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    SOLD Vac Master chamber vacuum sealer Video of it working
  2. Slice-Of-Life

    SOLD VacMaster chamber vacuum sealer Video of it working
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    Rock Fishing Set up??

    I would also recommend a reel with level wind and fill it with 65lb braid. I have the daiwa saltist and am very happy with it.
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    For Sale Jig Sets Salas, Tady, Flatfalls, Sumo

    Anyone curious on the weight of jigs in lot 8. Octopus jigs -7oz Purple cod jigs 16oz Red and black jig 9oz White and red jig 6oz Salas cod jig 16.25oz
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    I still have a lot.

    I still have a lot.
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    For Sale Shimano Calcutta TE 100 GT

    In good condition some small scratches. Visually 8/10 Mechanically 10/10 $180 shipped
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    For Sale RCE900 WAHOO-CT W/Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Thanks @F.I.S.H.Y for the smooth transaction!!!
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    NIB SKB-7200 For Sale
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    For Sale Jig Sets Salas, Tady, Flatfalls, Sumo

    *MOST JIGS ARE NEW* Lot #1: SOLD Lot #2: SOLD Lot #3: 7x Salad 6x jr., 1 Sumo jr., 2x Ironman, 2x TLC, 1 Cristy 2, 1 CP 105. $100 (15 jigs) Lot #4: 3x bait wrap surface, 6x Salas 7x, 1 Tady 45, 1 Tady C, 2x Tady 9 lite, 2x 544. $110 (15 jigs) Lot #5: 4x diamond jigs, 2 x Sumo Jr, 2x Tady...
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    For Sale Sold

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    WTB Shimano Trinidad Gold

    Have a 20 in great condition if you change your mind.
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    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    It's 2019 not 2020 for someone with so much attention to detail. I'm confused by your post and grateful for them that your not a future customer.
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    War Heroes

    I was one of the vets lucky enough to be invited. It was an amazing event that Anthony Hsieh put together along with Freedom Alliance . I spent 3 days on Fantail a 77 Hatteras thanks to the owner Joseph Fan with Capt. GJ Sacco at the helm with the support of Capt. Dave...
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    WTB Looking for these reels !

    I have the Trinidad 20 available
  15. Slice-Of-Life

    Best washdown pump

    Last pump I went with was a Delevan FB 2. More industrial focused pump and not labeled as a boat washdown pump. Best washdown pump I've owned. Insane pressure and volume. Had to wire it to a 30 amp breaker but well worth it. Plenty of info on the whole truth about them...
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    For Sale Trinidad 20, Makaira sea 15, Komodo 471

    I'm willing to ship. As long as you cover pp fees and shipping
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    We would average around 1.8-2.0 at the end of a trip. Pursuits performance numbers are pretty close. The boat definitely raises the fish.
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    For Sale UC Swinbait Fanatic

    I could meet you in the middle at $175.
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    WTB A used Trinidad 20a

    20 gold fresh line and new carbotex drags $240
  20. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB Looking for Trini20A

    20 gold with fresh line and new carbotex drags $240.
  21. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB UC Swimbait Fanatic RUC711H

    I have the xh available.
  22. Slice-Of-Life

    For Sale Oil X Change R 946D

    Brand new never used is an Oil X-change-R 946D $400 new they are $550 SPECS: Ideal for Twin Inboard / Single Generator boats either Gas or Diesel Also applicable for Single Diesel Engine / Transmission and Generator (trawlers, sailboats, work boats) Enclosed in a molded housing provided...
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    WTB United Composites SB Fanatic

    Have an XH in good condition. Let me know if your interested.
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    WTB Looking 4 Rail Rod

    Rainshadow RCTB70XXXXH railrod one trip no fish. $250
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    SOLD WTB Makaira 30 SEA or 50 SEA

    MAK 30 SEA 600 yards of white 100lb thread lock backing topped off with 200 yards of blue130lb thread lock. Literally just used the reel and rod it's mounted to once you drag a yummy flyer around. Zero fish I would like $550 for the reel or $800 for reel and Rainshadow Rctb76XXXH railrod.
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    For Sale Pacific Bay wrapper upgraded Chuck +accessories

    Pacbay rodsmith RW-3XL with upgraded Chuck and dryer motor. Flexcoat and D2 finish Different epoxy and glue Random guides 40 pro wrap color fast threads paid $117 Assorted other threads 32 different pearl marbling pigments Flex coat today building book Brushes and syringes Epoxy mixer with...
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    For Sale 30x90 & 30x72 Reliable Kill Bag

    Sold sorry forgot to update
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    looking for rod wrapper pacbay alps etc

    I have one that I would be willing to let go along with whatever supplies. I'll get it out of storage in the next couple of days and get some pictures.
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    Any luck contacting BlueWater Bait Tanks???

    If hard to get ahold of just contact I'm sure they can help you with your bait tank needs .
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    For Sale 30x90 & 30x72 Reliable Kill Bag

    San Jacinto. About 45 miles from Corona. If interested I could meet at 91/60
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    For Sale Morita custom gaff and bait net aftco flying gaff

    Old boat name didn't even notice it auto corrected to that
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    For Sale Fujinon Techno Stabi 14x40 Binoculars

    Not sure of the age bought them a few years ago from someone who used them for bird watching. I no longer have a boat so use for them. Would rather do the transaction in person to make sure your happy with them . No reason not to be they are excellent condition. I would be willing to meet up...
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    WTB Bollywood international cowbell

    I have one I would part with I'll get pictures later. Why not buy new tho?
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    For Sale Electric reel and kite rod.

    Diawa Tanacom 1000 loaded with 80lb depth marked braid and penn kite rod. Misplaced the power cord but have ordered a new on and when it arrives I can ship it to the new owner. Sold Text 910-633-0187
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    For Sale Morita custom gaff and bait net aftco flying gaff

    Gaff is 7ft both have old boat name on them. $150 Never used aftco flying gaff $100 Text is fastest way to get ahold of me 901-633-0187
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    For Sale Seeker D8 Green Glass

    Seeker PinHead D8 in good condition with minimal use. Maybe been on 3-4 trip since new. Seine cord wrapped where reel would go. $200 price is picked up in San Jacinto.
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    WTB Kill bag larger

    $330 for the new 30x90 still in plastic $260 for the 30x60 use 1 time only ice was in it
  38. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB Makaira SEA 30 Blue or Silver only

    If you're still looking I have a silver 30 that I bought new. Been on 1 boat ride. Filled with 600 yard of seaguar 100lb thread lock and toped with 200 yard of 130lb seaguar thread lock.
  39. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB Kill bag larger

    Have a 60x30 used 1 time and a new 30x90.
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    WTB Fujinon Techno Stabi 14x40 binos

    I have a pair in great condition with the Fujinon pelican case for storage. $750
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    For Sale Talica 20 & Makaria 15sea

    Makaria has depth marked 80lb braid forget what brand. Talica has 80lb power pro solid braid.
  42. Slice-Of-Life

    For Sale Talica 20 & Makaria 15sea

    I will $10 and 3% for paypal
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    For Sale Talica 20 & Makaria 15sea

    Both with minimal use. Talica 20 $425 some corrosion near handle knob 80lb braid with 80lb top shot. .. Makaria 15 sea $380 80lb braid 60lb top shot . Prices picked up in San Jacinto
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    For Sale NEW 30x90 reliable kill bag

    Bag is new still in the plastic. Paid $409 plus tax. $350
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    WTB Triangular dock box

    Bought one from a couple years ago direct at a decent price. There in SoCal out toward Perris.
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    Blue Marlin Channel Islands

    Didn't see one caught in the vid. Hooked and lost maybe it was a blue. I think we'll see more blues this year. Good luck out there
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    Ebay 15% Everything with “PRONTO15”

    Saved $87 on a Makaira 30 SEA.
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    For Sale Pompanette Ladder Back Chairs

