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    For Sale Truline Rods / Seeker EX / Accurate Limited Edition

    Mak 15T NIB new gunmetal (Dark Gray)color . Asking for $450 SOLD Accurate Boss Magnum MINT 665H silver. Come with new 80lb braid. Asking for $170 Accurate Boss Magnum 665H limited edition. Asking for $290 Accurate Boss Magnum 270H limited edition. Asking for $290 Long Beach NEW EX655XH- 5'.8"...
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    For Sale Seeker Sd8 / EX6470 / Newell Tiburon 533N KIT

    Greenie Seeker SD8 blank but not virgin OK. Asking for $450 or trade for the Brownie SD8 Never fish Long Beach EX6470. Asking for $800 or Trade for BLACK Truline D8. SOLD Speed Master 12 – Asking for $2500 SOLD NEW Tern 500 - $250 SOLD NEW Newell 533N KIT - Frame / Spool / T-bar handle. Retail...
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    For Sale Long Beach Seeker White Tiger / EX6480 / CEX70H & Saltiga Reels

    Mint custom Seeker 6480 Composite Blue Limited with Alps black guides and cord handle. Asking for $450. SOLD Never fish Seeker OG White Tiger 80H - Went happy to a new home! Never fish Long Beach EX6470 & cash = Trade for BLACK Truline D8. Never fish Long Beach CEX70H = SOLD All butts will...
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    WTB Saltiga LD35 2 Speed

    Hello BD, please let me know if you have one to sell. Need it before 5/28. thanks Michael
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    TRADE Minty Saltiga 30T

    Hello BD, I have a mint Saltiga 30T almost new. Not sure if it is ever get to the water:). TRADE: REELS: Accurate Valiant Bv2-500 / BV2-800N in blue and silver / Blue BX2-500 / Blue DX2-500 / Blue B2-870. Makaira 16ii or 20ii in Silver / Black / Blue/ Gunmetal. Saltiga 60 2 speeds Rod or...
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    TRADE Seeker CEX 70H

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    For Sale Blue Seeker 670 Blank / Gloomis Hybrid / Kencor

    1. Rare original Newell pink/red 332 converted to 322 with custom painted knob. 2. Newell 533 painted Blue with brand new Tiburon Frame & Spool and new braid. Asking $345 SOLD 3. Nice clean and no crack Blackie 322-F did some custom paint on the side plate and wash out the black ink on the...
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    SOLD Matte Black Accurate BX2-600N - Super Seeker 70XH

    1. Good shape & excellent condition in and out BX2-600N came with 65LB braided line. Asking for $475. SOLD 2. Wrap by Timmy D. RARE cobalt blue colored Super Seeker 70xh rated for 50-80lb and will handle 100lb no problem. Its been on a couple boat rides and soaked a couple baits but that's it...
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    SOLD RARE Accurate Blue BX2-600W

    1. Mint Accurate BX2-500 Black or Copper. Will come with white spectra. Your choice of Rubber Accurate knob or X-Treme handle . $500 each BOTH SOLD 2. Mint Accurate BX2-600W come with hollow white spectra. $550 SOLD 3. Accurate 870 silver come with white spectra and just service. $175...
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    SOLD Custom Seeker 6480H

    1. Custom Seeker CJBF80H (30-50) 8’+ Burgundy blank. Black Fuji Aconite guides / Deckhand / Mint Condition. $250 SOLD 2. Custom Seeker CJBF80 (20-40) 8’+ New Limited made composite black/blue blank. Black Alps guides / Deckhand. NO LONGER FOR SALE 3. Custom Seeker 1x3 (60-100) 7’.3” New...
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    SOLD NIB Tranx 500HG - Curado 200XG

    NIB TranX 500HG with NEW Tiburon Clamp. $440 FIRM SOLD NIB Curado 200XG. $125 SOLD MORE RODS HERE: Text or PM me for more pictures or...
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    SOLD Brand New Seeker CSW1008 wrap by Moon

    Here is one of the awesome rod done by Moon. Brand new CSW1008 (15-30) 10’. Guide are Fuji Alconite. Fuji Graphite non Trigger real seat. Split Grip Seine Twine Handle. Moon price $450 but I own it now so my price is $295 Firm:). SOLD MORE RODS HERE...
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    SOLD Truline TNT & 36

