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    Daiwa Reels - Saltist, Lexa, Tatula

    Goldenglory18 submitted a new listing: Daiwa Reels - Saltist, Lexa, Tatula - Daiwa Reels - Saltist, Lexa, Tatula Learn more about this listing...
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    Savage and Caivo Jigs

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    WTB - Bass Gear

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    Saltwater Tell me all about PNW saltwater sportfishing

    Newbie to the area, and the tagged albacore post got me all giddy. What are the main saltwater targets around here? I'm familiar with bass, pelagic, and bottom fishing techniques in SoCal, but I figure it's WAY more seasonal up here. What else is a common target? Are there any bass-like targets...
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    WTB - Curado 70 MGL K

    Goldenglory18 submitted a new listing: WTB - Curado 70 MGL K - WTB - Curado 70 MGL K Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB - Kayaks

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    WTB - G Loomis 820s DSR

    Goldenglory18 submitted a new listing: WTB - G Loomis 820s DSR - WTB - G Loomis 820s DSR Learn more about this listing...
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    WA newbie from La La Land

    Hey All! Just recently relocated from Los Angeles to Seattle and am looking to get back to fishing after taking most of 2021 off (last day on the water was actually a year ago today.) :faceplam: Any tips, good spots to check out, or shops to hit on the east side of lake washington would be...
  9. Goldenglory18

    Maiden Voyage - 9.4.2020

    Headed out tomorrow AM for the maiden voyage on my Isle Sportsman. I’ve had this iSUP for about a year now and haven’t even gotten it wet. No fishing tomorrow, but I’ll spend some time paddling, practicing re-entry, and scoping out a great looking kelp forest just off a local beach. Can’t...
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    Black and Blue Saltists

    Looking for NIB or LNIB Saltists of the black and blue variety. 20, 35, 40 2spd Let me know what you’ve got and we can work something out. - Kenny
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    Saltiga Star Drag - GONE.

    All, I’ve decided to sell my Saltigas and pickup a run of Saltists instead. Clamp and boxes included. Shipping included in the price. Reels are in excellent or like-new (the 40 was bought in April.) The only trade bait I’m interested in is NIB/LNIB black and blue Saltists. Specifically 20, 35...
  12. Goldenglory18

    More fun than it should be....

    Just took the new LX Lexa HD and Seeker 7X to the park for a little jig slinging. I’ve heard of guys doing this and never really saw the appeal. With a new rig and no day boats to test gear out before a longer trip, I wanted to see how comfortable this setup is before my trip next week. Holy...
  13. Goldenglory18

    Daiwa Lexa 400HD (blue gold) $190

    Up for grabs is a Lexa 400 HD with the 6.3 gears. Loaded with 50lbs white spectra (I’m fairly positive it’s J-braid 8x...a slick, non abrasive line. For sure not a four carrier braid.) Comes with box and reel cover. $190 shipped via USPS. Paypal, Venmo accepted. Buyer covers fees if applicable...
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    Thoughts on CLB804

    All, I’m considering a CLB804 for a designated 20lbs bait and swimbait stick. Low profile guides, trigger seat, split grip, and paired with a Lexa 300HD. What are your thoughts on this blank for that purpose, and if not this one, what else could/should I consider? Thanks as always... - Kenny
  15. Goldenglory18

    New Lexa on Tiburon Clamp

    Can anyone confirm the new Lexa LX 400 still fits the Tiburon clamp? I know they changed the upper half of the reels shape, but I’m not sure about the lower (important to the design of a reel fitting in a clamp) side. Thanks in advance! - Kenny
  16. Goldenglory18

    Looking for recommendations (light RV camping up the coast w/dogs

    All, Wife just floated the idea of a rental rv taking the dogs up the CA coast. Possibly up into WA to see her family. Any recommendations on spots to camp with the wife and two dogs? I’m comfortable with a tent and minimal accommodations, her not so much. ;) Thanks! - Kenny
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    WTB (again) Daiwa Lexa 300HD

