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  1. Tar Pit

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    Just returned from a 2-day charter on the Aztec. Day one. 15 skipjacks and we did see some bluefin (#100-#150) crashing on bait Great show and we and hook 4 with light line and all went by-by. Empty kelps and 15 skipjacks all but 4 on the troll and we stopped on meter marks we were told were...
  2. Tar Pit

    Aztec 2-day charter next week. 9-25&26.

    I know the local offshore fishing over the last two weeks has been up and down but what I'm reading is this... Light line. #20-#25 with fluorocarbon. Small hooks. #2 #4. Bait is poor. Need spectra backing as bigger fish are in the mix. A rod with some backbone. A rod for #30-#50. Colt sniper...
  3. Tar Pit

    The yellowtail?

    Great tuna counts coming from SD boats but the lack of yellowtail is odd. Over the last few years we have seen thousands of small (rat) yellowtail and this years the offshore kelps are MIA. It is the lack of Mexican hurricanes this year? I know the fishing runs in cycles so maybe it's just a off...
  4. Tar Pit

    What happened to the Fishing Weatherman?

    I think that's what he called himself. Great weekly posts and offshore weather information.
  5. Tar Pit

    Jackpot nightmare.

    PLEASE DON'T NAME THE BOAT OR ANY OF THE CREW. 25+ years ago I was fishing a 3/4 day trip and we had stupid yellowtail fishing with 80 anglers on board. The limit was 10 back then and many had limits. The fish were all the same size 10-11 pounds and when it came to jackpot it took a long time...
  6. Tar Pit

    A bunch of 300+ pound Bluefin landed.

    Reports of as much as 7, 300 pound bluefin landed out of SD yesterday . The biggest going 327. :eek:
  7. Tar Pit

    Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    Thunderbird out of NB finds big bluefin returning from Cat Island. One fish hooked up but lost in fight. Report on 9 seven 6.
  8. Tar Pit

    Local Sand Bass MIA.

    This time of year we should see huge numbers of sand bass in the OC fish counts. Is the water too cold? Too warm? I remember taking my kids on Davey's Locker twilight trips and it was stupid fishing all night long.
  9. Tar Pit

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    I saw this boat in WON and looked up the boat on their facebook page. Very good looking boat for the photos but I know nothing about this boat. Is this a new name on a old San Diego boat or this boat new to SD? Anybody fish her yet? Open bunk room or state rooms? Bait storage? Tackle box...
  10. Tar Pit

    Aztec went looking at new area.

    9:30am report from the Aztec said they went looking at new area and found biting fish. BF&YF 25-40 pounds. So far 17 fish for 19 anglers. Great news for the weekend.
  11. Tar Pit

    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    I see the 7 to 8 day trips are heading to the ridge and then back here for a few days of bluefin fishing. This time last year many boats including my 6-day on the RR-3 fished Guadalupe in July. Is it not happening at the Island or is it a permit issue again?
  12. Tar Pit

    RP going south.

    The Royal Polaris is fishing at the ridge and doing well for yellowtail. As far as their reports say they found nothing between SD and the ridge. No YFT or kelps holding fish. I like to follow the spring 8- day reports as they are looking for fish all the way down and It gives me an idea of what...
  13. Tar Pit

    Live on the water East Cape report.

    A friend starting today (6-21) at sunrise and had limits of yellowfin before 8 am Smallest YFT 32 pounds largest 41. Then they went looking for marlin and they got 2 before 9 am. No live bait all trolling feathers.
  14. Tar Pit

    The do's and don'ts of putting together a charter.

    I'm thinking of putting a charter together. Maybe start with a 1.5 day midweek trip out of Dana Wharf or Seaforth Landing. What are the common mistakes made by new charter masters or the "fine print or loophole" in the contract with the landing that bites the CM in the butt? Thanks.
  15. Tar Pit

    Saturday 5-5 on the Sum Fun.

    Fun little trip on the Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf. The last few years all I have fished was a 6-day July trip on the RR3 so I had to drag out a bunch of rods and reels that have not seen the light of day in 10 years. A charter of 24 and a crew of 6 made the 3 hour trip to the east end of Cat...
  16. Tar Pit

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    Any talk about using the new Tesla semi truck electric motor to power larger boats? I saw the trucks are getting 500 miles before a recharge is needed.
  17. Tar Pit

    5-5 Dana Wharf trip the weekend.

    I have a call in to the landing about the game plan so I don't bring a bunch of unnecessary gear but I'm thinking the Cat Island will be the location. If it is has anybody fished it lately? And if so are the fish Line shy or were you fishing #30-#40? Any kelps holding fish in the channel on the...
  18. Tar Pit

    Anybody fly Volaris airline to Mexico?

    Brother is getting married in Guadalajara Mexico next year and my wife found that Volaris has the cheapest flights but I know nothing about them. LAX to Guadalajara Mexico. Thanks.
  19. Tar Pit

    Any old guys remember her?

    My first LR trips were on the Q.
  20. Tar Pit

    The H&M 85?

    Someone posted on Facebook a old photo for Davies Locker when it was located across from the old cannery in Newport Harbor and one of the boats tied up next to the Thunderbird and Del Mar is the H&M 85. I don't remember this boat and it looks newer than the other boats in the photo. Is this boat...
  21. Tar Pit

    RR-3 Lupe very short report.

    Just returned from a RR-3 6-day trip. Day 1 we travel to Ensenada and went through customs. Easy and quick. Drive all night to the Island. Day 2 we arrive at the Island about noon and this 1/2 day of fishing is the best day for fishing at Lupe. I get 2 YFT both 45 pounds and at sunset I get a...
  22. Tar Pit

    Ranger 85 with 5 cows.

