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  1. Brogan11

    9/6 - Wide Open @ the 425

    Pushed off the dock at 5, Couple boats ahead of us line for bait a few minutes later. Grabbed 2 scoops of pretty terrible looking deans and pointed it towards the zone. Grease calm on the way out, lots of birds and porpoise around the south 9. Got down around 20/25 where several boats were...
  2. Brogan11

    8/28 afternoon - Missed 'em by a few hours

    Quick report, plenty of others on here with good info. Left work around lunch and headed out the big bay @ 1:30pm on 8/28 with a few buddies (saw @Hardcor pulling his boat out of the water when we drove by). Grabbed two scoops of really good looking bait and pointed it towards the 226...
  3. Brogan11

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

    Short but sweet this time. Booked a trip on the Aztec as a father’s dad gift. Pops flew down from up north and we jumped on the boat with my buddy + his son and ~20 other anglers. Capt Greg had found a new zone of fish down about 80mi on Friday so we were headed down that way again (along...
  4. Brogan11

    6/23 - 425, Nados, Wet

    Left SI around 5:30am with a couple buddies in the skiff. Grabbed a scoop of chovie/dine mix that was less than stellar but definitely doable. Weather on the way to the islands was fine, slight wind chop and not much swell at all. Started off trolling from Pukey around the weather side, back...
  5. Brogan11

    AZTEC - Overnight 6/15

    First report (story), I'll try not to screw it up. Buddy and I have been eyeing a BFT trip for a few weeks, finally decided to pull the trigger and get on the water. Both big fans of Seaforth and operation they run so we did some homework and decided on the Aztec (great decision). Strong...
  6. Brogan11

    WTB 60# rod - phd 700xxh or sim

    Looking for a lightly used 60# rod. Seeker, Phenix, Calstar, UC. Primary function - flat fall. Secondary - heavier bait in a pinch. Local pickup in San Diego ideal. Cheers