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  1. Dino Richetti

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    JP, always goes to the crew$$$$$$$$$
  2. Dino Richetti

    Found a nice rod and reel while lobster diving last night

    Is it a Shimano Tekota 500, with a Okuma Catalina Rod, my son in law dropped overboard.
  3. Dino Richetti

    Mission belle with 3 bft?

    Yup, the boat also got 67 Yellows, for 22 Anglers. Fred Halls in town that means the season has started, "oh my".
  4. Dino Richetti

    Went catching at the 14. 9-7

    That's the way to TKO Tuna, nice job Tito. Ding, Ding.
  5. Dino Richetti

    Late Report: YFT & a Striper!!!

    I like Marlin saladLOL. Nice job.
  6. Dino Richetti

    8/29 west of Del Mar

    Hey Jason, is that map a AT&T app on your phone?????
  7. Dino Richetti

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    Nice job LJ, hey did you make that bait bag? Looking for a light weight set up like you have for a extra bait tank for my boat.
  8. Dino Richetti

    Slow Trolling Sardines and Chunking (video)

    Nice job Corey, keep those great videos coming. Taking the grand kids out tomorrow what area were you fishing, thanks.
  9. Dino Richetti

    Video at 30 mile bank cashing out!

    Wow, great job on the video and the fish caught. Love those bamboo outriggers, where did get them?
  10. Dino Richetti

    Never made it to the 9

    Very nice but you always eat your first bluefins Heart, then have a beer chaser:food-smil:hali_olutta:
  11. Dino Richetti

    Bluefin On The Iron...

    Very nice Jeff, love making the decks bloody fishing the Iron:jig:
  12. Dino Richetti


    WOW, great job you guys. The whole west coast is going off!!!!!!!!!
  13. Dino Richetti

    Tuna time

    Nice job!!!!!!
  14. Dino Richetti

    9 Mile South

    Great Job Chris, I'll be out on Monday with the same troll pattern, thanks for the info.
  15. Dino Richetti

    Not a bad morning-Local Wahoo

    Nice, heading out tomorrow any numbers.
  16. Dino Richetti

    unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Had the same boat last year troll with in 50 yards of my boat and the paddie I was fishing causing a huge wake that almost knocked my nephew off the bow. Checked there fish report that night they only caught 20 fish for 29 passengers. I out fished him with my small 21 footer with a 1 scoop bait...
  17. Dino Richetti

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends September 27th, 2013

    "Oh well, needed to do some work on my trailers bunks anyway."
  18. Dino Richetti


    yes I do had a buyer skip out on me.
  19. Dino Richetti


    I selling a brand new REVO INSHORE that I won at a tourney never used, to small for what I fish for. They sell new for $230.00, I'll let this REVO go for $180.00 Firm. Comes with extra Power Handle. Call Dino (619)504-4848 or PM me Thanks for Looking.
  20. Dino Richetti


    I have a brand new never used Lew's SS1SH Speed Spool bait caster for sale. I won it at a tourey and it's to small for what I fish for. Nice Bass reel fresh or salt, fast gear ratio at 7.1.1 thats 31 inches per turn. 10 Bearing System, Mag cast control and a 10lb max drag. The reel sells new for...
  21. Dino Richetti


    1. TLD50LRS: Brand new never used, 100lb spectra with 80lb P-line $350.00obo. 2. TLD15: Lever Drag lightly used 9/10 condition, 10/10 mech, always serviced light boat scuff if any. $90.00 Call Dino (619)504-4848 or PM me Thanks. PRO GEAR SOLD
  22. Dino Richetti


    SHIMANO BANTAM CORIOLIS 200D: Good all around fresh/salt Bass reel. Fast 5 to 1:1 Gear Ratio with Super Stopper Anti Reverse. Smoth Casting with ajustable mag clutch and Quickfire casting bar. 10/10 condition, looks brand new. $30.00 Call Dino (619)504-4848. Thanks
  23. Dino Richetti


    I have two YO-ZURI Bonitas 210mm, Braid Marauder II, Braid Speedter, and a DYNA TROLL. These lures have never been used but have some takle box scuffs. The Large Bonitas and Marauder sell for $39.95 to $45.00. I am let them all go for $100.00. Call Dino at (619)504-4848. Thanks for looking.
  24. Dino Richetti

    PRO GEAR 541

    I have a Pro Gear 541 for sale condtion is a 9/10. Very light boat scuff if any. Best reel I ever put on a Jig Stick, Hate to see it go need the cash. $175.00 Call Dino (619)504-4848. Thanks for looking.
  25. Dino Richetti

    Reebs lures plz help

    Lakeside Bait and Tackle has Reebs.
  26. Dino Richetti

    San Diego Bay 05-21-2011, Good Fishing

    Great report Mike. How???? were you working those MC SLUGS?????? :cheers:
  27. Dino Richetti

    White shark tagged...with unintended result

    Love tap from another shark :loverz: ????????????????????????????
  28. Dino Richetti

    R.I.P Bill Poole

    God Speed-Bill
  29. Dino Richetti

    Offshore spearfishing trip

    If TJ was on my side, sorry dude! But the "F-n Fish Jerkoffs threw me off. TJ it says that your job is a fisherman that makes you cool in my book not a kook. But beware of the little red and white flag. And yes, join the fight against the MLPA's.Thanks Smudge for pointing that out. Will my 12...
  30. Dino Richetti

