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  1. backfisher

    Okuma alijos where is it?

    Anybody have any new info on these reels? I was at my local Turners today and they had some Alijos reels. The guy behind the counter did not know if they were new or if they had been in the display case for a while🙄
  2. backfisher

    Issue with Daiwa Lexa and United Composite Swimbait Finatic

    I had the same problem with my 711MH and my Lexa 400HD last month (but never any previous trips). Like scott v I thought that i had screwed it down tight enough, but after having the reel pop off while fighting a fish I found that i need to tighten it down then give it another half turn or more...
  3. backfisher

    What you have to remember is that Okuma fully refunded the cost of the reel.

    What you have to remember is that Okuma fully refunded the cost of the reel.
  4. backfisher

    Okuma alijos where is it?

    I spoke to someone at Okuma last week. He said that the redesigned reels are in production and they hope to have them by August
  5. backfisher

    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    I picked some up at Fisherman's Hardware in Huntington Beach. They are vinyl with a fleece like lining.
  6. backfisher

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I don’t know about the long range boats, but when the fishing is good every overnight or day and a half boat I have ever been on will have a captain, second, galley, three deckhands and two to four “friends” (making 8-10) in addition to the paying passengers.
  7. backfisher

    San Diego Boats opening

    Except mumps, measles, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and many other RNA viruses
  8. backfisher

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    True, and unfortunately if they left the boat ramp parking open, all those people that want to go to the beach/bay would park there, rather than leaving the spots available for the boaters (a responsible activity in my opinion)
  9. backfisher

    Cabin Fever? How about self servicing your reels

    Thanks for the tutorial. Can you make one for bearing service on the Makaira series?
  10. backfisher

    Does my U-V , 'Glow' Flashlight also Sanitize -- Any one know ? Wavelength question ?

    No, the UV wavelengths that are germicidal are of a lower wavelength than your standard UV flashlight used for glow jigs
  11. backfisher

    Offshore Fun day on the Speed Twin

    Is this the same boat that used to run out of Islandia Sportfishing in the mid 70’s?
  12. backfisher

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    Fo’ true
  13. backfisher

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    I think he was referring to Sunday
  14. backfisher

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Good to hear that the intruder worked for you.
  15. backfisher

    Mak 15T Questions

    As of Saturday fisherman’s landing had them in silver. I would have picked one up but I want the gun smoke.
  16. backfisher

    Quick Royal Star Three-Day report

    Thanks for the report Frank, it was a pleasure fishing with you last weekend.
  17. backfisher

    Fish Report May 31-June 3, 2019

    Great report Darrin, I was just about to write up a report on this trip, then saw that you described it perfectly. Great boat, great crew, and one of the best groups of anglers I have ever had the pleasure to fish with.
  18. backfisher

    Fishing out of Ilwalco

    Thanks for all the information. I finally have the charter operators name, so I will give them a call. Fortunately I don’t get seasick, my brother on the other hand...
  19. backfisher

    Tesoro experience?

    I have the 12 (the 10 was too narrow for my fat thumb) paired with a United Composites CE 900 Monster. I will say that the reel added 15 to 20 yards to my casts when compared to my old TLD 20/40 star or my lexa 400. I have 65# braid backing with 80 yds. of 40# mono top shot.
  20. backfisher

    Fishing out of Ilwalco

    Hi All, I will be visiting my brother in Oregon in mid July for a one day fishing trip out of Ilwalco. he says that we will be fishing for salmon, but has no information other than that (I guess a friend of his is chartering the boat). Can anyone give me any guidance on what type of fishing...
  21. backfisher

    Posting Coordinates: Reminder

    It is approximately 45 miles at the California-Oregon border and roughly 40 miles at the US-Canada border. you can estimate from there.
  22. backfisher

    Makaira 15 SEA II - replacement neoprene resp cover

    I have some of the reel covers that Okuma sells as well as the Mak 15. The ARS-3 cover that they sell looks just like the original cover (same material,color pattern and stitching) but is about 1/2 inch wider. A bit large, but nothing too bad. On a similar note, this same ARS-3 cover is a...
  23. backfisher

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    First let me state that I am a member of CCA, and fully support their mission. That said, the reply above really bothered me, especially from a "Founding San Diego Board Member." The most common reason that has been given for not supporting CCA in this thread is the association of the CCA with...
  24. backfisher

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    That it does, but if you put one in your cart it gives a discount of around $50 on the reel when you check out. So the price is $495ish
  25. backfisher

    Offshore Coronado Islands on the San Diego 6/19

    My brother and I decided to go fishing on Tuesday, vacillating between going out on the Grande for a shot at tuna and the San Diego for an Islands trip. I usually fish the Liberty but since it already had 35 reservations, we decided to give the San Diego a shot, especially after hearing so...
  26. backfisher

    ????????JIGSTAR fishing products?????????

    Try contacting this guy. [email protected] He had an store but closed it down recently. I contacted him back in December about these swivels and rings and he still had some left. Good luck Richard
  27. backfisher

    New Mak 15sea noise

    Is it like this?
  28. backfisher

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    Thanks everyone for the replies, it sounds like Long Beach is the place to go for the spectacle of it all. One of the reasons I will be going (the other being the experience) is that I am looking into buying a few new rods this year. I do not need to get them at the show, and would probably buy...
  29. backfisher

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    After so many years of missing this event, I am finally going to go to one of the Fred Hall shows this year. The Del Mar show is just a few miles from my house, but from what I am hearing, it seems as though the Long Beach show is the real deal, and the Del Mar one is the "ugly stepchild"...
  30. backfisher

    Offshore Bluefin on the Old Glory 10/8

    Thanks for the kudos everyone, it was a nice trip. Lake 53, I was using 65 lb braid with 50 yards of a 30 lb mono topshot and 6 ft 30 lb floro leader. Just about everyone on the boat was using a 30 lb. floro leader at the captains recommendation. later in the day I think a few people were...
  31. backfisher

    Offshore Bluefin on the Old Glory 10/8

    My first post, so let me know if this is what you are looking for in a fishing report I thought I would try to get in one more trip before the season ends, so I booked an overnight trip on the Old Glory for some tuna fishing at San Clemente Island. There was a light load, and I have always had...