but do you fish for with smelt?
  192. Minions

    Halibut and Lobster Report LB

    My son is 5 and he hates fishing, hates my boat, hates talking about fish... I wonder if he will ever have a change of heart.
  193. Minions

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I've been out to the Coronados a few times and not once have I been asked for a Visa but I do wonder if it's worth the risk.
  194. Minions


    Awesome job men