    Sent you a text ken. I'll be down Saturday
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    For Sale Pompanette Ladder Back Chairs

    Have 2 Pompanette Ladder Back chairs that came off my 30 pursuit last year. $185 each or $350 for both.
  50. Slice-Of-Life

    Choosing a new radar

    I would take a look at a simrad radar bundle with display. Think online you can get them for around $1900 for the 3g with a chirp transom mounted transducer. I have there 4g and I'm very impressed with it.
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    SOLD BNIB - Smith Stainless Steel Outriggers 2 for $100

    Not sure when I could pick them up but I'll take both can PayPal payment to hold them
  52. Slice-Of-Life

    trouble getting it up? try a spandex thong

    Thanks for the lead. Looks easier than standard kite thong.
  53. Slice-Of-Life


    I would recommend Berkley Pro Spec 80lb. Best casting braid that I have used.
  54. Slice-Of-Life

    Mexican FMM Form

    I usually get a response within a day or 2.
  55. Slice-Of-Life


    Depends on the application.
  56. Slice-Of-Life

    Making macs at mission bay

    Usually have good luck just outside the harbor on North side of the jetty.
  57. Slice-Of-Life

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Wonder if it would install easy enough on to a Volvo Penta EDC KAMD300 key switch?
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    BFT Chow

    I understand it's not normal every year and these last few years have been amazing. Maybe the presence of these 150lb+ bluefin will be the new normal for SoCal. Time will tell
  59. Slice-Of-Life

    BFT Chow

    The bluefin bite seems fairly normal.
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    For Sale 36 Grady white express

    Saw the boat in person a month or 2 ago. Very clean and taken care of. Someone will be very happy.
  61. Slice-Of-Life

    Thank you to all the veterans on Memorial Day

    RIP brothers I'll have one for you today
  62. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB 31 Cabo Express

    Would recommend looking a pursuit 30 offshore. We've had ours for 5 year and love the boat. Layout is fantastic for the type of fishing we do out here. 12ft beam makes it a very stable boat for it's size and cant beat the helm layout. Very economical to run also. Ours has twin Volvo KAMD300...
  63. Slice-Of-Life

    Mexico Commercial BFT fishing SHUT DOWN

    My bet is they shut down the recreation side also.
  64. Slice-Of-Life

    Purchased delete

    I'll keep it in mind but not looking to spend thatt much at the moment.
  65. Slice-Of-Life

    Purchased delete

    Purchased delete
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    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Not the case at all. You definetly made my daughters day letting her pet the mini horse and holding the chickens. Still hasn't stopped telling mom about it. It was a pleasure meatuing you and we'll habe to get together again. Both my girls would live to spend some time with those animals. Once...
  67. Slice-Of-Life

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Fire pit looks awsome and puts out some good heat. Thanks again kindafishy
  68. Slice-Of-Life

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Money has been donated and sent you a PM.
  69. Slice-Of-Life

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Well see how this plays out and go from there. Good to know your local definetly interested. When to you plan on calling the auction?
  70. Slice-Of-Life

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Just realized your in hemet. I'm in San Jacinto off Warren hopefully I can win this thing. If not may need to purchase one.
  71. Slice-Of-Life

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    I'll go to $400
  72. Slice-Of-Life

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    I'll go to $350
  73. Slice-Of-Life

    Mono topshot? Strait braid to leader?

    Spectra to 4ft of floro for awhile now and don't think it's causing me to loose anymore fish than I did prior.
  74. Slice-Of-Life

    Laying on piles of BFT

    Lol. Gonna bitch about them stacking fish on top of yours in the RSW hold next.
  75. Slice-Of-Life

    Bluefin bite all day @43 (except for us)

    First and last page of the book should say get invited to go fishing with Billy K.
  76. Slice-Of-Life

    Bluefin bite all day @43 (except for us)

    This is hilarious read my book on how to catch bluefin we didn't catch and poach rockfish all in one.
  77. Slice-Of-Life

    Dana Landing Hit and Run (9/2)

    I guess thats what our tax dollars pay for is all that time. Thanks for your input.
  78. Slice-Of-Life

    What are you doing Saturday evening?

    Would go and take the family but gotta watch this fight tonight.
  79. Slice-Of-Life

    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    Right place right time and a glow in the dark turd will work.
  80. Slice-Of-Life

    Trolling spread for striped marlin and dorado

    Black and green Black Bart mini 1656 slant off 1 of the riggers. Lure always gets bit for me.
  81. Slice-Of-Life

    What is this sea creature

    Was spending the night off the backside of San Clemente this weekend and thousand of these came up to the surface at night. What are they?
  82. Slice-Of-Life

    Egg Sliders and the Yummee Flyer

    Got a 196lb on a yummy with no weight in 20+knots of wind in shit box conditions. Definetly a time the "pros" would say 3+oz is neccesary. Everything helps but I think 98% of it's more right place right time than anything else.
  83. Slice-Of-Life

    Aftco vs Boston kites?

    Air gas helium cylinder is around $230 with a regulator. $50 exchange when you need more. It's the route I went.
  84. Slice-Of-Life

    Aftco vs Boston kites?

    Depends on conditions really. If you get the aftco be prepared to buy a helium tank and balloons.
  85. Slice-Of-Life

    Pompanette ladder back helm chair

    It's avalible not sure if it to late to call. My number is 910-633-0187
  86. Slice-Of-Life

    Pompanette ladder back helm chair

    For the 1 helm chair in the center.
  87. Slice-Of-Life

    Minimum line capacity?drag # test for kite fishing

    196lb fish on Saltiga LD60 with 80lb braid and 50 yards of 80lb izor blue with a Calstar 760m last year with no issue. Didn't feel like dropping 1k+ on a new setup and took a chance with what I had a never felt under gunned.
  88. Slice-Of-Life

    Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town

    Dragged the yummy over 40 miles today in the same zone for nada. Ghost town for sure.
  89. Slice-Of-Life

    Yummy Flyer. Use weight on it or none?

    My only bluefin on the yummy last year was without a weight on the nose.
  90. Slice-Of-Life

    Canvas and isinglass guy?

    Murphy's does excellent work. Stay away from Baja canvas.
  91. Slice-Of-Life

    How much would you pay for bait pen?

    If you think a trashcan is seal proof the product is already garbage.
  92. Slice-Of-Life


    Count me in! Patriots 24 Falcons 31
  93. Slice-Of-Life

    Cool pic of N. MB Jetty

    Went down yesterday to check on the boat with all the surging in the harbor and thought I would check out the big swell. Worst I have seen it in my 15 years or so at Mission Bay.
  94. Slice-Of-Life

    Phenix HAX 909HJ

    You ever make it down towards Temecula area?
  95. Slice-Of-Life

    Live Local Spiny Lobster $52 per lb:

    Walmart in Temecula sells 2 spiny lobster tails vacuumed sealed frozen for $20. funny the only place I have seen spiny lobster is Walmart
  96. Slice-Of-Life

    Private boats to fish Guadalupe?

    Speaking of catch management how did you bring the fish back being that can't fillet in Mexico? Have been looking into planning this trip when I upgrade to something 35-40ft.
  97. Slice-Of-Life

    Cousins 90J trade for Phenix/UC or $190

    Willing to split up if bit interested in the combo.
  98. Slice-Of-Life

    Brand New Phenix Black Diamond 909XHJ Jig Rod

    Wish you were closers I would buy it today.
  99. Slice-Of-Life

    Cousins 90J trade for Phenix/UC or $190

    Yes. Excaty what you see is what you get
  100. Slice-Of-Life

    Cousins 90J trade for Phenix/UC or $190

    Cousins 90J that has 2 trips and no fish on it $180 firm or trade for PSW909XHJ or United Composites RUC711XH Text 910-633-0187 for fastest response.
  101. Slice-Of-Life

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    Glad the mxj is working out
  102. Slice-Of-Life

    Last Chance Bait & Tackle Vendor Day/10 year Anniversary Parking Lot Sale

    Only about 20 minutes from me. Do they normally stock JRI jigs? Haven't been the for a couple years.
  103. Slice-Of-Life

    Problems with seaguar floro?

