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    For Sale Shimano Calcutta TE 100 GT

    In good condition some small scratches. Visually 8/10 Mechanically 10/10 $180 shipped
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    For Sale Jig Sets Salas, Tady, Flatfalls, Sumo

    *MOST JIGS ARE NEW* Lot #1: SOLD Lot #2: SOLD Lot #3: 7x Salad 6x jr., 1 Sumo jr., 2x Ironman, 2x TLC, 1 Cristy 2, 1 CP 105. $100 (15 jigs) Lot #4: 3x bait wrap surface, 6x Salas 7x, 1 Tady 45, 1 Tady C, 2x Tady 9 lite, 2x 544. $110 (15 jigs) Lot #5: 4x diamond jigs, 2 x Sumo Jr, 2x Tady...
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    For Sale Sold

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    For Sale Oil X Change R 946D

    Brand new never used is an Oil X-change-R 946D $400 new they are $550 SPECS: Ideal for Twin Inboard / Single Generator boats either Gas or Diesel Also applicable for Single Diesel Engine / Transmission and Generator (trawlers, sailboats, work boats) Enclosed in a molded housing provided...
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    For Sale Pacific Bay wrapper upgraded Chuck +accessories

    Pacbay rodsmith RW-3XL with upgraded Chuck and dryer motor. Flexcoat and D2 finish Different epoxy and glue Random guides 40 pro wrap color fast threads paid $117 Assorted other threads 32 different pearl marbling pigments Flex coat today building book Brushes and syringes Epoxy mixer with...
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    For Sale Electric reel and kite rod.

    Diawa Tanacom 1000 loaded with 80lb depth marked braid and penn kite rod. Misplaced the power cord but have ordered a new on and when it arrives I can ship it to the new owner. Sold Text 910-633-0187
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    For Sale Morita custom gaff and bait net aftco flying gaff

    Gaff is 7ft both have old boat name on them. $150 Never used aftco flying gaff $100 Text is fastest way to get ahold of me 901-633-0187
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    For Sale Seeker D8 Green Glass

    Seeker PinHead D8 in good condition with minimal use. Maybe been on 3-4 trip since new. Seine cord wrapped where reel would go. $200 price is picked up in San Jacinto.
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    For Sale Talica 20 & Makaria 15sea

    Both with minimal use. Talica 20 $425 some corrosion near handle knob 80lb braid with 80lb top shot. .. Makaria 15 sea $380 80lb braid 60lb top shot . Prices picked up in San Jacinto
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    For Sale NEW 30x90 reliable kill bag

    Bag is new still in the plastic. Paid $409 plus tax. $350
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    For Sale Pompanette Ladder Back Chairs

    Have 2 Pompanette Ladder Back chairs that came off my 30 pursuit last year. $185 each or $350 for both.
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    Purchased delete

    Purchased delete
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    What is this sea creature

    Was spending the night off the backside of San Clemente this weekend and thousand of these came up to the surface at night. What are they?
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    Cool pic of N. MB Jetty

    Went down yesterday to check on the boat with all the surging in the harbor and thought I would check out the big swell. Worst I have seen it in my 15 years or so at Mission Bay.
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    Cousins 90J trade for Phenix/UC or $190

    Cousins 90J that has 2 trips and no fish on it $180 firm or trade for PSW909XHJ or United Composites RUC711XH Text 910-633-0187 for fastest response.
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    SCI 8/2&3

    Left Mission Bay with 2 great scoops of deans around 1pm on 8/2 and arrived at the south end of SCI tuna grounds around 530pm. After metering around for a few we set up a drift and were hooked up shortly. Well after 2.5hrs we dumped a nice fish on 30lb. Bummer but it happens. Made our way into...
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    Finally connected

    After 3 trips with nothing to show for our efforts chasing these big bluefin today was our day. Plan was to fish out west with the fleet. Ocean was rough and conditions sucked but we stuck it out till the end and got 1 bite on the yummy at the end if the day. Went 196lb bleed at Dana Landing...
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    Pelican Cases

    1750 (rifle)case $120 IM3300 (rifle)case $120 1630 case $140 1660 case $150 Take all of them for $450 Pm or text me at 9106330187
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    Raymarine Pathfinder 4kw Radar

    4kw Raymarine radar that worked excellent when removed. Includes uncut cable, dome and mount. $225
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    Trade Makaira 15sea for 16/20sea

    Have a clean Okuma Makaira 15SEa that I just received back from okuma for service. Reel is filled with 65lb depth hunter braid. Looking to trade for a Makaira 16/20SEA only.
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    Everingham price increase.

