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  1. soul troller

    2022 predictions

    I too think we may have some Albies again . Why ? No clue , just miss eating them. Good to can in case they starve us out next . They were easy to keep at the boat too. 2021 was not as good as the 2 previous seasons for me at least . More work getting in the way , and a big move kept me...
  2. soul troller

    2019 MYCO custom 3 axle 28/30 ft aluminum super duty trailer 15,600 GVWR

    where are you located, and is the asking price $12K ? thanks
  3. soul troller

    So who won the halibut tourney out of Mission Bay?

    Definitely appreciate Dana Landing putting in the effort to keep this thing going . No current didn't help , but man what weather for Thanksgiving . Nice to check out multiple areas going 40 mph. The lackluster results made me feel slightly better about my halibut catch rates in 20-21. I...
  4. soul troller

    Offshore Putting in the time for BFT

    Way to give it a hell of an effort . Appreciate the info Jeff
  5. soul troller

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    It's always something for all of us . But worth it .
  6. soul troller

    Grass fouled prop

    I'd say you're good to go . No fishing line and clean gear case oil . Gear case oil probably lasts longer than 100 hours, but I believe the maintenance interval is there to spot a potential problem before it starts eating stuff . Enjoy your season .
  7. soul troller

    Transducer test Airmar TDT 1000

    Thanks Rob
  8. soul troller

    are Shimao TranX a bust?

    I borrowed a Tranx 500 HG and after casting poppers a country mile , had to have one. Maybe i'm a tard and need to practice with my other set ups, but i really like them. Bought the 500 PG and you really have to crank that thing to make some jigs swim , but that's OK. Landed a 60 # BFT and...
  9. soul troller

    Some recent windward buoy action

    Nice vid Interesting to see how it's done in different locales .
  10. soul troller

    Islands 3/29. The San Diego

    Great comprehensive report and pics Setting the bar pretty high .
  11. soul troller

    Transducer test Airmar TDT 1000

    That's not helpful Carl
  12. soul troller

    Transducer test Airmar TDT 1000

    Anyone have an Airmar TDT 1000 I could hook up to my B275 and check if it's working right? Hoping someone in SD has one or knows an electronic guy who does. Willing to pay , rent, leave big deposit , or stop by with my rig on the trailer. Had my MFDs set to come on with the battery switch...
  13. soul troller

    Islands Nado yellows

    Nice work Mike Thanks for the info
  14. Solas Stainless Pair of props + 2 Alum Volvo props

    Solas Stainless Pair of props + 2 Alum Volvo props

    Pair of counter rotating SS Solas Lexor props 15 spline RH & LH $350 for the pair. $200 for a single Michigan 15 x 19 Right hand AL short hub for VP New till I grazed the bottom on a test run . Still fine , see pics $100 Old Aluminum prop with good hub short hub for VP $25 Pm Lou to meet...
  15. soul troller

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    Well , I guess another $384 for a jack plate with some adjustment is the way to go at this point. Then you're fishing . Could be worse .
  16. soul troller

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    Not an expert by any means , but sounds like you have it dialed in pretty good to me . Rpms are at the higher end of normal WOT range . That thing is scooting . Where is the waterline on the hull now in relation to where it was originally before all the conversion work . I wouldn't be...
  17. soul troller

    New Classifieds Section

    Should have sold all this shit in the garage when I had the chance.
  18. soul troller

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    It's appears way different and more difficult to navigate. If it ain't broke...... At least all my friends fish so I can just call and talk about fishing with them .
  19. soul troller

    Trim tabs for bayliner trophy

    Here's what I read
  20. soul troller

    The sale went through... Skipjack 262

    Congrats on a nice rig . Never heard of one coming from the factory sans motor . Pretty sweet set up .
  21. soul troller

    Trim tabs for bayliner trophy

    I'd say the hydraulic tabs are less prone to failure, and cheaper to fix in the unlikely event you have a problem.
  22. soul troller

    Trim tabs for bayliner trophy

    They are great boats with tons of fishing room Never felt unsafe and had her in some big seas Have a good season
  23. soul troller

    Trim tabs for bayliner trophy

    I'll had a Trophy 2460 with 12 x 8 tabs for 20 years with no complaints or problems. I broke a steering cable on the 371 and came into the bay using only the tabs . Going bigger won't have any adverse effects , but will in fact give you more control of the boat IMO .
  24. soul troller

    Parker 2520 DV Re-power

    I guess it's a Ford vs Chevy but most around here prefer Yamaha. Hard to beat their reliability and we have great service techs in Socal . Not saying anything bad about Mercs. Either way you go, it will be nice to have a brand new motor with warranty hanging off the back of that nice rig .
  25. soul troller

    Inshore Fishing Southern Ventura 3/13

    Nothing wrong with that Enjoy the good eats
  26. soul troller

    Study in human nature?

    Prices have been at a premium . Have to think a few sellers are looking to cash out and not lose , or even make a dollar. I could be wrong . Moving up is tempting, but rigging a boat to your liking adds up in a hurry too.
  27. soul troller

    Grass fouled prop

    Good idea to pull , inspect and grease the shaft . Although I doubt grass did any damage, a damaged seal may not be evident from a visual inspection. In addition to above, I'd make another trip , then change my lower unit oil and see if there's any sign of water in the oil . If you do...
  28. soul troller

    Grass fouled prop

    Outboard? Guess peeking at the lower unit oil would give you a hint . I wouldn't think eel grass could ruin a prop shaft seal like getting fishing line in it , but I could be wrong .
  29. soul troller

    Offshore BFT 2/26

    Damn , you guys get it done. Appreciate you sharing the info for sure. Can't wait to see what this season holds .
  30. soul troller

    Grady White Islander 26' Bait Tank Install

    Where are you located . I just upgraded my 40 to a BW 65 and replaced all hoses. Was a PITA , but if I had to do it again, it would be twice as fast . Plus cutting a hole in someone else's boat is easier than cutting one in your own . Can you access the bilge under that back seat ?
  31. soul troller

    Frabil Pack a Pole 7000 4 rig Travel case

    Weekend special $35 Get this out of my garage
  32. soul troller

    Bad day turned good!

    Eye.... like big boats and i cannot lie
  33. soul troller

    Pair of SS Props - Solas Lexor 15 1/2 x 17

    Came off a 2002 30 foot Proline with Merc Optimax 225's
  34. soul troller

    Pair of SS Props - Solas Lexor 15 1/2 x 17

    Bump and price reduction $325 for the pair
  35. soul troller

    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    Probably only a handful on the Nomad , but i just thought i'd mention it with the YFT since i guess its possible.
  36. soul troller

    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    Although it's painfully boring for an impatient person like me , you will definitely have a better chance to see signal around you at 7-10 knots as opposed to 25 or > . It was definitely the way to raise albacore , and get a good bait stop , but I have not had as much success in recent years...
  37. soul troller

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    I would be more excited if Cowcod were legal to keep . Miss the 80's when we dropped 900 -1100 feet around the 43 and caught monster cow and lings. But i was dumb , 20 something , and nothing hurt. All that being said , it will be interesting to see if there are some honey holes to be...
  38. soul troller

    5 1980's Diawa Reels $295 obo

    Reduced to $250 or best
  39. soul troller

    Lower 9 27-21

    Thanks for the report. Glad you found some biters. That channel is fun in the fog at night coming in.
  40. soul troller

    Carl has some hope in the future.

    I had to stop inviting Carl to fish cause he just kept making these gestures at me .
  41. soul troller

    Diesel Paddy Stop

    I am on the fence about getting into the 30 plus foot club so i can have a comfy bed to sleep in . My main fear is not being able to haul ass home at 35 knots when i want. I know every boat is some type of trade off but ......... Care to share what prompted you to go from diesel to...
  42. soul troller

    2000 Pursuit 2860 with tower & trailer ($54,999)

    Nice sled . ( I may be biased ) Add some engine and interior pics
  43. soul troller

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    Someone's been breathing too much molten lead fumes
  44. soul troller

    SOLD!! Tiara 33 Flybridge w/ Cummins QSB 380's Go Time

    Sweet rig Can i see a couple interior pics Keep threatening to go bigger so i can have a queen berth or close to it .
  45. soul troller

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    No politics unless subscribed . Kind of like , don't bring up politics while fishing unless you want to end up making a fun activity into BS . Contests ? Best fishing report , most concise boat ad , hottest wife, etc ? Good idea A points system would draw out the few who would ruin it...
  46. soul troller

    30 foot center console for sale

    Nice sled What year is the hull ?
  47. soul troller

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    Looking good man. You are going to be stoked with the way that F250 performs on that boat. Guess you could always get a 50 gallon fuel bladder if you wanted to have more range. I had a 92 gallon tank on the 2460 with a GM 350 / 280 set up . We fished from SD to the 390 and beyond the 43...
  48. soul troller

    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    The helm and cabin are farther forward in the sport cabin as compared to a 2310 . Guess that's why the deck looked so much bigger to me. I know they ride a little different because of that too. Every boat has its pros and cons . As far as the bracket goes, guess it depends on how much $...
  49. soul troller

    Torium 30 HG. $130

    Reduced to $130 obo
  50. soul troller

    Livingston Pacific Skiff 15- Monohull!

    Welcome Incredible refurb Looks great
  51. soul troller

    5 1980's Diawa Reels $295 obo

    Whole lot reduced - $225 or best Individual prices below : Diawa Sealine 600H Good condition with Spectra. $80 Diawa Sealine 50H Good condition with Spectra. $60 Diawa Sealine 50H Good Condition but missing star drag knob. $45 Diawa Sealine...
  52. soul troller

    Torium 30 HG. $130

    Serviced Sept 2020 65 # braid with 100 yard topshot of 30# mono Box and clamp included Great shape except the paint corrosion Always fresh water rinsed. Factory flaw I'm guessing . $130 PM to pick up in Mission Bay , Murrieta, or Tustin. - Lou
  53. soul troller

    Shimano TLD 30 2 speed $175 obo

    Used but well maintained 80 pound spectra backing Reel clamp included $160 or best offer Won't ship Pm to arrange pick up in Murrieta, Mission Bay , or Tustin -Lou
  54. soul troller

    7 Old Penn reels

    Sale pending ....
  55. soul troller

    7 Old Penn reels

    Been on a roll cleaning out the garage so I can live on a boat someday. This stuff has been under my bench forever . Prefer to sell the whole lot for $175 or best . See individual description and prices below. All reels are functional, except the squidder needs work Senator 9/0. Rough but...
  56. soul troller

    Masterbuilt Veranda Elec grill. $65 or best offer

    Like new Cover included Believe it's 196 Sq in cooking surface Pick up in Mission Bay , Tustin , or Murrieta PM -Lou
  57. soul troller

    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    FYI - Since you are on a tight budget , that 280 is a great drive if you have it gone thru / pressure tested , and then maintain it ( Change exhaust and drive bellows every couple years ) It's not hard to remove intermediate and lower to take in if something goes south. Saves big $$ ...
  58. soul troller

    Solo bug mission, pure bliss!

    Bugging solo is where it's at. Get your bounty and get home before it's too late . No splitting the haul with greenhorns .
  59. soul troller

    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    If you take your time , can learn to do alot of your own work , be patient and resourceful , you can get that thing in the water for under $20k no problem. Probably not by summer , but in a year or more. I did the same thing on an 85 Trophy 2460 in 1999 . Learned a ton . Was it better...
  60. soul troller

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Just stumbled on this thread. That rig is obscene .
  61. soul troller

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    Cool project - great pics and info Great hulls for Socal I drug a 1985 2460 Trophy out of a junk pile , rebuilt her and ran 19 seasons. Next owner refreshed her again and she is still killing fish Always wanted to do what you're doing with the outboard. Never once felt unsafe in that...
  62. soul troller

    Testing Water: Parker 1801, with Yami 115

    Sweet rig . Can see myself zipping around in something like that while living on a 50 footer in retirement. I'd modify my fence and squeeze that thing in the side yard before i would go boatless.
  63. soul troller

    Fix the website

    I'm going to do what i have to do in order to be in compliance. Doesn't mean i can't bitch about it . The online system for getting a biosphere and even an FMM is a total clusterfu*& . You would think Conapesca could find one computer geek to streamline the process for us gringos paying the $ .
  64. soul troller

    Are Yamaha lower unit cores worth anything ?

    The F250 is actually a 2014 and a 3.3 L standard rotation . Let me know if you need more info.
  65. soul troller

    Are Yamaha lower unit cores worth anything ?

