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  1. palella09

    Offshore New Lo Ann 5/20

    That kid will remember you for the rest of his life. Way to create some memories!
  2. palella09

    Offshore Fortune 1.5 Day 5-20

    Way to stay persistent!
  3. palella09

    Offshore Intrepid 3 day. 5/15-18

    Nice write up! How was the fishing from midnight to sun up?
  4. palella09

    Offshore 1.5 on the Independence, 5/3-5/22

    The memories of your pops happy as hell are priceless. WTG
  5. palella09

    Osprey Farpoint Travel Packs (2)

    Do you know what model the 55 is?
  6. palella09

    Offshore INTREPID 04.24-04.26.2022

    Way to get people on some fish. Good karma!
  7. palella09

    Offshore New lo -Ann 4/22 1.5 day

    I hope no one slept early and slept through the bite
  8. palella09

    WHY flatfall at night?

    If the bite is slow don't be afraid to change it up
  9. palella09


    Camping at June! Hopefully Virginia Lakes are still frozen over for some ice fishing
  10. palella09

    Islands One for the Books 4/9/22

    Nice write up. Such a fun place to dive
  11. palella09

    Offshore 1.5 day Shogun 4/7 Bluefin limits

    Glad you got em... But am I the only one to wanted to see a picture of the hook?
  12. palella09

    16 OZ Sinker lot

    Bump! Picked up from Jer this morning. Solid seller, quick and easy.
  13. palella09

    Kernville Trout Derby 2022

    Looks fun but I've never fished there. How's the fishing from shore?
  14. palella09

    Frozen Fish near Tahoe 2/18

    Sweet deal, fresh caught and right on ice!
  15. palella09

    Bishop Area Trout Report

    Brown trout. Brookies have a white edge on their ventral and anal fin. Nice catch regardless!
  16. palella09

    Offshore Aztec Nov. 1-4

    Nice boomerang, I mean knife jig!
  17. palella09

    Penn Fathoms 30LD2 For Sale

    Willing to make the drive if anyone flakes and one is still available.
  18. palella09

    Eastern Sierra-Upper Twin-Bridgeport

    What a stringer!
  19. palella09

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Stop by the troutfitter in mammoth, they'll give you the latest info on the surrounding areas! I always spend a couple bucks on a pack of hooks/powerbait and thats usually enough to point you in the right direction.
  20. palella09

    Offshore Welcome to cow town 9-23,24,25th

    You both are wild! The stars definitely aligned for y'all.
  21. palella09

    Using Jumbo squid at Tanner?

    The one time I brought the jumbo squid we didn't make it to the grounds due to weather. Hopefully we get some good insight!
  22. palella09

    Offshore 9/22 - 3 day on Polaris Supreme

    Someone get the man a back brace, he's carrying the boats fish count on his back!
  23. palella09

    Offshore 3.5 Day on the Islander - Video - Night Fishing BFT

    Hell of a trip, and hands down one of my favorite crews!
  24. palella09

    Offshore Poseidon 1.75 Day 9/15/21 Ticket to Cow Town

    You're a better man than most. Good on you!
  25. palella09

    Offshore Liberty 2 Day (9/12 - 9/14)

    That's an epic trip. Thank you for the intel and happy belated!
  26. palella09

    Whiskey selection

    Only heard good things of the Casa Dragones. Good luck with sale 👌
  27. palella09

    Offshore I wish the albacore would come back

    Better luck next time, I wish I struck out like that!
  28. palella09

    Offshore Islander 3-day 9-3 to 9-6

    Bottom of the 9th walk off. Way to go!
  29. palella09

    Mahi Mahi recipes

    Coconut panko crusted mahi fried in a shallow pan. Mix panko crumbs and dried coconut flakes along with any other spices you like!
  30. palella09

    Offshore 8/19 -22 Vagabond: That's gotta hurt

    You have a way with words.. but good lord, your boy is a champ! That first picture looks awful
  31. palella09

    Offshore Got lucky 8/20

    That's a haul! Lucky rookies
  32. palella09

    Offshore 8/17 O-95

    Trifecta, you betcha
  33. palella09

    Islands Coronados on the San Diego 8/18

    Hard to beat that! Way to get em!
  34. palella09

    Favorite 25-30lb bait stick?

