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  1. dctalk523

    Spiking fish on sport boats

    Does anyone spike fish caught on full day sport boats before bleeding the fish and tagging the fish? Would love to hear your response. Thanks 🙏
  2. dctalk523

    Which size Duran clamp for Shimano 16a and 12a?

    Which size Duran clamp for Shimano 16a and 12a? 16a is going on a Seeker PH LM9 and 12a is going on a Seeker PH 1268. Thanks 🙏
  3. dctalk523

    New tuna cord and turks head on Seeker PH rods

    Took my Seeker PH rods to Moon and asked him to replace the stock cork tape handles w/ black tuna cord and black turks head. Rods came out clean. Thanks Moon 🙏
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    Will there be Albacore caught in 2022?

    Fingers crossed 🤞 I hope they show
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    Accurate sale @ Turners

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    Shimano Tranx 300

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Shimano Tranx 300 - Shimano Tranx 300 Learn more about this listing...
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    Fisherman Landing sale at the dock

    Anyone going? Looks like they have some sweet deals.
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    Shimano Tranx 300 ***Price reduction***

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Shimano Tranx 300 ***Price reduction*** - Shimano Tranx 300 ***Price reduction*** Learn more about this listing...
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    Islands Fury got into some Yellowtail action

    Kill box loaded w/ Yellows
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    Shimano Tranx 300

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Shimano Tranx 300 - Shimano Tranx 300 Learn more about this listing...
  11. dctalk523

    5 Laws of fishing cattle boat etiquette

    Some of you clowns need to see this video 🤡
  12. dctalk523

    Any deals at the PCS show?

    Any deals at the PCS show? I signed up for CCA and gave my ticket away to an older dude. Share what you scored.
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    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Phenix Black Diamond 868MH (2 rods) - Phenix Black Diamond 868MH (2 rods) Learn more about this listing...
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    Seeker factory rod sale

    Anyone go to the Seeker factory sale? Score any goodies? Share what you scored. Thanks.
  15. dctalk523

    Albacore in 2022

  16. dctalk523

    BFT in the surf

    Dude gaffed a BFT in the surf no need for expensive gear, jigs, and trips
  17. dctalk523

    Black Sea bass trying to eat a yellowtail

    Footage was taken on the Pursuit. Big Black Sea bass trying to eat a Yellow.
  18. dctalk523

    ***REDUCDED*** Phenix Black Diamond 868MH

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: ***REDUCDED*** Phenix Black Diamond 868MH - ***REDUCDED*** Phenix Black Diamond 868MH Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB NIB Penn Fathom 25 2 speed

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: WTB NIB Penn Fathom 25 2 speed - WTB NIB Penn Fathom 25 2 speed Learn more about this listing...
  20. dctalk523

    Replacement screws for Duran clamp where in OC

    Which hardware store in the OC carries a large selection of stainless steel screws I want to replace my Duran stock screws thanks
  21. dctalk523

    Gloomis IMX C722 ***SOLD***

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Gloomis IMX C722 - Gloomis IMX C722 Learn more about this listing...
  22. dctalk523

    Phenix Black Diamond 868MH & Newell P220F

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Phenix Black Diamond 868MH & Newell P220F - Phenix Black Diamond 868MH & Newell P220F Learn more about this listing...
  23. dctalk523

    Seeker Pinhead 1268 & LM9

    Got lucky and found and purchased these two rods to round out my pinhead set. Curious to see how y’all fish these rods. What lb test? Thanks.
  24. dctalk523

    20% off on all Irods @ Greenroom outdoors

    FYI 20% off on all Irods @ Greenroom outdoors. I saw several kaimana rods and picked one up myself. I also saw a hard to find Seeker pinhead Sd8 if anyone is looking for one. That rod won’t last long.
  25. dctalk523

    Fathom 2 speed 15XN & 25N applications?

    I have my eye on both the Fathom 2 speed 15XN and 25N. How do you guys use these reels. 15XN Im looking at as a bait reel and the 25N a 40lb reel. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks 🙏
  26. dctalk523

    2022 Shimano reels?

    Any word on new reels coming from Shimano in 2022? Thanks
  27. dctalk523

    Shimano Curado 200PG & Shimano Bantam Chronarch

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Shimano Curado 200PG Shimano Bantam Chronarch - Shimano Curado 200PG Shimano Bantam Chronarch Learn more about this listing...
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    Free Abu Garcia rod

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: Free Abu Garcia rod - Free Abu Garcia rod Learn more about this listing...
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    Tackle days

    Any “deals”? Any new gear coming from the companies that were at todays Tackle days. How was the event? Thanks for sharing.
  30. dctalk523

    What size alan wrench for large Duran clamp?

    I misplaced my alan wrench for my Duran clamp what size is the alan wrench for the outer screws thanks 🙏
  31. dctalk523

    Skiff trip?

    Any LR boats doing skiff trips for Calicos? Noticed the Shogun isn't doing these trips anymore. Thanks.
  32. dctalk523

    Islands Mission Belle Coronado’s Islands epic Yellowtail bite

    Super tired so going to make this short and sweet. Myself and 20 others went on the Mission Belle. Steve ran the boat. Went to the Coronado Island for the Yellowtail. Simply put it today was an EPIC surface iron/ lure Yellowtail bite. Everyone got limits. Stoked that I got to break in my Pinhead...
  33. dctalk523

    Offshore Tribute 8/6 paddy hopping

    Went on the Tribute on 8/5 for an overnight trip fishing 8/6. I’ve been eyeing weather reports and marine traffic hopping this trip would go offshore instead of chasing BFT. Capt Buzz (Prowler) ran the boat for this trip. Fishing was steady. 2nd and 3rd paddy stops produced Dorado and good size...
  34. dctalk523

    Fish processing for overnight trip?

    Going out on an overnight trip and want to get any fish caught processed. How does the fish drop off work at 5 star? Thanks 🙏
  35. dctalk523

    Which one of you is this part 3

    Ok which BD’er is this
  36. dctalk523

    Who has Seeker Pinhead series rods in stock?

    Which store has a good selection of the Seeker Pinhead series rods? Looking for the elusive Pinhead 93h. Thanks.
  37. dctalk523

    BX2 30 2 speed

    Would love to hear honest thoughts on this reel. How do you use the reel. Positives? Negatives? Thanks 🙏
  38. dctalk523

    Local 3/4 BFT

    Just heard the Native Son and Enterprise both got BFT and sounds like a lot of fish are in the area
  39. dctalk523

    iCast 2021 any new reels?

    Any new reels to look out for for iCast 2021?
  40. dctalk523

    Inshore 3/4 double B’s

    Took advantage of the local bass and barracuda bite. It was non stop action. Big stove pipe barracuda and mixed sand bass and calico bass. Put the hurt on them with the lead head and wham lures. I hope the local bite continues. Grew up fishing the sand bass and barracuda and it was great seeing...
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    Which one of you is this part 2

  42. dctalk523

    Which one of you is this?

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    WTB new stock Seeker Pinhead 93h rod

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: WTB new Seeker Pinhead 93h - WTB new Seeker Pinhead 93h Learn more about this listing...
  44. dctalk523

    Looking for Seeker PH 93H stock rod

    Anyone know a store that has a stock Seeker PH 93H? Went to several stores in the OC and none of them have one. Thanks.
  45. dctalk523

    Sav on tackle sale

    Sav on tackle sale 10% off reels and 15% off rods 20% off terminal gear scored a reel I needed 🙌🏼 ***forgot to mention it’s today only 8am until 12 noon I was third in line and the line wrapped around the parking lot at 7:30 am***
  46. dctalk523

    876 lb BFT caught
  47. dctalk523

    WTB sealed BNIB Shimano Tranx 500HG

    dctalk523 submitted a new listing: WTB sealed BNIB Shimano Tranx 500HG - WTB sealed BNIB Shimano Tranx 500HG Learn more about this listing...
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    $750 for a Tranx 500

  49. dctalk523

    Piscifun Alijoz Baitcasting Reels

    Anyone fish one? Thoughts? Thanks.
  50. dctalk523

    Looks like the Gailforce-Tritan sportfishing is hiring

    They're looking for a deckie/ cook. Where are all those "I want to be a deckhand" people at. Heres your shot.
  51. dctalk523

    Shimano Tranx 500 and Shimano Trinidad A out of stock

    I noticed that the Shimano Tranx 500 and Shimano Trinidad A series are out of stock at most of the large online retailers. Looks like an updated version is imminent. I know there were rumors about updates coming to the tranx 500 and trinidad a series but has anyone heard anything new? thanks.
  52. dctalk523

    Shimano Torium 40

    Shimano is dropping the 40 hga.
  53. dctalk523

    Seeker Pinhead Ulua blank colors?

