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  1. SD Bass Assassin

    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    Victoria is headed out again tomorrow. I’m on the trip also. This will be the fourth time I’ve shared the rail with the Queen. (And Herman). She’s a great angler and always seems to be bit. I hope she gets her 400. 16/13 Red Rooster 2-7 to 2-23.
  2. SD Bass Assassin

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Soda, I’m looking forward to your on the water reports. No doubt you’re going to eat well on the Excel. Keep the reports coming.
  3. SD Bass Assassin

    Accurate Tern 600XN for fishing Wahoo

    I caught a couple Wahoo last month on the Tern 600XN. The reel is very fast, the bomb really hauls ass in the water. Very smooth and great drags. The negative is you loose a little power with the single speed 6:1 and the longer handle when fighting the fish. No big deal though. I love my Tern...
  4. SD Bass Assassin

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    I’m going on the RR3 Larry Brown February trip,16/13. Then an 8 day in October. Then to finish off the year, I’m repeating the RR3 Moffat 16 day in December. After my trip of a lifetime a few weeks ago, a lot of eyes will be on me next month. The pressure is on. I may never catch another cow or...
  5. SD Bass Assassin

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    We caught a dozen or so smaller tuna, 15 to 18 pounds. Also had a few tuna 40 to 150 pounds. We had a half dozen Dorado, and as many Marlin.
  6. SD Bass Assassin

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    . Circle hooks. I used ringed hooks with a 3 turn uni taught to me by Bill W. Thanks Bill. They are called HD RINGED. Part # TK619HR- Also used non ringed hooks HD OFFSET. Part# TK 619H-. I used a Perfection loop knot. I know it sounds strange but Art was pretty adamant that the knot had been...
  7. SD Bass Assassin

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    We left the bait receiver with a load of big bad ass sardines. We headed south to the hurricane bank. We arrived at the bank approximately 9am and started trolling around. The Independence was already there a few days in front of us and anchored up on one of the high spots. We started to catch...
  8. SD Bass Assassin

    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    Thanks Jeff for the props, I’m fortunate to have made such great friends in the long range community. A trip of a lifetime for sure. All the gigantic tuna that kept coming over the rail, I was in awe. I’ll try and get a report out with all the skinny on what worked and what didn’t work. Thanks...
  9. SD Bass Assassin

    RR3 trip #21 report

    Allen, I had a great time fishing with you and the rest of the guys. Great group. Sorry about grandpa, he’d been proud of the way you fished. Seems like we were always hooked up. Thanks for all the conversations with had! Badass trip!
  10. SD Bass Assassin

    Searcher Guadalupe Report

    Nice trip, thanks for the report. Props to the Searcher getting some ink!
  11. SD Bass Assassin

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    You the man SODA POP! Keeping the sport going
  12. SD Bass Assassin

    Red Rooster Oct 13 "Points South" Roll Call

    Hey I’m going. I can’t wait, looks like some solid fish down below. Mike I hope your going. Great food.
  13. SD Bass Assassin

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    8 day Oct 13 16 day Nov 25 16 day Feb 8 8 day June 12 All on the Rooster
  14. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    That's exactly what I'm rolling around. Can I use a 30SEa for a kite reel on a long range boat? You know, line capacity, drags, gears? Fishy, are talking about straight #100 hollow all the way to the swivel? Or even solid?
  15. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    Progress report guys: The rod decision was an easy choice. It's the rod I wanted all along. Thanks to you guys for verifying my opinion. I called Ken Bush and asked him to build me a 7'6 Invictus as my kite rod. Actually, I asked Ken to spin me out 2 7'6 Invictus, the second for #130 or #150...
  16. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    Great stuff fishy! That's a badass rod, I want one. Maybe someday Randy will build a rod, Rapter tip, Invictus butt section, lol.
  17. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    I fish on the Intrepid and when fishing the kite you do not stand on the deck holding the outfit but are on the upper deck sitting down where you can actually see your baits and control them.....all my other cow rods are UC's I have 2-76 Vipers 1-76 Centuar and 1-76 Wangtuar.....fantastic rods...
  18. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    @ Hi Brice, is the 50 visx a regular 50? Not a Wide? That yardage is pretty impressive. Makes me wonder about the yardage on the 20visx.
  19. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    Good point Bill. If Cal can modify a 50, and with step splicing, I wonder if I can get close to 1,000 yards of spectra?
  20. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    Hell ya, the Cal Sheets idea is spot on. I wonder if he can do the same modifications to a regular size 50? Love this idea!
  21. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    I really want to stick with the UC rods. I have several and love how they bend. So I'm really happy to hear that the Invictus can be used for the kite. So the next question is, what would be the difference between using the 7 foot Invictus or the 7'6 Invictus? Advantages and disadvantages of...
  22. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    Just came back from June Heat a couple of weeks ago. I used the boats kite gear, a big ole 80 reel, not sure which rod. The outfit was just to big and heavy for me to handle. I saw other anglers struggle as well with the gigantic tank of a reel. So the objection of this thread is I want to put...
  23. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    Wow, this sucks. Hang in there soda pop. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
  24. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    Question, do I need to bring rain gear for the June Heat? And what has the weather been like on the past trips? With the trip named June Heat I assume it's hot down there.
  25. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    Hi soda pop and everybody else. I'm going!! First time on the Rooster. I'm counting down the days!!
  26. SD Bass Assassin