    Mega with a Fathom 12 SD. Love it!
  35. palella09

    Mountain Bike

    Dang, one size too small. GLWS
  36. palella09

    Offshore 8/6 double limits plus BFT

    Thank you for the intel! What size bft?
  37. palella09

    Offshore New Ride - Same Old Kids

    Not much better than seeing the boys with a smile on their face. Hell of a job pops!
  38. palella09

    Offshore Victory 3/4 day, Tuna or bust

    Hell of a day! But 40 to 60ft of water? Was that sliding sinker or a shallow rubber band rig?
  39. palella09

    ***STOLEN*** please look!

    Terrible loss.
  40. palella09

    Offshore 8-4-21 got him two !

    Doesn't get much better than that!
  41. palella09

    Offshore TOMAHAWK 1.5 day (8/1-8/3)

    Great detailed report. Thanks for the info and way to knock em dead!
  42. palella09

    Inshore My Son's First Bluefin - 7/24/2021

    Way to get them! Close indeed.
  43. palella09

    Offshore BSFT

    Well thats one way to get them!
  44. palella09

    Offshore Almost jackpot on the Amigo

    Great write up and an even better haul!
  45. palella09

    Offshore 137 Miles and Insane Meter Marks

    Same story for us on Sunday. Its looking nice out there.
  46. palella09

    Aztec 3 Day Charter

    One of my favorite boats. That crew is squared away.
  47. palella09

    Inshore Stolen boat

    That sucks. Best of luck.
  48. palella09

    New ice chest

    I second the coho coolers from costco. 165qt for $99 or 55 rotomold for $139. Far surperior to an igloo
  49. palella09

    Is Avet SX 5.0:1 adequate for day trip?

    When I was in college with a college fishing budget, the SX was all I had and used.. and it worked for paddy yellowtail and yft. I wouldn't use it for BFT but you're in luck cause the counts are showing yt 7-25# and yft. Get out there and get some fish!
  50. palella09

    Which one of you is this part 3

    Thats a strong neck
  51. palella09

    WTB: Spinning rod for Penn Battle 8k

    palella09 submitted a new listing: WTB: Spinning rod for Penn Battle 8k - WTB: Spinning rod for Penn Battle 8k Learn more about this listing...
  52. palella09

    Southern California WTB: Spinning rod for Penn Battle 8k

    I'm just trying to help a friend find a spinning rod that he can pair with his Penn Battle 8k. He wants to start fishing sport boats and maybe dabble with schoolie pelagics. Price point is ~$200 He lives in Downey. Thanks for looking, let's see what you got!
  53. palella09

    Pacific Queen 1.5 6/29

    Great write up... glad you got one!
  54. palella09

    A New Pair of Knot Pullers I Made

    I would be interested if you sold these.
  55. palella09

    Tuna jigs

    How heavy are the knife jigs underneath the coltsniper?
  56. palella09

    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    Thanks for the intel. I'll be looking for some fabric markers.
  57. palella09

    Quick 3 day report

    Thanks for the write up! Gotta love being rewarded for putting the time in at the rail.
  58. palella09

    1.5 day for BFT; how does the day/night unfold?

    Sleep in the bunk and wake up around midnight. Fish hard all day and sleep in the galley while the boat is searching. Bft fishing is all about putting time in at the rail.
  59. palella09

    Offshore PB Trophy Fish with Seaforth Tribute Thursday night

    Way to get a PB only to break it the same night. Hell of a post!
  60. palella09

    Offshore BFT Strikeout 5/28/21

    Hope to hear of the success story in 2 weeks!
  61. palella09

    Offshore Putting in the time for BFT

    Sucks to lose a set up.. You'll get em next time!
  62. palella09

    Offshore Islander 1.5 May 24-26

    Likewise! It was fun sharing the rail with you, catch you on the next one 🤙
  63. palella09

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    Did a write up for my trip (5/24-5/26) in the reports section. Don't miss out, go get you some!!
  64. palella09

    Offshore Islander 1.5 May 24-26

    Boarded the Islander and was off the dock by 6ish. The boat was already filled with bait and the captain said we were shooting straight for the grounds, ETA 10pm. I rack out at 8pm to try to get some shut eye before the double shift of fishing. I miss the first announcement that we're on the...
  65. palella09

    Got Lead!