    Very satisfied with HI Seas Quattro.
  104. Slice-Of-Life

    underwater lights

    Stay away from lumitec sold at Westhe Marine and other places. They were bright but both failed after 4-5 months due to water intrusion. To do warranty claim I had to haul the boat out and remove them. At that same time I bought and installed aqualuma lights which have been flawless for about 2...
  105. Slice-Of-Life

    Truline DX

    So confused.
  106. Slice-Of-Life

    Sloooooooow 9/19

    About done myself. Seems like every time I say that it will go full speed for a boat or 2 them I'm right back out there kicking myself in the ass.
  107. Slice-Of-Life

    Wtb: needlecrook holster!

    I have a NC sheath that is near new I would be willing to sell. I'll get it from the boat this weekend or next if your interested pm me.
  108. Slice-Of-Life

    Where to carry your 400 pounds of ice on the boat?

    I'll take 100lbs for when we do overnight trips and never had an issue.
  109. Slice-Of-Life

    Feedback Volvo Penta KAD 300 285 HP motor

    Have 2350hrs on mine hooked up to zf gears. Besides standard maintenance and standard wear items they have been good to us. That being said I would never own another Volvo turbo/supercharged engine again. Basically you loose all use of any rpm range while the supercharger is engaged due to fuel...
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    9/6/16 SCI BFT Report - Pride

    Look at that weather. Everytime I make it out there it's a shitbox. Good going.
  111. Slice-Of-Life

    Labor Day on the "NON" Producer

    Fished the last 2 weekends there so yes I've seen it. Its the most constant tuna bite we have seen this year and the best grade Socal has ever seen. Not sure why most people feel the need to defend a Sportboat bad decisions.
  112. Slice-Of-Life

    Labor Day on the "NON" Producer

    Why would a overnight boat not fish the BFT off SCI? It's been constant going on 3 weeks now everyday.
  113. Slice-Of-Life

    Chamber Vacuum Packer

    I am available Saturday or Sunday this weekend. Sent you a PM
  114. Slice-Of-Life

    SCI 8/2&3

    9/2&3. Long day didn't catch I put the date wrong
  115. Slice-Of-Life

    SCI 8/2&3

    Left Mission Bay with 2 great scoops of deans around 1pm on 8/2 and arrived at the south end of SCI tuna grounds around 530pm. After metering around for a few we set up a drift and were hooked up shortly. Well after 2.5hrs we dumped a nice fish on 30lb. Bummer but it happens. Made our way into...
  116. Slice-Of-Life

    troubled trip

    Same tough day there for us. Lost one Friday evening after 2.5hrs. Got one opportunity Saturday around 11 on a dean with 10oz torpedo sinker 100ft. 1.5hrs on 40lb and put the gaff in a nice fish but that was it for us.
  117. Slice-Of-Life

    They're out there!

    No shit, thanks for the tip.
  118. Slice-Of-Life

    Shimano Tranx braid or mono?

    I use braid with short 3-4ft topshot. No issues here.
  119. Slice-Of-Life

    Quick look at the 279

    On the hook at clemente. I was there yesterday fishing is OK but still a very slow pick. Most boats are still averaging less than 1 fish per rod but saying there 70-90lb yet 2 of our 3 fish were less than 25lbs.
  120. Slice-Of-Life

    Smoking On Sportboats

    Do some you guys go on sportboats when your on your rag?
  121. Slice-Of-Life

    The Season That Never Was?

    Didn't know 200lb tuna was normal. You seem informed.
  122. Slice-Of-Life

    Chamber Vacuum Packer

    A TLD30II and a Penn International 50s?
  123. Slice-Of-Life

    Yummee trolling speed

    Landed my 196lb on a Meltons rigged yummee so I'm happy with them.
  124. Slice-Of-Life

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    You were close and still a lot of days left in the month. Cool that we both got them our first time putting the kite up.
  125. Slice-Of-Life

    Yummee trolling speed

    All 3 hooks of the treble were buried in its throat. The single hook coming out of the bottom was free.
  126. Slice-Of-Life

    Yummee trolling speed

    Why take the trebble off? That's what our fish stuck on.
  127. Slice-Of-Life

    What do you think about Fishdope? is it worth it?

    Looks like someone has answered there own question.
  128. Slice-Of-Life

    Yummee trolling speed

    Got this Saturday on a Meltons Bluefin rigged Yummee Flyer off a Boston Big Game Kite. 6-7knts. Any other questions feel free to send me a PM
  129. Slice-Of-Life

    Yummee trolling speed

    I think the kite is the key to getting it away from the boat not just behind it.
  130. Slice-Of-Life

    Finally connected

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys.
  131. Slice-Of-Life

    Finally connected

    After 3 trips with nothing to show for our efforts chasing these big bluefin today was our day. Plan was to fish out west with the fleet. Ocean was rough and conditions sucked but we stuck it out till the end and got 1 bite on the yummy at the end if the day. Went 196lb bleed at Dana Landing...
  132. Slice-Of-Life

    New Rainshadow 80m deckhand sold

    Is the 80m with reel seat still avaliable?
  133. Slice-Of-Life

    Temp. Import Boat Permit

    Just keep mine in my bag with passports and all the other paper work if I get stopped.
  134. Slice-Of-Life

    FMM Question

    302 is past the 12 mile mark from the islands. That's why those trips are no passport required but good luck with your interpretation.
  135. Slice-Of-Life

    FMM Question

  136. Slice-Of-Life

    Stabilized Binos - Give me the skinny

    Love my fujinon techno-stabi 14x40. Honestly it's a game changer and many days have been successful thanks to them. Only pair I have had so can't compare to others. Look on Craigslist all over the country people use them for bird watching. I paid $400 shipped in like new condition with hard...
  137. Slice-Of-Life

    Need a recommendation

    65lb spectra no sense in putting 80lb if you don't need it or aren't trying to save money on the yardage.
  138. Slice-Of-Life

    Kite Rig - What are you using?

    You can buy a purpose built penn kite rod for $50 new. Tons of good articles on kite fishing and the rigging. Also look on the hull truth forums.
  139. Slice-Of-Life

    5/29 371 BFT

    Hooked one on the 7x mint but lost it after a short fight. That was our only hookup that day. Oh well another day well get them.
  140. Slice-Of-Life

    5/29 371 BFT

    Saw you land that fish. We were right next to you in the express with a tower. Good going on getting one.
  141. Slice-Of-Life

    JRI custom lures jigs

    Purchase online at Anglers Choice Tackle.
  142. Slice-Of-Life

    Pelican Cases

    This even I can take inside pictures if your interested?
  143. Slice-Of-Life

    Pelican Cases

    No foam in the 2 larger cases but the 2 rifle cases have brand new foam. Those cases have never been used.
  144. Slice-Of-Life

    Pelican Cases

    1750 (rifle)case $120 IM3300 (rifle)case $120 1630 case $140 1660 case $150 Take all of them for $450 Pm or text me at 9106330187
  145. Slice-Of-Life

    Raymarine Pathfinder 4kw Radar

    4kw Raymarine radar that worked excellent when removed. Includes uncut cable, dome and mount. $225
  146. Slice-Of-Life

    40-50# rod??

