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  1. Baja Larry


    Hi Craig, Mine is a bluewater BW55R- 55 gallon. My boat has twin 300's plus huge trim tabs so really no issue with the weight or stability. I left my cell number on the message you sent me so give me a call and we can discuss it.....
  2. Baja Larry


    Hey Burt, I think I talked to you while you on the last day you were at Salmon Falls. I have the 28' "Tyee" that I keep moored there all summer. If you come up again next year send me a message and I will give you some good coho spots- we killed it this year!
  3. Baja Larry

    For Sale Lot Squid Crowder, Brailer, Squid Light, Flying Gaff

    OK- will take $400 for the lot- any takers?????
  4. Baja Larry

    For Sale Lot Squid Crowder, Brailer, Squid Light, Flying Gaff

    Asking $500 for the lot of it- would prefer to sell all at once if possible Very nice lot of Squid catching stuff plus flying gaff! Here is what is included: - Custom bamboo squid crowder built by Morita gaffs 15' poles with 6'x8' net - Brailing net by Morita 8' long with 18" opening - Hydro...
  5. Baja Larry


    Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in a few weeks- save us one of those gulfies
  6. Baja Larry

    Lobster Fishing on the hook at Catalina?

    You should be good there. We got a few moored up in Cherry Cove this season on "C" row in 80' of water.
  7. Baja Larry

    Catalina Report 01-15 to 01-17

    Yes- the weather was awesome!!!!! Those local guys out of Avalon really pound that area (especially the east end). If we are going to hoop down there we usually go 150' plus starting at the quarry working east. Those guys typically don't like to go that deep. Of course having that big T-Hauler...
  8. Baja Larry

    Catalina Report 01-15 to 01-17

    Thanks for the report Mike. We were out at the same time as you and I was going to post but you pretty much summed it up. We were able to get close to 3-day limits on the bugs for the two of us including 10 that went over 4+ pounds. All over the place on the depth 40-170' around the center of...
  9. Baja Larry

    Frustrating night hooping

    Yep- it continues to be a cluster every time I head over to Cat to hoop. In addition to the clueless, dangerous, greedy, sob's that you normally have to deal with there is a new fun thing going on over there. On my last trip while getting set up on my west end spot I noticed several Simple Green...
  10. Baja Larry

    MAGBAY FISHING 11/12-18/17.

    Nice work captain Juan Cook and Rockodile John!!!!! Looking forward to our trip down there next October......
  11. Baja Larry

    Mag Bay Report - October 19

    Very nice work and pics! We are planning a trip down next October and I have a quick question- It looks like you take those treble hooks off the Laser Pros and replace them with single siwash for the hoos? What size/brand are you replacing them with?
  12. Baja Larry


    Well I think what you needed was the lizard fish jig.......... see you in a couple of weeks amigo.
  13. Baja Larry

    LA BOCANA,11/7-13,GREAT FUN.

    Very nice- See you the day after Xmas for round 2!
  14. Baja Larry


    As always- very nice report El Juan- hope to see you soon.....
  15. Baja Larry

    Oldman and Dan. At the 15 in the monarch

    Not sure but........... it looks like the same friggen thing that #60 WSB ate in the bay a couple of years ago........ could it be?????
  16. Baja Larry


    Very nice......... save a few of those days for us in March.......
  17. Baja Larry

    Bugging with the wifes Wide Open Catalina 2-6-16 deep water

    Thanks- very nice report & pics! We are headed over on Sunday for a 3-day hoopin trip- hope you left a few scraps for us......
  18. Baja Larry

    toldyaaaaaa wide open tails,sq.

    Damn it Cap'n Juan- now I gotta go find me one of those lizard fish jigs!!!!! Nice work.....
  19. Baja Larry


    Hey captain Juan...... I thought that lizard fish jig was our secret????? I still can't believe there were 30 of those damn things in the YT's stomach in La Bocana on the last trip. I promise not to give you any more shit about keeping them for bait.......... who knew?
  20. Baja Larry

    mr larry"hansome"hansen,la bocana,

    Thanks again for a great trip Captain Juan! Maybe we will invite that stripper captain down from LV next time..... he can teach us how to chum our breakfast over the side to keep those lobo's off us ;-)
  21. Baja Larry


    Nice work as always- Save some of that good fortune for next week in La Bocana-
  22. Baja Larry


    Very nice El Juan! Can't wait to bring the big boat down and pick you up for a long-range adventure-
  23. Baja Larry

    BOLA 11/12-11/15 speed run to drop off Baja runner to Martin Diaz

    Wow- very nice! Fished with Martin a few times down in BOLA and he is a great guy.
  24. Baja Larry


    Thanks again captain Juan for the nice trip..... next time I want you to take us to some of those hoos!
  25. Baja Larry


    Thanks again Captain Juan for an awesome trip! Any of you guys that have just been "thinking" about going down someday- now is the good old days!
  26. Baja Larry


    Wow!!! Save some of those big bad boys for us this weekend!!!!
  27. Baja Larry

    jimmy & friends,sq.

    Very nice Captain Juan! You get some on those new fancy flat jigs? Mark and I will see you Sunday for our 4-day adventure........ can't wait!
  28. Baja Larry

    San Quintin Labor Day Trip Summary

    Hey Rich- Thanks for the report! We are headed down tomorrow for 5-days and hopefully will be able to get a few days in around Norbert. Maybe we can even score a few more WSB with your now infamous "mula head"!
  29. Baja Larry

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    Thanks Rich! I would love to try a few out in AK- I will send you a pm if I can figure out how to do it.
  30. Baja Larry

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    Nice rig guy's! Thanks for hooking captain Juan up with those Big Hammer baits and leaving us the WSB to catch as well! This was my son's first fishing trip to SQ and he will never forget it!
  31. Baja Larry


    Thanks for the great trip captain Juan! And thanks to the guy's on the Bad Donkey for hooking you up with those awesome swim baits AND leaving us the big WSB as well! I was actually admiring their rig parked out in front of Jardines and thinking about the time we pulled the big Worldcat down to...
  32. Baja Larry

    catalina bonita

    I was out there last week for 4 days-doing mostly hoopin but fished a couple of days. East end just west of quarry worked for us. Right outside the kelp line trolling small jet-heads and casting small mega bait type lures. Limits in about 45-mins for 2 of us. The dogs are also around getting...
  33. Baja Larry

    Hooping report from Catalina

    Hmm- I just pulled the multiday permit off the DFG website and it states 3-day limits may be in possession for fin-fish, lobster, & rock scallops. Only 2-days limits for Abalone. Did this change? Want to make sure I am legal out there-
  34. Baja Larry

    Anybody fish Todos Santos?

    Hey Johnny, Please let me know how it was. I am going down there this week and have reservations to fish on a beach launch panga (Iggy II) from Punta Lobos on the 26,27,29. I have fished Cabo a lot but never here
  35. Baja Larry


    Captain Juan- thanks so much for taking us out and the GREAT photos. Look forward to hooking up with you again in SQ in September for some WSB and maybe some tuna.