    Bought these hanged on my wall! Enjoy It! Love it! Now time to let them go to someone that love to fish Truline. 1. Truline 36.....8'0" in the 80's has (B036-Truline-15-80) black letters. Asking $400 SOLD 2. Truline TNT...7'0" in the 70's has (BTNT-7) black letters .........7'0". Asking $600...
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    SOLD Seeker Blanks - Newell - Tranx 400 - UC rod

    1. Newell NEW with box No Letter 322-5 $200 Firm SOLD 2. Newell USED No Letter 220-5 $120 SOLD 3. Mint condition TranX 400 with Trinidad Handle and original paddle handle also come with Tiburon clamp. $300 SOLD 4. Long Beach Seeker CJBF6480 painted blue was purchased here about 4 years ago for...
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    For Sale Newell P533F / P332F / P220F / 220-5 / S220-5

    1. No Letter 220-5 Good condition with spectra $120 SOLD 2. S-220-5 Like new condition and fill up with spectra $140 SOLD 3. P220F Painted Green inside and out with spectra $150 SOLD 4. P332-F Painted Green inside and out spectra and Tiburon handle $170 SOLD 5. P533F Painted Green inside and out...
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    Super Seeker CJBF80 Custom Rod

    New SS-CJBF80 20-40. Never fish and turkhead is not even glue on yet:) Also come with an extra turkhead black & white. $320 drop to $250 because it was used last 3 weeks ago. Trade for........... what you got? PM or text 6263291194 for more information. Can pick up in Carson on weekday...
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    Looking for Newell 322 badges

    Hello BD, I am looking for Newell P322F or any 322 badges. Thanks Michael
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    Truline - Calstar - Seeker WT 6463XXXXH - Pro Gear - Satiga 20 - Curado 200

    Rods from left to right. 1. Truline OC 1580 rewrapped with Fuji Alconite guides and ver fish. $195 SOLD 2. MINT Custom Calstar graphiter 7’ with Fuji Guides Alconite, blank was tinted black and the first owner said it is a 700M. $180 NOW $160 3. Truline VBG65C 6’.6"rewrapped with Fuji...
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    WTB Accurate Handle

    Hello BD, I am looking to buy for just an arm handle or a completed handle if you have 2 to let them go? I do have the counterbalance handle that came with the reel but I don’t like it:). Below is the picture of the handle that I am after.
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    Daiwa Saltiga / Saltist / Lexa / Grandwave

    1. Mint new version Saltiga 15 US model $300 SOLD 2. NIB old version Saltiga SA20 $450 3. Mint silver Saltist 30T Super Torque $150 SOLD 4. Mint gray model Lexa 400HS 7:1 gear ratio with new green spectra $155 SOLD 5. New Daiwa Grandwave 30 $190 6. Mint Silver Saltist LW40 with white spectra...
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    Looking for Tiburon silver spool for Newell 322

    Please let me know if you have one for sale! Tiburon is out of stock for the silver one. Thanks 6263291194
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    Daiwa Saltist LW30 & LW40

    Selling these reels for a friend. Daiwa Saltist 40 Levelwind come with white spectra with and reel clamp $130 - $120 now Daiwa Saltist 30 Levelwind come with white spectra and no reel clamp $120 - $110 now Take both for $200 Daiwa Saltist 20 Levelwind come with white spectra and no reel...
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    Seeker White Tiger D8 Blank - United Composites CP70HP Blank-

    1. Seeker White Tiger - WTS PH D8 20-50Lb blank. Asking for $150. Trade for: Seeker White Tiger CJB80F or 80XH blank or rod. Mint Accurate B2-870 Limited Edition or any BX-500 or BX2-500 in color. Please text or PM for more pictures. Pick up weekday in Carson and Garden Grove night...
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    ACCURATE BOSS DX2-400 - 500 & 600N

    1. Accurate Boss Dauntless Black & Silver model DX2 400 NEW in box. Pick up $520 and $550 Shipped. 2. Accurate Boss Dauntless Black & Silver model DX2 500 NEW in box. Pick up $545 and $575 Shipped. 3. Accurate Boss Dauntless Black & Silver model DX2 600N NEW in box. Pick up $570 and $600...
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    Looking for Daiwa Saltist or Seagate Handle & Tiburon Red Handle

