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  1. blubby07

    Buddy boat tomorrow 11-18

    Headed outta shelter island tomorrow morning not too early maybe 7-730 gonna see if we can find those paddy tail. If anyone wants to work together I will be on 72 Josh on the (return Visit) Then drop to 19 Will be looking in that general area between the 302 and 425
  2. blubby07

    Cool little clip of my new to me Parker

    Once a year I take my Parker to Santa Barbra and head to San Miguel and Rosa. this year was the first time in my new sled what a difference in comfort going from a 21cc Parker to a 2320. my buddy boat took this quick clip w Santa Cruz in the backdrop. so far I love this boat, the only downside...
  3. blubby07

    Is this normal?

    I ran to the 381 the other day and this was my temp gauge does that seem normal? Thanks in advance
  4. blubby07

    Whats the best setup for sleeping on deck?

    I have a new to me 2320 and recently stayed the night at pyramid cove. I had 2 buddies w me so 2 in the v berth and one slept on the bench and it was awful. What would you say would be good for sleeping one guy out on the deck in the stern? I was thinking a cot maybe but then storing it might be...
  5. blubby07

    Offshore Where the bluefin are not at least for me

    Left Oceanside Friday around 10am and headed straight to the 381 there was zero sign of fish for us. We decided to just put up the balloon at the high spot and drift across it for several hours with no takers. Headed back to pyramid cove to enjoy a beautiful evening having cocktails and lasagna...
  6. blubby07

    Offshore First marlin ever

    Headed out today Sunday and found 73 degree water out of Oceanside. stopped on a paddy pulled two dorado the weather kinda came up so we pulled out the trollers and drag cedar plugs after about a half hour the port side goes off we’re thinking tuna when a marlin launches. he came outta the water...
  7. blubby07

    Lewmar pro series windlass

    blubby07 submitted a new listing: Lewmar pro series windlass - Lewmar pro series windlass Learn more about this listing...
  8. blubby07

    2005 Parker 21se

    blubby07 submitted a new listing: 2005 Parker 21se - 2005 Parker 21se Learn more about this listing...
  9. blubby07

    Offshore Bluefin close by

    Headed off shore to fish that area off ensenada found the fleet around 3am wasn’t marking anything so headed inside. we start finding paddys pull a couple ytail then land a nice blue fin maybe 40-45 lbs so we drop a torpedo rubber band on 80 wind on 135 spectra we’re bit we’re tight and line is...
  10. blubby07

    Parker 21 se 2005 one more try

    blubby07 submitted a new listing: Parker 21 se 2005 one more try - Parker 21 se 2005 one more try Learn more about this listing...
  11. blubby07

    2005 Parker 21 SE

    blubby07 submitted a new listing: 2005 Parker 21 SE - 2005 Parker 21 SE Learn more about this listing...
  12. blubby07

    Inshore Huge red deep dropping

    Just had to share our biggest red to date. right at 585 ft
  13. blubby07

    autopilot suggestions please

    Hey all I have a small 21 Parker cc and have done a ton of work to it last year. next up is all new electronics in 2022 but in the meantime i would like to replace my current raymarine s1000. Any suggestions on an autopilot that is simple and accurate and easy to use? Thanks in advance!
  14. blubby07

    Very nice marlin lures

    $50 each sold as a set of 6 includes bag. text or call Josh 760-715-1637
  15. blubby07

    Marlin lures for sale excellent condition.

    I have 6 very nice rigs like new condition. will only sell as a set of 6 with bag. $50 each text or call josh 760-715-1637
  16. blubby07

    What’s my boat worth?

    I have slowly done a ton of work to this 1989 bayliner cierra 2556 flybridge. New fuel injected Volvo penta with 200 hours, dual prop Volvo penta outdrive. new starter new fuel pump new alternator new water pump new manifolds and risers new power steering pump. auto pilot,old furuno radar. new...
  17. blubby07

    Boat Trailer for sale $

    Just purchased a new trailer for my boat my old one isnt the most beautiful on earth but still a solid trailer for boats 18-23 $1850 obo Got new leaf springs two years ago, new winch and strap, new side bunks,new bearings surface rust. 760 715 1637 Josh
  18. blubby07

    Offshore I just couldn’t take it anymore

    Left Friday morning 4am headed to marina del Rey with family and very close friends that have been in the house a month. Met good friends w their boat at the ramp about 6am, off to fish sbi for my first time ever. Met with a somewhat confused sea that continued to change and ultimately glassed...
  19. blubby07

