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  1. Mo Betta

    Jeep suspension work needed

    I have a new Jeep JL and need a Icon suspension (Stage 6) installed. I have all the parts ready to go. Lookin for a shop in San Diego. I’m out of time to do it myself, big trip to Silverton Colorado coming up and work has me swamped.
  2. Mo Betta

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Finished work early, grabbed the boat and headed to MB at about 11:30. Wind was around 10-12 out of the Northwest. Swell wasn’t bad, a little tight. Got to La Jolla and started catching Calicos in yh flyrod. All about the same size 10-18”, caught about 15. Not the intended target, but it’ll...
  3. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9/7 AM fly rod

    Left Mission Bay around 6:30am into better conditions then Wednesday. 5-8mph NW winds and a south swell. The water was choppy but still made 15mph to La Jolla and 19mph on the way back. I didn’t see or have any action in the deeper water so I fished 70-50’ of water over the top of the kelp...
  4. Mo Betta

    For Sale 11.5’ Inflatable 20hp Yamaha

    Back from Baja and won’t be able to go again for 3 years. So I’m selling my Inflatable and 20hp Yamaha 4stroke.The details are in the CL ad here This set up rides down in my 4runner...
  5. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    I’m just about finished with my Livingston build, so I thought I’d post up the details and what Ive learned along the way. I was going to keep the boat as a tiller and just build some decks. I fished it for awhile and found it was lacking in a few areas, mostly speed. Before I built the decks...
  6. Mo Betta

    Baja Trip 2017

    So here's my report and ramblings for our trip down south. We left Lakeside Ca. on June 15 at 7:30 and headed East on 8. Crossed the border at Calexico west. We were directed where to park and the agent even walked me inside to make sure I was in the right place. Pretty girl too. Got the FMMs...
  7. Mo Betta

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    14 years, never made that left into BOLA. I've never made that right hand turn Lopez Mateos. This year I'm doing both, 2 days each. So I have a few questions for the guys that have been to these 2 places. I've been in contact with Rosa at Los Vientos in BOLA. Great communication, has anyone...
  8. Mo Betta

    14' Klamath w/trailer

    I'm selling my 14' Klamath because I finally found my 14' Livingston. Tags current, pink slips in hand. $1200. Yes it has a few patches (west systems G-Flex epoxy) . I was still fishing it as of last week. Motor is not included. First person with $1200 cash at my house is the new owner...
  9. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9/26/16

    Left MB around 7 to hit the tide swing. Water was flat early so I had the fly rod out. It takes a little while to find some action but when I did it was 7 casts for 7 Calicos + 1 I couldn't stop. I got another 4 on a darkdayz Warbait. The wind was all over the place today and all different...
  10. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9-21-16

    I had a couple of free hours and a short weather window. I needed some salt therapy. Left Mission Bay in flat seas with no wind and ran to La Jolla at full throttle in my 14' Klamath. I was the only boat out there. No kelp to speak of on the surface. I had to meter around looking for bait and...
  11. Mo Betta

    LJ/PL 2-9 & 2-111

    2-9 Fished La Jolla in the AM until the tide slacked out. Tried for some YT and WSB, it wasn't happening. So we went in to fish Calicos. It's hard to figure out where to fish because all for the structure (kelp) is gone. Warbaits fished low and slow was the ticket as was staying away from the...
  12. Mo Betta

    Concrete, Stucco, Electrician, Roofer

    I have a project that I have the inside track on. Project is in San Diego, it's a garage with a bathroom. Please be licensed and insured. PM for the details
  13. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Kelp 8-29-2015

    Fished the PLK tide swing this morning in the Klamath. 3rd cast with the new flyrod as a school of Yellows pass under the boat. I get owned.....Steve your right, " you need good drags when need it, what's going to happen when a Yellow grabs your Calico fly". Calicos bite was great while the...
  14. Mo Betta

    Fly reel

    I just upgraded my 8wt Redington crosswater ($89) to a Sage Motive. I can now accurately hit 60-80' without really too much effort. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it did for me. I have the Redington large arbor reel on the Sage for now. I'm shopping for a new reel...
  15. Mo Betta

    7/23 & 7/25 trip report

    We ran out on Thursday on Mo Betta and had to the low pressure fuel pump go out. 23 miles of primer bulb pumping just to get back at troll speed. Tough day but we did stop a few times to fish and take a break. New pump $500 on order. Ran out on Caballito (14' Klamath) today. The line for bait...
  16. Mo Betta

    Suzuki 225 fuel issue

    Yesterday we headed North from MB. Find our first paddy at 7am near Carlsbad. Motor kinda sputters then dies. Checked everything. Only way to keep it running is to pump the primer bulb, for 23 miles all the way home. After we got home I pulled the fuel bowl and emptied it out, it was clean...
  17. Mo Betta

    5/31/15 La Jolla Calicos

    1. Where you fished: La Jolla kelp in the 14' Klamath 2. What you caught: Calicos and asst bottom dwellers 3. What the bait conditions were: Acres of bait, but we used WarBaits 4. What the sea conditions Flat greasy calm at times 5. What worked and what did not What did not work....trying to...
  18. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Calicos 4/3/2015

    The other day I stopped by to see Pete Piconi at So Cal Fly Shop. I needed new fly line and asked about a fly for Calicos. He said " I've got THE FLY for Calicos", great give me 2. So today I headed out of MB solo in the Klamath and turned left to give fly fishing for Calicos a shot. It didn't...
  19. Mo Betta

    Point Loma 3/28

    Nate and I headed out in the Klamath to Point Loma from Mission Bay. Hit the early tide swing to see if we could find some Calicos. Found a clear spot with some current in about 65' of water. Got a couple of nicer grade Calicos (1 & 2 pounders) and some rockfish before the current shut off...
  20. Mo Betta

    9/4/14 video added

    Great scoop of slimy sardines at MB this morning. Headed out towards the 226/302 area. Sea state was 2' chop with an occasional 3-4 just to make sure you were paying attention. Cruised out at 13-14 knots to keep the bait alive. Lots of kelps west of the 226 and south towards the 230, all...
  21. Mo Betta


    Grabbed a scoop at MB, no line. Headed towards the 371, with a detour to the 302. We found a nice size hammerhead that wouldn't let us get close enough for a photo and so we kept heading south. The morning was slow for us. We cruised the high spot and found some puddlers on 2 eyes and a...
  22. Mo Betta

    Bait pump...

    I've been using the Rule 1100 tournament series pumps. 2 trips out it started making noise so I pulled it out, it had a little eel grass. Next trip out, no sound and no water flow. Pulled it out, it was clean. Clipped it back in, it's squeeling, but working, sort of. Killed a scoop of bait out...
  23. Mo Betta

    North to South

    North to South trip… June 14th we flew up to Portland Oregon, grabbed a rental car and checked out the waterfalls etc. Our end destination was Silverdale Washington to visit friends. Seattle was ok, but it’s just like any other big city, full of people. We rode the Ferry across...
  24. Mo Betta

    Electrician, drywall etc

    I have a remodel project in Coronado. I need a licensed electrician, drywall and roofer. PM or call me 619-850-5466. Frank
  25. Mo Betta

    WTB Raymarine Raystar 125 or 130 GPS

    My Raystar 125 GPS puck died on me. I either need a gently used Raystar 125 or upgrade to the new NMEA 2000 bus and a new Raystar 130. I may just sell the C80 and upgrade to a different unit with internal GPS.
  26. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 8-3&4 you can add your posts here...

    We fished Saturday and Sunday early tide swing at La Jolla in the 14' Klamath. Water temp has moved from 64 to 66.5, and great visibility. Everything we caught including macks were puking up 2" squidlings. No luck on YTs before ADD set in and we went into the kelp to hunt for Calicos. They...
  27. Mo Betta

    I need some Stucco work done

    I have a few smaller projects coming up that need some stucco work done. I thought I would see if anyone on BD needed some work. PM me with your details
  28. Mo Betta

    Torrey Pines 7/19 Perch Id?

    Got out this morning before the traffic started up. Lots of small to medium sand crabs. Lots of kelp from the high tide line backwashed into the skinny water made it a little difficult to see the sliders, but there were a few. Fished a few holes for some yfc and bsp. I was fishing a rip when I...
  29. Mo Betta

    Point Loma 7-14-2013 9-2pm

    We ran out to Point Loma from MB at 9am in the Klamath. Our goal today was to check the boat out and make sure its ready for longer runs later in the summer. She was flawless, 25mph out and in. Water in PL looked Ok. A little green, good visibility, water temp was between 66.8 - 68.9. We...
  30. Mo Betta

    5 kidnappings

    All 5 were released... Below is my video report of our trip to Baja. We overnighted in Guerrero Negro at Cowboy, it was clean and a good value. Ran out to the petroglyphs, incredible. Pozo Aleman, we could of stayed for hours shooting photos. We had a GREAT time in Bahia Asuncion. Shari {...
  31. Mo Betta

    Torrey Pines

    Hit Torrey Pines this morning after a job bid. Fished from 9-1230. Water clean and warm. Sand crabs are coming along nice, not quite the perfect size. Lots of rays and shovel nose in the skinny, only saw 1 of the right kind.
  32. Mo Betta

    Bathroom remodel

    Hey guys I need to fill a few weeks before a major kitchen remodel thats scheduled. Ive done work for a few guys on the board. Lately Ive done a lot of tub to shower conversions, but I can do anything from wild to mild. Ive been licensed for over 18 years and do most of the work myself. Im...
  33. Mo Betta

    Inflatable test run Point Loma 4-27

    Just bought a West Marine Inflatable, $1000 off and triple rewards. Slapped the 20hp from the 14' Klamath on and went for a spin out of Mission Bay. Fished for a little bit, couple of Calicos, Lings and some rockfish. Water looked cold, not too dirty by PL standards. Fish were deep in heavy...
  34. Mo Betta

    1996-2002 Toyota 4runner

    Im looking for a 1996-2002 Toyota 4runner, 4x4, V6.
  35. Mo Betta

    Lost 3 or found 4? 12-12

    Our only free night to go buggin was last night, so we went. I didn't check the tides, knew the storm was coming but wtf it's the bay. Dropped our 7 in at 35-40'. We kept watching down our line because the current was screaming. Everything was good. #7 started to go down because of some kelp. We...
  36. Mo Betta

    2005 9.9 Yamaha 4stroke OB

    Im selling my 2005 Yamaha 9.9hp, short shaft, manual start, 4 stroke outboard. Its in excellent shape, runs great and is very clean. Its got a paint rub here and there from riding down Mex1, but other then that, its perfect. Why am I selling? I had it on a 12' Gregor and now we have a 14'...
  37. Mo Betta

    20hp 4stroke OB

    I'm looking for a 20hp, short shaft, 4-stroke outboard. PM me.
  38. Mo Betta

    15hp or 20hp?