    Which colors did Seeker make these blanks with? I’ve seen a red and blue but does Seeker still make these blanks in colors or was that a limited run. Thanks.
  54. dctalk523

    Vagabond Sportfishing LR Credit for sale

    ***Getting a refund***
  55. dctalk523

    Vagabond Sportfishing Long Range Credit ($587)

    Getting a refund
  56. dctalk523

    Tiburon Tranx 400 clamp kit and Trinidad 20a/16a clamp kit

    For sale Shimano Trinidad 20a/16a clamp kit. $40 each. No shipping. Located in OC but can meet in LA. Thanks. Trinidad 20a/16a clamp
  57. dctalk523

    Corey Seager & Vince Scully bobble heads

    New in box sealed Corey Seager and Vince Scully bobble heads. Will not separate. $85. Cash only. No shipping. Local transaction.
  58. dctalk523

    How to clean rod cord

    How do you all clean stains off of cord? I have some fish slime and misc stains on a few of my rods that have cord handles. Thank.
  59. dctalk523

    Blue Seeker 7x WTS blank

  60. dctalk523

    5 Star fish drop off 7-10 pm

    How does the process work? Thanks.
  61. dctalk523

    Apple IPhone 6s Rose Gold 16GB $145

  62. dctalk523

    Mission Belle 8/20

    It was a slow day for us and the rest of the fleet. Got a short Cuda and a Bonita on the Katy perry sniper. No current and water turned green. Waiting for the yft to show up.
  63. dctalk523

    Tiburon power handle for Talica 12II and Speedmaster 20 II

    wondering if the tiburon power handles will for both above mentioned reels. Thanks.
  64. dctalk523

    Liberty 6/22

    Slow day for the Yellows. Had fun w/ some cuda and bass on the first stop but slow day overall. Hands down the Liberty has the best burger for a sportboat operation. Destroyed a double patty burger w/ Swiss and enjoyed the ride.
  65. dctalk523

    $10 eBay coupon

    YUSAPPG57SPM3YQM Must purchase in app. You’re welcome.
  66. dctalk523

    Mission Belle 6/11

    Going to keep it short and sweet. Slower day at the Nados. Went 2 for 3 on the Yellows and a couple calico bass throwing the 80 gram coltsnippers. Katy perry and the sardine pattern worked well for me. Steve and crew worked hard to find the yellows. Word of advice if you go on the Belle get...
  67. dctalk523

    Enterprise 6/5

    Shake off the rust 1st trip for 2020. Who else is on this trip? Don’t forget to wear a mask 😷
  68. dctalk523

    Pierpoint & Long Beach Sportfishing get the green light

    June 3rd is the day they go out. 33 on the Enterprise seems like a lot though. $80 for full day.
  69. dctalk523

    OC landings get the green light to run

    Thunderbird and others got the green light to run. First trip is next Thursday.
  70. dctalk523

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Looks like the full day boats are charging $200. Limited to 30 for both the SD, Liberty and H&M full day boat.
  71. dctalk523

    New saltwarwer Shimano reels for 2020?

    Any new salt reels for 2020. Thanks.
  72. dctalk523

    eBay 10% off coupon

    You’re welcome
  73. dctalk523

    Fresh Unicorn Fish

  74. dctalk523

    BNIB Sealed Trinidad 16a

    ***Found one***
  75. dctalk523

    PQ got 2 BFT

    2 BFT on the PQ. One at 60lbs and another at 100lbs. This was a rock fishing trip.
  76. dctalk523

    Vagabond 3 day (8/23 - 8/26)

    Anyone else on BD on this trip?
  77. dctalk523

    Local fish smoking

    Need recommendations to get some BFT belly’s smoked. I don’t want to drive all the way to SD to get this done. Any local (LA or OC) fish smokers? Thanks in advance.
  78. dctalk523

    Beginner SUP

    Looking for a solid beginner board (non-inflatable). Looking to stay under 1k. Would love to hear some recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  79. dctalk523

    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    Got to pull on all three rods and really dig the softer tip of the predator 80 and tilefish 80. The terminator was stiff. Plan to get one of these blanks wrapped to fish 50/60 on a Talica 12. Would love to hear the pros and cons of all three blanks. Looking for an all around solid 50/60 rod...
  80. dctalk523

    Emerald colored 7x?

    Did Seeker ever produce the 7x in emerald blue/green? Thanks.
  81. dctalk523

    Marine life/ fish threatened b/c of lose of O2
  82. dctalk523

    Samsung DVD/ VCR player

  83. dctalk523

    Black Friday deals?

    Share any deals you have seen
  84. dctalk523

    Which stateroom for the Vagabond?

    Which stateroom do y’all recommend for the Vagabond? Thanks.
  85. dctalk523

    Fish w/ human face
  86. dctalk523

    Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme Marine Cooler $40

    You’re welcome
  87. dctalk523

    Berkley pro spec braid

    Would love to hear feedback on this braid? Good? Bad? Thanks.
  88. dctalk523

    Two tone Calstar 90J Mag?

    Anyone know if Calstar plans to make a two tone 90J Mag? Thanks.
  89. dctalk523

    NIB Shimano Talica 12 II

    Found one. Thanks.
  90. dctalk523

    Brown colored UC Terminator blank

    Heard that UC did a special run on the brown color for Fred Hall. Is this a one and done or does UC plan on doing more brown colored blanks. Specifically the terminator blank. Thanks.
  91. dctalk523

    Small smoker for beginners

    Looking to get a small smoker to smoke my own fish. Any recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  92. dctalk523

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    Here’s the list of boats I’m looking at for next year. Shogun Searcher Polaris Supreme Vagabond Would love to hear pros and cons. Thanks.
  93. dctalk523

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    Should I take it or leave it behind? Thanks.
  94. dctalk523

    Shortfin Mako Shark endangered
  95. dctalk523

    Anyone getting the YFT on poppers or coltsniper?

    Color? Size? Thanks.
  96. dctalk523

    Taxman sighting at Camp Pendleton
  97. dctalk523

    What size hooks for YFT?

    What size hooks are y’all using for the YFT? Thanks.
  98. dctalk523

    Pacific Queen 9/10 - 9/13 roll call

    Curious if any BDers are on this trip? Looks like the YFT and Yellows are on the bite again. Hopefully the DODOs and the BFT will be there too.
  99. dctalk523

    Problems ordering directly from Sunline

    Anyone else having problems ordering from Sunline website? Thanks.
  100. dctalk523

    Flesh eating bacteria on the rise

    Looks like the flesh eating bacteria is on the rise especially in the waters of the south and parts of Florida. The bacteria enters the body through open cuts or wounds. Obviously common sense plays a key part in prevention but curious to see what do y’all do for prevention. Thanks.
  101. dctalk523

    Icast 2019

    Icast 2019 is this Monday. Anything new from the big companies? Thanks.
  102. dctalk523

    UC Terminator or Tilefish Jr for Talica 12II?

    Which rod blank would you go with? Thanks.
  103. dctalk523

    Boat rage

  104. dctalk523

    Native Son 6/27

    Fished the Native Son today w/ 36 folks. Fished the front side of Catalina. Fishing was slow. No conditions. I went 0-3 throwing the small Megabait. Beautiful weather. I usually fish the Sportking but if the Native Son isn’t crowded w/ 90 folks I’m definitely going to fish her again.
  105. dctalk523

    Honey Seeker blanks @Islands Tackle

    FYI, for all you Seeker fanboys went to Islands today and saw a couple of honey Seeker blanks. Idk the price. You’re welcome.
  106. dctalk523

    Which UC rod for Talica 12?

