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  1. Bigfish69

    Bimini top, good quality not the cheapy kind. 100.00

    4 sale,,,Very good quality Bimini top. Its not the cheapy kind. Its very well made and has all metal hardware. It can be used as a stand alone which measures 8' L x 7' w x 3.5 'tall. or you can use the front portion as well and make it 16' long for maximum shade. They both come with boots and...
  2. Bigfish69

    Penn reels bridge problem cure, anyone?

    I have close to a thousand peen reels i have collected over the years and i am cleaning and going through some of them in my spare time so that i can put them away for my kids when they get older and might even fish them as needed. However there is one small problem and i wanted to tackle it...
  3. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    Found some of these just shy of the whistler. Good times and good eats, you know who you are!:hali_olutta: Go get um ladies! 69R
  4. Bigfish69

    $$$$ GPS Needed, preferably GPSMAP, $$$$

    Willing to pay reasonable amount...:jig: My old one took a shit...please PM me with details...thank you John
  5. Bigfish69

    Need to find concert tickets,,whats the best site to do this?

    Looking for concert tickets and was wondering if anyone on here has ideas on where i can find some for different venues in san diego and las vegas? Thanks John
  6. Bigfish69

    Headed north for decsent crawl

    Trolling 4 Lobster! 69R
  7. Bigfish69

    What happened to tidelines online .com?

    Are they charging now after so many quality years of free service....I mean geez dont they know the economy is in the shits? Anyhowq i would like to take this time to ask all you fine young lads and ladies:rolleyes: weather you know of a site besides tidlines online that has good reliable info...
  8. Bigfish69

    Octopuss recipe needed ASAP!!!!!!!!

    So last night i was out hooping and fishing of course and happened to snag a really descent octopi, My normal method of cooking these things is in red wine and let it cook all day in crock pot or large pot on low heat to tenderise it just before the cooking is done i add all the other stuff...
  9. Bigfish69

    Need to find wife a creative gift this year and i'm stumped!

    First of all i know its a little early for this stuff but i need to plan ahead this year as last year all i found was empty shelfs while out shopping for my beloved family. This year after 5 years of marriage to a very creative woman for the first time in my life i am totally stumped on what...
  10. Bigfish69

    Great people have good karma coming there way as well as a few cold ones on me

    Short story. I Lost one of my favorite custom hoop nets the about a week ago right after i set it out. I new the kelp had claimed it and searched for over an hour with no luck. Fished all night and went home with tail between my legs and super bummed i lost one of my custom nets which costs me...
  11. Bigfish69

    To everyone who has helped me on this site.

    I will be away from time to time for a while and wont be visiting bloody decks as often until further notice. I will be traveling the open road expanding my business and will be gone for weeks at a time with a fishing rod and a tackle box in the back of my rig i hope my destinations turn out...
  12. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    I dont think i look more suspicious thahn the average hoope so i cant quite figure this one out. Was wondering if anyone else has ever recieved this type of treatment. We where boarded by DFG officers last night 4 of them in an inflatable. Typicale type stuff except when the guy stepped foot...
  13. Bigfish69

    Bloody Decker sighting...........

    Butterfinger Comedy Network on Yahoo! Video 69R
  14. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    I was out hooping in the bay and was heading back in when i noticed that there was a large string of glow sticks floating. We originally thought someone had lost all there gear, but upon further investigation it turns out that someone just dumped all there light sticks out after they where done...
  15. Bigfish69

    What reel to pair with my G-loomis,,,,,

    I am looking for a reliable salt water real that i can throw some 8 pound on. Will be using it primarilly to sling the rubber around structure on a G-loomis 7.5' bass stick. Any one have one for sale or recomend a good one that i should think about? I currently have a calcutta 150 GT on this...
  16. Bigfish69

    Happy Holloween,,,,,,,,,,

    Trick or treat bloody basturds.... YouTube - halloween funny 69R
  17. Bigfish69

    Bargain hunters,,this ones for you.

    So times a a little slower than normal for us this time of year and in an attemp to gain some well needed work load for small business i have decided to offer a special for all Bloody Deckers for a limited time. Right now through the end of december i will be taking 10-15 percent off of any of...
  18. Bigfish69

    Slots in the Dark!!!!!

    Hey i thought this was something entirely different! Ba humbug! LOL 69R
  19. Bigfish69

    Bike, hoo koo e koo, pictures added for your review

    Slightly used needs a little spitshine but as tyou know this is a high end bike for pennies of what it cost me. Has accessories included. A little TLC and your riding in style. Discounted for my fellow bloody fuckers! 69R
  20. Bigfish69

    Feeding giant bluefin tuna,,,,amazing!

    I wanna go here! YouTube - Feeding The Giant Bluefin On" The Ridge" 09/09/17 69R
  21. Bigfish69

    For those of you who have allways wondered about the ACORES

    Heres a sneak peak at the buety and peacefullness of Sao Jorge Portugal. Enjoy! 69R YouTube - Azores, São Jorge Island - Promocional Video
  22. Bigfish69

    Dirty foamy bung hole clean up and prevention.

    Being portuguese and making my own wine every year i at times have ended up with a dirty bung hole and let me tell ya its quite the mess as it runs down the side and onto the floor staining everything it comes into contact with including the nice oak barrel. Multiply this mess times 3 in my...
  23. Bigfish69

    1000 pound hamerhead,,,,sick fish!

    YouTube - 1000 Pound Monster Hammerhead! CHEW ON THIS shark fishing
  24. Bigfish69

    Gary fisher Mountain bike. Hoo koo e koo, front shocks

    This bike is like new and was only riden several times. Bike retails new for between 12 and 1400. I am asking 250 bucks. Wont last long. Pm me for pics. 69R
  25. Bigfish69

    120 gallon aquarium with stand, All accessories

    All accesories included for 150.00 cash. Pm me if you need pics 69R
  26. Bigfish69

    Anyone fish this place do any good? Need reviews!