    I'm in the market for a 15 or 20hp 4stroke OB for my 14' Klamath. I see that Suzuki now makes a EFI in these 2 sizes. I was checking out the specs. 15 and 20hp same weight, 97#, same displacement 20ci, same bore and stroke 2.38x2.34, same gear ratio 2.08:1 and the same prop 3x9.25x9. The...
  39. Mo Betta

    1010 area Saturday 9-22-2012

    Picked up our soon to be dead bait in MB and headed out into the very foggy dark night. Pointed the boat south on a 200 a few miles west of MB Jetty. Visibility was maybe 500 feet? 20-25 miles out the fog cleared up We ended up fishing the iron all day due to weak/dead bait. It is, what it...
  40. Mo Betta

    WTB 24' Skipjack Open Hull

    Looking for a 24' Skipjack open hull. I dont need a trailer or a motor/outdrive. Im going to be putting my Suzuki 225 on a bracket on the Skippy and then adding a hard top.
  41. Mo Betta

    9-15 GPS died no 1010

    Baited up at MB, headed out the channel, pointed towards the 1010. GPS stopped working, found the red blinking light of death on the receiver. Not a good idea to head that far without GPS, so we went on to fish the Nados. 1 YT on the boat, another 2 farmed before the seals found us. Head to...
  42. Mo Betta

    1010 Saturday? 9-15-2012

    Leaving MB and pointing the boat in that direction. Its blowin hard out of the East right now {Friday}. If weather permits, then we are going the distance. Anyone else?
  43. Mo Betta

    Nados and Canyon report 8-24-12

    All the rat yellows and Doritos you want in the Coronado canyon. We hit Pukey at greylight with 6 other boats. Radio had a guy that was checked by the "Mexican Gunboat" his term not mine. He said he was checked and told to leave because he didnt have a Visa. I think he was in the leeward...
  44. Mo Betta

    Offshore 8-4-2012

    Headed to Pukey at 1st thing to get a shot at some Yellows. Perfect glass like conditions, and no one else was around. It was full speed from the time we got there to the time we left because we couldnt take it anymore. Full speed for the seals eating our baits. We bailed to the 425. It was...
  45. Mo Betta

    Cruise photos

    Well, no Baja trip for us this year, that ends a 11 year streak. We decided to catch a cruise out of NewOrleans to Roatan Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. Its a great way to see 3 different areas without committing to a long stay and big dollars to just one area. I did get my wild Howler...
  46. Mo Betta

    Vacation to Lousiana

    Hey Guys, Im planning for our 2012 fishing vacation. Hows the fishing during the summer? I usually head to Baja every year but, thats probably not going to happen anymore. If you have any suggestions, please list them here. Places to stay, things to do, etc etc. I think there will be a few...
  47. Mo Betta


    Some of you may already know that Nate and I shoot a lot of sports/fishing/travel etc etc. We just got a new Gopro and decided to try it out while at our Southwestern vs Grossmont College football game. This is Nate on a Canon 50D, 70-200 2.8L non IS. <iframe width="620" height="515"...
  48. Mo Betta

    8/23 La Jolla

    The bite was good while the current was moving.
  49. Mo Betta

    Nates fish

    Left the dock without buying some new sabikis. I found this out after fishing a hook less one in a wide open mack attack. Had to make bait with bare shiny #1 hooks and a torpedo, ended up adding some pop tart foil to the hooks, hey its works. Found the birds and the bait, dropped in the...
  50. Mo Betta

    8-7-2011 La Jolla test run

    Finally got Mo Betta out for a test run before going long. Boat ran great and we are ready for the San Diego offshore season to start. The new season starts in the Fall, just in case you didnt get the memo.... So we worked a few stones for some rockfish. The lack of current made us earn...
  51. Mo Betta

    7-29 PLK AM

    Mo Betta was gassed up, iced up and down the road, until a call from the wife of a dead battery in the dark early am. Back home, drop off the rig and get her to work. Too late for a run outside, hooked up Caballito to the ranger and headed out to catch the am swing. Lots of wind, clean water...
  52. Mo Betta

    PLK 7/8

    We fished Caballito out of MB this afternoon. Lots of wind and chop with a building swell, of course we are in a 12' Gregor. Saw the Seasons crew heading out on a mission, bad ass ride. Water was pretty clean, a little cool and a small amount of current running down and in. Fished inside for...
  53. Mo Betta

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    We got out of town on Monday, hit the border around 10am. Tourist permits, and we were down the road. Easy drive to El Rosarios' Baja Cactus Pemex, we tanked up with 130 gallons of diesel. The road is still rough 20-30 miles out of Catavina, but they are working on it. Guerrero...
  54. Mo Betta

    PL Quick run 6-16

    One final test run before packing the Gregor up for the run down south. We fished the AM tide swing from low to high. Launched from MB, wind chop from the constant breeze all night, but still doable in the 12'r. Fished green tanks and to the south. Water was really clear, wind was perfect...
  55. Mo Betta

    OB Pier pics from 1/22+23/2011

    Saturday the pier was open... Sunday, they closed the pier But I kept hearing this clanging of brass balls out there in the surf... Not the same was so big you couldnt see him coming from the south side until he shot out from under...
  56. Mo Betta

    HS Football playoffs

    Here are some shots Nate and I have been taking of Friday night lights. One more set night games then hopefully on to the "Q" on Monday if a East County team makes it. Nates first solo game
  57. Mo Betta

    Restrepo ...Nobody watching it?

    Heres the link....Home &mdash; RESTREPO &mdash; A Film by Sebastian Junger & Tim Hetherington its on Nat Geo.
  58. Mo Betta

    Crystal Pier Surfing

    Just sharpening up the photo skills with the 7D. The rest of the pics are here Crystal Pier Surfing 11-05-2010 -
  59. Mo Betta

    Ive got a few questions...

    This whole bass fishing thing is great. Back in a small boat, close to the water, nothing but plastics. Kind of tough going lately, so Ill just ask. Tide change 1.6 to 6.3, no current in PL while it was changing. A few bites on the MC big swimmer near the peak of the tide change, nothing real...
  60. Mo Betta

    MB Close call or not?

    A little to fast and a little too close.... or distance compression?
  61. Mo Betta

    9-11 Tough day for us...

    There had to be 200 boats out there, all sitting on the hidden bank {upper and lower}. I tried to sit and soak bait, but damn without a meter mark under my boat I just couldnt see the point. I decided to hunt for my own fish away from the crowds, as much as possible. Hidden upper...
  62. Mo Betta

    Whos going Sat 9/11?

    Nate and I will be heading out of MB on Sat around 2-3am. We will have the camera on board so hold up the fish if we cruise by.
  63. Mo Betta

    WIDE OPEN! at the blood drive!

    2 Blood Mobile buses, no waiting, no appts needed. Get down there!
  64. Mo Betta

    8/27 Point Loma Kelp

    The algae bloom is really thick on the outside edge of the kelp line. Inside is cleaner, and closer to the cliffs it was really clean. 1 rock fish and a few short cuda bites on the Waxwings. Looks like a long run this weekend for some Tuna. I cant save my fuel forever. Video...
  65. Mo Betta

    8/24 & 25 Point Loma

    Tried to run out yesterday 8/24, fog was sitting at the 5mph markers in the MB channel. You couldnt see 1/4 way down the jetty. So being in a 12' Gregor we called it and went home. Gave it another try today 8/25. No fog, calm{no wind chop} with a bigger swell hiding in the mix. Water was...
  66. Mo Betta

    HellDiver shots

    Drove down to Otay to get a few pics of the HellDiver before they take the wings off for transport. The rest of the pics that I decided to put online are at
  67. Mo Betta

    Canon 7D longboarding Video

    Let me first say...NOT MY VIDEO> I wish I had the talent to make something like this. I found it while I was researching the new Canon 7D. This whole thing was shot with a DSLR. I think the music was put in to cover up the sound of this guys balls clanging together. Anyone wanna buy a 40D...
  68. Mo Betta

    Los Barriles, Verdugos

    Im still down here and thought I would give you guys a update. Trip down, no issues. Roads are in the BEST conditions Ive ever seen it in. Come on down, its lonely on the road alone. Mulege the first night. The weather was cool, strange. Just a stop over, then back on the road...
  69. Mo Betta

    PLK 7/22/10 PM Trip

    Ok second video report with the Kodak Playsport. Where the hell is SUMMER? <object width="1280" height="745"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1?hd=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  70. Mo Betta

    TP 7/18

    Very short test video with the new Kodak playsport. I'm still figuring it all out... YouTube - Torrey Pines Playsport
  71. Mo Betta

    4th of July Fireworks

    Ok lets see your pics... Here are a few of mine
  72. Mo Betta

    PLK AM 6/5/2010

    Quick AM run to PLK from MB. Cold in a 12' Gregor, water had a little larger lump but it was just ground swells, hardly any wind. Full throttle conditions. Water has cleaned up really well, compared to Thursdays report. Not much current so fishing was a little slow. We did manage a few...
  73. Mo Betta

    Mid afternoon PLK 6/4/2010

    Nate had a min. day so we hauled Caballito down to PLK. Water was calm and just enough breeze to keep you cool. Red tide is from Hill street on down to the point. Deeper water outside of the kelp line was a cleaner green. We found a few cleaner bushes in the soup and picked a couple...
  74. Mo Betta

    IB Fly Flinging 5/28/2010

    Went down to IB to kill a little time this AM. Caught a few hand sized BSP on sandcrab patterned fly. I havent picked up the fly rod since my elbow surgery. Im going to need to retrain the arm to get more distance. Atleast I didnt hook myselfLOL Water was cleaner north of the jetty. Lots...
  75. Mo Betta

    Quick greylight run La Jolla 5-15-2010

    Nice sea conditions. Water is cleaner then last weekend, but not by much. Lots of bait. Dropped my new GoPro camera over the side, in a hurry to get it down into a bait ball. GoPros dont float LOL. Oh well such is life. I did get hit by a freight train. When I finally was able to stop...
  76. Mo Betta

    5-8-2010 L J pics

    We had a few shots at the yellow kind, but they would only follow the jigs. Lots of fun slinging iron all day with Nate. Red tide bloom went out past the 3 mile EEZ. Trolled for Mr. T in the canyon for a few hours with no knock downs. We shot 180 pics with 63 posted here....Click on the pics...
  77. Mo Betta

    4/25/2010 PL AM trip

    $4.00 in gas and a quick morning buzz out the PL from MB in Caballito. Weather was cold and overcast. Water was cold and green, very little current. A few kelp type rockfish and a old goat. All fish released to swim another day. Warbaits, they dont just catch bass.
  78. Mo Betta

    4/17 Quick PL run

    It was quick and only a few biters. Current was slack, couldnt wait it out. MB channel sucks. Warbaits!!!!!!!
  79. Mo Betta

    Aros trailer

    Upgraded the tires and rims on the little boat trailer, from 8" to 12". Aros trailer hooked me up with the BD discount and great service.
  80. Mo Betta

    Old Bird

    Anybody else see this flying around today? I just missed the landing. I had to test out the new lens. Canon 70-200L 2.8, cant wait to get some on the water pics on
  81. Mo Betta

    BD Calender !!!

    I got my BD Calender ! Tides and moon phases are right on the calender. You can put your own pictures, birthdays, important dates right on it. I usually buy a Tideline calender every year. After every trip I mark where I went and the fish caught/ or not caught LOL. Then I have a log...
  82. Mo Betta

    Surfing MB Channel 1-23-2010

    I had a little time to kill while the wife was on a cardiac call. I went down to check out the jetty. I shot some pics of 2 guys surfing the MB channel. More pics at I will be taking pics on the water this year to pay for my photography habit. If you see the "YOUATPLAY.COM"...
  83. Mo Betta

    A few storm shots

    Went down to see what we could see. Wind was blowing so hard I didnt want to blast the Canon with water, so the shots arent that good. We did get interviewed at the MB jetty by KUSI. Down at the TJ river crossing we saw Jerod { OG Hookup} makin that news money. MB Jetty, it was blowing...
  84. Mo Betta

    How would you handle this? Weather/MB

    Weather reports show light swell and light winds, possibility of rain. Not bad leaving MB, a little dark on the horizon. You decide to go sqid fishing. The weather turns shitty. Call it a night early to beat it back in. The weather is already ahead of you, its coming from the south @ 20...
  85. Mo Betta

    If you hugged the coastline...