    Which UC rod would you use w/ aTalica 12? 8ft or 7ft? Thanks.
  107. dctalk523

    Clamp for Tranx 300

    I need a clamp for my Tranx 300. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  108. dctalk523

    50% off on Power Pro You’re welcome
  109. dctalk523

    Which rod for Trinidad 14a?

    Which rod do y’all use for your Trinidad 14a? What lb test do y’all use? I would love to hear feedback. Thanks.
  110. dctalk523

    ICAST 2019

    Anything new and exciting coming out?
  111. dctalk523

    How to safely get rid of old fishing hooks?

    How do y’all safely get rid of old fishing hooks? Don’t want to throw them in the trash or in the ocean. Thanks.
  112. dctalk523

    Crazy Ass Charter Capt
  113. dctalk523

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    How will the imposed tariffs impact fishing tackle and terminal gear? Everything going up 25%?
  114. dctalk523

    Which Turners has large selection of Californian Tri-Helix rods?

    Like the title says which Tuners has a large selection of the Californian Tri Helix rods? I live in Los Angeles so local stores please. Thanks.
  115. dctalk523

    Shimano Teramar tmc 90mhb

    Please delete. Thanks.
  116. dctalk523

    Boat launch gone wrong
  117. dctalk523

    Calcutta jig bag or Maguro jig bag?

    Going to purchase one, which bag would y’all go with? Thanks.
  118. dctalk523

    Legends of the Freelance

    Noticed Angler Chronicles taped an episode called the Legends of the the Freelance. Decided to watch it. Good episode w/ lots of vintage footage of previous Capts and crew and history of the Freelance.
  119. dctalk523

    Mission Belle 5/14 Coronados Yellows

    Going to make this short and sweet. Went on the Mission Belle w/ 20 others. Yellows went off the previous day and I wanted in on the action. Morning was a little slow w/ ones and twos. Captain constantly searched to find the right school. 4th stop of the day it went wfo. Everyone on had bent...
  120. dctalk523

    Belt for pliers and cutters.

    What do y’all use for a belt for holding your plier sheath? Thanks.
  121. dctalk523

    Fish processing for SD 3/4 day boats

    Does 5 star and other fish processors provide fish processing for 3/4 day boats? Looking at going on a 3/4 day trip and want to get fish processed. Thanks.
  122. dctalk523

    New reels from Shimano for 2019?

    Anyone hear anything? Thanks.
  123. dctalk523

    Sushi making classes in Los Angeles?

    Looking for recommendations for sushi making classes in LA. Thanks.
  124. dctalk523

    Fish processing in LA?

    Any fish processing places in LA? Thanks.
  125. dctalk523

    New Capt running the Sportking?

    Did the Sportking get a new Capt? Capt Dan? What happened to Bruce?
  126. dctalk523

    What happened to the Shimano forum?

    Noticed the Shimano forum is gone. Where did it go?
  127. dctalk523

    Colt snipper and popper recommendations for YFT?

    What size/ weight colt snipper and popper would you guys recommend for the YFT? Doing my due diligence for my trips in September. Thanks.
  128. dctalk523

    Pursuit w/ 10 yellows fishing at Cat

    i just heard a recording that the Pursuit has 10 yellows fishing at Cat.
  129. dctalk523

    PQ 3day 9/10-9/13

    After going back and forth about doing this trip I finally pulled the trigger and booked this 3 dayer on the PQ. Curious to see if any BD’ers are on this trip? Looking forward to the YFT and Yellowtail bite. Went on the PQ last year in July and hooked and landed the fish of a lifetime.
  130. dctalk523

    Baja coast late May

    Eyeing the late May Baja coast trip on the Tomahawk. Thoughts regarding how conditions and bite is in along the coast during late May. Thanks.
  131. dctalk523

    Skipjack inside Pierpoint Landing

  132. dctalk523

    Shimano How to remove fine/ light scratches on the exterior of my Trinidad reel?

    Looking for ideas or recommendations on how to remove fine/ light scratches on the exterior of my Trinidad reel Thanks.
  133. dctalk523

    Best method for removing fine/ light scratches on reels?

    Looking for ideas or recommendations on how to remove fine/ light scratches on the exterior of reels? Reels are metal body. Thanks.
  134. dctalk523

    What trips are you doing in 2019?

    Personally I’m eyeing two trips on the PQ and will fish the local sport boats. Wanted to do a LR trip but timing is an issue.
  135. dctalk523

    Replace M1 stock grip?

    Looking into replacing the stock foam grip on my M1 rods. Is this possible w/ reel seat in place? Also will this null the rods warranty? Thanks.
  136. dctalk523

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    I’m eyeing a 7 on either the RP or Vagabond. What about y’all?
  137. dctalk523

    Teen review?

    Any one get their Tern? Care to share your thoughts? Pictures? Thanks.
  138. dctalk523

    Mint Calstar 196-8 (10-25)

  139. dctalk523

    Colored UC blanks

    Besides the white and black blanks, does UC make blanks in different colors (no painted). Thanks.
  140. dctalk523

    New w/ Tags Daiwa Tactical Jig Tote Bag

    New w/ tags Daiwa Tactical Jig tote bag and new Daiwa cap. $30. Price is firm. Local transactions only. Thanks.
  141. dctalk523

    Which ATD for the local cow BFT?

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  142. dctalk523

    Interesting new boat
  143. dctalk523

    Condor or Tomahawk?

    Eyeing a multi day trip on either the Condor or Tomahawk. Which boat should I go with? Thoughts? Thanks.
  144. dctalk523

    Accurate Valiant 600 vs Shimano Talica 20?

    Would love to hear the pros and cons for both reels. Thoughts? Thanks.
  145. dctalk523

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Anyone have info on what’s going on w/ Cousins? I read they’re out of business. Any truth to this? What happens to the warranty on rods? Thanks.
  146. dctalk523

    Offshore Pacific Queen 7/24-7/27

    Going to make this short and sweet. Trip was sponsored by Daiwa (thank you Frank for the AWESOME give aways and your help). Had 28 on the boat. Day one was spent on BFT grounds and day two was paddy fishing down south. I was fortunate enough to land a MONSTER BFT on the first day of fishing. I...
  147. dctalk523

    Loaner gear on PQ

    Anyone use the loaner gear on the PQ? Does Fisherman Landing have loaner gear? Experience? Thanks.
  148. dctalk523

    How are they getting the schoolie tuna?

    I have a three day trip next week on the PQ. How are they and the fleet getting the school ie BFT and YFT. Bait? Coltsnipers? Surface iron? Thanks.
  149. dctalk523

    PQ July 24-27 Three Day?

    Any one on BD on this trip? Hope the tuna go off.
  150. dctalk523

    Terminal Tackle for 3 day?

    I have a 3 day on the PQ coming up. Would love to her recommendations and suggestions on hook size, line, lure and any other insights for preparing for this trip. Thanks.
  151. dctalk523

    Sportking 7/11

    Went out on the Sportking w/ 13 on board. Fished Cat. Bait was dines, live squid and fresh dead. While picked up live squid saw a massive school of Yellows foaming on the micro bait. Neat sight. First stop got 4 Calicos on the rubber. Next stop it was WFO on the big Calicos. Easy limits for the...
  152. dctalk523

    Offsite parking option for Fisherman Landing

    What options do I have for offsite parking for an upcoming multi day trip going out of Fisherman’s Landing? Thanks.
  153. dctalk523

    NIB Penn Fathom 40 LD 2 Speed

    NIB Penn Fathom 40 LD 2 speed. $220. Firm. No shipping. Local transaction. Thanks.
  154. dctalk523

    Sportking 7/2

    Tired so it’s going to be short and sweet. Fished Cat w/ 34. Fished the front and back. Boat got 4 big yellows all on dines. Fished the bow to avoid the cluster. Threw the small megabaits and rubbers. Lots of short bass and small Cuda. Kept a bone and two legal Calicos. Wind picked up in the...
  155. dctalk523

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    Saw this on Facebook. Be careful when throwing the iron. With the local bite picking up and crowded sport boats more will try to throw the iron w/o giving a heads up. Heck, even on my trip yesterday, had some kids trying to throw iron w/o giving a heads up. BE CAREFUL!
  156. dctalk523

    Sportking 6-25

    Fished Cat. Bait was chovies and dines. Had decent fishing. Fished the bow and threw the rubber and small mega bait. Landed a legal Cuda on the megabait and got two legal Calicos on the rubber. Lots of shorts thrown back. Wind picked up in the afternoon. Good times on the Sportking.
  157. dctalk523

    Shimano Getting reels serviced at headquarters

    Wondering if I can call and make an appointment to bring in my reels for service at Shimano headquarters? Would appreciate any info on how to bring my reels in for service. Thanks.
  158. dctalk523

    Fortune 2 day (6/18-6/20)

    Fished the Fortune on a 2 day San Clemente Island freelance. Went out with 12 guys. Trip was sponered by Okuma. Got a free hoodie. Going to keep this short and sweet. Fishing was slow. Trip finished with 2 Yellows, 4 WSB and couple of Calicos. Although the fishing was slow, the food was great.
  159. dctalk523

    Hook Up Baits?