    Thsi is a real place, i think. Pussy Tank Fishing in Navajo County, Arizona | Fishing Works 69R
  27. Bigfish69

    Lost, pair of asians wearing octopusy headgear

    Saluki did you forget to lock the gate?
  28. Bigfish69

    Keep your great spots producing and pressure free.

    Decided to write this tutorial up due to the fact that there is much concern recently in regards to the fishing pressure of many favorite fishing spots and teqniques. Seems like there is no magic pill but this will help all of us, (((you know who you are))), keep your spots trouble free and...
  29. Bigfish69

    Hooping and diving, how to get along.

    First off i would just like to share that i ran into 2 divers early last night and decided to try a new teqnique for communicating with them. So as we soaked our baits i motored over to the general area these 2 guys where hunting and just kinda watched them do there thing. They where in hot...
  30. Bigfish69

    Saw this guy out on the water while hooping last night.

    Saw this guy out on the water last night while hooping. Never thought i would see the day where someone backed the boat right over my gear right in front of me. :shake: Watch out for the Donkey! 69R
  31. Bigfish69

    Good looking bait!

    This has got to be the biggest sand crab i have ever seen. Good looking bait, wonder what i could catch with this? 69R
  32. Bigfish69

    Some fine tail right here!

    Oh baby what a lineup! 69R
  33. Bigfish69

    Looking for a Trolling motor Bracket,,anyone!

    Hello, i am looking for a Trolling Motor bracket new or used to slap on the back of my sled. Anyone got one laying around that they need to part with? I got cashhh moneyyy! thanks for your time 69R
  34. Bigfish69

    Anyone do or know somone to repair gelcoat?

    I was at bait dock the other day and a nail snagged me pretty good and i'll be damn if it didnt take a nice chunk out of the gelcoat. I also have several other repairs that need help. Thanks 69R
  35. Bigfish69

    Wjat is the new drinking rule at ski beach?

    We are having a birthday bash for my daughter at ski beach and i have been questioned about drinking by more than half of our guests. Does anyone on here know what you can and cannot get away with legally. Are beers okay as long as in a can? Can you have a mixed drink/cocktail in a cup without...
  36. Bigfish69


    Toy helicopter crash prompts SC driver to call 911 <SCRIPT type=text/javascript> if(!YAHOO){var YAHOO = {};} YAHOO.BuzzWidgetTries = 0; (function(){ if(YAHOO && YAHOO.util && YAHOO.util.Event && YAHOO.Media && YAHOO.Media.Buzz){ (function(){ var buzz = new...
  37. Bigfish69

    425 fishing report 4-21-09,,,yellowfin

    Started out of harbor headed strait for the 425. Got there at approx 5:30 ish. Started to troll south, nada for about an hour or so and as we started to make our turn to head east got slammed on a rapala,, macheral pattern fishing her about 30 feet deep. Threw bait and worked the area for a...
  38. Bigfish69

    China Man knot, Spectra to Mono or Flouro

    China Man tutorial with pics.... Spectra to Mono or Flouro. Heres a quick demo on how to tie the China Man knot. Its fast easy and super strong. The knot itself is stronger than the line. You will notice it similar to another knot but this knot seems to be stronger so therefore its the only...
  39. Bigfish69

    These guys are dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you see these guys run like hell. These guys are dangerous. Mainly to themsefs but non the less dangerous. YouTube - retarded karate 69R
  40. Bigfish69

    Calling all Bd's for some insight and wisdom!

    I, my wifey and kids will be escaping San Diego limits very soon via 40' diesel pusher or somthing very close. My question to you is where can we go that is close to the water dont matter wheather its salt or fresh as long as its a river. We wouuld like to park and camp or whatever they call...
  41. Bigfish69

    Seeking 2 good ho's for a trip to local banks and or islands.

    Seeking 2 good ho's for a trip to local banks and or islands. Expierienced or not. Please apply by Pming me. Trip will consist of a full day of fishing, starting at approx. 5:00 am to 3:00 pm. Trip is to be planned from between Fri. 14th to the 19th right now there is no set day and i am open...
  42. Bigfish69

    A major victory for team 69R

    Victory at sea......:Pelvic_Thrust: Our day started of with a great scoop of bait from EB. Set our course for the 302 and found a porpi party goin on abotut 8 miles from the 302. Threw everything but the kitchen sink for nada. Continued on our pre set course and noticed a leer jet in the sky...
  43. Bigfish69

    Calico and sandy action IB very Good!

    Decided to stay close to shore on 8-2-09 and shaddow my buddy Troy on his new toy the witness protection. We started out of the channel at aprox. 5:45 ish after picking up a scraggly scoop of bait from EB. These dines where huge and would make great paddy bait but where beat the fuck up. WOW...
  44. Bigfish69

    Currently seeking Calstar rod in the 20 to 50 pound class

    If you have one or 2 for sale i may be interested. Looking for something in descent shape in the 8,10' leghnth. Graphite seekers would work too. Have cashola now! Thanks 69R
  45. Bigfish69

    Beer Goggles,,,the perfect gift for your pals.

    YouTube - Beer Goggles Get it on! 69R
  46. Bigfish69

    Sign on to BD's on my new web phone.....

    So i got a new phone through sprint called the LG LOTUS and i must say this thing in amazing. One slight problem though that has my head spinning and i just can seem to figure it out. When i try to log in to site it acts like its processing the request and then brings me back to the same screen...
  47. Bigfish69

    Where are all the DoDos?