    If you hugged the coastline heading south, refuel in Ensenada. Can you make it to S.Q for a refuel? What about after that? G.N ? Cedros? for fuel and supplies? Whats the distances between fuel? Coves to duck into when the weather kicks up? Whats the smallest vessel you have heard of doing...
  86. Mo Betta

    9/1 It was good

    Left MB @ 5:15. Mission Bay EB had some of the best bait Ive ever seen, maybe only 6 died off, probably of old age. EB if your reading this....Get some damn Febreeze/Lysol or whatever to kill the smell, its getting really bad. Weather was great for a long run. 25-30 mph all day almost any...
  87. Mo Betta

    Happy Birhtday Tuna Magnet

    Have a good one Jim. I left a banana on your boat.
  88. Mo Betta

    Just got out of surgery...

    I just had sugery on my elbow. I had what they commonly call tennis elbow, I dont play tennis. Im a Contractor. Ive been in the trades for 22 years. My elbow has been killing me for the last 1.5-2 years. I had the shots, but in the end they were only giving me a little relief for a short...
  89. Mo Betta

    Can we be heard?

    I first want to say... Everybody on our side of the fence is doing everything they possibly can to get our side heard. Nobody is listening. I am greatful for the guys who did sack up and showed up. Thank you for speaking for the rest of us. I could only make it a few times myself. I...
  90. Mo Betta

    7/12/09 PLK

    Nate and I fished the morning tide swing from 7 to 12. Not much current or wind. They wanted the smaller baits fished slower and we had to go in after them. 6" Jerkshads in new penny, Trix, and fish traps rigged weedless. Good day, $3.00 in gas, damn I love that Gregor. 18 Cali's, 1 short WSB...
  91. Mo Betta

    Baja 2009

    Heres a video of our trip down Baja. Not a lot of fishing pictures, the 12' Gregor is little too small to drag the big camera out. We were chasing inshore fish for the most part, trying to get a variety. We caught ladyfish, giant needlefish, bullseye puffers, skippies, Ribera cabrilla...
  92. Mo Betta

    Heading South!

    We are south bound in the AM June 18th. 2 days in Mulege then on to Verdugos. We will be fishing our 12' Gregor "Caballito". That is all...
  93. Mo Betta

    Caballito Bassin PL

    Fished the tide change this morning 6-7-2009 for some nice Cali's, sheepheads, asst. bottom dwellers. Water was clean, not much current, a good day to be on the water in a 12' Gregor. Burned 1 gallon of gas. Fish caught on Trix Jettys and Berkley 7" jerk shads. All released after piercings...
  94. Mo Betta

    Mo Betta Barrie fishin

    Im still screwing around with the whole video thing so dont expect much , yet. Sorry no music, unless you like the sound of a Dad and his youngest son fishing and having a great time. I think Ill move the camera lower so I can get the trolling pattern in the shot with the deck. I lost my wide...
  95. Mo Betta

    Knot ID

    Last trip to Verdugos one of the deckhands tied a swivel on one of my set ups. I got home and clipped it off becuase I couldnt ID it. 11 months later {tonight} I find it and I still cant ID it. Doubled @ the ring, and notice the tag end exits right next to the main line. What is it?
  96. Mo Betta

    3/21 PL Quickie

    Nate{14 son} and I had a few hours to kill this morning. Left MB for PLK in Caballito {12' Gregor, 9.9Yamaha}. Tide swing was good, water was dirty green. We had more action on the inside then out. I fished the Trixjetty worm. Nate couldnt leave the MC slug alone, lost a few. Do you swing...
  97. Mo Betta

    Surface Boil pics

    Spring is in the air. Post YOUR surface boil pics, old or new doesnt matter. I think we could all use some fish pornLOL Ill start
  98. Mo Betta


    I wanted another tin boat for Baja. I sold the last one so I could upgrade the bigger boat for up here. Nothing like fishing Punta Arena in a tin boat. Found a really good deal on a older 12' Gregor. No corrosion/pitting freshwater use only. Even with the easy use, it still needed a little...
  99. Mo Betta

    Beach launch wheels

    Anybody have a set of transom wheels that are collecting dust and want to sell? Im really looking for the EZ launch style {bigger footprint} so they wont sink in the Baja sand while Im pushing it in the 110 degree heatLOL I may just end up building a set like last time. ATV tires or Wheeleez...
  100. Mo Betta

    Squid Fishing..1-20-09

    My New Years resolution is to get new people out fishing. Monday night I brought the crew from San Diego Marble and Tile, Aaron Javie, and Emma. Perfect conditions, no wind, swell or fog. First stop was the top of the 9, for nada. Someone called out that La Jolla canyon was wide open. Who...
  101. Mo Betta

    Generation Kill

    We just finished all 3 CD's. I really liked it, dont miss the interview with some of the actual team members and the reporter who wrote the story on the last disk. I had no idea they were actual people {some were even in the film} and a first hand account. BTW, Thanks to all that have served...
  102. Mo Betta

    Mr.T and the Livingston

    Ive been looking for a small Livingston as a project. I PM'd Dave {5150dude} about his and he sent me a link to a video. I asked Brian the guy who owns the video if I could post it here, so we could all see that its possible to mouth hook Threshers for a healthy release. These guys are in a...
  103. Mo Betta

    Mesa College going to the playoffs!

    Not bad for a team that doesnt even have a field to play on! My son Joe is a starting Freshman OG for Mesa. 2 years @ Mesa for his AA then .... D1? They will play #2 Fullerton on November 22. Anyone else got a kid playing any college[JC-D1] football? Any experience with this? Its all...
  104. Mo Betta

    Seaforth Sportfishing Tackle

    I was looking for some MC Slug baits and saw online that Seaforth Tackle has them in stock. I went over had a look. The remodel looks great. I walk in I get greeted right away. I see what Im looking for and Im checking it out. One of the young guys working walks over and gives me some advice...
  105. Mo Betta

    The only good news I could find was...

    The price of fuel is down. $2.99 for regular and $3.09 for Diesel San Diego Gas Prices - Find Cheap Gas Prices in California
  106. Mo Betta

    9/10 YFT the long way home

    Started out heading out to the 182, a little sloppy @ 4am. The flashy blinky light at the MB channel was not attached to a body so we kept going. Stayed away from the crowd as we headed North a bit. Found our own pod of Porps. Double on bait. These fish have shoulders.. doesnt help when Im...
  107. Mo Betta

    8/30 Alb & Yft

    Hit Dana ramp @ 300 am. No line at the ramp, no line to get some really good bait. Dark, no moon, flat seas makes it hard not to do more then 13 knots. Headed towards the Knoll. Stopped in a fishy area near the knoll tp put out the trollers. Meter lit up so we soaked bait instead. Albie...
  108. Mo Betta

    Toad and Makos

    I love that damn toad out there under those bars. I can see the flash of color as it swims in the prop wash. I look back again and the Toad is up on top instead of swimming down below. WTF? I toss it in the transom and will look at it later. Later was today. The paint is scraped off and...
  109. Mo Betta

    Happy Birthday Tuna Magnet

    Happy Birthday Jim. Hows that hang over?LOL
  110. Mo Betta

    8/9 bait rolled, how was yours?

    A bag of Doritos and a handful of firecrackers is what we ended up with. Below the 371 to the 230 across the 302 and towards the 182 are the areas we fished. Water was bumpy but fishable all day. Our bait rolled. We didnt over crowd them, or beat them up going out. Im wondering if I...
  111. Mo Betta

    8/3 One Stop shopping

    Jim {Tuna Magnet} and I bombed down towards the 425 this morning. Bait was excellent in MB, tool factor was very low at the ramp. Water was bumpy, mostly wind chop with a occasional steep one to wake you up. The weather got better as the day went on. 16 knots going out, 23 knots coming home...
  112. Mo Betta

    371 7/25

    I worked the porpoise in the Coronado canyon area before heading down for nada. Deep marks and scattered fish on the meter, couldnt get them to come up. ADD set in. Picked up and ran to 6-8 miles NE of the 371 when the meter lit up and the jigs went in. Im running Archer mini bars on all 4...
  113. Mo Betta

    7/24 LJ then 181-182

    Had my niece from Barstow out for the first time, so we hit La Jollas NW corner. YT's are there, but so are the seals. Once they got a YT from us they wouldnt leave us alone. We left and headed north, towards a kelp patch in Del Mar. SLOW... Niece is good to go, no barfing. Off to the 181...
  114. Mo Betta

    Prayers and good thoughts needed

    I just got a call from Tuna Magnet {Mongo}. His Dad has had a bad stroke, cant move his right side. Jim and his Dad need all the prayers and good thoughts we can send... we are here for you big guy. This has been one hell of a week.
  115. Mo Betta

    Baja 2008 trip, pic heavy

    Less typing and more photos.... Truck loaded with Kayaks A stop in Villa Jesus Maria to some of Carmelitas tamales is a must Cows on the road during the day Santa Rosalia is another stop, 100 year old ovens and a french recipe. You gotta stop for some. Conception Bay...
  116. Mo Betta

    TP 5/8/2008

    I hit the sand close to 7am for a quick trip. The tide was low and you could see whats going on out there with the bottom. Big dome of sand in close, shallow trench running along the beach with a few deeper holes, another dome of sand out farther and then deeper water. I fished the areas...
  117. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 5/15 Go North...

    Bait in the NW corner, big greenbacks. Slow in the canyon for Threshers. A few bait balls and little bird action had ADD setting in. EDs Jigs saved the day for us. Glad we had them on the boat.Harry I need another set. Fishing again tomorrow, Calicos, Rock Pile? Not sure yet.
  118. Mo Betta

    La Jolla T 5/10

    Friday we had a few issues come up and we had to cut our trip really short. So Nate and I went back out today, left the dock @ 900LOL. Made bait in the NW corner of La Jolla and headed out to the curve. Nate had the boat just in gear while I baited up the BOM. B/P was first, up on a TLD 30...
  119. Mo Betta

    5/3 swing &a miss for us..but

    Great day on the water. Fishing was great but the catching for us wasnt in the cards today. 3 knock downs during the 2 tide swings and that was it. Right time right place and you were bit. So with the new camera in hand, here are a few that were bit today. Finatic hooked up! TOAD...
  120. Mo Betta

    4/28 No Sharkie

    Cracked cast iron tub, tile not in.....Fishing on MondayLOL On the water around 9 { late start but it beats sitting at home}, flat calm and warm. Headed out towards the curve. Trolled north, west then south. One tail slap, one show in front of the boat. No Sharkie. Tide went slack and so...
  121. Mo Betta

    4/25/08 La Jolla area

    Ah hell the news of the economy and all of the BS of life was getting me down, so a day on the water was needed. Feels like summer, looks like summer, but its still spring, who the hell cares right? We went inside with the Kayaks to make some macks. Filled the tank quickly and had a look...
  122. Mo Betta

    Phils BBQ

    Since we are doing food reviews. I havent found a place in San Diego any better then Phils BBQ on Sports Arena. You can smell the smoke from a mile away. Give me a full rib dinner and a broham to go please. If there was only a place to park the boat for take out.
  123. Mo Betta

    Tailing loops...

    I cant get rid of my tailing loop.....
  124. Mo Betta

    Damn that hurt.....

    Somebody shoot me, that was only about 3/4 of a tank. It didnt even kiss me first...
  125. Mo Betta

    MAW Toad teaser

    Yeah it sucked heading out there. We pulled back on the throttle and just kept going WEST. The sun came up and so did the wind. Had a big one break over the bow and tear my gas cans loose. Screw that, turned south towards the Butterfly. I didnt like that rolly polly feeling from the waves coming...
  126. Mo Betta

    9/3 beat the heat trip

    Hot as hell in East County already @ 8:30am. Checked the live traffic cams on 8 west, it was clear so we went fishing. BD sighting @ Dana turned out to be LTboltman. Yeah Leo we got a early start LOL Dana ramp had its share of boating challenged people. Scariest ramp question...How do...
  127. Mo Betta

    8-12 N9, 101, to the hidden, Marlin fishing

    Our plan was to go marlin fishing today, nothing but bigger jigs in the spread, with a open lane for the drop back. Top of the 9, to the south 9, across the Nado canyon, down to the 101, { I did see a familiar Striper killing marble rock fish} then the rest of the way to the saluki ridge...
  128. Mo Betta

    Torrey Pines 8-10

    Killed a few early morning hours in TP. Fly rod for a few hours @ grey light, for nada. The water is dirty down below with bits of kelp, moss, eel grass and misc crap. Sand Crabs are not in beds{bunched up}, they have spread out and are deeper in the black sand. Some sliders were seen as...
  129. Mo Betta

    Fuel flow meter and ethanol?

