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  1. Woodhunter

    Rising Next To The Wood Stove

    Primitive African Bread, rising in the warmth of the Wood Stove. Making today. The term "Breaking Bread" comes from this type of loaf, no slicing allowed! Who needs to go to Safeway!! Make your own.
  2. Woodhunter

    Scrap Plywood Project

    Hmm. Lots of scrap 1/2 inch plywood laying around. Burn it, haul to the dump, or? A little gorilla glue and scrap aluminum angle. Added some scrap oak. Teak stain, spar varnish, front door. All stainless steel hardware. Plano boxes. Small boxes go upstairs. Rim around the...
  3. Woodhunter

    Halibut Season: Getting Ready

  4. Woodhunter

    Does Not Get Much Better Than This

  5. Woodhunter

    Taps for the 'Ol Merc

    Old Offshore is going to the Junker. As soon as this darn stormy period is over I will tow the boat over to West Side Marine in Port Townsend for installation of the new Yamaha 200 four Stroke. Already have the T9.9 installed but I am too embarrassed to take a photo of it sitting on the...
  6. Woodhunter

    For All You Desk Jockies

  7. Woodhunter

    OH!! Calcutta!

    Yard sale find some two months ago for $5. Came from the San Diego area, the retired gent that I got it from said he used it on day boats. Reel seat and grip need a little work. Found a period Varmac on Ebay. Rod is 99 inches long. Really stout, pulls about like my Rainshadow 8...
  8. Woodhunter

    Winter Rod Building Projects

    Rainy day, pulled the rod lathe off the storage racks and set up. Time to catch up on my rod building backlog. This one will be used for heavy jigging out in the Straits. 8 foot Rainshadow E Glass blank, 50 pound rating. Reel will be a Penn 500 High Speed Jig Master with the Newell...
  9. Woodhunter

    Yamaha Outboard Dealers in NW Washington

    I am planning on purchasing a 200 hp 4 cylinder 4 stroke this winter and would appreciate dealer recommendations. I am in Port Angeles but willing to tow to a decent dealer for purchase and installation. There is a Yamaha dealer here but their main focus is motorcycles and 4 wheelers, barely a...
  10. Woodhunter

    On The Way to Home Depot Today

  11. Woodhunter

    It Never Snows In Port Angeles!

    A walk down to the shop this morning. Pickup is under a car port but still got dusted. Looking back at the front gate. 30 inches deep in the middle of the driveway. Thermometer hanging on the wood shed by the shop. Was at zero at 6 AM. Looking from the shop front door. No Black...
  12. Woodhunter

    Ulua Rods: What Are You Gents Using Them For?

    The two Ulua threads have me thinking. Since we west coasters are not fishing for Ulua from the Hawaii Cliffs, what are you gents building them for? Heavy surf casting? Comments welcome!
  13. Woodhunter

    Pro Flex Rod Coat/Classic Rod Coat

    Anyone using this? I am thinking about ordering a kit. Currently using Flex Coat.
  14. Woodhunter

    About The Blank Jumping Out of the Rod Lathe: A Cure

    About that blank coming out of the chuck: If the blank is not perfectly aligned with the centerline of the lathe, the blank wiggles in the chuck with each revolution and will work out of the chuck. Try to adjust the blank as level as possible: Getting the centerline of the blank, not the...
  15. Woodhunter

    Norm Metzler Passes

    Norm Metzler, a close friend, passed Monday evening at 5:15 due to complications following a massive stroke some 3 days ago. Norm's father developed the first Mooch-a-Jig and Norm carried it further in marketing and distribution. Norm also distributed many types of quality fishing tackle...
  16. Woodhunter

    Any Serious Gunstock Makers Out There?

    If a guy knows what this thing is and really wants one and has lots of cash then get in touch;
  17. Woodhunter

    Any Serious Gunstock Makers Out There?