    Not DoDo bloody deckers the fish smart asses? Going Sunday,,,,where should i focus. Thanks 69R
  48. Bigfish69

    Ideas for trolling deep instead of down riggers, Anyone

    So me and a pal where going over some tactics for trolling today. Neighther one of us has downriggers and we want to get our lures to approx. 50 and 30 foot down at normal troll speed. Anyone know of any troll lure that we can drag to accomplish this task? Dont really want to buy a pair of...
  49. Bigfish69

    No Big Hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still trying to pick myself up off the floor after watching this:rofl: 69R
  50. Bigfish69

    3' Leap from inside pool to outside coping!

    I used to be able to do this too but all the years of leaning into the rail stroking Big Fish has slowed me a little. LOL YouTube - BJ Jumps out of the Pool 69R
  51. Bigfish69

    Fish I.D.

    What is it and how do you eat this thing. Filleted, BBQ, Pan fried?
  52. Bigfish69

    Techniques for Preventing a Boner!

    Just got this in on my desk and thought i would pass it along. YouTube - How To Stop Being Horny 69R
  53. Bigfish69

    I am having trouble making up my mind. Please advise!

    Looking at one of the new Garmin GPS maps but i cant make a decision on what is best and most practical for what i need it for. I Have a wellcraft V-20 center console with lots of room on the dash for more shit. I only need it for GPS prurposes as i have a meter allready. I would like local...
  54. Bigfish69

    Anyone else having problems using there phones in mex.

    How do i dial from mexico to the states. I have nextell / sprint service. Any ideas on what i must enter before my number or what the hell the procedure is? 69R
  55. Bigfish69

    I have a serious itch! What do you recomend?

    2.5R, 3.5R or 5R.....if money was no object that is?:Pelvic_Thrust: 69R
  56. Bigfish69

    Wreck near the whistler, any numbers for it?

    I was talking to a diver sometime at the beginning of the year and he told me about the wreck near the whisler and advised me it was really fishy. I cant find it on my charts! I should have gotten the numbers from him but we where in a hurry to get out and set up our camp. My question is does...
  57. Bigfish69

    I think we can all agree that the MLPA proposals are way over the top!

    Obviously a crock of crap! Right!!!!! Lets just assume that things go there way. Has anyone tried to come up with a solution that works instead of total closures? I'm sure some things have been discussed in meetings but has the approach been the right one? Here&#8217;s my idea, bear with me...
  58. Bigfish69

    Where can i get some good fire works around here?

    Need to get my hands on some! Where can i set them off, or is is ilegal as hell? Also if its legal, where can i get oh say a box full of rockets? Nothing fancy just somthing to keep the kids busy! Big kids that is! 69R
  59. Bigfish69

    Pleasure boat customs check ins!

    Well fellas its that time of year where everyone piles in and heads south west for the tuna grounds. There has been some confusion on the issue of Customs reporting when returning into the U.S. Via Mexico. Well heres the facts you will need to know to keep ya safe and happy. Life is...
  60. Bigfish69

    Why would you treat a beer like this?

    First they stick a perfectly good liquid corona in the freezer for 3 hours, then they freeze it....:confused: What exactly is the purpose of this? These guys are beer drinkers for sure LOL the one guy actually tries to remove the cap of a corona with his shirt by twisting it:gayfight...
  61. Bigfish69

    Who want to go on a 1.5 day and catch some fish?

    Well the time has come for me to make a decision of what trip and boat i want to go on to start out my Albacore catching season. After watching the fish counts and talking to several people i have made the decision to get out and get my lines wet. I will be heading out on The Holiday out of...
  62. Bigfish69

    Anyone had problems with mex gun boats?

    Few buddies piled into there boat and headed for the 10 10 last week and told me that a mexican gun boat pulled up beside them approx 100 feet or so and just paced them for a good amount of time and then broke off and headed east. They did not stop them or say anything to them, just cruised...
  63. Bigfish69

    Looking for some stainless rail rod holders?

    Anyone have some of these that are still in descent shape that are just laying around that they need to get rid of? If so i am interested, will pay reasonable amount for them. Could use up to 4 if you got them. Similar design would be okay too, just has to be stainless. Thanks 69R
  64. Bigfish69

    I got the sudden urge for some fried chicken!

    Anyone else? 69R YouTube - Sexy Latin Girls Shaking Ass on Boat!
  65. Bigfish69

    I.B. and surrounding areas

    Sorry its not the best report but hope it helps someone. Set my course for I.B. for some am action. All kinds of bird and fish activity. Allmost no wind in early hours but not long after the sun came up the wind started up. I flew solo today and was planning to hit the islands in the...
  66. Bigfish69

    Anyone had any problems with the gears?

    Anyone had any problems with the gears on there reels getting all ground down to shit. I let my old man use a pro gear which has only been fished several times and when he brought it back to me it was making an aweful grinding sound. Took it apart and found the main gear and pinions rounded off...
  67. Bigfish69

    Yellotail hunting 425 & 101 ish 6-7-09

    Cory and I Started out a gorgous day heading out to the 425. Got there found couple of tiney paddies with no one home, no marks, no activity. headed south towards the 101 as no one north of us was hooking. Found one large paddy and got excited, best one of the day. Threw bait, fished it, nada...
  68. Bigfish69

    Get rid of pesky rust stains?

    I hate them. I have tried CLR but no worky. Put it on and waited a few minutes and hosed off. Nada! Shit still there. Any time trialed advise from anyone who has had luck with something would be great. Gotta get it off the glass and a few peices of steel. I hate to try something that i dont...
  69. Bigfish69

    Fish training early is the key to BigFish!