    Have a Penn Bluewater Carnage 700h 40-60lb that has been on 1 boat ride $75 takes it if your interested.
  147. Slice-Of-Life


    It's not just the LA boats at Catalina doing it the SD fleet was raping the 2-3lb yellows last year off kelps. Sure there is a few boat who don't let it happen but in the end people pay to go on a trip. Nothing wrong with keeping legal fish.
  148. Slice-Of-Life

    Temporary Import Permit for Mexico (Now an Online Process)

    I also printed the reciept and what looks to be a temporary permit but at the bottom it does say that this document does not give you permission to enter Mexico etc, ect. Maybe I'm just over thinking it. I'm sure I will be good with passport, Visa, tip reciept , mex fishing license and FCC license.
  149. Slice-Of-Life

    Temporary Import Permit for Mexico (Now an Online Process)

    Once you send the email off with documents what is the turn around time to recieve the permit in the mail?
  150. Slice-Of-Life

    Rockpile/Finger Bank Mexican Navy Tow

    The same thing is always in the back of my mind.
  151. Slice-Of-Life

    Fisherman's Depot?

    If you used a credit card or debit card report the charge as fraudulent.
  152. Slice-Of-Life

    Okuma andros 5ii.... 40# reel?

    I fished 40# on my gray and orange 5iiN last season and had no issues. Plenty of 40-50# fish on it last year.
  153. Slice-Of-Life

    Looking to buy White Poly Cutting Board

    Either ebay or can call and pick up.
  154. Slice-Of-Life

    Fishing the islands

    Also need the conformation email back from Ensenada saying you are OK to go on your trip.
  155. Slice-Of-Life

    Xtra tuffs

    I was gonna try the new Xtra Tuff boots but I've been wearing the China ones for 3 years and hate them. Think I'm gonna pull the trigger on a pair of these mucks.
  156. Slice-Of-Life

    Trade Makaira 15sea for 16/20sea

    Have a clean Okuma Makaira 15SEa that I just received back from okuma for service. Reel is filled with 65lb depth hunter braid. Looking to trade for a Makaira 16/20SEA only.
  157. Slice-Of-Life

    WTF!! Damn junk rods...

    Guides are broken on them. Any equipment is only as good as the person that maintains it. No need to bash seeker because you let your gear go to shit.
  158. Slice-Of-Life

    Everingham price increase.

    Not to say it hasn't happened buy I've never seen squud available in Mission Bay in my 15+ years of getting bait there.
  159. Slice-Of-Life

    Everingham price increase.

    I have a receiver at my slip in Marina Village it is hard to keep anything but mack due to the lack of flow.
  160. Slice-Of-Life

    Everingham price increase.

    Exactly what I was doing.
  161. Slice-Of-Life

    Everingham price increase.

    In case you missed it bait prices will be going up in SD, Mission and Dana. I usually get 1 1/2 scoop price went up $20 or 36%. Sucks for the guys passing the bait I'm sure there the ones that will take the hit with there tips. I wonder if the landings will now charge a bait surcharge...? Lol
  162. Slice-Of-Life

    FS: Seeker white tiger 7x

    Where are you located?
  163. Slice-Of-Life

    Shimano TN12, TN16, TN16NA, Calcutta 200 TE, Phenix Abyss PSX 909

    Interested in the PSX 909 if you find yourself in Temecula/Murrieta area any time soon. I may be able to head up that way this weekend if it's still avaliable.
  164. Slice-Of-Life

    Rollo Reel-A-Week Giveaway

    Great idea to raise some cash for the organization. I called and left a message to purchase some tickets.
  165. Slice-Of-Life

    day at the docks??

    All the landings will be crowded due to the tuna bite. Park at shelter island and they are running a free shuttle.
  166. Slice-Of-Life

    WTT tranx pg for tranx hg

    Interested and we should be able to figure out a way to meet up. Text or call me at 910-633-0187 Travis
  167. Slice-Of-Life

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

    #170 liked and shared
  168. Slice-Of-Life

    WTT tranx pg for tranx hg

    Have a good condition Tranx PG loaded with 65lb braid that I'm looking to trade for a Tranx HG. If interest pm me.
  169. Slice-Of-Life

    Simrad G07 Touchscreen

    I did on my 3 evo2 displays I bought from West marine when they were release. I have replaced 6 units so far 4 due to internal sounder faliure, 1 for extremely slow start up and another for screen issues. Now i will be replacing #7 due to delamination of the screen.
  170. Slice-Of-Life

    FS Raymarine ST6002

    Raymarine ST 6002 smart pilot control in excellent condition. This is the flush mount model. $300
  171. Slice-Of-Life

    Winning the jackpot?

    Just remember that passenger already paid good money to get on the boat for the capitan and crew to do there job.
  172. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB Raymarine RS12 or Equivalent

    I believe it's a raystar 125. It's setup for flush mount. $40
  173. Slice-Of-Life

    2 gaffs $40

    Pompanette gaff sold. Will take $40 for the 2 aluminum 5ft gaffs?
  174. Slice-Of-Life

    Penn Torque 40 Gold $290

    $80. It's mint and has been on 1 boat ride
  175. Slice-Of-Life

    Penn Torque 40 Gold $290

    Will separate if you aren't interested in both.
  176. Slice-Of-Life

    2 gaffs $40

    Bamboo gaff sold
  177. Slice-Of-Life

    2 gaffs $40

    6ft Bamboo Gaff $45 5ft Aluminum gaff standard hook and barracuda $30 each Pompanette Gaff with large hook $45 Or buy all of them for $125 Ill items can be picked up in Murrieta
  178. Slice-Of-Life

    Penn Torque 40 Gold $290

    Penn Torque 40 in mint condition that has been on 1 boat ride since new and is spooled with 50lb Izorline. Price is $290 will ship on your dime. Will also trade for a Andros 5ii.
  179. Slice-Of-Life

    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    The PQ out of fishermans is up to 46 fish. I guess the season has started.
  180. Slice-Of-Life

    Best fishing info sites

    I think they do but still like the Terrafin app. The ability to save sst/chloro shots and look at them later on the water when you have no service and get gps coordinate feedback is great. See the attached picture. Don't think they will care due to it being a couple weeks old.
  181. Slice-Of-Life

    Best fishing info sites

    I like terrafin for sea surface and chlorophyll shots. The Android app is on point and makes it easy to see and store the latest images to your phone for use on the water later in the day.
  182. Slice-Of-Life

    Penn Torque, Avet, lexa and Saltist spinner

    Also interested in trading for a Makaira 10Sea or Talica 12ii
  183. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB...VHF antenna's and radios

    $50 picked up in Murrieta. Perfect working condition when upgraded. Also have the remote mic for second station if interested
  184. Slice-Of-Life

    Penn Torque, Avet, lexa and Saltist spinner

    Penn Torque 40 filled with 50 lb izor and Penn Blue Water carnage 700H. Setup is new and only been on a boat ride once. $425. Willing to separate Avet MXJ 6/4 *sold* Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P filled with 40lb power pro. *sold* Daiwa Saltist 5000H spinner with box filled with 65lb izor braid. Only...
  185. Slice-Of-Life

    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    H&M is reporting the Top Gun had 16 bluefin to 30 lbs!!!
  186. Slice-Of-Life

    Mission Bay out of bait.

    Did it happen to be the Asian guy that works day shift?
  187. Slice-Of-Life

    Mission Bay out of bait.

