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  1. BassAssasin805

    Dana Point Paddy Hopping 8/11/17

    We had the same, we'll get them next time!
  2. BassAssasin805

    Mammoth trip prep....and misc ties.

    Post Pics Easy!!!!!!
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    Went Looking outside again and found them 3-18 ( video )

    Looking good Corey. Cant wait to meet up this year.
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    2 Combo's for Sale

    Is any of your stuff still for sale? i am just getting into Fly fishing and could use some gear. If your willing to ship, i will pick up all costs. thanks, Sean
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    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    Just recieved a pair of these bino's from Jack, and what a pleasure it was dealing with him. I bought these for my dad because he has no glass, and my brother drew an X9A tag. I told jack when we were leaving and he made sure they arrived in time. I was blown away with the clarity these had...
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    Silver Lake / June Lake Loop 9/5 thru 12

    What did you guys use for bait in the Crawfish traps?
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    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    Hi Guys, I smoke a lot of Brisket, often and my method is similar to the aforementioned. But we serve our brisket after a 1 hour rest. I will have to try the 12 hour rest method and see if we notice a difference. Ours is cooked for 12-14 hours depending on the weight. Low and slow between 250...
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    CA Big Game Draw Results

    I drew M-7, Ventura county muzzel loader hunt. But, my brother drew X-9a, and he is super pumped. Time to start planning.
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    Right Fish on the Wrong Gear - Sunday 6/12 Tuna Report

    Heading down tomorrow. Hoping for similar results!
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    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    I want it! That thing is Rad!
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    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    My favorite place for shallow water rockfish and lings on bass gear!
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    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    Who fucking cares! Let the law sort it out. There is plenty of evidence floating around the Internet. If they broke the law they will be punished.
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    Wahoo in the 805

    Hell yeah! It was only a matter of time
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    Marlin tomorrow

    I'd love to, just cant get off work. Maybe this weekend, if the weather holds.
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    Another great day on the water in the 805!

    My brother and dad will be out there as well. Good luck to everyone going!
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    Santa Cruz Marlin

    Awesome day dudes! Way to go!
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    805 YFT

  18. BassAssasin805

    slow backside today

    Thanks for the report. Can't catch them from the couch, hopefully the weather cooperates soon.
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    Did anyone see the counts today? The fleet got them good. Tomorrow should be awesome with the gang fishing them. Should help everyone stay on them, if everyone plays nice.
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    Epic Out of CI .

    Awesome! Glad you had a great day and good call on leaving early. The weather sucked in the afternoon!
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    A few Marlin and Tuna still here

    Just saw it! Epic for sure! You absolutely made the right call heading in early. The weather in the afternoon sucked! Good job!
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    10/6 Same Day Report, Marlin Mission

    We saw tons of bird activity on the outside. But, we did not investigate because we were dedicated to Marlin. I will say it was all the right signs. Tern birds, boils, moving fast. Just can't confirm.
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    10/6 Same Day Report, Marlin Mission

    Hell yeah bro! We're gonna get Em!
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    10/6 Same Day Report, Marlin Mission

    Thanks Kipp! It was your last report that got me to take today off and get out there! And thanks for the advice, it is always welcome!
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    10/6 Same Day Report, Marlin Mission

    This season is amazing and I am trying to cherish every moment! Thanks!
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    10/6 Same Day Report, Marlin Mission

    Location: The ridge behind Santa Cruz Island and Anacapa Bait: The Kitchen Sink Conditions: Beautiful all morning behind the islands, shit soup coming home. Results: 1 Marlin hooked but did not stick, for 10 + hours trolling and Glassing. He came up in the spread after a Pakula Sprocket...
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    A few Marlin and Tuna still here

    See you guys tomorrow, Will be on the "WHO DAT" 23 Parker. Headed for Cruz, to fish Marlin! Good Luck Everyone. Well be monitoring 68
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    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Damn! What sized hook did you have to use for that bait fish? Haha, just kidding. Nice fishes!
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    Marlin a long time goal

    Damn, we were just making our way down the ridge, we got one hook up that came in buttoned outside of yellow banks. We kept metering what we thought were fish, but I have no clue what Marlin look like on the meter. Should've stayed! Damnit, I'll get them next time. Now I know what we were...
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    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    Hell yeah bro! Sounds like a fun day of catching.
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    Marlin a long time goal

