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  1. BigBurp

    She's Gone

    I'm waiting for that feeling listing mine today and feeling your pain. We've killed lots of fish on her!
  2. BigBurp

    2005 Robalo 235WA For Sale

    Yamaha 250 with 650 hours. 2013Yamaha T9.9 kicker with controls and steering at the helm. 125 gallon fuel tank, 3 insulated fish boxes and two more with macerators. Electronics are Raymarine C80. Wired for Scotties and has 2 Taco Outriggers. Full custom cover. Porclain head and refridgerator...
  3. BigBurp

    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    I know, but better then someone else smearing in our face he's going hali fishing when we can't
  4. BigBurp

    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    Shut suck! Plus i think theres a ferry next to the meeting location. Might be tough getting home though.
  5. BigBurp

    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    Let me know if interested in carpool to PSA Thursday. Kevin Lanier will be talking tuna. I've got room for three. Leave Starbucks about 5:30.
  6. BigBurp

    Lapush close-out

    Thanks for sharing your report. Great to see your kids out there also.
  7. BigBurp

    Glad I stayed home

    No restrictions. I waited left about 6, turned the corner went over 2 or 3 12ft plus back to back and turned around. Sunday they closed the bar. There were breakers past the red buoy.
  8. BigBurp

    Looking for a parking spot Between Elma or Hoquim next week

    Looking for someplace to park my little brothers car between Elma and Hoquim. He's driving form Coos Bay Oregon to fish La Push next week. I live in Covington, trying to save him some time on his trip home Sunday morning from La Push. We'd like to drop it off about Tuesday in time to make the...
  9. BigBurp

    Sno-King PSA: Jambo & Ron Garner on Halibut

    Got a couple seats leaving Tukwila about 5:30.
  10. BigBurp

    Sonar explained in detail-Steve Chamberlain Oct 8, win Scotty High Speed 2106 DR worth $700

    We have a carpool leaving from Tukwila around 5:30. Will have at least one open seat.
  11. BigBurp

    Tuna Thursday 8-27

    Thanks Steve, it was a great day! My phone died, here's a picture.
  12. BigBurp

    open seats tuna thursday

    An epic day! Thanks for the ride, had a blast. Now on to cleaning and processing for the rest of the day.
  13. BigBurp

    open seats tuna thursday

    PM Sent
  14. BigBurp

    Newport Tuna this Weekend?

    Thanks for the insight. I'm not sure how familiar he is with the area. I've been out halibut with him a couple of years ago, got a couple nice fish. Just excited about maybe getting some tuna down south. I'll be running through your part of town Thursday on our way down.
  15. BigBurp

    Newport Tuna this Weekend?

    Heading down from WA for some Halibut this weekend from Newport on bro-in-laws boat. Was wondering what other gear we needed to take. Salmon, tuna? I've heard that the tuna are within running distance. I'm not looking for any numbers, just if we could put some tuna on the boat with a halibut or two.
  16. BigBurp

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    Winner was 21.9. Only 70 fish weighed in. If you turned in a fish you got a prize. We caught a nice small hatchery we had to release and 2 crab pots.
  17. BigBurp

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    If I don't get the trailer fixed, me and crew might be fishing of the a pier. Problem is you have to deliver the fish to a weigh station by boat.
  18. BigBurp

    potential open seat area 9 sunday

    Planned trip, may have open seat. Launching Everett about 5am. Pm if interested.
  19. BigBurp

    Looking to borrow 4lb Cod Weight Mold

    I'm going halibut fishing in Newport in a few weeks. They only fish not more than 300 feet but say you need 4lbs to stay down. I have some lead bars I would trade for use of the mold for a few days.
  20. BigBurp

    Open Seat 7/12 WP

    Ain't no "overruling" needed here!
  21. BigBurp

    Grady White Sailfish 25

    Good Luck with the sale. I've spent a lot of time on this boat and caught a lot of fish. All the upgrades are first class, no corners cut. The boat handles the water great and is a fish killing. Someone will be getting a great boat ready to catch tune, halibut, lings, salmon, etc. Good Luck on...
  22. BigBurp

    A brutha needs your thoughts and prayers

    Praying for Bryan and his family.
  23. BigBurp

    Time to step up.Ladner or Mckay. Maybe cheapos ?

    I have the same ladners and wouldn't own anything else
  24. BigBurp

    Lead melt.

    We'll be there with a crew, lots of lead and some tables.
  25. BigBurp

    Ocean Halibut Dates Announced

    One of these might keep you on the boat.
  26. BigBurp

    Ohau Charters

    Heading to Ohau in about a week. Was told I get one day to fish out of 10, so need to make the best of it. I've looked at a few charters, the ads all look about the same. Any suggestions or recommendations would be great. It would be great to catch a marlin, however would be great to land almost...
  27. BigBurp

    Towing a 26 or 28 Tollycraft?