    What is the buzz/ hype behind these baits? Thanks.
  160. dctalk523

    Sportking 6/14

    Going to make this short and sweet. Fished Catalina w/ 25 people. Bait was pinhead chovies, sardines, and live squid (we all chipped in for the candy). I fished the bow and tossed the small 1 ounce mega baits, colt snipper type jigs and small irons. It was all you wanted Bonita. Absolutely...
  161. dctalk523

    Misc Leadheads

    Misc leadheads for sale. $12 for all. No shipping. Thanks.
  162. dctalk523

    Rod socks recommendation

    Anyone use rod socks for your rods? Looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  163. dctalk523

    How to clean/ take care of leather plier holster?

    How do y’all clean and take care of your leather plier holster? Thanks.
  164. dctalk523

    Tips for Fortune 2 day (6/18 - 6/20)

    I have a 2 day on the Fortune on 6/18 - 6/20. First time on this boat. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the boat and crew. Any tips for the boat would be appreciated. I am looking forward to this limited load (14 ppl) Okuma sponsored trip. Thanks.
  165. dctalk523

    Need longer screws for Tiburon Tranx 500 rod clamp

    I need your help BD. The stock screws that came with the Tiburon Tranx 500 rod clamp are SHORT. I need longer screws. The reel is going to go on a Calstar 100J-Mag. Where can I get the longer screws and what screw type do I need. Thanks for your help.
  166. dctalk523

    Sportking 6/4

    Going to make this short and simple. Went on the Sportking and fished Cat. Fished the backside starting from the Westend. Overall fishing was ok. First stop was steady fishing for Calicos (shorts), Yellows, and Bonitas. After that it was slim pickings for Yellows thanks to the seals. Fun times.
  167. dctalk523

    Brand new w/ tags Phenix M1 SMX-82H

    ***SOLD. Mods please delete***
  168. dctalk523

    Fortune 6/18 - 6/20

    Anyone on this trip?
  169. dctalk523

    Ebay & Woodbury Outfitters coupon

    You’re welcome. Ebay 15% off - PMEMDAY Woodbury 20% off - GLADTOMEETYOU630
  170. dctalk523

    Fathom 12

    Purchased the 12 recently and would love to hear feedback on the reel for those who have the reel. Thanks.
  171. dctalk523

    ICAST 2018

    Anyone hear anything about new saltwater reels coming out? Thanks.
  172. dctalk523

    Rod wall mount?

    Looking for a non wood wall mount for my rods. Can anyone point me to the right direction. DIY? Appreciate the insights. Thanks.
  173. dctalk523

    35lb test vs 40lb test?

    I noticed sunline makes 35lb test line. Has anyone used it before? Looking for some feedback on the 35lb test line. Thanks.
  174. dctalk523

    X-wrap come in different colors?

    I have only seen the color black. Wondering if it comes in different colors? Looking into putting it over stock rod grips. Thanks.
  175. dctalk523

    Wham lures

    Read that the wham fisheez are back in production. Anyone have information or contact for purchasing the lures.
  176. dctalk523

    OCT Jigs?

    Anyone use these jigs before? Thoughts? Thanks.
  177. dctalk523

    Fred Hall day one thoughts

    After a hiatus from the Fred Hall show, I decided to check out this years show. If you plan on going to the show and want to save on parking, I found public parking for $5 on Pine and 4th. Parking lot is walking distance from the convention center. I didn’t buy anything. Just walked around and...
  178. dctalk523

    Upgrade or modification to Penn Fathom 40 2-speed?

    What upgrade or modifications do y’all recommend doing on the Penn Fathom 40 2-speed? Thanks.
  179. dctalk523

    New BD t-shirts?

    Any new bd t-shirts coming out for the fred hall show? Thanks!
  180. dctalk523

    Which UC rod for fathom 40 2-speed?

    Which UC rod do y’all recommend? I would love to hear insights and suggestions. Thanks.
  181. dctalk523

    Question about Phenix M1 inshore rods?

    I have my eyes on a Phenix M1 Phenix SMX-90H and SMX-90M. What pound test would y’all fish with each rod? Thanks!
  182. dctalk523

    Grundens for multi-day trips?

    Anyone wear grundens during multi-day trips? Thoughts? Thanks.
  183. dctalk523

    Shimano Which Trinidad A handle for Tranx 300 & 400?

    I’m looking to switch out my Tranx 300 and 400 handle out for the Trinidad a handle. Need input on which Trinidad a handle to switch out to for the Tranx 300 and 400. As always thanks.
  184. dctalk523

    Thoughts on these UC blanks for solid 50lb set up?

    I would love to hear your thoughts regarding the below UC blanks. Eye balling a solid all around 50lb set up. Thanks. US 70XH CE 700XH CP 70H-F
  185. dctalk523

    GoPro etiquette on boat?

    I plan to use my GoPro on several planned trips. I plan to mount the GoPro on the bow or stern. I would love to hear from those who have mounted GoPros on sport boats. Common sense is to be practiced but are there other rules or etiquette for GoPros on sport boats? Thanks.
  186. dctalk523

    Which bunk on the PQ?

    Booked a 3 day on the PQ. Which bunk should I request? Thanks!
  187. dctalk523

    Tilapia skins for 3rd degree burns on bears

    Fascinating story about tilapia skins used to heal severe 3rd degree burns on bears.
  188. dctalk523

    Which UC rod for all around 50lb test?

    Need some recommendations. Thanks.
  189. dctalk523

    Valiant 400 or 500 for 50lb rig?

    Eyeing an all around 50lb rig. Eyeing either the 400 or 500 as for reel. Which reel would be better? Thoughts? Thanks.
  190. dctalk523

    What you getting at Fred Hall 2018?

    What do y’all plan on purchasing?
  191. dctalk523

    Thoughts/ experiences on the Eclipse (Tommahawk), Pacific Queen, and Condor?

    Looking for past experiences from anglers who went on either the PQ, Eclipse and Condor? Good? Bad? Thanks.
  192. dctalk523

    Pacific Queen 2018 Summer Schedule?

    When will the PQ release their 2018 Summer schedule? Anyone have the inside knowledge of how their Summer schedule will look like? Thanks.
  193. dctalk523

    New Shimano reels for 2018?

    Any new Shimano gear coming out for 2018? New Trinidads? Rumors? Thanks.
  194. dctalk523

    3 idiots dragging shark

    Really sad.
  195. dctalk523

    3 day Shogun and Vagabond trips

    Interested in doing several 3 day trips on the Shogun and on the Vagabond. Eyeing the March, April and May trips on the Gun and the June and July trips on the Vagabond. What can I expect during these trips? Suggestions on gear? Thanks in advance.
  196. dctalk523

    Calstar Btg 6490 mag?

    Any info on this blank? Thanks in advance.
  197. dctalk523

    Shimano Shimano authorized reel maintenance shop

    Where do y'all take your Shimano reels for service?
  198. dctalk523

    Seeker glass 540?