    Offshore spearfishing trip

    Camo wetsuits, gun, a hole in what you shoot, trade the tree stand and salt lick for a paddie and some water. Hummmmmmmmmmm! I call it how I see it. And I can let the little ones go. TJ you are a kook that stops on my paddie that I worked hard to find put up your little red and white flag and...
  31. Dino Richetti

    Offshore spearfishing trip

    Hey, Leo. Did not say that you guys don't have skills, its hard to shoot fish. I perfer to use a rod and reel and fish for what I can not see. Message me your # and I will take you fishing.
  32. Dino Richetti

    Offshore spearfishing trip

    Do you have a hunting license? Because this has nothing to do with fishing??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  33. Dino Richetti

    8/28 Tuna swimming under the surfers at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad

    Albacore at the San Diego Bait Barge in the 1950's???????????????????????????????
  34. Dino Richetti

    Big Yellowtail

    Reedo is a true Iron Man. Nice job Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Dino Richetti

    The Great Ito gets Clowned on the Southern CAL

    Was the other guy slapped in the face with the Rattle Snake????????????
  36. Dino Richetti

    Anyone worried about thunderstorms tomorrow??

    Lightning Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No worrys.
  37. Dino Richetti

    Weekend Weather Forecast ...Be careful guys...

    Lightning Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hook up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Dino Richetti

    Senor tuna blood bath

    I love a woman that can stand on a BLOODYDECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Dino Richetti

    Finally got to release a carp after 5 solid hooked up 8-15-09

    They eat corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Dino Richetti

    Hard day fishing turns into a fish of a lifetime 8/14/09

    A fish that I have not added to my list, good job!!!!!!!!!!!! dude. Fish Tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. Dino Richetti

    Personal best Yellow Tail again.

    Good job!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you like fishing on your Defiance???????
  42. Dino Richetti


  43. Dino Richetti

    37Lbs X 47

    Great job kid on the fillet you are a future high dollar deck hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Dino Richetti

    My Mako !!

    Watch your fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Dino Richetti

    MB bait - WTF?

    Same bait boats but SD Bay has an better flow than MB there barge is back in hole were the water temp in the summertime is 5-10 dergrees hotter than on the outside. Move it or lose it. I will not buy bait there if the tuna were right off South Mission!!!!!
  46. Dino Richetti

    great fish & hot chicks!!

    Why did I even click on this post????????????????
  47. Dino Richetti

    7/24/09 mixed bag

    Nice pics! looks like you had a good time!
  48. Dino Richetti

    Whining, Bitching, & Complaining--Mission Bay

    I always have bad luck when the water warms up with mission bay bait. I will never use them again even if the tuna were bitting off south mission. San Diego bait barge always has good bait. Maybe if they tear down that rock jeddy and replace it with one that was there before,the water flowed...
  49. Dino Richetti

    Giant Squid are back.....

    gunnyslinger hit it on the head-cut it,release,repeat!
  50. Dino Richetti

    Got two Yellow Fin

    good grade yft's they will be pushing 60# by the end summer if they stay around
  51. Dino Richetti

    help!! looking for yellows tail in lo jolla kelps

    Slow troll the Dines outside the kelp.
  52. Dino Richetti

    Fish I.D. what the hell are these?

    Taco rock fish deep fry-N kills anything!
  53. Dino Richetti

    WSB Trip Yields Striped Bass??

    Caught them off torrey pines fishing in the surf. DFG stocked them in Mission bay when I was a kid,always wondered where they went and why more were not caught.
  54. Dino Richetti


    Doug is a hell of a Captain, fished with him for over 25 years.
  55. Dino Richetti

    Corrected weights for Bay Tournament

    Williams and Richetti 22nd are BloodyDeckers we fished are ass off my shoulder still hurts from crank"n". All fish were caught on plastics
  56. Dino Richetti

    mission bay

    nice report stoney mission bay has a killer spot fishing from shore.
  57. Dino Richetti

    mako fishing help....

    at least 50 pound of chum a high spot outside good rod and reels and most important flying gaffs. Becareful they are dangers
  58. Dino Richetti

    Dorado Near the 182 8/30

    nice day in US waters looks like a lake outside good job nice post wish I was there
  59. Dino Richetti

    Newell p series, or torium

    any of the smaller pro gears can you say bullet proof
  60. Dino Richetti

    Get excited derelicts, this just in from the ROYAL STAR :

    good job soun ds fun glad to see the word released thank you
  61. Dino Richetti

    Mako near the 182 on 6/17/06

    kind of small let the next one go and try to catch its mother and you better have the right kind of gaff and a real rod and reel. just would like to have some around for next gen.
  62. Dino Richetti


    I have a newer boat that gets now and then just from being damp and closed up they sale some mold away at west marine that works good.
  63. Dino Richetti

    Viehical Barrior

    did he make it
  64. Dino Richetti

    @^#%$#$ Bait Tank!

    Sounds like the pump is getting hot and shutting off ,bad switch,or just hook it up like all bait pumps are fill and recirculate and pull drain plug when your done no switch needed . KEY WORDS LIKE ALL BAIT TANKS NO FILL,EMPTY,RECIRCULATE SWITCHS ARE NEEDED .
  65. Dino Richetti

    NPH thursday and friday night

    I catch alot in misson bay on swim baits fishing for bass and halibut best is 94lbs.