    Boat shopping?
  28. BigBurp

    Apple iPhone 5 black 16gb Verizon

    Is this the 5C or 5S. If it's a 5S, I'll take it. Thanks, Kevin
  29. BigBurp

    BD Salute this morning on 167 north

    To the BD'er who saluted the Grey F250, Have a great day. That traffic had almost put me to sleep.
  30. BigBurp

    Three Generations Westport 8-24

    Enjoy the time with them. I didn't, sure wish I had a few more trips I could make with my Dad while he was here.
  31. BigBurp

    Seahawks vs. Chargers preseason

    I'd be interested in the bears game.
  32. BigBurp

    My 2014 WTC video Recap

    Another epic trip on the Clockwork! Been out a few times with CPT Ryan! Never disappointed. Great vid!
  33. BigBurp

    Outboard Water Ingestion

    I have a 2005 Yamaha 250 with about 600 hours on the motor. I was having problems starting the motor so we began troubleshooting. We were unable to turn the flywheel. Next we started pulling plugs, found rust in the plugs. We scoped the cylinders and found lots or corrosion in the cylinders. I...
  34. BigBurp

    2005 Trophy 1952WA

    Be interested in hearing about the Robalo you found. I have 2005 235WA.
  35. BigBurp

    MA 13 Shrimp Limits

    Didn't find any mooring anchors? Nice catch
  36. BigBurp

    Deadliest Catch and rigging shrimp pots.

    Please don't tell my wife
  37. BigBurp

    Deadliest Catch and rigging shrimp pots.

    Does it any better?
  38. BigBurp

    How to keep my new kicker

    I just got home with the new kicker. I'd like to keep this and not share with the tweekers. I've talked to a few folks and I'm looking for suggestions to keep this mine and not have to share it.
  39. BigBurp

    New Boat---finally

    Nice ride! It'll get the job done
  40. BigBurp

    Who has the Robalo at funwheels storage in covington?

    I was wondering what that shitty smell was. Thought maybe someone using the head on my boat.
  41. BigBurp

    Oregon BD Brutha may need your help still...

    He doesn't keep a shot gun in the bedroom?
  42. BigBurp

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    We have 3 or 4 guys coming from South Sound. Plenty of lead, couple of burners, cannon ball molds 4, 5, 6 oz and 8 & 10oz., some Spire point 8, 12 & 16 oz. and finned 15lb downrigger. Looking for some 24/48 oz molds. Thanks for allowing us to terrorize your place!
  43. BigBurp

    Wanted Ladner prawn traps

    Check with LHS in Bellingham.
  44. BigBurp

    Reputable shop for trailer brakes?

    I used Gary Estes, redid everything axles out. Would not hesitate to see him again. He even through in a couple extra bearing buddy's and replaced a light.
  45. BigBurp

    O//T My next fishing buddy

    Congrats! I look forward to seeing the family out there next year!
  46. BigBurp

    Vessel Assist Westport

    Make sure an dread your policy, having the coverage with no deductible is great....but who's going to come get you and most policies limit coverage area.
  47. BigBurp

    Why I'm NOT fishing.(not for the weak of heart)

    I know what you mean. This is what happens when you break all the rules regarding winching the boat on the trailer. Looks much worse than it actually was, no concussion. Did miss a couple days of work because I couldn't see. Getting ready to confront ol' girl again tomorrow.
  48. BigBurp

    best openner ever in PA

    Way to go! Nice hope there are some left for next week!
  49. BigBurp

    Sequim Halibut (1st post on BD!)

    Nice work! Many of us are looking forward to p[uttin some those in our boats next week!
  50. BigBurp

    Funny for those Retired Military

    Congrats on the retirement! Your not done until you get your DD214.
  51. BigBurp

    New Boat To Me

    Sweet Boat! What Robalo did you have?
  52. BigBurp

    Area 3 Lings

    Those make for a great trip! Nice Fish!
  53. BigBurp

    Area 3/4 Bottomfish Change

    WE were out there last weekend, they did ask if we caught any yellow eye or canary and if we used a decent device and how successful the device was.
  54. BigBurp

    NOF 2013 Preview Meeting Ocean update

    Thanks for the report. Going to be a great year.
  55. BigBurp

    Inner halibut season set for 2013

    thanks! Let the planning begin
  56. BigBurp

    Shrimp vote final!

    Thanks Ron for your tireless efforts!
  57. BigBurp

    Converting Conventional Flasher to Breakaway

    Thanks for sharing. New project to be added to the "things to do in the next few months"
  58. BigBurp

    2007 Parker 2820 XLD

    Sweet set-up.
  59. BigBurp

    MA- 13 Big Dungies

    Thanks for the insight. New in the area, last year was first time and winter only. Been tyifind out where to go. Any sivlers left in that area?