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  1. pineapplexpress

    Eldorado from Berth 55

    I fished the Eldo on 9/9 & captain Matt was awesome! We fished desperation reef from 4:30am til 7:30 no luck on the FF or bait. Then chased crashing football BFT then saved the day by putting us on some nice YT in the 10-25 lb range. We ended up with 2-makos 60-70lb 1-BFT & 42 YT. The crew was...
  2. pineapplexpress

    Savon Tackle 1-1/2 report on the Eclipse

    That's good to hear about the new management. Hopefully new Capitan too. Last year the young Capitan didn't want to anchor up next to the fleet due to his lack of knowledge to set the anchor in deep water at desperation reef. He also had to maneuver through all the boats. We knew most boats were...
  3. pineapplexpress

    El Capitan 2.5 day 15-18

    Great report... Thanks for sharing. I was on a 1 1/2 day on 9/11 fishing on the 12th. We fished the 43 area & was on a drift for 5-6 hours on plunker style. Awesome fishing on the second school we came across that wanted to play. It was game on...I went 5-9. The crew & Capt Alan was...
  4. pineapplexpress

    Eclipse Overnight 9/4

    was on a 1 1/2 day trip 8/31. all we did was motor around too. capt didn't want to join the circus & opted to motor around like you guys did. It sucked. At least he attempted to anchor on your trip. i guess the young capt didn't have the skills to pull it off. only 1 #75 fish landed for 28 guys...
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    Were we on the same trip ? We metered around all morning instead of anchoring up with the mayhem. Then we get kicked out by the military around noon. Only 1 #75 fish landed on our trip. a lot of driving around with many stops for nothing. I felt we should our joined the circus. Then read about...
  6. pineapplexpress

    ToadsToadsOnly Strikes again this time the whole crew was bent

    SOOOOOOWEEEEET...!!! What an awesome day. ?what kind of #30 line are you using to pull hard with? circle hooks?
  7. pineapplexpress

    Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    As usual... Another adventure we all can dream of. Love your detailed posts. Pulling on BIG tuna is work. Not like pulling on Turd rollers in the rubber ducky haha. Just playing. Thanks for sharing Cory! Til next time PE
  8. pineapplexpress

    Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    Awesome!!! Congrats on your trophy! Thanks for the heads up on tackle. Going out next week.
  9. pineapplexpress

    Big mistake 8/20

    thats what keeps us coming back for more... fish on !!!
  10. pineapplexpress

    Eclipse 1.5 day Wed 8/17/2016

    awesome read... thanks for boat info... we will be riding with them in a week. good to know you had a good experience. always interested in feedback on the boat were about to fish...
  11. pineapplexpress

    Stowaway, Granday 2 day Aug 12-13 do you jump on the wrong boat ? LMFAO
  12. pineapplexpress

    8/17 425

    well... id have to add my name to the list of goose egg, stinky stripe. looking for redemption soon...!!! thanks for sharing.
  13. pineapplexpress

    Eclipse Finds Tuna August 16th Report

    great report... thanks for sharing. Ill be on this boat the end of the month...
  14. pineapplexpress

    Limited load Pegasus

    Awesome boat & crew... Fished this boat many times & every trip was top notch. Wish I could make this trip.
  15. pineapplexpress

    Bluewater Video, Yellers and dodos

    Awesome video...Mahaloz fo sharing><>
  16. #50lb Escolar Aug 28 2011

    #50lb Escolar Aug 28 2011

  17. One happy pineapple

    One happy pineapple

  18. #35lb Oilfish Aug 28 2011

    #35lb Oilfish Aug 28 2011

  19. pineapplexpress

    Anyone up for a kid trip on the seahorse.......

    dang...simon. that is my annual weekend at the lake. if that date changes, let me know :o( sounds like you got more of a response on this go around....wtg.
  20. pineapplexpress

    Anyone up for a kid trip on the seahorse.......

    howzit simon count us in... if the dates work for us, we're in again. keep me posted as the date is set. mahaloz
  21. pineapplexpress

    Yellowtail on the Qualifier 105

    wtg missed you on davids charter. that Q105 boat looks soweeeet. we traveled 37+ hours and 160 miles. 18+ hours each way on our 2 1/2 dayer 20 YT for 16 guys... you know bryan did his dang best to get us on them ><> but it never materialized. the rock fish didn't bite for us...
  22. pineapplexpress

    Unbelieveably Slow day for Long Run-31st

    well... 1 fish is bettah than no fish, right ? just makes it 1 expensive fish mahaloz for sharing
  23. pineapplexpress

    177 pound OPAH

    WOW :notworthy that thing is a monster !!!! congrats on your awesome catch. onolicious grinds fer days. last year i dedicated my 2 1/2 day trip on the bow of the orion targeting mr.OPAH to no avail. deep long soaks on paddys stops with the same jig only to hook YT the whole trip. was stoked...
  24. pineapplexpress