    Thanks again Jer Dog! I had a last minute trip and he was able to come through... Dont wait, get your lead!
  66. palella09

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    I've never fished the boat but the new dates might work with my schedule. I'm looking at the 1.5 leaving 5/24. Anyone care to share some thoughts on the boat/crew?
  67. palella09

    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    Great write up. Hopefully the wsb are still in the area when I make it up north. By the way, did you take home some of the fresh squid for the calamari? 😂
  68. palella09

    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Great write up, way to whack em!
  69. palella09

    Backpacking Fishing Rod and Reel Suggestions

    Read the regs, a lot of back country lakes require artificial baits with barbless hooks only. That being said, I hiked cottonwood trail to Langley a few years back and fished lakes on the way up. Any cheap light spinning rod that could break in half is ideal... you don't want to be catching...
  70. palella09

    Convict Lake November 8, 2020

    Way to get em!
  71. palella09

    GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 L B .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Bump for a good seller. Picked up this morning. Timely and communicative! Don't hesitate, get your lead!
  72. palella09

    Looking for trout fishing California.

    Where did you end up fishing? I was there this weekend (June loop area). It was pretty slow but I was fishing from shore with family. We fished Grant, Silver, and Lundy. We got to Virginia Lake late on 10/20 but there were lots of fish jumping out of the water! Ended up fishing Lone Pine...
  73. palella09

    Anyone get bit on 40lb+?

    50lb yozuri pink with a 12oz torpedo and sardine on the retrieve. 35lb bft labor day weekend
  74. palella09

    “Life Jacket” flyer

    Has anyone actually got bit on this?
  75. palella09

    Offshore Personal Best BFT Saturday 8/29 - Late Post

    I'm booking a trip with them in October, hopefully we do as half as good as yall! Congrats brother.
  76. palella09

    Camp Chef two burner stove $20

    Still available?
  77. palella09

    Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag

    I will be in El Cajon/SD on Sunday. I can pick up!
  78. palella09

    Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag

    Whats up BD, I'm looking to buy a Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag. Preferably new or mint condition. If it's used please send some pics! I'm located in LB area but willing to make the drive for the right price. Thanks for your time.
  79. palella09

    When the tuna are on small bait . . .

    Thanks for the Intel... I use the clear bubble rig when I'm fly fishing the Sierras with an open face reel. I was recently thinking of this and how it would transition to salt water. I might have to give it a shot and try to ignore the weird looks I'll be getting on a sport boat.
  80. palella09

    Aztec BFT or Bust Strategy - Day 1 of 3 Day Trip

    I was on this trip... it was insane! RSW was full, the rest of the yft went into 2 bait tanks. Deck hands were processing fish from 3pm-6am
  81. palella09

    Pacifica 1.75, 11/6-11/8

    Yes, trip was cancelled because of a lack of people... they ended up on a crew trip and already limited on YFT (by 8am). Good luck if you're going Friday, I'll be stuck at work!
  82. palella09

    Pacifica 1.75, 11/6-11/8

    Boat needs 10 to go, let's gooooo!!! Anyone planning on going on this trip?
  83. palella09

    Frozen Flying Fish

    Where are you located?
  84. palella09

    What’s your Cow BFT plan or outlook for the Fall?

    I'm thinking the Aztec in November and I've already booked the Thunderbird for the full moon in Nov. I would be interested in doing a 4 pack if you can find another body or two!
  85. palella09

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Checked out the area below between 330-530pm today for a quick session. I threw crocodiles and lucky crafts but had no luck. I didnt see any bait balls or fish crashing the surface while I was fishing. When I was walking towards the parking lot someone told me birds were crashing on the beach...
  86. 20191023_200220


  87. palella09

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Sounds good. I'll be heading out for the afternoon/sun down bite on friday and report back.
  88. palella09

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Awesome! Thanks for the intel.. were you using any specific lure/bait? Hopefully we can get them off of the rocks.
  89. palella09

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Has anyone hit this area lately? My coworker wants to take his son fishing, I'm sure the kid would have a blast with a bonita as a first catch.
  90. palella09

    Entertainment center

    Do you have the dimensions of it?
  91. palella09

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    A little late but another +1 for Costco warehouse.. I pick up the prime packer cut! Trim down the fat, cook down the trimmings and add in some beef stock. Use this as a braise for cachete or short ribs.
  92. palella09

    UPDATED Seaguar premier, blue label,threadlock,maxcuatro

    This was my first purchase through BD. Jordan was communicative and reliable. I sent the money last night and picked up this morning! Shout out to Jordan for a smooth last minute transaction!
  93. palella09

    Offshore Kite policy on sport boat

    Any more intel on the sinker rig/dead flying fish? I'm thinking of picking up a pack for my trip tonight
  94. palella09

    UPDATED Seaguar premier, blue label,threadlock,maxcuatro

    Never used the PM function.. but I think I did it right and sent. I would like to pick up the yo zuri pink 80 and/or 100 tomorrow morning if available. Let me know. Thanks.
  95. palella09

    Fish sticks

    #11 still available?
  96. palella09

    Bluefin Gear, Talicas, VISX, Fathoms...