    Yesterday at 6:30am they reported being out of bait in Mission Bay. Not sure where the confusion is?
  188. Slice-Of-Life

    San Clemente Buoy Report

    San Clemente also had 18ft+ wave height at 8 seconds.
  189. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB: tiburon frame 12t

    Looking to buy a tiburon topless frame for penn international 12t.
  190. Slice-Of-Life

    11/7 390 report

    Smaller fish proabably 90-110lbs
  191. Slice-Of-Life

    11/7 390 report

    Yes today it was shitty out west this morning. Limits of sheep out there at gray. Maybe it layed down later in the day. By the time I got to the 371(9am) it was definitely improved. I left Friday at midnight and was out there first thing Pictures never do the ocean justice but you can see...
  192. Slice-Of-Life

    11/7 390 report

    Have always like the 390 myself. This year has been a little different tho and has only been my 2nd trip out this way.
  193. Slice-Of-Life

    11/7 390 report

    Started our day 7nm nw of the 390 a gray light in shit box conditions that only got worse. From there we hit the 390-371-425-101-rockpile dragging marlin/wahoo jigs. Didn't see a single kelp all day in the gyros or any sign of life really. Water was 72.5 on the outside and cooled off to 71...
  194. Slice-Of-Life

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    If this did happen you mean to tell me they didn't take them to ensenada and feed them, house them, give them some cash and a zero interest business loan? WTF kind of hospitality is that?
  195. Slice-Of-Life

    Finallly- Bluefin Tuna Ok in Mexico

    Anyone have any other details on this?
  196. Slice-Of-Life

    Long Beach half ass halibut attempt. 10-31-15

    Damn $2.34 wish we had those prices in MB. $2.71 with 200+ gallon discontinued last weekend.
  197. Slice-Of-Life

    Free gaffing

    They love to eat!!!
  198. Slice-Of-Life

    Pacific Voyager Post

    I think so. The thing that makes that Blue such a badass catch is the fight. 9 times out of 10 they win. To take that away from it is a bitch move. They knew the fallout they would get from this one and still blasted it all over social media.
  199. Slice-Of-Life

    Pacific Voyager Post

    Incase anyone missed it
  200. Slice-Of-Life

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    Here's the videos. If he deletes them I downloaded them to my computer and will upload that way. What a bunch of fuck bags.
  201. Slice-Of-Life

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    Idiots. I'm sure this thread will dissappear.
  202. Slice-Of-Life

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    Yea I assumed the fish was taken on rod and reel. Which I thought was a safe assumption. Yea free gaffing that thing is fucked up and unethical.
  203. Slice-Of-Life

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    It's a catch of a lifetime and good eats. Why does releasing it have to be an option? Do you know the story behind the catch maybe it died during the battle? Maybe he just wanted a sweet ass picture and some meat to share with family and friends. Congrats to the angler and crew of the Pacific...
  204. Slice-Of-Life

    Blue Marlin Reports Here

    I would definitely be interested in a kit.
  205. Slice-Of-Life

    How long will this warm water last?

    Honestly after this adrenaline pumping season we've have had I look forward to the relaxed days of ling/cod fishing.
  206. Slice-Of-Life

    Targeting Wahoo On Wednesday

    Was out Friday and had a few friends out in the same zone. We were the only one to get bit and we got 2 trolling 6.8-7.4 knots for what's it worth. One on a bleeding mackerel marlin jig off the port rigger, the other on a 9oz chrome jet head w/rainbow skirt long down the center.
  207. Slice-Of-Life

    Seeker Hercules Spinning Rod Combo

    Rod sold. Reel still avaliable
  208. Slice-Of-Life

    Why Wahoo Are Hard to Catch

    Nice Paul!!! Glad you guys scored again.
  209. Slice-Of-Life

    Seeker Hercules Spinning Rod Combo

    For sale is a Seeker Hercules 70H 7'S rated at 40-80lb and paired with a Diawa Saltist 5000H(have box) filled with 65lb spectra. Both items went on one boat ride a couple years ago on the RR3 and haven't been used since. Price is $450 for the pair or will separate at $300 for the rod and $180...
  210. Slice-Of-Life

    2 Hoo Day 10/16

    Marlin jig and heavier jet head.
  211. Slice-Of-Life

    wanted: luhrs 290 diesel

    Repower for 50k? I think your a few $$$ off the cost of twin diesels all running gear and the rigging/exhaust work it would take.
  212. Slice-Of-Life

    2 Hoo Day 10/16

    Didn't think this year would get any better after catching my first marlin last month which was a blue and in the following weeks catching a couple striped marlin. Today was no exception to how epic this season really is. Fished the 9 and had our chance at another blue first thing this AM but...
  213. Slice-Of-Life

    I Need a trolling outfit

    Don't have a rod but have a tld30 2 speed that has seen minimal use. PM me if interested
  214. Slice-Of-Life

    Looking For: Good Spinning Rods

    I'll get the details off the rod later but for the 30-50# I do have a super seeker spinning rod. Used once in excellent condition
  215. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB: Shimano Talica 25

    I'm not sure how long the sale is going to last.
  216. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB: Shimano Talica 25

    The saltiga 60 from Charkbait is a sweet deal @399.Picked one up last week. Also have a couple talicas and the saltiga definitely looks like a better machined product.
  217. Slice-Of-Life

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    Never said I was going to hold them for anyone. If you have ever sold any thing on this board or other local forums you would know how often people flake. Sending a deposit would have held them for you.
  218. Slice-Of-Life

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    Wait on a deposit from someone if it falls through. I'll be in contact
  219. Slice-Of-Life

    Gaff question

    Sure standard rod building expoxy (flex coat) would get the job done and hold up well to the abuse.
  220. Slice-Of-Life

    Factory Custom Purple Super Seeker 6470H 7'5 1 of 1

    After ebay and paypal you'll make $175 but BD price is $250. Sounds like a great deal way to give members the hook up.
  221. Slice-Of-Life

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    Misson Bay Marina Village
  222. Slice-Of-Life

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    The line is a couple seasons old with minimal use. When will you be back in town. I can get the other on Friday or Saturday
  223. Slice-Of-Life

    Frabil Bait Motel

    I can send you the $$ paypal but can't pick it up till next weekend.
  224. Slice-Of-Life

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    TLD50IILRS spooled with 80lb izorline. The reel was serviced at Kens a couple seasons ago and hasn't seen much use. The reel is mounted on a Sabre CTS-655XHRS 40-100 lb rod with a roller 1st guide and roller tip. Both items are in good condition. Price is $250 and can be picked up in murrieta. I...
  225. Slice-Of-Life

    Blue Marlin 10/3/15

    In every thread about a marlin or any exotic you feel the need to be a sarcastic douche. Get the fuck over it. Nobody gives a shit if you think you know everything or that you jerked off Guy Harvey and he'll help you ID fish. Congrats to the crew of the Albie Nut. Glad you guys got one. Meet...
  226. Slice-Of-Life

    malihini bigeye

    I believe it was the thunderbird that caught a couple predawn a couples months back on a kelp. They had pics up on 976 they were on the small side but looked legit.
  227. Slice-Of-Life

    Torium 16 HGA

    I have a possible trade. If it falls through I will contact those who have sent me a pm.
  228. Slice-Of-Life

    Torium 16 HGA

    I did he is not interested
  229. Slice-Of-Life

    Blue marlin off the 150

    I burnt up my makaira 15sea when I caught my 300lb+ blue a couple weeks ago. It smelt like a truck burning it brakes up coming down a pass on the boat for the rest of the day. I could only imagine how hot the Newell got.
  230. Slice-Of-Life

    Blue marlin off the 150

    Not a beginner just seen the power of a blue first hand dump 2-300 yard at 17 lbs of drag multiple time over the course of a 2hr fight. Couldn't imagine fighting one with 5-6lbs of drag.
  231. Slice-Of-Life

    Blue marlin off the 150

    20lbs test just over 1hr to land a blue??? Good free advertisement but nice fish whatever it is.
  232. Slice-Of-Life

    New Seaforth first wahoo ever!

