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  1. Stanley

    Need Service on 34' Motorhome North SD County Only

    Under 34K mileage. Bringing it down to Carlsbad from San Juan Capistrano . Want to make sure its dependable. Want to make sure all systems are a go. Let me know.
  2. Stanley

    Glock 19. Am I Missing Something?

    Just want the 19 because its 9mm and ammo is available (I don't re-load) to throw lead down range. Not a CC or self defense thing. But, Holy Shit! Duncan's wants $599, Turners is like $539. Glock Store is $499 and Discount Guns will match it. Checked CalGuns and ArmsList to no avail...
  3. Stanley

    Paying It Forward (White Sea Bass)

    I would have attached the flyer but Misuse has this site so F up'd I can't even figure out how to attach the flyer. Anyway, for you North County Anglers, this is a worthy cause. Might even work for your Community Service issues with the courts. :) Hello Stan, My name is Samantha Churchill...
  4. Stanley

    Corrossion on Chrome Wheels

    What's the best way to handle it? Looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  5. Stanley

    Interesting Concept. Remote Boat Launcher

    Not sure how practical.
  6. Stanley

    Can't Decide Which Gun I Like!
  7. Stanley

    Ocean Oddysey 10-6 thru 10-9

    Boat: Great Crew: The Best Fishing: Just OK
  8. Stanley

    Good Job, Brandon!!

    After having participated in the fuel loads of Units 2 & 3 at San Onofre I know what it feels like. You should feel proud of what you accomplished. Good job, dood!
  9. Stanley

    Garage Door Guy in North SD County

    2 car garage on a rental. Let me know if you know anyone.
  10. Stanley

    North County Lightning Show Tonight Thursday 8/22

    Anyone else see it? Looked to be east out of over Valley Center (or beyond). Impressive from the Carlsbad. Hope there were no ground strikes.
  11. Stanley

    Hundreds of Old Photos From Around the World

    Forwarded to me. Some I've seen before...many I haven't. Takes a while to get through it. Enjoy. Rare & Cool Pictures from History - Forums
  12. Stanley

    Suicycle Insanity... hour of why I don't ride anymore. Although I think most of this is from the other side of the Atlantic.
  13. Stanley

    Great Baja Surf Fishing Adventure

    Including the usual Baja Mishaps. Hour long video taken with a Droid. I hadn't seen it before so sorry if a repost.
  14. Stanley

    Best 55" LCD From Costco?

    Definitely buying from Costco. But, wanted to get some thoughts on different brands. Limited to 55" and I like the Vizio. Is the "Smart TV" worth the extra $400-$500? Always liked the Samsung but starting to hear about issues. Anyone recently buy?
  15. Stanley

    2013 Fishing License Fees

    $49.99 Last year $51.07 This year License Fee remained the same. Ocean Enhancement went up $1.08.
  16. Stanley

    Seafood for Christmas Dinner?

    From North County Times, ’Twas the night before Christmas when I smelled something odd, All the creatures were readied, the snails and the cod. The squid were all boiling, Mom skinned them with care. I ran to the window, gasping for air. I wish we were nestled all snug in our...
  17. Stanley

    'Tis the Season...For THIEVES!!!

    Not that I'm against wearing a hoody. But, by God if I see you wearing one (with the hood over your head) around my place...I'm just calling the cops. Wear all the hoodies you want. But if its not fucking raining or snowing and you have that hood over your head, I'm figuring you're up to no...
  18. Stanley

    Goof-Off Trip with Fatleg YT & WSB 10/21/12

    Blue Horizon left the dock at 7pm Saturday night. Arrived off the local pier by 9pm and started making bait. Didn't really float but steady pick with the squid jigs. I didn't get bit. Back at the dock by noon.
  19. Stanley

    Substitute Ref's on MNF

    Didn't really have a problem with the sub's until tonight. Ref's on strike just won their battle with that BS call.
  20. Stanley

    Straight-Up (No Spread) NFL Football Pool! San Diego County. $60 Due by 09/01/2012

    Online picks. Weekly pay-outs, then End of Season. Here's the rules..PM me if interested and I'll give contact info. This is a Fun Pool. Not affiliated and BloodyDecks has nothing to do with this, I'm just a participant spreading the word: POOL FORMAT This is a Standard Pickem pool where...
  21. Stanley

    Bridge Named After OG BDr

    RIP, Dan.
  22. Stanley

    Unwelcome Visitors 3:45AM 7/10/12

    I posted this a couple of minutes ago but the pictures didn't turn out. So, sorry if I reposted. Woke up out of a dead sleep at 3:45AM. Got up and checked things out, flipped on the security camera display and sure as shit! Thieves left here at 3:56am and Carlsbad PD arrived in force...
  23. Stanley

    Pictures of the Lovely Couple That Ripped Us Off

    Happened this morning around 4am. Bless their souls, they're probably just misunderstood. I know, the date is wrong. This happened Friday morning around 4am.
  24. Stanley

    Tyrnos 2 Speed $169 at Big 5

    Seems like a good deal except then I'd have to buy a new rod for it.
  25. Stanley

    Support Your Local Tackle Shop North County This Saturday 4/28

    Pat's Bait and Tackle is having his 3 year Anniversary this Saturday. No Sales Tax Free Line with any small baitcaster Free BBQ and Drinks $1 & $5 Raffles Every Hour Pat supports Oceanside Anglers Club and Tourneys with a lot of free tackle. This was a lot of fun last year and should be...
  26. Stanley

    Street Fight!

    I think the black guy won.
  27. Stanley

    Jig Stop in DP Ripped Off in Broad Daylight!

    This guy was pretty bold:
  28. Stanley

    OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4/7/2012

    Anyone else going to give it a try? Open Tourney, have to leave from and return to Oceanside Harbor. Lines in at 6am, weigh-in by 5pm. $20 per angler, $50 boat side pool, $20 Ladies side pool. 100% pay out and the club pitches in a couple of hundred. First place usually takes home $4k+...
  29. Stanley

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Tommy! (I'm Off) Peppermint Anal Lube is in the mail. You're still gay! Your Pal, Spooker
  30. Stanley

    Waterfront Home For Rent with Boatslip

    2 bedrooms 2 baths plus den or office on top floor with great water views. Includes boat slip for up to a 21' boat. Pool, spa, 2 car parking. Great fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, etc. Located in Bristol Cove on Agua Hedionda in Carlsbad, CA. NO PETS! $2,000 @ month (1st...
  31. Stanley

    Not what you want to wake up to at 4am

    Quick response from Carlsbad FD. Probably electrical.
  32. Stanley

    StormWatch 2011

    Lucky Mailman. Von's at 78 & El Camino Real in Carlsbad.
  33. Stanley

    Good Oceanside Cop

    The way it should be:
  34. Stanley

    This Gal Knows How To Clean & Cook Fish

    Might be a good candidate for Tommy's Shop:
  35. Stanley

    PV 6 Nights For Two $399

    Last day of sale. Just ran across it...don't know anything about it.;jsessionid=16127E8CC22ECF9FED38AA07651719B8.app15?sourceid=90524
  36. Stanley

    Plumber (Carlsbad)

    Need a plumber to do some HOA work. Must be currently licensed and bonded (not working under their buddy's license).
  37. Stanley

    SoCal MLPA Closures start October 1st?

    It does according to the San Diego Union:
  38. Stanley

    Dogfight with Lots of Romance

    As much as I hate dog fighting, this one was pretty funny (especially the music) and no one gets hurt. Fuckin' Ruskies:
  39. Stanley

    The (Barn) Owl and Pussycat
  40. Stanley

    Mexican Drug Lord's Home After Raid

    May be a re-post.
  41. Stanley

    2011 OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4-16-11

    Who's in? Rick will post details later but this is an "Advance Notice" to mark your calenders. Open tourney, leave from and return to Oceanside Harbor. Lines in at 6am...return to harbor by 5pm. Checks approaching $6K have been handed out in the past. Watch for future announcements from Rick.
  42. Stanley

    Steve the Lawnmower Man Back in Action

    "Don't fuck up my beer, now!" Poor guy still knows his rights, though. Steve Drunk and High - Neem de
  43. Stanley

    NFL Referees. Seriously, are these guys...

    ...going for their own reality TV show? Only valid call I've seen is Big Ben getting cold-cocked. Ref's shouldn't be a factor in the game. JMO
  44. Stanley

    If the 380 lb. fish spit the hook...

    ...and was then gaffed (don't know how that worked) would the fish still qualify? Or, would it be considered gaffing a free-swimmer? Big fish however they did it. 380-pound tuna caught aboard boat out of Point Loma By Ed Zieralski Originally published November 18, 2010 at 3:04 p.m...
  45. Stanley

    Anyone got a link to the Charger game?

    Post it here as mine's not working. HURRY!
  46. Stanley

    Nation's Wealthiest Meth Dealer BUSTED!

    Whatever... YouTube - Police Seize More Than $50 In Wire From Nation's Wealthiest Crystal Meth Dealer
  47. Stanley

    2010 NFL Football Pool...This is FUN!

    This pool (based in North County) has always been limited to 60 participants. Now, due to the Internet infrastructure, it's unlimited. Cost is $53 and pays weekly then the big winners at the end of the season. Go here to join (then click on new members): Office Football Pool Hosting :: Pro...
  48. Stanley

    Cal-Kona Marine in Oceanside

    As I bitch about everything and hate everyone I thought I'd give a review of a recent experience with Cal-Kona Marine in Oceanside. Most everyone knows this is the old Sunset Marine on Coast Highway in Oceanside that was bought out by their longtime employees Derrick and Dave. They're always...
  49. Stanley

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    Just got the call. No details yet.
  50. Stanley

    North S.D. County Carb Re-Build

    Rochester 4 barrel for a 350 Cheby. Need it quick. (Bob's is out for a family emergency). Any help is appreciated.
  51. Stanley

    My cuz got shot today.

    El Monte Motor Officer on a traffic stop. Can't find out shit down here. Any of you LA guys see anything on the news?
  52. Stanley

    Fun Place to Live! Waterfront with Boatslip for $435,000

    SPAM!! Check out the video: YouTube - 1st Annual Bristol Cove Kayak Race Then check out the place: WATERFRONT WITH BOATSLIP!
  53. Stanley

    Here I am minding my own business when...

    ...Zing Pow...KaBam...some joker slams into the back of me. He's driving on a suspended for no insurance with his kid in the car. Carlsbad PD took his truck for 30 days. Felt kinda bad for the guy as he was just trying to get to work. I thought if you got caught driving on a suspended...
  54. Stanley

    Open Halibut Tourney This Saturday 4/17!

    Get your money in, boys! Thousands of dollars up for grabs and you don't have to be a member to fish this one! Lines in at 6am (low tide) to fish the incoming during a grunion run. Sign up here: Oceanside Anglers Club 2009
  55. Stanley

    PSA...First Time Homebuyers Programs

    Not looking for business but if you know of someone that hasn't owned a home in the last 3's a good time to stop renting. Example: I'm selling a home to a single mom and she qualified for a Cal-Homes loan (which is basically a $38,000 down payment gift from the state and a 4.5%...
  56. Stanley

    Nice Shootin', Tex!

    I guess that's one way to do it. Video: Hunter Shoots Rack to Unlock Bucks | Field & Stream
  57. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 3/9/10

    This will be the only meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (due to the FHS). The rest of the meetings will be on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Oceanside Yacht Club 7pm All are welcome. Pizza Inexpensive Bar Guest Speaker $1 Raffle Great chance to meet your fellow anglers and...
  58. Stanley

    Tsunami Report...Listen to it Live

    Just heard "hundreds on the beach" waiting for it to come (idiots). Unit at launch ramp is reporting 6" rise in the last 5 minutes on an outgoing tide. Click on link then click on the bottom scanner. San Diego Police Scanners
  59. Stanley

    This will Brighten Your Day!

    Apache Clips - Something To Brighten Up Your Day....Enjoy.
  60. Stanley

    Ladies take Top Angler Awards for 2009

    Congratulations to Melanie and Jolene. We have some hardcore anglers in the club but these girls showed 'em how it's done. They tied so each received a David Wirth trophy. Both also won club jackets for individual accomplishments. WTG Ladies! :appl: Congrats also to Rickdiculous for taking...
  61. Stanley

    OAC Awards Banquet Tonight 2/20. SOLD OUT!

    Drinks start at 6pm Dinner at 7pm Awards and Raffle to follow. Note: For those of you that may be interested in checking out the club (due to the FHS) our next meeting will be on the SECOND Tuesday of March (March 9) at the Oceanside Yacht Club. 7pm. The rest of the meetings will be on the...
  62. Stanley

    Amazing site (and you thought Haiti was a shithole)

    Just watched 1 thru 6 and I think they'll add 7 & 8 in the next week or so (scroll down to see additional parts). Check out the one on North Korea, too. Pretty interesting. Next time your kids start complaining...have them take a look how some people live. The Vice Guide to Liberia 1 of 8...
  63. Stanley

    2010 Hooters Calendar

    Wife's Version...
  64. Stanley

    OK All You Quasi-Attorneys and Know-It-Alls

    Michelle is the top-producing salesperson (Employee status) for her company and is basically keeping the company afloat. She is paid hourly plus small commission. Her employer is forcing her to go on commission only, Independent Contractor status. She's afraid of the uncertanty of being...
  65. Stanley

    Video they showed at my office meeting this morning...

    ...something about "Not being afraid of failure". Fuck that. YouTube - Peak 7601 (Alaska) + Terje on a Snowboard = Awesome!
  66. Stanley

    Friggin' Fred 01/10/twenty10

    Casts like a girl and still nails 'em. Even Fatleg got one. None for me.
  67. Stanley

    Xmas Spotfin

    Who knew they were still around? Been fishing them hard mornings and evenings. This is Steve with a typical. Lots of fun on 4lb. test.
  68. Stanley

    In Rememberance of TeamFilthy

    3 years ago today. One of the OG BDrs. 1st time I was ever pulled over by an O'side cop for having a BD sticker. We still remember you, Dan.
  69. Stanley

    Invitation to join Oceanside Anglers Club 2010

    Here's an Open Invitation to join (what many think) is the best fishing club in Southern California. It's only $40 @ year for singles and $55 @ year for families. Different Species Tournaments every month with side pools, Lady Angler Awards and Junior Awards (a check for the Ladies and a new...
  70. Stanley


    Anyone else just feel one?
  71. Stanley

    Xmas Outdoor Decorating Question

    What's the best way to "waterproof" stripcords for outdoor use? And do they even need to be waterproofed? My neighbor says to wrap them in foil. I'm no electrician, but something about that doesn't feel right. Wrap 'em in plastic? Thanks in advance.
  72. Stanley

    Wiping Your Ass...

    ...with a stick! Whatever... Comfort Wipe, The Official Site, As Seen On TV
  73. Stanley

    Halloween Boobies!

  74. Stanley

    Toys for Camp Pendleton Armed Forces YMCA

    In addition to donating Rods and Reels to the kids at Camp Pendleton's AFYMCA, OAC is also conducting a Toy Drive. Lots of these kids have parents that are deployed and are looking at a "slim" Christmas. If you feel so inclined, you can drop toys off at Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside Harbor...
  75. Stanley

    Mantis Shrimp...more than you ever wanted to know

    What an amazing creature! This one is a biologist's look at Mantis Shrimp, but there's a shitload of videos online (posted by Aquarium Guys) of Mantis Shrimp attacking various prey. This one shows how they strike. I also like that they are one of our local species. Sheila Patek clocks the...
  76. Stanley

    Mantis Shrimp...Did you know this?

    Just a FYI about a cool creature. Blogs - Road Runner
  77. Stanley

    One too many...

    ...with a catchy tune. YouTube - Blame it on alcohol....
  78. Stanley

    10 Minutes of Slo-Mo Bullet Impacts

    Kinda cool if you have 10 minutes to waste. YouTube - 1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit
  79. Stanley


    Top floor 2 bedrooms 2 baths plus den/office, fireplace. Wood floors and granite countertops Pool and spa. 2 car parking. Single level with great water views. Boat slip included for up to a 21' boat. Great fishing, wakeboarding, kayaking, etc. Located in Carlsbad. NO PETS! $2,000 @...
  80. Stanley

    Anyone else fishing TroutFest at Big Bear?

    We're probably going up the hill on Thursday. Sounds like the lake is starting to turn over so might be good timing. We have a place in Sugarloaf so let me know if any of you tuna fishing flatlanders are going to be up there.
  81. Stanley

    Last Party of the Summer...

    ...and thank Gawd because I don't think I can take any more. This was the Third Annual Bristol Cove Labor Day Kayak (and Stand Up Paddle Board) Race and it gets bigger every year. Couple of pictures and (by the way) I have a real nice 2 (master) bedroom 2.5 bath split level (about 1,500 sq...
  82. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tuesday 10/1/09 MARLIN!