    Does the Fathom 60 come with line?
  97. palella09

    How long before your 100# BF

    Still searching.... hopefully boats start posting more BFT or bust trips!
  98. palella09

    Bait fishing with 9’ rod?

    Paired my Lexa 400/axet sx with a 9' Proteus.. I usually muscle in the yft/skippies on 25-30#. I think it gives me leverage to turn their head and control the fish better (maybe it's just the tight drag).
  99. palella09

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Sear and shred tuna for tuna sandwiches... Serve it on hawaiian bread with wasabi mayo topped with an asian chopped salad mix (from the bag). Wish I had pictures for ya.
  100. palella09

    Lone Pine Lake via Whitney Portal

    Well heck, I guess we got some native rainbows! Thanks for the info.
  101. palella09

    Lone Pine Lake via Whitney Portal

    TLDR: Attempted this hike early May but there was too much snow without crampons. Hiked the trail on Saturday 8/10 and fished the lake with a fly & bubble and a roostertail. 16 brookies between 2 of us within an hour. Long: I've been wanting to dabble in backpacking/fishing to hit some honey...
  102. palella09

    Eastern Sierra Bridgport Reservoir - 4/29

    Sweet report! Never thought of ice fishing in California.. did you use the night crawlers for bait?
  103. palella09

    Looking for a few Ambush hoop nets

    Looking for a few ambush hoop nets to help my buddy fill his boat. We are located in the Cerritos/Norwalk area. Text Tony 562-569-3nine53 Thanks.
  104. palella09


    Heck of a write up! It was fun sharing the rail with everyone that day.. definitely a trip for the books. I actually remember overhearing you talk to the skipper about you listening to the radio on your drive down and all I could think was heck, I did the same thing! Hopefully I'll find some...
  105. palella09

    Offshore Aztec 09.24-09.26 Reverse 1.75 Day

    I appreciate the advice/help Danny! I'll definitely throw on the 100# flouro and probably do 300# crimped for the flat falls. Did anyone have luck with the rubberband rig?
  106. palella09

    Offshore Aztec 09.24-09.26 Reverse 1.75 Day

    What a write up!!! Cant wait for my 1.75 on the Aztec leaving on the 7th.. I have a Penn Fathom 40 spooled to the top with 100# izor. I plan on fishing 200# flouro top with a 200g glow and chrome flat fall. Should I take some braid out and switch to 100# mono so the line can have some stretch...
  107. palella09

    DOVE OPENER: Imperial County Roll Call!

    Hey gang, I used to do the dove opener every year when my step dad was still alive and now that I'm older I want to make it a case to start going every year (assuming my work schedule allows). I know we hunted the open fields in Niland but I can't remember exactly where for the life of me...
  108. 20180828_103837


    CDFW Niland Dove Opener 2018 Map
  109. palella09

    Offshore U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    You've been killing it this year, keep slaying!!!
  110. palella09

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    Was on the Prowler a few weeks ago. Trick for me was 20-25 flouro, 1/4oz sliding sinker, and a lively small dine casting far away from the boat. They didnt want any big baits.. but the dodos did. For jigs, anything shiny that would sink (i used a colt sniper but guys on the boat with mega baits...
  111. palella09

    Offshore Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Wow wow wow!! So stoked for you! Getting on a boat this Wednesday (maybe the prowler) and hoping to get a shot at them. Just curious, what knots do you tie?
  112. palella09

    Mxl raptor for iron

    Said no one ever....
  113. palella09

    1.5 on which? Prowler, Condor, Sea Adventure 80

    Unfortunately PQ will be on a 3 day trip then a charter during my available dates.
  114. palella09

    1.5 on which? Prowler, Condor, Sea Adventure 80

    I have a few days off between 8/7-8/10 and am looking to get on a 1.5 or 2 day to maximize my chances of the usuals plus a bft. My initial choice was NLA but it is pretty packed so I'll be taking my chances with the Prowler, Condor or Sea Adventure 80 (or any other boat that I missed and...
  115. palella09

    Offshore 1st bluefin and of a lifetime!