    Great catch but for whatever reason according seaforts website they ran a 3/4 day trip targeting tuna/dorado
  233. Slice-Of-Life

    Blue Marlin Reports Here

    What lure? Black Bart 1656 MJG slant nose What position? Coronado Canyon inside 224 Gear/Tackle? Makira 15 60lb topshot/80lb spectra backing and calstar 760M Boat? BUONA PESCA Story!?! Hook the fish at 7am and release at 9 am. First Marlin for myself and our boat. Fish estimated at 300lbs +
  234. Slice-Of-Life

    Torium 16 HGA

    Willing to trade for an Okuma Komodo 364-P or nice blank worth equal value.
  235. Slice-Of-Life

    Torium 16 HGA

    Torium 16 HGA has been out on the boat once and is in perfect cosmetic/mechanical condition. Spooled with 50lb Power Pro. $185 picked up in Murrieta area. PM or text 910-633-0187
  236. Slice-Of-Life


    Pm sent
  237. Slice-Of-Life

    This season really THAT good

    After many failed attempts in previous years to catch a marlin we have gone 3 for 4 in the last two trips with one of those being a blue. I would say this has been an epic year. Some guys bitch because it's been quality over quantity but I would rather catch a handful of 50lb tuna than plug the...
  238. Slice-Of-Life

    Marlin 9-12

    Went 1 for 2 today.
  239. Slice-Of-Life

    Dominator kills it today

    This isn't a fish report it's an advertisement.
  240. Slice-Of-Life

    Please identify my fish

    Shortbill spear fish. Nice catch and good table fare.
  241. Slice-Of-Life

    Marlin 9-12

    It first hit a Black Bart 1656 flat nose BP and come off of that and stuck on a Black Bart mini 1656 slant nose MJG
  242. Slice-Of-Life

    Dominator kills it today

    Frank D'anna still own/operate the boat?
  243. Slice-Of-Life

    Kite Fishing?: I Think I was Scammed

    Almost bought on myself that day Paul. We were watching you guy play with that thing. There was no lack of wind that day to fly the kite within its advertised ratings. Seems like a ballon would help a ton but I agree it's kinda a scam.
  244. Slice-Of-Life

    Marlin 9-12

    20-25 out of MB
  245. Slice-Of-Life

    Marlin 9-12

    Thanks everyone. It was truly an epic day for us.
  246. Slice-Of-Life

    Marlin 9-12

    I have a harness at the house and let me tell you I wish I had it. After two hours that fish had me broke down but I stuck it out and got the job done.
  247. Slice-Of-Life

    Marlin 9-12

    My Dad and I left the our slip in MB at 430 with hopes to catch our first marlin. Last year we had a couple chances but never connected. So 6:30am we are in the zone jigs are out and by 7 the short corner is screaming and after 30 seconds its off but the fish grabs the port rigger. We're on and...
  248. Slice-Of-Life

    Real Seeker rod ?!

    No expert but looks to be a knock off. A custom wrapped rod should be much nicer.
  249. Slice-Of-Life

    A photo of Saturdays rough weather

    Yes calstar 760m wrapped by me and 0kuma Makaira 15 w/80lb braid and 60lb mono top shot.
  250. Slice-Of-Life

    Simrad - Fish Finder / Chart plotter, which unit?

    I have 2 nss evo2 9s, one nss evo2 7 upstairs, rs35 vhf, IS40, 4G radar and simrad auto pilot. The system is great when it works but has lots of bugs. I've replaced one unit 4 times for the sounder burning out and once for failure to start in the last year and a half. Simrad has been great with...
  251. Slice-Of-Life

    Love for the Deckhands

    I don't ride party boats anymore but if I did I would say 10% or more based on service is fair with the price of these trips. A day and half trip plus food and fish cleaning is $400+ on the short range boats. If the deckhands are so great tell the landing and boat owners to write them a bigger...
  252. Slice-Of-Life

    Fished the MAW

    2nd for the boat. Top boat had over 230lbs for 4 fish.
  253. Slice-Of-Life

    Fished the MAW

    Fished the Make A Wish tournament this weekend. Decided to try our luck out west and found the better grade yellowfin. Had some issues with hammerheads and pulling hooks and went 3 for 8. Good day on the water and as always a great Tournament. Ended up with 4th place for large boat angler.
  254. Slice-Of-Life

    baby big eye

    2004 was the last year good numbers of Bigeye were caught. We put 14 on the boat and I placed in the make a wish and so did our boat. Definitely a day of fishing to remember
  255. Slice-Of-Life

    Where do you go to purchase ice chests?

    Yeti and it will be the last one you buy. Definitely worth the $$$
  256. Slice-Of-Life

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    I doubt it's in writing but its happening. Same shit as last year.
  257. Slice-Of-Life

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    There allowing bluefin to be sport caught for mexican flagged boats. Why not continue to wrap it during there own closure.
  258. Slice-Of-Life

    Yellowtail & Tuna Pre-Father's day hunt

    We'll Be out of Mission Leaving Thursday night/early am Friday. Travis on Buona Pesca
  259. Slice-Of-Life

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Or maybe we should discuss real issues like Mexico allowing the take of bluefin but only to mexican flagged vessels. Lol
  260. Slice-Of-Life

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    People just like to bitch. I think it's badass once in a lifetime thing and the guy had no foul intentions. No one was bitching when decks hand where free gaffing Dorado last year.
  261. Slice-Of-Life

    Where are the Green Macs?

    I agreed the last few times we tried our goto spots north of MB it's been dry.
  262. Slice-Of-Life

    Adrianna finds the bigeye

    We got 14 in one day back in fall of 04 fishing the make a wish. I placed 6th and our boat took third. Definitely an incredible day.
  263. Slice-Of-Life

    Conventional or Stabilized Binos for Center Console

    Last year I bought a set of Techno-Stabi's and they make a world of difference. I can't believe I have fished for as long as I have without them. You spend enough money on the boat, bait, fuel, storage whats 1k on a set of binos that should last forever if taken care of. You won't regret it once...
  264. Slice-Of-Life

    Power wrapper drive belts

    For anyone looking for replacement drive belts for there pac bay power wrapper. They are oring size 346 and can be bought at McMaster Carr for around $10 for a 25 pack.
  265. Slice-Of-Life

    BFT email from NOAA

    It's says proposed not the new regulation is.
  266. Slice-Of-Life


    The fish looks like it was sitting in a kill bag all day when the picture was taken. So they could have been on there way home? Fish was probably taken from the fly where big fish have already been caught this year. Everyone over analysis everything and wonders why people don't post reports. The...
  267. Slice-Of-Life

    Can we fight back???

    I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone but I definitely didn't want to hear it was that boat. Hope for a speedy recover.
  268. Slice-Of-Life

    Can we fight back???

    Anyone know the name of the boat by chance? I know someone that has a 29 Blackman in MB.
  269. Slice-Of-Life

    Legend ??

    You should try reading and understanding that article. Nowhere in there it says the legend was the holiday.
  270. Slice-Of-Life

    News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    Last thing I know of said it's closed for the remainder of 2014. I'll pass on the BD hear say.
  271. Slice-Of-Life

    News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    Where can one find something saying BFT is still closed in baja beside just people on here? I though when they closed it last year it was for the remainder of the 2014 year due to the reaching there quota?
  272. Slice-Of-Life

    Aluminum polish / cleaner

    Stay away from steel wool you will regret ever using it on a boat. I use colinites and a damp cloth first. Once it dries wipe off the residue. Get a new rag damp with either woods wax or Rupp Alumagaurd and use peek polish. Leave a great finish that last 2-3 months.
  273. Slice-Of-Life

    Bait wells?

    Half scoop at the most and your lucky if it will last half the day. Most factory tanks are crap. With my 65 gallon offshore tank anything over a scoop and a half and it's to crowded.
  274. Slice-Of-Life

    Looking for a Salas color

    Not close to Long Beach but Last Chance Tackle in Hemet has a great selection with a ton of colors I have never seen anywhere else.
  275. Slice-Of-Life

    Dorado fish processing question

    I highly doubt any of the processors are out to screw anyone. You got back what you got. If you have a problem with it bring it up with the processor and they will explain how they discard all the crap meat and you end up with a grade A product. They will probably also let you know that you...
  276. Slice-Of-Life

    Best live bait reel?

    Had a few avets over the years and will never buy another. Okuma, Daiwa and shimano are my go to reels.
  277. Slice-Of-Life

    Best live bait reel?

    Love my star drag saltist. Great reel
  278. Slice-Of-Life

    Best live bait reel?

    25lbs of drag on 25lb leader good luck with that.
  279. Slice-Of-Life

    1978 BERTRAM 28

    Beautiful boat? At least wash the deck off or do a half ass job on painting the bottom if you want people to feel it was cared for.
  280. Slice-Of-Life

    Any offshore reports from today out of Dana Point?