    Oceanside Yacht Club at 7:00 pm. Joey will be BBQing Burgers and Dogs NO PIZZA! Clayton Dobbs will be the featured speaker talking about Marlin for our September Club Marlin Tourney. Just heard Clayton finished high up there in a recent marlin tourney. Don't have to be a member to attend...
  83. Stanley

    Two Day Offshore Tourney 8/22 & 8/23

    Member only tourney. You have to leave and return to Oceanside Harbor. Lines in at 6am Saturday. Ken has to see you coming into the harbor by 5pm Sunday. No marlin (that's next month's tourney) and no sharks, rays or bait will count. Tourney channel will be 65. Rickdiculous will be the...
  84. Stanley

    Invite to a Fun 2009 NFL Pool

    I play this pool every year and we've always limited it to 60 players. Because of the new format there is no limit on the players. Fun pool, weekly winners, trash talking message board, all online and the more that play the bigger the money. $60 for the season. Straight up win/
  85. Stanley

    Baja's Getting Rocked Today! 8/3/09

    6.9 on the Richter? Hope you boys are OK down there.
  86. Stanley

    Interesting MLPA Article in North County Times

    Don't forget the meetings on Monday and Tuesday in Carlsbad! REGION: State marine areas taking shape : North County Times - Californian 08-01-2009
  87. Stanley

    Son shows Dad how to do it - Beans & SFC 7/22

    Got a late start due to low tide (couldn't get the boat off the lift). Took Todd and his son Tyler out. Double hook-up with Todd's bean and Tylers nice Spotfin. Notice Tyler in the background hooked up.
  88. Stanley

    Sunday Morning at the Spotfin Church 7/19

    Pretty much wide-open on the ghostshrimp. All pretty much this size. Couple of SBB and YFC. Started at 6:30am done by 7:30am.
  89. Stanley

    I'm glad I'm not with my cousin!

    Thought I'd share the most recent email from my cousin, Les, who is on a 6 month journey sailing from Oceanside to Tahiti in his 40' sailboat and is now trying to get back to Hawaii before coming home. Look at their position "7 N" which I think is 7 degrees north of the equator. They are out...
  90. Stanley

    Thanks to FishDope for last night's...

    ...A/V presentation that Marcus gave at our meeting. Marcus did an outstanding job explaining how FishDope works. I'm now convinced if you're going to be out there (chasing the pelagics) FishDope could possibly pay for itself (in savings) in one or two trips plus save money in fuel on later...
  91. Stanley

    SpotFin Fun on the Lagoon 7/7/09

    Made bait and lines in around 7am. Todd (new guy) hooks up almost immediatley with a nice bean. My brother got 4 SFC all over 2lbs. and one close to 5 lbs. Todd got a couple of nice ones and broke off a huge bean at the boat then pulled on a big batray he got bit on 6lb for about 15 mins...
  92. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tuesday Night...FishDope & Hoose

    7pm at the Oceanside Yacht Club. FishDope will give a presentation then Bob Hoose of Berkley will be talking about fishing Calicos for this weekend's OAC Calico Bass Catch and Release Tourney. If you haven't been to one of our meetings this would be a good one to attend. Pizza, cheap bar...
  93. Stanley

    My Brother's a Fag 7/5/09

    Wild 4th of July at the Cove. Mellowed it out with some SFC fishing today. My brother's still a fag.
  94. Stanley

    GOT 'EM! (Thieves that is.)

    Wanna see what thieves look like? Here's an email from a neighbor: Stan, Here's some material for your website. The pictures are of the thieves who stole 4 Kayaks from Bristol Cove. They live on ..... Drive in Carlsbad. They stole the kayaks sometime between June 7th and 10th. One of...
  95. Stanley

    I'm a friggin' idiot and need some help.

    Spent two hours on one of my blogs for a real estate site. Wrote it out on Word Pad to copy and paste, but inadvertently copied a URL to add to the blog. When I paste all I get is the URL that I copied. Am I up shit creek? Just a little background, I did this once before and had to re-write...
  96. Stanley

    My Niece's Rare Chinese Croaker 6/15

    Took a 30 second walk and went out and gave it about an hour with ghost shrimp. My niece, Lauren, loves to fish but is going through a hard time with a wierd leg cancer. We're hoping to save her leg but are more concerned about saving her life. She's been through about 15 surgeries on her leg...
  97. Stanley

    $200 Reward For Retrieval of Wedding Ring...Agua Hedionda

    It's only in 6' of water...very specific area. My nephew was trying the "Standup Paddle Board" thingy in the lagoon. He fell off and lost his Platinum and Gold Wedding Band. His Wifey is pissed. We tried to get it with a mask but too murky. Anyone up for a try? Scuba would probably be best...
  98. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tuesday June 2nd 7:00 pm... the Oceanside Yacht Club in Oceanside Harbor. Guest speakers will be Capt. Jimmy Decker of Pure Fishing. Decker will be talking about light line fishing in conjunction with our upcoming 10lb. tourney on June 13th. (Biggest fish, can't use over 10lb. test line. Members only tourney.)...
  99. Stanley

    Score One For the NRA!

    Not a huge issue but corrects a technicality. It does go to show what a concerted effort can do against the enviros. If you read the article you'll see they slid this into the new credit card bill. Congress votes to allow guns in national parks - Road Runner In a stinging defeat for...
  100. Stanley

    Who Says Smoking Weed Isn't Dangerous?

    Dumb Shit. Man trying to light bong sparks garage fire RANCHO PENASQUITOS — A blaze that destroyed a garage at a house in Rancho Peñasquitos on Thursday evening was sparked by a young man who was trying to light a bong with a torch, authorities said. The 23-year-old man and a...
  101. Stanley

    BDr Busted!

    No nips, lips or dicks...just a PSA. YouTube - Don't masturbate in a car with a sliding roof
  102. Stanley

    Re: OAC Meeting Tonight May 5th Tsharks are on the Menu

    Just confirmed with Scott Aalbers of the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research that he and Chugey will be bringing their full presentation of the Tshark seminar. If you haven't seen this it will blow you away. You don't have to be a member to attend. 7pm Oceanside Yacht Club.
  103. Stanley

    Halibut Tournament Bait

    I'm getting a ton of emails and calls asking what time the bait receiver will be open tomorrow (Saturday) for the Tourney. Just talked to Ken Corwin and he verified the receiver will be open at 4:00 am. Lines in at 6:00 am. Ken has to see you coming into the Harbor by 5:00 pm to weigh a...
  104. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tuesday April 7th

    Oceanside Yacht Club in Oceanside Harbor 7:00 pm.. Info on Saturday's upcoming Open Halibut Tourney. Berkley's Knot Testing Machine will be there. Bring your best knot. Pizza, cheap bar, great $1 Raffle. Hope to see you there.
  105. Stanley

    Baby 'Buts and Bass Monday 4/6/09

    Called Dan Neill at 8am and told him to get his ass over here and let's hit it. Well, he had to finish his coffee, take a shower find his hidden tackle, etc. Finally showed up around 9:30. We fished 'til 11am with 3 'buts (one close to legal and one lost) and a spottie for me. Dan got two...
  106. Stanley

    JUst got this email from my cousin...crossed the equator

    Crazy S.O.B. left out of Oceanside on his Cal 39 headed for Tahiti. Sailing Vessel Obsession from Oceanside Harbor California crossed the equator at O100 ZULU time. That is 6 pm (Thursday) Local California time. Captain Les and first mate John celebrated the crossing in the traditional sailor...
  107. Stanley

    I like the Del Mar FHS

    Everyone talks about how much better the Long Beach show is...and it's definitely bigger. But the Del Mar show is still a good time. I was amazed at the deals to be had, and a lot of vendors I talked to didn't even go to the LB show. Did anyone see the wood wildlife sculptures...
  108. Stanley

    3/4 Day Rock Cod Saturday 3/7/09

    Went on a limited load charter on the Blue Horizon yesterday. Not totally wide open but enough to keep it interesting. Some nice Reds and some huge worm groupers. Had 3 or 4 first timers that kept the chum line going most of the day. Fished mostly in about 300 feet of water (Gawd I hate...
  109. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tuesday March 3rd 7pm

    Oceanside Yacht Club. $5 Pizzas. Guest Speaker is DaGoose talking about pounding sand for Halibut. We'll have entry forms on hand for the Open Halibut Tourney. See you there!
  110. Stanley

    Fun with Sunday Morning SFCs

    Well, more fun than church anyway. My gay brother retained bragging rights with the big fish this morning (24" on the dot). I came in a close second and JB came in a sad, pathetic 3rd. BTW: I've had a lot of people ask me if SFC is any good to eat. Out of the (probably) 100s I've caught out...
  111. Stanley

    Nice Bean

    My brother's been outfishing the shit out of me. He got this yesterday on ghost shrimp. That's Jim Sharp of the Blue Whore (now at H&M) in the background. He's working some great deals on 3/4 day trips.
  112. Stanley

    Changing the Venue for the March 3-4 MLPA Meeting in Ventura

    Do you really think they planned this to coincide with the FHS? I'm guessing YES! I'm not a big supporter of UASC, but this might be worth an e-mail. Dear UASC Supporters, The administrators of the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, Ken Wiseman and Melissa Miller-Henson, have...
  113. Stanley

    Bounce Balling Halibut...How to do it!

    I'm pleased to announce that in conjunction with our Open Halibut Tourney on April 4th, our Guest Speaker on March 3rd will be none other than our own DaGoose! I can't tell you how happy I am that Rick agreed to do this (especially since it's on his birthday). First words out of his mouth were...
  114. Stanley

    Yuma, the Apache Goshawk...Killing Machine

    You might remember my thread about the Falcon and Goshawk brought down to Carlsbad from up north. Indigo just shot me this pix of Yuma at work on a seagull.
  115. Stanley

    Post Valentine's Day or Pre-Storm Spotfin 2/15/09

    They're still going off in the lagoon...just gotta know where and how. Here's my bro' with a fun one on 6lb test. I think we got 5 in about an hour.
  116. Stanley

    Another example of why gun ownership... a good thing. Badass Homeowner Fires Back at M16 AR15 Wielding Robbers -
  117. Stanley

    Cool Bird and a Couple of Spotfins

    My buddy came down from up north to do some winter fishing in the lagoon and brought a couple of his birds. These are working birds used to mitigate seagulls at landfills and airports. The falcon was beautiful. Here's a pic of him with one of the spotfins and me with the falcon. The other...
  118. Stanley

    OAC Annual Open Halibut Tourney April 4th, 2009

    This is our one tournament of the year that is open to non-members. You have to leave from Oceanside Harbor and return to Oceanside Harbor. Ken Corwin is tournament director and has final say about anything having to do with all tournaments. We had a good turnout last year and as usual I...
  119. Stanley

    By Golly...Steve knows his rights!

    You tell 'em, Steve! Poor dude, just can't catch a break. YouTube - Steve the Lawn Mower Guy's Domestic Arrest Video 3 YouTube - Steves Riding Lawn Mower DUI Arrest Video YouTube - Steves Riding Lawn Mower DUI Taser Arrest Video 2
  120. Stanley

    To Carry (Concealed Weapon) or Not?

    San Diego County makes it a bitch to get a CCW permit. Is it worth the risk of getting pulled over for a traffic violation and get a charge of a concealed weapon? The "I'd rather have it and not need it or need it and not have it" doesn't pull any weight with the courts. A Glock .40 fits...
  121. Stanley

    New Game All Can Play...

    ...during that long ride to the fishing grounds. (Damn, I'm bored!) YouTube - Russian Roulette with a knife
  122. Stanley

    Help Save the Kittens from...

    ...Evil Fishermen! (or "I got your SeaKittens right here!") - KITTENS used as bait for sharks and marlin! My Bad...didn't see that macdaddy posted this last night.
  123. Stanley

    Dick Helgren Services 1/12/09

    "Plans for Dad's Memorial Service have been made for Monday January 12, 2009 at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Oceanside. The address is 609 Pierview Way. It will be a Memorial/Mass at 10a.m. Right afterwards will be the scattering of ashes departing from the Oceanside Harbor. We (the...
  124. Stanley

    Close...but not quite Nips!

    Northern European Version Go Chargers!! Men Love Boobs! XXL Edition * Movie Update!* | WhiteLineFirm
  125. Stanley

    For Your Entertainment...Apaches!

    Just some fun stuff you may not have seen. Apache Clips - Best: Apache Engages Group Of Insurgents
  126. Stanley

    Dick Helgren R.I.P.

    Message from Joey and Janie (son and daughter): "This afternoon approximately 3:30pm Dad started on the longest trip of his life, probably the smoothest ocean he will ever be on. He went with love and many prayers to guide him to his final sail. He left on his final long range trip, tanks are...
  127. Stanley

    24 Hours of Worldwide Air Traffic

    Dang! YouTube - Air traffic in 24 hours.wmv
  128. Stanley

    Responses to this article crack me up!

    Friggin' PotHeads! But the responses are pretty funny. North County smoke shops raided by authorities Didn't anyone see this movie? Download movies free video downloads movie classic movie free videos tv shows cartoons commercials music video media mpeg movies - Reefer Madness
  129. Stanley

    Dick Helgren Auto Accident

    For those of you that didn't know, Dick Helgren (owner of Helgren's Landing in Oceanside) was involved in a bad car wreck a few days ago. Although he was in a drug-induced coma, he now is moving his arms and opening his eyes. Dick is at Scripps Hospital. Here's a link for updates on his...
  130. Stanley

    Guess they didn't want to stop

    Interesting way to stop a boat. Anyone know where I can get the sound track? - Russian coast guard in work
  131. Stanley

    Season Ending OAC Meeting Last Night 11/4

    Our last meeting of the season and I think one of the best. Although we had no "official" speaker, it was interesting to hear about Knot for Rent's trip down to Cabo for the Bisbee and Big Joe gave a great impromptu Q&A mini-seminar on the Thresher Shark closure and the upcoming MLPA process...
  132. Stanley

    Client just called re: Papa J and his Tax Refund Thingy. WTF?

    J, Mr. Unger just called me thanking me for referring him to you. Who knew this shit actually worked? He's a happy guy about the amount of money you saved him. He told me you were a straight shooter. I told him you were as gay as a $3 bill. Thanks for helping out one of my clients...
  133. Stanley

    10/7/08 OAC Meeting Tonight!

    Bring a toy for the toy drive. Special guest speaker: Ken Corwin 7:00 pm Oceanside Yacht Club Cheap Bar Pizza
  134. Stanley

    If you're going to coldcock someone... should probably make sure they go down. Yellow Man vs Red Man -
  135. Stanley

    "Lame Captain" Thread Shouldn't Have Been Closed

    This is just my personal opinion but...WTF? I understand closing a thread due to legal constraints (i.e. possible lawsuits for slandering, etc.) but closing this one? It came nowhere near that criteria. I don't get it. A guy had a problem with a captain of a SF and voiced his opinion...
  136. Stanley

    Polar Bears and Sled Dogs GRAPHIC

    . - Polar Bear and Husky`s
  137. Stanley

    Private Waterfront Home 2 BR + Den & Boatslip $2,200 @ month

    Single level, new wood floors, new granite, soaring vaulted ceilings. Pool, spa, 2 car parking. Great views. Boat slip will accomodate up to a 21' boat. Great fishing, kayaking, wakeboarding, etc. Tenant only pays electric and phone. Located in Bristol Cove on Agua Hedionda in Carlsbad. NO...
  138. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 8/5/08 Offshore Tourney Info

    7pm at Oceanside Yacht Club (Bartender promises to show up) Pizza Cheap Drinks Last Month's Tourney $$ Hand-outs Raffle Guest Speaker: Clayton Dobbs Ken will go over this month's Off Shore Tourney Info
  139. Stanley

    I swore I never own 2 boats....BUT...

    ...What the fuck, you only live once, right? Gas guzzlin' 19.5 ft Glastron with a 5.7 litre V8 Volvo Penta with Cobra outdrive (70 hours on the whole rig). No rod holders, no bait system...just good for booze cruizin' the lagoon and dragging the kids around. Got it up to 50 mph yesterday at...
  140. Stanley

    Got my MLPA Interview Activation...

    ...hope you guys signed up 'cause this train is rollin'! Hello Stan Hogan, We just wanted to let you know that the account activation links are being sent out. You should receive an Email with detailed instructions and the activation link to get you started soon. If you...
  141. Stanley Do you know your neighbor?

    :D Felon Spy - You Need To Know Who Your Neighbors Are | Begin Your Search
  142. Stanley

    North County MLPA Meeting Tonight 7/9/08

    Where: Hilton Garden Inn 6450 Carlsbad Blvd. Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 476-0800 When: Wednesday July 9th 5:30pm to 8:30 pm This is your chance to find out what the MLPA Initiatives are all about. According to BigJoe they will have a number...
  143. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 7/1/08 Calico C&R Tourney Info

    All are invited. Oceanside Yacht Club 7pm. Pizza Cheap Bar Calico Seminar Raffle
  144. Stanley

    This Farmers Insurance Group Agent is a Lying POS!

