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  1. nannymouse

    PETA Propaganda "Save the Sea Kittens!"

    Found this on my e-mail this morning. From Ken Kurtis of</B> at [email protected] " I am furious and am asking you to join me in my outrage. Let me start you off with what got me going (and yes, it's apparently legit): PETA // Save the Sea Kittens This morning in the...
  2. nannymouse

    My Johnson goes up and down!

    New filter/ water seperator, and new filter mount. I will be resealing all of the hose connections before our next try. Carbs cleaned and rebuild kit installed. Tank vent wide open, and it does it on both of the tanks. New fuel pump and new bulb. Prop splines onto shaft. (Lucy! You got some...
  3. nannymouse

    My Johnson goes up and down!

    When I am running the 1984 3 cylinder, 2 stroke Johnson outboard on my 17' Boston Whaler, the engine works OK at low speeds. Once I open it up a bit, the RPMs go up and down, sort of like a surge. I have replaced or rebuilt the fuel system from the tank to the spark plugs, so I don't see what...
  4. nannymouse

    just a thought

    Do deaf guys have to wear hearing proctection while operating a jackhammer?
  5. nannymouse

    Another old lady

    An old lady got pulled over on the freeway near Massachusetts Ave in Lemon Grove. Officer: "Ma'am, do you know that you were over the speed limit by almost 30 MPH?" Old Lady: "No, I was going the speed limit. See, there it is on that sign!" Officer: "No, ma'am, that is the highway sign. This is...
  6. nannymouse

    Ear Problems

    Did the open water dives down to 50 feet. A OK! I equalize as soon as I go under, and keep ahead of the pressure. The cert dives were at La Jolla Shores and we had a good time. I am looking forward to diving here in south orange county. Thank you for all of your advice!! Happy Hunting!!
  7. nannymouse

    Ear Problems

    In the pool I practiced equalize my way to the bottom, so if I go gradually, I think that I will be OK. I want to be able to cruise along the bottom. Freediving has no problem with The Bends, but ear pressure is no different. Freediving means that I can't pause to equalize for as long. Maybe...
  8. nannymouse

    Ear Problems

    Got a DMV Physical for my class A CDL and asked about scuba, and the doc cleared me for action. I was told "Don't do anything stupid!" and "Bring me some lobster!" Pool dives this weekend, and ocean dives weather permitting. Look out bugs!! -N
  9. nannymouse

    Ear Problems

    I want to learn to scuba dive, but I have had ear problems in the past. In 1984 my brother boxed my ears and popped a hole in my eardrum. It took quite a while to heal, and I asked my doctor (GP) about it a few years ago. He used a pressure gauge and told me that he thought that the hole was...
  10. nannymouse

    "Are You A Real Man???"

    DUDE!!!!!! Warn a guy!!! You could be responsable for a fatal ASNR!! (That right there is why some big gal lover invented bungee jumping!)
  11. nannymouse

    Cracked Windshield

    Crack Kills! Tell me you weren't trying to draft off of that!!
  12. nannymouse

    Push button start

    You didn't use a bottle opener???!? Toggle switch for "Run/Off", Momentary (push button) switch for "Start", Another momentary switch for the "Choke". Now all you have to do is figure out whitch wire goes where...
  13. nannymouse

    Cpt. (needs) Convincing

    Where you go and what you throw kind of dictates what you may catch. I am not likely to get a bag limit of calicos on the 117 and very few marlin along a jetty. Throwing a whole live mackeral probably won't catch me many sculpin, and I dont think that tuna will hit mussel. He needs to have a...
  14. nannymouse

    Facts are Photo's

    So if I hold it closer to the camera, it will look bigger? :) I wouldn't want the moderators to ban me because of their "No Chips, No Dips" rule. :( I never thought of weighing it, but it measures a good solid 13! ...Oh, no. Wait, those are centimeters. Sorry. -N.
  15. nannymouse

    Possible border closing Fri. (9/31)

    Then they will all run across.
  16. nannymouse

    mex border will be closed on friday the 31st

    Any idea as to WHY?
  17. nannymouse

    What would you have done?

    Was anyone on the bayrunner? Salvage rights? Giving aid to those in distress is one of the oldest rules of the sea. It is sad that the danger of liability is such a deterrent to doing the right thing. Thanks for saving my boat! -N.
  18. nannymouse

    holy 952 lb thresher....

    Did they use puppies for bait?
  19. nannymouse

    Life Jackets

    I understand that wearing a PFD on your boat is a good idea, much like wearing a skull bucket on your bike is a good idea. The trade off is usually about comfort vs safety. Setting a good example for the kids also factors in. I know that there are many wise men on this board, (and many...
  20. nannymouse

    Is it illegal to abandon ship?

    Dictionary definitions aside, I believe that a mooring is a permanent arrangement for securing a boat or ship which is left in place. One does not raise the mooring and take it away like an anchor. Avalon has moorings of various sizes with bow and stern lines to prevent swing and maintain...
  21. nannymouse

    coronado middle grounds

    I went to the given coordinates and found a SWEET paddie! Thanks for the hot tip!! ( I did run out of gas on the way back, though. John! How do I send you my $500 vCash?) -N
  22. nannymouse


    They were holding fish??
  23. nannymouse

    How do you make a hormone?