    Ranger 85 calls in with 5 BFT over 200 pounds. I don't have the number of fish lost or their total count but 5 cows on a local trip. :D
  23. Tar Pit

    Wahoo moving up?

    Fish Report for 7-9-2018 HALF MOON BAY ON THEIR WAY 7-9-2018 John Collins Technical difficulties will require the office to post reports during this trip. The annual Half Moon Bay Sportfishing trip got underway Saturday morning. After making a stop at the live bait receivers and picking up...
  24. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster Bluefin Jim's 6-day trip roll call.

    My 5th or 6th trip with Bluefin Jim Charters. Looks like the Rooster at the end of their 8 day found school size yellowfin yesterday on top of all the big yellowtail you want. Anybody else on this trip?
  25. Tar Pit

    Fuel surcharge in 2018?

    Local Chevron station in Costa Meas Ca. is selling diesel fuel for $3.99 a gallon. I know the boats pay less but what is the price that trigger the surcharge on the LR boats? We have been very lucky over the last few years and I know fuel surcharges is a hot button on BD. :deadhorse
  26. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster returns with local cow bluefin.

    Looks like the RR3 was fishing local today and found cow bluefin. Yesterdays FB post. 3-19. The Red Rooster Travelled up and spent the day fishing Bluefin tuna. They had a long day of searching but the work payed off on a shot right before dark for 25 fish 40 to 60 pounds They saw a fair sign...
  27. Tar Pit


    Sorry if this has been posted before.
  28. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 MIA?

    I have friends on the RR3 Bluefin Jim/Sunny Jones 15 day trip that left on Jan 20th. I have not read any reports on the RR3 facebook page or their web site about their trip and they return this Saturday Feb 3. Anybody have news? Thanks.
  29. Tar Pit

    Long Range boat check in at Ensenada Mexico.

    Could a San Diego LR boat that needs to check into Ensenada for immigration take extra passengers who just want to stay in Ensenada for a few days? Then the American tourist just take a LR boat home and go through US immigration with the other anglers. A extra 10 passengers at $100 each could...
  30. Tar Pit

    Wish list fish.

    After 40 years of fishing I'm still waiting for my keeper halibut. I landed hundreds of shorts but never a keeper. Bigeye tuna. Wahoo. Yellowtail over 30#. Lots of high #20 but still waiting for a bigger girl. A cow tuna. Yours?
  31. Tar Pit

    Penn formula 10kg.

    Someone just gave me his old Penn formula 10kg. What is the mono/spectra for this reel? Thanks.
  32. Tar Pit

    Now Cabo is a mess. Three killed in Mexico Cabos beach shootout AFPAugust 6, 2017 More than 230 people have been murdered in Los Cabos alone so far this year (AFP Photo/PAUL J. RICHARDS) Los Cabos (Mexico) (AFP) - Three men were...
  33. Tar Pit

    Boss xtreme fails again?

    This happened to me 2 years ago on the same 5-day trip. After landing my fish the deckhand tells me to put the reel in free spool and the reel won't go into free spool. I just had the reel looked at by the Accurate office a week before I left. Anybody have this issue? Boss xtreme 600 narrow.
  34. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    Just back from a Bluefin Jim 5-day on the RR-3. Short report as I need to clean up. Day 1 (travel day) we traveled south. Day 2 we travel south and start to find kelps for nothing. Late in the day we start to get small YFT #6-#8 all went back. We take a look at a small kelp full of yellowtail...
  35. Tar Pit

    New Mexican curveball.

    Looks like the Mexican Government wants a copy of our passports 48 hours prior to the visa payment by the boat. We leave next week so the office needs a copy by next Tuesday. Is this new? I just got the e-mail today and I'm lucky I was at home and had my passport here. Was the boat office late...
  36. Tar Pit

    Excel 5-day.

    The Excel just started a 5-day trip and reported they are going to look in a new area for offshore fish. I wish them the best as a lot of 4 and 5 day trips are coming up. If anybody hears info please share.
  37. Tar Pit

    It's that time again.

    My RR five day trip leave in a month and just like the last 3 years the fish are close to home and have lockjaw. Mexico closing their coast to LR boats will kill the 5 day trips as it was always an option when the weather was bad or the offshore fishing was bad. Anybody leaving on a 4 or 5 day...
  38. Tar Pit

    Baby yellowtail.

    Where did all the baby yellowtail go? Only 1 yellowtail yesterday in the big 3 counts and Seaforth with only 4 YT for 4 boats and 1 trip was a 2 day trip. Ouch. Looks like it's back to rock fishing. Good luck to you guys going out this weekend I hope things change.
  39. Tar Pit

    No body talking about

    The nice grade yellowfin showing up in the counts. 30-55 pounds yellowfin in May? The 7-8 day spring trips should give us a lot of intel of whats moving north for July fishing.
  40. Tar Pit

    Charger wifes house shopping in Newport Beach.

    We have 2 houses for sale on my street in Newport Beach and I was told by the realtor that the wifes of the front office executives are house shopping/looking in NB. The team's looking at a property at the 73-55-405 intersection called the Hive and it's only a few minutes for John Wayne Airport...
  41. Tar Pit

    Royal Polaris 3-day.

    Just returned home for a 3-day on the RP. Slow fishing but I had a good time. Day 1 and 2 we fished the bluefin with 50+ other boats. Total was 20 bft from 137-40. I think we had 3 over 100 pounds. Day 1 was flat fall fish and day 2 was on live squid. 50 or 60 mono with fluorocarbon worked well...
  42. Tar Pit

    Malibu Tackle 3-day on the RP.