    Heres my boy this past weekend watching VS. with DAD. J.J. is only 1.5 yrs old and allready loves fish. I'm so very proud of him. I think that training should start early in life and as you can see in the vid, it sems to be paying off. :D 69R C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Johns...
  70. Bigfish69

    What kind of underwear do you use on Hot Sunny days fishing?

    Ok so i read the post about Hot sunny days and the appropriate shirt to wear in said conditions. Good stuff right! I feal that equally important are the uderwear you wear on hot sunny days on the water. I know some of you are probaly laughing right now but this is a serious matter. I like to...
  71. Bigfish69

    Rough as hell but managed something

    Headed out of SI ramp with my buddy "J" AKA "Limp stick" at approx 530ish, at bait dock 532ish and got stuffed with one of the fattest scoops ive ever recieved with some really nice looking dines, perfect size. Headed out of channel directly for IB. Made it to IB by 600 and we set up for some...
  72. Bigfish69

    Woke up with stiff neck this morning

    Allright i know this is a stretch after all what could anyone on bloody decks know about stiff neck right? Well have posted shit here before and thought theres no way that i will get a resolution from here, well i was wrong.... Just about everything that was asked was answered and was...
  73. Bigfish69

    Anyone expieriencing problems with bloody decks

    I cant get pages to load half the time today for some wierd reason. If it does not load i go back and then forward again and it still does not load. i try to refresh and still nada except the fishworks logo stuff. It also appears to be super slow. What the @#%^$ is going on. Is it me or...
  74. Bigfish69

    Rapala has small crack, is this normal

    Dumb question i know but i hate throwing shit away that i can fix. I bought a new pair of rapalas, one in the sardine pattern and another in the mac. pattern. I have been dragging them quite a bit this season and been doing well but recently noticed while going over some of my junk that one of...
  75. Bigfish69

    Foruno Radar 1622 head unit For cheap

    Dont need it anymore,,,would like anywhere between 225 and 300 for it. Very good condition, Please note that this is the head unit for sale only with cover. Was hardly used and needs a new home. PM me with offers, first resonable offer get it. Or email me at johnbrasil1 @ Thanks John
  76. Bigfish69

    New member of the Brasil family!

    Here is our new addition to our family. His name is Jr. and hes a 1 year old chewawa mix that i resqued from my aunt who could no longer care for him and was gonna give to the pound. I met jr a few moths ago along with my daughter and she really loved him right away. So when i got the call i...
  77. Bigfish69

    Look both ways,,,,may safe your life....

    My buddy old pal andre sent me this video. Thanks andre. For your information, i could out run that train smart ass.:nutkick: I watched it 5 times and i still cant believe this guy survived. The bastard even lost his shoe. Make sure to look both ways before crossing. Warning: This video may...
  78. Bigfish69

    I think i may have gotten one.

    My remote doesnt work unless your right up at the tv or 10 feet from it,,,the menu is imposible to control from the remote, too much crap to figure out. Auto channel is hard to start. Finally did though. The book that came with the thing takes a week to go through. Argh! 69R
  79. Bigfish69

    Does this remind you of anyone you know.?

    What better way to spend your weekend! 69R
  80. Bigfish69

    Bitch slapped by thresher shark

    So as promised here is the vid of my buddy radim getting bitch slapped by the thresher they got last week. Its pretty friggin funny, turn up your volume and enjoy. By the way this is the wrong way too do it by every stretch of the imagination. I think he learned his lesson,,,what do you think...
  81. Bigfish69

    Anyone ever had a float switch go bad?

    Well that striper leaning hard to port kicked my ass into high gear. I have known that my float switch has not been working for a couple months now but was not to worried about it because my manual works perfect and if anywater ends up in the bilge i just flip the rocker and presto,,,dry bilge...
  82. Bigfish69

    Dr. Bummer.....

    YouTube - DR. Bummer a Gynecologist from Pittsburgh bids $69 on THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Wearing a Steelers shirt!
  83. Bigfish69

    Anyone have experiences with the boat grotto?

    Was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the Boat grotto in la mesa. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Thanks 69R
  84. Bigfish69

    Mr. T sighting on wrong boat......

    Sorry for the late report fellas,,,,headed out about 6;00 towards the N9 and trolled till approx 9:00 when my buddy Johnny P...AKA (WOO WOO) called and they had a mr T on just above the n9high. We hightailed it in his direction and checked out the fish, nice one approx 180ish. Set out our...
  85. Bigfish69

    1999 Suzuki 2 stroke parts,,,where do you

    I am writing this for my buddy patrick who unfortunatly has been having some engine troubles with his 1999 susuki Outboard 2 stoker. I really enjoy fishing with the guy and he has not been able to get out to play with us recently because he has been having trouble finding parts for the...
  86. Bigfish69

    What hook size for live bait threasher

    So heres the dealio,,,I am in the final stages of prep to get out for some threasher and whatever action and i realized i had too small of hooks for the bait. So long story short headed down to local angler shop,,,if that,,,fuckers didnt have shit,,,, anyways all i could get my hands on where...
  87. Bigfish69

    Recruting buddy boaters for wed 6th,,,Are you in?

    If you are interested in heading out with us let me know ASAP more info in the trip planning and underway schedual for inshore, or pm me for details. 69R
  88. Bigfish69

    Recruting buddy boaters for wed 6th,,,Are you in?

    So heres the deal,,,i am feeling alot better after coming down with some type of cold of some sort and am really eager to get out and try my hand at some surface fishing,,,,whatever is biting, maybe Yellows, maybe cuda, maybe bonita, hopefully Thresher. I would like to buddy boat on this trip...
  89. Bigfish69

    Would you hit it?