    In case you missed it bait prices will be going up in SD, Mission and Dana. I usually get 1 1/2 scoop price went up $20 or 36%. Sucks for the guys passing the bait I'm sure there the ones that will take the hit with there tips. I wonder if the landings will now charge a bait surcharge...? Lol
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    WTT tranx pg for tranx hg

    Have a good condition Tranx PG loaded with 65lb braid that I'm looking to trade for a Tranx HG. If interest pm me.
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    FS Raymarine ST6002

    Raymarine ST 6002 smart pilot control in excellent condition. This is the flush mount model. $300
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    2 gaffs $40

    6ft Bamboo Gaff $45 5ft Aluminum gaff standard hook and barracuda $30 each Pompanette Gaff with large hook $45 Or buy all of them for $125 Ill items can be picked up in Murrieta
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    Penn Torque 40 Gold $290

    Penn Torque 40 in mint condition that has been on 1 boat ride since new and is spooled with 50lb Izorline. Price is $290 will ship on your dime. Will also trade for a Andros 5ii.
  26. Slice-Of-Life

    Penn Torque, Avet, lexa and Saltist spinner

    Penn Torque 40 filled with 50 lb izor and Penn Blue Water carnage 700H. Setup is new and only been on a boat ride once. $425. Willing to separate Avet MXJ 6/4 *sold* Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P filled with 40lb power pro. *sold* Daiwa Saltist 5000H spinner with box filled with 65lb izor braid. Only...
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    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    H&M is reporting the Top Gun had 16 bluefin to 30 lbs!!!
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    WTB: tiburon frame 12t

    Looking to buy a tiburon topless frame for penn international 12t.
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    11/7 390 report

    Started our day 7nm nw of the 390 a gray light in shit box conditions that only got worse. From there we hit the 390-371-425-101-rockpile dragging marlin/wahoo jigs. Didn't see a single kelp all day in the gyros or any sign of life really. Water was 72.5 on the outside and cooled off to 71...
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    Seeker Hercules Spinning Rod Combo

    For sale is a Seeker Hercules 70H 7'S rated at 40-80lb and paired with a Diawa Saltist 5000H(have box) filled with 65lb spectra. Both items went on one boat ride a couple years ago on the RR3 and haven't been used since. Price is $450 for the pair or will separate at $300 for the rod and $180...
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    2 Hoo Day 10/16

    Didn't think this year would get any better after catching my first marlin last month which was a blue and in the following weeks catching a couple striped marlin. Today was no exception to how epic this season really is. Fished the 9 and had our chance at another blue first thing this AM but...
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    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    TLD50IILRS spooled with 80lb izorline. The reel was serviced at Kens a couple seasons ago and hasn't seen much use. The reel is mounted on a Sabre CTS-655XHRS 40-100 lb rod with a roller 1st guide and roller tip. Both items are in good condition. Price is $250 and can be picked up in murrieta. I...
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    Torium 16 HGA

    Torium 16 HGA has been out on the boat once and is in perfect cosmetic/mechanical condition. Spooled with 50lb Power Pro. $185 picked up in Murrieta area. PM or text 910-633-0187
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    Marlin 9-12

    My Dad and I left the our slip in MB at 430 with hopes to catch our first marlin. Last year we had a couple chances but never connected. So 6:30am we are in the zone jigs are out and by 7 the short corner is screaming and after 30 seconds its off but the fish grabs the port rigger. We're on and...
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    Fished the MAW

    Fished the Make A Wish tournament this weekend. Decided to try our luck out west and found the better grade yellowfin. Had some issues with hammerheads and pulling hooks and went 3 for 8. Good day on the water and as always a great Tournament. Ended up with 4th place for large boat angler.
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    Power wrapper drive belts

    For anyone looking for replacement drive belts for there pac bay power wrapper. They are oring size 346 and can be bought at McMaster Carr for around $10 for a 25 pack.
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    26" Aluminum seat pedestal

    26" Aluminum seat pedestal in great condition. The base is 9 1/4 wide with 6 hole bolt pattern. The pedestal tube OD is 2 7/8". Item can be picked up in Temecula area. Price is $50
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    Oil X-change-R 946D

    Brand new never used is an Oil X-change-R 946D Price is $450 SPECS: Ideal for Twin Inboard / Single Generator boats either Gas or Diesel Also applicable for Single Diesel Engine / Transmission and Generator (trawlers, sailboats, work boats) Enclosed in a molded housing provided...
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    Raymarine A70d

    For sale is a Raymarine A70d price is $600. No mounting bracket is included or transducer. Unit was bought summer of 2011 and on boat for 70hr when removed. SPECS: 6.4" sunlight viewable color display High resolution VGA (640 x 480) IPX6 waterproof construction Two NMEA 0183 Input and...
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    WTB: Fujinon 14x40

    Like the title states looking for fujinon 14x40 binos. Pm me and let me know what you got.
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    425-371-302 8/10

    Left MB at 530 headed towards the 425 and worked that area for awhile for nothing to show. Now off to the 371 and work the water in between for nothing again and it's almost getting time to pull the plug but decide to work our way to the 302. Roughly half way in between I spot a paddy in the...
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    WTB: Fishing kayak

    Looking to get into the sport and looking to buy a fishing kayak really leaning toward a hobie with mirage drive like the outback or a native mariner. I like the idea of being able to peddle and have hands free operation. Anyways I'm open to other offers long as its rigged good and priced fair...
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    Polaris Supreme

    I just wanted to say thanks to them and the way they do business. They had to cancel our trip due to lack of passenger but before calling they had names of boat that were leaving around the same dates. I found a boat that would work(excel) and they transferred all funds to them without me having...