    Roll Call. I'm on this open charter that leaves Sept. 7. First time on the Royal Polaris and going with a bunch of old high school friends (Newport Harbor). Looking at the other 2-3 day trip reports we will be fishing for the big tuna just offshore. Question on boarding. First in line first...
  43. Tar Pit

    3-day in 3 weeks.

    I leave in 3 weeks (9-7-16) on the RP for a 3-day trip. Reading some of the 2-day and 3-day reports on BD it looks like 10-15 pound YFT, 15-20 pound YT and a dodo here and there. From a on the water report it was said to bring light line 20-25 with the same in fluorocarbon and small hooks. Are...
  44. Tar Pit

    News of bigger yellowfin?

    I'm hearing that bigger yellowfin up to #60 are now showing up in the local SD counts. Are these fish mixed in with the bluefin or are they mixed in with the smaller yellowfin down south? Thanks.
  45. Tar Pit

    This was my first LR trip.

    My first LR trip was a Glenn's tackle 7-day trip on the Q105. Glenn's tackle and the Q 105 are both gone now and so are the prices. I'm paying the same for a 3-day trip this Sept. Bobby from Glenn's tackle gave away 3 custom rods and they were truly a work of art.
  46. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    The boats with permits to fish Guadalupe island just hit the jackpot! How many 5-day fisherman will be changing boats?
  47. Tar Pit

    Fishing the chunk bait.

    Is anybody trying to fish chunk bait for these local non-biting bluefin and yellowfin?
  48. Tar Pit

    Bigeye 7-13-16

    Anybody know the size of the bigeye that was landed on the Ocean Odyssey today?
  49. Tar Pit

    The 4-day trips are leaving to dock.

    The Excel just go back from a 4-day trip and the Rooster left yesterday for it's first of three 4-day trips. I like to watch these trips as they tell me what's down south where the 2-3 day trips can't get too. The last two years that area was dead and the boats all fish close to home. The...
  50. Tar Pit

    Deep water rock coding.

    Is this even done anymore? I still have my gear and about 50 pounds of lead. :-) Big fat reds 6 at a time and always a colorful bunch of anglers on board those trips too.
  51. Tar Pit

    Still rolling on dry land.

    Over the last few years I find myself still rolling and a little light headed days after returning from a LR trip. Most of my trips are 5+ days but I just came off a short 1.5 day trip and I still have moments when I fell movement. Anybody else get this days after getting back?
  52. Tar Pit

    1.5 Shogun charter fish San Clemente Island. 6-29-16

    This was a 1.5 day charter by the meals on wheels charity. It was scheduled to be an off shore trip but was changed last minute to San Clemente Island after the Shogun came back from a 3-day trip and had poor fishing. We had a light load of 26 and 10 people needed rental rods. If you ever wanted...
  53. Tar Pit

    1.5 day trips.

    I'm fishing a 1.5 day trip on the Shogun next week. The boat leaves the dock at 4:00 so I think we could be in a fishy area before sunset if the 3/4 day boats are finding YT and tuna. Are any of the 1.5 day trips fishing on departure day?
  54. Tar Pit

    Bullet tuna on 3/4 dat boat?

    3/4 day boat out of Seaforth reports 1 bullet tuna. Is this true? I don't remember any bullet tuna out of SD.
  55. Tar Pit

    Shogun meals on wheels charter.

    Just signed up for the Shogun 1.5 day meals on wheels charter fishing June 29th. Anybody on this trip with me? Or have anybody fish the trip in the past? First time on the Shogun for me so any info would be helpful. Tar Pit out.
  56. Tar Pit

    Tuna crabs return.

    Balboa Island had the crabs all over the beach again last Sunday. Crazy..............
  57. Tar Pit

    Going to try the Shogun next year.

    After 5 years fishing on another LR boat my group is going to try the Shogun next Aug. Can I get some info on boarding, 3- man staterooms, rooms to avoid, 1 seating for dinner or shifts and any odd things about the boat or crew. So far the front office people are great. TP
  58. Tar Pit

    Travel insurance.

    Two or three months ago on the Let's Talk Hook Up radio show they had an interview with the owner of a travel insurance company. Does anybody know the name or the phone number of that company? Thanks.
  59. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Just returned from the RR 3 bluefin Jim 5-day trip. Short report was poor numbers of fish tagged but great time on the water. Travel day/day1. We head south and start looking at first light. 170 miles south of the border and we get stopped on very small yellowfin 12-16 pounds. The cedar plug...
  60. Tar Pit

    Roll call for Bluefin Jim's RR3 5-day.

    We leave in 7 days. (July 25th) This is my third trip with these scalawags and the trip is always a sell out long before sailing time. It looks like the LR boats are finding the better grade yellowtail and small yellowfin in Mexican waters. The Red Rooster is on back to back 4-day trips so Ill...
  61. Tar Pit

    Starting to get concerned.

    I'm starting to get concerned about my upcoming 5-day trip. The local tuna bite is still not happening and the truth is it's getting worse. The spring 8-day trips fishing the ridge are on the school size yellowfin, but I don't see any tuna above that. The boats coming back up the line are...
  62. Tar Pit

    Round 2 of spring trips at sea.

    The Shogun is on the fish. Day 2 of their 6-day trip and the report on 976 said the every angler had a fish on as he was making the report. Yellowtail 18-25 pounds and yellowfin 15-30 pounds. Their looking farther offshore for the bigger yellowfin 30-60 pound fish tomorrow...
  63. Tar Pit

    Charter master and/or sponsored trips.