    I dont know if its just me but this is kinda sexy! Would you hit it?:_smack_: 69R
  90. Bigfish69

    Mr T arial display

    Sooo,,,i just had to pass this along,,,,very impressive jump! This year one will be mine!:hali_ruahahaha: 69R
  91. Bigfish69

    Fish I.D. what the hell are these?

    Well long story short, i'm still sick but my buddy Bobarino AKA(CUDA) decided to yank me out of my comfy recliner to hit the kelp and surrounding areas. We hunted for actions just outside,,,lots of bait but no biggies to be had. We wrapped things up pretty early and wanted to make a few drops...
  92. Bigfish69

    I need to track down a good and cheap uphoustry person...

    Anyone know where or who? Good and cheap would be best. Its gonna be for boat and would prefer a marine expierienced person. Thanks John
  93. Bigfish69

    Grandmas got the BD's salute down

    Thought this was pretty funny. Watch closely at the end of vid. YouTube - Funny Airplane Accident
  94. Bigfish69

    This is the biggest cobra i have ever seen

    This thing is huge
  95. Bigfish69

    Here is my predecessor!

    Well,,, i am so proud of my boy Johnathon Dylan, or as we call him around here J.J. He has really been turning into a little man, especially the last week or so. He is 1 3/4 years old now and loves to hang out with daddy allready in the garage, especially when i am playing with the fishing gear...
  96. Bigfish69

    Anyone else having problems with the BDS loading

    Is anyone else having issues with the bd's pages loading, they are taking forever and 2 days on my pc? :1041677399: All other nasty sites seem to be loading normal.:hali_ruahahaha: 69R
  97. Bigfish69

    Need marine grade wire,,,any connections on here

    I am looking for marine grade wire if anyone has some that they want to get rid of or selling for reasonable amount. Dont feel like buying giant spool of it. I only need about 20' of gray and black in 16 awg. any colors will work but prefer gray and black for my nav lights. Need to install new...
  98. Bigfish69

    Whats the best way to fine tune and iron?

    I have a few that are trrible swimmers and some that are great. How can i make the straight swimmers swim better? Someone told me years ago there is a way to do it but i cant remember what the trick was. No one i knoiw seems to know what i am talking about! Some guidence would be...
  99. Bigfish69

    Yellow tail hunters,,,read this!

    I was sent this by a buddy of mine and thought i would share it with some of you yellow tail hunters. Some really goo chit in here. Even if you know everything about fishing allready, you should brush up.:idiot: Here it is Enjoy. 69R North or South - Experience Counts Capt. Frank Lo Preste...
  100. Bigfish69

    For all of you who love your shiny wheels!

    If you love shiny wheels, your gonna wanna try this. YouTube - Smart mexican wheel polish 69R
  101. Bigfish69

    Found lost bunny wabbit

    Needs to find a good loving home. :imdumb: 69R
  102. Bigfish69

    Where Does one get live squid around this joint?

    This may be a dumb question, if so please excuse my ignorance. Aside from making my own squid off of point loma or la jolla, where does one find live squid for sale? It seems like everyone has it up north, but impossible to get here locally. Evringham if your reading this,,,i would like to get...
  103. Bigfish69

    What is your prefered method for drifting Butts

    I like the circle/trap hook rig about 2.0 feet or so from a swivel and 2-3 medium egg sinkers for sliding purposes above swivel. I keep rod in gear in holder, clicker on and drag backed off a smidge. Dines for bait or 5" hallowgrahm sparkle swim bait. Get a beer, kick feet up tilt hat and take a...
  104. Bigfish69

    This stuff has my stamp of approval,,,,

    If you have not yet! You may want to. Try this lager.....! Its good. Enjoy! 69R:finger:
  105. Bigfish69

    In search of the yellow tail,,,,found some

    ROJOS!,,,Giant ling and Salmon groupers! Headed out of Si at real early and set out for the middle grounds.....Rough as fuck on the way out. Only able to go 10-12 knots at most, wind was howling and the swells where very robust. Found a few birds workin,,,metered bait at about 35-50 feet...
  106. Bigfish69

    You think they shit themselfs?

    YouTube - Funny Fishing 69R
  107. Bigfish69

    Keep an eye on your jig..........

    YouTube - Bill Dance Fishing Bloopers - Dance hooked in nose 69R
  108. Bigfish69

    Surf Fishin............

    YouTube - Some Crazy Fisherman Catching A Shark On Fraser Island 69R
  109. Bigfish69

    Just added the bimini to the sled,,,works perfect

    So here is a pic,,,,nice and shady now for those sunny days cruising the deep blue. Best part about it is it doesnt interfere with any of my rod holders when shes up.:Smoke_Emoticon: 69R
  110. Bigfish69

    Day Care and Preschool Openings,,,,Lakeside

    LITTLE MUNCHKINS DAY CARE AND PRESCHOOL I am posting this for my wife. Sarah has college units dealing with children and has handled kids for many years. Many references are available upon request. She runs a Licenced by the State of California pre school/daycare for infant to 12 years old...
  111. Bigfish69

    Anyone do any good anywhere today, SUNDAY 29th march

    Wheres the fish,,,? What? When? Where? 69R
  112. Bigfish69

    Does not get any better than this!!!!!

    I took my daughter Alexa whitch is 3.5 years old, out on the big blue sea today for the first time ever boat ride/fishing trip. She was so excited it was hard to get her to sit still for a minute. WE launched out of SI at about 9:00 AM, by this time there was allready a pretty descent wind going...
  113. Bigfish69

    I am in despirate help of counseling,,,references appreciated

    Well today was a very sad day in my life and i am taking it pretty hard. I was in a steady relationship with her since Dec 2001 and we enjoyed each otheres company on many lonely moon lit nights. Even watched the sunrise on more accations than i can count. We caught so many fish...
  114. Bigfish69

    What do you like best for lingcod bait?