    Recently replaced the lower unit on a 2003 F200 3.3 liter motor , and have another that came off a friends 2015 F250 4.2L in the garage. I know they used to rebuild them , but now just replace . Anyone know anyone if someone local rebuilds them or buys them for parts or cores ? Thanks in...
  66. soul troller

    Sun 1/17 on the IB Pipe

    I have the sushi dude make me a rainbow roll when I walk in , then bring my own BFT or YT to pile on it. It's pretty legit
  67. soul troller

    Sun 1/17 on the IB Pipe

    After playing kitchen bitch cleaning house all day Sat, woke up @ 0500 Sun and instantly thought : Must fish. Got a 1/2 scoop of pinhead chovies, 3 inch dines , and 3 mini macs from EB Mission bay . As I approach the mouth of MB , I see the 6 footers breaking well inside the mouth and the...
  68. soul troller

    1/16 Cat

    That's fun halibut fishing there. Any size to the keepers ?
  69. soul troller

    Biosphere Bracelet Question

    Yep And a passport ( which you need to get the FMM) And a Mexican fishing license And a Temporary import permit for the boat and ... that's all i bring
  70. soul troller

    Biosphere Bracelet Question

    A passport and FMM is required when fishing within 12 miles of Mexican land . Biosphere zone is smaller Someone in the know will chime in eventually .
  71. soul troller

    Biosphere Bracelet Question

    I found this I'd get the $5 bracelet and not sweat anything by assuming . Guess if you stay out of the green zone , you're fine. Hope the fishing is good whatever you do.
  72. soul troller

    Misc boat stuff / Price reductions

    Bump make me an offer before i throw this stuff out
  73. soul troller

    Salt water Landing net $10

    Sale pending on black net on left .
  74. soul troller

    Biosphere Bracelet Question

    Bought an annual at Squidco just a few months ago for what my old brain thinks was 20 or 30 bucks. Just called them to see if the Oct 2021 Expiration date ( Vigencia ) applies . I was told it does , but it will be $99 next time i get one. Always something .
  75. soul troller

    Salt water Landing net $10

    Frabill is still available - Black net sold Reduced to $10 7'3 overall net is 28 x 32 telescopes for storage I like netting most fish that are under 30 pounds . The average newbie can net too . PM to pick up in Murrieta, Tustin , or Mission Bay Lou
  76. soul troller

    Considering 24 skipjack

    Maintenance costs will depend on quite a few variables , but here's what i think: I ran a Trophy 2460 for 19 seasons with a GM 350 and a Volvo 280 outdrive . Both scavenged ( from a 78 truck and an 84 boat ) and rebuilt before going in the boat . The average yearly costs over that time...
  77. soul troller

    Garmin GMR Fantom 18 or 24 radome

    Highly recommend the Fantom 24 . Motionscope Doppler is bad ass . Knowing whether someone is coming at you or motoring away is my favorite feature and makes fog alot less hairy. The bird mode also works well out of the box . I got mine from a rep , but really like the customer service...
  78. soul troller

    2006 Sea Pro WA220.

    How much are you asking ?
  79. soul troller


    Sorry to hear you are going thru that BS. I too would be infuriated. What brand electronics?
  80. soul troller

    Big Bay 1-1-21

    Thanks for the info Jeff. Way to stay at it into the night. Enjoy the rewards .
  81. soul troller

    2.5 # Halitron Clean agent Fire Extinguisher

    Took this out of a 911 turbo when she sold . Bracket not included 15 inches tall overall x 3 inch dia cylinder Never used $ 150 obo PM to arrange pick up in Murrieta, Tustin, or Mission Bay - Lou
  82. soul troller

    Adding a bait tank...who should I hire?

    I would make the tow and go with the best in the biz as suggested above . Blue water or Pacific Edge . It's what they do. I've found the old adage is true - especially on boats - and below the waterline . If you think hiring a professional is expensive - wait til you try an amateur .
  83. soul troller

    parker 23 tower

    Work of art Need to come see you this spring
  84. soul troller

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    How do you cure your leftover bait? you got a little bait thing in your slip? Alot of guys have tanks or receivers of various sizes to keep macs and other finbait in. Tied to the dock at the bow . In summer , the sardines don't last more than several days, but in winter they can last for...
  85. soul troller

    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    Why would i wait until March ? Because i thought i read the RCA boundary would increase to 100 fathoms in the southern management area during the open season ( March 1 - December 31 ) Guess i need to be more careful and do my research before spouting off here.
  86. soul troller

    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good descender device , or am I over thinking it ? I normally don't fish for cod very often, but went several times in the last few months since the halibut were MIA for me. 75% or more of my catch was Red Vermillion. I will be curious to see what I...
  87. soul troller

    Bounce balling 11/28

    I haven't found many butts in the last couple months. A short here and there. Hope they show up in Jan .
  88. soul troller

    Pair of SS Props - Solas Lexor 15 1/2 x 17

    Pair of counter rotating stainless props. Excellent condition . Sold as RH and LH pair. 15 spline hubs . $350 or best for the pair . PM to pick up in Mission Bay , Tustin , or Murrieta. .- Lou
  89. soul troller

    Hoop net lights - What are you using?

    Dicked with the milk jugs and glow sticks for too long in years past. Went to these blinkers that you can see from a mile away . Tapered end stabs right in the end of float and can be taken out fast . Rinse with fresh water and remove batteries every use and they have been great for a few...
  90. soul troller

    Recondition or polish my Xtratufs

    Apply more blood and scales .
  91. soul troller

    Santa Rosa, Freezer Filler

    Nice pile of meat . I need to expand my horizons .
  92. soul troller

    Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja Mexico

    Holy shit . Fished with Fernando a few times back in the day .
  93. soul troller

    Offshore Great way to end 2020

    Kudos to you lunatics . That's a story to tell for ages . Enjoy the steaks .
  94. soul troller

    LJ Yellowtail 12-20

    That's a slug . Cool pics.
  95. soul troller

    Offshore 40+ gal bait tank $400 or best

    Measures 18 x 28 x 30 high 40 - 45 gallon - not sure 5 rod holder included Light and lid included Held a healthy scoop all day for me the last couple seasons , but I went bigger . Has some small Marine tex repair on top edge and inside that I did on minor battle wounds. PM to pick up in...
  96. soul troller

    Has anybody ever had this problem before?

    I'd clean that up as best as possible, then do a day trip without the cowling to keep an eye out for the source . Also make sure the drain tube and outlet is not obstructed.
  97. soul troller

    Seadek install

    That came out tits . Putting this on my list for someday . Waiting to see how this stuff holds up after a decade of abuse . ( The product itself ) I know i'm tired of scrubbing non skid .
  98. soul troller

    Fun with friends and a bonus

    Looks like everyone is having fun . That's what it's all about.
  99. soul troller

    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    Hate to beat a dead horse but I actually thought the first reply - " Welcome to Bloody Decks " was sarcasm , and that the first post rule still applied. So i thought i'd join the dog pile while saying welcome . My mistake .
  100. soul troller

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Does seem a little unfair I guess, but if they didn't have the policy there would probably be alot more small boats getting just a little bait . I've fished several places around the country and it sure is nice to have live bait 24/7 - 365 with the exception of 12 hours on Christmas day ...
  101. soul troller

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    I always wanted a Farralon and oogle them whenever I see one . Impressive boat . Amazing how big they are out of the water . Repair the one you have and enjoy her . If you change your mind later , I'm sure you can find a Parker for sale
  102. soul troller

    Boat scientists... radar mount angle and ideal kicker angle?

    I used a 4 degree wedge on the last 2 boats radar pedestals. I took a smart level for a ride and checked the roof angle at different speeds. 4 degrees seems to work fine and be a happy medium for the boats various attitudes at different speeds.
  103. soul troller

    Are Bonito Trash fish? (aka bonita, little tunny, false albacore)

    I have had them on a cattle boat before and it was pretty tasty. I would keep them and cook them if i could ever eat up all the other fillets i enjoy more. I like to do a magic trick with them though. Cut them in pieces and turn them into live lobster.
  104. soul troller

    Craig From West Coast Bait Tanks

    I'd be taking a ride to check on my tank in person. That shit drives me nuts . How hard is it to take 2 min for a phone call .
  105. soul troller

    New Shimano Blackmoon tackle backpack $145

    ^ What he said , and where are you located ?
  106. soul troller

    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    Dang , that's the grade you see up north . Nice haul
  107. soul troller

    A little patience

    I need more patience I did the same thing for 30 minutes yesterday before getting impatient and fishing for cod. Nice work as usual .
  108. soul troller

    Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    Just giving you shit as a welcome . Good luck with the sale . What I should have said is if you are listing a boat for that amount , clean the deck for the ad. I really liked my Mako 22 for what its worth
  109. soul troller

    Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    If you're going to list an overpriced rig at least clean the deck . Oh, and welcome !
  110. soul troller

    Covid 19 idiot free thread

    Stay healthy
  111. soul troller

    LJ 12-2

    I loathe sea lions too , but I think you did that thing a solid . Had a seagull with a Rapala tying his feet together with 2 trebles do fly byes in the bay as if he was asking for help . He let me do the surgery after netting him , then flew circles around us for awhile as if to say thank...
  112. soul troller

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    That makes sense . I was looking at the lids in the photo without the females so it threw me off. Thank you !
  113. soul troller

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    Admire your Hatteras 36 every time I'm in the area . Can you please elaborate on how the fillet table is secured with the flush mounts. I only have a 65 Bluewater oval , but the same Magma 48 inch table . Curious to see the exact set up . Thanks in advance
  114. soul troller

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    My Pursuit 2870 came with a PE 42 gallon . My 23 footer had the same tank . Thought it was sufficient , but learned that heavy chumming really helped my tuna game . ( No shit , right ?) Just installed a BW 65 last weekend . Really like the way it fits the cockpit . Can't wait to load...
  115. soul troller

    Santa Rosa Channel Islands 11/28/20

    Those are some fat coppers . Looks like a fun day . I really want to trailer up that way and fish that area one day . Pretty incredible amount of areas we all have to fish within a few hour drive. Its why I can't leave this goofy state of CA.
  116. soul troller

    Whistler Area 11/17

    Nice day with good groceries to take home. Definitely enjoy eating all the white meat fish we are lucky enough to have here. Being from Wisconsin , I have to beer batter and deep fry most of them . Been making ceviche with the head meat and even stomach meat from the RF after filleting ...
  117. soul troller

    Best Marinas in SD

    I've had 2 separate rigs in Marina Village - Mission Bay for a couple years. No issues with theft on either dock . Knock on wood . Overall I think it's one of the best spots to be. Maybe I'm biased as I am still stoked to have ditched the trailer after decades of towing. They have...
  118. soul troller

    2003 Albemarle 28 Express

    Beautiful rig . 9'6 Beam ? Post a couple motor pics . How long is the berth at centerline if you put the table down and cushions in ?
  119. soul troller

    Halibut Reports Dana Point --- ?????

    Definitely less butts biting down in SD areas too. Have got a few nice ones and a couple shorts this season after a fair amount of drifting. Nothing close to 2018 when we whacked the shit out of them .
  120. soul troller

    What are my F250s worth?

    Gorgeous boat . Congrats . I'd put those 250s on my 2870 if I was ready to repower .
  121. soul troller

    What are my F250s worth?

    What model Pursuit ? Let's see it
  122. soul troller

    2005 Seaswirl 2901 with twin 225hp Yamaha for sale - $75,000

    That's alot of boat with a little information.
  123. soul troller

    SOLD !!!

    I think i need this rig in my life. Looks to be in excellent condition.
  124. soul troller

    Review - Parker 2320 from West Coast Marine

    I walked into West Coast for parts in early September and couldn't help notice what I'm guessing was your tank . I asked how much it was and was told it was for a customers boat . Thats a beauty of a tank . Boat looks bitchen. Have fun .
  125. soul troller

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    Is the boat an 04 Bayrunner ?
  126. soul troller

    Offshore So close to a Cow 11/3

    Glad that beast ended up in the boat . Nice fish
  127. soul troller

    How do you keep your lobster?

    Wrap the tails in freezer paper , then vacuum seal in bags .
  128. soul troller

    Boating in the fog

    As an increasing amount of dumb people seem to be at the helm while there is good visibility , I'm really surprised there aren't more accidents in the fog. I love my Fantom radar , but there is still that chance encounter with some meathead who can't see you .
  129. soul troller

    In need of trailer advice

    I actually ended up getting a steal on a used trailer , then sold the boat. I have heard good reviews about Baja, but no personal experience. I had Pacific overhaul a trailer several years ago. I give them a B- Ymmv. Nice that we have several choices . Good luck with yours.
  130. soul troller

    In need of trailer advice

    Pacific quoted me $7700 a couple years ago for a trailer to put a Parker 2310 on . I wanted one rated for 10K pounds . I'd guess $5k - $6k for an aluminum. Seen quite a few good deals on used ones lately for $2-4 K
  131. soul troller

    Halibut Classic Tournament in 2020 ?