    Over the last 6 years all of my long range trips have had a tackle store as a sponsor. My first trip was a 7-day trip on the Q-105 and the sponsor was Glenns tackle in Costa Mesa Ca. They raffled off 3 beautiful custom rods made by the charter master. We also got gift bags full of high end...
  64. Tar Pit

    New storm could change some plans.

    Storm Blanca moving fast. RR3 is going south on a 15 day trip now.
  65. Tar Pit

    Odd fish count.

    Looks like 1 boat, the Thunderbird fishing out of Newport Beach landed as many bluefin tuna as all 4 of the San Diego landings combined. Are the fish really that far north in may? I think my 5-day in July will be fishing off of Oxnard.:rolleyes:
  66. Tar Pit

    First storm of the season.

  67. Tar Pit

    Eclipse on big bluefin.

    The Eclipse called in to 976... It's a 5 to 5 trip so the fish are in the 3/4 day range. "The largest school of bluefin I have ever seen" is what the skipper said. They landed 9 fish all over 60 pounds. He said they went 9 for 15 on the big fish and are still fishing.
  68. Tar Pit

    Good morning! Scott from the Condor here.

    I love this guy. He makes the best reports on 976. Today is the Condor's first trip of the season and he's offshore on a 4 day trip. He has yft on the deck and has a nice bunch of fish under the boat. He said the fish are all over #20.
  69. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    I start keeping a log for my upcoming summer 5-day with the spring 8 day trips reports. The AA leaves on a 8-day trip this Saturday. These trips will fish offshore, Cedros and Benitos Islands, Alijos Rocks and the ridge. They cover a large area and are looking for fish all the time. We will get...
  70. Tar Pit

    Yellowtail pop up in LA County.

    From 976. Half day AM trip from Pierpoint Landing get 34 "big" yellowtail for 15 guys. Huge jump to the north as I don't think the Dana Point or Newport Beach boats found any local YT. Well done. I bet they have more than 15 guys on board tomorrow. LOL
  71. Tar Pit

    El Nino news from down under. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology predicted that it could become a "substantial" event later in the year, but US scientists announced in April that El Nino had arrived, but it was described then as "weak". Australian scientists said models...
  72. Tar Pit

    How much for a Trinidad 40?

    An older member from my Church wants to sell me his Trinidad 40. It's just like new and I have no idea what a fair price is for this reel. Thanks. TP
  73. Tar Pit

    News on yellowfin.

    The Intrepid left on the 20th for a 15 day trip. A post made on the 21st said they stopped on a big school of 30-50 pound yft. Now if the boat left SD in the early afternoon and the boat stopped on the yft the next day the fish are real close.:drool:
  74. Tar Pit

    Are you seeing any fish on the way down?

    Someone posted that the LR boats are seeing school size YFT at about 200 miles on their trips to the banks. These guys are looking for cows so they just drive past. Any returning LR guys have dope on this? Thanks. Pit.
  75. Tar Pit

    Psycho Clown.

    We had a great poster on BD years ago named Psycho Clown. I never got to fish with the man, but his fishing reports were the best. He would always fish in some kind of costume. He was murdered in 2011 and as far as I know no one has been charged with the crime. Anybody have any new info...
  76. Tar Pit

    Crazy summer. Wahoo on Newport Beach 3/4 day boat.

    E-mail from Wahoo Hookup On Patriot Ext ¾ Day Thursday Oct 16. Free Swimming Wahoo & Jumping Wahoo Spotted Also. Patriot Will Be Trolling Marauders For Wahoo In Areas Being Spotted For Upcoming Ext ¾ Day Trips. Patriot Sat Oct 18 Ext ¾ Day. Western Pride Sun Oct 19 Ext ¾ Day. Patriot Running...
  77. Tar Pit

    Boss 600 free spool.

    I just got off the RR3 from a 5-day. My Boss 600 will not go into free spool after fighting fish. I pull on the line 2 or 3 times then it works. Any ideas?
  78. Tar Pit

    My 5-day is coming up.

    I have never had so much trouble packing for a trip. The reports after Memorial Day were a lot like my last years 5-day. Tons of bluefin in the 30-40 pound class. Great! All I need is new top shots and I'm good to go. Then a few weeks later the bait was all small anchovies and the fish went...
  79. Tar Pit

    Summer of the Hoo?

    Looks like the RP and the Rooster are all over the wahoo. The RP is at the rocks and the RR is fishing kelps offshore. And closer to home the Queen has over 100 mixed tuna for the day. One jumbo #90 bluefin.
  80. Tar Pit

    Bait for San Diego sport boats?

    I just read that one of the boats on a 8-day trip spent all day near the coast trying to make bait. With the warm water this year I was expecting problems with live bait, but not the first week of June. I don't mind fishing with anchovies but the little 2" pinheads suck. Anybody just get back...
  81. Tar Pit

    The business of running a fishing boat.

    Now I'm not in the business of running a Southern California fishing boat but to me it looks like their income comes in 4 ways. 1. Price to board. 2. Selling food and drinks. 3. Filleting fish. 4. Crew tips. Now I'm not talking about long range trips here. I'm talking about 1/2 day to 2.5 day...
  82. Tar Pit

    My Bloody Decks start of summer check list... done.

    Memorial Day is the start of my summer fishing season and it looks like things are moving along here on BD's. 5 threads about El Nino.................................. done. 7 threads about this summer albacore.............. done. 2 threads with lies about albacore being caught.. done. 3...
  83. Tar Pit

    Exploratory trip?