    Awesome! We're going tomorrow, thanks for the intel.
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    9-19 Anacapa Yellows on first Ocean trip

    This is quite different from my experince with our sport boat captains. Most of them are super cool and easy to fish with. Some are assholes, and so are some private boaters. Having owned a boat or 2 for the last 10 years I have never had a negative experience with our fleet. I will say that...
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    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    Oh my goawd J what the fuck is that J..... That shit made me laugh!
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    FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Nice work brotha! How the hell did you get it in the boat?
  35. BassAssasin805

    9-19 Anacapa Yellows on first Ocean trip

    Awesome report Bro! Lil MIjo strikes again!!!!!! I talked to Charlie today and he is still pumped. Im stoked you guys had a good trip, Great job!
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    Great thread!
  37. BassAssasin805

    Open water Dorado saves skunk 9-14

    Hell yeah Corey! Nice job! You'll get your Marlin! And I'll be there to watch it unfold. I'll be in Florida this weekend. But next week I'm back and on it for the rest of the season! Cheers buddy. Sean <*((((((((((>{
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    Anacapa Island Marlin Report

    Awesome report! Looks like a blast!
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    Lil' Mijo_Channel Islands_9.12.15 - Yellows and a Carp! (Pic / Vid Heavy)

    So, After spending 4 hours last night Geeking out on marlin videos. I think we hooked a Blue. I know there are far more stripers out there and that is likley. But, I have compared so many different videos of under water footage and to me it looks nothing like a striper. It was probably 10' long...
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    Lil' Mijo_Channel Islands_9.12.15 - Yellows and a Carp! (Pic / Vid Heavy)

    Hell yeah bro, definitely a day to remember! Zach is absolutely hooked! But, now I'm ready to spend hours in the binos looking for a stupid Marlin! Mark my words "we will land a local Marlin"
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    First trip out tomorrow with kids-suggestions?

    If you want to take the kids to have a good time, troll some small jet heads or feathers. Along with some small rapalas, like cd-14's around the back side of anacapa or Santa Cruz. You will whack the bonito and they can have a good time, on fun fighting fish.
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    Capa yellows and somer bruisers

    Wow! That report is a carbon copy of our day today! Down to the first big BSB breaking us off and the second released boat side!
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    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    Bleed em and brine em! Good sushi, sashimi and poke. Don't cook them!
  44. BassAssasin805

    Dana Point Yellowfin Tuna Report 9/4 (Video)

    Nice work Corey! Glad you got some. I'm dying to get out there. I need to hang a few!
  45. BassAssasin805

    yt anacapa?

    Just called Cisco's, they have small to medium anchovy
  46. BassAssasin805

    LA Green Buoy Yellowtail on Slow Trolled Sardines and Chunk (videO)

    Corey, I'm not going to make it out tomorrow. To busy at work. Going to fish close to home Saturday! Good luck, I hope you smash em!
  47. BassAssasin805

    LA Green Buoy Yellowtail on Slow Trolled Sardines and Chunk (videO)

    Way to go Corey, Glad you were able to get them on fish and glad we were able to help! Anytime brother!!!!!! <*(((((((>{
  48. BassAssasin805

    Mission Yellowtail - Lil' Mijo in Long Beach

    Yes, My ceviche is super simple and delicious. Lemon juice to "cook" the fish, your favorite veggies, garlic salt, tajin, and a bit of olive oil. The olive oil emulsifies (spelling) as you mix it and helps keep the seasonings from washing off. It makes it kind of like a dressing of sorts. It...
  49. BassAssasin805

    Mission Yellowtail - Lil' Mijo in Long Beach

    Haha! That's funny. Here is tonight's dinner, fresh yellowtail ceviche! In my opinion yellowtail makes the best ceviche! I always include photos of the process, because I enjoy making it.
  50. BassAssasin805

    Mission Yellowtail - Lil' Mijo in Long Beach

    Way to go Corey! I hope you guys whacked em! Glad the boys had some fresh Intel to dish! That is what this sport is all about. Helping each other put fish in the box, and smiles on faces! Very happy you were able to get on them! Good shit bro!
  51. BassAssasin805