    Or maybe I shoulda just read the small print. But, even the agent AND adjuster told me no one reads I can't get away with that shit in Real Estate! Let me preface this by saying I have been with Farmers for 15 some odd years...never a claim, never a ticket. In fact, I have huge...
  145. Stanley

    Re: The BD Article is this week's WON

    Looks like Brandon Hayward let BD have it pretty good over that whole West Cove debacle. I've always been proud to be a member of this site...but that was definitely a low point. Perhaps someone with a degree of moderation (AND CAN FRIGGIN' SPELL) would care to respond to Brandon's article...
  146. Stanley

    Anyone talk to Big Joe/WageBurner OTW Today? 6/14

    I know he went long last night out of MB and was trying for the Knuckle. He's supposed to be back tomorrow (Sunday). Anyone talk to him today?
  147. Stanley

    OAC 10lb. Test Tourney Saturday 6/7/08

    I'll be fishing with Bart and Dan on Lucky Dog. Committee Boat will be Rickdiculous on Channel 65. Lines in at the harbor by 5pm. Good Luck and Be Safe!
  148. Stanley

    Anyone need Lakers Playoff Tickets?

    UN-FRIGGIN'-BELIEVEABLE! E SUITE STE 1 $50,288.00 each View Details E SUITE STE 1 $51,431.00 each View Details A Level Suite 1 $55,000.00 each View Details
  149. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tuesday 6/3/08 10lb Tourney Info

    Should be a good meeting Tuesday Night 7pm at Oceanside Yacht Club. Bob Hoose and Capt. Jimmy Decker from Pure Fishing/Berkley will be talking about new techniques in light line fishing. Ken will be answering the usual questions about the upcoming 10lb. Tournament Pizza Cheap Bar...
  150. Stanley

    Fatleg Caught Me Dinner Tonight/Fish Report

    My neighbor and I usually go out nightly on the docks in front of our place, toss some plastics and drink a beer (beats sitting on our ass watching TV). Decided to keep this 24" halibut for dinner. I only caught a short spottie. It was cool seeing the fillet flopping in the frying pan...
  151. Stanley

    Young Girl Stripping...

    ...her AR15 YOU PERVERT! YouTube - McKenzie -11yo Girl Sets New Record for Field Stripping AR15
  152. Stanley

    $500 Spotfin Croaker

    Fished the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation's First Annual Celebrity Fishing Tournament on Saturday (5/17). Fished a spot away from everyone else and Ty (Oceanside Anglers Club), myself (Oceanside Anglers Club) and Jimmy Sharp (Blue Horizon Sportfishing) placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Croaker...
  153. Stanley

    Anyone else fishing Barrett Tomorrow? 5/7/08?

    Opening Day! Leaving from Carlsbad at 3am. We'll be in my brother's new white Altima (our new go-to fishing vehicle). Throwing Rat-L-Traps, Frogs, Jigs and Blades in the morning. Probably resort to Drop-shots in the PM. Gonna try to stay all day (unless we run out of beer). Give a...
  154. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 5/6/08 Reminder

    Oceanside Yacht Club 7pm. We'll be passing out checks for the Halibut Tourney and the Thresher Shark Tourney. Raffle, Pizza, Cheap Bar...hope to see you there.
  155. Stanley

    Need Judges For North County Fishing Tourney 5/17

    This is for the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation Celebrity Fishing Tournament on May 17th. The guy running the show just called and says he's under the gun to find some more judges. Fishing times will be 7am to 1pm. Each angler has a whistle, when a fish is caught the judge measures and...
  156. Stanley

    OAC Thresher Tourney 5/3/08 OK Boys...

    ...get your money in by 7pm Friday night (drop it off at Ken's or in the box next to the weigh scales). Ken's been re-rigging a shitload of B.O.M.s and putting new line on a lot of big reels. This is a club tourney only. Rickdiculous will be the Committee Boat on Channel 65. Call in your...
  157. Stanley

    Saluki's on a Roll...

    You fucker...I have some very interesting and provocative replies to some of these threads (which I'm sure everyone wants to hear) and you're closing them down before I can set my drink down and type. Fucker.
  158. Stanley

    Agua Hedionda 2nd Hand Report

    Small Hailbuts are starting to go off. I was waiting (hoping) this Osprey was going to snag this baby out of this guy's hand.
  159. Stanley

    Reminder: Tshark Seminar Tonight 4/15 OYC

    Oceanside Yacht Club in the Harbor at 7pm. Did anyone go to the one in Newport?
  160. Stanley

    Photo-chopped? Kobe jumps over speeding car.

    If it's real, I'm sure the Lakers front office doesn't appreciate this. Other than that...would've been interesting to see him miss. YouTube - Kobe Bryant Jumps over an Aston Martin(car)
  161. Stanley

    Got Opening Day Barrett Tickets!

    We fish it every year but this will be the first Opening Day. If you've never fished's an adventure to Jamul. From the line-up (4AM against traffic alongside the road) to the train in and out. Last year was slow with 49 fish for me from 6AM to 1PM. Year before that was 59 and...
  162. Stanley

    Halibut Fishing the Tourney Was Tough Today! 4/5/08

    63 boats and 196 anglers. All but two boats in the boat side pot. Someone's going to be taking home $6K plus or minus a few dollars for 1st place (subject to final accounting). Team Bloody Mary was a cluster fuck trying to get out of the harbor. Finally got out around 7:15AM (with the help...
  163. Stanley

    OAC Tourney...Good Luck Tomorrow, Boys!

    Noticed some of you cheaters have been out pre-fishing the tourney! :D Bait Receiver is supposed to open at 4AM. I'll be fishing on Dan-Neill's boat with Dan and Tommy (I'm Off). Team Bloody Mary! Lines in at 6AM...Ken has to see you coming into the harbor by 5PM if you want to weigh a...
  164. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 4/1/08 Halibut Tourney Info and Seminar

    Meeting tonight 4/1/08 at the Oceanside Yacht Club starts at 7pm. Clayton Dobbs will be our guest speaker for the Open Halibut Tourney this Saturday. Clayton gives a good talk and will have some swag to hand out. Cheap bar and pizza will be on hand. Raffle will be great (as usual) and...
  165. Stanley

    Went fishing out of Mission Bay...

    ...and was welcomed home. I got no problem with these guys. Eric (the LEO in the RIB) is cool. 6th picture down Eric's partner was on his hands and knees checking out our catch (also notice Gary's arm...the only deckie I know that can lip a lingcod). Bunch of whitefish and a few reds at the...
  166. Stanley

    God Bless the Irish!

    Wishing all my fellow Irishmen a Happy St. Patricks Day! A man stumbles up to the only other patron in a bar and asks if he could buy him a drink. "Why of course," comes the reply. The first man then asks: "Where are you from?" "I'm from Ireland," replies the second man. The...
  167. Stanley

    OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4/5/08...Here's Last Year's Winner!

    This is what the competition is going to be like...think you're up to it? Notice a righty and a lefty. Sign up here: Oceanside Anglers Club BTW: You can fish this tourney from a kayak as long as you leave and return to do need to call in all boated legal fish.
  168. Stanley

    Thresher Shark Seminar 4/15/08

    This is in Newport, Oceanside and San Diego. They claim to have some incredible footage of Tsharks and will be discussing the Tshark fishery and methods to increase survivability of released Tsharks. I don't know about the other venues but I would get to the Oceanside one early if you want a seat.
  169. Stanley

    OAC Open Halibut Tournament 4/5/08 it is! The Annual Oceanside Anglers Club Open Halibut Tournament on Saturday April 5th. You don't have to be a member to fish this tourney. The kid that won it last year walked away with a fist full of cash. You have to leave and return to Oceanside Harbor. C'mon Mike (...
  170. Stanley

    SPOT -- Live to tell about it

    Anyone check these out yet? For $170 (retail) plus $60 per year...seems like a good alternative to Epirb. Home - SPOT Satellite Messenger Hey...if it's good enough for Les Stroud...
  171. Stanley

    No T Report 3/12 Me and Big Joe

    Big Joe calls at 1:30 and says, "Let's Go!" Meet him at the harbor, launch Wage Burner and out the harbor by 2:45. Shot straight out to the 500 fathom curve at 30 knots. (Joe's typical speed to go anywhere) and put out the BOMs with frozen macks. Trolled north to up between the Golf Ball...
  172. Stanley

    Rumor has it...

    ...someone got the first YT (leaving and returning to O'side) for the club. Rick?
  173. Stanley

    NMFS Tshark Tagging Seminar North County

    I was contacted today by the NMFS to see if there would be an interest in a Thresher Shark tagging seminar in North County. Topics will include the satellite tagging program, methods to increase survivability of tail hooked and mouth hooked released sharks and conventional tagging. They would...
  174. Stanley

    SuperBowl Pool...$1,000 to me!

    Nailed that S.O.B. Year long NFL pool that netted me $125. Last year I won it, but this year I tried my own style that got my ass in 52nd place. Resorted to the way that won it for me last year and ended up tied for 3rd for $125.. Took out $60 and gave the rest to the sisters running the...
  175. Stanley

    "Easy on the Eyes" coming back?

    Not that I need it. Looks like there's some background construction going on around here. Just heard on the news it's -40 degrees (wind chill) in Fargo.
  176. Stanley

    Waterfront Condo 2 BR + Den & Boatslip $650K

    Imagine waking up every morning to a view of nothing but water. This is a 2 Master Suites plus den with boatslip, pool, spa and one of the best fisheries in North San Diego County (Carlsbad). We've caught huge croakers (spotfin, chinese and WSB), halibuts, spotties, leopards, turdrollers...
  177. Stanley

    Reminder: OAC Awards Banquet 2/16/08

    Just a quick reminder to get your reservations in for the OAC Awards Banquet on February 16th at El Camino Country Club. Getting your reservations in by February 1st qualifies you for a special Early Bird Drawing. If you didn't get a Reservation Form in the mail you can pick one up at Ken's...
  178. Stanley

    Getting shitty in TJ 1/17/08

    Just heard on the news of a gun battle taking place for the last 1.5 hours at a school in TJ. 500 State and Fed Policia were conducting a raid on a cartel HQ (but were tipped off) and the bad guys took refuge in the school. Update at 11. Sounds like the good guys are taking this seriously...
  179. Stanley

    Spy Video---2009 Ford F-150

    Looks like they have their sites on the Tundra (horsepower-wise). Exclusive Video and Spy Photos: 2009 Ford F-150
  180. Stanley

    Spot the Pedophile...A Test.

    63% C- I need to be more vigilant. No cheating! How to spot a pedophile.
  181. Stanley

    Another Hero Down...R.I.P. Stryker

    This sucks. Pursuit ends in death of police dog, authorities say - North County Times - Oceanside -
  182. Stanley

    Using the last of my 2007 Fishing License.

    Happy New Year to All My BD and OAC Friends! (Only got a small batray....but used up the last of that license.)
  183. Stanley

    Small Contribution to ASYMCA for Christmas

    Oceanside Anglers Club has been collecting money all year to buy bikes for the Armed Services YMCA on Camp Pendleton. We trucked 42 bikes out there 2 weeks ago (thanks to Bill at El Camino Rentals for donating the truck) and today was the big day. Turns out...this thing is HUGE! Our 42 bikes...
  184. Stanley

    Someone buy this motor so I can go fishing.

    Just dropped the price from $1,500 to $1,000 for a brand spanking new Mercury 9.9 hp 4 stroke. My brother's going to use the money to take me fishing for stripers on Meade. Someone buy this thing!
  185. Stanley

    Thanks for the memories, Evil!

    From beating the shit out of your attorney with a bat to jumping the Snake were definitely one of a kind. YouTube - Evel Knievel at Caesar's Palace Godspeed. Edit: I didn't see the earlier post about this. I'll defer to that.
  186. Stanley

    Low-lifes at it again.

    Fished these out of the lagoon the day before yesterday. I'm thinking they stole them and maybe thought someone saw they dumped 'em in saltwater. Bikes looked new and expensive. They're now in possession of Carlsbad PD.
  187. Stanley

    Since I'm being FORCED to watch the CMA's Tonight... my date this Saturday night. Gotta love Hank Parker. YouTube - Brad Paisley-I'm Gonna Miss Her
  188. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 9/6/07

    Last meeting of the year! We've got a lot of stuff to get rid of so the Raffle will be HUGE! Oceanside Yacht Club at 7:00 pm. Bring a toy.
  189. Stanley

    Man's Best Friend...

    ...and newest member of the family. Click Here"]Click Here[/URL]
  190. Stanley

    Camp Pendleton BloodyDecker?

    Trying this again. Does anyone know the screen name of the teacher on Camp Pendleton? This is the guy that wanted small sharks to dissect for his class. Oceanside Anglers Club wants to donate a bunch of new bikes and toys to the local kids on Camp Pendleton instead of doing the Toys for Tots...
  191. Stanley

    Need help locating Camp Pendleton BDr

    Looking for the guy that's a school teacher on Camp Pendleton. I thought he had a post here looking for small sharks to dissect with his students. I'll be damned if I can find the thread. Let me know if anyone can help out. Thanks.
  192. Stanley

    North County BDrs That Want To Help

    My neighbor works for Carlsbad School District and sent me this email today: Subject: Fire victims > Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:22:34 -0700 > > Dear Carlsbad Community: > > The following communication is being sent to you through different email contacts in hopes of immediately helping...
  193. Stanley

    Being evacuated? FYI

    Just heard John Garamendi (CA Lt. Governor) stating California Homeowner Policies are mandated to provide hotel re-imbursement if you are ordered to evacuate. Check with your agent for details.
  194. Stanley

    Alaskan Brothers

  195. Stanley

    Dear Uncle Ron,

    Thanks for the PM. Warmly yours,
  196. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 10/2/07

    Be sure to bring a toy for Toys For Tots and receive TWO raffle tickets. 7pm Oceanside Yacht Club. Pizza and cheap bar available.
  197. Stanley

    SPAM! 1st Annual Bristol Cove Kayak Race!

    SoCal's Best Kept Secret! It's only going to get better next Labor Day. Bristol Cove's 1st Annual Labor Day Kayak Race (Turn up the music). Contact me if you're tired of where you live and are interested in a place that's a blast. I've got some killer deals. YouTube - 1st Annual Bristol...
  198. Stanley

    I.C.E. (P.S.A.) I'm invincible too, but...

    ...I did this on my cell phone at the behest of my loved ones. This was forwarded to me: Put this on your cell phones. Subject: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY I.C.E. - meaning "In Case of Emergency" By now all of you have heard of the I-35 Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis. Tragedies like this start...
  199. Stanley

    Costco Pharmacy

    Forwarded to me and Yes I know these are manufacturer costs and not all the money spent on R&D to get a drug approved by the FDA, but a 570,000% markup for Xanax? Subject: Costco - This is Interesting! And true, per This is worth reading. Be sure to read to the...
  200. Stanley

    Good Use of a Cat...

    ...finally. YouTube - How to Untangle Headphones Using a Cat I'm calling bullshit, though.
  201. Stanley

    Manta Rays off Dana Point?

    What next...wahoos off Catalina? Beach Blog » Blog Archive » Rare sight: Manta rays spotted off Dana Point -
  202. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 9/4/07

    Oceanside Yacht Club at 7pm. Pizza, Raffle and talk about Marlin Fishing.
  203. Stanley

    LLWS Chandler AZ vs Solana Beach CA on now

    ESPN. Hope it's a good game since it doesn't look like the Raider game is gonna be on TV...same with the Padre game.
  204. Stanley

    OAC First Marlin Flag

    Congratulations to Matt Allen and wife on LandEscape for getting the first marlin flag for the club. He just called and said it was quite an adventure as there was only his wife, 2 sleeping kids and himself to subdue the fish. Apparently, a giant Mako was closeby checking the fish out...
  205. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 8/7/07

    Oceanside Yacht Club at 7pm. Don't forget to bring a wrapped toy for the Toys For Tots campaign.
  206. Stanley

    Fish Report 8/2/07 Coronados

    Got one fish out of 13 hook-ups due to the dawgs. UNFUCKING REAL!!! Deadheaded on a 3/4 day Sportie to the Coronados today and the bowzers were thick. Not uncommon to have 10-15 sealions surrounding the boat within 10 minutes of dropping the hook. Cool thing was a 12 year old noobie...
  207. Stanley

    27,000+ Members here and I have 2 waterfront, boat slip ready...great fishing...

    North San Diego County in Carlsbad, CA. Where else can you live in SoCal...with a boat dock out front...probably one of the best year-round fisheries for WSB, Striped Bass, Spotties beyond belief, giant Spotfin Croakers, huge class wakeboarding area...excellent kayak...
  208. Stanley

    Palegic Fish Bag For Sale

    Not affiliated. Pelagic insulated fish bag 60"x30"
  209. Stanley

    Fucking Padres!