    On 976 tuna radio show today they something about a exploratory trip looking for tuna. Anybody have the 411 on this? I think the Taft brothers did this in the past just before the day at the docks.
  84. Tar Pit

    Some get a total pass.

    I know this is a old story but if the dog owner was some plumber from Santa Ana do you think the outcome would have been the same? Laguna Beach police received a call at 2 p.m. Saturday and arrived to find that...
  85. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster facebook post.

    The Red Rooster facebook page. "Well surprising enough we found some fish that didn't respond and no bites but the grade was excellent!!!!! Bigger fish in the upper 80# range blowing out on the bait of "their" choice back on the hunt" I think the RR left yesterday and this is a five day...
  86. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    I was going to start this thread next week but watching the stock market tank again I need to change gears to something fun. My third trip on the Rooster, but my first trip with this group. My 4-day Charkbait trip last year had bluefin, yellowfin, dodos and ten million baby yellowtails. The...
  87. Tar Pit

    June 6 1944.

    D-Day - June 6, 1944 - the United States Army
  88. Tar Pit

    Spring 8 day trips.

    For me the summer season starts when the long range boats start their spring 8 day trips. This Saturday (5-25) we have the Vagabond and American Angler going out on 8 day trips. I love the reports from these trips. They tell me a lot about the upcoming summer trips. Water, bait, weather, kelps...
  89. Tar Pit

    Last summer's small yellowtails.

    Last July I did a 4-day trip on the RR3. We would pull up on a kelp and it would be full of 2-4 pound yellowtails. All the small fish were let go, and we moved on looking for something bigger. The skipper would say that some kelps had thousands of them. Now I have no idea how fast yellowtail...
  90. Tar Pit

    Shogun 5-day trip.

    Looks like the Shogun are on some fish. :hali_olutta: From "The Shogun checking in this morning as they are off to an outstanding start for their 5 day trip. They are already nearing limits of yellowtail to 25 pounds for the first day and it's not even lunchtime yet. Great...
  91. Tar Pit

    Overnight on the Dolphin 3.

    Just got back from an ON on the Dolphin 3. I fished this boat every summer with my Dad (mid 70s) when she was the old Holiday. I don't remember ever catching a lot of fish on the Holiday, but I was fishing with my Dad and thats what I remember best. Dad passed on 3 years ago, and I put some of...
  92. Tar Pit

    A little news for your pregnant wife. Study: Oral Sex Cures Morning Sickness. ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSDC) – Pregnant women have used natural remedies such as a teaspoon of ginger or a mint to help battle morning sickness. But now, one medical...
  93. Tar Pit

    The walk.

    On my long range trips we have a thing that I call "the walk". It's when you catch a nice fish up in the bow on the windward side of the boat. The crew member slowly walks down the rail with your fish at the end of his gaff with you following close behind. As they walk to the stern the rest of...
  94. Tar Pit

    Charkbait's 4-day report.

    Just returned from my 4-day trip on the Red Rooster. Day 1. Find a parking spot 100 feet from the office. The office staff is on top of everything and my old high school buddy and me are done in 10 mins. We are told that we only have 23 on this trip so things look even better. Boarded and off...
  95. Tar Pit

    Warm water down south.

    We need a little turn to the right.
  96. Tar Pit

    Charkbait's 4-day roll call.

    I just signed up for the Charkbait 4-day trip on the Red Rooster 3 July 23-27. Anybody else going on this one?
  97. Tar Pit

    Black-sea-bass speared.,0,6930016.story CdM man cited in spearing of protected giant sea bass. From the Los Angeles Times June 5, 2012 | 9:59 a.m. A Corona Del Mar man has been cited for illegally taking a...
  98. Tar Pit

    All inclusive.

    Looking for all inclusive resort on a beach in Mexico. I'm taking my two sons 21 & 23 so there looking for some nightlife. Mom and Dad are looking for quite. Or maybe a resort that's only a short cab ride into town. Gracias.
  99. Tar Pit

    Bad Seas.

    If this a re-post I'm sorry. Have your sound on.:appl:
  100. Tar Pit

    Travel time.

    With all the traveling back and forth from San Diego to lower banks are the crews seeing any positive signs for the upcoming spring (7/8 day) long range trips?
  101. Tar Pit

    Jobs at Anaheim Stadium.

    I was thinking about some part time work at Anaheim Stadium this summer to help pay the fuel surcharge on my fall trips. :rolleyes: Anybody work there?
  102. Tar Pit

    Drone shot down. A remote-controlled aircraft owned by an animal rights group was reportedly shot down near Broxton Bridge Plantation Sunday. Steve Hindi, president of SHARK (SHowing Animals...
  103. Tar Pit

    881 bluefin taken and sold by NOAA. By DON CUDDY [email protected] November 21, 2011 This fish story may lack the epic qualities of Ernest Hemingway's 1952 classic“The Old Man and the Sea,” but for New Bedford's Carlos Rafael, the...
  104. Tar Pit

    Sum Fun groupon trip.

    Jumped on an 3/4 day trip on the Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf on Monday. It was the last day to use the groupons so the boat was full. The last 3 years I have only fished long range, but the kids get me the groupon for Fathers Day.:loverz: Great bait. 4-5 in. squid and sardines. A great mix bag of...
  105. Tar Pit

    Bait in San Diego?

    I Just read a report on 976-tuna about their 2-day Labor Day charter. It said the crew was very unhappy with the quality of the sardines they were loading in their tanks. By late afternoon of day 1 all the bait was dead. The skipper went back to the harbor that night to get more bait and was...
  106. Tar Pit

    Outer Limits 2-day.