    Doesn't seem the Morro Bay guys have experienced any tuna weather this year. Need the fish to match the seas. So who's laughing....
  281. Slice-Of-Life

    Only one bait barge in San Diego bay and Mission Bay, why?

    How come we never see squid for sale in SD or MB?
  282. Slice-Of-Life

    What's the cost of these 5-6 day tuna trips?

    Not very hard to go to the different landings sites and look at what boats offer these lenth of trips or even post this in the correct sub forum but since you can't seem to figure it out I'll help you. The trip itself is gonna cost around $2,000 but once you add up fish processing, tip, parking...
  283. Slice-Of-Life

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    Because a little common sense would have gone a long way in his decision making to go out. Sure I'm glad he is ok but I still think he's a dumbass.
  284. Slice-Of-Life

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    Yea no shit. Some people will never learn though.
  285. Slice-Of-Life

    Shimano Teramar Rusty Guides!

    If rust on guides effected the use of a rod all my calstars would be useless. On a serious note as long as there's no rust where the line runs your good to go.
  286. Slice-Of-Life

    Limit on little YT

    No I'm saying when when the yellowfin fishing slows down and kelps are still loaded with rat yellows the sport boat will be plugging the boat with them. So give this guy a break for trying to salvage the day.
  287. Slice-Of-Life

    Limit on little YT

    When the yellowfin slow up the sport boat will be filling the sacks with hundreds of these little guys and half you will probably posting reports about how great it was and it was the most insane YT bite you have seen.
  288. Slice-Of-Life

    Mexican fishing permit for kids???

    Yes they need a permit regardless of age.
  289. Slice-Of-Life

    Smoked Yellow fin Tuna Question !

    Try brining dry with rock salt for 20-30 minutes. Rinse the rock salt off. Put fish on the smoker racks and let air dry under a ceiling fan for 1 hour. Then you can smoke to your liking. Personally I like to smoke at a lower temp to prevent that funky white fat stuff from leaking out of the...
  290. Slice-Of-Life

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    8 slabs per fish? I think your confused.
  291. Slice-Of-Life

    High school fishing club?

    Like I said it just my observation. No need to get your panties in a bunch about it and it's asshole.
  292. Slice-Of-Life

    High school fishing club?

    Probably not smart to be asking for donations and hand outs at the same time your trying to sell a new rod and reel combo on these same forums. Makes you look like your fool of shit but that's just my observation.
  293. Slice-Of-Life

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    In true BD fashion I'm sure this will get deleted.
  294. Slice-Of-Life

    Which Charter Boat?

    Why not fish your boat?
  295. Slice-Of-Life

    Hurricane Norbert?

    Monday doesn't look good 30+ knots of wind 10 ft swell 9 second interval. Sailflow has gust up to 47 knots for as an Clemente bouy basin for Monday.
  296. Slice-Of-Life

    Marlin on the boat?

    Big difference in blue marlin and striped marlin. Kinda like comparing skipjack to Bluefin. Just because there both tuna doesn't mean they taste the same and are worth the same. Maybe you should educate yourself a little before accusing the capt and crew of trying to sell a sport caught fish.
  297. Slice-Of-Life

    Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    People get so bent out of shape when someone has negative things to say about a boat. Some boats in the fleet are a piece of shit and run a bad operation, get over yourselfs.
  298. Slice-Of-Life

    Sardines in a live well?

    Best thing is to leave the bass boat to do what it does best lake fishing. If you have a 43 riv then take your boat?
  299. Slice-Of-Life

    slipping a boat without bottom paint?

    Also if there is anything metal in the water(running gear, trim tabs, thru hulls, ect.)make sure everything is bonded to a sacrificial zinc.
  300. Slice-Of-Life

    Saturday to the 302/425

  301. Slice-Of-Life

    Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    Not saying it can't happen but I call bullshit. Have any if you tried to catch a wahoo on live bait without using wire? Well I have and it never lasted past the part where I engage the drag. Even if you hooked that fish in the corner of the mouth at some point that line will cross his teeth.
  302. Slice-Of-Life

    Is BFT open in Mexico waters or not?

    From my understanding pretty much the same doc that was produced this year from conapesca regarding the BFT tuna closure was there last year but nothing came of it. This is all second hand but a very reliable source to me. I agree the MAW needs to figure it out and have a plan for the captains...
  303. Slice-Of-Life

    Is BFT open in Mexico waters or not?

    Well technically BFT was closed last year in Mexico after they met there quota but no one said anything and it was wasn't enforced. This year it's just the topic of discussion so everyone is aware of it but it's still not being enforced.
  304. Slice-Of-Life

    Already got limits. TODAY 8/7

    Guy gives an on the water report with numbers and you guys give him a hard time for grammar? Your all fucking pathetic. Nice score and thanks for the report!
  305. Slice-Of-Life

    Custom shirt printing

    Need to do the same thing. Anyone in the business send me a pm.
  306. Slice-Of-Life

    Pinhead in JP

    If he paid to go on the trip who gives a shit. OP I'm sure there will always be a better fisherman than any of us on any given trip. Does that mean we should never enter the jackpot? He'll no, just because he worked on deck doesn't make him some jackpot fish slayer. If you would've won you...
  307. Slice-Of-Life

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    Was at the 43 with the RR3, Spirit of adventure and searcher at gray light this morning.
  308. Slice-Of-Life

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    I would have guessed it was the Dominator but I think there out for the season.
  309. Slice-Of-Life

    I know most of you hate divers but....

    Agree but it's a two way street. Many times I've been on a paddy with other boaters and had guys pull up and jump in. A little respect and common sense from both side will help keep everyone safe.
  310. Slice-Of-Life

    Wayyyyyy to many private boaters seriously.

    No one else around but they were able to run over the fish you hooked on the troll...? Anyone else see where this doesn't make sense. Maybe you should fish on days like today sure it's a bit windy but you can have that pod of dolphin all to yourself.
  311. Slice-Of-Life

    Halco Max 130's in stock NOW at Melton Tackle

    Nice!!! Hopefully order #131490 will get to me before I leave Friday.
  312. Slice-Of-Life

    Paddy Poaching

    In the last two seasons there was 1 time someone asked if they could slide in on the paddy we were fishing. I think it's funny how everyone gets one here and talks a good game.
  313. Slice-Of-Life

    Wayyyyyy to many private boaters seriously.

    100 other guys probably got the same numbers as you from fishdope and your pissed there is to many private boaters. WTF? If you don't want to deal with the crowds go where the reports aren't coming from.
  314. Slice-Of-Life

    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    Your an idiot. A 100lb class BFT was landed out at 9mile bank, that's great for all of us to have a chance at these fish in our waters so close to shore and all you do is get on here bitch how it was done. Who gives a shit. When you have your opportunity do it how you want but until then...
  315. Slice-Of-Life

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Aren't some of the long range boat owners actually financially involved with the purse seiner fleet?
  316. Slice-Of-Life

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Was thinking that's same thing. Almost like the dorado limits.
  317. Slice-Of-Life

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    5000 metric tons is 11,022,000lbs of BFT. Just felt like doing the math if anyone was curious.
  318. Slice-Of-Life

    Adrianna Sunday report

    Nice YFT on the paddy good to see the fish are starting to settle in.
  319. Slice-Of-Life

    Finally BFT going off

    Friday down at the pens we got all ours in 40lb but to be safe I would have 20-30lb as conditions change daily.
  320. Slice-Of-Life

    Finally BFT going off

    We left MB around 10pm Thursday night and on the way down all the sporties were stop just south of the 425 area. I think because the YF but so well that day in the area they didn't even look at the pens to the south.
  321. Slice-Of-Life

    Finally BFT going off

    We got into them really good down at the pens Friday. All 30-40lb fish. No sport boats in sight all morning and all bait fish .
  322. Slice-Of-Life