    Daiwa Saltist or Seagate silver model handle and Red Handle from Accurate or Tiburon for Penn 4/0 like the picture below. My friend looking for a Mint Pro Gear 280 etches letter only. Please PM or text pictures and price. thanks 6263291194
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    Red Accurate - Daiwa - UC - Pro Gear

    I have 2 RED Accurate (BX2-400 GONE) & BX2-500N SOLD BOTH Looking for only mint or new B2-197 & B2-870 Limited Edition or color Accurate 400N & 500 2 speeds. Daiwa Saltist 20 2 speed just have it service in and out yesterday also come with braid. Asking $195 or low ball me. SOLD to the low...
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    NIB Pro Gear

    1. New In Box Pro Gear V40 $220 2. New In Box Pro Gear V30 $210 3. New In Box Pro Gear V20 $200 (They don't make the clamp for this size) 5. New In Box Curado 200 TypeJ. $195 4. Silver and blue Spool Pro Gear CS 501 $180. Text or PM if you interested. 6263291194 or trade. Show me what you got...
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    Phenix Rod - UC Rod - Curado 200 - Diawa - Pro Gear

    1. New Phenix PHD760H with white logo. $330 Firm. SOLD 2. Mint United composites 711MH 15-40LB. SOLD 3. Mint Daiwa Saltist LW20H-C with power handle and box $150. SOLD 4. New Curado 200 TypeJ. $200 5. Blue Pro Gear CS551 $130. SOLD 6. Silver and blue Spool Pro Gear CS 501 $180. Go perfect...
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    Phenix Rods - UC Rod - Shimano Curado 200 TypeJ

    1. NEW Shimano Curado 200 typeJ. $220. 2. NEW Phenix rod PSW 700H $220 SOLD 3. NEW Phenix rod PHD 700XH $320 SOLD 4. Mint UC Custom 711MH 15-40Lb $210 or Trade for Saltiga Z40 and Super Seeker rod. Text 6263291194 or PM Pick up in Carson on weekday and Garden Grove on Weekend. Thanks
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    WTS & WTT - Saltiga 30 - Phenix Abyss - Pro Gear

    1. Saltiga 30 in excellent condition in & out but no clamp. $275 SOLD 2. Phenix Abyss PSX-809 NWT - Trade for PEARL WHITE Shimano Terez Saltwater Conventional 80H only. 3. Pro Gear CS501 Silver with blue spool and blue star in great condition in & out and complete service $200. 4. Pro Gear...
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    WTB - Shimano Terez Saltwater Conventional Rod

    Looking for a PEARL WHITE with SILVER WRAP Shimano Terez Saltwater Conventional Rod 80H only. (Older model) Thanks Michael 6263291194
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    Avet MXJ Raptor/ SXJ / Saltiga 20 / Lexa 400 / Pro Gear

    1. Blue MXJ Raptor took it out on a 1/2 day trip just to showing off but land a lizard fish while yo-yoing (9.9/10 on cosmetic and mechanical). Asking $350 Sold 2. Brought the brother along Blue SXJ standard and did not land anything so it has to go:). Asking $140 Sold 3. Lexa 400 come with...
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    Saltiga 20

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    Saltiga - Pro Gear - Newell - Calstar

    Calstar 90M 9.5 /10 cosmetics - Factory green & white 20-40 - $150 SOLD Saltiga SA30 - 8-10 cosmetics - Just fully service $280 SOLD Pro Gear CS500 - 9/10 cosmetics - Handle was cut shorter - Fully service In & Out - $170 now SOLD Pro Gear CS600 - 8.5/10 cosmetics - Fully service In & Out - $250...
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    Shimano 300DSV - 200DHVS - 300XT Type G

    1. 300DSV - Bought it new and changed to new Shimano 300XT Type G handle and take it out to Catalina for sightseeing:). Got 1 small scratch on top of the reel. Come with paper & Box - $180 SOLD 2. 200DHVS - Bought it new and changed to new Shimano 300H handle. Got 1 small scratch on top of...
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    FS: Avet SXJ Raptor - Saltiga 30T - Saltist Rod & Silver Saltist 20H & 30T - OC rod Kaiuli 8MF