    Hey Mike ( Unknown Fisherman ) WIll there be a 2020 ATIHC this year ? Lots of us looking forward to it . I know you were contemplating last year being the last. Hope not .
  132. soul troller


    I stand corrected
  133. soul troller


    Colder slurry keeps the ice from melting quickly = ice lasts longer
  134. soul troller


    Instead of having some balls and heading to the Cortez, I'm here talking about ice. No one has talked about adding some rock salt to keep the ice longer. I sprinkle a handful in the kill bag when the ice has melted a little. It lowers the freezing point of the ice / water. Makes a...
  135. soul troller


  136. soul troller

    2000 Parker 2320 w/2013 Yamaha 250

    Good luck with sale - although you won't need it. Won't last a week.
  137. soul troller


    Mon - Sat 830-5 Sun 9-2
  138. soul troller


    San Diego Ice company on Kurtz St 20 # of crushed for $3 25# blocks are $4 The blocks last forever and can be rinsed and go on multiple trips
  139. soul troller

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Great write up . Glad you got one. Talk about putting in the effort. Nice segway in Chapter 5 from explosive diarrhea to delicious pasta and meatballs .
  140. soul troller

    Inshore South 9 Mile Bank 10/27: Big East Wind

    Nice work despite the conditions . Nice quality Reds. I had Red Vermillion with my pasta alfredo last night. Possibly the best tasting groundfish IMO.
  141. soul troller

    3-1/2 Day Pacific Voyager

    Great offer Is Mark O running the boat
  142. soul troller

    Frabil Pack a Pole 7000 4 rig Travel case

    Frabil website dimensions claims rod length to 7'5 . I measure inside 7'2 long x 7.25 " wide Lockable with 6 latches In good condition with some wear . $65 obo Pick up in Mission bay , Murrieta, or Tustin. PM - Lou
  143. soul troller

    New Grady-White 208 Hardtop w/ Tuna Tower! PYT

    Pacific Yacht Towers does excellent work . Never heard of a design or workmanship complaint before. Would certainly think they would stand behind their work as well if there was an issue.
  144. soul troller

    Offshore O95 2.5 Day

    Haven't fished the 95 since the 80's . May have to try it again. Looks like a fun trip . You knocked the shit out of them .
  145. soul troller

    Offshore The GoPro Goes Under Water into Yellowfin Frenzy! (40 Sec Vid)

    Thats bad ass was the go pro a hero 8 black ? in a housing? looks like it went pretty deep thanks for posting
  146. soul troller

    New Grady-White 208 Hardtop w/ Tuna Tower! PYT

    Definitely looks like a whole different boat . Super nice people and great work at PYT.
  147. soul troller

    Offshore FALL FISHIN 10/24/20

    Nice score . Especially with no gaff or net . Don't like poking holes in the fish anyway. Think I saw you out there retrieving a YFT from that damn seal .
  148. soul troller

    Offshore Sat 10/24. 371 YFT / Skippies

    Thanke Really didn't think 3 small yft and 2 skipjack was that notable , but wanted to share the dope same day anyway. Heard a guy this afternoon claiming a loaded patty on the 178 with yft , yt, and Dorado Sounded legit I have a Pursuit 2870 . Love it
  149. soul troller

    Offshore Sat 10/24. 371 YFT / Skippies

    Late solo launch at 10 am Passed the Bonito bite at the 9 21 over 26. Double on Yellowfin on bait 9 pounder and an 18 Keep heading west Fish a kelp at 15 over 40 Lots of marks and chum finally hook up what feels like a decent tuna Mr Sea Lion gets it at deep color and doesn't eat it ...
  150. soul troller

    Anyone bring/register a boat from Alabama to CA

    AAA can help you get it done with way less headache and BS.
  151. soul troller

    Offshore Looking to Learn and Ride Share - Orange County

    Mike , As a former Marine , I'll give you priority status on my list if you want to drive to SD and kill some fish. Appreciate your service as law enforcement as well. I'll text you . - Lou on Hot Pursuit
  152. soul troller

    Offshore Bluefin on the squid at Tanner Banks - 10/21 and 10/22

    Appreciate the info and report. Great job. Love the squid blob . Way to adapt and make it work. So on the fence about making the run from MB . Thanks for the motivation. The lazy fisherman in me would rather drop flat falls than fly a kite.
  153. soul troller

    Bad cops in Santa Rosalia

    I never ventured much farther south than Erindira on land , but this type of BS is not worth it to me. I value my life and freedom too much. Those bottom feeders have nothing to lose.
  154. soul troller

    La Jolla 10/18

    Sounds fun til the furbag showed up . I hate them with a passion and they know it. There's one at my slip that's been stalking me.
  155. soul troller

    30 ft Dana point slip just came available

    Both the rigs above are top tier IMO. If I was ready to move up , I'd be all over that Cabo. I've seen a few Rampage 33's for sale in your price range too. Good luck in your search . So many great boats on the West coast
  156. soul troller

    Here we go again.........

    That thing came out nice. Will be watching for the finished product .
  157. soul troller


    Hooks don't take up much space I'd have plenty of every size and go with the flow Enjoy the trip
  158. soul troller

    2006 PURSUIT 3070 OFFSHORE EXPRESS - Only one on West Coast!!!

    Bump for a great boat set up perfectly. I boughr the 2870 and have zero complaints Can only imagine the ride in that rig
  159. soul troller

    Twin evinrude 150s

    How many hours are on them ?
  160. soul troller

    Offshore 10/7 Go South Young Man

    Hard to believe all the ingredients for a great fall season seem to be here , minus the fish. Thanks for looking and posting the results .
  161. soul troller

    14 Ft Gregor Aluminum Boat- 16 Hp Engine

    Still available? If so, wheres it located ?
  162. soul troller

    Offshore The San Diego Full Day 9/27/2020

    Thanks for the detailed report. Have heard nothing but good about this boat and crew.
  163. soul troller

    Help with finding the right boat Model San Diego Fishing

    I have ridden on the boat mentioned above . She's a beast that eats up the sea with tons of room . The Grady 300 for sale here looks priced right and then repower when its time . Or sell the smokers while they run good . I have a Pursuit 2870 with twin 200 Yamahas and have zero...
  164. soul troller

    Offshore Clemente 25th 26th

    That's great economy and a great motor as you know . Loved my 1984 Trophy 2460 for 19 seasons . 1.8 mpg however .
  165. soul troller

    Offshore Clemente 25th 26th

    Looks like you both had a great day together , despite little cooperation from the fish. Thanks for sharing the info . Almost 4mpg in insane . What hull is that 150 pushing ?
  166. soul troller

    Slip fees in San Diego

    I'm in Marina Village Mission bay and there are alot of seasonal residents . You most likely won't end up in the exact slip each year , but in the same general area . if you plan ahead and don't wait til 4th of July , no reason to not get a spot. Call the marina office and chat with...
  167. soul troller

    Slip fees in San Diego

    I too dig the slip . After 20 years of trailering, bought Phat boats old rig in a slip . What a great time and so much less hassle . One other option is get the slip from say June to October and trailer the other times . It is convenient despite the bottom paint , cleaning , etc. It made...
  168. soul troller

    Making bait at La Jolla

    Keep that sabiki in the water while on the move too . You will get macs even when you may not see them on the meter
  169. soul troller

    2 aluminum three axle trailers free

    I picked up the Proline and trailer at noon and just arrived back home in Temecula . Rick would not take anything and was a great guy I hope to at least take fishing. One of those people you feel like you've known your whole life. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the gift of a free...
  170. soul troller

    Offshore 9/25 corner, 43 and surrounding areas

    Appreciate the info Think I'll fish inshore tomorrow
  171. soul troller

    2 aluminum three axle trailers free

    I can pick up one tomorrow if available. Let me know Sent you a PM as well Lou 951 830 7293
  172. soul troller

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    Glad you rolled up before this parasite got the cat , and that you are OK . Its a shame that such a nice spot has to be ruined by theives, drug addicts and other shitheads. I've been hit twice and was watched for sure til the time was right. Rods off the boat, and magma bbq set out the...
  173. soul troller

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    Thanks for sharing the costs . I will have to make the same decision when my Yamahas are done.
  174. soul troller

    Offshore 9/14 on the 43

    Nice work I can't get a big one in the boat and I fish here regularly. Glad you met some cool fisherman and got some decent dope. There are still alot of good guys around.
  175. soul troller

    Skin splitting on my finger after saltwater fishing

    Soak it in cider . I mean inside her .
  176. soul troller

    Offshore Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    Holy shit , that's legit. What a haul . Getting a double and landing them both is bad ass. Thanks for the new tip. I guess I will go try this game again soon.
  177. soul troller

    Yamalube Oil?

    Yamalube 4M 10W30
  178. soul troller

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    When it comes time for me to repower the twins , I will consider Suzuki for sure . Price and warranty look great. The wild card will be finding a good mechanic to do some of the services . At least in SD we have some options for Yamaha service which is nice. Not sure who works on Suzuki...
  179. soul troller

    Offshore Personal Best BFT Saturday 8/29 - Late Post

    Damn , not sure what I like more . The cow hanging there or the bounty of sashimi . Congrats on taming a beast.
  180. soul troller

    Offshore 9/2 - 425 - Limits of dorado & Afternoon YFT

    Thanks for the info Congrats on a great day Thats encouraging
  181. soul troller


    Cool pics . Looks like a fun trip. Wet gaffing as in jumping in the drink to stick the fish ?
  182. soul troller

    Parker 2520 Help with pricing

    That thing will be gone in less than a month at $55K . Looks well cared for and set up nice. SoCal fisherman love these boats . GLWS
  183. soul troller

    Islands 8/19/20

    You did better than I did Jeff. I fished the SKR shitshow from 1-6pm and couldn't catch one of those 8 pound BFT to save my life. Only bonito . I was using 20 flouro with #1 wire circles . Worked 7 or 8 spots and had the colt sniper in the middle of them a few times too. Had them up...
  184. soul troller

    Boat adding customers once aold

    I'm just thankful we are all able to fish . Could be a lot worse .
  185. soul troller

    Update 1945 Ditmar

    Does it ever cost less than we thought ?
  186. soul troller

    BFT at SKR 8/18

    Nice work As usual Glad to see some close options
  187. soul troller

    Shimano Tranx 500PG MINT In the Box Price drop

    These are great reels . Unreal how far they will cast a jig and rarely backlash . If I didn't have one i'd be on this . Where are you located ?
  188. soul troller

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    Great work getting that beast in the boat . Thanks for sharing the story .
  189. soul troller

    Reds at 9 Mile Bank 8/9

    Nice quality reds. Some of my favorite fillets . Thanks for the report. Glad you had a safe trip.
  190. soul troller

    Mako 254 rebuild

    Damn , that's some nice work. What a great hull to bring back to life .
  191. soul troller

    Radar Bracket Necessary?

    I like a pedestal with the all around light bar that goes above everything . Plus they look cool.
  192. soul troller

    Aqua-Lung Hookah Diving Setup

    I'll take it if no one else has bought it yet.
  193. soul troller

    Economical fishing?

    Its as much a disease as it is a hobby for many here. I started on cattle boats, then took a ride on a private skiff and knew I had to get a boat. Started with an old skiff, moved to another older fixer and fished it / fixed it for 19 years , and kept moving up. You can get a good deal on...
  194. soul troller

    Offshore Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    Great work. Someone said they caught wahoo 5 miles outside a few years ago . No one bought that for a bit. Its why our passion is so bad ass. You never know what the sea will offer up. This season is shaping up nicely.
  195. soul troller

    Offshore Monday 8/2- 302/226 causalities

    That's awesome. Love fishing with Mom .
  196. soul troller

    Offshore BFT limits @ 226

    Thanks guys. We were definitely due for a good day after a few boat rides lately. All fly line , some butt hooked.
  197. soul troller

    Offshore BFT limits @ 226

    Late departure Sat Aug 1 rolled up to 32 over 32 at 1030 am Plunker BFT bite on 30 # with flouro leaders # 1 circle hooks / sardines went 8 for 9 6 BFT 40 # + 2 YFT one fish an hour all day Great day with great friends
  198. soul troller

    Offshore BFT, Dorado, and Yellowtail - July 26

    Nice work Appreciate the report We got the skunk on Sat
  199. soul troller

    Le Chocolate Thong!

    Nothing good ever happens in my neighborhood damn it .
  200. soul troller

    Offshore 7-22-2020 Below the corner

    Nice work ! Appreciate that info. The pics of that deck make me want a bigger boat .
  201. soul troller

    Offshore 226 Monday

    Thanks for the info. Glad you got a nice fish
  202. soul troller

    Offshore Foamers and the Pegasus

    Thanks for the report , appreciate that . Glad you put some fat ones on ice. Too much of the inconsiderate party crashing happening from both the sportboats and us in the mosquito fleet . I would guess the bonehead private boaters sliding in the cattle boats chum line day after day makes...
  203. soul troller


    I'll keep an eye out for that very unique stick too. It's a fucking shame we can't leave anything out anymore. Been hit for 2 rigs off the boat , and a bbq out of the truck. Would LOVE to catch one of these tweekers someday.
  204. soul troller

    Oceanside Tackle Shops

    I 2nd Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle. 2110 S Coast Hwy , Oside Good guys and a lot of quality stuff in a small space.
  205. soul troller

    05 Parker 2310 DV, 05 Yamaha F250, Pacific trailer, loaded

    Perfect set up for SoCal . The upgraded fish hold is a nice addition. GLWS
  206. soul troller

    Offshore Offshore Yellowwfin

    Great job sticking it out and getting it done . Nice fat grade of fish too. Guess the size of the bait and the guy on the net has a lot to do with how many passes we get . I usually say that they know how much to put in a tank since they do it daily. I only get bait from MB and I always tip...
  207. soul troller

    Make on CL,

    I had a Mako 22 CC . Great riding hull. That one looks worth taking a look at for sure. Take someone with you that knows what they are looking at / for. Good luck in your search .
  208. soul troller

    sold sold sold !!!!

    Looks to be a solid deal. Pursuit makes an awesome boat , but I may be biased .
  209. soul troller

    Offshore Lost and found SCI

    What are the odds of snagging that ? Lucky day for sure
  210. soul troller

    Offshore "SOME WHERE UNDER THE RAINBOW" 6/28/20

    Nice job Glad you found some biters
  211. soul troller

    9’ Blue Marlin Replica Mount $550

    Was that done by Gray Taxidermy ?
  212. soul troller

    2005 Yamaha F250 lower unit

    I just forked out $3600 for a new one on my F200TXRB . Thought about the SEI , but couldn't do it.
  213. soul troller

    Offshore BFT NW 230 6/25

    Well shit , that's impressive . Love solo fishing .
  214. soul troller

    Pacific Voyager 2-Day July 4th & 5th

    Is Mark running the boat ?
  215. soul troller

    Large bait receiver for slip

    Looking for a bait receiver in the 36-48 inch diameter range . 36 inch depth with locking cover preferred. I've had one much larger that was too big, and now a little one that's ok for a couple days. Looking to cure a lot of macs . Thanks
  216. soul troller

    M9 Permatrim for Yamaha F150-250 4 stroke New in box Reduced to $125

    You are incorrect . See the invoice I attached in the ad.
  217. soul troller

    Offshore Sat June 20. BFT akunk @ 43

    Did see a blow up and a miss on a kite a guy slow trolled past us mid day . Looked like someone dropped a piano out of the sky . Pretty cool to see and at least give us some encouragement. Heard one of those bigger boats hooked up in the afternoon , but that was the only positive report I...
  218. soul troller

    Offshore Sat June 20. BFT akunk @ 43

    Did the late launch at 930 after some obscene Captains burritos from the Royal Rooster . Made some macs at MB jetty and headed west with 3 of us and a Jr stick on board . Wind was up a bit but swell was flat . Saw multiple patties as we crossed the ridge and picked up a couple YT to get...
  219. soul troller

    Offshore 371 and Hidden

    Appreciate the info .
  220. soul troller

    Boat stands.