    Rodless Again

    This really sucks, I hate thieves. Just makes my stomach turn. Jim, while you're out fishing, we'll keep an eye out for your rods.
  27. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/8-7/16 - Official Report

    Great report Conner. Gotta love the surface iron bite. I've fished with some of your guys on a 14 day. Great people!
  28. SD Bass Assassin

    8 Day Indy Trip Sep 27th - October 5th

    Great report. Congrats on all the wahoo and sticking with the bomb. Hard work but worth it.
  29. SD Bass Assassin

    Mission Belle 6/23

    Love the picture of the stuffed sacks. Thanks for the report.
  30. SD Bass Assassin


    You can get the TSI-321 from They also have drags, bearings, and other neat stuff.
  31. SD Bass Assassin

    First time long Ranger gets super cow on the RP

    Hey Fishy, I just had surgery on my shoulder a couple of months ago. I haven't been on the water for almost a year. Sucks but I'll be back fishing as soon as I can.
  32. SD Bass Assassin

    First time long Ranger gets super cow on the RP

    Damn, his 221 looks like a midget compared to the 364. That fish is huge!
  33. SD Bass Assassin

    Excel Yellowfin Videos II

    That was bad ass! Thanks for all the effort involved.
  34. SD Bass Assassin

    Let's see some old Wahoo Trolling Lures

    The kernel cracks me up every time I see it.
  35. SD Bass Assassin

    For Sale: G Loomis NRX 882S

    Thanks Alain for the bad ass rod.
  36. SD Bass Assassin

    For Sale: G Loomis NRX 882S

    I'll take the rod. Sent you a pm. Can hook up tomorrow. ( Sunday )
  37. SD Bass Assassin

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Prays sent for Dixie. Hang in there David.
  38. SD Bass Assassin

    My personal best on Intrepid - report and slideshow :)

    Nicely done, loved the slide show. Merry Christmas
  39. SD Bass Assassin

    Wahoo Video - Alijos Rocks aboard the Excel

    Watch the wahoo! That was awesome, thanks for posting. Best wahoo fishing in years.
  40. SD Bass Assassin

    BX Bearing Upgrade

    Just wondering if anybody found out if we can get and install the new handle and lever on the older bx2's?
  41. SD Bass Assassin

    Conflict At Clarion

    Great story. Can't wait for more.
  42. SD Bass Assassin

    Andy on a good score

    Donna gets a #233 on the kite. Lots of nice fish. Fish holds almost plugged as of a the report on the 19th. Nice trip.
  43. SD Bass Assassin

    Wahoo Chasers! Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 8-Day on Intrepid

    Than caught a big ole marlin and shot a shit load of birds.
  44. SD Bass Assassin

    Melton Tackle 10 day on the Independence

    That was awesome. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  45. SD Bass Assassin

    Angler 8-Day report with pics

    Congrats on the big hoo. I love the group shot with all the wahoo. Thanks for the report.
  46. SD Bass Assassin

    Mainly freshwater bass

    Mainly freshwater bass
  47. SD Bass Assassin


    Awesome, I'll put this trip on the short list for next year. Good luck out there.
  48. SD Bass Assassin

    American Angler 12/26-1/7 later report

    Thanks for the report and congrats on a great fish.
  49. SD Bass Assassin

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    Thanks Scott for the write up. My first cow trip was last year on that same particular trip. Sucks about the heckler. I brought a bunch of Bazils top shots on my trip. I would highly recommend fishing his top shots, they don't fail and you don't need to find any help. I brought a lot of meds...
  50. SD Bass Assassin

    august 2013 - the second annual garcia-ouano charter

    Wow, what an amazing report. Thank you for posting.
  51. SD Bass Assassin

    Listen to the Crew

    Great fish! Cool picture
  52. SD Bass Assassin

    Celebrating Independence...