    Anyone have information on the new Seeker glass 540? Thoughts? Thanks.
  199. dctalk523

    NIB Shimano Curado PG w/ NIB 30lb Green Maxcuatro

    Reel is brand new in box. Reel comes w/ new in box 30lb green maxcuatro line. 150 yard spool. $170 for everything. Will ship on your dime.
  200. dctalk523

    Shimano Torium 14hga

    Looking nice.
  201. dctalk523

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    Fished w/ 60 others on the Sportking. We fished Catalina. Avoided the clusterfuck that was going on in the stern. I fished the bow throwing the blue/white iron and megabait jigs. Landed a Yellowtail and a couple of big Bonita. Last stop threw the green wham and landed a nice Calico that was...
  202. dctalk523

    Shimano 2017 Shimano Curado

    Here you go.
  203. dctalk523

    Sportking fishing @ Catalina Island 6/21

    Fished Catalina Island on the Sportking. Only 25 anglers. Fished the front side. Good yellowtail bite. Landed 4, one on the green wham lure and three on the sumo 1 blue and white iron. Broke in my Tranx 300 and 400. Sweet reels. Last stop was wide open on the calicos. Lots of shorts with a few...
  204. dctalk523

    Shimano Torium 14hg?

    Possibility we see this reel in the near future?
  205. dctalk523

    Long cardboard rod tube

    Looking for a place where I can purchase long cardboard rod tubes. 8-10 1/2 foot in length and 3-5 inch diameter. Any recommendations or businesses where I can purchase the tubes? Thanks in advance.
  206. dctalk523

    Berkely Nanofil?

    Has anyone used the line? Thoughts? Comments? Thanks.
  207. dctalk523

    Shimano Reel cover sizing for Tranx 300 and Tranx 500?

    What size do y'all use for Shimano branded reel covers for Tranx 300 and Tranx 500? Thanks in advance.
  208. dctalk523

    Reel cover/ jacket for Tranx 500

    Which reel covers/ jacket do y'all use? Recommendations? Thanks.
  209. dctalk523

    Seeker white tiger w/ blue tint?

    Does the white tiger blank come in a blue tint? Thanks.
  210. dctalk523

    Which UC rod for Tranx 400?

    Which UC rod (9ft) do y'all recommend for the Tranx 400? Thanks in advance.
  211. dctalk523

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier
  212. dctalk523

    New blue color from Seeker?

    Saw this rod on Seekers Facebook page. Is this a new color for Seeker? Thanks.
  213. dctalk523

    Shimano Tranx 300

    Here it is
  214. dctalk523

    Feedback regarding the Shogun

    I'm eyeing a 5 day trip on the Shogun. Would love to hear feedback and experience from those who have been on the boat for a trip. Thanks!
  215. dctalk523

    Which 9ft UC rod for Shimano Tranx?

    Going to fish w/ 65lb PowerPro. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  216. dctalk523

    Shimano ICAST 2016 is tomorrow, what new gear will we see?

    Reels? The mythical TN40 or Tranx 400? Thoughts?
  217. dctalk523

    Purple colored Seeker blanks?

    Does Seeker still make the purple colored blanks? Does Seeker make the Ulua blank in purple? Thanks.
  218. dctalk523

    Purple colored Seeker blanks?

    Does Seeker still make the purple colored blanks? Does Seeker make the Ulua blank in purple? Thanks.
  219. dctalk523

    Shimano Straight 20lb Power Pro on Curado 200?

    Thoughts? Super slick or something else? Thanks.
  220. dctalk523

    Shimano Curado for $125 @ Sports Chalet Burbank.

    Decided to see what kind of goodies I can get at Sports Chalet Burbank. Everything is 30% off. Picked up a Shimano Curado 200PG for $125. They have 5 left. Hurry up and grab one while you can. Picked up some miscellaneous hooks and leadheads. Wait wasn't long.
  221. dctalk523

    Super Seeker 6500-10

    Thoughts? Feedback? Looking at this rod for surface iron fishing 40lb. Thanks.
  222. dctalk523

    Super Seeker 6500-10 vs Ulua 100

    Thoughts on the blanks/ rods. Which blank would be ideal for 40lb test? Thanks!
  223. dctalk523

    Which United Composite rod fishing 40 lb test w/ Talica 8 2 speed?

    Which United Composite rod fishing 40 or 50 lb test w/ Talica 8 2 speed? Thanks in advance.
  224. dctalk523

    Different blank colors for United Composite?

    Wondering if United Composite made different colors for their blanks besides the black and white. Thanks in advance.
  225. dctalk523

    Shimano Updates to Talica and Trinidad line?

    Any updates to Talica or Trinidad line? Cosmetic? Design? Color? Thanks in advance.
  226. dctalk523

    Shimano Curado I series on sale

    Fyi, they're going for 149.99. Does this mean new Curado's will be coming out in the near future?
  227. dctalk523

    Fred Hall Show Day One

    I haven't been to the Fred Hall show in years. I decided to go to check out the new Shimano Toriums and pull on some blanks and rods. Heres my day one observation. - Paid $5 for parking. Win! - Used the $3 off coupon. Win! - The new Shimano Toriums are awesome. The 20 felt awesome in my hands...
  228. dctalk523

    Shimano Shimano & Icast 2014

    whats the 411 on new gear from shimano?
  229. dctalk523

    Shimano New Updated Toriums?

    Any news of a new updated torium coming out in the near future? Thanks!
  230. dctalk523

    Grenade fishing gone wrong.

  231. dctalk523

    new shimano calcutta D

    check it out. enjoy!
  232. dctalk523

    Pictures of new abu garcia reels.

    The new reels look nice. Enjoy.
  233. dctalk523

    Daiwa Lexa Inshore Reel

    Reel looks nice. 22 lbs of drag. Check it out.
  234. dctalk523

    New Leatherman Wave $60

    New in package Leatherman Wave. $60. Please email or leave a post w/ contact number. Thanks!
  235. dctalk523

    Vintage LA Dodgers & CA Angels Batting Helmet

    Vintage LA Dodgers & CA Angels batting helmets for sale. Both helmets are in great condition. $45 obo for both helmets. If interested, please leave a post. Thank you.
  236. dctalk523

    icast 2012 what new reels are coming out?

    Anyone care to share what new reels are going to come out? Thanks in advance!
  237. dctalk523

    Abu Garcia Updating Revo Stx, Sx, and S Line?

    I noticed that the revo line is on sale. Seems like stores are getting rid of inventory to make room for redesigned revo's. Anyone hear of or have info regarding an updated revo line? Thanks in advance.
  238. dctalk523

    The Impact Of The BP Oil Spill
  239. dctalk523

    Get Paid To Fish!

    Heres your chance!
  240. dctalk523

    New Shimano Torium in 2012?

    Any news/rumors for an updated Shimano Torium in 2012? Thanks!
  241. dctalk523

    Southwest Airlines Gift Card or Ticket Voucher

    Please leave a post if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  242. dctalk523

    King Tempo model 600 trumpet

  243. dctalk523

    Actiontec GT724R DSL Modem - $25

    Actiontec GT724R DSL modem for sale. Modem is in excellent, like new condition. $25. Cash only. Pick up only. If interested, please leave a post or email me with a contact number. Thanks!
  244. dctalk523

    New Torium?

    Anyone hear anything about Shimano updating the Torium series? Thanks in advance.
  245. dctalk523

    Redesigned Shimano Baitcasters?

    I noticed the Curado 50, Curado 200, Citca 200 and Chronarch are all on sale. Not trying to start rumors but it seems like Shimano is going to introduce redesigned baitcaster reels at ICAST 2011. Anyone want to chime in?
  246. dctalk523

    E21 Carrot Sticks?

    Anyone on bd use these rods? Rods look sweet and the $99 price is great but I've been hearing/reading negative stuff about the rods. Seems like the rods break easy and the company is experiencing money issue and might go under. Thoughts? Comments? Thanks in advance.
  247. dctalk523

    white seeker blanks?

    which seeker blanks are offered in white? do they make the ss-cjbf100 in white? thanks in advance.
  248. dctalk523

    is anyone a la county fire fighter on bd?

    i can sure use your help. i've got several questions about joining and the entire process. any help would be really appreciated. thanks!
  249. dctalk523

    shimano curado 500 & talica 50.

    i was watching the 11 day rp shimano trip on inside sportfishing and robby gant had a prototype curado 500 and talica 50 on board. he also had a prototype wax wing (thing was huge). has anyone heard shimano updating the torium series? just wanted to pass info along. guess i can ask at the hall show.
  250. dctalk523

    so what did you get for christmas?

    so what did you get for christmas?
  251. dctalk523

    Specs For New Seeker Hercules Rods?