    Leave Friday night on the Outer Limits 2-day trip this weekend. 8/13&14.:boobies: Hate to bring to much stuff. So what's been working the last two days? Trolling. Jig size and color? Line test? Fluorocarbon? Hooks. Size, shape, ring? Any body on this trip?????????
  107. Tar Pit

    New area of biting fish.

    Looks like 2 boats on their first day of 3 day trips are on fish. Seaforth landing reports on 976-tuna that a boat has over 70 fish on board before 9AM. Yellowfin, bluefin, albacore, yellowtail and dodos. The fish are in 1.5 day range.
  108. Tar Pit


    Lets hope Dora can push some warmer water up the line.
  109. Tar Pit

    The year of the seabass.

    On they have a fish count. As of July 14. Yellowtail............ 2078 Bluefin................ 513 Albacore.............. 22 Total................... 2613 White Seabass...... 3635 What a great year for the White Seabass!
  110. Tar Pit

    Well, the fireworks stands are up.

    The firework stands are up in Costa Mesa and the longfin are not showing up on any of the long range boats. I know some of you guys get dope from the commercial albacore fisherman, so can you share with us. :rolleyes: Thanks.
  111. Tar Pit

    On-Water Sobriety Checkpoints Planned June 24-26 On-Water Sobriety Checkpoints Planned June 24-26 Thursday, June 09, 2011 12:00:00 AM Marine law enforcement officers from local, state and federal boating agencies will be out in force June 24-26 during Operation Dry Water, an annual...
  112. Tar Pit

    Das boot. Overnight to 3 day.

    People make posts that ask about the boats they should take. Now we all are different, and my likes/needs my not be the same as yours. At 53 years old, and after some beers I need to get up and pee once or twice at night. :o So a boat with the heads inside are important to me. Walking up the...
  113. Tar Pit

    Biggest salmon run in a century.

    BBC News - Are there plenty more fish in the sea? Below the tranquil surface, the river has just witnessed one of nature's most spectacular natural phenomena - the return of the sockeye salmon, and this year it is the biggest salmon run in a century. This year, despite dire predictions...
  114. Tar Pit

    Angler Center 5-day on the Red Rooster 3

    Just returned from the Angler Center 5 day trip on the Red Rooster 3. We sailed on Friday Oct 1 in hot and humid conditions. Joe the captain tells us that the tuna bite offshore was still weak so it's off to Cedros/Benito Island. He said the fishing has been much better at Benito so we will...
  115. Tar Pit

    3 black seabass bagged on Pacific Queen.(From 1967)

    Yes 3 black seabass the largest being 307 pounds from the Cortez Bank. I'm reading about this right now from a WON from Sept 29 1967. I found the old Western Outdoor News in the back of a old picture frame. Some other news and adds in this paper are. San Diego Yellowtail Derby winner Richard...
  116. Tar Pit

    Info on Costa Baja in La Paz.

    CostaBaja | A Masterplanned Community Any body in La Paz have any info on this place? Nice web site, but so did The Villages at Loreto Bay.
  117. Tar Pit

    The Official Glenn's Tackle Q-105 7-day Thread

    My last payment goes out this weekend, and I'm taking my son to Glenn's to get him his first pair of deck boots. :hali_parkutuli: They grow up so fast. Who's going? Bobby............ BakerStBobby2 Charlie........... Tar Pit. Jackson.......... STP (Son of Tar Pit) John...
  118. Tar Pit

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Memorial Day is so much more that just a day off. Thank You to all you vets.:notworthy
  119. Tar Pit

    Grey whale sighted off Israel.

    Scientists stunned as grey whale sighted off Israel AFP - Wednesday, May 12. 2010 A handout picture made available by the Israeli Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center (IMMRAC) shows a grey whale off the coast of Israel. The appearance of the grey whale off the coast of Israel has...
  120. Tar Pit

    The Shogun looking for us.

    Looks like the Shogun has four, 3-day trips in the next few weeks. ( one being a rock cod trip ) I'll guess they will spend 1 full day off shore looking around for tuna. Anybody on these trips? Good hunting.
  121. Tar Pit

    Some news from the rocks.

    Look's like the Royal Polaris on a 18 day trip stopped at the rocks on the way down south. I was hoping to hear about some tuna between SD and the rocks. Still early.................... 3 months and 3 day to go.:imdumb: We made a short stop at Alijos rocks, and caught a handful of Yellowtail...
  122. Tar Pit

    3 Months and a week.

    Until my 7-day trip on the Q105. If your still on the fence about going on your first long range trip or want to take a rookie or your child check out the Glenn's tackle trip June 19-26. Check out this post from last years trip and you can see we have a very friendly group and Bobby is a...
  123. Tar Pit

    New Malibu mayor vowed to keep septic tanks.

    Malibu Surfside News - MALIBU'S COMMUNITY FORUM and Local Malibu News BY BILL KOENEKER The newly installed mayor of Malibu, Sharon Barovsky vowed at this week’s city council meeting to take the fight with the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to court if the city could not...
  124. Tar Pit

    Overnight next weekend 9-12.

    I see 4 overnight trips next weekend. Boats in San Diego Bay. 1. Pacific Queen 2. Granda 3. New Lo-An Seaforth Landing. 1. Aztec I like the parking at Seaforth, but some times the bait sucks in Mission Bay this time of year. Do any of these boats have RSW? Do any of...
  125. Tar Pit

    More crime in Mexico. Well in ever stop?

