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  1. jrhoma

    Sekiu still going strong !!

    Arrived at Sekiu around noon today and no wind so me and two buddies decided to try the early afternoon bite. Well we were'nt in the water 3 minutes and we hit a nice 10 lber then it was bam bam thank you mam we had our limits in an hour and a half looking forward to the next few days.
  2. jrhoma

    Pair of Cannon Digitroll IV electric downriggers - sold

    I have 2 Cannon Digitroll IV electric downriggers come complete with power cords swivel/stands mounting bases. I also have newer transducer and relay cables connecting multiple downriggers to master( for bottom tracking feature). Selling as a package deal for $625.00 OBO in good working order...
  3. jrhoma

    Area 11 Reports?

    Anyone been out in area 11 have any reports on whats going on out there? Thinking about going out there this week. Thanks hope to see you out there.
  4. jrhoma

    Area 11 Reports?

  5. jrhoma

    South Sound fishing Derby

    After getting up at O Dark Thirty fished Pt. Defiance with 150 other boats, and only saw 1 small fish landed. Moved around to various other locals with no love! Talked with fish checker at Redondo and no fish brought in as of 11:45. Whats up with all the fish!!
  6. jrhoma

    Downrigger Cable VS Braided line?

    Has anyone been using the Downrigger Braided line and what are the pros and cons of this vs the Cable? I need to add some to one of my cannon electrics since hooking up to something and losing alt of my cable. Thanks!!!
  7. jrhoma


    MA-9 MA-10 Anyone fishing Shipwreck or the Edmond oil field? Are there any fish left out there?