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    114 YFT for day 1 of 2. Not bad at all.
  323. Slice-Of-Life

    Shogun is on the Bluefin 05/24/2014

    Up to 70 fish per there website 25-35lb grade.
  324. Slice-Of-Life

    26" Aluminum seat pedestal

    26" Aluminum seat pedestal in great condition. The base is 9 1/4 wide with 6 hole bolt pattern. The pedestal tube OD is 2 7/8". Item can be picked up in Temecula area. Price is $50
  325. Slice-Of-Life

    Oil X-change-R 946D

    Brand new never used is an Oil X-change-R 946D Price is $450 SPECS: Ideal for Twin Inboard / Single Generator boats either Gas or Diesel Also applicable for Single Diesel Engine / Transmission and Generator (trawlers, sailboats, work boats) Enclosed in a molded housing provided...
  326. Slice-Of-Life

    Raymarine A70d

    For sale is a Raymarine A70d price is $600. No mounting bracket is included or transducer. Unit was bought summer of 2011 and on boat for 70hr when removed. SPECS: 6.4" sunlight viewable color display High resolution VGA (640 x 480) IPX6 waterproof construction Two NMEA 0183 Input and...
  327. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB: Fujinon 14x40

    Like the title states looking for fujinon 14x40 binos. Pm me and let me know what you got.
  328. Slice-Of-Life

    2011 2105 Seaswril Striper

    Its always been taken care of and has never been abused.
  329. Slice-Of-Life

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Summer Species Photo Contest ends August 26th

    Caught 8/10/13. The yellowtail went 35lbs and was my personal best yt. We were in between the 371-302.
  330. Slice-Of-Life

    425-371-302 8/10

    Definitely made my day.
  331. Slice-Of-Life

    425-371-302 8/10

    I agree but long as everyone out the has a good time oh well. There is always another day I was just happy to get my personal best yt.
  332. Slice-Of-Life

    425-371-302 8/10

    Left MB at 530 headed towards the 425 and worked that area for awhile for nothing to show. Now off to the 371 and work the water in between for nothing again and it's almost getting time to pull the plug but decide to work our way to the 302. Roughly half way in between I spot a paddy in the...
  333. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB: Fishing kayak

    Looks like I will be getting an outback Friday. Found one used at a decent price and gave the guy a deposit. Telly look forward to getting out in it.
  334. Slice-Of-Life

    WTB: Fishing kayak

    Looking to get into the sport and looking to buy a fishing kayak really leaning toward a hobie with mirage drive like the outback or a native mariner. I like the idea of being able to peddle and have hands free operation. Anyways I'm open to other offers long as its rigged good and priced fair...
  335. Slice-Of-Life

    Red Rooster Mahoney & Mcvey: 8 Day Fishing adventure June 28th

    Had a great time out there with all you guys and great report.
  336. Slice-Of-Life

    Who is on Rooster for the Mahoney/McVey Trip 6/28 - 7/6

    I originally had 8 laid out but was trying to narrow it down to 6 might take 7 the last one being a lexa 300 and really heavy teremar rod. Would regret it if I didn't take it and we ended up hiding inside out of the weather and catching calico and what not. Every long range trip I have been on...
  337. Slice-Of-Life

    Who is on Rooster for the Mahoney/McVey Trip 6/28 - 7/6

    Is it pushing it bringing 6 setups will some end upstairs or should there be room down at deck level.
  338. Slice-Of-Life

    Who is on Rooster for the Mahoney/McVey Trip 6/28 - 7/6

    What's the rod storage like on the RR3. Received the email from the office and just scanned through it and it said 3 assigned spots? Is there a lot of just open spots or does a lot end up upstairs. Also are there rocket launchers with assigned spots like the excel or some of the other boats? Thanks
  339. Slice-Of-Life

    Who is on Rooster for the Mahoney/McVey Trip 6/28 - 7/6

    Shogun June 01, 2013 Shogun lands some nice Bluefin, 50 to 80 lbs. by Aaron Barnhill Capt Aaron checked inon the 1st day of an 8 Day trip from the Shogun. "We found an area with some Bluefin. We got a couple small ones; Yellowfin, Bluefin a Dorado and now we have 3 big Bluefin, 50 to 80 lbs.
  340. Slice-Of-Life

    Who is on Rooster for the Mahoney/McVey Trip 6/28 - 7/6

    Good karma is never a bad thing. Really looking forward to seeing how these upcoming 7-8 day trips do before we get out there.
  341. Slice-Of-Life

    Who is on Rooster for the Mahoney/McVey Trip 6/28 - 7/6

    Will be on it with my pops. Did a 5 day last year on the excel around the same time. Look forward to getting out there for a few extra days.
  342. Slice-Of-Life

    Shogun update

    The q is leaning cause all the diesel was transferred to one side.
  343. Slice-Of-Life

    Weather forecast???

    Leave on the excel tomorrow with the quality of fish they got today and the weather I can't wait.
  344. Slice-Of-Life

    Updated 4th of July Offshore Forecast

    Thanks absolutely awesome. Leave the 5th on the excel.
  345. Slice-Of-Life

    Weather forecast???

    Can't wait to get on that trip with my pops
  346. Slice-Of-Life

    Weekend Weather & 4th of July

    Thanks. Looking good for the 5 day on the excel leaving the 5th. I can't wait to get out there it has been way to long.
  347. Slice-Of-Life

    Fuel Surcharges

    Trust me every business owner that depends on fuel to run is gonna pass that cost onto the customer because they are here to make a profit. Let's face it we're all gonna keep fishing so let's go and pay up. If going all inclusive is for you that's great if you don't mind paying trip cost plus...
  348. Slice-Of-Life

    Fuel Surcharges

    There is no way this could work. So I have an upcoming 5 day on the XL for $1740 + permits,fuel and tip. So let's say the trip will cost me $2200. I knew that 3 months ago when I originally booked the trip. Now how could I plan a trip for a price of TBD. For instance I put my $500 deposit on my...
  349. Slice-Of-Life


    Well I would say no gringo there but native to baja itself.
  350. Slice-Of-Life

    Fuel Surcharges

    I wouldn't completely agree with that. Since the rise in cost of fuel lots of things have gone up in price but they just raise the price instead of adding a fuel surcharge. If you look at the boats that don't have fuel surcharges there trips are more money. So either way your paying for it...
  351. Slice-Of-Life


    I'm leaving on a 5 day here next month when I talked to the office about additional cost fuel, permits and ect. they said they would not be purchasing the fmm. Maybe there was just a miscommunication between me and them tho....
  352. Slice-Of-Life


    Call the landing or the boat your going on they should be able to give you all that information.
  353. Slice-Of-Life

    Fuel Surcharges

    Excel said for July 5th trip $20 a day.
  354. Slice-Of-Life

    Polaris Supreme

    I just wanted to say thanks to them and the way they do business. They had to cancel our trip due to lack of passenger but before calling they had names of boat that were leaving around the same dates. I found a boat that would work(excel) and they transferred all funds to them without me having...
  355. Slice-Of-Life

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    Yes there is. Google travel guard seems like a good deal but I recently booked a 5 day on the PS and its hard for me to set plans in stone being in the military. I started to read up on these companys that offer travel insurance and more people seem like they get scammed and there is alway a...
  356. Slice-Of-Life

    What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    2004 Make a Wish tournament my dad and I along with one of his friend were headed out past the 1010. During my driving shift at about 0230 I was metering lots of squid and things just seemed right. So I shut the boat down and we were only about 35 miles from the point at this time. Grey light...
  357. Slice-Of-Life

    Dumb Question

    X2 and if that at times.....and you can't just throw a choice like 1/2oz of weight or it will go much further than your hook.
  358. Slice-Of-Life

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    Paying cash wasn't a bad idea for the deposit.....until all of this with the Q. I guess all boats should start accepting CC for deposits or they might find them self with less business.