    I was getting as high as 4 mpg, until I found out my fuel flow meter was bad. Nothing like expecting to put 40 gallons in, and the pump goes to 75-80 gallons. Ive seen a few other fuel meter problems lately on the board, could be the ethanol? You guys may want to re calibrate those meters...
  130. Mo Betta

    8/4 2 kinds of da kine

    We left MB 4am, with good bait. A few extra special ones in the mix too. Lots of meter marks on the south 9. Spooked a few sleepers in the dark, take note. Worked a big patty in that zone for nada. South of the 371 @ grey light we jump a tailer. Greenback tossed, slow troll down swell, get...
  131. Mo Betta

    Test Video

    Solo trip. Albies on meter, circle to port while tossing chum. Stop boat, toss more chum, bring in trollers, let out horse deans on flyline. Starboard side.....Albies come up eating pinheads. What do you do? <embed allowScriptAccess="never"name='RAOCXplayer'...
  132. Mo Betta

    7/23 Paddy YT report

    My original plan was to go get some Albie revenge, I sucked the last 2 {ok counting this one} 3 trips. I must have A.D.D. I just cant stand soaking biat in the middle of nothing. I'll eventually get it. Left this morning with a load of horse deans into great seas. 30+mph on the way out to the...
  133. Mo Betta

    7/7 302/230 to the 182

    We fished the 302/230 area for a chicken. I figured that they were running up the line and we went looking for them at the 182. Plenty of meter marks along the way up that were around the 150' mark, couldnt get them to come up. Must of been a early bite, because it died off for hours. HEAVY boat...
  134. Mo Betta

    Official Whos going 6-27 thread....

    I will be making my game plan as the info comes in from the guys on the hunt today. Post up your boat name and lets go kill something Mo Betta on 72
  135. Mo Betta

    Baja Trip 6/16-6/22

    I thought I would type less and post more pics. Fishing was down, it was actually COLD on the East Cape. Not cold like Alaska, but you could use a sweatshirt in the morning on the ride out. Not your typical late June weather and the fishing reflected that. They say its not always about the...
  136. Mo Betta

    Mo Betta "T" 5-11-07

    Lots of crap going on in my world right now, so I cleared my mind and went fishing. I splashed the boat @ 7am, and headed out the MB channel. Swell was coming due west so I turned northwest for a better ride. I went out to the 800' ridge and rode it until I found the birds. 2 Yozuris put...
  137. Mo Betta

    Do you like it?

    I really like the 26' Custom Carolina Boats - OBX 26CC
  138. Mo Betta

    Quick LJ trip 5-2-07

    I had a few hours to kill, dropped the boat in the water and fished Calicracks until the current went slack. TJW and Unibutter was again the ticket, BUT when the current stopped, no amount of butter could get them to bite for me. Yt did pop up outside the kelp line, I was too deep into my...
  139. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 4/29 Calico back up plan

    Fished out of MB this morning. We brought calico gear and Thresher gear, nothing in between. We skipped the bait receiver today and headed for the canyon for some bait. Ugly mossy colored water in tight, meter showed some signs so we dropped the Sabiki down. Pulled up to find some Candy {squid}...
  140. Mo Betta

    4/28 Spotties/Yak

    Nate and I decided to paddle the Kayaks instead taking the boat out. MB was as good as anywhere. Water was dirty, what a surpriseLOL. It wasnt wide open but, with the UNI BUTTER and kicked up spinner baits we did alright. Heres Nate dog with the biggest one of the morning. I think he is...
  141. Mo Betta

    Happy Birthday Byeye

    Happy Birthday! You made another one :urno1:
  142. Mo Betta


    Just found this.... So I got this... ALGONE pest control in East County, :notworthy :beerbang: Just another day in the life of a BOAT owner.....
  143. Mo Betta

    WARNING! SATURDAY 4-14 Dana Ramp

    There will be 200 Kayaks launching @ Dana Ramp tomorrow morning. I just thought I should warn ya:upstupid: My Snoopy rods are already loaded in the new Xfactor:imdumb:
  144. Mo Betta

    Name on Boat?

    So how does everyone know its you out there? Maybe you dont want anyone to know its you pulling stupid pet tricks? { a branch off of Stans Patty post :beerbang: } Put the name on the boat. Post the pic here.
  145. Mo Betta

    Free 12x8 trim tabs

    Almost free, donate blood at the blood drive and they are yours. I had them on Mo Betta II, bought larger ones, then sold the boat. They are in a box and will need new hydralic hoses, some screws, and the...
  146. Mo Betta

    So today I learned.....

    So today I learned on my FishnDive 1. Watch the rods in the rodholders:cussing: I left south shores ramp and thought hey I could just cruise under the gangway instead of paddling all the way around. Long rod got stuck, I broke it at the handle trying to get it loose. 2.Rod/paddle...
  147. Mo Betta

    3/16 La Jolla Area

    I had a few hours to kill this morning, figured it would be a good day to practice the solo launch/retrieve. No mishaps, went pretty smooth:D Kinda nice to get out there solo. Ok, water/weather conditions. Foggy the whole morning and with the wind it made it a cold one. Visibility was less...
  148. Mo Betta

    GPS/Cell phone tracking

    Try out this mobile phone tracker, it's great, using a satellite map track any connected mobile phone with coverage anywhere in the world!!!! Log on to Mobile phone tracking
  149. Mo Betta

    Canvas to Hardtop

    My canvas was giving out, it might of made it another season, but what the hell. I didn&#8217;t want to have it blow off mid season, fix now during winter. Before I first shopped around for a pre-made hard top, no one had one that would fit, no one wanted to make one for me. They all...
  150. Mo Betta


    How about you adding something to the board, like a fish report or sign up as a sponsor{ and kick down some cash} before you SPAM classifieds section. I counted 9 ads. Tim Jones 714-635-2628 The Boat House of Anaheim :finger:
  151. Mo Betta

    Positive thoughts please

    Good thoughts and prayers for my Mom please. Sunday night I get a call that my Dad called 911. Mom was coughing up a massive amount of blood. Rushed over to the house, ambulance was already loaded. Off to Balboa Naval Hospital, 7 pm. Heart rate 118, blood ox level not good. Finally turned...
  152. Mo Betta

    Get Sum!!!

    No politics, just video. Give it a second... <embed allowScriptAccess="never"name='RAOCXplayer' src='' type='application/x-mplayer2' width='400' height='300' autoplay='true' ShowControls='false' ShowStatusBar='false'...
  153. Mo Betta


    Looks like for Land and Sea crossings you wont need a passport until June 2009. If you fly, you need it now. Heres the link San Diego Business Journal Online - San Diego California business news"
  154. Mo Betta

    WTB a small truck

    I need a small Toyota or Nissan truck for my son. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive. Possible small car also.
  155. Mo Betta

    9ft @ 7 seconds

    Looks like Im building a hardtop tomorrow.
  156. Mo Betta

    12-26 TP to MB surf pics

    Drove down to the water to check the conditions. Started at Torrey Pines Then the glider port I went to go look for Andy and Brad... didnt see them LOL Went by the cove Windy and Seas Sandblasted @ the MB channel I would give it few days to...
  157. Mo Betta

    $3500.00 showerhead

    Since we are all bored, thought I would show you what I put in recently. This is not me pimping for work, I cant find any good help to expand, so I wont. Bathroom pics never come out very well, its better in person. Full on Grohe F.A. Porsche system. Her side His side 2- 3/4"...
  158. Mo Betta

    11-25 after the Butt tourney buggin

    No love at the Tourney, so we dropped the boat in @ SI for a short bug hunt, we have been up since 3am. My Dad was pulling up this hoop when it decided to take off and swim around. We ended up with 6 legals, we dont count shorts. Only one was a measure. Looks like bugs...
  159. Mo Betta

    Mo Fog......

    We left SI @ 430pm. Fog was sitting offshore, a few guys called out for numbers for PL, I called them out as it was getting dark. CGx2 was hauling ass right into the fog, must be some bad guys out there. I hope you guys all made it in. We set up our hoops and made our first pull...
  160. Mo Betta

    Color blind

    I only see one number, how many do you see? Ishihara Test for Color Blindness more info What Color Deficient People See I always knew I was color blind, just not how bad and what colors.
  161. Mo Betta

    BD sighting in Lakeside

    Grey Toyota truck on old hwy 8. Gave you the sign couldnt tell if you saw the sun was blinding me.
  162. Mo Betta

    9/23 baby killing...

    We headed out this morning in near flat conditionsLOL. Punched in the numbers for the east fly area, from MB it would take us through the 226/302 area. Water stayed 67+/- until west of the 230, then it went to 68-69 in the AM. Water was blue and clean. Lots of life out there, pods of...
  163. Mo Betta

    9/23 Its going to flatten out!

    Ahhh I can feel it! Its going to flatten out and go wide open tomorrow. We will be heading towards the butterfly area. If the wind is up early, Ill be fishing inshore.
  164. Mo Betta

    9-17 First Blood on Mo Betta III

    First Blood on Mo Betta III Finally went on a offshore run in the Wellcraft. Got a scoop of dines in MB, got hailed by some guy in a bright yellow banana boat who had to "work" the races todayLOL Hope ya had a good day Papa J. Cruised on out west, near the 230. Boat is running great...
  165. Mo Betta

    New member Sneaks....

    Hey guys Im dragging a new member from THT over. I saw Sneaks {Don} posts on THT. He figured out a way to get a Lowrance NMEA 200 to talk to a Raymarine C series NMEA 2000 , great stuff. Im sure he will have lots to add to the site, if we dont scare his ass off LOL Welcome to Bloody Decks Don.
  166. Mo Betta

    9/16 running offshore...

    Im going to finish the rest of the break in time running out to the fish. Waiting to see today reports to make the plan, so I can change it when I get on the water :_shopping I will need a real radio check on Saturday.:rofl:
  167. Mo Betta

    C series GPS Ant. $99.00

    I was just at the West Marine Tent sale. They had 2 Raymarine 120 GPS units. The R-120 will only work on the C series, The R125 will work on both E and C series. Save yourself $200.00. I already hooked mine up, worked great.
  168. Mo Betta

    blood drive online profile

    Any of you guys/gals check out your online profile? It gives you your cholesterol count. Im 167. Who is next on the flat line crew? Cmon check it out and see where your at so you know what needs to be done to stay alive.
  169. Mo Betta

    Motor break in and trailer loading...

    Finally got the Wellcraft in the water! Put Put Put on Saturday AM then a longer run on Sunday. Put 87 gallons in the tank...OUCH. All systems are a go. Looks like we got the prop right, not sure about the motor height, its really close, I may come up a inch. Talked to Salty Dog in LJ, it...
  170. Mo Betta

    High School Football ?

    Anybody else have a son playing football this year? My middle boy is playing for El Capitan. Varsity this year. 6'3" 308# @ 16 years old...He is the center #72.
  171. Mo Betta

    Shooting follow up

    Sorry guys too many of us travel south, and if I got info and dont pass it along, and one of you gets hurt its on my conscience. Ya its like that. Take it for what it is, information. The news media is working on it. So here is a follow up link from Tom, the guy who was shot. I guess I would...
  172. Mo Betta

    MAW List

    Who's fishing it this year?
  173. Mo Betta

    Raymarine C series or....

