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  1. Minions

    Boat fiberglass restoration recommendation

    My boat's gel coat has lost its glossy beauty. Can someone recommend a mobile service that will come to my home in Murrieta and give her a good polishing? I have a 23 foot walk around. I tried doing the deed myself years ago and ended up with a bad shoulder tendinitis. I spent half the...
  2. Minions

    Need 1-2 boat Hos for tomorrow 6/16

    Meet in shelter island at 5:30 am, don't plan to go out too far - the upper 9 or a little past. Fish until about 1-2pm. I have a 24ft walkaround. Bring 2 rod/reels max.
  3. Minions

    4/18/15: 371 to Nados for nada

    Late start today. Beautiful deans at about 7:30 am. Headed straight to the 371 but stopped on dolphin about 5 miles shy. Trolled rapalas for zero, not much on sonar. They were moving but not feeding. Didn't see any other boats working the area, water temp was 64. Stopped on 3 patties, 1...
  4. Minions

    Shimano Tiagra 50w LRSA for sale

    I'm selling my tiagra 50w LRSA reel. Works perfectly and is in excellent condition. Has 120lb braid as shown in the pic but I'm not sure how much. 400 firm. Send me a pm if interested, I'm in Murrieta. Thanks for looking!
  5. Minions

    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Wondering if anyone has welded aluminum tubing with a mig spoolgun? What was the result? Looking into buying a welder to make an aluminum frame for a fillet table (among other things) and I really like the speed and ease of use of the millermatic 211 (a mig welder) but not sure if it can...
  6. Minions

    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    Left Dana landing at 5:30am with a great scoop of dines. Plan was to hit east SCI. 10 miles shy of the island found a pod and rode the ponies. Quadruple hook up, 2 xraps, one feather, one tuna clone. My buddy and I lost 3 but landed one- a 30 pounder. We quickly hopped on the ponies again...
  7. Minions

    Techno-stabi image stabilized binoculars

    Just bought theses fujinon image stabilized binoculars new two weeks ago. I still have receipt and warranty card for new owner. They are just not for me, work great. 14x40 model Fully waterproof 1000 dollars firm.
  8. Minions

    Post-op day 2 fishing

    Two and done, scheduled for a vasectomy this Friday. Made the appointment months ago but now the boss won't let me change it despite all tuna at our doorstep! She is willing to let me go out Sunday, post-op day 2. I trailer my 24 ft walkaround and have the routine down. I get 2 three day...
  9. Minions

    Marine battery switch

    Was in my boat yesterday adding a new direct to battery connection and ran into this on youtube: Is there any merit to this? I have a traditional 3 prong dual battery switch, haven't had any problems with it. My previous boat would at time freeze my plotter when I turned the engine on. I...
  10. Minions

    Raymarine Radar, c80mfd, sounder for sale

    Used raymarine 2kw radar, c80 mfd, dsm 300 sounder, transom mount 50/200 'ducer, and gps antenna for sale. All in working order. Still installed in boat. $1100
  11. Minions

    Fishfinder help, I'm so confused!

    Any help here would be appreciated, I'm planning to upgrade my current electronics (C80/DSM300/transom transducer) but the more I read the more confused I am. I'm planning to upgrade my MFD to a 12 inch raymarine or simrad/lowrance really more important to me is the sounder/'ducer then I'll the...
  12. Minions

    Bottom pain help... dealbreaker?

    Looked at a boat (pilot house) this weekend for possible purchase. I liked the boat but its been in a salt water slip since 2006 and has only been bottom painted once in 2006. Is this a deal breaker? Monthly hull cleaning was performed. Any input is appreciated.
  13. Minions

    WTB Parker 2320

    If you have one for sale now or thinking of selling your 23 ft Parker after this summer send me a PM!
  14. Minions

    Last minute mate needed (maybe)

    Planning on going out for patties maybe even the tuna pens if weather is nice tomorrow. My friend won't know if he can come until 6 pm tonight. If you want to be placed on my back up list send me a PM. I have a 21' WA. . 80 bucks for gas and bait.
  15. Minions

    Dodo but no bite, Dana pt.

    7-20-13: Excellent sardines from O'side bait barge at 5 am. Headed southwest, approximately 12 miles offshore from O'side harbor we headed north about 25 miles then back to Dock by 11am. Water temp was 69-70.5 We found a grand total of 2 patties. Metered lots of fish off one patty offshore...
  16. Minions

    Boat storage

    I'm trying to find a boat storage facility for my friend who has a 25' pilot house and lives in fallbrook, CA. 100% of the places I've called have no electrical hook up. How do people charge their batteries when they store in a facility? Any help is appreciated.
  17. Minions

    Can I grope a mackerel?

    Last season on IGFA Saltwater Adventures in the thresher shark episode they talked about not touching mackerels with you're bare hands, one fell on the deck and they used a scoop to get it into the bait tank... Does anyone why they shouldn't be grabbed?
  18. Minions

    Mako sharking?

    I love makos, they taste great and are a fun catch. A buddy of mine wants to go sharking in mid December, does any one know if there are still makos around at that time near the Carlsbad Canyon? What time of the year are they usually biting?
  19. Minions

    Are bat rays dangerous?

    A couple of weeks ago I was fishing sardines in San Diego bay and I hooked on to something big on 20 lb mono. After a 30 minute fight and a lot of "what the [email protected]&k is this" the line finally snapped. I've caught a large leopard shark before and it didn't fight the same, I'm now I'm thinking it...
  20. Minions

    San Diego weather....

    Was hoping to fish San Diego bay with my ole man and two brothers for the first time this sunday (10/21) but now I'm seeing rain in the forecast, nooa says patch drizzle, can someone with more experience please comment.. Is it still okay fishing weather? I have a 21' wa.
  21. Minions

    Shimano Tiagra 130 reel wtih IFGA rod - $850

    I'm selling this Tiagra 130 reel with IFGA bent but rod (With AFTCO bigfoot rollers) and rip off reel bag. It is spooled with 130 lb test mono. 850 dollars, local pick up only. I live in Murrieta, CA. Call me at 951- four six eight - 8181 or PM if interested in buying. Will consider...