    Damn x2. Hang in there, you guys are going to whack them bluefin. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  53. SD Bass Assassin

    Short Report - Li'l Al's Oil Patch Special - 7 day EXCEL

    Wow is correct, nice you could share the trip with your sons.
  54. SD Bass Assassin

    Rooster on some hoo's

    Wahoo already? It's got the making of a really good year. Wahoo!
  55. SD Bass Assassin

    Late Report? Is 4 weeks late?

    Steve, outstanding report. Worth waiting four weeks. Seems like the AA always makes the right moves. Thanks for the report.
  56. SD Bass Assassin

    Exel 150# class BFT.

    Nice fish. The Excel is on fire!
  57. SD Bass Assassin

    Suuuuuper late report. Vagabond 6/8-6/13. Killed em!

    Sounds like a great time. Mike is an awesome skipper. Thanks for the report.
  58. SD Bass Assassin

    To fish or not to fish?

    I'd fish the el cajon ford tournament till 9. Than be down at the landing by 9:30. You could always call down to the office and make sure the boats not leaving early. Or leave at 8:30. Should be a good topwater bite!
  59. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid May 11 trip

    I wonder when the vocal guy is going to bless us with a report?
  60. SD Bass Assassin


    Tuff fishing sucks. Makes you appreciate the good trips. Thanks for reporting, good or bad.
  61. SD Bass Assassin

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Nice report, love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  62. SD Bass Assassin

    Soda Pop Rod 11

    Awesome looking rod.
  63. SD Bass Assassin

    Lowrance X15 paper graff

    The X15's were the shit back in the day. To bad there not worth anything now days. I have an X16 I was thinking of just throwing in the trash. Somebody can have mine also.
  64. SD Bass Assassin

    Next Truline project

    I vote to restore it back to original.
  65. SD Bass Assassin

    Clearlake Day 6..... Epic, epic, epic!

    Congrats on some nice fish. Those are fatties. The best part is doing it with your son.
  66. SD Bass Assassin

    Stolen rods in San Diego

    Sucks, will keep an eye out for them. I hate thieves.
  67. SD Bass Assassin

    Clearlake Day 5 ...... 20 big bass

    Good job on fucking up some nice fish. Clear lake is my favorite. I fished El Cap today. Those fish make my fish look like midgets. Thanks for the report.
  68. SD Bass Assassin


    Bump for a great rod. The NRX sticks are bad ass.
  69. SD Bass Assassin

    Tuna frenzy

    Awesome! Corey, your going to have a blast.
  70. SD Bass Assassin

    New G Loomis NRX 893C JWR

    Shipping tubes are easy to get. Just go down to your favorite tackle shop and ask for one. They'll probably have a bunch in the back.
  71. SD Bass Assassin


    I fish the black blanks. My buddy fishes the green ones. He'll probably want it. Except I know he doesn't want to drive to Long Beach. I'll let him know and see what happens.
  72. SD Bass Assassin

    New G Loomis NRX 893C JWR

    That's one of the sticks I'm looking for. You ever in the San Diego area?
  73. SD Bass Assassin


    Is that the black blank or the green blank? Looks like the green one.
  74. SD Bass Assassin

    Cow reel service

    I need to send my cow reels in for service. Just wondering if it's best to send Accurate's to Accurate, Okuma to Okuma, Avet to Avet. I think the Accurate's need pinion bearings. Or is there a better place to have my reels serviced. I would like to hear your suggestions and experience's...
  75. SD Bass Assassin

    Credit card surcharge for LR trips?