    Can someone please provide specs for new seeker hercules rods. Length and line ratings would be great. Thanks in advance.
  252. dctalk523

    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee - $1500

  253. dctalk523

    Verizon Lg Dare w/Lots of Extras

    Excellent condition Verizon Lg Dare for sale. Phone comes w/ wall charger, 3 phone cases, wired ear piece, and extra screen protectors. Phone is clean and in great shape. Accessories are clean/new condition. Asking $85. If interested, please email me w/ a contact number or leave a post. Thanks!
  254. dctalk523

    1 day fishing license

    free. 1st come 1st get. leave a response and i'll get back to you.
  255. dctalk523

    1,000 species of fish

    Angler's amazing feat: 1,000 species of fish and counting
  256. dctalk523

    tn a 16 or 20 for 40?

    which trinidad a would you use for 40 (65 lb spectra & 40 floro) fishing the surface iron. reel will be mounted on a seeker cjbf100. personally i'm leaning towards the 16 a. thoughts? comments? thanks!
  257. dctalk523

    new vids on inside sportfishing site? when?

    noticed that the site hasn't been updated with new streaming videos. anyone know when they will? thanks!
  258. dctalk523

    baby ulua or ss-cjbf100?

    if you had to pick one as a primary iron stick, which stick would you go with? thoughts? comments? pros? cons? thanks!
  259. dctalk523

    Offshore 130 lb bft aboard the freedom!

    via 976-tuna. "Steve-O Harris was the lucky angler who landed this nice 130 lb. bft aboard the Freedom on their Labor Day weekend special trip. Steve pinned on a mackerel on a 5/0 circle ring hook, with 50 lb. pink yozuri florcarbon. This is the biggest fish of the season for the Freedom and...
  260. dctalk523

    how many yrds of 30 can i get?

    if a reel can hold 320 yrds of 20, how many yrds of 30 can i get? what about a reel that can hold 300 yrds of 25. how many yrds of 30 can i get? rough estimates. thanks!
  261. dctalk523

    newell blackie soon?

    rumor has it that newell will release blackies. any truth to this? thanks.
  262. dctalk523

    2011 schedule for all lr boats?

    when do the lr boats release the 2011 schedule. looking at the royal polaris, american angler, or the spirit of adventure. thanks!
  263. dctalk523

    cali gws population on the rise

    interesting read. California great white shark population on the rise, scientist says
  264. dctalk523

    is 240 yards of 30 enough line for throw'n iron?

    yes? no? thoughts? thanks!
  265. dctalk523

    herpes killing carp in echo park.

    i don't know if this was posted but it seems like herpes is killing carp in echo park. Fish Herpes: Koi Herpes Suspected in Echo Park Lake Fish Deaths - KTLA
  266. dctalk523

    free spin'n reel (2 reels) & a two piece rod.

    two spin'n reels & a two piece rod free to a kid who loves fishing. brand isn't important b/c its FREE. if you can follow the instructions below, then fire me an email and i'll respond back. 1. hand to hand transaction only. 2. kid must be present w/ you. 3. offer something free on the...
  267. dctalk523

    strictly lr or a little bit of everything?

    just curious, how many of you here just strictly fish lr & nothing else but lr. the 3/4 day & one day trips are fun but i don't want to deal w/ ______ (fill in the blank). thoughts? comments?
  268. dctalk523

    anyone use rescue tape?

    this stuff looks interesting. anyone use it? YouTube - TackleTour Video - Recue Tape. Stretch, Wrap, & Get Rescued
  269. dctalk523

    which phenix blank for throw'n iron?

    look'n @ the PSW907ML-B, PSW908MH-B, or PSW909H-B for throw'n iron on 30. thoughts? comments? thanks!
  270. dctalk523

    Great White nearly bit in 1/2 by an even BIGGER monster

    enjoy. Great White Shark bitten nearly in half by an even BIGGER monster | Mail Online
  271. dctalk523

    keep it @ 10' or cut it to 9'?

    to those who fish w/ a seeker baby ulua keep it @ 10' or cut it to 9'? the reason for cutting the blank is for transporting the rod. thought? comments? thanks!
  272. dctalk523

    new toys for icast 2010

    anyone care to share info about new items coming out for icast 2010. thanks!
  273. dctalk523

    they're here...

    cuda. seems like the lb boats are putting the hurt on them.
  274. dctalk523

    7'11" perfect length?

    don't get me wrong, i love fishing long rods, but i think fishing a 9' rod is a little to much especially for the kelp and boilers. the length is great, but you have less leverage trying to pull fish out. in my personal opinion, 7'11" is perfect. not only does it give you the ideal length but it...
  275. dctalk523

    white 3 drawer chest & white 6 drawer chest

    white 3 drawer chest & white 6 drawer chest for sale. both drawers are in excellent, clean condition and are from a non-smoking home. 3 drawer chest measures 31 1/2 x 30 x 18. asking $25. 6 drawer chest measures 31 1/2 x 18 7/8 x 48 3/8. asking $50. both drawers for $65. if interested...
  276. dctalk523


    i'm eyeing a three day trip on this boat. early may. island freelance. never rode the boat. thoughts? comment? appreciate the info. thanks in advance.
  277. dctalk523

    f/s: von zipper prowler sunglasses (non-polarized)

    brand new von zipper prowler (black satin stripes w/grey lens) sunglasses for sale. glasses come w/ all paper work and cleaning cloth. Yours for $75. i'll also consider trades. email me or leave a post. thanks!
  278. dctalk523

    all new trinidads?

    heard that a new trinidad is supposed to be released during icast 2010. anyone else hear this or know of this? seems like the reel is supposed to be thinner and like the talica. source said that he saw the prototype.
  279. dctalk523

    how would you use the talica 8/12?

    curious to know how ya'll would use the talica 8 and 12? what lb spectra and top shot? thoughts? comments? thanks!
  280. dctalk523

    sd to continue ocean disposal of sewage

    San Diego To Continue Ocean Disposal Of Sewage - why is this happening?
  281. dctalk523

    need info on phenix blank PSW906L-B

    sorry for the double post. should of posted here first. just saw this blank on phenix's site. blank looks like a sweet rubber rod. anyone pull on this blank? thoughts? comments? thanks!
  282. dctalk523

    grunden 28 bib/pants

    anyone own a pair? how are they? thoughts? comments? thanks!
  283. dctalk523

    need info on phenix blank PSW906L-B

    just saw this blank on phenix's site. blank looks like a sweet rubber rod. anyone pull on this blank? thoughts? comments? thanks!
  284. dctalk523

    what are you getting/looking forward to @ this years fred hall show?

    comments? thoughts? thanks!
  285. dctalk523

    shimano cumara reaction series rods?

    looking at the 7' 11" model. anyone have experience w/ the rod? thoughts? comments? thanks!
  286. dctalk523

    Wanted: Clippers vs Spurs (2/6) Tickets

    I'm looking for 2 tickets. Anyone have a pair for sale. Thanks!
  287. dctalk523

    Von Zipper Prowler Sunglasses

    Brand new Von Zipper Prowler (black satin stripes w/grey lens) sunglasses for sale. Glasses come with all paper work, cleaning cloth, and pouch. Yours for $75. I'll also consider trades. Looking for Clippers or Kings tickets. Email me or leave a post. Thanks!
  288. dctalk523

    how's martin (yo's tackle) doing?

    any updates? hope he's doing well.
  289. dctalk523

    where to buy dungeness crabs in la?

    where can i get dungeness crab in la? anyone have prices? thanks!
  290. dctalk523

    any update on martin?

    anyone know how martin is doing? hope he's doing well.
  291. dctalk523

    talica for throw'n iron?

    comments? thoughts? thanks!
  292. dctalk523

    Check the spline on a rod?