    All, I’m looking for a Lexa 300HD in any speed other than the 8.1. I’ve bought and sold this damn reel too many times and have come to realize it’s a staple in my arsenal. I’d like to check out the new darker one but am down for the blue and gold so long as it’s in like-new condition. Bonus if...
  18. Goldenglory18

    New Saltiga clamp and hardware

    All, Just as the title says, I’m looking for Saltiga hardware and clamp for the newer reels. Honestly dot know if the other generation works on the newest reels but I’d assume they are similar if not identical. PM me if you’ve got anything you’re looking to get rid of. Thanks, - Kenny
  19. Goldenglory18

    or trade - Daiwa TWS Coastal 200HS

    Bought just a few months ago but want to go another way. Only removed from box to spool it up (50lbs J x8). Comes with box, reel cover, and remainder of filler spool. $160 shipped USPS priority or trade towards a new 300HD. - Kenny
  20. Goldenglory18

    500yd new or ~400yd spool of 65

    All, Im looking to fill up a new Daiwa 40. Prefer to see if someone has a new 500yd or ~400yd leftover spool of 65 or 80lbs. Bright colors preferred (blue, white, green or metered) Located in Woodland Hills. PM if you’ve got anything laying around going unused. Thanks as always...
  21. Goldenglory18

    Need help - 2020 setups

    All, I got a few customs completed late last year and have acquired a few new reels. If you guys could check my setups for 2020 yellowtail and help fill the gaps I’d appreciate it... 15lbs bait - 196-8/Saltiga 20 20lbs bait - 270-8/Saltiga 20 30lbs bait - BTG6480/TBD 30/40 jig - WTS 7X/Lexa...
  22. Goldenglory18

    Boat blades - Recommendation

    All, I’m looking for a new blade to carry with me on the boats this season. Folding, assist open, and tanto blade (does it help with the gill cut?) Any recommendations? - Kenny
  23. Goldenglory18

    Saltiga 15h - GG18

    Previously up for trade, now for sale - $350 shipped, firm Very lightly used Saltiga 15a + ARSC1 Daiwa clamp + box and paperwork. Ideal trade is for a 35 in similar condition or for cash, $350. Other than that I’m only interested in a couple other things, so let me know if you’ve got anything...
  24. Goldenglory18

    Appliances and other odds and ends

    We’re moving to a new place so we don’t need a few things. PM for pics or questions. Pickup day will be 4/5 for the large appliances. Willing to trade for high end gear (so I can sell for cash.) Frigidaire refrigerator. 5 years old. Great shape. Not a looker but would be a great shop or...
  25. Goldenglory18

    WTB Composite jig stick (690J?)

    Kinda regret not getting a few sticks I saw at FH. One specific one was a factory red thread 690J. Would also be interested in similar Seeker products too (9’ White Tiger?) although it hurts my head as all my other gear is black on black Calstar. So If anyone has something collecting dust or...
  26. Goldenglory18

    Looking for a Daiwa Lexa 300HD (again)

    I've had three of these damn reels and every time I get rid of them, I regret it and do the dance all over again... If anyone has LNIB, or very clean 300HD, in either the gold trim or the blue trim, in either the 7 or 8 ratio, lemme know. FH pricing wasnt that great and I couldnt find any used...
  27. Goldenglory18

    Lexa 300HD for paddle board use

    All, I’m going to be fishing off my paddle board this spring when I’m not on the cattle boats. I’m looking for a sized 20 or 30 spinning rig and a 7’+ stick to throw fairly light lures and dead sardines. Think a heavier drop shot stick, under-spins, and similar - 20lbs braid tipped with 8-10lbs...
  28. Goldenglory18

    Calstar blank for a bass/light rod

    All, I'm looking for an 8' blank for a calico setup to pair with a Lexa 300HD. Something in the vein of a GX8. I want to put a trigger seat on it and sling bait, small snipers, or plastics. No honey blanks, please. Thanks in advance... - Kenny
  29. Goldenglory18

    Issue with braid and casting - brand or carrier possibly?