    Cuda with the girlfriend ( Week Late)

    way coool post. we had cuda tacos earlier this week & they where onolicious. mahaloz for sharing brah pe
  25. pineapplexpress

    coronados on the chubasco

    NICE !!! bring on the shoyu & wasabi... mahaloz for sharing
  26. pineapplexpress

    Rockpile / Coronado Islands yellowtail 6-23-10 On the San Diego

    howzit mark looong time bro... nice to see a report from you. been awhile huh. at least you got 2 fish. sounds like someone got the skunk on that trip. mahaloz for sharing. i finally found your pic of your log cuda from our 08 bad sorry it took so long. remember that bite we had...
  27. pineapplexpress

    Blue Fin at the Islands

    Me too Wayne... convince Dan to chase YT or BFT sashimi sounds onolicious. Had WSB ceviche, beer battered, grilled, tacos...nuf already lol PM me your e-mail address so I can send you some pix of Dan's. Awesome job on those BFT guys...!!!
  28. pineapplexpress

    Kids N Dads on the SeaHorse part 2

    Hi Simon It was a pleasure to meet and fish with you & your son Otto, Jeremy & London, Mike & Sara Mae, & everyone else. This trip was a perfect choice to get my son on his first overnighter. He can't wait to get out again. The Sea Horse Captain and crew are top notch in my book. We fished our...
  29. pineapplexpress

    Chubasco 2 Sunday-Fathers Day

    mr monty huh ? what happened to deanhall ? is this a coach impostor :rofl: wtg on the tail coach. always seem to hook up on a tough bite no matter what. mahaloz for sharing.
  30. pineapplexpress


    nice report brian ... congrats on your pb hali. mahaloz for sharing. btw love that custom gate pictured behind you with the ahi & mahi. who made that for you ?
  31. pineapplexpress

    Ib flats YT

    one's better than none... mahaloz for sharing
  32. pineapplexpress

    WSB 06-16-10 YES WSB!!!!

    all i have to say is WOW !!! now if you paid extra for live squid... damand to use it or get your $$$ back. that's.... WEAK to be told not to when you paid extra. please call the landing to complain otherwise they will continue to run their operation like that. especially keeping under...
  33. pineapplexpress

    Ho that wants to go

    good luck bruddah... ><> i got a trip with jr this weekend. his first overnighter to SC island. getting him primed for our 2 1/2 he did awesome on my buds boat a couple weeks ago. his sea legs are getting stronger.
  34. pineapplexpress

    La Jolla Canyon--317 lb Thresher . . . Whoo Hoo

    NICE.... tastee eats right there. mahaloz for sharing
  35. pineapplexpress

    Sea Horse overnighter to San Clemente Island on June 19 to 20 cost $100 SORRY to hear about that. Our prayers go out to their family.
  36. pineapplexpress

    Sea Horse overnighter to San Clemente Island on June 19 to 20 cost $100

    Well... looks like SWEET LADY LUCK is on our side. Just got the call from the landing that 2 spots opened up for me & jr. We can't wait to meet & fish with all of you. Just hope the fish gods will bless us with bounty ><> Whoo Hooo...!!!! :gaygroup: PE & PE jr.
  37. pineapplexpress

    Liquid Coast Highway II - My Daughters 1st White Sea Bass

    WTG....awesome report & pix. She will remember that moment for the rest of her life. Mahaloz for sharing.
  38. pineapplexpress

    First WSB for a new partner

    that's awesome...memories for life. mahaloz fo sharing
  39. Toad Spotfin NPH May 2010

    Toad Spotfin NPH May 2010

  40. Da Boyz...

    Da Boyz...

  41. Aug 2009 Slayed the Yellows

    Aug 2009 Slayed the Yellows

  42. Mako my day on the iron

    Mako my day on the iron

  43. June 2008 Orion 
Jimmy, PE,G$, OneLeg, DavidE

    June 2008 Orion Jimmy, PE,G$, OneLeg, DavidE

  44. Orion June 2008

    Orion June 2008

  45. Jackpot Yellow #27

    Jackpot Yellow #27

  46. Aug 2008 Pair O' Yellowfins on the Orion

    Aug 2008 Pair O' Yellowfins on the Orion

  47. Irvine Lake March 2009 
Felicia & Kainoa

    Irvine Lake March 2009 Felicia & Kainoa

  48. fresh aku poke

    fresh aku poke

  49. beer panko mahi....mmmmm ono

    beer panko mahi....mmmmm ono

  50. Personal best WSB June 2008

    Personal best WSB June 2008

  51. Mahi 2006

    Mahi 2006

  52. Nice Albie Aug. 2007 Outerlimits

    Nice Albie Aug. 2007 Outerlimits

  53. Good trip with bruddah DavidE

    Good trip with bruddah DavidE

  54. Pix


  55. pineapplexpress

    Sea Horse overnighter to San Clemente Island on June 19 to 20 cost $100

    darn.... i just called the landing & theres only 1 spot left. i need 2 spots for me & my son to go... if anyone has to cancel out PLEASE PLEASE ...let me know asap. i'd really like to get on this trip with my son. i also left my info with monique at the landing... thanks PE
  56. pineapplexpress