    1. Bought a NIB Avet Black SXJ Raptor last week took it out last Sunday and did not used but don’t know why it is got 1 small scratch on top of the reel right next to the clicker. Come with clamp & Box - PENDING 2. Combo: NWT Deckhand Saltist rod 8’ 20-40lb + Clean Silver Saltist 20H for...
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    WTB Pro Gear CS501

    Only looking for new in box or mint Pro Gear CS501 in any color except GOLD. thanks Michael 6263291194
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    Accurate DX2-600NN Boss Dauntless Two Speed Reel - Gunmetal $338.00

    Have anyone buy reels from this website?
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    WTB: - Daiwa Grandwave Z 20

    Hello, I am looking for couple of reels must be mint or new for my reel collection. Would it be nice if they are come with box. I do have a lot of gears to trade if you have the reels that I am looking for. NIB Curado 300DSV with EJ handle + Orginal handle SOLD NIB Curado 200DHSV with...
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    Got it from Fishermen's Depot in Bellflower for $350 without line. Look at it for 2 months but never fish and now letting it go. Mint condition and asking for $300. Also want to trade for Avet SXJ 2 speed or Okuma MK8 IISEa thanks Michael 6263291194
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    WTB SXJ 2 Speed or Raptor

    Only looking for new or mint SXJ 2speed or Raptor. Black or Gunmetal & Silver only. Thanks Michael 6263291194
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    FS: Rare Gloomis Saltwater Series and Not Rare Teramar Rod:)

    1. Super clean SWR 90-25C/7'6" MEDIUM FAST ACTION 20-30LB with new Gloomis fish logo. $220 SOLD 2. Super clean SWR 84-40 C/7' MEDIUM FAST ACTION 30-50LB. $250 Drop to $220 3. Got this Teramar TMC 8H 20-40lb deckhand style asking for $90 because it is not a super clean like the Gloomis...
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    WTB Pro Gear reels

    Hello, I am looking to buy new or mint Pro Gear CS 501 and Pro Gear 280 or 255 older version. If you have one please call or text me. Thanks Michael 6263291194
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    For Sale or Trade: Daiwa Silver Saltist 30H & Gloomis Rod

    1. Silver Saltist 30H like new condition asking for $160 with spectra and without spectra still $160 now $140. PENDING Gloomis GL2 PR844C /7' MEDIUM FAST ACTION 8-17 LB in great condition asking for $105. SOLD Also looking or trade for narrow reel like Pro Gear CS501; PG 255 ; PG 280 OR...
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    Sale or Trade NIB Trini 10A; 12A & 14A

    ALL NEW IN BOX: 1. Shimano Trinidad 10A = $350 2. Shimano Trinidad 12A = $360 3. Shimano Trinidad 14A = $370 Trade for Saltiga Star Drag 20 & 30T must be new or 9+ on cosmetics. Pick up in Carson or Garden Grove. Thanks Michael 6263291194
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    Shimano reel Bag- Glloomis Rods - Teramar rod - Saltist 20-30T silver color.

    1. NEW Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag size Small $48 - SOLD 2. Gloomis SWR 108-20C/9' LIGHT FAST ACTION 15-25LB. Super clean and new handle Gloomis black tape over cork with Gloomis fish bone logo also new Guide tip. $245 3. Gloomis GL2 PR844C / 7' MEDIUM FAST ACTION 8-17LB - Blue Blank. Super...
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    Want to buy the old model Daiwa Saltist 20H silver color

    Only want a NIB or like new with box. Thanks Michael
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    NIB Curado 300EJ asking for $195. SOLD Need pictures please PM or text me @ 6263291194. Pick up @ Carson on weekday or Garden Grove night and weekend. thanks
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    FOR SALE Abu Garcia Revo Inshore RVO3

    NIB Abu Garcia Revo Inshore RVO3 INS 7.1:1 asking for $190. SOLD Thanks
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    FOR SALE Trini 12A; Curado 300DSV; Gloomis SWR 108-25C and Supper Seeker SS-270