    All, I'm having the hardest time dealing with the 4x J braid that's on my Saltigas. I've been fishing braid in casting reels for a long time and never really had any consistent issues like I am today. Sticking, breakage, wind knots. Anyone else experienced anything similar with either the Daiwa...
  30. Goldenglory18

    Daiwa Saltiga factory clamp hardware

    All, I'm looking for the factory Saltiga hardware for 20 thru 40 sized reels. I bought a reel off ebay and the knucklehead didn't tell me he lost it... :eye roll: Thanks, - Kenny
  31. Goldenglory18

    Saltiga 20, or 35ha

    All, I'm looking for another Saltiga to round out the lineup. I'm specifically looking for either a 20ha or 35ha in excellent condition. I live in WeHo and work in Northridge. Willing to pay for USPS if you have one thats like new and loaded with 40/50lbs-ish spectra. PM me for what you've got...
  32. Goldenglory18

    Calstar GF700XH

    Hey builders, I'm curious on what you guys think about putting a reel seat on a GF700XH. My intent is to go no more than 50lbs on it, and more than likely a bottom yellowtail stick (yo-yo's and dropped bait.) Needed or not? Should I do it just to have it? Thanks a bunch...
  33. Goldenglory18

    AVET MXL Raptor - $360

    MXL Raptor - $360 local, $380 shipped Silver color. Reel is in excellent condition with box, CD/oil and cover. Spooled with multi-color J-braid and mono leader. PM for questions/detailed pics. I live in WeHo and work in Northridge. I can do a local deal anywhere in between or relatively...
  34. Goldenglory18

    LNIB Daiwa Saltist 20h Black/Blue w/box - $160 local

    Like new Daiwa Saltist 20h loaded with fresh 20lbs big game. Includes box, clamp, hardware, tool. FYI, I sent my 20h to Daiwa to have the reel clamp fix done and they gave me a brand new housing. That is the configuration you are buying. Like I said, this is damn near brand new... $185...
  35. Goldenglory18

    My first custom rod - need guide suggestion

    All, I just picked up my first blank for my first true custom rig, a calstar BTG6480 and want a guide recommendation for my builder just in case I'm prompted. Looking to turn this into a 40-60lbs yo-yo stick that occasionally plays backup for top water iron. Thanks!!! - Kenny PS where is...
  36. Goldenglory18

    Need boat suggestion - 12 yo niece from AZ wants to go fishing

    All, I'm flying my god daughter in from Tucson and she wants to go fishing. What's a good 1/2day boat or AM ride in the LA area that we can do to get her some saltwater experience? I'd love to take her on the Pursuit but I'm concerned about the ride across the channel. I'm thinking inshore...
  37. Goldenglory18

    Calstar 690J and 700XXH blanks

    Looking to buy/trade for some blanks. Nothing fancy, just some basic Calstars to help round out my quiver. 690J 700XX 700XXX - Kenny
  38. Goldenglory18

    Suggested rod for a Daiwa Saltiga 15h

    All, I just came across a steal of a deal on a like new Saltiga 15h. I'm trying to figure out if its too much reel for a 196-8 or too light for a 270-8. If not one of those two, then what do you suggest? Is this enough reel to sling surface jigs at Catalina or should I move it towards a...
  39. Goldenglory18

    Daiwa reel clamp

    All, I'm looking for another old style Daiwa clamp. If you've got one laying around, I'd like to talk to you. LOL Thanks, - Kenny
  40. Goldenglory18

    AVET MXL MC - lightly used silver

    AVET MXL MC: SOLD Silver. Excellent condition, unknown line All prices now include shipping to your door USPS. PM for questions or offers. Thanks in advance... - Kenny
  41. Goldenglory18

    Quiver check - am I doing this wrong?