    If a guy knows what this thing is and really wants one and has a lot of cash then get in touch. Mine is for sale.
  18. Woodhunter

    Any Serious Gunstock Makers Out There?

    Selling my duplicator. Take a look:
  19. Woodhunter

    Yamaha 200 HP 4 Cyl. 4 Stroke?

    Anyone have one? Comments? What do you think of it? Reliability? I am thinking about buying a new one for my 22 ft. Mako. Now have a 200 Hp. 2 Cycle Mercury Offshore. The Offshore runs great but it is getting old. I have a new Yamaha T9.9 for a kicker and want to match up with a...
  20. Woodhunter

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    From a friend whom attends all the meetings: Area 6 Looks like the halibut days will be May 4, 6, 11. May 6 is a Saturday. Final approval of the dates will occur late Wednesday afternoon. Will pass along the information when I get it. Meanwhile the PA Salmon club is struggling with...
  21. Woodhunter

    Hood Canal Bridge Listing

    Looks like you fishermen on the west side of the bridge are trapped and sentenced to more fishing!
  22. Woodhunter

    Engineless Grady

    Hmm. Almost on plane, where are the motors? And what is that pump doing? Oh, we left them back on the sand bar! Floating Yammi's. Guess a little FRP work is due. That stern does not look all that robust to me. I will keep my 40 year old Mako 22, thank you. "Rest of the...
  23. Woodhunter

    Boat Canvas Found

    So Friday around 12 Noon I found a three piece set of boat canvas on Mount Pleasant Road on the east side of Port Angeles. Zipper type with clear plastic, the type you have for a rain shelter on your boat. My guess is the owner was headed down Mount Pleasant to parts unknown and the...
  24. Woodhunter

    Sometimes Ya Gotta Look In The Weeds: Lead!

    Sorry, useless post, deleted.
  25. Woodhunter

    40 Years Old And Still Looking Good!

    Pulled the 'ol girl out of the barn yesterday for a wash to remove the dust. Today and tomorrow I will hang the little motor and mount the downriggers. Now if we just have a Salmon Season this year I will be happy!
  26. Woodhunter

    Dockwise Heavy Lifters in Port Angeles Harbor

    There were two of them. First one and its cargo: The other one loading: Side view Tanks blown & lifted: Loading the first one: Tanks blown and lifted: Where they are headed next is anyone's guess.
  27. Woodhunter

    Green Point Weather

    So why is it not this smooth when I run to Green Point for a little Halibut Fishing?
  28. Woodhunter

    A Little Crowded on the Halibut Grounds

    My favorite Halibut area starts about 2 miles east of the last ship in this lineup. And then we have the over flow crowd at the boat launch: What's a guy to do???
  29. Woodhunter

    Garmin BlueChart g2 Question

  30. Woodhunter

    Port Angeles Halibut Derby Winner

    143 pounds. Phil Flanders, Oregon, now retired on the Big Island of Hawaii. Herring on spreader bar, north of Ediz Hook, 300 feet of water.
  31. Woodhunter

    What the Port Angeles Halibut Eat for Breakfast

    Stomach contents of the first 10 or so halibut brought back to the scales during the PA Derby: The herring is about 10 inches long. Several red rock crab. Looks like a rock fish on the right and some type of flat fish on the left. And on the lower right we have a: Yep folks, you guessed...
  32. Woodhunter

    Port Angeles Halibut Derby Update

    We held a meeting tonight to finalize derby details. Everything is a "Go". Tickets at Brian's Sporting Goods in Sequim, Jerry's Bait & Tackle on the east side of Port Angeles across 101 from the Safeway and Swains in Port Angeles. I will have tickets at the boat ramp area on the west side of...
  33. Woodhunter

    Port Angeles Halibut Derby

    I was at the Salmon Club Meeting tonight & we are putting the final touches on the Halibut Derby. Dates are Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24. Tickets: Swains and Jerry's Bait & Tackle, Port Angeles Brian's Sporting Goods, Sequim On Friday May 22 at the Port...
  34. Woodhunter

    Tyee Skiff "Rose": A Step Back In Time

    Ahh the nephew has taken delivery of his new to him Sid Skiff, hand built at the Port Townsend School of Boat Building in 1997. His plans are to spend some time this summer around Port Angeles learning the finer art of pulling plugs behind a hand rowed skiff in the pursuit of large Chinook...
  35. Woodhunter

    Downrigger Weights: Fin or not?