    PM me if the above doesn't work out . I have a set .
  221. soul troller

    Upgrading transducer- B175HW

    Call Airmar tech support @ 603 673 9570 M-F 8am-5pm Eastern Super nice , knowledgeable and helpful. Talked to them last week when I paid good $ to have a B275hlw installed and the shop cut the fairing block to the wrong hull deadrise angle.
  222. soul troller

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    My buddy has a Grady 30 Marlin and its a big , wide , well built tank. Plenty of amenities too. You can get one with a trailer and pull out for service , off season storage as an option. I have had a Pursuit 2870 for a year and love it. But the Grady 30 is another step up in size...
  223. soul troller

    Taylormade Polyfoam A3 17 inch Red round bouy

    I'll take that action for $80 . Pm on its way
  224. soul troller

    Expired Passport???

    Come in as undocumented. Maybe theirs a goodie bag and some other free shit involved.
  225. soul troller

    Fishing Captain Needed

    BillyK's website lists $2k as the fee for him to run your boat for the day
  226. soul troller

    Fishing Captain Needed

    I have a feeling someone will PM you and take you up on the offer .
  227. soul troller

    Expired Passport???

    No way in hell would I chance being stuck in Mexico . Not worth it .
  228. soul troller

    Offshore Biting YellowFin

    Damn good quality and great info . Thanks for the report !
  229. soul troller

    M9 Permatrim for Yamaha F150-250 4 stroke New in box Reduced to $125

    Reduced to $125 Great deal on an unopened Permatrim . Will pay for itself in a few trips .
  230. soul troller

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    What a work of art . In awe of the finished product. Enjoy
  231. soul troller

    Newbie to forum and BD

    There are a few Carolinas in our area , but not alot. Sick boats. I have the Pursuit 2870 in the avatar . Looking to put a tower on when I stop bleeding $$$ on electronics , tackle , and motor work / maintenance.
  232. soul troller

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Good God Great story , greater ending. That's so awesome . Congrats on getting it in the kill bag.... kinda
  233. soul troller

    Offshore Searching for tuna in a washing machine 5/31

    I loathe the sea lions as much as the next guy , maybe more. I would imagine getting boarded and having a firearm in Mexican waters could end bad for more than just the sea lion though. Just my opinion.
  234. soul troller


    Call Marina Village in Mission bay and inquire about availability. Concrete docks with only one boat in each slip and a nice marina hundreds of feet from the bait receiver . I really like it there .
  235. soul troller

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Thanks for all that info Ali. Much appreciated. Hope to put it and my new ar$enal of tackle to good use here real soon.
  236. soul troller


    That's a nice pile of reds. Haven't been there in 20 plus years. Always a great time and great people . Wonder if the old Ford launch truck is still running .
  237. soul troller

    Newbie to forum and BD

    Welcome to the zoo that is BD. Lots of cool , knowledgeable, and helpful folks. And a few of the other kind. Love the Carolina Classic 28s . Lets see a pic of that beast.
  238. soul troller

    Potentially For sale 2005 Yamaha F150 4S

    My rig is there for 1000 hr service and a new lower on one of my twins. I am really glad that team of Yamaha guys is here for us. Decades of experience between Robbie, Bob A, and Gonzalo & sons. Hope its something minor so you can apply the max $ to the new 200 . I'm guessing that Cabo...
  239. soul troller

    Bent butt for kite fishing

    I went through this dilemma last week as I gear up for fishing the big bft for the first time in my boat. Ended up taking the plunge and getting a Seeker with this butt . Hope it pays off
  240. soul troller

    Thetford curve Porta potty

    $250 includes gopro footage of that single use
  241. soul troller

    Thetford curve Porta potty

    Battery flush Level indicators for water and holding tanks 4 Gal water 5.5 Gal holding tank toilet paper holder swivel dump Base plate for permanent mounting Great condition Used only one time by a super hot chick who had to pee $ 100 In Murrieta this weekend Tustin during the week...
  242. soul troller

    Parker 2330 thoughts

    I stand corrected. I do remember seeing a 2530 long cabin once . That 2330 looks like a sweet hull.
  243. soul troller

    Need Help “White Star Board”

    I bought a big sheet of 3/4 for my new dash at Industrial plastic supply on Dupont in Anahiem . Think I paid $125 for a 24" x 48" sheet . I like the stability of the thicker material .
  244. soul troller

    Parker 2330 thoughts

    I could be wrong , but I don't think they made a 2330 .
  245. soul troller

    Fenders out

    Hurts to see them scuffing up that beautiful Viking ( I think ) . Guess when you have that kind of cheddar , you're not the one buffing it out anyway.
  246. soul troller

    Transducer decision B175 vs B275

    Just dropped my rig off to have the B275lhw installed after some recommendations and research. Can't wait to watch my new electronics come alive after ditching the B260 that never worked right . They are proud of those things $$$$$ , but it will be worth it.
  247. soul troller

    Offshore Memorial Day Yellowfin

    That doesn't suck . Nice fish . Hope they come in force and stay in the area for 6 months .
  248. soul troller

    Furuno 1623 Radar system SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Sorry for not replying to recent inquiries . Going down the list in order. 1st one is coming to see the unit tomorrow morning . Will update then. Thanks.
  249. soul troller

    Furuno 1623 Radar system SOLD SOLD SOLD

    In working order with all cables. Cable jacket has nicks from removal but no damage to wire . $ 350. I'll put it in my truck and will be in Mission bay thru Tuesday Lou 951 830 7293
  250. soul troller

    Best transducer for new Garmin network

    Thanks for the responses . Getting the B275 C - LHW - 12 G . GPS store wants $1699 . They have another one listed without the C designation - B275LHW that is $2299 . Cant see what the difference is , and hope to God i don't need that one. Anyone know the difference ?
  251. soul troller

    Best transducer for new Garmin network

    The boat had an existing dated Raymarine system and I started building a new Garmin network one piece at a time. There is not a Raymarine to Garmin adapter plug available so I used a splice box per the dealers recommendation. Did not like cutting the plug , but had no choice . Now I'm...
  252. soul troller

    Best transducer for new Garmin network

    That's exactly where I'm sitting now . Complete new suite of electronics with an old transducer. Kind of frustrating after dropping that kind of $ . Thought the airmar b260 was a good ducer . Probably was great 10 or 12 years ago. Thanks for the confirmation Papa J. Ordering one now .
  253. soul troller

    Best transducer for new Garmin network

    Thanks for that . Damn , they are proud of that thing . I do believe you get what you pay for though.
  254. soul troller

    Best transducer for new Garmin network

    Did some searching , but want to get some recent input from the guys running Garmin. Just installed an 8610xsv and 1042xsv with GMR Fanton 24 radar. Now after all this $$$ , I am still running an Airmar B260 ducer from the 2000's . Had to cut the plug and use a splice box to plug into the...
  255. soul troller

    Marine electrician needed.

    Dan is indeed the man and a Simrad dealer / specialist. He has helped me on the last 3 boats and is fair , honest , and a good dude. The first boat he worked on was a wiring mess that he re did super clean . He just helped me last week diagnose a new radar that had a bad network cable...
  256. soul troller

    Red Tide Longevity

    I poked around outside of Mission Bay and fished from 80-120 feet yesterday morning. It looks a lot cleaner than it did on Sunday . I think it will be gone in less than a week. The rockfish and Sheepshead still bit.
  257. soul troller

    Offshore I Want to go [email protected] FISHING!!

    Buy the boat . Despite the never ending money vacuum , it's more than worth it . Especially if you stay some nights on her . Life is short , and AZ is hot AF .
  258. soul troller

    Offshore Sun May 3rd Fuel burning exercise / BFT skunk

    Haha , Hey Meeker . It's Lou , used to have that Parker 23 on your dock. Upgraded to a Pursuit 2870 w twin Yami 200s . 32 is where they sound happiest :) 44 is wot
  259. soul troller

    Offshore Sun May 3rd Fuel burning exercise / BFT skunk

    I am no expert by any means , but slack tide seems to be the time when bait and their predators come up to the top of the water column.
  260. soul troller

    Big halibut surprise

    Damn , that's a nice slab . I've seen a few over 40 in person. I'd say that's in that range. Congrats
  261. soul troller

    Offshore Sun May 3rd Fuel burning exercise / BFT skunk

    After days of boat work , and hanging out on the dock , I couldn't take it anymore. Shoved off solo from MB @ 6am and got a scoop of nice deans. Went straight West into the short period swell , but it seemed to get better as I got further. Found lots of life going across the ridge , but just...
  262. soul troller

    Do halibut bite at night?

    I think I remember a 58 pounder being caught in the dark by a WSB fisherman years ago off La Jolla .
  263. soul troller

    Do You Use your Slipped Boat More Than Your Trailer Boat?

    No question . I trailered for 20 plus years , and then bought a friends boat in a slip . I starting going more and more, and staying the weekend on it. 12 months later I bought a bigger rig to make it more comfortable. As soon as I buzz myself in the gate and walk on the dock, I...
  264. soul troller

    2008 Parker 2310 Walk Around Cuddy Cabin dr's not incl.

    Best motor ( ask a Yamaha mechanic ) on a great hull . The 07 F250 Yami on my former 2310 had 3250 hours and ran like it was new.
  265. soul troller

    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    Glad i'm in a slip after decades of trailering. Surprised there aren't more accidents . Wish there was a required practical boat operators test . Guess I should be careful wishing for more regulation . PS> I'm stealing the phrase Turd Circus .
  266. soul troller

    Won't be long now.

    They trick fucked us again
  267. soul troller

    Magma dual socket mounts (new) Reduced to $50

    Thought these would work with holes in my gunnel , but no dice .
  268. soul troller

    FS: 69" Fiberglass Gaff

    These are bad ass. How big is the throat of the hook ?
  269. soul troller

    FS: 62" Fiberglass Gaff

    Nice piece. How big is the throat of the hook ?
  270. soul troller

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    ^ The slow troll can be a difference maker when they're picky
  271. soul troller

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    I like cleaning my own hull , but no way am I jumping in that water . May be fine , but looks disgusting . I will use the insane sea lion theory as a good reason to pay a diver.
  272. soul troller

    Oval 65 gallon Bait Tank Price cut

    Love that response . I sold a boat a couple years ago and told the lowballers I'd enjoy smashing it with an excavator more than giving it away . I messaged you about the tank a couple weeks ago, but decided to go teardrop due to space constraints
  273. soul troller

    SF bay "4 pack" fishing

    That's a great start
  274. soul troller

    What tranx to get

    ^ What he said I bought a Tranx 500PG after picking up a friends and casting it a mile. It did a great job on a 60 pound BFT on the popper , but I have to reel the shit out of that thing to make a surface iron swim right . I think if I had to do it again , I'd get the HG. Easier on...
  275. soul troller

    This coming Saturday, Shelter Island Launch Ramp....

    You're not screwed if you are in a slip but have a trailer . You can pull your rig out and not get any flak , and drag it north to fish out of Dana or wherever. You'll be SOL if you want to launch it again and go back to your SD slip . I saw solid red tide along the coast from San...
  276. soul troller

    This coming Saturday, Shelter Island Launch Ramp....

    They will open it up soon , probably with limited lanes in their great wisdom. And if there is any kind of bite going on , there will be a back up and parade going on no doubt .
  277. soul troller

    Perko Deck Scuppers - NEW

    Wont work damn it .
  278. soul troller

    Perko Deck Scuppers - NEW

    I wish. It's a 2870 Walk around . Perfect boat for me at the moment .
  279. soul troller

    Perko Deck Scuppers - NEW

    I'm heading south to see if these will fit my Pursuit …………………..
  280. soul troller


    ^^^ That's Carl's favorite
  281. soul troller

    Mine bends where yours ends

    Mine bends where yours ends
  282. soul troller

    ***SOLD****1998 Bounty 293 Pilothouse – Kraken ***SOLD****

    What a beautiful beast . Someone is going to love getting that .
  283. soul troller

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    You don't even fish anymore Carl .
  284. soul troller

    Offshore 2019 Offshore - reason for my best season

    Definitely takes time to learn to dial in your particular machine. I need to watch some tutorials to learn more about my units . There were some great days out there this season and when you were in the right spot , there was no question . This pic was a day when the school stayed...
  285. soul troller

    Buddy boat 4/11 DP -- MX for Bluefin

    Thanks for sharing the intel
  286. soul troller

    Random Boat stuff!! Check it out!!

    If still available , is trailer included with Jon boat ?
  287. soul troller

    Misc boat stuff / Price reductions

    Taking any offers Need these goodies out of the garage
  288. soul troller

    M9 Permatrim for Yamaha F150-250 4 stroke New in box Reduced to $125

    Bought this for the 07 F250 on my last Parker and never installed . Unopened box from SIM Yamaha $ 130. I'm in Murrieta & Tustin M-F and in Mission Bay on weekends . PM if interested - Lou
  289. soul troller

    Woxof lodge?