    So i recently had a trip to descanso mex and quickly found that the lings love the white and purple ed style jigs. I mean,,,just about every ling came on the damn thing. Anyway,, in the past i have had lots of success with lings on chrome jigs tipped with squid and live bait, sardines mostly...
  115. Bigfish69

    Descanso Fishing 3-22-09,,,,,

    We had a blast!!!! We must have cought 20+ lings all released. They all seamed to come on the hard jig tipped with squid, had a few nail the plastic squid. All of our Rockfish came on the plastics just like Team Bad fish hinted to us. We ended with approximatly 12-14 rockfish-treefish all in the...
  116. Bigfish69

    Need commercial grade carpet remnants...

    Need commercial grade carpet remnants...Any color and would like about a roll or smaller pieces in the 4'x4' sizes. I am looking for the stuff with the short nap and rubber type backing, plastic type backing okay also. The kind they use in hospitals and hotels. If you have access to some i...
  117. Bigfish69

    Any expierienced boat hoes wanna go for a ride to descanso mex this Sat.

    Pm me for more info. Here is an overview of what will happen, We are going down to Descanso Mex for the day to fish rockfish and lings and whatever else wants to play. If you are interested and have expierience being a boat ho, please let me know via pm. There will be a max of 4 people on my...
  118. Bigfish69

    How do you mix your cocktail?

    Ok so i was in the bar mixing a drink tonight and first thing i reached for was the captain and coke. I had a bottle of gran marinier sitting there all alone and i decided to try new mix.....Well i'll be damn if it wanst tasty. Thought i would share and pick your brains for ideas. How do...
  119. Bigfish69

    Engine oil for bargain prices,,take a look you wont be dissaspointed.

    I thought you girls and guys might find this site to be very rewarding in the near future to come. The owners name is Warren,,,he is an avid fisherman just like most of us. A really nice fella and he provides a very fast very affordable means of getting your engine oil. I buy it from him by...
  120. Bigfish69

    VHF radio posessed,,,or somthing else

    So heres my question. Has anyone expieriened a vhf radio that when you key the mike it turns off momentarrily and then comes back on by itself. This just started happening my last few trips. At first i thought loose connection behind radio, checked that and they where ok. Any ideas? Wanna...
  121. Bigfish69

    Found a few that wanted to play.......

    Got to ramp,,,light rain/drizzole. Windy as hell! Looked at my bud named Little Will and asked him "So what do ya think, is it gonna clear up? He says "I think so",,,What a rebel! He had no rain gear, no boots, no slickers, you get the picture. Anyhow started out of san Diego west bound and down...
  122. Bigfish69

    LT here forever,,,,

    LT just sighned new deal and will never leave us....I can see it now, Lt's brew house and chicken wings. Um good! Got a good ring to it. Dont it? I mean, its gotta be better than seau's the restaraunt. 69R
  123. Bigfish69

    What can i catch on one of these

    Attention all kayakers,,,,especially sherm That's some catch: a 990-pound squid | The San Diego Union-Tribune
  124. Bigfish69

    How do i get rid of a cat??? any ideas?

    Due to the fact that mike got such an unbelievable response and recieved such great ideas on disposing of gophers. I thought i would ask my local Bd's community for some advise. There is a cat,,,i think its a stray that comes over just about every night and harrases my dog which is in a...
  125. Bigfish69

    Job needed, i have the equipment, Deliveries,removal, dirt work ETC

    Looking for somone who needs things done at home or on a project work site. Can haul any amount of dubree, dirt, concrete, asphalt, boulders, Trash, cleanups, Forclosure cleanups, FISH! Whatever,,, You name it and its gone. Also do material deliveries, Wood chips, asphalt, class 2 base...
  126. Bigfish69

    This one is frickin hilarious.........

    A buddy of mine sent me this and i just had to share it with all you. Enjoy
  127. Bigfish69

    Need mileage from Shelter islant to ensenada mex by boat.

    Does anyone know or remember how many miles by boat it is from shelter island launch ramp to ensenada mex. bay. Also, if anyone has been down to ensenada bay recently. How has the bait situation been there lately. Have they had any and condition? Finally, if i go from shelter island launch...
  128. Bigfish69

    Dungeness Crab prep,,fast and easy.

    I recieved lots of inquires on how i like to prep and serve my dungeness crab. Do to the fact so many poeple showed interest in this tasty treat and the prep for it. I went ahead and found some info on how i like to do it. So here it is, this is how i do it. I do keep the water usage to a...
  129. Bigfish69

    Do you have and Avet or Diawa you want to sell me

    Looking to recruit a few good Rods & Reels to my arsenal. Preferably Avets and or Diawas.. Hit me with what you got and how much you want for it! Also looking for a few rods,,,,custom builts or Calstars. PM me,,,,you know where im at Thanks 69R
  130. Bigfish69

    Best reel for the money, keeping reelliability in mind

    My last post got fucked so here it is again. I need a little help with this. I recently went through much of my rods and reels and gave them a good detailing. I am going to be getting rid of all my or most of my penn reels and upgrading to somthing newer. I am looking in the range of...
  131. Bigfish69

    Check your childs homework before giving to teacher

    (Here's the reply the teacher received the following day) Dear Mrs. Jones, I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer. I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit. I told her we sold out every single shovel we...
  132. Bigfish69

    New approach to setting up too hoop?