    Headed out to buy a 12 pound downrigger weight mold. Already have a 10 pound round ball mold. Finned or not? Any real advantage of a finned ball?
  36. Woodhunter

    Port Angeles Halibut Derby Dates

    I just got back from the Port Angeles Salmon Club meeting (the PA club runs the Halibut Derby) and the dates are: Saturday, May 24, 2014 and Sunday, May 25, 2014. Tickets available at: Swain's in Port Angeles Jerry's Bait & Tackle in Port Angeles (Across 101 from the east side...
  37. Woodhunter

    Edmonds Area Tackle Shops & Marine Stores

    I will be in the Edmonds area Sunday, any tackle shops or marine stores to visit? Three Rivers ad says they are closed Sunday. Thanks!
  38. Woodhunter

    StarBoard Supplier Help!

    Anyone know where I can find Starboard in sheets? I did some some google work and found distributors, but no retailers. I am in Port Angeles, so anything near Port Townsend, Everett, Edmonds, Bremerton, Tacoma, etc would be OK. Thanks!
  39. Woodhunter

    PA Halibut Derby Results

    Robert Beauvais of Joyce with 96 pounds. $5000. Josh Constant of PA with 93 pounds second. $2500 Jesse Ahmann of Whitefish MT with 89 pounds third. $1500 Richard Logie of Renton with 86 pounds fourth. $1200 617 total entries.
  40. Woodhunter

    Puget Sound Anglers Meeting Tonight: Important!!

    I just found out about this a few hours ago: Puget Sound Anglers meeting tonight (March 21) in Sequim at Holy Trinity Methodist Church, 100 South Blake Ave, next to Carrie Blake Park. Topic: 2013-14 Salmon Seasons. State representatives will be there to take input. The meeting will be the...
  41. Woodhunter

    Garmin 3210 and BlueChart

    Anyone running BlueChart® g2 Vision® on your 3210 or similar Garmin Unit? Tell me about it. Thanks.
  42. Woodhunter

    Question for you Old Timer Experts:Sabre Blank

    Re: Sabre blanks I picked up two nice unused Sabre blanks yesterday, number is GDW 789. Nice shiny black. Pretty stiff, maybe a 80 to 100 pound. 78 inches. Anyone have an old Sabre catalog with this number? Would be nice to know the original rating.
  43. Woodhunter

    Design A Rod Handle For Me, Photo Included

    So we have seen many different items for grips, anyone know how to make a grip with these? Came from a Coastal Georgia wild hog I shot back in about 1964. Piggy was about 450 pounds. The reel is an ABU 5500. Might rival the hippo head. (In jest to match some of the other materials shown.)
  44. Woodhunter

    Old Style Hawaii Ulua Rods

    I have three original Sabre Ulua one piece blanks, never used. 11-1/2 to 12-1/2 ft long. I would lke to build at least one blank into a replica Ulua rod, the type the guys used on the cliffs on the islands. Any one have a photo of an original built in the Hawaii Ulua style? Any ideas on the...
  45. Woodhunter

    Prehistoric Rod Lathe

    From a long time ago in a far away place. Don't hurt yourselves when you fall out of the chairs laughing. :rofl: Photos taken in 1977 with KodaColor print film, negatives converted to digital a few years ago. I gave this beast to a fishing buddy years ago when I was going through a nasty...
  46. Woodhunter

    Mystery Blank