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    TRADE Newell Reels trade for Penn VISX + Cash

    I have 4 Newell reels (one needs to be repaired) that I would trade plus cash for a Penn 20 VISX. If there is any interest I can break down what I have one is a 533-5.5, 332, 229 (needs to be repaired), and 220. I can provide photos and such if there is interest.
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    For Sale Okuma AXP-C-701M Axeon Pro Series Rod - Boat

    Selling Fishing rod I picked up as a part of a deal at Fred Hall. I will provide photos upon request, this is brand new still in the package. Sells for 80, but I am selling for 50.
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    SOLD Lew's Speed Spool SSG1SH + Fenwick Rod VC66M rated 8-20lb 1/4-3/4 oz 6 feet 6

    The camera on my phone sucks, I will send pictures over to those interested. I don't fish freshwater bass, so I am willing to part with this. 70 OBO
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    Kauai Fishing Charter

    Is there any good fishing charter anyone can recommend in Kauai? I would be very grateful for any info. Thanks.
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    Reasonable Priced Cow Tuna setup

    What is a reasonably priced Cow Tuna setup? An example of such a setup would be great, I do not want to be out-gunned either? Would a Penn International 50 TW 2 Speed work? Thank you in-advance!
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    For Sale Casting Rods Sale/trade

    I am selling some old casting rods that I no longer use. 1) 8.5 ft or so jig stick, purple, not a heavy one 2) Old deckhand style rod, very sensitive tip, hate to sell this but I am not using it so what's the point 3) Sabre Rod, pretty much throwing this one in free, it has corrosion on the...
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    For Sale Daiwa Saltist 40 and Seagate Rod (20-40)

    I am selling this Daiwa BG 40H that I picked-up on OfferUp. I originally wanted something for my family to use when they visit, but realized that they would probably be better off with a spinner. I am asking 200 since the reel is in very good shape (barely used) and same as with the rod. I...
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    SOLD Newell 533 5.5 $200

    I am selling my Newell 533 5.5 reel. Here is the deal. Reel is in fantastic shape, looks like its barely been used. A fellow member checked out the drag, etc. so its ready to fish. As you can see by the line in the picture centered around the middle of the spool I am a terrible caster. I would...
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    Yankee Captains - Pulley Ridge/Dry Tortugas

    Thinking about doing a dream fishing trip. I was thinking about doing a Pulley Ridge or Dry Tortugas trip out of the Florida Keys? Has anyone done this, if so could they recommend a boat? I know from YouTube of the Yankee Captains.