    All, Now that I'm becoming more familiar with ocean fishing and what I enjoy/focus on, I'm wondering if my quiver needs to be reworked. I grew up bass fishing have come to LOVE yellowtail hunting, and enjoy an occasional schoolie tuna trip. I don't take trips longer than 1.5 day, and have no...
  42. Goldenglory18

    FS/FT Lot of Plastics and Swimbaits (warbaits, big hammer, keitech)

    ***SOLD!*** All, I have a bunch of plastics/lead heads that I just never get to use. Warbaits, Big Hammer, Keitech....lights, darks, reds, orange, neon greens. That's 63 total lead heads, 127 total tails, and 7 savage swimbaits. I told you it was a lot. Trade Bait: LNIB AVET SX in...
  43. Goldenglory18

    Planning a Corporate trip out of LA...need advice

    All, My company books a fishing trip every year, and this time around I want to switch stuff up. For the last three we've gone out of Channel Islands for bottom fish and it's been OK at best. Last year we chartered a ride in late July and the bite was sooooo slow. Small bait, slow fishing...
  44. Goldenglory18

    FS/FT - Tiburon TCU-XL

    One time used Tiburon deckhand clamp. Bought as a backup and no longer need. TCU-XL - $45 shipped, $40 in person (West Hollywood) Trade for a few JRI/187/Kicker surface jigs, or a handful of quality yo-yo's. Also interested in a vertical configuration jig tote (like the new Daiwa and...
  45. Goldenglory18

    Anyone ever seen this? Daiwa Saltist issue

    Have any of my Daiwa Saltist brethren ever had an issue with their clamp kit? Specifically the clamp standoff fail at the reel housing side? When installing my new to me 20h on a deckhand seeker, with very low torque on the reel seat hardware, the the standoff popped out of the reel housing...
  46. Goldenglory18

    SX and/or Saltist 20H

    All, I’m looking for the following in like-new condition: AVET SX (black) Daiwa Saltist 20H or 35H (black and blue) I’m located in WeHo but work in Northridge. PM what ya got, and thanks in advance... - Kenny
  47. Goldenglory18

    Seeker Pinhead 20lbs bait stick

    Looking to buy a like new or very good condition 36-8 Pinhead. I meant to grab one at FH and totally spaced it when I got there. That place is hypnotic. I’m in WeHo but work in Northridge. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks in advance... - Kenny
  48. Goldenglory18

    Est guide replacement costs?

    All, I'm curious on if there is a general rule of thumb on how much it costs to replace guides on these westcoast rods. I'm headed to FH and if I find a used stick I like but the guides are junk, I'd like to take whatever that cost is into consideration. Thanks in advance...
  49. Goldenglory18

    SXJ deckhand clamp

    I've got a black SXJ on the way and need a clamp if I want to use it on my deckhand rods. PM me if you've got something laying around collecting dust... Thanks!! - Kenny
  50. Goldenglory18

    LA area boat storage options

    All, The wife and I are getting more serious about the idea of buying our first rig. Super exciting but we still haven't solved the storage issue yet. What are some options out there, in the LA area, for dry storage? We are considering a 25' or less CC as our first rig, and for cost savings...
  51. Goldenglory18

    Looking to backseat/ho on Friday - LA area

    If you're headed out looking for bass or yellows and want someone to split gas/bait $$, let me know. I can't back up a trailer to save my own life (no one has ever taught me) but I know how to fish, don't mind cleaning at all, and can net/gaff with the best of 'em...
  52. Goldenglory18

    Looking for overnight or 1.5 on 8/30 or 31

    All, Anyone got a line on an open overnight or 1.5 on Thurs 8/30 or Friday 8/31? I'm not super interested in cows, but more on numbers and action (yellowfin, skips, yellowtails, calis...) I've got a PTO day scheduled on 8/31 and can make it to a dock on 8/30 if its a Thursday departure...
  53. Goldenglory18