    I'm on the airline miles program also. Pay the balance off every month. My wife's family is in upstate NY. Nothing like flying first class for free. Take wife to NY, than I can fish whenever I want. Life's great.
  76. SD Bass Assassin

    DPX2-30N Line Capacity

    Charkbait put 425 yards of 80lb toro tamer hollow on mine. With a little room left over. I think the toro tamer is thicker than JB, but not sure of the diameters. Hope this helps. UPDATE: just checked, 450 yards of 80 hollow with a fair amount of room left over. Also the 80lb toro tamer looks...
  77. SD Bass Assassin

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    You guys whacked em. Good times, thanks for sharing.
  78. SD Bass Assassin

    AA 12 day / some afterthoughts

    Steve, same shit happened on the Intrepid, almost all of us got the bug. It was horrible.
  79. SD Bass Assassin

    ATD 50

    I love BD, lots of laughs! Free bump.
  80. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid Trip Report Jan. 6-20

    Dave, your report nailed it. Eric is a great kid and I really enjoyed fishing with you both. I wish I had a picture of your room that last night, hopefully you got all that stuff packed up. Let's do it again next year.
  81. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid New Capt.

    I'll forth it. Bill was great to fish with. Knows his shit. He was very patient with us new cow fisherman. I also enjoyed listening to him and fishy talk shop and strategy.
  82. SD Bass Assassin

    Asta la wee wee

    Don't forget about the bird that flew into your spectra and cut off your big fish.
  83. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call.. Jan 6... 14 day Intrepid.... Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday

    It's almost midnight and for the 3rd night in a row, I'm experiencing sleeping disorders. Tossing and turning unable to enter la la land. Just wondering if any of my fellow shipmates are experiencing the same. As for that matter, the anglers going on the AA and Excel maybe having sleeping...
  84. SD Bass Assassin

    Penn Topless 30S, 50S and 50SW

    Other than picture 3, which other picture shows the 50SW? And would you use the 50SW for the kite?
  85. SD Bass Assassin

    Royal Polaris 5 day 12/26-12/31

    Sounds like a great time. Nice report and pictures. Thanks for posting.
  86. SD Bass Assassin

    I have X-mas cash ...

    That's all really nice equipment your looking for. Good luck on getting a kick ass deal. Free bump.
  87. SD Bass Assassin

    The newest Avet...SXJ!

    Sweet looking little reel. Like McRae says, what's the advantage? I do like the spool size on the sx raptor. Works for me. Can't wait to find out the line specs and drag.
  88. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call.. Jan 6... 14 day Intrepid.... Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday

    Yep, can't wait. I've got a question, getting my stuff together. I know I need to bring wahoo jigs and Pl68's. Do I need to bring any surface iron or 6x jrs for yo-young? See you all on the 6th, :2gunsfiring_v1:
  89. SD Bass Assassin

    Shades of gray

    Bill, the rod looks great. You should have put Fishy's name on it since he'll probably win it. See you in a week. Bill
  90. SD Bass Assassin

    Phenix Recon Bass Rods

    Bump for a friend
  91. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call.. Jan 6... 14 day Intrepid.... Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday

    I've been to Bill's house a few times, had him build me a couple of rail rods and modify another. Believe me, he ain't no teddy. :rofl:
  92. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call.. Jan 6... 14 day Intrepid.... Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday

    Oh boy, but he's not really my type. :rofl: Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into. :rofl:
  93. SD Bass Assassin

    Roll call.. Jan 6... 14 day Intrepid.... Capt. Kevin's 40th birthday

    I'm going. This will be my first cow trip. Looking forward to meeting you all (except John the love doll). Sounds like a fun group of guys. Two more long weeks.
  94. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid Larry Brown 14 Day: 12/4-12/18 Report

    What a great report. I'll be going out Jan 6th for my first cow trip. Your report really gives me an idea what to expect. Thank you so much for posting!
  95. SD Bass Assassin

    EXCEL 2012 16-Day HB, The Final Morning

    Basil, be sure and add some of those topshots to my order when you get back. Thanks. Oh, and what a trip!
  96. SD Bass Assassin

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    What a fatty! Congrats to all on board.
  97. SD Bass Assassin

    Phenix PHD809XH for wahoo

    Brent, the rod looks great. Thanks
  98. SD Bass Assassin

    16 day Excel nov 23-dec 8 log

    Awesome fishing. Hope they are still there in January. Aaron, thanks for the reports and keep them coming.
  99. SD Bass Assassin

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Nick, thanks for the great report. I'm getting fired up for my first cow trip, Jan. 6th. Nice save on the accurate outfit, thats cool. Nightjack fishing sounds like a blast. Thanks again, Great times.
  100. SD Bass Assassin

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Good going fishy. Great fish! Why is Bill in the picture?
  101. SD Bass Assassin

    2012 Holiday color

    Love the new holiday color. Marine blue with silver highlights. I need a couple of the new dawg reels, he he.
  102. SD Bass Assassin

    Couple more Rail Rods

    Bill, those are some bad ass looking rods!
  103. SD Bass Assassin

    Phenix Rods 10 day trip begins!