    Offshore Social distancing at its best

    Since I can’t work I went fishing to have a little normalcy. yes I know I’m suppost to stay home but I had plenty of hand sanitizer and toilet paper on board. left sd bay at about 7am to rough seas. plan was to head to the hidden bank. went thru the s 9 lots of life. kept going until right b4...
  20. blubby07

    Question about the recent statement from the state department

    I had planned to take my boat from san diego bay and try and get on these fish down south tomorrow. I see the state department went level 4 and said if your outta country come home if your in the country stay here, curious if that would effect-apply to fishing down south? thoughts? I tried...
  21. blubby07

    Finally did a very needed facelift to my Parker 21

    I bought my 21cc Parker new at the Anaheim boat show in January 2006. I remember seeing it sitting outside with its t top and trailer, literally the first boat I saw. I was initially Iooking at a triumph but am glad I went with my little Parker. this boat has never let me down and killed many...
  22. blubby07

    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    Gentlemen im planning a trip with some bros to trailer our skiffs to Gonzaga late April- Early May. We will have 4 sleds total and would like to pay a local to take us out on one of our boats to show us the ropes, probably fishing 3 days. Any help in the right direction would be much...
  23. blubby07

    Furuno Equipment

    Top pic info: Multi Function Display TZTBB Processor unit Type: MPU-002 (New in a Box) $ 3,500 OBO Second Pic Furuno Radar ( complete) Modele : DRS6A With New cables $2,000. OBO Third Pic Furuno Color LCD Sounder FCV - 1200L Controlar Only with Screen. $1,500. OBO Call or text Matt...
  24. blubby07

    Bait tank and leaning post for sale

    off my 21 Parker cc works perfect just upgrading to a much bigger tank. Holds a full scoop no problem. $650 obo Text 760-715-1637 Or call but I never answer my phone according to my wife
  25. blubby07

    Offshore Ytail and yfin no love on a cow and lost my grundens please help

    had everything ready for a cow and headed toward the 60 mile bank. On the way hit a paddy for wide open mid size ytail that turned into yfin. Our goal was a cow so s west we went. Flew the kite w a dead flying fish and just could not connect. I lost my grundens somewhere on the 5 headed...
  26. blubby07

    Offshore Finally found some dodos

    left mission bay at5am with a scoop of dines headed for the 9 water was 69 decided to head south west of the 302 then come in east to the 425. Water hit 72 we spot a paddy and out comes to greet us about 50 or so nice dorado! It was good to finally see them. The ocean was like a lake and we...
  27. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    guys I have a 2005 y f150 and for the life of me I can’t figure out if it has an air filter? Anyone know? Thanks
  28. blubby07

    Offshore 9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    headed outta shelter island w a healthy scoop of bait. Kinda weak but we expect that this time of year. Went out with a couple good friends and my buddy’s future son in law. Plan was to head east of the upper hidden and look around but for some reason I decided to go west of the Nados then point...
  29. blubby07

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    Fished with some good friends outta Channel Islands and wanted to share this beast with fellow bders. Thought he was stuck on the bottom and up come this slug with another ling in its mouth. Got one wsb and limits of quality lings etc but had to share this one. Spent the day exploring the...
  30. blubby07

    cool video on the Channel Islands

    My friend shared this with me and I love fishing these islands thought you might enjoy it as I did.
  31. blubby07

    Headed to lupe for the first time

    Headed on the indy for my first trip hopefully to lupe on a 5 day dec 26. Never been and wondering what setups you would suggest, I have an avet pro ex4/02 as well as some 2 speed fathom 40 and a bunch of smaller stuff. Hoping to travel somewhat light, so how many setups would you bring on a...
  32. blubby07

    Alaska on my 20 year anniversary.

    Headed on the Star princess to Alaska for a two week cruise then land tour. I have no clue the best spots to fish but we stop Ketchikan , Juneau,Skagway. Then on land Mtn McKinley lodge, Denali wilderness lodge then Fairbanks riverside lodge. I’ve been an avid fisherman my entire life with my...
  33. blubby07

    Offshore Caught a shark, need help on identifying species.