    In order to see if the rod has been properly splined. Thanks.
  293. dctalk523

    Monster fish killed after terrorising Swiss swimmers

    GENEVA (AFP) – Police divers have ended the reign of terror of a huge fish that was attacking swimmers in a Swiss lake. The zander, which was 70 centimetres (two feet three inches) long and weighed eight kilos (17.5 pounds), was harpooned on Sunday after it bit six swimmers over the weekend...
  294. dctalk523

    Pacific Adventure 7/2

    With decent numbers on the bass for the past two days, decided to give this boat a shot. Didn't know what to expect. Boy was I in for a surprise. First off, this boat is straight up odd. It's long and narrow. I think the stern went 14'. The boat also sits high off the water. Anyways, had 25...
  295. dctalk523

    3/4 On The Victory (6-18-09)

    Went out on the Victory. Game plan, run to Cat, get a bass, bonita, or whatever. Around 26 ppl aboard. Left late b/c some fool was running late. Picked up some nice cured chovies. Live candy and dines were already on board. Arrived to the island around 9 ish. First stop, game on. Three b's...
  296. dctalk523

    9 Foot Blanks From New GUSA?

    With GUSA up and running again, curious to see if they'll offer up 9 foot blanks? Thanks.
  297. dctalk523

    Calico Skiff Trip Aboard The Pacific Dawn?

    I happened to stumble upon the homepage of the Pacific Dawn. Seems like they did a calico skiff trip last year. Checked the boats schedule and noticed that no trip was listed for this year. If anyone can provide me with more info i'll really appreciate it. Interested on the price and how the...
  298. dctalk523

    $150 For An Overnighter?

    I haven't done an overnight trip in a long time, and I was shocked to learn that the price of an overnighter is $150! Dang, when did the price go up like that?
  299. dctalk523

    How much to replace catalytic converter for 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

    Any ideas? 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Thanks!
  300. dctalk523

    Pasadena Turners=Ghost Town

    I remember reading about Turners being in financial trouble and how the stores are empty, but wow, I didn't realize it would be a ghost town, especially the Pasadena Turners. Didn't see any Seeker, Calstar, Shimano rods. Reel selection was ok. Lures and plastics were running dry. I guess this...
  301. dctalk523

    Anyone Workout/Lift Weights?

    Just curious who on this board lifts regularly?
  302. dctalk523

    Real Life Wolverine w/Claws

    Wow. Real Working Homemade Wolverine Claws - X-Men - Video
  303. dctalk523

    Von Zipper Prowler Sunglasses

    Brand new Von Zipper Prowler (black satin stripes w/grey lens) sunglasses for sale. Glasses come with all paper work and cleaning cloth. Yours for $75. I'll consider trades. Email me or leave a post. Thanks!
  304. dctalk523

    Lil Iraqi Gangsta

    YouTube - Lil Iraqi gangster
  305. dctalk523

    2009 NFL Draft

    These teams clearly drafted well: Jets, 49er's, Green Bay, Giants and the Ravens. I think Crabtree is a steal at 10. These teams wasted their draft pick are probably going to stink and find themselves in the top of next years draft: Raiders, Chargers, Lions. Why did the Lions give a $72 million...
  306. dctalk523

    Seeker 908 In Green Super Seeker?

    Does Seeker make the 908 9' in green super Seeker? If not, what would be a comparable 9' blank thats a green super Seeker. Thanks!
  307. dctalk523

    Calico Bass For Sashimi?

    Curious to see if anyone here has tried calico sashimi? Taste? How did you prepare it? Thanks!
  308. dctalk523

    Anyone Have A Killer Recipe For Linguini Mare?

    If you do, please share. Thanks!
  309. dctalk523

    24 Hour Fitness or L.A. Fitness?

    Ok, which is a better gym to join? I don't see to many L.A. fitness gyms around L.A. (which is ironic). I've heard that L.A. fitness has better equipment/classes. 24 hour fitness seems to have more gyms around L.A. Also, how much are you paying for membership? I saw this deal at Costco for 24...
  310. dctalk523

    Need Help w/USPS (Registered Mail)

    How reliable is USPS registered mail? I ask b/c I sent a valuable item last Monday via usps registered mail. The item was being shipped to Colorado. I insured the item for $20k. It's been a week, and every time I try to track the item, nothing has been updated. I've checked for the past three...
  311. dctalk523

    New Orleans Saints Interested In Tomlinson

    Sources close to the situation have informed me that the New Orleans Saints are "looking closely" at San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson. The Saints would have a "high level of interest" if the Chargers were unable to come to terms on a new deal with Tomlinson. Tomlinson has...
  312. dctalk523

    Question About LCD Tv?

    I'm in the market for a lcd tv. I've noticed that companies don't make 32" tv's that have 1080p w/ 120 mhz. Are companies going to make smaller lcd's that have such features or I'm I stuck w/ purchasing a 40" lcd. Thanks.
  313. dctalk523

    Who Has At&t DSL?

    I'm going to be switching to at&t dsl this week. I've been paying way to much for cable ($50 a month). It's either the entry level dsl at $19 or the next level (I forget which one) at $25. Price difference is $6 a month, but thats $36 a year more for more speed. If anyone uses the above...
  314. dctalk523


    Anyone have or used the workout dvd? How are your results? Thanks.
  315. dctalk523

    How Did Bloodydecks Start?

    What's the history behind bloodydecks? How did this fishing forum get started? Seems like the majority of ya'll are from Allcoast. Please explain. Thanks.
  316. dctalk523

    Question About Local Halibut?

    I've noticed that locally caught halibut have bloody tails. Why? Thanks.
  317. dctalk523

    Best Places To Eat In So Cal?

    So since this forum is all about food, where are the best places to eat in so cal? Restaurants, bars, grills, etc. Here are my choices. Please, post away. Thanks! Burgers: Fathers Office. Office burger is mouth watering. Sushi: Midori Sushi. Tacos: Tacos Por Favor.
  318. dctalk523

    How not to get close to girls at the Hall show

    YouTube - Human toilet
  319. dctalk523

    Don't Get Chris Brown Mad...

    You'll end up like this. Sad.
  320. dctalk523

    Parenting Gone Wrong

    Video: Parenting Gone Wrong: 2 Year Old In China Smokes & Curses Like An Adult In Front Of Parents! [Shameful] I don't know what to say after watching this video.
  321. dctalk523

    Accurate 2 Speed Limited Edition (Black & Blue)=Beautiful!

    I don't know if ya'll have gotten a chance to take a look at this reel, but this is one beautiful looking reel. I'm loving the two tone colors. Perfect! Now, only if I had $600 for the reel and another $1800 for a 8 dayer. One can only wish.
  322. dctalk523

    Where Are Phenix Blanks?

    Where are the blanks made? China? USA? Thanks!
  323. dctalk523

    Shipping Guru's I Need Help With Shipping Insurance

    I need to ship something valuable. Small package. I need to insure the item for 60k. What is the best method of shipping? UPS? I noticed that USPS insures up to 25k. I also need a sig. confirm and a tracking #. Oh, and this package needs to be next day air. Thanks!
  324. dctalk523

    King Crab Legs?

    Where can I go to get a good price on king crab legs in LA? Does anyone know the price per pound right now? Thanks!
  325. dctalk523

    Recession & Fishing? Gear?

    With the economy being in the toilet and thousands of ppl no longer having jobs, how does one justify purchasing fishing equipment and going on those nice long range/2-3 day tuna trips? I've been noticing that the classified section on this board has been seeing a lot action. A lot of folks are...
  326. dctalk523

    USC Football Recruits

    Any SC football fans watch the recruiting process? Although we got some super talented freshmen coming in, we did loose Manti Te'o (To ND of all schools) and Randall Carroll (Frig'n UCLA). I thought for sure Manti Te'o would come to USC. Dude would of tore it up. Plus, look at the recent history...
  327. dctalk523

    Berkeley Fireline?

    Has anyone used this before? Good? Bad? It is pricey for a hybrid line. Looking at slapping on 20lb test on a Citica E. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  328. dctalk523

    Shimano Citica E?

    I've got my eye on this reel. Would love to get some feed back and comments about the reel from folks who own and have used the reel. Thanks!
  329. dctalk523

    Recommendations For 8' Graphite Blank?

    I need a recommendation for a 8' all graphite rod fishing 12-15lb. I don't need anything uber $. Looking for a solid blank, that'll get the job done. Thanks!
  330. dctalk523

    Sports Authority Coupon In Todays (1/24) L.A. Times

    Fyi, $25 off $100 purchase (Online Code:TSAZJPT) and $10 off on $50 purchase (Online Code:TSAZZUH). Enjoy.
  331. dctalk523

    5 Dayer On The Holiday?

    Seems like the Holiday is great boat for the 1-2 day range trips. I noticed that they offer longer trips. Price and load seems right. Anyone here going or intend to go on the longer trips that they offer? I'm tempted to go. I've already done a 5 dayer on the AA. Thoughts and comments are...
  332. dctalk523

    Pac-Man, how many chances do you need?