    8-21 Yellowfin Tuna Fishing with Kevin and Chad Gross (video)

    Sorry to blow up your thread bro, but with all the dead fish pictures I thought we should show them some respect. Here is what all the hard work goes into! Don't mind the fine china!
  52. BassAssasin805

    8-21 Yellowfin Tuna Fishing with Kevin and Chad Gross (video)

    25-30lbs, the dodos were like 5-8 lbs. I felt bad keeping them, but our buddy had never caught or eaten one. So we kept 2. Yeah the radio was a mess. We turned it off when people started telling jokes. Haha.
  53. BassAssasin805

    8-21 Yellowfin Tuna Fishing with Kevin and Chad Gross (video)

    Right on Corey! Great day. The weather was a little snotty in the a.m. But we managed to find a spot of fish and put 7 nice YFT in the box and 2 nice dodo's. Having our fill, we opted to head in early and stop taking the beating! Good job brother! We'll see you next week.
  54. BassAssasin805

    In Memory Of My Brother

    :hali_olutta: To your brother!
  55. BassAssasin805

    Maiden Voyage Ranger 2510

    Nice! Way to break her in!!!!
  56. BassAssasin805


    Nice work Cole! hopefully well see you out there tomorrow! Sean
  57. BassAssasin805

    8/19 wfo tuna with video

    Nice Work brotha! Hopefully we have the same luck tomorrow!!!!!
  58. BassAssasin805

    Maiden Voyage (video)

    Apparently we made the wrong call. A buddy of ours was out there today and whacked 7 pigs off Dana. Not the monsters but the nicer grade that is swimming around. Better safe then sorry, but damn! He said it was nice on the inside then the wind picked up around noon. It didn't matter because they...
  59. BassAssasin805

    Maiden Voyage (video)

    Actually they handle the water here quite nicely. My brothers and I Own a 24 Ranger, and we love it. We had a Parker center console, that was a bad ass rig. We sold it and upgraded to the Ranger. Not only it is a much smoother ride, it is much more stable while drifting. It's a nice flat...
  60. BassAssasin805

    Maiden Voyage (video)

    We opted out cause of that damn wind. Pretty wet ride when its blowing!
  61. BassAssasin805

    Maiden Voyage (video)

    Geeeeeezuuuusssss!!!! That is the boat of all boats! Congratulations guys! So stoked for you! That thing is beautiful! And that extra bait capacity!!!!!!! I can't wait to be side by side running at 40 mph heading out! :cheers:
  62. BassAssasin805

    Slow Trolling Sardines and Chunking (video)

    There is no game plan yet, but well probably run the same gig as before. Launch at 3:30 and hit "the Zone" I'll PM you with details tonight. I'm going to the landing tonight to buy a couple scoops of Sardine and ill chunk em up and freeze them for the weekend so we have plenty to throw! Sean
  63. BassAssasin805

    Limits Yellowfin Tuna for Two Dana Point 7-24 (video)

    Bad ass dude! And awesome release! Karma pays back big! You help guys out and in return you are given the opportunity to slay fish (or release them) congrats on an epic day.... It was awesome getting a call from my dad after they were done, saying this is the best fishing he has ever been a part...
  64. BassAssasin805

    Dana- Right Freaking Now!!!

    Good Shit Bro! Bummed I couldnt go, but glad you were able to put pops on some fish. I can wait to see how sore he is.
  65. BassAssasin805

    Bloody Tuna Bloody Decks ( video )

    Right on Corey! Can't wait to finish watching this video! I love the part at 6 minutes when you let that dude have it over the VHF and I ask "is that you Corey?" And you say, "Yeah, it's Me" haha..... Epic day dude! Thanks again!
  66. BassAssasin805

    Tuna limit

    DFG Reg's, they change from time to time.....
  67. BassAssasin805

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    What was amazing is that we worked our way down the line from Dana and ended up 30 miles from the harbor. Heading back up hill in mixed sea's at 30-35 mph made for a quick trip home. In the 18' Parker we owned before the Ranger that would have been a 2+ hour trip. What ever you do, make sure...
  68. BassAssasin805

    Tuna Bloody Tuna 7-17 ( video )

    Corey, Epic buddy! Thanks for your help out there. We ended the day with 6 nice fish. Picked up 2 more at the end where you left them biting, then ran out of bait! Thanks again brother and hopefully we'll see you out there soon! Sean
  69. BassAssasin805

    Bleeding Out Tuna

    By Far the best Method!
  70. BassAssasin805

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-15-15 Offshore Slam on the Kolo.