    Luckily I'm far enough away from Mel, the engines drowned out the snoring, lol. The skipper just announced the storm is moving west so we will be at the rocks in the morning. Got to go get the wahoo gear ready. Yahoo for wahoo. Wish us luck
  104. SD Bass Assassin

    Return to PEI - Sept 3 thru 7

    That's sick! Thanks for posting! Totally awesome!
  105. SD Bass Assassin

    Excel 10 day Sept 25 - Oct 5 Roll Call!

    Hi Norm, that's a two hour plus drive if there is any traffic at all, one way. I suggest you call BFG in the morning and one day it to the Excel office. Cheaper than car rental and fuel cost. Besides, driving in LA sucks. Hope this helps. See you Tuesday. STILL PUMPED UP! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  106. SD Bass Assassin

    Offshore Weather Forecast - 9/19/2012

    Chris, love your stuff. My trip leaves Tuesday for a ten day. Anymore info on the tropical storm or hurricane developing down below? Looks like we may have to save Alijos and the ridge for the second half of the trip.
  107. SD Bass Assassin

    Shimano Tranx Review

    Right, on the Excel. 10 day, so we should have a couple extra days to look for the skinnies. Hopefully I can win one of those rods in the raffle. He he. :hali_olutta:
  108. SD Bass Assassin

    Excel 10 day Sept 25 - Oct 5 Roll Call!

    Since I live in "sandy eggo", I've been buying lots of stuff I don't need for a month now. Also my first trip on the big boat. See you guys in a week. PUMPED UP! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  109. SD Bass Assassin

    Shimano Tranx Review

    Well I drank the Tranx kool-aid and bought one. Leaving next week on a Phenix rod sponsored trip. Hope Mel brings me a stick to try out. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  110. SD Bass Assassin

    Shimano Tranx Review

    Jamie, thanks for the report. I've been thinking about getting one for my trip in two weeks on the Excel. The HG seems like a good wahoo real. What would be the best application's for both the PG and the HG? Sorry for the dumb question.
  111. SD Bass Assassin

    Right rod for avet lx for live bait

    Calstar grafighter 700H, great 40 lb rod. Rated 30- 80 lb. This is a very versatile rod. I'm thinking about getting another one.
  112. SD Bass Assassin

    Reel seat on jig stick?

    This was just discussed on the long range board. Enter "jig stick handle" in the search box. Hope this helps.
  113. SD Bass Assassin

    Shimano 6 Day on the Royal Polaris

    Awesome! My turn in 2 1/2 weeks. Thanks for the report. Good luck on your job search.
  114. SD Bass Assassin

    Advice on fall 8-10 day trip. Looking at the Excel

    Stickman, I signed up for this trip a couple of weeks ago. I am also a single and hope "the coach" or the "room mate from hell" is not on this trip. I'm sure it will be fine. I also looked at the trip on the intrepid fishing the same exact dates. That trip is 5 guys short, meaning only 20...
  115. SD Bass Assassin

    8/25 The Wifey Gone Wild.... Dodo style!

    Nice bull dodo. Congrats on a good trip.
  116. SD Bass Assassin

    Hey Wes (or any other JM knot fan)

    Thanks slideright for the post. I'm going to make one of those testers. Pretty cool. Thanks John and Jeff for your illustration's also. Very helpful. :)
  117. SD Bass Assassin

    Who is the best Fisherman you have been able to fish with?