    Sea Horse Father's day charter

    darn.... i just called the landing & theres only 1 spot left. i need 2 spots for me & my son to go... if anyone has to cancel out PLEASE PLEASE ...let me know asap. i'd really like to get on this trip with my son. i also left my info with monique at the landing... thanks PE
  57. pineapplexpress

    Shimano TLD50 2speed & Calstar combo

    sold please delete this ad thank you
  58. pineapplexpress

    Shimano TLD50 2speed & Calstar combo

    save some money $$$ used once, my loss your gain people how about $500 for this sweet combo
  59. pineapplexpress

    Shimano TLD50 2speed & Calstar combo

    SOLD! Reluctantly selling one of my newer combo set-up. Shimano TLD 50 2speed loaded with fresh pink #80 Ande line Calstar West Coast Series Baby Boomer 5' 6 " Trolling rod rated #30-#80 5 Aftco roller guides + tip Aftco reel seat with gimble. This is a sweet combo which retails for...
  60. pineapplexpress

    Scotty Rod Holders - West Marine

    2 Slighty used rod holders, new condition. Save $$$ $35 the pair. Located in Costa Mesa. Pick up or will ship usps at your expense.
  61. pineapplexpress

    Pac Voy 1 1/2 day....GOOD YT

    dang BB another awesome report bro... you been fishing ><> lots lately. sounds like a fun trip. PV is a cool boat. been on a 4 hour wfo bluefin bite on that boat b4. smallest fish was #30 & biggest #60. this was back in sept 14, 2001. will never forget it. mahaloz for sharing...
  62. pineapplexpress

    Orion 2.5 day 7/31 - 8/3

    wud up juan great report brah... mahaloz for the props. pleasure fishing with you. hope to do it again sooner than later ><> BIG BIG mahaloz to david for another awesome trip...!!! great bunch of guy on board. i've had many trips under my belt to learn from great fisherman. i finally put my...
  63. pineapplexpress

    back to back to back

    dang...those are some toads !!! mahaloz for sharing
  64. pineapplexpress

    Busy with tiger wraps

    VETTY VETTY NICE...!!! looks like your tiger wraps are getting better...!!! not that the first few didnt look nice. HE GO BRAH... HE GO !!! :devil: proud owner of one the first specimens...
  65. pineapplexpress

    Busy w/tigers II

    bobby :notworthy that tiger wrap is looking hot bruddah !!! but... the rod you made me is way better :cheers: keep up the awesome work !!!
  66. pineapplexpress

    2 day on the Holiday 9-19/21-08

    eh troutman775 instead of bashing al... why don't you educate ? negativity doesn't go far. anyone that needs a slap is you. "LEARN BEFORE YOU POST" you idiot...!!! <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width=600 border=5><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle bgColor=#ffffff>Sixty Mile Bank </TD><TD...
  67. pineapplexpress

    2 day on the Holiday 9-19/21-08

    let's hear your story...!!! ??? don't just leave us hanging .... ???
  68. pineapplexpress

    2 day on the Holiday 9-19/21-08

    howzit al you guys were 150-200 yards off our stern. i was on the outerlimits 2 day trip... it was tough fishing for us as well... the sucess & legend where also on the 60 mile bank. we heard of only 1 bluefin landed sunday morning. we pulled anchor & went paddy hoping for 2 yellowtails as...
  69. pineapplexpress

    Few YFTs & other species

    wtg.......wayne...!!! you guys killed em... wish i was on board with y'all. that one tuna in the cooler looks like a fat BET...? dan brought some smoked over tonight...way ono brah...!!! how was da hand roll ??? spicy ??? i heard...hahahaha... peace PE
  70. pineapplexpress

    Inside frontside...

    wassup wayne me & dan went out the following day (6/29) & got these... #30 & #27 & lost a bunch... thought i post these up since dan hasn't seen them yet. peace PE
  71. pineapplexpress

    Orion overnight 8/17

    howzit bowboy it was a pleasure to meet & fish with you brah... i think everyone had a blast on this trip. that drift was like a dream. i've only experienced a bite like that 1 other time on the pacific voyager overnighter back on sept 15 2001 wfo bite on #30-#50 bft... i landed 7 out of many...
  72. pineapplexpress

    Paddy Hopping 4/10

    so when the fish do bite they should pay dbl right ? fricken lame ass guys that don't understand courtesy to the boat owner... straight up disrespect in my eyes. i hate it when some folks think you better catch something if they're paying to go fishing. it's part of the sport we all love...
  73. pineapplexpress

    Limit+ albies and a few yellows 7/9

    wtg...!!! nice job on all those bait fish while most others are getting them on jigs.
  74. pineapplexpress

    Big Fish, Small Boat: Waianae 7/3/08

    woah.... brah...!!! very nice !!!! lots of poke & sashimi fo days...!!!
  75. pineapplexpress

    964lb. mako

    1 word............ NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!