    I am drooling, can't wait for Friday! Nice work!
  71. BassAssasin805

    My BFT said they didn't feel good...

    Nice Job, Hoping I get another shot at them this Friday!
  72. BassAssasin805

    Trolling with the Dolphin ( video )

    Thanks Corey! I'll be in touch. Sean
  73. BassAssasin805

    Trolling with the Dolphin ( video )

    HC, How fast do you normally troll with the Ponies? I tried it this weekend out of Dana, and couldn't seem to keep up with them. Haven't had that much experience with that style of fishing. I was trolling Halco's and cedar plugs. I know you can pull them pretty fast to get ahead of them, then...
  74. BassAssasin805

    Sat. out of Dana

    Identical to our day, but our dodo came on a fly lined dean.
  75. BassAssasin805

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    Epic day! Great job guys.
  76. BassAssasin805

    Dana Point - 7.11.15

    The finished product! The DoDo that we invited for dinner was a great guest!
  77. BassAssasin805

    7/11 Oceanside

    Nice fish, and awesome you got him with pops!
  78. BassAssasin805

    Dana Point - 7.11.15

    He is just happy we invited him to the BBQ.
  79. BassAssasin805

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    Thank you for posting this. I have a swimming pool at my house and my 2 year old son has fallen in recently. Both times my wife and I were outside watching him, and witnessed it happen. Ran over to him about 10' away and lifted him right out. The look on his face scarred me for life. Even though...
  80. BassAssasin805

    Looking for some advice out of Santa Barbara

    Sent you a PM! And the bait dock usually opens around 6:30-7:00. I would take frozen squid and sabikis. If you really want fin bait, you should be able to find some to jig up. Sean
  81. BassAssasin805

    Bass knuckles idiots

    It happens to the best of us bro.
  82. BassAssasin805

    Bass knuckles idiots

    You mad bro? Sounds to me like you need a faster boat so you can beat them to the punch! Just sayin......
  83. BassAssasin805

    Super seeker purple Ulua.

    Thanks again Fred! The rod is as bad ass as the pictures show! Super stoked on it, can't wait to hang something on it!
  84. BassAssasin805

    Getting serious this year....

    So pumped, Cant wait to get our baby back!
  85. BassAssasin805

    Super seeker purple Ulua.

    Fred, I'll take it! I'm local in Santa Paula. We can meet up tomorrow after work? Sean 805-990-1370
  86. BassAssasin805

    June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    This is so funny! A guy posts a pic of a nice grade yellowfin caught west of SD and catches shit for it? Hey Evan! Why don't you post an exact location so the rest of the trolls can talk crap to you for being too specific. Come on guys? Use common sense. He was west of SD. Let's see, maybe a...
  87. BassAssasin805

    Colorado Results Are Out

    Drew a cow tag in unit 21. Was hoping for a Bull tag, but I'll take what I can get!
  88. BassAssasin805

    Heading to Santa Cruz Island Sunday!

    I believe you can tie up at the toppers pizza ramp and go up for dinner, there is also a dock at the new shopping center but I don't know the name of it. Have fun!
  89. BassAssasin805

    Sold! 800H and 900H

    Interested in the 900h, can meet in ventura tonight. Sean 990-1370
  90. BassAssasin805

    What to bring to Rancho Leonero?

    Stop for beer on the way from the airport. Its a little bit of a drive. Get up early on fishing days and get to the boat, and don't skimp on bait. When you go to buy bait, pay for half of what you want. Then tell them you want the same amount again. And don't forget to tip. If you are fishing...
  91. BassAssasin805

    .223 ammo for trade?

    I have $80 cash. Live in Santa Paula and work in Oxnard. Can pick it up whenever if you are interested.
  92. BassAssasin805

    Ok, actual Report

    Amen Carl!
  93. BassAssasin805

    Getting serious this year....