    Since it’s been forecast to be rough we decided to stay local. We headed to San o and started searching for life. Water was a murky 70 degrees and that’s when it all came together. Rod went super bendo and up comes the craziest shark I’ve ever seen! Please help identify? Thanks in advance for...
  34. blubby07

    Looking for someone experienced with the yummy free trip

    Heading out of Oceanside on my 21 Parker cc on Friday the 21st. I'm looking for someone who has experience flying the kite to show me and my two buddy's who also own boats how to fly the kite. If you've only done it a couple times please don't respond. Plan is to leave Oceanside at 5 and head...
  35. blubby07

    SQ report

    Sad to be leaving the old mill this morning to return to the rat race called work:( Had a blast for a week fishing and relaxing with family and friends. Trailered my Parker down and got Oscar to take us out twice. Although we tried hard the ytail evaded us but we still had a blast pulling on...
  36. blubby07

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    Im planning a trip with wife and friends to San Quentin for a week around the end of March and had a couple questions. I will be towing my 21 Parker cc and have located safe storage for it but someone suggested a guide to get out of the channel? Im not sure if thats because it gets really...
  37. blubby07

    Finally received my sheepshead replica check it out!

    Well it took about 5 months but just received my 25.5 lb sheepshead. Pretty stoked but I have no idea the best way to hang on the wall? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  38. blubby07

    San Felipe????

    Hey guys quick question,I am planning a trip with some friends to san felipe for a week in November. I have never fished there and was wondering if anyone has any advice as to where to fish? I will be taking my 21 parker so I have plenty of range, thanks in advance!
  39. blubby07

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Did my annual trip to fish Miguel with friends. Got to my timeshare in Oxnard and my buddy who just took delivery of his brand new boat from Canada says come check it out. I tell him I'm gonna fish my 21 Parker and he says let's take mine so ....ok cool and off we go and my friend who lives in...
  40. blubby07

    Can you reccomend a satellite phone?

    Thinking about finally getting a sat phone and have no idea where to start, can anyone reccomend one their happy with? Basically I just need it to text and make a call to the wife and other fishing buddys. Hoping to stay somewhere around $500 or so. Thanks in advance
  41. blubby07

    Offshore Bluefin/yellowfin location

    left Oside and headed to the 209 parking lot with 50 other boats and decided to go in a direction where I couldn't see any boats. Long story short massive amounts of bluefin/yfin foaming on anchovy under white tornadoes. At one point my little 21 cc was completely engulfed with huge 100/200 lb...
  42. blubby07

    Offshore Not the biggest but the biggest for me!

    After 7 trips this year and about 900 miles I finally landed my personal best just 11nm out of Oceanside/Carlsbad. Not sure of the weight ? After running and gunning throwing everything at em we decided to just drift and long soak a Big Mack it bit 60lb mono on a slow retrieve. Right at color...
  43. blubby07

    Lenco trim tab control box buzzing

    went fishing the other day and all of the sudden my trim tabs no longer work. I have new actuators and everything was working fine. Now when I hit the switches I hear the control box buzzing? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for any help
  44. blubby07

    Shark identification ?

    anyone know what type of shark this is? Cute little guy, released safely:)
  45. blubby07

    Sheephead Jaws?

    Anyone know how to preserve the jaws from a large sheepshead? Ive heard of guys doing it but have never done so myself. Thanks in advance
  46. blubby07

    Great day at the islands

    Decided to get on the ling COD bite since they are spawning and trailered my boat to Santa Barbara. My buddy was visiting from Phoenix and wanted to get on the water so we told the wife see yah and had a really quick trip. We stayed at my time share at Mandalay Beach in oxnard and got up at 4Am...
  47. blubby07

    Busted at Miguel by Dfw, Sort of

    Trailered up to Santa Barbra to make my annual trip to the island for Lings. Got to the spot for limits of killer rockfish in a couple hours. Then we get boarded by fish and wildlife and were told we have 7 lings for 3 guys and have to throw one back. We explained the new limits were 3 but we...
  48. blubby07

    oceanside bait barge

    does anyone know if oceanside bait company is open on Thanksgiving? Thanks in advance
  49. blubby07

    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    Doing a 2 day trip to Miguel for lings and am planning on anchoring up to stay a night to do some hooping Doea anyone know if I can legally be in possesion of two days limits if you are fishing 2 consecutive days? I looked at the dfw book and am conrnfused?
  50. blubby07

    Headed to SCI tomorrow oct 15, question

    I see the yellowtail are biting well at Desperation reef? Is this the same as the 29 Fathom spot? Ive only fished sci once and am excited to be going tomorrow hoping to get some yellows and the bigger grade calico. Also wouldnt mind a little direction for some decent rockfish spots. thanks in...
  51. blubby07