    Best Casting Reel Service in LA? (Westside to Northridge)

    All, I need a few baitcasting reels serviced and wanted to see who you all recommend. I'm in WeHo and work in Northridge, so anything Westside to NR works for me. I've used Action already for two of these but they are already seizing up again so I'm looking for another option. One of these...
  54. Goldenglory18

    Looking for some direction - newbie

    All, Wife and I have decided that if we are staying in LA, we are going to invest in a boat. Problem is we are AZ natives and the only thing I know about boats is they float, and are sometimes gas or diesel powered. LOL Does anyone have a suggestion for a newbie to start looking around and...
  55. Goldenglory18

    $600 - 2016 Ride 135 + cart and crate

    All, For sale is a used but not abused Wilderness Systems Ride 135 in Midnight Camo. Purchased NOS directly from OEX Sunset Beach in 2017, this boat has been my go-to for inshore bass for the past season and the only reason I’m selling is to upgrade to a pedal platform. The yak has been...
  56. Goldenglory18

    3700 sized bag and lure/jig wrap

    All, I'm looking to pickup a new tackle bag. Fits multiple (5 or 6?) 3700 sized trays and is large enough for a 1.5 day trip. Something along the lines of a large Daiwa Tactical, or Plano-Z would work. Also, I'm on the hunt for a new lure/jig wrap. Ideally I would be able to fit the jig...
  57. Goldenglory18

    30lbs bait stick for YT's and Hail - Los Angeles

    All, I'm thinking about picking up a 30lbs bait stick. Something that can handle Yellows and Halibut, and is castable to get away from the lines of lead droppers is preferred. $150ish is the goal but I'm somewhat flexible. Located in Los Angeles (work in Northridge but live in WeHo) Thanks...
  58. Goldenglory18

    Installing reel seat on deckhand Calstar - cost prohibitive?

    All, I just picked up a barely used Calstar WCDH-270-8H-C. How costly would you all think it would be to add a reel seat to this stick? It's going to cost me a min of $50 for a reel clamp, so if its another few $$ to put a permanent seat on it, it might be worth it. Thanks in advance.... -...
  59. Goldenglory18

    Which casting reel for 8'H jigstick

    All, As of tomorrow I'm the new owner of a Calstar WCDH-270-8H-C deckhand rod. I'm planning on pairing it with a casting reel + clamp. I've tried multiple conventional reels and just can't get used to them. It's the bass angler in me. LOL Which sized reel do you guys prefer for this style...
  60. Goldenglory18

    eBay auction not as advertised - negotiate or return?

    All, New reel(s) day just turned sour. I opened the USPS box, expecting to see two new-in-box Penn Squall 30LD's, and then I was let down. Not only were the two reels used, not adequately represented in the pictures (side plate and frame abrasions) and obviously misrepresented, but they...
  61. Goldenglory18

    College Project - Help Needed

    All, I'm in college again and as the final of one of my classes, I need to do a research paper on a political/sociological topic that is close or personal to me, but needs to avoid the tired/overused topics of the day. One of the first things I thought about is Recreational Fishing and it's...
  62. Goldenglory18

    Gear Clear out - Daiwa and Okuma

    All, Spring semester is on the horizon. Gotta clear the herd to pay for books and fees. I always take great care of my stuff, try to keep them covered as much as possible while in transit/on boat while underway, and always give them a bath post-outing. Located in Los Angeles. I live at...
  63. Goldenglory18

    WTS/T - Okuma Makira 7ML and AVET SXJ

    I have a few things I've bought recently but haven't found a use for yet. Time to sell/trade for things I've been wanting.... SOLD - Okuma Makaira 7' ML Casting rod, never used, tags included - $70 - SOLD AVET SXJ 5.3 RH in Silver, spooled with (I think is 40 or 50lbs) white Power Pro, never...
  64. Goldenglory18

    Shrink Tube over standard cork handles - what size?