    I sold the other boat, its going to Japan or Korea, by broker. So I need to figure out some new bling bling on the Wellcraft. What do you have? I know Raymarine and Furuno have new HD fishfinders and networked electronics with a all in one screen. How do you like what you have? I dont want...
  174. Mo Betta

    Electrical wiring ? and update

    Im re-wiring the Wellcraft. This is what it had This is what Im putting in. Before I get too far, take a look at it and tell me if you can see anything I may of missed, or could do differently. This is just the main power system, the rest is basic after this part. Here is the...
  175. Mo Betta

    Driving home from Ensenada II..Gunshot wound

    NOT ME....But I thought I better pass it along. Could be related to the guy they caught fishing in La Paz? Maybe a escalation of violence on Americans? I dont know but this is some crazy shit....Watch out. This is the link This is what it...
  176. Mo Betta

    302/230 8-11

    Well we fished Mo Betta for maybe the last time today. We went away from everyone else for the most part. We headed south to the 302/230 area to kill a few Dodos. We didnt have a lot of time so we jammed around patty shopping. Left @ 8am back by 2pm, not bad only 58 miles today RT. Throw lots of...
  177. Mo Betta

    Mo Betta III

    I pulled the trigger on a 24 Wellcraft sportsman. Thanks to Jeff for selling me the boat, and Mots, Ali, Byeye, Papa J, Mike, and JP for lighting my crack pipe. I also pulled the trigger on a 2007 225 Suzuki 4 stroke. Gerry and Mike at Pacific Marine Supply made me feel comfortable and...
  178. Mo Betta

    8-5 West then left or right

    Mo Betta leavin early to beat the crowds. Pulling tires and wheels off truck to make sure its there when I get back. :finger:
  179. Mo Betta

    7-28 patty shopping

    Nate {12} my youngest and I headed west then south. We found plenty of green floaters out there, Most were good for a fish or 2. Dad Im on! Pump and wind, lots of pressure. Guess who wants to go again tomorrow? We had a very large Bull come through and slam both slow trolled...
  180. Mo Betta


    I hope anyone headed south sees this
  181. Mo Betta

    7-24 302/230

    We got a late start, but headed out to the 9 and decide left or right. Left turn. We found this, we fished it but I think it was too will be holding soon. We were 5 off of the 302 when I hailed Jim on Wildcat, he had the right kind on the 230, changed course. Jim was just about...
  182. Mo Betta

    The loop and some 7-19

    Left MB @ about 530am, picked up a scoop of red nosed dines and headed towards the 302. Plenty of coverage out there with Wildcat, Ambusher, Dos Locos and others. We all split up and tried to cover other areas. Radio contact was good today. We chose to angle towards the 371. This area had...
  183. Mo Betta

    Humboldt Squid attack movie

    I got this link off of the Nomads board, The movie trailer is awesome, you can hear the beak scraping against the camera housing. If I were in hollywood I would go check out the premier, its free. Here is the trailer... Here is...
  184. Mo Betta

    Camp Gecko is gone

    Doc is retiring.....
  185. Mo Betta

    East Cape trip 6-24 to 7-1

    We loaded up Friday afternoon, so I could get some sleep for the drive south Saturday morning early. I can never sleep before these trips, but you have to try. The first stop was just at the border, to pick up our tourist cards. No problems here, I had all of the needed documents...
  186. Mo Betta

    Mo Betta heading to East Cape.6/24

    Anybody else going south? We will be leaving saturday 6/24 {early} overnight in Loreto, then on to Verdugos for 7-10 days. Reports say its going off, only getting better as the moon fades away. Frank
  187. Mo Betta

    BD sighting Home Depot EC

    Gray Ford PSD, 2 BD stickers, with a Nam Veteran sticker to boot.
  188. Mo Betta

    182 area 6/3 and a Darwin award nominee

    We picked up some bait in MB. In case you guys forgot, the line loops back towards the Lifeguard station, not straight back LOL. Headed out into the fog and sloppy conditions, visibility would range from a few miles to 1/8 of a mile. Wind was up, swell was up. Not good conditions for...
  189. Mo Betta

    Local banks 6-3

    Mo Betta leaving early to be on the banks @ grey light. Ill be on 72 until I cant handle it then, maybe 68. Quick 1/2 day trip....
  190. Mo Betta

    Its all about the Lure

    <embed allowScriptAccess="never"name='RAOCXplayer' src='' type='application/x-mplayer2' width='400' height='300' autoplay='true' ShowControls='false' ShowStatusBar='false' loop='true' EnableControls='false' DisplaySize='0'...
  191. Mo Betta

    Tin Boat wheels

    I havent been fishing much lately due to work and getting ready for our annual trip to the East Cape. We leave June 23 and will be back on July 4th weekend. I think I finally got the tin boat dialed in for beach launching. Those of you that know me, well you know LOL, I gotta do it my way. So...
  192. Mo Betta

    Carlos Mencia in San Diego

    Carlos is coming to San Diego Sept. 29. If your a fan then you better get the tickets now. Type in " Punisher " to buy before the public release
  193. Mo Betta

    No Bait, no life , no T 5/19

    Left MB with a nice load of Macks and dines this morning. We headed out to L J canyon. We found flat calm conditions, with ZERO signs of life. In the spread was 2 Yozuris and 2 BOM with macks inside. Water temp was in the 64-65 range. Talked with Nauti girl, Ambusher and a few others in the area...
  194. Mo Betta

    MR. T says no...

    We trolled, Gheto-matics with live greenies, and Rapalas in the spread. Slow. dead slow, faster....2 knock downs first thing in the AM. Trolled through the rest of the morning. Lots of bait and life. HL2 got the only one I heard of in the La Jolla area. Boat traffic.... We saved our day with...
  195. Mo Betta

    Mencia Again.....

    I have no idea how to pull just the wav file off so, it'll have to do. Yeah Im a Carlos Mencia fan.
  196. Mo Betta

    Mencias Wetback mountain

    <embed allowScriptAccess="never"name='RAOCXplayer' src='' type='application/x-mplayer2' width='400' height='300' autoplay='true' ShowControls='false' ShowStatusBar='false' loop='false' EnableControls='false' DisplaySize='0'...
  197. Mo Betta

    Mission Beach 4/9

    Hit the Canes area this morning. Surge and surf was up and the water was dirty. What the hell, Im already here. I managed 1 BSP before giving it up due to seaweed going wide open. New stripping basket worked great, thanks for the tips guys.
  198. Mo Betta

    Sat 4/8 L J

    Hit a few high spots. Talked to SaltyDawg and Fulltilt while we worked a few rocks in the LJ area. Humboldt squid strips and Gulp did the trick on the bottomdwellers. The boats running perfect. The fish need to get here soon, I cant eat anymore rockcod. Probably hit the beach...
  199. Mo Betta

    4/2 L J canyon area

    Left early, came home early{1130}. Fished 90-200 feet when we metered fish. Old humboldt steaks for bait, along with Gulp. Its a toss up, they got bit the same. 24 assorted Rockfish. Honeycombs, reds, boccacio, flags, starrys. 1 confirmed YT in LJ. Blackjack and a speargun. Boat ran...
  200. Mo Betta

    Surf fly fishing @ MB

    I finally gave it a shot this morning. I didnt catch as many as I usually do with conventional tackle. I caught 3 BSP , with one being a about 11 inches. Missed a few good strikes. I know there is a learning curve and thats part of the fun. So now I have some questions Im using a 300...
  201. Mo Betta

    Anybody missing a Parker?

    On old hwy 8, {where E. Main turns into old 8}for a couple of days now there has been a Parker with a hacked up hole above the OB bracket and no OB or controls. Kinda strange its sitting in this area. Looks like it was dumped after being stripped. No BD sticker and no name.
  202. Mo Betta

    Carlos Mencia

    Anybody catch his show " No strings attached". Fucking hillarious.
  203. Mo Betta

    Shark video

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  204. Mo Betta

    New truck pics

    So I finally got around to taking some pics of the new truck. Thanks to everyone of you who offered to give my a helping hand, I'd do the same for anyone of you. I know its just a truck, but to a guy like me its more then that. We drove up to Julian. Snow? Lake Cuyamaca In Ko Pa...
  205. Mo Betta

    Shake your Jelly

    <embed allowScriptAccess="never"name='RAOCXplayer' src='' type='application/x-mplayer2' width='400' height='300' autoplay='true' ShowControls='false' ShowStatusBar='false' loop='true' EnableControls='false' DisplaySize='0'...
  206. Mo Betta

    Going 2-11 somewhere in D'eggo

    Leaving El Cajones about 530-545 to fish the incoming tide. Dont know where yet.
  207. Mo Betta

    MB 2-9-06

    We fished from a little north of Canes to about 1/2 way to the jetty. 630am to about 900am 18-20 BSP. 1/2 were pregnant toads and the rest were hand size. All fish lived to swim again, including a female spitting babies. I brought her out to deeper water, was too busy watching the damn fish...
  208. Mo Betta

    Cover your VIN?

    Just found out that the car thiefs can write down your VIN {its right there on your dashboard} take it to the dealership and have key made. Yeah, just like that. I know Im fucking paranoid now, but I will have a little piece of paper covering my VIN on my next truck, among other things...
  209. Mo Betta

    My next truck will have...

    No news yet on my stolen truck. I'm trying not to go Postal, thanks for the support guys. I'm going to get another Truck. I was looking for ways to not have this happen again. Looks like the Cyclops system is the way to go. Check it out I...
  210. Mo Betta

    My Truck is GONE

    I went out to go to work and my truck is gone. Stolen. 2004 Ford PSD Crew Cab, dark blue, pipe rack, side tool boxes, cross bed tool box{ all diamond decking}. 35" tires, 6 step nerf bars. I still cant believe its gone. Im sure its already south or east. Anybody know how long it takes...
  211. Mo Betta

    Its turning Blue

    Looks like its starting to calm down Anyone going Monday?
  212. Mo Betta

    WSB La Jolla

    Watch the upper right hand corner, I didnt see this until I watched it at home. Anyone know how to get the movies to play autoamtically with out a link?
  213. Mo Betta

    San V Bass video

    Ok, heres my first try at this. San Vicente 25'-30' of water last week
  214. Mo Betta

    Peacock bass VS Pacu

    Come home today to find my peacock bass has part of his lip bit off. The damn Pacu got him. Anyone got a pond in thier back yard? I got the $2.00 pacu when he was only 2" long, now he is 18" long and 2.5" thick. He eats anything, and has got the teeth to do it. I may just have him...
  215. Mo Betta

    Rockfish/ UW video camera test 12/10

    We left Dana ramp @ about 6am, into flat seas and very little wind. Our plan was to kill some bottomfish and test out my new $100.00 underwater video camera. We scouted around for some stones in the usual places, 150-180 feet seem to be the best. Mostly reds and and white fish in US...
  216. Mo Betta

    Bass pro shops, Vegas

    Had to do the family thing in Barstow {chose the short straw} for Thanksgiving. There is absolutely nothing out there, except the Army Base, where they certify troops for war in Iraq. Well its only 2 hours from Vegas. Checked out the Bass pro shops @ the Silverton casino...
  217. Mo Betta

    BD sighting 12/5 Navajo/murray

    White Ford p/u towing a 18' Logic CC. Get back to work!!!!!!!!!!! Its Monday and your not in a YAK .LOL
  218. Mo Betta

    10-29 last bug report for awhile

    Left MB a little late, just as it was getting dark. Hooped the Bird rock area for nothing but shorts{20}. Watch the swell, about every 5-10 minutes a couple of bigger sets would come up, kinda scary when your in 12' of water in the dark, near the rocks. Hooped from 10-30' of water, all...
  219. Mo Betta

    Ford PSD HFCM drain plug

    I hate draining the water/fuel seperator on my truck, it gets everywhere and is a pain in the ass. These guys have made a better plug, just thought I would pass it along.
  220. Mo Betta

    10/14 mackies,bugs,catfish

    Left late afternoon to make some Bug bait. Point loma was slammed with mackies, we made 10 gallons. Ran into Ali @ the ramp, good to see ya. We went to our "secret lobster spot" LOL. We were hoping for some cloud cover, the moon was almost full. It was so bright we never turned a spot light...
  221. Mo Betta

    Gout anyone?