    I'm so sick of this shit. Another blown 3 run lead. I'm turning it off.
  210. Stanley

    Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    I agree with the jail sentence...but making them watch the Bears games? Wisconsin Couple Sentenced to Jail for Locking Up Boy During Packers Game 07-23-2007 7:00 PM MILWAUKEE (Associated Press) -- A couple who admitted locking a 7-year-old boy in his room with a bucket for a toilet...
  211. Stanley

    More Fun at the Ramp

    Watched him launch and was thinking, "Dang, that new E-Tec looks a little big for that boat." Turns out the guy was taking his boat for one final spin before's still for sale.
  212. Stanley

    Anyone hear about a boat getting rocked on a jetty? 7/7/07

    Heard it on 16. Boat was breaking up and people climbing up on the jetty. One of our guys thought it was O'side. Could've been anywhere from SD to LA. Anyone hear anything? BTW: Fished the OAC Calico C&R Tourney today. We friggin' sucked!
  213. Stanley

    New Driving Laws 7/1/07 Re-Post

    Just a reminder. The new laws supposedly take effect on 7/1/07. I haven't Snoped this but I'm assuming it's true. New California Laws effective 7/1/07 New Driving Fines for 2007 1. Carpool lane - 1st time $1068.50 starting 7/1/07 (The $271 posted on the highway is old). Don't do it...
  214. Stanley

    No Room for Error

    . Special Ops Extraction*Video
  215. Stanley

    2nd Cast 6/8/07 2:15pm

    Just watched this guy launch and nail a little flattie on his 2nd cast.
  216. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight 6/5/07

    7pm at Oceanside Yacht Club. We'll be going over this Saturday's 10lb Tourney.
  217. Stanley

    Coronado Islands 6/4/07

    Did a favor for a friend today and took the day off to deck on his boat. 12 passengers (10 rental rods...make that 9, one guy had a Torium he was holding upside down, reeling backwards, WITH THE FRIGGIN CLICKER ON!) The YTs are definitely there (and they're a good grade of fish), you just...
  218. Stanley

    Refurbishing a Condo in Carlsbad...Need Help.

    Just thought I'd give this a try here. Need a General to do paint, "cushioned" wood floors, toilets, sinks, hanging front doors (big and heavy), carpet in 2 bedrooms and living room (maybe...might go wood everywhere), new kitchen countertops, stove and microwave installation. Probably a bunch...
  219. Stanley

    Playing with Baby GW's

    I'd like to see him do this shit with a 20 footer...or a big Tiger for that matter. BTW: If this is a re-post...BITE ME! Swimming with a Great White - Diving into the jaws of death - on Bore Me
  220. Stanley

    Happy Birthday, Duke!

    100 years old today!
  221. Stanley

    Bug ID?

    I'm guessing some kind of cricket? Niece found it yesterday.
  222. Stanley

    So Much For Re-Rigging BOM's

    Fuck Me In The Neck.
  223. Stanley

    Good Luck Tomorrow Boyz! 5/12

    This ought to be interesting with the number of 400+ lb. Threshers being caught locally. Can anyone say ClusterFuck? Lines in at 6am...we're leaving the dock at 5am. Bluefin II is the Tourney Boat on channel 65. I'll be on LandEscape monitoring the normal channels.
  224. Stanley

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids

    ...or snakes for that matter. Idiots. - Kid With Cobra
  225. Stanley


    Some people never learn. Aslan kafesinde dehþet / Video / pakistan, aslan, kafes, þiddet, vahþet, þiddetli, hayvan, hayvanlar, haber, geliþme, sondakika, sakar, sakarlar, dalgýn, hata, kaza,
  226. Stanley

    OTW Report 5/4/07 Exploding TLD 50II

    Got a call from my cousin at 10:45am they were hooked up big. Got the next call at 11:15am, reel froze up, frame started cracking...then rod broke. Definitely a sea monster. Black and purple BOM. If you're going to use a plastic framed reel on these big sharks, be prepared to lose it and...
  227. Stanley

    OAC Meeting tonight 5/1/07 was the best yet!

    Well, if you missed tonight's missed a good one. Greg Stotesbury from AFTCO was the guest speaker and maintained the rapt attention of all that attended. You could hear a pin drop while he was giving his Thresher Shark presentation. I've caught my fair share of T-sharks but I...
  228. Stanley

    One of the Dangers of Porn

    Guy With Sword Bust Into Another Guy's House at
  229. Stanley

    Three Lost at Big Bear Lake.

    Just saw it on the news. Two from Escondido and one from Oceanside. Looks like a capsized 14' skiff. All in their 70's and all bodies recovered. Apparently it happened last night. Very sad.
  230. Stanley

    Feeding a bass

    bass eating a mouse!! -
  231. Stanley

    BD Sighting on TV

    Just saw the Hook sporting his BD shirt on Fox6.
  232. Stanley

    Moray biting thumb off

    Someone post the link...I can't find it.
  233. Stanley

    I don't even like AC/DC...

  234. Stanley

    Just Passing Along the Info

    Got this PSA from my office today: Cancer update -- Johns Hopkins -- Cancer News from Johns Hopkins: 1. No plastic containers in micro. 2. No water bottles in freezer. 3. No plastic wrap in microwave. Johns Hopkins has recently sent this out in its newsletters. This...
  235. Stanley

    Gotta Love Bikini Contests

    I wanna see the XXX version. Bikini contest erupts into a cat-fight
  236. Stanley

    Saturday Night 3/10 Agua Hedionda

    The lagoon's totally going off on the spotties and the 'buts, but some of us just hang at our little beach and use dead squid and sardines in a sand stake after dinner. 7pm start time and it was slow. But, who gives a shit while sitting in a beach chair, cigar and a cocktail and...
  237. Stanley

    "Forums Jump" dropdown

    Am I the only one that lost it at the bottom of the page? I used to have it... Fuckin' Corky!
  238. Stanley

    Says it all...

    Georgia Truck Driver Steps Forward to Claim Half of a $390 Million Lottery Jackpot 03-07-2007 8:06 PM By DORIE TURNER, Associated Press Writer DALTON, Ga. (Associated Press) -- A Georgia truck driver stepped forward Wednesday to claim half of a $390 million jackpot, the richest...
  239. Stanley

    OK! For all you North County BD'rs...

    ...that wanted me to give them a "heads up" for the Oceanside Anglers Club meeting, it's tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7pm, Oceanside Yacht Club. Don't make me individually call you out. Show up, get a name tag and come up and introduce yourself. Now to the fish report. I'm turning this in...
  240. Stanley

    2nd Hand Agua Hedionda Report

    Just talked to 2 kayakers that just got done as the wind is coming up. Says in 3 hours they got 40 spotties between the 2 of them on Gulp! New Penny Shrimp. One guy said he got 50 yesterday by himself. The lagoon's starting to catch fire!
  241. Stanley

    Semper Fi, dude!

    70 year old Marine kicks some ass in Costa Rica.
  242. Stanley

    Commercial Fishing License Questions

    That guy from Hawaii looking to buy Yellowtails brought to mind some questions. A commercial resident license is about $101...if you buy one do you also need to buy a Sportfishing license? If not, do you need to buy a Vessel commercial license for your boat ($262) to fish off it? Just...
  243. Stanley

    Creature of Agua Hedionda Lagoon

    Just stepped out on my patio and noticed this. Not saying anything...I'm just sayin' I may need a bigger kayak.
  244. Stanley

    Fine...Happy Valentine's Day to You, too.
  245. Stanley

    Marlin Fishing amongst Sharks...

    ...Aussie style. YouTube - 450 pound Black Marlin eaten by shark
  246. Stanley

    How do you prepare your steaks for the BBQ?

    As a chronic meat eater, I have a hard time passing up a nice NY Strip, or filet, or Porterhouse for that matter. I'm tired of the Lawry's Seasoned Salt, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, or Worcestershire way of BBQing these steaks. A good Filet Mignon I just add a little salt and pepper...please give...
  247. Stanley

    Making your own diamonds... two geniuses! Revver Goodies: The Ghetto Way To Manufacture Diamonds
  248. Stanley

    Attn: North County BDrs...Your Personal Invitation!

    For those of you that have been too bashful to check out Oceanside Anglers're missing out on some great meetings. Our prez, J Graham, was outstanding as MC of the annual banquet held at El Camino Country Club this past Saturday night. Thanks, Jack. I think we handed out over...
  249. Stanley

    Hunting Wolves...

    ...with eagles. I had no idea. YouTube - Eagle Hunters - Vercuchi
  250. Stanley

    Updated DMV changes for 2007 FYI

    TRAFFIC VIOLATION FINES AS OF JANUARY 1, 2007 Updates on traffic Violation Fines: 1. Carpool lane - 1st time $1068.50 starting 1/1/07 (NOT $271, posted on the highway is old). 2nd time offense - Doubled. 3rd time - Tripled. 4th time License Suspension. 2. Incorrect lane...
  251. Stanley


    Short Version. YouTube - fuck
  252. Stanley

    WWF 1989 Royal Rumble

    Boy, did this bring back some memories of my son and I watching this (he was 8) and rooting for Hulk Hogan. Called by Mean Gene, Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon. If you have an hour to waste... WWF_Royal_Rumble_1989_Battle_Royal.mpg - Google Video
  253. Stanley

    Tijuana cops ordered to turn in guns

    They'll still be on patrol...but accompanied by armed Federales. This should get interesting. Are the state police any less corrupt than the city police?
  254. Stanley

    Sugar Bowl...College Football at it's finest!

    I don't think Notre Dame stands a chance and dang...those LSU girls look fine. Anyway... GO FIGHTING IRISH!
  255. Stanley

    Border Patrol Helo just crashed...

    ...Vermonster and Chris need to check in. Prayers to all involved.
  256. Stanley

    Lake Wohlford 12/27

    Got so caught up in stirrin' shit that I forgot to post my report. Wohlford is where I caught my first fish ever, so I have an affinity for this lake. 35 minutes from my home. 5,000 lbs. stocked on 12/21, so I talked my brother into giving it a try. We were first there, fishing starts at...
  257. Stanley

    I find it patently offensive...

    ...morally rehensible and probably illegal that you have done away with "Easy on the Eyes". This is age discrimination at it's worst. You'll be hearing from my attorney. Seeker, Olympus, Kencor and BD all suck!
  258. Stanley

    BD'r Surgery!

    Be the man you want to be! Line forms to the left. (This is a medical procedure for the welfare of my the no lips, nips or dicks thing doesn't count) CRIME PHOTOS - GRAPHIC CONTENT 18+
  259. Stanley

    Don't ever let that asshole Spooker...

    ...borrow your camera because he will leave it on top of your car, then you will get to watch it tumble off in the #2 lane of I-5 at 70mph. I got the memory stick back and it works! I'm gonna try this: Dear Olympus, That C-5000 Zoom you sold me quit working. Please send me a new one...
  260. Stanley

    Adam's (Aclemieux) Journey "from" Maine

    Adam just called...sounds like he's stuck in a bar in Portland Maine trying to get back to Oceanside. Something about the airline screwing up his reservation or the weather or some bullshit. I say it takes him longer to fly back here than it took him to drive to Maine.
  261. Stanley

    OMFG! Chargers!

    Do you believe it? Don't know if Rivers is a ProBowl QB but by gawd that was a helluva finish for the Bolts.
  262. Stanley

    For Jason's MySpace

    . Fake Your Space | Be Popular | MySpace, FaceBook
  263. Stanley

    Found this on Google

    Don't know how long this will last so watch it while you can. Free Movies & Documentaries - Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)
  264. Stanley

    Why Santa says HO HO HO

    . - A side of Santa not often seen
  265. Stanley

    Who do you self-employed guys use for Health Insurance?

    Fucking Kaiser just raised my premiums up almost $700 @ year. That's not the total I pay, that's just how much they raised it by (20%). And that's just for me! Going from $316 to $374 a month. I know Health Insurance isn't cheap...but fuck! I actually like my Kaiser primary physician and...
  266. Stanley

    Adam's (Aclemieux) Journey to Maine

    Just got a call from Adam. They left yesterday towing the boat to Maine driving straight through. They're in Texas about an hour from Louisiana. Said they saw 4 deer, all road kill (but still more deer than he saw on his hunting trip :D), lots of heavy fog and had a shredded trailer tire...
  267. Stanley

    Merry Xmas Song

    Saw the Dan Band a couple of years ago. If you get a chance, they're pretty funny. YouTube - Ho Ho Ho
  268. Stanley

    Space Shuttle Discovery STS-116

    Watch it live! NASA TV - NASA site
  269. Stanley

    Santa's Little Helpers Showed Up...

    ...then it degenerated to a bunch of rugrats and curtain climbers terrorizing my home.
  270. Stanley

    The Christmas Blues

    Here's Belladonna and Scottie III. I need a pic of Wage Burner in front of the restaurant. I'm just bored. Hanging Xmas lights and wanting to take some of these boats out. C'mon Joe, gimme a good pic.
  271. Stanley

    G338F for $100 at Turners

    Is this a good deal? Googled it and looks like they sell for $30-$50 more everywhere else. Anyone know of a better deal?
  272. Stanley

    Lop-eared to good home.

    Harry is a male German Shepherd mix. Chipped and Neutered. Always has a big old goofy smile on his face. Great with kids (raised around 3 girls). 2 years old. Won't do a gawd damned thing you tell him (unless it's time to eat). House broke. Loudest friggin' bark you've ever heard. Loves to...
  273. Stanley

    Big Bear 11/24

    I love Big Bear Lake and grew up fishing there. Today (Friday) was another one of those days. My brother-in-law and I hit the lake early (19 degrees F) and limited in about an hour and a half. Nothing huge and all on the crawlers. I'll never get over how beautiful this lake looks in the...
  274. Stanley

    Fishing Big Bear this week...

    ...doing the family thing at our place in Sugarloaf. Fishing Wed. pm, Thurs. am, Thurs. pm and Friday am. Going up the hill Wednesday and coming back Friday so I can work some more. I need a bobber, WalMart here I come.
  275. Stanley

    Little help?

    OK, this is not for your average renter. I have a 2 BR 2.5 BA, 1,960 sq. ft. condo for rent. $2,500 (OBO) per month. $2,500 a month is a lot, but here's what you get: Fully furnished. Brand new everything including brand new kitchen (all new Frigidaire appliances), cupboards...
  276. Stanley

    BD Holiday Swag...awesome

    There were thousands of $$$ of great raffle items given away at the party. The Oceanside Anglers Club chapter of BloodyDecks did well. I got a brand new pair of XtraTuf's courtesy of Noah's. Dan Neill and wife scored a lure bag full of lures and a pair of those sunglasses that's a new sponsor...
  277. Stanley

    Non-Provocative Halloween Pic's

    It was fun. Ran out of candy.
  278. Stanley

    Along with how to put on your oxygen mask...

    ...this should be on every airliner. Airplane Sex Guide
  279. Stanley

    What is it with NFL officiating?

    They're too chickenshit to throw their hands up for a TD (they gotta look around and see if another official agrees first)...but they'll damned sure throw a "pass interference" flag if a DB barely touches a receiver. The players should be determining the outcome of the game...not the prissy...
  280. Stanley

    Pumpkin Carvings

    In the spirit of Halloween. Awesome Pumpkin Carvings
  281. Stanley

    Anyone watching the World Series?

    Except for the speed of the pitches...reminds me of coaching Little League in Saddleback Valley LL. What a clusterfuck for Detroit.
  282. Stanley

    So, is it gonna rain Friday night...

    ...or what? Got some firemen lined up to pull the hoops while I sit on the flybridge and yell at 'em. Don't want to get my BBQ all wet. What's the consensus? Otherwise, I'm gonna go hang with the bro's at Hammer's house. Just don't want to get my tootsies wet.
  283. Stanley

    Ortiz vs Shamrock Tuesday Night 10/10

    Is this a PPV or is it gonna be on Spike? This might give me a chance to recoup some NFL V$ losses. Corey? Edit: It's on Spike at 8pm. I think Tito's gonna kick ass with multiple elbows.
  284. Stanley

    Congrats to Kenny Rogers

    Probably one of the most awesome pitching displays against a huge batting lineup I've ever seen. 41 years old and put it to the Yankees. Now the relief is pitching at 102 MPH.
  285. Stanley

    Spike Trick

    . YouTube - When Magic Tricks Go Wrong - Spike Trick Part 2
  286. Stanley

    Getting out of your cell phone contract.

    Pretty interesting concept here. One of our people at work used it to get 2 phones out of contract with Sprint. Celltrade, America's Online Cellular Exchange Place
  287. Stanley

    To go along with your FleshLight

    Trying to get my useless post count up so I can make the poll. YouTube - Sextop 2000
  288. Stanley

    I just gotta ask...