    Freshwater, Mike Folkstad, Gary Dobyns. Saltwater, TBD.
  118. SD Bass Assassin

    7 DAY ON THE INDY 8/25/12

    Good job on the wahoo. Glad there starting to show up. Only 4 long weeks than it's my turn.
  119. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid 8/5-8/12

    Mike, you know your going to fuck those fish up. Let em have it!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  120. SD Bass Assassin

    Almost Cow time. Lets see your Cow pic

    How do you upload photos from an I pad? Under manage attachments, the choose file boxes won't light up and I can't select them. I want to select photos from my photos app. Any help would be appreciated.
  121. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid 8/5-8/12

    "The first 6 guys get the first 24 rod holders on each side." Are you saying, 3 guys each side, get 8 rod holders? 3 guys times 8 rod holders = 24. How many rod holders do you get in a row on the other big boats?
  122. SD Bass Assassin

    Red Rooster III 5-Day 8/11-8/16 (Tons of Pics)

    Great trip. Thanks for posting. San Benitos in the background?
  123. SD Bass Assassin

    Sexy Black Accurate BX2-600NN DAWG! BNIB

    Nice looking reel. Where'd you find it?
  124. SD Bass Assassin

    Newell G332 Collector quality

    Sweet, I have a 229 just like it. Thanks for the insight reel man!
  125. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid - NorCal Tuna Club 7 Day Report

    Great report! What a blast! I'm getting fired up for my trip next month! Thanks for sharing!
  126. SD Bass Assassin

    Looking for another cow stick

    Does anybody know anything about the United Composites? Viper 80-130 or the invictus 100- unlimited?
  127. SD Bass Assassin

    Need reel for GFTR765M (40-100lb)

    I have two of these rods. One for fishing 50 & 60 lb. Like alijos grade tuna with a hx. The second rod is my dropper loop set up, using a 30 size reel.
  128. SD Bass Assassin

    Which Reel for a 40/50# Set Up

    Good call Jim. I was wondering if the flaming gay guy that was going to sue everybody was "that guy".
  129. SD Bass Assassin


    Great report, the pictures are cool. Thanks for sharing.
  130. SD Bass Assassin

    Independence 7/14/ -7/21

    Brandon, thanks for posting an awesome report. I can't wait to get out there.
  131. SD Bass Assassin

    Phoenix Rods ?

    What tackle shop in San Diego has a good selection of these rods? I've never seen them and would like to check em out.
  132. SD Bass Assassin

    Aztec 2.5 day 7/15 to 7/18

    Those are some nice fish. I need to get out there quick. Thanks for the awesome report.
  133. SD Bass Assassin

    Dads 74th Birthday Fish

    What a great way to spend time with your dad!
  134. SD Bass Assassin

    Jig stick handle

    Ken, ya it's the little stainless plates that tear up my arm. Those T.I caps might work. I'll have to try them out.
  135. SD Bass Assassin


    Thanks to all who provided input. JSR, your truly a wealth of knowledge. I now know for sure, I don't have the experience to fish this reel. I'm going to buy the atd 12 to go along with my atd 30 & atd 50.
  136. SD Bass Assassin

    Jig stick handle

    Jig stick handle, reel seat or not. I would like to hear some opinions, pros and cons of having a reel seat on a jig stick. Or is it better to not have a reel seat? Right now I use a cork puppy, but it rubs my inner arm sore. Thanks for your input.
  137. SD Bass Assassin

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    7 or 10 day fall trip. Not booked yet. 14 day Jan. 6th Intrepid.
  138. SD Bass Assassin


    Funny, I also am trying to decide, 7 day on the rooster or 10 day on the excel. Good luck on your decision.
  139. SD Bass Assassin

    Thinking outside the box

    Nick, I am also feeling out the fleet. Have fished the angler, star, supreme, shogun, vagabond, and the spirit. Funny, all the 90 footers, it just worked out that way for one reason or another. I'll probably fish the rooster or the excel this fall. I signed up for the intrepid Jan. 6th trip for...
  140. SD Bass Assassin

    Red Rooster 3 - June Heat trip

    Awesome report! Thanks for sharing.
  141. SD Bass Assassin


    So is the 60 and 80 hollow strong enough for the bigger tuna? Like the 250's and 300 plus? How much drag can you get out this real and how much drag can you put on the 60 hollow? Thanks for the info, Bill :2gunsfiring_v1:
  142. SD Bass Assassin


    Does the atd 6 have any applications to long range fishing?
  143. SD Bass Assassin

    14 day Intrepid. All Guts All Glory

    Thanks for sharing, awesome report. I would also like to do this trip someday.
  144. SD Bass Assassin

    American Angler 12 Day 1/6-18 Report

    Steve, awesome report. Feel like I'm there. Can't wait for "more later".
  145. SD Bass Assassin

    rod match for SX Raptor

    Got mine on a 700h. works great for 40#. I have 50# spec tied to the floro. If your going to fish alijos, better get the mxl raptor because of the increased line capacity for the bigger tuna. My sx raptor got spooled, the drags worked good, just not enough line capacity.
  146. SD Bass Assassin

    which #test for MXL Raptor?