    The commercial guys Ive talked to said its a slow start to the season, and it is. You can still get enough to make it worth the effort. I think I'm done eating Bugs for awhile....My hooping crew and I cooked some up today, this is what was left over. Puerto Nuevo style.
  222. Mo Betta

    Bug Safety/thoughts

    Lets make sure we are all on the same page out there. 1. Please shut off your headlights backing down the ramp at night, leave your parking lights on. The headlights blind the guy backing down next to you. 2. Make sure your NOT using a line that floats on your hoops. Its really easy to...
  223. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9-18 fucktards.....

    Got the new GPS/chartplotter installed and had to go test it out before the MAW. So we went to La Jolla. A little smooth lump going out, nothing steep made 22knts all the way. GPS is working great. We are one of the first boats out there and decide to slow troll for awhile until the fleet...
  224. Mo Betta

    Raymarine RC400

    Anybody own one? Im thinking of replacing my old Lowrance handheld with this one or a hard mount GPS. I kinda like the idea of being able to use it down in Baja. Its portable, uses Navioincs Gold charts, and has NMEA outputs for my DSC and Furuno 582...
  225. Mo Betta

    East County Diesel 2.93 9/12

    RAM 99 on the corner of Johnson and Main. The guy was even apologetic, and said he was glad he could give me change back from my $120.00. Hey a reach around..... LOL
  226. Mo Betta

    Hurricane/fuel increase

    The mayor of New Orleans was just on MSNBC. He said that it will take about 2 weeks to pump out the city{it sits below sea level}. The pipeline from the gulf coast oil wells come in to New Orleans. This Cat 5 {sustained winds of 175mph} will disrupt the flow of oil. So guess what that means...
  227. Mo Betta

    El Cap football

    Anybody have a son playing this year? My middle boy is playing JV.
  228. Mo Betta

    TP 8-11 0600

    I was jonesing to go fishing again, dreaming of that 25" corbina. So I hit TP before work. Red tide is in and its flat calm. Brought the micro set up to go sight fishing. Caught 6 beenies, nothing of any real size, most were in the 12-17". Plenty of sliders. I had taken some pics of the sliders...
  229. Mo Betta

    8/6 coastal to 181/182

    Got a little late start, but atleast the crowd was gone from Dana landing. Whoever striped that lot should be shot, not enough angle to get a truck and trailer between the lines without doing the trailer hustle. Talked/saw to D Bar leaving EB, nice rig. He was going shark fishing...
  230. Mo Betta

    8-6 local run

    Havent had the boat out in awhile and the fishes are getting closer. We will be running local and possible 181/182, just to get the kinks out. If all checks out, we will run long on Sunday. Leaving Dana @ 5am, Ill be on 72.
  231. Mo Betta

    Torrey pines 7-13

    I tried sight fishing for Corbs today at about 1pm. Made plenty of sandcrabs with eggs. I make enough so that I can just fish and not worry about getting bait, but I didnt know you could only have 28 in your posession, gotta watch that. I headed south from the parking lot. Costa Del...
  232. Mo Betta

    Torrey pines report, 7-2

    The water is a socked in with red tide, and the sand crabs were easily found. Water was calm with small waves. Too early for any split fin action. Plenty of BSP, caught 1 yellowfin croaker{medium size} and a small leopard shark. While I was working my way back up the beach I got slammed...
  233. Mo Betta

    7-2 Torrey pines surf fishing

    Im not up to fighting the idiots at the ramp, so Im going surf fishing Sat. @ Torrey Pines. Ill be out there early, so stop on by and wet a line before the madness starts.
  234. Mo Betta

    East Cape SLOW....

    Came back early from the Cape. Wind kicked up and so did the south swell. Some quotes from the old timers @ Verdugos. "Slowest Ive ever seen it in 15 years." "I dont know where the damn fish are." "50 mile run for peanut YFT, why?" "They kept them just to fly flags." "Dorado...
  235. Mo Betta

    Torrey Pines 6-18

    Headed out to fish Torrey pines{430}. I could see the red tide sitting off the beach, but what the hell I was already there. Found the sand crabs with soft shells and eggs, near the high tide line. Couple of hours fishing for 12 BSP. I got ripped by something but it came loose. The surf was up...
  236. Mo Betta

    2004 Ford PSD recall

    I had both done today. They change the plastic CAC tube to metal, and replaced the wire harness. While they had the truck I had the PCM reflashed. for a rough idle/run. Results are louder idle, and more low end torque{faster off the line} Only had the truck 1 day and it was free.
  237. Mo Betta

    Awesome Squid story from Baja Sur

    Its a long story by my friend Osprey on the Nomads board. I now understand why he thinks I'm crazy for fishing so much. Its posted with his permission. Guarded Condition It was way too hot to walk that time of day so Casey and I took my two little green quad-runners to Chapito's to get stuff...
  238. Mo Betta

    Saturday 6/4/05

    Barring a early AM BJ from the wifey, I'll be looking for Thresher tags inshore. CPR. Sunday is no bueno, Rock and Roll Marathon.
  239. Mo Betta

    Bloody gulp

    We are going to the Silver Strand for a family get together on Saturday. I picked up some bloody gulp plastic looking blood worms. Any ideas on how to rig it? Do I use it whole? I usually just use sandcrabs, but they might be hard to find so.......
  240. Mo Betta

    Whats that hissing sound?

    We trying to wrap up a Kitchen Remodel off of Mission Gorge rd. Through the window we hear a loud hissing. I look down between the 2 buildings{ 2 stories down} I see a car trying to leave. You guessed it, she ran over a gas meter. I tell my customer to call 911 and to get out. We run...
  241. Mo Betta

    Diesel $2.35/gallon 5-18

    Corner of Miramar rd and 15. Arco. Sucks to be excited about $2.35 but I'll take it.
  242. Mo Betta

    5-14 report Yt's

    Ran to the southeast corner of the 371. Worked a big dolphin pod enroute for nada. Stopped on patties, showing deep meter marks{100-150 down} for nada. Iron, dropper loops etc etc all tried. Marks looked more like huge shoals of bait then individual fish. Trolled our way around the high spot...
  243. Mo Betta

    BD sticker sighting 5-10

    White F250 on mission gorge rd this morning. Man that traffic sucked!!! Thanks for the wave. Frank
  244. Mo Betta

    Wide Open Strawberries

    Cannon rd in Carlsbad, just east of 5. Pick your own <img src="" alt="strawberries004" /> Or just buy a flat, didnt find one bad one. <img src=""...
  245. Mo Betta

    4/30 patty shopping

    Left Dana ramp @ 6am, yes its open but you have to load @ Dana's dock. Met Kman and Tailhunter{sorry if I got that wrong} @ the ramp. Baited up and met up with Foss and Catch 22 {nice ride btw}. Headed to the 302, stopped and fished the dolphins enroute for nada. Water was mostly 61.7 and...
  246. Mo Betta

    Diesel oil change {fumoto valve}

    I had a fumoto valve installed on my F250 PSD. Its a ball valve with a lock feature on the handle that you install in place of your drain plug. Just did my 10k oil change, what a breeze! Easy to pull Blackstone samples too. Thought I would pass it along, @ 14qts of oil for a single oil change...
  247. Mo Betta

    Friday pm/ Sat am 4-22

    Cant break away for Thursday. So Friday pm for a hopeful sundowner bite, then up early for Sat. am inner banks killing spree.... Frank
  248. Mo Betta

    Deadliest Season

    Its on right now on Discovery channel 35.
  249. Mo Betta

    East County Diesel

    Just thought I'd let you guys know. Corner of Bradley and Magnolia, Thrifty Gas is back up and running. 8 diesel pumps!!!! $2.61/gallon Frank
  250. Mo Betta

    Blowing butterflies

    Anyone else notice all the Butterflies lately? Anyone know whats up with that? Front of my truck is orange and yellow.
  251. Mo Betta

    BD sticker sighting 3/31

    I-8 east bound. White Chevy crew cab {nice truck btw} with a yellow Yak hanging out of it. How was the fishing? It was blowing butterflies on Mt Soledad today. I was in the Ford CC hauling a bathroom to the dump. Frank
  252. Mo Betta

    Mr T 3/14/05

    So I get a phone call from a "unknown fisherman" on Saturday night saying get your ass out there its TIME. Damn, I'm still in the middle of a re-wire on the boat. Can you can guess what I did on Sunday? Call my freshwater guys Loren and Dave, Shark fishing ? Lets go. Monday morning traffic...
  253. Mo Betta

    7 years ago....

    The last time Hodges overflowed was 7 years ago The last time we had this much rain was 7 years ago The last time we had this size Humboldts this close was 7 years ago The last time I remember the water temp in Feb. @ 60 was 7 years ago 7 years ago was 1997 7 years before that was 1990 7...
  254. Mo Betta

    I know another Squid Report 2-16

    Well with the weather turning to crap this weekend, we decided to go pull on some more squid. Called my freshwater guys who were on Lake Murray fishing. Hell yes lets go. Weather was ok, you could tell a front was moving in. Hit the north end of the 9, it was slow until 7pm. A double @ 500 feet...
  255. Mo Betta

    Ink 2-16-05

    Looks flat and its the calm before the storm. Im almost out of Calamari. Ill be on 72 and @ the 9. Frank
  256. Mo Betta

    Pro Comp hook up?

    Anybody got a hook up with Pro Comp? I want a 6" lift on my truck. You can PM me if you want it on the DL. Frank
  257. Mo Betta

    2-9 Squid on the 9

    Lauched about 5. Headed out into nearly perfect weather, great sunset, little or no wind or swell. We headed out the the N9. Metered squid at 250 feet, but wouldnt go. Most of squid came off the bottom at about 500 feet, larger units. Called in Fishseeker {met him at the ramp, nice guy} a couple...
  258. Mo Betta

    East Cape trip June 26-July 3

    Just thought I would see if anyone else will be in the Cape the sametime as we are. We will be fishing the 14' Tin from the beach this year, hoping for some more Marlin. We will be @ Verdugos. Frank
  259. Mo Betta

    Squid on Friday, Rockfish on Sat

    Taking a couple of guys out for some Squid love on Friday night. MB launch @5 pm+/-. Bringing a 9 foot jig stick and jigmasters LOL Saturday Am Ill be heading back out with tentacles for some rock fish. Probably start at the south end of the 9, checking the deep rocks. Ill be on...
  260. Mo Betta

    MoBetta Squid Sunday night

    4 drops, 4 squid cant beat that. The larger squid jigs fished deep were the ticket for the bigger units. 5 miles out, in 700 feet of water, bring the bigger gear. Too much fun
  261. Mo Betta

    Humboldts in SD?