    As many of you know, Adam "Pac-Man" Jones was released by the Cowboys this past weekend. Seems like Mr. Jones still hasn't learned anything from his year long suspension from the NFL. According to ESPN, Jones is once again being investigated for off the field conduct (paying his "friend" for a...
  333. dctalk523

    Help, I'm Looking For A Non-Profit Administrative Position

    I'm hoping someone can help. I'm looking for a non-profit administrative position. Hoping someone on this board has connections and knows of an organization that needs administrative help. Thanks in advance.
  334. dctalk523

    Picture Request Of Baby Ulua

    Can anyone with a baby ulua, pls take a picture of the blank or the actual rod. Both would be great. Thank you much!
  335. dctalk523

    Echo Park Being Drained?

    I remember hearing and reading an article regarding the future drainage of echo park. With the states budget crunch, doubt that this will happen any time soon. Any else hear anything about echo park being drained.
  336. dctalk523

    Mark Teixeira Is A Yankee!

    As if the rich need to be any richer. Cnn/SI is reporting that the Yankees are going to sign Mark Teixeira to a 8yr $180 million dollar contract. Have the Yankees forgotten that we're currently in a recession? How in the world can this team sign all these players? I was hoping Teixeira would...
  337. dctalk523

    Any New Reels Coming Out Soon?

    Shimano? Daiwa? Anything? Thanks!
  338. dctalk523

    Calico Fridays On The Eldorado?

    Seems like the Eldorado is running island freelance calico bass trips every Friday. Has anyone been on a trip? Thanks!
  339. dctalk523

    Does Anyone Watch Whale Wars?

    I just finished watching an episode of Whale Wars on the discovery channel. I must say that it's an interesting show. So, I have a question regarding the topic of whale hunting? Is there no limit or restriction of intake of whales for consumption or "research"? If the Japanese and other...
  340. dctalk523

    25% Off Sports Authority Coupon

    Fyi, todays L.A. Times has a 25% Off Sports Authority Coupon. Restrictions on Shimano and Penn items. Enjoy.
  341. dctalk523

    Need info on the "baby ulua"

    Whats the line rating for this rod? Is this blank a 10'? What colors does the blank come in? Thanks in advance.
  342. dctalk523

    Info and pics of new Shimano Curado and Citca

    Here you go. Shimano new 2009 Curado
  343. dctalk523

    Baby Ulua?

    Is this blank out? Anyone have info on length and line rating for the rod? thanks in advance.
  344. dctalk523

    Poodle grip an overkill on 9' rod?

    I realize that there are many advantages poodle grip'n a rod. Would poodle grip'n a 9' rod be an overkill? Opinions? Thanks!
  345. dctalk523

    Help with lcd hd tv purchase.

    Going to get an lcd hd tv for my parents. Tv is going to be 1080. Size wise tv is going to be 40 or 42 inches. I've been doing a little research, and narrowed it down to a Sharp Aquas. Read somewhere that Sony and Lg buy their lcd panels from Sharp. Anywho, for those that have an Aquas, how do...
  346. dctalk523

    SCI conditions late april, early may?

    Generally, how are the conditions at SCI during late April and early May? I realize that the time frame is considered early spring and it's all up to the weather and water conditions, but generally speaking, what should one expect. Thanks!
  347. dctalk523

    Anyone work at sports chalet?

    Whats the return policy without a receipt? Got two corvalus reels as a gift and did not get a gift receipt. Store credit? Thanks!
  348. dctalk523

    Pink avets?

    I recently saw pink colored avets and thought the color looked dope. Would ya'll fish pink colored avets? Thanks!
  349. dctalk523

    How long are your rods?

    Do ya'll who kayak have separate gear for sport boats and kayak'n? How long are your rods when fishing off a yak? I would think longer rods would be a waste. Thoughts? Comments? As usual, thanks!
  350. dctalk523

    Fred Hall 1st Night Report?

    For those who went to the show the 1st night, please report how the show went. Any "deals"? What was the early bird prize at the Big 5 booth? Play with any reels or rods that wow'd you? Anyone get to pull on the new Phenix rods? Post away. Thanks!
  351. dctalk523

    Phenix Rods?

    I've heard the rumors, visited the website, and excited to see that phenix rods is coming back with all new rods. Logo for phenix looks awesome. Now heres my question. A while back, I remembered phenix offered custom wrap'd rods. Will they do this again? Can someone also let me know more info...
  352. dctalk523

    Anyone need extra crew for Friday?

    Itch'n to go out. I know my stuff. Will help clean boat and chip in for gas and bait. Would love to put the beat down on local bass. Thanks!
  353. dctalk523

    Anyone watch Tred Barta?

    Just finished watching an episode in which Mr. Barta runs out solo to some canyon in the Eastcoast. Landed himself a nice yft. Man, that guy is intense! He reminds me of Bruce, who runs the Sportking. Anyone else watch his shows?
  354. dctalk523

    Looking for a ride this coming up week...

    anyone going out this coming week? looking for a ride. been out with lal on his rubber ducky before. have done numerous local trips, overnighters and have a 5 day under my belt. i know my stuff. if you do have space, let me know. haven't been on the water for a while. thanks!
  355. dctalk523

    Anyone have a largemouth or smallmouth as a pet?

    How big is your tank? Temp of the water? What do you feed it? Thanks.
  356. dctalk523

    Any police officers on this forum?

    I'm thinking about joining the force. Still in the early stages. Any tips that ya'll can give me would be great. How long do you have to be a beat cop before you can move on to something else. Looking at being a helicopter pilot or harbor patrol. Thanks in advance.
  357. dctalk523

    tn 16 narrow?

    i was looking at this reel and thought why not load it up with spectra and top shot of mono and use it for surface irons. what do ya'll think? comments? thanks in advance.
  358. dctalk523

    does a rod really need a foregrip?

    so i've been noticing that more and more ppl are getting rods that don't have foregrips. heck, many ppl don't even have rear grips. many are opting out for the poodle grip style. i'm one that sees no point of a foregrip. this is strictly speaking for local stuff. now what do ya'll think...
  359. dctalk523

    what happened to the penn 505hs?

    why did penn stop making this reel? i know that they still make the 501. wonder if penn will ever make the 505hs again. i realize that shimano, daiwa, and many others are taking a large share of the fishing reels with consumers, however i still see room for the 505hs. dang shame this reel isn't...
  360. dctalk523

    single wrap vs double wrap?

    i'm on the verge of getting a rod wrapped soon. need your thoughts about whether to go single wrap or double wrap. rod is going to be used for inshore duties. local bass and barries. stuff like that. fishing 15-20 lb test. thoughts? thanks in advance!
  361. dctalk523

    Does anyone live in Calabasas?

    I have a questions to ask if you do. Can you please pm me. Thanks!
  362. dctalk523

    Need comment/thoughts for potential rod

    I narrowed my choices down for a 9' rubber rod. It's going to be the Seeker 908 blank. Most likely going to go with fuji alconite guides. Single wrap'd. Poodle grip w/hypolon grips. Going to strap the Shimano Curado 300 and fish 15 lb test. What do ya'll think? My only concern is the backbone of...
  363. dctalk523

    Suggestions for a 9' rubber rod?

    What would ya'll recommend? Need something light. Don't see to many graphite blanks that are 9'. Going to use it for throwing rubbers. Planning on wrapping it with no foregrip. Perhaps poodle grip the blank to reduce weight. Any info/suggestions will greatly help. Thanks in advance!
  364. dctalk523

    e21 carrot stix?

    Anyone get a chance to use one? Read about the rods, but trying to get more info. More info on these rods will help. Thanks in advance.
  365. dctalk523

    Need tips for trout gear.

    Long time reader, first time posting on this site. Hello to all. I need some tips regarding trout gear. I really want to go and fish mammoth/owens river areas this coming up spring/summer. I need some help/suggestions on gear. Generally, what lb test should I stick with when fishing this area? I...