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  1. odnealtim

    For Sale Cousins csj 90 m jig stick

    For sale perfect condition been on 1 trip,,,,can meet at f.h. show sat...or shipped on your dime 240 obo pics on request
  2. odnealtim

    WTB Wahoo jigs,tackle bag

    Looking for wahoo jigs and possibly another tackle bag or skb, paypal ready to go
  3. odnealtim


    Ok,so I'm going on a 10 day next fall,,,my longest trip,,,slowly gearing up...what do you guys think?I recently got a tib 7540 and a shimano tn 40,,im thinking of putting these on 2 older rods I have had for years ..tib,on a calstar 865xh,,for wahoo bombs and yo yo...tn40 on calstar 6480 for...
  4. odnealtim

    WTB Shimano tn40n

    Looking to buy shimano tn40n let me know what u have ....thanks
  5. odnealtim

    Soooo stoked

    Got an early Christmas present when I got home.from.working out of town while dealing with a very reputable member here on bd,getting ready for my 10 day next oct.....u can never get ready too looking for a couple new rods lol
  6. odnealtim

    Looking for a new heavy rod and reel

    Ok,,,so going on jims.rods 10 day next fall,10-15-10-25, on the intrepid,,,,I have never been longer than. 5 days sooo totally stoked,,,I am looking for a heavier rod and reel to fish 80,my heaviest is a talica 16 on a.phenix black diamond hybrid 30-80,7'6.....and a penn torque tnld 40 with a...
  7. odnealtim

    Intrepid 10 15 2020

    Damn..finally pulled the trigger on the jims rod charter,never been on this boat...any advice on staterooms???I was #10 out of 24 so I'm sure the best are taken...also might need some advice on a few new rigs,,,I have most I think ...thanks
  8. odnealtim

    8-10 day next late summer fall trip.....

    Ok so here it goes obviously looking for an 8 -10 day during that time frame,have not settled on a boat yet,I have fished all my life growing up in San Diego up to 5 say trips I have most of the road and reela for this type of fishing looking for a charter or even open party,not too particular...
  9. odnealtim

    Looking 4 Puerto Vallarta charter

    Will be looking to fish 1 day 7-13----7-17 just wife and I preferably full day,any suggestions?
  10. odnealtim

    976 tuna

    Has anybody had problems accessing their website or is it just me?
  11. odnealtim


    Did a full day trip on the liberty today,must a say they are a class act....the San Diego finally has some competition....the boat has been totally redone..and the crew is off the hook,worked hard all day.....very very polite..which I'm not used to or excpect..but we had 62 yft for about 20...
  12. odnealtim

    looking for a yoyo rod

    I got a penn torque 40nld2 and looking to see if ican find a good yoyo/bait rod for it before the fred hall show,,,,thinking of 700h or comparable what do you guys think is a good match.
  13. odnealtim


    hey guys kind of new here just getting back into fishing after 15 years or so...anyways im looking for a couple new bait sticks, i was leaning towards phenix,or maybe pac bay ,thinking of 8'-9' graphite i have an old gx80 calstar probably one of the first made from back in the day haha, i like...