    Has anyone had any luck on the Jumbos down in San Diego? Planning on heading out Early Sunday to give it a shot. MB channel still rough? Last I heard the waves were breaking over the Jetty{Friday}, not good in the dark. Frank
  262. Mo Betta

    Congrats BPFED

    Hey Chris, Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Hope Mom and Baby are both doing great! When is the Vasectomy party?
  263. Mo Betta

    Yamaha OB Recall.....1-11-05

    Found this link. Yama OB recall
  264. Mo Betta

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Shittttttttt

    This weather sucks! Backed up with work, havent been fishing since the Halibut tourney. Its killing me, slowly. :nopity: Im done howling at the moon now.
  265. Mo Betta

    Seabees are going

    My little brother {Lt} just got the word he is on the way to Sumatra next week. Fucked up. Kuwait, Iraq, now Sumatra. Indonesia, were they not on the list of terrorist areas? Places that were un safe for Americans? Why dont we load the boat and ship all the "peace loving hollywood actors" over...
  266. Mo Betta

    BD SWAG in a box

    Just got my BD swag. Man, that stuff looks great! Thanks for such prompt shipping. BTW Nancy, I dont know how you got all of that stuff in that size box, it was like opening a jack in the box, POP BD swag! Thanks again, Frank
  267. Mo Betta

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Thanks to all the guys who said to go Diesel. Just got home with a new 2004 F-250 Super Duty crew cab diesel, long bed. I went 2wd, in all the years Ive owned my Burb with 4wd Ive never had to use it, ever. I really stretched the budget on the $$$$ but I drive 25K miles per year and the Dodge...
  268. Mo Betta

    Nados 10/30

    Launched at 7am from SI, not a lot of boats out, ramp was empty. Passed on bait, just wanted to get out. Little bumpy and some wind early. Hailed Surfdoc, but I guess his start was later then mine,lol. Think I heard Chuck also. Anyways, big bonies from the North Island down. We trolled...
  269. Mo Betta

    Diesel truck MPG

    Im thinking of getting a Diesel truck. What kind of honest MPG are you guys getting? Im not looking at a new truck, 1999-2001 4 door, long bed, 4wd. My V-10 is eating me alive.
  270. Mo Betta

    Dumbass thieves

    So I go out to the truck to find a broken drivers window. Nothing is gone thatg I can see, I still have to call the cops. The glove compartment was open and the stuff in the back was moved around. Looking at it again I noticed that the top of my bleacher seat I got from Costco looks like the top...
  271. Mo Betta

    Marine grade wire and stuff

    I found this place on the net. Looks like a good deal on marine wire and connectors. Check out the connectors with the shrink wrap already attached. Im going to re-wire Mo Betta and probably lift the windows and hardtop up higher so i can turn the recessed floor into a fish hold. Winter...
  272. Mo Betta

    Halliburton Job Fair

    Anyone going to Halliburtons construction job fair? Its Wed. 9am to 3pm @ the Scottish rite temple. Its rainy, got the day off and Im going to just check it out. Frank
  273. Mo Betta

    Nuclear Bluegill

    My buddy caught this earlier this year. I didnt think they got that big.
  274. Mo Betta

    Permatrim Diet

    I had one of those Stingrays on my boat to help plane the ass end up at slower speeds. It worked great, only problem was it also slowed me down on my top end. Following seas, bow steering. Bug season was coming and I didnt want to have a plastic wing on my lower end unit. Just looks like it...
  275. Mo Betta

    9/27 302/9 Yft

    2 limits of YFT. 5 NW of the 302. Look for the 1/2 degree temp break. 70.3 to 71.9. Troll fish with only 1 bait fish. Lots of firecrackers on the patties. South 9 was holding YFT @ 71.+/- degree water. No real size to the YFT, biggest went 15# with 10-12# average size. Gut check showed they were...
  276. Mo Betta

    Big squid cooking?

    So the smaller ones we caught cooked up just fine. But the bigger one, was not like Point Loma Seafoods. I gutted it, split him open and peeled the outer colored membrane. I peeled the inner membrane which was clear. There was another thicker white membrane on the inside which I left on...
  277. Mo Betta

    MAW Big Eye {the other kind}

    Met up with Guzzler, Ayala {Guzzlers hardcore fishing daughter, look out Shelly} and Dave. Saw Byeye and Brian, and few others I cant remember the names at the ramp. Dropped the New Guzzler in and after a few minor things we headed out. BAIT was 1/2 dead when we picked it up...
  278. Mo Betta

    Im Going Again!!!!!!!! 9-11

    Screw it, Im going to the 390. Frank
  279. Mo Betta

    WaaTooSee sighting #2

    I hear "WaaToosee pick me up", on the radio. Yeah right, they are down @ the Lupe. Frank picks up. 36 miles from home. I see 2 Sportfishers heading North. Welcome back guys! Rest up and then we want details...
  280. Mo Betta

    9-10 425/371 no love

    Great conditions all day. Ran past the 9 area saw mackies working some micro bait, blew past them. Headed towards the 425 to find some Dodos, nothing, turned towards the 371. Worked that area hard. Heard someone call out #'s south of the 390, wide open. Turned out to be Heavenbound, should of...
  281. Mo Betta

    Trini 16 questions

    I just got a Trini 16 as a gift from a very grateful boater. He wouldnt take no for a answer. So I need suggestions. I put 50 pound spectra, 300 yds. Top shot to be decided. I used it yesterday on a 9' graphite rod with Lt wt rollers. Worked great , until I tried to bounce a fat YFT...
  282. Mo Betta

    9/8 371 Yft

    Made it to the SI ramp about 8am. Picked up bait, slimy lived all day. Headed out to the 371. Snotty conditions until about 17NM from the point and then it was flat. Fished a few patties enroute for nada. Directly on top of the 371 we find a large patty. Chum, more chum. Small fry Yt's come...
  283. Mo Betta

    9/6 182/mayday/L J

    Went to the 182 this morning, trying to beat the crowds. Most were going to LJ or South. Water had no chop and only had some big rollers from the South. Great conditions! Bait from MB was also very good. We get in the area and find some bird action. Some bait puddling, and nice big red...
  284. Mo Betta

    Solo Marlin!!! 8-24

    Ok I couldnt stand it anymore. Droped the kid off at school and hitched up Mo Betta. Traffic on the 8 still at 9 am. In the water by 930. Turned off the bait tank and went right by the Bait barge. My target was a Marlin today. Hit the slack high tide just in time. Headed North. Started my troll...
  285. Mo Betta

    8-21 DoDo hunt

    Leaving about 4 heading south first then working my way North/west. Ill be on 72/68. Frank
  286. Mo Betta

    8/14 182 YT and porta patty

    Left early to get to the 182 before the crowds. Water was crossed up with a little wind, nice ride out and back in. Hard to spot patties in the slop. Worked a few patties for some smaller YT's, I had a newbie on the boat, of course he brought his coffe grinder. Got his Ass kicked by the...
  287. Mo Betta

    8-14 9 to the 182

    Taking out a newbie to the salt. Going to hit the 9 then the 182 to see if I can take my Mako for the year. 72 then 68 until the radio pisses me off. If Im on a patty wave and Ill wave you in. My Radio is turned down when Im on a patty. Frank
  288. Mo Betta

    Someone look outside{coastal}

    Saw a weather report that its suppose to be real nasty on the coast. Thunderstorms, waterspouts, lightning, etc. etc. So WTF I wanna go get a Mako on Saturday. Is the weatherman even close?
  289. Mo Betta

    Bouys Offshore ?

    Ive seen bouys offshore lately. They are on the 9 all the way to the 181/182. Anyone know what they are? There seems to be 2, anywhere from 100 yards to 1/2 mile apart. Saturday I saw a dive boat next to one on the 9.
  290. Mo Betta

    Step into Liquid

    Just finished watching the movie. Wow. I know we have some surfers on the board, has anyone surfed the Cortez? Lets see some pictures! Of course the day they filmed it there was no wind and it was like grease, except for the 66 foot waves. Frank
  291. Mo Betta

    182 area Sat 8-7

    Wow was the Dana ramp a Zoo. The line for bait was all the way out of the "little " bay. Got bait {lived all day long} talked to Mark on Stonefish. Plan was to head to the 182 and look for DoDo's. Smooth running, near perfect conditions. Found our 1st patty 5 miles short, firecrackers. More...
  292. Mo Betta

    La Jolla/181 8-6

    Woke Nate {my 10 year old} up and went to La Jolla for the AM YT bite. Pretty crowded, but still fishable. Met Jack on the Seashell on the way out. Very nice boat. Slow trolled South of the North kelp until the action started. Big barries, bonita and YT on the Tady 45 lite. Nate had a great...
  293. Mo Betta

    8/3 9 mile bank quickie

    Left Dana ramp for a quick fishing trip, had to be in early. Met Fishing Pirate and TNT @ the ramp. Hope they knocked them dead. Anyways headed towards the 89 spot, water climbs from 70 to a high of 72. Once I reach the 89 I see a sleeper. No mackies, duh. So I find my best Dine and cast on...
  294. Mo Betta

    Tueday inshore and close

    Sneaking in a short AM trip with the boat. Leaving MB about 6am fishing until about 11am. Ill be on 72. Frank
  295. Mo Betta

    7-29 Point Loma

    Finished work early, hooked up the boat @ 230 and went to Point Loma, green tanks. 1/2 day boats reported 100 YTs. Birds working, a few boats around water clarity was good. Lots of wind and chop made the drifts fast. The Yt's were the smallest Ive seen. Not a mark on them, pure white bellies...
  296. Mo Betta

    Zmt @ Pcs

    Hey Zack, I just got my PCS for August. Good job! The articles on Marlin tactics all the way to the Corbina tactics were really great. Sherritas info Outriggers will make me bring them everytime now. I still remember reading your posts when you had the Mako and you were fishing in Baja. That too...
  297. Mo Betta

    Corbina @ Torrey Pines 7/23

    My youngest son {Nate Dogg} and I went to Torrey pines beach. Sand crabs were easy to find and all had eggs. Nice hole right in front of the "pay shack". Those Corbina are a lot of fun on trout rods! Released after photos.
  298. Mo Betta


    Monica Lewinsky was looking at herself in a mirror. Her frustration over her lack of ability to lose weight was depressing her. In an act of desperation, she decided to call on God for help. "God...if you take away my love handles, I'll devote my life to you," she prayed. And just like that...
  299. Mo Betta

    7/17 "Pile" of Lings

    Finally got a chance to fish since the Baja trip. I had a big job cancel while I was gone. :mad: Launched @ Dana because Im sure Shelter Island was a mess. Met Shark Stew, nice boat. Everingham Bros bait was med- large slimey dines which lasted all day, ended up passing the rest to...
  300. Mo Betta

    Leader knots and lengths

    With all the talks about Swordies, I was wondering what knot you guys are using to attach to your leader/main line. Casting on a Billfish with a knot going through the guides could be a mess. I was thinking Uni to Uni for a low profile knot on 20 feet of leader with a Ballbearing swivel above...
  301. Mo Betta

    East Cape Report

    Just got in from The Cape. Saturday we overnighted in Loreto. Trupui was burning and a lot of guys came into town with nowhere to stay. Most didnt even get there gear out in time, the fire moved that fast. A lot of dazed people. Sunday we settled in and unpacked at Verdugos. Met Joe...
  302. Mo Betta

    Next Stop....East Cape

    See you guys on or about July 5. Im out of here, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  303. Mo Betta

    Almost ready

    Instead of fishing Ive been getting ready for the East Cape. Heres my loader.....
  304. Mo Betta

    ? how to post MPEG?

    So how do I post Mpeg movies, I know I cant post it like a regular pic. I didnt see it listed as a valid file extension. Frank
  305. Mo Betta

    YT's take what you need

    About 4 years ago a sieners were down at the Rock Pile area wrapping huge schools of Yellows. So many yellows that they flooded the Market in Ensenada, brought the price of yellows down to a trash fish rate. These fish were Spawning. For the next couple of years, the yellows were spotty. By...
  306. Mo Betta

    No Fish report/Sat

    1st thing my Dad and I ran directly to the 425 and south by about 3 miles. Looked for some patties, trolled West towards the 371 area. That turn into the West swell was pretty rough. Ended up about 7-8 miles south and west of the 371. found 3 patties all together being fished by a couple of...
  307. Mo Betta

    BADA BING, you guys ok?

