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    SOLD Tranx 401 left

    For sale shimano lefty 401 tranx $275 In perfect condition never used Willing to ship
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    WTB Shimano Borona Tackle Bag

    Hi looking for shimano borona tackle bag medium If anyone has one Thank you in advance
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    WTB Seeker osp 1x3

    Changed the search know looking to buy 1x3 OSP rod was hoping for factory rod
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    WTB Jax jigs

    Hi looking to buy Jax jigs Specifically orange with copper back or scrambled eggs or any 2-10 Oz I love them for rock Fishing if you have any Your not useing Thank you Theresa
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    SOLD Graftech GOFO7xh

    For sale $ 100 Graftech rod rated 50-60lb I’m grest condition Ventura or Long Beach on weekend
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    SOLD Calstar 665 xh rail rod

    Asking price 200 Calstar 665 xh rail rod In great shape . Ventura or Long Beach
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    For Sale Cal star wit aftco roller guid

    Cal star rod with aftco roller guides Not sure wieght rating Clean rod I’ll just never use it 6ft in pristine condition $175
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    WTB Looking Shimano reel bag

    looking for shimano or other sturdy reel bags Thank you
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    SOLD Seeker Pinhead D8 Blank for sale

    For sale Pinhead D8 blank $300
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    TRADE LB SS 6480 xh trade WTS

    Only trade White Tiger first gen 8 or 9 ft just trade ! very clean Long Beach SS 6480 xh 40-60 lb ct Never fished just boat ride 805-921-5694
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    Anyone recognize these jigs

    Picked up these jigs couple years back Was wondering if anyone recognizes them White , and plane are heavy all others are surface
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    WTB LB skinny baby Ulua

    Hi looking for LB skinny baby Ulua Thank you in advance
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    For Sale Please delete

    Selling WT Ulua 9’3 500 In excellent condition not even used built by performance Tackle looking to sell ! 3rd Gen
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    SOLD Seeker Blacksteel 830

    For Sale new never fished Blacksteel grafight 830 20-40 lb CT deck hand $225
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    For Sale Calstar heavy railroad

    Calstar heavy railroad 6ft $225 Marble wrap I don’t recall blank, I fished 150 lb handled it easily
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    For Sale Shimano teramar 80h rod

    shimano teramar 80h in good condition $150
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    For Sale Shimano 8 ft Terez waxwing pearl white

    shimano terez wax wing pearl white with cork grip Pictures have all wieght and line ratings . I purchased and took on maybe two boat rides it’s in pristine condition. $175.00 In Ventura
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    SOLD New torque 30Tld 2 speed

    Brand new Torque 30 Tld 2 speed gold With box and all paper work $ 425 Can ship on your dime
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    For Sale Heavy Jigs for sale

    selling as lot $60 Jigs Salas PDQ Salas 4x needs hook Salas 6x CM 16 x2 Tady 15 Couple rock cod JIGS TOTAL 11 Ship on your dime
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    WTB Youth 5-6 xtra tuff boots

    looking to buy a pair of youth xtra tuff boots for my grandson taking him on his first overnighter trip for his birthday Saturday night out of San Diego . I thought maybe someone had pair there kid had out grown Thank you
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    TRADE Looking for trade large new shimano Tackle bag

    looking to trade New large shimano Bag for medium new bag . Jigs not included
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    For Sale Conolon 12 ft rod

    For sale Conolon12 ft Rod one piece baitcastet $200 great jig or surf rod Located Ventura or long beach
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    WTB Baby Ulua SS LB

    looking to buy SS Long Beach Baby ulua blank or rod. Thanks in advance
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    For Sale XtraTuf USA MADE $60 size9

    IN GREAT CONDITION XtraTuf boots SIZE 9 Price $60 Ship on your dime
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    Jack Pole 10ft

    Came across this old jack pole in its original chord wrapping. The guy I got from said it was Truline but trueline did not make anything over 8’6” from what I’m told . Unless it a two piece rod which this is not . I don’t want to unwrap chord want to keep it in its original . Any thoughts on maker
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    For Sale Lowered price OBO FS Truline Rods Ventura$100each

    For sale Truline Rods built at anglers Den . In excellent condition Located in VENTURA As you can see they are like new Ovbg56cr 30-130 lbs 20-80lbs Vbbg53r 30-130 20-60 60-100
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    ISO Super seeker 7 or 8 ft XH rod

    Hi I'm going on trip tuesday on shogun need heavier rail rod, dose not need to look new just in decent shape. I don't have rail rod rated over 60 Thank you
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    LOOKING FOR SOME 100-200 lb wind on leaders . Thanks in advance
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    ISO SUPER SEEKER 6460 6ft for grandson

    looking for super seeker 6460 6 ft rod with reel seat for my grandson . Doesn't need to be in perfect condition just looking to get his own rod to fish with me. I'm so happy that he is showing such interest at his young age 7. Thank you in adavance send me a pm
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    ISO lucky craft 110

    looking for lucky craft 110 if you have any I'm taking up surf fishing thanks
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    ISO SKB mini tackle box

    Looking for SKB mini tackle box with rocket launchers . Thank you
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    ISO shimano Berona tackle bag

    looking for shimano Berona tackle bag Thank you
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    Looking for Crimping kit
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    ISO red Hercules

    Hi looking to buy Red Hercules 8 - 9 ft heavy with reel seat . PM only do not post on this thread Thank you in advance
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    ISO any Rod wrapping materails

    Hi just starting to learn and am looking any materials/supplies for rod wrapping dryer. thanks in advance
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    Maker of 10 foot jig

    trying to figure out the maker of this 10 foot jig rod I think it's cal star just not sure It was given to me some time ago
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    WTS Phenix Abyss 1009j

    It's only been on boat ride asking $200 pick up only
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    SOLD WTS cousins rod

    Cousins live bait rod clb 80l 20-30lb Taken on one boat ride never fished $200 excellent condition
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    WTS PENN INTERNATIONAL 30sw ll speed

    Never used Penn 30 sw ll two speed filled with 100 lb mono It's been kept in it's bag since bought $ 325 thank you
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    Truline Rods

    These are in excellent condition and where wrapped at Anglers Den . Was wondering if o should fish them or ?
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    Looking for Diawa saltiga 20

    Hi looking for saltiga 20 for reasonable price . Thank you
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    looking to go fishing in San Diego next month

    Thinking of going on long range trip what are the chance I could find one gor December ? I have never been but was hoping to get one last trip in.
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    WTB Seeker Athena rod

    intetested in buying Seeker Athena rod if anyone has one for sale.
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    Looking for Avet reel and shimano rod

    Recently went out fishing and someone decided to walk off with my rod and reel, so i am looking to replace it. It really bummed me out almost enough to stop fishing but I love to fish and have just introduced my grandson to fish and he loves it too . The Avet was MXL single speed with Shimano...
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    WTB avetsx

    Hi looking for avet sx any condition. Wanting to get rod and reel for my grandson. Limited budget Thank you!