    My 8 days at Woxof lodge with my group of 8 was no less than spectacular . This spot is a giant honey hole no doubt. Great food , clean rooms , very nice common areas , and giant halibut as close as 5 minutes from the dock. We did a day of guided , and then went self guided on the...
  290. soul troller

    Looking for a halibut charter out of Seward, July 2020

    I'm with AKSalmon . I did a self guided week in a different part of Alaska for halibut and the GPS on that boat was loaded with spots. I thought it was BS at first until we had limits of big fish on multiple days. Maybe a case of beer for the local you rent the boat from will yield some...
  291. soul troller

    300 Gallon bait reciever $295

    This beast has served me well the past 2 seasons . Keeps as many macs , and other fin bait as a guy could want healthy and saves all that dumped bait for another day . Seal proof lid , includes floats , ties and a net . 45 inches in diameter X 63 inches to the highest point if the lid ...
  292. soul troller

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    If they would allow a hunt and sell tags for $1k each I'd buy more than one. Huge problem getting worse
  293. soul troller

    2007 38’ Mediterranean

    Bump for a boat I cant quite afford , that I'm afraid to view because I know I'd end up buying ..... GLWS
  294. soul troller

    Toddler Fighting Chair

    That is so cool . Judging by the goodies in the background , that kid has some time on the water in his future.
  295. soul troller

    Stainless Steel Fish Mounts

    Definitely like the halibut . Now if I could only catch one of a worthy mounting size.
  296. soul troller

    Calder Mountain Lodge, Point Baker, Alaska 8/2019

    Looks like you guys had a great time. Point Baker is one of those hidden gems i can't wait to go back to.
  297. soul troller

    Permatrims on 28' Deep V w Twin OB's ?

    Maybe I just need to get used to this boat . It's my 5th rig and they all obviously behave differently . I love the way this thing rides . Just used to only using my tabs to balance out port to starboard . Once i'm getting up on plane , its fine. Last rig had an F250 and it liked the...
  298. soul troller

    Permatrims on 28' Deep V w Twin OB's ?

    It has them built into the hull. They probably measure 12 x 12
  299. soul troller

    Permatrims on 28' Deep V w Twin OB's ?

    Love the 2870 Pursuit w Yamaha F200's I picked up this summer. However , she does cavitate a little coming out of the hole regardless of load . Nothing crazy , but you definitely have to ease into the throttles . Maybe its just a characteristic of this type of boat . They are mounted in the...
  300. soul troller

    Yamaha 300hp service needed- looking for recommendations

    I like the way she says Yamalube
  301. soul troller

    75-foot Wave 20 miles off Norcal Coast

    That'll make you shit your slickers
  302. soul troller

    What fish finder is right for me?

    There will be tons of choices and opinions on this one. I had a Lowrance Hook 9 on a boat awile back, and that little thing was awesome for the $. You can get a Hook 7 for $250 with built in GPS and decent sonar. Transom mount transducer included . Easy to install too.
  303. soul troller

    Can’t get it out of my head

    My last girlfriend told me I need to spend more time with her and less on the boat. I stared at her and asked if she could help and grab a side of the cooler....
  304. soul troller

    Alpine beer FISHING team Coronado Islands trip December 2, 2019

    Nice fat fish . Looks a lot more fun than my Monday . Had Alpine beer for the first time at the Halibut tourney Sat. Pretty legit IPA.
  305. soul troller

    Gunnel Rod Holder Drainage Problem

    I bought a cheap USB endoscope snake camera on Amazon and use it all the time to inspect stuff like that.
  306. soul troller

    2019 20th After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic Results

    Thanks again Mike for another great tournament. I know we all appreciate the work that goes into putting it on . Sorry about the loss of your friend . That's a tough one.
  307. soul troller

    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    Got.out there but couldn't get it done when the $ were on the line . Still a fun time with a good bunch of people.
  308. soul troller

    What's your "Fisherman Name"

    Gaffy Bigstick . I'm using that at the Barefoot on my next victim.
  309. soul troller

    Propane Smoker

    Damn, you guys got it going on with the smokers . Might have to step up my game and upgrade the ole Brinkman
  310. soul troller

    Offshore Did you hear that?

    Definitely one to remember as far as quality Bluefin and yellowfin are concerned .
  311. soul troller

    Fish processing

    The top fillet is the result of my process
  312. soul troller

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    Since this thread is getting updated, I just had West Coast do my 2nd of the 2003 F200txr twins . 850 hours It was being watched and the corrosion had started so I decided to get the inevitable over with for peace of mind .
  313. soul troller

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    I wouldn't restrict myself to those 2 options . Sounds like maintenance / fuel costs are a big consideration , so why not keep your eyes out at other boats that may fit the bill. Many reputable manufacturers used rigs here in CA. There are a lot of those great boats on the market , and more...
  314. soul troller

    Offshore Another WFO YFT Report Sat 11/16 230 / 371

    Sat was one of those days you never forget , as it was for many . Thankful we got to end the season ( i think ) with a stupid YFT bite. Pulled up to 20 over 40 , threw a net of sardine , and drifted all day for limits , followed by C & R for too long. Had some newbies on board who were in...
  315. soul troller

    Fish processing

  316. soul troller

    Fish processing

    Guess I will add my experiences over the past years to the mix : Sportsman jerky is the shit , but..... I have used Sportsman's exclusively for the last couple years because of convenience ,since my slip is yards away. I prefer cutting my own fish , unless its late , there are hundreds of...
  317. soul troller

    Custom rod holder

    That thing looks like jewelry . Nice work . Anxiously awaiting the hoop net holder unit.
  318. soul troller

    Misc boat stuff / Price reductions

    See reduced prices below or make offer : Springfield 24" H pedestal with footrest $ 20 Solo marine stainless 5 rod holder cluster. $80 I live in Murrieta, work in Tustin , and am in Mission Bay on weekends . Text 951 830 7293 or PM
  319. soul troller

    Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Glad everyone is ok. What an eye opener , as I previously thought these things had a cult following. Hopefully these stories will save lives .
  320. soul troller

    San Diego Tackle Traders Got Hit Again.

    What scum . Hope they get caught and get nut cancer or something. Hate thieves
  321. soul troller

    Marine Battery

    I have the mother of all dual purpose batteries that will not fit in my new rig . Had installed in a previous boat with minimal use . Puts an Optima to shame . Make an offer if interested. Paid $435 new in Aug 2017 .
  322. soul troller

    2000 Parker 2520 Deep-V

    Bump for a clean rig . Took a closer look yesterday on the way to my rig on the same dock . She shows well and has a ton of fishing room . GLWS
  323. soul troller

    1982 24" Skipjack Open Model

    Says the posting expired
  324. soul troller

    26' sea swirl striper wa

    Nice set up Although I'm not in the market , I would think alot more pics would help .
  325. soul troller

    1991 Bayliner 2052 Cuddy- Needs motor rebuild

    It's off season , read that manual and pull the motor . Take all the bolt on stuff off and get it rebuilt or buy a short block You have til spring to get it done You can do it . A few hours a week and you will still have your boat . Hows that for a motivational speech.
  326. soul troller

    Outboard advancements

    In my opinion , and I would assume many others, lack of use is most likely worse than regular use if scheduled maintenance was done , and the hours aren't close to the expected end of service life . I bought a rig with an 06 Yamaha F250 with 3000 hours , but I knew it was used and not...
  327. soul troller

    Restaurants near the landings

    This turned into an appetizing thread. Definitely going to venture out and try some of the places shared.
  328. soul troller

    Restaurants near the landings

    Bali Hai Mai Tais are no joke . Limit is 2 for a reason . Happy hour menu is way better than the regular one. I hit the Brigantine often when down there. Another great happy hour / fish taco spot. Crab & shrimp fondue with garlic toast is obscenely good.
  329. soul troller

    Diesel Skipjack 28' price reduction: $20k

    That is alot of boat for the $ GLWS
  330. soul troller

    American Angler Ken's Custom Guadalupe Island Report Version 2

    Great report , and awesome video footage. I fished the Angler the first trip Brian and Sam owned the boat , and quite a few times after. Brian is the man , and that boat is incredible.
  331. soul troller

    26 Osprey Pilothouse Outboard

    That thing looks like it means business.
  332. soul troller

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    To me, it's all relative to what we spend on this sport . It's been awhile , but I always remember even the regular cheeseburgers being so damn good on the day boats. Thought it was the 30 year old flat top. I am a miser on some things. But when fishing , eating , having a beer , who...
  333. soul troller

    Personal Best YT Santa Cruz Saturday 10-6

    That doesn't suck at all. Impressive catch , especially on the bass rig .
  334. soul troller

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    I like cats , but I can't eat a whole one by myself .
  335. soul troller

    Parker or defiance Boat

    You have a big advantage with the $ in hand and it being this time of year. There will be some good deals coming on the market in the coming months obviously . Good luck with your search . Lots of nice sleds down here.
  336. soul troller

    How not to pull your boat out

    I'm guessing it was the Mullet head's rig. I'd be sketched pulling that beast out with a safety chain and straps . Guess it could have been worse.
  337. soul troller

    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    This tourney has been one of my favorite things to do in our waters. Always a great time and good friendly competition . A bunch of talented anglers and Carl too. Thanks for posting this up early Mike . Looking forward to getting in on this thing again . For the 20th , let's have everyone...
  338. soul troller

    Offshore Oside 10/6/19

    Damn , that's a beauty . Congrats . Saw those fish moving north fast on Sat and joked that they would be off Oside by noon . Great job getting him on ice.
  339. soul troller

    Offshore Sat Oct 5th BFT N9

    Yes sir Never know what will come thru and what we may need . I have a habit of having too much shit on the boat . Beats not having enough I guess
  340. soul troller

    Offshore Sat Oct 5th BFT N9

    Foamers of 50 plus pounders inside the N9 today Billy slid the Pursuit up on em and we got a double on poppers . My PB tuna and first popper fish . Kicked my ass at color on the long rod. Same for my buddy Jarod . We left the dock at 10am and were hooked up by 11 . They sunk out and we...
  341. soul troller

    Liberty "Wounded Warrior" 3/4 day report October 1

    What a great way to say Thank you to those warriors who deserve that and so much more. Thanks for sharing
  342. soul troller

    Offshore Pacifica Sportfishing

    Refreshing to read about the crew eager to help out people. Sounds like you enjoyed the day , which is what's it's obviously all about .
  343. soul troller

    Offshore 10/1 371It

    Sounds like a fun battle and nice that you got to see the Marlin a few times. Those are the days that make our game so bad ass.
  344. soul troller

    Offshore A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    Some people are just nasty That stinks I'm with Ali , albeit several notches down the food chain . My set up is a huge investment to me , but so worth not having to deal with shit like that.
  345. soul troller

    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Damn , that is impressive work . I always wanted a Farallon . Those updates made that rig a special one.
  346. soul troller

    Offshore 9/27 Short Day

    I'd have fished all day He's lucky you were understanding
  347. soul troller

    Offshore 9/28 Wide open YFT near 302

    Way to plug the boat with a nice grade of fish ! Days like that keep us going back out chasing that high .
  348. soul troller

    Offshore San Clemente Bluefin Mon 9/23/19

    Wow Not sure in what order . The boat , then the fish I guess.
  349. soul troller

    Offshore SCI 9/25

    Damn , nice work Scott ! Glad you guys spanked em. Told you that boat attracted fish . Motivating me to get out that way .
  350. soul troller

    Offshore Dana 209,181 9/24

    Very nice Glad to hear about some more up north . Thanks for the info
  351. soul troller

    Offshore Mediums Bft

    Bad ass I want one
  352. soul troller

    fish processing: smoking and jerky

    His jerky is some of the best I've ever had. Almost worth the $. My smoked is better than his . Going to try and mimic the jerky when the tuna leave the area .
  353. soul troller

    Offshore 9/24 YFT

    Well , thank God for the early triple followed by a quad . That doesn't suck. Thanks for sharing the valuable info. May have to do the boatwork I keep postponing.
  354. soul troller

    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    Definitely something to be on your toes about in today's screwy world. A few shitheads have ruined it for the rest of us who used to do a handshake and exchange the $. I went for the meeting at the bank wire transfer. The dude I bought from was solid, but you can never be too careful today...
  355. soul troller

    Spooling Reels near landings, any recommendations?