    Mexico shuts Cancun beach, alleges sand was stolen. By MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press Writer – Fri Jul 31, 7:07 am ET MEXICO CITY Surprised tourists found their little piece of Cancun beach paradise ringed by crime-scene tape and gun-toting sailors on Thursday. Environmental...
  126. Tar Pit

    Power plants' impact on near-shore fish.

    REGION: State, industry differ on power-plant kill rates. Fishermen take far more fish from ocean than operators. By DAVE DOWNEY - [email protected] | Wednesday, July 8, 2009 10:05 PM PDT. When state regulators announced last week they intend to phase out the use of ocean water to...
  127. Tar Pit

    Plan to restore rare trout sparks protests.

    Plan to restore rare trout sparks protests. The Paiute cutthroat trout, listed as a threatened species, is in trouble because it has become hybridized with other trout in the Silver King Creek in California. By Jeff DeLong, USA TODAY. WALKER, Calif. — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife...
  128. Tar Pit

    Seasons first storm..... Blanca.

  129. Tar Pit

    Thank you

    D Day June 6 1944. Thank you all.
  130. Tar Pit

    San Clemente island trips.

    I see from my weekly e-mail from Newport Landing that they are running some san clemente island overnight trips this weekend and next week. IMHO overnight trips to SCI are great for rockfish, but if you are looking to "fish the Island" try a 1.5 or 2 day trip. It's a big place, and the extra...
  131. Tar Pit

    Any info from offshore.

    I get a e-mail from the Searcher office about once a month. The last one said this. "We're still seeing good signs of yellowtail around San Benito islands as we stop there on each of our natural history tours. The bait balls and bird life can spell some good fishing there this spring!" When...
  132. Tar Pit

    A La Nina year?

    NASA Observes La Niña: This 'Little Girl' Makes a Big Impression. With winter gearing up, a moderate La Niña is hitting its peak. And we are just beginning to see the full effects of this oceanographic phenomenon, as La Niña episodes are typically strongest in January. A La Niña event...
  133. Tar Pit

    Soooooooooooooooo cool!

    If this is a re-post.........................................sorry. Way cool! More than that? YouTube - Dolphin play bubble rings
  134. Tar Pit

    Clean up Point Loma.

    My son and went on a 3 day trip on the Searcher out of Fishermans Landing. As we pulled off the I-5 on to Rosecrans Street we see 5 homeless guys crossing the street. Two blocks later we see three or more walking in the street asking for handouts. As we get near the landing we start looking for...
  135. Tar Pit

    3 days on the Searcher.

    Back from the Searcher Labor Day trip. Fishing. Small albacore 8-10 pounds. 90 percent of the albacore on the troll. Mexican flag colors worked well. Only 1 albacore landed on Sunday (last day) Small dorado 5-8 pounds. Most were released and all came off a kelp on Sunday. 20-30...
  136. Tar Pit

    Bluefin over 50 pounds?

    Over the last day or two 976-tuna has said that the boat New Lo-An has been getting bluefin in the 40 pound class. Today the same web site said they have fish over 50 pounds. I have not seen any posts or photos of bluefin in the 40 or 50 pound class from other boats. So are you BD guys...
  137. Tar Pit

    Labor Day trip on the Searcher.

    Just booked a 3 day trip on the Searcher for my son and me. My son is off to college this year so this my be our last trip for some time, as he won't have the time and I won't have the money:eek2: If you have some good info. on the Searcher or the crew please let me know. I'm packing like it's a...
  138. Tar Pit

    Get your numbers right.

    I'm going out on a twilight trip tonight. I live in Newport Beach so I look at the local landing counts. Fishing on 7-17-08. On the 976-TUNA (Bass Pro Shop) fish count page it said.. Daveys Locker twilight on the Freelance 28 fisherman 23 sand bass. On the 976-TUNA (Shimano Tyrnos) salt...
  139. Tar Pit

    Fishing Orange County Friday.

    I'm trying to go fishing this friday. My tackle box is packed. The rods and reels are all ready to go. Looking at the overnight counts from San Diego things don't look so good. 976-TUNA has the Big Game 80 on a 3.5-day trip fishing for bass and bonito at San Martin Island. So it looks like I'll...
  140. Tar Pit

    Local Yellowfin?

    I got this e-mail from 976-Tuna. "Local YFT Dave Hansen taking his group to Catalina this morning looked at some yellows on the way and ran over a big area of tuna. They are going to work it hard for a couple hours and Dave will keep us up to date." Is this a 6 pack boat? Any more...
  141. Tar Pit

    Mexico hurricane BORIS.

    BORIS is heading far to the west, but a new storm is building. Look for the new storm to grow in the next 48 hours.
  142. Tar Pit

    Looking for 2 spots July 17-20.

    Overnight, 1 1/2 or 2 day. Time frame is leaving Thursday July 17 PM returning Sunday July 20 AM. San Diego, Orange County. Let me know if you need to fill some spots. Thanks TP
  143. Tar Pit

    Deadliest Catch long range trip.

    I love the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. You see them in their element catching crab in the cold Barring Sea. Now lets take the Captans and their crew out on a 10 dayer on one of San Diego's finest boats. Have the DC camera crew film the trip and play it just like a regular show. Who is...
  144. Tar Pit

    Alaska sea lion at Newport Harbor.

    Biologists have determined a strange-looking sea lion recently spotted by a tour boat captain at the entrance to Newport Harbor belongs to a species more at home in the Gulf of Alaska or off the coast of Oregon. “It’s definitely a Steller sea lion,” said Joe Cordaro, a wildlife...
  145. Tar Pit

    Salmon disappearance could bring fishing ban.

    SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- The stunning collapse of one of the West Coast's biggest wild salmon runs has prompted even cash-strapped fishermen to call for an unprecedented shutdown of salmon fishing off the coasts of California and Oregon. "There's likely no fish, so what are you going...
  146. Tar Pit

    Sea lion killing stopped at Bonneville Dam.

    PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- The authorized killing of California sea lions at a dam on the Columbia River would be postponed under a proposal reached Tuesday by the Humane Society of the United States and federal and state governments. A sea lion eats a salmon at Bonneville Dam on April 10...
  147. Tar Pit

    Thanks WON.

    The Tar Pit aka...Charlie Massingill of Newport Beach wins Western Outdoors photo of the month. Best albacore trip of my life and a great boat (Pacific Star):) Thanks Rich Holland and all the people at WON. Tar Pit
  148. Tar Pit

    Would this work?

    At a X-mass party last weekend someone told me that they were flying to New York for free with all the miles they earned from using their credit card. So if a bank and a airline can work together why can't a San Diego bank and the San Deigo landings do the same thing? Every time you use your...
  149. Tar Pit

    Sea lion stabbing in Newport Beach.

    Sea lion stabbing suspect charged Garden Grove man faces a maximum statutory penalty of one year in federal prison and a $20,000 fine. By Jessie Brunner Daily Plot. Hai Nguyen, the 24-year-old Garden Grove man arrested last month on suspicion of stabbing a sea lion in Newport Beach, was...
  150. Tar Pit

    Two days at the Cortez.

    Fished the Pacific Star out of Seaforth Landing for albacore on a 2.5 day trip. I knew this was going to be a good trip when the skipper told us we had already passed the beer sales from his last trip (2 day). And we just pulled up at the bait dock:food-smiley-014:. Day 1 We fish near the...
  151. Tar Pit

    Hurricane Dean coming to the Pacific?

    If Dean keeps moving like this what will it be like this weekend and early next week? I have a 2.5 day trip leaving next Sunday.:idiot: Thanks, Tar Pit
  152. Tar Pit

    Tijuana bullfights info needed.

    Want to take the boys (17&13) to see a bullfight in TJ. I went once or twice over 20 years ago, but things change. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Tar Pit
  153. Tar Pit

    Over night on the Sea Horse.

    Sea Horse. Out of Dana Wharf Sport fishing Dana point. My Son and I went out on the Sea Horse on an overnight trip to SCI. Got to the landing at 9 PM for a 10 PM departure. I was lucky to get the last spot for my tackle box and there was still seven or more still to board. We had 26...
  154. Tar Pit

    Sea Horse this Sat.

    My son and I are going on the Sea Horse out of Dana Wharf to fish on Sat. (6-23) Any of you bums going on this trip? Any resent info on tackle or the Sea Horse would be helpful. Thanks Tar Pit.
  155. Tar Pit

    Galley meetings.

    What Instructions are missing from the galley meeting on your open party trips? Mine are..... 1. When getting a fresh bait from the bait tank take your rod with you. 2. If you like to keep your rod and reel in the trash can don't complain when it's covered with spaghetti after lunch.LOL 3. I...
  156. Tar Pit

    United Anglers at work.

    Newport may get 'ocean park' Groups study feasibility of idea, which would include reefs, nursery for giant kelp and recreation area for sport fishing and diving. By Alicia Robinson of the Daily Pilot The waters off Newport Coast would become an "ocean park" with reefs, a nursery for...
  157. Tar Pit

    Short fish and poor customer service ay Daveys Locker.

    Today (2-2-07) my 17 year old son and I went out on Freelance out of Daveys Locker on a 1/2 day trip. We got there at 11:30 for the 12:30 trip. At 12:20 the Freelance comes in from their AM whale watching trip and starts to unload the 50 or so kids. I see the Patriot from Newport Landing drive...
  158. Tar Pit

    Baby Marlin and Sailfish.

    I've seen a lot of Marlin and Sailfish in my lifetime, but never babys (under 60 Lbs) Do they grow up away from the normal fishing areas? Thanks Tar Pit.
  159. Tar Pit

    I am third.

    The story of the Rogers family is heartbreaking and my donation is on the way. But I think this needs to be said. If YOU have childern YOU need to make changes in YOUR life. 1. You need good heath Insurance for your intire family. Yes, I know it's expensive, but even young people get sick...
  160. Tar Pit

    Making money fishing.

    I was out last week on a 1.5 day trip. On the way into the harbor I was in line to pay my tab. A older man was in front of me was told his bill was $54.00. The man gave the crew member $60.00 and stood there waiting for his change of $6.00. The crew member said "my smallest bill is a five" the...
  161. Tar Pit

    Islander 1.5 day trip 5/19

    Fair fishing on the Islander 1.5 day trip last Friday. Limits on yellowtail and about the same number of Bonita, but most Bonita let go. Most kelps empty as the YT and Bonita seen feeding on top. All trolling fish were Bones with everthing working. Maybe 10 YT on Jig, Blue/White best color...
  162. Tar Pit

    A little more help.

    I love all of the reports, but I have some more questions. 1 What was the most successfull trolling jigs? a.Colors b.Make c.Was the best AM jig also the hot PM jig. 2.Live bait. a.Was there a better bait? (ex. Sardine for Yellowtail/ Anchovies for Bluefin and Albacore) 3.Line...
  163. Tar Pit

    Photos Day at the Docks

    Road the train down from Santa Ana. Very nice way to get down to SD. Tar Pit