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  1. Vibora

    For Sale For sale or trade 03 DRZ 400E

    DRZ 400 E (electric start )off-road only. Needs some work , my guess is new larger pilot jet and fuel mix adjust on the Keihin fcr 39 carb. It'll run just fine if you're on the throttle , but dies at idle. Needs two bolts for seat , and i removed the throttle safety sensor I've had the carb...
  2. Vibora

    Mobile Bike & ATV Mechanic near Murrieta

    I've got a couple bikes i need to get dialed in. Anyone know a reliable mechanic , mobile preferably . Thanks
  3. Vibora

    Fishing themed mugs i had made

    If you saw my post a few months back you would understand the wood style. Anyways...
  4. Vibora

    Join the (SAFC) Sorry Ass Fisherman's Club

    That's right. Join today. Sorry Ass Fisherman's ( or gender neutral) , whatever you prefer- Club!! I haven't had great success this season and ZERO Bluefin . With several trips under my belt and one decent trip ( YF), i've come to the conclusion that I suck at fishing. Now let's consider that...
  5. Vibora

    Smugglers use a Grady ??
  6. Vibora

    For Sale 2008 Sea Pro 206 cc

    OFF MARKET for now. Sea Pro 206 Center Console $23,500. I purchased in 2015 .Third owner. Boat was listed for sale here by original owner. I got it from a dude in Norcal ( 2nd owner) that used it for lake fishing . 08 Mercury Verado 150 4 stroke w/487 hrs Ray marine Axiom 7 w/ DVS 100...
  7. Vibora

    For Sale Raymarine RV 100

    RV 100 3d transducer. It has some dried silicone on the cable from previous install. $250.00 Face to face Also have Axiom 7" trunnion. $30.00
  8. Vibora

    “ Battlefish” series.

    I’m way late of course. Delete!!
  9. Vibora


    Went out with my buddy Davey Monday . Hit the islands around 0800. We were somewhat concerned about the weather and swell but it never really turned as many expected. Anyways, we picked up a nice yellow at North island and another at middle. I used a sliding egg sinker . Picked a few bonito and...
  10. Vibora

    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    So I came in from paddy hopping, smelled gas around the truck and this is what I found. Still trying to get info from Toyota and I find nothing online. This is either a drain plug or rather , someone tapped my tank at some point. Any ideas? 2013 model
  11. Vibora

    Transducer cable length?

    The ducer cable is much longer than needed. Will having the excess coiled up reduce performance? There’s about 15’ excess.
  12. Vibora

    Gel coat repair Murrieta area ?

    Need some gel coat work done. I’m aware of some of the guys on this site that can handle this, however they are not in my area .I’m looking for someone in the IE. Suggestions?
  13. Vibora

    Shellfish Warning

    Folks are probably already aware, but just in case.
  14. Vibora

    Intrepid 6 Day

    Anybody doing the Intrepid Avet 6 day , leaving the 25th ? Thoughts on where we will fish? I know some LR's have been fishing San Clemente. This will be my Father and I first Long Range trip . longer than 2.5, anyway.
  15. Vibora

    Canvas repair near Temecula

    Looking for a canvas repair shop near Temecula my boat cover needs some re stitching.
  16. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    I will be heading to Santa Rosalia in late March. I'd like to hear opinions regarding where to cross over, Tecate of San Ysidro, and where to purchase the required documents. From what I've been told this trip will take about 16 Hrs upon crossing into the Baja and driving at night is NOT...
  17. Vibora

    Canvas repair?

    Need my boat cover stitched up in several spots. Any suggestions on a reputable shop near Temecula or surrounding area? Thanks .
  18. Vibora

    Let's go!!

    I'm looking for more fishing/ hooping buddies/ I have a 20' SeaPro CC with a 150 Merc and 75 gal tank ,a couple hoop nets and plenty of fishing gear ready to fish and or hoop.. I usually launch at Oside but anywhere from DP south is fine. I'm usually off every other Friday and all weekends...
  19. Vibora

    Helgrens Oceanside Lease News

    Just thought I'd share this for those that fish Sport boats out of Helgrens. Sounds like change is coming.
  20. Vibora

    FS 2 Umbrella Rigs

    $100.00 ea Bought new from C.B. never used 1- purple feather rig 1- 6" pink squid rig Pick up MurrietaOr San Onofre area. PM me
  21. Vibora

    Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    6/24/16 Plan was to paddy hop to the 43. That's exactly what we did. We made it through the big swell at the mouth of the harbor and were on our way. I think we found 8 or nine kelp of various sizes on the way out. Lots of life around 13 miles . Pods of porp, birds and a few spots of breaking...
  22. Vibora

    Vhf / D.SC. Hook up

    can I connect a Standard Horizon VHF/ D.SC. Directly to a stand alone GPS... Hummingbird puck??
  23. Vibora

    Mercury Verado 150 question.

    So, I stalled out in the harbor . After taking the cowling off I notice a small amount of oil coming from a hose where it connects to the power head. I put it in the shop and they claim it's a cracked valve cover that's causing the leak. They can't tell me a possible cause. Any ideas on cause...
  24. Vibora

    Thanks to the guys at Oside Harbor

    Wife and I launch the boat around 0730 on Sunday, grab a half of bait. Underway ,happy to be on the water in our ( new to us) boat. At the mouth of the harbor my Mercury Verado 150 shudders and stalls. Seems to be a fuel issue. Anyway, there happened to be two fellas on a Bass Tracker fishing...
  25. Vibora

    Oceanside launch ramp closed this Sat.