    ...well, do you? YouTube - Do You Take It?
  289. Stanley

    Who says there's no fish out of O'side?

    First off, the bait receivers in O'side are now on winter no bait before 6am. We did the circuit. Out to the 209 then south to the 181 then to the 182. Stopped on numerous paddies for a big ol' fuck you in the ass. Heard the radio talk of the marlin tourney so we set out the...
  290. Stanley

    Gonna burn some $$$ tomorrow 9/20

    Leaving out of O'side early. Gimme a shout if you're out there.
  291. Stanley

    I gotta do better..

    Steeler's game is not over but shit, I hope they play like this when they come to S.D. Let's see...I bet on Steelers, Browns, Eagles & Rams as "sure bets". Granted, some came with a 1.5 point spread, but Dang! Sucks with the Charger bye next week. Hope they stay focused. I'm just sayin'
  292. Stanley

    Did anyone hear if the Chargers sold out?

    I heard they extended the deadline until today...anyone hear?
  293. Stanley

    Interesting way to move a big boat.

    I have no idea where this is (looks Russian) but I always like seeing shit like this. Edit: After looking at it again, looks like they're moving a barge up past the dam.
  294. Stanley

    Dog Chapman and crew busted!

    Just heard on the news they were arrested in Hawaii this morning by Federal Marshals acting on a Mexican warrant from an incident 3 years ago. We'll see if he extradites or not.
  295. Stanley

    Circumcision...yes or no

    Interesting half hour perspective...Penn & Teller style. BTW, I voted yes for my kids. Well, the 2 boys anyways. :D
  296. Stanley

    Oceanside report 9/12

    Launched at the crack of 8:30am, got good bait and headed north to the LCAC/Golfball area. Slow trolled and got the first fish around 9am or so. Missed a double at around 10am. Got another YT about noon. Missed another double. Wind came up around 1:30pm. Drifted off the LCAC at 2.4...
  297. Stanley

    How 'bout dem Padres?

    Swept the Rockies and the rookie McAnulty gets his first homerun that wins the game. He also caught a nice pie in the face.
  298. Stanley

    Admin vs. Mods

    Who can close the most threads in one day? Sheesh.
  299. Stanley

    What's the world coming to?

    The recent shit in Baja, then others say the same thing happens here. I have no idea what country this is from...other than Europe somewhere (Nederlands maybe?). Fucked up shit.
  300. Stanley

    OAC Meeting Tonight! 9/5/06

    "Our next meeting will be on Tues, the 5th of September @ 7:00 PM at the Oceanside Yacht Club in the Oceanside Harbor. There will be a guest speaker speaking about Marlin Fishing and pizza. We will have a large $1.00 raffle - as always." C'ya there!
  301. Stanley

    CG Rescues 4 off O'side 9/4/06

    Anyone hear anything about this? UNION-TRIBUNE September 5, 2006 Four people were rescued from a fishing boat that started sinking 38 miles northwest of San Diego yesterday after calling the U.S. Coast Guard for help, authorities said. Nobody was hurt when the 26-foot boat began...
  302. Stanley

    Padres Land Wells, again.

    He's baaaack. The San Diego Padres acquired pitcher David Wells from the Boston Red Sox for a player to be named later. What does it give the San Diego Padres? The Padres have remained in contention with a mediocre record all year despite lacking a consistent fifth starter. The need...
  303. Stanley

    Have I seen this before?

    Sorry if this is a re-post...vaguely familiar but don't remember seeing it from 2 angles.
  304. Stanley

    I can't find shit worth posting

    I should go fishing. Here's for the groms.
  305. Stanley

    Good News! No more C&R!

    Kind of surprising they're turning this around as quick as they are. Good Job, boys!
  306. Stanley

    Trevor Time

    :appl: :appl: :appl: Peavy was awesome tonight. Trevor did what he's paid to do. Break out the brooms.
  307. Stanley

    2 Day Tourney this weekend...I'm semi-fucked!

    Launched Scottie III, got her into the slip then went to Ken's to enter the tourney. Took her out to make some bait and saw the volt meter is only showing 12.2 volts. FUCK! Alternator took a dump on my brand new motor (this is after the mechanic checked the alternator out and said it was...
  308. Stanley

    'necks fuck with the wrong dude!

    I don't know, seems like it's staged. Pretty funny, though. :D
  309. Stanley

    Warning: O'side launch ramp Saturday 8/19/06

    Along with the usual zoo, the local outrigger canoe club is having their annual Invitational PaoPao race on Saturday morning and OAC is having their annual 2 day tourney. Suggest launching Friday night and getting a guest slip. It's gonna be a mess.
  310. Stanley

    Colts vs. Rams?

    So, we're gonna start the pre-season with an on-side kick-off to start the game? This might get ugly...but it did make me laugh.
  311. Stanley

    The condensed version...

    ...of one of the best fucking movies ever made. The Big Lebowski.
  312. Stanley

    O'Side Report 8/6/06

    The boat ran great. Please resume your duties. That is all. :FU:
  313. Stanley

    Don't Laugh! This is not funny!

    Poor Belgian dude explaining how he lost both of his nuts due to a botched surgery.
  314. Stanley

    We Suck Part II 8/2/06 O'side can all piss up a fucking rope. We are the worst anglers that have ever been on the water. Burnt a shitload of fuel...I should just pour it down a fucking drain somewhere. In fact, I'm changing. Now I'm on a mission to liberate those poor little sardines from the bait receivers...
  315. Stanley

    Oceanside Anglers Club meeting 8/1/06...Paging Mr. Hoose

    Well, the meeting tonight was a sell-out! Our guest speaker, Bob Hoose from Pure Fishing, was called out of town at the last minute, so what does he do? He overnights a shitload...and I mean a shitload of product to our prez, Jack Graham, for the raffle. Some of the stuff he sent hasn't...
  316. Stanley

    The Internet is only for Porn...

    ...or so I'm told.
  317. Stanley

    We Suck 7/31/06 O'side

    Well, the new motor is in Scottie III. Still have a few minor (hopefully) issues to be taken care of before we write the final check. Left O'side with a healthy half-scoop of 'dines from Ryan with a few mac's mixed in. Headed out about 2:30pm on a 210 heading and the search was on for a...
  318. Stanley

    Anyone else's BD go sideways?

    YeeeeHawwww! It's all fucked up now!
  319. Stanley

    Electric Filet Knives?

    Anyone ever use one? Are they worth a shit? Are they the "double reciprocating blades" like on a regular electric knife? What makes them different than a regular electric knife? Just wondering.
  320. Stanley

    Statues from around the world

    Ran across this thread...kind of interesting
  321. Stanley

    New Lo Ann 2 day 2nd Hand Report 7/11/06

    Just met up with TurboBob at Tamarack and I-5 at 11pm tonight to pick up some BFT. He killed em on the Pink Ande 30lb. Bob said it was WFO. Looked in the back of his pickup and he probably had 200 lbs. of fillets. He said Marcus put them on the fish and they never quit. YFT, BFT, Albies and...
  322. Stanley

    Live Feed of Discovery Mission to Int'l Space Station

    Kind of cool to watch the real time live feed.
  323. Stanley

    GO PADRES! 7/9/06

    Now that's what I'm talking about! Down 7 to 1 and come back with a 10 to 9 win! Padres comeback of the year.
  324. Stanley

    O'side YT 7/7/06

    Got an invite from Big Joe to make an afternoon run on his very nice 26' Striper, Wage Burner. Headed SW out of O'side around 3:15pm with a small scoop of nice dines and couldn't find a paddy to save our lives. Around 17 miles out made a turn south and then back in towards home when Joe stops...
  325. Stanley

    Tragedy Strikes One of Our BD Members

    OK. This is fucked up, I don't know what forum to post this in, and I have tears streaming down my face as I type this. Adam (Aclemieux) and his wife Sharon lost their beloved 2 year old daughter, Isabella, to a tragic drowning accident on 6/20/06. Adam's one of the coolest dudes you'll ever...
  326. Stanley

    Right in the face!

    Don't understand a damned thing they're saying but,
  327. Stanley

    Scottie III Engine Rebuild w/pic's

    It's all coming together. Assorted pic's. Last Gawd Damned time I ever tell this mechanic to do a tune-up. :D
  328. Stanley

    What are the odds?

    I had to watch it 3X before I got it.
  329. Stanley

    Nunchuck fight

    Felony Fights
  330. Stanley


    ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I hope you guys appreciate this sacrifice to the fish gods. No doubt the tunas will be WFO at the 43 while were in the middle of this bullshit.
  331. Stanley

    Who's fishing the 10lb. Tourney tomorrow 6/10?

    I'll be fishing Land Escape (since Scottie III is getting a new motor). Give a shout out, will be monitoring the usual channels.
  332. Stanley

    Don't Forget!

    Now that the season looks like it's starting to go off, it's important we remember the one's that make sure we can do this shit. A good friend of mine's 20 year old son just left to go work with the Iraqi Police. He likes to fish. I'm praying for his safe return.
  333. Stanley

    Baghdad it here.

    Don't know how long this will last before it's pulled. Watch it while you can. It's like watching *M*A*S*H*...except there's nothing funny about it. This is the one hour HBO Special.
  334. Stanley

    Living next to a launch ramp is entertaining!

    We get the assorted husband/wife teams where the wife walks away with the keys or the outdrive scraping the ramp. Today was the pin removed from the hitch. First pic is trying to find the trailer. 2nd pic is the boat owner giving me the stink eye for taking pictures. I went down and...
  335. Stanley

    Catch and Release Video

  336. Stanley

    Saw this guy trolling by today

    Is this a 2 screw rig? The dude's doing something right!
  337. Stanley

    O'side Tshark 5/20 2nd hand report

    Matt on the LandEscape called to say they got a 262lb. Tshark off the Encina Power Plant at 2:30pm. Got it on a BOM. He has his hands full cleaning the fish right now and called to ask if there's a fish processor in North County. Only one I know of is Jaemar in Encinitas but closed on...
  338. Stanley

    O'side 5/20

    Hit the beach at 7:30am and home by 8:45am. Water's warming up but didn't see any sandcrabs. 3 or 4 dinks and 3 medium slabs. All on MORF.
  339. Stanley

    Tshark fishing out of O'side 5/18. Never give up!

    Probably one of the most exciting trips I've had. Put an outgoing message on my cell phone that I would be unavailable today and left Oceanside Harbor in Matt Allen's 34' Mainship "LandEscape". I love this boat. Slow (12 knots cruising) but super comfortable. Arrived at Carlsbad Canyon and...
  340. Stanley

    5/17/06 6:40 pm Halibut

    BBQing and my bud from down the street pulls up in his kayak with a legal dinner. He was having meat tacos for dinner, but called the wife and told her we're having halibut tacos. Shitty photo, but the lagoon is kickin' it right now.
  341. Stanley

    Tsharks 5/18 out of Oceanside

    Probably fishing south to the canyon (Encina) tomorrow. I'll be on the vessel LandEscape monitoring the usual channels. Wish us luck!
  342. Stanley

    Couple of things I learned about Tshark fishing 5/13

    In regards to drag and snag Tshark fishing: Lesson #1. If you have 4 Internationals in the spread, and one of them is a single speed, guess which rod's gonna get hammered. I'll never put a single speed in the spread again. Lesson #2. I'll never fish Tsharks again with less than 100lb...
  343. Stanley

    I miss athe old BD

    Edit: one of the homo mods needs to take the "a" out of the title. They must be Japanese dogs.
  344. Stanley

    6 Pack Charter Insurance

    Asking for my cousin. I think he's getting bent over. First clue was he's paying for towing insurance on a 39 ft. boat. He's with Inamar (?) right now whoever the fuck that is. Li'l help.
  345. Stanley

    MIRT...this looks like trouble.

    Looks like all you have to do is click that you're entitled. Soon to be outlawed, I'm sure. But, for $300? I can see teens getting hold of these things and creating havoc.
  346. Stanley

    Legalizing Drugs in Mexico?

    Well, here's the LA Times article. Make up your own mind (if you can believe anything the LA Times prints). Mexican Senate OKs Possession of Small Amounts of Drugs Fox is expected to sign the bill, which seeks to put the focus on fighting large-scale traffickers. From Times Wire Services...
  347. Stanley

    Deadliest Catch? You'll have to admit...

    ...that is pretty damned funny! LOL Pulling another boat's pots, welding them shut and sending them back down. Payback's a bitch.
  348. Stanley

    What's up with these Chargers?

    Hope they can transfer some of this aggression to the playing field. Second Chargers Player Arrested After Scuffle With Police 04-21-2006 6:56 PM (San Diego, CA) -- A second San Diego Chargers football player has been arrested after a run-in with police. Police say 30-year-old Steven...
  349. Stanley

    Carlsbad 4/19

    High tide was 12:22pm so decided to hit the incoming at 9:30am. Hit this spot a couple of days ago with the Camo and every cast was a bite (not a fish but a bite). Water was clear, small swell and weather was beautiful. Perfect conditions. One hour of fishing and all I got was 2 dinks...
  350. Stanley

    Happy Birthday to Josh Temple

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one today!
  351. Stanley

    Sunrise Service BD Style in North County?

    Anyone up for hitting the beach Sunday Morning? I have the family thing later on in the afternoon but low tide looks to be about 5:40am and high tide around noon. I'm thinking Carlsbad or Oceanside or? Anyone up for this?
  352. Stanley

    Donnie Edwards going bye-bye?

    Chargers dangling Edwards for trade By Kevin Acee UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER April 14, 2006 Chargers linebacker Donnie Edwards, a Chula Vista native, will be moving on – if not real soon then at least sooner than he would like. General Manager A.J. Smith verified...
  353. Stanley

    Pretty cool little UFC compilation

  354. Stanley

    Fish Report 4-8-06

    Just reporting because I fished my boat today (1st time since last August). We sucked. Weather was great but we sucked at Halibut fishing. Halibut Tourney, $37 each, all we caught was Turds...we sucked. Used 39 gals. of fuel at $2.77 @ gal. equals $108! That sucked! Broke the...
  355. Stanley

    Weather for Saturday's Halibut Tourney?

    Looks good..but the friggin wind was whippin today. SAT WIND NW 10 KT. WIND WAVES 1 FT OR LESS. MIXED SWELL W 2 TO 4 FT AND S 2 TO 3 FT.
  356. Stanley

    Turkey Head Shot

    ...with a bow nonetheless. Kind of a long clip, but the money shot is worth the wait.
  357. Stanley

    Justice on Video

    Serves him right.
  358. Stanley

    160 qt. 7 Day Ice Chest

    At Costco/Vista for $70. This is the Igloo with the little access hatch on the lid and is supposed to keep ice for 7 days. Just a FYI.
  359. Stanley

    Well, looks like we hit 11,000 members.

    Congrats to Ali and Jason! :appl: Welcome to Pete Solace from Arizona, member #11,000.
  360. Stanley

    11:20am Friday We got Hail in Carlsbad

    Coming down pretty hard. Looks like this is it!
  361. Stanley

    DUI Checkpoint! 3-8-06 Oceanside

    Yeah Baby! Going from Carlsbad to Oceanside on Coast Highway...12:45PM. Oceanside PD wasn't fucking around. Had a couple of motors waiting for turn-arounds. Guess they were looking for that "3 Martini Lunch". I even went through it twice running papers back and forth. Fuckers just...
  362. Stanley

    Oceanside Anglers Club Meeting Tonight...

    ...and Bloody Decks was well represented! :appl: Our exalted president, J Graham, ruled the meeting with an iron fist (even though the beers were flowing). BDrs scored on the raffle. Rickdiculous got the coveted custom embroidered tackle bag. Adam (aclemieux) got the top prize, a new...
  363. Stanley

    Brees Leaving?

    9pm Wednesday he becomes a free agent. So, if I understand this, he can sign with any team and the Chargers get nothing in return? Rivers must be tickled pink! :D
  364. Stanley

    Very important question.

    No Lips or Nips, :D but this place needs to lighten up!
  365. Stanley

    Fred Hall Opening Night

    Edit: Whoops! Didn't see the other FH post. Could tell right away we were in the right place. Most trash cans had at least one BD sticker...and some many more. View of the booth. Don't know who the dude was that was giving me the stink eye...but Stan had my back. :D Cha ching$$$...
  366. Stanley


    I enjoyed this compilation. Had to wait for everyone to go to bed, though.
  367. Stanley

    Heart Shot

    Nice bleed out.
  368. Stanley

    Rim Job
  369. Stanley

    Ever have a Bill Dance day?
  370. Stanley

    Trevor Time?

    $13.5M for a 2 year contract? Piazza catching? This is going to be a great season for the Padres.
  371. Stanley

    Chuck vs. Randy UFC 57

    Here ya go!
  372. Stanley

    Art Shell?