    Offshore Tax man video as promised

    haha ch 10 news came out and interviewed me tonight at 11. Pretty girl!
  52. blubby07

    Offshore The tax man!!!!! N

    no tuna but checkout this big white shark!!!! Big big big shark!!
  53. blubby07

    Offshore How to gaff a fish

    went out with some buddys and got on the yfin. 12 out of Oside Total count for the day was 21 yfin 1 dodo. Got my buddy on video with his gaffing "skills" our poor friend Andre with the Orange hat on lost 3 fish in a row and looks like someone peed in his Cheerios.
  54. blubby07

    Offshore Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    Got to fish with my big Brother and his wife and got on the fish early. 7 nice fish in the cooler and pulled into my driveway at 815am 73 degree water found them breezing all by ourselves, chuncked and had a massive school under the boat! So much fun to see her catch her first tuna. Boats show...
  55. blubby07

    Getting blood off the deck

    Hey guys, Just wondering what you're using to get blood off your decks and up under the rails. Thanks in advance
  56. blubby07

    Offshore 8-10 oceanside quality yfin

    had an amazing day on the water for 21 yfin 25-50lbs and 1 dodo only 10 miles out of oceanside. just killer fishing all around chunk and live bait. no pics as you have seen many yfin but oceanside is loaded with fish! go get some. water was 71-72 all day, fish were on paddys, birds, and dolphin
  57. blubby07

    Offshore 181 report

    rented my boat to a nice couple who drove all the way from Redding to fish Saturday thru Monday. Saturday they landed a nice yellowfin at the 181 and today returned to catch dorado and yellow tail and saw huge spots of Big blufin that would not bite.will post tomorrows results. sorry guys but I...
  58. blubby07

    8 miles off Dolly

    8 miles off the domes 7/14 was a steady plunker bite on some nice feesh! Got spooled by some big boys. Heard some guys landing 100 plus blufin in the same spot. Ended the day with 7 blufin 1 yfin 1 dodo. Slow troll was deadly and if you have big macks it's game on with the big boys.
  59. blubby07

    Buddy boat Tuesday 14

    headed out of oceanside tomorrow. Plan is to head toward 267 and surrounding areas. Anyone else headed out that direction? Let's share some info Josh on gettin groceries 72
  60. blubby07

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Heading to Catalina at the end of the month staying at a spot called lava wall. I understand its anchoring only and you take your dingy to the beach. It's my first time on my new to me 2556 cierra. My buddys also taking his boat. Has anyone stayed here? And should i anchor both bow and...
  61. blubby07

    Can anyone help identify what outdrive I have?

    Haven't owned the boat very long and cant find any numbers on the outdrive except for whats here next to the shifting cables. I know where to fill it with new oil but cant locate the oil level plug. Thanks
  62. blubby07

    Treating your glass?

    What do you guys suggest treating your glass in your cabin with so water sheets off? I was just thinking rain-x curious to see what others suggest
  63. blubby07

    What do you think my boat is worth

    Just testing the waters to see what my Parker might bring if I sold it. 2005 21se 770 hours with yamaha 150. Pac yacht tower t-top Ray marine c80, radar autopilot. Pacific trailer Turnkey boat well maintained. I bought another boat and am curious what it might bring, 95 gallon fuel tank 35...
  64. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    Hey guys, So I installed new fuel filters on my 2004 vp 5.7 GI-E and didnt realize you should fill them with fuel before putting them back on. Now when I start the motor the rpms go up and down constantly and then it cuts out all together. Im new to the whole inboard out board motor thing and...
  65. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    So I know that Bayliner does not have the best reputation but wanted to get some feedback as this boat kinda fell in my lap. I currently own a Parker 21 cc and do some pretty hardcore offshore trips with it and love my boat but as I am getting older it wreaks havoc on my body ie 1010, lower...
  66. blubby07

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    Always wanted to fish the islands and finally was able to. Left santa barbara at 530 and headed to Miguel. Was not disapointed as we caught quality fish. Limits on lings. Huge whitefish,reds,sheephead. After a few hours i wanted to checkout the islands. Ran in tight to miguel backside of Rosa...
  67. blubby07

    Offshore Dodomania 10/18

    Fished with a buddy on his Blackman to the knoll for no life then on east see a cool guy on a striper hooked up so I asked him if we could join him. He says no paddy just lots of open water dorado.He was allready limited,troll anything hookup chum kill fish repeat, After an hour or so many boats...
  68. blubby07