    Hey everyone! I've been a lurker in this forum for a long time. I greatly admire you're guys work! I'm a long time bass guy that just recently switched to the salt. I have some bass rods that I love, that I would like to apply the shrink tube material on the handles. I'm quickly learning...
  65. Goldenglory18

    WTB 300 or 400 sized casting reel - LA Area

    Looking to buy a 300 or 400 sized casting reel in the vein of a Lexa, Komodo, or Toro. May even be interested in trading a NIB SXJ AVET in all Silver coloring. PM me if interested. I'm also looking for a Daiwa Tatula HD. If you have a NIB or very lightly used one of those please let me know...
  66. Goldenglory18

    3/4th day inshore trip for bass - what to expect

    Looks like the Freelance is headed towards bass this Friday. Anyone have any suggestions or tips for a relatively new salt bass angler? I'm planning on throwing paddle tail swimbaits and coltsnipers with light(er) flouro and mono leaders. Might even bring a jerkbait stick as well. Thanks!
  67. Goldenglory18

    WTB - FF/GPS/Plotter for kayak

    All, I'm looking to buy a fish finder unit for my new yak. Would like it to be in the 5-7" class, but needs to be a combo unit with FF, GPS, and Plotter capability (better safe than sorry!) If you have a clean unit laying around, or are looking to upgrade in the next few weeks, please let...
  68. Goldenglory18

    Help me realign my setups - Newbie

    All, Looking to add to my gear arsenal, and the more I search the internet classifieds, the more I think I dont know what I'm looking at/for. This is the gear that I currently have. My own personal limit is 6 setups, so please keep that in mind when suggesting other rigs. 1) Okuma Helios 7'...
  69. Goldenglory18

    Gifted a trip out of Davey's Locker - No early 2017 availability?

    All, Anyone know what the deal is for the early 2017 availability out of Davey's Locker? Wifey got me one of those groupon deals for a 3/4th and I have the week after new years off. Their site shows now availability except for New Years eve and day. Would love to get out one more time before...
  70. Goldenglory18

    Suggestions on casting rod - $180

    I've got some holiday cash to burn and the wifey gave me the go-ahead to add a new stick to the lineup. Gotta get this done before she changes her mind! Offshore casting rod, heavy(ish), looking to throw deep bottom hopping plastics, jigs, and occasionally double as a 12-15oz rockfish rig...
  71. Goldenglory18

    Marina del Rey - 11/5/16

    Took the new Malibu X-Factor yak out for its maiden voyage on Sunday. Less of a fishing trip and more of a first paddle (the wife wanted to take her SUP out too) but I still tried to hook a few since we were out there. Launched out of Mothers Beach and spent most of my time around there and...
  72. Goldenglory18

    Okuma Citrix vs Daiwa Lexa

    All, Anyone have good hands-on experience with both reels and can compare the two? I've been a die-hard Daiwa bass angler for a long time and would like to know if the Okuma Citrix compares to the Lexa or even Tatula in terms of quality and longevity while living inshore. Thanks everyone... - KT
  73. Goldenglory18

    Misc Daiwa gear - like new

    Not fishing enough to keep the gear I got this year. Everything but the 100 was only used once, and everything was throughly cleaned after docking. I'm a gear head and take care of my stuff. 8'H Daiwa Proteus - $140 8'H Daiwa DX Swimbait - $80 Lexa 300 - RH (I still have the box) - $160 Lexa...
  74. Goldenglory18

    Newbie question - Bass guy lost in the Salt

    Hey all....Newbie on the board, looking for some gear advice.... I just recently purchased (with some guidance from a local shop) a Daiwa DX 8' XH swimbait bass rod and a Lexa 300HS for a multi purpose setup (swimbaits/flipping in the lakes and jigs/light iron in the salt.) Problem is, the rod...