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  1. Hox57

    For Sale 2000 Jeep Wrangler 1 ton axles

    2000 TJ Wrangler Sahara 89,000 miles approximately. 5 speed stick shift heavy duty build for off road use. 5.5” Full Traction Long Arm suspension lift 1” body lift, Teraflex S/T Sway bar release system Banks SS exhaust header, Cold Air intake and AFE air filter Fox 2.0 shocks / reservoirs, Mean...
  2. Hox57

    For Sale Boat Trailer

    Sold it
  3. Hox57

    WTB Garmin 5212 flush mount kit

    anyone know of or have a flush mount kit laying around for a Garmin 5212 that they want to sell? Thanks
  4. Hox57

    Restoring/Repainting outboard bracket

    Have a Cabo 226 that i want to repaint outboard bracket; would like to remove the bracket from the boat to do the work, however have heard of issues with adhesives/sealants used in addition to bolts on original install that can damage boat/gel coat when removing the bracket. Looking for anyone...
  5. Hox57

    For Sale This is SOLD

  6. Hox57

    Trailer repair/restoration North San Diego County

    Would appreciate any suggestions for boat trailer repairs / restorations in North San Diego County/South Riverside county. Picking up boat this week, trailer needs brakes, coupler, led lights and wiring.....Thanks
  7. Hox57

    WTB Looking for Cabo 226

    looking for Cabo 226 in So Cal
  8. Hox57

    Propellers - Pair of 4 blade SS Props Yamaha

    Pair of Stainless 4 Blade Props, Used very little .. They are: 14 1/8 Dia. & 19" Pitch, and they are Cupped. Excellent condition, they give a lot of lift and you can plane at lower speeds. $425 for the pair obo.
  9. Hox57

    Snow Chains

    SOLD - Trying to figure out how to delete thread!!! Set of 4 tire chains for pick up truck tires; LT285/75R 16 to LT305/70R 16. Never used; these are the good heavy duty type snow/offroad chains, not the cable type. $100 set of 4 Fallbrook Thanks for looking. Gary 909-815-6300
  10. Hox57

    Barrell type anchor winch help

    Anyone have any experience with this type of winch? Looks pretty simple, but not sure of quality/reliability? I have attached link to Lone Star Winches. appears the are US distributor.
  11. Hox57

    Cabo 256 windlass/capstan

    Ok, just too old and won't continue to pull anchor any more, so going to step up and take care of this issue. I don't know much about these, only they can get very pricey...but I've learned you generally get what you pay for. I can live with that. Just need to know type/model and who does really...
  12. Hox57

    Trying to find MC 5" Weedless swimbaits

    Anyone know what is up with the smaller (5") version of the larger 7" weedless swimbait; trying to locate but getting conflicting information. I am not talking about the Viejos series, slugs, or the standard swimbaits. I can find a few pics on the web, but nothing more....Do they exist? if so...
  13. Hox57

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    I am setting up my Lexa 400 and 300 rigs for Calico Bass fishing in So Cal (North San Diego County). Probably going with #65 and #50 with a 5'-10' top shot. I need some advice on the brand of line as well as the color that is best for this type of fishing. I recall on one of the local shows -...
  14. Hox57

    WTB Power Rod wrapper

    looking to buy rod wrapper/dryer and related "stuff" . I am in north San Diego county and can pick up in most of So Cal. Please send PM. Thanks for the help.
  15. Hox57

    Cabo CuddyCon Electronics mount locations

    I am currently re finishing the top on my 256 so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade electronics as well. I have the upper box that I intend to mount the Radar/Chartplotter and a GPS unit; (I could squeeze in radio too). The bottom box I am planning on a fishfinder and sea temp unit...
  16. Hox57

    Powder Coating half towers...maybe?

    I am in the process of removing aluminum half tower on my cuddycon and getting it powder coated or painted. I was 99% sure on getting it blasted then powder coated, but after talking to some of the shops, they don't sound too sure of their own products durability-maybe 5 years? Sound a bit...
  17. Hox57

    Half tower electrical

    I am going to remove, powder coat, and reinstall my half tower on Cabo 256; live in Fallbrook; I am looking for a qualified person to remove wiring from tower and then re-wire once top is done? this will include, lights, gps, vhf, and radar. If you knows of someone or can recommend someone...
  18. Hox57

    big bait rod - casting

    Okay, trying this again; I need to buy a rod for throwing live bait at sleepers or sharks, or ? I was thinking a 770xh mounted with a TLD30 2 speed. Any advice or direction is welcome
  19. Hox57

    calstar 770 XH wanted

    looking for a good calstar 770xh; let me know. thanks
  20. Hox57

    Honda Generator

    Price Drop!! Honda EM 5000S Generator; just serviced and cleaned-runs great. Used to charge batteries when camping once per year; maybe 80-100 hours. Would consider trade for new EU2000i generator. $950 760-731-6021
  21. Hox57

    Engine bracket refinishing suggestions

    I have an 89 Cabo with Gil Marine outboard bracket that needs to be re-finished. I was going to have outboards removed and repaint with something-not sure what paint is best? Then a friend suggested removing bracket and have it powder coated - I am not too excited about the cost and hassle. Any...
  22. Hox57

    Stainless Steel Fender Rack

    Taylor made fender rack; can fit 9"+ fenders; extra rack came with boat - fenders not included $65 obo. Thanks Sold! Thank you
  23. Hox57

    Cannon downrigger

    Cannon Easi Troll manual downrigger with base and 9lb weight. came with boat I purchased - do not need. $75.00 Pick up only. Sold!
  24. Hox57

    wild game processing supplies

    Hunters, anyone know of wild game processing supplies that is local to Southern California? Bass Pro Shops have some in stock, but....... I am starting to process our wild game and cannot find anything other than on line Thanks
  25. Hox57

    trailer repair/restoration

    Any one used Pacific Trailers in Chino for repairs on their trailer? How was the experience? Good/bad/ok? Taking mine in for estimate to go thru and restore 1989 trailer. Thanks
  26. Hox57

    Aluminum tower corrosion removal

    Anyone had "experience and success" cleaning and removing corrosion from aluminum boat tower. If so, please share your methods and pics are always good. Thanks