    How much 65 lb. braid can you get on the raptor?
  147. SD Bass Assassin

    jigs for buffer zone

    Nice offer fishy. I had squidco replace my hooks.
  148. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid day after Thanksgiving 11-day report

    Great report, and awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  149. SD Bass Assassin

    Dec. 26 American Angler

    The AA trip was coming back on the 5th. The 14 day leaves the 6th. When you get back from the AA trip, if you need any tackle, just let Fishy know. He will "find" what you need. Probably in Jamies box.:rofl:
  150. SD Bass Assassin

    Dec. 26 American Angler

    Back to back trips, your a stud! Good luck!
  151. SD Bass Assassin

    American Angler 11-Day Report

    The group photo is cool. Thanks for sharing.
  152. SD Bass Assassin


    Ok, it's time to show us the new color. Please? When is the release date?
  153. SD Bass Assassin


    You guys are killing me! Funny stuff! I just hope Fishy has thick skin.
  154. SD Bass Assassin

    I had hoped for the whole enchilada

    Thanks Jim for all your hard work. Keep hanging in there. We all appreciate your efforts.
  155. SD Bass Assassin

    Another Excel question

    Good to hear the Excel can handle the load. PK, I always bring a big bottle of The Captain.
  156. SD Bass Assassin

    Another Excel question

    Was looking at the Sept. 15th, 8 day. This trip fits my schedule. How does the Excel fish with 32 passengers or 33 if they overbook by 1? Has anyone fished the Colonello charter?
  157. SD Bass Assassin

    Blue Avets

    I have 8 blue Avets. How come some are darker shade and some are lighter shade. Why are they not all the same color blue. Just wondering.
  158. SD Bass Assassin

    ATD 50w topless

    Well than, do they make em in the blue color that you guys sell?
  159. SD Bass Assassin

    Is 10 or 11 day long enough?

    Ya, missed it. I hadn't thought about june. Hmm. Is it called june heat because the fishings hot? Lol
  160. SD Bass Assassin

    Is 10 or 11 day long enough?

    Hey guys, check this out. Excel 11-2 -12-11. 16 day. 1-6-12 15 day, 1-22 15 day. RP 11-24 - 12-6 12 day. 1-1-12 16 day, 2-7-12 18/15 fly back. RS 1-12-12 15 day AA 1-2012 14.5 day Indy 1-6-12 16 day Intrepid 1-28-12 15 day. March trip,15 day. RR3 11-25 -14 day. 2012 not listed. 16 dayer in...
  161. SD Bass Assassin

    Alcohol on Long Rang Boats

    Damn, sounds like a good time.
  162. SD Bass Assassin

    Is 10 or 11 day long enough?

    Just got back from 11 day this week, my first cow trip. The lower banks were not happening. I had 1 small tuna after the first 5 days. Probably 8 little tuna for whole boat. Water temp 66 degrees. We then ran to the rocks, some of the boats had been doing good there. Well, we get to the rocks...
  163. SD Bass Assassin

    Excel December 26th, 10-Day Trip

    Rex, how are you mounting the reels to the rods? Do the reels twist under load?
  164. SD Bass Assassin

    Vagabond on em

    Awesome, leaving in the morning. Can't wait.
  165. SD Bass Assassin

    Avet Recommendation

    Somebody just asked this question a week ago. Rex the avet guy said January. The specs are already in the 2010-2011 catalog. Same drag as SX, 17 strike, 26 full. Thats what it says. Maybe they are trying to get more drag? The MXJ has slightly more line capacity than the SX. The MXJ & MXL both...
  166. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite reel question

    Wow, what a trip. My wife's going to flip when I make her run with the drag scale. I don't know if Cal did the drags when I sent it up for 2 speeding in the 80's.
  167. SD Bass Assassin

    Avet Recommendation

    I put 450 yards of 80lb jb hollow on my jx raptor. Than a short top shot of 50 lb. seaguar premier floro. Can also put on 60lb if I want to. Not sure about 80lb.
  168. SD Bass Assassin


    Nick, thanks for the report. Goes to show ya, you can't get bit sitting in the galley. Good job of hanging in there. Nice pictures also.
  169. SD Bass Assassin