    You gotta be fricken kidding me? LOL I love Art Shell! This is the best thing to happen to the Faiders is the last 10 years! :appl: Upcoming NFL season is gonna be fun. I think we should start thinking about some V$ odds.
  373. Stanley

    Lucky Shooter!

    Note to self: Never shoot at a fully inflated, split rim truck tire.
  374. Stanley

    Traveling to Mexico? Read this.

    In fact, I would print this out and take it with me. Long-assed, but may be of some help. SUBJECT: Conditions of travel to MEXICO effective 1/1/2006. Rather lengthy however worth reading, or printing out for future reference, only 12 pages in length, could save a lot of trouble in the...
  375. Stanley

    Nice Sunset 2-7-06

    Gotta love winter in North County. :D My Olympus camera sucks, though. The actual view was a lot better.
  376. Stanley


    Deleting shit off my C: drive. I've seen a lot of full-auto Glocks on the 'net. I liked this one best.
  377. Stanley

    Pig Killer!

    Posted here before...anyone remember this?
  378. Stanley

    What a bunch of shit!

    Catchy tune, though. :D
  379. Stanley

    Royal Star Update

    This is the trip SUA is on. 1st day of fishing was yesterday (Wed) and they have 9 over 200 lbs. I set George up to share a stateroom with TurboBob. Rumor has it they're sharing a bunk, too. :gayz:
  380. Stanley

    Squid Light Boats off O.C.

    Just drove down from Orange County (10pm Wednesday) and saw a huge number of light boats off San Mateo in South San Clemente. I'm guessing 25+. 3 or 4 light boats just south of the Domes. They must know something.
  381. Stanley

    Boat fire. Yipes.

    (Coronado, CA) -- Flames tore through a 50-foot yacht moored on San Diego Bay today, extensively damaging the pleasure craft but causing no injuries. Authroities say the blaze at 1 Buccaneer Way on the Coronado Cays waterfront erupted for unknown reasons about 9:30 a.m.. It took crews about an...
  382. Stanley

    In the surf 01-31-06

    Got down to an outgoing tide around 2:30pm, discovered I left the Gulp at home. Made the run back to the house, got down to the beach, left the Gulp in the car! :FU: Is this how Alzheimers starts? :D No one down there but had a hard time finding the holes. Didn't do as well as CK and Jigz...
  383. Stanley

    Racist Rottweilers

    Why do they have to go for just the brother? They don't even try for the crackers. Another example of the man keeping the brother down. :FU:
  384. Stanley

    Blue Horizon Rock Codding 1-29-06

    Got a chance to fish the Blue Horizon for a 5:30am to 5:00pm rock cod trip. Capt. Ron Baker ran the boat and Jimmy Sharp cooked and decked. Wide open on the Reds. Group of 9 that all worked at the Hyatt. Totally cool group, lotsa laughs and fun. This guy was the best! He's an...
  385. Stanley

    Punk Assed Bitch

    For your enjoyment:
  386. Stanley

    Welcome to Mexico!

    Bienvenidos, amigo. Apparently Mexican authorities treat illegal immigrants a bit differently.
  387. Stanley

    Duke at Hoyas

    Well, Duke had their chance at the end but couldn't quite pull it off. Good game, though.
  388. Stanley

    Time for a 2nd Annual BD Casting Contest?

    BBQ/Contest with two categories this time: 1. John Holmes Long rod (iron) 2. 220 Clothespin (bait) Round reels only, none of that BassMasters B.S. No coffee grinders. Avet vs. Newell? I'll bring my Jigmaster for the Long Rod contest. Anyone up for one of these a couple of...
  389. Stanley

    June, July & August 1.5 Day Charters

    My brother met with Jimmy Sharp last night and we're chartering the Blue Horizon for three 1.5 day trips in 2006. These will leave on Sunday pm and return Tuesday am. Limited to 12 anglers. Cost is $250 plus applicable permits and fuel surcharge (if needed). $125 to make reservation and...
  390. Stanley

    SkyKing's tomfoolery aside...

    ...this is actually a pretty cool story. I'll not comment on SkyKing's post. :FU: On how many levels was this guy lucky? Not sure about the part where he's checking to see if he's fouled by a lobster trap while underway (if memory serves me, I always stop the boat to check for fouling)...
  391. Stanley

    Real Life vs. The Internet

    I don't get it.
  392. Stanley

    Shark Game

    Use your mouse to guide the shark. Use space bar to bite the divers before they stab you to death.
  393. Stanley

    Scarlett Johansson gets fingered

    And this is the little girl from the Horse Whisperer? Damned fine actress there. :D
  394. Stanley

    Who won?

    You be the judge.
  395. Stanley

    No charge for 411 Directory Assistance

    Forwarded to me by a friend. Subject: No Charge for Directory Assistance Here's something you might want to check out. Subject: No charge for directory assistance Cell phone companies are charging us $1.00 or more for 411 / information calls when they don't have to. When you...
  396. Stanley

    Big friggin' ship

    Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (Jan. 9, 2006) - The heavy lift vessel MV Blue Marlin enters Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, with the Sea Based X-Band Radar (SBX) aboard after completing a 15,000-mile journey from Corpus Christi, Texas. The 280-foot tall Sea-Based X-band Radar is so powerful it can identify...
  397. Stanley

    Update on Gulp Sandcrab 1/11/06

    Talked directly to Berkley corporate this morning. Customer Service states the Sandcrab is not even in full production yet and won't get the final nod until the corporate sales meeting next week. She also said the Sandcrabs probably won't be available in retail stores for "a month or two"...
  398. Stanley

    Welcome New Member TurboBob

    I want to introduce and welcome to the board a friend of mine, TurboBob. This guy is a friggin' long range freak and goes on more long range trips than anyone I know (just recently a 10 day on the RP in December and he's leaving on the Star 10 day on the 28th of January). Anyway, he's a riot...
  399. Stanley

    Best MMA Knockout!

    What'd he expect? A kiss back?
  400. Stanley

    Is Reggie Bush retarded?

    What was that? Best screen of the game and he tries to lateral? Weak.
  401. Stanley

    North County Sunbrella?

    Well, the recent storms ripped our bimini right in half on Scottie III. No big deal since it was next on the list to be replaced. We've always used Ortega's in Carlsbad, but does anyone have another good source in North County? We want Sunbrella and (of course) in Cherry.
  402. Stanley

    Tragedy in West Virginia...So Sad 01/03/06

    Watching the coverage, one miner found and he's a fatality. These guys are just like us and are trying to support their families. Most of the 12 missing are 20+ years on the job with kids and grandkids. All hope is not lost, but prayers are needed. There's still a chance.
  403. Stanley

    California Storms

    Dudes having fun in the storm. Within 5 minutes it was raining so hard you couldn't see across the lagoon. Taken at 12 noon, 01/02/06, Agua Hedionda. I'm bored.
  404. Stanley

    New Years Resolutions? Let's hear it

    It's not going to happen unless you put it in writing for all to see. Mine is to be Kinder/Gentler in 2006. Until then (today and tomorrow), all you newbies can go Fuck Yourselves! :FU: I also resolve to fish more in '06 and show more appreciation to my family and friends. What's your's?
  405. Stanley

    Heading to Big Bear tonight

    Anyone going? We'll be staying at our place in Sugarloaf, then freezing our asses off fishing the mornings and evenings Saturday, Sunday and Monday AM. Gimme a holler if you're going to be up there.
  406. Stanley

    Shark Costume?

    I have no idea why, what, where or when.
  407. Stanley

    Move Review: King Kong

    Three hour long-assed movie that you already know the end of. More like a kids' movie. They could've cut an hour off it and it would have been semi-tolerable. Graphics, so-so. Storyline, we all know how it ends. I think they spent the additional hour trying to develop a relationship...
  408. Stanley

    Kayak Fishing Local Kelps from a SportBoat

    I posted this on and thought I'd post here, too. And, since we are deprived of a Kayak Forum, I'll put it in Nonsense. A friend of mine captains a Sport Boat out of Islandia. He asked last night if there would be any interest in loading 12 or so kayaks on his boat and...
  409. Stanley

    Local SportBoat Skipper Saves Christmas.

    OK. So, we have a shitload of friends showing up at my place for the Annual Bristol Cove Christmas Boat Parade and guess what...Santa calls in sick. :FU: I mean, all the parents brought presents for their kids "from Santa" to have their pictures taken, and what does Santa decide to...
  410. Stanley

    One week at the Panama Canal...

    ...compressed into 11 minutes.
  411. Stanley

    Chargers! Yeah Baby!

  412. Stanley

    Turkey Day Surf Report

    My bro and I decided to get up early and hit the beach in Carlsbad before the game. Early for us was 8:30am.:drool: Absolutley gorgeous on the beach. Sunny, no wind, lotsa semi-nuggets walking around. My brother wanted to throw iron, first cast he's bit and breaks it off. I stuck with...
  413. Stanley


    Need some help for my parent's place in Carlsbad. Lil' help?
  414. Stanley

    PETA'S New Comics for Kids...

    ...aimed at Dad's who fish. Did you know September 24th was Fish Amnesty Day? LOL Here's an example: Children will read: “Imagine that a man dangles a piece of candy in front of you. ... As you grab the candy, a huge metal hook stabs through your hand and you’re ripped off the...
  415. Stanley

    Well, here's some weird BS re: My Boat

    We keep our Skipjack in a boat storage facility in Oceanside. My cousin went down to run the engine the other day. He calls me and says someone ran into the boat. I go down to check it out and, sure enough, there's a patch job on the starboard bow, above the waterline, probably 12X12 inches...
  416. Stanley

    Just some of the reasons why I love BD... Stanley. Tech Info 1. GetaGaff. Freely dispenses valuable engine advice. A wealth of information. 2. Orca. Want to know how to wrap a rod? Go to one of Don's classes. 3. Alantani. Reel Guru. Awesome tutorials on how to service a reel with no parts left over. 4...
  417. Stanley

    For you BD Potheads

    The green makes me mean!
  418. Stanley

    Oklahoma Full-Auto Shootout Part Deaux

    I crack myself up sometimes. LOL
  419. Stanley

    Don't fuck with the garbage man.

    Long clip but somewhat amusing.
  420. Stanley

    Amazing the shit you find...

    ...when you move. :D
  421. Stanley

    Hot feet in AZ

    Hot day in AZ. Dude agrees to run down street barefoot for $5. Wins a trip to the ER. Darwin nominee. I don't think this is a re-post.
  422. Stanley

    These dudes picked the wrong store... rob. This is what I call justice. (Sorry, video quality is shit but you'll get the idea.)
  423. Stanley

    Boat Docks. New Install or Repair.

    Our boat docks are in need of professional help. I need someone that specializes in boat docks and can tell me if our docks can be repaired or if we have to go new. This is a major project. Existing docks are built to accomodate 22 boats and that cannot change. If any of you know...
  424. Stanley

    11/1 Surf fishing Carlsbad

    My bro calls me at 9am and says "Let's go!" Met at the Army/Navy Academy at 9:30, had first fish by 9:35 using leftover Bloodworms from the other day. Damn, it was beautiful on the beach this morning. Brother hooks one that takes line, we knew it was a bean, turns out to be a huge slab...
  425. Stanley

    Surf Fishing Report Saturday 10/29

    Fished the surf this morning with my bro'. Got down to the Army/Navy Academy around 8:30am to absolutely gorgeous conditions. What a beautiful morning. 5 or 6 guys are already down there and they're nailing the small 'buts on Kastmasters and Croc's. I was using Gulp Blood Sandworm but only...
  426. Stanley

    Surf Fishing Carlsbad Saturday 10/29/05

    At the Army/Navy in CSB. I'm using Gulp, my bro's using Blood Worms. Probably be down there on outgoing around 8:AM.
  427. Stanley

    Rat Monster

    Poor little PETA fag, probably wet his panties. :D
  428. Stanley

    Another friggin' Storm Watch

    NBC News at it's finest. :D
  429. Stanley


    Rolled thru Carlsbad at 2:12 pm.
  430. Stanley


    Yeah Baby!
  431. Stanley

    Angels vs. CWS. Bullshit call.

    Umpires made a bad call and lost the game for the Angels. Is it time for "Instant Replay" in baseball?
  432. Stanley

    Ahhh! Now I understand.
  433. Stanley

    Perfect Shot!

    Kinder/Gentler....oh, and don't harrass the newbies. :D
  434. Stanley

    Padres at Cards

    Well, this isn't going too well. 8 to 0 in the 5th. Peavy got his ass handed to him. Pads have no offense whatsoever. Bochy better be chewin' some ass after this game.
  435. Stanley


    Me: "Yeah, dude...we're going to the playoffs!" JO: blahblahblahblah...weak division...blahblahblahblah Me: "Yeah, dude...but we're going to the playoffs." JO: blahblahblahblah...can't win on the road...blahblahblahblah Me: "Yeah, dude...but we're going to the playoffs." Me: "YEAH DUDE...
  436. Stanley

    Kinder/Gentler BD

    This is so fucking cute...I'm practically feeling the love. :D
  437. Stanley

    Why being a cop is dangerous.

    This sucks.
  438. Stanley

    Freshest Seafood...

    ...from the land of the Rising Sun.
  439. Stanley

    Chargers on TV?

    So what's the dealio? Did they sell out? Are they going to be on TV tomorrow night? Padres fucking suck! Already on their 8th pitching change and blowing a 5-1 lead.
  440. Stanley

    Short but Sweet!

    I love it when some asshole asks for it...then gets it. :D
  441. Stanley

    Beware, the Homosexual!

    Public Service Video.
  442. Stanley

    Posting 'cause I'm bored...

    ...with a whacked out, sideways knee (Fuck Kaiser)! Other than that, no fucking comment!
  443. Stanley

    FN P90 Personal Assault Weapon

    I love this shit.
  444. Stanley

    Friday's WTF

    Wife thinks there's something wrong with me, but I couldn't stop laughing. :D (If you click and get a "Service Not Available" just try again or...right click and "Save As".) Here it is on crapidshare. Scroll down to and click on Free, wait the 30...
  445. Stanley

    U-505 German U-Boat Virtual Tour

    Click on the part of the boat you want to see, then drag your cursor to get a 360 view of each compartment.
  446. Stanley

    C'mon Mr. Jefferson...

    ...just clean this shit!
  447. Stanley

    Katrina coverage by CNN & Fox.

    After all the predictions of catastrophic destruction in New Orleans, you can almost "taste" the disappointment from the CNN and Fox news bureaus. Not trying to minimalize the damage as I'm sure there will be billions in damage and many homes and some lives lost, but after watching one CNN...
  448. Stanley

    Think your shit's safe?

    This is a long-assed video (1.5 hrs) on how any lock can be easily picked with no damage to the lock with a method called "Bumping". Very technical but worth it if you're a techie kind of person. Was debating whether I should post this or not, but today's reality is that if we are not as...
  449. Stanley

    Dude shoulda moved his car.

    No comment.
  450. Stanley

    This will piss you off!

    While we're on the subject! I met with a Kaiser surgeon in SD today re: my torn meniscus and the dude was totally cool. Arthroscopy for me. In the meantime, they gave me a cane. I'm cool. Here's the part to piss you off (probably fake).
  451. Stanley

    If you fuck this up...

    ...I'm gonna kill you! Now, this is trust. :D
  452. Stanley

    Need to borrow some Anal Lube...

    ...cause Kaiser's trying to stick it up my ass! (or my knee as it were.) Been dealing with this torn medial meniscus BS for a couple of weeks now and it hurts like a mutha fucka. Now Kaiser says they want to do a arthrotomy (cut) as opposed to a arthroscopy (scope). They say it depends on...
  453. Stanley

    Mushroom 8/8/05

    Just to give you guys a little wood that are leaving out of Seaforth tonight. This was on the Legend yesterday on an overnight. 87 Albies, 26 BFT and 26 big yellows for 26 anglers. Go get 'em.
  454. Stanley

    8/8/05 Mushroom BFT, YTs and Albies

    This is going to be a short report cause I'm beat. I'll tell you what we did and dump some pic's, you figure out the rest for yourself. We counted 43 yachts and Party Boats on the Mushroom. Got the BFTs first, then hit a paddy for a bunch of nice YTs, finished the overnight trip with a nice...
  455. Stanley

  456. Stanley

    Why you have to be careful...

    ...on the Internet. We've all seen what's going on around here. Well, here's another "local" example of why we should think before we post. I'm trying hard to take my own advice. :D
  457. Stanley

    Not even 1:00 pm

    Awesome. Friggin' Awesome! Total users that have visited today: 908 Threads: 22,158, Posts: 204,120, Members: 7,335
  458. Stanley

    Airline Nonsense

    Just posting cause I'm bored...oh, and Kinder and Gentler. Accounts of actual exchanges between airline pilots and control towers >around the world. >================================================== ========== > >"TWA 2341, for noise abatement turn right 45 Degrees." > >"Centre, we...
  459. Stanley

    DFG and Fishing the Beach 7/30/05

    I'm laid up with a bad knee so I couldn't go this morning. But, my brother called to say DFG was on the beach in Carlsbad behind the Army/Navy Academy checking licenses. Beware.
  460. Stanley

    Biggest Punk in the World!