    Cant wait for this baby to show up!
  94. BassAssasin805

    wtb truck shell

    Perfect, Ill let him know not to sell it. Thanks, Sean
  95. BassAssasin805

    wtb truck shell

    Hey dude, Here are some photos for you to look at. My bro said if you gave him $500.00 he would meet you in LA somewhere. In one of the photos as well you can see a wood/metal frame he built so 1 guy can take the top on and off. He said he would throw that in too for the full $600.00 and still...
  96. BassAssasin805

    wtb truck shell

    How much are you looking to spend? My brother has one that fits a 2001 f-350 short bed, that he recently had professionally painted white. Painted it due to fading, and sun scorch. He is asking $600 OBO. Ventura county.
  97. BassAssasin805

    Carne Asada recipe?

    In my experience there are 2 common meats used. Arrachera (Skirt Steak) and Ranchera (Flank Steak) both are really good. Some places I have traveled in Mexico just use a better grade beef, and simply salt it then grill it. Others add "special seasonings" and one of my favorites is so delicious...
  98. BassAssasin805


    Lead Heads with 5" swim baits or Lead head with Squid. The fish at Santa Rosa and San Miguel cant resist this setup. Oh yeah on bass gear in 90-120' of water.
  99. BassAssasin805

    Looking to trade AR15s and a Beretta Skeet gun for some hunting guns.....

    I've got a Ruger M77, in 7MM Mag. Im interested in the shotgun as well.
  100. BassAssasin805

    Anyone Try Sous Vide?

    This was a steak cooked a bit more then I like. The meat cooking in the sauté pan is venison, I only posted it so people can see the process. The venison was not sous vide.
  101. BassAssasin805

    Anyone Try Sous Vide?

    As My brother stated above (errock22) I got one for Christmas. I love to cook, and eat good food. So, for me this was a dream come true... Have tried multiple types of meat and different temps. 1.5 hours @ 126 degrees will give you a perfect medium rare. I finish my steak in a sauté pan with a...
  102. BassAssasin805

    So Cal Honkers Early Dec

    Nice, to bad your gun wasn't sighted in properly!o_O
  103. BassAssasin805

    What say you.......

    German Shepard
  104. BassAssasin805

    Channel Island White Seabass Boat

    Aloha Spirit x3 Shawn Steward is an animal at hunting fish, and has posted some of the best counts for a full day boat that CISCOS has ever seen.
  105. BassAssasin805

    Success w/ 6x6 Bull in Meeker, CO

    Beautiful Bull. Awesome Report!
  106. BassAssasin805

    big bonito

    To back up what my Brother Eric is saying, I would take fresh Bonito over vacuum sealed YFT any day. the first picture is of a spread we made with fresh Bones, and yellowtail. Second is of properly cared for YFT, that was vacuum sealed and flash frozen. no color and shitty texture. I ate it...
  107. BassAssasin805

    Spotting Scope

    Anyone have a decent spotting scope they are willing to part ways with? I had a little accident with mine and don't want to drop $1000.00 to replace it. Just need something to finish out this season, then i'll bite the bullet and re-up next year. Thanks, Sean
  108. BassAssasin805

    9/4 catch of a life time

    Congrats! Marlin is one of the best eating fish in the sea!
  109. BassAssasin805

    Antelope Hunt Success

    The smile says it all! Good on YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. BassAssasin805

    Finally, shook my monkey after 9 years!

  111. BassAssasin805

    8/8 - Late Report. Epic day for us!

    Epic for sure!!!!!!!!! Cant't wait to do it again, September cant come soon enough!
  112. BassAssasin805

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    That is awesome dude! congrats! :appl:
  113. BassAssasin805

    Maya's first time Lobster Fishing | Hoop Netting out of Dana Point

    Awesome Report! I cant wait for my little guy to get old enough to go.
  114. BassAssasin805

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    Hi Guys, So after 5 years without a 4x4 I finally took the plunge and bought another project. (well its not really a project vehicle) This thing is in great shape. I came across this 1972 FJ40 a couple weeks ago and could not pass it up. It still has the original F motor and is 100% complete...
  115. BassAssasin805

    Finally!!! Legal WSB

    Nice fish E! That thing was a slob, oh yeah where's the shout out to the photographer!
  116. BassAssasin805

    hunter v.s. gather

    UMMMMMM............................... That isnt the Mirage I know. Maybe it was a different Mirage? HAHAHA