    ATD 50w topless

    Does anybody know when or if accurate is going to build a topless 50w? I want one.
  170. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite reel question

    Happy thanksgiving guys. I have an old shimano tts 50w, two speeded by cals. I was wondering if this reel would work for kite fishing. Line cap, drag, balls, etc. I'm guessing the gear ratio is 1:3 to 1 and 3:5 to 1? Don't know for sure. I would like to get a atd 50w topless if they make one...
  171. SD Bass Assassin

    cow rod question

    M&M rods 619-390-0379
  172. SD Bass Assassin

    Fish Of The Year: Already, Again?

    Awesome fish! He probably doesn't care about the IGFA record. If that was my fish, I wouldn't care either. Nice job Polaris Supreme.
  173. SD Bass Assassin

    single strand vs 49 strand

    Ok, single strand is the way to go. Is the titanium single strand? If it is, than tying it seems easyier than the haywire twist. Any thoughts?
  174. SD Bass Assassin

    single strand vs 49 strand

    Whats the pros and cons of single strand and 49 strand? For iron, bombs, bait, etc. How about the titanium stuff, any thoughts? Thanks.
  175. SD Bass Assassin

    Intrepid weights in 9 cows...

    The Intrepid continues to impress. The code group needs them. Congrats, get well soon Mike.
  176. SD Bass Assassin

    Extra spectra

    Fishy, I have to know, how many extra reels do you bring? lol.
  177. SD Bass Assassin

    Extra spectra

    How much extra spectra do you guys bring on a cow trip? Yardage and pound test?
  178. SD Bass Assassin

    canceled trips....

    My 8 day was canceled in Sept. Not enough people. The boat gave everybody $200 off to sign up for another trip. Now I am going on a 11 day in Dec. Can't wait to go.
  179. SD Bass Assassin

    EX 30W vs T Rex 30

    Hey guys, which t-rex would you use for kite fishing. The reels sound like a beast. Or just use sds?
  180. SD Bass Assassin

    Calstar 770H, 770XH, 770XXH?

    I'm having two rods built right now. 770xxh for 100# and a 770xxxh for 130#. Monty at M&M rods said thats the way to go. So I did. Also going turbo guides.
  181. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    Well guys, I did it. Went and bought the ATD 30 & the ATD 50. Thanks for all the advice.
  182. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    I'm the poor guy who started this post, and my name is Bill. Although I am not a dentist. Funny. I am wading through this stuff pretty well. You guys are throwing out some outstanding information. I would like to hear more about technique tactics. Again, outstanding information! Keep it coming.
  183. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    Since the 770xx is rated 80-130, doesn't it make it a 100# rod? The 770xxx is rated 80-unlimited, so wouldn't this rod be better for 130#. Just trying to figure it out.
  184. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    Fshholc; I mostly understand what your saying. Good stuff. Lots of good info from all you guys. Sounds like I should just go buy the atd's and get it over with. Cha ching!
  185. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    Can I fish 130# on atd 30? I see wahoodad did on his big fish. 100 spec 130 floro. But he's a stud and i'm not. How about 100# on a atd 12?
  186. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    Have not bought reels yet. Bummed out about the dogs on the bx2 30 & 50. ATD's would be nice, but don't know if I want to spend that kind of money yet. Avet 30w for 130 or go to 50 sds? 130 hollow to 130 floro? Thanks guys! (need to figure out what a in line knot serve is)
  187. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    Going on first cow trip in Dec., 11 day on polaris supreme. What reel should I use for 100# test? hxw raptor, 30w avet, accurate bx2 30? How about 130# test? Bx2 30, 50, avet 30w? Plan on using 770xxh 80-130 & 770xxxh 80-unlimited grafighters. What # jb hollow to use on each of them? Any other...
  188. SD Bass Assassin

    What Avet to add to my arsenal next?

    For 50# line get the hx regular. Bait and iron. The narrow is better for iron. For 60# line the pro-ex 30/2 would be the reel of choice. The best rod for the hx would be the grafighter 700xh 40-100 7ft. or 765 m 40-100 6'6 ft. Good luck.
  189. SD Bass Assassin

    Royal Star Oct 3-13

    nice report. i was fishing on the american angler anchored next to you guys. shown in one of your photos. we also nailed em pretty good. can't wait to go back.