    I heard that your boat went down on the Butterfly. I also heard that Rampage picked you guys up within 15 minutes. Just wanted to offer up a hand if you needed one and to say Im glad you guys made it back ok. Im sure you will share the story with us when your ready. Frank
  308. Mo Betta

    5/4 Short and Foggy

    Hey Guys, I went out of Dana this morning. Had to be in early, and was 1/2 tempted to run to the 371, but it was really foggy. Have a bid at 130. No wind to speak of, swell was far apart and about 4 foot. La Jolla was dead, no Yt's spotted{visiblity was less then 1/8 mile}. Heard a few boats out...
  309. Mo Betta

    106 in East county, Im going fishing

    I think Ill go fishing tomorrow, somethings got to be on the chew, Tide swing looks good for the AM. Heading back before traffic on the 8 starts up. Final destination depends on fish reports/ weather from today, more than likely I'll be stayin close. Frank
  310. Mo Betta

    La Jolla short trip 5-1

    Left Dana at the same time as Treble maker and Major Protest {Always nice to meet up some buddies from the board}. Little trouble with the Bait tank, had to clear some eel grass. Good bait. Water was fairly calm, little wind. Had to be early {plans had changed to go long}. Dropped into NW La...
  311. Mo Betta


    Hmmmmm another Butt kicking? Or it will calm down...........
  312. Mo Betta

    Navman works great guys!!!!!

    Thanks Rich and Max for the great deal on the NavMan 2100. Installed in about 30 minutes. Tried it out today. Max GPH for my 115 4 stroke was 35GPH oh wait, the dam thing was set at Liters...........Dumb Ass. Thanks again, Frank
  313. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 4-28 No WSB or T

    Left Dana ramp with about 10kn of wind @ 530am. It was foggy but @ gray light visibility was ok. Bait was good med dines. Wind is blowing hard enough to make the Kelp hard to see off of South La Jolla. Spot the Yaks and idle my way in that general area. Everyone is having a hard time holding the...
  314. Mo Betta

    Hunting the Iceman 4-28

    Mo Betta will be fishing La Jolla on Wednesday am. I will be pretending to be a Yak, quiet and slow. Radio maybe turned down low, so come on by instead, Frank
  315. Mo Betta

    Mr. T How big is too small?

    Its too damn hot in East County so I think I will fish the AM tomorrow, looking for a Thresher. When I get him boatside and I have to make the decision to Gaff or not to Gaff, I want to be able to estimate his weight and age so I am not taking a "baby". Some guys say 6 feet, is that with the 3...
  316. Mo Betta

    Which Navman do you have?

    Im just about ready to order my Navman GPH gauge. There are 2 models. The Navman 2100 and the Navman 3100. 2100 is pretty plain and simple, 3100 has more bells and whistles. If you have the 3100 do you use those other features? Please post either way. Boataholics is just a click...
  317. Mo Betta

    3/30 Inshore was better then working

    Went out just to be on the water today with my oldest son and a newbie friend of his. Had to be in early so we stayed inshore. Decided to fish from LJ to the North to see if we could find some Butts. No Love. A few raked baits but nothing would stick. Guess Im out of practice...... Fished...
  318. Mo Betta

    3/28 Sst

    Anybody check out the SST today. The big temp break is getting closer to us. Its between the 421 and the 230 and hooks back between the east and west butterfly. Looks like a good place to start. Frank
  319. Mo Betta

    BD Stickers Installed

    Thought I would start it off.............BTW thanks for the Stickers
  320. Mo Betta

    Fred Hall Show

    Hey it was great to see all you guys at the Show. I didnt recognize Byeye in regular clothes LOL. Rich was working his magic at the Boataholic booth. Greg I should of gone back and got that knife. Micah, I'm thinking really hard about doing that Panga Trade thing. Frank
  321. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 3-14

    Fished a couple of hours in the AM for a few 22" lings, Calicos and a nice rockfish. Water was fairly calm, enough wind for a decent Butt drift, for some raked baits. No current to speak of, tide swing was at slack at about 10am. Little Foggy. Thats it........Frank
  322. Mo Betta

    Meter Pics

    Ok so give your opinions on what was on my meter. #1
  323. Mo Betta

    La Jolla North and South

    Went out @ 630. 1/2 scoop from EB was good and slimey. No Swell, No wind, usually means No fish. This was true, tried the Point towards the Cove around the hook, towards the Squid Boats, Nada. No Current, No wind, Just sitting there. Yak nation wasnt doing well either. Talked to the "Carol...
  324. Mo Betta


    Getting the Wood put to Ya.............
  325. Mo Betta

    New Baja Tin

    Wahoooo went to AA Marine in Vista and picked up my New 14' Klamath. Bob is a great guy, like buying from a old friend. He went the extra mile for me and earned my business. I drove the Truck back from Vista I expected lots of wind noise and other things. My Truck was quieter with the Boat...
  326. Mo Betta

    Fire Fire Fire

    Driving home from PQ tonight on scripps pkwy, my wife says hey that RV is on fire,{it was 1 car behind us}. We get thier attention and pull over. Traffic is stopped. I get out of the Burb grab the Fire extinguisher out of the back. The front "basement compartment" is totally in flames. I can see...
  327. Mo Betta

    Winter Projects?

    Ok its Winter, time to fix those things on the Boat that need to be fixed. You know the ones that have been bugging you during the offshore runs in 2003. Fix them now and you wont have to during the Bite. My winter project is to pull my fuel tank and inspect it and clean it out. Replace it...
  328. Mo Betta

    Palm Springs Fat Bassturd

    Ive been in Palm Springs for 2 weeks working in one of the country clubs. There was a pond just outside the back door of the house we were working on. The owner said there were some fish and we could use his poles. I looked at the gear, 4 pound test, and the pond, which was really small. Aww...
  329. Mo Betta

    East County Fire pics

    Wow what wild weekend. Everyone is safe in my family. I get a call on Sat morning, my ex-wife and my sons were evacuated at about 4am, the fire came right up to the back door. Thanks to the Retired Fire Captain that saved the house. My Mom and Dads house is off of Los Coches rd east, backed up...
  330. Mo Betta

    10-21 6-11 miles out YT

    Got a hole in the radiator of my work truck, dropped it off and got the burb and went fishing with my son and his friend. Didnt leave the Dana ramp until 10 am. Great bait from the Everingham today, small slimey dines. Too late to head offshore, so we went straight West for 11 miles. Found a...
  331. Mo Betta

    Wide open on Indians

    Waaaahoooo! I just hit a Royal Flush on the $5.00 jacks or better machine at Barona!! $20,000.00 Then I made back my tip to the floor clerks and my intial investment of $300.00 and walked out with $2000.00 more. Yeah baby...... Hey does anyone have a Twin Vee for sale, I got cash........ Just...
  332. Mo Betta

    10-13 371,425, almost 101

    Decided to take the day off. We got a late start, left the ramp around 9 am. Heavy fog sitting right offshore, didnt really lift until past the north island. Headed to the 371, clean blue water ranging from 67 to 69 degrees. I saw more patties today then I have seen the whole year combined...
  333. Mo Betta

    Members: 945, Threads: 2,870, Posts: 23,185

    Build it and they will come................ Wow Bloodydecks is growing. Congratulations Bloodydecks crew! Thanks, Frank on "Mo Betta"
  334. Mo Betta

    Bug Opener

    Grabbed the skippies and hoops and headed to the SI zoo around 1030pm. Lots and Lots of Boat traffic at the ramp. We cruise out to Zuniga and make our first set. Tried to stay out of everyone elses sets, Dropped number 5 in what looked like a bunch of commercial bouys. Putter out of the Mine...
  335. Mo Betta

    9/20 Limits YFT 371

    Left S.I around 5am. Picked some great bait, smaller dines and really slimey. Headed out the channel in the dark towrds the 371. Altered the courseso I would come south of the high spot. Water was clear and blue. Trolled southwest, "pops wet dream" called in a hot bite on a patty, numbers were...
  336. Mo Betta

    MissionBelle YFT

    Day 3 of YFT, Dodos and YT's in their count. 3/4 day boat out of M.B. 530 am leave dock, get bait, leave the jetty at 600 am. Max 9 knots. Back by 500 pm. Anybody know if they turned left or right? Or did they go straight out? Whichever way, its close, very close. Frank
  337. Mo Betta

    371 9-6-2003

    Left this morning with the intent of fishing the Pukey point Yellows. The water was so calm, no wind we ran out to the 371 area. Porpoise school about 5 miles off the island gave up nothing. 371 area held a few patties. 1st one we through chum and we get boil. My Dad ooks up on a nice YT and...
  338. Mo Betta


    Hey Mikey was that you on the road today? I saw the WaaTooSee sticker on the tailgate, could of sworn I saw a pic of your truck with the same sticker. Frank
  339. Mo Betta

    spotter plane

    Hey remember that website that would give lat/lon numbers, species and pics of fish schools in our area? I cant find the site anymore. There info was great when the cloud cover was too thick for a good SST.
  340. Mo Betta

    Homeguard Yellow 7-19

    Left MB, got a mix of Dines and chovies, headed out the channel towards the 43 area. OB wouldnt go over 3000 rpm without cutting out. Great. Decided to head to La Jolla for a shot at the Threshers, better then going home. We make some Spanish Mackies real easy, fly line them in the Zone. Fished...
  341. Mo Betta

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

    Remember the old portugee saying" light your firecrackers on the 4th and then go Albacore fishing". Positive thoughts guys. I can see the break in the Cold Water Wall. A few more hot days and some wind to stir it up a bit, they will be here. Can anyone finish my question?
  342. Mo Betta

    East Cape

    Spent 2 days fishing on Cruisers down in the East Cape at Verdugos. The drive down was without incident. Road conditions are rough in the Catavina Area, watch the potholes some are really deep. The only other bad spots really worth mentioning are after Constitution, and after La Paz some spots...
  343. Mo Betta

    Getting Marlin pics

    Im going to the East Cape on June 20th. I was thinking of jumping in the water and getting a pic of a Marlin being released. How crazy am I? I know Im not the only nut out there, some else has had to of tried it. My only fear is for him to charge me while Im taking the pics. What do you think...
  344. Mo Betta

    La Jolla to Del Mar

    Went out to fish La jolla area, lots of bait in the NW corner. Mostly Greenbacks. Saw 2 small Threshers {pups} not much else happening. Decided to fish up the coast farther towards Del Mar, less boat traffic. Tide changed and turned the Calicos on, got 5 this size and a short WSB. Its was catch...
  345. Mo Betta

    Lobsters in Ensenada

    Anyone know if the Fish Co-Op {Ensenada} is selling Lobsters duing this time of year? I'm trying to put together a Seafood boil like " The SandCrab Cafe" does in Escondido. Thanks for the replies, Frank
  346. Mo Betta

    Skunk Flag

    Went to N. La Jolla, made some mackies. We were after Threshers and WSB. Soaked them, slow trolled them etc etc etc. Only one zip on the line. Tried in towards the reserve {a little warmer water} then down as far as Torrey Pines and back again. Boat traffic was heavy, and probably pushed the...
  347. Mo Betta

    New Avatar

    Hey who do I have to thank for the new Avatar? I just noticed it. Frank " The Offshore Prop Changer"
  348. Mo Betta


    I posted at the "other site" and wanted to let my buddies at BD know too. This is the unedited version At the Fred Hall Show I decided to Go with SEATOW instead of Vessel Assist this year. I really liked the Capt in charge of the operation, he posted on his board and was always there when you...
  349. Mo Betta

    New site

    Hey now this could get real interesting, LOL Congrats Jason !