    1. NIB Trini 12A asking for $370. SOLD 2. Super clean and nice cosmetic Curado 300DSV upgraded with carbon drag and power EJ handle plus full of braid asking for $190. SOLD 3. Very clean and nice condition Gloomis SWR 108-25C/9'0" medium fast action 20-30lb added hook holder and new tip also...
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    TRINI 16NA for TRINI 16A

    I have 2 Trini 16NA. 1 NIB and 1 used but never fish and it is 9.9/10 cosmetics and 10/10 mechanical. If you have the Trini 16A same condition and want to trade please PM or text me. I can text pictures if you want to see them. Thanks Michael 6263291194
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    Calcutta TE Lucanus & Jigging Master Pe4

    My friend had asking me to post these too high end jigging reels up for sale. And as for now I'm not sure what the price are that he is asking for yet but the retail for the Jigging Master Pe4 is $593 and the Calcutta TE Lucanus Jig Version retail is $449. So for now you are welcome to PM me...
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    I have 2 of shimano Teramar Jigsticks. Looks nice and clean like new. Also couple new reels. 1. TMC-80H 20-40lb SOLD 2. TMC-90XH 30-50lb SOLD 3. New Curado 300EJ SOLD 4. New 2013 Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl50 5.4:1 Gear ratio. SOLD 5. Daiwa Seagate 35H like new never...
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    1. Curado 300EJ like new with no scratches; no dent; no box and come with FULL 30lb or 40lb white spectra. $ SOLD 2. GUSA 79XF 7'9" MAG-MEDIUM EX-FAST ACTION 12-25LB 1-3 OZ, Very nice and clean rod. $ SOLD
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    1. 90M Custom wrap Super Seeker brown/burgundy, 25-50LB jigstick in excellent condition. $ SOLD 2. Calstar 700H factory wrap with turbo guides in good condition. $ SOLD 3. G.LOOMIS SWR 84-30C / 7’ MEDIUM FAST ACTION 25-40LB in excellent condition. $ SOLD 4. Shimano Torium 16 no...
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    Curado EJ handle

    Please let me know if you have one in mint or new condition for sale. thanks Michael 6263291194
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    Cannon Mag 20TS Tournament

    HELLO , I'm helping a friend selling these: Have two of these bought them new around $1,150 each, used a couple of times, been in storage for awhile and willing to let them both go for $1,050 or best offer! Both in great condition - these are the big tournament types!! Mag 20 DT/TS Features...
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    Accurate BX2-500N & B2-870 reels

    1. ACCURATE BX2-500N Lightly used 9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical come with Spectra and mono but no box. $420.00 SOLD 2. ACCURATE B2-870 Like new 9.8/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical come with spectra, box and tool and paper. $325.00 - SOLD If interested please PM or text me @ 626-329-1194...
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    Mercedes CLK factory rims

    1. CLK 2006 these rims are fit all the CLK from 1998 – 2012. asking $400 for a set. 2. CLK 2000 these rims and tires are fit all the CLK from 1998 – 2002 asking $300 for a set. Please text or PM me if you interested. Thanks Michael 626.329.1194
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    Daiwa Lexa 300; Shimano Tescada & Accurate Waffle Knob

    NEW Daiwa LEXA 300HS-P. Like new Shimano Tescada TSC-80ML Lenght 8' Braided Line Wt 15-40 lb. $110 Gun metal waffle ball: Includes knob, pin, bearings and screws. I forgot to take a pictures on this one. $25 SOLD If interested please PM or text me at 626-329-1194. I work in Carson and live...
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    Trininad 16A: Tescada rod; Calstar Jigstick; Lamiglas; Walffe Ball

    NEW Shimano Trinidad 16A[/B]. Only take it out and mounted on the rod to look at it. $390 SOLD Rods from left to right are: 1. Like new Shimano Tescada TSC-80ML.[/B] 8'0 Braided Line Wt 15-40 lb. $125 2. Custom wrap Calstar GF100J but cut down to 9.5 deckhand jig stick[/B] black on black...
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    Rare G.Loomis Saltwater Series rods