    Can you believe this bullshit? Bet he's real proud of himself...fucking pussy! :FU:
  461. Stanley

    Illegal Aliens...

    ...South Africa. Evidently, they use the "detainees" for dog training purposes (no protective padding). And, apparently, for their own perverted pleasures. Sadistic bastards. :FU: This is from 1998, so hopefully things have changed.
  462. Stanley

    Dad, where's my crack pipe?

    Short clip from the TV show "Intervention" on A&E. BTW, the kid DID volunteer to go to rehab.
  463. Stanley

    Toe Job

    At least it's not Tongue Scraping. :)
  464. Stanley

    Best Music Video Ever!

    Turn the lights down low...crank up the volume...think 1979 thru 1983! (Wait out the friggin' commercial)...and chillax.
  465. Stanley

    Shark Bite!

    These guys may be Darwin Nominees.
  466. Stanley

    Cool Little Gun!

    This would make a great stocking-stuffer.
  467. Stanley

    Sorry for posting that...

    ...Boy, am I in trouble...Michelle is pissed. Sorry, Honey! :daman:
  468. Stanley

    Beach Fishing Carlsbad 7/16/05

    Same ol' at the Army/Navy Academy...great way to spend the morning. My brother showed up with 2 of his little girls, so they were immediately put to work on the sand crabs. Wide open on the corbinas, but nothing over 1.5 lbs. My bro' got 9, I got four and we both got too many dinks to...
  469. Stanley

    Another cute dog...

    ...may have some minor issues, though. :D
  470. Stanley

    Some of you may want to... up here. Bring beer! :D
  471. Stanley

    I don't know why...

    ...this made me laugh. Probably first day on the job. Short clip.
  472. Stanley

    Surf Fishing Carlsbad Sunday 7/10/05

    Alrighty. Headed down to the beach behind Army/Navy Academy around 7:30am. Guy was just coming up stating the corbinas were thick. That's always good to hear and he did not lie. Red tide is pretty much gone and the water is warm. Small surf and incoming tide we immediately started nailing...
  473. Stanley

    Surf Fishing Carlsbad Sunday 7/10/05

    Fishing the beach just north of the Army/Navy Academy. Probably around 7:30am with my brother and neice. 11:30am high tide.
  474. Stanley

    Perfect Timing!

    Safe to click...not like that Misused stuff. Wish the friggin fish would get within 60 miles.
  475. Stanley

    Charger's 2005 Schedule...

    ...any thoughts? I won the 60 entrants pool last year...trying for a Repeat. 2005 Schedule Date Opponent Time/Result Sep 11 Dallas 4:15pm Sep 18 @Denver 4:15pm Sep 25 N.Y. Giants 8:30pm Oct 2 @New England 1:00pm Oct 10 Pittsburgh 9:00pm Oct 16 @Oakland 4:15pm Oct 23...
  476. Stanley

    Sharkin' 7/6/05

    Rumor has it, this is the new craze in Japan...and they call it "Sharkin!'" Don't you just love my source for fishing info, :appl:
  477. Stanley

    Bloody Coin Trick!

    Well, this is friggin' wierd. I'm sure it's a photo trick or something...but I'm too old to try to figure this shit out.
  478. Stanley

    This cracked me up.

    The Amazing Racist. This one's funny, too.
  479. Stanley

    Let the Wrist Slapping Begin!

    BSB Killers. What a bunch of horseshit! Dropped from misdemeanor to infraction? The guy that shot the BSB has 6 felonies? And he's here illegally? (Excuse me, I meant "Undocumented Entrant" :FU: ) So much for 3 strikes. :jo...
  480. Stanley

    War of the Worlds 6/30/05

    Saw the movie today with my son. Only about 50 people in the theatre. A lot of people are raving about it...I thought it was just OK, probably would give it a B. My son liked it more than I did but he's 24 and I'm an old fart and I don't like that kook Tom Cruise. Rated PG13. IT IS LOUD...
  481. Stanley

    Ship and Plane Wreck Sites San Diego

    Got this off "another" site, but thought it was pretty cool. Just put your cursor on the red or green spots and it gives you a brief scenario and numbers.
  482. Stanley

    Bloody Decks mention!

    From the July Newsletter of the Oceanside Anglers Club: ..."I have heard talk of the Albies starting to show. If you want a website to check out for pretty good information check out They have a world of information from fishing to boat maintenance. Check it out. The best...
  483. Stanley

    Helicopter Non-skills

    Appears to be German. The cameraman has some balls.
  484. Stanley

    Padres vs. Dodgers. Congratulations... Jake Peavy for new personal best 13 Ks. Hope the Padres' bats wake up soon.
  485. Stanley

    Two Geniuses caught on video.

    Don't know if its real or a repost...just cracked me up.
  486. Stanley

    Does God love tweekers, too!

  487. Stanley

    Dad's Big Fish!

  488. Stanley

    Tsunami Warning Tonight 6/14

    Just saw on the Weather Channel issuing a Tsunami warning from Mexican Border to Vancouver. Estimated time of arrival at La Jolla 2214 hrs tonight. Yipes
  489. Stanley

    Size Matters!

    This guy gets owned. One armed body slam.
  490. Stanley

    How do you use Bloody Decks?

    Anyone have it as their Homepage? What BD page do you access first? Reports? Nonsense? New Posts? I run a shitload of R.E. websites, but am finding myself accessing BD before anything else (even porno!). All other fishing sites are secondary. What's wrong with me? What do you do?
  491. Stanley

    WE SUCK!

    Fished the Oceanside Anglers Light Line Tourney today with my brother and friend Marshall. Marshall's new to saltwater fishing and was like a little kid he was so excited. The weather was depressing with a light drizzle and a little wind. Bait was a good mix of 'dines and 'chovy. Thought...
  492. Stanley

    WTF? For Thursday

    This is beyond me.
  493. Stanley

    Fireworks Mosul

    I love shit like this.
  494. Stanley

    Wednesday Fights

    Compilation courtesy of The Cemetary. (Sorry about the lame music)
  495. Stanley

    Alert the kids! No one alive will ever see this again!

    Hasn't happened for the past 5,000 years and won't happen again for 60,000 years! Check it out! The Red Planet is about to be spectacular! This month and next, Earth is catching up with Mars in an encounter that will culminate in the closest approach between the two planets in recorded...
  496. Stanley

    Cal 2 speed conversions on Int'l 50?

    Have an older 50 Int'l that works smooth. Cal wants $175 to convert to a 2 Speed. Is it worth it? With all the talk about the TLD IIs coming apart with big fish (I have a 30 II and a 50 II) I'm thinking the $175 might be worth it rather than just not use the reel. Any thoughts...
  497. Stanley

    Here's an idea...

    ...howz about waiting til you cross the finish line before you celebrate?
  498. Stanley

    Bush as a Girl.

    No need to reply to this...just a funny little clip a relative sent to me. PhotoShop fun.
  499. Stanley

    Battlefield 2

    My son's been playing Battlefield and showed me this. Kinda cool.
  500. Stanley

    I don't know if I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight...

    ...after seeing this. Poor little fucking furbags.:FU: I think Mother Nature sees the over-population problem and is stepping in to deal with it. :appl: Too bad the enviros don't get it. :jo: (Click on Video, it won't let me...
  501. Stanley

    Advice. #1 When a cop says, "Step out of the car"...

    ...Step out of the friggin' car!
  502. Stanley

    Animal Husbandry

    Sorry if Re-Post:
  503. Stanley

    Saw these on Ebay Gyro-Stabilized

    Russian made. Wonder if they'd be any good for paddy spotting?
  504. Stanley

    Brave US Border Patrol officers...

    ...try to help these poor people. Probably best they didn't hook-up or we'd have another LEO loss. Still a shame, though.
  505. Stanley

    Big Ass Titties
  506. Stanley

    The Power of 10

    May have been posted before but really gives you an idea of how insignificant we are in the scheme of things.
  507. Stanley

    Dinks in surf off Carlsbad

    Got to the beach (Army/Navy Academy) at 3:15pm to try the new Berkeley Gulp (blood) in the surf. Man, that stuff stinks. Incoming tide, water is warm and some nice scenery. Had the first dink within 10 minutes, couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 inches. Caught 2 more in the next half hour...
  508. Stanley

    Interesting Illusion.

    I kinda maybe think I know how she does it. ;)
  509. Stanley

    Any North County BDrs up for some... fishing? Tides are perfect right now for after-work beach tossing off O'side/Carlsbad. Let me know.
  510. Stanley

    I'm 26% Gay!

    Must be from some of that shit Annie is posting. gayz:
  511. Stanley


    In the spirit of MikeyLikesIt, I've got a full Barrett ticket for tomorrow 5/18/05. PM me if interested!
  512. Stanley

    How the hell did I survive?

    First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They didn't know about folic acid or prenatal testing. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, our baby cribs were...
  513. Stanley

    Baltimore Police Video

    LMFAO! Go ahead, keep talking, we're listening.
  514. Stanley

    My Counter-Strike Won't Work!

    Name of the link says it all. gayz:
  515. Stanley

    Ghetto Dog

  516. Stanley

    OAC Tshark Tourney today (Quick report)

    Fished on Matt's 34 ft. Mainship called Land Escape (bitchen boat). It was not to be for us. Got a 180# to the boat, already a 234# called in, so quick safe release. Had a few more knockdowns, but no love. Kept an 80# Mako for dinner tonite. Great weather and seas. The Tsharks are still off...
  517. Stanley

    ICE go-fast boats at work

    WTG boys!
  518. Stanley

    More LEO Non-Lethal Justice

    He don't need no dog. No offense Flatbadge. Friggin purse snatcher gets owned. (Sorry about the commercial, just wait it out)
  519. Stanley

    BDr Spotted... the Oceanside Anglers Club meeting tonight (Tuesday) wearing a BD Tshirt to the meeting. Rickdiculous! Hey Rick, start posting bro'. Good sharing a beer with you! See ya on the water on Saturday! Good Luck on the Tourney...but I hope we kick your ass! :D
  520. Stanley


    Yeah Baby! It's on! :beerbang: May 18th. Right now they're averaging over 100 fish per angler. Believe me, that means there are guys getting over 150+ fish a day. My best (half-day) was 69 fish last year and I was low man! I can't wait. I am stoked beyond belief. :drool:
  521. Stanley

    Kimo vs. Bob Sapp

    You've probably seen this before...but still an awesome fight.
  522. Stanley

    My sweet girl, Michelle...

    ...ordered one of these. We don't have a horse! My cordless drill is missing!! I'm afraid to go to sleep!!
  523. Stanley

    Cell Phone Do Not Call List

    Got this from a friend: Thought this might be of interest to you. Subject: Cell Phone No-Call Listing In a few weeks, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketer companies and you will start to receive sales calls. You will be charged air time for these calls. To register...
  524. Stanley

    Police Dog Training?

    This clip is going around the net as animal abuse. Not sure that its abuse as I don't think there is any intent to hurt the animal. More like he's trying to establish dominance over an unruly dog (and get his attention). What's your take? Flatbadge...
  525. Stanley

    Mr. T San Onofre 4/25/05

    Local word was that Tsharks were wide open off the San Onofre domes. So, headed out this morning at 7am with my cousin and his 15 yr old daughter. Had Bait-o-matics and Ballyhoods but only 4 scrawny frozen macs. First knockdown on TLD 30 II (my fish) for 20 minutes and broke the line at...
  526. Stanley

    Tsharks Carlsbad..2nd hand report

    Dave on GameTime came into O'side with 2 in the mid-200 lb range today (Sunday). Ballyhoods w/mackeral. 300 ft depth off Encina Power Plant. 4 knockdowns and 2 fish. Says he saw a lot of jumping sharks. We're going late AM tomorrow (Monday). Give a shout if you're out! Edit...
  527. Stanley

    Sometimes when you stick your nose...

    ...into someone else's get hurt!
  528. Stanley

    Pretty cool webcam

    7am to 7pm only.
  529. Stanley

    Take a kid dove hunting!

    He might be better off with a 20 gauge...or maybe a .410.
  530. Stanley

    Shark Fishing?

    Is this a friggin' re-post? If so...this is an update! :FU: Blast your speakers and re-watch!
  531. Stanley

    Poop Deck?

    WTF? Angler craps all over himself.
  532. Stanley

    Fish Video

    Clicky Clicky
  533. Stanley

    Barrett Lake Tickets?

    Anyone have any luck getting tickets last night? We had four people speed dialing and on the internet with no luck on getting tickets for May. This is the 2nd month in a row this has happened. You can only buy one ticket and each ticket is good for 4 people and 2 boats. Anyone have a...
  534. Stanley

    Stupid Friggin' One Day Tournament...

    ....that turned to at least 5 days of work. Started getting Scottie III ready on Wed. for a Friday launch on the North County Halibut Tourney scheduled for Saturday. Splashed the boat on Friday afternoon, then find out our slip was not going to be available (due to retarded cousin) so had to...
  535. Stanley

    Shark Killer!

  536. Stanley

    Oceanside Halibut Tourney Reschedued

    For tomorrow, Sunday April 10. Same time same place. This according to Ken's Custom Reels.
  537. Stanley

    Oceanside Halibut Tourney This Saturday 4/9/05

    OK! For you homos fishing the tourney, just got the word that bait will be available at 4:00 AM Saturday. Lines in no earlier than 6:00 AM. It's on! :FU:
  538. Stanley

    Agua Hedionda update.

    Apparently DFG will listen to anglers. This will probably be of little interest to most of you, but recently DFG has been enforcing a freshwater reg that states you cannot use live finfish (smelt) for bait in the North County saltwater lagoon resulting in warnings written on the angler's...
  539. Stanley

    Bitch slapped by Mother Nature!

    Pretty cool video of things we have no control over.
  540. Stanley

    Thanks alot, buddy!

    This little guy had it all figured out...then his greedy little buddy showed up!
  541. Stanley

    Bobcat vs. Rattler

    Click link:
  542. Stanley

    Boys will be boys...

    ...nice friggin' shot, though! :shake:
  543. Stanley

    Personal Ads

    DICTIONARY FOR DECODING WOMEN'S PERSONAL ADS: > 40-ish.............................49 > Adventurous................Slept with everyone > Athletic..........................No breasts > Average looking..........Moooo >...
  544. Stanley

    New Bugs Bunny! Holy Shit!

    NWS! So what? Hit "PLAY" after clicking on the link...Is Daffy Duck a crack dealer?
  545. Stanley

    Two Club OPEN Halibut Tourney 4/9/05

    On Saturday, April 9th, Oceanside Anglers Club and North County Saltwater Anglers are holding their annual Open Halibut Tournament out of Oceanside. You don't have to be a member of either club to participate. You can enter one or both club's tournament. Entry fees are as follows...
  546. Stanley


    Maybe there's something wrong with me...OK, there's definitely something wrong with me, but I get this warm, fuzzy feeling when I see perps get the crap beat of them while trying to rip someone off. (Sorry about the quality, it's a security camera)...
  547. Stanley

    Traffic Tickets...I did not know this!

    Forwarded to me by my sister-in-law. I have no idea if this works. Traffic Ticket > > > Wish I knew this a few years ago! > > > Well I guess it's worth a try.. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > WHAT TO DO IF YOU GET A TRAFFIC TICKET > > > >...
  548. Stanley


    A small Alabama Wild Animal Park acquired a very rare species of gorilla. > > > Within a few weeks, the gorilla, who was a female, became very difficult to handle. Upon examination, the park veterinarian determined the problem. > > > The gorilla was in heat. To...
  549. Stanley


    The victim would probably have gone to jail if he had been strapped and protected himself.
  550. Stanley

    Non-Lethal Force. They don't need no gun...

    ...just run the fucker down!
  551. Stanley

    Dryer Update

    In case you missed it in the other thread, BPFED's in urgent need of a gas dryer. He's not looking for a freebie, just a good deal. C'mon guys, let's hook the bro' up. Contact him directly. Thanks.
  552. Stanley

    I did not know this.

    Don't know if its accurate. DO YOU KNOW... the difference between margarine and butter? Read on to the gets very interesting! Both have the same amount of calories. Butter is slightly higher in saturated fats at 8 grams compared to 5 grams. Eating margarine can increase...
  553. Stanley

    Mighty Fighting Fags!

    Be glad when the friggin fish start biting! But, in the meantime... Don't Forget! April 9th Oceanside OPEN Halibut Tourney!
  554. Stanley

    Cop in training.

    Doesn't look like fun.
  555. Stanley

    Never Forget!

