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    Last Minute Where to Stay Gonzaga Bay?

    We were there for 6 days, enjoyed our stay. We formally had our boat laubched via the big farm tractor however, it is not running, Had to go to Papa' for launching.
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    Last Minute Where to Stay Gonzaga Bay?

    El Sacrificio, cabin on beach. Hot, cold shower, flush toilet, A/C. electricity. $90.0 per night good security. Turnoff on left Just past the grocery store. Was just there, camping also available. Reataraunt available.
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    Gonzaga Bay..Pounding nails and fishin . no fish pics though,,sorry

    Bert good to hear that you are still in the area, I thought for sure that your employer would have moved on when RG raised the rents so dramatically. Is he still doing the Dr's W/O Borders? My son was thinking of coming down and doing a clinic??
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    Oregon to Gonzaga bay / Bay of LA mid November

    I will be down in November as well. Staying at El Sacrificio. November is nice, not to hot, water still warm. Fishing off of the island is good. We wIl be spearfishing so can't help you on the equipment thing. Price goes up for accomodations in Septemeber to $70-$75,00 per night in the cabins...
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    Gonzaga Bay questions haul and launch

    You can launch at Alfonsina's, back side of the bay into the estuary, and that's OK, Several accessible areas at high tide.You will have to recover it there as well, I wouldn't suggest leaving it there. You can launch at Papa's, concrete launch ramp. You may also launch at El Sacrificio. I stay...
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    Gonzaga Bay Fish/Road Update

    I dive the area a lot and don't know where the "Golden Reef" is located. Can someone give me a heads up?.