    Offshore Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    Left si at 245am 2 scoops head towards d220 coridinates in pic is right on that paddy loaded w dodos water 72.5,then back to the upper 500 and inside the hidden 5 miles small paddy with more dorado then ive ever seen really fun on the popper! weird day lots of lifeless water in beetween stops...
  69. blubby07

    390/1010 area wed oct 8

    Hey guys im fishing wed leaving si at 3am anyone else gonna head south? Let me know and lets work together. Josh on gettin Groceries ch 72 and 18
  70. blubby07

    Offshore let me save you some fuel

    Left mission bay and headed to182 then onto the 43/226 and home for a big skunk. No life only micro ytail on huge paddys. Hope it helps Moral of the story is head deep south
  71. blubby07

    Buddy Boat wed 9/24

    Hey Fellas, Planning on heading south towards the hidden on wednesday leaving Si early. Anyone else going to be fishing that direction? Also open to any suggestions as to where to fish, would like to get some more eyes on the water. Josh on Gettin Groceries channel 72 then drop to the other one...
  72. blubby07

    Bluefin question

    Has anyone been stopped in mexico with bluefin onboard that you know of?
  73. blubby07

    Offshore 182 181 209 report

    Left Oside at 6am headed south 15 miles or so off La Jolla then to 182 181 209: 127 miles total and no love absolutaly no paddys offshore that we could find no life whatsoever, first time skunked on not even finding a paddy. Water ranged from 64.5-69.6 warmer up north. Did find a solo paddy off...
  74. blubby07

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    Took my boat out at 1030 this morning to just get it wet after doing all its maintenance for the first time this year. The ocean was glass so ended up heading towards the 181, about halfway there spot a small paddy and long soaked a dine on 25 lb floro and got picked up. Thought tail at first...
  75. blubby07

    Offshore Tuna Pens 9/26 long ride on a small boat but got some!

    Left the point with a scoop and a half at 630 headed south towards the knuckle. Weather was rough so we stayed closer to the coast hoping it would lay down we almost headed back but the sun started to come out and it did finally lay down. Got to the 475 and found some nice paddys but only one...
  76. blubby07

    Fishing the 238 Friday 6th. buddy boat?

    Plan is to leave mission bay around midnight and head for the 238, im on a 21 c/console and would love to share info on the water. Josh on Gettin Groceries ch 72
  77. blubby07

    slow troll live squid?

    Was wondering what is the best way to slow troll live squish ive never tried it. was gonna head to the nados friday thought I would try. or maybe just long soak on a drift? Any suggestions thanks in advance
  78. blubby07

    Offshore First tuna of the year! 7-24

    Made some squid at crystal pier and headed to the pens arrived at 430 am to some snotty weather that built all day, came back up the line at 8-9 knts miserable on a 21 cc! but got some 3 bft 1 dodo lost a couple,all came on the long soak with live squid, I pinned two on a 3/0 they seemed to like...
  79. blubby07

    Two year plan need help!

    Hey Fellas im looking to upgrade in a couple years from a 21 cc to something in the 24 - 26 ft range with some protection from the elements,as im not getting any younger and trips to the 1010 and d220 are getting really hard on me. I need something trailerable and am looking to spend under 40k...
  80. blubby07

    Took my neices fishing great day!

    Left oceanside at 1030 and headed south to ponto art reef and fished the lobster traps on some nice structure only got 2 legal fish but the sand bass and calicos along with an assortment of others were on the chew steady,there was also alot of squid in the water.These were the first fish they...
  81. blubby07

    Oside whales breaching pretty cool!

    Went out for a boat ride and some nice weather and found these two whales breaching over and over again, and super close to shore pretty awesome to see as the first one went airborn just off my bow and we didnt even know they were there! Can anyone tell what type they are?
  82. blubby07

    Offshore What is this!

    Other than awesome! Left MBay at 730 pm went to crystal pier and met up with Darryls brother Jim on the mary claire he loaded us up with squid thank you Jason and appreciate the call to stop shy of the knuckle for some larger grade ,everything was ecxactly as fish dope said, we asked for 2...
  83. blubby07

    Offshore 10-5 -12 hidden

    Left mb at 730 pm thursday and tried to make squid for my first time, it was just like fish dope said right off crystal pier 90 ft let the lights go and squid were there right away!so cool and fun to see , I had no idea how to get these guys so I tried jigging them but I had the light out and...
  84. blubby07

    Offshore 378-1010 and 60+ mile ride home in hell!