    May be common knowledge but but O'side launch will be closed at least on Saturday 04/02/16 for the Ironman Comp. Maybe save someone a headache... But you know...whatever.
  26. Vibora

    Logical electronic uprgrades?

    I realize this subject has been discussed over and over... Which gear should I install? I'm greener than green when it comes to electronics so I need help My 08' Sea Pro 206 has a Raymarine A60 , GPS, transducer. Seems outdated and I'm unable to find any updates. Raymarine we site wasn't...
  27. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    I put my boat in for a tune up and pump replacement. The mechanic claims seized bolts at the pump, and proceeds to remove them and snaps the heads off in the process. So now the lower unit needs to go to a machinist who must build a jig to hold the lower and extract broken seized bolts. This...
  28. Vibora


    My son is home on predeployment leave. I'd like to get him on some fish before he heads out. We are ready to slay sea beasts tomorow!!
  29. Vibora

    Open spot for a My son ?

    My boy is at Kbay. He needs a break from his daily grind , and I suggested pulling on fish . Any recommendations on Sporties, or anyone willing to take this young man out? Mahalo !!
  30. Vibora

    I gaff pigs !!

    Do you need 1 for the 24th, tomorow? Lemme know.
  31. Vibora

    Feather River question.

    More of a question than a report. I was on the Feather Monday and landed a smaller female salmon. I have always used small Megabaits style jigs and the work fine. Now I'm familiar with using roe, flatfish and spinner however, the men fishing near by were using a rig that I'm not familiar...
  32. Vibora

    Dans got Crabs !

    New restaurant in Murrieta. Anyone tried it yet?
  33. Vibora

    WTB Lure Bags

    Anyone have a few rigged feather storage bags they don't need?
  34. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    What will become of all you " Animal Trainers"? This season has been outstanding, one for the books to be sure. A few " first's" for me as well. First time I've been out more than twice in the past 6 yrs. First time slaying Sea Beasties with my wife and having her outfish me. The last time I...
  35. Vibora

    Free stuff

    Some misc crap. Come git it in Murrieta . Hardware, fittings, compass,nets, and beer bottle. Scratched and chipped on bottom. But free though.
  36. Vibora

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    So, this post contributes nothing meaningful other than pointing out the obvious , but it's fricken hilarious ! Probly nothing new to many of you. I had my first taste on Sunday.I was in "the tower" much of the time , so I missed a good chunk of the radio traffic, but what I did hear was funny...
  37. Vibora

    Bueller !!

    Anyone! Anyone need one or two to spilt costs Saturday , Sunday or Monday ? Anytime? Here's the deal . I drink beer like the bastard !!! Sometimes , I piss on the gunwale , but I clean it. Seriously me.
  38. Vibora

    Good steakhouse in Chico??

    Traveling up to Chico in a few days and would like to tear up a good Steak. I searched the intardwebs ,and 5th Street and a few others popped up. What's the scoop ?
  39. Vibora

    8/10/14 3/4 day on the Point Loma

    3/4 Day on Point Loma Sunday. This is my wife's first trip targeting Tuna. Anchovy from the Barge and we head out 15- 22 mi S/W . I use a Diawa SL20SH, 25 lb P-Line, 8' Seeker. Wife used Shimano Baitrunner 8000, 20Lb test. 7'Penn Rampage. #2 hooks with 1/4 Oz sliders .Not high end gear...
  40. Vibora

    School me on the Tiagra 12

    I'd Recently been given a Tiagra 12 however, not exactly sure of the best application for Socal Offshore. It's probly great for Marlin and such in the Baja but... USING THE SEARCH BUTTON here showed mostly " Tiagra 12 for sale", which may be telling ,but it was a gift and will be put to use...
  41. Vibora

    Do you have room for 2 ?

    Trying to get my Old man out to kill some fish. Tuna preferably . Any of you have 2 spots open between now and Saturday, before the weather turns? Get Some !!
  42. Vibora

    Bee Canyon ?

    Any gunslingers do some blasting out there lately ? No I haven't checked the FDR or the Ranger Station .
  43. Vibora

    Teeter Inversion Table.

    Sold Teeter EP950 . $200.00 or trade. Bought this new and used it about 4 times . Its been sitting , unused for over a year. Willing to trade for decent salt reel of similar value . Local pickup Murrieta/ Temecula preferred , but I can meet along 76...
  44. Vibora

    ANOTHER....rod holder .

    I thought I'd try to be a contributing member, so here's my little Rod Holder build. I had the day off and needed to do something productive rather than ass sitting... Now , I packrat shit like there's no tomorrow , so this build cost me nothing as I had these items kickin round the garage...
  45. Vibora

    Cabo in January

    I will be taking a cruise to Cabo with the Wifey in January and was wondering what type fish if any are running at that time. I'd like to take the Wife out and get her hooked up on something besides bottom dwellers. Yellows would be nice .Any info on fish and a good boat to hop on would be...