    First of all i was actually approached by some ass clown last night as i got close to the area i was planning to hoop and fish and he said "Your not planning on hooping this area are you" I said WELL YES, thats why i'm here. He then proceded to say "Well i am gonna put my gear here so i dont...
  133. Bigfish69

    Dog up for new home,,,,great dog,,,

    My folks have a dog witch is mixed with german shepard and chow,,,,very good looking dog extremly friendly. His name is buddy and he is approximatly 4-5 years old. He is very energetic, weighs approx 65-75 pounds he is nuetered and has been microchipped. He is dark tan in color and plays catch...
  134. Bigfish69

    Anyone know an easy way to snell a freakin hook

    I need to snell an octopus hook, but want it to slide so that i can adust for bait size. Is there a good EASY way to do this? I have tried as per a knot book i have and i cant seem to get the knot to cinche down on the hook. Seems to just pull apart! Basically what i'm looking to do is...
  135. Bigfish69

    What do you think of my new boat?

    What do you think of my new boat that i'm gonna get when i hit the lottery? Just have to modify it a little and i think it will work. Was thinking of getting rid of the chopper and mounting a bait tank in place of the landing pad.....?:It__s_Outta_Here: Seriously though, can you find a...
  136. Bigfish69

    Where can i get some of these?

    Where can i get some of these, any ideas?:loverz:
  137. Bigfish69

    Attach my center console to the deck,,,firmly!

    Ok so normally i am full of answers, but today i am stumped and would like to ask for some insight and guidence on the following issue. I have a wellcraft center console/ helm station that has come loose. The screws have stripped out of the deck. The deck is made of marine grade ply with glass...
  138. Bigfish69

    Could this be correct

    Wow! I can think of a few, how bout you?
  139. Bigfish69

    Poor Bob,,,has some explaining to do

    <TABLE style="WIDTH: 100%" cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0.75pt; PADDING-LEFT: 0in; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0.75pt; WIDTH: 100%; PADDING-TOP: 0.75pt" vAlign=top width="100%"><TABLE style="WIDTH: 100%" cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0.75pt...
  140. Bigfish69

    120 gallon glass tank with stand

    Need to sell this tank to somone who wants a solid good working tank,,,,good for salt or freshwater critters or whatever. Comes with undergravel filters, 2 heaters, approx 100 pounds of gravel, some plastic plants, rocks, background film, 2 lights. Selling with 3 pacu and misc fishes. The pacu...
  141. Bigfish69

    Had a few friends over and they brought these

    What great friends i have,,,,,had a few over the other day and they brought a couple more friends and drinks.....Dont get much better! What do you think?:waglleybooty:
  142. Bigfish69

    Had to teach DFG officer the other night...

    So we headed to dock early while soaking are gear and where met by a really friendly really young DFG dude. Like maybe just out of high school....! He inspected boat and the went on with the usual routine. He checked my buddies shit,,,,checked good. Then he asked to check my shit,,,,i whipped it...
  143. Bigfish69

    Any carburetor storage ideas.......

    Been having some difficulty with carburetors that i let sit for a few months not providing gas to cylinders. For example,,,,us the engine for a few days,,,then store it for a few months. When i go to start the engine it wont start. I take the fuel line that goes to te card from the fuel tankl...
  144. Bigfish69

    How the hell do i run a classified ad on BD's

    Here is the error message i got. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 11264 bytes) in /home/bloody/public_html/classifieds/image-inc.php on line 127 I was only trying to upload 3-4 pics! I tried with no pics and just description and got the same...
  145. Bigfish69

    San Diego Bay Bass Tourney

    :urno1:Good Luck to all you who are participating in the Bass tourney in the bay tomarrow. I am not in the tourney but will be outhere for moral support. Tight lines and may the best angler win! Nick it aint gonna be you!LOL 69R
  146. Bigfish69

    I want one of these lingasourous,,,,WOW

    This things mouth is bigger than the dudes head! Try this
  147. Bigfish69

    Peekaboo bug

    Decided to fuel her up and brave the elements,,,,Brrrr it was cold. Headed out with a couple pals and got a few. One of them tried to get away. Tough times for a bug,,,,this one was hiding in a 5 gallon bucket. Maybe he thought he was a turbon snail. LOL Very very cold out there, good...
  148. Bigfish69

    How big do you think this thing is?

    How many pounds and how old any guesses? I'm thinkin 150 pounds and 10 years old! YouTube - Giant Black Sea Bass at La Jolla Cove
  149. Bigfish69

    Walk in closet to die for

    exactly what i have been looking for :hali_olutta:
  150. Bigfish69

    Anyone want this thing,,,Great rig

    2000 bahabayrunner, 2000 trailer, 2000 50hp honda, 2002 5hp honda I am having some difficulty putting this boat on bd for sale in classifieds, so i am going to try and give it away here. This is a 20' Bahabayrunner with a 50 hp honda fourstrkoke motor and a 5hp kicker motor. Gets great gas...
  151. Bigfish69

    Went out hoopin the other night and

    Went out hoopin the other night and was welcomed home to this when i got home. Apparently one of the kiddies snuck into the master suite AKA Love shack and the office and as you can see in the photos made a huge mess. The litttle shit! He actually figured out the cd rom drive on the computer...
  152. Bigfish69

    Fresh deer

    this is one way to catch deer at 100 mph image002[1].jpg
  153. Bigfish69

    Sea Lion deterant for hoopers

    This should work....LOL
  154. Bigfish69

    Wow,,this will keep the sea lions away,,i think

    This is what i am putting on my christmas list for next year for those of you who are thinking of getting me somthing. I think this might work for keeping the sea lions away. LOL C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OX6Z8307\NotForGirlyMen[1].wmv
  155. Bigfish69

    Quick test for you tuna guys

    What what type of tuna are you lookin at?
  156. Bigfish69

    Get my guides redone in east county?