    Left the point at midnight 9-28 to nice conditions 2 scoops of the worst bait ive ever had 3 quarters rolled within the first couple hours in great conditions going about 12 knts.Arive at the 387 around 4ish and shut down for some sleep,wake up at first grey troll towards 1010 10 mins in jig...
  85. blubby07

    Offshore A Couple! Is better than none

    Left oceanside this morning and headed due west 17 miles stop on our first paddy and land a nice bull dorado and one yellow medium size,the paddy had alot ! of yellows as they would come right up to the boat,and refused to eat,chunked, slow trolled threw iron not having it.So some divers pulled...
  86. blubby07

    Offshore Heres the pics

    Killer day! So much fun and only 50+ miles give or take ! sorry for the side view , thats about how i feel right now! Still cant figure out my new Mac!
  87. blubby07

    Offshore Dorado and yellows close!

    Left oside at 6 with the best bait ive ever had .Only 3 died all day,We stayed in close 10-12 miles off shore and found a pattie off del mar with dorado and nice grade 15-20+ lbs,then up north pattys with yellows,stay Close! So many idiots running full speed up to a few feet from the kelp,Please...
  88. blubby07

    Trolling local banks on small boat

    Currently on my 21 parker I troll 3 a dorado feather a cedar plug up the middle and rapala x rap. Wanted to see what others think on local fishing for dorado yt and possibble tuna? Also do you think its best to troll from pattie to pat tie or just run and cover more water? Seems like the troll...
  89. blubby07

    sunrise to sunset!

    Left oceanside at 530 to glassy conditions headed south west. Found a kelp that produced two yellows and two dorado,yellows were medium size 10-12 lbs kelp was off del mar maybe 15 miles out. Got one dorado just slow trolling an area of hot water after seeing one jump.Ran out of beer so headed...
  90. blubby07

    Fishing 8-17 12

    Fellas I'm fishing tomorrow ,planning on a long trip out of oside down to the nine and out 10-15 miles if anyone wants to buddy boat hail on 72 delinquinsea Ive got a gut feeling its gonna be good! But Ive got a big gut! And I plan on my share of beer! Fish dope shows most fish inshore within 10...
  91. blubby07

    Giant Ray!

    My wife and i have the boat slipped in Oceanside and hung out tonight to bbq and have some cocktails.I can't possibly be on the water and not get a line wet so I toss out a dropper loop with two whole dead squid on 50 lb spectra and relax and have some cocktails , at about 8pm BAM the rod goes...
  92. blubby07

    Tweekers suck!

    Recently had my 15 year anniversary my wife bought me a fillet table for my boat one from west marine magna brand.I keep my boat at a buddys house and someone went through my boat and took it:2gunsfiring_v1:He's on two acres and the property is gated,never had a problem before. There have been...
  93. blubby07

    Offshore Local Banks showed no love,friday

    Left oceanside at 500 with a scoop of dines headed to 209 saw a marlin but it sunk out then 312,217 down to166 ,182 and all over found about 9 pattys none holding fish small pods of dolphin few and far between .Lots of whales heading south,strange as I was heading north we got fairly close to a...
  94. blubby07

    Oside hour of fun!

    Went to the spot for about an hour 630 -730 pm High tide and got my rear handed to me on a couple big waves:Exploding_Smiley:Did have fun pulling on a few fish.Used squid a coffee grinder with 6oz pyramid two dropper loops,It was pretty much steady action.couple days ago a guy was hooked up for...
  95. blubby07

    asked to move from my spot,Why?

    Today I was fishing Ponto in carlsbad . I got there about ten and found a spot with very few people and surfers,you could see huge corbina in the shallows.I started fishing the area and within a couple hours a lot more people began to show up,and started swimming etc right next to me.Then...
  96. blubby07

    Never caught mr T

    Fellas I've never landed a thresher and am desperate to do so.Its been on my list for years,I've trolled bait o matics with live mackerel from here to kingdom come, flylined macks etc. I got bit once fishing for mako in my slick on whole mackerel,Im guessing it was thresher cause I've never in...
  97. blubby07

    From the beach to my belly

    Such a nice day saturday my wife and visiting family decide to head to the beach,my brother is visiting from Phoenix to escape the heat. I rarely ever surf fish and decided to try for some surf perch had a blast walking the beaches catching a dozen or so C&R. The wife says she's starting to get...