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  1. Bobbie J

    Battle in the Dark

    Good going Garrett on the marlin on Thursday and the shibi's on Friday... I'm planning to smoke the marlin by this weekend, I'll be in touch!
  2. Bobbie J

    Sunday June 9 Waianae

    Left the harbor at 5am headed out to the 500 and turned left, went to the areas that we been hearing the yellow guys been coming up. No luck, had a few bird piles but only small aku's. Ran the 1500 back across then cut across to the pinnacle still no strikes. Saw about 3 or 4 charter boats right...
  3. Bobbie J

    Fishing Report Last Weekend 5-18

    Last Saturday's catch out of Waianae..4 Ono's, 1 Mahi and 13 Aku's... Not bad day, Going out tomorrow!
  4. Bobbie J

    Waianae 4-7-13

    Fishing yesterday was pretty slow, not too many bird piles. Water was nice and the wind was light. Found only a hand full of bird piles, we ended the day with 6 pieces of mahi's. Sorry, once again I forgot to take pictures.
  5. Bobbie J

    Late post, Waianae 3-30-13

    Yes, the past couple weekends been good.. Hopefully the luck continues!! We had some engine problems on the way in last week, we believe that it was only a filter problem.. I replaced both fuel filters on the boat and we are going to try again on Saturday!
  6. Bobbie J

    Late post, Waianae 3-30-13

    Sorry for the late post. Also no pictures on this trip. Headed out of Waianae Harbor and set lines as the sun was coming up. Couldn't find any bird piles for most of the morning but was able to take a double blind strike mahi's, got one of the two about 15 pounds, finally, we come across a nice...
  7. Bobbie J

    Mr. Mele

    Same here, heard the news from the security guard on Saturday night, he was such a nice guy and he will surely be missed.... Rest in Peace my friend!
  8. Bobbie J

    Waianae 3-23-13

    All on Lures..
  9. Bobbie J

    Waianae 3-23-13

    Headed out of Waianae at 6am, winds was blowing about 20 to 25 knots (NOAA projected light and variable winds, wrong again LOL) and the sea's was getting higher the further out we went. Lucky we found 3 mahi piles. First pile we got only 1 mahi, a few more miles out found second pile, caught 8...
  10. Bobbie J

    Waianae Nov 25, 2012

    Launched at 6am, headed out looking for the porpoise. Couldn't find em, continued to head outside of CO, no bird no strikes. Decided to turn around at 34 miles at 105 degrees (water and winds starting to pick up). Outrigger comes down at 26 miles at 98 degrees, look back and see the Marlin...
  11. Bobbie J

    Waianae November 3

    Thank you all for the good remarks, always willing to help out, I know the feeling of being stuck and it ain't fun. That area we was on Saturday seemed to be pretty good, hopefully we can find the fish on the next trip too.
  12. Bobbie J

    Waianae November 3

    Headed out of the harbor at 6:30am, set lines by 7 and headed up towards CO buoy, nothing by the buoy so we continued heading towards Kauai. Finally found our first bird pile 29 miles out, first pass, 5 of the 7 poles takes off. We was able to land only 2 (2 Otaru's about 20 pounds each). Setup...
  13. Bobbie J

    First 2 trips with New Boat

    First trip was October 7, we left Waianae Boat Harbor at 7am... Boat was running good so we headed towards "CO" buoy... Took 2 marlin strikes on the outriggers but came off, then found some Otaru's, first pass triple.. got all three in the boat.. second pass single but came off right behind the...
  14. Bobbie J

    Waianae 7-21-2012

    Left the harbor about 4:45am cause we wanted to beat the crowd of the tournament. Headed out to the 1000 fathom outside Ko'Olina, just inside of the 1000 we decide to set lines, lures in the water at 5:50am, by 6am hook up!! Corner pole starts to bend and the line starts to peel out. Get the...
  15. Bobbie J

    Waianae 07-15-2012

    Left the harbor at 5:15am and headed towards B.O. direction.. Get on the 1000 fathom around 6:20.. About 6:30am the Outrigger comes slamming down and started taking some line but only a short run... about 10 minutes later Ahi in the boat about 100 pounds.. Set back up and head to the same area...
  16. Bobbie J

    Waianae 06-30-12

    Thanks for all the replies, we going try our luck tomorrow.. Hopefully can make it an early day again cause the winds going be kickin... LOL..
  17. Bobbie J

    Waianae 06-30-12

    Sorry for the late post, had some problems with pictures.... Left Waianae Harbor at 5:45am headed out towards the pinnacle. As we got close, we Decided to head towards the 1500 instead cause there were about 8 boats already there. Got to the 1500 and within 20 minutes the center rigger comes...
  18. Bobbie J

    Fishing Waianae 4/21/12

    Left Waianae Harbor at 5:45am ran the ono run towards Maili Point took a slam on the outrigger and thought it was an ono but then saw it jump and realized it was a Mahi.. Only strike all day, very windy and cold.
  19. Bobbie J

    Waianae 4/14/12

    Leave Waianae Harbor around 5:45am head straight down to Kaena Pt. on the 100 fathom ledge, get to the point around 6:30am and we count 17 boats already fishing the area. We make our run on the ledge out towards V Bouy take a strike on the corner but come off, about 3 minutes later we take...
  20. Bobbie J

    Waianae 4/6/12

    Left Waianae harbor around 5:30am headed towards Kaena Pt (heard had some aku's and shibi) on the inside ledge. Get to Kaena Pt around 6:30am and see that there's about 8 boats going in and out on the ledge, decided to make a couple passes. Took a double on the corner, catch one kawa about 3 lbs...
  21. Bobbie J

    GoPro Camera

    Thanks to all your feed back, just placed my order today...
  22. Bobbie J

    GoPro Camera

    I'm looking to get a video camera for my boat, I'm debating between the GoPro Hero 2 (Motorsport) or the Contour Roam. Any opinions or feedback would be much appreciated...Thanks
  23. 3rd Place on Sunday.... Ahi 228 lbs

    3rd Place on Sunday.... Ahi 228 lbs

  24. 3rd Place on Sunday.... Ahi 228 lbs

    3rd Place on Sunday.... Ahi 228 lbs

  25. My wife, son and I at Ahi Fever 2009

    My wife, son and I at Ahi Fever 2009

  26. Ahi Fever 2009

    Ahi Fever 2009

  27. Ahi est. 160 lbs

    Ahi est. 160 lbs

  28. Tako between 5 and 10 lb size

    Tako between 5 and 10 lb size

  29. Ahi est. 130 lbs

    Ahi est. 130 lbs

  30. Marlin est. 250 lbs

    Marlin est. 250 lbs

  31. Dad & Me, ahi 130 lbs

    Dad & Me, ahi 130 lbs

  32. Misc. Fishing Photos

    Misc. Fishing Photos

  33. Bobbie J

    Sunday evening fishing shows

    Rajah dat.. lets see some trolling...
  34. Mahi (32 lbs)
Mahi (16 lbs)

    Mahi (32 lbs) Mahi (16 lbs)

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