    How do you make a hormone? With a TestTicle
  24. nannymouse


    340 gal x $3.50 per gallon = $1190 per refuel Daaaaaammnn!! Oh, wait... "Mobile Crane Operator" ...never mind.
  25. nannymouse

    Center Console, Walk Around, Cuddy, or Full?

    "Best for killing fish, up to 30 ft" Center Console BUT "As you get older ride and comfort do make a difference." Walk Around
  26. nannymouse

    Not what she expected

    A man awoke one morning to see his wife dressed in a skimpy negligee and holding some velvet rope. She winked and said " If you tie me up, you can do what ever you want!" He tied her to the bed, ...then went fishing.
  27. nannymouse

    Quote of the day.

    Alimony= The screwing you get for the screwing you got.
  28. nannymouse

    Contest to Kill the Boredom.

    Why don't cannibals eat clowns?? They taste funny.
  29. nannymouse

    crazy crazy surfers

    The Wedge is the reason that Hoag Hospital is the leading center for the treatment of spinal injury and nerve damage. Grew up in Laguna. 10th st. has a similar wave. As a lifeguard I had a front row seat. Did one rescue in which the patient had been slammed to the bottom doing the splits, then...
  30. nannymouse

    No way this guy will make it...

    The line down the center shows that the photo was removed from a book and taped back together. I always thought that the hood was sewn on at the back. The victim has at least 2 other bleeding wounds in his belly aside from the one that the doctor is holding pressure on. The doc is trying...
  31. nannymouse

    Boston Whaler Owners***I Need Help***

    My bait tank is similar in size to the one in the above picture. It rides at the back, along with the battery and the fuel tank. It is fed by a small bilge pump mounted on the transom. It is removable, but it does slosh a bit. I would love to mount it farther foreward and put a lid on it...
  32. nannymouse

    Another 17ft Whaler brought back to life!

    It looks like you removed all of the wiring. Did you reinstall it yourself? Did you simplify it? I see a spaghetti mess when I look under my console. I'm scared...
  33. nannymouse

    $$$$ NFL Week 12 $$$$

    San Diego won, but not by 13.5 Will I receive abuse because I was the only one out of 26 to vote against the Chargers? It's not that I like the Gaiders, I just played the spread. San Diego vs Indianapolis... now THAT i want to see! (I will bet on SD in that game, whatever the spread.)
  34. nannymouse

    Friggin corrupt cop.....

    Big bills go in a different pocket than small bills. That way you can take all of your small bills out and say "That's all I have". I am over Mex.
  35. nannymouse

    Another 17ft Whaler brought back to life!

    And what did you do with the battery?
  36. nannymouse

    Another 17ft Whaler brought back to life!

    I like that fuel tank setup. Did you run the fuel line through the bilge pipe? I would loke to do a similar setup on mine. Please give me details if you can. Thanks!
  37. nannymouse

    Color type of paint for a mercruiser engine?

    Surface prep is the other big factor in paint endurance. Clean it all off really well as you reassemble it.
  38. nannymouse

    Color type of paint for a mercruiser engine?

    My point is that the exaust manifolds and other parts of the motor reach higher temps than some paints are set up for. If it's engine paint, then I would guess that it is ready to handle the heat. Stove paint is made to withstand 1100 degrees.
  39. nannymouse

    Color type of paint for a mercruiser engine?

    Is heat going to be a factor? Is there a chance that the paint may burn off? Don't smell the fumes!!
  40. nannymouse

    Proper Sea Anchor / Drogue Set Up

    I use a 24" sea anchor on a 17' Boston Whaler Montauk. I cleat off to the bow cleat and run it out 25 to 40 feet. I need to raise the outboard to keep the bow upswell. I do not use a chain or trip line. When I take it in, I pull the boat back to it or motor up on it. Setup may differ for a...
  41. nannymouse

    Perfect Woman

    Where's the Tits??
  42. nannymouse

    Military friends VS. Civilian friends

    Shouldn't that be "Don't Ask, Dont Tell" ?? Nuff Respect! PFC Robert Albrecht, U.S.Army, Schofield Barracks, Oahu. (Lucky Bastard!)
  43. nannymouse

    Military friends VS. Civilian friends

    Military V.S. Civilian friends CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk Military FRIENDS: Will post 360 security so you dont get caught CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs Military FRIENDS: Call your parents Drunk as hell and tell them about the fat...
  44. nannymouse

    Very interesting...

    What about the Republicans?
  45. nannymouse

    boat ?

    Osprey are large raptors in the hawk family. Osprey live innests high in trees or rocky crags along coasts or inland rivers and lakes. Brown on top and white below, osprey catch fish by swooping down and grabbing them in powerful talons.They carry their catch back to their nest headfirst...