    I 2nd Squidco. Nicest guys with the knowledge and free drinks. Closed Sundays however .
  356. soul troller

    Offshore Son's first tuna

    Good stuff right there
  357. soul troller

    Offshore Finally found some dodos

    Wondered if these would ever show up. Congrats on finding the magic paddy. I saw one those gizmos the other day and thought it was a cracked out paddle boarder
  358. soul troller

    Offshore 9/23 - WFO Skippies with some football yft

    Thanks for the info Sounds like another wave of fish Lots of areas holding all different grades Hope this lasts til Thanksgiving
  359. soul troller

    Offshore Sun 9/22 Couple YFT @ 226

    More like fish scratcher . I think I need to continue to increase the chumming . Still coming back with too much bait . Been getting a few , but haven't plugged the boat yet . At least we aren't farming them so that's nice .
  360. soul troller

    Offshore Sun 9/22 Couple YFT @ 226

    Thanks Patrick Just got her in June . Really happy with it .
  361. soul troller

    Offshore Sun 9/22 Couple YFT @ 226

    Ha! He's a noob and I think its funny to see this size tuna wear out a 300 pound guy . He's caught some nice fish in his first year putting time in . It was the only pic I had of the deck too. Glad you liked it
  362. soul troller

    Offshore South Island YFT

    Awesome work Wish I would have veered more south yesterday
  363. soul troller

    Offshore Sun 9/22 Couple YFT @ 226

    Had a few hours to kill yesterday so headed out again . Nephew got his 2nd YFT and I hooked up shortly after . Went thru the 302 about noon and found a patty at the 226 . Lots of marks , but never got fish up in the chum . Stopped on a few more dry kelps for nada. I wanted some skippies for...
  364. soul troller

    Offshore Sat 9/21. S 9 & 302 ish. Yft Bft

    Good bait from MB Ended up seeing breezers of tuna on W side of S9 at 730am Soaked and chummed / chunked Got one 20 pound grade bft on the wind in Hour later , a chunky 30 pound yft on the slow trolled sardine Hour later another nice yft on the wind in Nephews first tuna . Headed sw of...
  365. soul troller

    Sea star steering ram for outboard

    Are you looking for new or used ?
  366. soul troller

    28' Skipjack Diesel Pilothouse 25k

    Someone will be stoked on this
  367. soul troller


    I haven't taken any strangers or ho's out on my rig , but have taken some people I haven't known too long. In my 54 years , I have found that most people are generally good, some are clueless, some are annoying , and some are cheap. Sounds weird, but I would probably shoot the shit on the...
  368. soul troller

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    Nice work Looks like an awesome day.
  369. soul troller

    Offshore Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    I freeze all the fish I plan to eat raw. Pretty sure the sushi joints are required to do the same in the US for the same reason. To kill any parasites . The fish in the pic was over the top nasty . Thought it was net material at first as I was excited to get it on the deck. Was not , but...
  370. soul troller

    Offshore Late report - 9/13 voyage

    Damn, 196 miles is a mission in any vessel . We still have time to get an epic fall season. Always loved October / November tuna bites. Fingers crossed.
  371. soul troller

    Offshore Skippies

    Had a buddy who is a fish magnet report the same thing , only with a couple yft sprinkled in with the skippies. I started bleeding , icing and making poke out of fresh ones last year , and they are pretty fricken delicious that way . Thanks for the report . I'm going broke heading south. May...
  372. soul troller

    Offshore Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    Didn't take any photos while cleaning , but pulled some creepy shit out of that fish. No way I would eat any of it. 90% of it went to the lobster honey hole . The 10 percent of meat that was unaffected was marked and given to the building inspector that annoys me 40 hours a week.
  373. soul troller

    77 Mako 20'

    Put me down as a back up if Mark doesn't do the secretary
  374. soul troller

    77 Mako 20'

    Please post up a price . I owned a 72 Mako 226 CC in the 90's. Great design and tons of fishing room . GLWS
  375. soul troller

    Offshore Sunday 9/15

    That's what's up . Nice work getting on them with Dad.
  376. soul troller

    Offshore Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    Well shit , that puts a damper on the excitement. Guess the neighbor finally gets the fillets they've been wanting.
  377. soul troller

    Offshore Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    Went 3 for 3 at 04 over 27 1 fortyish BFT and two 15 pound YFT 20 pound mono with #2 hook Was happy not to see fog when I got up at 5 am in the slip . Nice smaller dines from EB in Mission bay Went thru the 9 stopping on a few dry paddies early Cruised thru 302 and 371 not seeing much...
  378. soul troller

    Offshore Oceanside 95 9-12 report

    Nice job putting on the JP in the final inning. Thanks for all the info too.
  379. soul troller

    Offshore Mission belle 9/11

    Thanks for sharing . It appears that it was a tough day for most out there yesterday. Beats the skunk . Too bad more of the bigger BFT didn't die.
  380. soul troller

    Bluefin Jerky Recipe

    Been wanting to go the jerky route instead of smoking. Thanks for sharing . Sportsman's jerky is outstanding, but damn its expensive to trade or buy.
  381. soul troller

    Recommend Hotels 2 nights near Fisherman's Landing

    I use Priceline or equal with good luck if you pick a 3.5 star or better place. Best Western Plus Island Palms is a really nice spot that I get thru some of those sites that let you choose. Sometimes as cheap as $100 a night. Its down near Humphreys, the shelter island boat ramp, is nice...
  382. soul troller

    2003 28 Henriques with trailer

    That thing is a beast . Any motor and cabin pics ?
  383. soul troller

    Offshore Limits tuna monday 9-9-2019

    Way to get it done. Thanks for the prompt report . Why is work always busy when the tuna are here ?
  384. soul troller

    Offshore BFT being BFT

    Cool video . You get out there a lot , hey ?
  385. soul troller

    Offshore 9/7 Bluefin on the Troll

    Nice BFT and cool video . Thanks for the comprehensive report.
  386. soul troller

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Shitty part for us is the boat appears ok
  387. soul troller

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    That was me calling as I sat on a little patch outside. One person said go for it , then I'm guessing it was him giving the spill about being out all day with no fish , etc. I chummed for a bit for nada, then found fish to the west a few miles .
  388. soul troller

    Offshore After work 9/5 to 425 Farm trip

    Hauled ass from work in Santa ana to the boat in MB yesterday . Get a sandwich and a 6pack and pull up to the bait barge at 4pm to see the dreaded sign " back in 15 min " won't go into the unpleasant details of the lethargic kid , but left plugged with 3-4 " dines that were in good shape...
  389. soul troller

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    I stopped on a small kelp west of you guys an hour or so before sunset and saw that same Cat. That boat fits the description . Holy shit people are dumb.
  390. soul troller

    Offshore 9/4 Yellowfin

    A lot of good info in there , regardless of the date. Thanks for sharing . I feel sick ........
  391. soul troller

    Offshore Solo BFT 9/2/19

    Damn, that's inspiring . Nice work
  392. soul troller

    2007 Pursuit 255 Offshore Walkaround Yamaha 250

    Very nice rig. After a few months in my new to me 03 Pursuit 2870 WA , I can say its a very well built , solid machine. 0 regrets . Ok , it's downright awesome. GLWS .
  393. soul troller

    Bed bugs on boats

    Damn it ! I'm a germaphobe as it is . This is fricken pretty gnarly. Never really loved those boats all that much when I had no other way out there. Think I'll keep going broke 100 gal at a time.
  394. soul troller

    Fishing License clarification question.

    Don't say that . Go for 30 years . Whenever it becomes the last year , let me know if you want someone to keep it going. Seriously , would hate to see it go. Lots of fun memories, stories, and lessons learned stemming from this thing. Appreciate you putting it on.
  395. soul troller

    Fishing License clarification question.

    There's only 94 days until the halibut tournament .
  396. soul troller

    Offshore Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    Nice work. Looks like a bigger grade. Appreciate the info. Guess i'm no doing boatwork this weekend.
  397. soul troller

    Getting Bait Early

    An 800gph or even 1100 gph bait pump should not draw enough amps to drain your batteries in a few hours. If you're worried , fire up the motor every 30 or 45 min and let it charge . If you're going outside the harbor to the cooler water , I assume you will leave the motor running anyway...
  398. soul troller

    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    After running the shit out of the 2310 mentioned above with notched transom and 250 yamaha for a year or so, I would opt for a bracketed model. I never was concerned , but seeing a lot of water in and out of that motor well was not as comforting as a full transom boat. Always had to do a...
  399. soul troller

    Offshore Son in laws first tuna.

    Nice job getting the grandson on his first YFT . We blanked for the day out there Sat. Sucks about the pump. What's up Charlie ?? Its Lou from PHC We worked on the San Elijo reservoir in the 90s .
  400. soul troller

    Offshore Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Came across it Sat afternoon thinking it was an orca at first . Called coasties to report it and they thanked me for the updated position, but said they had dealt with the rescue already . Crazy they would let that type of hazard float around out there . I need to slow down in the dark...
  401. soul troller

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Old Glory captain made a bad situation worse . But I never understand why people have to get so close to each other . We had the Aztec roll up on us yesterday and pull a school I had been chumming awhile . I was in disbelief at first , but after i see countless small boats all up on...
  402. soul troller

    Offshore Sat Aug 10 YFT 302

    Thanks for the report and thank God some fish are biting
  403. soul troller

    Can anyone identify this boat?

    Looks like a Bayliner 3688 Motoryacht to me . It's close to my slip but I haven't seen it . Not sure of your background or what you are looking to do. That thing will have a lot of systems on her to enjoy working on , or leave you broke and frustrated. The extra room would be great and...
  404. soul troller

    Seal had no chance

  405. soul troller

    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    I hear ya . I always have a hand held gps and radio in the ditch bag , an epirb on board etc, etc , etc the real no brainers are those who cant read a chart , or use their compass and would be helpless if you took away their electronics
  406. soul troller

    Islands 7/23

    Yes and yes and : FFM Biosphere Bracelet This is at a minimum . Do a search and find the few extensive threads on what you need and how to get it. Daunting at first , but not extremely difficult once you go thru the process a time or 10
  407. soul troller

    Islands 7/23

    Nice work, and thanks for the report Might have to get back out there Love fishing outside the fleet
  408. soul troller

    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    Thanks for all the feedback . After much reading , now I am leaning toward a dedicated Furuno fishfinder , and a separate unit for nav / radar.
  409. soul troller

    Bayliner Trophy 2502 Walkaround with Hardtop

    That thing is set up perfectly No comparison, but I had a 2460 Trophy with an 8'6 beam that I ran hard for 19 seasons . I love these hulls and the way they perform That 9'6 beam and bracket set up are sweet GLWS . .Someone will get alot of boat .
  410. soul troller

    Shamrock 200 WA

    Nice ! Now what ?
  411. soul troller

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Maybe he could patty hop with this guy I saw a couple seasons ago. Not driving a Bayliner either, lol
  412. soul troller

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    Damn , that thing has a ton of room . Looks like it would be comfy to fish on .
  413. soul troller

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Damn , pretty nice of you Ocean Karma is a thing for sure
  414. soul troller

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Thank God that bite materialized . Fun fishing close to home. Bonus cherry butt is impressive . Ok that sounds like something you'd find at the Barefoot. Congrats
  415. soul troller

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Seems to be a contagious disease in the last decade
  416. soul troller

    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    Probably been asked before but things are evolving so..... Getting ready to update the electronics on the new to me Pursuit 2870. Liked the Garmin stuff on the last boat so will go with the 8600 xsv's with Fantom radar. Torn between the obscene 16 inch screen or having two separate 10 inch...
  417. soul troller

    Electronics Brands

    I'm on my 5th boat and have used all of them . Most will say it's what feels best to you . Go to West and use the displays for awhile in demo mode . I had an old 582 Furuno sounder for 20 years that was awesome. Hard to find a better fishfinder . Used and liked Lowrance Hook 9 . Don't...
  418. soul troller

    7/14 South Nado w/fleet

    That's what's up . Jr putting the hurt to them. We were there Sat with the crowd. Gotta love limit style fishing relatively close to home . This bite is a life / gas saver.
  419. soul troller

    GRADY WHITE 228 Pilot house W/pod & Mercury Verado 300hp

    Man that thing is good looking Nice job on the update .
  420. soul troller

    Offshore 6/22 BFT and Fails Video

    Sick video . I can relate . Hard to describe to a non fisherman the adrenaline rush of the school popping up like that. Congrats on killing a fat one.
  421. soul troller

    Best gutting & filleting knife/knives

    I've had a few brands , and for the money its hard to beat the Rapala fish & fillet . I can cut any fish quickly and precisely . Does the job on anything except huge tuna , which I can't seem to land anyway. Careful , they can do a job on you if you stumble with one.
  422. soul troller

    Boat decal question

    Did my last lettering using the BoatUS site . Good quality , fast and easy and lots of customizable options .
  423. soul troller

    New Lo-Ann late report

    It's nice to help someone out who needs it no doubt , but.... This and all the other fun things that can and usually do happen on the short range cattle boats are what made me want to save up my nickels and get my first private boat. There are definitely trips that are exceptions , but people...
  424. soul troller


    Edit your post adding the $15.5 in the description. I'm sure it will help you .
  425. soul troller

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    Damn , nice fish. Been drifting for one like that for a long time . Congrats on getting her on ice.
  426. soul troller

    Skipjack 25' Diesel

    Sounds nice Add some pics
  427. soul troller

    1998 Davis Cortez 22

    Have heard nothing but good things about these rigs . This one looks dialed and spotless .
  428. soul troller

    South 9-Mile 5/24

    Nice to read a story and fish report that makes you smile . Water looks pretty good in the pic. Good job on all the fish to the Mrs.
  429. soul troller

    Tip for the month of June

    Pretty damn funny , but true . I hate to say it , but I get this mentality sometimes when impatient for the fish. I'd bet a lot of us do , but don't admit it. Thanks for the insight / reminder.
  430. soul troller

    2006 Parker 2520XLD Sport Cabin Deep V NICE

    Wow, this thing is set up nice. GLWS
  431. soul troller

    Parker 2320, 1994, gas tank Replacement help !!