    I know it's been over 10+ years and the losses in Somalia have been overshadowed by recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan (plus we've all seen the movie).'s a 5 minute tribute. Sgt. First Class Randy Shughart Master Sgt. Gary...
  556. Stanley

    Friggin' Weathermen 2/24 8:10pm O'side

    We got hail in Oceanside! Lotsa lightning and thunder and pouring. This one came out of the east.
  557. Stanley

    I'm calling Bullshit!

    Gotta be a mis-use....I mean mis-print...
  558. Stanley

    Bored in Iraq.

    Posting cause I'm Bored in Oceanside.
  559. Stanley

    My pecker's starting to tingle! 2-18-05

    Today's North County Times Fish Report (Helgren's) 10 anglers on one half-day boat caught 10 sand bass, 4 calico bass, 20 White Sea Bass (released).
  560. Stanley

    F15 Dogfight

    Pretty cool live-fire practice. I'm assuming this is an Oregon Air Force Reserve unit going against remote controlled Phantoms. After clicking on this link, scroll down and hit the "play" button. (You gotta crank up Golden Earring's "Radar Love" for this to work.) God Bless Our "First...
  561. Stanley

    Awesome WSB and YT Videos

    Credit Jim Sammons at LJKF who posted these on his site. Pretty cool videos of schooling and croaking WSB. Check out the video of the YT under the paddie. This shit's better than Porn!LOL
  562. Stanley

    Fast Wheel Gun Shooter

    This guys know how to speed load a revolver. Six shots, reload, six shots...2.99 seconds!
  563. Stanley

    Motor oil in my Jigmaster?

    Interesting read from a UK fishing site. I've seen stranger things. One time, I came upon a bunch of trout anglers in Oregon spraying WD40 on their baits...AND THEY GOT BIT! (I'm gonna try this fly-lining for calicos). I've got a 10' Harnell jig stick with a Jigmaster on it...I'm breaking...
  564. Stanley

    Monkey fucks with Tigers

    This monkey's about as bored as I am. Like I wanna go out and pull on a stinkin' 30 pound squid. :jo: My idea of squiddin' is a couple of Cuba Libres and the calamari at the Chart House. :beerbang: Might be a re-post, but who the fuck cares? :FU...
  565. Stanley

    Unlucky Dude!

    I wouldn't let this guy anywhere near my boat...let alone on it.
  566. Stanley

    Darwin Award Nominee

    Hopefully, he didn't get a chance to contaminate the gene pool. (Click on the link then scroll down to the video screen)
  567. Stanley

    Anyone remember Zippo lighters?

    In my old Army days, I used to could do the "snap light" and the "quick draw" (off my fatigues). This guy's pretty lame, but cracked me up
  568. Stanley

    Seal Shooter Cops a Plea!

    Heard on the radio tonight he pled guilty to 2 misdemeanors. Sixty days in the can and suspended captain's license for 50 days. Didn't hear anything about a fine. Sounds like he got off pretty easy!
  569. Stanley

    Robin Williams on Golf

    May be a re-post. Pretty funny, though.
  570. Stanley

    Arizona Ammo Dump

    Family Fun!
  571. Stanley

    Oceanside Thursday 1-20-05

    Oceanside Report 1/20/05 Got up at 5am to get an early start out of Oceanside with my retarded cousin (not really retarded (I think) but we razz and laugh at each other all day). Through a comedy of errors, I looked at my watch as we left the harbor...8:15am! At least we had a decent scoop of...
  572. Stanley

    Local out of O'side Thursday 1-20

    Probably going South. Gimme a holler!
  573. Stanley

    Gotta love Costco!

    Had an HP "all in one" printer (Fax, copier, printer, scanner) that I bought in October of 2002 For $197. Tried to use one of this "Re-filled" cartridges and it never worked right since. Called Costco, they said bring it back with a receipt and I got my $197 back. Bought a better, smaller...
  574. Stanley

    S.O.B. Fish

    S.O.B. Fish The parish priest went on a fishing trip. On the last day of his trip he hooked a monster fish and proceeded to reel it in. The guide, holding a net, yelled, "look at the size of that Son of a Bitch!" "Son, I'm a priest. Your language is uncalled for!" "No, Father, that's...
  575. Stanley

    Dog shit

    Pretty funny.
  576. Stanley

    Big Friggin' Pussy!

    The guy, I mean. LMAO!
  577. Stanley

    American warship vs. a guy...

    ...that just will not change course to avoid a collission.
  578. Stanley

    Justice (If it's True!)

    Ohio man beaten, raped after peering into child's bedroom! (2nd page shows the Police Report)
  579. Stanley

    Putting the ol' feed bag on...

    No other comment.
  580. Stanley

    I wanna be an Airborne Ranger...

    ...I wanna live the life of Danger... Anyone who served will get a kick out of this! JumpMaster's Dance (You have to right click and Save Target As... or it won't play right)
  581. Stanley

    This cracked me up.

    Dave Chappelle (oldie but goodie)
  582. Stanley

    A Romantic Song!

    Kinda brings a tear to my eye. WARNING! I showed this to my ol' lady and she exclaimed, "THIS IS GAY! YOU'RE SICK!" and walked out of my office. Sheeesh! I thought it was funny.
  583. Stanley

    Drunk Driver!

    These guys follow and video this dumbassed chick trying to get home to her "leukemia" child. What a load of goat piss. They just should've let her kill herself, 'cept she might've taken an innocent out, too.
  584. Stanley

    Catastrophe Meeting Place

    With what's going on in South Asia, it brings to mind an interesting concept of what to do in the event of a such an event. I recently read an article that stated the only reason we don't get the hurricanes that Florida gets is due to our cooling water temperatures during hurricane season. A...
  585. Stanley

    Another Tsunami Video

    Sorry...just noticed already posted.
  586. Stanley

    Screw you, Santa!

    My answer to Christmas is to take care of all the people I care about...then get myself WTF I want for Xmas! That way, I get what I want...and I'm never disappointed. So, I got a new Auto-Pilot, new (to me) GPS, new Fish Cleaning Station from WM ($79 on sale) and just picked up a fully...
  587. Stanley

    SwimStep Feedback

    Gonna put a swimstep on Scottie III (24' Skipjack FB). I've been told to steer away from the teak models, so going to go with plastic. Evidently there are two types, one that goes all the way across the width of the transom and another kind that has a space for the outdrive to come up (for...
  588. Stanley

    Kitty! Kitty! Stop that! You're going to get..., paws? Nevermind.
  589. Stanley

    How'd he do that?

    Merry Christmas you guys!
  590. Stanley

    Home Defense Weapon for Christmas?

    This is a Test. Do not adjust your screen. Just trying out the Multimedia module on BD. If you click on the link, you then have to click on the Multimedia icon? I'm doing something wrong. Pretty cool Full-Auto Glock, though. Eh? (Especially that 2nd clip)...
  591. Stanley

    Christmas in Jail.

    Watch this before you go out to drink and drive during this Holiday Season. Anderson County Tennessee, baby! (Live Feed)
  592. Stanley

    Back East BFT

    Snagged this off Full Speed (so they get credit). I know I'd be telling that deckhand to get his friggin' hands off the line! Pretty funny, too, that they put some serious water in that cockpit.
  593. Stanley

    Shortest day of the Year?

    OK you friggin' brainiacs, I know it's coming up. So, when do the days start getting longer? It just seems like recently I was commenting (while fishing), "This is the Summer Solstice...the fishing days will get shorter from here on out." I fished on 12/18/04, still got to pull on fish...
  594. Stanley

    Someone's gonna lose their job...

    ...for not following proper "pat down" procedures. Warning: GRAPHIC!! Anyway, the stupid fuck shot a cop and then did us the courtesy of saving the taxpayer's a lot of money. Just as a side note, I think the cops are damned lucky he didn't try to take some of them out, too. You have to...
  595. Stanley

    Undercover Nightmare

    This is an old clip, but it's still fun to see the bad guy get his just rewards.
  596. Stanley

    Flatbadge caught on Tape!!

    Just fuckin' with you, bro! Afterall, you posted Santa getting arrested at Christmas Time! This is supposedly a Florida cop that was fired after this tape was aired. (Sorry about the commercial at the begining.)...
  597. Stanley

    Decent Beer...

    ...just has a little "after-taste".
  598. Stanley

    Looking up old school chums.

    New site is up. Find address and pictures of child molesters in your neighborhood.
  599. Stanley

    Wanna act like a bitch ...'re going get beat like a bitch. Hawaiian beatdown. Funnier than shit. Probably told his friends he broke his board riding a big wave.
  600. Stanley

    Fly by gone wrong!

    Don't know any of the details...but jeeez!
  601. Stanley

    I want my friggin' name back!

    I'm tired of this Spooker bullshit. I only took "Spooker" as a screen name because some fag (that was banned) already had Stanley as a screen name here and BD wouldn't let me register as Stanley, so I took my neighbor's dog's name. Spooker "was" a cool Black Lab that would, about once a week...
  602. Stanley

    Judgement Day 2

    These guys are crazy!
  603. Stanley

    Another Darwin Award Winner

    No explanation necessary.
  604. Stanley

    Fishing in Afghanistan

    Check out the short video of "Casting a Lure".
  605. Stanley

    I love you, Santa...

    ...but I don't think you're reading my letters.
  606. Stanley

    Ah yes, Wintertime!

    Snowboarders duke it out.
  607. Stanley

    Shit List

    *The Shit List* GHOST SHIT: The kind where you feel the shit come out, but there is no shit in the toilet. CLEAN SHIT: The kind where you shit it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the toilet paper. WET SHIT: The kind where you wipe your butt 50 times and it still feels...
  608. Stanley

    How gay is this?

    This kid is scary!
  609. Stanley

    Mountain biking anyone?

    Another reason I stay off those damned things! I love that guy yelling out, "Just stay down 'til you know everything's connected!"
  610. Stanley

    Another Boring Girlie Fight

    Blondie gets owned.
  611. Stanley

    Straight up Fist Fight!

    Little guy almost had it, just couldn't quite finish. Oh well, boys will be boys.
  612. Stanley

    Off-roaders fight.

    Poor quality rip, but you'll get the idea.
  613. Stanley

    Match the Hatch.

    This is totally gross, so don't even watch it if you have a weak stomach. I don't even know why I'm posting this, other than to gross you homos out.
  614. Stanley

    Pour yourself a nice cold cocktail...

    ...crank the volume..then click on the link. (Dial up need not apply.) I'm bored. Watched the Lakers BARELY win. Kobe is a basketball player. Oh well...LT gets a week off. GO CHARGERS!!!
  615. Stanley

    Road Rage!

  616. Stanley

    MP5 vs Redneck with his Daddy's shotgun.

    I'm so fucking bored. Piece of shit ex-tenants left a bunch of crap in one of our rental units. Now I gotta go clean it up AND I DON'T WANT TO! Anyone want to buy a 3 br 2 bath w/FP and one car garage condo in Oceanside (78 and Plaza across from DMV) selling it cheap for $290K. No realtors...
  617. Stanley

    Die MuthaFucka Die

    I can't get enough of this shit. God Bless America! And God Bless our brave young troops! (Again, crank the volume!)
  618. Stanley

    Highway to Hell

    Crank the volume and enjoy!
  619. Stanley

    What's 40% of $15 million?

    OMG! I'm a fucking millionaire! Guess I'll just call the boss in the morning and tell him to fuck off then go out and buy a new boat. Anyone else get these things? Dear Sir, I am barrister Godwin Eke, a solicitor at law and the personal attorney to late (Mr.Mark Hogan) a...
  620. Stanley

    Supra gets owned by SUX 1500

    106+ in the quarter...not bad. The crowd's lovin' it.
  621. Stanley

    Motorcycle vs Deer (New One)

    Just goofin' off waiting for the Charger game to start. Go Chargers!
  622. Stanley

    Dumb shits.

    Future Darwin Award Winners.
  623. Stanley

    Holy Shit!

    Couldn't understand a word he was saying. Must've been something about not liking PT Cruisers. Guy's lucky he didn't get shot (not that it would be a bad thing).
  624. Stanley

    I'll show you mine if you show me your's...

    ...Scottie III. (No trailer pic's.)
  625. Stanley

    Did someone say "Eyeballs"?

    Saw a thread somewhere about someone eating eyeballs...this is for him.
  626. Stanley

    What an idiot!

    What'd he expect to happen?
  627. Stanley

    Since there's no NHL this year...

    here's a glimpse of what we're missing. There was a fight going and occasionally a hockey game broke out.
  628. Stanley

    Knarly wreck!

    Lucky biker, though.
  629. Stanley

    Another Girl Fight.

    These are getting boring.
  630. Stanley

    Bum Fights!

    70mb, 16 minute clip. Pretty funny, though.
  631. Stanley

    Streets fights Part 2...

    Hey! If I'm wasting my time posting this shit, let me know. Just doing it for your entertainment. Body surfers at The Wedge in Newport and homeboy coming home drunk is pretty funny, though! You might have to turn up the volume to appreciate. (Right click and "Save As" or it will soon be...
  632. Stanley

    For you "street fight" fans... know who you are! Just do the right thing, right click on this link and then "Save As". (Otherwise it disappears). Or don't, it still works. You should turn up the volume. Lemme know if I should continue posting shit like this...
  633. Stanley

    Home Defense Weapon

    Would this work?
  634. Stanley

    Launching out of Oceanside?

    Don't believe all the rumors, just go slow and pay attention. New ramps, new washdown station, free to launch and free parking is close by (or you can pay $6 and park right there). Here's a pic. (Picture didn't post will try again)
  635. Stanley

    Oceanside WSB and YTs 8/12

    Well, since there's no North County Fishing Reports forum, I'll post here. Left Oceanside at 6amish on Scottie III looking for paddies. Not one paddy in 2 hours of searching. Decided to head for Ponto to fish the calicos/halibut or whatever. Sporties were outside the kelp killing the rats. We...
  636. Stanley

    The REAL Crocodile Hunter!

    Seems a little safer to me.
  637. Stanley

    Mantis Shrimp vs Crawdad

    Nasty little bugger.
  638. Stanley

    Forced to change my avatar.

    Busted! Wifey walked in behind me while I was online, the first clue was her saying (loudly), "What is that supposed to mean? What...are you on a porno site?!" After convincing her this was a fishing site (somewhat), we both agreed that it would be in my best interests to change my avatar...
  639. Stanley

    Point you cell phone at a cop...

    ...and see what happens. This guy was definitely a "suicide by cop". Notice the cop on the right lets loose with 4-5 rounds with no effect (after the idiot swings and pretends to shoot at his pardo). Cop on...
  640. Stanley

    Female Cops Gone Wild!

    Why would she have her finger on the trigger? Scary.
  641. Stanley

    Making horses.

    No comment.
  642. Stanley

    Got a problem with the neighbor's dog?

    Just call the cops...
  643. Stanley

    Sunday Drive in Iraq.

    Love the guy saying, "Let's get back to the fuckin' base is what we need to do."
  644. Stanley

    My Bitch can whip your Bitch.

    Watch closely, the gal doing the whippin' gets stabbed in the leg. (If you have a problem viewing, right click on URL, then Save Target As) (Edit: Fight got changed from the girl fight, sorry). Here's the stab wound...
  645. Stanley

    Flippin' off a cop.

    Dumb shit. What'd he expect?
  646. Stanley

    My Dog can whip your Dog!

    Pretty cool "money" fistfight.
  647. Stanley

    Personal Protection...

    ..for the wife (No, I'm not talking condoms). I know this is not a fishing subject but the ol' lady had a "situation" last night where she was by herself and scared. Police helicoptors overhead, wierdos running through the shadows, and she's calling me on the cell freaking out in a different...
  648. Stanley

    Extreme Flips, Kicks and Tricks

    Thought I'd post it cause I'm BORED at work.
  649. Stanley

    The Irish Way... guns, no gangs, just man to man.
  650. Stanley

    7/9 43, SCI and paddies

    1st Mate Registered: Jul 2002 Location: Oceanside Posts: 172 7/9 43, SCI and paddies Allllllrighty, just walked in the door and am posting. Got an invite on a bitchen' 36' Chris Craft of well-known Dana Point sportfisher by the name of Top Gun (now slipped in O'side). This is a nice...
  651. Stanley

    For you hunters.

    Doesn't seem all that sporting to me. And what the hell they going to do with it afterwards? To each his own, I guess. They're going to need a BIG gaff! (Server went sideways, right click then "Save Target As").
  652. Stanley

    Something's changed

    This is NOT what I did with 'em when I was their age.
  653. Stanley

    Cruise Control

    Ballzy kid! I'm wondering how they'd stop the car if he fell off.
  654. Stanley

    Spiderman III tryouts!

    Next! (Kinda graphic)
  655. Stanley

    This guy got in an accident today.

    Watch the pedestrian in the crosswalk. Fake? Yes? No?