    So heres my dilema. I have four rods that have had some abuse over the years and i need to have them reguided and recorked. Do any of you know anyone in east county,,,lakeside area that would redo my rods for a reasonable price. I was taking them down to point loma over the years but the guy...
  157. Bigfish69

    Chargers game score predictions

    Chargers 42 Denver 21 Whats your prediction?
  158. Bigfish69

    Pro Gear reel main gear needed

    I have a gold progear reel that needs a main gear,. Anyone know of who may carry parts for this reel or that works on them. Its the one with gold aluminum body and black graphite side plates. Any help would be appreciated. Please pm me, thanks John
  159. Bigfish69

    Dont get much better than this!

    Set out to troll the isles of viem dong in linda vista ca. for some fresh cuts of fish. Found that their was a huge pile of people in the southeast corner of the store practically fighting one another trying to get at what was back there, so of course i had to investigate.LOL Found out that...
  160. Bigfish69

    10 pound bugger,,,what a night!

    Well here it is, If you cant tell by his swimetettes its a boy. 10 pounds even! Barely fit in the hoop. LOL Johnaton Dylan AKA J.J. for john junior, can you tell hes gonna be a fisherman. John Out
  161. Bigfish69

    Whos got pelagics,,,help

    Wheres the fish? Anyone braving the wehather this weekend? I'm feeling frisky, and may go out sunday for the beds! anyone been there lately and what kind of wheather and bait conditions are outhere. Am towing my rig from lakeside, dont wanna go for nothing. Help please! Tight lines John Out
  162. Bigfish69

    Ia little help would be spectacular

    I live in San diego and launch out of Shelter island and or mission bay. I would like to find some great places to fish rockfish close to home. I know several great spots off la buffadora but its quite a run to there and not somthing you can do very often. I would like somthing close so if the...
  163. Bigfish69

    Anyone been fishing La Jolla

    Has anyone fished la jolla recently,,,curious to know if their is any baitfish outhere....? John Out
  164. Bigfish69

    Can anyone tell me what the mexico limit is

    Its been a while,,,,does anyone remember what the limit of rockfish is per day in mexico and what i need to do as far as declrations to bring fish back to states on multiday trips...? Do i need to contact somone and what forms do i need? Please pm me if you can help. Thanks for the help! John Out
  165. Bigfish69

    Sd Bay buggin 11-11-08 suckas

    Well,,,,not a whole lot to brag about,,,,short and sweeet last night,,,got a few nice legals. Kelp and current where a mother %$#@*& last night. I have never seen so much kelp everywhere. Met SDfishkiller for the first time,,,nice to put a face with the thread,,,really enjoyed fishing with you...
  166. Bigfish69

    Wet Lobster run MB

    Went out buggin at about 4 from MB and set my gear,soaked for about .5 hrs then pulled like mad. Lots of shorties and 5 nice big buggers approx 2-2.5 each. Started to rain cats and Dogs. Forgot my foul weather jacket,,,oh hell! Packed my shit up and headed back to truck as fast as possible...
  167. Bigfish69

    Late Bugger Report,,,Better Than Never

    WARNING: What you are about to read is not for the faint at heart please keep pets and small children away from the computer. Left my east county residence at approx. 400pm destined for a nite of hhoopin and whoopin. Got to si dock and met with a psyco buddy of mine named arron,,,,at approx...
  168. Bigfish69

    Ok Ok,,,I need Help with a technical issue

    Can anyone tell me what kind of sea snails i may have cought the other night. I did a search but cant figure out what they are? They are greenish white in color approximatly 3 to 3.5 inches long and came up in my hoops. I know for a fact they are not turbon snails or moon snails,,,i have gotten...
  169. Bigfish69

    Si buggin,,,lots of stingers,,,some bugs

    Was a pretty quite night out there @ SI, stayed till approx 1;00 am for a few crawlres. One nice specimen. Kind of crowded for my taste and some one was picking up my gear and relocating it for me when i had my back turned. I know what your thinkin,,, so let me say that it wasnt the kelp,,,found...
  170. Bigfish69

    Damn that fog

    Went out of mission towoards La Jolla and decided ehhh? Maybe i'll hit point loma instead today. Turned my ass arounfd and bee lined it for the turd tanks:Bathtime_emoticon:. No sighn of life on the way there, so i threw the hook just south of the pipe. Oh shit here comes the fog!!!! Went to...
  171. Bigfish69

    Big Bones at La jolla,,and nice yeller too

    Went out for and afternoon bite for just a few hours and whacked the bones on a 7X Blue and white. Got limits and decided to head in as i did I noticed some splashing or as some may call it Breasing grabbed my loomis and fired a 7x scrambler in the direction of the frenzy and whammo, holy teard...
  172. Bigfish69

    USCG Harrassment advice///response

    :waglleybooty: I read your story and am truly and deeply concerned for your well being and safety out there on the seas. Heres some advise. Instead of taking 3 or 4 hot chicks in bikinis out fishing, get yourself a few beer bellied fish smelling pals of yours to go along and Bingo the coasites...
  173. Bigfish69

    USCG Harrassment advice///response

    :waglleybooty: I read your story and am truly and deeply concerned for your well being and safety out there on the seas. Heres some advise. Instead of taking 3 or 4 hot chicks in bikinis out fishing, get yourself a few beer bellied fish smelling pals of yours to go along and Bingo the coasites...
  174. Bigfish69

    What a night hoopin,, good times

    Let me start out by sayin that fishin for bugs last night out of sd harbor was great. Catching on the otherhand however was a little on the slow side. Saw many shorts, and zero keepers. 6 or 7 that where a cunt hair short, so they live to see another day. Also would like to share a complaint and...
  175. Bigfish69

    Test 2