    I have not done the task on this particular model , but have replaced one on a boat that required cutting and glassing the deck back in. It was not horrible . Parker was pretty smart to make that section of the deck removeable. Someone here will chime in , or you could do a search on this...
  432. soul troller

    Parker 2310 - $33,000

    That boat was worth close to $50k in our market IMHO. I may be biased.
  433. soul troller

    Parker 2310 - $33,000

    Obviously depends on sea state and how easily you can get around . Its doable though . I like sitting up there halibut drifting when we have a full crew .
  434. soul troller

    Offshore May 10 BFT near 101 solo battle for hours 71 yo

    That's bad ass Congrats on getting that thing in the boat Fishing alone is therapeutic
  435. soul troller

    Surveyor Recommendation needed LB

    Looking to set up a hull survey on a Pursuit 2870 WA in Los Alamitos. Appreciate anyone who has experience with a good one or knows of one. Thanks in advance .
  436. soul troller

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico this year

    I'm currently studying for my radio operator license exam as well
  437. soul troller

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico this year

    Thanks for the link to the info . Have passport , FMM , MX lic, and TIP so far. Can a bilingual person give us a walk thru of the online form to get the biosphere bracelet for a year ?
  438. soul troller

    Used Trailer Rims/Tires - 16.5" 6 Lug - $200 (for 4)

    I will be 2nd in line if Mark doesn't grab them. I'm 15 min away. Oops , just saw the sold tag.
  439. soul troller

    Boat Trader 2019 or What

    This change just happened??
  440. soul troller

    Farallon 24 walkaround

    This boat sold almost 4 years ago
  441. soul troller

    Offshore BFT Go Here Saturday

    I suck for not posting myself, but add us to the club that blanked. Left Sat at 3pm to 09 over 45 and all around . Pretty sloppy and only metered scratches. Moved around with the big fleet looking and dropping flat falls for the skunk. Back at 2am a little beat up. BFT win again.
  442. soul troller

    Offshore BFT Go Here Saturday

    Nice work and a big thank you for taking the time to share that info .
  443. soul troller

    2005 Parker 2520 Pilot House

    Set up nicely . Deep V or Modified V ?
  444. soul troller

    Parker 2320 Ready to go

    Love the way she is set up. That second station is sick.
  445. soul troller

    Bird watching at the Coronado's 4/24

    That works . Congrats on a good day and thanks for the info.
  446. soul troller

    Parker acquired

    I am a relative Parker rookie only running a 2310 with a notched transom for a year . Guessing the guy rode a modified 14 degree deadrise hull when it pounded him to death. I'm still going to try to improve my ride with Permatrim and bigger tabs someday, but it's not bad. Or maybe it's...
  447. soul troller

    Trailer brakes help needed

    For what its worth, I had that set up on the last rig , a Trophy 2460 loaded weighing about 6K. With regular freshwater washing ( sometimes 36 hours after they were first dunked in saltwater) I would get 5 years out of the pads and calipers + or - before needing replacement. I ran brakes...
  448. soul troller

    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    Don't forget the reduction in insurance rates for card holders. Boat US / Geico reduced my premium by $3 a year !
  449. soul troller

    RayMarine Autopilot system.

    I'll be 3rd in line if one of the others don't snag it . Lou. 951 830 7293
  450. soul troller

    Stay away from RTIC coolers

    For what it's worth, I picked up the 45 Qt RTIC and was not very impressed with how long ice lasted in it. I think one of my old Igloos did the job almost as well .
  451. soul troller

    87' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    I really liked the way she performed when I fished on her . Needed nothing . Plus she put me on a limit of halibut :)
  452. soul troller

    More boat crap price adjust, now at the dump!!

    Condition of windless or pic please
  453. soul troller

    85 Trophy 2460 Price drop $4500 obo Loaded with new upgrades

    I ran her for 19 years and replaced manis and risers every 5 years . Part of it . The bigger ones were great hulls imo .
  454. soul troller

    85 Trophy 2460 Price drop $4500 obo Loaded with new upgrades

    Price lowered again . Order a long block and be fishing in 2 weeks. Someone who can turn a wrench come resurrect this thing before I have to !
  455. soul troller

    Question for 2120 owners

    I have a 2310 with a 250 , a big bait tank and running a 3 blade prop. Bought the Permatrim but am leary to put it on after reading too much on the internet . The good reviews seem to outweigh the bad however. Thinking of going to 4 blade before drilling all those holes in the motor...
  456. soul troller

    What did everyone get at the Fred Hall shows?

    Calstar GG690J , new extra tuffs , couple shirts , and some $15 beers and a sweet piece of halibut art for the casa .
  457. soul troller

    2018/2019 Lobster Season Recap

    Great post sharing your experiences and insights. Seems like you just have to go when you get the opportunity and you will be rewarded for putting in your time. Sometimes its tough when they aren't crawling , but man are they tasty when they hit the plate.
  458. soul troller

    85 Trophy 2460 Price drop $4500 obo Loaded with new upgrades

    5.7 GM needs replacement due to low compression in one cylinder Recent starter , cap , rotor, wires, coil, ignition module, free flowing heads with fresh valve job , good exhaust manifolds , edlebrock performer intake and carb , K & N spark arrestor. etc , etc. All new USCG rated hoses / fuel...
  459. soul troller

    Shamrock 200 WA

    What's up Brandon Are you selling the Shamrock so you can buy my Parker and I can then get the sick ass Pursuit I've always wanted ?
  460. soul troller

    Volvo penta sx outdrive

    Is the transom shield included ?
  461. soul troller

    2018 AFTER THANKSGIVING HALIBUT CLASSIC Results, Recap & PhotosPhotos

    Thanks for making another great tournament happen Mike. I know you put a lot of your time in ,and we all appreciate it. We blanked this year, but still had a lot of fun as always. Great group of fisherman in this thing year after year. Thanks to all the others who contributed. Pics...
  462. soul troller

    BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ON PRO PEDESTAL SHOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Installed one on my helm seat when I bought my used Parker this April . Great service , very high quality product. Only regret was punishing myself for 2 decades on my previous boat without the pedestal. Mine paid for itself in saved Chiropractic visits ! No affiliation. Too bad my...
  463. soul troller

    2017 Yellowfin 26' Hybrid

    That thing is obscene. What's the asking price ?
  464. soul troller


    Other good news is there will be some huge tide swings and lots of current on tourney day. Weather forecast is also good right now. Got a feeling the butts will be chewing ...............
  465. soul troller

    5.7 350 EFI

    Does "everything " include the 280 drive , transom shield , etc ?
  466. soul troller


    Just busting your chops Mike. I know I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate you putting this thing together year after year. Definitely something we all look forward to . Hopefully someday I will hold the 1st place check !
  467. soul troller


    I'm in on a new to me sled . Will get my stuff in the mail this week . Any plans to make Tshirts ? My 2009 ediition is getting faded
  468. soul troller

    Stainless Swing back seat

    Still available ?
  469. soul troller

    23’ cuddy with flybridge 20,000

    I guess 2004 Proline 22 Walkaround
  470. soul troller

    New to me Parker 2310 "Hung Solo"

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys . see some out there .
  471. soul troller

    New to me Parker 2310 "Hung Solo"

    Just wanted to give a quick intro and join the group as I have already obtained alot of good info lurking . Picked this gem up from a fishy friend I have known for decades . Yamaha 250 txr and set up perfect for our scene here in SoCal . I am adding Garmin xHD radar this week and...
  472. soul troller

    Trailer for Parker 2310 DV

    Please pass on info if you know someone selling one in good condition. Thank you Lou on Hung Solo
  473. soul troller

    Volvo penta 280 flapper

    My 280 made that and other fun noises for years . If you just pulled the drive and have fresh exhaust and ujoint bellows , and no water in the drive oil, I'd say run her. Not to be a downer , but depending on the age and condition of the exhaust manifolds and risers, the sounds can change if...
  474. soul troller

    300 gallon floating bait tank

    I am interested and would like to see it . I am in Marina Village as well. Sending you a text . Thanks Lou
  475. soul troller

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    People are paying good money for Saba sushi ( Macks ) so I guess this is kind of related. I hate wasting food, so I can't fault you for eating what is edible. I prefer to save my summer leftover deans for chunk material , but to each his own. Loved canned sardines on toast with mustard and...
  476. soul troller

    Sunday half day report...

    I was out there on my boat yesterday fishing solo. Saw you guys go by . I moved around alot . Conditions were poor . Although temps were up to 64ish , there wasn't much tidal movement , water was ugly , and fishing was slow . I'm not the biggest fan of the captain of the boat you rode...
  477. soul troller

    Offshore The hits keep coming, San Clemente 5-18-2018

    Dang, nice work ! The old adage is true , you can't catch them sitting on the couch, or in my case polishing the boat at the slip. You are setting the bar pretty high . Motivating me to get out there. Hope the wind subsides .
  478. soul troller

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Congrats on a nice score . Enjoy the upgrade . See you out there
  479. soul troller

    Lobster Card Reporting Deadline April 30 2018 to avoid fee

    Never thought of it like that ....
  480. soul troller

    Lobster Card Reporting Deadline April 30 2018 to avoid fee

    Although most here probably already did this , a reminder that tomorrow is the last day you can report your lobster harvest info online without the $21.60 late fee being assessed . They got me last year as I reported in May and thought I was good until I went to buy the next card. You can...
  481. soul troller

    Finally found a good gell coat polish!

    That thing is sick. Love the sound of them
  482. soul troller

    Finally found a good gell coat polish!

    Nice. I guess the test will be how long the shine lasts. I have had excellent results with 3M fiberglass restorer & wax in one . Its expensive , but brought my old gel coat back from the dead more than once. Lasts about 6 months if the boat is uncovered. Lets see a pic of the RD 400 ...
  483. soul troller

    Offshore Liberty 3/4 on 4/27

    Nice . Its going to be a fun season . Congrats on the BFT and thanks for the info
  484. soul troller

    Deck repair?

    A round deck plate with a removeable cover , usually positioned above the top of the fuel tank allowing you to access the hose connections and perhaps the sending unit
  485. soul troller

    My son found this at La Jolla

    That's what's up right there. Those lings put up a good fight especially from 130 ' down. He's hooked for life by the look on his face.
  486. soul troller

    2007 256WA SEA FOX FOR SALE $43,750

    I am looking to upgrade, but going a little bigger . I loved the way this rig was set up and she fished well when I was on it. Great ride and fast. Definitely wish everyone took care of their rigs like Mike does . GLWS.
  487. soul troller

    Hey Halibut Fisherman......

    Don't jinx us Carl
  488. soul troller

    SOLD !!! 2016 Tracker Guide V14 w Suzuki 20hp. $4950

    2016 Tracker Guide V14 2016 Suzuki 20 HP. df20aes with warranty to 5/2019 w SS prop,and Trolling motor , Lowrance Hook 9 gps / fishfinder combo w downscan with swivel mount , bimini top , 2 anchors, 4 swivel seats , aerator pump , ez loader trailer w spare. . My Dad bought this new...
  489. soul troller

    Damn I'm awesome

    At least you spread your lameness across the board on everything you participate in
  490. soul troller

    12/4 Limits within 2 Hours

    You guys are tough for sure. Love the mattress / tarp set up. I have a cabin that's 2 inches shorter than me, and every time i sleep in the boat i swear its the last time. Good job on the taco meat.
  491. soul troller

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Nice Job Mark and Jon . Glad you guys knocked the reigning champs off the podium. Sounds like a tough day to fish for $, but it looks like it worked out. Wish i could have made it. Congrats
  492. soul troller

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Sorry Carl , but Mom and her place needed some help and my brother is well - a selfish asshole . I am aiming to be there for the weigh in so make your Uncle Lou proud and hang a pig . If you win , i figure you owe me a couple C notes for all the times i took you fishing this season . I...
  493. soul troller

    11/19 Dana Point halibut

    Whenever losing a fish to a bite through , or break off, I convince myself its always a monster specimen of the targeted species.
  494. soul troller

    WTB skipjack 24 emblems

    Put a pic of that Skippy in your avatar Joey. And hurry up and get it wet .
  495. soul troller

    New Stickers Available

  496. soul troller

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    Looks like you could eat off any part of this boat. I love the layout and would be all over it if i was looking for a rig. GLWS
  497. soul troller

    Offshore 9/18 Sunday - Voyager out of Seaforth

    Mark is an awesome captain who attracts fish like no other. Fished with him at the helm of a much smaller boat in the 80's. Pac Voyager is 65 feet long i believe . Glad you had a fun trip .
  498. soul troller

    Volvo Penta AQ225D V8 305 GM

    Would you consider selling the outdrive separately ? What kind of condition is that in?
  499. soul troller

    WTB Volvo Penta Manifolds / Risers, and 17 spline prop

    Not to convolute the post , but i bought OSCO's and got 5 years out of 2 sets in a row. 5 years to the day before i caught them starting to give me grief. Same supplier did the switch a roo and sent me GLM ( Good Luck Marine) the last set 8/14 . Hope that is late enough to have received...
  500. soul troller

    Is Helgans in Oceanside going to be a thing of the past.?

    That sucks. Got my start there with Mark on the Tortuga in the 80's. Lots of good memories on those boats. Hope they can somehow save the landing.
  501. soul troller

    Offshore ToadsToadsOnly Strikes again this time the whole crew was bent

    Holy Shit! Nice work. Guess i need to grow some balls and get on it before its over.
  502. soul troller

    Is there any reports from down south?

    Because SCI is a long ass run for some of us.
  503. soul troller

    Is there any reports from down south?

    I suck for not putting up a report , but i was in a slip at night having fun this weekend. Went south Sat morning at 530 headed for the 425 as i heard the 3/4 day boats did well Friday on the smaller YFT. We made it down there and thought we are in the right area as there were several of...
  504. soul troller

    VHF - - - EPIRB Recommendations

    I just got the ACR GlobalFix V4 406 MHz EPIRB with internal GPS for $400 through West Marine. 10 year battery. You can test it with your smartphone. It has built in redundancies that you can read about. I have always wanted one , and feel just a little more secure now. After some...
  505. soul troller

    Carl caught a fish today!