    Hoping to be as lucky as you, shoot I would even be happy with an 85.. congrats!!!
  116. palella09

    Calico City - Cat 7/28/18

    Heart break! That yellow mustve been having a bad day!
  117. palella09

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    One of the most recent useful reports, thank you for the Intel! Was at Gibraltar from sun up to about 11 on Saturday with no luck on the right kind.. next time!
  118. palella09

    Catalina Front Side 7/26

    Nice report! Beats a day at the office. How were you fishing the squid? Dropper, egg sinker?
  119. palella09

    Offshore Tuna and Tails

    Helluva solo trip!
  120. palella09

    Salmon charter for Puget Sound?

    Hey gang, I'm not even sure if this is the right place to be posting this but heck I'll give it a shot. Heading up from LA to Seattle first weekend of December and interested in trying to get lucky on some salmon (if they're even in at that time) or any other fish that may be worth shipping...
  121. palella09

    Offshore Aboard the Pacific Queen 2017.10.04

    Got into the YFT where the rest of fleet is, limits for passengers and crew after noon. When the bite was WFO they ate any bait, any size line. Bigger baits got the bigger grade YFT, smaller baits got the skippies. When the bite was slower you had to drop to 20lb flouro and a #1 hook. Great...
  122. palella09

    1.5 out of SD tomorrow?

    Done and done! Ill be on the PQ tonight and will post a report Thursday! Thanks for the responses
  123. palella09

    1.5 out of SD tomorrow?

    My options look like Pac Queen, Outer Limits, or Relentless. Haven't been on any.. Any suggestions? Opinions on crew/food/bunks are appreciated!
  124. palella09

    Offshore 9/5 Ass kicking and a half and a PB

    Mother fucker. Way to kill it!!!
  125. palella09

    Offshore LIMITS (60) Bluefin 90-160lb on the Ranger 85 1.5 day

    Holy hell... What a dream come true!!! What knots were you using to tie hooks for the 100lb flouro
  126. palella09

    8/18 Catalina Dodo and Yellows

    "Told him to put his pole away" hahahahahha He looks stoked.. awesome!!!
  127. palella09

    Offshore Last sunday 302

    Hahahahaha snoopy rod is epic!!!!
  128. palella09

    Offshore Late report - New Lo-An 8/15

    Made the drive from LA to SD around 2:30pm with no problems. A few hours later I find parking, check in and grab a few cold ones at Mitch's Seafood (good selection of craft beers and their seafood looked awesome). At 8:30 I board the boat with 16 of my newest friends. We left the slip right at...
  129. palella09

    Seaforth Landing, WFO Yellows and some DoDos

    Stellllllar, gettin me excited for my trip this week!!!
  130. palella09

    Offshore Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    Words do no justice! Heck of a day.
  131. palella09

    Hali on the grunion run

    Welp, got there a little later, 1130pm, in hopes that the crowds would be gone. It was a mad house and it was hard to find a spot to fish. Kids/teens running around screaming with their lights. Fished the north side of the pier moving towards the jetti with a lucky craft. No love on a hali but...
  132. palella09

    Hali on the grunion run

    Anyone ever have much luck with hali during grunion runs? Going to hit Seal Beach tonight in hopes for something good.. Will report back later.
  133. palella09

    7/6 Afternoon Trip and Wide Open Toads at Izor's

    Nice haul!!! What sport boats were out there?
  134. palella09

    Has anyone seen my GF Karma?! - 6/28 Late report

    Hopped on the Eldorado on Tuesday night along with 16 other anglers. Got squid and dines from Nacho and were on the way to San Clemente. Woke up and we were on the front side sitting on the anchor. At that point it was a wide open blue perch bite or calico bite with an occasional legal with...
  135. palella09

    Late post - 5/19 abord the El Dorado

    Late post and first post... So bare with me. I've had the itch to get on the water and luckily for me, my work schedule changed up last minute. Let me start by saying the El Dorado is a first class operation. From TJ to the crew, everyone on the boat is on point. We left the dock right on...
  136. palella09

    Offshore Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    Good work, quality fish!
  137. palella09

    Another Fat YT at the Secret Spot

    Way to get him hooked!
  138. palella09

    Offshore Bluefin On The Iron...

    Way to get back on the board!!!
  139. palella09

    Offshore Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Gnarly catch.. any guesses on the weight?
  140. palella09

    Full Speed islands. Epic

    Maybe they were all hanging around you when I was trying to find them.. good stuff!!!
  141. palella09

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    If you chum, they will come. Keep workin at it!
  142. palella09

    Offshore A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Nice stuff!!! Epic report