    Have couple of RARE G.Loomis Saltwater Series. 1. SWR 90-25C / 7’6” MEDIUM FAST ACTION 20-30 LB. This one is 9.5/10 cosmetic. $195PENDING for Vincent 2. SWR 84-30C / 7’ MEDIUM FAST ACTION 25-40 LB. This one is 9/10 cosmetic. GONE Will trade for Trinidad 12A or Daiwa Lexa...
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    Saltiga 20 - Pro Gear Albacore 280 - Revo Toro 50 - Curado - Seeker - Waffle Ball

    1. Saltiga 20 brand new with paper; tool and bag but with out box. GONE 2. Pro Gear Albacore 280 GUN METAL color like new condition with box and tool, paper work. $220 FIRM or trade. GONE 3. Got this NEW Curado g6 from Team Daiwa for $100 and it is just arrive this morning. $100 GONE...
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    Curado 300H typeJ

    I'm looking for the Shimano CURADO 300H typeJ. Please let me know if you have one For Sale. Thanks
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    Black saltis LD35, SS CJBF 90M Jigsticks; Lamiglas rod

    1. Saltist LD35 single speed, sit on the boat for 1 time. 10/10 cosmetic and 10/10 mechanical. Fill up with 65lb spectra. GONE 2. Super Seeker CJBF 90M. Awesome jigsticks with great action and virtually unsnappable. Burgundy Blank with black wraps with gold and green tripe and a killer...
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    Saltiga / Pro Gear Reels

    Pro Gear Oceanus 30, Serviced by Randy last couple of months but never fish. Excellent condition in and out. SOLD Pro gear spooled with 50lb Spectra and 25lbs mono top. Serviced last couple of months but never fish and very good condition in and out: SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 35 2 speeds SOLD Willing...
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    Saltiga 20

    I have 2 so I have to let one go for $320 that come with the Daiwa reel clamp and fill up with 65Lb spectra. If you want just the reel only, please PM or text me for the price. I'm also up for trade: Accurate 2 speed or regular 197 or 400N that come with reel clamp Phenix Hybrid rod 7.5' -...
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    Shikari - Old Lamiglas - Pro Gear CS551 Blue

    1. Shikari SW868 $175 drop to $150 2. Pro Gear CS551 $175 drop to $150 3. Old Lamiglas rod HS76H = Make me an offer Or trade for dark blue Shikari 8030 rod or blank or Any Accurate 197 reel or Saltist 20 (Black & silver) or CuradoJ 300; Saltiga 30T. I work in Carson, Live in Garden Grove &...
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    Saltiga & Gloomis

    1. NIB SALTIGA HYPER SPEED SALD20HS $365 or trade 2. Like new Gloomis BBR 966C/8' GL2 20-25lb with custom X-wrap over the cork handle $160. I hang out in OC & work in Carson. Please PM or text if interested 626-329-1194.
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    Shikari dark blue rods or blanks

    I'm looking for the Shikari dark blue only. Rod or Blanks 7' - 8'. Please PM if you have any. Thanks
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    Accurate; Avet; Calcutta & Saltiga

    1. Boss Magnum E-SERIES 665H. Hardly use Price drop from $295 to $260. SOLD 2. Avet JX 4.6:1 Silver also barely use $SOLD 3. Calcutta 400S like new $SOLD 4. Saltiga 20 FOR TRADE ONLY NOT FOR SALE. Trade for Saltiga 35 2 speeds. All reel are in great condition, I'm in La Puente but work in...
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    Saltiga 20; G-Loomis; GUSA & Calcutta rods

    1. Saltiga 20 reel. No spectra. $250. 2. G-Loomis BBR 966C / 8' like new with custom X-wrap over the cork. $160 2. Graphite USA 7'M 10-20LB custom bass rod with hypalon handle,fuji reel seat and guides $140. 4. Calcutta CL715MT 7' 12-20LB $50 All rods and reel are in great used condition...
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    Penn 4/0 113H / Pro gear 251

    Pro Gear 251 just serviced last week ( some scratches ) $125 *** Penn 4/0 113H High Speed reel wit Accurate frame Center $125 Please PM or text me at 626-329-1194 if interested.
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    G_LOOMIS Hybrid rods

    I'm looking for a G_Loomis Hybrid 7' rod or others G_Loomis Hybrid rods.