    I call Bullshit
  506. soul troller

    Wanted to share my experience with 1st Halibut!

    Awesome slideshow! I'm with Surfgoose, that entrance is no joke . Thanks for sharing .
  507. soul troller

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    Billy , i dropped you off at the dock and then doubled back to go to my truck . Thats when they got me . Guess I have been lucky leaving things unattended in past years .
  508. soul troller

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    Ha Ha , Right on , Thanks. Shes been a good old platform. Yesterday was day 3 in a row including sleeping on the boat so i was toast and did'nt see you. Too busy trying not to run over one of the 1000 plastic speed bumps !
  509. soul troller

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Nice work Dan. I'd say you saved a couple lives for sure. Disturbing to think that many boats would ignore the call for help unless they had their radio off, although Team " I don't give a shit" seems to be growing in So Cal. When having guests out, i always give a safety spill as we...
  510. soul troller

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    Sorry to report they got 2 of my Toriums on favorite rods Sun night from the courtesy dock at Quivera basin. Had to have stepped on the gunnel to reach them. I was probably asking for it coming in solo at midnight to go to my truck for clothes before parking in a guest slip for the night...
  511. soul troller

    1999 Parker 2520 XLD Deep V With D-Tronic Diesel 561 Hours

    Its in Sacramento. I talked to the seller and he had alot of info. Seemed like an honest dude. If i wasn't still saving i would have went up and got it provided it was as advertised.
  512. soul troller

    Offshore Bluefin Viewing Trip Report Wed 6/15

    Sorry i didn't get this up last night when it may have been helpful to someone. I was toast. After hearing of the incredible bite that happened Tue , i had to call in sick and give the BFT another shot. Started late and was poking around the north 9 by 8am. Passed the bait barge for the...
  513. soul troller

    Offshore BFT Tuesday 6/15

    Damn Jon, you guys crushed em! Definitely green with envy, especially after going the next day and throwing on at least a dozen spots for nada. Takes some know how to slide in on these schools and get fish on the deck . Congrats.
  514. soul troller

    Offshore 5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    Wow. You guys are animals. Thanks for all the info on the techniques / tackle.
  515. soul troller

    Swordfish/Marlin? 2 miles off Newport Beach

    Unreal. Pretty cool you got to see it while telling guests about all the things you encounter out there. I've came across 4 since i've been a private boater, and like Billy said, was not prepared . I am now.
  516. soul troller

    Carl is a dick

    Glad to chalk up another successful trip with Carl , the internet sensation. Pretty good haul for a late launch last minute trip. 3 bites for 3 on ice. Thanks again for steering while i got the boat cleaned up on the way in. Who says you're not a team player.
  517. soul troller

    2012 Parker 2120 Sport Cabin, 4stroke yamaha, trailer & extras $42,000

    Sick sled for someone looking for that size. Looks new. Wish everyone posted that many pics when selling.
  518. soul troller

    Raymarine a78 with Radome feedback

    Ok, thanks. I guess i will keep reading and shopping .
  519. soul troller

    Raymarine a78 with Radome feedback

    Finally going to upgrade to a multi function display, and hopefully add radar on my old rig. I have a Furuno FCV 600 L that even my dumb ass can use, so may just mount the transom ducer of the new unit and see how this chirp works before swapping out the furuno and using the through hull...
  520. soul troller

    Nooner with Carl

    Nice Fish. Not sure how its possible , but Carl looks more queer every week. Let me guess, he ate all the snacks, and avoided a scrub brush like the Zika virus ?
  521. soul troller

    16th Annual After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic results & photos!

    Thanks again to Mike and the contributors. Also big thanks to the dude who saw our cooler and backpack sitting in the middle of the ramp where my newbie partner left it. I owe you big time. Any more pics that don't include Carl ?
  522. soul troller


    Thanks again to Mike and all the contributors behind the scenes to make this tournament so much fun. I have participated 6 or 7 times over the past decade , and always have a great time , and make new friends every year. My new idol is Leo and that Davis Pilot house - what a sick rig...
  523. soul troller


    Team Blood Vessel will be there representing the Sanford & Son boat class . Always enjoy being a part of this .
  524. soul troller

    Tis still the season. SMB long awaited gifts.

    Wow, those are impressive fish for sure. That boat looks sick too. Congrats on an epic day.
  525. soul troller


    Thanks again for taking the time to do this year after year Mike. Glad we were able to join the fun once more. Even though i only caught a lizard fish myself all day, it was one of those memorable days on the water. I would almost pay the entry fee just to do the start out of the jetty...
  526. soul troller


    Mailed my $ in earlier this week, and looking forward to doing this again after missing out a couple years. Its been a long time since Carl has been on my boat, so the stink should have worn off by now.
  527. soul troller

    Sea Fox 256WA, 2007

    Whoa, can't believe you're selling it Mike. I'm hoping you're moving up. Got me thinking about it , but i am waiting a couple more years to upgrade. Add me to the list of people who have fished the boat and enjoyed the ride and noticed the pride of ownership. Hope all is well with you...
  528. soul troller

    HELP...forgot boat keys at home in Yuma going to Baja...

    Don't make me post up some of your butcher jobs Carl.
  529. soul troller

    Carl the Peoples Karaoke Champion

  530. soul troller

    Help cleaning the boat after a tuna trip etiquette ?

    Its tough when you live far away from the passengers, but most who don't own a boat have no clue as to the unseen time you put in. Prep, maintenance, improving the boat for all to enjoy, clean up, detail, etc. Good friends and crew will volunteer a full day to helping put some time in...
  531. soul troller

    Catch Big Halibut tips and book

    I too was skeptical at first, but pulled the trigger and invested the .99 cents anyway. Got the kindle app and read it on my iphone when i had down time. I could critique it , but why kick a gift horse in the mouth. I'm can be arrogant too, and i never wrote a book. There's some...
  532. soul troller

    Splitting deck from hull on Trophy 2352

    I had to replace the fuel tank in my old 2460 and contemplated doing that. Decided to cut the deck, and then glass it back in instead. That was 12 years ago and i have no major problems. I would think it would be a huge undertaking and pain in the ass splitting that thing . Probably lots...
  533. soul troller

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 10/14 - 10/18 just one word unbelievable........

    Sounds like a memorable trip for sure. Nice quality and variety too. I have only fished the PV once , but have fished many times with Captain Mark back in the 80's. His enthusiasm for the sport is contagious to say the least. Gotta love his style , and the dude is a fish magnet for sure...
  534. soul troller

    First Blood............. Pumpkins and A Butt

    Nice fish. I'm ready to start dragging for one of those again. Looks like the first element of good mojo is keeping Carl off the boat. Congrats .
  535. soul troller

    #s for tuna pens?

    Also fished Sat on pens @ 32.46 over 117.16
  536. soul troller

    Offshore 425-371-302 8/10

    Nice fish . Great attitude about everyone having fun . Wish i could be so patient with people. Some just don't get it with regard to the kelp and where the fish are in relation to it. Glad to see some stuff in range of my gas sucking sled. Congrats on the PB YT
  537. soul troller

    Offshore Tuna pens 8/9

    Heard about those fish through the grapevine. We fished the Cabo out of the Coral Sat with 6 sardines and some mondo macs for 5 small YT . Pens were tough and had lots of pressure. Did'nt see any BFT caught and heard of only a few . Congrats to Rob and you guys for getting it done. Real...
  538. soul troller


    Nice YT Otto! You seem to be showing everyone how its done . Props to you Phatboat Jon on getting the kid on his first yellow. Carl.....they must have been biting if you managed to get one !
  539. soul troller

    Purple Spotted Rockfish and a Butt

    Fuck off Carl :finger:
  540. soul troller

    and Halibut on the Reel Deal

    Good job guys & girls. Hanson, you are hereby cordially invited to bring Sally and fish on the Blood Vessel. I'll even give you back your fancy stainless thermos you left on board a few years ago.
  541. soul troller

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    Nice work Carl. Speaking of work, are you going to come up north and make some $ at Casa De Lou , or are you too busy making gay adventures to post up on here.
  542. soul troller

    Coronados sat 3/20

    Good Job Mary on outfishing the guys.....again. I will see you guys out there once my back is healed. Peace
  543. soul troller

    Went fishing for Hali's

    Yea, i'm kinda torn on what to do with the boat. She's been such a good rig, and i hate to sell her if the upcoming season is off the charts. I just dont have the time to use her like she should be used. You know its better for a boat to run than sit. Bob knows the boats history and...
  544. soul troller

    Went fishing for Hali's

    Good job Carl! I am stoked for you. I could hear the excitement in Bob's voice when he called and hear the celebration in the background. That will keep you chasing that high for a long time. Congrats on making the 30+ # club . I had a chance or two to join, but fell victim to , well you...
  545. soul troller

    WOW ! dsc radio show no longer on 101.5

    Don't bullshit everyone about wanting to hear tunes instead of talk Carl. Every time I have seen you drive up in your truck, you were listening to Dr Laura. :ashamed:
  546. soul troller

    Automatic garage door repair

    Carl , quit clogging up this thread and go get a fucking job.
  547. soul troller

    Automatic garage door repair

    I damaged mine good last week as well and am looking for a referral. I can testify to the danger of trying to repair it yourself. Almost lost some teeth,and that spring is just fricken scary .
  548. soul troller

    Team Defiance Capsized in SD Halibut Tourney

    Definitely glad all are ok today. Brings giving thanks this holiday to a whole new level. Listened and watched the rescue unfold, and had a sick feeling in my stomach as I said some prayers. That Coast Guard chopper was looking around for quite a while , and that had us worried. Thank you...
  549. soul troller

    Team Defiance Capsized in SD Halibut Tourney

    Marcus, Not wise in any make boat , especially a 20 footer. Heard you on the radio expressing your concern while we were fishing the tourney in the bay with everyone else who didnt go home. You, like the defiance skipper, are fucking lucky .
  550. soul troller

    Happy Birthday Phat Boat!

    Happy Birthday John, You are a fish killing mofo. :finger:
  551. soul troller

    Service Needed?

    whats a ball park estimate to install hydraulic steering from mechanical. I will supply the system ? I'm up in Murrieta .
  552. soul troller

    this is awesome!

    Ok, i'm the first stupid fucker to fall for this . Nice one tpickle.
  553. soul troller

    offshore baitank & 10hp honda 4stroke

    What year is the motor, 1980?
  554. soul troller

    Free with a catch...

    Hey John , I'll return the fancy thermos you left on my boat during the butt tourney and make a donation to the fishing fund for the spotlight. Sure would come in handy .
  555. soul troller

    Happy B-Day Carl

    Happy Birthday Homo.
  556. soul troller

    Ramp follies 4th of July?

    Carl , you cant drive a boat or catch fish, and you're going to the ramp to talk shit. Interesting.
  557. soul troller

    Great day on the Alexes!!

    Was it fags fish free day?
  558. soul troller

    42 year old fatman lands 38# halibut

    Thats a fatty! Congrats and enjoy the fillets. What # test were you fishing?
  559. soul troller

    La Jolla Reds 3/8

    For as much shit as Carl talks about rockfishing, he sure looks happy holding that fat vermillion. Maybe someone was tickling his ass while the pic was taken. Sounds like a decent haul . Glad you got some biters .
  560. soul troller

    Fishing report with BSB video clip

    Great, now Carl has a photo of me for his spank bank. I knew he was queer for my gear. Thanks for a great trip on the Real Deal Jon and Mary. It was poppin when we rolled in there for sure. Sounds like a good number of BSB were released yesterday. Glad to hear they all made it back down...
  561. soul troller

    Pets on Long Range Trips

  562. soul troller

    Oceanside Domes 17th

    Phil, I think there are a few different schools of thought on halibut techniques in our area. I dont like to deal with the extra rigging and tackle of a trap rig, but thats just me. Duke has got me thinking I should try it with the stats he has. I myself like to nose hook (2/0) a big dine on a...
  563. soul troller

    Oside Flat Lamb Report 1/2

    Thanks for yet another fine report . Glad you two had some biters. You consistently find the flat fish Goose. Hope to have my halibut game half that dialed someday. You guys definitely dont screw around either when it comes to your groceries on board. I need to get the grill thing going...
  564. soul troller


    Thanks again Mike for a great day of friendly competition. Every person I crossed paths with was super cool. Glad we did it. Also have to give a big thank you to one of the sponsors, Everingham Bros bait . It was the best scoop I fished this year with a healthy slime and no rollers. Nice...
  565. soul troller

    the ATHIC pig

    Congrats! Flat fish of a lifetime for sure. I couldnt stop looking at the damn thing as you walked it to your rig after cashing in. The pictures do not do it justice people. That fish was huge. Enjoy the $$ and the thick fillets.
  566. soul troller

    Sat Nov 29 Tourney

    I hate this to go on forever , but I knew Carl would bring this up. We all dealt with some harder pulling fish that did'nt make it in the box yesterday . Carl insists his was a huge flattie. As a newbie here on the board, I want to explain my association with Carl. He fishes on my boat on...
  567. soul troller

    Thanks ?? Fisherman

    Great Tournament Mike! Good to meet you and thanks for letting us join in the fun. Perfect day for it, more so for some of you. Nice quality fish in the money spots for sure. If I'm gonna lose a tourney, I want to lose to 40 lbs +. Good Job to that angler, you earned the $ .
  568. soul troller

    Sat Nov 29 Tourney

    After all the lurking I've done here, I want to finally give a report. The ATIHC today was a blast. We had a good day of drifting with near perfect conditions. Myself, Carl, Bada Bing ,and Lumpy got four butts in the box, none large enough to contend with the nice fish that placed. One at...